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Hello, everybody, welcome to the show, 287 of spin triplets presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka on the barstool sports podcast, Family. What is up, everybody? So many teams at the pot in the bubble that fans are actually going to have a couple afternoons to head outside, not miss any hockey. The next couple days was a rough Wednesday for a lot of the qualifier winners, and we'll get to that shortly. Let's say hi to boys and girls for us.


Mikey Grenelle, producer. What's up, brother? What's going on, boys?


The boys are moving on. We're slinging t shirts, so today is a great day.


All right. Choo choo choo choo. Get those commissions G. All right. That was short and sweet.


Next call to Paul Business-to-business in it too hot with a sweatshirt on in Arizona. Brother got all excited.


Yes I got the AC bumper you said. Ladies and gentlemen. What I got to fucking tuck it in. Knoxville you met a little man Jaina Action Man from Tim Horton's on the other side speaking to all the fans, I guess.


Do you know the timberman from Tim Horton's? Will you ever see that little he used to be on the box I got on. I think they took him off the payroll. Well, I guess I don't know. I don't know what happened.


Maybe he got canceled because he looks because when you tuck it in, you do the Mangena. If you if you're bad. Yeah.


You cancel culture, get rid of them horns bitsy little Timmy gonna see what's on my shirt.


That's, by the way, Buffalo Bill, Silence of the Lambs. What's up, by the way?


I was getting I was getting some compliments on my mustache, the car. And you thought it was terrible.


You booed me off stage and I got a couple tired after I thought I threw tomatoes at Aura's version. I thought I said yours was just whatever. I don't know, maybe maybe I'm wrong on that point.


Either way, talking about it completely. Jenckes the Canes and Nikolaev's ankle. So good job, guys.


Actually, we talked about it after he had already got hurt, so thankfully it went wrong again.


All right. Nice. Thunderous applause What's up with Doug Ryan Whitney?


How are doing, buddy? What's going on, guys? Yeah, being wrong that early just gets it out of the way. It's like taking a big hit to start the game.


Sometimes that's what you need to get going.


But everyone knows that once in a while, if you get rocked first shift, you have a hell of a game. Great to chat with you guys. What's happening to you?


Because you didn't go back for Pucks?


L Actually, I've told you fifteen times I got a couple. Corky's taken enormous hits in the minors to get it to my partner Chris Kealoha in Wilkesboro because Tarion was obsessed. If you didn't get it DTT you didn't play, had to take a hit to make a play. So don't even go there with me right now.


All right. Nice try. Yeah well I had to take my hit there.


We'll be getting to some D to D a little bit later. It was, it was a tough one for one team will be addressing a little bit later but. Oh my goodness. But first, the gang.


We do have some terribly sad news to share here on Spit and Chick Litzow Hockey Hall of Fame deal. How a Chuck died from stomach cancer on Tuesday at the age of 57. First off, we want to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to as many family and friends. He's a great guy by all accounts. I mean, it's rare in hockey for a guy to have nobody talk bad about it. For people to say that guy didn't talk bad about anybody else.


I think that's rare in the game. Just a beloved individual. Six years between Winnipeg, Buffalo, St. Louis, Philadelphia and 1888 games played. You get forty nine points of one point one nine points per game average, ninety nine points in ninety seven playoff games. Memorial Cup, Canada Cup first overall pick called the trophy. We can cite his stats probably for a whole show. What I know you want to add a little something here as well.


Just from what I've been told by so many different people, an amazing person, it goes beyond just being a good hockey player. It's about who you are away from the arena and the type of person you are.


And like everyone just talks so highly of Dale Howard.


Chuck and Ari was at the 88 Canada Cup. Eighty seven eighty seven Canada Cup. He took the draw. He's on the ice with Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. Lemieux says, I'm not taking the drawing. Ramsey says, Howard, Chuck, you take any snaps back and it's just so many.


And when I talk about it, we always mention the most underrated guy and how the most underrated guy quickly becomes the most overrated guy and how.


But here's my idea. You have a player, league wide vote, most underrated player every year, and it's that Dale Howard chequerboard, nobody even knew, nobody even understands how amazing he was. So he wasn't underrated because he was a superstar. But in terms of like hockey history and names and Pete and the popular names in the history of our game, like he he don't people don't get how great he was.


And so, I don't know, maybe I'm making no sense on that, but I just I wish more people understood how amazing of a player and person he was. And when I thought of that, I thought of Brad May, who is a good buddy of mine, going to golf trips. He's been on a bit and check. And I texted him, so sorry to hear about your buddy. He called me back and he was just talking to me.


And in the middle of just hearing him and how emotional it was to hear how great of a guy and great of a friend he was, I thought maybe I think people would love to hear this. Do you want to come on? And he and he he decided, yeah, for sure. I'd love to talk about my buddy. So we're going to kick it over to him. We gave him a ring and it's always nice to talk to him.


Unfortunately, these circus circumstances made it sad. But some great stuff coming from Brad May. Now we welcome our good friend, Brad, may I just let everyone know how we chat and I thought it'd be great if you came on and did the same. So how are you doing today?


Oh, you know what, guys? First of all, thank you for having me on and having a chance to talk about our friend, Dale Howard, Chuck. But it's been a tough couple of days. There's no doubt. Obviously, the last last year has been difficult for everybody that knew Dale and he fought so hard and he rang the bell. And I want to say it was January, February, where he was able to beat his first bout.


He had surgery and he was able to get through it. But unfortunately, cancer sucks, guys. And it came back and it came back in a, you know, raging way. And, of course, that basically spelled the end for Dale, but he fought all the way to the end with dignity. And he brought so many, so many people along with him. And forgive me for long winded answer here, but. Oh, no.


One thing that. No, no. But one thing that that he did and I and I've come to know over the last couple of days is the last few weeks he's actually reached out to so many of his friends in the hockey world and, of course, his personal side and reached out and to say goodbye. And in doing so, he in a lot of calls I was on a text thread yesterday when Dale passed and there was eight guys on the thread and two of them are you guys with no other names, Brian Trotty and Sobieraj Dave Elliott.


And I don't know why I'm involved in that other than inside the circle with Dale and his friends and was so cool to to have, you know, certainly that friendship. But each and every one of the guys on their texts were saying that Dale, in their last conversation, first of all, first and foremost, was asking about their their well-being, how their wives and children were and how their lives were going and and what their plans were. And and then, of course, you know, the worst part is you had you have to end those phone calls with a with a goodbye.


And that Dale said that he he fought awfully hard and cancer was beating, beating him up. But he was he was in a good place. He was comfortable. His family's with him. And I was fortunate enough that two nights ago Dale called me from his home with his family and we had a little conversation. And the one thing he said to me was he said, Mazey, whatever you do, don't be in a hurry to come visit me.


He goes, I want to be up. I'm going to be up there upstairs and I'm going to look over all our friends. And I just want to see you do great things. And you know what? I'll have everything set up. But, you know, on the other side will definitely meet again. But don't be in a hurry. And and then he proceeded to ask me about my family and what my plans were. And it was it was heartbreaking and obviously tearful and but the the abrupt goodbye was when I hung the phone up, I was like I just wanted to keep talking to him.


But he was also sitting in a room with his family and and of course, they deserve the time with him. So it was just it was awfully sad, but beautiful. And if I could really break it down that it was so amazing that he was able to to to die with dignity and grace and and be so thoughtful of others. But it just happened. Thirty two or thirty years too early, guys, and 57 years old. It brings life in the perspective that, you know what, you never know what tomorrow brings.


So live, live for the day. Love your family, love your friends and and treat people right. So and that's exactly what they would want us all to talk about. And that his that is his legacy. He made everybody feel special in his own way. And I'm really lucky that I was inside a circle. And yeah, it's awfully sad. That's so well said, so well said. And when you talk about, you know, you're a young kid coming into the league and you're going on to a team that Dale Howard plays for, he's had six, 100 point seasons in Winnipeg.


What's your thought process on even getting to meet them, let alone thinking you're going to play for him and protect them?


Well, the greatest the greatest thing is, and I I can honestly say this, so in 1990, the day I got drafted on June 16th in British Columbia at BC Place, is where the NHL draft was, the Buffalo Sabres around the first round of the first round of boys, they moved up in the draft. They made a trade with the Winnipeg Jets and Buffalo was maybe picking twentieth or twenty first and they moved up to number 14 and they traded Phil Housley, Scott O'Neil and Geoff Parker to the Winnipeg Jets and in with the swap of picks.


And in return, they got Dale Howard, Chuck and Buffalo selected me 14th overall. So right from the outset, Dale and I are certainly I'm sure Dale was you know, it was his first trade, but it kind of bonded us. When I got the buffalo, we we had something in common. And he was my big brother. He took care of me, did so many great things and know I was tied at his hip for sure.


And, you know, even after my career and Dale was done and he was a coach teaching all these young players how to play the game, some great ones at that. And Dale has a few charity events over the last ten years that I've been a part of and and invited to every single one of them to three day events, playing golf and and celebrating and raising money for charity and still being in the Hall of Fame. He was able to invite all the Hall of Fame players and some great guys from Peter Mijovic to Butch Göring, Billy Smith, a lot of the island, their players, Brian Trottier in search of art and so on.


On that text message, I was just talking about sorts of art and actually wrote it, wrote something to all of us. And he said that a week ago he talked to Dale, basically their last goodbyes and and Dale before anything. He all he wanted to do when Dale was drafted to Winnipeg search have already actually taken over. It was going to play. But he was kind of somewhat of a manager and a player at the time. And Dale bought a house beside him.


And we wanted to know is how Serge's life was and how his family was and what's up with Serge's life. And that speaks volumes of who Dale Dale, how Chuck was. He cared about everyone else and not that he was second fiddle, but he was so comfortable in his own skin that he didn't need to pump his own tires. Everybody else would be able to do that for him.


But he cared about everybody else made just from going online and reading all these comments from everyone and about how he was not only a Hall of Famer on the ice, but the way he conducted himself off of it was for our younger listeners who didn't grow up in that area. Do you have any other examples of things you would do when he was a player in the time you would take out of his, you know, day given, you know, all the responsibility he had as a player in order to go out of his way to make everybody feel welcome and loved around him?


Yeah, you know what is it's a great question, and I love talking about this. Basically, he was and certainly I was lucky enough I got to play 19 years in the league and there's no way I would have been able to play for almost two decades if I didn't have that upbringing and exposure to some so many great veteran players. And, you know, so much for the young listeners out there that experience. You know, you can't teach it, you know, good, good, experienced players in part that that energy and experience on their teammates.


And there was a guy that could sit down over a coffee and and basically sit there and talk the game. Now, it came easier to deal because he was so good and he saw things that the rest of us players probably never did or certainly from that perspective. And I can tell you a couple of stories about him, and I'd love to. We're going into the playoffs against the Boston Bruins in 1992, who was my rookie year. And I got past that, you know, going into the playoffs.


We were we lost seven games in a row. Going in Boston was the best team in the league. They won nineteen of twenty one games or something going into the playoffs. And we or that was 92, 93 excuse me. But in 1990 to the playoffs, we lost to the Bruins in game seven. And I got to play with Dale and Wayne Pressley on a line and they take so much time after practice is leading up back in the arms division.


You kind of knew who you're going to face, you know, four weeks prior to going into the playoffs. And he would take me aside and he was like, OK, the only way we can break, you know, Boston's four check and be able to break out of the zone and, you know, with with control and speed is you have to be so disciplined and you have to stay low as a day to day pass up the wall back to the D to the other side.


And and that was the one way you could break the Boston Bruins for checking. And as a left winger, if the puck started to go up the right wing side, you know, we are always taught as a left winger. You just get on your horse and barrel through the middle and try to push the defenseman off the blue line. And and Dale was like, listen, you have to run that route, but you have to get back below the hash marks in the corner and you have to be stationary and waiting for that pass.


You know, it feels like you're so far away from the other end, other end in the offensive zone. But when you get that pass, you've got to move your feet. And if you don't move your feet, it's going to screw up the whole thing and Boston's going to kill us here. So but I'll tell you one thing. I will be right here. And we ran that that route, you know, almost like a football player, you know, and timed it.


And and he worked with me for for a couple of weeks going into the playoffs. And we ended up we put together an unbelievable run. We lost in game seven at the Boston Garden. But Dale was he was, you know, true to his word, he was never, you know, never frustrated. Or if he was, he never showed it, you know, with a young player that was maybe a little rambunctious. And it makes made mistakes at times.


He slowed it. He slowed the game down for me and me and my teammates. But for me, in that case, he basically got me so confident and and we worked on it for four, I would say hours. I'm not exactly sure, but certainly thirty, forty five minutes after every practice going into the playoffs. And we had some good success. I think I had six points in that in that round. And Dale was like, you know, all world, he was so good.


And we were matched up against some pretty, pretty heavy players. Ray Bourque was on the ice all the time. And but he just took the time, guys, that that a veteran player with all the pressures on him and the pressure comes when a great player doesn't score. He took all that time and he was confident enough that that he could spend that time with us and others and make us better. And then, of course, if we're better than he could get in the right spot to do the right things and and light, you know, light the night on fire.


And, you know, he along with Patty Lafontaine to Ely Hall of Fame players on our team, the two of them for me, they're both my guiding light. Paddy was my roommate for many years and outstanding guy. And I love Dale. But I'll give you another story in the young guys like this one. My rookie year, I was in Hartford, my teammates, they play a prank on the young rook and I have no clue what happens.


But we were at dinner and I like desserts. I order a coconut cream pie after dinner and it's unbelievable, like huge pile of chocolate on top of my pie. And I literally scraped scrape the plate clean. I ate it all. We went out that night. Afterwards, we went to see the betting game. Hi. And in Hartford. And it was a great night. However, if you guys remember Dumb and Dumber when when Harry went got to Aspen, I was up in the seats.


I made my bets and then all of a sudden my belly starts to. Rumble and I have to run literally, I have to run right to the shitter and I sat on the toilet for literally the whole night for two hours or whatever it was, and got back to the hotel room. And I didn't sleep all night. And literally I was pooping all night long and I didn't sleep. We play an afternoon game the next day. I'm terrible.


I'm minus two. John McCain comes in our locker room, our coach, and he's like, You're so bad, kid. You'll never play a game for me with the Buffalo Sabres again. I'm sending you down after this game to Rochester. I don't ever want to see your face again. And it was really like that. And so rest of the game I don't play. We end up losing the game. And again, after the game, Mux comes in the locker room and tears a up, up, one side and down the other of me.


And I have no idea what to do. Like how do I get the Rochester from Hartford? Do I take a bus. Like what? Who's going to tell me? And there's no cell phones at that time. So I'm back in the hotel now. Nobody's told me what's going on but comes and it comes to me anyways. My teammates played a trick on me. They put flax on my pie the night before at the team dinner. Oh, my goodness.


Can you imagine? And not not one not one cube of X actually shaved the whole bar on my side.


It's like. It's like, it's like that's really bad. Right. So at the end of it, Dale and Patty and Dave and Chuck all went into Muklas office and he was losing his mind. And literally, I was never going to play in Buffalo again. And back then, if you get sent to the minors, you never know if you ever get the call back. And they were like, listen, Mike, you can't send the kid down.


It's not his fault. And anyways, Dale stood up for me. I didn't even know what happened. I had no idea about this prank. And and but it came to me the next day that Dale and Patty and Dave and the rest of the veteran guys, they were like, John, you cannot send this kid down. It wasn't his fault. We played a prank on them and whatever. But a guy like Dale Howard shocked the confidence that he had.


He saved my career at that moment. If you had a bad group of veteran players, you know what, Brad goes down the down the Rochester and maybe never gets a call back, you know, I mean, our careers are so fragile, certainly when we start out as a young guy. But I look up to Dale for that. He actually put his his time on the line for me and made a difference. So that was pretty fun, obviously, knowing that you had veteran players stand up for you.


But there's another story in St. Louis. There was we were at the old Kheel Center, the fairgrounds in St. Louis, their old arena and or the checker dome or whatever it was called. And there was an indoor soccer game going to be played that night. And we had a practice. We had to go to some other rink. But Ducky and all the boys, they grabbed a soccer ball from one of the pro teams and ran out onto the turf in the arena and started kicking the ball.


And Dale stepped on the ball. He was a good soccer player, but he stepped on top of the ball and he rolled his ankle. And I don't know if he tore ligaments or not, but he was out for about two or three weeks, you know, out there just playing playing with the guys, went right into the coach and was like, listen, you know, he can't walk. His ankle blew up. And but back then, it was a brotherhood and it was a family.


And John Mucker didn't say a word to the media. Nobody in the world I don't even know if this story's ever been told, but everybody had each other's backs and it was a great league to come into in the early nineties with all these wonderful players that played in the eighties and some in the late 70s. You know what? It was a different time. Obviously, it wasn't as big of a business, but you needed a great, great veteran players like Dale Archer up on your team to actually groom the young players.


And I'm so lucky to be one of those guys, like, done all that, that and Derrick Plant and others that Dale took under his wing and helped us. Made a lot of has been made of the fact that he I don't see he was under the shadow of Gretzky, but his his greatness wasn't as appreciated because Gretzky was in the same division and he didn't get the shine as much because of that. How did you grow up watching him and how underrated was this guy over the course of his entire career?


Because this guy was so good, he he had eyes in the back of his head. He's one of the greatest pastors of all time in 1992, 93. He had 80 assists. That was a year that Alexander Mogilny scored seventy six on our team. And Patty LaFountain came second in scoring behind Mario. I think it was one hundred and forty five, one hundred fifty five points. And Dale Dale, I think at around one hundred and two points that season.


But he was one of the greatest players of all time. And I want to say from nineteen eighty three and you guys can maybe help me out on this one but from 1983 to eighty three to nineteen ninety four there was only one player that had more points in the NHL than Dale, our Chuck. And that's not Maryland mill. That was Wayne Gretzky. Mario I think was number five on that list if you can believe it. Dale Howard Chuck was number two behind Wayne for that ten year stretch.


He was that good. He just he got overshadowed. He was in Winnipeg that was in the high flying Oilers days. And then the Calgary Flames became a great team, you know, around eighty six to eighty nine. And they won the Stanley Cup in eighty nine. But every first round series, Howard chucking in the Winnipeg Jets would face either the Edmonton Oilers or the Calgary Flames. It was almost unfair. That's such a good team would be knocked out, sir, so early.


But back in those days, Adams Division might division the Patrick. If you were in that division, certainly with Gretzky, Messier and Curry and everyone else, Paul Coffey, you're not going to beat them. But Dale Howard just single handedly almost did every playoff. He was that good. But yeah, you ask players, Dale, how tough was was a special player in nineteen eighty seven. I think you've probably seen all the highlights of the Canada Cup and Team Canada beating and best for you is forty five minutes down the road from where you grew up in Hamilton.


Dale was a big part of the rally to beat the Russians in 1987 Canada Cup and he won the face off that led, you know, in ten seconds ago in the game where Gretzky sets up Lemieux and Lemieux scores. Howard just he took the guy just after the face off and probably should have got a penalty, but the guy he hooked would have actually caught Lemieux in the high slot. So as a Canadian, how Chuck will go down in history is as one of the best players ever.


It is for our younger listeners I was trying to think of a comparable, comparable modern day Supastar gives a great score, a great pass, not a speed demon, a gentlemanly player. Who would you maybe compare deals game most a player today.


I would say and and I'm not sure I'm not so sure they played the same way, but I would say it's Nikki Backstrom with the Washington Capitals, who, by the way, for me, is the best player in Washington. I mean, that's outside of Ovechkin who's I mean, continue, you know, continues to score goals. I think Backstrom and he's a good buddy of Whitney and he comes on a golf trip. And but fact is, is is such a skilled player, but kind of under the radar, if you will.


I'd say maybe, you know, Backstrom would be certainly one of them. I'm trying to think of somebody else, but that was the first that comes to mind. I mean, reading some of the things on social media, somebody mentioned that he'd gotten a place in Winnipeg after he signed, they're kind of out in the boondocks and, you know, out of the city life and just seems to seem to be like just chill, calm demeanor guy.


And Adam. Sorry about that. Yeah, absolutely no, sorry about that. He's he was such like just a wonderful guy. Like, really, if if hockey was never around, I guarantee you people and he wasn't a hockey player, Dale would have done something like he made everybody around him feel special and and not only feel special, he inspired people to be better than what they thought they ever could be. And and he continued to do that as a coach.


I mean, you just think of the young stars in the NHL from from stretching off to safely in Winnipeg and Tanner Pearson and a lot of other players that that are now having great NHL careers, tails, you know, tutelage and and his the way he was able to communicate with with other hockey players, he made everybody better. And but what he did with his life off the ice, I mean, this guy was was selfless. He did a ton of things for Easter SEALs up here in Ontario, not to mention the hospitals and and visits.


The Hall of Fame is a designation for a great hockey player. Dale is a hall of Famer in life and excuse me, was but just so, so lucky and fortunate to be a friend of his. And and I don't take that for granted for one second. And and his family, you know, obviously they're hurting today, but they know that. And they're wonderful people because they they were raised and they had all that time with what their father or husband and and the Howard Chucks are awfully proud of, of who Dale was not only a player, obviously, which is his life's work, but just as a man and like, I can't I can't say enough about what kind of guy and what kind of character this guy had.


Well, maybe we can't really thank you enough for coming on and giving him the proper sendoff he deserved, but it's obviously a tough, tough day for the hockey world and our condolences to his family and once again, condolences to all his friends that are probably listening. And yourself included, you've clearly lost a very important person in your life. We all have.


Yeah. And, you know, we all have. And I just if I could end with one thing, it just it was it was very sad couple of nights ago talking to him and the way we said goodbye, I just wanted to I just wanted to keep him on the phone and and talk to him. But, you know, at the end of the day, none of us are getting out of this alive. I think we all understand that.


But he had so much more to share with all of us. And, you know, we're older. We can understand possibly and move forward, obviously, with the memory. But all of the players that he he was coaching and and helping in the Ontario Hockey League, you know, I'm thinking of them right now that, you know, young guys young that maybe haven't experienced a loss to this magnitude is going to be a lot of kids and a lot of families that that are that are kind of in nowhere land right now.


And because they lost, you know, their their leaders, their mentor. And, you know, I'm thinking of those guys right now. And hopefully, you know, the hockey world comes together and we help those young guys. We help the old players, the old friends of Dale. And you know what? All of us keep telling stories, keep telling talking about his his personality and his character. And you know what? We're all better for it.


And maybe we're a little bit more compassionate, too. So it's been tough. But in some ways, I'm just so proud and so happy that I can honestly tell you guys that he was a really good friend, but he was more of a mentor to me. And, you know, it's a sad, sad time. Thank you so much, Mr.. The next Friday for joining us, under these circumstances, you've lost a good pal and it's a I think it speaks to Dale how it character that he wanted to come on and share some stories about him.


And, you know, maybe he made a great point about Dale, how a check what you were saying, how a lot of even Meyer didn't get to see him a lot. I mean, he was such a great player, but he was in Winnipeg during a time when not a lot of games were on TV. He had to go through Edmonton in the playoffs every year. So I wish I had seen more of them. But fortunately, when he got to Buffalo, we did get to see a lot more of him here in Boston.


And he was quite a player. And again, we want to send our sympathies to his friends and family and hopefully everybody's doing a little better today. Meanwhile, we're going to move along, cover some of the series we've been talking about here. We got our first handshake's of the first round Tuesday night when the Vegas Golden Knights beat Chicago four to three and eliminated the Hawks and five. Hats off to the Blackhawks. They played with tons of hot.


They never stopped coming. They just don't have the horses that Vegas does. I mean, they just couldn't match them. Stryfe Astride got a huge game from Alex Tuck in game five so far for Vegas. Marc-Andre Flurry's only started one game. It's it looks like Robin Layna has that number one role for right now. P'tit the Ball, obviously a new coach. She didn't have any loyalties there and he said, quote, This is not about Flower not doing something.


He has been great. Robin has just been at a different level. But either way, Vegas is moving on Chicago's toast biz.


What you got for us to. Well, the third line for Vegas right now looks really good and as far as depth depth up front, excuse me, because we know what their fourth line can provide. I'm thinking these guys, these guys in the ABS look, you know, ready to lift the Stanley Cup. They look very dangerous credit to Chicago for hanging around as far as scoring chances and and how much you know, how much Chicago really got done in the series.


I think Crawford stood on his head for the most part. And that's a big reason why at least every game was entertaining, because they were I watched that game five where the Chicago Blackhawks got eliminated. And I don't know if you guys caught that Sally on the on the Patrick patcher Kingold when they went up 3-2, where he just was in all alone. And I could have sworn I saw him take off his glove and yawn because he is so calm under pressure.


And he just quick, quick poke check came out. He just avoided it and then slid it right between Robin Leonard's wickets and that afterward, you see the hands were all wet.


Well, what did that represent? You think he's bad?


I got I got the puck on a string, possibly. Is that possible? And twirler that I'm having so much fun.


Bingol, could you imagine the game? Fun.


He's out there just in that situation. He's almost smiling before he's put it between his legs. And keep in mind, they played together for half the year. So, you know, Patty Kane was just writing down all the weaknesses. He knew where he was going before fucking happened. So that was cool to see. Great game. Of course, Vegas closes it out. A couple of guys stood out to me. Alex Toku, I would say, underachieved during the regular season based on expectations of, you know, when they went to the finals and how he popped off.


But holy shit, dude, he is he is one of the league's best power forwards right now, and he's a beast. And that third line is very dangerous. Nick Cousins looked really good. That was a stellar, underrated move that Vegas made of the deadline. He came over from Montreal. He was excellent in Arizona. I don't know why they ever got rid of him. He's just that Swiss Army knife. He's a piece of shit to play against.


He's always yappin. He'll stick in the nuts if he has to. When he can play with the puck, he can move up and down the line up. He could penalty kill. So big. The Vegas Golden Knights, especially with that two goalie tandem, look very, very, very fucking good. And that's all I got to say about that, a lot of question marks for Chicago, I saw I saw Bastable chief just write a fucking blog about Jeremy Caulton and coaching.


I don't know how you feel about anything on the Chicago side of. Right.


Well, Chicago just was outmatched, and I feel bad just quickly going over Vegas. But the one guy that doesn't get enough credit that Alec Martinez, Stanley Cup winner, you know, the guy who scored the goal to win the Stanley Cup for the L.A. Kings and people said, you know, he's having down years and had been a couple. You know, he's had a tough go in L.A. and it's hard to be a defenseman that plays against top two lines every night and eats minutes and really play well when you're on a team that's struggling and L.A. hasn't had it for a couple of years now and he came over and he's just looked so good, I mean, that they're back and they all can just fly.


I mean, Schmidt's out there, Shea Theodores out there, and these guys can skate. They get up in the rush. They make Vegas. It's like a five men unit constantly attacking. They got guys roaming around. They're just very difficult to deal with them. And we've talked about them in the Avs.


And just thinking of that series tickles me in places. But I do think Chicago, at least they had a little bit a little bit of success. They won that, you know, because they're now looking at it is a new group. Right. They need to kind of get back to where they were and winning that playing round against a good Edmonton team. And then, you know, they win one game. They were overmatched, but they got a game against Vegas and looked really good.


Today, at times are in both in all the games they got to be actually looking forward to to next year because they got they got other guys coming in. Dock's older. So I think if you're a Hawks fan, you're not excited. You're certainly not the powerhouse team competing for the Stanley Cup anymore. But you could turn around pretty quick and all of a sudden, if next year it gets even better, you're flyin. And the reason for that weight is they do have a new wave of small core group and guys I mean, you look at the brink, it I know he had an off year as well, but he's a proven 40 goal scorer.


You got Dillon Strong, who I think is a solid piece. You have Kirby Doc now as well. I guess the question really lies on the back end and how they're going to be able to improve that. And as you just mentioned, Vegas and you talked about Martinez and Cousins, how are you going to fill those little holes and ad guys there to help you get to that next level without having to pay them a lot, which is, of course, difficult in today's age.


And the fact that the salary cap staying the same and you're paying connectives what you are, whatever, obviously getting rid of and I hate to say this because I love Seed's that's getting rid of that contract, or hopefully he's able to come back from these hip surgeries and make an impact that you once did based on what he's getting paid. That would be a massive lift for the team as well. So question marks for the Hawks. But, Christ, you got some young young guys in the pipeline and things aren't things aren't looking too bad.


And Devi's, they do have they signed a kid, you got to shut out these college guys. He's Canadian, but he's a college guy. They signed that Ian Mitchell, who was a second rounder from them. So Hawkmoon defenseman, right. That's what they need. We'll see. But you got to look look to the better times and look to the past. Good times.


If you're a Hawks fan and I don't want to hear from you Blackhawks fans, I forgot to mention Kubelik in that fucking young core group that's coming up. And, you know, I'd be getting hit in the fucking DMS with death threats. That was the case.


So Vargus movsar will have plenty of more to talk about them and their stars. Are you in your underwear? They look dangerous.


No, I'm not in my underwear.


I'm actually in my bird dogs shorts. Shut up with a collar like I'm not.


Well, I mean, dude, I. Shut up. There's one more note and you're. Whoa, whoa, wait.


You're going to come after me about style. Yeah, for sure. I'm a stylish guy. I don't wear long, Graham.


I don't wear I don't wear lime green shorts with with with that are not huggers. I know.


I thought they were undies. I've seen you wear crazy fucking underwear and I thought that was underwear. I'm not dog in your shorts that bad.


Let's let's listen to the internet tomorrow and how they think about what style I can find murder. Hey, hey guys, guys. If the Internet says that it's true, just Aspies.


Yeah. Tinfoil hats. Oh, all right. Moving right along Wednesday been a bloodbath. We're recording on Wednesday been an absolute bloodbath. The teams that were on the brink, Carolina, looked like they might have hung in there. They were up in that game. Four ended up blowing the lead to Boston. Boston Strong back four goals in the third period, eliminated Carolina on Wednesday with the two to one victory. I think a two power play goals.




Let's go to you on this one first. I knew you had some input for us.


Well, watching these games, the Bruins just took advantage completely of Metchnikoff leaving that series because it's a different team with him in the lineup, but still eight and one now in the past two springs'. Right.


The conference finals in this year's first round, just domination and the David Qureishi appreciation moment.


I have it just they never stop. This has been, what, ten years of this now? Eleven years of this guy, just every single year. Maybe battling injuries and some inconsistencies, but call when the playoffs come, this fucking guy, he leads the league in scoring in 11, they win the cup, he leads the playoff, the league in scoring. In 13, they lose. Is that the loss of Chicago? All right, 13?


It is. And then right now, he's just on fire. And so Bergeron's the the number retired. I don't I wonder quickly, do you think it's just crazy to get his number retired here? I think so, yeah.


I mean, OK, second in franchise playoff score in 14 years, I think.


There you go. So yeah. So I my initial thought was yes. Then I thought maybe crazies but never doubt yourself. Thank a. I know. Just ask me. I'll tell you so.


So the thing, the thing, the thing is, is people don't talk about them and you understand with that top line why but you need two big dogs up front one way and two a sentiment to win the Stanley Cup. All the great teams have two great sentiment. You know, you can't just have one guy do it all. And I think that that he's just just a fabulous player to watch. Bruins fans are spoiled by having him for this long.


So I think the Bruins look fantastic at the end of the series, man. You see, Charra and Brinda Moore had a very special exchange, it looked like in the handshake line.


And you could tell Charra was so complimentary of him, probably as a coach and as a player as well, and Pridmore saying the same. But, you know, the Bruins look just right there, they're going to be right there.


Again, probably the pivotal moment of the series was when they Carolina went into that third period up to nothing. And that was a fairly colossal collapse and something you would not expect from the Carolina Hurricanes. I thought it was a lot closer series than that losing stretch. The call was was massive. I think goaltending is going to be the issue moving forward for Carolina if if they want to be taken seriously, I think they need to go out and get I mean, I don't know, maybe a hopea.


I don't want to start cockblock.


And you Capitals fans, Mark Schrems, UFA, isn't he who paid my boy? Yeah.


It sounds like he's going to be staying in Vancouver, though. That's the buzz from there. But you never know. I guess you're right. You know, I don't I didn't follow that series too closely, but that is it.


Clifton Hall. Yeah, hockey.


Hockey I keep hearing about this guy's name keeps popping up and I see that snipe when he gets fed in the slot and he put it right, right in the elbow and that that guy runs around and every single night brings tons of energy.


I think he occasionally makes some wild plays. I think that's Cliffy Hockey. We're like, he'll do something genius, then he'll do something moronic. And you're like, that's Cliff Hockey. And then he kills somebody behind the net and rips it off the glass. But you he's shown glimpses of just first of all, he flies. He actually skates like Nate, Nate Schmidt. He bombs around like he does, never gets tired, doesn't play as many minutes, but and then he's not like he'll get in, they'll get right in the mix.


He's physical. So he's just another piece they got.


And that I know we already talked about that head, but MacAvoy who play in the way he did in that first shot on the Bruins, the Bruins are there looking like a favorite to come out of the east per usual in the past few years.


Yeah, and Jake Dabrowska is playing well. There's another guy who he was in a contract year. Right. So sometimes that will fuck with your head. And he's been having you know, he started popping off a little bit here.


So Bruett Bruins look good. They're kind of like Dallas in the sense where it took them a little bit to get going, but they've arrived and they're doing so without postop.


Well, I could play late game. He played game five when they got it done. The people back today always back.


Yeah. Okay. All right. I know that I didn't see that I was too busy while you were watching your team get over enough.


I told people at the Bruins goal and three in the round robin, don't sweat it because they're playing those games as exhibitions. And I think that last round proved it. And I mean, how about how about how bad is my whoop right now after getting support on the puck line, two games in a row business. I mean, there's nothing worse when you get it like they had it. The last game for two, they come all the way back and then goalie pulled off a skate bomb froster.


And then today, Machon missed one, missed out the one. But that's the name of the game he lived by the end.


But the worst part about it, and it was over five K that you lost in the fact that the Bruins made that four four unanswered comeback. So they were up four two. And I knew that you had the puck climb. And when I saw that fucking thing go in, I wanted to wring her neck out.


You know that Alonzo Mourning before, he's like looking off into space and then he's kind of like, yeah, well, that's how I was. I'm like, well, I lost the puck, man. But also I got to will come back. I was able to win the money line better.


It kind of paid for the pipeline so. Well, like Alonzo Mourning and that's me.


Incredible. What what what does anyone ever know what. What had happened that game to make him do that, like what did he realize that any two maybes, like I got 100 million fouled out, but I got 100 million of that.


I was I was going to say maybe this is a good opportunity for you already to plug your T-shirts, the puck, like Jesus.


Yeah, well, we have the our blessed lady of the unguarded cage. I'm still waiting for the puck line cut puck line Jesus version of that t shirt to come out. We got the Kandahar T-shirt, a lot of line.


We got a bunch of t shirts, Grenelle Pimpin lately.


So yeah, buy some T-shirts. I got my card hot somewhere around Kangbashi.


Maybe the king bourgie ones are flying off the shelves.


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That's baby bell dot com promo code checklists c h i c Leeds. I got a question. Shoot where if you could speak any other language, like if you could learn, which one would it be.


I think just Spanish because I'd use that most for if I was young like Jimmy Veazey, I'd try to speak Chinese is you make millions. I would want to speak.


One of the romance languages is like Italian or Spanish. I think I like Italian. That's Latin language.


I think when you talk is like it has a little bit of a luster to it.


There's this French or French is very romantic. Yeah, absolutely. But yeah. And then you might get beat up by guys from Boston.


I'm thinking of Montreal, but no Italians is a language I'd never I could never learn another language at this stage of the game, but definitely Italian.


I'm moving right along.


Also on Wednesday afternoon, it was looking like Columbus might live to see another day. They were down to nothing, but they scored four in a row.


However, Tampa came back from down to the facility, and after a botched puck exchange in overtime, the lightning took full advantage of it. And who else? Brayton Point gets yet another OTTI game winner and he sent the jackets home.


What we're going to do for us yard defenseman I. I'm not going to cast blame here. I don't know if the puck should have been handled. Was that was the past bad? Was the receiving of the pass bad? Take us through what you saw in that goal.


Yeah, just a brutal bounce. And I think that when you see Savar gozde to be behind the that he uses the wall and right.


Right to Gavrilov and it looks it looks lackadaisical.


It looks like he's kind of not as into it as he should be at that point in the game at this point in the series.


But it's a pretty common play to just use your foot and you don't stop it that way. Maybe maybe there's hockey purists or coaches out there and say, I'm foolish. But he's he he's honest. He should have had his backhand out there. I guess that that would have been the best way to handle it.


But using your foot, this isn't tough for these guys. And it just happened to catch his skate in a bad way and kick right to the boards point, get fed and then there it is. It's that's a series. But you've got to think that there's there's this the same way it bounced off his foot. Sometimes it can hit your stick and just be a bad bounce off the blade to your stick. So it looks bad, but I know it's probably in a way easier play for that guy to make.


Ninety nine percent of the time just happen to be the wrong time for it to happen.


We're going to spend a lot of time talking about Tampa because they're another team that I think is going to go probably to the finals or could at least the semis. Columbus. I think we underestimated your organization and how you've drafted and developed coming into the season. All these ideas. Excuse me. Great run. You guys knocked off a good Leafs team. I would have personally liked to have seen Leafs Tampa because I think it would have been a lot more high flying.


But, you know, overall, you've got a couple of good players in that and Alverson corpuscle who put on an absolute fucking show. You're back and solid with those two massive pieces. And Seth Jones, who absolutely annihilated had I know if you guys saw that hit and were risky and and you got some you know, you got a number one center, I think I think that you learn that you have a true. Number one, senator, and even in crunch time in ANWR, would you not agree and that's a pretty fucking good feeling in the fact that, you know, you got your your ace, especially when crunch time comes and you're playing against playoff teams.


Yeah, I agree with that. I just think Tampa. It was really it was funny because they waited so long and the fact that the pandemic happened and then they they come back and they get Columbus still again, and it was probably cathartic for them to win the series because it's just like last year was weighing on them so bad.


I saw an interesting story at one point throughout the year, Maroon and chat. And Kirk said they could tell that the team was just they weren't over last year. And it was also difficult because they weren't the same team is this year. So it's it's not only they lose that heartbreaker and people don't realize when you have the season they had, you broke these records and then you you don't even win a playoff game like that can crush you.


And I think there was times this year, earlier in the season when it was weighing on them and they weren't lighten it up like they had the year before. And finally, I don't know if it's maturity. And that's what Cooper talks about. He says that they're not even that much of a better team than last year. Right now, they're just more mentally tough. And that's what it kind of took. And I the way they just keep coming at you in waves.


And Wesolowski. Yeah, I mean, today gives up a bunch. But I mean, you can't be panicking over him the way you were last year. It's just it's a it's a wild team to watch because they have so much depth. And then they went out and they got that goodrow and Coleman and even Zach Bogosian playing great. They said he was done and he's looking he's playing with Hedeman at times. And it's like this. This team has a bunch of guys.


And Chaton Kirk was a very cheap signing after getting bought out. He's been great. And he gave a speech after the second period in the clinching game Wednesday. And, you know, look, the guy who is played in the league a long time and Tyler Johnson said after something that had to, you know, stuff that had to be said. And so I don't see how you're going to pick against them. You talk about the abs in Vegas, out west.


Well, it's kind of Bruins lightning in my eyes in the east.


And that's just how it how it's going to go, I'm assuming. And Islanders fans shut your mouth at this point.


At this point, I think I'd give our hand handjob if we got that semifinal match up.


Those two teams going out to my struggles for the match up. I'd actually if you were in the West one, I would talk you actually talk to the CEO.


You mentioned corpuscle. He was outstanding, but we got to get Vasey props, man. He didn't see as much rubbers corpuscle, but he made some incredible ten ball saves every game. He was making four or five highlight saves. He was a huge factor in the series. And also to Tortorella press conference epic.


He got to ask one of those like questions like, oh, you know, kind of like a feel good tight. And he's like, I'm not going to get into the touchy feely stuff or the moral victories. You guys be safe when you get up and walked away. Just vintage fucking sports just to play.


That's a little bit of a mike drop bubble situation right there. And to go back to Columbus, I was just basically saying drop it and hand sanitizer.


I was just basically saying, you guys you guys are in better shape than I thought originally. And I think you guys, you know, with a few good more drafts, which isn't highly unlikely given your management and what they've done so far, I think you guys are going to be OK. Better off than my fucking notes.


Yeah, they can certainly keep their heads held high and yeah, yabbies. The Bloody Wednesday afternoon continued for the qualifying round winners as Colorado beat up on your overmatched Arizona squad. Once again, seven to one. They knocked the coyotes out because you might have a little blood spatter still in your suit from those last couple games because they were absolute beeton's. You know, the I thought they were just too easy to play against. I mean, obviously, the talent disparity was there, but they just seem to really lack grit.


They just they weren't bearing down. And I thought they were just way too soft. Besides, what was your take on this?


Oh, yeah. I mean. I don't I can't remember the last time a team got beat seven to one back to back games and playoffs like that, that was the most embarrassing playoff performance I've ever seen. It was hard to watch. Speaking of wrestlers, I guess I'll start off with the ABS. Oh, my God. The the job that Joe Sakic has done in putting that team together. But also we talk about these the pieces talked to, you know, find a little piece there, a little piece there, like Zadora like I didn't realize he was in that O'Reilley trade.


Did you know that when he came over from Buffalo, but also in that trade, they got that camphor? So I'm not listen, O'Reilly's O'Reilly, but like watching that COMPRE play third line center, tremendous. Exactly what you want in a third line center plays with an edge. I know. I've been talking about them a little bit on the last few podcasts, but just everywhere you look, that line up is really good. There's no weak spots, although I could say group a group our wasn't really tested.


I think the coyotes and lost in game one, four and five. I think they might have had five or six high quality scoring chances collectively in those three games, but just led by Nathan McKinnon. I can't say enough about this guy. And going back to the last podcast, given every single intangible and what his salary is, I would say him and him and McDavid are tied. Just what I'm seeing right now, what he brings, how he drives that team, everything through him.


He had two, two, two goals. I thought I thought it was a replay while I was calling the game. It was actually two goals. He scored one of the peeps and then one even shrank. But overall, this Ave's team, they are if I could pick one team to win the Stanley Cup, it would be them right now. And as far as the oats are concerned, that's a salary cap team there at the top. They weren't even close to Colorado, not even on the same not even the same stratosphere.


So I'll leave it at that. Congratulations to to the Colorado Avalanche. And best of luck to Marchman man, because I know how much following said and doing everything that he did in accomplishing everything he accomplished. I think that that getting one early, especially with a group like this harana, would meet a lot. And and I want him to get it. That performance from God, I mean, it was like it was like the NBA first round, just zero chance for a team to win.


So the ABS, they looked amazing.


I mean, but I ask, are they that good?


I mean, they they literally just looked like like a pickup game and they were just a bunch of pros. First Agios first the first the R.A..


So and I have I mentioned and I haven't even mentioned Kadry yet, who was I to I was going to bring up this guy. He has more points in eight playoff games, or was it seven or eight then than he had in his entire career as a maple leaf in the playoffs?


He's he's got six goals. He's just. And you wonder I mean, the the just the difference in in media hype and pressure as opposed to playing in the playoffs, the Avs and playing well right now it's different with them in the bubble, I understand this year. But just he fits in so perfectly there that that you wonder if the Leafs could have ever seen the Nazem Kohji that's playing right now in the playoffs. They never would have wanted to trade him if they could have some put it there.


He was taking stupid penalties and getting Sussie at half time. So it's like we didn't have this Kaiji to begin with, but to see what he actually can do and focused and play playing this well and fit in on a team where he slides and, you know, he just slot's perfectly behind the big dogs. It's just a sight sight to be seen right now because he is certainly up there as MVP of the playoffs. I mean, none of his team, you know, he's got other guys in his team excuse me, but domination, the craziest part about that one, he only makes four and a half million.


Jeff O'Neil was talking about it on one of those like teams. And I thought it was more than a four and a half million. That's the that's that's just as big a bargain as what MacKinnon's make. And based on what he's doing, one are a few bright spots on the Cowboys side. It'd be rude, not to mention Darcy Kapper in the performance he had. It was sad to see the last two games, how he had to get pulled based on how the guys are playing ahead of them.


But I thought Clayton Keller was was very good. He had a big playoff. He had seven points, four goals, three assists. You know, that's big for him and his confidence moving forward, which he's a he's a big piece of the organization. So I was happy to see that. And then who knows with Halsy, I don't know what the future is yet. That's that's one of the biggest free agents on the market this summer. So we'll see.


And apparently Colorado's a name that keeps popping up, given the amount of cap space they have. So maybe you can just join them right now.


And how about Nate Dog Rigdon, Christian Fisher, after they were trapped and Fisher got the stickied in space and you could tell Nate didn't want to fight them because he does want to break his hand or take five. And he he was almost like a big brother, like just mooching a little brother's face, like, why are you keeping yourself away? Keep it to yourself.


I must have been I must have been on a bathroom break or so a a one more no to like.


Obviously John Jake is gone, but this is kind of like have any statement on him the way this team performed. Is it kind of like, like a non endorsement of what he did in Arizona? Basically this is the team you put together pal. It's not if it's not on talk, it was his construction to team pretty boy. Oh, God. OK, so you put this on a T for me, I wasn't going to go there and I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, I, I was all right.


You got him to say, now you're like, go, go.


I think that I wasn't a big fan of analytics before all this and never was. But I'm someone to be, you know, open minded. And, you know, he took over the team as a 27 year old GM. And I think that that surprised a lot of people. And I was always willing to believe, hey, you know, like this guy handles himself well and would be able to like at least not like colossally fuck it up.


Like, as of right now, like it's it's it's it was it was a hack job, it was bad. We're a cop team and we just got embarrassed by a team five fifth from the bottom and. I thought he got bent over negotiations. I thought that he didn't necessarily do the best job drafting. I don't know what's going on with the farm team and how we're developing because we don't seem to develop a ton of players, although Conaghan developed.


But he wasn't drafted by him. He was drafted by Don Maloney. And, yeah, I think I think he's really left the team in a very difficult spot. And that's that's kind of why I felt slighted when he just kind of took off and left before the bubble where it's like this is what you put together. You had four years to do it. I felt that you rushed to rebuild a little bit by some of the moves you made.


And then that's what we got. And I mean, I don't know, I'm more I'm a little more old school and I feel like I should get paid when they've proven things. And and if you got guys like Crosby taken deals. I don't know. So we'll see. Although the guy the guys who got paid here fucking show me, I don't get shove it up my hope. I've been getting it a lot lately. So that's how I feel.


And and I love this organization, but that's just being real about stuff. And I think analytics is the biggest fucking farce in the world.


That's that's just being blunt. If you want to. If you want to if you want to be a GM of a team and you want to be successful, I think you should take analytics about three percent in your decision making.


And although we don't need to go into that, I just feel that like there's a process to actually seeing what's happening and what the holes need to be filled and how they are. Joe Sackets and Co.. Well, he did a pretty good job there. Why do you think, Steve, why did such a good job in Tampa and now he's going to go do it in Detroit?


It's because you have to have have some type of glue to the game and have known and seen and been in these winning situations and understanding how the Cavs put together. And I think that way too many people who are just staring at a monitor and plugging in the numbers, their opinions are being taken far too seriously. And it's a fucking joke. It is. And I'll talk to him. I'll sit down and they can any analytics person come on the podcast and explain to me how valuable it is.


So I know I went on a bit of a rant there, but that's how I feel about the state of hockey and that little portion of it. But at the end of the day, the product has to speak for itself. So like I said, things can turn around here and be a lot better based on the moves that he's made. But up until now, it looks gross.


Hey, imagine having one of those Budweiser red lights during this series because your hospital looks like a fire house for all those girls going off because the Budweiser red light is back, hockey is back and is trying to sell. The Budweiser red light is back, bringing the arena experience to your home when your favorite team lights the lamp sync celi repeat. It's pretty easy. This thing is awesome. It's honestly the best thing to have when you can't get to the games, which nobody can these days.


You get yourself one of these and you feel like you're at the game. Like I said, that last series business people thought that there was an ambulance that avalanche fans thousands for the last couple of days.


You want to go to Budweiser? Dotcom used the code Checketts ten to get ten percent off a Budweiser red light. And you'll feel just like you're at the rapist.


Yeah. And R.A. to take it out of that outrated love, love that brand is to go back to my comment about players who have been there and done that, changing organizations around. I'm not saying that people who never played can't do it. I just feel that they need to spend a lot of time in a lot of hours invested into seeing how it all works and how you can transform it. And there needs to be a lot of communication and learning.


And until you've actually done that, I don't think you have a snowball's chance in hell.


So I think that it was a very, very, very rookie move hiring a 27 year old GM. And that's not a knock at him. It's just I mean, it's it's I just don't think it was the right move. All right, moving right along here. Well said business, I'll give you credit, it's just been you guys know anybody can come on this podcast and have a conversation. It's just like that's like that guy kind of fucked up the organization a little bit.


And keep in mind, like at 27 years old, we can keep this. And he had to go meet Sheindlin at 18 degrees and tell him to kick rocks after everything you've done for the organization. And I've been spending a lot of time on the phone recently with a lot of people who who have been around the organization, especially during these periods of time.


And it's just like it's just really shitty how it's gotten to this point. Like, why is Seno not affiliated with the organization? And if ODU ownership doesn't bring them back and I'll tell them they're nuts and they might even listen to a podcast where the fuck is shamed on this wall or get them on a Where's Waldo thing memes.


All right.


Well, I've said of coyotes fans are just empty, but I believe that there's people in this organization who are good people, and I think that they could turn around. I just don't like the shape that Chaika left it in and the way he left. That's it.


Yeah, well said, man. I mean, the results speak for themselves, but but of course, there are still a few other series that aren't done yet. Montreal and Philadelphia literally just finished game five. I really can't break it down because we've been recording during it.


But Montreal won five to three a shootout for this series and I kind of gave up four goals after having Back-To-Back shutouts.


You know, I mean, this has been a great series from the get go. Carey Price has just been absolutely standing on his head.


Let's go to you with your take on this one so far. But we'll shout out Carter Hart. And I've actually have had this game on as we've been recording Brendan Gallagher holding a bench every game.


He was a rat all night, but got to go to Carter Hart because tonight wasn't great. But to be the third Flyers goalie in history, to get two shout outs in a row in the playoffs is is that's heady stuff. And that's a kid who's just like, look so comfortable. And now the series is three two. So, I mean, much at all.


They if they win the next one, anything can happen.


That's the old saying in the game seven, anything can happen. And they tell you what they say and they say in this league base.


So I don't think that the Canadians can win this series.


But I said that I didn't think that they could beat the fucking penguins. And they're just a tough out and price is playing the way he is. I still believe the flyers will get it done next game, game six. That might have been my prediction for the in the preview section as well.


I said five, I haven't followed the Serevent series very closely because I can't really comment on it other than who is a professor of hair, it's been all over the Internet. What's going on there? He's got the flow peroxided Jesus flow.


I saw you see the picture of Jaquie Vacek wearing in the gritty.


What do they call those things in the face, not the mass, but the Baffour Gater or whatever the hell that called.


Jaquie has a gritty the gritty went on. I thought I was seeing double for a minute.


I thought, oh, I like that. I know. Can connect me. Hasn't scored yet. So they need him to get going now.


J.V. I was a scratch game four as well. So you know, Philly's getting it, getting it done.


A wonderful job. Ah I got scratch many a time buddy hanging. Hang your hat in there.


We haven't mentioned our guest yet. Obviously we brought Brad May on already to talk about Delilah check, but we're going to bring on in a few minutes. Rich Clune obviously played for Toronto. Want to call the couple Tomalis and he had a documentary drop recently. Hi, my name is Deqi. Comes on to talk about that in his career, but we'll be getting that in a little bit.


Just want to give you a heads up that we have that come in Vancouver, St. Louis. They're playing game five after a record. Actually, they just started a minute ago, then they played game six Friday night. The blues is starting to look much more like the blues of last year's cup run. They battled back from an 02 deficit to knock things up with Vancouver. Game three went to OT Biz called Schenn on and what a nice call there and then the blues just absolutely choked them out in game four So this has become a best of three after Vancouver had them.


They want them. Buis what have you seen from this one.


Ryan O'Reilley. Holy shit. Good. What the fuck man.


That guy's nuts. His is the factor. The factor. And he plays the guitar. You could sing. He's got a fucking little jacket on. He had a blue jacket on the interview today. Looks like an absolute missile. Best player I could figure it out. He's he's the new Lundquist, that's what he is right there. Yeah, they looked like the champs, another team that took them a while to get going, but they looked like the champs now.


And I'm very dialed into this series now. I called Sheyenne because he went to town on a stick on the bench. He was not happy. I don't know if he'd missed the pass or he missed the shot and he just he gave you the tomahawk chop. One hundred fifty bucks on the fine board went. Right.


How much for a broken stick in the minors?


Oh, they didn't do that in the show. You're allowed to break them and admitted that they would have done that. You would have fucking been given them. You would have been paying back your whole salary for providing brake sticks and anger.


I did the Alonzo Mourning and whatever the mines, but yeah, he beat the shit out of his twigg and I just felt he was going to get it. So Jake Allen, back to back games very looked very good. That's yeah. That's the extent of I got right now. Ryan O'Reilly just kind of took over the series in games three and four and really has been unreal all series long.


Yeah, I think Vancouver's Nocco and they've they've been overmatched these these past few games, but they got those young guys, they got the power play. Just the problem is, is that St. Louis, once they figure out how they wanted to play against this team and once they figured out they're special teams, which I talked about how that was so poor before, that's too it's like, all right. Well, now it's the veterans take over. Now it's the guys who've been there before and make it way harder on these young superstars that that for Vancouver they need to get going.


So I don't really think I think it's easier for St. Louis to to Patterson and Besser and slow Haubert down than it is to slow Hughes down because it's different as a defender. Right.


You can't you know, there can't be a line matched up that's just smothering against the top unit. He's just able to join the rush and get back so quickly and do whatever he's doing that that makes that team go. So it's a lot easier for these forwards to maybe have it have a tough time going against, you know, Ryan O'Rielly in Piran. How much of a rat can that guy be?


I still think that's why Hughes has to has to really lead this team and continue to be the best defenseman on on on either side.


Did you see Rousselle bought Blay in the face when Blake came over and Stanford's defense? Yeah, Banquo Rousselle.


Don't give a fuck. Oh, and there was actually some postgame quotes here from from Parubiy Chief. And I think all you young kids should listen to this. I guess all you hockey fans and pretty important quote about how you can win in the playoffs. We scored more. So pretty simple there, folks. There you have it. Just score more than the other team and.


All right. And I just I put it on and then seven to ten minutes into the first in shots, not score. I know I surprised some of you that didn't know the score, even though it's games already happened when you're listening. But that means they've they've they've started off quick. They know how to get their legs going and figure out a way to try to push the pace. Game five, rest of the series.


And No. One other important note in the series, Vladimir TerraCycle had to leave the bubble to get his shoulder looked at. So obviously they'll have to get some negative tests before he's allowed to return to the team. Will obviously keep an eye on that like we always do, because most guys have tried different ways to last longer in bed. But thinking about Courcey and Fenwick doesn't always work. The folks at Roman and Online Men's Health Company, a change in the game with Roman swipes, the secret to long lasting sex.


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We are recording right now at 11 or seven. It is right now, Eastern Time, Grinnell. What time do you think you're going to be done editing this podcast? I'd say around five, 30 am.


I still don't even understand how there isn't better technology. Now, explain to the listeners what you do, although this is only adding time to produce.


It's as simple as this to simple as a two and a half hour podcast.


Got to listen to it twice before it goes out. That's five hours right there. That's five hours of just listening.


There you go. Plus, imagine how much he hates us.


Oh, my God. He was fucking my voice must travel. You must look at me and just want to puke.


Although this is probably the last time it happens because I'll be heading to Boston. We're going to be in a little pink quitely bubble. I'll be doing the second and third round of playoffs and there I'm going to be doing there to be there excuse me, doing live interviews. We're going to probably do a few sandbaggers. We're going to have some fun. So I'm excited to get to Boston and we are going to have some in-depth coverage of playoffs, hockey, hockey.


So that was a G a G appreciation message there. So all of you fucking followers who are like, where's the podcast?


He's up all night editing it. Thanks, boss.


Yeah, of course, buddy. Well, a couple more series we want to touch on before we send it over to Dicky Clun, Washington. The island is going to be playing Game five the day this episode drops Thursday. The island island is currently up three to one. They won the first three games, but the caps battle back. They showed some life staved off elimination. I think, as Zeke is probably didn't want to wake up a veteran like that.


A game, a little bit of a love tap. It wasn't a hard slash, but it got Ovechkin attention.


He did the same thing that Nate did. He just kind of ragdoll to Zeke is kind of buried him in the ice, took the two minutes, but then he scored two goals afterwards, including the game winner. He passed Gordie Howe and Sidney Crosby on the playoff goals list. He's now at eighteen with 69 also Garus huge hip hip. Check on Kyle Clutterbuck. That was one of the highlights from the game. What. Let's go to you for this one.


Ovie never wake a sleeping giant, never even give him a chance to get pissed off now I think he already was being down three 00 and not wanting their season to end in an embarrassing fashion to a team that they considered themselves way more skilled than. But they don't work as hard.


They don't work as smart. But you woke up, Ovie, and then he shows up the winner. Oh, my God.


Just this a rocket. This guy's shot. There's no chance. Does it matter who the goal is? There's certain times when he shoots it. Nobody is stopping. It doesn't matter. So I still think the honors win this series, but it certainly gets a little more hectic especially. Oh, I can't say that word. I was told by my friend that I cannot say the word, especially how do you say it?


It's especially not especially. What do I say?


You say it's Esparza's No. X, there's no it's what he said.


Oh, he said he said there's no G OK, because I don't want to break down the series much more because we've gone too long and there's so much more to happen because I think this might even go the distance. You heard it from Broadmeadow. Backstrom, just an incredible player and that's a big, big, big hole in that lineup. So if it doesn't go the distance, that's why right there, let's say this one for for Monday's part, I'm excited to see how it plays out.


Absolutely. Absolutely. In the last series we're going to mention before we send it over to Dickey, Dallas, Calgary, they're playing the game six Thursday night as well. Dallas is currently up three games to two after winning a very tight game four on Tuesday. Antoine Hood open the start of the last three games for Dallas. Interesting. He's the UFA to be bishop still has three years left on his deal. And he's the number two right now. Obviously, no.


Matthew KUCZEK has been a huge loss coutry, clearly missing him, clearly a different team without him. One other quick note. The Game four game winning goal was originally given to Pavlovsky was changed to Radula off Bui's. Let's go to you.


Any notes on this before we send it over to cleaner that Matthew KUCZEK Loss is just so significant and it seems to be the difference right now. I talked about how Dallas, you know, they got it going right now. They got their mojo back and good. Auburn's been strong in that the defense men are chipping in offensively and. I don't know. I'm hoping Kucuk comes back because I want to see him make an impact in the series and I pick Calgary, I believe, in seven and I'm sticking with it.


I think they can find a way. The goal, Jamie Benn had to start the game going to the Nattie scores runs over that after Dallas's. You know, the blues barely got by them last year. You know, Dallas got better, too, over the off season. So you never saw Hugh Dobson being in that throat throughout this entire run. You pictured Ben Bishop. But now I know we talked about Kovalsky before in the heroics in game three.


And just to come back into this series that quick. And then now be leading and doing like they're doing it in a way that isn't that exciting, I can kind of throw them on the islanders, train a little bit where they can be a little boring to watch. But they get they get in your face and they have enough players who've been around this league long enough to understand what it takes to win in the playoffs. Calgary just I think there's times Calgary just plays exactly the way they need to do it to be successful and then they get away from it.


They're like inconsistent. Some games you watch them and they look like world beaters. And then there's other nights when I guess they're big guys don't show up, we're just different.


It looks so hard for them to create any offense.


So I think that the series could easily go seven games. But when you're up three, two, I don't know the stats. I'm usually a stat guy. I apologize to everyone who I let down, but I think it's 80 percent or 80, 85 percent of people up three to win a series. But there's also no home ice, too, so that's that's a factor in those stats that time been totally taken away big time. Sure.


And you mentioned that lack of offense for Dallas sometimes, especially from up front. But right now, I just with the back and helping out, it just it just makes them that gives them that little extra. As opposed to last year when you said they couldn't get over the hump through St. Louis. So interested to see how this plays out. At least we got something to watch tomorrow or I guess today because this comes out Thursday. Absolutely.


We still got a few more games to go, I guess. I think we should send it over to Rich Clun right about now. This is a pretty cool interview, a pretty wide range. And we get into his career, his history as his documentary. Lots of good stuff. So without further ado, we're going to send it over to Rich Galen.


My next guest is currently a member of the Toronto Malis and just finished his 14th season of professional hockey, including stints with the Kings, Predators and Leafs, you won a world junior gold back in 2005 and called the Cup in twenty eighteen. And he recently released a documentary about his struggles with substance abuse early in his career titled Hi, My Name is Dickey. It's a pleasure to welcome to the show Rich Clun to join us Rich. Thanks for having me on.


Tell us not to be here. First, I want to congratulate you on your 10 years of sobriety. I understand you just passed that milestone. So, so good on you for that. I went on killing time with no work done, this whole quarantine thing.


I mean, Fox, dude, I've been doing everything from like online ballet to writing, doing listening to spit and checklists, you name it, man re watching fucking good will hunting 100 times just to actually the truth is, is that so. I don't know when it was whenever phase two kicked off of the NHL, Kyle Dubas called me up and asked me if I wanted to come out and train. I think men like the truth is mainly I think he knows how much of a jockey I am when it comes to working out and skating.


And he thought that I would like it. I believe he did try to talk to the NHL about trying to get me in for phase three. But because I was on an NHL contract all year, it didn't fly. But so I was going to be going out to the master for performance for five or six weeks with no small workout groups. And so the school gave me something to do. And then I got the boot like two weeks ago.


And now I'm back to doing push ups and downs and rip on unspent.


So you know what fuck you are, what type of supplements you are, for Christ sakes. You got are you are you on the Garry Roberts plan too or what?


No. And there's a little known secret that I was good at. Like probably once every 40, 50 days I like to put in a forty two dollar McDonalds order.


And it's just that that's that's the guilty pleasure right there because, hey, how the ball go? And like, how did you even get into that.


I'm Lember. I'm like your feet. Like toes.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, all those, all those Russian hockey players. That was their secret back in the day.


They all did ballet. So I'll drop try and anything. Just keep this body moving.


So how many classes did you last and how to go. Dude, I'm still enrolled. I'm waiting for my friend Wayne from the start up again. All right. You can't really you can't do beginners ballet and you know, it's impossible.


But, like, turn your toes in more. You're like, oh, what my strengths are right now. Oh, that's awesome.


What have you guys been up to?


How are you guys keeping busy eating like a sewer rat, you know, being a dirt ball, just like waiting for hockey to come back. That's right. Now. But it gets me thinking about you, man, in 14 years pro like just this incredible story, what you've been through, what you've overcome. And I mean, you're you're only 33. Like, how much long you want to do this? Are you totally just kind of year by year, day by day right now?


Yeah, no, I'm totally here by your day by day, I think I think that, you know, if I could in a perfect world, if I could play, you know, one or two more seasons, that would be cool. But the truth is, like, I was ready to walk away five years ago before I came back to Toronto. I mean, you know, I played a few years for the predators and, you know, I was being a little bit of a little bitch like I got bought out.


I can't remember what season I think 2014. I was on a two year deal. And, you know, I don't know if any of you guys have been bought out, but essentially the sequence of that is just like, you know, they tried to trade you during the year. Nobody wants to trade for you. They put you on waivers the whole week and basically claim you for nothing. Then that doesn't happen. You know that I went down to Milwaukee and I played hard and I'd heard like rumblings from my agent that maybe some teams would try to trade for it at the deadline.


That didn't happen. And then the draft comes around. They try to again, nobody trades for you, and then you get an email with like 20 people succeed on it. And it's about four paragraphs long. And it's like in not as many sentences, like you were buying you out for two thirds your contract. And, you know, I got like my ego is just massively bruised. And I was just, you know, being being a baby.


And I had, you know, clearly whatever you guys know, like we kill ourselves with that level. And then I was finally kind of living out my vision of being like an everyday player and living in Nashville. And I thought I was like, yeah, I'm going to play here for ten years and retire and probably, you know, go hunting with Mike Fisher every weekend and each chick fillet on Sundays. And that'll be all she wrote. But life had other plans so that all season I moved out to L.A. with my brother and my brother.


Matt was living out there full time by that time and I didn't know what I was going to do. Truthfully, I literally was I almost quit to, like, try to be an actor. I was in like four acting classes and I was being super dramatic. I'm like, I'm not playing fucking hockey, don't want to talk to my agent. And I was just being a baby. And, you know, I wasn't you know, I wasn't manning up.


And luckily, luckily, I always love to train and I stayed in shape and. And you I had an opportunity to come home to Toronto and my attitude changed pretty quickly and now we're here.


It was strictly attitude, like at the point that you were in Nashville, was it ever for a lack of effort? And if it was, it was. You think that that's why your ego maybe took over at that point because you were like, I'm fucking working my balls off here. They're going to let me go?


Yeah, no, I mean, I think when you're in it and when you're in the moment. I personally thought, like, it had so much to do with me, like I took it so personally and, you know, like they can spin it any way you want. The truth is, it's like we've all been there. That whole thing about the numbers game, not just me, there's a number of guys that are better than you that we want here.


Now it's a kick in the nuts. No, it's it's a total kick in the nuts. But the truth is, like these things are what I needed, because at that point in time, I had whatever I had some sobriety under my belt. I thought I had like a good handle on, you know, my own awareness and self-awareness. But I was still so wrapped up in ego and like, finding my way. I'm so in my 20s.


And it was just it sucked because, you know, I had had really good opportunities with very. TROTZ And then he got fired and LaViolette came in and for whatever reason, it just didn't work out. So, you know, I mean, it was like I was down on myself because had I had been put on that stage to like, you know, not just be a fighter, like try to use me in a lot of different situations.


And I was playing decent minutes at one point. But, you know, I have to assume responsibility. Right. Like, I was in I was always strong. Like, I've been fucking strong as fuck for a while. But, you know, maybe my conditioning wasn't as good. I probably could have worked on my skating a bit more like. But in that moment, I'm like, you know, everybody else is to blame. But me, it was the same thing that I saw.


I blamed in the beginning. I blamed everybody for my drinking and my drug problems. I'm like, it's not my fault. But then fast forward. It just manifests in a different way. So, you know, I put the booze and the coke down, but now I'm blaming like other people for, you know, my, you know, lack of talent. And also I probably could have been working on different things and I just wasn't. And then you couple that in Nashville, needed contract space, and this is the only way they can get it done.


So but, you know, I learned a lot from it.


You mentioned the word ego. And I think as you get older, especially as a man, I think you try to learn as quick as possibly how to control that. Is that something at that point in time that, like you devoted a lot of your attention to working on that, reading books, putting work in in order to shed that now problem? Well, I think I don't know, I mean, I think that anytime I hear someone say like they want to get rid of their ego, that's, you know, that's the biggest ego trip of all.


And that's certainly been the case for me. But exactly. I think that. You know, I think that from a young age, I really started to like I've learned a lot about myself and like me, you go isn't just thinking you're better than or whatever. It's it's all sorts encompassing, you know, thinking that you're not as good and that you don't belong here. Like, it's just like a mass of self-absorption and prevented me from, you know, seeing what was really happening before my eyes.


So, you know, that was a massive awakening for me, getting bought out by Nashville. And then, you know, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for it. Like, I learned so much. And I truthfully saw that I'd come such a long way in my sobriety because I didn't even think about drinking or using at that point, like I had basically erased all that self-destructive, you know, coping with my reality by then. And then it was like, you know, then I was, you know, I feel like I was starting to handle things the way normal people would handle them.


You know, they just get upset. And then I work through that and work through that. And it's something really magical. I mean, I can't say that I read any specific book or anything. I'm I'm pretty open minded and I like to, you know, read a whole bunch of different things. But I believe, like, we learn our most through living. You know, I could read any book or watch any movie or whatever. You know, you sit down with people and have impactful moments in your life.


But ultimately, you know, I just had to make mistake after mistake to learn. So it's taken me longer. And, you know, we could be sitting here ten years from now. And I'm going to be wondering what I was talking about, the window.


So it's also your show, Wolf, and it's talking about the ego.


But is that book Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holidays? It is a it is a really good read. It's like a quick, easy read. And it just does talk about how how much that can hold people back. And. Yeah, and the thought of like being embarrassed when in actuality nobody even cares about certain things.


Well I kind of know exactly. Nobody gives a fuck about you. It's no man.


It's unbelievable. I mean like fake. And that's when that mentality has given me the most healing out of anything, and I've been to rehab twice. I've been I've been you know, I've I've done a lot and I commend myself like I do the work. But the truth is, is like. As soon as I realize that nobody cares and I don't mean that, like whatever, you know what I mean? We just talked about it, but it said, like, how could I fit in and, like, just chill out and have a happy life when I just thought the whole world revolved around me, whether it was good, bad or indifferent.


Think at some point, you know, I think it comes with age, comes with life experience, comes with fucked and whatever.


Do you ever find yourself getting sucked into that again and then, like, boom, you shut it off right away like it's every day. OK, OK.


So every single day, man. Yeah. So it's a hustle. Yeah. You're as good looking as you are. Fuck with everyone looking beautiful.


I got a picture rich.


So no not not now you guys are blown out of proportion. No, but the truth is that I just, I'm just.


No, I'm just acknowledging where I'm at. And I mean, I think that, you know, for generally, most people struggle with that. And it's just every day I wake up, I know I have a few simple things and they sound extremely imbert like they sound really boring. But I make my bed every morning and then, you know, I'm not a religious guy or whatever. I believe, you know, I believe I don't even know what I believe in.


But I do believe that getting out of your own way and just living your life like that, for me, that's a secret. And then as the day goes on, I'm fucking constantly reminding myself that I'm crazy and then I need to just chill out and I don't know how other people are. I think sometimes, you know, whatever you want, I don't know what people perceive me, but I'm just kind of in touch with my craziness and I'm aware of it.


And it works for me just acknowledging it and then asking for help and moving to the day. Well, it's funny you mention making your bed, because the the part I laughed at the hardest thing in the documentary, and I tell everyone again, it's, hi, my name is Dickie. Check it out. It was a great, great watch. And and you talk about your second trip to rehab and that I thought most rehab places were like passages in Malibu or it's just fucking you're just hanging out.


John, you talked about this place where it was more military and and the guys telling you how to make your bed. You like if you fucking mess up my bed again.


How different was that stuff like? I think more is expected of you there in a sense.


Yeah, no, I mean, that's the beauty of of of a movie and editing. Right. Like after I gave that statement on camera, I clearly acknowledged how insane I was and how insane I probably appear to be at that time. And I was having a laugh about it. But, you know, the way they edited it makes me look a lot crazier than.


But, yeah. John Van Damme. Shit, I love it. Oh, yeah, I know.


But this place is exactly what I needed, you know what I mean? Like, I truthfully, I didn't open up to the NHLPA when I was going through everything. And, you know, I had, you know, various people on the Kings that were like, dude, are you OK? Like, I'll get you out. Like, Oh, I'll just be literal with it. Ron Hextall, who, you know, I will go to my grave expecting I opened up to him at times and he could see it.


And he was like, like, can I help you? How can I help you? And I always said, No, I'm fine. I'm fine. And then, you know, I was embarrassed and I just wanted to deal with this stuff on my own. So I never called the NHLPA like I didn't know, you know, I was I was twenty one years old the first time I went to rehab, like I didn't know. So my parents and like some people in Toronto kind of helped me find this place.


Well, the first time I went, basically, I was forced to go and I just went to get people off my back. But, you know, I went back in 2010, I checked self in. But this place, it wasn't glamorous, but it was everything I needed. Like, it was like, you know, it wasn't passages. It wasn't one of those places out in Malibu that that essentially looks like a five star hotel. But I met people, too, that were far more hardcore than I was.


Although, you know, our addiction and alcoholism is all the same. I just I was surrounded by people that were as sick as I was. And then these counselors just made me a shape. And it started by making your bed. You had to make it like a specific way. It was fucking it was like I remember the first four days, my second I can't really remember my first time and then my second time in rehab, like, I just like, patch the bed together, whatever.


I was a zombie, I was still like coming off stuff. And it had been on this drug called Seroquel, which, you know, under a certain dosage, is just trying to help you sleep, help you kind of chill out a little bit. I was on that early sobriety and then eventually I got off of it, but I was a zombie. And like this I would tear my bed up every day and I would just be like, dude, what is your problem?


I'm like, I'm going to fucking tear this place down and I'm going to like I'm going to be like, I'm going to hurricane this whole house. And they would just laugh. They would just be like, you're you're crazy. We're here to help you. And they would just, like, love me. And I'm like, don't you like I'm trying to get a reaction out of them now. And they would just be like, pat me on the head and like, can I go?


And you think you're so tough with, like, your tatoos. Your teeth are like, why don't you just go over there and, like, do the readings and just shut up? You're not special, but I needed that, you know what I mean? Dick, obviously, we mentioned the documentary, what we want to kind of get into that a little bit, how did that come to be?


How did you know, after having sobriety for so long that this documentary just sort of come out of the last year or so, that the two filmmakers who like CO directed the film, Terence Taylor and Harris Taylor Precision, has decided that they approached me through a mutual friend and my brother Matt. My brother Matt Clun wrote an article for the athletic like four or five years ago that got passed around. And basically, my brother is a writer. He's really talented.


And he wrote this article about, you know, his journey from his perspective of, you know, watching me self-destruct and then eventually driving me to rehab. He drove me to the doors the second time. And Taylor had read the article and I think was really moved by it. And through our mutual friend, he approached me and said, would you ever consider, like, telling this and like a film format? And I was kind of against it.


A few years ago when I first moved back to Toronto, one of the broadcast stations in the city wanted to do sort of a similar thing. And I was just like, not really. I mean, I had done some interviews and stuff and tried to pass on, you know, the like when I when I had heard people talk about their sobriety, I was like someone who was struggling early on, like a guy like McGrattan or Jordan to to those things, you know, inspired me.


So I felt like I could pay it forward, kind of like they did. And it just went from there. And I mean, I didn't really know what they had in mind. And it just kind of turned into this thing. And then they asked, like my brothers and my parents to kind of contribute and some people that had played hockey with. And yeah. So it's been it was a cool experience. I mean, I. I'm not necessarily comfortable like watching myself.


I mean, it's about me, which, you know, it's weird, but hopefully if people watch it, they can kind of relate and maybe, you know, if they feel like they need to make a change or if not whatever, I mean, I've never impose my way of life on anybody, nor would I ever. And I know that I won't have that influence, just like nobody had any influence over me. Like, ultimately, I had to make that decision to change.


So. I want to go back actually to play as Tribune piece you wrote a few years ago, you were talking about a big obstacle is asking for help. Like what would you tell people in the same spot you were in that need help? But maybe they're unwilling or unable to ask what kind of advice do you give to people?


I just really you know, I just really try to hammer home the point that there's nothing to be ashamed of. And I think sometimes people probably get inside their own heads and and it's tough, man, especially when you're young. But at any age, I think, you know, I don't really have any magic suggestion. I mean, like all I say to people is now I've been there. I know how hard it is. And somehow, someway, I found the strength to just give up fighting and ask for help.


And that's all I can say. And then, you know, hopefully people, you know, generally now, especially in today's day and age, there's a lot of people that are willing to help. And I mean, I find it hard, you know, in any industry, any family, people don't look down on that type of thing. They actually kind of commend it.


And, you know, I've been fortunate enough to have a lot of people around me with how vocal you've been about it, you know, especially during your career where you still have that camaraderie with players. Have you felt that a lot of guys have reached out to you and came to you for advice, maybe over, you know, anyone else in management, say? I think yeah, I think like any time you sort of you know, any time we kind of reveal our scars, other people will do the same.


That's like any any type of any type of thing in life. So, yeah, I've had I've had guys that I've played with a set of common whatever. They share some personal stuff, or maybe they just gravitate towards me. But the truth is, is like, you know, I've never come up against any sort of back backlash, backlash from any teammates or former teammates like, you know, I think in today's day and age, pretty much you'd be hard pressed to find a locker room that isn't accepting of people that are willing to take things serious or whatever it is.


Like, you know, there was there was a while there. There was a few years there. Like you can ask Kevin West and, you know, Alec Martinez. These guys played with me early in the minors. And like I remember when we were in training camp one year for the Kings, I had already been to rehab once and I was telling the guys around me and I'm like, I'm going to change, I'm going to change. And they were like, you know, they wanted they wanted it to like John Bernini's stuff like these guys were always supportive of me and I just wasn't taking it seriously.


And I remember we were in training camp one year and I made it right to the end of it was my third year pro and I made it right to the end of the courts and ended up blowing my groin out. And like the Colorado, Colorado Avalanche, L.A. Kings Frozen and Vegas. And so I had been to rehab in 2009. And I you know, I was just kind of putting on a face, like I say, try whatever they call, you know, I didn't drink or do drugs and then got to the end of that camp and.


Like, I didn't make the team, but I was one of the last cuts and I was still in town and the guys were like, oh, we're going into Hollywood to, you know, to go party and stuff and blow off some steam after camp. And I was like, OK, cool. And, you know, nobody knew what I was up to. But the truth is, is like when I got to that club in L.A., you know, I started drinking and I wasn't going crazy, but I dipped into a bathroom and like, I could literally pick out, you know, who had coke or whatever club I walk in anywhere, just like any good drug addict.


I'm like, yeah, that guy's got something, went up to some random dude in the club in L.A. and I'm like, yep. And they blow. And he's like, so like I scored coke. My teammates had no fucking clue what I was doing. And I woke up the next morning and like Westgarth came into my room and my nose was like bleeding out on the pillow. And he and like I had opened up to him earlier. And I'm like, listen, man, I'm going to make a change.


Like, we were close buddies and like, you know, we did a lot of fighting together against other teams. So we had that bond. And but the truth is, is like no matter what anybody said to me, I just was. So for me to sit here on the flip side and pretend like I have an influence over another human being's decisions, that would be insane. And I just know the disease well enough to know that I don't have that.


But what I can say is, is that it's never too late to stop. So, you know, I didn't I wasn't the kind of person that you got locked into rehab and then some fucking white light came down from the sky and I found God. And then I got sober and whatever like that was in my experience, I've had to fail time and time again and just slowly accept help. So if anybody's in that predicament, like it's never too late to change, you know, you could come out the next day.


And the truth is, when an alcoholic and a drug addict. Doesn't drink, it's weird, like it's weird that I don't that I don't drink, you know, it's like I really do have the disease. You know, what was difficult was me sitting there wondering if I can go back the second time I had went to treatment and my heart of hearts that I was done, oh, my God, I'm going to really do this. Like, I'm going to I'm going to go to meetings and I'm going to I'm going to really do the things that I did.


I didn't know that I could fit back in on a hockey team, but it didn't have anything to do with, like the other guys, you know, going out and having some beers or whatever, you know, whatever. You know, a lot of people that have smoked a joint, that's cool. It had nothing to do with me feeling any sort of pressure from them. It was like that fucking ego where I'm like, I don't want to be the completely different guy in the room and have people fussing over me and having guys like, you know, not wanting to have beers around me or feel like they're not going to invite me anywhere.


I didn't want to attract that kind of attention. So I was like, I don't I don't know if I should do this. I think I should just kind of like, step away from the game. And but luckily I did. And because none of that ever came true and I would say it would probably it was probably like a year like my first season back in the minors. I didn't make the Kings at a training camp and I played in Manchester for a full season and I would say around like eight, nine, 10 months, and it all kind of coincided with the more serious I took sobriety, the more fun I could have.


And then I got to the point where, you know, if you ask the guys that played with me, I think some guys get confused when when when they join my team or whatever. I go to a new team and they hear the word sober or whatever they think, like, I can't rip it up all night with the guys at the bar. And that's taken me a long time to get to that place. But that's why you're doing the classes.


You're getting the dance lessons in the mix today. Yeah. You're going to burn them up on the dance floor.


No, but listen, dude, like this, the truth is, is like if I can't go out and have fun and like, go to concerts and fucking rip it up at clubs with my friends, what am I doing sober? Like, what's the point of being alive? So I needed to get to a place where, you know, it's not just because I want to do these fun things like I need to. And and when you're new in sobriety.


Yeah, I think there's a transition period. You should avoid clubs. You should avoid bars. But they teach you like you can't hide from life. And, you know, like I literally it's the best decision I ever made. And I've had more fucking fun sobriety than I ever had before. And I got to where I was going to pop in and say, oh, I want to let's talk about that fun.


I mean, we can go a lot of different ways with this. Of course, you spent some time in the National Hockey League. I want to talk about your time in Toronto, because, of course, you know, with the sobriety probably came, you know, a more serious approach to your training, which we've talked a little bit about, and the fact that you've had a pretty pretty long career and 14 fucking years. Let's talk about your whole Toronto Marlies experience and, of course, up with the Leafs.


Well, the first conversation I had with with anyone from Toronto was with Kyle Dubus, and he had just reached out in July of 2015, the year that I signed, and basically, like Rick, the whole roster part. And we're trying to build like a new a new culture. And he essentially just offered me a spot at the Marlies. And they needed you know, they needed leadership. And he was prepared to give me a chance to kind of revamp my career after getting bought out by Nashville.


And in my own mind, you know, I knew that the Leafs lineup was vulnerable, which is like code for like they weren't very good, that the lineup was weak. So I figured I could probably get games. And I just signed an NHL contract and I was like, fuck it. I'll just go home and work, work as hard as I can and have fun. And then, you know, like like I would be lying to you if I said that I didn't want to become a Mapley full time.


Clearly, you know, you guys all played nobody ever wants to just play in the minors with all NHL and then and then everything happens. But yeah, I played for Babcock and. You know, that was interesting, I always thought that was a good guy, he he he always treated me well. And I feel like I think, you know, he he recognized my feeling of what I was capable of. And he just kind of asked players to play up to their potential.


And, you know, he was old. He never got on my back. So and then playing for the for Tomalis. And pretty much, you know, there's a lot of players that are on the list now that were were and they were rookies back then. And it was just I was really grateful to be a part of that group. I think that. You know, they had Hineman in Under and Capitán and there's no other guys and.


You know, it was like it was everything I needed, like it surrounded me back with hungry young players and really sparked me. And then I was thrust into like a leadership role that I had never had much experience for because, you know, growing up with Nashville, like I was twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven year old and still basically, you know, a young guy looking looking up to guys like Mike Fisher and and Shea Weber, but then going back down to the minors with NHL experience, really put me in a position to to thrive.


And it's been good. I mean, I've learned a lot over the years and then eventually you want to call the top a couple of years ago. And that that's been as good as it got for me. And and, like, I wouldn't change any of it.


Your speech after you guys won at the set was the parade. Just that Leo from Wolf of Wall Street type speech. I love that.


I yeah. Well, that's yeah. You know, I would have thought you were fucked up, but you've been sober 10 years now.


I was dead sober. I stayed up all night, though. I think the boys must agree that boys must have been getting wet that that week or my God, the party in Toronto.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah. No, no, no. I mean, listen, we rented out real sports and, you know, we had a prop.. We had a proper send off with the call. The it was unbelievable. I mean, just the energy and the buzz in that building. We won game seven. I think it was like six to one. So like the recall was like popping. I thought the building was going to explode.


Had an unbelievable scene from the stands. I had a really good view of the whole thing and then got to put the gear on and go out with the boys. But yeah, I don't know, though, the wolf of Wall Street thing was basically a dare from a bunch of the rookies are like they're like, you got to go out there and do Jordan Belfort, like, you have to do it. And I'm like, I don't know how I can do it.


Whatever. Let's go. Let's do it. I actually want to go back to Nashville.


I originally was going to ask if the party and scene that was tough to be around when you first got there. But then I realized you did four winters in New Hampshire before that. So you if you survived that, you probably could survive anything you need.


Just the mansion area. That's Vegas. Yeah, exactly. But I know they've since had a coming out party in Nashville, the cup run and all the play offs both. Did the fan base, like, take you by surprise when you got there way back in 2012, like a southern city, how crazy they were. It did not really did I remember getting kicked up off waivers? I really didn't know what to expect. Like I had played a couple games there, I think with the Kings, like, very natural.


And I did actually go out on Broadway when I was with the Kings as a rookie. And, you know, but I just I hadn't been there. And when I got there and playing my first game, it was like it was not I had it was it was it was one of the loudest buildings I've been in that I would put it right there with the madhouse, you know, I mean, that that's kind of one of a kind building in the league.


But, I mean, I was just kind of blown away by how much they knew about hockey and then how much they supported the team. Like you, you go everywhere and it's just like the whole town is crazy for the predators. And then the city of Nashville has just exploded over the years. I mean, it was just kind of starting to pop off when I got there and more buildings were going up and hotels and new bars. And I went back and visited last summer and it was nice.


But it's probably my favorite city in the world. I mean, it's in my hometown of Toronto, of course, one a member of my Dickey story from Nashville.


We played against you guys when they were skating around and warm up and catching wind.


And boys are kind of like clearly something that happened at the red line that I didn't see. And normally I was portrayed in the red light. Well, Dickey chirps Shane Doan, of all people, just like what did what did you say to him? Dickey? I got to know. I got I got to remember here, let me let me pull myself back. Long story short, as he said something that like I don't even know why to begin with, you're talking to Shane Doninger and warm up.


But he was basically like, I'm going to run you through the boards tonight. And our fuckin team is like livid and warm up. And we get in the locker room and we're all, are you fucking kidding me?


Disrespecting our capital fucking we're losing it.


We go. Didn't wanna come out and score a hattrick. I think he had a that night.


We dump these guys seven one. And I remember how Guille like yelling at you and more about the like what the fuck are you doing.


Why are you talking. And but I will say though I believe I didn't get a goal that night. You scored my guy. You all right? I know what happened was so.


So listen, here's the thing. There's like, you know, I mean, you played a specific role. And and the truth is, is that. I got excited, you got excited, excited, and I'm like, you know, I'm like, you know, like I've I've earned a regular shift and Trotsky's plan me got a couple of calls under my belt feeling good. And I'm like, that's my style is like I'm like, you know what?


I'm just going to fucking tell their best player to go fuck himself and I'm going to drag everybody into the fire and like, let's go let's go after these guys. And I got to say, all right, here's the thing about this.


Mike Fisher, who's like a really good friend of mine, is is best friends with the owner. And we so so I'm like in the whole warm up. I'm like doing the math. And I had him like, if I didn't don't space right now I know this is old school, so he's going to like it. And I know fish is probably going to be mad at me for like a day or two, but he'll probably get over it.


And then I'm like, you know, I think I think I can get under donor skin and then maybe he'll fight me, take a penalty and that's five minutes of him off the ice. And clearly that's a win for the predators. So I'm like I'm like, yeah, I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. And I go, OK. And that she's probably got the zero clue who I am. I've been in the league for like 50 years in Boston and I don't remember Jersey.


Who the fuck is this guy?


And I'm just like I felt like and I totally I totally incited your whole team and it completely backfired. But the truth is, is like that was my mentality. I was like, I'm not going to I'm not going to I'm not going to pretend like I don't belong. And it was it was a rookie mistake in that sense. And I didn't it didn't have the effect that I wanted it to have. But there's really nobody that could argue my intensity and the intent that I had.


My intent was to give us a competitive advantage and I completely blew it.


Oh, but I mean, those stories are like telling the podcast. Like, I just thought it was funny that we end up going to somebody.


You guys seven one last nominee goes for that shit.


I said the best part is that Bush should have been senator. I'm just watching over everything. He's trying to get a number in the stands.


I had a phone call that night, went, you know, we had some time. I wasn't getting walked by your guy because your sister was getting donor a Gatorade after warm ups after Clooney.


Oh, yeah. No, I mean, go ahead.


No, no, no. You go ahead. You go ahead. That's not what I was. Yeah. Doing what I was trying to say is, is like it was it was one of those moments where I was just like, you know, I remember talking to David, like going back to the game and like he was a huge supporter of mine. The key, he really gave me a lot of confidence. And, you know, part of it, I think he like to ask me on and get me stirred up because I think he just enjoyed that.


And, you know, he came up to me and he was like, you know, I know what you're trying to do. But the truth is, it's like a guy like Shane Doan probably just maybe let him sleep the next time. And, you know, you you're right. Yeah. Well, what do you got? I mean, I'm just I'm just trying not to get sent down. Yeah.


Like a cougar.


It was like one time I think I've told before, but Cortini was like screaming at Joe Sakic and everyone's like, no, no, no, no.


You know, that's a one way to the coast. Yeah.


Yeah. You know, I think whatever you have and you learn. All right, what do you got for him?


I want to ask him if he's still doing anything on the acting front. I read the article, obviously saw a documentary. You still doing any act and stuff at all into that?


A couple of years ago, I did just some small parts in films and then nothing really. I mean, the truth is it's like you can't I actually never really tried to join the actors union and go and audition for tons of things. And Hockey's a full time job. But I go to classes all the time and. I think that down the road when I retired, I definitely, you know, actively try to to audition for films and TV shows and continue to learn.


But I mean, part of it is just getting out of my own and and trying on new things. And it's a lot like Rocky like it's a performance based thing. And I've learned a lot. So I don't know whenever the world opens up again, I mean, I would love to go back and play hockey for another couple of years and then see where I'm at. I also don't know if I'll ever step outside of the game. I mean, I love you so much.


I don't ever see myself completely stepping away. Like, I'd like to work in the game in some fashion when I'm done. But then I'd also love to spend more time and, you know, try to make films and TV and just really do a whole bunch of stuff. I mean, as you guys know, like from a young age, you basically have to dedicate your life to the sport. And and not that I would change any of it for the world, but at some point, like, I would love an opportunity to explore different things so.


Well, hey, if there's a biopic film on a famous what we doing ballet, you could you could get that role. No problem. You could play a good ballet guy and you could just do both.


Yeah. I think if a role comes along with, like, a borderline psychopath who likes to do ballet and. Yeah.


You know, knockoff. Yeah. Little blunt.


Yeah. For sure. Maybe like, maybe like a I don't know, like a Tarantino kind of a weird movie doesn't in there.


As I say it's so crazy said Tarantino. That was literally my next question. I know you've referenced them a few times. I need to know what are your top three duty movies?


All right, let's call my top three Tarantino cheerleaders. Yeah. OK, Paul, fetch. Yep, tell Bill to number two, yeah. And he didn't direct this film, but I'm going to throw it in there through the romance. I don't know, man. What about you?


Reservoir Dogs for the Reservoir Dogs? Oh, man. I actually did this movie. That's that's how I got that number four for me.


I got Reservoir Dogs, too. And then actually, once upon a time in Hollywood, I was I thought that was incredible. I've seen that probably five times.


I bought that number three, if not too. Yeah, I know, I liked Once Upon a time, I think probably one of the best scenes I've seen Leo in the film was when he's in that tavern and he's like, you know, he's playing he's playing the character in the Country Western show. And he just continuously messes up the line. And then he goes back to his trailer and he's like, oh, he's such an alcoholic, dude.


That is exactly what alcohol is like sitting in the mirror. And he's like, I just have a shot of whiskey sours. Don't you mess this fucking line up again. I'm going to blow your fucking brains out. And it's just like that's what alcoholics do. They have these conversations with themselves and they're just so outrageous. And it's like and then he goes back to set and kills it. Yeah.


It was a great scene. I love that scene. Oh, go ahead. You had one there. Oh, no.


I was actually going to go away from movies just because I mean, you've been through so much. And I'm just curious if something sticks off because I think I'm guessing your favorite hockey moment is winning the College Cup in that run. But in the NHL, is there ever is there a goal you maybe your first goal dash for a fight that sticks out is like your most memorable moment in the National League, or is that just kind of hard to pick one, you know?


Yeah, I think I think certainly scoring my first goal is like one of those moments where you actually see that all your hard work has come true. And I mean, I think, you know, obviously I was a physical player and, you know, an agitator and fought a little like fight. But when you score a goal, there's nothing like that. I mean, from a young age, you know, I was always raised to make plays with the puck and score.


And then as I moved up the ranks and played against the best players in the world, I had to readjust my game, just like, you know, you guys both had to. So you guys get it. But I think scoring my first goal in St. Louis was probably like that first moment where I was like, OK, I can do this.


Who is in the. No clue. I scored a touchdown on the goal, scored on not knowing. That's a psychopath. Yeah, yeah. You're too worried about the glass at that point. You're still. Your ego is still too big. You're still checking yourself out.


No, but I did score a goal on one question in Madison Square Garden, and that was pretty cool.


I think it's got one on them.


That was my first that was my first show from Mark Recchi on the On the King in MSG.


Dickey, talk about some of the most influential guys you've played with just on you personally, because, I mean, you're good you're good at diving into a few other guys. You mentioned leg one, but is there any that really stand is and guys you will be friends with forever? I know you're buddies with Aves. Yeah, no, Sean and I are friends, I, I think I think as far as guys that I played with, I mean, when I do get to Nashville, like Mike Fisher was a guy right away, kind of took me under his wing.


And, you know, I just have a lot of respect for him. I mean, he he stands up for what he believes in. And, you know, he's a good family man. He was always cool to me. And Kevin Kline was another guy on Nashville who I got along with really well, defenceman, Canadian guy. And, you know, we seem to have similar interests. We went through a bunch of concerts together and I you know, I got to be good friends with him and his wife and their kids.


So that was cool. And then, you know, early on in my career, when I was when I was a rookie, like way back in the day, I was actually drafted by Dallas, like PJ Crumbing was a good guy. Coming up was a few years ahead of me. And he was always trying to you know, he beer was always a good to me, trying to help me out and stuff like that. But, you know, I've I've made friends with so many guys, like still friends with Colin Wilson from the Predators.


And, you know, I mean, there's so many. Yeah. And so many things. Aves Yeah.


I mean, like, it's hard for me to take, like, you know, one on one or the other, I think like them then going back into the age. Oh it's like then you're back as like an older guy. Right. So it's it's but you know, Colin Greening's been a really good influence on me. I played with him for the Marlies for a few years. He's a cool guy. And then yeah, it is a good dude.


I mean, we got to know each other, you know, years ago from playing against each other a little bit and just having mutual friends. And, you know, he publicly, you know, he's off the wall and stuff like that. But I get along with him pretty well. He's he's a pretty cool guy and he's always nice to me and my brothers. We pull off a Trott's a couple of years ago when the capstone on that capron.


All right. Yeah, I love trucks like trucks, he's my first day in Nashville, like Barry Trotz, I was like so nervous going in and didn't really know what to expect. And you never know when you get picked up on waivers like you don't know who's who's the person responsible for picking you up like a GM. Was it the coach? So I got in there. I really didn't know what to expect. And I'd had no previous like I didn't know anybody from all natural and very Trotz like, called me into his office.


And we just had, like, a really heartfelt conversation. And, you know, he talked to me about his experience with Jordan too, too, and Brian McGrattan. And they they were sober and he loved their energy. And, you know, he had heard the same things about me. And he basically just like spelled out my role and how he wanted me to play. And there was just zero mind games. And he's one of those coaches that if you take all of his players, they would tell you, like, you know, he everyone would go through a law firm.


So I was really pulling for him. And I love like he's he's probably one of my favorite coaches.


Speak out or coaches. Keith gets the call up with the big club. How do you think he's going to fare there? Sheldon's I like you know, I feel I've grown really close with Sheldon, too, over the last five years playing for him and he's a young coach, obviously, but he's been coaching a long time. Right. He retired early as a player and, you know, basically took his life into his own hands and bought a junior team and built that up and then went to the NHL and won there and then went to call a couple with Somali side.


The next logical step for him was obviously to coach beliefs. And I think he's going to do great. I'm excited to watch the leagues play in this kind of like, you know, this 2020 covid-19 playoffs. So I love Sheldon. I think he's an intense guy. He's a fair coach. And I think he's been coaching these players for a number of years with the Marlies. And I think he's got a really good handle on the locker room and you know, who to push and what players to kind of, you know, build their systems around.


So I'm really pulling for them. Obviously, I'm biased or I don't play for them.


No one is going to take your opinion seriously. We just want to know.


So that's all I'm asking.


But what do you guys think about this playoffs coming up? Like, we don't know what to think. Do the fucking Coyotes, are they just lost their goddamn gym before they're going to the bubble? I've been I've been messed up the last two days. My feelings are hurt.


Yeah, but yeah. Other than that, buddy, maybe we can get you back on during the course of the playoffs and see what you're thinking.


I think we need to do it, Kloner, in person because I think oh, seven film and film some stuff with us. Right. You ever want to do that. But no because then we have to be on screen with him. He's got those big fucking movie teeth. We're gonna look like assholes.


That's to him, right? Oh, yeah. For the connoisseur. Oh yeah. I earn these pieces. I got seven teeth knocked out and. You know, sometimes, you know, you got lucky are going to avoid being next to Talil if he had those teeth for crying, although I don't know if you saw the small town, you fucking nailed it. Ari, were you in the car? Yes, I was. I was an extra and you can check out my Instagram page for the clip, but it was a blink.


And you miss not even me. It's I was like a reflection of my blurry face.


He's being not a man. He's never mentioned it either. Oh, he's being modest. Spring he's spring board of Jon Hamm's career is what he fucking said with a nice little scrambled egg special. Thanks for coming on, Cloner. This was awesome.


You're the man who died while I'm in town. Well, we'll film it.


Where else can people find that documentary? I bought it on iTunes. Are there other places people can find it other than iTunes?


No, that's exactly where where it is right now. And yeah, you can just search Animistic and iTunes and, you know, a good portion of the proceeds are going to go to charity like, you know, global mental health initiatives globally. So, you know, hopefully the film's successful and we can really make a contribution and give back because that was you know, that was a huge goal of myself. And the film production team know, we wanted to make a film that was helpful and hopefully entertaining, but then also can make a difference and really give back because, you know, that's a huge I.


I just think that's important, especially with the nature of the film and what I talk about. And I've been you know, I've been lucky enough to get a lot of help. So I just love to be able to give back.


I think I think it's really going to be a success because it you know, it was it was entertaining pull on my heartstrings. Just I really liked watching it. And I'm really happy for you and what you've gone through and where you're at now. And we appreciate you coming on through because that was a lot of fun to do. And in person, I think it'd be even more more of a blast. So thanks again, dude.


Yeah, man. I'll catch you guys down the road and we'll talk to you. Next to Richmond to join us. Not easy stuff to talk about that if you're if you've been down that road. So we commend you for coming on and also telling some funny stories, man. And we got a little yin and yang in that interview. Before we close up here, I want to let you know whether you're working from home or working on your fitness.


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So they say when you turn them Rakha rate.


Well ratings because that's how I was going to see ratings up three percent over the first 23 games of last postseason.


Hey, baby, there's nothing to do. No shit. Yeah, I think that's right.


Hey, hey, hey. Shut the fuck up, Mr. Negative Nath's, you're such a fucking donkey.


This is a fucking legitimate thing. Like, why are people surprised that the fucking ratings are up? Am I taking crazy pills, Mr. Negativity.


It's just a report. I just know I'm not saying you were surprised.


I said all these people I see all these reports out there. Wow. NHL viewership up. Yeah, dude.


Guess who just scored for the blues.


There's been no sports Schenn, Ryan O'Reilly or The Factor. I was just say, hey, this is coming from a guy who didn't even take the bubble was going to happen earlier. Ratings are up suck where ratings are up.


And also speaking a more good bubble news another week with a positive tests in the bubble. The NHL continued. You get it right. Awesome stuff.


Before we send it over, you bizzle wet biz, I could be back on the big screen. I have a I have an account with a casting company and they have my information on my pictures on file. And if someone sees it and they want to, you know, they want to see you, they send you an email and I got an email basically to possibly be a finalist for a photo double now photo double in a movie. It's not a stunt double.


It's not a stand. And it's like what? They're filming a scene from far away. And you just need someone who looks like the actor, but it's not actually them. But. Well, who do you look like? That's a I have no idea. I don't know the movie. I don't know anything. I just got I got the email said, hey, someone flagged you. Are they looking for a photo? You match the, you know, height, weight, whatever, whatever the court itself.


Obviously, I'm bald of my pictures, so I'll have to shave my my hockey hair if I ever get pulled. So who knows. We'll see what happens. Could be back on the big screen again.


I thought I was going to be posted an erotic film or something. Hey, it might be in which case they might need a stand in.


Ha ha ha.


You got the news. We got the new Dirk Diggler. All right. I'm going to be a big, bright, shining star. Hey, at least you already got your stage name, Rear Admiral. Nothing needs to change. You just got to put the rollergirl. You got to go. You've got to get like something. What would be your you just crush them at a bar of your jersey. That would be that would make your theme come high school and you dive on the bed like you did when he scored the winning goal to win the Stanley Cup.


Is that disrespectful to the great one? Bob, you're. No, sorry, Bobby, if you're upset. Well, I will apologize when we get you on the podcast for a live interview.


Oh, shit. I boys, you got any other final notes? We've been running a little long here. What else is.


But there's a new section. This what is it. What do you got right now? Bissonette there's a new SEC league out there. Baseball. They're mad at this guy for hitting a grand slam. The new this, the new brightest star in baseball after everything they've gone through over the last, what, six to eight weeks? And how big of a clowns are being with the fact that they're still flying, flying around and not doing it the bubble.


And then two teams got infected. They got mad at this Chattisgarh. Is that his name? Fernando Jr.. And basically, it's just ridiculous, they're just taking the fun out of the game and then somebody sent out a picture of all the their their pitchers era and they said, oh, yeah, you think a seven run lead safe? I thought it was pretty funny because, like, the lowest guy was like five and a half. So rightfully so.


To like, this guy's on fire. Why would he why would you want him to take the next pitch if he thinks it's going to go yard? Like, let there's a reason this guy sitting Jax, he's making the right decisions. You just worry about signing the fucking checks. Yeah, right.


It's a joke. You think if you think if McNasty gets a break away and it's seven nothing euler's, he's not try to score. That's a joke. There's those unwritten baseball rules.


And the worst part of the whole story, the worst part of the whole story was that after the kid, like, apologized, yeah, I won't do it again or something like the paraphrasing, he was like, yeah, I learned my lesson. Or somebody's talking about lesson. You crushed you absolutely hit a dismissal out of the state, out of the stadium for a grand slam dunk.


It's like the ultimate dream for every little kid.


Well, the next day the next day, he stole third base, unlike when they were up sexo in like the seventh inning as just a giant fuck.


You like maybe he was saying to me that maybe that's the little press conference I saw.


Maybe he was actually just like totally just giving the lip service.


Like, the team might have made him do it, too, because his manager apologized.


So the White Sox, the White Sox had this kid. He was like six years old, though, and they included him in a trade for his James Shields, who was at the time like, I guess a good pitcher, but not then. But they didn't know how good he was. He was so young, he never even played a game in the States. I heard the pass to Chicago guys talking about now he's just a superstar in the majors crushing the ball.


And apparently the Rangers coach was bitching, too. He wasn't happy about it. Which is which is that's another Alain Veneno situation about the like put in the power play out on the ice when it's like four or five. Nothing in the third period when they didn't score power play goal in the first round.


And so it's stupid, like maybe not being around the game I alluded to.


It's like the kid is a fucking son of a major league player, like he's been around his whole fucking life like like, oh, it's just stupid old dumb dipshit baseball rules.


And that's the reason that nobody gives a fuck about baseball much lately.


It's dying. It's no offense to baseball, but in but we have a new sick league. So the basketball NBA has been dethroned as sick league. We have a new one, folks. Absolutely.


All right, boys, I think that should wrap it up for this episode will be back Monday. Everybody have a fantastic weekend. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy your parks or whatever else you might do and grab some more of that pink martini and enjoy it responsibly.


As always, we like to thank our awesome sponsors here on spin and chocolates. Big thanks to our buddies over at New Amsterdam, vodka and Pink Whitney, a hearty thank you to our friends over Ababil. You're looking to learn a new language. Do check them out. Big thanks to our long time friends up in Bud Canada. We love that stuff. Get yourself a nice Budweiser lite. Big thanks to anybody, Roman, that can take care of the gentleman and big.


Thank you. Everybody will help raise funds for the fantastic. You have a great weekend. I'll see you my. Yellow came along, I wrote a song for.