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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening whenever or wherever you listening to this and welcome to Swing with an international pedestrian podcast.


I'm your host soon to be your favorite Ukrainian Urana.


And today I have a special announcement to make, because if you have been around and if you have been following the episodes that I have been posting, you probably have seen that we have many segments.


And I mean, although it is quite not a lot, it's on me too.


But I would like to address it and say that, yes, the way podcast channel episode, I don't know whatever Suape is going through the puberty period, OK.


And yes, I have many ideas. They are kind of like, you know, going in and out here and there. And I have been working on it.


But hey, I, I really wanted to address it with you guys and let's just try to manage ourselves with it. But I don't think it's it's about puberty time.


It's really good for me and for you guys because you can figure out what you want and you can text me, although no one text is me and it's totally fine. I'll just let you know telepathically read your mind.


I don't know her voice to your girls, but either way, come up with another segment called a Beth Top Convo.


And today, here now you are with me will be hearing about Halsy, who will be our first way into the segment. And I don't think there is a better story to tell than to tell you how I met Halsy.


No, I don't mean literally not yet. It's on my list, so let's hope for that. But how I met her through her music eventually. But before we go deeper, deeper into the ocean of this beautiful episode of this podcast, I wanted to give a quick bio on Halsy.


And if you don't know, his real name is Ashley Nicollet.


Frangipani occupation, obviously a singer, but she's also a songwriter. If you didn't know she was born in 1994, New Jersey, USA, Halsy has decided to use Halsy as her stage name because it was an anagram of her real name, Ashley, and the name of a street in Brooklyn where she spent her time mostly as a teenager.


So although she initially planned to major in fine arts in college, she chose creative writing instead because of money issues. And if you didn't know, because I know many will be many of you will probably be saying that. Well, she actually had a career in YouTube. And, you know, she she was writing covers and playing around the cities. But in 2014, that's where she rose as the star, as a flower and recorded her song called Ghost, which I will be touching on severely later in the episode, later in this podcast.


And she uploaded it onto a SoundCloud and then it boomed. She got noticed by her record label and she eventually signed a record with them record deal with them.


Yeah, and she has released her debut EP Room ninety three in October 2014 and Ghost was on that EP and then it moved on to her first album called Badlands, which is amazing.


But I'll tell you more when there is a story time in this segment. One of the interesting quotes that I got from Rolling Stone magazine that kind of could summarize samurai.


OK, enough of that summarize summarize.


Some not saying something that can summarize how her personality kind of so it says she can be demanding. She writes her own music. She does her own makeup. She helps design her own costumes, merchandise and album covers.


She micromanages. No one can book a flight until she approves it. She will not be, quote, handled.


I loved it. It it describes her. Well, let's just put it this way. I clearly cannot establish what I'm saying sometimes. Either way, if you have refresh in your mind, you probably have heard some of her famous tracks like New Americana Colors Closer Now or Never Better Love Without Me.


And the newest one that came up with Marshmallow is Be Kind. So if you have not checked it out, please go and check it out. And no, it's not sponsored by Halsy. She has reached out to me. I would love, you know, as I said, to go meet her out in the world one day when the concerts are available. And I. You can see her, I think she's an amazing artist, and that's why she became the first target in the good way.


I don't even know how to say that. I guess the first person I wanted to talk about and, you know, if you have not really included Halsy into your playlist and just you just have one or two songs go deeper because because she's really a gem in the you know, in the river, you know.


So before I could go into the meaning behind the title of this podcast episode because it's not a click bait, I wouldn't think you like that. No catfish in my yard.


OK, OK, Arena, you get a hold of yourself over there. I wanted to tell you a little story of how Halsy came into my mind and why I decided to put her first, because recently something happened.


And it's a story time. So. Q A Q intro.


Let's go. One chaotic day, I was sitting with my girls at our apartment and having the relaxing time of our day, whether we were painting or doing homework.


I do not remember exactly since the word fun was mostly escaping our minds around the rough corners of ending the semester well. So we started to go through some tunes.


Nonetheless, though, this story has a little story within itself.


I will skip that part and we'll get straight to our business because I can feel your ears waiting for some action.


As you might have guessed, Halsy came up on Spotify that night, so the only thing that you could do in this situation was to put your utensil or a brush.


Again, I don't remember if we were painting or not because my pitch had no chance of going that high up either way. Long story short, I have made a comment on how Halsy is my only artist, whom I have been following since the beginning of her music career.


Here comes the juicy part, but more like a grapefruit juice, because more intricate challenge was thrown my way by one of my roommates.


Either way, my friend, whom I'll call anthropologist, looked at me with a challenging look to simply test my knowledge and test me and if I could prove my words with substantial evidence in return.


Nonetheless, I continued with my rant as saying I will.


I will never forget the first song she came out with, which locked us together from that day on.


Can you imagine how embarrassing I'd be if you missed that target?


OK, that's not really her voice, but I'll use it this way.


I know for sure that my sassiness meter went up by five stops in my eyebrows. Arsh in the questioning manner since how could I not remember the song which I had to look for in the darkness in the deepest corners of you to me, I said, and stood and gave her my first and final answer with a victorious smirk.


I basically pushed all my Pringles chips onto a shaky table, and not because there was that tension in the air, but because one of the legs was shorter.


Maybe someone was angry or hungry. And I told you there are stories within stories.


Anyway, as anthropologists argued with the small buttons on her phone to secure the accuracy of my answer, it turned out that I indeed was right because Ghost became the first single to start the journey of a now famous singer under a name Halsy.


My victorious self brought up, says he saw Sedan's in me and gave a little Oscar worthy speech saying Yeha be. Of course I know what her first single was. She's that one singer for me. So yeah.


You have heard the story of how Anthropologist's and I have tested my knowledge of houses first single as I was preaching for the whole earlier minut about little stories being with them.


Bigger stories. I guess it would be only fair for me to tell you how I managed not to sleep on this beautiful artist and what performance made me stop doing my homework. I know shocker and persuaded me to get out of my room to get some water because after hearing how raw her performance on one like one take was, I got some uncontrollable chills.


I know that was hard to sit through either way, if you wanted some more. The story goes your way. I will publish it as a separately because I don't want this thing to be so long. And it's been 30 minutes. I think it's fine. We can you know what? Let's just do it. Why not?


OK, so I hope you're ready for this brilliant next story that tells you how I met my first and only singer I have been following since the first time. And I know we we will be we will be getting to the point of the name of this video of the title of this video, I mean, this podcast episode. But nonetheless, here's another story.


It was an evening of my sophomore year in high school, sometime towards the end of the academic year.


I remember that I was working on my homework again, shocker and had Pandora playing in the background.


OK, before everyone gets on me with, you know, saying that I should have gotten Spotify and so I would have not had issues on, you know, of finding the music I wanted. But I'd like to tell you that I was a newbie in this huge new world and did not get the, you know, the tech music level and side note, to tell you the truth. Spotify has just come to Ukraine in the middle of July in twenty twenty.


So I guess you can see where I'm coming from in terms of music and probably other things. But it's Gebek. As I was drilling through some examples and formulas, a song came up that actually made me move my eyes from the white line paper onto a white wall. I know so symbolic.


The light and smooth piano was accompanying a raw and beautiful voice, which again put me into a glitching mode because I was shook.


So the boogity Horlick as I am, I stood up in my headphones remembering to bring up my phone as well, because we all know the awkwardness of being yanked by your own phone.


No one likes to be owned like that. So observe and learn kids.


Hence my mesmerized self was moving into a direction of my shelf to pick up my tears holder a red mug as well as a partner in crime.


My teacher that I can sip. Well, not trying to trip out of reality from the melodic and unknown acquaintance, I have managed to get unnoticed to the destination called the water pitcher.


It's called a water cooler. Thank very much.


Although the hallways were mostly empty and only a couple of students were reciting sleepless and somewhat lifeless on the tables with their calculus and chemistry books. I was melting away in the kitchen when the cup was filled with hot water and not my tears.


If you're wondering if my tears are hard, they actually are, since I am hot myself. Thank you very much.


I plucked one premium tea bag into the mug and started to drown it deeper and deeper into the depth like that song. How deep is your love?


Anyway, as I was grooving at the kitchen next, obviously, to the picture, the song was over and so was my time at this silent party.


So being a teenager girl as I am, I started to swim through the nets and cracks of YouTube to find the exact recording of this marvelous song that I have just heard to not stir anyone's pond for too long.


There was nothing, nada, zero empty was my spring floating away because I did not find the melodic and soul crafting song.


Yes, my friends, I was disappointed.


I have wordlessly said goodbye to the ghost in the study lounge and went back to my room to continue doing my homework while keeping a longing feeling for Halsy and her ghost.


Some of you may wonder what I have found my ghost sometime after, and I would say that yes, it took some time, but we have met again.


And then Halsy has come up with a music video which made me understand that this is a serious commitment I'm willing to fully go through with.


You know what, I was committed, yes. So here we are after five years of new record albums and just smoking heat of an adventure, Halsy has been that one artist I have been following and supporting in any way possible.


Funny enough, I even got her deluxe Badland CD for my friend's birthday instead of getting her a book of poetry or flowers and instead got her something like colors, gasoline, Roman Holiday Castle and of course, my favorite ghost to enjoy on her birthday.


I would I would say that I enjoy it too, because, you know, I usually drive in her car and we listen to the CD. So it's always a good present for her and for me. So it was hard to find, though. I had to go on to eBay.


But let's continue with the story nonetheless. This has been a long story, which I hope you enjoy and which I edited while suffering and drinking tea, obviously.


OK, prison arena. Take him back to the bathtub. I'm going to tea out.


OK, that wasn't that bad, I think the second performance was more lively, more like I had, you know, taking Theodorou some time in my high school years and, you know, not everything is missed or lost in that department.


But what lets you know as it promised you?


So you heard my story. You understand how much I like and love Hollis's music and Halsy as an artist.


But her new album, Mannick, OK, and it's a huge question for me because it is amazing. I mean, what could you expect less of a person that, you know, created Badlands.


Come on, anyone? And her new album, Pfennig. I mean, please go and listen to it. How about the girl? It's amazing.


Ashley is one of my favorite tracks on this album, and it has softer tunes in everything, like in one mic, one take Ghost. You should totally go and check it out. I'll leave the link in the description if you like to go to listen to it. It's something that have started my journey, so it might push you into the right direction as well.


But nonetheless, her new album, Manic I am Manekin right now myself and panicking because I cannot express enough how I am not Mad, which is one of the tracks that is solely.


Exclusive to the Target exclusive CD, or the Japanese said, I think that you can get in Japan and nowhere else, so that means no Spotify, no Apple music, I think no even Pandora. You cannot find it anywhere except that Target exclusive CD.


Oh. I have gotten OK, so for me, I have gotten a copy on my hands so I could listen to it and when I heard it, it was just. Amazing, some of her lyrics and, you know, give me a second, I was so blown away that I really I I really wanted to have a seat on my hands, but then, you know, Korona happened.


Couldn't do that. Probably will have to go again onto eBay, buy a CD for myself because my friend already has one copy. I need to have another copy.


You know, I'm going to read I Am Not Mad by Halsy lyrics because you just need to hear it and or just hear at least the lyrics and the.


The melody goes like, oh, boom.


It is, it's so good, but the genius lyrics, they do have lyrics, so we'll read that.


But nonetheless, when I was going through, like, you know, the YouTube there, whatever the what the websites to find some information, someone said that there are two songs. I'm not mad. And another one I cannot remember on the top of my head of and hand and hand.


But she decided not to put them into the deluxe version or just the regular CD because she didn't feel like it caught up to the main theme of the manic album, which is basically her experience and mostly concentrated on herself on her love journey.


And it's basically about Halsy, you know. But I was really mad that I am not mad anymore. I was not on Spotify anywhere.


But let's go to the lyrics. So the verse goes like this. I am not even mad anymore. No, really, I ain't even mad anymore. Yeah, I don't even want you back anymore. I don't remember we what we had anymore.


Yeah. It was brutal from there. I hope your back aches and your knees hurt. I hope you think about me sleeping in your t shirt. I hope your little brother turns out to be nothing like you.


I hope that you heard more than I do.


But then the chorus hits and this is where you understand why probably she did not want to put it into the main CD or the basic CD or the deluxe version of CD. But this is so well written that I was shocked. So coming back to the chorus, it says, and honestly, I still wish you nothing but the best. I know that you are still self obsessed. I hear the wicked get no rest.


But when you do, I hope you dream of me. Dream of me. Maybe I am.


It's a brutal song. It's it's sweet. And you think it's going to be like, oh, she you know, she's letting go.


And the person, you know, when you're in a relationship and it has ended pretty bad and you kind of moved on, but there's still there is sourness of that. This is if you could send this to your ex that you kind of moved on from.


But also you want to be like, you know what, I'm.


Oh, that's their song. It's you one last time. And this is how I'm going to drop my ass on you.


And I am not mad would be the best you can produce to your ex or your ex friend.


I mean, again, the the the further you go, the lyrics go savage.


You're ten times more so. Yeah, that's it.


I am really not, I'm not mad but like I am mad so I'll have to just simply go and get the C.D. the target exclusive probably somewhere on eBay, you know, get it from someone who doesn't want to look like mad. You want to want.


Oh I know.


I'm going to go edit this so you can have it so you can be not mad anymore.


Anyways, I'm going to be finishing up with my bathtub convo. I hope you enjoyed it.


This is a cool new segment where I probably will talk about my favorites, what I like, you know, just sitting in the bathtub or not.


It's up to you for or it's it's up for the debate or it's up for you to guess. But yeah, I am not mad anymore, but like I am here we are sitting. Halsy, thank you so much for giving me personally inspiration to write music, to listen to other, more alternative and out of way. Just encouraging me to be more creative in that department, in various departments actually.


And before and before you, my listeners, my swappers sweeping the world in the nations. I will leave you with my own music interpretation, OK? And do not judge it.


But I think it's always good to leave you something with sweet, with smooth, with spicy. You like to.


And so I sang something, OK, it was a cover like a two second cover and you'll hear it.


And as a part of bath top combo, I will be doing these little things where I sing something or like whatever or like play something because that's good, you know, it's good for your brain.


I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think deep in my mood.


OK, ti out. Have a nice day. Don't forget to breathe and ti out.


I Can Wait for Christmas by Mindi Abair. Revelation, a revelation I have finally figured out the song that I was dreading to sing and it was dreading to learn, and here I am doing this. So just a chorus, two lines, four chords, nothing really serious. But, boy, this song just stole my heart. And I'm not really into Christmas songs either way, but did a great job. So here you go. Let's go. Just the cause.


Just the piece so far I like to say. Does it happen to anyone when you start playing and you get a concentrated, you forget all the chords that you have just learned? I don't know.


So horrible. Oh, right. OK. No, I can't wait for Christmas. Yeah. So we're looking for alternatives. No, I can't wait. Chris Burns, I know I can't wait for Christmas.


Go listen to the whole song because it's really cool. And, you know, I have been a bit out of tune recently because I have not played my guitar for a long time. But, hey, I'm not very I mean, always Merry Christmas. It's a great song. Go check it out. And I know I can always when put this episode I. But I also like to out piece.