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From ABC, this is the 10 percent happier podcast. I'm Dan Harris. Hey, it's Friday, so we're dropping our weekly bonus meditation, and if you heard Mondays and Wednesdays episodes, you know, we've been dedicating this week to the themes of grit and resilience. And so we've we're dropping a meditation today specifically on the subject of resilience, which is a skill that anyone can develop. Even you are teacher. Today is the Great Seven SLAC, author of the forthcoming book You Belong, and also a very popular teacher on the 10 percent happier.


So here's Saib. Hey there, this is somebody welcome to this meditation on resilience. Everyone has the capacity for resilience. It's actually quite ordinary, but some of us need to cultivate more of it. I find meditation practice is a great place to grow a sense of resilience by connecting to a positive attitude, resolve and equanimity. Let's try this together. Find a comfortable posture, your eyes can be open or closed if they're open, rest your soft gaze on the floor in front of you.


Take a few moments to settle into your body. Let's begin by spending a few moments gathering our awareness and allowing the mind to settle. Take a deep breath in and out to help relax the body. The body will be our primary anchor and area of exploration, so either staying with the breath or connecting to whatever other sensations of the body that are most prominent for you right now. Just being with whatever is happening right now. Our first step in cultivating resilience will be setting a positive attitude in our practice.


Often we can come to practice and begin the process of critiquing or even judging our meditation. What would it be like to actually appreciate everything that's happening now? Whether you have a lot of ease in the body or whether you have some pain. See if he can meet whatever is happening with at least some acceptance. Remind yourself that challenging experiences are also welcome because they, in fact, build resilience. Say yes to whatever is here right now. Thoughts, emotions, sensations, welcome your experience.


And if something is particularly challenging, can you with friendliness say yes, this to. And finally, we'll explore this quality of equanimity. In fact, as you probably know, equanimity, this capacity to allow whatever is happening and is built into our practice from the start. You can even say to yourself, allow. Equanimity is seeing what's happening without being caught up by what we see. Equanimity includes starting over in this moment. And then this one.


It's helpful to remember that resilience is a natural ability and anyone can develop it. See if you can bring these qualities into your daily life. You can open your eyes now and begin to move your hands and feet. Let yourself reconnect to your surroundings as we end this meditation. Thanks for practicing with me, and I hope you have a great day. I really hope you enjoyed that meditation, if you're thinking, you know, I really could have kept that going for another five or ten minutes.


I encourage you to check out the 10 percent happier app where you will find this same meditation in different lengths to suit your practice. The price you pay for your subscription supports our wonderful teachers and allows them to dedicate their time to teaching these skills of mindfulness, which can be life changing as an added incentive. We've got a special discount for anybody who's new to the app. To claim that discount, you can visit 10 percent bonus. That is 10 percent one word all spelled out dotcom bonus.


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