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Welcome back to another riveting episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Today, we are joined by an incredibly beautiful man whose name is Wesley Woods, has a full head of thick, lustrous will now. And I, Trixie, Mattel. And I guess we know that there's the bald and the beautiful and it's pretty clear it's the first thing I notice on someone. I hate to say it, but it's something I cubitt really. I do. Still kind of.


Sort of. Yeah, well, I don't I don't like I mean, your hair is fantastic. I thank you. It's not we're not going to just like brown nose all day. But like I said, I'm trying, I want it down to my shoulders. Like I'm going to tuck in fun with that. You to let it go. It's got this natural love wave. It's so and it's like it looks very healthy. It doesn't look like it.


No, naturally I don't really even wash it very often. Just perfect colouring it. When you were acting though, right. However, you weren't. No, I just go out in the sun and it gets a little bit lighter and I'm like a cheap like bad like. What do you mean by that? I don't I don't do hair. I don't do no skin care. Like, I literally hear he's a natural beauty. I wish I did.


It seems like nowadays you're one of the only porn alumni who doesn't do drugs. Yeah. Have you noticed that? I feel like a lot of the porn people do Dragna. Yeah, they do. I actually did a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization called Pineapple's Support that does free therapy and subsidize therapy for performers. And we actually put on a Miss Pineapple Pageant for the guys who do drag and they created digitally in this little you didn't do it that you don't know.


You're helping the pretty girls do that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? I wish more gays were like you. Yeah. Because let the ghouls and goblins have their day. Yes. We always talk about like let the creatures of the night. Yes. We look like naked mole rats down the track. That is our that is our bread and butter. Do not come and try to steal these cookies. Yes.


You can't have it both ways. You really can't. You can't have a Barbie start. I have to ask. I think we should start asking everybody this. Yes, we are the bald. And when did you know you were beautiful time out. I didn't even realize that y'all were bald until like we were just sitting down having. Oh, what do you need? That we are bald, but like spiritually we're sure wear our hair presiding over here spiritually here suits.


That's the way I, I mean I have here it's just to me it's not enough anymore to really like and we wear wigs for a living. We, I it just never I mean obviously though I didn't know it. Boy you looks like to it just never really bothered. Yeah. I guess I'm just an idiot. Oh no, no. It's just you know, I realized I was beautiful though like probably like when I was five and my aunt would just hold my hand and stroke my hair and tell me I was beautiful.


Oh that's. So your is that a lie or is that true? No. Like literally to this day she will want me to come and sit next to her so she can hold my hand and she'll say, oh my God, your hands are always so dry. That's never changed. Hands should be like and you're still so beautiful. Oh, my southern right. So, so very agreed. A compliment. So she's stroking my hand literally like yeah.


She's like did you have. So wait you were telling me you grew up in fucking in a town of nine hundred ninety seven. Ninety seven. Yeah. Not even a hundred people. Hundred people I think maybe like sixty something nowadays. I mean the liquor store closed down so everyone moved out like that's about from the size I'm from. Well how many in your high school. So I went into Greenville High School there in Greenville and it's about a class of maybe one hundred eighty two hundred.


Oh. So I drove into the city. Honey, we had an Applebee's. You know, honey, I remember in my hometown because my graduating class was like thirty five shit. Yeah. And when we got a subway like a chain restaurant it was the place to be. Every kid was at subway every day after school. Oh my God. Yeah. It was just like a mom and they go looking for good foot long. Honey is it trash to like Subway because me and David you're asking me like, is I curling your mullet, sucking dick for a living?


Can you see that on here? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? You're not alone. I tell before this person was a famous famous. She actually got to famous, but she used to moonlight. Yeah. As a sex worker. As a hooker. Yeah. And I miss it. Yeah I miss it in drag. In drag. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I miss it a lot. Yeah. Well I don't get so much.


I can totally see that though.


I mean I, I grew up in the drag scene and like trans girls raised me like I'm from that Dallas part of like cracker like you know. As for Miss Dang, the village station back when Eric Andrews and Crystal Summer was like, yeah, yeah. Wow, you are aging yourself. All right, let's check it out like that. Yeah. Aren't you you're deceptively old, right? No. You know what I mean? I mean, if we had an army get out of here, what I mean is they look young, but you're not.


You're not. How old are you? I'm thirty four. That's what I mean. You look very young. You think I you know, I look like a man behaving like a macho. You. Well, by the way, she's watching True Blood. So this accent is giving us that moment. Not you should use Jason fucking Stackhouse. Oh, my God. Totally. Oh, my. Did you know Ryan Kwanten? Jason Stackhouse in drag.


And he's here to show people got so you know, the actor Australian actor Ryan Kwanten is like the you will look him up in the first place. I'm sorry. Later. I mean that is who would play you in a movie. Oh that is the group. Always play you in a movie so. OK, yeah. Yeah you are big time Jason Stackhouse. Yes. Now I looked at I looked you up before today and I have to say have you ever Googled yourself.


I try not to because I'm just like it's not anything ever productive or good, because let me tell you what pops into my. Yeah. Oh it can get dark. Oh yeah. Yeah I'm sure. Well, Predrag, I feel like drag and adult film actors are like cousins. Oh I think more than that. Yeah. Very close to a go go dancer, a drag queen, a sex worker and an adult film actor in the same room.


Same people. Yeah. Yeah, same people sort of diagram overlap some bartenders. Let's just be honest. Yeah. Yeah. And there's a through line of alcoholism. Yes. Yes. Oh my God. I think we could probably put dancers like strippers. Yeah. For sure. Private dancer. Totally. So the first thing that comes up when you search Wesley Woods is Wesley Woods senior living in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Blairsville, its senior living the way it's meant to be, carefree, active, happy.


Welcome. Welcome home to Wesley. Well, thank you. It is. It is so me I actually true story. I got my porn name, Wesley. What stage name. Whatever since I'm not doing porn anymore but still trying to use my mouth. I got my name because my mom and I were driving around in her car. Wesley Street is the main street in the town I grew up in and being from the country, the woods, she like the ring to it.


It sounded nice. We Googled it. We saw that it was a nursing home. No. So a church camp in Tennessee is going to say the second thing that comes up is a summer Christian camp retreat for children and adults in Northwestern. Yeah, yeah. And my mom was like, that is a sign from God, baby. Oh, that is the sign of a star was born. Yeah. I mean, it's really interesting how people pick their their dragon porn names.


You know, Iggy Azalea, friend of the show, she her her first pet was named Iggy. And the street you grew up on was Azalea. So she kind of did they literally did sound so good. Yeah. Wow. Which is, isn't that don't they say that's your name or your Dragna. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Streeton pet. What would your what would your pornographic name be if we did the pet in the street.


Freddie Bergrin. What kind of animal was already a cat or it would be or it would be like Miss Kitty Sunhill, Kitty Sunhill. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage, Miss Lady. Yes, I guess we might be. Oh, God. Oh, Monique, Lulu, Monique, Lulu. I'll get that. That's OK. Could be the house of Lulu, the legendary House of Blues from Athens, Georgia. Totally stretch pants. It's all very active, very active and also giggling.


You're one of the first thing that pops up is you probably have had the most successful short run. Your career was a sprint, not a marathon. Honey, you can get a degree in four years. So it is hard in for four years, four years. In and out. In and out. And you did everything and you became a star and you really swept every award you can get in four years. And then you did something I don't think a lot of people in our industry do, which is quit while you're hired.


Well, that's why I was like, OK, this could not go anywhere better than right now. And I felt like I kind of had done everything I wanted to do. And I also started doing my work in trans work. It was really important for me to have my persona step outside of just me and also, like, teach me some shit along the way. And porn released me from a lot of my fucking insecurities because you're literally just showing it all.


And yeah, I try to take a very spiritual approach to porn. Well, I got to I have to realize you don't have to talk. I am. I'm a huge fan of your your porn work. And I have I have to say that you're one of the few and I've watched a lot of porn. I used to be an active tweaker, so I have a lot of porn. So we share that. Yeah. Yeah, it's real.


Yeah. Skin rubbed off. Get the right rubbing the skin. You know that. You know that coke dick. It seems to get softer and lighter. Come off in my hand. Why am I still doing this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like a marketing trick at a rope if I can get it. It's the determination really. No that I really want is that I really want to commend you. And you have it is apparent like immediately that a your natural born performer and you are passionate.


Yeah I try to be you know, honestly I don't know. I think we all can relate to having I don't know, it struggled with our sexuality at some point in time, like with even without becoming gay. I mean, like really owning that and stepping over that. Like for me when I decided, like, porn was going to be it, this is the route I'm going to do. I wanted to really like experience it authentically and really learn if I was into getting whipped or putting my head in a toilet or watching someone eat my shit.


I wanted to know if I was into that. And honestly, you're not going to know until you do it. Yeah, it's even in non televis sexual experiences. Sometimes people get surprised by what what you go along with in the moment. You're like, I would have never thought I like that exactly. But like, I don't know for me to like where you have to, I'm literally going to have to have your dick in my mouth or you're at like we're we're doing this.


That's why we're here. Right. My rent's due period. And I need this paycheck. So we got to figure out how to do it. And I am just one of those people, like, we're going to occupy space. I want to make sure everyone's comfortable and make sure everyone's happy and tell me what you liked and what you don't. And let's go. Yeah, you got it direct. Yes. Yeah. You kind of do right now without saying your own horn too much.


If you feel comfortable, what awards have you won. What's the top. I've one performer of the year three times I've won best actor twice clip artist of the year webcam performer. The year best by scene. I don't know. And if you'll say to the terrain of porn actors, it's so weird because ten years ago it seems like as a enjoyer, porn studios had all the money and a few porn actors were really well paid. If the studios said this is the star and now people can get inspired and make their own porn and kind of cut out the middleman, you can just be the filmmaker and the actor and money collector.


You know, I still work for Phalcon Studios Naked Sword, and I do a lot of the marketing and word. Yeah, Missa Mison from San Francisco. Yeah. Sister almost Roboshark. Yeah. Yeah, I love her. We love her. I believe she does a lot of the graphic design. Yeah. So like we work very closely together, we're part of the marketing team and whatnot. That's one of the reasons why we did that. Miss Pineapple Support Pageant and what.


Blah blah blah. Where were we going with this. I guess we were talking about the awards awards and then directing. You should cut out the middleman. Yeah, yeah. I do work for them. And I would I would say is a performer. I always try to give the best advice I can to anyone in the industry. I think the studios are phenomenal at what they do. And it's a full like movie experience are really getting to walk on set and kind of learn the trade in a way that you don't.


I mean, if you want to kind of learn acting in the ropes. Hate to break it to you, porn will release you from a lot of insecurities, really stepping into something and you're learning camera angles, lighting, positioning, you're having to turn out so everyone can see it. Right. And little nuances. But you should definitely only be doing studio work, I think, to kind of PR these affiliate sites that maybe you're shooting with, like your only fans, you're just for fans or if you have a clip store, I mean, there's so many different ways that you can have a platform to as if you're a sex worker to monetize your following photo, especially since, I mean, we know porn performers who probably only have a porn presence to drive their escorting because you can drive up your basically a famous escort that travel kelsie you and porn and go, can I get that person in my bedroom?


And that's what you should be using it for, seriously. And I want to I I'm so curious because I've never been on I've never been on a porn site. A change that knowing why I she she asked me a while ago, she, she, she, she, she, she asked me and I was like, no but and it's because I, because I was watching this point and then Manila popped up and I immediately lost my phone.


I have actually gotten a few, I've gotten a few actually very financially generous, like there was this one that was a Western theme. And they were like, we want a scene where you're like the house band, sort of saloon car playing guitar. And I just passed just because of it. But yeah, I mean, I already because of the border challenge you as a homosexual friend, please help put some of the sex work on the map.


No, here's the thing that I'm bored because I'm in Manila and like a superhero porn in Alaska, Alaska, Alaska is in the ass destroyer or something like that. Bianca, win some kind of a word for Cameo. I don't know. I guess I'll leave the way because she's such a terrible actress. I'm still one like a straight up gay porn award for our country apart eight or something like that. Maybe we'll get to host an important award someday.


You sure did. Yeah, she's definitely the all the way. I got so excited to host, like GLADD, a fundraiser for children performing at college and the East Texas Instruments. She really. She is. Yeah, because she goes right up to the line with chandeliers. Not nasty. No. She'll do innuendo, just flirt. But she is a little more Bugs Bunny about it. We're not talking about pig shit. Yes, yes. Yes, yes.


No but w I want to get fucked in my fake silicone pussy so I have a mouse you know. Let's take a break and then we'll come back to this.


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Dotcom Balde. And we are back, so, OK, so I got a pussy coming in the mail. I started only fans and I haven't. And I'm I am so into this like this a new identity as a as a I don't know what the version the porn version of a B movie actress would be. You know, I mean, like, like, like a D maybe D movie actress. Do you want to why don't you list some names.


Who in porn is really like I outside it. I'm not, I'm not. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that. I'm saying like I'm trying to say like you know what I mean. You know, I was getting ready to read. I want scroll. She said, wow, these are performances I have found underwhelming. Yeah, no, but I know and I really I'm committed. I'm committed. But I want to get if I were to appear in one of those like movies, like I would really want to get fucked.


Oh wow. You're like right in my heart. This is not in my real lives that I'm not going show my dick and I'm not going to show my real asshole. Oh think. But thank God. But I want to get titty fucked because those things are oh that's you getting to that. And that's the thing. And I want to I will lick the dick too. Oh wow. OK. Oh I have no problem with that. And honestly, he's developed the perfect like persona for it, don't you think.


Yes. So I think so. I'm just put that out there. OK, just putting that out there. I know you're tired, but it's I'm just putting it out. Pull some strings. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I have so many different things to choose from. I also have legs but feet. She's got, she's been going through the whole. She's not a straight line. Oh I'm aware. But I did the pussy's titty and everything in as the mask.


I got big. Ah it's a but yeah but I'll show you afterwards anyways. I'm going back to go back to get back to you know what is so I mean as you sow so you meet, you show up to work. Yeah. OK, I just go well by the day when I want to know do I shave my asshole before as to what do I do on set my dish at home. It does. It depends what day for you back in the day.


So be shameless and plug sexy funny raw on YouTube which is my podcast channel. Oh wow. I actually, I actually just talked about this but it, it can change. But you're basically there in the morning, you're making sure that you didn't drink the night before because you don't wanna have the shits because you have to be fucked. OK, let's be honest. Most adult people I love drinking to white cloth will make me not have a complete or solid.


Absolutely. So you really can't the same thing. That's one of the first things I learned from porn actors is this let's say the shoot the Friday. The work starts so much before that. It does. Yeah. Sorry to interrupt you. Hydration. That's so true. And also things like diet, hydration, Imodium and obvious things like that. The tanning or the makeup or the trimming the trimming your butthole. Yeah. You need to go and do directors say, all right, Wesley, so I'm going to need you to be de de de de de de de de.


Do they have like a you know, I mean, like in terms of what we want your absolute everything that I've been told. No. A lot of the times because I won't shave my chest hair or like my asshole hair, I've been like, oh, I've had someone pull me up once, was like kind of getting a little fat. Oh my gosh. Where can I ask on the positive, who's your favorite director you've worked for? Who makes you feel comfortable?


I don't do favor it makes you feel really comfortable. You know, I love Susheela. I love Tony DeMarco. I love I really do love everyone. I shouldn't start naming because I'm going to be like, what the to say my name.


It's only in our podcast and I'm high and I blame it on everyone else's. Do you have marijuana all the time. Smoking or edibles. All of the above. OK, wow. I only do edibles and I micro micro dose because I have a five milligram. I'm on Uranus Mama. She's giggling, she's in bed giggling in bed in the dark right now. Yes. And Monika was here the other day. She said how many do you take.


I said half of one and she took three whole ones and she said she went the next day she goes, Girl, I don't feel it. Yeah. The one. The one. The one you gave me nothing. Yeah, it's only five. I need about fourteen fifty in Mexico City. Well and then I was then I, it was, it was turns, I couldn't go on stage but was there a multiplier effect. Was, was there other things going on.


It was a no no no. I swear to God it was only that and it was coffee. The espresso. Can I ask if you feel comfortable talking? I'll let you finish the day. Yeah, sorry, sorry, sorry. I love this. This is I feel at home. This is my brain. People don't know at home, truly, like I said before, drag queens, adult adult performers. You provide a fantasy that is a fantasy of gayness and sexuality.


I think that's why we're all cut from the same cloth. Yeah. And we all take the wigs and the underwear off and wear the same person. The very first time I went to a gay bar was a Thursday night at Jar's Bar and Grill. I love Jayati too. And I walked in. It was Dragonite. I was like, what the fuck is going on? There's men cheering for a man in a wig. And then after that I like, fucking fell in love and.


Well, you're very pro drag. Oh, very pro translater. I know you've been done scenes with trans women and then you do this, you get through your day. Oh it might basically you show up. You're I'm always duche before I go there to Imodium man. So that way. Yeah. OK. And I'll have a couple of fruit snacks. I'll make sure that there's fruit snacks for me on set or I fucking calls a fit. Yeah.


And the like here. Yeah. Well because I can't eat. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And so. Oh and it really pisses me off. If they want to take a lunch break halfway through I'm like this one. She won't do it. I will flip won't do it. I will just have because in drag I like to have a green juice or a shake in her naturally very thin and metabolism firing like I had to start to get. She starts to wilt.


I just have a cheeseburger every two and half an hour. I mean you start to feel faint and I get a glassy eyed and I look I'll be like, do you want to go? OK, I find Herkie. She's ready to do it. I'm like, how are you doing this? Because we do you guys do liquid meals because we do juices and. Sure, yeah, sure. I'll do like some sort of like protein like right before in the morning.


Very small breakfast. Let me ask you this half. I mean, these are long days. You're not shooting a scene in two hours. You railed in the back door. You're hungry is how that's why I'm like, you're not mine. That's why I'm like, you're not. I know. I'm like I feed me, I'm hungry. Feed me. They'll really feed me. I'm fucking starving to feed you that dick. You're like, I was the coach.


You say a cracker. Yeah, like, well, I would always watch. I was watching an interview with one of the rockets and they eat for high calorie meals a day because they're doing those high kick Christmas shows back like that back. So somewhere between fasting because you want to feel sexy, right. And two or three thousand calorie days because you want to stay alive, you need to strategize. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly. Then you got to time it because you know what goes in must come out and you're not going to do that on film.


And that's why I don't like don't take a lunch break like I'm hungry. I want to get through this when I stay for six, eight hours. Six, eight hours for twenty minutes. For twenty minutes.


I mean wow fucking hell yeah. And I really need to put a tiger bomb on it afterwards or whatever like they've got to. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I've put some ice cubes up in there before to help some of the bleeding. So this is before, like you could do, you know, bareback is like really all the right now because of Parap. Thank you. Doctors in Europe before it was condemned, like I'm telling you, getting fucked for a condom for that long.


Like, I wasn't on it for a long time. And then I just did another round of those prep commercials. Are you and I'm saying all this medical jargon over and over again to the camera, I was like, whore, it's available. Just get back on it. So if you want I mean, like me and my boy, we've been there for years, but it's like it's available to you to get back on the David Duchovny for prep is they how do we call Disco by David Duchovny.


And I know this that the medical term, but it works for us and it helps you gain weight. So that's why I think I'm going to get on it. I love it. Yeah. I've never been gayer than when I was my, like, whatever doctor like two months ago. And he was like, well, I was like Truvada or you, you know, David Duchovny. I was like, well, what's the difference? Because Truvada makes you lose weight, makes you gain weight.


I said, Mama, I said Truvada. Buchinsky then yeah I want to I want to blow up. I don't even know that. Can I ask because you top and bottom and scenes, I like to think I'm power versatile. I just want to be invited to the party. You are. Yes. Full disclosure, I've seen a lot of your I've seen a lot of your work as well. And you also are very kind of a switch in the power dynamic.


You'll do either you'll play old or young. I will play I'll be your uncle or I will deal with you because you do have that look where they put you in a suit and you're forty or they put him in the gym clothes. He's six one. And I believe in you. I believe that. And I believe it. I watched it. I watched a scene where you're supposed to be this guy Stubblebine you probably two years older than him.


And and I just happened that led which could happen. Well, you're a great actor. I thank you. Really thank you. Because, I mean, was a great actor. Was he was. Now I don't know if y'all are aware, but I just did my first stage debut here in Hollywood to see. I know that the girls in lock up or Tracy Morgan. Tracy Lords Mink's fuck. Yeah. So much fun. What? You know what, I don't no.


Why we didn't see it but we didn't see it. And it was such a regret, especially now that could have teaching everything. I was like that. It was like that was going on down the road. You you're so lucky you got to work with her. I am lucky because y'all know her and like the outside world who doesn't like actually spend time with her phenomenal person, phenomenal person. I mean, I literally there were days where I was dreading going into rehearsal and just because knowing like she was there and we were Kiki and laugh like it was OK, kind of an intimidating cast.


I mean, I've worked with Coco, Peru, and out of respect, she still gives me a fuckin chill because she just Patricia, very prepared girl. She doesn't mess up a period or a comma hared, which to me like it's like I mean, really well, which in drag is pretty good. Yeah. It's really it. I was like, I don't know what it was the first time I worked there. I was like I was like oh oh oh.


The the last minute unprepared piece of shit gag is not going to be a professional model.


August and we're green screens, clowns, diapers. Yeah. I was like oh just so she's just showing up. Is not going to, is not going to be enough for this in fifty million cast. That's how I felt. No but yeah. Ereka as well. Right. You're right. I love them. I will say this though. There was a lot of personalities in that room. I'm sure I'm sure porn and drug is similar in that way, there's absolutely.


Let me just say I learned I mean, that was my stage. I've never done anything like that. So even just like the blocking to the the words like, oh, my God, I can't say cut and like, you know. Yeah, it was just a lot. It's just awful. Live theater, horrible. And everyone had an opinion. It's a lot. I mean it's always life theater too. I know about you guys I love the most.


I love after it and during it. But the moment before my mind goes, you made a mistake and I was about to find out. Yeah. Every night. Yeah, every night. It's really emotional. When we were in Rome, you, Michel and you know, that was that was like we had a week of rehearsal. We and I remember three days I thought the lights come up and we were back to the audience looking at clothes and a minute was an hour.


And I went there about to find us out.


Tonight's the night all said. Yeah, yeah. I've had I had moments where moments before I went on stage during the bye theater where I was like, it's over. It's over tonight. Yeah, it's over tonight. And then you think about it. And even if you had a good night, sometimes the next night you're like, last night was over the same thing. It's like it doesn't there's no cumulative effect that doesn't even make it a ten minute, I would say an hour to hour to before the show.


Abject fear. Total terror. Yeah, well, I'm terrified because it's supposed to be coming out to a streaming service. Oh, right.


And I'm like I said, I don't watch. I don't watch. So I can't know who I am. Oh, we are watching it. I know we are the opposite. That TV goes on when I'm on it. I'm not kidding. I don't watch anything unless I'm on it. I don't watch, I don't like I just found out was taken on it. It's going to be on VH1. I was like, great, I will watch it, I'm on it.


And then she's the opposite. It's like she was in she was in a fucking HBO show with Michael Shannon. And I still I just feel like I'm not going to see it. But but I. I got a really nice compliment just the other night from Wilhem who watched it, and he's an actor. And so he was like, he's like, just watch this thing with Judy Greer. Great job. You did a wonderful job. I was like, and you start saying yes.


Do you think it's on HBO? I mean, checks for it in the mail. It's fantastic. We're wonderful. It's room for improvement. Tomorrow we're going to do an anthology series, half an hour series by the Duplass Brothers. And they like things happen in a hotel room different every time. And it's like was an acting stretch for her. She played a Russian transsexual prostitute. You literally you literally did. I literally did. A Russian transvestite traveling companion.


But they talk about intimidating. I didn't know. And I was high on weed and I didn't know you were. I was I was Ironweed because I was I just I was going through that summer weed and I was Michael Shannon, but I didn't I didn't know I didn't know that there was that caliber of star when I Whodini showed up. Yeah. It was just two other actors who won Academy Awards, by the way. And like and I'm like, oh oh oh again, oh again.


I'm the clown stripper from the green screen.


These are real. Yes, yes. Fucking actors in mind you, I've worked on my Russian accent for fifteen years and he just shows up working on it for fifteen seconds and is better than me. No, you were wonderful. You really, you really were wonderful enough about me. Let's talk about you. So I'm just happy I had a question. Yeah. So in the drag and the drag world, not just drag race because drag drag killed everybody, everybody's girlfriend's best friends, colleagues, frenemies, enemies.


And it seems to me from the porn actors I know mostly male because gay guys. Yeah, there is a lot of um it's a little it seems a little competitive and a little bit edgy. It seems a little what's the word for it. They really have an opinion about each other's performances, dick sizes, whether or not they deserve their fan base in and out. And now what I've learned what's your view count is your subscriber count. How many how often do you post?


When do you post? You're not doing it right. Because I'm not anyone has an opinion on that, because right away from that shit, I don't know who cares? Because sometimes from the. In your lane. Yes. From the point people I know, I'll be like, oh, do you know so-and-so? And they'll be like, he's just mad because he's older than me and my dick is bigger. And I'm like, oh. You know, it does seem a.


I do have a couple of people that if I were ever to be asked of them, I would describe them that way, too. OK, yeah, OK. There's just something. I mean, come on, there's bad people in everywhere, of course. Petty, petty in every profession. Maybe everyone's not totally cut out for it because I'm assuming important to you kind of have some sense of humor about it. Yeah. What do you think you should I mean, you're fucking for a living.


I mean, but some people think that's all you have. If that's how you feel, then I mean, it's very you know, but I feel the same way about drag. I feel when I come across a humorless drag queen, I'm like befuddled. But I don't know what to do with, like, an earnest, humorless drag queen. You're like, there's a drag queen. We know. You know, you put on a wig and act the fool, right.


Like, you know, the way the fuck you will have come on your face by the end of this. Yeah. There's a drag queen. We know where one time she went. So all that stuff you're saying, you're always joking and yeah, and she was like, OK, why?


Like after years of working with this person, she was like, So you always like kidding? And I'm like, yeah. Like she thought when I would say something, it was serious. You know what I'm talking about? You know, I'm dying to say, oh, that's a big Dallas, Texas baby. That is my girl. She's incredible. And I can totally see that. But but come on. She just doesn't she just doesn't get like that, except that she is also really, really funny.


But she has a huge knack for comedic acting. Yeah, well, we can't we can't talk drugs. You know, I would be like, you know. Oh, no, I would just say something kind of catty. And she'd be like, you really got a mouth on you.


Like, she is always bad. And we're going to take a break. OK, usual wines are wines for the moderate drinker. Why am I here now? Each bottle is six point three ounces, which is like a heavy pour or about a glass and a half of wine. No more pouring wine down the sink when you finish the bottle. Because, listen, I live alone and I understand the commitment of opening an entire bottle of wine when you have to be in drag at six thirty a.m. the next day.


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Stop this madness now and we won't report you, right, Eliza? Yes, please. I just let them do this to you. Oh, my God. Stage is on fire. Oh, my God. Eliza, you have to tell me what's going on, please. I want to help you, but I need to know what we're dealing with here. She's not a well person, Jane. I can't do it anymore. I don't know how to get help.


Vivid hallucinations that demonic forces are in prison or something happened last night at the party. How is this girl suddenly writing a hit single after hiding out for all these years? Journalist Sheena Sacco arrested for inciting a riot. You saw this was going to happen and you just stood there and let that girl fall to her death. The validate. What's the divinity, Eliza? I know it's dark in there, Eliza, but you must come to the light.


But just like any good story, nothing is as it seems then once you know the truth. The world is never the same. The Shadow Diaries from Studio 71 Ensnarled Entertainment, starring Keira Heyward and Madeleine Peche, coming soon on Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. So I have a quick little we're back, we're back. I have a quick little lightning round that I'm going to have you respond to, and it's like this or that, and it's lightning tick as fast as you can.


Give us a reason why if you want it, we're going to keep it. Don't think about it too much. Don't think about it. It's like 30 seconds. You're going to be great and you're not too high for this. So it's like a high person to play a game like this. He just covered his eyes. I feel like it's going to hell. All right.


Mariah Carey or Mariah Carey? Carey lights on or off on Raisin Bran or Heidi Klum. Heidi Klum. Super happy or super smooth, hairy people and stupid or depressed and smart. Depressed and smart. OK, bleacher fabric softener. Fabric softener. Boomer banks are Jack Hunter. Makes arms or legs, legs, fruit snacks or fruit snacks, fruit fucking snacks, and finally, Rupal or Lady Bunny.


Lady Bunny. Oh, OK, you survive. I love that xylene I put in the easy fruit snacks or fruit snacks. Yes. Who are you most scared about burning your house down. Jack Hunter Rupal right now. Yeah. I don't know who the fuck I am. You don't give a shit when we're out there. Fracking. I'm sure she is out there with the oil. We got out there with the gas. Right now we're worried about Jack and Boomer who was going to be buried in shit down.


I could tell Jack. It's OK, Jack. They're both wonderful. Yeah, I love Jack. Jack isn't me. Your sisters and I just immediately was like, who are you having to fuck? And it's like, not my sister Boomer.


Yeah. There you go. Sister Dick will make you sick. And Boomer is truly like I think probably like because of only fans stuff. Probably one of the last likes studio super superstars seen. And you I mean, nobody's nicer to the drag queens then. Yeah. Oh he's a good time. So she's a she's one the she's a girl pterodactyl character. Yes. That's her name. Yes. We love it. We love that. Shut the fuck up.


Okay. So, so as an actor now I don't want to like you know, I don't want to talk about you. I was going to I want to compliment you without denigrating the work of other porn performers. But like I said, you're a great actor and you're very passionate in your scenes. So I wanted to do the earnest Christiania from Inside the Actor's Studio, which this will be called Inside the Actor's Booty Hole. And and it's the questionnaire that James Lipton will ask like Sharon Stone and Sandra Bullock at the end of this show.


So so don't think about too much. So here we go. What is your favorite word? Um. Yes, what is your least favorite word, no know what turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Beardslee, know what turns you unspiritual what turns me on spiritually, can you repeat the question? Sponsored by an ad in West Hollywood. So when you said you retired to do philanthropy, you really said smoking weed and growing almost. What turns you on spiritually?


Um, Preece. Everybody was right. It was really good. What turns you off?


Oh, great. That's fantastic. Oh, God. Would say so that we can be but I shouldn't say, you know, we're going to be bad news unless we're going to bleep it, OK? And then it'll be an air of mystery. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm with you. Yeah. Yeah, I feel the same.


I don't exactly know if this percent of people don't like this percent does.


Oh. So like they're don't have them. Yeah. It will be ok.


Yeah. Well Grammaticus out there going to be.


Well and it just got really weird when you would show up and do paperwork before a set. And some people are born in the year 2000 or later and I'm like, oh I can't talk to them, I cannot have, you know what the problem is to that's near. My sister is twenty one and my sister's twenty one and twenty. So I could never anybody in that age range because I just think I remember that person as a baby. Yeah.


How about I graduated high school literally. Year twin. Oh I cannot. As the class of 2000 graduate you have to be fucking born in the 90s or earlier girl. Even the 90s were the late 90s were a bother to me. You if you haven't seen Harry and the Hendersons, you can't have. I saw my first license because I sometimes just to check their IDs back in the hooker days. Oh yeah, absolutely. Because it's you know, I saw nineties, I was like nine ninety, ninety ninety.


Oh God. It was such a jarring thing because it's like nineties. I remember being in the nineties driving, you know. I mean I was born almost in the nineties. Yeah. Eighty nine to me. Ninety seems crazy. Yeah. OK, what, what is your favorite curse word. Fuck. What sound or noise do you love. Uh, whenever someone deposits money into my memory card, you should check it out. Yeah, well, yeah, like, how about this?


About what sounded noises.


You hate the sound of 2005. Voice Oh, yeah. For me it's an email WUSH when the email sent me. I hate it. I hate the texting. Yeah. It just hurts anything situation. Yeah. Any kind of alert of communication is that. I hate that. How about OK, what profession other than your own. Would you like to attempt my. Model. This isn't a model. We're not going to do a little. I want to be a drag queen, damn it.


No, you don't. I don't owe you the amount of time and energy that I anaesthesiologists. Actually, I would love to be like an E.R. physician. Let you go. Yeah. Yeah, that's really. Yeah. You went from drag queen to E.R. position. You said dream big. You got. I sure will. I sure will. Well, schooling is no issue, honey. Save your self. Yeah. What would you do if you weren't in drag or any.


No, no music either. No makeup, no makeup. I think real estate's pretty interesting. Wow. You told me I. No, stand up here. Yeah. No more music. No. OK, no. No makeup. I think real estate's really interesting. OK, flipping houses. Million dollars million dollars. People say this kind of house I want I say great. I found the perfect one for you and I'll take a little bit that money.


Goodbye. I like anything where you wake up and you're in control of how much money you're spending with the vacuum. I will sell this house today. I sell this house. Yes. Or a lady down to my when her her real estate agent gets right in her face and kisses her and goes, don't fuck with me. We will sell this house. I love that. When I watched that show, that Santa Clarita show their realtors and like when they're showing a house, they show up and put cookies, not even in like light a candle.


That's what I would do. Yeah, you would be fucking crazy. You know, I'm rugs in the bedroom. Yeah. I'll be parked outside people's houses. Like, have you made a decision either way on that with the gun? I bet you hear me putting the bullet. I can't make people I would bully people into buying houses. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. Last question. Last question. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?


Wow. You did it all did. Yeah. Yeah. No stone unturned as these gerkin looking at my life, right? That flash back before your eyes. Oh, God. Now, we said you were gay. We didn't know you were going to really run with. That's my problem. My parents were like, this is your life. Live it how you want to. I was like, fuck it. I'm going to live. Incredible.


Were they supportive of your career? Yeah, my mom was the first person I called. She was like, just think it over once you do it like there's no coming back, but this is your life and you just you have to do what you feel like you need to do. So I guess I'm just going to go on a limb and say that that's a pretty abnormal response because her dad was murdered when she was 12, shot and killed on the side of the road, my friend, and just changed her life drastically.


And so growing up, she, you know, didn't graduate high school. She got a GED and she was I can't probably say that on here, but she she had a little bit rougher than anyone. She used to drop me off at school every single day. And she said, you don't know what anyone's going through. That could be your mom. That could be your aunt or your Aunt Corrie. Yeah. Fucking show up. Don't start a fight.


But if someone touches you, you kick them in the balls until there's blood coming out of their mouth. And I will be here to get you now. And Craig and Craig was the one that gets my hand and says that it's ashy and dry all the time. And it me.


That's pretty lucky. That's amazing. Yeah, it's very lucky. I was talking earlier like my older brother played football in the NFL for the Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs. And then my younger brother, like is in the middle does missionary work, a youth pastor and down at the west, the woods. Yeah, he should go. Wesley Woods now, if you like, for a drag. Most parents are either against it or they don't know enough about it to feel one way or the other, or they think that it's about sex.


They don't ask questions. Yeah. Oh, I see that the adult film work is pretty like everyone knows what that is. So maybe that's why there would be more of a response. Right, right. Well, I was just kind of shocked, too. So I'm like, damn, you really didn't expect anything from me, did you? Sure. Go right on into porn. She said there's a paycheck. You better take it. That's why you don't call me until you got six figures.


Click And you know. Yeah. And I guess for now, like compared to fifteen, twenty years ago when she says it follows you compared to it used to only follow you if someone finds a VHS or something it's. Yeah. And now it's like forever. Do you ever encounter any are you married. No. No. Do you ever encounter like any objections from guys like in the dating world or the guy.


Come on, it's the same for you. Oh yeah. Come on in. Once to start. Yeah. And you start building something that you're wanting to showcase and bring people in to or whatever. They just only see that they don't know that the person behind it, they don't. It's just weird. I feel weird. Yeah I, I found that people often and this is a little bit true with drag queens, but a lot of times with adult performers is that they kind of assume that you have no boundaries in there, that they can like grab you in kind of like.


Yeah, just that I'm the first to throw a punch. Really. Please believe. OK, I have found maybe this is just unfair, but I have found adult film actors when I meet them, especially guys they have like it's almost like an X factor of warmth and like sexuality, but not a pervy way where they're comfortable standing close to you. They're comfortable looking you in the eyes. And it is a very like act. It's not pervy.


Yeah, but maybe it's because people like I mean, Boomer, for example, is probably the first people I met was like I barely know him and he'll, like, stand close to you and look you in the eye and like, you know, give you a hug when you meet, you know, was like, I guess porn people aren't shook by touching as much. And it's kind of a redeeming quality, I think, because not you really leave it all out there and then in the real world you like and what most people are scared of showing their ass.


I didn't show my ass. When I find power in it, I'm like, what do you say I'm a slut? OK, like, yeah, yeah, that's a camera ass. I mean, you're doing the same thing, bitch. Except I'm getting flown to Barcelona, paid for and I'm getting a check and coming right back like, yeah, Diamanti. I was like, I'm, I'll fly you over to Europe. Can you spend three weeks there and I'll make sure you come back with a lot of money and you'll get to have sex with people.


You don't even have to get on your Grindr to do it. Well, we'll book the people for you. That's excellent. And free testing. Yeah. Yeah, I like. Yeah. Great. Great lighting. Yeah. And good lighting. Thank God you have someone that is there to wipe the dirt off of your foot. Well no I always was. Well yeah well you showed up. You will use them to work barefoot. He said look like no, no, no, it's covered in dirt from nowhere.


Texas showing up right now. People always ask us like. Don't know about you, but young drag queens people are like, do you have any advice? I said, don't do it. Well, yes, don't do drag it, get the fuck out of my house. But as people prepare for people are getting into porn, literally. It's always somebody after. Yeah. Yeah. People are getting into porn. What what's your town. You wanna say something?


No, I'm getting into porn. Oh. So this case go to this young woman. I'm a young, struggling woman. OK, I have one from a veteran award, critically acclaimed award winning legend. What do you have it do you think? I don't tax yourself because you can't address all the struggles on the couch over here. But what's your like take away. I mean, like I'm assuming you had some learn the hard way moments, et cetera.


You know, I got into the industry through a Craigslist ad. Wow. Same did you. Well, that was the industry. Oh, that was my industry. Yes, there is. Especially I always tell people to just message me privately. Send me your photos and let me get you in the house, the woods, and we'll figure it out. There you go. You put the monocle on, you tell me what you want to do, and I'm going to find a place for you to monetize what it is you want to do.


I mean, there's people that I'm working with that do foot. There's people that do like all sorts of different type fetishes, just stalkings or just free balling. And you never know who these are. Even. Yeah, Amanda, in her book, she talked about like she worked as a dominatrix. Never touched a guy just yet, but, um, that's yeah. I'm going to do I'm a foot and pee foot, foot and piss, maybe just pissing on my feet.


That's the feet of the day. Yes. Make sure you make sure you show the bottoms of those Fotini. Yeah. Always the bottom are never worked. I've never been to report a word show. Is it fun. Is it long.


Because it was always fun for me because you always try to be funny girl she's sleeping with. Did you cry when you went to work? It's always you do really well because to like let's be honest, like here I am actually on stage at a porn awards show, getting an award for I mean, it's all just so crazy. And then even in a room full of your peers, it's like, fuck, like you all see me like it forever.


Bill Thede ever. Yeah. Yeah. And in an industry to where you have a lot of like what am I doing moments. A moment like that is so like I did that. Yeah. Especially now that you're retired you will be able to look back and be like I did everything I got paid a lot of money, everybody give me awards. And then I left. Well, and I learned so much like I actually took the time to go to, like, sex expos and like, see the business side of it and like really get in with the people that were the game changers and the movers and shakers.


Like that's what I wanted to do. Like, did you do toys or anything? I had not yet done a toy, but she'd do it. Stay tuned wisely. You should do a collaborative, especially since you're done for now, you should do an action figure. OK, like there's a tomac, there's a market, there's a competition doll that's like 16 inches. And he's a big, tough guy with a dick for your like fans who are like you're retiring, sign a bunch of them because most people are going to want to know where I can get dolls made.


I don't know anything about that. Yes, yes. Final final questions, final remarks. I. Do you want to let us know where everybody can find the Wesley Woods just a little easier? And if you accidentally follow the Christian Bible camp, honey, I so bad want there to be like when you Google image search Wesley Woods like prayer circle and me in a circle jerk. Right. It's a bunch of links to senior living and Christian stuff.


And then when images pop up, it's all you got. Can I touch on one more thing or is it too triggering? Do you remember when you got. Oh, yes. That's been such a fucking crazy experience. That's one of the reasons that I had jumped here in West Hollywood, jumped in West Hollywood, coming down sunset on Crescent Heights right after that little like temple there. Holy shit, it was fucking wild. And honestly, the trauma like the PTSD that came from that I'm still battling some are Yurchenko.


I mean, I guess really it would make it so. And then also, like, I didn't even want to exist in my persona anymore because I felt too seen and vulnerable and like maybe like in some ways, like I mean, I had 14 stitches, like my lip was hanging like and it was a homophobic attack. This wasn't just America, will you faggot way. It was about Tollywood. It was going so bad. At one point I literally thought to myself, this is not going to end well.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You lose any teeth or anything. I didn't lose any teeth, thank God. But I will tell you this because I'm such a crazy cunt, like I show up to the E.R. to get my lip stitched up and I'm fucking bloody as hell. And I asked the doctor, my doctor demand stitching it up a little higher. I've always wanted an upper lip. You better work with you.


Better work, you fucking bitch. You know what?


They don't realize gay bashing me like it actually makes me look bad. And I got the whole meditation. I got scar tissue right there that I can just kind of use. Like on a dick, like a tongue ring like that. Hater's, am I meant for you to even posted online to I mean, did you have a moment of like should I share with people that this happened or should I say nothing? I didn't think about it, but I knew that I was going to miss a shit ton of work because I was gonna have to have time to heal.


This is a change the scene a little bit. Yeah. You're not the doctor anymore. You're the patient. Give a little head wrap. The makeup artist has been great. Yeah, me too. Because I'm not having to suck, Dick. I'm just like, great. Just lay here, you foul's. Yeah, but yeah, it was fucking crazy. Like whatever it happened. I'm was your friend Drossos, you know, he was OK.


Oh my God. Yeah. I have just so many better people that could have happened to me. I didn't know if I didn't even know. Looking back I'm like I can't believe I immediately posted something online about it. But we live in a world where we post fucking everything online, I guess, and oh my God. But remember, something similar happened to Valentina. No. Do you remember when Valentino was, like, mugged in West Hollywood?


Oh, it was an illusion. Stop. Let me look it up quick. So L.A., you know, mugged you home. Sorry, Valentina was mugging and we held. No. Oh, no. Man man walking with drag performers attacked in West Hollywood. It was daring. It was thinking. Those was during a time where there's a lot of this happening around here. I think that was actually here the time. Was it in twenty eighteen.


Let me look here. It was twenty seventeen March 2017. And it was Triniti, Taylor Valentino and King Jason King. And they got like mugged. That was crazy. Well, what I'm saying is sometimes hearing it happen to someone you know makes it so real. Well, there's I mean, there is places where we travel to where you get the sense real quick that is not safe to walk in drag. And I remember when if I can't imagine.


Yeah, I was in Scotland there in Glasgow. There was the promoters like I was just I was coming from like touring here in the United States were like, I just go anywhere, do whatever I want. And and they're like, oh, no, no, we'll take you over. And they will not let me go by myself. And I was like, and when they took me over, I was like, oh, this is why I went out and shit beat out of me.


Yes. Yes. I've been at the same place where the hotel is maybe four blocks and they're like, you're not walking alone, you're not working. And because drunk straight guys will literally just they'll come right up to your face and fuck with you. Oh, yeah. You know, I mean, in Ireland, I was scared and I was like, super scary and I was kind of antagonized. The straight guys yelled something and I didn't need something back and it did.


And Courtney Cox with me and she grabbed me. I was like, OK, we're leaving. Yeah. Yeah. Because I was like, they they call me disgusting. And I was like, that's not what your dad said last night. It was so lame. And it's like I should have I should have been beat up just like a bad joke. Sixth grade bird, by the way. Professional comedians. Well, you know, yeah, I'm I'm just terrible.


And they said, you know what? We weren't going to beat the shit out of you, but that punch line sucks. Yeah, you deserve it. Well, thank you for joining us. This was so much fun. I'm super grateful. Thank y'all.


All right. That's it. That's beautiful.