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OK. Welcome back to Episode where we up to 70. Yes, 70. No, I think seven is a seven. I don't even know. I think it's seven.


We recorded when we first started, we recorded like a lot, a big, huge chunk. And then we had a we had a little bit of a break, but not really. I mean, the viewers don't know or the listeners. Yeah, we haven't recorded a good at least, what, two months. No, it hasn't been that long and a half, maybe, maybe, yeah, you've been you're gone in Milwaukee for a while. I went to two and a half weeks at Milwaukee time.


I am shocked by that. Why did you do that? I lived. I love to live. Tell me about how did you live? Why where it was in Milwaukee. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The good land, America's sixteenth largest city. One of the most ethically, racially divided city states. Yeah, similar to Boston. It's probably very segregated. Very racist. Yes. We talked about the data podcast when she was here.


I loved it. I went I got an Airbnb. I shop for a house. My mom bought that horror house. I bought the house. She bought the house. My mother is the mother of the house. Now, by the way, this is this is like to be like a Midwesterner. And you want to impress your mom. You want to have her. Yeah. I'm like, oh, my mom doesn't care about my record. She doesn't care about being a best selling author.


She doesn't watch me on TV. Really, she doesn't care. But me buying her a house, this is she's going to die. She's I told before I went, I told my realtor Matt Well, it's a drag queen. Chanel divin. She's available. I said, Chanel Divin just you know, you might see some emotions today. You know, my mom, she might cry. You know, I don't think she's owned a house like this probably in a long time.


And, you know, my mom, God love her. She lives in a trailer in the country. You know, this could be waterworks today. She's he's like, I know. I was talking the opposite of that. Today might be emotional. We walk in, my mom follows me behind me, and I'm like. I got you this house. My mom goes, it look bigger and the picture is not good enough. Did you did you guys I just.


Well, the great thing about wearing basketball team is I can hide my emotions because I looked like that woman from couples court, Miss Jackson. But she's like, you can't you're not very good at concealing your true feelings. Oh, God. Did she did she ever get, like, a little misty? And I know after the fact, I think she could tell that I was a little disappointed by the response. She was like, oh, no, it's great.


Yeah, I love it. She was a wonderful grateful that you did this for me. And you just I really appreciate it. And it's cool. I mean, it's wonderful. But I was also looking at for a place for myself. So I got a face off, a very small loft in the mall area, too. It's just just a casual, you know, my friends and said they said, you're so bald, you're buying houses.


You're like the monopoly man. Yeah, well I. I just wanted to pick up another residence on my way back from the coffee is like, what the fuck. Well I was originally looking at a place for myself when my mom was like, well you know. Oh so we're already looking at condos for myself because I love Milwaukee and you know, you and I have a lot of projects coming up that we have to sit and do a lot of writing for.


That's true. And writing projects. I need my little Zhuge that makes sense. But like, why Milwaukee? Well, I know why. Because you're from there. But I love it. You do? Did they get spoilage in the fall. They get the fall foliage and it's one of those is a pretty it's one of the fastest growing cities in the country. So it is that mean house is going to sell there and sell in a day because it has five Fortune 500 countries companies in that little city.


OK, so there's also it's becoming legendary there. A lot of people making a lot of money there. Everything in Milwaukee, every street is like new businesses every other week. It's just growing so fast. And do you like, ah, the real estate prices like reasonable or are they how do they compare to L.A.? Obviously not as much, but they're a little more reasonable now because it could be Tome's over time all the time. I was just talking about this today.


Isn't it crazy to think we're going to have to tell children someday that this happened? I'm going to be like, no, we had masks on for two years. Yeah. And it's it doesn't have, like, the the kind of, I don't know, the interest of, like a bubonic plague. Do you know what I mean? I feel like I've kind of, you know, I mean, it's not it's like terrifying. It's I mean, two hundred and what.


Forty thousand people have died. So it's not good, but it depends what news channel you watch. Yeah, that's true. But like, it doesn't have the flu or like the intrigue or the drama of like, you know, a real good kind of like Spanish flu. I don't know. What were you up to for the two and a half weeks I was gone? Music video. That's great videos. Yes, they're pure fitness comes out, Pritish, in two days from now.


I'm a musician. How do you feel about it? I actually feel really good about it. I really like it. It's like being cool. Yeah, it's it's like different is it's a different kind of sensation to release something that I actually really like, you know.


I mean, I'm like a storm yes or no like that in terms of like a solo project that's one hundred percent like a vanity project. Do you know mean like it. Nobody commissioned it. Nobody asked for it. I just wanted to do it. But usually when I do something like that, it turns out very sideways. But this is like I actually am really into it. I'm into it. Yeah. And I think anybody in our position is making music become comfortable with the fact that you might never see a dollar from it and just be proud of what you're making.


Oh, absolutely. If I wanted to make money, I go work at the TJ Max. Well, that's a stringent hiring process and they do do a background check. So I don't have to find out about Jennifer, but the guy is going to be out over poor Jennifer. She met an end that she did not deserve a step down that shot that fucking trash to the trash. She was so heavy, though, so heavy.


You got to get rid of her winter weight. Twenty four pounds. That's of double pussy. Yeah. Twenty four pounds of fuck meat or whatever they say. It's so disgusting. So disgusting. Just want someone to talk to me like that though. I want a guy to talk to me the way that the salespeople talk on sex toys. Oh my God. I wish I was only twenty four pounds of fuck. About twenty four pounds of pound a pussy action or something.


I mean it's like, it's like a like a car commercial. You only mean it's like four wheel drive but it's so funny. You know what I enjoyed while I was home. Wisconsin has the most wonderful, like locally produced radio ads like Jennifer convertibles or whatever, like, oh wow, come on down to the color box in a shop in Wisconsin doing half off cotton colors. If you call now, like, wow, just really talk like that.


Yes. One hundred percent. Minnesota in Minneapolis. Wait, so Wisconsin and Minnesota, are there the same thing to the world? Are they really like what's the difference? So Minnesota is to the left. And just to the right of it is Wisconsin, so they're their side by side, and I'll have you know that Wisconsin turned blue again last week. So that was lovely to be home. I closed on my condo and I spent my first night there and I woke up to the news of Wisconsin being blue.


Did you teabag the television? I cried. Did you really? Sure did. Oh, good for you. You know, my first time voting was in two thousand eight for Obama. Obama and I lived in the dorms. So voting and having Obama win while you live in the dorms was so exciting. OK, it was. Yes. Blackmon. Yes. And so it was fun. And now you better believe I'm going to vote in Wisconsin because I have residents there.


Can't take me. I don't eat my gay vote. Can you double it? You can't. A felony. Felony. Well, you have all my mom. I said I will do voter fraud because she didn't vote this year. I said, listen, OK, next time I'm coming over your house, I'm taking that geriatric hand and I'm signing the papers. Mary, you just put on a wig, get on that rascal and go down to the little ballot box and say, I am I am Mrs.


Matel. What is her name? Val. Val. Oh, I love that she's Val. And she's unimpressed that she has not moved to tears by you buying her dream house. I mean, it's fine. It makes perfect sense. This makes sense. What you're thinking about it. I'm like, what if she would have reacted big? They would have been so inconsistent. Yeah, but what would would bring her to tears. Like a nice a death in the family.


Oh, yeah, yeah, just something like I mean, like, I mean, like tears of joy. Well she didn't cry at the house drawings. Then I killed one of our. I killed my I killed my brother. I made her watch. Yeah. I went to some tears at face one way or another. But it was cool. It was cool to be able to, you know, not to be gay. But like my aunt, my my mom, they all can live in a house and they can have an extremely affordable like, you know, it's like the real world slumlord edition.


I would be great if you became like it, just like inch by inch, little by little every year. You should have more and more ruthless. You should've seen their faces when I said this has to have a good resale value, though, so you can't smoke in the house, bitch. They looked like, why would we live here? We can't smoke here. To be honest, that's a fair point. I'm going to take their side of that because think about it like I mean, if you're a smoker and you're all in, you know, if you're all in, you don't have any illusions about quitting really in the next five years.


That's kind of how you live your life. You stay there is when we got to drag her in New York and they said you can't smoke anywhere. I was like, well, I guess I'm going home. Like, seriously, you, me, it's like crazy. So I get that they're going to smoke in the house. And I did finally. I know they cannot. I also look straight at them. And when they met my mom was like because I walked in the day after that we show to the house and I was sitting there and I was like three to one.


Anyway, Mom, remember yesterday when I brought you to the house to look at it and you barely said anything and you said that it looked bigger and pictures and she goes, why? They go, I'm going to tell up she goes, are you she's like, do you think I wasn't grateful? I said, I already told everyone. I said, I've already put it in the next show. Are you kidding me? That was the funniest thing is twenty minutes.


The new material is so, so funny. And then she just makes me laugh. She is one of those whores who she's taking great care of herself in her life. And she's one of those people that no matter how many times like the doctors, like you need to do X, Y, Z, she's like here I'm just trying to party. I just want to party party to my base. Also, I come over. I said, what do you guys do last night?


And it's like, well, you're a. had to set up with me because we stayed up late and we had some of those drinks and then I had some spicy sausage and I woke up and I had heartburn and I felt like one of my arms was numb. And your aunt had to sit up and watch me watch it through a potential heart attack I like. How old is she? She's not old, but in Wisconsin, we're not here for a long time.


Yeah, we're here for good times. The life expectancy is like what, like the sixteen hundreds of. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


She's not as in good shape as Pat is serving. She's going to outlive everybody. Everybody. I want to meet her. She's great. Yeah she's great. I mean she's like you know, the best thing about her is like if you're ever going to walk or like you're on an errand on foot. She leaves in the dust. Oh, she's hit. She hits it and she doesn't look back there. Yeah. You just got to keep up or just get lost in the shuffle.


I love a little bit you though. Yeah. For me. Yeah. I just like, you know, will arrive as a group and then I'll just cut out, you know, and you know, whatever happens, happens. Do you meet up later. French exit in that sense. I just call it exiting you know. No, seriously, I don't need to speak French. I just leave French, Irish, whatever. That's that's French people laughing.


I mean, think about this. I don't understand, like, the people, the people who, like, make a point to say goodbye to everybody in a party on the way home or like. So we had self-indulgent. Yeah. That seems like the the not rude but like that seems like the, the crazier thing to me. I agree. Yeah. OK, so we're thinking about getting at it in each one. Each one is a whole different topic.


I just, I'm heading out. Yeah. Like get out. Who cares. Bye. Yeah. Yeah I'll go to the door. I'll put one foot in the door, I'll lean back around the corner the door and go, oh boy am I to go.


Oh, that's more my mind. Yeah, we'll be right back. Hi, it's me, Donna Mason, and I don't know about you, but I need the holidays to be especially comforting this year.


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All right.


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I did finally get to do something in Wisconsin that was to I got to finally hand out Halloween candy at our house. OK, all right. So I think I read about this in. You said it became you were bored of it. Like I was like which is it that happened? This is all led up to this. I want five minutes. Then I was yelling in the street for like, you guys tricked me. This sucks. My mom and my aunt having drinks in the kitchen like you got it.


I'm like, this is horrible. Did you ever did you dress up now? Did you dress up? No. Oh, see, that's kind of the part of the problem. I wore like a flannel with, like, orange booties. So I was very formal, but I wasn't, like, serving a chic stick and dressed up which to dress up as, oh, she had this horrifying mask with like a toothache, like a weapon and a black shroud.


And when the kids came to the screen door, she, like, popped out and stared at them. See, that's what you got to do. That's that keeps it interesting for you. So Antigo, which would scare them and just go, I love scared kids. Yeah, I love it. So then I'm sitting there, had to get the kids right. The candy. These kids don't dress up, Mama. These kids are not dressed up.


I'm not kidding. Nine out of 10 children were not in their class. Yeah, we don't do that. I feel like that's something you don't you don't get the candy unless you get the costume. This girl said trick or treat. I said, where's the trick? Yeah. She said, I'm a whore. Or they were walking up and not say trick or treat and just sit there. Although the bucket they're going, thank you. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


So it's just the Laffy Taffy Soup kitchen, you fucking cunt. It's just it's just like a kitchen soup or a soup kitchen parade. Just homeless youth. Like, she pissed me off. So you know what I did? I went inside. I heated up some Campbell's tomato soup. I brought it out and I put a ladle into each bag. I said, this is the kind of treat you're going to have, grits or pea soup. Ma'am, I was kind of tearing out the candy bits in the costume.


Yeah, babies I had, like, gummy. It's like, oh, here is this whatever like a gummy bear. Oh, sure. We yeah. Yeah. Those babies are edible. Yeah. Now hodler only 50 milligrams for that. One would love to give a baby inaudible. Just see what happens. Oh I absolutely. I think they would love it. I think it would probably be like a good thing. Well you know how with marijuana you have to it's very the craft.


How do you enter with perfect love and perfect trust. Babies wouldn't have any preconceived like what's going to happen with the weed. No, yeah. It just completely just soaks their consciousness naturally. That baby from Ally McBeal, the dancing baby. Yeah. Fifty milligrams. Fifty milligrams. Fifty six. A Mary marriage. Yeah. There just go from like baby to toddler. The skip those terrible twos. It was a lot of costumes that were like a Mickey hoodie.


I'm like that is clothing. That's a piece of clothing. I said where's the reveals. I want to see lashes. I mean and I know that, you know, pain is the way they did. It didn't give me a ghost. Give me a Dracula. Give me something. Yeah, I don't like that. And also you have to say thank you. Yeah. And it was I mean, it was so cute when the kids were sometimes like two and the mom's like, what do you say?


And they're like other like trying to say, oh yeah, that's fun. Yeah, yeah, that is fun. And then sometimes the little ones were confused. There was one little girl who walked up, reached into her bucket and gave me candy and left. Oh this is fantastic. Yeah. Oh that's another thing because if you live in it depends on what kind of area you live in. But you could just be like, all right, that'll be a dollar.


Yeah. Charge for the candy, you know what I mean? Make some money. Turn it into like a like a for profit. Kind of like one hundred percent. Yeah. Because you get one hundred fifty trick or treaters. I'm seeing three hundred dollars right there. One hundred percent. And making a sliding scale like if you're dressed good you get candy and if you're dressed bad you owe me money or you dress really well. Yeah. I'm going to take a ten out of you because I know you got it just for the job you want.


Now when you were a kid, you went trick or treating what was what was the candy you hoped for? Oh, I didn't really care. I just wanted a lot. Nothing changed, nothing. I just wanted so much of it because we did pillowcases. You do pillowcases. Oh, yeah. Oh, we did pillowcases. Always big, long pillowcases. And I'm talking I'm talking like like a robber. Twenty pounds a candy. Like you were coming in to take their silver flatware and there is room to shake opening and deep.


Big and deep. Yeah. And then you walk around over the shoulder of the fucking little league you strong thread count two hundred and fifty or whatever and we just fucking just go into we can't go anymore. And I'm just telling you. Twenty pounds of candy real. I don't even think pounds. I think sugar people trick or treat less. Yeah. I don't even see that many trick or treaters. Yeah. It's a dying Needham's. Yeah right.


It's a dying art. When I was a kid trick or treating was lit. Absolutely. No more candy that I, I got. I really like Christmas counterbalance. Like you go through this candy. Yeah absolutely. All through November. Guaranteed. Yeah. And I think the thing that I miss about like that suburb vibe is that the hot dads well hot dads with their little youngsters. Oh. Because that's how you know that that nut is Putin and that not works.


I know that that is going to taste like that now is going to taste like an old boot because you know that it is chlorophyll, DNA and chlorophyll. I'm not a biologist. This is so gross. I can't believe I'm about to ask this. Do you?


Yeah, whatever it is, it's absolutely the I just ask, do you like do you swallow. Do I swallow cum. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. OK, yeah, yeah yeah. OK, I went well I don't know let me just say. I mean, not for everyone. You're right, sure, sure, it has to be the right time comes into your life for a reason. All right. I read that because I know that, like, gay men loved I don't know why he pivoted to this.


Oh, yeah. Because the potent. And what about trick or treating made you think about swallowing. Oh, that potent and not yet. But like the I know that there's a it's a very common kind of fetish size, like, you know, put your nut in my butt kind of thing, situation scenario. But I can see pregnant. Knock me up, knock me knock knock this pussy up breeding breed me. Breed me mom. Oh I think I just think of dogs.


I think a purebred Chihuahuas. It's also straight people not in each other's pussy holes all the times and they breed our straight girls like breed. No, definitely not. Definitely not. I don't think I.


What are they saying. Come in my pussy. All I'm saying when I say, get this bread, I'm talking about money, I'm talking about gum.


OK, it's I, I still I find it so revolting that expression breeding. I just think of Chihuahuas and I like poodles and stuff like that. I do think it's a comment. I know a lot of gay men who there's something about a man with children that elevates the sexuality. The reality of it is very appealing. Isn't that you? You like guys who have kids? Is it because the potent the lure of the potent dad, not they're competent, they can take care of another being with responsibility.


So it's like the opposite of the bad boy complex. OK. All right. Well, at your present weight, you're looking very thin, by the way. Yeah. You know that that dad already has a Baby Bjorn. Oh, yeah. Probably the right time to strap me to the front strap near the front. There was that episode of Veep. That guy, what's his name? Mike adopted an infant from China and she was six years old.


Baby after lick on the little Baby Bjorn in the front, like, oh, it's just like six years old. Yeah. Infant. What do you think about like I remember I watched the UK documentary about a woman who still breast fed her kid at like 11, 12, 13. Bialik blossomed at that. To what's into that I. Well, it's just different, like different understandings of like the attachment thing during like parenting.


I mean, I. I don't know. I don't know. It's oh, gosh, it's I mean, think of it think of it this way, though. How fucked up are humans in general? So like, it's not the worst thing. It's not the exactly. Could be worse, although. I mean, sucking on your mom's titty when you're 13. Well, what about the adult men who want to drink the milk from the titties? Oh, that's completely fine, because that's just a fetish.


So that when the woman is pregnant, the men drink the milk from the titty, the grown men. I don't believe that they do everything I know about sex. I learned in the movie Precious. Yeah. I was going to say, I don't know if we have reliable data. I'd like to base our conclusions on what they know about. Oh, we should take a break. Oh, my God. Great idea. Hi, everybody, it's Katia now taking care of your mental health is so important and therapy can be an invaluable tool.


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Beautiful at usual wines dotcom. The discount code is beautiful. And we're back and we're back. Oh, it's nice to be back. OK, so do you ever get like so you're always doing videos on YouTube. Congratulations on one million subscribers, by the way. Look at the black. Look at the material. Look at the material. It certainly is gold, isn't it? Yeah, it came in the mail twice as big as the silver. Thrilled, excited.


You and I are nominated for a streamy. We are YouTube. Oh, yes, we are. Now, what did we get nominated for this time? We got nominated for Best Show, which is like best picture of YouTube and digital content. OK, now what do you what do you reckon are the the like is the likelihood of us getting not high? OK, because usually, like, we've been nominated for Best Show twice now and best unscripted once and usually there are.


Listen, I love us. It really is a megalomaniac. Yeah. A psychopath and a green screen. Oh yeah. They like both crews and stuff. It's like a it's like a full thing. Yeah. I mean not to disparage it like you know, it's just apples and oranges. Let's say a hundred although. No it's not because I mean apples don't get nominated for being oranges. Did you know? So I guess it would be it would be like what would be the film equivalent say like it's best picture Avatar versus the help of the Avatar versus like, you know, Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Yeah, yeah. The help I just pulled, by the way, you know what, I you know how we talk about things we do in the house. Allow me to buy new things or new thing.


And the nominees are and then listing movies like Lethal Weapon three. I have only doing movies that are good, 15 years old. So I'm like, I'm the nominees are Memoirs of a Geisha. That's Psycho Bubble, crash, crash. Harry Potter to my guys. That's my other. I like that. That's good. Are you doing any new. I have a new rattle. I was my new rattle. I have. Oh it's more Sanskrit. It's more Sanskrit.


But I've had to I've had to tone it down because actually been approached. I know I've been approached to kind of not do it anymore. Like if you've been encouraged, I've been encouraged to stop because for some people, for people who are like religious and devout in that part of the world, it can be very Sanskrit as it's the sacred language. Oh, it's like it's like me saying, you know, Hail Mary with my titties. I don't know.


It's the similar effect of something like traditionally in religions. They love to say this means this to me. So it has to mean it to everyone. Yeah. So you've got to get on the level. I'm like, well, I don't want to get on that level. Also, as if you haven't paid your dues as a yogi, does it even matter? I feel like it doesn't even matter. Doesn't even matter. I'm going to scream Sanskrit naked in my in my apartment one hundred percent in any way I like to.


I was telling Kyle, my houseguest, I was like, if you thought I was weird when we lived together, living alone, everything's calcified. Absolutely. I'm Nell. I'm fucking now a girl. I am.


I'm titties out your now and Russell Crowe from the That Beautiful Mind. A hundred percent. Absolutely having full conversations. My other favorite one is Babe like someone's here when no one lives here. Can you turn that down. Yeah babe. No one's here. You don't live with anybody do you. What do I do. Call in response to what is it like, you know, just act out the scenario with like. I can't believe you did that.


Well, you know, like just about what world we've talked about. You know, you deserve it. You deserve a look at your behavior the last three weeks. I can't even believe. Yeah. Just kind of things like that. But revenge fantasy sometimes. And the nominees are revenge fantasies. Lethal Weapon four. That's a gig. Whoever gets to be that voice, that's the gag. That is a good gig. What would be your dream?


We wait. So we did a voiceover. It's like it's not quite Asmar, but on the album, like a guided meditation, I listen to the preity the other day, I, I really enjoy it and I usually yeah, I love doing it, but I also like I enjoy listening to it, which is shocking because, you know, most people hate the sound of their own voice and it even calms you the beast. Yeah. It just you it actually makes me a little emotional really.


Yeah. Talk about that. Well I think just the I don't know, I think the, the tone of it or I don't know what and I think like ripping out your teeth makes me cry. And let me tell you, let me tell you, let me tell you, can I tell you we filmed a music video for it in virtual virtual reality, like it's a 3D kind of whole immersive environment kind of thing. And I spent the whole day with stainless steel pliers in my mouth in fake blood, ripping out teeth.


I had a whole collection of teeth removed. The teeth that people sent me through the mail. I had them in my mouth, had them all in my mouth. I was spitting them out. I was yanking on the pliers, like trying to.


It was gnarly. It sounds awful. It's awful. But just the sensation of having cold, hard metal on your molars, on any teeth. Yeah, it's Hammertime. It's United States. I love doing music. Yeah, I do music. I was going to ask you because it's Cita. Yeah. I can't, but I can't because so much work it is, but is it better or worse than a TV show filming a TV show or to filming a movie?


Oh, I love doing anything television related. OK, really, music videos are so my work because it's just so long, long lunch money, all that. But yeah but the process is not very enjoyable, but video music videos, I don't think it is like video games which is just nice and short turn out beautiful, beautiful. Even that was a short day. I still was like yellow cloud which was a big production puppets. Did you do one day.


Yeah, one day like wears me out dude and I don't know why. Something I love making the songs. I love playing them. But when it comes to a video to me it's a it's a means to an end because you know, I love I love our managers and they're like, you know, if you want people to hear your music, you've got to give them to look at, which I know makes perfect sense. I look at the music, look at the leg when the music videos out.


I love it. But the process of making it is so hard. I bet you know what? This is an industry where I constantly battle with things I don't want to do. Yeah, but I think that's any industry. I didn't want to do this today. I, I don't want to do this right now. Yeah. I don't, I mean it's it, it's such a weird thing because it's like I agree 100 percent. I want the video.


I love the video. I like the sound of it. I love it. I love that it's there. I love that it's going to be there. But like knowing the night before, like it's tomorrow I got to be in awake by nine am pretending to sing my own music like over and over and over and over. When I hear other people's music that inspires me, that makes more to lip sync, I get to feel it. And when I made the song I don't feel it as hard.


Yeah. Other like a woman's voice and like something fun to lip sync to hui's me. Yeah. Let me ask you this because this is a this is something we had or I had a hard time with. So a male voice in a female presentation. The dissonance between that is I think you have a male voice.


I'm talking hypothetically I, I wish I had a female voice like Tatiana here. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I know she can she can drop right into that female like uncrackable audio register. Yeah. I can need to do like the Felicity Huffman Transamerica tapes. This is that you can train. Oh shit. Train it. But I mean but I'm thirty eight. No I don't. I think that ship is sailed. Yeah. Yeah it burned down but like I'm not even talking about like that's not the, that's not the desire even it's like saying see you get like a nice resonant tone in a male voice.


Yes. But then you have this female presentation in drag like do you does that ever weird you out at all? Well, I think that out of drag, I have a little bit of a gay voice even when I'm singing. And so in drag, a lot of people's comments are I like your voice because it sounds like both. Oh, OK. Because, like, I have a deep voice, but when I sing, it's a little bit breathy, a little bit gay.


Like when I say video games, I mean to me I sing it like a woman sings it even though I have a male voice. And so I think there's somewhere in the middle. Somewhere in the middle. All right. That makes sense to me. When I'm not in drag, I don't sing like Trixie sings. We sing again. When I'm not in drag, I don't sing the same as like Trixie sings, OK, because when I'm in drag it's a lot more like, oh, where do you see my tongue?


And I go down the street, lot of saliva wet me jerking my pussy when I got my fingers shoved up my whole my front hole. My front. But oh let's take a break. Hey listen, we're standing by. Call in. Yeah. This is episode I think seven seven. Oh yeah. How about this, our new podcast. And since we started, we already broke top ten Apple podcast. Is that out of all the podcast?


Yes, that's the group. Out of all of them. No one is Michelle Obama. And let me just say this, bitch, you better watch your back becoming my mother coming for you on becoming you. I mean, that's pretty incredible. But also, I mean, I would say a testament to the the the rabid rabidity rabidity of our faith doesn't have to do with spending money, good or smart. No, it's the fans being engaged to such an insane level that they'll we will.


They'll just fucking. Yeah. And let me just address this. I love that. No, some of the No. One comments are. I wish there was video. No, you don't it. But I tell you, we do two or three or four. How many shows we do with video. I'm on YouTube with a new video at least three times a week, three times between Netflix, Netflix, cosmetics. Yeah. You're not hurting for videos.


You're not hurting for videos. But that's like I think I just equate it to the same like sentiment as, oh, I wish this was longer. You don't. No, you don't. And also, if you want a podcast that you can watch, um, that's a video. Yes. Not a pop. Yeah, that's. And we do those, too. We yeah. We do it together even. Yeah. But if you guys would have maybe we would someday do something where we film us for like a special moment, but just the waist down.


And actually that would be really fun. Just legs, just legs, colonoscopy, just legs and then maybe like a googly I you know what I mean. We kind of we can customize the little talk. I want to wear a Swarovski stone on my PC. No, no, not cried. No, just legs, you know, and no gluten. Have you had a favorite episode so far? The ones we've done just haven't gotten around to listen to them yet.


Oh, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. No, I like I liked which is my favorite. But the Wesley was was really good. The Kimche one make me dirty, dirty, tight and Stefanie's probably. Yeah she was fantastic. FENA was FENA had a really soothing voice like almost a fantastic and then yeah. I don't know, I really like the Picart. I like doing it. I do too. And if you guys would like us to keep doing it.


Yeah. Please share. Listen comment rates ribe tell a friend for some reason on iTunes if you comment and like it, it just, it goes up to. So the what, when do we start making money. Yeah. Can I get a dollar please. Can I have a dollar. And if you have any guests you want us to have that would be something I'd be interested. I know that they do. I know that they do. Please comment like with your you know, if it's not somebody outside of the realm of drag race through, you know, who is like a notable in the beauty or whatever industry.


Yeah. Especially on Twitter. Tag this celebrity and tag us. I mean, we can link up that way. Yes. We've already run out of friends. Yeah. I mean it's like bare bones.


We're scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point. All right. Bye.


Good bye.