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In terms of my going on, here you go, am going from. Now, the boy. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning Angela. Ye yeah. Mining today. Charlamagne the guy didn't plan. It is Tuesday. My God, the hell's wrong with, you know, they got this big a fan or air humidifier or air cleaner, what happened to the glass between you and Ron still here? Oh, OK. OK, I guess they put this airplane in. It's as loud as hell on my back. I don't hear you because it's not next to you.


Thank God. Listen, man, I move this thing. You know, there's nothing that causes a civil war in a house. Like shoot everybody out there with kids, you know? I'm saying what a family is going to mean because there's nothing that causes the civil war in the house sometimes like dinner, because, you know, when your wife tries new things, like last night, my wife made this amazing vegan dish. I thought it was amazing.


But when you have three young kids, a 12 year old or five year old and two year old, none of them wanted to eat with mom and me. So they all ended up eating peanut butter and jelly. And before you tasted it, telling you how bad it is, you don't know if you got a fake like it was good or not, because somebody's got to be on the side of the wife. That's what happened last night. But the food was great.


I thought it was me, but the kids wanted peanut butter and jelly. They would not deal with not doing the vegan dish at all, not even a little bit.


So you can go old school, eat it, and you're not leaving the table till you finish eating it.


No, no, no, no, no, Brooke, I don't think that works out well, not because then the kids end up hating whatever it is that you was trying to get them to eat. They want to get older. They love it because I was exactly in stringbean time. Give them some time.


They'll get to it, that's all. All right.


I saw yesterday my son had a football game, which is pretty weird because the the school is all virtual, but they still have football, which is weird. It doesn't it makes no sense. But yeah. Because it's outdoors. Maybe. Yeah, maybe that could be it. But yeah, they won last night so that's why I was at the game. Is getting really, really cold today. It was cold as long as well. Yeah. I mean it was sixty degrees depending where you're at.


Seventy degrees days ago would keep in mind were nationally syndicated right here in the tri state area. Yeah. It's a little nippy. It's, there's definitely that season where your balls get closer to your body. Was also almost December.


Very true. That is true too. All right. Well, Fifty Cent will be joining us this morning. Never heard of him no more. He'll be here. That guy will be a rabble rouser. Yeah, I bet that guy, if he had rabble-rouser, will be joining us. So we'll kick it with fifteen a little bit.


And then we got front pages. What we talking about? Let's talk about this coronavirus vaccine that they are saying is ninety four point five percent effective.


Lord, have mercy. All right. We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Is T.J., M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club is getting some front page news now. Last night on Monday Night Football, the Vikings beat the Bears 1913.


Right now, also James Harden, he rejects Rockets extension. It seems like he's focusing on trading to the nets.


That's going to be that's not going to be good for the nets. That's to be amazing. No, it's not what you said. It's only one basketball. James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Come on.


That's going to be so amazing for the Brooklyn Nets. I think all those three individuals want to win another ring and hopefully they'll do what they got to do and they mesh together. Just James Harden holds the ball. Kyrie Irving. Kevin Durant. Like I just don't think it's going to be a game every game and I think tonight I think Brooklyn guys win Brooklyn got some really good young pieces and they got to, you know All Stars and Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to NBA Champion and Kyrie Irving.


Kevin Durant. I would, I would, I would focus on that.


I think they can make that like a super team to me. All right.


Now also the Phoenix Suns complete trade and they acquired Chris Paul from Oklahoma City.


That's a good try. Chris Paul and Devin Booker is going to be going to be amazing together. All right. What else? We got you. All right.


Well, let's talk about Madonna's coronavirus vaccine. It is a ninety four point five percent effective in preventing infection. That's according to early data that was released. So they say 15000 participants were given the vaccine and fifteen thousand study participants were given a placebo. From the fifteen thousand who were given the vaccine, five of them only developed covid-19. So that is the ninety four point five percent effective. And the company said that there is no significant side effects. A small percentage of those who got it, they get some symptoms like body aches and headaches.


And Dr. Fauci said he expects the first vaccinations to begin toward the later part of December rather than the early part of December. So that is good news. Donald Trump tweeted out another vaccine just announced, this time by Moderna. Ninety five percent effective for those great historians. Please remember that these great discoveries, which will end the China Plague, all took place on my watch.


And right now, as you know, essential workers will be the first ones to get this and their health care workers also. And they're also going to be meeting with the CDC committee to decide who will get the covid-19 vaccine first. So, of course, it's going to be health care workers. That's not even a question. But then they want to see in addition, it's going to be. Likely those over age 65 people with underlying conditions because they are at high risk for complications.


Now, Joe Biden talks about the biggest threat to his transition because as you can see, Donald Trump is still not conceding. They're not cooperating. They're stonewalling this new incoming staff in unprecedented ways. And here is what Joe Biden had to say.


More people may die if we don't coordinate. Look, the vaccine is important. It's of little use until you're vaccinated. How do we get over 300 million Americans vaccinated? What's the game plan? They say they have this warp speed program that not only dealt with getting vaccines, but also how how to distribute this if we have to wait until January 20th to start that planning. It puts us behind over a month and a half.


Yeah, they got to get my vaccines that I mean, I feel bad for a lot of those businesses that are about to go back to shut down. I mean, they're limiting the amount of people, the people that's got to go into restaurants, into bars, to establishments. A lot of these people just can't survive. And and with no more money, no more help, I don't know what they expect people to do.


Yeah, they got I mean, they got the government to kick in the stimulus check over the next few months. They talk about everybody be vaccinated by April. Well, that's another issue.


Donald Trump won't work on getting that done right now. And there's no briefings being given about coronavirus troop drawdowns in Afghanistan and Iraq. They said this silence could continue into December. And so then they said Donald Trump and his team are continuing to assert that the election was fraudulently stolen from them. They're doing these voter fraud lawsuits and demanding recounts and not giving any information to Joe Biden and his transition team, which could leave us very vulnerable.


The media got a lot to do with this, too, though, because, you know, everything everything Trump said about the vaccine has been true. Trump said it would be a vaccine by the time the election came around. The media said no way. Trump said we would have health care, workers would get it first and high risk cases they'd be vaccinated by the end of the year. People was like, no way, Trump said. Everybody should have.


By April, they said no way back to 14, all them. Now, that is that we wouldn't get back to normal until 2018 and 2022. And now Dr. Fauci was echoing what Trump has been saying.


So let's just say I feel like Donald Trump kept saying a vaccine was coming even before December.


Duh, not not by December. But he kept no, he said happening. He said it's about the election, which just happened November 3rd and the first vaccine with another couple of days after the election. Then he said by the end of the year, health care workers in high risk cases would get it. And we'd be out of this by April. Doctor, I said no. Twenty, twenty two. And I talked about using exactly what Trump has been saying.


So the media has a lot to play with that, too, because even Joe Biden said that just that he said the only reason people don't trust the vaccine is because Donald Trump has been saying it. So it's not about the message, it's about the messenger.


All right.


Well, that is your front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent something pissing you off or you having a great morning, you want to bring some positivity, whatever it may be. Call us up. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Yo, this is urban philosopher, philanthropist and the host of the Recession podcast, a production of the Black Podcast Network and our radio, I'll bring you real conversations about systemic racism, mental health, life on the streets and much more. My guests will include influential figures like Charlamagne Tigard, Dr. Joyce and Tony Robbins.


You know, Martin Luther King said, you know, a man or you could say today a person who hasn't done something they're willing to die for isn't fit to live. It's pretty strong words. But I really believe in my soul that what changes people is when you find something to serve more than yourself.


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On September 17th, 2009, 24 year old MIT Chris Richardson disappeared without a trace in the woods near Malibu, California.


She had been arrested at a beachside restaurant for failing to pay a tab and taken to the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station. You know, I mean, she's not from that area. And I would hate to wake up to a morning report. Well, lost somewhere to a job. The police released her just after midnight with no car, no cell phone, no money. She doesn't know the area. She's never been in your area. Well, I think she said, Chris, that what happened is that's worth more than just her, OK?


My trees disappeared into the darkness and was never seen alive again. I'm Catherine Townsend, host of the podcast Houngan. We're going to try to find out what really happened to my Chris Richardson School of Humans and I thought radio present Houngan, Season three, listen to hell and gone on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. We did, and I didn't want to wake up, wake up, wake up and ask, is it time to get it off your chest with your man or blast?


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. How about this?


Hello. Yes, this is Brian, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on his radio. I never been on this type of platform, don't have no social media. I just want to get to the point. My wife for like a year I've been suffering from migraines and she's been maintaining them with the medication they provided her with all the time. They convinced my wife to do a surgery, call the stent to put into her vein to stop the pressure from her brain to ease the excuse me, I'm breaking up to ease the the migraines in her head.


Right. And yesterday they went in at twelve o'clock. I drove my wife there and I was laughing. Well, we were talking about how she wasn't going to eat the hospital food and they convinced that it was going to be a in and out procedure. And she went in and I had to call three times. I haven't gotten in touch with no one. And when I finally did, they told me that the procedure didn't go right.


And my wife, my mom and my brother. Oh, I'm so sorry. Sorry.


Look, look, I've been a step dad in my life for the last five years. I haven't been the best person in my life and I'm not going to lie. But she has to be perfect for everybody. What's your wife's name?


A name is this tape I'd like to ask her is banks. Like I said, people might look at me or look me up. And I was afraid of best, but she's been good to everybody and now she's fighting for her life. And he's just I feel is not alive because I have no social media platform. I'm not like out there on my wife. I felt like my story might get pushed under the rug. And my wife is sitting in the hospital in Newark, Delaware, right now.


Just my life.


Yeah, well, listen, we got a lot of prayer warriors out there, my brother. So, you know, I'm I'm encouraging everybody out there to take, you know, thirty seconds out of your day and say, I'm sorry for your wife, Tempus. Man, I'm I'm a strong believer that prayer changes things. I'm saying my prayer right now for her.


Ángeles, Charlamagne and Envy. I really appreciate you because like I said, this is going to get breast under the rug because I am not No one that's influenced those social media bound. Then all they're doing is giving me can't tell me what went wrong or what went wrong. They just know that my wife got slowly brain and she's just not going to be the same, possibly any sort of weight that goes.


And I don't even know what to do. I might have provided and did things for both, you know, like your wife. She was the bill paying the accounts and she knew all the tax codes. And I'm just arrested. So I had to force my son in New York to a bunch of family members that I truly want to say we at Titanosaur. But it's the circumstances excuse my language, the act like they care. Well, we was trying to do it myself.


Well, let's remain optimistic, my brother.


That's what I'm saying. Let's remain optimistic and lean on, you know, our higher power right now. Let's lean on God right now. Let's do some prayers. And like I said, all the prayer Roy is out there. Say a prayer for Tempus, man. Let's not let's not think negative right now. You know what I mean?


Her name is Campus Harris Baynes. And I just pray that people to give the thoughts and prayers and it's not about the financial gain because I think they are all care about that right now. I pray that my wife can get better despite whatever situation I might fall under. I just hope that my wife gets better because I don't know what to do without her. I'm still out. But no, no, no house payment.


Just one which you can get on my knees and praying for her right now. Absolutely good.


I will call back, of course. De de de de de de de de de de de updates. And I just want to anything goes wrong.


I don't have no I just want to be able to put it out there to make sure we hold on. Right. Look, I appreciate what you can present for Tempest Harris being a little quick little prayer man.


Let's say a little prayer, gentlemen.


You want me to get my prayer when there's Michaels's? I'm not doing that on there. I want to really, you know. All right.


Well, hit it off your chest now is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Nearly 600 years after the invention of the printing press, the most important book in the history of the world has arrived, there might be overstating things, stuff you should know, an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things.


It will change your life forever.


Well, that's not necessarily true. Most scientists agree that stuff you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things is proof that time travel is possible because that is the only way to explain how a book this impressive was possibly made. Why? What stuff you should know. An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things will regrow hair, whiten your teeth and improve your love life.


That's just not at all. Right.


Well, the love life part, maybe if you find someone who thinks smart is sexy stuff, you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things available for preorder. Now at stuff you should know Dotcom. Now that is true.


This is your time to get it off your chest. Whether you mad or blessed that we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this. Hello, this is Lisa. Well, how are you? Good morning. You know, if I were you if I were calling me Lisa, I just wanted to call in a person. I'm a minister and I want to pray for the president with his wife. Please.


I need to continue to pray for one time. Yes, please do a prayer.


Already did. Well, go ahead. All right, Father, we come before you right now, OK? We can't look for anything that we might have said or done. I was not pleased to you that we need you to move right now, OK? We need to just take the atmosphere. Look, we need you to go into the doctor's hands right now. We'll go and let them be steady as feel. Let them bring down the level that we know that our bodies belong to you and that you are the only ones that can take this woman to do the right thing.


Would that be a testimonial? Got to wake up and let the people see that you are the one that will bring down the swelling around her brain. And when she comes, she will not be in a vegetative state. She will still have a sound mind. She will still be able to take care of her family. We ask that to give people God and we give understand it to us a little God, that you are not looking at the right people to be our child's life and a husband right now.


What they need to look at, father, only you can do it. And I'm watching right now with the Breakfast Club that we will play for them and keep them in states that you will transform this from a bad day to a good thing. Woolcott's that you make it right right now, your neighbor with your blood, we bless you, we honor you, and we give you the praise because it is all you have. You you are the help.


And you said that when you got on with it. All things with ill and we were healing right now and your body needs a man. Hey man.


Amy brings up in healing energy. The temp is higher is beyond me. Absolutely. All right. We needed that this morning. Get it off your chest. 805 five five one, two, five. One day we got rooms all the way. Yes. And I tell you who is asking for donations because he doesn't want to have to lunch and only fans page. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Hey, my name's Crystal.


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We talk about how to survive a horrible state violence. We talk about how to fight Nazis as part of a community. And we talk about like, you know, election stuff with the politics and things.


If you love politicians, you'll tolerate this show. Listen to worst year ever on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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Your cases are waiting for you. New episodes of Salt are available now on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. One Crime for suspects. Can you solve it? The Breakfast Club. Warning everybody is deejay and we actually I mean, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club. Don't forget, he said he'll be joining us next hour, 50 excuse me. But right now, let's get to the room is the talk agent Bruno.


This is the room, a rapport with Angela. You have your breakfast club. Listen up. Well, Adrianne Brown is considering joining only fans.


He is asking people to donate 13 dollars to him. He has eight hundred thousand dollar debt. So instead of having to join only fans, he just wants people to help him out with his cash that he gave away his cash. And he said, look, everybody cash at me. And he said, we are seven hundred ninety nine thousand twenty nine dollars away from paying off my debt.


I bet you he would get more money if he just finally admitted he's really having money problems instead of trying to front kids, not having money problems and still trying to act like he's got it.


And it's his rich friends who are providing it to him, if he I guarantee you he'd get more sympathy and get more donations if he doesn't really have a room or maybe maybe he got money, he just don't want to pay the 800000 dollars that he owes.


That's stupid and envy. And by the way, if he has what you see, if he had it and it was a debt, they would take it.


By not I mean, they can't take it unless he's in his bank. Where else would he be?


Well, you know, I know an agent who be on these mafia and probably saying that he only has 13 dollars to his name in his account.


So I don't know, maybe he's telling the truth.


Maybe I'm the one. Maybe maybe I want to see tears. And, you know, I mean, I don't believe him.


He has real money problems. But, you know, since we're talking about money, let's talk about Taylor Swift. You know, Scooter Braun has just sold her masters, and that is for three hundred million dollars. That's for the rights to her first six albums. He sold that to an unknown investment fund. And of course, she's not happy about that. She said, I wanted to check in and update you guys. As you know, for the past year, I've been actively trying to regain ownership of my master recordings.


With that goal in mind, my team attempted to enter into negotiations with school. Brian, she said the team wanted her to sign an ironclad NDA, stating, I would never say another word about Scooter unless it was positive before we could even look at the financial records. So I would have to sign a document. There was silence me forever before I could even have a chance to bid on my own work. My legal team said that this is absolutely not normal and they've never seen an NDA like this presented unless it was to silence and assault accuser by paying them off.


He would never even quote my team apprised these master recordings were not for sale to me. So then she said she found out from a private equity company she got a letter. They say they bought 100 percent of her music, and that includes videos and Albon album art from Scooter Braun. So I guess now what she's planning to do is rerecord her older music.


Yeah, she was with this.


Go ahead and then be able to put that out and profit off of that instead of the old music catalog so you could rerecord the songs that you have already and then put it back out and then say, now I can control the masses. Are you telling everybody that, you know, buy this album, that that album I wanted to be recorded songs do well to do.


People always want the original versions, you know what I mean? Because I've seen I've heard of people doing that before, but don't be having that feel like the original one. But I mean, let's be clear. Scooter did nothing wrong. No, this is business. And we got to stop saying those are her masters. The Masters belong to whoever owns them.


That is correct. She has not owned Scooter. Scooter bought those Martha's Square. He sold them fair and square. That's business.


And I think he got, what, three hundred million? I said upward of 300 million. That's business.


Right. So but, you know, again, it is business and I guess she's upset about it and expressing herself, but there's nothing she could really do about it. No.


All right. Now, Eve is opening up about her struggles with fertility, and she said that she's been really trying. We told you that she is exiting the talk and that's because of traveling restrictions and focusing on expanding her family. Well, she's been more open about that. And here's what she had to say.


I'm forty two now is, you know, my husband and I, we've been trying and trying and trying and we've been doing certain things. And I understand where Emma was coming from with the endometriosis, because at the beginning of the year, you ladies know, I had a procedure called a myomectomy that gets rid of what's the word I'm looking for fibroids. Yes. But I used to have these horrible periods. There's a lot of women out there that think we were told that parents are supposed to be painful.


They're not your go to your doctor. And if they don't believe you, go to another doctor.


Yes. And we've been talking about that a lot, you know, on the Breakfast Club, even with Coach Jessie, with the fibroids. And how many women have fibroids, in particular black women, a large percentage of black women actually have fibroids and they try to make you have surgery and do all these things. They said nearly a quarter of black women between 18 and 30 have fibroids, and that is compared to about six percent of white women. And by age 35, that number increases to 60 percent.


And black women are two to three times more likely to have recurring fibroids or suffer from complications, well, less than some healing energy to IVF.


OK, and I have some healing energy to her and to a lot. Women out there, too. I would just suggest that if you want children and maybe you're getting to an age with a little older, have them take your eggs out.


I mean, a lot of insurance covers it in that way.


When you take your eggs out, when you finally want to have a baby, maybe when it's a little later in your life, you still have those healthy eggs. So everybody out there just just look into it. Just call your doctor, call your insurance company, because a lot of times they cover that procedure.


I've got a couple of homegirls who who did that procedure. It's costly, though. It's costly. Sometimes they cover it unless your insurance covers. They don't cover all of it, though. Maybe part of it. All right. Well, that is your rooma. Report on Angeliki. All right.


Thank you, Miss Ye. Now, we got front page news coming up, but are we talking about.


Yes. And we are going to be talking about Michelle Obama, what she has to say about their whole transition and Donald Trump. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Hey, what's up, D.J. Envy? And if you're looking for auto insurance customized just for you, you need the general insurance. They have excellent customer service and they have been in business for over fifty five years. Call 800 general or visit the general dot com today. Some restrictions apply. All right.


Morning, everybody. Is T.J., M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are. The Breakfast Club is getting some front page news now on Monday Night Football.


The Vikings beat the bay in 1939. Now, James Harden, he rejects the Rockets extension. Looks like he's focusing on his trade to the nets.


So we'll see how that works out.


And that's got to give up for him. That's got a lot of good young pieces of Liguria. You know, we saw that happen in New York when Melo. I mean, when the Knicks traded every little nice young piece they had for Melo, you know what I mean?


Sometimes you call them nice young pieces, some good players. But that's on your mind. Your mind works like that. OK, you got some nice young pizzazz. Young Lasan is a little weird. It's not weird, just ridiculous and silly. That says a lot about just how ridiculous I was. Right. All right. What have we got here?


Well, the NCAA seems to talk about sports. They're planning to host the entire men's March Madness tournament in Indianapolis. So right now they are in preliminary discussions. I don't know if it's going to be, but it'll just be a single site, is what they're saying. I don't know if it's necessarily a bubble, definitely, but it'll have to be about sixty 18 single elimination tournament, the city of Indianapolis. We're going to host the men's final four, but now they're talking about hosting the tournament completely there instead of at thirteen different cities.


Yeah, definitely.


Definitely makes sense to be a bubble.


I right now, hate crimes in the United States have reached their highest level in twelve years. So that is, you know, according to reports, the U.S. hate crimes go up from twenty nineteen to over seventy three hundred and at the highest level that we've seen since then. Fifty one people were killed in hate attacks in the past year, and that's the highest number since they started tracking them in the early 90s.


They just tracking hate crimes in the early nineties. That's crazy. Oh, yeah, yeah. They just started doing that. Christ. All right. Now Michelle Obama is speaking on the presidential transition and how this is not a game she is urging for a smooth transition of power to the next president. She did a post this week. I've been reflecting a lot on where I was four years ago. Hillary Clinton had just been dealt a tough loss by a far closer margin than the one we've seen this year.


I was hurt and disappointed, but the votes have been counted and Donald Trump had won. The American people had spoken. And one of the great responsibilities of the presidency is to listen. When they do so. My husband and I instructed our staff to do what George and Laura Bush had done for us, run a respectful, seamless transition to power, one of the hallmarks of American democracy. And she said, I have to be honest and say that none of this was easy for me.


Donald Trump had spread a racist lies about my husband and had put my family in danger. It wasn't something I was ready to forgive, but I knew that for the sake of our country, I had to find the strength and maturity to put my anger aside. So I welcomed Melania Trump into the White House and talked with her about my experience answering every question she had.


So she's telling Donald Trump to think beyond your own ego also. You're right.


I mean, listen, she's right with the fact that any of them thought this was going to end normally is nuts to me. The past four years, Donald Trump has done what he wants when he wants. And you thought he was going to lose the election and just exit. I know nothing about this presidency has been normal.


So why would it in normal, I expect Trump to Trump and Dems better stop expecting him to one day wake up and do the right thing and just start saying, well, if he doesn't want to leave, we're going to have him removed it as simple as that.


Like, stop trying to reason with this guy. It's not going to happen. All right, well, that is your front page news. All right, thank you, Miss Yee. Now, when we come back, 50 Cent will be joining us. We'll kick it with 50 years and a lot of new projects coming out. So we'll talk about everything that's going on. So Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Morning, everybody, is deejay envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest, sort of like a fish without evidence of the man running around.


Well, first of all, how is Jeremiah doing? You know, you broke the news that Jeremiah was in ICU covid.


How is he doing?


All a little better now, because I speak to say, like in his camp, he was in intensive care and not not responsive at one point. And that's when I called and he told me what was going on. And that's why I said right away. But I know some people who passed away from covid, but there are other existing illnesses, right. That is really enhanced joint and knocked them off. And I'm like, I hate to see that happen like it would because Evan took it to our coach musically, but that I wasn't afraid to spread the gospel.


He had asthma bad ass.


So Jeremiah had no preexisting condition? No started. They thought it was a few different things before eventually figured out it was cool. We can add them and they put the thing in his throat like he was like it's like real what they said, because I think we all experienced a version of it. I'm so the cold symptoms and things that made you feel like, well, let me see, because is really in the very beginning, I went to that like I'm like, you say that.


And I felt like I got a fever. And then later I had so many covid test afterwards, because you have to go to these classes to be in the bubble on television shows. That was like rapid testing all the time. I felt bad about it.


I didn't take the test to see if I made up my mind on it now because I was way back when I first started.


Yeah, I think in that very beginning, because I because I did feel like I was the symptoms of a lot of non-qualified, like with my hecho you go through all this and go and, you know, survive, shoot out like I am just because you are very particular about your health.


And like I said, you know, for more and more reasons than probably the average person.


Look at this part of your presentation is how people see the case as opposed to the person who got herself back in shape when you make a filibuster for a good year.


That was part of the reason I hope to get some of the points on the basics. If you get on bike like thirty five, thirty six, I was like a little ten miles. I came back looking at the bike. This is the hardest shape though. Do you give it how you like.


I get on a treadmill, I just one super fast on the treadmill the first time now not got to ease into it.


The fame hit me hard and like a mother, like it is a feelings now I they're like, no, we're not doing that.


You know, I thought about you this weekend, man, because I was looking at I was looking at Gucci. I said, if you can put their differences aside, after all this month, they had this hope for you and am I correct?


No, but I do love you. I do that you and, you know, whatever you say to me is that's just the way I feel. My job was to show up in a crazy fan of it. It was one point to something. And it is about how Black Lives Matter, something like that. It's something you just like. I have no feeling about it, no question about it. And I was a little bit disappointed because I feel like you and Van are guys that as far as the journalists, when they talk as a journalist on the radio, you're not writing it, but it comes out right.


Regardless, right. Because it could cover the things, the statements that people say only when at certain points that I said things to people, let it go. Oh, I'm glad he was there to say that he is innocent. And it's just just because, like, a lot of times when you don't do stuff, like even the energy is a part of the culture with hip hop music is the closest thing to street culture. So you see more casualties, more street things happen to artists connected to hip hop.


Look at this week, crazy shoots in the park. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. Lives like the music lives with this one is coming. So now starting to be a little more visible. Like I had a television show. It's about seven hundred unsolved murders in hip hop more than any other genre of music.


This is great information. I don't know how we got here.


Based on the question I asked you, I think it's the hardest thing about Trump, so.


This hospital that we seem to care about, no trouble, I was I was just saying, like, you know what they got you putting their differences aside, do you think you could ever put your differences aside? And all ways that I understand why 50 has eternal beef with murder. They tried. They thought they shot this. You know what I mean? I get it. And it's not directly with them. I'd be just the person. See, they punished lot.


My success, my issues would bring some say from my neighborhood. You understand the difference. You look at it and go, hey, you got to do something like eventually if you keep telling me not to do what I want to do, I'm going to do something. So he's going to go home knowing that that makes him address it in that way. Don't address a rap about killing them with shooting, you know, nine times, perhaps on your own.


Like you hit them over that.


You know, we're going to do the right amount about how do you go so hard on TII going back and forth and y'all doing a movie together, doing a show together. How does that work?


It's not with malice. It's just it's made a mistake. The U.S. statement is not wrong. In the statement you made, you know, I've said about it, that would be a positive and productive as supportive of other people. But in the climate when things are happening and people they just lost loved one, they don't care nothing about none of what you're talking about. And when you say don't bring your Peter Pizzolatto, it's like you don't use the schedule where it's going to happen.


Yeah, I think his family sister is actually something else. If you give them how she's feeling about the loss of her brother at that point is why I responded, you know, that we know what that was. And then you go, of course, you didn't put the name in it. You want it back, but a lot of it because you realize that wasn't the right thing to say. And who is the. I'm not the police.


I'm just saying why you said the timing is bad. You need to say that, you know, and when I see the kids, they move a little different. Me like I watch with OK, don't make fun of and maybe like smoking that smoke in the apple.


I'm like, OK, OK. It's a little different because somebody is hurting at the point is you saying it. So this promotes more now you want to hurt somebody. Right. And then you go and you're still in fix. Are you doing what you've got to you just shit. You switched it, you shifted to anxieties of do they know what I just did as you just did something in response to how you felt? And it's a lot of people the growing like I look at them and go, oh, OK.


When I get really excited about the artist, I see myself, you know, like like pop smoke. I think that's why I participate like other people. You know, if you heard somebody similar to you, we didn't like it because he's like, oh, he buys this stuff. But when I hear him sound like I go, yo, I want to meet him. When I meet him, I go, he's talking to me, is speaking voices like my voice.


I answered the phone, you go, yo, what's up? Like that one in action was so it was so odd because I'm looking at him and it was going up. He kept playing with his own apartment. I had a table look. He was typing what I was saying to him and it was twenty, twenty one years old his entire life up in hot. So he look up and you said if you've got passion for music and music coaches in front of you that way and I'm near the entire time like you go, no, he's smarter than himself.


And I'm go, why would I be standing in a way that I'm embracing that immediately. And now as much as I can, I say, yo, you want to do this? Would you see me it or you want to do that? Because this is moving them away from so much. You know, I'm saying, does he go, you want to win, you got to do this like this. You do too much of this. You go to jail.


But you know how many times how much. I just missed it.


Yeah, but you did a lot of it early on. That's the blessings of that time period. You know, go get away with as much now, which is crazy to me. Like it was more killers back then. Yeah.


No social media or stuff going on this gossip and talk about things that people tell, like I said, should all want to get in that situation and then showed from a music video earlier that day, the kid wearing the same clothes I saw is almost like God damn what the police got to investigate.


I we got more with 50 when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. I don't I mean, I didn't made it, but, you know, I felt like, oh, you're doing on a the. I put some ice on you because you got a cold. I know. I got to keep my shirt on. Go go back to the Slovic. Oh, you got it. You know what?


If we have any beers, is that OK? Is it OK if I call you my bride to be I anal play. I just got a lot of pain. But let me tell you, I like you a lot, babe. I want to start at the top and the bottom bay. Now you want to shoot Red Bottom Bay. You know, I like you right at the top. And she was in NATO. Yo, I'm only doing cash.


Don't need promo. I said I rise.


I'm going to fall for this. Coco, I've got a feeling I can use my heart and I keep a pretty good cook.


I don't do facade. You see my diamonds even when I'm in the dark. I think you got any wrong doing anything shady made it guys. You only know about my fashion line. Go your way or the rover. I put some ice on you because you got a call. I know. I got to keep my body on the floor. Oh, you got to do it. Not any more. If we have to be, is that OK, is it OK if I call you my bride to be anal play, I just got a lot of pain, but let me tell you, I like you a lot, but I want to start at the top and the bottom because you want to it part of.


You know, I like what you write.


If I had to bet she got hit a sidewalk, if you got her husband would take about a mile and a five a.m. on their way out and then they may make it. But she is now, you know, the I was pulling up in the valley. You know, I take the song when she right into the kill zone shot, you know, to drop below, like the level of how we think of, like, Johnny Cash, you know, about.


I put some ice on you because you got a call. I got to keep my body on go. So the flow of. He made it like, go on a road. I saw you because you got a car. I know I got to keep my job. You got to love. Oh, you got it.


You know, if we have any means. Is that OK? Is it OK if I call you my of me? I ain't no play. I just got a lot of morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy Angela ye shall. I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club is still kicking in with 50 Cent Salame.


So fifth win win is the right time. And what is the right advice to offer these young men in regard to how they choose to be?


If you tell them to wait for what they're doing, they've got to learn some of them that, you know, you've got some daughters, so they're still open. So a lot of them, you're not going to just do it and want to be the case that they are looking to respect to. And definitely I'm not telling them stop doing what you're doing. I'm not saying we had a place that was carved out for the smart guys in hip hop.


I called the conscious. Those guys now don't have the same category, but it's Kendrick Lamar, J.


Cole that is Talib Kweli. Common sense is staff is all of these guys that were there and participating within the culture and had strong street ties. Both that I we'll get to that in the West. You sound like you come from Brooklyn. So it's a choice to try and do things that reflect your personal character, like these kids was hot to these reckless play more than other records. You know, it's funny as you all. Oh, shit. I work with them wanting anything.


He just like goes I was like, oh, he was back on the game, he said and he said I was like, well he said he would play that way.


He said he was like he was liking it.


And then that game.


And I was like, oh, no reason to think about the NFL because it's not like jobs. Quality music changed the fact that that is when you portray something and they said we the murders, until you have casualties, when does that become so sad and cogent? At that point, you're dealing with you got death row, you have the president of Columbia. So you've got things that were authentic. So you go, these guys, we're going to find things to make that feel real.


After you did the label, gave you the name, you pulled close association things debate. That's a real. And then as soon as that's going with murder, we go, oh, it was going to be the ink now, right? It was. It was it was it shifted in public. You can't get that Obama stuff is not something that you say something is. It's a lifestyle.


But I have to get everybody to the I mean, if you had to make the adjustment at some point, at some point, it's like if you know, you're not you're not out there shooting people.


No more new information. Are we talking about when you started getting information and you figure out what you actually have? Right. But look at the White House situation, isn't it, guys? This one. Yeah, it's just what they talk about and what you like. What you see in me, what address it. He stepped to the podium at the big one, but he not registering it just got his posture is not changing. But I'm coming in the room with ten people because you got going.


Allegedly, allegedly. Allegedly. That was allegedly everybody's got a choice case. Invite them to actually get the thing out of his hand and then run out.


But technically, look at all that real tough guy. You see, the guy got a problem with your stepdad. He pulled him out, shot Bob up. You fought with him. You took it from Iran behind him.


It is tough. That is tough. You got the part that is not tough is everything that happens when you talk to someone, either limousine backfire and power and it starts to go. So it feels like you're listening to a movie. Right. And then people don't buy into it. I going somewhere. But then you see, you start thinking, wow, I had to do everything. So the whole world out around because you're going to do nothing.


So for him to get weight off on his own and you go see these things, it's not so to happen in the future.


Is that why you trim down a lot of your crew?


Initially, I have an army of people or so.


You were killed, Kubelik some some Burkean, some martial specials. And so we will go a whole bunch of them.


I tell you, I will make sure to keep one in it. And with all my take over.


And as the first begging you ever, but I did I did that, he made me go to the did you know what I saw that back when was saying he wanted you in game to do inverses and they reached out to you.


And is that even a potential?


I haven't even heard about that. I heard like just talk about it today, I think.


Would you do it versus a man? I don't know what is it? Or I thought it was when we were stuck in the house.


So we go outside and we don't like the idea.


I'm just trying to let everybody go first, make sure it is all right. But you are doing a show about you and game right. And your whole situation.


If it's a good you know, what it is, is I use the actual court documents of Jimmy Hedgeman and then and the other side of it, they got information from ThomasA I.


We got what we said. When we come back, let's get into a 50 cent minute mix is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is T.J. N.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club down a fifty cent mini mix. We're still kicking it with five. Charlamagne, you know what I want to ask you about?


You know, a lot of rap has been using many, many lately. Yeah. Twenty one savage pop smoke. How do you pick and choose which records you want to clear?


You know what? When I heard the records, so it was obviously that was a joke. And this is I felt like his record was that he didn't need to play the part of the end, but creatively it was setting the tone for I think it resonates stronger that record, because it feels the way I felt at that point. It was what at that point? I mean, I think he did address some issues on that.


Would you have a clear record if you want to have them?


Otherwise, they're going to say the wrong thing. So they don't even want people listening to my record, so they go for it. You got Majesty's Government? Oh, no, no.


I want you listening to that. And you would think that I hate them with the passion. They dislike me because they go into a continuous aspect of my success. What people tell you, the best way to get a person back is to good. That's not a lot work. Even when people say things about me. I was just upset with me all the time. That's so. Oh, we've been in the relationship between twenty years. Eighteen years.


So we said now I'm like, I'm sure I could do what I'm doing. Thankgod, you could do what you're doing as you're upset. And I'm not. I'm enjoying myself. I still, I believe the energy of the people that you're not in a good space. You can't you can't make the next thing up, you know, and that's the way a lot of times I don't really get affected by how people feel about me. I if I cared enough about it, I would be crazy already.


It's just like you look now, particularly you guys. I feel more comfortable having this conversation because of what the show is. But I come to talk about the million dollars to go to Trump's inauguration. But I passed the one for a million and you said not five hundred thousand went up to me while I was still confused with whether I should do it right.


Why were you confused? Just because of the money he just needed for the same business you see now with different artists like for the Black Vote? And I'm going, yeah, I put myself in that position. I don't know what I had to do to recover from it. Be honest. And I'm looking for our past. And you see later when you see I'm watching the news because you see but by this time as decision said, oh, and never talked about that part in the debate, it's because Kobe is such an issue.


It overshadowed everything else in his play. This is why the following day, my Instagram posts on the cover puts me on the cover of the newspaper. Right. People go, Oh, what are you saying? Say this is I get all these phone calls because I know you don't feel like that. Why you don't say this? And I'm like, why do you care to fix it so you can't be use this. Just don't use me to argue just to use me or I'm all used up.


I did decide to take that post and make it the company, OK, because it changed my intentions or what I would actually do a way. Definitely got to check it I'm sure. Yeah.


But easily the guy put it this way then tells the Chelsea game with the I really have a conversation with us today.


It just is just you can see. A communications personality and so forth, have you cashed in yet? She made you an offer. Have you cash?


And it's just it's almost like he's some kind of Holmquist was from how we know you didn't get paid to tweet that about Biden's tax plan, though?


I didn't believe it. I didn't like that. The name when I did just put it up, it was how did how did I know that you were going to cover the newspaper? Right. I didn't know.


You have said before that Trump has some qualities that you feel like you possess.


Also the ability to to believe in yourself like these. Look, no, I think most successful people are a little crazy after. Do you develop passion in every way and you got to look at the money you put into how much money you put in. You develop a culture when it's not 100 percent comfort. Looked like it could be things that can go wrong. Like we went to a recession where people say it was worth half of what it was worth and then all underwater.


And we can go in that direction without any area feeling like a destination and be able to suppress that when it's happened in the past. Would you say that in order to actually make those that would be blocking if you were thinking about going in some ways this past? There's no such thing. Yeah, I think we already got more people on our podcast who blog posts all over the place. And then if they still want to hear your point thirty six Mark is still a struggle.


I was to it because it puts me on what's going on and it's been set in a way that I completely grasp what it is. I mean, one hundred plus markets, you just want to sort of throw that out there.


You know what it is. But who's counting? Yeah, I like that.


One hundred plus plus six when I was doing the math.


But last year I we get out of here and I know you got to go.


Do you ever regret anything you have said or done to anybody. You know, I don't apologize enough. I like the passage of the a lot of times my intentions are what the mouths of you when you're the public taste like. You see the social media. I never I never liked them. Anyway, I'm going to do you no matter what you know about it. And why would I care about what you think if you have nothing to do with the success that I've had in my life, you know, you can tell you, sorry, are you forgiving at all?


Like if somebody said sorry, if they have a go over my mark, I'm against the right certain things that they do it. I can hold on. It's better than other people can be honest. Like sometimes things get older. We don't get old. I still look at them. When you said what you said, I'm looking OK. And it might have been how you felt at the moment. And it passed. And I look at them and I'm gone.


I don't know why you felt that way, so I can't let that go. OK, well, maybe this isn't just last month.


They are supposed to those comes on this Wednesday, 10 to 11 on ABC. And don't forget, too, because that is my show. I'll get appointed. When it ended, I was like, wait a minute, what is happening? But it's back on December six, right?


Yeah. If back in action with that, you can just see it. There you go. Well, we appreciate you checking in with me. How's your body?


Is D.J. Envy Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Let's get to the room is let's talk make this time it's about who's going to report on the board. This is the room, a report card with Angela Guy on the Breakfast Club. Well, as we are gearing up for a mega in the stallion's album, good news to come out this week, she is in a profile for GQ Men of the Year issue. So congratulations to her. They actually named her Rapper of the Year. Now, in this interview, she talks about what happened that night with Trillanes and she said, I never put my hands on nobody.


I barely even said anything to the man who shot me when I was walking away. We were literally like five minutes away from the house. She says that after he shot her, he offered her and her friend money to keep quiet about the incident. She said, At this point, I'm really scared because it's like right in the middle of all the protesting, police are just killing everybody for no reason. And I'm thinking, I can't believe you even think I want to take some money like you just shot me now making this.


Stallion's said when police did get there and arrest Trillanes, they noticed that her feet were bleeding and they asked her what happened and she responded, I got cut. And so that was her conversation because I guess, you know, people don't know how to react to the police and not wanting to tell things at that time. Now, she said she did still want to project strength despite being a victim. She said like, damn, I have to be tough through all this all the time.


It was like, who really checks on us or who protected us? You just go your whole life with that mentality. And then when something actually happens to you, when you probably should have protected yourself, your first instinct was not to protect yourself. It was protecting other people. So that you do it all around you. Yeah, I didn't make say Meg was supposed to be here this week, but she had a long laundry list of things not to talk to her about.


And it was all Trillanes. And that situation related.


Yeah, I think I think. You know what? Yeah, I think it's crazy because when she does white publication white publications, she's able to talk and talk about everything that she wants to talk about. But when she goes to the black press and black publications, there's a list that the label sends out that, you know, don't ask about this, don't talk about this, don't talk about that. But we don't want to support and hold it down and play her music and talk about all the good things that she does and go through all that stuff.


What do you want to do that I would love to read to GQ magazine article, because if you're going to name her rapper and you should be focusing on her her rap, right?


Well, yeah, that's in there, too. This was just the part, you know, and yeah, definitely. So whenever she talks about working with Khateeb on rap and just a lot of other things as well, make a YouTube, Apple Music and all of that.


I wish you the best on her debut album. Good, good news. But, you know, I just don't like when artists go to white publications and spill their guts, but when they come to the black media outlets, they want. Now, we also have a little something to talk about right now is this the artist is probably not on that list at all. It's the label and representation saying that a lot of times I just don't even know they like.


What did they tell you?


I couldn't talk about? That is very true because they asked us not to ask you about Donald Trump, too, and he brought it on Friday.


So, yeah.


So I don't want to put that on her. We don't know. Yeah, I don't think I'm positive it's not her, but I just think it's wack when her representatives do that because when she was coming she was a new artist.


We were the ones important that before any white publication even knew who she was. The black publication media was supporting her.


And at least talk talk with you people because, you know, you're comfortable with your people, you know, and white people just using you for a story. All right, now let's talk about Jeremiah. His team is giving an update on his condition as he is battling coronavirus. Adam Smith, who works with him, actually called into Kenny Burns and said this. He is still ill, he is still in the hospital with some complications with Kobe. Any progress is better.


There's no progress.


He's stable, but one is still in ICU right now.


But we do have the best of the best working on them. We've had a lot of a lot of people in entertainment, in the entertainment capacity that we reached out to that helped us with the resources like Jack the Ripper has been super helpful. He's been connecting us with a lot of the doctors at the hospital that he is or just some more support are connected with both of connected us with his entire team at UCLA that he works with.


That's no problem. All right, a chance to wrap him up using their resources to help others and that Hulu documentary about Takashi's 69 has arrived. It is now streaming exclusively on Hulu. It's called Sixty-nine The Saga of Danny Hernandez. So they said it's part an investigative documentary by real life gangster movie. They talk about how he played the title again. That's the title saga of Danny Hernandez. No, that's not what you said. Keep going. Sixty, the saga of Danny Hernandez.


Now, you've got to put my whole name. You've got to say nine 69. All right. Now for 69. Socco Daniel Hernandez.


He's all right.


All right. Well, it's about how he broke the Internet repeatedly with his visa, with his visa, I'm sure.


All right, kids, good. They said the bulk of the work is done before his release from prison due to coronaviruses concerns earlier this year. And yes, so if y'all want to check that out, it's on her.


What are you making all this noise about?


You you reported that story nine to sixty nine, six nine.


Now, we know that with these videos right before jail.


All right, guys, I'm Angelique. That is your room report. All right. Mm hmm. Well, you given your donkey to it.


Well, Cory Booker in his sixth, not Cory Booker. The Cory Booker works boy. He's a shut up man. She is a Republican now, not a Republican.


She's together represented by representative and representative elect. She's a Missouri Democrat. And she had something to say about Republicans in the House.


All right. We'll get to that next as the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same.


The precious family reunion is coming to HBO. Max celebrating 30 years since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air debut during the Will Smith and the whole cast for a walk down memory lane that Banks family is back. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion streaming Thursday only on HBO.


Max it. I don't give it I'm a affecting all around you. I want this man to get out and blow this man, Charlamagne, the top of his gloves. Let's go. Let's make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose you for the Breakfast Club, bitch, whose donkey the day to day, you get my vitamins that my pocket.


All right.


Thank you. Today for Tuesday, November 17th, goes to all the Republicans in the House who don't know the difference between Brianna Taylor and Cory Bush. Not Cory Bush is a Missouri Democrat representative elect. And she said several of her Republican colleagues mistakenly excuse me, mistakenly called her Brianna Taylor. OK, why were they mistaken? Cory Bush for Brianna Taylor? Before we get to that, how can anyone mistake anyone who's alive to the late Brianna Taylor?


Now, look, it's impossible for everyone to be up on everything. We all live in our own little worlds, OK, whether we want to admit it or not. Way before it was covid-19, we were living in bubbles. And the thing about our bubbles, we swear whatever we up on in our bubble is the biggest thing everywhere. OK, I say it all the time. Just because you don't know about something doesn't mean it's not popping somewhere.


And just because you know about something doesn't mean it is popping everywhere. OK, we be in our own bubbles. But Brianna Taylor, if it's a top five list of things that were mentioned in 20/20, Brianna Taylor would be top five easily. I would say top three. I can't think of too many things I heard more about this year. Of course, coronavirus would be number one on everybody's list. And then in no particular order, I would say, Brianna Taylor, George Floyd, Donald Trump, Kobe Bryant.


I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't think of too many things that were mentioned more in every household in America than those things. Like those are all big, universal, broad topics that I thought everyone was up on. But according to Corey Bush, representatives, representatives in the House that are Republicans say, no, no, no, no, no. We have no idea what you are talking about. Let's go to CNN for the report, please.


Both the House and Senate back on Capitol Hill, several newly elected members getting settled, including Congresswoman elect Cory Bush of Missouri. She says many Republicans called her Brianna as she wore this Brianna Taylor mask on her first day working on the Hill, tweeting, quote, It hurts, but I'm glad they'll come to know her name and story because of my presence here.


I feel Corey fatigue, being black is tired of being black in a white supremacist world.


Whatever you did in spin class yesterday when you were on that Peladon bike doing that Beyonce themed workout, haematite that made you multiply that by 400 plus years with no coffee and tell me how fatigued you would be. OK, black people just tired, man. All right. Number one, the weight of knowing how Brianna Taylor was killed and then knowing there was no justice for her, that being heavy on your heart at all times, just add that weight to the weight of all the other times we've seen unjust things happen to black people.


And it's just heavy. And then it gets tiresome having to explain not only who we are, but who our fallen comrades in blackness are that we choose to wear on our mask. OK? I refuse to believe that these Republicans in the House didn't know who Brianna Taylor was and if they knew and forgot why it did black people. So forget about you.


Maybe it is all a blur to them because they don't really care to begin with. OK, this is more awkward than making a yo mama joke in the person's mom is that this is more awkward than asking about a person who's passed away.


How such and such doing. Tell them I asked about them.


Would what they did Lord have mercy? That's when you just want to back into the bushes like Homer Simpson. OK, I need I need a Southwest Airlines want to get a Wayfair right now.


OK, and Corey, Bush is handling this better than most of us would, and that's why she's in the positions he's in. But most of us are not her. OK, let's listen to what Corey Bush had to say about people calling her on Taylor.


You know, first of all, I am Begoña Taylor as far as I could be, a black woman murdered in my bed tonight. But I am not Brianna Taylor. And I just want people to you know, we have to stretch ourselves and pay attention to what's happening in other parts of the country. But this has been national news for a long time. People have protested in the streets with this name. And it just saddens me that people in leadership, people that want to be in leadership, don't know the struggles that are happening to black people in this country.


And it's just disheartening. And it was hurtful, absolutely hurtful. And I didn't hear it once and I hear it twice. I heard it several times. I'm being called Brianna Taylor today.


And but it's OK because we'll educate and we'll make sure that people know who she is, what she stood for, that she's someone who deserves justice right now.


Dropping a school bus with Corey Bush. Better than me. I'm still working on myself, OK? That's why I'm in therapy once a week. I'm petty, Michelle Obama said. When they go low we go, I know I would have took you right there to the floor with them. Those Republicans in the House would have called me, you know, Brianna Taylor, deceased person whose name has been top of mind awareness all year. I would have started calling every old white man in that George Washington.


It would have been so many. Hi. Are you Mr. Jefferson? Thomas Jefferson. How are you? Oh, you must be Abraham. How are you, Mr. Lincoln, after that? OK, I can pretend to be clueless, too. Is it arrogant of me to think everyone, at least in America, should know who Brianna Taylor is, should not be top of mind awareness for so many people? Even if you don't know who she is, you should know who she isn't.


And she's not Corey Bush or any other system that's alive and well because she got killed at the hands of the police and justice was not served.


Please let me give the Republicans in the House who kept mistaking Corey Bush for Brianna Taylor, the biggest hee hee haw hee haw, you stupid mother.


Are you dumb? All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today. Yes, ma'am. Now, when we come back, Queen Naduah will be joining us. So we kick up a queen. Now, just don't move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest on the line right now, Queen Naza.


Hi, how ya doing? Morning. What's happened this morning? I just saw you stretching. Don't act like you're not tired. Oh, no, I'm not tired. I'm like, OK, I'm just stretching because I never really stretch in my bones.


We need to quit yoga, massages and stuff like that going, oh, not really. I've been to the chiropractor once in the airport recently and like, it really didn't help that.


Well, I wasn't a chiropractor in the airport. I was part of one of those guys that do the little cheap massages. No, no, no.


It was a chiropractor. He was like sort of certified. And it really that's what he told you when you saw his credentials with him.


So you just randomly walked through the airport and the guy walked up using my car, parked my car back.


Let me let me show you my work. Well, I did it for footage I was recording. Oh, okay.


Okay, okay, okay. Yes. Now, let's hold it up. During this pandemic, how's everything going off?


At first, you know, I was a little discouraged, but it turned out for the best. You know, I can't really complain.


A pandemic has actually blessed me more than it's been more of a blessing to me than anything. So why?


Just because I've gotten the chance to be home with my kids and not be away from him to too too like I get to come right back home if I'm at the studio or working and like I've seen them just learn so much. And yeah, I've been able to get music done to release my album, so I got a chance to perfect it. Yeah.


Congratulations on the album. You know, that is too like doing a pandemic. You had a number one selling album.


Yeah, that's crazy. I mean, I really put my all my all into it so it's just like God, I really didn't expect that to be honest. But yeah, I didn't expect that because like I said, the academy, the rules don't change, but it's like everything is just like happening when I want to release the album. So I didn't really expect it. I was just kind of banking on just people listening to it like my my core fan base and just appreciating what I did.


But you got a big bass, though. I mean, you know, especially being the fact that you, you know, been on been on the Internet for so long.


Yeah. I got a nice fanbase. Yeah. I would like to reach outside of them though. So, you know, more people could get to know me.


You got one point seven billion global streams you reach in somebody. Yeah. Yeah.


That's how you can do with the Virtual Learning Virtual School. I know you got about a five year old, so how is that been going to school with him?


So actually, that's not my life stuff, so I don't do that. He gets home school. I have yeah.


I have a teacher come in and actually work with him in person and know just shut your policy, your children. This is my lifestyle. Don't I don't think you would be able to concentrate.


He's learned a lot. He went from not being able to pronounce a letter to full on just reading to me. So I'm like very happy about my one year old, not even two yet. We've all just been to work with him near his auntie. Like, is that everybody in like he knows his ABCs fluently. He's not even to two. So I'm really that's and that's why I said, like, this pandemic has been a blessing because, like, I really got to see them, you know, grow.


I don't feel I don't feel like I've been lacking in those areas.


You know, as I said, you wrote this post and I thought it was powerful. You said getting pregnant right after signing, people predicted my full career recording songs and trashing them out of anger because it wasn't good enough. Dropping two songs. I hated Sleepless Nights Away from my kids and my man giving up a stream of income. YouTube people compare me to other artists saying I'm trash and nobody listens to my music dealing with rumors. You went on and on and on about all the things, and now you are happy because the album came out and it just shows how much support that you actually did get.


Was there ever a time when you felt like so stressed out, like, I don't know if I can do things not to.


Not to what extent? Well, I feel like I don't know if I can do this. Just kind of like it was just a lot of pressure on me. And it made me low key. Like, it made me just want to do it more like, no, I have to do this.


I have something to prove not and I don't be rude to a lot of people be like, oh, I don't have anything to prove to these people. But sometimes, like as an artist, as a human being that like me, that wants to, you know, that's actually a good person or that actually has a story. You want people to hear it because people can relate and people can heal from certain things. It was it was pressure, but it turned out pretty good.


So all of that stuff is real. Like what? What I said in that post, like I really always like for real.


You, PJ say Yes, Big Daddy. Yes. And be jealous what he wants he wants and PJ. So that's a Yes.


Big Daddy for his big daddy. Sure.


That's what that is. That's there was all this controversy with Birken bag over a like what was going on with that? Why was it such a big deal that people were really seeming to like hate on that and your relationship? I don't know, you know, I don't even like honestly, I don't even know what happened out the loop on it all, I know it's like I think like around the middle of this year, I never really been into bags and designer things or anything like that.


I could literally just walk into for everyone to be like, oh, this is cute, you know? And then all of a sudden, like something just NetWare. I was like, Oh, I want a bag, I want this bag. I don't want that. I don't know what happened. My tastes just like got a little bit more expensive. So I.


You got bigger M0 got any bank account. That's what happened. Yeah.


So I told Clarance I'm like I want to birkbeck my birthday like just because I think got just because like I just seen it like you know like kind of I don't know, it was, it was cute.


I seen all the girls, what I was like, oh that's trendy, I want one, you know, but like it wasn't like, oh, I really I have to have a Borking, like I got one in like truthfully I don't even know if I'll get another one.


Like it's just cute to have is my favorite color to work hard for.


You deserve and you work hard for. What is your money. Well not it is not my money because he paid for it for his money. But you know you work for it.


Well yeah. Well yeah. I don't know. I mean who knows if I really feel the need, if I just want to go in cash. I don't want I guess I will.


Klara's bought the burger for you. How much it cost. Truthfully I don't know.


But I've seen the prices of the price range of them and it's I don't even know how much it costs to just say you got it.


Yeah, you can. Yeah, I don't ask for much. You know, I believe you, though, because she's very humble.


I'll ask, but much so I feel like that's like he always said, the people that don't ask for much deserve the most. So it's like. Absolutely, yeah.


How we got more Requena when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angeliki Charlamagne to go. We are the Breakfast Club was to kick in Queen Yi.


Now let me ask you this where you irritated when Chris and Clarence had their back and forth on social media and you know, how did you feel when you saw that happening?


Because I know that I had to feel like I wasn't irritated. I mean, that's just there's something I can't like. That's the honestly in a lot of stuff, like people don't understand, like getting paid from this.


So it was like it's like a like sometimes people do it like it's almost like entertainment, like kind of nuts. I don't want to say like they be for anything, but just like reacting and responding, like in front of it, like that stuff is like a lot of people do it like because it is a it's a show is a bag.


So it's like I'm not really there in a party like crazy.


At least apologize for starting with Clarins and you said bag yo yo yo Tounes. Oh my God. You YouTube is a whole different light.


Any, any time you react to something, anything that like has a big title, anything that like people are going to go and click and watch this money.


Right. That's money. So it's like if it's not that serious to an extent, my people don't mind, I guess, but I don't I just keep my hands out of it because, you know, I'm sorry. I've been trying to focus on, like, a lot of other stuff. And you don't bother me that you like.


What else are you focused doing right now? What else is clean to do? An album came out. No one did. Well, it's not over.


I definitely need to do the looks. I've been gone for two years so I can't leave another two years. I have to stay consistent and keep my face out there and I have to find new ways to to promote. I have some I have some features that I still haven't done for people that I want to do, like who are like me. Mignone send me a song and it's like it's a few people actually. And I and I always feel like if someone gives me the opportunity that I feel like it makes sense.


I definitely want to do it like as soon as I can, because you want to keep nobody like just around waiting and especially if I'm like a fan of their music. But that and just like I would like to, I really want my own studio. I really do like I have like stuff here. I just would like to work home. But in this space right here, like, I've been trying to work on a lot of things, like as far as like buying a house and this and that.


But I think I learned that I don't even want to buy a house anymore. I would like to build it from ground up because there's still so many things that I want that Clarence want that I feel like we cannot find. And just like a house is already built.


So, like now we have to step back and see like it's more and more than just like the music is just like being at home and like dealing with your personal life.


I want to invest my money into some businesses, like I'm a creator. So I'm not all the way like a business woman for me. So I really would like to invest in, like, find and find a way to use my money. Right. Keep it. Honestly, it's passive income.


So you do some investments and that money's just coming in. This is and then like for my my kids, I just want to keep.


Going to where, like my kids, kids can be bliss generations. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah, some people some people get money in, like they get these deals and they just like, blow it on, like because, you know, a lot of people are used to money, you know, and they want to get everything they ever wanted.


They want to buy the family and buy that and just like spend it and throw it all out. And it's just like, you know, sometimes it can really come back to bite you.


You know, you took a break for two years. Was that because of the baby or just because of the pressure?


It was getting too much mixed with a mixture of you. Of course, you know, when I had a baby, you know, I sat down a little bit and then I try to make my album and I was trying to rush because I was also trying to, like, prove to people, I know this baby now. There's not this baby is not going to change anything. I'm still going to do it. But I was rushing so much that, like, the music that I was making was kind of like it was good, but it was kind of like everywhere, like I didn't have, like, a cohesive album.


So I decided to just step back and take my time because people was really, really like where the album like you've been since the EP, like, oh, you better fall off. You've fallen off those just like I was. It was discouraging, but I was like, nah, I mean if I'm in gave your debut album, it has to be a classic for one, has to be not skippable, has to be cohesive and has to make sense.


And I don't want to just be like putting out anything my when I give it to you, I'm a really Givati. Right.


You know, I want to ask, like, you know, the more the more pop and you've gotten, the more money you gotten and you know, you've always been transparent. Does it make you want to pull back from that so much of your life?


Definitely, because I feel like the more that I speak is like the more misunderstood I am. I can sneeze and people will make something out of it.


It'd be like she got covid, but it's just like I literally could do say anything that people really think about any but scared to say out loud. I'll say it. And I'm like, why did you say that?


Like dragging me like and it's just like, OK, let me just stop talking at this point because it's like literally no matter what I do, no matter what I say, somebody is going to make something out of it, put words in my mouth to twist it.


And it's just it's really like sometimes just annoying libro like, let me stop talking to you, because a lot of you guys don't deserve my wilderness.


I don't deserve you. I just don't deserve some someone like me. It's just, you know, yes. I was like, I don't know, given your energy out like that, sometimes you don't get good energy back in return.


So, I mean, I say all of that, but I'm still probably going to be myself because I just can't. It's hard. I mean, to not I'm like, no, I'm just not going to say anything. I'm not going to. And then I go back and I just like say some things on my mind and then all over again, it happens all over again. It's like I can I stop being myself. I'm going to say what's on my mind.


I'm going to be transparent. What I want to be transparent way. And that's just that's just the I just I just still have to learn to just accept the fact that everybody is not going to like it. And that's OK. Back out again.


Like for your birthday, for the album release, we've all been kind of cooped up and not doing as much. How is that?


It's so great actually, because that because like the beginning of this Kobe thing, like, I literally was just I was in a house I didn't want to like I didn't want to go out to the grocery store if I didn't hurry up and come back in. But it felt good to be around people that actually supported me.


And, you know, I got a lot of people for your birthday in the listening session. I didn't think of that happened. Honestly, I thought nobody was going to come to my birthday party because I did it so last minute. And also, I don't know.


I just didn't think that I will come. I feel like I'm not ready. I don't like I don't need party and I don't do all that stuff. So I was I come to when I was a party, but it turned out it was a good turnout in everyone.


But he said he missed the. You missed the message. Yeah. Yeah, I know.


I was trying to get a New York deejay because I. I don't know. I just love New York. So you got to and I want to go. How to do it though. D.J. Cool. You did it. Yeah, it was, it was dope.


I just wanted to Loki, I really wanted to have like a New York name kind of party. Like people was laughing at me because of like you. I'm from New York. Like, why do you you know, why don't you try? But like, it's just like like people have parties like like the area's like if I want to do it, like I'm from New York or like it's a New York party, like what's wrong with it?


Have you I feel like you and Cardie should be friends. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, definitely. I love Kadee. Yeah. We've communicated recently. Oh you almost got some music in the works together.


Oh well I just kind of like after like you I really don't like bother. Like she's always, she's always supported me. Like she pulls my things on her story, like myself, my music and like she don't have to, she has such a big platform and I met her in person. I we took a picture together and he would be like, oh yea yea look you all look alike. I just really love Kadee for her transparency and she just keep it real and she really don't care.


Like she really don't care. She just say what's on her mind. She's still a human at the end of day in and she's so relatable and I feel like I can. Connect with that, but, yeah, I asked my Guillermin, like, I really am, like bother people. Well, what can we do to, like, work? Because I really want to work for and that if I could do something so I'm got nothing prepared, but I'm a I'm a go to studio and like it just happen in due time, you know.


Got you were you know, closemouthed don't get it so you got it.


You got to speak things into the universe you got to do.


We appreciate you for checking in and joining us this morning. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I appreciate you. All right. Scrutinizer is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. But you don't need all the help you'll get down, down. Down, down, down, down, down, deep in the middle of the night, I know that you had to put it down right there before I can put you on a flight. You know that and make it change a light bulb and everything. It feels amazing. Anybody got all crazy. I know you could catch. Thank you. I know you can't get to.




Oh, morning, everybody.


We are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room. Was this freeway? It's. She's spilling the tea. This is the room, a report with Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club. Well, a freeway was on the recession podcast and he talked about losing a child and how his faith has helped him cope with that. He also revealed that his daughter is going into cancer treatment and she's gearing up for that new treatment. She was diagnosed in September.


Here are some more freeway as far as the gift of life.


Like my son, he saved more lives. Some people got his kidneys. One person got his lungs and one person got his liver. And it's a blessing, you know, just the it to come full circle because someone's son saved my life. Someone's son was in the same position. And, you know, they they were generous enough for him to be an organ donor. And that's how I received my kidney.


And I listened to that yesterday. And I said to myself, why am I not an organ donor? And the reason I'm not is because they always say we won't need all organs when we die. But are we sure? That's always been my mindset.


But that conversation definitely made me rethink my decision.


You know, there was always a movie one time. That's the reason why I'm not I think I am now. But it was a movie where they would kill people for their organs. Oh, yeah. Because they know that when they died, they were able to accept it or harvesting organs is a real thing.


That movie is called Get Out Too, by the way. But Dick Gregory said that when he was here, he talked about, you know, people harvesting organs. God bless the dead. All right.


Now I'm watching what's happening with Meek Mill and some local rappers in North Philly. I don't want to talk too much about it, but I see he has deleted his social media. But he also let people know before that happened that he does have an EP coming out.


So I guess that would be at this Friday, a four pack.


Could someone schooled me on what happened in that meek mill Philly situation because I didn't understand the back.


I think I think what happened was Meek Mill said, if you guys in Philly stop beefing, I'll sign all you guys independently, let you all let you all come out.


He said, I'll get all the main. I'll get it. I'll get all the main big artists in Philly a deal if they put their bodies behind him and squashed. And BS I hear about got some hot young bulls in my city, but they are Biffin, right.


So they said ADOS is like pretty much like if you you could have signed this a long time ago. Why now. Like I was just on it now. So they got upset about that.


Oh I thought it was because he said put the bodies behind you. Meaning like if somebody did something to you and just let it go. Right, you wouldn't just let it go.


But you got to break the cycle right. At some point, somebody's got to break the cycle.


And he was trying to be positive. And then things went very left, went very left. After that, they told him to pick a side because McMeel said pretty soon everybody's going to have to pick a side. Too much is going on to be cool with everybody. They told him it's time for you to pick a side. And he said, I'm not picking no side.


You know, do me somebody from Baltimore, Baltimore, Delaware, just skip over Philly.


That's that's his tatis. Hopefully they'll squash it out because there's a lot of great talent. And the great great I can understand what everybody's in. I can understand what those brothers are saying when they would like somebody, you know, did something to one of your homies, you'd want to get back. But also wonder they mix in on you like, yo, you might have to put that behind you. Like the cycle has to break. It does good.


If it doesn't, it's just going to keep going. Keep going, keep getting killed. What are you going to keep going to jail. The cycle has to break at some point. Right?


I agree. And I think with all the deaths that's been happening, all the shootings, I think Meeks whole thing was like, yo, let's try to slow this down. Let's stop like we all brothers at the end of the day. All right, now, black China is upset about some things that Wendy Williams said on her show. And let me say something right now, black China is definitely getting the bag right now. I've been hearing about the numbers that she makes up for only fans.


She is one of the top creators on only fans. And she definitely stunted after Wendy Williams said this on her show. He has a child with black China, right? Yes.


Yes. So that's Kenichiro that he's I told you to text me regularly. Can you help me find a condo? I have no place to live. Yeah, China. She said she's not getting child support from either from the payments were lowered from Rob and she said that a single mother of two, can I find her a place to live?


And it was like random. Like maybe she sent a blast to everybody that she knows because it didn't say, like, dear Wendy, I didn't answer it. I don't want to be involved. Black China got it.


She posted a video yesterday. She posted it close to two million dollars because she posted about a two or three million dollar crib.


I don't know what she got. We don't know that her isn't cheap.


I'm not going to say that this is something she had to call a long time, though.


Just let me just tell you right now, I'm an only fan.


She makes she's like the number one person. They say she makes about twenty million dollars off of only fans.


I mean, that's what those numbers are. I always think of them as those who still believe in this stuff.


But she does she does make a lot of money on only fans, though. But I think I think black China good.


I don't know what she's got, but just because you have somebody to help you find a place to stay don't mean that you can't afford a place to stay. You might be looking for a realtor or something. I don't know.


She got a call waiting for me anyway. Do you live in New York? You said it was a massive email, a text blast. It wasn't like she personally.


I need some to cater for Thanksgiving for anybody else, anybody know anybody that can help cater for Thanksgiving? I don't mean I can't afford to buy the food.


I'm looking for a caterer. All right.


Well, Black Santa definitely took offense to that. You know, sometimes things get a little shady there. So it is what it is. I'm Angela Yee and that is your roomie report. All right.


Thank you, miss. Don't forget this Thursday change for change. Now, this year, it's all about helping you guys. Usually we ask you about you guys to donate, but now we're helping you guys out. And all you got to do is go to the email with the email you.


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We're going to give to you all because you're always big active when it comes to us. Matter of fact, salute to Isaac Hayes, Isaac Hayes, the third he was on yesterday, raising money for his his startup called Fan Bases, the social media app. He wanted to raise a million dollars when he when he came on the Breakfast Club, I think he had raised three hundred and thirty thousand. Correct. He raised over 300 plus more thousand in an hour.


And then he reached his goal of a million yesterday afternoon.


So dropping a coupon for Isaac Hayes. And that's why I always say the Breakfast Club audience is always so supportive. They're always so active. So that's what we're doing on change. We change. Giving back to y'all always gives so much to us and others that come on this platform. That's right.


It's powered by Pepsi, too. So shout. I want to say shout the revolt a revolt off. I don't know if we're coming back by the end of the year, but we'll see.


I don't know if was coming back at all. I don't know what's going on, what might be off right now or what might be looking for the same thing. Black China was sending that text message out for a whole lot better.


Start only faces. Send the email to big that case. You need a little help. You know, Sam, we have for you, you know what I mean? His vacation. The Turks looked expensive.


All right. Yeah. This book is for Change Revolt. We got you right. People's Choice Mix. Up next is The Breakfast Club.


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Now on the Web site right now, the e-mail.


Yeah, it's a big change between dotcom and you said email. I said it on my website. All right. Well, when we come back, we got the positive note is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. and Angeles Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. That's all. I mean, you've got a positive note.


Yes, I do have a positive note, man, is just something to give you a little perspective on this Tuesday. Always. You remember that the problem with having problems is that someone always has it worse. Breakfast Club pisses you off.


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