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My mother was always very active and independent and she was familiar with her neighborhood. But one day she stopped at the stop sign for much longer than usual. She wasn't even really sure where she was that it's important for you to talk to someone about it. I felt so much better after my son told me mom will figure it out when something feels different. It could be Alzheimer's. Now is the time to talk. Visit Al Zieger, our stories to learn more.


A message from the Alzheimer's Association and the Ad Council.


It's time to wake up eating inferentially. And Charlemagne's at the Breakfast Club. The voice of the culture to watch the. Like news, really be tuned in just one of my favorite shows, though, just because you always keep your job, keep it real. They might not watch the ME, but they're on Twitter. They're on Facebook. They're you know, they're listening to the breakfast, the show. I saw. Good morning, USA. You owe me with my to be here.


What have you. Good morning, Andy is to Tuesday. When I worked in a building, I seen me pull it up, so he should be coming up stairs right now, there's a big dude downstairs in a trench coat and a hat. I don't think I don't know. Charlemagne knows that security. So Charlemagne might be just chilling in the car. So he you know, he assesses the situation. But no, I think there's security reached out to you guys.


No. Yeah, but this is a new security guard. And this dude is like six foot five and he's just big his ish. But I seen him downstairs. I have my hood over my mask going out. I kind of just shimmied in the building and I realized that was security. I was like, oh, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy right in that building. Well, listen, I just want to say revolt has been off this whole time.


Supposedly they're back in January. That's why I can't see who's here. Normally I'm here, but we could see each other on the camera. Correct. So we know who's in the studio, who's not. Yeah, but yes. So I know a lot of people have been asking what's happened to a vote and it's nothing to do with us, you know, because back in January, in the New Year of revolt, we'll be back in January.


I guess they just take a little vacation. Happy birthday to my dad. Today is my dad's birthday. So happy birthday, Papa. Happy birthday, Daddy. Envy. Yeah, we'll get to see him usually. I see him for his birthday. You see him for Thanksgiving, usually for Christmas. But with the cases rise in the way that they are, I just absolutely, positively fall back. I wouldn't be in the studio either. You said you would be in a studio.


Yeah, yeah. This might be my last week. The way that they talk about New York is about to shut down in Jersey, is about to shut down. It might just be safer to eat my ass at home. They open in the schools, back up in New York. Then they talk about they might be closing a school I heard this morning. Oh, so the schools are closed in September 7th. They're going to reopen. I'm so in phase opening phases.


Yeah. I mean, I want to reopen the country may reopen the economy. People out there losing their businesses. The things I want this this thing to stop and the vaccine is right around the corner is three three different vaccines. Right. So, I mean, it's only a matter of time. We just got to make it through whether to stop it. Yeah. Yeah. Make it to Libya. You know, that was a security guard down state.


I don't know if you knew that at first I was going to call you. I said, come on, man. Well, you did call him OK, are you?


So I said, oh, big six four five do. That's how I him my you know, he might come on now the situation before he walks in there. Come on. That's my man. My man. It's my guys guy. It's OK. You don't even know his name. Yeah I do. OK, I don't wanna say. All right, hey man, that's all. But yeah he's mad. Secretive too. I was, I was, I was like I was I shot him and he said, oh no, that's right.


Mind you, I don't know who you know. Who are you boy. All right. Don't be asking no questions about my guys. I know I said he doesn't know you all to work together. I know. Know who? Your side. All right. That's got to make sure that you never can be too safe. You never seem to be one of these people, that clown folks who move around with security when you work something you protected. You know, you told me that E40 dropping bombs before for them.




What he said, when you work something you protected, you've got to make it difficult to make it difficult.


Right? I mean, they never got dogs. That's right. Y'all never got punched in the back of the head walking into work. Jolli No one across the street to the pharmacy and had to do just run down on you, OK? It's consequences to the city, to this life that we live from freedom of speech and free is a cost to it. Both those instances, I was like maybe a minute behind Charlamagne. That's right. Yeah. Charlamagne got hit.


I was a minute I parked my car. Right. I was like, yo, Charlamagne just got hit in the head.


I just missed this right there. I just missed it. Damn right.


Well, let's get the show crack front page news. What we talking about? Well, let's talk about this vaccine and when it's coming and we'll talk about Moderna. They have applied for FDA authorization for their covid-19 vaccine. I will tell you what that means.


All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Hey. That's the hottest line in that song. I mean, somebody I just need to mind your black ad business and everybody gets out. All right, literati rich. All right.


Well, let's get some front page news. I know the Giants are still number one. Eagles lost last night to the Seahawks, 23 17. And it was mostly a football game today, but they postponed the game because of covid. So the Ravens Steelers game will be Wednesday at 340, which is weird in the afternoon. And the reason it's in the afternoon is because later on the evening, of course, you have the Rockefeller Christmas tree like the whole one got to do with the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting in New York.


It's a big thing everybody watches over all over the country. They don't want to ruin it.


Up with this ain't no one. Still don't care what else we got. Well, let's talk about this vaccine.


So according to operation at warp speed, they've given a timeline for the coronavirus vaccine shipment. They said there's about 120 million people at risk in the United States. They said by the end of the month of December, about 40 million doses of vaccine. But they have that. And then it's going to take a while for all Americans who need it on a priority level to get it. But they said over probably two or two and a half months, they all will get it.


And those are people over 65 health care workers and frontline workers. Are the people first in line to get the vaccine. Both Pfizer and Moderna have filed for an emergency youth authorization for a coronavirus vaccine from the FDA. Now, what does that mean? Well, Daryn just applied for FDA authorization. They did their own tests and what they found out in their Phase three clinical trial, they gave thirty thousand people either the vaccine or a placebo. And the rates that they found out among the approximately 15000 people who got the vaccine, 11 of them developed covid-19 the 15 thousand people who got the placebo.


One hundred and eighty five of those people develop covid-19. And so that was according to the phase three trials. And they said none of the 11 people who did get yeah, you know, I'm not the highest grade weed in the dispensary.


Anything that comes out your wife when you have a baby, right. Was it was it the placenta? Placenta. Down you go. All right. What? Hey, man, it's early, man. Give me a moment, OK? We're just getting started. A means they don't.


They give you nothing like is fake. It's fake. So you don't know who got the fake one or who got the real vaccine. And in that way they can really monitor you and you don't as a child person, you don't even know which one you got because some people have symptoms.


Some people are like, oh, I got a headache, but they don't really have it. They just think they have a headache, but they don't know the placenta.


OK, now, none of the 11 people who also got the vaccine became severely ill. The 11 people that did get coronavirus. But 30 of the 185 people who got the placebo became severely ill and one of them died.


So what they're saying is that even if some sort of placebo killed somebody, you know, if you got the placebo, you can still get coronavirus. So of those people who did get the placebo, one hundred and eighty five of the 15000 did get covid-19. So they would have gotten it. It got covid-19. They didn't know they had the placebo. And then one hundred and eighty five of those people died. I'm so confused. I mean, got severely ill, that severely ill and one of them died.


So why don't play with me also.


Are we going to give you the vaccine? I think I got the vaccine, but you really gave it a placebo.


Died when you agreed to be part of a trial. You know that you either get the placebo or the vaccine. You just don't know which one. And they don't give you coronavirus. That means you just saw how we got it while you were out and about. So how do we know one of them didn't die for an actual vaccine and not the placenta because they got the placebo?


They you see, you said that person got the placebo. What if it was actually the vaccine and the vaccine is what killed them and it wasn't placebo?


You don't know. No, they know who they are. They know they tell us. They know the doctors who did the trial know who got what.


They know what they told them. They know. They tell him and tell you, hey, here's the placebo is a vaccine. But I'm actually giving you perceive we're giving you the vaccine or the vaccine you killed, OK, with the placebo. Oh, my goodness. Say hey.


But you walking around thinking you're immune because you think you got the vaccine and you know, that's crazy, know, but they're telling you they might be telling that you might get the vaccine a placebo.


They're not telling you. Everybody's going to back. They're not telling me. They're not telling other people, hey, you got the vaccine. You know, when you take part in a trial that you're either getting a placebo or you're getting the vaccine is a 50/50 chance, 50/50 shot.


Hey, man, wear your mask and wash your hands. Social distance, all right? And let all these other people go first with the placebos and the placenta's, the vaccines and everything else.


All right. OK, well, that is front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


If you need to hit us up now, maybe add a bit to my. And you go. You go. That's not me.


I keep want to get it off your chest is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This will be what's going on with your Tambra. I mean, E.J., E.J., E.J., nice to be one of my favorite leakers growing up. Eric Cantor. There you go. Then my son turned 16 on Thanksgiving Day, so I asked him what he wanted because he wanted to be with the best. But, you know, so curse, so to do was like, yo, this guy just came in about three of them. We don't have any more stock right now.


We'll probably get some more tomorrow or whatever. So I saw the guy and I'm like, yo, do you want to sell those gay say? I say it sounds like how much we gave in exchange for how much. And I usually only like four hundred ninety nine. Oh that's good.


That's not bad. No, there's more to the story. Let's go buddy. Tell me the good stuff. We get home open at the box and been in that promised Zemo he or his man was working with him at the store. One of the others. I went back to the store and told him the guy was like, I don't know what you're talking about. He just brought them and I just told you about it. I was like, Dude, there's no way in coincidence.


Yeah, he just brought him. And then I go to buy it from him and it's which does he call it a placebo?


It's a 50 50 chance when you buy these things that it may go your way and he may not. That's the oldest trick in the book. No.


You supposed to open that box right then and then, you know, he had the receipt. The box was still sealed.


Bro, you open that box right then in there right now in Hillsborough, that box is not still sealed. He got you. Where you from? I'm from North Carolina. Yeah, got you. Did you call it prison time? You could have called the police on them.


Technically, I wonder what he did. But that's the same thing my wife was telling me. You need to do a police report and let them know that and find the guy you wanted to with his ass and you thought about me.


Roberson This weekend you said, you know what I mean? I feel your phone message my now.


And it's not that's not gonna happen. I ain't worried about that out of me. Yes, sir. Sorry, brother. Sorry, man. Merry Christmas though. Damn it man. Hello. This you want to. Q Orlando, what's happenin. Get off your chest.


Hey man doesn't sell man. Yes, sir. Man Why why are you becoming the industry man. Y'all know Kevin Hart will ya know how was it wrong for calling his daughter. And that's what he said.


And why would you want dead wrong for telling a joke and saying his daughter got whole, like, activity? Why that wrong?


He did it because he didn't say a whole, like activity. He said in my head, my daughter. I hope that's what he said.


Oh, I didn't hear that point. I heard him say the whole like activity part. But either way, it's a joke.


As a comedian, bro, it's a joke. And you got daughters. So you got daughters. I got a daughter and son and I and my daughter's twelve and my son is three. So when you and my is twelve as well. So you telling me that and you grew up in Orlando, Florida, so I'm sure that you went. The classic back in the day, you've actually called him in a hole back in the day, you telling me that if you see certain behaviors in your daughter, your mind is going to go to that?


I'm twenty eight. All right. And so I will I want my son to give the same be treated the same as my daughter. He's not going to be out here slinging and she ain't going to be. I hit someone. You know what I'm saying? Absolutely.


You had your daughter.


You say you had your daughter were 15, 16, no. 17.


OK, but you I do want to say we do also need to start teaching boys not to call girls hos, to stop calling for people to be to be respectful to women.


Also, we do need to do that. Well, when everybody sees that, you're right.


But women got to stop calling girls. So I ask for my home girls yesterday.


Hey, what do you call the woman who sleeps with a bunch of men who, I don't know, I don't call women hos at all and I don't you've never heard me on this radio call the girl at home.


You said, hold me, Solomon. And I you know, I wish I was back in back in the day, though, when you was playing and what would you consider? Oh, you got a whole. Absolutely. But I'm just I think I think we see the same energy. But also, I want to take the time out, man. I want to take the time to shout out to my black queen, my wife, Mary. She's sitting right next to me.


And we are expecting. So I want to say salute.


OK, baby number three. Congrats, bro. Yes, yes.


And I love what you guys are doing, man. May make you that same, even with that same old same old accountable for the things they say because they came by saying, while it's true, I think jokes are jokes.


But what do you what do you what were you saying you when you say when used to call when the whole point of that was to try to make everybody come calling women hos all the time for no reason. And I said I might call ho, she's winning. So what. And that was the point of that. OK, get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


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This time last year I was on the bus to field hockey games I didn't even do to talk and to give back my guess.


We'll also talk about a charity that's close to their hearts.


Oh, Sammy, doing doing all this important work in the world.


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So the email from you on the Breakfast Club, you've got something on your mind. Hello, this is Erica. Hey, good morning, Mama. Yeah, I listen to y'all every morning and I'll be down. I'll be driven out of your I mean I mean, I'll be laughing like crazy every morning at. Oh, thank you.


I know that's a good thing, but I don't know that if you think about this man, I listen to your every single morning, like every morning, every morning much.


I appreciate your support. Well, thank you so much. I have a great and blessed day. That's all you from. Okay. You too. That's all I want to say to you. I love you. We love you back.


I love you. Twang to that southern twang. Hello, this is Patrick Pierce. How are you doing today? Patrick Pierce? What are you calling from, brother? No, no, not Patrick. That is like Patrick. But what is the exact Patrick close? Patrick, your parents thought they was fancy. Yeah, definitely. What do you call it? From my parents. From Africa. You're from Sierra Leone. They combine their names together and gave me that group.


OK, go on. It's my birthday, by the way. So, you know, that's really why I called up the happy boy dating UNEV.


His dad. Yeah.


Today is my dad's birthday too. A it is a real brother is a real king holiday, I should say. Yeah. You go to Sierra Leone, you know, all my African ancestry goes back to Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and what's the other country over there? I don't remember. But Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau are definitely you know, that's what's up. I read it in your book and I was actually going to act because you send me another copy so I could get to my brother if possible, which I got you.


I got a bunch of money also.


They cannot call my cash up out there. I'll just keep body in America. I'm going to bless them. Brother was a little change. Change. Well, birthday. That would be cool. And most importantly, shout out to my Atlanta Falcons. Wow.


Well, hey, listen, right now we're going to get a new head coach. So, you know, get that five. I mean, oh, five. So, you know, it was a lot of who gave me stuff. It was about time we actually had to get rid of Dan Quayle. You know, he let us down in twenty seventeen. But we did speak about that. We're going to the Super Bowl next year. And that's all I got to say.


You sound like a cowboys. We go to the Super Bowl next year. Well, thank you for calling. I wasn't gonna remind you what I'm gonna put out. OK, just make it. I was going to remind you. I want to see if you've got a point going.


Hey, it is the one you eat once again, the one you eat. At least just do something positive about his brother.


They'll have a story he wants. He wants some change for his birthday. That's all he wants. And stay on home and give our producer, Dan, your address. I send you a copy of my my second book SC1. I put them on hold.


Hello. Who's this? Hello. What's your name? Caleb. Hey, Caleb. Good morning. Get it off your chest. My mom. Well, I really didn't have much to say.


I just wanted to congratulate you are doing good.


And I thought it was mostly I gave away money because it's really someone stop calling people the N word because it's broke.


It's so unfortunate people when it comes to their pocket in America.


There you go. That's right. Every so there's a financial struggle out here for some folks.


You got it. You want you want to let you give some money to something.


Hey, no, I believe somebody ten dollars yesterday. No, I'm with you, buddy.


That's right, buddy. That money take my money.


I just somebody did something about them. Two words together. Just do something. We broke Nick broke.


God, hey Lord. Have him right. It felt like back in the day when you heard Scrubs for the first time, the guy get my mama, get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Now we got problems on the way.


Yes. And let's talk about a show that is coming to an end, a series that a lot of us used to watch. Our friends are on that show and it has to do with Chrissy Teigen and Freddie Gibbs.


All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it locked at the Breakfast Club.


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Just let us know and let me talk talking. So we play this song every hour, OK? Right, you're right. All right, let's get to the rumors.


That's what Mike Tyson. It's time she's filling the. This is the rumor report with Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club. Well, after Mike Tyson and Roy Jones fight a fan, try to fight Mike Tyson outside the Staples Center, they said he was leaving. And on the way out, a group of fans were looking for autographs. When Mike Tyson walked over there to sign them, a man in the crowd yelled out why he wouldn't fight him. And Mike Tyson jokingly responded and said that it wouldn't end well for him.


And then the guy swung on Mike Tyson and then tried to reach into his waistband like he was trying to pull out a weapon. That's when Mike Tyson's team jumped in and the guy took off.


That's what happened to Mike Tyson his whole life. Absolutely. Literally his whole life. People think trying him in different places because he's Mike Tyson.


Yeah, they said the same guy actually had tried to do something at a previous signing. He started some trouble there as well.


Well, Mike, you give him what you want. So he said he could do it and never ask, what do you want? All right. Now, Jake, Paul is in talks, according to him, with kind of MacGregor's camp, and he feels like that's the fight he wants to do next. Listen to this.


The Jake perverse kind of McGregor fight is going to happen. And it's just a matter of when and it's going to be legendary and I'm going to win, too. Like that's what I would really want people to understand, is I'm going to dedicate my life to winning that fight because I'm not just going in there just to say I did it. I'm I'm going in there to kind of McGregor up.


Is it fair to say there's actual interest, Jake? Yeah, there is. It's business, baby.


Jake Paul versus Connor McGregor in a strictly boxing match. I don't I don't know who I have to go back and watch how McGregor looked in the ring against Floyd Mayweather. I do remember McGregor getting very tired in that fight. But I mean, if Jake Paul had been trained in the past three or four years consistently just it's just boxing.


That's what I give Jake Paul fighting chance randomly.


I spoke to Jake Paul yesterday and no such thing as random. It was really random. Somebody that I knew was he called me. We face Tommy first and I didn't answer. And it was like, pick up right fast. So I picked up and it was him and Jake Paul. And he wants to come on the show this week, actually. So he's been up here before.


I went to I think Jake Pulvers is a great honor and a back in a boxing match, although I didn't Snoop Dogg is cosigning the idea of becoming a sportscaster. I think that could potentially happen for him. I think people really enjoyed his commentary. Yes. And I saw Snoop Dogg posted what somebody said that he's a natural commentator. He's Barkley on steroids. He's hilarious. Three years. Fifty million dollars. Who will make the call? I think it'd be great.


So he should do it now.


Little Wayne, why didn't he perform? Because, you know, he's one of the owners of Shriller. So you want to snoop on as well. Yes.


And Little Man was supposed to perform. Didn't make it to the event. Well, according to sources, they said that there was a third party event producer who interfered at the last minute and tried to insert themselves. It was a whole mess, a lot of confusion. And little Wayne got frustrated and decided to just not do the performance. And then by the time CHIRLA found out, it was just too late. But he said he was happy that things went well.


I respected him. I don't know the. All right, now we don't get a chance to discuss this, but in the next hour, we'll talk about everyday struggle. That show is coming to an end complex's everyday struggle. It's been over three years since the show has been on complex. And we'll tell you what went down.


OK. All right. We'll get into that next. And we got front page news, what we talk about.


Yes. And we'll talk about Joe Biden and who he's been appointing because now we're finding out more about what his team looks like. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Hey, morning, everybody. Is T.J. and we interleague shot. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is getting some front page news.


Hey, my giants are still number one. You know why? Because last night the Eagles lost to the Seahawks 23 17. I felt so bad for Russell Wilson in the Seattle Seahawks.


I'm like, why do they have to face the NFC East team during covid? OK, just a waste, a waste of some of a gathering that wasn't an easy window, but they did win pointless gathering.


And he took the social distance from all the NFC East teams trying to still number one. Now, what else we got you.


Well, let's talk about what's been happening with some covid relief talks now. They said that a bipartisan group of senators actually had some talks. They were informal to try to figure out what's going to happen to provide more economic relief to Americans. And they have to figure this out. You know, they're saying that right now the key programs that were enacted amid the pandemic are set to expire at the end of the year. That includes the pandemic emergency, unemployment compensation, a federal student loan freeze and nationwide eviction moratorium.


So both sides have to do some give and take. They have a Democratic House in the Senate. There's a need for Democratic votes to pass any bill. So they need a true bipartisan bill. They said not. This is our bill, take it or leave it. So they do need a specific timeline on when this can happen. They want to actually have some legislation passed, they're saying, after the January 5th, Georgia runoff election, but before Joe Biden is inaugurated January 20th.


All right. Now, Joe, Joe Biden and his transition team announced several nominees and appointments for the incoming administration's top economic posts. You know, that's all going to have to do with this. Two, they're going to have to make sure that they figure out what to do with coronavirus. And yeah, there's some firsts in there, too. They have the Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen. She's a former Federal Reserve chair. She's Biden's official nominee for treasury secretary.


That is confirmed. She'll be the first woman to serve as the department's leader in the 231 year history. Also, Neera Tanden is going to be serving as director of the Office of Management and Budget. If that's confirmed, she'll be the first woman of color to lead that department as well, though. Mm hmm. Yeah.


So you can see there's a lot of diversity in people right now that Joe Biden is is appointing now. Today is also World AIDS Day. Just so you guys know, December 1st. And right now they are calling for global leaders and citizens to rally for global solidarity, to maintain essential HIV services during covid-19 and beyond, and to make sure that there is continued provisions of HIV services for children, adolescents and populations most at risk for the disease. They want to call on countries to provide health workers with greater protection and support so that they continue to work safely during this pandemic.


And they did find out from research they've been investigating whether people with HIV have an increased risk of poor outcomes with covid-19 and according to preliminary evidence, there is a moderate increase vulnerability. So it's even more urgent right now that people with HIV have access.


All right. Mm hmm. That's your update.


OK, thank you, Miski. Now, when we come back, let's open up the phone lines, 800 five eight five, one, two, five one. Now, let's talk about this restaurant in Dallas. What happened with this restaurant in Dallas? I've seen it all over, all over social media blogs.


Well, it's called Show Kitchen and Cocktails. And Kevin Kelly is the owner. And people were upset with him. This video went viral. There were women who were dancing and one woman in particular was dancing on a seat and she was leaning on the glass. She was twerking the song, though, that asked in a circle was playing.


And, you know, he cursed everybody out.


Some would say, throw that ass in the circle is a Negro spiritual. And when that song comes on, the spirit moves you and you can't control yourself. Some would say some people would say that me.


Well, I think we do. Do we have the audio of the owner of the restaurant? Yes.


I invested a lot of money into buying this building, into developing this concept so that people can have somewhere nice to go to a. I know we can feel good about myself having the right to be somewhere where people can feel good about ourselves as a culture. OK, it's all working. You take a different take it up, don't bring it here because we're a restaurant. It's something that 75 percent of our customers are ladies. And I'm not being to show respect for themselves how they carry themselves here.


So how can I tell them to respect themselves? You guys talk about last year if you want to do it. Our restaurant, because I didn't want people to know darn well we would have a collective reaction of the audience. He said the F word, but he went up to the table a couple of times and asked him not to talk and not to dance on the chairs. And they continued to do it. And he got upset and said, you know what?


I asked you nicely pretty much to knock get off at the restaurant, right?


Yeah. I mean, that's and I think what happened was when this first happened, people didn't know the back story. They didn't know that he had addressed them several times. They just didn't understand why he Kurstin made a speech to the whole restaurant instead of just the people that was working and make them leave.


I think you I kicked them out, but it is his restaurant. If he wanted to get in milk, John, and give up, I have a brunch speech. That's his right. You're right.


I also think he felt like he was talking to family because he's black and you seem like the majority black people. And they thought that they could have some, you know, real candid conversation. That's what I took from it.


Right. But there's like he said, there's certain places where the you dancing, you have a good time and in certain places where you eat. And I like I go to restaurants and I never see nobody standing on tables or standing on chairs talking. But then when I go to lounges and I go to clubs, yes, I see that. And I think his whole thing was, look, I asked you a couple of times, this is not that type of place.


Please don't stand on the chairs. Don't stand on the table, don't stand on the couch, don't push. He said, don't put your hands on the glass because you can fall and hurt yourself. I don't want a lawsuit. I ask you nicely a couple of times now. I can't be nice anymore.


If I'm arrested, I wouldn't have cars that the remaining customers in the restaurant, you know, because they weren't the ones that were causing the disruption. That's that's about it. But other than that, I don't I don't see what he did or did wrong here. What did I miss?


People were upset about this very, you know. Well, yeah. And I said like I said, I don't think people had the full back story. They just saw the video of him cursing them out. They didn't know what had happened prior to to that until it all came out after. That's what happened.


Yeah. I don't think he should have said get the F out of the restaurant. But if you ask someone to stop doing something a couple of times and they do it again intentionally, just as the F, that's a F you to me. Yeah. And then you got to go, you know, on my furniture and push on the glass, talking to my establishment after I asked you not to do. And you just don't respect me.


And Marvin, you said and I hate that. Do I hate when people say, well, he shouldn't use the F word. So it's like. But what I want to ask you to leave a couple of times and you continue to do it, you say saying f me. So I can't say I think those people will go. He shouldn't have said that to the remaining customers in the building. I don't know that I wasn't there.


I don't know the people were still there and I don't know. All right. All right.


Well we'll get more into it because we'll talk more about his response. And he did a response on Instagram as well as an interview with TMZ. So we'll tell you what that is. All right.


We'll get into that next. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Let's talk about it at the Breakfast Club. Come on.


Let's pull out your phone call. And right now you call me. And joining into the Breakfast Club to break it down, eight hundred five eight five one five one, The Breakfast Club. Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one zero five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club, shock about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. N.V., Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we open up the phone lines.


We're talking about a restaurant in Dallas, the name of the restaurant's name and the restaurant you eat true to kitchen and cocktails through kitchen and cocktails.


Now, the owner got it. Some people that were talking at his restaurant.


I invested a lot of money into buying this building, into developing this concept so that people can have somewhere nice to go to a. So we can feel good about myself as good luck to be somewhere where people can feel good about ourselves as a culture. OK, it's all this and taking it from taking a peek. Don't bring it here because we're restaurant. It's obvious that 75 percent of our customers are ladies. And I'm not being to show respect for themselves, how they carry themselves here.


So how can I tell them to respect themselves? Do you guys are talking of last year if you want to do it in our restaurant? Because I did it for people and I did it for our culture.


I don't like how we're reducing this to just twerking. I don't like that narrative. That's not what happened in this situation. It wasn't the twerking. It was disrespect. If you come to a table and you ask, you know, some folks not to do something and, you know, they continue to do it and then intentionally jump up on the table at the restaurant to put their hands on the glass and talk to say F you were telling them, you know, not to talk a couple of times.


That's just disrespect. You don't have nothing to do with the fact that, no, that ass in the circle was playing in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost got into this young lady and she just had to throw her ass in a circle. That's not what happened here.


Right. And I agree with you. I mean, he went to the table a couple of times and asked them, please, and they disrespected him and said, not only am I still going to do it, I'm going to get on the couch and put my hands on the glass and continue. Yeah, you got to get out. You got to get out. Because all I'm thinking about at that time is not only the disrespect, but if you fall into that glass, if something happens to you, I'm losing.


My buddy said that. He said there's a Facebook post.


I saw that his Facebook post, he said because he's an attorney, too. So yes, he said, but he also said why? I would like to apologize to the patrons who I offended by my poor choice of wording. I think this full story and a bit of video might help your understanding of the final straw with guests address and asked to leave. So at first people didn't see that. He went over to the table multiple times and asked these guests to stop.


And then the video we saw was just him pretty much cursing out people in the restaurant.


Yeah, I don't think he should have said get the F out of the restaurant to to the to the remaining patrons in the restaurant. But if you've asked someone to stop doing something a couple of times and they do it again intentionally, just as f you, then then you got to go and jump on the furniture and put on my glass talking to my establishment after I asked you not to. You just don't respect me.


I'm asking you how many times I got to ask you nicely. Like I like, you know, I don't ask you a couple of times.


I can also do it when he's black, right? Correct. He's a black restaurant. I guarantee he's in a white area in Dallas. And those white folks probably be giving them hell. Seeing all those black folks in that establishment all the time. He probably always reported them trying to get them jammed up. You know, and one thing about being black when you own a establishment like that is very difficult to get licenses.


Yeah, but it's easy for them to take them away. Absolutely. So you're probably overly cautious.


Let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? Hi, this is Katrina from Florida. Hey, Katrina, what are your thoughts? Momma, how are you guys?


My thought is I don't think he said anything wrong at all. I think a lot of the time, as a black people, we come clean with all our establishment and businesses and I have great customer service. We always find a way to put each other down. And finally, you know, from the way you look in the video, how many people was there? He has a well established restaurant and I think he's asking for you to respect the restaurant as you were somewhere else.


You know, there's no there's no place restaurant, any business really to stand on furniture, act like that, especially when he told you guys most of the time not to do it. I tell people all the time, if your mama told you, don't tell the furniture at home. That means you ain't no furniture, no where else, you know? So you better make sure to have a little bit more respect, you know, for his business.


And like you say, especially being a black owned business. We have something good going. Don't mess it up. You know, make ourselves look bad. We're here to uplift each other. So just respect, you know, his things. And you know, that's all you have to do.


You know what you got to do? You got to put plastic on this furniture in the restaurant. All black people know do not get on the furniture with the plastic. I can't do that. Don't even sit on and the food look good. I can't wait. I'll get back to Dallas. I'm going to try it everywhere. I look amazing. Hello this.


Hey, good morning. It's cool man.


What's he doing to make you look man, just because I'm a business owner and this brother was wrong, I got to completely understand that the ladies were disrespectful. But at the same time, you have to maintain your composure. I've been in that situation plenty of times and it could actually turn ugly. God forbid they had dudes come to pick them up and one of them comes inside and wants to fight the owner down. They could turn really ugly. So he shouldn't have done that.


I think if they were doing so, we wouldn't have spoke to them like that. What would you expect them to do that? I mean, what would you like? They wouldn't go to a white restaurant and act like that. I don't think you spoke to white women or Hispanic women or Asian women like that.


I think you spoke to anybody that's disrespecting this restaurant.


What would you do?


What would you do in that situation?


I would tell them I would turn off the music. I say, you know, what? Could that throw that whatever in a circle? And then I listen to music because people don't want to respect the rule.


Like, you don't want to leave now, I have to get the authorities involved because what we don't want to call the cops on these women. Yeah, what I want to call the cops. And he did I will say, after what he did, apologize for his poor choice of wording.


So he did say that he had a white man would have definitely called the cops on them.


ASEP, first time out the gate, you call the cops to escort them out because the situation now, when you don't keep your composure in situations like that, it becomes what you said and not actually what the people did.


So in the Bronx was a similar situation to the police in the Bronx, a little different, you know, and so do something in the business.


Owner handled it wrong. He disrespected her even though she was wrong. She went to Crawford before he shot her and he died. The do they do I mean, the boyfriend came in and shot to do that. He died, you know, so crazy. You just spoke to her with respect. You know, three times working in a restaurant was wrong. But you still as a black man, the way we interact with our women, we have to treat them.


What he did, he went to that table three times politely. What I see, what is prayer?


And ask him, why do you call security? We ask them to leave now. Maybe I got you a black man. I would not call the police only because we've seen what happened in situations like Waffle House and stuff like that. It would be very hard for me to call the police in a situation like that. I'm not I probably have my security at the restaurant do it, but not the police. But also we don't know when he was standing in the restaurant yelling at people.


If those people were still there, I don't know. But people were still there.


Right. But not only did you call the police, now you have an infraction on your business. Does that go against your business that police came to your business? You might not want that. I know a lot of times I would not want him to call when your business is you don't want the police to put any infractions on your business that they had to come for any reason. Because when you got to go against the community, boy, go for the community board, it shows, oh, we were called to this restaurant twenty times.


We were called to this restaurant five times.


And like you said, he's he's a brother in a white neighborhood. He's just trying to keep his business alive without having a problem with I'm sure they trying to push his push to move out. But let's talk about it some more. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What are your thoughts? It's The Breakfast Club.


The Morning. I know this is your third.


Call me and your opinions to the Breakfast Club top. Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one five one morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you just join us, we're taking your calls. 855 one two five one. We're talking about this restaurant in Dallas. What happened in Dallas?


He yes, the owner of Dallas is true kitchen and cocktails. He actually had to have some women leave because he went over to the table several times and stopped working. One woman was standing on a seat with her hands against the glass windows. He said, My immediate reaction was this woman could fall through this window and we could be the target of a lawsuit if she is injured. My second reaction was enough is enough. After already addressing this behavior twice, these customers no longer deserve the courtesy of kindness I expressed in the earlier encounters as it was met with disrespect and intentionally ignored.


That's why they were told to leave.


So may I ask you a question? Because I didn't see this on social media.


What exactly are people upset about that he talked to them and told them that they couldn't dance in the restaurant in a way that he spoke to him.


Well, no, I think that they didn't see the videos because he posted the videos and he posted his response that he went over there a couple of times before with the video that people saw of him cursing them out.


And, you know, he did tell them, I think we had the audio right, of him cursing him out. Yeah. Let's let's play the audio.


I invested a lot of money into buying this building, into developing this concept so that people can have somewhere nice to go to a place where we can feel good about myself having the right to do so. We want people to feel good about ourselves as a culture. OK, it's all this talking, taking off from taking a peek. Don't bring it here because we're restoring itself beyond that. Seventy five percent of my customers are late and I'm not being to show respect for themselves, how they carry themselves here.


So how can I tell them to respect themselves? You guys are talking of last year if you want to do it in our restaurant, because I give people an idea for our culture now.


So I guess that's the thing for me. I don't know if those people were already removed from the restaurant. If he was talking to the remaining customers in there, I wouldn't have said get the F out or maybe maybe the remaining customers thought it was foul and he was explaining what he did. And then he told them that you are too numerous times to get up the restaurant. There's a restaurant in Atlanta called BQE Shot to beat you. I love that restaurant.


I put my feet on the table. Right.


And why would you do that if you don't see my feet on the couch?


You know, you sit on the couch like you sit on the couch, in the lounge, on the couch.


And Mama came you came over and said, take my damn feet off the couch. Right. You know what I did? I took my desk. Right, cause I didn't take it personal. I was like, she right. My feet shouldn't be on this couch. And I respect people's establishment. You got to respect people. Then you respect people like like if a guy came to you and told you twice, look, don't do that, please, yada, yada, yada.


And then you. They still did it as a few intentionally. What do you expect to happen from that point? What do you expect?


Well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello? Who's this?


Those eight oh three. What's happened in Metro?


All the mail boat, whatever. I said, well, what are your thoughts, bro?


Just like this. I understand. What say that's cool. That is. He's right. He got his own opinion on that. Well, my thing is to where I see whatever music that you play that's going to see that thing. That's like if you go to a club and you go in and they say, you know, look, if you love whatever it is, you're going to have a fight.


First of all, you Blackheart taken away because you said before you change your goddamn so a little bit.


I am 47 years old. Why?


With all that mattered most to you. Because that's our era. And you're from South Carolina, right?


That's our era then did. OK, then. But that's too late now. You ain't no home. That's right. We might have to hang up on.


Why do it make you want to hang up on me? I don't know, man.


Go ahead, express yourself, man. We just knock now, you know, you stop bugging. That's right. That's right. It's all good. I'm walking now. It's the music that you feel it, man. I don't agree with that type of music. You have swag surfing. You just got swag surfing. You do to brown, you just jump out. The car stopped shaking.


Broke. Yes, but that has nothing to do with anything.


What I'm saying is it has nothing to do with the music. She was being blatantly, intentionally disrespectful because he told her to stop doing that twice. Yeah.


I mean, listen, you can dance in your seat. You can have a good time. You don't have to stand on the furniture.


Yeah, and he she only did it because he had told her not to do it twice. That's all there is. So I was intentionally disrespectful. You and I do not you know what they call him? The N-word. You know, you're going to have some of those everywhere you go. So that is.


Goodbye, brother. Goodbye.


Goodbye. Go back if you love me. I love you too. Brown swag for goodness gracious it is though.


I mean, it's all jokes aside. I mean, these are some Negro spirituals. I can't help it in certain songs. Come on. I'm a let his ass go. Oh OK. So a lot of bad luck if you bump this one up. Where you at now if you book we're going to start knocking and Bucky you know what I mean. We're soul mate. You, you, you shake your hand. I want to rock my uncle.


I want to rock. I want to write.


You can't keep still would not come easy so drop. I'm about to play that reconceive drop you Kinki drop. You can come right in there and grind right behind drum. How do we got to scrub the ground. How do we get here. You know how we got here. What's the moral of the story.


The moral of the story is to simply respect people like why can't you just respect people like he was being respectful. Why couldn't that other party just show that respect. Back is simple and disrespect usually will be met with disrespect, that's all. So you felt like you got disrespected? It's probably because you put that energy of disrespecting somebody else out there.


Listen, I agree with him that he should have asked those women to leave the restaurant if they weren't respecting his business. I don't agree with his how he addressed the whole restaurant and he did apologize for that. And I do think his wording was wrong.


And certain things that he said about women respecting themselves like you can't work but respect yourself. I don't think that's true. And so I think what he had to say was wrong. But I do think when you own a business, you don't want people standing on the furniture, pushing on the glass, and you ask them politely twice and they continue to do it. They got to go.


You know what it reminded me of? To remember that just get on reasonable doubt after twenty two to go the piano, can I kick it goes off. And Davis is like such and such a guy who is in here smoking weed. But we shut up and you're like, that's why we can't have nice things and we need to do better. That's what it felt like honestly. Somebody should put down the album is what I'm saying.


All right. All right. Well, we got room on the way. Yes. Let's talk about Travis Scott now. Forbes did this huge article on him about the money that he makes for McDonald's, PlayStation and Nike deals. We'll tell you what that looks like. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, T.J. and Angela Charlamagne to God, we are the Breakfast Club.


Let's get to the rumors. Let's talk everyday struggle.


Listen. This just in, all the guys got the the report guy got a look at the rural report report, The Breakfast Club. All right, well, unfortunate news for everyday struggle, that show is coming to an end, weighing on the desk, the academics. The final show is now slated for December 17th.


Why do they say wow? Well, OK. So academics had his explanation of the demise of the show. And so according to academics, he feels like it has something to do with Chrissy Teigen and Freddie Gibbs. Here's what he had to say.


Yes, it was a very weird moment with the Chrissy Teigen thing, but it wasn't only that I received calls from them about other content that they felt I probably shouldn't be engaging in. And I specifically told them, I said, listen, while you may look at me as I'm the guy on your show, I have a whole different brand to run. Remember, I got suspended, but I remember saying to them, if you guys are going to police what I do off of your platform, not realizing that I have to defend my own platform that I'm building, I never came here to be an employee for dropping bombs or academics microphone.


I don't know if he's doing that to the with that audio is fantastic, but yeah.


I mean sleuthed my guy went on academics looting and that's good. I don't see any of them being synonymous with everyday struggle. I mean, I didn't know of the definition of the platform, but we know and I have been making their mark before that show existed, so I'm sure all three of them will be OK.


And sadly, that's just the life span for a lot of hip hop shows, three or four years. That's why when folks look back and see what The Breakfast Club has been doing for almost ten years, next week could be 10 years actually get you to appreciate the evolution, because I personally feel like we show how far you can take it and we showcase the many dimensions of hip hop.


Well, he also talks about Freddie Gibbs and how he feels like the situation with him and Freddie Gibbs had a back and forth, also played a role I thought was a spit in the face when complex while trying to tell me that I should shut the fuck up.


You said something about Christie and that's not OK. They awarded I mean, literally couple of days after they awarded Freddie Gibbs with like lyricists or like some like award, even though he was saying that he couldn't wait till I die, that he could spit on my casket. It told me a lot.


I welcome to my world. OK, you know, many artists have threatened to kill me and they still get radio play and still get invited to concerts. And then I got to come to the concerts and introduce them. It happens. OK, but it's part of the game. I doubt complex got rid of them because of that. All right.


Well, Freddie Gibbs, of course, who responded and he said, and you alive, bitch. I didn't say that I was going to squeeze your breath.


And then he played the audio proving what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what did you just say? Thank you, dear. Freddie Gibbs responded to academics and he said, you will I I didn't see I was going to squeal. I didn't say that. I said I was going to squeeze your breast. Oh, OK. And here is that freestyle where he said that castle did bitch get that bitch.


You know that bad. Oh, with me when my kids academic squeeze.


Yo Freddie is silly.


So stupid. Oh I want to say nothing about Freddie because you already know he's going to get on his Instagram story and has something funny to say. I mean, I can't no joke with his wordplay either now.


OK, that's a good back and forth. All right, now let us discuss Ice Cube, where has he been or Ice Cube posted himself? Where the hell have you been? And here's what he posted.


You know, I've been working behind the scenes a few major companies who want to do stuff we are modifying the contract is taking a minute because, you know, we want to make sure we, you know, specifically hitting all the areas that we may have missed, all the people who did what I was doing. And which is why I should see what you get out the whole deal you're talking about. I was worried about getting some taxes or some anybody that would go to artists for taxes is an idiot.


All right, so he's still working on it. Guys, I have an ice cube, unlike a lot of other people, you know, I don't know why people would ever think that Ice Cube would be on the side of anything except for the side of blackness.


So, yeah, but I'd never think Ice Cube has bad intentions in anything that's doing.


You may not like the way he does things, but he definitely has his intentions of pure.


All right, now, Wal-Mart has revealed that Patti LaBelle, so fifteen hundred sweet potato pies, our, I believe Thanksgiving per hour, I believe, dropped on a coupon for Queen Patti LaBelle.


That is amazing how many parts? Thirty six thousand, a sweet potato pies every day, that's how much she sells. So that's they said 1500 per hour.


How many did they ship the damn pies?


I'm going to call the house for no coach. I'll call the house for by many times. I do check on mislabelled. I got the house number. You got a House phone bill. I mean, I got the House number. I don't know.


Oh, no. All right. And let's talk about Travis Scott for a second. They did a Forbes article on him about how much money he's making from McDonald's, PlayStation, Nike deals and all of that. And, you know, he has a lot of different things going on. He has brands that he works with, like General Mills, PlayStation, Epic Games, McDonald's. And for EPIC, he did that performance art live concert within a fortnight that got 12 million viewers for McDonald's.


He did. Travis got branded menu. They said it was so popular that McDonald's had supply shortages and that never happens. They said that Travis is a cultural icon. They said the larger story here is that brands historically have told celebrities how to say their message. I think it's very clear that Travis Scott and his team have gotten through to these brands, that they have a very clear aesthetic messaging and strategy. They said if you can make McDonald's cool, the thing of pop culture right now, that's the ultimate sign that he's made.


And he made a lot of money off of doing that merch, too, for McDonald's. And what they're saying is that he's making more than one hundred million dollars this year from PlayStation four and eight. McDonald's and Nike.


God bless. I love it. I love it. So, you know, shout out to him because they said. But then McDonald's, Mert's he bought in about 15 million dollars from sales from that. He made five million dollars from the endorsement aspect of the deal. Nike, they said, probably earns him about ten million a year or so. But the added value that the partnership brings him as a go to person for brands looking to level up is unquantifiable.


Travis, out here, like he the basketball, you got all them damn endorsement deals include Bobby Travis Scott.


Don't think about why he stays in his lane. He does what he wants to do. He don't do interviews unless he wants to like Travis does him. And I love it minding his business.


My mind is black owned and. All right.


Well, that is your rumor reports. All right. Thank you, miss. Great job. I'm speaking of mind your business. We're giving it down for after the hour. Chicago, Chicago, y'all out here? I can like Florida, you know. I mean, but this is a classic case of trauma, but we'll discuss it. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's time for Donkey of the Day. Don't you have a Democrat, so being donkey the day, a little bit of a bit like a donkey feel the other day. Club. I've been called a lot in my 23 years, but Donkey Atabay is a new one.


Yes, donkey today for Tuesday, December 1st, goes to a Chicago man named James Dixon.


James is 29 years old and he is facing first degree murder charges because he stabbed a brother named Vincent Jackson, who was 52 years old. Rest in peace defense, though, Jackson. I know. I know. I know. In the words of, my God, it's nice. You got to hear both sides.


Some people can sit back and say some stabbings could be justified depending on what happened.


Let me assure you, this isn't one of those times. OK, let me paint the story for you. According to the Chicago Tribune. James allegedly had drank several alcoholic beverages prior to the stabbing. So he was drunk and he allegedly punched Vincent Jackson in the face and then the fight moved to the front porch. You know, nice little holiday fight. You know, I'm saying keep your blood flowing.


But when they got to the front porch, Vincent was stabbed nine times, leaving him with wounds to his head and face. Now, what did James Dixon punch Vincent in the face for? Let's go to the Chicago Tribune for the report, please.


A Thanksgiving guest is accused of killing a Chicago man in a fight over putting hands in the leftover food chains.


Stop, stop, stop. That's very Florida. OK. All right.


Stop for a second before we hear anything else, James Dixon, a Wal-Mart worker with three prior felony convictions, including arson, stab the man because he put his hands in the leftovers, not James James.


Prior to being escorted out of court on Sunday, James asked the judge how much time he faces if convicted.


The judge said, oh, for first degree murder carries 20 to 60 years, 20 to 60 years, because you didn't like the fact that someone put their hands in the damn leftover Thanksgiving food.


Play the whole clip from the Chicago Tribune.


A Thanksgiving guest is accused of killing a Chicago man in a fight over putting hands in the leftover food. James Dixon, 39, was charged with murder after a fight early Friday morning that began inside a home and spilled outside to the porch. Dixon was spotted digging into the leftover food with his bare hands, and the host boyfriend, 52 year old Vincent Jackson, tried to escort him out of the home. Prosecutors said Dixon sucker punched Jackson and stabbed him nine times on the porch.


Dixon ran away from the house. Jackson later died at a hospital. Dixon told investigators he fought with Jackson but said he was stabbed first. Dixon was treated for a small cut on his neck and cuts on his fingers at a hospital before he was arrested.


Now, see, when one looks, you must book. But there was no nothing going on here.


OK, don't tell me you got upset. This man put his bare hands in the leftovers because a cold because you swung on him. There's no such thing as socially distanced fighting, OK. My brother, James Dixon, I don't know what type of trauma that you're dealing with that had you in such pain that has you so hurt, that will cause you to throw your whole life away and take a whole life because he put his bare hands in the leftovers.


My God, I wish someone had been someone would have intervened early on in this man, James Dixon's life. OK, this why I be on Fox Ass about going to therapy. That's why beyond folks ask about getting some healing, because this ain't got nothing to do with no damn Thanksgiving leftovers.


James is already hurt. He was mad about something else and unfortunately, he took it out on Vince. That is why I'd be staying out of people's way. OK, hurt people, hurt people. And it's a lot of hurt folks walking around. Anger is a common reaction to trauma. You be angry at the person, a situation responsible for the trauma. You'd be angry at yourself because you'd be blaming yourself for what happened that caused you to trauma and that makes you more irritable than usual.


And you have a hard time understanding why you keep snapping at folks. It's because you traumatized well and you need to go deal with that hurt and stop taking it out on other people. And that's what happened to Vince, though. He was the victim of the trauma that James Dickson has inside of him that he hasn't dealt with. So I have empathy for both parties here, OK, James and Vince.


But God damn, James left off my G. You're facing twenty to sixty years because someone put their bare hands in the leftovers.


That's not worth going to prison for. No twenty sixty years. And have a man put his bare hands in your boogie.


Please let me give James Dixon the biggest deal he haha you stupid motherfucker you dumb.


Only they can make the story worse is if the leftovers were today Dale.


OK, if you still eating Thanksgiving leftovers right now you kind of deserve to get swung on. I'm just saying. Don't judge anybody. I just do mine out yesterday, last night, I do mine not just today, but we have been stopped eating them. No, but I do. I did throw mine out yesterday and I fell back when I'm like, why would I give this to somebody?


And I wouldn't even eat it, you know what I mean? So let the raccoons have it in the bears and the deer and the deer and whatever else is foxes.


It all is the possums. Yeah. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today. Now, when we come back, Grand Master Maurice Ashley will be joining us to explain who that is.


Now, he's also a Brooklyn Jamaican American chess grandmaster from Brooklyn.


He gets busy in chess. There's not too many grandmasters. There's not too many black grandmasters. So he is a black grandmaster. He's going to talk about how we got into chess.


He's the man in chess. He's like the LeBron James of chess. You Patrick Mahomes chess.


Absolutely. And I mean, I've been watching this thing on Netflix called Queen's Gambit. That's all about chess. I've been watching that, too. So I've been loving it.


So the fact that I said yes, I talk to him because, you know, I've heard about him for so long because I used to work for Wu Tang and they're so big into chess and he's like a major hero for them, so excited, you know, to play chess.


You I don't know how to play chess. I learned because of them gentlemen, you know, do I know how to play chess?


No, I like I do know like in life I say things like this is just not checkers, you know?


I mean, I do know how to play that. And they great. I don't know a lot, a lot of patience.


And sometimes you so that you overthink, you overthink so much about what movies. Because if you like, if I move here and then he moves there, then I move this. But then what if he moves this and then I have to move here is same which is thinking big in ten steps ahead.


What do we think taught me how to play chess and why do we disrespect checkers like that as if Checkers isn't a intricate game as well? That I think thing about that's different is that all the pieces move differently in different play.


Yeah, different pieces, different ways.


One might move to the left or the abdomen in the horse, but really I don't know how to play chess, but I, I listen to Wu Tang and I love the movie Fresh. That's one of my favorite movies. So therefore I love chess. That's all you got to know.


All right. Well, Maurice asked the Grandmaster Maurice Ashley when we come back as The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody is the envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are at the Breakfast Club, we still kicking it with Grandmaster Maurice Ashley Charlamagne.


I love the fact that, you know, you're a grandmaster because that's just something our people don't see, you know? I mean, black people, a lot of times we go towards athletics, entertainment. But I feel like you would inspire so many just because you've made money doing what you love to do, which is playing chess.


That's exactly right. It's a big issue for me as well. You know, I went to Rikers Island once to teach young people at Rikers. I'm talking about 17, 18, 19 year olds. And I came in the first day and the teacher introduced me as a grandmaster and a young brother in the back looked at him and said, there's no way he's a grandmaster. I thought he was going to be Asian or something. Oh, wow. Yeah.


And, you know, that really hurt me because it spoke to the fact that when we see us as athletes, as athletes and rappers and the like, it's easy. And that's our perception even of ourselves. And to see a fellow black man walk in the room and be a chess grandmaster, not only did it shock him, he insisted that it wasn't true. And so we've got to fix that. We're diverse. We have talents in multiple areas, and we need to promote intellectuals that are doing big things in many different fields.


What does it take to be a grandmaster? Like what? What does it take to to get that on your name? Like, what does it say? What's the process?


The International Chess Federation has a very rigorous process based on who you play against. They have to be rated players. They have to be internationally ranked as well. There has to be grandmasters in the group of players you competed against. And based on their ranking, there's a formula that says you have to perform at this level.


How many women grandmasters either?


Currently the thirty seven women grandmasters in the world. Women are vastly underrepresented in the sport. It's something that we're trying to address. I don't know if you saw the movie, the Netflix series Queen's Gambit, that's just tearing up the airwaves right now. It's actually the most popular Netflix series in the world. And I think it's mainly because of, OK, the storyline. It was really well done. But also seeing a woman do her thing in that rarefied air has got a lot of people excited.


Do you actually drink Hennesy Marreese? I do. I do. From time to time. I know they gave me like you don't even want to know. I got like the liquor store in my apartment right now. But, you know, I chose a little bit I love love a little cocktail once or twice.


How did you feel when they reached out to you for the Black Excellence campaign? I was stunned, to be honest. It was absolutely incredible. It was an honor. I knew about the campaign that never stopped, never settle. While Rabea campaign, based on the story they did with Major Taylor, Marshall Taylor, the cyclist from the nineteen hundreds, and I only knew about it because I saw I had to see ads. I only knew about him because I saw the ads while I was watching the NBA games and when I found out they were going to do me and that possibly my commercial is going to run during the NBA playoffs while I'm watching LeBron get it done.


And then on top of that, just thinking about the memories, the people who raised me, my mom who sacrificed all she sacrificed so that her kids could come to the United States. I'm from Jamaica originally, and she was apart from us for ten years, my grandmother and her older days raising us while my mom was away. My dad as well turned his life around so he could be a part of our lives. And, you know, it's just amazing to later have this opportunity to represent where I'm from and the people who really got me to where I am today.


Who introduced you to chess? I first learned from my brother. My brother played with his friends, but it was like any game. It was like checkers. It was like Monopoly. I didn't get serious until I got to high school. And that's when I fell in love with it and just played all day. I was one of the nerds in high school, you know, one of the kids, you know, Angela, she wouldn't even look at me back in the day.


I should have been like, oh, he's light up now.


Oh, there you go. You know, they usually come around later. They usually come around to the nerds later. Yeah. What take the boyfriend is killed and sent to jail. I'll be real.


I'm having people of any dreams. I knew when radio was my passion. Right. When did you know chess was your passion? High school.


I was lit up in high school, man. That was it. I just wanted to do it. Every day my grades started slipping. My mother was talking to me like, are you going to do with chess? Where's the money in chess? But I just really wanted to do it. I didn't even plan it. I just wanted to do it every single day. I didn't know what the money was going to be like. I want to become a grandmaster.


That's all I knew. Do you have to imagine a young brother in Brownsville, Brooklyn, reading chess books in his apartment? Gunshots is going outside and all I'm doing is studying chess every day. I mean, imagine that I was just so passionate about it. I just want it. It's all I wanted to do. And I can't believe no years later, becoming a grandmaster, getting inducted into the US chess, all the fame, it's it's like a miracle.


It's crazy.


I have so much respect for the game, too, when I used to be. They used to do the backstage people would think it would be while, but they'll be back they playing chess for hours before they perform and that's how they were like, well within inches. At least that's how they get ready is amazing.


And it's an amazing game. Makes you mentally tough. It gets you focus. It's just the type of game that transformed a lot of your thinking patterns and helps you to manage life better, manage business better. It's just fantastic. And I'm not surprised, man. Those guys just in they they're the real deal.


When did you make your first dollar and when did you be like when did you say to yourself, well, I can make money off this? And at what point did you go to mom and say, Mom, look, you know, it's funny.


You came to me. It was an old Jewish lady. Your name was Betty Dimension's passed on. But she came up to me and said that they had a chess program in with America's Chess Foundation that was bringing chess to inner city kids. And would I be interested in teaching kids in the Bronx and in Harlem? And I was in college at the time and I was like, I don't know, you know, sounds interesting. And then they said, well, you know, for your level of play, we'll pay you fifty dollars an hour.


I was like, what, college kid?


Fifty an hour. I mean, it was only like eight to ten hours a week, but still going to college and bringing that down. I was like, yo, this is it right here, you know, in my heart that she was eyes lit up like, OK, now you're finally getting paid. And it was it's all gravy after that. Absolutely.


Morris, appreciate you for checking in and inspiring to you.


And how did they get in touch with you? Do you got like a I don't know, a class or something that's available some way to teach these young kids, you know, how to be like Maurice?


Well, you know, we have chess programs in Brooklyn with the Police Athletic League, but if you really want to find out about me, you can just go to our website, Ashley Dotcom. And I'm on all the social media. You know, you can help me. It's all right. Well, Maurice Ashley is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Thank you, Rob. The bank that's going to be. Morning, everybody, is T.J., N.V., Angelilli Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, let's get to the room. Let's talk Steph Curry.


This is the rumor report with Angelina Jolie's Breakfast Club. Listen up. Well, Steph Curry is going to be creating a new brand with Under Armour.


It's called Curry Brand. So it's going to be footwear, apparel and accessories. And that extends his relationship with Under Armour beyond his sneaker deal that he did back in 2013, that he got equity in a normal right.


Yeah, yeah. OK, Sluiter Steph Curry.


Yeah, you got to she has a normal listen. That's why I was excited because I'm really hoping when the shares go up, I do have yes.


I'm stuck in under I'm kind of freaked out on this but yeah we'll see. Hopefully a shoe back up.


I just held on to it all the time and nothing's ever really something really happens. Come on Steph Curry. Let's go now. Laverne Cox, let's talk about her.


Her and her friend were victims of a transphobia attack and she said it is not safe in this world. Here is her account of what happened.


Just walking to the park, talking to my friend. And then we passed this guy and the guy very aggressively asked for the time as he passes us and my friend who I am with, that to him the time to sit and watch and tell them the time. And then the guy who had asked for the time says to my friend, guy or girl, my friend this. And then all of a sudden the guy is attacking my friend. I am sorry.


I called nine one one and then she said it was over, the guy was gone and he just disappeared after that, you know, just to be Minding Your Business and have somebody come up and attack you like that is crazy.


Well, you know, on a side note, not to say that to do it did anything wrong, but my daughter goes to school at NYU and that's the first thing I tell us. If somebody asks you a question, if they ask you what time is it, I don't have a watch. Well, you have your phone. My phone is dead. Like, don't talk to anybody.


Keep it moving because people are crazy. People are nuts, especially just right.


But, you know, even if they said that, I feel like he still would have been harassing them. Yeah.


Maybe he came out there with the intention of doing something no matter what they said.


I'm not saying they did anything wrong, but I'm just saying just people are crazy. Give people the benefit of the doubt.


No, I don't have no you know, I know I've said on this radio a million times, you know, all we do is wake up every day and try to avoid other people's pain, try to avoid other people's hurt.


I'm like, oh, like you were crazy. We try to avoid other people's trauma because people are nuts.


Yeah, I guess it's not so much. All right, guys.


And even right now, because the cold people are not getting the necessary medicine. So I'm seeing it a lot worse. Like New York looks like zombies.


Yes, sir, it does. In Midtown hell. All right. Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud has teamed up with Headspace, and that's for a mindfulness content. So they'll be working with them to produce programming for both the Headspace app and for the laugh out loud, YouTube, digital channels. And so some things and people that they'll be working with include Amanda Seales. I guess she'll be showing how she does doing this YouTube series. Meditate with me what simonize Amanda SEALs.


Diane Cole will take people through their meditation journeys and they're also going to plan two pieces of content that will live within the Headspace app Energy Shots with Kevin, which is a three to five minute daily motivational message encouraging listeners to take out their actions that will be available to Headspace plus subscribers through the wake up hub and mindful runs. It's part of the Move hub that will feature Kevin Hart guiding and motivating Headspace plus members during their workouts.


You know, I'm here for that. That's a great Segway from what we was just talking about. You know, people got to, you know, do things to deal with their trauma, deal with their pain, you know, I mean, deal with, you know, whatever issues they may be going through, going through that's internal. So, you know, dropping include Kevin off.


For that man to feel the love you see, shout out to Amanda Seales, a shout out to Mama SEALs. Every year they send like a big, huge basket of fruit for the family and the kids. So, yes, I got it a couple of days ago. A bunch of oranges and stuff. Grapefruit.


Oh, I got orange. I know. I put Gardasil. And then when you cut it open, you realize great grateful. But I thought it was oranges as well.


I got to say, Mama, some t center basket of T. All right.


Now, Selena Gomez, there are some jokes about her on the news saved by the Bell reboot that's on Peacocke. And they actually referenced her kidney transplant. Listen to this.


I know for a fact that Selena Gomez is kidney donor, was Justin Bieber's mom. I wish that I had my phone so that I can prove it. Oh, God, you're an idiot. It was Demi Lovato kidney like you and I were what?


So, you know, Selena Gomez did have a kidney transplant and she was very vocal about it, you know, and she talked about her best friend giving her a kidney. And it was a huge situation when it happened. Also in this episode, it says, does Selena Gomez even have kidneys? That was some graffiti. That was. Writing on the wall, so a lot of people thought the jokes were disgusting and they said that her life or death transplant was nothing to make jokes about.


So since that happened, that series has scrubbed all references to her kidney transplant and the edited version is streaming now, so you can't even find it anymore.


What did Demi Lovato have to do with it? Nothing.


It wasn't even the person that donated the kidney. I guess they were just making jokes.


Oh, sorry. I love the record with Demi Lovato and Little Duva. I'm not planning to get that on in the mix. And the prerecorded mics that you did on that you played back today. Ask me nicely. No, no. All right.


And I know we also have something to talk about with Robin Hood, right, Jimmy? Yes, that's right.


Tonight at 7:00 p.m. today, the top, the way television and radio stations are joining together to present heroes of New York's Robin Hood special. That's right.


That happens tonight, 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, a one hour show that will shine a light on the heroic efforts by New Yorkers from all walks of life to help their neighbors in need recover from the impact of this.


If we don't read, put it in your own words. Put that in my own words. I read nothing like you read it. No, try to try to move the show. Future appearances by you?


Well, of course, it's going to be asked The Breakfast Club where appearing on the air, as well as Al Pacino, Andy Cohen, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, Ryan Seacrest, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Michael Strahan. You know, a whole host of people moving on. I mean, he's the number one giant Davidsen, Mariah Carey.


You should have put us last after all these names, some big names, right?


Well, you know, I think it's important, though, they are going to be shining a light on the heroic efforts by New Yorkers and from all different walks of life, these everyday heroes who have helped the city's most vulnerable survive, carry on and also rebuild. So we want to make sure we acknowledge those people. They're heroes.


And Robin, Robin Hood Foundation is, you know, doing a lot of good things during the Cold War pandemic. They've been on the front lines. They raised over one hundred twenty twenty five dollars million to fund more than 600 organizations to provide food, shelter, health care, education services and even cash in some cases. So to my guy was more than everybody at the Robin Hood Foundation. All right, well, eating again tonight at 7:00 p.m. and all New York television and radio stations, and can I give a shameless plug?


This has nothing national. This has nothing to do with me. I just want to encourage people to watch jingle jangle on Netflix. Jingle jangle is God damn. I mean, I watch jingle jingle six times, OK? I sat down to my wife, wanted us to watch it as a family, so we watched it on Thanksgiving night.


I almost cried four times and then when I started drinking and got on that I watched it again. Here's where I watched it four times over the weekend.


So much so that my 12 year old daughter was like she was talking to her on the phone.


I was like, Have you seen Jingle Jingle? And I was like, Yes, don't say it loud because you're going to hear she's going to turn it on again. Instant classic man. OK, Ralphie in a Christmas story has always been my go to in regard to the holiday movies. But now Journey and Jingle Jangle is in that rotation.


I'm telling you, I got to watch it. Give me a hug. They sent me a whole jingle jangle gift box. That was amazing.


Excuse me, wasn't it at the body of business, a whole batch of hair products, email organic's. It was gift bags and all kinds of things. It was really nice.


I get none of it. But Jingle Jingle was fantastic. I mean incredible. Like instant classic. I loved it. It made me feel like the first time I heard the motivation one on one. I can't explain to you what that feels, right. I'm just telling you that it's incredible. All right. All right. I love it.


Well, thank you for that report. When we come back, The People's Choice makes us The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, today is December 1st, my dad's birthday. Happy birthday, Pops. But not only is it my dad's birthday, it's also World AIDS Day.


And we have a special guest on the line we haven't seen in a while because the colvert in the pandemic we have. David, John, welcome back.


Robert, I appreciate you. It's good to be with you all virtually said that we can't be together in person like you like.


And David, you got the nice back, this dog. But then we've got the ring like I do.


Yes, OK. Carrie was like just shone a light. Shine the light on me. Yes, that's exactly what I was. That's why just you let me go right now. A life of people we always team up with.


David, just do something that juices the life and we do HIV testing and we always make sure we're very active with that. But this year, obviously, we can't do that. So let's talk about World AIDS Day and even have this pandemic is shifting also some of the concerns that we have.


Yeah, I'm really sad that we can't be together in person. One of the things that I look forward to every year is highlighting the fact that too often our communities, black and Latino communities, are most disproportionately affected by things like things like HIV. And there's no such thing as democratized health care. And so we're able to show up in our communities and provide the resources that we need. What we've seen over the last four years is a divestment retrenchment from the progress that we have been making prior to the administration that I will not name.


And what we also have seen is that so many members of our community, black folks, live next folks, black LGBTQ folks have been affected by the covid exacerbation of this crisis. And so what we saw was that there were a lot of organizations who, prior to call the work best thing and reduce the stigma around HIV, increasing access to testing a lot of the things that the National Black Coalition focuses on. But once Colbert hit around March, all of that shifted and then people were looking for the new shiny ball.


And so what we know is that there isn't data collected based on people's intersectional identity. There isn't really a lot of data that charted individuals who were living with HIV or who were predisposed to be HIV positive, how they were affected by it. But what we know anecdotally as members of our community suffered disproportionately. So it has been a problem for this administration and Congress and the other crises made it a problem. And we still within our communities have to be sounding the alarm to stop people from dying unnecessarily.


I was asking earlier, I was going to say, has anything changed? You know, we recognize World World AIDS Day every year and we talk about the testing. But is there anything closer to, I guess, a vaccine or any type of cure, treatment or cure? You know, is there are we getting any closer to it? Yes.


And things have change, especially if you're white or have access to the privilege associated with whiteness. So we've talked about this on this platform before. Prep prep is a thing that has made it such that a lot of communities who are predisposed to HIV no longer have the anxieties around it because you could take a pill every day. That reduces the likelihood significantly, in the last four years, in spite of the fact that this administration has not done, there have been significant investment and people being undetectable.


So what that means is that if you're living with HIV, if you're HIV positive, your viral load is suppressed, such that when you take a test for HIV or not test positive. Right. And so, again, this is about a viral load being suppressed and you're not being able to transmit HIV to a partner, to an intimate partner, even if you have unprotected sex. And so we know that people are thriving with. I think now about big shot, who had the line, but I didn't think Kobe would leave before magic, right.


Like it is still a thing for us to remember that there are people thriving with HIV. And it is also the sad reality that in spite of the fact that black people make up around 30 percent of the population in the United States, we're nearly half of all cases of HIV. And so the point I'm trying to make is that there have been progress for some for some communities. We've seen the rates of HIV go down. The numbers of people who are undetectable increase.


But it is still a problem in the black community. And not just black, queer, transient on bindery folks who we tend to think about when we talk about things like HIV. But Black says heterosexual people, black women and I've said this before, black women. Right. Are the most effective group of any women. And that is because we are still not having as many conversations as we should about stigma. We're not having as many conversations as we should about sexual aloneness more generally, and we're not taking advantage of the medical advancements that exist.


Why aren't more people ringing the alarms about HIV and AIDS? Because I promise you, I really only hear about it when you come on the show for HIV Awareness Day.


I don't I don't hear about it throughout the year. Yeah. I think that there's not enough attention paid to conversations around HIV and popular media. And so while we have censored other things in media, for example, there's a lot of conversation about groundbreaking things like polls that have invited us to have more conversations about individuals with trans experience. The footnote here is that that has also increased violence. This year. We have seen more black trans women murdered than 80 years since the data has been collected.


We also celebrate the life of Monica Roberts, the Trans Grio, who wrote these stories. But I'll offer that as an example to say that the media and others have been intentional in highlighting stories that we need to talk more about. The same attention has not been paid to HIV and AIDS there, just not enough discussion about it. I think the second thing is that this particular they were just so many battles to face. Right. And to fight, especially when you think about this last administration.


To be clear, there's still work to be done in the new one. People are celebrating this new day, but we still got a whole lot of work to do. But I think that people were really distracted. And then the last thing is that the last administration was really destructive, destructive. Houston not being disbanded.


The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS patcher withdrew, withdrew funds that had been invested prior to that administration, regardless of the political party of the person that occupied the Oval Office and really seemed to be intentional, wanting to destroy all of the resources that the government had been investing in to highlight that again, to say that while there are so many resources that exist medical, social, scientific and otherwise, there have still been people, including the occupant of the Oval Office, who worked against all of the science and knowledge that we no one should otherwise be employing.


So what can we be doing this year on World AIDS Day to make sure that we show our support and that we continue to educate and spread that knowledge?


Yeah, I appreciate that question. If you can safely stop by, just get yourself some juice and make sure that you're attending to your. Well, that's the other thing, is that everybody should think about testing at home. The scientific and medical advancements have made it such that you don't have to go to a clinic or a mobile testing unit to be tested. You can have a kit sent to your home and you can be tested. The concern there is that usually when we test, especially in places like Deuce's, for life or in public, we have experts there who are equipped to respond and support you no matter what the results are.


Again, HIV is not a death sentence that it once was. There are people in our community who are thriving with it. And so having someone with you who's trained to support, no matter what the response is, is incredibly important if you're going to test at home. And then the last thing is that people should do more of this. I'm so super thankful to you all for being because that is stirring this platform because we need to start talking to stop HIV.


That's not just a hashtag, our slogan. It's a real thing. And so I really hope that I know today is a busy day in additional aid. That's also giving Tuesday an opportunity to invest in nonprofit organizations like BJC. And I hope that people have conversations. So talk with people that you're intimate with about their sexual practices, what they're doing to ensure that they are safe and well and enjoy sex. And then you can talk about what you're doing as well.


People should be tested regularly. If you are having sex, you should be tested right for everything consistently. Right. Three to six months. It's all I want to remind people to do that. And then if you need help, I acknowledge this is not an easy thing to do. We've worked through this. We've talked about language. We have a resource toolkit and BJORG, we provide language. We provide activities that you can follow. There are movies that you can watch like 90 Days, which is a film about a heterosexual couple who deal with the topic of HIV in a way that I will not spoil.


But all of this to say that there are tools to help anyone who desires to have. This conversation. All right, well, thank you for checking in. As always, we appreciate you, David John on World AIDS Day. And thank you, brother. Let's get free.


I appreciate it.


Always a pleasure. Shout out to David John for joining us now. Today is why Hunger is Hunger Fund helping bring everyone together today on hashtag giving Tuesday. Now, more than ever, we need your help to address and end hunger for good. We started a fundraiser on our Facebook page, and Facebook already donated 25000 dollars to kick it off. Plus, they are matching every donation. Me head over to the Breakfast Club Facebook page and join us in helping put food in people's hands.


Whether you donate five or five hundred dollars, every little bit helps shout to Cynthia Leg and she donated twenty dollars. Also shout to call a fouler donated twenty dollars. Now Solomon, you've got a positive note.


Yes, this is coming from Budha and I want you to remember this on this fine Tuesday morning. Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most.


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