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Oh right.


Okay, okay. Okay love.


Come here. I'm never not going to come here. You guys are good to me. And the tournament was a good deal for a lot of people in hip hop generation. The Breakfast Club is where people get the information on the topics, on the artists and everything like that in that aspect. Ratios to the Breakfast Club, my name come of respect.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good on Angela. Yea.


All right. Here, she's in Detroit and I thought she was there. What. I'm Charlamagne. Peace to the planet is da da.


Yes, it's Thursday. We are here, what's happening, nasty as it is in the tri state area, you know, like I said, our headquarters is in New York. You know, it's disgusting right now. Absolutely rain.


Well, today is going to be a nice day, though, for a possible bcuz because, of course, there is no homecoming. But we're doing something very special all day long for ABC News. Could be a nice day, but there's no homecoming right now. But we're doing it all along.


Are we doing something special for all the HBC? You'll be doing a band battle, which is going to be pretty dope. I'm kicking it with a bunch of hotties, little baby, Big Sean, Khaleed Perform. And that's got to be pretty dope. Like, are you selling it might.


It's not to say he is doing a bunch of panels with I don't even know who's on these panels, but I know her is on a panel.


I believe her and you know her, the artist, her OK.


But her life is going to be on that lot. Anthony Lizy and his family right there. Yeah.


So there's a lot of things going on today, so I'm excited about that going on.


Yes, it is. That's a lot lot going online. I mean, what could have been going on?


You know, what is going on over cases arise. And so we need to sit down to watch online.


Well, if we just had our downs earlier, you said I have done earlier, we probably wouldn't be right. Hate to be negative, Nancy.


Negative negativity of the viral stuff. I'm sick of the Zoom's. I'm sick of everything being virtual. Like I know we've got to figure some second. I feel good. I feel great, but we've got to figure something else out. Just checking. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm simply saying you got to figure something else out. We're going to know is November now the holiday season in January. We got to figure something else out.


We can't continue to live like and you know, to what people don't don't necessarily think about is is unemployment is, what, six months and it could be six months unemployment. They gave us two stimulus checks and one stimulus check, one nine, I think you mean of it.


But so now it's up to six months is up. So now, you know, this is the time where people are not getting help and this is the time we're going to be the roughest in the holiday season.


And the holiday season is going to come out. We're going to come out with guns and start running down on people.


So this is the time when we really got to help each other and make sure that we're OK and make sure that, you know, we do what we have to do to to help your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, your neighbor, because it's going to get nasty.


Well, that's why we don't change with change on November 19, and that's why we're doing change for change in November 94. Usually we ask for money and we give it to a charity. But this year it's been so crazy we're actually going to give you guys money. Yes, I was reading some of the e-mails that came in and one lady was like, you know, every year that child change is the change I donated. I wanted to help people.


But it's crazy that this year I actually need help.


Well, writer named she. Good day. We got her name. You got her name. She good. We're going we're going to we're going to tell you something. We got to tell you, we've got a lot of people sometimes.


So if you want more information, you can head up the website Pavano five one FM dot com. Right. Dramas. I don't know.


You don't know. Jobbies must know that you don't know there. I think it is pal.


One two five one FM dot com should have a breakfast club dotcom after all these years we definitely should just say yeah, it makes sense of the nationally syndicated morning show but you know. Yeah but anyway the little engine that could so you just sometimes still get treated like a little engine, you just click the link and then you just, you know, just tell us your story, what you need, what's going on, and we'll try to make sure we got you.


But just do us a favor. Don't hit us in the deal because we don't check the DMSO. If you hit us in a deal with your stories, we won't to see it. But you have to hit up the email or Breakfast Club AM at Gmail dot com, head up those two places and hopefully we'll be sending you some money guys.


And guess what? Andrew Yang is joining us this morning. Yang gang, my guy, Andrew Yang. I like that guy a lot. Andrew Yang will be joining us. We'll talk to Andrew Yang. Let's get the show cracking and you wash it.


Nope, nope. Front page news.


I'm sure she's going to be talking about Donald Trump. I know. I just have a feeling and some covid stuff. So we'll discuss. We'll get her on the line. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club morning.


We ought to break some records. I actually love to hear on the radio. That's one of possible. Yeah. Yeah, that's one of them. One, if you turn the radio on and that record. Come on, I like it.


Spot the number one record in the country this week. It is urban. Yep. Congratulations. I hate that word. Urban. We can't get rid of that word yet.


What were you when he was, I don't know, black. OK, no one black music. That's right. All right.


Well, look, in the front page news.


I think we got some here. All right. Yes. All right. Well, let's figure out what's going on with this presidential election. Now, as you know, Donald Trump is not conceding and he's spreading all kinds of false information on social media about election fraud. In the meantime, Joe Biden has his transition team together. And that team includes former chief of staff and a senior adviser for Elizabeth Warren and for Bernie Sanders. And they are the people who are laying the groundwork for Joe Biden's new administration.


In addition, attorney Ben Crump says he's been having these conversations already and he's talking about Joe Biden's team, about criminal justice reform.


Listen to this. I talk with a lot of the transition, as well as Vice President elect Kamala Harris, about the fact we need to prevent some of these hashtags that we saw happen in 2020. Like George Flohr, Brianna Taylor might operate. President elect Biden said one of his first things are going to do is criminal justice reform, as he brought you in at the table to try to figure out what's needs to be done. He has we're talking about that now, the things we're going to do in the first 100 days to address criminal justice as well as policing in America.


Well, if they get control of the Senate, you know, because those races in Atlanta, they'll be able to pass that George Lloyd policing act.


So that's that's that's a first step. Right.


And we are watching that race in Georgia right now because Dan Sullivan won re-election in Alaska yesterday, said the Republicans are within one seat of maintaining their majority in the U.S. Senate. But if Democrats do manage to take those two Georgia seats, then it would be tied 50 50 and in Kamala Harris would be the tiebreaker.


Madam Vice President.


Here you go. Kamala Harris will be the tiebreaker.


The MVP and the Democrats do have two more years of controlling the House, but they do have a razor thin majority potentially. And so the party did nail down at least 218 seats right now.


All right.


So it's not over, guys, and we will keep you updated on what's going on. I'm seeing all these foreign officials haven't been I mean, just you know, this whole election is not over.


He hasn't accepted. I mean, we're still waiting to find out about the Senate, is what I'm saying.


We still have got a vote, the fact that election is in January. But as far as the presidential election is, I don't get it. It's like it's like when you break up with a man he can't accept, his old boy you bring up with a woman you can't accept is over.


It's over. Locks change. So we back. They've moved on.


It's a wrap. All right. Let it go. All right. Well, that is your front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one one five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Right now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. I'm Shonda Rhimes. If you watch Grey's Anatomy or any of my TV shows, you know, I love to tell a good story. Well, now there's Sandland Audio. We've partnered with I Heart Radio to launch a slate of great podcasts. You can listen the first four right now, Katie's Krib criminal. You go ask Ali and you down and we have so much more coming your way. We can't wait for you to hear it all.


Welcome to Shadowland Audio. Listen to all the new Sandland audio shows on Apple podcasts. I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


I don't. Does not. May not know. I get it off your chest. But you said not not real or not. My name is Lanard. I'm a.. I know that that's what we'll be doing.


OK. Doing OK. So I just wanted to talk about child support. You know, I'm I'm hurt. Not hurt. Is charged for killing me.


Well, no, I don't have those around me.


I know. Because you got a life that made you rich.


No, I'm married with a beautiful wife and three kids.


And look, I'm so poor, I can't even afford to go for a man like sleeping in my six. You know, you don't deserve a girlfriend. That's what I did. I'm okay with that. I can't afford it. Why aren't you supposed to be where you said you wouldn't argue with your own, that you said you've been sleeping in your car for six years?


He's lying. He doesn't know we're giving away that money for change.


Hey, I ain't even calling for my money because, I mean, it's my message. Well, let me put my money and put my back in my pocket and put my right back in my pocket. And I ain't even mad at you. Well, you know, my situation, if it ain't what it is, you know, I just wanted to, you know, let everybody know it's hard. I have to be mad with start to play night.


They took the stimulus check engine. Oh. How old are your kids?


How old are your kids? The tools that I'm paying child support is seven and eight.


And what kind of car? What kind of car? You mean living of?


I just I just got a brand new car because. Oh yeah.


Well, are you are you talking about.


I just got a brand new car, but he's not so bad. I've been living in my car. I've been living in my car for six years, but I just got a brand new one. Hello, boy. Rennard. Imdadullah. Not any.


Good morning, guys. Peace and blessing. Good day, Angela. How are you doing today? This morning. How are you, Sharon Stone? I'm doing great. I'm blessed if you and I worry about all this. You know my boy, boy.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You that guy that traveled through that guy trapped, traumatized that time when y'all battled in the rap battle.


Yeah, I know you you know, as your question. No, I said no. You can't ask me a question. No you can't. Why do you always have to bring up trash. Whenever I call the radio station, I told you you can't have a problem with traffic.


You know, I mean, no problem at all. And everybody laugh at it. Oh, it's funny to party girls. It's all good because he you know, he did he eat you boys.


You say your you can say he because you got your ass. You drive by the traffic bottom on the bottom bro.


And I just want to thank you for forcing me on your story man. I thank you for showing our sanitation workers love. You know, I'm in Los Angeles.


I love them every day of Appreciation Day, you know, so you can't talk to me.


What's up? Why not go? Because I'm the underdog, huh? I thought that your brother have millions of dollars, bro. Nope. Because, you know, he has nothing to do with that.


That the fact that you lost the rap battle. But who cares about me. That's who. Yo, yo, go ahead and bless my cash.


That man I heard you guys give it away, but I'm all right if you just five eight five one two five one.


If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


This is your time to get it off your chest. The email that I get from you on the Breakfast Club, you got something on your mind. Hello, who's this? Hey, good morning, T.J. Every year somebody got me saying, get off your chest, bro. Yes, I will. I would like to sing for you guys this morning. And I did think some Apple music. OK, I got to go. Let's do it. All right.


Is only you are seeing so many girls around, but it can't compare to you. Oh yeah. You are the one for me, man. So listen, I ain't going nowhere.


I've been looking for you, bro.


You're the guy that goes 41, 42, 43, 44. That's you right now.


I'm the artist. I'm old Africa. Congo. OK, take me out. All right. Have a good blessings. Thank you. I thought it was, too, when he first started off. Hello, this.


Hi, this is Theresa. Hey. To get off your chest. How are you? I'm good.


How are you guys? I'm blessed. Black and highly. Baby, what's happening?


So I just want to get a little bit of something off my chest this morning. A fellow from Detroit, Michigan. OK, what up? No. So this morning I went in for work and, you know, I started my regular day. I work at a plant and I noticed that my team captain wasn't here. She was here yesterday and she didn't turn up to work today. So after an hour into work, one of my co-workers came up to me and told me that she wasn't there because she tested positive for Colbert.


I'm like, well, why didn't anybody tell us? This is our team captain. We work closely, very closely with her every day, which means that we're exposed. We were exposed. Why didn't anybody tell us? And then, you know, they should have told us when we came in so that we could absolutely go get tested as well. So I just left my job and I just left so I could get it. And I'm not sure if I even have a job now, but I am steaming because I have a two year old and a two month old at home.


And I literally just passed out this morning that I've been exposed to cold. It had and I didn't find hospital management. I found out through a co-worker and I of course, I approached my management and said, you know, hey, why why aren't you guys. Why don't you guys tell us that we've been exposed? And they told us that if we hadn't spent more 15 minutes or more with her or have been within six feet from her, then they have to tell us.


But I'm like, this is our family. We work very closely with her every day. Of course, I spent more than 15 minutes with her, you know, so, yeah, you've been exposed.


You have family members that you're concerned about. That's not fair to you, your family.


Absolutely. And unfortunately, I lost my father a lot earlier in April, too. So I'm terrified right now. Literally shaking, driving around. Look at the test this morning. Yeah. The first thing you should do is go get a test. Yes. And after you get that test, I would still, you know, take the time to quarantine for a few days. Absolutely.


But unfortunately, like, I'm a temp, so I'll have if I'm if I test negative for it, you know, I have to go back to work. If I still have a job at this moment, I'm not sure if I do, because I did immediately leave because I was so frustrated. Like I said, I have two small kids at home. I cannot take those chances, you know.


So, yes, I they said the first thing you do, go take a test, make sure that you are OK and you got to do what you got to do. I mean, you don't want to affect your family. And I get it. I will be scared and nervous as well.


Yeah. I'm sorry. You have to go. And I would and I would definitely call and email my job just to let them know. I know you're temping right now just to let them know the situation that you left to go get tested, that you've been exposed to covid and you do have family members to take care of and send an email, sent an email.


So it's you know, it's it's written. It's a document. It's you can always follow it.


What how liable these companies are when they expose you to call. There's no way you can sue them for negligence is right. And information they're putting at risk. Absolutely.


All right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. I was telling you earlier, we're doing it for the bcuz. Of course, homecoming is canceled, but we're going to bring it to life this morning. It starts off at seven a.m. Pepsi and I are doing an incredible bcuz marching band, virtual experience. So it features my school, Hampton University, North Carolina, A and T Prairie View A&M and Florida A&M and Charlamagne and making the stallion.


I'll be hosting it, right?


Yeah, I'm tell you, I mean, I keep disrespecting South Carolina state, my being all these Virginia schools even on to change, so will location at all because any shot outside quantity drop include my my my alma mater, South Carolina State.


Okay. Yeah. For me and making the stallion will be introducing some of these incredible BCU marching bands at seven a.m.. This morning. That's right. All right. And all morning long, I'm going to be doing, I would say, the homecoming mix, so I won't put you back into the feeling when you're back on that you're back in school. So just keep a lock. We got one coming up in a little bit. Now we got rooms on the way.




And let's talk about all these guys who are joining only fans now. How much would you pay? All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is all good. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You went to as a Negro spiritual is struggling with juvenile damage.


Yes, it is. I heard a few Negro spirituals and that makes you play. You know, we can get it right for you won't come.


Are we celebrating all day long? So all morning long I'll be doing a little mini mixes just to put you back to the yard, put you back onto that campus, act like, you know, the world is normal, I guess.


Yes. And at 7:00 a.m., I'll be presenting four incredible BCU marching bands, Hampton University. Oh, they say it's really true. I don't know if that's true or not.


It is because, you know, I would assume to relate. You have the first Madam Vice President, but that's neither here nor there.


North Carolina, AT&T, Prairie View A&M and Florida A&M. And I'll be doing that along with making the starting at 7:00 a.m.. So you got like five minutes to get ready. All right.


Well, let's get to the room is let's talk Chris Brown. Listen. And all the guys got the report, got its original report, The Breakfast Club, and before we get into that, I also I'm hosting a panel for subcu homecoming, and that is with Ulta Beauty and I Heart Radio.


So you guys can check that out.


Today at three o'clock, the panel will include Lala Anthony, Grammy Award winning artist, her and CEO and founder of Essence e Carmen Paros. So there will also be an acoustic performance from her and somebody winning. Somebody is winning that. First of all, meet and greet with her a 500 dollar Ulta beauty gift card. And you get to donate a scholarship to the BCU of your choice that you guys make sure you post your look on social media and make sure you go ahead and tag Ulta beauty.


Make sure you tag Ihara radio hashtag my A.B.C. look.


Mm hmm. It's a big day today, guys. All right, now let's talk about only fans. Apparently, Mario has joined only fans and he posted a picture of himself. He said describes him, my only fans, to hear my cat story and to see other exclusive content. Now, we had a conversation.


He should have you should let me love you in his bio on only fans that should be admired for everything. But you should let me love you.


Not the pretty mouth magic, huh? The album. There's a song that he has his new one and it's not classic. You should let me love you as classic.


Well, he was on lipservice and he had a whole discussion. We kind of felt like he was about to start and only fans were.


Would you be willing to pay for our defense? I'm just saying, what are you willing to show that right now I'm in a relationship. Ended up getting slapped.


I love it. Twenty nine.


Ninety nine. Do you have many fans, though? The company doesn't have one.


Are you single? I'm single, but I'm not. Now you've got to be humble. So what if you meet somebody like are you off to tell them?


Like, look, when I started my only fans, I was in I was in a relationship. You made a big deal about it. Well, you know, it is what it is, and people are making tons of money. So Chris Brown, by the way, launching only fans as well. And so his people are going crazy over that and yeah, he's been really, really crazy. His only fan page was quickly circulating on social media already.


And I don't know if you guys have been watching Tiger's only fans page have.


You know, I haven't I haven't watched Tiger's old affair. What about you, Charlamagne?


You know, I don't know how to get the only fans I know one that you can start seeing a lot of RPN on only fans on one of these shows. Don't you start to see a lot of Campinas on these shows? Don't come back soon. So you've seen Tiger's would not say that.


I did not say that. Well, I think you should Google it. There's a lot of interesting video footage on there. I'm going to FOIA. All right. Now, Cardi B, Harry Bachelard is launching tomorrow.


Can't say that, Charlamagne. You cannot say that.


You can't see that. No. Oh, my goodness. I can't say no. You can't say that, man. Wow. Right.


All right, Katie Busway by collaboration is launching tomorrow, Friday the 13th. And if you see the packaging, because she's posted this on her Instagram page of herself receiving what the people who are getting the VIP Reebok drop is getting, you'll see it's pretty it's pretty awesome. She opens her mouth and then a tongue rolls out and the sneakers are inside the box. Sounds like it should be sold on a.


All right, well, that's their first ever footwear collection with Cardi B, so get ready for that. Now, if you want to buy these, there's two different silhouettes. There's the club Secada, which is one hundred dollars and the card coded club C double. That's eighty dollars. It'll be women's and children's footwear. So as juniors and infant footwear as well.


And there is a red one. Yes. Let me put it out. Unisex. No, and, you know, there was an issue just recently with her Ribhi campaign, I guess she did this cover of footwear news and she's posing as the Hindu goddess Durga. And she did apologize for that picture because there was some backlash from it. She said, when I did the Reebok shoe, the creator was telling me that I was going to represent a goddess that represents strength, femininity and liberation.


And that's something I love. But if people think I'm offending their culture or religion, I want to say I'm sorry. That was not my intent. I do not like disrespecting anyone's religion.


All right. I'm Angela. Yeay. And that is your rumah report.


All right. Now we got front page news coming up. What are talking about?


Yes, we are going to talk about what's happening now with Donald Trump and President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris. Donald Trump is refusing to give them these daily briefings. That has been what he's supposed to do with the transition team. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same. There's no such thing as a good excuse for not buckling up, cops are writing tickets, so why take the risk? Do the smart thing and start buckling up every trip, day or night. Click it or ticket brought to you by Litsa.


I'm like, I'm a cop. Hey, yo, look alive, guys. Morning.


Everybody is the envy. Angela Charlemagne, the guy we all have Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Now let's get in some front page news.


Are we going to see much of it? Yes, sir. OK. All right. Well, yeah, if you don't know, this morning at seven a.m.. Can I say it? Hell's wrong with you? That just got him in.


Listen, right now, 7:00 a.m.. I said that already. I said I'll be introducing four incredible BCU marching bands, OK. And a never before seen virtual experience. All right. Is Pepsi as I heart radio. It's a school called Hampton University. They have some very bright people that come from Hampton. And then you have North Carolina and you have Prairie View A&M and Florida A&M. And it's all premiering on the I Heart radio, Facebook page and YouTube.


Right now it's myself and a lovely queen named Megan Stallion's. So go check it out.


Right now we have a snippet to play is homecoming season twenty twenty so we can't be storming the bleachers, our swag surfing on campus like a family this year to this year.


We're doing a different scene, I thought, coming together to bring you a never before seen collab with the biggest HPC you rivals out there. You name for the first time, the marching bands from Florida A&M University, Prairie View, A&M University, North Carolina, AT&T University and Hampton University. Are you ready? Yes, I heart radio presents the Pepsi BCU marching band experience. Needmore, make it in a snippet, should put some make it in the slip.


I don't know that put puts in making a statement, but even though whoever that guy has voiced horrible, credible sound like he recorded on a toilet and that reverb sound like you did on your own, because I had radios, equipment, you little flip phone, I had radios, equipment. Maybe we need to get the quarterly revenue up. That's what it sounds like to me. All right. It's all radios, equipment. That's what they sent me.


That's what's at the house.


All right. All right. Well, let's get some front page news now. Where do we go after that?


Well, the US has reported more than a hundred and forty four thousand cases of coronavirus yesterday. That's the highest single day total since the pandemic has started. And so now we are reporting at over 10 million cases of coronavirus, including at least two hundred and forty one thousand deaths so far. All right.


Now, in addition to that, you know, there's a black market to get these negative coronavirus tests for people who want to travel.


That's so stupid, by the way. I mean, think about it because you're being so selfish. When you do that, you're getting a negative test and you're potentially spreading it. And then you wonder why are we going to still be in the position that we're in in this country?


That's just dumb. They actually arrested seven people in France just last week for selling these Dr. Coronaviruses tests at the airport. And they were charging up to three hundred and sixty dollars for these fake tests.


They should give them fake twenty five years. They should lock them up and tell them they got twenty five years in jail and they only got to do like, you know, a 14 day quarantine. But you tell them that they got 25 years and they want to, you know, participate in something so stupid.


All right. Now, Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford says that he will intervene if the Trump administration will not allow President elect Joe Biden access to presidential daily intelligence briefings by the end of the week. That is one of the first rights of a presidential candidate after he wins the election, he or she wins the election. He said there is no loss from him getting the briefings and to be able to do that. And this needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task.


What does he mean? It would be legal for him to the White House with a pistol in demanding a transition happen. What do you mean? Who is he?


Well, he's he sits on the Senate Oversight Committee. OK, so he's already started engaging on that issue. I don't know that.


Well, I guess they can all discuss these things. And he's part of the committee that can actually study what's happening and, you know, make and and he's a Republican.


So that's interesting.


So we know what's happening is called a coup. That's what this is right now. The potential to be one, rather, might be one and actually be in one.


And I see that different world leaders have been trying to send their congratulations and contact Joe Biden. They've had to do that directly. There's a bunch of information sitting at the White House that they are not passing on to Joe Biden and where it is that Donald Trump's administration is telling people not to engage.


And if anybody goes against that, who knows at what point do you change your phone number when you become president elect? Because, you know, whenever you hit a big lake, you know, I'm saying you might change your number just because people harassing you at one point when you're Joe Biden or Senator Kamala Harris, do you change your topic when he was running?


He probably changes his number. You think so? Yeah. Yeah. You can't you can't call me directly. You got to you got to call my people. All right.


And just right now, just right now, I think that there is no credible evidence of widespread voter fraud in this election as Donald Trump and his people are trying to say. So in the meantime, they said Joe Biden can continue to be able to function and say, I'm the president elect. And, you know, Donald Trump can say, not so fast.


I've got questions to answer. Great. Go ask them.


So it's over guy like, yo, you got it. No one is over. Have you ever been in a relationship where you didn't know it was over, whether it's a job or individual like did you not know when it was over? It's over.


So I'm holding the election. But experts are saying that the margin of victory is too wide even to even try to dispute it.


I'm sure we both in relationships where I was was like it was over. We can't fight it. And it worked for us.


No, I've never been there. No, I'm sorry. I mean, just maybe for me, if you have a confession, tell us maybe it's me. Casey Crew podcast, call me. I fought and fought and fought and I got back in.


And that's all I'm saying about why we're here. But that was you was my wife, though. I mean, we've been together twenty two years, but you know what I mean.


You fall. You had to fight to get back. Yeah. OK, well that is your front page news.


Got depressing real quick. The rough time. It was rough but you got a good feeling.


Yeah. No, not at all.


You get really high when it gets controversial, not controversial. It's just like pretty good feeling. It brings back old trauma. It was a bad dream. Yeah.


You know, yeah. I would then be too. I was talking to you.


Both eyes are water right now. That's a and traumatized young me tell you this. And she wanted to do it, too, and now it seems like she just won the presidency. She changed her phone number to tell you you live. Oh, yeah, the very dramatic time I've been there. I was 20. Were you all right before I not go back, you know, for.


All right. Bush, shake it off.


Andrew Young's coming. Andrew Yang is coming in. But we're going to talk to Andrew Yang when we come back. So don't move. It's The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. and Angeles. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest on the line right now, Andrew Yangyang, gangs in the building. Hey, guys, it's great to be here. Holy cow. What a week. It's been a great week. I got I got a lot of questions for you, Yang. First of all, are you taking a position in Biden's cabinet?


Are you going to run for mayor in New York? Which one?


Have you spoke to Biden since he got elected? That's the first thing I have not spoken to Joe. I traded text with Kamala and Doug. I know it's a great question, Charlamagne. And we're looking at joining the administration. But to be honest, like right now, they have so many things they're balancing that I haven't had a sit down with anyone. And as you know, I'm heading to Georgia. Like the Michigan right now is less about me and more about can we have a Senate that will work with Joe and not have Mitch McConnell just blocking everything in sight.


So my future is going to unfold, hopefully, you know, the next number of weeks. But first things first is Georgia break down what's going on in Georgia?


Because a lot of people say. And what do you mean what's going on in Georgia to explain what's going on in Georgia? They even wanted at the Breakfast Club to go out in Georgia. We go in and broadcast out. We're going. I mean, you're going. That is awesome, because I'm going to we can party that down there. So what's going on in Georgia? You probably saw that Georgia was tightly contested. It looks like it's going to flip to Joe.


But now there are two Senate races that are going to runoffs and they're both the same day on January 5th. So if they both go to Democrats, it would be 50 50 in the Senate and Camilla becomes the tie breaking vote. So it was essentially a Democratic majority Senate. If they go to Republicans, then you're looking at Mitch McConnell saying, no, no, no, that's everything for the next four years, essentially. So there is a massive freaking opportunity and frankly, penalty like one of the other.


It's either an opportunity or a penalty, depending upon whether we win these races. So I'm going to head there. I'm moving the family down there next week and just going to do everything I can to move the needle for the two candidates, John al-Assaf and Reverend Raphael Warnock. And I got to say, their opponents are not great. Like one of them is Kelly Leffler, who was one of the senators who was accused of insider trading on coronavirus intel when they found out how bad it was going to be.


She also is an owner of the WNBA team down there that was against the Black Lives Matter messaging in the WNBA. So the paper like sell the team. So so that's who we're up against. So question, you know, I keep hearing them saying that the Democrats rigged the election. If they rigged the election, why didn't they rigged the Senate in the House seats to just make it a clean sweep?


It's because they didn't rig, frankly, you know, I mean, you literally have three Republican secretaries of state in places like Pennsylvania being like we're just counting the votes like anyone else. And then you have other Republicans. The same is going down in Georgia. There's a Republican secretary of state there. And the two Republican Senate candidates are like, you should resign for what I've. But getting the votes, it's just baseless conspiracy theories, man. It's terrible.


Now, Shelby mentioned New York City in New York in a bad place right now. And, you know, there was rumors that you were thinking about running for mayor of New York. Is that still an option? That's still something you're thinking about or is that still a possibility? He just answered that crazy. No, but no, because he didn't say he said I got to George Bush after George. Is that still on his mind?


After George? We're going to make a big decision. And I will say that I love New York City. I was just in New York City this past weekend seeing Dave Chappelle for SNL. So Dave invited me and Evelin, which was freaking fantastic. Imagine owning your wife like a million date nights, which I do, and then being able to say, like, hey, do you want to go to SNL to see Dave Chappelle for my turn to be able to talk about the mushroom deal?


You know, I'm not sure what they're drinking back there, but but being like in the heart of New York on a Saturday night rock center and seeing the boarded up stores on Fifth Avenue and the rest of it, it's heartbreaking. We need to do a lot more in New York City. And I'm certainly going to do everything I can to help New York as soon as as soon as this Georgia race is up.


How did you as your guest. I know you endorsed you when you ran for president, but how did you, you know, form that type of relationship that you have now? He's inviting you to come see him on SNL.


It's the bonding effect of campaigning together. I think Charlamagne, because Dave came out, so we first connected in California. He was out there. I was out there and we just sat down for an hour, which was fun for me because he's my favorite comedian. And I was just like, well, this is great. But, you know, you have you don't have, like, frankly, that high hopes where someone like him is going to drop everything and then go to Iowa and South Carolina to campaign for you.


But that's what he did. So then if you're. Hanging out together in Iowa, backstage in Ames, your teams are getting together. You're filming stuff together. So Dave is not someone who does things halfway. Like he's like, look, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to go and make the case to the people in Iowa. He knocked on doors and called people in South Carolina. He did multiple shows for the campaign and then donated every dollar of the show's revenue to an organization that was supporting me.


Wow. So if you go through that kind of thing with someone, then you become friends. And I'm incredibly grateful to Dave. I went to Ohio for one of his shows and celebrated his birthday in the summer. And so we've just become friends in a really organic way and I'm grateful for it. Oh, you definitely had the mushroom to eat. And you know that Dave's pretty, you know, like people people want to want to partake. They can partake.


But if they don't, he's not really much of like a, you know, a peer pressure guy that he doesn't peer pressure.


He didn't answer the questions all the way, by the way. He didn't say yes or no. So he did leave it at that.


But it was I got to say that I've got experience with Evelin was so fun because we go back there and it wasn't just Dave, it was an historic episode, SNL. So like Chris Rock was there, you know, a bunch of other people were there, Chris, that I guess is hosting this weekend. And it felt like history. It was wild because Dave kind of bookended the Trump presidency. Know we all remember him ringing the Trump era in four years ago and rang it out.


Question, what does Donald Trump have on Republicans? Why are they so scared to stand up to him, as Joe Biden says, mildly intimidated by him? Why?


Right now, it's it's practical power considerations where there are a lot of Trump voters in Georgia and so that they actually there are some people on record saying, look, we just got to play along with this Trump thing until Georgia votes on January 5th so that the Trump voters come out in force for him, because if they lose the Senate, then they're like, oh, snap. So privately, the Republicans know Trump lost and Joe as president, that's that.


But there's like a powerful political reason for them to play along, unfortunately. And it's terrible for the country.


Are you afraid that anything could happen that could reverse the results of this election?


I am not. This thing's a done deal. It's a wrap show is going to be president. Everyone's just like playing along with Trump until Jan five.


Are we got more with Angel Gang, Gang, gang. When we come back to the movies, The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with Andrew Yang.


Shall we can Congress step in and stop Trump from firing people like the Defense Secretary and the Pentagon's top policy official? Because isn't that leaving the country vulnerable by firing all of you?


This is a very vulnerable period for the government because you have a completely checked out executive who's arguing for an alternate reality. He's firing like senior defense officials and the rest of it. But there is very little that Congress can do because by the Constitution, the law, like he's the president and it's in his power to do whatever the president can do until he's not the president anymore and he's sworn out. So no one really considered this possibility. Trump, where you you have this very strong tradition of outgoing president saying, well, lost, I concede.


All right, let's talk to the new folks and then, like, do a handoff, but officially to the president until he's not.


I'm starting to realize the Constitution is a very flawed document. Yeah. It needs to be updated.


It needs to be updated and modernized so badly. The founders imagined it as like a living document. And now we all just freakin worship it like, oh, like it was pentathletes. I mean, it wasn't like, you know, they were very, very, you know, capable guys, but guys. But they they said, look like update this thing. And now this is actually, to me, an emblem of what's gone wrong in America is like you look up and like we haven't modernized a lot of stuff and then people just argue that you can't change it.


And so we're decades behind the curve on changing many things. And the treatment of this transition ideally would be one of them. But there's so many other things, you know, I mean, I'm for modernizing the Supreme Court, like lifetime appointments make no sense, like having eighty something year olds, like linger on the court because you're afraid they're going to be replaced by the other team. I mean, that's messed up. There are so many things that you could improve if you actually got your act together and looked at it.


The great fear I have and it's played out for the stimulus bill is that our government doesn't really work anymore. And the numbers I've been throwing out there, Congress right now has a twenty one percent approval rating. Everyone's unhappy incumbents have a ninety four percent win repeat. So think about those two numbers. It's like you can do a terrible job and we can all hate it, but you're going to win. And so that that's why a lot of the change that we want is has not been coming.




Don't you think progressives. Centrist Democrats need to have like a peace summit. Y'all need to, like, sit down and have a I think a public powwow and just have a conversation amongst each other, don't you think?


Oh, yeah. Democrats should 100 percent be doing better. The fact that we are that this was so tight that we lost seats in the House that we didn't get the Senate should be a massive wake up call to Democrats that this is not going well, that what we are doing right now is not working.


If it wasn't for covid, Donald Trump probably would have won re-election easily. I think objectively, that seems to be the case. That should be, again, a massive wake up call. I certainly am taking it to heart very deeply to heart. It shaken me up, you know, like I campaigned around the country. I was surprised that there was an extra five million Trump voters that came out between twenty sixteen and twenty twenty. That surprised me, you know.


You know what it is? This centrist Dems. I don't want them to think that the large voter turnout in 2020 was because people love Joe Biden.


And I feel like progressives are the present and future centrist Dems are the past to me in a lot of ways. And I think unless centrist Dems connect with progressives, I think the future of the Democratic Party is bleak.


The problem for centrist Dems is they're arguing for a status quo that is not working most people. And so that's like that's kind of a terrible place to be. And they need to actually have, like, some kind of positive agenda that translates to how folks are living life.


You know, you asked a question about President elect Biden. I came here, I saw you said, but you said, you know, you asked how is he going to improve the reality on the ground for the families in Ohio, Iowa, places that Democrats used to be competitive in and not in less competitive. What did you mean by that? I think Democrats have gotten way too caught up in messaging and not caught up enough in what's going on in the average small town in the Midwest, like the quality of life in that small towns going to then even if you come in and you have like a positive unifying message, like, look, my kid's addicted to opiates, my store closed, my plant closed, like my town is dying.


Whatever is going on is not good for me and mine. And and Trump came in and said, hey, things are terrible for you. So let's throw rocks, blame the other people, blame the other guys, which is obviously a non solution. It does not help anything. But it's a more appealing message to folks who whose towns are sinking into the mud. Then things are working. Like I'm saying, I'm competent, like let's all get along again.


It goes back to what you said before about the centrist Democrats. The status quo is a loser. Like the fact is, Trump represented change in twenty sixteen. And somehow, perversely enough, I think he still managed to represent change in twenty twenty. I think the idea we pulled that trick given that he was the incumbent president. But a lot of folks in Ohio and Iowa are seeing their way of life deteriorate and they're looking for answers.


I can answer the question of why he still was able to pull that trigger off in twenty 20 years because of who he was running against is because Joe Biden has been in government for so long and he's got a long over, what, a 50 year history of being in government?


I think that's what it was.


That was part of it for sure, where Joe represents a return to normalcy and there are many Americans who wanted to return to normalcy. And as you all know, I back Joe and campaigned for him. And I'm so glad that he and Tocumwal are hitting the White House. But what is normal rain?


What is normal for a black man, normal for black children or even an Asian man in America?


What's normal? That's what I'm saying, is that Normal has not been working for a lot of people. And that's the painful reality that centrist Dems need to confront is like, why? Why are people so dispirited, so angry both in and outside of the party? There are a lot of people who voted for Joe Biden. I suspect you too might have might resemble this, who also like the Democratic Party, like, you know, get it together.


Like what you're doing right now is not working for me and mine in my community. And we might support you because the alternative in this case was Donald Trump. But you got to give us more. And if they give more, then I think they might be able to beat the next Trump. If they don't give more, they probably lose to the next Trump. And the next Trump might be worse than this Trump was. He might be competent and malignant and like effective, whereas Trump was kind of this blundering narcissist buffoon.


I will move. We got more with Andrew Yang. You know, we've been doing this for the homecomings all morning long. So let's get into another mix. This is a BCU homecoming mix. So earlier today, it was the Pepsi BBQ marching band experience. Later on today, Angeliki is doing the Ulta beauty panel with Laila and her and a host of others.


And then also later on this evening, the BCU homecoming party on the yacht presented by McDonald's. I'll be kicking it with a little baby so weedy Big Sean and Khaleed will be performing live will be Djinnit. So let's get into another homecoming mix. Let me know what HBC you you went to is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. That was HBC You mix with doing those little mini mixes all morning long. Now let's get back to our interview with Andrew Yang nationally.


How much do Democrats, old black people, they owe them the entire democracy, the country this when Joan to being poised to become the next president or vice president, mean that there's owe you everything know, because like you said, everything was on the line with this election.


So if you were sitting down, if you part of the cabinet, which you might end up being, you know, how would you tell that administration to address, like, let's just say, the racial wealth gap for black and white people in this country?


I would say we need to put cash into people's hands in a very big, dramatic way. And that would have an enormous impact on communities of color, first and foremost, because like or not, communities of color often operating from a lower base, you know, so you come in and you start giving a thousand bucks a month like I was proposing or two thousand dollars a month is what there's our emergency money for the People Act in Congress that has forty one co-sponsors.


And anyone who looks at the twelve hundred dollars that people got, you should know that's a very, very small fraction of the two point two trillion dollar Kahrizak like the the two hundred dollar checks we got added up to maybe something like six percent of the two point two trillion somewhere. The other ninety four percent go, not us.


Would you call that reparations or would you call it universal basic income?


I'd call it universal basic income, which I see as a step that would prepare us for grappling with the legacy of slavery and reparations. I got a couple more questions.


Tell me, what's the Muhammad Ali boxing reform? Because I haven't seen you throwing jabs at Dana White a little bit. So there are two related industries, the WWE and the UFC industry, their companies, but they're both quasi monopolies and they're both exploiting workers at very, very high levels. And the WWE, you either saying you're an independent contractor, even though I control every aspect of your life, I actually one of them sent me the contract. It's crazy.


Like this summary is we own you, but you're somehow still a contractor. We don't have to pay for your health care, your travel like retirement benefits, time off like we don't have any rights and everything to the name and everything.


So pretty much you don't get anything but that little fee that you get. That's it.


Yeah. And even now they're saying you can't even be on twitch, can't be on camera like some of these people are making their living off the. We came in like we own that too. And so you have to go in and fix that with the National Labor Relations Board action saying, look, this is ridiculous. It's like you can't call them independent contractors if you're controlling every aspect of their lives and careers. No. Two, the Ali Act is for the to see the UFC should not be controlling rankings and belts and then also be the promoter.


So why is a boxing payday tens of millions of dollars and a UFC payday has historically been much lower. And if you look at lower level UFC fighters, they are making chicken scratch relative to it. I mean, the UFC at this point is a multibillion dollar organ, you know, fighters on TV, on ESPN making like sixteen thousand dollars. I know you do that like stuff that you just could not make a living out, really. And right now, fighters are getting about fifteen percent of revenues.


In major sports, it's 50 percent. And one reason that is, is that they essentially have a stranglehold on everything. So the Ali Act would change that where men would get treated like boxing, where the promotion can't both control the rankings and the purse and the promotion like you actually separate it out.


How to how do you have time to care about that? What all is going on in the world? I'm a I'm a fight fan.


You know, I watch that stuff. And so, you know, I just feel bad when I see human beings and exploited. You know, another thing, you can throw in this category, NCAA athletes like they should be getting paid for something like this. It's pretty much what I see exploitation on TV.


It pisses me off like where we're being entertained, but we're like, wait a minute, these kids are generating millions for these schools and the broadcasters and the rest of it. And like that, they can't get paid anything for autographs and jerseys, whatever it is like. It's crazy. Same thing is true in these other industries. So when I see it, it pisses me off.


That's right. We're going to have to love in hip hop next. They exploit people on reality TV all the time. See that one?


I don't know enough about this. OK, so does Donald Trump end up in jail when all of this is over?


I don't think he ends up in jail.


I think worst case, he would end up hanging on another country, chopping it up and broadcasting. I think that would be the move before he winds up in prison.


Don't you have to don't like to show people. Like, you can't just break the law, like there's nobody above the law, don't you almost have to pursue charges against them in some way? Oh, well, as long as there's a the pursuit of charges is one thing.


But, you know, like Donald Trump will be much more likely to fly the coop to some place. We don't have an extradition treaty.


You expect charge, you expect charges to be brought up against. I certainly think there's going to be various civil actions for sure. I don't know about criminal. So civil actions would be some of the financial dealings. Apparently, he owes people hundreds of millions of dollars. So people will be coming for that word.


Well, Yang, thank you for checking in, brother. Appreciate you guys. I didn't know it was going to be a breakfast club reunion, which made me really I appreciate the heck out of you guys. And you should know that, like, I'm thinking about New York City very seriously, about, oh, just the fact that people are suffering and there's nothing I can do to help. Mean I look at it very hard. Yeah.


Run for mayor in New York. That would help extremely. And not to tap your pockets. Right. But, you know, every year, you know, you don't even do this thing called change for change initiated.


What we're doing a little differently is instead of finding an organization to donate the money to, we're actually going to find people who need it. So somebody who might be able to can't afford formula, we might give them some money to pay for formula. You know, somebody who let's say they can't pay their car note or needs help on their mortgage or needs help or whatever, we're going to hit individual people and just give money to them.


Yeah, like, you know, like you gave the million to the Bronx. Yeah. You know, I love that we're up to ten million now, not all of the Bronx, but you can. But I obviously love people helping people. Like I'll put 5000 dollars into that right now. OK, and then. Yeah. So that'll be me personally about like you said, Charlamagne, my work is doing everything it can to help because there's a lot of need right now.


OK, well thank you, Andrew Yang for that five grand. We appreciate it. And we need your help. Don't be a stranger, man. We need your voice. Like, I want to keep our audience engaged with politics even when it's not elections happening.


Maybe I'll see you guys in Georgia. We'll do it again. You guys down there? Definitely. All right. Thank you.


I think that's great, huh? I love the drama, drama, drama. And Dan was just in here saying how attractive they are to Andrew Young. I really like how much I love his conversation was good conversation, sars-cov-2.


Goodness gracious, I well, let's get to the room is let's talk for real, because this is the room. A report with Angelina Jolie's Breakfast Club. Listen up.


Yeah, well, Farell has his own skincare line. It's called The Human Race and it will be out on November 25th. You know, everybody talks about Farrall and how he is forever youthful looking. And when he was on the Breakfast Club, we discussed it.


I need to know why the hell you have not aged in twenty plus years. I really do believe in like exfoliating, though. Have you seen the meme that showed you from like fifteen years ago that now it's hilarious. And have you and your even your hairline bro you seem a little jealous.


I'm not jealous. I don't want to know. Share his secrets my brother. No there's no there's definitely hereditary.


I don't know. I can help you here. Like there are some you know, you know you you know Vigneault you know.


OK, I'm sorry. You do bro. There was nothing jealous. I'm complimenting the brother. That's what's wrong with you all black. You niggas think everything is jealousy. Envy, right. I was complimenting the brother.


OK, well you have a black people who have. All right.


Well well you're Dominican. My folks. I'm not Dominican.


Yeah, well, the first paddock's will be a rice powder cleanser, a lotus enzyme exfoliator, humidifying cream team pack and yeah, you can get those things. And he also is looking forward to a human race forensics lab in the near future.


I love a good exfoliation to my dermatologist, Dr. Natasha Sandy. But yes, I mean, that just makes so much sense for for to have that. I wonder how much of that is actual products and just genetics.


So I'd love to see, like, his parents, his grandparents, you know what I mean?


So how many fascial do you get a week?


I don't get facials. I've got chemical peels, though. I've had chemical field before. Yeah. You got a case.


You only got one one body. Right. You only got left.


And I've always taken care of my skin my whole life because, you know, you just can't use regular soap on your face and people do that and you have to use things that are specific for your face. Your skin is just different there.


You also have to use like that front under your eyes, your duck, duck. Well, you know, the thing is, you're in Brooklyn and we don't really wash his face that much anymore because you don't want to wash that Beijing off. You know what I'm saying? I wash my face. You see my wash his face. Like I said, every three days in the morning and night before I go to school. You know, it's not with that pain.


There's no pain. All right.


Now, Jordan Brain has introduced auto leasing the Air Jordans that was done with the Air Jordan eleven adat. If you guys are interested in that, I think that's going to be dope. Hmm, auto racing sneakers. Yeah, I mean I mean, it all came from back to the future, those kicks that when they came out, they go on for like 50, 60 grand. So everybody's been adapting and they've been doing it a lot recently. But I think that you don't want to look at the left is going to do they actually look they do look nice.


They released December 30th and the price hasn't officially been announced. But according to news sources, they say it'll be five hundred dollars, the country's 30th.


It's just lazy. And I bet it's going to cost one hundred dollars or something just because people don't want to tie issues.


Yeah, I mean, five hundred dollars for those sneakers, but that's five hundred dollars. Yeah, it's a great deal. So imagine they're going to they're going to release on that sneakers and I'm sure it's going to sell out, you know, to the entire shoe is literally what it is.


You're just too lazy to tie your shoes. You can spend 500 dollars.


No way, Jose. All right. Well, that is your are no way to report.


No way, Tyroon, OK? That's how we got it. All right.


What were you giving a donkey to me? Well, you know, in the process of giving a wrong decisions to come to the front of the congregation, we like to have a word with them, please.


All right. Show's got weird this morning, right? This morning. OK. All right.


This morning, it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Hey, stingily. And there's nothing better than getting something customized, especially when it comes to auto coverage. The general insurance gives you customized coverage with the payment plan and due date that works for your schedule. Call 800 general or visit the general dotcom. Some restrictions apply.


Make sure you don't watch out for Florida.


More than the craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of oh yes, you are a donkey. A Florida man attacked an ATM for a very strange reason. It gave him too much money and was arrested after the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife.


Police arrested an Orlando man for talking up a made up with the Breakfast Club Pretty Dalkia, the day when Charlamagne, the guy all the while keeping letting him get out like he does an exhausting donkey of the day for us today.


30 years later, they would say, Oh, yes, thank you.


Today for Thursday, November 12th, go to Florida. Governor Rod Dissenters is now what did your Uncle Chala always say? The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida. But today is bigger than Florida because what Governor Rhonda Stantis has done in Florida is indicative of what these politicians are capable of all around the country, not just politicians, people, OK, people who are invested in the oppression and extermination of other people.


I don't know how many times I've told you all this week, but nothing has changed in this country except the administration. And that doesn't change until January 20th. Officially, we can jump for joy and celebrate the fact that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are the madam vice president and president elect of America. But always remember, this is still America. OK, this is why befuddled when I hear people say this new administration is a return to normal, what the hell is normal?


OK, when is America ever been normal for anybody except white people? OK, once again, because I keep repeating this. Donald Trump wanted to make America great again. America was never great for everybody. Joe Biden wants to build back better. We don't need to build anything back. We need something new period in government run to Stantis.


What he's doing in Florida, father proves my point. OK, let me just tell you the headline before I play you the news report, I want to tell you the headline and I want to see how this makes you feel. Florida's governor drafts laws that would allow people to shoot looters, I repeat Florida's governor draft laws that would allow people to shoot looters.


OK, anti mob legislation, that's what it is to expand on the Stand Your Ground law. The same law that got that demon in the flesh, George Zimmerman, off when he murdered Trayvon Martin. The law that Governor Rhonda Stantis proposed allows people to shoot looters was to drive for the bill, defines burglary within 500 feet of a violent or disorderly assembly. That's what they call looting.


OK, Rhonda Santurce also wants to make it a third degree felony to block traffic during a protest and offer immunity to drivers who accidentally killed or injured protesters. OK, how do you accidentally killed or injured a protester with a whole car? OK, I'm asking a serious question. You know, I'm not the highest grade of weed in the dispensary. I just want to know, how do you accidentally killed or injured a protester with your car? You can see them.


OK, they are right in front of you. Large crowd signs.


Was the car attack in Charlottesville, West Virginia an accident? OK, when that neo-Nazi white supremacist James Alex Fields Jr. deliberately drove his car into a crowd that was protesting a unite the right rally, I believe it was, and killed Heather. Heather Higher was that accident. OK, I feel like Rhonda Stantis is trying to implement this law to make it one to justify. Oh, let me tell you some other things. In this bill, they want to enhance criminal penalties for people involved in violent or disorderly assemblies, and they want to withhold state funds from local governments that cut law enforcement funding.


So basically, any local government that cut law enforcement funding, you know, to fund the police, you know, they just not going to get no money. I guess you can't make this kind of stuff up. And I know you don't take me seriously because I got a list. But let's go to the Huffington Post for the report, please.


Governor Rhonda Sanchez has drafted a bill that critics say could have damaging consequences. According to the Miami Herald, the governor's so-called anti Monda legislation is an expansion of Florida's Stand Your Ground law, a law that means that you can't be charged for killing someone if you're in fear for your life. Those who oppose it say expanding the law could give arms people the legal right to fatally shoot suspected looters or anyone damaging a business. This new push is reportedly in response to police brutality, protests that happened in Florida and across the nation this year.


The Miami Herald also says the legislation would make it a third degree felony to block traffic during protests, give immunity to drivers who claim to unintentionally hurt or kill protesters blocking traffic and withhold state funds from cities that cut police budgets. The Miami Herald says that this legislation draft has been sent to Florida's House Judiciary Committee.


This is nuts to nobody but me. I don't find this extremely crazy. Yeah, our queen, our leader, Tamika Mallory, tried to tell us we are in a state of emergency. Rhonda Sanches has long threatened to introduce the strongest pro law enforcement, anti rioting and looting legislation anywhere in the country. This government government officials would rather implement laws that threaten the lives and safety of people protesting and fighting against injustice instead of implementing laws that stop the injustice.


How do you find a way to further victimize victims instead of finding a way to make sure they're just simply no more victims?


Do you know how many white supremacist neo-Nazi crack and crack of vigilantes will be taking advantage of these laws? Solutia Denise George is a former prosecutor in Miami-Dade County. She said she said the same. She said it allows for vigilantes to justify their actions and it allows for death to be the punishment for a property crime. And that is cruel and unusual punishment. She continues to go on and say, we cannot live in a lawless society where taking a life is done so casually and recklessly.


So, man, just think about it now. You've got police, you know, taking our lives recklessly. And when folks in Florida go out to protest those deaths, they can be killed, too. Yeah, I agree. Damage to property shouldn't be a death sentence. But also, I don't trust that y'all know the difference between peaceful protesters and looters, not to mention COINTELPRO. Y'all really need to study the FBI's war on the civil rights movement and ask yourself if these things are still happening.


Of course they are. OK, COINTELPRO sole purpose was to disrupt and destroy a wide range of protest groups all around us. And this is doing is continuing an age old tradition of neutralizing black activists and not just black activists, any activists who are standing up for the injustice that black people are facing at the hands of white supremacists in this country. This is terrible. OK, what if a cop kills somebody unjustly in Florida? You know, when these laws are implemented, the people can't mobilize in protest without fear of being killed because they were mistaken for a looter, because a looter destroyed a property.


And since you 500 feet from that property, you can be shot. If you're blocking traffic, a car can run you over without any punishment. I really feel sorry for our folks on the ground, and I truly, honestly don't understand how they create so much legislation for the people fighting the injustice, but do not create no legislation to protect us from the injustice that we experienced at the hands of the police.


If you all think for one second that Donald Trump not being president anymore is going to change anything and you don't know America, OK, our leader, Tamika Mallory, who is absolutely right, America, we are in a state of emergency. These people will create laws to protect buildings before they create laws that protect black bodies, our queen, Tamika Mallory said at the best.


Let me remind you, we are in a state of emergency. Black people are dying in a state of emergency.


That the reason why buildings are burning are not just for our brother George Floyd. They're burning down because people here in Minnesota are saying to people in New York, to people in California, to people in Memphis, to people all across this nation. Enough is enough. Right. And we are not responsible for the mental illness that has been inflicted upon our people by the American government institutions and those people who are in positions of power. I don't give a damn if they burn down Target because Target should be on the streets with us, calling for the justice that our people deserve.


Dropping clues by the time you come out that our people deserve black.


Listen, man, black people just want to be treated and protected like you Bill did. Please let me.


MARGATE, Florida Gov. Rhonda Santos, the biggest hee hee hee haw, you stupid mother, you dumb. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today. Now, when we come back, ask ye eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call you. Now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Come on, relationship advice, any personal advice, just the really advice call up now for Enschede Warning.


Everybody is T.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club is time for ask ye. Hello. Who's this? This is Bree. Hey Bree. What's your question for you. My question is how do you break it to your best friend? You know, her husband is cheating on her and they have three kids together. They've been married almost four years now. And, you know, for a fact that he's cheating on her and you just really don't know how to break it and you're scared to break up their family.


Man, I had to do that before. It was a very similar situation. I saw my friend's husband out on a date late at night with somebody else, and she was pregnant at the time. So how do you know for sure that he's cheating?


Well, for one, I'm engaged to his brother and he has tried to on me multiple times. He's tried to have sex with me. He's tried to, you know, even make sexual comments. He does a lot of things. And then he's also done it to a mutual friend of ours. And so I do this now. If it was you, right, and somebody knew this about you and your man, would you want them to tell you?




And I just feel bad. It's just kids involved, you know? And I just don't know. I mean, I want to tell her. I just don't know how to break it to the right man.


And that is a tough one. And you're right. You do have a responsibility. And I get it like you feel like you're breaking up the family. But you know who's breaking up the family. Yes, exactly.


So it's not your fault. And I think, you know, he'll probably deny it and maybe she'll believe him and we'll be friends with you anymore. The question is, can you give her a solid proof? I'll have the deed. But yes, I can get some proof to back up my statement for sure. As you know, he'll deny it. Oh, yeah, for sure. He's a he's already, you know, threatened, you know, when I say nothing other than that because I turned them down and made them feel real smart.


Mm hmm.


Yeah. And you know what? Should you should let him know. I would look, I'll put my phone in my pocket. I'm just keeping it real. What I would do is put my phone in my pocket and record and be like, I'm going to tell my friend that you've been coming on to me and that you've been saying, you know, I better not tell him making these threats. And I know you did this to a mutual friend as well.


So if you want to tell her before I do.


Yes, with my brother. This is brother that I'm with, too. So there's going to be a conflict there.


So you haven't told him either? You haven't told you. I mean, this just recently happened. Yeah, girl, you need to.


But I will say this. Get some evidence. That's what I'm saying. Like for real because he's going to deny it to everybody and you might end up being the one to looks like you out of your mind. So. Exactly. Thank you so much. All right. That's a tough one you have to use. It is for. All right. I want you to now remember if you got more questions or a question for you.


Eight five eight five, one, two, five one. Now, let's get back into the HBC you homecoming move. Let's get into another HBC You mix all morning long we've been prepping for bcuz we had the Pepsi HQ marching band experience.


Then at three o'clock we have also a beauty panel with Yi, her and Lala and a host of others.


And then later on tonight at five o'clock we had the party on the yard with Loevy, me little baby Big Sean Suwaidi and Khaleed. I will keep it up. Let's get into the mix.


Oh please come on keep it real well is some real advice with Angeliki.


It's eskies. Morning, everybody, is T.J. Envy Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club in the middle of ASKI. Hello, who's this?


Oh, there's Rico. Hey Rico, what's your question this morning?


Yesterday was my anniversary and I did not do what she wanted me to do. But that makes sense. What did you do? We just we just went out and got a party. But, you know, I mostly kind of wanted a vacation or a little later, you know, some of the more romantic.


All right. She wanted you to plan something. And why didn't you.


Oh, I don't know. Just the pandemic and everything. I don't think we could really get out and do anything at all. A little weird. I just need to be more like more better at doing it, you know? OK, so you can you can acknowledge that.


OK, but that just happened. So now what are you going to do for her?


Birthday's coming up in the Christmas season is coming up. So I definitely want I just I don't know what it is like Pinterest, Instagram. So maybe I would like to order some of these. There are some things here, but at the same time she has everything I've given her, you know what I mean?


Like, it's not about that, though. It's about thoughtful things. Sometimes we take people for granted just because you like. Oh, well, every day is a special day. But if you know, it means a lot to her and she deserves it, then yes, she does want you to sell some thoughtfulness.


Yeah, I think every man thinks his wife deserves everything, but I work. At what point do you stop buying things you don't you don't. I don't know. I think I think I need to take her on a trip right away.


She wants an experience. It's not about you buying her things. She wants you to plan. She wants an experience that the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives.


Yeah, year after year. It gets tough, though, you know what I mean? Like you do. You run out of things to do.


Well, let me give you an example of something that you could do being that you kind of dropped the ball this last time. You're right. We are in the middle of a pandemic. But why not plan ahead? You know what's a great idea? If you are like, OK, hopefully things will be, you know, we'll be able to travel at least by next year. So what you can do is in advance purchase a week long trip somewhere, at least by the flights, reserve a room.


You don't have to pay for the room right now. A lot of times these flights are a lot cheaper than they normally are. And you can let her know this is going to be happening on that date. I love having something to look forward to. So while it might not happen right now, at least you're giving her something like, guess what, we're going to Hawaii or wherever it is that you decide to take her and she has something that she can be excited about and start planning for now.


And as a gift, you can actually get her a few things, like maybe get her a beach bag filled with some things that you can use for the trip when it does happen.


Yeah, I just I think you don't sound very enthusiastic because you like out here, like, I asked you a question and then you walk me through it, you know what I mean? And that's good. But I want to like I just like to say, like after year after year, like I Charlamagne every day they are like the tell me which little girls for ten years might tell you. Oh, I've been I've been with my yesterday was our ninth anniversary, but I built mine for twenty two.


I've been on my own for twenty two. Well OK, I've been to seventeen but we've, we've been married since eleven, eleven, eleven. So it's kind of like I'm just thinking like we've been together forever so we've got a big family, got three kids, we got a nice family. I'm just trying to find ways to do more and I listen to you guys every day so I always come, you know what I mean. This is something current for us and I'm just trying to get that spark bigger than give bigger and bigger than just trying to keep it going so we could be married.


But fifty one hundred more years.


You know, I think that, you know, I mean, we could be together, but you have to start thinking that it's just material things is about you being thoughtful and paying attention to what she likes. It could be something that costs five dollars. If you knew she wanted it and she's excited. It could be her favorite candy that you had when you had a trip to the movies. It could be anything you can do, little Dufault, things you can pick a movie at home to watch and have a movie night at home and get a whole bunch of stuff that like you're in the movie theater for you and the kids.


You can do things like that. You just have to be thoughtful and stop looking at it like material things and trips. I want to do more. I know what more is it? She wants you to put some care and some time and pay attention. It sounds just like.


Well, it sounds like she told you exactly what she calls the basics, you bastard. She was just like you. That breathing and drink water. I think what's important is if she's telling you exactly what it is that she needs, then it's not that hard.


You just have to listen and don't be so stubborn.


Yeah, I hear you. I love you.


And I want you to and I want you to sound like you enjoy it when you're doing these things. You sound like. I just want to Pittsburgh, so I mean, no, no, no, no, but I hear you and I'm on this. I'm just glad to tell you, home in Florida and of course, which I just reported about the Stand Your Ground. Yeah, a lot of people down here care, but I'm the barber.


So you come to my office, I'm a closed down. And this like if he put something where, oh, this person was trying to hurt my business with whatever kind of business you got, you've got to have a key, you know what I mean? Over and over in my car, you're going to have a trade with this dealer. He already up for the bad. Do like to talk about how the customer and it is the head of the division and they're supposed to be able to talk from time out.


I got you any Mashantucket today. You ain't even shouted. You told Anambra. Yeah, it the most wanted on Twitter is on the score. Eighty five. The hashtag was really I want to be looking for you to post it. I'll be looking for you to post other things that you're doing for your way.


I'm a lady. Yeah. Hopefully she'll hear me on the back door and I'ma do some respect for her. I just want her to come home later. He's king.


OK, eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice. Now we got rules in a way. Yes. We'll be talking about Mike Tyson and Boozy Boozy reflects on that interview on Mike Tyson's hot boxing podcast and tells us some behind the scene things that we did not know. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody, is D.J. N.V., Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy at the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Nobody wants to speak to me. Yes, good morning. And I just want to shout out to all the people for change, for change that have been sending Dems and emails. You have to send that email if you want to get some money. From The Breakfast Club on Thursday, courtesy of Pepsi to ABC, changed a number for change dotcom. You cannot just email us.


It has to go through that specific route for it's a matter so and sending us an email won't matter. Sending us a demo matter. You have to go to book change for change dotcom.


You know homeboy hookups. No, don't hate me. I'm talking about a man. Let me call in. No, I ain't doing anything that I have. That means you have already hit me. You did. Yeah, me too. It's not happening, but my goodness. All right. Well, let's get to the rumors. Let's talk Boosey.


It's about who's going to. We we this is the rumor report with Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club.


Well, this is Mike Tyson Boosey interview boxing with Mike Tyson went viral and there were some moments on the air, for instance, this one, do you fear the possibility that you're a homosexual?


And by disrespecting you for yourself and being a homosexual, I think he may like homosexuals. No, no, I'm straight as an arrow. You know, I really commented on that Dwayne Wade situation because I got offended because as a child, you know, I'm just having you know, I'm not judging you.


Yeah. Don't ever think I'm here judging you. I'm trying to understand you. Yeah. And I got from demons. And in my world, when it comes to demons, jayesh.


OK, well, Boosey is clarifying things on Villard TV and he talks about just basically the interview being kind of weird.


When I got the you know, when I got there, we got the interview and, you know, he seemed like he was passionate about this situation. He kept going back to the situation. And I'm like, you know, I'm telling them like, you know, like I don't agree with. But the interview was weird. I agree with asking him questions, you know, and they took a lot of stuff out of the interview. But he was he seemed like he was passionate about it.


The interview wasn't where the interview was great. And people keep focusing on that moment. But the interview is so much deeper. It's a masterclass in male vulnerability and brothers being able to share their feelings. I thought that that conversation was incredible now.


But he also talked about Mike Tyson's daughter because there were some things that we didn't see. His daughter came and interview me. She also was like, do you know what's going on in the transgender world right now? So I would tell her, you know, what's going on in black people right now. So basically, she was saying the things that she was passionate about and I was saying the things that I was passionate about. And she can feel me.


And and I guess she was saying I couldn't feel her, but I was telling I have no ill will towards that. So we didn't see eye to eye. So she got up and walk out.


Why and why they couldn't relate when it came to the to the black struggle. I mean, transgender to black people, to you.


I mean, I don't get it. People are people and let it be you don't got to criticize as a great comic.


Somebody else should go watch the Mike Tyson Boosie conversation is really incredible.


All right. And I do have to say a recent piece to mow three, he was shot and killed in Dallas. His real name is Melvin Noble. And they said he was on the highway. And the shooting suspect is an adult black male who exited his dark sedan with a firearm approaching three who exited his stationary car and began running on the highway. The suspect then fired multiple shots and struck and killed. And they also struck an innocent bystander who was sitting in a separate car.


That victim was transported to an area hospital with injuries that are non-life threatening. So right now, they do not have a motive for the shooting and the suspect does remain at large. So rest in peace. Timothy, three was only 28 years old and our condolences to his family and friends. He's most famous for his collabo Boosey in twenty nineteen everybody remix.


Yeah, right, right. Has recorded three albums. Now, Boosey was on Twitter after this and said Chill and entertainment f y'all and whereas I'm lost for words, my boy Motoki, when I get there I stop calling and texting me a few hos and words fake ass family all y'all can. S mind y'all got a motive f ing with me anyway.


SFD so yeah. Mo was, he was actually in the conversation with Mike Tyson Ambushers. Well he was there Mike. Mike starts talking to him towards the end of it. So he got out of his car, he got shot at and got out of the car and ran.


You said. Yeah, they said he was running.


I don't know why the cars would stop here. Why, you know, I'm thirty five. I have no idea what happened.


But he did get out and run, according to the police. That's him. All right.


Nick Cannon and MTV is reportedly in talks to bring back wilin out just the FBI. And they said, yeah, it could potentially happen. So, you know, they said they do continue to follow Nick's journey. I'm impressed by how he's owned his mistakes. He's been an extended part of our family for almost 20 years and a personal friend of mine for almost half of that. That's Chris McCarthy speaking. Yes, the president. And he's leading by example, apologize and trying to learn to understand and help others do the same.


That's the kind of partner we want to work with, a man.


As Nikki Giovanni says, mistakes are a fact of life. It is your response to error that counts. I think Nick's response has been very mature and a lot of people have learned from it. So I don't see why they wouldn't bring while in orbit. Right. All right. Well, I'm Angela. Yeah. And that is you are rooma reports.


All right. Let me send a rest in peace. Shout out to Jaspin bad. Before this was pal one, two, five one. And it was a hip hop station. I'm not sure if they play country, if they play rock and roll, but it wasn't a hip hop station. And when they switched formats from. Rock and roll the country to hip hop, he was one of the major jam when a five year, one of five, whatever it was, he was the main deejay that started.


It was him. It was Tony Touchin, a DJ named Kut, and they were the DJs that will play in hip hop and really brought the station to life. He passed away yesterday. So I just want to say a rest in peace and condolences to his family. Jaspin, rest in peace, just being back home. He was also on to see 100 remixes on C 100, our sister station. So recipe's, he's been back.


And I want to salute Sigma Gamma RO Sorority Incorporated Founders Day today. That's right. They are celebrating their ninety eight Founder's Day to day salute to all the ladies of the Royal Blue and Gold. My niece Portia hit me up and she was in all capital letters demanding that I salute to the Sigma Gamma Sorority Incorporated because she said, I tell you to do it too. I'm not going to say what she said. I don't know.


But she says she's better, more organized. She was better. She just said she said, I lean a lot towards Acres and Delta, so I need to show the Sigma Gamma Ray. You do some love. You do OK on it. 95 today, a salute to our lady of the Royal Blue and Gold. And I don't know how to say, shout out to the poodles. I don't know how to even do that with their poodles. Is the assembled poodles OK?


I don't know how to say to you, poodles, just leave it alone.


You know how to do a good, good little dog. The ladies of the royal blue and gold go. All right, let's they call Sigma Gamma Ray. I got a call. I don't know. Don't tell you can't do it. I don't even know what it is to do it.


I know. But even if you did, you couldn't stop, you know, as opposed to the Sigma Gamma rules.


All right. People's Choice Mix is up next revolt. We'll see you tomorrow at the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same.


There's no such thing as a good excuse for not buckling up. Cops are writing tickets, so why take the risk, do the smart thing and start buckling up every trip, day or night. Click it or ticket brought to you by Nizza. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now. Today we celebrate in all our BCUZ with a big homecoming party.


We started off earlier today with Pepsi and the marching band competition hosted by Making The Stallion and Malik Joe, Solmonese, Charlamagne and then also Beauty.


They did a panel with Laali Yi, uh, her and a host of others.


And I said three. Mm hmm. And then at five today we have the party on the yard. It was presented by McDonnell's black and positively golden. That's with little baby myself, little V Loevy, Big Sean, Sweetie and Khaleed. So tune into that tonight. That's all on our YouTube page, our YouTube channel. So check out the Breakfast Club YouTube channel and get your homecoming fix on. All right. When we come back, we got the positive note at the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now, Shelman, you got a positive note? I do have a positive Nomad's want to tell everybody out there that scrims doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't. The world is always going to be full of suffering, but it's also full of overcoming, of suffering. Remember that Breakfast Club?


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