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Any personal advice? Just the really folks call up now for Ask Morning everybody is D.J. M.V. and Julie Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club.


It's time for ask you. Hello, who's this.


I'm saying Anatomies. All right. What's your question for you? Anonymous. Yes, we can. All right. So I have a dilemma with my boyfriend, and I started dating to, you know, dude in the car and this gets the foul odor. Did it. He didn't fart. He just like he took a dump and I didn't wipe his butt.


Hey, now we, like, live together. And whenever we do it, I always hesitate to wipe his butt.


So I'm older and, you know, he always has to be. But his boxes are the skidmarks. That's what they call him. Yeah. Skidmarks.


So how do you tell your man, like, can you please why is he a grown man or a baby wearing a diaper? That is disgusting. First of all, you judge that man, I tell you. Oh, is this movie we're talking about? You mean is this giving. You know that mean. Oh, no. All right.


So first of all, do you have wet wipes in the bathrooms in the house? I think I need to keep them there, but, you know, use them. You got to help him out, man, because this first of all, there's no way he told somebody to come in out his butt when he pulls his pants down, number one. Number two, you might have to tell him you got to get up in there when you wipe yourself and wipe yourself good.


And you might have to buy him some wet wipes to carry with him when he goes places and tell him to use those when he uses the bathroom. Because this is not something that you can dance around. You have to be direct about this hygiene. She's right.


I'm not his mama, though. Embarrassing. One time you're going to pass your happens because you know what? If you don't say something, you're going to just end up having to smell doo doo every time you have sex.


Yeah, I can't do that. So just just try and be like, babe, look at your underwear. See this? You're not wiping yourself well, are you getting up in the hole.


So you have doodoo stains on your sheets too, huh?


No, no, I would never. You do have to if he's in his underwear, as in the sheets. But you gotta you got to point it out because if you don't say anything, then I don't know you just having sex and enduring the smell.


Oh, girl, I don't go down there, but I won't fall down on him a lot because of that. Like I'm always afraid.


Like I don't know why it's so hard to tell the man is I think I don't know. But you could get you get you call I or something.


I mean nasty. Oh I can't wait to leave after that. I don't want to. Oh hell no I don't want to hurt his ego. That's it.


Well girl, I don't want you to get some type of disease either a bacterial infection. But this is this is for his own good. First of all, if you are doing laundry, sometimes you don't want to have to touch that and clean that. Right. Right. And this is for his own benefit. This is to help him out in his life. You got to show him, look, baby, these are wet wipes. Now, me and you were having this conversation.


Don't be embarrassed because we could talk about anything. And trust me, if you're having sex with this man unprotected, you should be able to tell on his ass things. And he's not wiping himself. Goodness gracious. If you can do that and you can lay up on him and do all of that, then you should be able to communicate with him and tell him, baby, you need to clean your bike.


It's going to be so funny when you tell him his things. And he was like, man, I was thinking the same thing about your poem and guess what?


And yes, what we do why people like you said you ain't crap. We're crap. You don't even know what you did there. I hate crap. Thank you, Mom. Listen, this is a time when when you got to be direct and be like, look, you know, I don't know if you just now wipe yourself right. But there's these days in your underwear and sometimes I can smell it. So I just want to say you got to wipe yourself better here.


Some wet wipes every time you go to the bathroom and you shouldn't even have sex with him. So after he showers. But if he's not cleaning his bottle in the shower either and then get like that, I don't know what else to say, but it's clean in his retirement.


I will say I've been with my wife twenty one years. And I do remember a time about fourteen, fifteen years ago where she went down and she was like, Hey man, you need to go take a shower or something good, you know, and you appreciate it.


Yeah. When I got maybe I didn't wait, probably, I don't know what it was, but she told me it hurt my feelings. I just took a shower.


A common issue between then, like, I don't understand.


I don't think it was a comment to me before once or twice. Three times. Four times to happen to me before. Yeah. So but like. So that's why you. I pointed out one day you will laugh about it, and hopefully that day they tell a laugh and his butt will be clean, but you guys got to embarrass him, pick up the underwear, be like, what's this? And then let him see the stains. He'll get embarrassed and never do it again.


I like that, you know? I mean, they check.


You see, I better you got to do two things on your sheets. Yeah. I bet you Bambino's trust me once or twice, put those skid marks in his face. You going to make you model. How do you like it?


You can actually see that some young boy stuff, though, because, you know, like that's one of the reasons after I do a number two, I do go take a shower. Except if you're at work. If I'm at work, but then I'm not like I'm going home like me and my wife will get right to it.


I want to go home smelling like you say, never poo, and then have sex right after how you can take a shower.


We don't want your money, but to the better. White Benambra, bro. All right. Askey eight five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice at now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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You got this real well which is some real advice with actually it's aski.


Morning everybody is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club we're in the middle of ask ye. Hello.


Who's this morning. Giovana. Oh what's the matter Jovana. Sound like you whispering.


I'm whispering because my college student is home ok. I don't want him to hear my question.


Oh boy. Mommy freekeh.


All right, let's go and be happy anniversary my husband. I'll be celebrating 24 years of summative. Wow. Pawnees congrats today.


Yeah. Same to you. Same to you. My question is, I don't know how you do all those kids, but what to do now. These kids are home when you're trying to get freaky with chance.


But do you have any idea why you sustain these loans are marriages? Because you'll do all kinds of crazy stuff, you know? But who are you trying to figure it out?


Well, how many kids? Just one. Just one. But OK, he's out from college. He says he's graduated last year, thank goodness. But, you know, with everything going on, his grand plans didn't work out. He was supposed to relocate to California. He's home with us. We have a condo and can't get down the way. We usually get down, you know, who's always there and he ever going outside.


Is there someplace like outdoor space?


You know, and we you know, normally we go to parks, but parks have been closed. We don't want to get arrested because he's essential. I own the catering business kind of, you know, in the public eye. I don't want to be, you know, known for anything scandalous.


But of course, he'll be going to the balls and freaking out like this. No, no, no, no. She said, yeah, we.


Oh, yes, they do that now. Not now. Not done now.


Of course, everything is shut down. We try to be safe. As I said, my husband is essential. I own the catering business. Small business owners out there at the front line still doing the catering business.


That's like that, too, while we're on here. Oh, thank you, ma'am. My signature recipes. Hmm. We're in Cliffside Park, but I work out of a commercial kitchen in Inglewood. So Inglewood Hospital, holy name, Cenac feed the front line. We're still doing more. So.


But now, Divina, let me ask you this. Doesn't your son have to go to sleep at some point now that he's home?


Not really. I mean, come on, you know, these older kids, you know, face time all hours of the night, you know, and we're not quite, you know, way.


You know what? I think it's fine. You need to have sex quietly. Quietly. Oh, yes. And that actually is really fine. But it doesn't normally happen. But it's actually very exciting.


You know, people may a lot of me actually now you have a mom you're putting in now that you have to cover his mouth while you're doing it. But it's actually about trying to be quiet while you have sex. And that might just be something you're going to have to do. Just be careful, quiet. It is exciting that we're going to try.


Mama, Mama, Mama, can I be honest with you? Anybody especially from deejay's with all those kids, we live in a condo. Well, first of all, first of all, the kids go to sleep. The kids go to sleep in in the older kids. The one. Exactly. But oh, he knows what's going on. You'll be having sex.


So know why that nobody want to hear their parents?


Because I want to hear it. Put a lock on the door and you and your husband is going to one and he's not well. And don't worry about it. He'll put his headphones on and he'll be in his video games. Let me tell you what else you can do.


Let me tell you what else you could do, because you said they had. But I'm glad you said that. Put his seat on the floor and have sex quietly on the floor.


We have carpet on our. Under this law, and there are bad, but all right, well, and put as you know, implying that you put on some music, the TV on whatever you got to do, Mama, don't even worry about your son.


You know, my daughter came in to me. She came into my room the other morning, was like, gosh, you know, I don't go to sleep at 12 o'clock, right?


No, I hear everything that was going on. And you know what I said? I said, well, you know how you got here, right? And she just walked out. It is what it is. My daughter's 18. Your son is he graduated college. You got to be in his 20s. And he understands. And I said, I just want to say you just need to make a fun game out of it. Put that shit on the floor to him.


We got to be quiet, turn on some music kind of low and just have sex slowly and quietly.


He's a grown ass boy, Mama. He's in your house. He's old enough now. You ain't hubby freaky thing to do.


He doesn't want to see his mother's face. His father come out smiling, but he doesn't want to see me come down and make his avocado toast after an avocado toast.


I hope you wash your hands. I'll God, I wash my hands and everything, but OK.


We'll try the sheet on the floor.


Thanks Mom. I get freaky on and yes, I mean this is aski. She wanted advice and my advice is my dad is a different time. It's a different. You don't want her son to hear but that's you don't have to be quite Corinthian's for maintaining the long term marriages.


You got to do it. You got it. I haven't got time. And every time he makes a little noise with his mouth and he says, getting too loud, just cover his mouth and be quiet, Mama.


And let me ask you a question. When you find out what they can help me out with the bed, because I haven't figured that out yet. My baby squeak. We haven't figured that out. We haven't figured we'd be WD 40.


We put a mattress and everything and it's still it's still bound to the mattress.


The problem is the label is a type of man. Do you have an air mattress?


No, we don't have no, please. We were busting a mattress.


We tried that back and to trying to play you. Angela, you just tried to play your mom.


She's and your grown ass woman trying to play you like this, you young man with an air mattress, although we say Brooklyn and now you're just have that.


Wow. Yeah. The air mattress as a spare mattress in my house in case I have company. And I'm like, OK, here's an air mattress. So sometimes people come and it goes up.


You can blow up, you can use it.


Oh that's been in the eighties. No, no, no.


Actually it's a it's a pillow top air mattress and it's very nice.


And I bought a flea automatically. I had there for gas. But I don't think that's going to work. Mom, I go in and I worry about him. I'm going to go like, OK, I'm going to say goodbye, go.


And he knows. And I know you know, Jim, we lost our marriage. You got to do what you got to do. That's right.


You got to start now, kids or not. That's right. Or stick your face out the window. Let me hit it from the back. That way, if you yell it's outside, you go in.


You money have already had notices under my door from my neighbors.


That's the last thing I need is for them to see my hanging out the window now to oh, now I'm hanging out the window, open my window.


That's going to come next time I get on that floor and have sustained these long, long term marriages.


We are here doing it to you, black, little black and black.


Oh, you know, do your catering straight from doing what you do with your husband. Just make sure you wash your hands. Shower. We don't want any extra food, any love any boy.


All right. Thank you, Mama. All right.


Eight hundred and any love and any and any creamy 805. A five one two five. We'll keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. It's time, time to make a difference in your life and to do some good with a graduate degree from Lizelle University at Lizelle, you'll find affordable and practical learning built around you and your lifestyle. Criminal justice, violence prevention and health communication are just two of over 40 degree programs designed to empower you for success, not only in your personal life, but within your community as well. LaSalle University. Visit Lascelles Dot Edu.


You got this.