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You wake up in the morning and I'm talking about to experience a morning show unlike any of the other.


What you guys are doing right now, it's the Hop Culture. Breakfast Club is my morning fit. I need it and I love it. I'm like, you really not popping into the Breakfast Club and waiting to come to your show, man, I really got to be a big time celebrity.


But you got to be got to be big time to take in Angeliki and Charlamagne, the guy at the Breakfast Club, pitching like the. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Angela. Yea, good morning, D.A. Charlemagne.


The God Peace to the planet is Tuesday. Yes, on Tuesday, good morning, how are you guys doing? How are you feeling? And I'm blessed, black and highly favored. That's how I feel every morning we had we all cheer. What's happened the holiday season, dammit. You're going to enjoy it. Yeah, I guess it's the holiday season.


Anything after what holiday season is like Halloween after Halloween and before. No, Halloween is a holiday for Halloween.


Halloween starts the holiday season and we are and pop popular from then on out. OK, Christmas decorations is in the stores. Some people got their Christmas decorations up. They already they've been selling Thanksgiving stuff. It's on. We had we got it was happening. People playing Christmas music all about yesterday and they had Christmas music playing out like Christmas music already. It was like it's never too early to buy music. It is. That's right. Thanksgiving is right around the corner is November 10th, we hear.


Well, yeah, maybe we should play some Christmas music. And I just bought it. You know, no, not be fired and not be literally too early. Yeah. Shout out to everybody.


I'm in the D. I came here for a couple of reasons. One is one. Shut up, man. Shout to the house of Mary Jane House. Mary Jane. Of course, they sell all types of marijuana, weed, edible, Roger, smoke, all types of stuff, not recreational, not only medicinal. So shout to them. I just wanted to shout them out, hopefully be doing some things with them. They sent me some packages for you guys, too.


All right. One other thing.


To make sure that it's legal, legal, they sell medicinal marijuana is legal in New York for recreation. They sent hoodies and sweatshirts. That's what they say. Right. Guys, I'd like to bring it back to him and said, you know what? You said, you know what? Good. If it's edible, I take it I like me some edibles. Edibles are great edibles. Help my anxiety and they help me sleep. I love some edibles.


I maybe I smoke smoking. Smoking makes me jump out the window. But edibles I'm all in. Well maybe I have some of that for you. And also shout out to a sloppy chops. It's a restaurant. You ever been to that restaurant. Unity slurping up. Oh man. Food is amazing. Shots of the two brothers. They're all sloppy chops at a great time there last night.


So how did you go to sloppy chops when you put the and you you get sloppy cheeks, right? Envy. Oh, what's happened?


I don't know what's going on. You're very lucky this morning. I don't know what's going on. If you didn't get that last night, what's wrong with you? That's how you go start the show. You all right. Listen, man, you guys so excited.


He got so excited. Oh, my gosh. You have to deal with it. Oh, my goodness. Watch out to Tiny and Zdenek. They'll be joining us this morning.


They got a new show on FoxxHole or something, right. That makes the mix the mix. Yeah.


So we'll be talking to them in a little bit. And we have front page news. What we talking about?


Easy. Yeah. What do you want to talk about? Anything other than Donald Trump. All right.


But let's talk about coronavirus, because there's some good news, it looks like, on the way. All right. I'll go sit on the wing on the narrative change fighting terrorists got elected. That is good news on the way not. All right. Well, we'll get into that when we come back. Keep it locked. This The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is T.J. and Angela. Yes.


I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news in Monday Night Football. Oh, the Patriots barely beat the Jets. Wow. Thirty twenty seven out of jets. I think to has the worst record in NFL right now. I think they're like, oh, nine or eight.


So the Patriots came back and one of the jets was up at halftime.


The Patriots beat the Jets. Thirty twenty seven. Wow. OK, what else we got easy. Well, let's talk about this.


covid-19 a vaccine. According to Pfizer, they said an early look at data from its coronavirus vaccine shows it is more than 90 percent effective. So they were forty three thousand volunteers who got either two doses of the vaccine or you got a placebo. It says fewer than 10 percent of infections were in participants who have been given the vaccine. More than 90 percent of the cases were in people who had been given a placebo. So sounds like good news. Yeah, of course it is.


I told you the whole narrative of covid was going to change of Harris. Biden won. The election is going to be a mandatory mass mandate when Biden becomes president. And the hope of a vaccine being on the way will make everybody feel a lot more comfortable. Folks will stop living in fear and feel even more comfortable being back in the streets.


Well, Joe Biden said that it's excellent news, but he also warned that mask wearing and social distancing are still necessary. Dinosaurs took to Twitter and said stock market up, big vaccine coming soon. Report 90 percent effective. Such great news. As I have long said, Pfizer and the others would only announce a vaccine after the election because they didn't have the courage to do it before. Likewise, the U.S. FDA should have announced it earlier, not for political purposes, but for saving lives.


If Joe Biden were president, you wouldn't have the vaccine for another four years, nor would the U.S. FDA have approved it so quickly that bureaucracy would have destroyed millions of lives.


Now, it's say Trump did say they would probably have a vaccine by the end of the year, possibly by election time. He has been saying it well.


First he said he stopped what he said and he said he said first and he said before now he said he said the end of the year.


And everybody told him he was crazy, Dr. Foushee. And I told him he was crazy. Now, Dr. Fauci says, yes, we'll have a matter of fact.


The I still can't give it to everybody.


Of course, it never was meant for everybody initially and won't be available workers. It never was meant for everybody wasn't gonna go out for public rollout to the spring.


But Donald Trump was saying that everybody it would be available for everyone was saying that he was paying essential workers and people like on the front lines and so on. And of course, Joe Biden, his newly formed transition covid-19 advisory board, has been announced, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. So it's led by established public health officials and a mix of doctors and current and former government officials and. So that should make us feel more comfortable knowing that moving forward, that there will be science and medical professionals will be on the front lines trying to handle this pandemic.


Yeah, it's all about listen, it's all about what makes you feel good at the end of the day, what makes you feel comfortable, like you're comfortable knowing that somebody is in position who actually knows what they're doing, are treating it seriously. All right, well, that is your front page news. All right, thank you, miss. Now get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, it is up right now.


Phone lines again is wide open. 800 five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. I knew they were going to kill him. Police and FBI. This is Fight Night, a new podcast from My Heart Radio. This is the story about two guys from opposite sides of the street, a hustler blamed for robbing the most dangerous gangsters in the country. This is like issued a death warrant for me, for somebody that I don't even think about.


And the cop who tried to save his life, they thought he had Rob, the deadliest man in this country, guys who would not hesitate to blow your head off. In 1970, Muhammad Ali triumphantly returned to the ring at the hustler's party that followed. Gangsters from around the country were robbed of a million dollars. This story from Atlanta, Georgia, has been reported for 50 years, but now for the first time, you're going to hear what really happened.


From the people who lived it. Listen and follow fight night on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts, I Mandeb former accountant turned podcast and founder of my own subscription box company.


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We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


This Jeremy. Hey, Jeremy, get it off your chest. Hey, what's going on?


I need some strong man to I mean, we can you know, this is crazy because I never get through. I just want to shout out, you know, oh, I'm biting and Komala winning. I want to shout out my roommate, Eddie, and I just want to tell everyone to have a nice day. And I got your book show, man. I got the audio version of Black Privilege, and then I have. Thank you, brother.


Copy the other one. Man chuckling Thank you. I hope you guys all have a nice day.


You too, gentlemen. I shout out to your roommate Eddie, too, man. Oh, he's going to love. That was all in college together. We were. I'm twenty eight years. Twenty nine. I'm an accountant. He's a salesman.


OK, ok y'all. I love ya.


I got his roommates roommate. Oh two other.


Well why can't I go to where I can just say a place and not be alone.


I'm just asking questions that's all. He was trying to, he was trying to get out. That's the reason why you go Mario.


And he wasn't asking questions. They are just asking for spicy. I got a shout out to you and Eddie. Sam, Sam. Hi, Sam. I said, what's happening? All right, bro. He never wants to get through again.


I know, right? This guy got fantasy's opening. Yeah. Love. Hello, this is Michelle. Hey, Rochelle, get it off your chest.


I just want to shut up my amazing boyfriend.


Oh, you can say his name is his name. Rochelle Todd. Hayti Todd.


Good morning. That was nice of you, Rochelle. What did he do? What did he do yesterday that made you feel that way? I shot him out in the morning on the radio.


He had to do something. Well, every day he always makes sure that I have breakfast and you make sure I had lunch. We work together, so.


Oh, see, that's a long way. You I'm telling you, man, that's right out the side.


All my brothers give you a woman, some pop tarts in the morning, some Lunchables for lunch, and it'll go a long way saluting you. What are you going to what are you going to do for him to show how thankful you are high on pocket every morning.


Coffee? Yeah, amazing.


Every morning he gets a fresh cup of coffee. Amazing. See little things man.


I mean, that's it. Yeah. She appreciates it. He appreciates it. They love each other. All right. Oh yes, of course. All right. Well, you have a good morning, you guys. Thank you. All right.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. When law and Order is headlined, what does it really mean for us now? I'm Eboni K. Williams, an attorney and former public defender. I'm also a broadcast journalist and host of a new podcast. We're going to cross-examine newsmaking cases and famous faces to help better understand the facts and the context of the narrative. That's right. And I'm Dustin Ross. I'm a TV writer and a cultural observer. And more importantly, I am thrilled to be cohosting holding court with Eboni K.




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That's right, you guys, let's get informed. Let's get talking and let's bring some light and insight to our community.


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This is your time to get it off your chest. The young man. I hear from you on the Breakfast Club that you've got something on your mind. Hello, this is Curtis.


Hey, Curtis, get it off your chest, Curtis. Curtis, I want to get it off my terms with a man about being black in America today. It's a 100 percent better opportunity for the film and the filmmaker. And I made my first film because the virus came up. It got released on Amazon Prime and it's doing pretty good. But the opportunities for black people to lower the bar came out. It slowly but lost a job and helped her everything.


We just played bad. I'm not saying that the world will exist if we had a lawsuit against this. And then I felt like. But American, I feel like they don't hold lifted up. I could not have I and not have to worry about the police. You know that. That's not true, brother. None of that is true. Please do not let this election make you think that that is not true. Make rhetoric, you know what I mean?


Like Brown to me. There's no way that what you're talking about is still here because it's called systemic racism and white supremacy. And I want you to remember that there's not a single police union in the country that I know of that endorse Joe Biden so that those police drew a line and they pick the side and they stand there, OK? And they was like they was like this under Obama. And they're going to be like this under this administration unless this administration, President George Bush policing act and starts holding police officers accountable and either putting them in prison or taking away their pensions.


Wanted to do whatever you want. I understand that, too. But like I'm saying, you know, every day when you get a look at the news of the day and you know what I mean? I live in Baltimore and I have never been arrested by police or thank God, you know, I mean, I'm in Florida and I know it's only a matter of time. I got black shoes. I got black metal in my family, and it's only a matter of time for somebody to write one out.


And I just came that a letter was sent to the White House that that's going to be stopped now as a whole lot better. And by the way, I get them so much. Either I want to go last night and it's like nobody ever. And every day I don't check my DMS and see. What did you ask? Because I said I looked the other day where I think it would be, where you would have it harder coming up with a streaming service that would.


So that's meaningful. Oh my bad.


I'm sorry. It's just it's just this is Charlamagne on them.


I've been watching films that I knew and trying to break in and I'm in it. The email on my Instagram, we looking for all types of scripts and everything else, even though we got a lot of stuff now. But you can always use more. That's what the platform is for. I've written nice gifts to get to a TV show. Check out my movie on SNL. I mean, on Amazon Prime, as long as the British are doing business, is doing really good at the black film with black actors.


It's about the black, it's about missing and abducted children in Florida. Really good. So check it out.


I will. And listen, I'm to give you this piece of advice from my man, Carlos Miller from the eighty five s show. Carlos Miller always says being black, being black in America is dangerous, but is really fun. Yes, it is. So I look at it.


I thank you, man.


I love you all every morning on the way to work. Give me inspiration and make me want to be a better black man. Thank.


There you go again. All right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time. Now you've got rooms all the way. Yes.


And let's talk about some fashion. We'll tell you who's doing a collab with Timbaland and we'll talk about what fashion brand just sold for two point one billion dollars. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. and Angela. Yes, I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rooms. Let's talk supreme.


It's about who's going to report. Well, this is the rumor report with Angela on the Breakfast Club.


Well, Supreme has sold their brand one hundred percent, and that is for two point one billion dollars. Wow.


So VF Corporation is a company that bought it. They own Vann's in-your-face Tamblyn and dickeys just fine. OK, wow.


To the supreme asset you build a business for, right? You build a business to be able to have that type of exit. So saluted him.


Now, even during this time when clothing sales are down, they're explaining why Supreme has been so successful. And that's because partly they own 100 percent of its retail channel. So what that means is if you don't buy it at a brick and mortar location or on their own website, the only place you can buy it is in the secondary market.


So that's like what Remez does to you have to buy it at that store that they own.


You can't buy it anyplace else and you have very little to it. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.


Limited stock, smart, collaboration's. Things like that also make all the difference and being authentic. And they said also, even during this time, people are working from home. But that's OK, because while you're working from home, you don't mind investing in nicer sweats because people are wearing sweats. So you're like, well, why not buy some, you know, fly sweats to work from home?


And that's a damn lie. Who told them that lie? I mean, I guess I guess I do feel like and, you know, I've always wore sweats all the time.


And then sometimes you're like, all right, let me get myself some nice sweats since this is what I'm wearing, because now you're not spending money on other types of clothes to go out in it when I go out.


I didn't know how that would have been house. I would have been the house. I mean, I was I just doing whatever I could find. Basketball shorts, tee shirts. It doesn't matter what it is. I just don't know what I'm going to create.


I got sweat pants right now. Sweat shorts, actually.


I wonder what this is going to mean for the actual brand, because, you know, sometimes brands sell and then it kind of takes away.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Are they going to keep the designers? Are they going to keep the people that got the company to this, you know, amount of money, you know, because they need the people here. You need the designers. They need people to still release the things to you think they can.


They just sold for two point one billion dollars, not for the person that bought it. They want to keep that money coming in. Yeah, you want to see that value is still going to keep the value. It is still.


That is true. All right. Bye now.


Speaking of collapse, Jesus and have unveiled their new collection, collaboration with Timberland. So Billiam posted from their first baby steps to Showtime Jesus and made their mark on the bronze while rocking with Timberland. We're proud to announce two New York City icons coming together for the collab we've all been waiting for. And it comes out on November 30th.


That's the drawing to a close by December. That is great branding, great marketing. I like that type of synergy.


That makes too much sense for Timberland to do that with a D tomorrow.


They're to teach us how to, you know, commercial stuff. They've got to teach you how to tie teams to Shelman. I don't have my teams. That's the problem. What are you talking. I'm crazy. No, I keep writing. I don't listen. I don't care about that kind of stuff I care about now.


I'm just saying, look, ugly.


Well, OK, you'll be losing your beard.


Your beard looks stupid. Yeah. You guys, this is getting too personal. This is Beijing and is bad. Look, it's not to look back and forth. It seems like you. I was ugly.


I just don't know you. I've never told him his beard looks ugly. It just looks stupid. So we had to look stupid to so many lessons. Teach me how to do.


Let him tell you how to wear your grades gracefully.


All right, Betty.


All right. Now, Jeopardy has paid tribute to Alex Trebek. And it was, you know, a very bittersweet sendoff from that game show that he was on. He was actually battling stage four pancreatic cancer before he passed away at his home Sunday morning. He was surrounded by family and friends. And here's what it sounded like over the weekend.


We lost our beloved host, Alex Trebek. This is an enormous loss for our staff and crew, for his family and for his millions of fans. He loved this show and everything it stood for.


In fact, he taped his final episodes less than two weeks ago. We will air his final thirty five episodes as they were shot. That's what he wanted. Deficit. So we're doing right, because when you hear about Alex Trebek and you're like, OK, he's 80 years old, he had pancreatic cancer. When I heard that story in my mind, I said to myself, he lived a full life and he passed. He passed peacefully, transitioned peacefully.


That's what you would hope for, right?


Yes. OK, well, they did have a moment of silence, and so those episodes that he already filmed will be airing through Christmas Day. So they said he was filming just two weeks ago before he passed away.


Wow. He probably and planning 80 years old. He you know, you've been battling cancer for a while. You probably just knew, like, OK, my my time is almost up. So let me, you know, do what I want to do in my last days. All right, well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your room report. All right. Thank you. Miss you. Now, we got front page news coming up.


Are we talking about. Yes. And let's talk about Stacey Abrams. She has given us more of a blueprint that we need to follow moving forward for these runoff elections. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same.


There's no such thing as a good excuse for not buckling up. Cops are writing tickets, so why take the risk, do the smart thing and start buckling up every trip, day or night, click it or ticket brought to you by the morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now.


We've got a drum roll or something. We need a drum roll. I mean, in general. Yeah. Now each and every year, you know, we always asked for everybody to help reach in their pocket and give a little change for a worthy charity. There are no breakfast clubs change for Change radiothon, right?


Yeah. And this is a little different, obviously, because of coronavirus. We're understanding of the fact that, you know, right now just a different type of time. So now it's about giving back to you directly.


What can we tell folks what change for change is? And you know, what we've done over the years? We've done it like three times already. You know, the first year we raised eight hundred plus thousand dollars for the gathering, a gathering for justice organization. That's Harry Belafonte, his organization. Second year, we raised like, I think, a quarter million dollars for Brandon Marshall's three five seven or three seventy five. What is his mental health organization?


And last year, we raised over eight hundred thousand dollars for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.


Facebook users. That's right, yep. Mm hmm. All right, well, here we go.


Back to you. Tamerlan came back late. But, yes, this year we're giving money to you now. We want you to tell us everything that you need help with, whether it's an overdue bill, student loan payments, medical costs, or maybe you need something. Your kids need something, whatever it may be. Thursday, November 19th. We are going to help you out. Yeah. Basically what you all do every day when you all call up here, IDM, Dmoz, us, and you tell us your stories and you'll send us your cash apps and all that other type of stuff, we're just going to dedicate a whole day to just giving money away to people.


That's right. Good money and putting money in people's cash apps. OK, we we shook down a couple of times that stupid ass drum roll off, please. He was badly hurt in his sleep and then it's been going the whole time.


We've shaken down a couple of corporations, a couple organizations, made them cut us a check and now we take it from the rich to give back to those who need it. That's right.


So The Breakfast Club changed for Change Radiothon is powered by Pepsi this year. So if you guys want to tell us your story, what you need, why you need it, you can go to B, C, change the number for change dotcom. That's B, C, change for change dotcom. Tell us your story and then we'll be choosing who is going to get some of that money. You'll be able to be on the air and then you can tune in also and listen on November 19th to the deadline for you to actually enter to get this money is Wednesday, November 18th at noon.


So you have to have your stories and your entry in by Wednesday, November 18th at noon, and then is a November 19th. You see who gets the money. That's right.


And don't put no sauce on your story, please. OK, just tell you the truth. I tell you truth. Speak truth to power. Don't tell us all type of wild stuff. That's not even true. Just to get a couple of dollars, OK? It could be anything from, you know, the most tragic situations to somebody just saying, yo, they need a new tire. I don't know. We just I'm just I'm just going off my energy and my discernment when we look through these stories.


That's right.


Yeah. Don't say you need a new Rolls-Royce tyo you need some reynders. I need a Rolex. I need to Urbanspoon.


What if you do need a new Rolls-Royce Tyre then you're not coming here. This is first of all I actually need help. Why we ain't giving out that kind of money. Are you giving up Hermes bag Rolex watch kind of money. That ain't what this is. You're right. You're right. I you're you to show that you know I love her. No, no, we're not doing it. Sure.


We're giving up the kind of money where you can buy you a nice little with some cash or something. You know what I mean? Is that massive?


You're during the holiday, little Ovidio micrometeorite when it cuts maybe payments depending where you live. That's right. That's right. What state you're in, you can pay them some rent or mortgage or two depending.


And PCC change the number for change. Dotcom, send us the email, tell us why and what you need and we try to make it happen.


That's right. All right.


And usually when we do change for change, we're on for twenty four hours. Right? Right. Yes. This going to a lot of money.


Go the money, go with the money going as we go on, I'll be going out my business. My then will be done. Maybe you might be.


Well when we come back, Tinie in the nick will be joining us. Right. So we're going to talk to Tiny said, oh, it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Sorry, everybody is D.J., M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, we got some special guests on the line. Yes, indeed. You have to meet Attorney Harrison received a lot is Annique. Good morning, guys.


Honey, how you doing?


We are blessed, black and highly paid. But now we are pretty great. I am here. I did a great job in Georgia. I really did a great job in Georgia.


Yes. You see how we turn from red to blue and we see. That was amazing because we've been red for as long as I know.


Now that.


Nick, how are you feeling right now? I've been watching all your updates on your pregnancy. Have you been having, like, morning sickness and things like that? I'm feeling pretty good.


I've never had morning sickness, my whole pregnancy. So it's been going really great. I'm really happy in, though, so I'm tired all the time.


Well, let's talk about the so that you have now the mix in China. You're producing that, right? Yes.


The mix is a show that I created about millennials in ginseng. And I felt like, you know, we needed to give them a platform for a I was always like, what are they doing? Like, they're just crazy. They're all over the place, you know?


And so that's how I kind of came up with it, just being around Sonique, Regini and all her friends. And I thought, like, they need a platform to be able to speak their mind. So that's how it came up with the show.


I wonder what you think. Our generation time. You can see the crazy in this generation, Bekasi, the crazy that we grew up.


You know, I don't know.


I guess because we're older now and we see like, hey, what are y'all doing? But when we were that age, we would be crazy ones. Yeah.


You know, are you all ready to be grandparents time?


Yeah. Yeah. We can learn, you know, get myself together with my name and everything. You know, it's got to be special to that. You know, grandma and your grandma, I think.


Oh, no, no, grandma, you don't want the baby to call me mommy. So, you know, I had to. Come on, I got something.


That's Big Momma, you big momma. Big Momma. Q Yes, she heard a name. She really come about it. Please tell them some of the language, some of the names.


Well, my last name was Gambino then. It really like Gambino, but I like the Zadak.


And honey, I think those are my like three names. One that I'm you know, Jamie Odey was one and that was my first, my first one OG. Oh yeah.


Like that for grey matter. The old OG they say, oh gee I didn't like that one. So you shut it down in Atlanta.


Atlanta is wide open right now. I was just there a couple of weeks ago to do something. I was like, man, this feel a little crazy out here. So what how ya moving around?


And guess what, we really I kollwitz results are not going up and no one's using mass here. So what do you think about that? Because we are very open. There's no mass in sight. Metaphysic. When I come in there with a mass on I feel so alienated because everybody looking like this, you know, and so not because it's crowded, it's packed and there's not one mass in there, but no one's really getting cold it here. Yeah.


I mean if you only got in and yet we good because yo yo yo. But down the street I mean literally because like I said, we've had fourteen negative qualities and we test all the time. We might be in the club, we both had a contest and nothing, you know, so we've been kind of blessed had early on and didn't know what we did think we had it early on like in January because I had the cost of about two months.


I cannot get oh, I was just called and the club was so bad that I started, you know, I finally got some cough medicine from the doctor, but it did it helped me a little bit. But I think it probably was cold with me. It was kind of going to that for why we had fevers. But cause it wasn't we didn't know about cold with it. And I can. Right.


Boy, he said. Let me ask you a question now. With the baby coming, what are some things you're going to adopt from your parents and what things you're not going to do? I know when when I first had my kid, I was like, I'm not going to be as protective as my parents. And then I was worse than them, you know? So what things you want? Some things you going to take with some things you're not going to do?


You know, that's really a hard question. I because I just really don't know. I feel like a fish out of water with this whole pregnancy where I feel like I want to, like, not look at her, you know, so much in the light.


At first I kind of want her to choose.


But at the same time, I know I, I want a poster everywhere right now. I just love my baby, but it's like I don't love. And let's see, definitely in some ways, look how long it took my girl.


What you got to say, in some ways I feel like, oh, no, no, because you really are not just super over. Protected. I really feel like I'm going to take more from you, then I'm going to try to do stuff differently, like I'm really close, like I call you for everything. I probably tell you too much, but it works out. I'll probably do a lot of it.


And when the baby comes, you're going to understand why they were worried the way with you, the way they were. Absolutely.


Understand that once you have your kid, you're the stuff that you know to do that. Get on my nerves. I'm sure I understand. I can't see how much I mean, what happened and how much discipline she puts in me. Yeah, OK.


That's that's one thing, because you really my mom did not really pop me and do stuff like that.


I'm going to be giving you the proper. Yeah. Because I have brothers and sisters. I always was like I like so I do it and you shoot me like for reenforce be like this isn't it. Not really. Did much that you know we forgot to tell you.


I pop eyre's the other day and she was so surprised like she was just so sad.


What do you what about the baby. For what.


The baby does not want to say it. What she spit on my cousin. Which is what you mean like look like that's bad. I actually didn't see it but like I said, she spit out. I didn't even see it without. It's not like they're disrespectful. So I'll pop there if you like. That really hurt. And she started crying. I was like, I meant to hurt you and see what is she right now?


You better be glad I went down there, Momma. You let her get away with that.


That's what I forgot to tell you, because they don't know what is. My brothers and sisters don't know. But look how good you don't have weapons. They don't have a key hand. Playing a woman king don't have one minute with takes down the one bit of you, you know, the money king. I mean, she had a few years. She wasn't as bad as everybody.


Well, King can be trying to be trying you. You know, he's just persisted and he's very you know, he's he's a lot like his daddy. You know, they're persisting. You can't tell him. No. Like he's going to keep antagonizing you until you try to change your mind. So he kind of gets a little, you know, in trouble a little bit more than most.


Ah, we got more with Tony and Zeke when we come back. So Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, T.J.. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club was still kicking it with Tiny. Her daughter Zenny got a new show, The Mix. We have Tiny in the nick joining us now.


That was interesting how you broke the news that you were having a baby, because I know I know you really like her boyfriend. And so that's all well and good. But for Tip, how how did he take it? And does he really like him like or was he kind of like we saw that happen? Yeah, he was just surprised because, I mean, you know, nobody really expected her to be the first one, even though she's the oldest to have babies because she's really perfect.


Yes, they're really like it. I mean, I say that like you asked her to keep her keep the key.


She is supportive and she's like, are you oh, you're on your way. You know, I'm like, I just you just gotta worry about me so well, which tells you to come get out. And I'm like, OK, so she's never been there, so she's not going to be having kids any time soon.


And anyway, ahead, since I have more than you, I'm nervous to tell your mom.


Definitely. I tell my mom as soon as I found out, but I kept telling her I do not feel positive that she kept saying, and this is my husband Mike. I have to tell him at some point I'm like, girl, you don't have to tell him everything you do.


I long you tell him it took me like at least three months.




I am so sorry to my by on it and tell me I can't push her so violations. I am going to do it, I'm going to do it on the show. And she was, she told me that I stop pushing her because I was like that's the way she wanted to do it. I let it do it like that. But I kept like, you know, who knows because, you know, little things kept coming out.


And people will say, yeah, I mean, you know, we were just playing a game, but there was no karaoke. And somebody said something about him being a granddaddy and he was like, no time soon. I was like, how? You know, I wanted to tell so many so bad so many times. So I can't beg her to do it.


So when she found out that she wanted to do it like that, I just let alone he probably didn't even like you thought he was going through, you know.


I mean, he wasn't all ecstatic.


What was his reaction?


Oh, you can see he was just very surprised, like, oh, no, you're not talking about me.


Like, as if it was a joke even after yell at him on the show, like, then I was there to deal with him, so.


Oh, you called him you. Face to face, you called him a mixture. Yeah, we did. Down the middle, it was a bizarre episode of the mix. They had brought them all in and they told them that he was going to be a grandfather. Thank.


I saw I saw you post on Instagram. I you said rich daddies do not take their kids financially for your whole entire life. They show you how to get it on your own so you can take care of yourself really early in my family at least. What prompted that post?


You know where I post, I just need to enforce the law. I posted that because I just feel like every time something happens, people in the comments are like, oh, you know, her dad did that. Her dad bought that. And it's just like I'm twenty four at this point. So I'm not going to ask my parents for money, like to do stuff for me, like they'll throw my parties and my baby showers and stuff. I just don't understand why people think that, like ever since I was 16 when they gave me that car card, it was overweight.


After that was the other baby shower gifts in the background.


How is the baby without responsibility?


And I see all the gifts.


Baby shower was so nice. I'm not opening any gifts. As I can see, I have opened. One thing is suffering so much. The fact that it was so nice. I really enjoyed my baby shower and yeah, it was, it was fine and is I want you to open my gift today. I don't know which one is your gift, baby. I can see them. They get flowers and the baby is Laravel.


Expect they're going to open that now that your host who was imagining guests.


Oh, I keep saying I really want to have Kiki Palmer on the show.


I just feel like she's such a great person for like the new generation. She always speaks her mind. If we can get everybody always eight times, I want to say, like break. I love drink. I would love to have that one there.


Your daddy might make that happy. Happy now. Oh, something happened to him and perhaps might have messed that up. Oh.


Oh I don't want you to wait for daddy to walk out on to get out that I forgot.


You are right about it. If you didn't get it, my dream guest for you guys would be in the young boy and a young boy is wow baby Omonia.


What about, you know, making the stallion OK. Yeah. Megahed going up.


Does she not know you want to get in her business. She's not going to tell us how to get a business. I want to get to know about business. I just want to talk to her about things. She got great things. You know what's coming up with next? You know, you don't want to get in. Nobody that really I really don't think you know how to get in to be the right way. I got a question for ya.


You know, since ATL represents who y'all got in upcoming versus Baruti. Oh, that's a good question.


That is really, really confused with the whole team, you know. I know. I know. I'm just kidding.


Oh, we got you. We know that clip. But you say you guys know you love where you walk back over here yard.


You know, I'm going to hang thing, right?


I thought about going one time he would escape. I seen this game pop up a couple of times. Um, yeah.


We talk about knowing when I think they came up with SWG. I think it is.


I mean, yeah that's gonna happen as well. That's going to be the way I would be.


So it's supposed to be a FWB escape. Escape versus that was the last thing we talked about.


Yeah. And we did talk to the girls too and they were, they were down, they were with oh OK, I'm here for that one.


All right. So we can catch the mix on Fox. All right. That's right.


Yes. But so every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern, 7:00 p.m. Pacific.


All right. All right, Tiny, thank you guys for joining us.


We wish you a healthy pregnancy to. Thank you guys so much. Absolutely.


Hey, morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club with you. Oh, my God. And for who sings that song?


I just heard that song so much on the radio over the past couple of years that I forgot who sang it, who think this one was the make.


As meek, OK, Meek with Jeremi and PNB rock, yes, yes. Can we can we can retire that one. Yeah, a couple of times. Yeah I know. I know. I know. Eddie from Philly. I know Eddie, our producers from Philly. And you know, he want to hold it down for Philly.


But Jesus Christ, I feel like I haven't heard that song in a while.


Please I it every morning we play it as a record. If we play I must not be listening. Know we played a lot.


Yeah but well we got rumors on the way. What we talking about using Facebook.


Yes. Let's talk about Kim Kardashian and Larissa Pippen. They had a falling out and she's blaming Kanye and some other things.


The loss of pipping. That was Scottie Pippen, his ex-wife. But they still together. Now they're not together anymore, OK? All right, well, we'll get into that next, keep it locked as the breakfast show disappointed in me. Just curious.


OK, girl, I hear you this morning. Everybody is D.J. N.V. Angeles. Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rumors.


Let's talk to this guy. She's filling the team. This is the rumor report with Angelito on the Breakfast Club. Well, he has faced some criticism for a post that he put out, Atlanta is a beautiful, progressive city filled with black excellence. We uplift each other and when together, stop coming here to kill each other. That is played out management. And he also said, handle your beefs in your city. Thanks in advance, King. Now, this also caused a lot of backlash.


As you know, King one and two other people were just recently killed in Atlanta and people thought that that's what he was referencing because of the timing of this. Well, somebody said Quando isn't from Atlanta. And she responded, You assume I'm speaking on Brint name their name. That's a reach. And he also said that his post was grossly mistaken and had nothing to do with King Vonne, he said, I don't speak ill of my allies. My last post had nothing to do with King Vonne.


You are grossly mistaken. I have no motive or intention to do harm or malice to cats. I'm cool with my family's heart goes out to them, and I've expressed this to the people in his life that matter most in this situation. That's all I'm concerned with. But I know it ain't the place for understanding and people love to keep up. It should be easy.


Yeah, I mean, I understand what would would be tempting to say, because any audiotape that if you're not from around here, don't come over here making us that hot with the message. Shouldn't be beef at home. It should be. Hey, young brothers, don't be fed up. Don't kill each other.


Don't kill me, brother. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's that's that's what the message should be.


All right.


Well, King's one sister then jumped in, as she said, and these are facts, but the energy he always put in in people business need to be the same energy. He need to make it right with his daughter. Now, where's my brother? 50 Cent get on his ass. And 50 Cent actually did respond after that.


So, yeah, I don't know. Guys were waka also liked a message, a post that called out Zii for his message.


And, you know, he actually felt like he had to speak on that afterwards and then he disabled his Instagram page. Here is what Walker had to say. And you know what he was responding to with somebody saying somebody tell t'ai if you was a street and we're like you claim to be, you would know. You know, it ain't. No, it's just a whole know here.


And just to kind of let people handle their business and here is what Walker had to say, never talked down on people when you once was the person that you're talking now.


And I'm talking about guys that come from the streets around here, how far I get in life, I would never look down on anybody in the streets or anything they ever do in the streets, because I understand the laws and lifestyle and community. And when you understand a lot of things you're not supposed to talk about.


I'm glad I'm not from the streets, man. Yeah, I mean, I'm glad I'm not from the streets.


I mean I mean, people don't know how stupid they sound when they talk about how I'm from the streets and this guy is is stupid and I get what I get Will Flock is saying.


But I don't think Chip was talking down on on the brothers. You would just hope, you know, Tip would be a little more understanding of the situation since he too was once a wild, young, great kid. But just because I'm not talking down doesn't mean I'm going to be quiet either. Somebody's got to get these young folks to game. Oh, you mean like.


Like what I'm told to do, just sit back and watch brothers and sisters kill each other like.


No, especially if I come from that, I would definitely say something like, I don't want you to make the same mistakes that I mean, I'm trying to keep you. I want to keep you from killing yourself. I think it was the part.


I just don't do it in Atlanta. Do it in your own city. That was the only messed up was don't do it, Atlanta. Just don't do it at all. How about that? I mean, that confuses me. Lickings.


That confuses me because I thought in the streets it was on site for years. It was an on site that that's exactly what I want to comment. That was exactly what we don't like. Alights when he said you claimed if you were, you know, from the street, you know, when, where, why on beef.


I mean, it just happens when it happens.


I mean, that is true, too. If we have beef, then then it is what it is. It's on site, like I said, but it shouldn't be that way. They shouldn't be over anything. We should be in a dump. Like you said, these brothers got kids. They got families. These brothers are finally making money. It ain't worth nothing. Well, people are going to you, I think, is that we don't have to get violent or kill each other.


You know how you handle your beef.


And that's what I thought. Sadly, sadly, you don't learn that until, you know, you bump your head and, you know, there's only two ways to bump your head when you, Biffin and those two bumps are going to either be jail or dead, sadly.


And then that's when you learn you're like, oh, you know, that's why smart people learn from your mistakes while people learn from mistakes.


Others. That's why the I like to Yahoo! Been there, done that. Should speak out I guess. Just is just how you speak out I guess.


Correct. All right. Now, Larissa Pépin was on the Hollywood Abrar podcast and she had some things to say about why she's not cool with the Kardashians anymore. They've unfollowed her.


And now Scottie Pippen X and she was on The Housewives of Miami. Correct.


Tell a them girl, fill me in, girl. Make it snappy. Fill me in, girl.


Why is your hair like that? Move your hips like that. Because I'm all right.


Well, let's get to it. Here's what here's what she had to say about Kanye being involved in this rift, because he literally just brainwashed the whole family to thinking that, like, I don't even know what.


None of them gave you a reason.


No, I, I, I swear I don't even know he talked so much about me being this and that and this and that. And I feel like I ran into Travis Scott one night at a club and Travis called Kylie and said that I was hitting on and that never happened. All right, something else you revealed is that she also dated Tristan Thompson before Khloe did.


I kind of was seeing Tristan before Khloe or any of them even knew he existed. I was seeing him. I had him come to L.A. I brought him to a party. Kim had I introduced him to all of them. And then a week later, maybe 10 days later, he started seeing Khloe, which is fine.


I don't even care. Did Khloe know you were interested in dating?


Yeah, I'm sure she knew, yeah. This a show, this was a podcast, oh, just an interview, so they didn't really want out on one date.


Yes, she said she was just seeing him. It wasn't you know, she said she doesn't care. And Amy, you know, 10 days later, he started dating Chloe.


Let me be on record as saying I love me some good gossip. But that gossip was garbage, that he was nasty. OK, I need somebody t and pull me up. What is this garbage. I don't get nothing out of that just now. Not even excited. Well, the joy you enjoyed it.


You know, he was all in it. No, I'm just saying at what age do we stop talking about. Oh, I would was and it's like you're a grown ass person. Like when we stop this when she's 47, 48, like when do we start talking? Like we don't like some good gossip. That just wasn't some good gossip. Right. Then maybe you wasn't like that. I don't know. You know, that way you got to snap your fingers.


SNAP your fingers again.


Let me see that e they go do some good take.


There you go. What happened with any updates on that store. Tell them. Go. Bye, guys. That's a rumor report.


Goodness gracious. All right. Who are you giving that donkey to?


There's a guy named Chris Colebatch Kobach. He's running for Senate in Kansas. He needs to come to the front of the conversation. We like to have a word with him. Plus, it's just a lesson for all of us to look alive because there is nothing that has changed in this country except for the administration. We'll talk about it. All right.


We'll get to that next. Keep it locked. This The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same as D.J. Envy.


And for fifty five years, the general insurance has been giving people affordable auto insurance with excellent customer service. Get custom coverage. That's right for you. And immediate proof of insurance. Call them at 800 general or visit the general dot com. Some restrictions apply.


It's time for don't give a day. Don't you dare me. I'm a Democrat, so don't play the game a little bit of a yes, but like a dog the other day. The practical you.


Now, I've been called a lot of my twenty three year old donkey. Atabay is a new one. Yes, donkey today for Tuesday, November 10th goes to Chris Colebatch Kobach.


I don't know how to pronounce his last name. I just know he's the former secretary of state in Kansas and he's running for Senate in Kansas. Now, let me tell you something. I am happy for Senator Kamala Harris. I am a state that she is in the position she's in as MVP because I feel like she's a political change agent. I am also on the record saying that if President Barack Obama was JFK, then President elect Joe Biden can be Lyndon B.


Johnson. He has the opportunity to have a prominent role in the legal advancement of civil rights for black people, OK, to upward economic mobility of black people, any judicial decisions, presidential actions, congressional legislation that have happened for black people in this country. President elect Joe Biden has the opportunity to take your father at all that. OK, now I have optimism about all of these things happening only because of what I see happening with us in the black community.


OK, yes, a lot of collective pressure being made, whether it's movements on the ground like Black Lives Matter. And until freedom people like Latasha Brown and Black Votes matter. Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight the new Georgia Project and say ofat I hope I pronounce her name right. I like the pressure that establishment Democrats like Jim Clyburn are putting on the president elect, because basically it's a whole lot of black people with a whole lot of demands.


And I think this is the administration that will be receptive to all of that if they know what's good for them, because I would hope that they don't believe there was a record setting voter turnout because people actually like Joe Biden in old school establishment Democrat politics. OK, let's be clear. If it wasn't for an act of God called covid, Donald Trump would have been re-elected.


And if this administration doesn't make major moves with black people over the next four years, especially if they win the Senate, runoffs in Georgia don't even have to worry about a large group of black people pulling up for them in future elections. But I'm saying all that to say we have to have optimism, right? Optimism is good. The audacity of hope, as Barack Obama said, is necessary. But think of that, the audacity of hope.


That's how it is to be black in this country or be any type of marginalized, oppressed group to have the audacity to think that this country could actually be better. I honestly don't know how we do it, especially when you have people like Kris Kobach or Kris Kobach or whatever the hell his name is on this planet. And anyone who is celebrating too much about Harris, Biden being in the White House just know that nothing has changed except for this administration.


OK, this is still America where 70 plus million people and counting voted for a fascist, where a whole party, the Republican Party, enabled Donald Trump for four years and is still at this moment attempting to help him fight an election that he clearly lost. OK, racism, bigotry, prejudice, sexism, homophobia. They are as American as apple pie claims the. I say claims to be because I know coloniser stole that apple pie recipe from another culture, but you get my point.


The point is you are at your damn mind if you think Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone was the problem. There are people who feel just like Donald Trump, who are still in power in politics, and they are still making decisions about your everyday life.


And thank God these people don't like wearing mask, the kinds that protect you from covid and the kind you wear when you don't want people to see the real you.


OK, Kris Kobach, Colebatch, whatever the hell his name is, was on Chris Cuomo show last night. And he was asked one simple question, one simple question by Chris Cuomo. If Donald Trump admitted he was a racist, would he still support him as president? I repeat, Chris Cuomo asked Kris Kobach, who is running for Senate, by the way, if Donald Trump admitted he was racist, would you still support him for president? And listen to what Kris Kobach said.


But let me ask you, what would you do if the president said I am a racist? That's why I said it.


What would you do then? I would then I would not defend him because there is no excuse for racism in America. Would you still support president? You don't think about it, really. You have to say something or not, you would support a racist. I'd have to know who was running against him, a racist. Look, Chris, come on, man.


It can't be that partisan.


These are these are ridiculous hypotheticals because it's ridiculous that it takes that long to play, play.


Play it one more time, Drumrolls. It's just just one more time.


Can I ask you, what would you do if the president said I am a racist? That's why I said it.


What would you do then? I would then I would not defend him because there is no excuse for racism in America. Would you still support a president? You don't think about it, really. You have to be something if you are not, you would support a racist. I'd have to know who was running against him. Oh, racist. Look, Chris, come on, man. It can't be that partisan.


These are these are ridiculous hypotheticals because of ridiculous that it takes that long.


They are. I wouldn't defend him if I found out he was racist, but I would still support him as president, I respected those guys like Kris Kobach.


Kobach are clear on why they are here. How about you? OK. He talks out of both sides of his mouth so effortlessly. I would never defend Donald Trump. There's no place for racism in America unless it's in the White House.


OK, I don't defend what he says, but I support him being president. I mean, my God, is there anything else on this sandwich but mayonnaise? OK, this is why all that jumping for joy and acting like black people's trauma is over is absolute nonsense. It doesn't matter who's in the White House when racism is in the very fabric of this country.


OK, guys like Kris Kobach, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, they are all up into our government and it's 70 plus million people in America that we know of that think just like them and ready to elect them at any moment. OK, because if racism doesn't bother you, it's probably because you're racist, too.


All right. I don't want to be the Grinch who stole the election when Joy. I'm just letting y'all know that America can't unsee what it's seen the last four years. And absolutely nothing has changed except the administration. OK, we got a lot of work to do. All right. Now, you know, and knowing is half the battle. And even though we won a battle, it's still a war going on our side called white supremacy that no black person is safe from.


Please let Kathy Griffin handle my white working. Give Kris Kobach or Colbert whatever the hell his name is, what he came for.


Please give this giant Jarmo, though, because he.


Ha, ha. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today. Now, when we come back, we're talking Qiqi permanent. What's going on with Kiki? Well, she had done a post.


Imagine if your EBT card could only work on healthy items. And she got a lot of backlash for that post. She had been replying to fans about a discussion on how it costs more for healthier foods.


Well, she then deleted that and said, hey, Kamala Harris, I know you just started, but me and my friends were talking about it. And we think EBT should swipe free and all items considered healthy. And then she said, damn, I thought it was a nice suggestion, considering I know so many people considering that they can't afford the healthy food with their EBT cars. My bad everyone don't feel the same way. That's OK. And then she ends it by saying, that's what I'm saying.


I'm saying you should get healthy food for free if you have a debit card. That's my point. You can't write everything on Twitter, but on it I did. But even still, if you think health food shouldn't be free, that's your opinion. The gag is no one gives a F about eating healthy and.


All right, so what is the question here? What are what are we asking everybody? I thought you might ask, how do you eat healthy on EBT without going without draining you EBT card? That's the only reason you can't really eat healthy, only because healthy food is so damn expensive. All right.


Do you use your debit card to buy cheap things that you can, you know, get the most for your your money? All right.


So depending on what's available in your neighborhood to curb it, sometimes they don't have a lot of those healthy options in the stores. I know, you know, certain stores where I live. If you go in there, the fruit and vegetables look, all the things that they do even have in the store and available to you aren't the healthiest options. Well, let's talk about it when we come back and take your phone calls. 800 five eight five one two five one.


The question is, how do you eat healthy using a EBT card? Call us up now.


Is The Breakfast Club on its topic time? Because the phone call 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Now, if you are just joining us, we're talking about Kiki, what what's going on with Kiki?


Yes, she had made some comments about EBT cards that people didn't like. And, you know, she feels like EBT cards. Imagine if they could be used only for healthy foods.


All right. So we're opening up to four months, eight hundred five eight five one, two, five, where we're asking how do you eat healthy using the EBT card? So I guess we'll start with you.


Yeah. I mean, listen, I haven't used the EBT card in a while, but if my memory serves me correctly, the thing about EBT is you can buy healthy stuff with the healthy stuff is expensive, you know. So a lot of times when you go in these stores with your EBT card, you're buying the cheaper items just because you're trying to make was on that EBT card scratch. So I don't think it's necessarily that people don't want to eat healthy.


I just don't know if they can afford to. And I've read about programs like healthy, stable, healthy Staples. And it's a plan that can help people that are on EBT eat more healthy, because I think that which is based on the use of food packages that include foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are deemed to provide good nutrition and healthy staples.


Hayes grocers who supply basic healthful foods like food, like grains, vegetables and beans, they paid him healthy staples, pays them to make sure that people don't get that healthy food. If I explain that right, I'm not sure I explain that all the way right.


But I just know that the healthier foods, I just know they're super duper expensive. So it is hard to buy everything that you need buying that expensive food. I've never used the debit card, but once college I never did. But in college we used to buy EBT cards from people and give them cash.


And you didn't use it? I didn't, but my roommates did. That's what we used to get from the empty and in rehab. You want to crack?


I came to it and my roommates used to buy food for us in the dorm or our apartment. Well, I will say this. There's a lot of food deserts and I know where I grew up. The supermarket there didn't have access to a lot. There's no Whole Foods like in the hood, you know. So I think that part of the problem is also access. And that's one thing that we've been working on. That's why we did a juice bar.


And Betsi, to begin with, just to have a healthier options for a decent price, the juices started at six dollars and you can get like a for the juice. It's equivalent to a meal. But I know it's not easy because sometimes you go in these supermarkets and stuff has expired. The food, the fresh fruits and vegetables aren't fresh. So you're like, I can't buy that. It looks disgusting. And so I think that's part of the problem.


So you can't say you can only buy healthy foods because you should be able to not limit what it is that you can purchase and also make sure that there is healthier options even available for people.


Yeah, and you but you I mean, the crazy thing is it's not it don't be crazy money on these EBT cards. You know, sometimes it depends on your household size. But if you got a family of three and is five hundred and nine dollars on your EBT, you know, fast that money will go from trying to buy groceries.


So, yeah, I mean, it's not. And once again, I don't think people don't want to eat healthy. They just can't afford to. Organic.


Organic is more expensive, you know. You know, all that stuff just costs more.


All right. Well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? My name is Courtney. According to the baby, we said hello and good morning.


I want to ask you, how do you eat healthy using EBT card? How do you make the debit card last?


All right. Let me just start by saying that we're vegan. My family, one vegan about five years ago. And it was very difficult at first. What I started doing is we don't have a lot of land or anything like that. So I started teaching myself and educating myself and my children how to grow our own herbs, our whole fruit, vegetables, our own trees in a small area of permaculture. So so we do that. Oh, OK.


I like that. Yeah, that's amazing. That's a good life lessons, too. So when they get older, they keep that with them.


How? Yeah. How are you? And, you know, kids get picked on for the things that they bring to school and lunches because through Lunchables are the thing, you know, snacks are the thing for my kids are educating other children on how to make better choices, on how to cook their own. And with this government in this country, we have to be able to teach our children how to fend for themselves. Is absolutely black and brown kids, honestly.




And and just tell you. Thank you. Just tell your kids when they teach them about what's in the bag. And let's just be like I'm a little longer than you that my oldest.


She's ten. And she says my I live a much more fulfilled life because of what I feel my body with.


You drop your young queen. I like that. Thank you. Well, thank you for calling, Mama. Absolutely. Have a good night. All right.


He said there's nothing you can do to eat healthy, what you can to grow your own. He always does.


Yes. So we're asking if you're just joining us. We're talking Kiki Parma now.


Kiki Palmer said what you as she said, imagine if you could use your debit cards for healthy foods only.


So we're asking, is it possible to buy or healthier? And how do you stretch your EBT cards to buy healthy items? Called us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


I know this is your first call me and your opinions to the Breakfast Club top.


Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one morning everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about Kiki Parman even on Kiki problems as a of a comment she made. You got the comment? Yes.


She said, imagine if you could only eat healthy things on an EBT card. All right.


Well, once again, people do people probably do want to eat healthy, but healthy food is expensive. So when you got those debit cards and you go to the grocery store, you just trying to make that money on debit cards? Gretchen, the healthiest thing you can buy on EBT is shrimp and crab legs.


Can you buy lobster on IBT? Because when I was in college, you know, I don't think you could buy steak either.


I don't know about steak, but I never bought no lobster. He was about shrimps and crab legs. It's a very comfortable with that limit where people can buy even more. That's right.


I'm Crankcase. Come to the Ebbitt. We get the you you go get shrimp and crab legs. You hear me? All right.


Well, 800 585 105000. Let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this?


This is Karen. Good morning. Hey, Carol. Good morning, Karen. How does it feel to be a black herring in America in 2020? Karen, when I my mother gave me I called you the name of Karen is European name. It means virtuous vegetable and woman of character. I know what I mean. Any more annoyed that they would have been included in what it made its way into something crappy.


That's right.


Well, I don't think it's like our government and life in general.


Goodness gracious, Karen, we just asking about the debit cards this morning.


How are you feeling about the guys being healthy, doing what I love about this country, that if you have me, you can get help. And when you don't make a certain amount of money, which you did before because of the debit, you can get a snap card, which is a supplemental nutrition assistance program, is pretty good. And you can say you can buy vegetables whenever you buy them and you can have a good nutritious meal with vegetables.


Cabbage is a very versatile vegetable. You can stuff it. It make a stir fry with brown rice. You can eat healthy with vegetables and even a can of frozen vegetables. You know how to work it you to pack everything you need. But how to do that.


OK. All right.


Well, Daryn, back to you know, you don't have to start the miracle if you know how to listen to some of the Latino vote assistance. They know how to take some of their native Caribbean stuff and make a good meal out of it without all the oil. There's a lot of Latino and Caribbean black people that know how to make them. Vegetables are really delicious and they don't do that. They make do fish a little chicken man. So I get into like sauces like, you know, like like fuck you make yourself.


You can eat healthy even in the ghetto. I'm sorry.


Can I help you that you just say and joblessness talking helps me listen because you are special because you've got a chef, you can get cabbage, you got a salami.


You know about when I was Mr. Brown Skin here. Mr. Charlamagne, I know you can shop in your house. You got a little chef.


Chef, you do. Got a chef. As mentioned, he has mentioned a chef multiple times.


I'm giving you good advice. You take your vegetables and you stir fry them some brown rice. You and some sources are too critical. That's right. That's right. With your little chef sauce is good. And you and you have you can make a little bit a good olive oil. Well, I be all right. And spices.


OK, like OK from drama's not go hang up on her like she picked up Latino drama drama's told me that there's food that Latinos eat to be fertile. It may need to be fertile. Is that true?


No, I never said that. Oh no. You did say that. Why do I say that when you was talking about being a Latino for chopping some dinner? Y'all shut up. Get the hell out of here. So what is this chef cooking tonight?


I don't have a chef. I can have. My wife said he never heard me say heavy, but yeah, we had to come to the house. Listen to Rachel on this show. Yeah, but that's for special occasions.


If it's somebody's birthday and it's my girl, it's my graduation day. Salute to Shanté. You know, I'm saying you do have a queen. Oh, I don't have a chef. But she cooks.


You just said you have just shouted her out. You said every Friday I'm. Over and cooks, that's not what I said. That's not has that I love Chatenay solution. And she just she was in the hospital a little while ago. But yes, I love Shanté. She's she's amazing. At what? She does not support black businesses.


All right. Well, I'm Chef Boyardee. So if you want me to come cook outcome cook for you.


But gosh, what's on the menu?


You always go too far. Always go too far. What's the moral of the story? Let's get out of here. No, no, no, no, no. We won't stop this.


You said you going to come cook and I asked you what's on the menu and all of a sudden you acting like it's a problem.


Sausage of fish, which when you want sausage or fish.


I was thinking more of some brown stew chicken.


I can't. I can't wait. You bet. I can't.


I can't be too chicken. And I want a lot of gravy. All right, you guys crazy wrap up here. That boy, we will wear condoms. Are you going to remind you we got rumors all the way in which I played together with Yoda.


What we talk about the rumors. Neetzan Michael. He was walking away. Oh, I don't know what happened.


I'm well, let's talk about somebody who is apologizing for cheating on his wife yet again on Instagram.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Listen, this house and all the guys got the report. Guys, guys, it's the room to report the Breakfast Club. So McDonald's has a new plant based burger. It's called the Mac plant that's coming out.


And they'll be added to all the menus in twenty one. You know, a lot of these fast food places are doing a plant based products now. So get ready for the make plant. I'm a giant.


I'm no nominee.


I'm not I'm not going to McDonald's for my plant based burger, you know.


But you know what? It's a healthier option because sometimes McDonald's is the only option that you have. So it is a healthier alternative. So I'm to think about McDonald's, though.


I like their little sauces and everything so I can see myself doing it. Yes. Think about McDonald's.


I don't go to McDonald's for healthy food. I go to McDonald's McDonald's. I go to McDonald's for that too. Cheeseburger meal. I go to McDonald's for ten pancakes in the morning. Like if I like I like McDonald's fries, like I go to McDonald's for McDonald's.


But, you know, this is good for people who are vegetarian and they still want to eat something and get some food and they might like that. So, you know, it's just an option because just because something is vegetarian or vegan doesn't mean necessarily that it's healthier for you. It could just be you don't eat meat. Right. All right. And congratulations to a miss in Mississippi. She won Miss USA Twenty Asia brand. So congratulations to her.


She has been crowned Miss USA twenty and yeah, dope. So shout out to her. Just want to make sure you look her up. Yes. And see who she is. A black woman. All right.


Now, Pastor John Gray has publicly honored his wife on social media. You know, he did allegedly cheat again. He says he has emotionally cheated but never slept with another woman. And he went on in this post. It's a very long post. But he said a few months ago, I sat down from leading at Relentless. My life wasn't in order churches. And first my wife is this is my wife's use from God. She is a life.


Ghiberti is a kingdom builder. Her name is Eventer. I met her at church. She was worshipping God through dance. And then he said I never knew a consistent, disciplined planning, leadership, manhood, a personal holiness in action from a man standpoint looked like. And so then he goes on to say, I started intense counseling, personal and from my marriage in the summer. Scariest thing ever, most necessary thing ever. I had no one to blame.


My life is my responsibility. Admit you're wrong. Guy deserves better. My wife deserves better. The pain I caused her is immeasurable.


So he said publicly embarrassed her. He wants to be just as loud about public honor.


Yeah, I mean, that's all you can do, right? I mean, you know, you apologize and you have to atone for your actions. But, you know, the best, the best apology is, is change behavior, period.


And Blue Ivy, this is super cute. She is narrating the hair. I love audio book and people are loving this. Matthew HRB actually wrote this book here, Love. And here's a little snippet so you can hear her reading and narrating Dreamscape present here, love.


I'm Matthew Cherry, married by Blue Ivy Carter, dropped on the school's Blue Ivy, dropping close bond from Matthew Cherry. You know, that's genius because I feel like a lot of people are still consuming literature, but they may not necessarily be reading it. So they're listening to the audio versions. And that's what you have to do. You have to get, you know, people who people want to hear from to read those books. And that's just a great match up.


Blue Ivy and the love book. That's incredible.


And here, Love will be adapted into an animated TV show by HBO. Max called The Young Love based on the story's characters. And one last positive thing, Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, he is surprising children's hospitals with custom Xbox series console. So check this out.


We are getting ready to launch to the world, of course, the brand new Xbox Series X, but before the world gets it, I have an opportunity to team up with Xbox and deliver some of the very first Xbox series consoles to kids all across the country in 20 hospitals. Over the next year. We have over fifty thousand kids. We're going to be able to play this game.


All right. Yes, people can get those, but there are certain hospitals that are participating, dropping, including the Xbox.


They sent me one of them things, too. I can't wait to get my hands on it. All right.


All right. Well, that is your report. I'm Angeliki. All right. Thank you, Miss EAA now. Up next is the People's Choice mix. Get your request and we're going to start off with EHV today's Eve's birthday. So we'll get some even in the mix. And it's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


There's no such thing as a good excuse for not buckling up. Cops are writing tickets, so why take the risk, do the smart thing and start buckling up every trip, day or night. Click it or ticket. Botibol, it's the morning everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club and we got a shout out to Tinie in the nick for joining us this morning. Yes.


Make sure you watch the show, the mix on Fox. So I also have a show on Fox so called Established with Angelilli that comes on Thursday nights. The next episode features Larenz Tate and Tate Modern Entertainment. All right.


OK, now, I also just remember, you know, I know the weather is still nice and a lot of places, which is very weird. I'm in Detroit and weather was like seventy four degrees yesterday.


Seventy five degrees is called climate change. Global warming is real, but continue to wear your mask and stay healthy. I know the cases are spiking. Just continue to wear, you know, people like you do with your mask. Yeah, I take my mask off to take a picture, then I put my mask right back on. But just continue to wear your mask, guys.


Hey, listen, I want to loot everybody who downloaded Jeezy's The Recession podcast yesterday. You know, Jeezy's put out a limited series podcast called The Recession. His first guest is Tony Robbins. OK, and it's on the black effect. I had radio, podcast, network. I was just looking at the charts. He's number nineteen right now. Society and culture, so sleuthed everybody who downloaded Jeezy's podcast. It's a limited series. It's only like six episodes until the album drops.


So check it out. Why you can't first guess is Jeezy and Tony Robbins. All right.


Well, whatever you wherever you wherever you subscribe to podcast is available.


All right. Now, when we come back, we got the positive notes, the movies, The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. and Angela Charlamagne The God We are the Breakfast Club. Now, earlier today, we announced our change for change. We just doing a little different this year.


Yes. Instead of us asking you to donate money will actually be giving you guys some money for yourself. All you have to do is send in your stories of why you need that money. And it doesn't have to be a dramatic story, although I know some of us do have some dramatic stories. But it just if you need it, maybe you need some change for paying your bills, maybe for the rent, maybe because the holiday season is coming up.


You can go to sea. Change for change dotcom. That's OK. Change the number for change dotcom and tell us what it is that you need and why. All right.


Well, Charlamagne, you've got a positive note. I do.


The positive note is actually inspired because today is my my my sister, Lisa Rene's born day. Happy birthday to Alesha Renee.


I love her. I love her like. That's right. I love her. Like she's one of my mother's kids. Today is her. One day she's the best third wheel a married couple could ask for. And it made me think of this quote by Dr Wayne Dyer and I quote, His friends, Are God's way of apologizing for your family? I thank God for my friends, family like Alesha Renee. Happy Birthday, Breakfast Club.


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