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The Breakfast Club, I call it the hot seat. Can you help control? I can't even deal with you. I was so angry, I got so. The world's most dangerous morning, just in half hour is big day and everybody's business, but in a good way. Charlemagne, the guy, the ruler rubbing you the wrong way, the Breakfast Club for everybody.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Angela hey, she might be still drunk. All right, gentlemen, the guy on the planet is Thursday.


Yes, and today is change for change. Now now we're doing it a little different this year. I mean, if you just noticed nothing, I mean, if you're just joining us, maybe this year you're new to the Breakfast Club. And, you know, change for change is something we've been doing for the past three years, past three years. Correct. First year, I think we raised like eight hundred plus thousand dollars for an undergrad at the Gathering for Justice Movement.


Correct. The second year, we raised like a quarter million dollars for Brandon Marshall's mental health initiative. Correct. Project three. Seventy five. And last year we raised like, what, seven hundred eight hundred thousand dollars for the Thurgood Marshall College College Fund. Correct. Yes. So this year, you know, we usually ask you guys to help us and we try to raise money to give to these organizations. But, you know, because the KOVA coronavirus coronaviruses pandemic, things are effed up out there.


That's right. A lot of people lost their jobs. A lot of people need help. So we said, let's give them some money, let's flip the script, let's give you guys some money. And people always call them up and they give us the cash. And, you know, they have, you know, stories about, you know, things that are going on in their life. They're facing some hardships. So we do what we can.


Right. Like we throw in a couple of dollars out of our personal pockets, correct? A lot of times, you know, so this time we ship down from corporations for some for some cash. That's right. Just to give the. That's right. So we're going to be giving you guys money all morning long, all morning.


Not all day now. That's the other day. We got to change for change. We usually hear for twenty four hours is usually a radiothon. We start at 6:00 in the morning. We leave at midnight. Correct. Not today. No, not today. Today is 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.. Right. So we got this bag. I don't know how much I've checked some of the funds funds have increased since the first initial, you know. Yeah, we got teams of thousands, hundreds of thousands we put in there to stay here until we give it it this money.


Right. And it's a nice sum of money. It's a nice sum of money. We can we can bless a lot of people. That's right. So for all you people to be calling to pay what you cash apps and everything else, and you'd be needing a little change this morning is the morning to call. Absolutely. We going to be we won't be giving out random cash all morning like am I do we're going to you we're going is from Cleveland.


And he does this thing called random acts of kindness everywhere. That's essentially what we're doing this morning. Abbasids, random acts of cash giving me.


And please, I want you to b, b, b, b morrow this morning. To be honest, we have some integrity. Don't kollapen line 10000. We got to keep thinking. I see you got a cup of honey. I just got mommy. I don't come in, to be honest. God is watching. That's right. All right. This is this is money to do the right. You can do the right thing with this cash.


There you go. All right. You got bills paid Thanksgiving next week. The holidays is upon us. We got to got to have some integrity now. We got to be a little bit. Yes. All right. Well, all right. Zero. And she's not another I don't know what we hear all morning. We've got four hours. We're not doing no features, no real report on impales.


No, we just have our cash.


That's right. All right. So and I guess we don't miss your blessings. All right. So keep it locked. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's me. She's going to be a good day. I think so.


Yeah. Great day. We got a lot of money to give away to folks. You got a good guy versus the night, OK? Today is going to be a good day from top to bottom.


That's right. Bottom to top. All right. Whatever you like it. Good morning.


We are the Breakfast Club. If you just joined us, this is Breakfast Club Change for change. Now, usually we ask you guys for money and we raise money to donate to our organization. But today we just want to give you guys some money.


Let's be clear on that, though, because a lot of people may be new to the Breakfast Club. We've been doing this for a few years, which is usually a twenty four hour radiothon with the Breakfast Club stays on for twenty four hours. And, you know, we call them, you know, everybody from, you know, our industry folk to athletes. Yeah. People that listen to us every day, they donate and we usually take this big lump of money and just give it to one organization.


Correct. Eight hundred thousand plus for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund last year, a quarter million for Brandon Marshall's mental health awareness fund. The year before Project three seventy five seven hundred dollars for gathering for justice. The year before that. Right this year, we got a large sum of money and we literally just putting it in your pockets because you always calling up, you know, giving us your cash and telling us that you're having trouble here, having trouble there.


And we look out as much as we can out of our own pocket. So today we just make a nice four hours of it. Right.


So we've been asking you guys to register on the website, which was BKK change the number for change dot com, leave your number and we're going to be calling those people back today random, right. Randomly. So if you left the email and you see a weird number, call in and say pick up because it's probably it's going to come up on your phone is one two five one one two five one. It's going to look a little crazy. He's going to wait and it is one five one.


But it's us. Yes, that's us. It's us.


And when we come back, we'll call somebody. All right. I think her name is Jerrica from Memphis.


Jerrica Gun from Memphis. Yeah. We're going to call her when we come back. Hopefully she picks them up, put their name. Oh, I guess we got to put their names out because I'm just saying it's the holiday season.


I heard you and I with everybody on the Breakfast Club, OK, don't you owe me some money? All right. It would just say we're just going, yeah, I guess you're right, we'll call it, we're going to call you from Memphis. Now I know everybody. Let's just 1997, by the way. All right. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This morning, everybody is T.J. Envy, Angeliki Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club today is change for change.


Yes it is. Are giving out money. Yes, right. Usually we raise money to give to an organization, but today we're giving out money to random people who. Let's go a that one was the name Jerrica.


Jerrica, good morning. Good morning.


He's Jerrica. I love the name Jack. I got a home grown in Chicago named Jack. I've always liked that name was just a dog name for some reason.


Jerrica now jerkers for Memphis, Chatoor Family, 1897. Now what's what's going on, Jerrica? What you tell us your story, Mama. What's going on in your life?


Hello, my name is Jerrica. I live lawyers. I would also like to see, of course, and I really wanted to enter this contest because I thought it was a great opportunity to actually recognize my business. I've been working so hard. I go to Parliament, to Memphis. Is the cosmetology school OK? Working hard. But am I? I'm trying to start my own business the way now by on collection is targeting women and kids who suffer from health conditions and diseases such as alopecia, kids who have cancer, women who have cancer, or even the women and kids that's recovering, you know, and gaining their hair back from their chemotherapy.


You know, if people like it, they want affordable quality. We you know, oh, that's a beautiful site. And I made a lot of women and kids who suffer from hair loss issues. And most of them, you know, there were saying and the reason that this project is so important as well as personal, since I was six, I, too, have suffered from a condition called alopecia. Yes. It's a very, very rare species, you know, and growing up where I'm from, you know, it's easy to get picked on if you to lose your confidence.


And like I was saying, you know, it's easy to customize ways for people that have that confidence. You know, you see it all the time on Instagram, the with Instagram followers to get away with it. It's different when you have to customize the way for the people who are actually depending on their we for their confidence that they don't have. So I'm saying let me get this.


So you're a single mom, you have a two year old. Are you trying to get your business off to get off the ground?


But it's challenging because you got to work. So I respect what you're doing, Jack, only because you want us to bless you so you can bless others. That's right. I do. And I respect what you're doing because, you know, I love the fact that you with the Paul Mitchell School, because there's a lot of cosmetically challenged people out here, you know what I mean? And you are helping them out tremendously. So how much do you need, Mama?


I know I'm doing my own thing. I'm looking at like ten thousand dollars.


Jerrica Yeah. Now, we looked in the pot, so we got to spread. We got to spread the love around this morning. We could do ten percent of ten thousand.


We got that much that when we got a thousand dollars we've got a rack for a stack your way.


Is that good. Is that a start.


I am happy with it for you. OK, nine thousand dollars away from you. Go. All right, good. Make the go for me a lot easier. OK, but we're going to get you. We will give you a rack. All right.


OK, I'm so excited. Thank you. Thank you. Jericho. I will. 805 eight five one two five. I'm going to take more your calls and give out some more money is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Yeah, just one more dangerous morning at a breakfast club, Charlamagne got Angela N.V. Listen, man, we doing change for change. Now, if you're just joining us, if you're new to the Breakfast Club, change for change is something that we do every year around this time. We've been doing it for the past few years. First year we raised over eight hundred thousand dollars for the Gathering for Justice movement. The year after that, like a quarter million dollars for Brandon Marshall's mental health initiative project three seventy five.


The year after that last year, we raised eight hundred plus thousand dollars for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Now we know things have been rough for people this year. So to be asking y'all to donate money felt kind of stupid. It felt ridiculous. So what we did was shake down a few corporations to get a bag and we giving away that bag of money all morning because y'all always called a pig, giving us your cash and telling us y'all need a little change for something.


So we have it for you. Now, we got Sharma on the phone.


Hey. Hey, Sharma. What's up, girl? Good morning.


Sharma Sharma from Miami. The three oh five. Oh that's right. All the creative people in America come from the Bronx and all the Florida. How crazy are you on a scale of one to gunplay?


How crazy are you probably gonna play tell what you've been doing during this pandemic?


Well, I've been I work at a vitamin shop, so kind of and keeping America healthy, you know, making sure they have all of them unbuild their struggle to kind of, you know, hey, man, you know, I like that kind of stuff.


But how much would you pay for for your rent and for your car? How much would you think you need to kind of get things back on track?


Oh, like thirty thousand. I'm a little behind Charlamagne.


How much you need? Three thousand, which I would definitely consult with the people to come here real quick for the week.


Oh, let's see what we can do. Hold on. Hold on. Give it to him, all right. OK. OK. We've had conversations behind the scenes. We had to check the piggy bank just to make sure Shamo congratulations.


Darla's from the Breakfast Club to make sure we had we had to check the piggy bank. We had to go to the scraps and we pulled it out for you. That's all we got for you. Chamusso Three thousand dollar.


They got. They got it. They got it again. Well, Shamo, congrats.


I don't like that little evil laugh you're doing. Show me. You make me think the two women about to be a very happy camper. I snuck away from work. Oh, good.


I think by now I should have said twenty thousand. I'm by myself kicking myself. But that's OK for me to get back. We had it anyway. But Shamo, appreciate you. Pay your rent, save your car and good luck.


All right. Thank you so much for being an essential worker. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


All right. It's all through the Today Show. And so you go out there, spread love to people as well. Put that energy out there. Yeah.


All right, Mama. Thank you. Thank you.


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Catch for premiere episode starting Friday, November 6th, featuring the inductions of the Beatles, Stevie Nicks, the Eagles and NWA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction vault available now with new episodes every Friday on the I Heart Radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your iPod. Yes, the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne, the God, Angela, we doing change for change and we don't change. Which change is different this year.


If you're new to the Breakfast Club, change for change is something that we do every year, same day, same time. And we've raised over one point seven million dollars for four, three different organizations over the past few years. The Gathering for Justice Movement. Brandon Marshall was three fifty seven movement and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. But this year didn't feel right to have people, you know, call up donating money for us to give to one organization because we know everybody out there is having some financial struggles.


So we decided to shake down some of these corporations, get a bag from them and then just give them back to your. Yes. And, you know, normally we do do rooma report here. But today we just thought it was important to make sure that we spend all this time giving away this money that we've gotten from these organizations. So I think we have someone on the line right now who we're about to bless.


Candace, Candace Banks. Hey, Candace. Got money in the bank. I'll calm down. Candace, come on. You can just go.


Honey, I got me right there where we got you. What I work. Yeah. Got me excited.


They were OK and excited to work all the time.


So, you know, it's changed for change. And you did send in your story, right? Well, so what's what's your story, Mama? Oh, this is basically like. Oh yeah. My mom was going through this little phase that we had been, you know, was like, you know, kind of piled on top of each other, you know, and now it's like, well, where I'm going, you know, to try to get everything back together.


So it's not really working.


Let me read what you sent us. You said, hi, my name is Candice Banks, and the reason I need help pay the bills. Before the pandemic, I was working forty hours a week since the pandemic. I'm only working twenty hours a week. So the check that I receive, I have to manage my food, getting gas to go to work, paying my liability, keeping money from when we run out of food again, which is hard.


I'm trying to move because of mold. I have due to not having a good tenant and maintenance. But that's why I need the help. I do not want to end up on the stripper pole. Help me. He she didn't put the stripper pole stuff there.


Oh, I can't care how much you care how much you need. I mean, I just need enough to like get a give us a number now.


Talk to the universe. Tell the universe what you need. I don't know. You know, I hate them. So I wouldn't I don't like I can't just come on and get my.


Oh no, no. What about that was a no. Give us a no. Give us a no.


I mean a thousand would be five thousand. A thousand. I don't know. I don't know. I'll give you a thousand eight thousand five hundred because you cheap. What about twenty five. I'll die. First of all you to like this. Your money is on the obvious. It's not our money we are giving.


It is twenty. But I've got to be off.


OK, so eight hundred apiece. I'm gonna give eight hundred and we're going give eight hundred.


You're going to give nine that you could only got it. But it's not that you want that you want twenty five on it.


There's this, this. Awesome. Oh my God. It had better do me perfect. I can.


As we go I'll give you an example. Two thousand twenty one. No see now change for change. That's what we do all day. We're taking care of our people like our girl. Candace, Candace, Bacolod, we will get you. No, thank you so much.


Hold on. You won't get that. Twenty five dollars courtesy of the Breakfast Club. Man sleuthed. Everybody in Memphis that listens doesn't kick in. Ninety seven to Kansas getting that twenty five hundred dollars. All right.


Well I'll be reading some more emails because hopefully we'll be giving you some money too. All right. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Change we change the Breakfast Club your mornings. I'll never be the same tomorrow. You ready to spend the holidays with Jersey Shore on MTV? It's the biggest vacation in Jersey Shore. History is the fame brings the extended family along for the ride. Don't Miss Jersey Shore Family Vacation. New Season premieres tomorrow at eight seven Central on MTV with.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Evangelii Charlamagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Come on.


And you know, front front page news today, Bill. No news, no rumors, no donkey, not nothing, because we do change for change. This is the time of year. We do change for change. We've raised one point seven dollars million for three different organizations over the past three years. But this year we're doing it different.


That's right. We're giving you guys money. I know that you guys a lot of you guys are after because of pandemic cold, the coronavirus layoffs, furloughs. So we're trying to help you people out. Everybody that rides with us, we just trying to help. It doesn't matter what what your situation is, if you lost your job, if you need money to pay your bills or whatever it may be, we're just trying to help everybody out. We got a little bit of it.


Yeah, we got a nice little bag. And it's a nice amount. It's a nice amount. And it's also the holidays. And so we are aware the. This is also a difficult time for some people with the pandemic, and then if you have kids or if you've been having some financial difficulties, we just want to help.


You know, people call it all the time and, you know, they want us to help and they give us the cash. And, you know, I come out of pocket a lot and throw things in people's cash up to me as well.


Today's your day is your blessing. All right.


Well, let me shout out to the sponsors, Pepsi and New York personal injury attorney Michael as elements off the ball.


That's right. Andrew Yang to Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang, you've got five grand.


So he zoomed in, what, last week, last week to eight to five grand in the park. Right. I'm glad he did that. And I damn sure forgot to give you all information. I forgot to send him information.


Now, we already. All right. And just so you guys know, if you need some food assistance, why, hungry dog, you can go there. You can go to Feeding America, dog. Those are just some organizations that help provide food for people right now.


When we come back, we're going to talk to a young lady that, uh, this is the lady at her house burned out, right?


Her house burnt down. Lord have mercy on her way home. She has a child. And when she got back to the crib, her house was on fire.


She lost everything, you know, could you imagine your clothes, your pictures, your, you know, important valuables, all that gone.


So we're going to talk to her when we come back. She sent us email, so we're going to break off a little bit. So we'll do that when we come back as the Breakfast Club. Come on.


Morning, everybody, is D.J., M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now is change for change, where we actually given people money this morning. And we have a young lady on the phone. Trina, good morning. Good morning, Trina.


Trina from Milwaukee. How you doing this morning, Mama? Fine.


And you know how you pronounce your last name? Trena. And look like millions from what I'm seeing on this paper.


I know everyone always said there's a million millions missing out yet. OK, Miss Ellen, I. Ellen, I wrote your last name was Millions.


We will ask you for some money.


When I ran for Treasury before settling in the middle of the night, so called the million lottery nepotism. I love Milwaukee dairy body. I listen to the song be one hundred point seven. I really do. Got a lot of love in Milwaukee to the first city that I was syndicated, The Breakfast Club. That's from Milwaukee. Tell us your story.


So I tober fourth, I just got off work and I was on my way to my boyfriend's mom house and he was staying there for a week because my moving out of town and he think your kid sister. But we were there for a week because she's disabled. And then I was like, OK, you go home, you are not supposed to be back. I'm going to go home. So I put my baby down, but I took her and I was like, I'm not going to get in my bed.


I'm ready to eat and to go home. The fire trucks kept pulling me over because, you know, I had to get back at people in the back and I'm pulling over and I'm driving home. And then I get right to my main street. I had to turn down and I get pulled over again because they had to go back again. I'm like, OK, I know they want to get out property they like. They not I'm not thinking like going to my place.


If I get closer, I see the street is blocked off and I'm like, I live down the street. I mean, like, I don't care. I'm still not thinking it's my place, it's not registering. So I parked the car and I grabbed my baby car seat and I walked to the corner of my house, literally one major building away from the street. So I started walking in my building. I'm like, what is going on?


It's like the fire started outside. I said, No, I haven't been home in a week. I just want to lay on my bed. It's my baby is right here. We can't go home. So I'm like, frustrated. I'm taking all my anger out on my boyfriend cause I'm like, we just lost everything. You know, this year I was working towards better my credit. I'm getting a house like, you know, I kept going and then I got hit with deferrable.


And this like, what are we going to do? Like, I'm working to build things up. And now I didn't know the person to be home was expensive. I thought people who didn't have a house was I get about a new house. You get to do this? No, we've been about a hundred hours a day to eat. I'm working just to make ends meet for the week, not even to save, nothing like it is costing us more and more and more is just so frustrating.


My dad, like I know you want to give up, but it's going to work out. It's gonna work out. I'm like, I know, but I'm just so tired of getting hit with things that are supposed to make me stronger later, right? No, I'm just tired. Like if I. It'll get better. It'll get better. Well I'm hoping to hear on the radio is what you need.


How much you need, Trina. How much you need. Trena, I have the crazy part is that yesterday before I got the phone call, I got a pool for a play and a man was like, if you can come in and bring up the money, the keys are yours. How much of the money would be nice? I think the prosecution at sixty five deposit nine what.


Nine hundred and sixty five. Thirty nine. Sixty five in nineteen hundred around 1993. I know. And it's about two thousand dollars this round up. Come on.


Two thousand, two thousand dollars. I so listen how about we do this for you Trina. We give you that two thousand and six is the holiday. We thought extra three grand on top of how you feel about how you feel about that for about five thousand dollars.


Yeah. So that's really going to make me feel you better not cry because you know, you just put that mascara on you a little crazy.


It's called mascara, not mascara. I'll wear makeup. You go. OK, congratulations.


Thank you Trina. Oh my God. Brad, you let me ask you a question. Tina, your credit. I actually just got it. I just got it up to six thirty six. We got to fix the credit.


We will get you in the sevens too. OK, ok, I'm going make my guy fix your credit for nothing for free to make sure your credit to the 700. So next year, this time we're going to be talking about your place that you're going to be buying.


Now, Trina, you make me happy holidays from the Breakfast Club. That's right. And Trina, you make sure that you for free because then you'll be like, well, listen, it's going to be three thousand dollars. All right? So you have your two thousand. You look to get you up your pizza place and then you've got two, three, four. Get your credit.


Don't let them go. And they don't get your credit and buy a bunch of other things with it. No, I'm not. I don't I don't fix the credit.


I got my credit. Got a credit to go fix it. Credit. I'll call him, make sure he does get credit for free and make sure next year. You got it. You got a place to live.


Thank you. All right. Hold on, Trina.


OK, well, we got more money to give away. Now, we've been talking behind the scenes about Jeezy and Gucci, so I.


We should just do a little mini mix. I mean, that's the angle front, that's excitement for the night. Oh, nighty night. Now what you're about to see the same thing I've been telling you about for the past week.


I'm not going for it. Although I know Jeezy will win. I think Jesus is going to win. Gucci got Gucci, got a lot of records. Send me some of the Gucci records. Can I play to a mini and how many I sent you? A lot. I sent you like 20 off the top. But that was all because there was it like you forget so many records you really forget. And Jeezy is one of my top seven favorite rappers of all time.


Always said that if you listen to The Breakfast Club for years, you know, I've always said that. But Jeezy got Joynes only just when Jesus Gucci is. Jeezy had better bodies of work. Jeezy got two classic albums and two really great albums, The Recession to him, one on one, the classic inspiration and one or three of the great records. But Gucci got one hundred and eight albums and mix tapes. He's got a lot of great songs.


There's a lot of things that you just forget. Like wasted, right? Yeah, I forget. That's Gucci's record or steady Mobeen with Gucci and Wayne. Like you forget, Gucci's mean who she was one a member. Goochland the people who see that record.


Oh, I think I love you. You don't like me as a lot of what we're going to go to him right now.


Joyce, it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. It is Breakfast Club Change for change where we are giving people money. Usually this day we raise money to give to an organization to help the organization. But today, no, no, because the covid the pandemic, we want to help you guys. So we're trying to help as many people as possible.


You know, over the past three years, we've raised over one point seven million dollars. That's xraying for three different organizations. That is one point seven million dollars. We've raised four different organizations over the past three years. So as you just said, you know, covid got everybody in a financial bind. So it just felt weird asking people to call up here and donate to give to one cause when we could just shake down one of these corporations, get a bag and just give it out to people.


That's right. I mean, so shout out to Pepsi, too. We want to thank them for stepping up to the plate to make sure that we had some change to give away to you. And I do also want to say that the entries closed online sale for a lot of letters.


Sending messages to our personal emails are on Twitter.


That's not how this works. It has to be vetted. All right. Well, we have Lakisha on the line.


Lakisha, good morning. I wonder what updo.




What you need some money for? Oh, I just like to wait for me.


That's just something that I have to use as a priority as an NBA.


Now, Joe Biden allegedly said he's canceling all student debt. So I don't know if we need to give you any money for that.


Right now, he's not at all like your father. Yeah, that has to pass. You can't just do that. Let's get ready. Just do it. You do it with executive order.


What are you going to school for? Nursing. Now, you have two kids since you work before you have four kids. So, yes, kids are home to school, like virtually schooling right now. Correct?


I'm at the home virtual learning. I'm in virtual school.


How many babydaddy you got. Oh so two. OK, how are they with child support. They don't pay.


They don't pay. Why. OK, I work they they are they're going to try to take you down for some money if we give it to you.


No, I think everything will be based on my own.


That's what I. You said you let them know you got four kids. You're going to school for nursing to be an essential worker to help other people.


I think you deserve allocation on your e-mail. You said you need a thousand dollars.


Yes, that's all. Yeah. Just sit down. You have four kids. You want to tell you one of the thousand almaty's.


I know it's a lot of people out there that need help. A lot of people respect that.


And so let's talk let's do a little extra gravy on her.


Right. I agree. How about the holidays are coming up? The kids going to need some things? How about 15? How about 50 hundred? Does that work?


Yeah, that work. Fifteen hundred is good.


That's OK. I like that. Not 50. Honey, I know you asked for a thousand, but I want a little five hundred elections. And what I love about Lakisha is she's like I know a lot of people need it. She's still thinking about other people at this time.


And that's great because my kids made a for yesterday and told me that.


What did you always thinking of other people? Yes.


Oh, that's a beautiful thing to say that fifteen hundred for the holidays and you enjoy you have a great Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas. Keep in mind, we gave you way more last year. That's right. And keep in mind, we gave you way more than your baby daddies have ever given you. Shut up.


Real good Lord location.


All right. Well, we got more money to give away. Hopefully you guys register on NBC, change the number for change dot com. You can't register anymore. We've been telling you all week we're going to be calling random people all morning long and helping you guys out. All right. So is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is T.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club that today is Breakfast Club change for change.


That's right. And we're giving people money today.


Yes. Because usually we raise money to give to one particular organization. We've raised one point seven million dollars over the past few years. Right. But we know that people out there is struggling because of that goddamn covid-19. That's right. They got everything effed up. So now we have somebody on the line.


What's your name? Oh, my name. Drink, drink, drink, drink. Are you calling from Dre? I'm calling from Princeton, New Jersey. Plainfield, New Jersey.


Tell us your financial situation.


You after you lost my job due to a notice in the mail or whatever and on my door saying that if I come up with the money by December, the.


So I've got to get out, OK, and tell me why you haven't resorted to selling weed or anything. Stop it. No, we don't want a ask.


You don't want to know why you have to resort to legal. I just want to know why you haven't.


I can't do that, man. It's me and my son, you know.


There you go. All right. Well, we got a little something to help you out, brother. How much we got for it depends. It depends how much you rent, bro. My rent is seventeen hundred a month.


God damn. Can we can we can we got enough to get me seventy one bedroom or two bedroom.


I'm feel like we could give them to seventeen. I feel like we could give them to seventeen hundred. We got you seventeen hundred bro. We got your rent. Yeah.


Yeah I'm serious. He got seventeen hundred percent like that. Like somebody just gave him a good deal on it.


Aw yeah.


Give me any good you short of cause I'm helping you.


I'm just hoping that this takes away a little bit of the stress that you might be having. I know it's not easy. I know you still out here grind and trying to make it happen. You have a son so hopefully this will just help you out a little bit.


Yeah, that's appreciated. Here you go, Dre. And I'm on you. Dre just called out the block, so that's good. So we just we just try to help people move.


I been I cause like have times to get on the line.


Oh look, I got there you go. Days your day. Who you got the night. Good. You Jeezy. Jamie. OK, all right. Well hold on if I don't hang up. All right.


All right. Well help Dre out. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. We can help some more people out his breakfast club change for change and shout out to our sponsors, Pepsi and New York personal injury attorney Michael S. Levin SOF. And also shout out to Andrew Gang to the game five. Right. It's some other people that was donating some money to get the names in a minute.


It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Morning, everybody. Is D.J., you know what? How could you be so nasty that they would give it away? I'm not nasty.


I feel great about three days. I tell myself, like my five.


My father hates when I say stupid. She hates when I say Shut up, bright girl. You said a bad word. I'm good. I say a bad word. Yes, that's a good thing. You don't register. Stupid is a bad word. A bad word.


Just use a bad word to bad words so you get punished. I work with somebody stupid. It's not like don't talking about dramas like that. I shut up.


I'm just saying it's hard.


I mean you got on a mask. If you take the mask off, maybe you'll feel more comfortable. Why you want to see what I'm just saying. Why are you wearing a mask? Make me feel nervous.


You don't make me feel like he knows something that we don't know. You know, twenty twenty is a pandemic. We're in a bubble. I'm in this glass surrounding me. The door. Wide open, we got humidifiers. Everybody's been tested and you still win and it hasn't yet been tested in there. Well, I do everybody I do things outside of radio, so I get tested. We all do. But I don't think everybody in there has been tested.


No, you haven't. That's why you home and you're going to stay home because you have to make sure we all. And I'm nervous.


I'm nervous because you all have kids in school that live in your houses.


And I know my kids out of school. They put them out in Jersey. And by the way, tomorrow we get tested.


Here. OK, just throwing that out there for what, exciting? Or not you we can test for Kobe. What do you mean for what? What are you going to say? That's awful. But we do get tested tomorrow. Yes, that's good to know. But listen, we're in the middle of change for change right now.


If you if you if you if you've been following us the past few years, you know that we've raised one point seven million dollars over the past three years for three different organizations. OK, but this year we're going to be different because, you know, people are having financial hardships out there. So we're giving away money.


That's who we are. Yes. Yes. We are going to be doing that all morning long. So hopefully you sent your email to B.C., changed the number for change that we're going to be calling him a random people that e-mail us with situations and problems. And we're going to try to, you know, give you guys some money to help you guys out. We appreciate all your listeners out there. We know what you're going through. So we're just trying to help out.


Absolutely. And listen, I want to. Yesterday, I lost my book in front of Black Privilege Publishing in partnership with Atrius, Simon and Schuster. The first release from that imprint is My Leader, our leader, Queen Tamika Mallory, titled State of Emergency That Come Out. The book will be released May 11th, 2021, but it's available for preorder right now. Wherever you buy books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, I buy my books off Amazon.


So please go preorder Tamika Mallory's upcoming book, State of Emergency right now coming out on a Mai Mai Mai Mai imprint, Black Privilege Publishing. OK, yes. All right.


Now, also tonight is the versus bad man Gucci Jazy.


OK, it's going to be epic, one of all you all know, Jeezy's one of my top seven favorite rappers of all time. OK, I've been telling you that for years, but I'm just letting you know, don't sleep on. Grew up, grew up, got records. I've got joints. And he told me earlier this week it was going to be a wash.


I did think that what I mean and I think he feels like that because, you know, Gooch called the dog a punk, but could be doing noise.


Chuck Norris Chuck Norris was hurt by that. Chuck Norris didn't seem like a lot like as much time as you spent down SNB.


And you don't know the record that Gucci you machaut the Chuck Norris.


Chuck Norris says it's on sites just throwing it out. That shot the Chuck Norris had to hold them down. But anyway, no, you know what it is.


And so GS you got to worry about. Freddy, give me good. You got to worry about Chuck Norris. Too much distraction tonight. He's got a lot of focus, a lot going on now. You just you just you forget about a lot of the records that you forgot.


I did not have to tell you there's some choice, but it's going to be interesting.


But I mean, listen, I think you should pull out the win with many GS. You got it. It's the entertainment factor to the Internet.


Gooky plays the truth tonight. If he starts that off, that's going to lose his mind. We know we might not even get to the other 19 songs, you know, just say Babuji, which is very disrespectful.


You know, Gucci could eat. You just never know what good you do. You pull up to the to the to the venue with a coffin like you just never know what you do.


You don't think you do all that. The truth is enough. Yeah. I guess you're right. We'll see. That happens tonight. I don't know even know the time like oh eight o'clock.


OK, so you got that is not happening to know eight o'clock we got Jersey. Yeah.


I mean I think Jersey has better music but I do state from the entertainment standpoint. And for what versus is I'm not I'm not going to sleep on the couch in this situation. I got Jeezy's he's an entertaining person. And once again, if you play the truth tonight, the audacity of him to play that record in front of Jeezy, I'm sure easier, but I hope that's that's that's that's he got to watch himself.


You got to keep his head to be good. I'm sure he'll be on defense and know exactly how to come right back with another record. He should just go hit.


Yes, go hit. He got a lot of them go right. I'm the real in here. Y'all go right into that.


Now, who you got you I told you this already, Jeezy. You know, I listen to my Jeezy's music and know his songs better, so. I'm from New York. I mean, what does that mean? I mean, I think that in Atlanta and in the south, there's a lot of records that weren't songs that were played on the radio or singles that people know from GUTTE.


And I don't think that I grew up listening to that. It's not like what we heard in the clubs. I feel like got more songs that was popular nationally. I can see that.


I think also Jeezy was on a Def Jam at Def Jam is such a New York label. So it was pushed in New York Atlantic Atlantic.


But Def Jam is a New York label like it feels and breathes New York. And you just say Atlantic songs. Wow. There's no one today. They don't need to change. So shocked about you.


Wow. Wow. OK, guys, I didn't say, you know, let's come back and give some more money. I will get some more money back. Of course, we give it money away, so just keep it locked.


And it's the Breakfast Club tomorrow morning. Everybody is deejay and we actually shot. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club today is change the change.


Now, usually what we do is we ask you guys for some money and we like to get as raise as much money as possible and give to a different organization.


Over the past three years, we've raised one point seven million dollars for three different organizations, the Gathering for Justice Movement, Brandon Marshall, seventy five movement and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. So we raise one point seven million dollars for those three different organizations over the past three years.


So this year, right now, we are we are in the midst of a pandemic. So we want to make sure that we can help other people out and give you guys some money. So we have been fortunate enough to get some donations from some corporations like Pepsi down.


That's right. And I and I also want to point out that I know a lot of people are in need. And, you know, right now there's a lot of resources for you. If you have rent, you need rental assistance. If you're facing homelessness or food insecurity assistance. There's a lot of organizations for that is the Coalition for the Homeless, New York Community Service Society of New York, Catholic Charities of New York Food Bank for New York City will be giving you some of that information throughout the morning as well.


Their city harvest for food as well.


And also shout out to Andrew Gangoobai We got Andrew Gangs money right we get his money Andrew Yang gave it gave a bunch of money too so yeah he gave five Rex he gave five went to the park tonight to people.


So we have Stephanie on the line. Stephanie good morning. Hi good morning Stephanie from Long Island Hempstead. Yes. Tell us your story Stephanie.


What's going on. Talk to us.


Oh well first of all, thank you for calling me out of all these hundreds of people. Thank you for taking my story out. And I've been out of work since March 22nd. Damn it. Yeah. And I still haven't won back up and put in applications for the last two months. No phone calls indeed. No one calls you. I'm my daughter from school high school team. I have a choice of going to school. So we've been homeschooling ever since September and I'm just behind on my bills.


Like the agency from New York City is so different from the agency, the one that we want you to have a job before they could even help you.


And I don't have a job, so. Right. And you've been trying that list and I've been trying and they still wouldn't help me. I'm behind on my rent like bill collectors calling me. It's I'm just so stressed here come Christmas.


Yeah, I'm stressed. Well, listen, Christmas, the holidays period is just a time for family to hug on each other and love on each other and really remember what the reason for the season is. That's number one. Yeah. Number two, I think we can help you with some with some bills. Right.


I got a call stack. How about a thousand dollars? Can that help you to do something?


Anything to help me. Anything to help me. All right. What are you, a thousand dollars to help you with your back rent and your bills that you need help with and hopefully that hold you down for a little bit, Mama.


And Stephanie, on another note, what kind of job what kind of work do you do are you looking for just in case anybody in the Long Island area needs to hire?


I do a lot of data entry, medical data entry, like the coding, medical billing. OK, and question, do you have a catch up? Yes, I do. So you can shop out there just in case anybody else want to, you know, you know, maybe maybe match us our thousand dollars or don't you some don't use some extra change on top of that thousand.


My cash up is the dollar strong capital s p any p h o u v v e r staff love love her lover.


Oh yes.


OK, like like the radio personality. Golgi radio personality. Steph love. Yeah. Yeah. OK, yes.


All right, Steph, we appreciate you. And we'll be sending this back to you.


Mama, thank you for calling me. All right. I have a good one. Thank you. To. All right. Change for change. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. We're going to be calling people all morning long. So if you sent your email to the website, we're going to be calling people all morning long, random people just trying to help people out this morning. All right. So don't. It's The Breakfast Club.


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Morning, everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. What we got.


What we got, baby. All right. Now what are we doing for anybody who just joins me now? We're doing change for change now. Usually during change we change. We give money to organizations. We ask you guys, we try to raise as much money as possible. We help people like we raised over one point seven million dollars in the last three years.


That's right. For the Gathering for Justice organization for Project three fifty seven, Brandon Marshall's mental health organization and last year with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. I feel sad, though, because this is making me think about Charlie Goldman, because Charlie Goldman was here last year. Actually, this was today. Nineteen. Yeah, it might have been might have been the same date last year. And he gave away one hundred thousand dollars for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.


I think he donated every year. I think he did. I'm not sure I don't know if he donated every year.


But he was up here. He was here. He was not me. And he was in the studio and he donated one hundred thousand dollars of ransom piece peace to Charlie Goldman. Absolutely. Well, we have a George Jones on the line.


George, good morning. Yo, what's up? You from Brooklyn, right?


Yeah, Brownsville. What's up, George? Don't forget the lady. Oh, yeah.


Are you doing. Yes. Aren't you walking the notion of the day to night out to people a couple months ago?


You know, I walk around here all the time and best I really respect for me now.


Well, that's how you story was your story, brother for the boy from Brownsville. Give them what we got, please. I know you got them, Brown. You got to feel like, you know, they got a little going in the right. What is Charlotte might be great at my feet gate.


All right. Be that and food.


Tell us your story, brother.


When I got the story, like when I got bills, I got kids. My white birthday were on the force. She turned thirty. I'm broke.


And I said, hey, how about it? That's all right. You don't know why he's broke, though, why you broke up.


So I used to work for such a ride and I got laid off. And right now I'm just telling you, I was on the point that's got cut off right there.


Wow. How much we got home. I mean, a stack of the day. I'm good. You can't be choosers. Yeah. King George, George Washington. Don't don't put his own name. Quarter Brown do you live in.


Oh, I'm from Brownsville. Take him of you. They know. OK. Hey, no. All right Jose. Good. I was nine thousand dollars. Well appreciate it. Thank you.


Watsa Simms. You a bro. Not in Miami. A bit.


Yeah. That's a good one. Not you. Buy me a beer. All right brother. I have a good solid major. Some of your book too. I got you. Matter of fact, the other one which when you got the first.


Black privilege, I'm not saying you shook one, I got copies of it, and I'm asking you a copy of Dr. Rita Warchus book, The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health. My brother, I always forget, you know, I'm doing right now I'm I'm handing the books to our producer, Dan, right now.


He's going to write down your address and we're going to get it to you.


George knows everything and hears everything.


I gotta say, I'm not going to tell them.


I was like, I will know about this, that we don't know how that works and what doesn't. But I don't know about that. Wow.


I hope this is tax free money. I don't know. Is it? I don't know. George, you from Brownsville, who cares about taxes in Brownsville? Five eight five one five. What are we going to call calling some more people? Are we going to be checking the phone lines? So don't move. Is the Breakfast Club change for change? Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy Angela Charlemagne mean the guy. We are the Breakfast Club. Good morning. All right. Is change for change. We're giving money away. We've been doing it all morning long and we have a no, no, no.


It is good. Very important to keep telling people that for the past three years we've raised one point seven million dollars for this organization meeting Razack we always have callers call in, give a dollar, give five dollars, give ten dollars. We have artist give, you know, large sums of money. And that's how we get to these big sums that we're able to give to these organizations. But today we're just giving our listeners this right. I support is money and we have Alexi's on the line.


Alexis from New Jersey. Good morning, Alexis. Good morning. Talk to me, Alexis. What's happening to you? I'm twenty eight, OK? I'm from New Jersey. I just been trying to see if your mom would have named you after the call, that's all.


Alexis, what part of Jersey are you in?


Need what? I'm in Middlesex County. OK, let's talk about your story this morning.


So basically, it's a little emotional, but it was last November. I was in a major car accident. I lost my legs below the knee my way. No, man. Oh, yeah.


I have a three year old son who is amazing. When I was in the car accident, I didn't really know like that. Obviously, I was unconscious. I didn't know like two or three days later what was actually happening. And they basically just said, like, your leg is not, you know, the wow that basically and you're not going to be able to walk on that leg. So, yeah, you don't have to amputate it. So, my goodness, he did.


And I was in a huge depression and, you know, I was really depressed and I couldn't I couldn't pick up my son. My parents were taking care of us for a long time. Finally, I got my prosthetic leg and I had no hope at all. So I thought I was going to be OK, no hope to be like at all. And I just started walking, just doing so well with the prosthetic leg. I remember the first time I picked up my son, it was just I finally signed up for school.


I mean, every school now I go to the academy in Addison. I love it. It's something I've always loved to do. So it's kind of like something. It's it was really bad what happened to me, but it kind of like turned around my life skills.


Your medical bills, your medical bills are crazy, I'm sure. Thirteen.




And then your son's day care while you're in school is like eight hundred a month. Oh, my goodness. My mom. What do you need to look my mom to you.


How much do you need. Well, first of all, I'm just trying that's that's a that's she needs a lot. I'm sure she needs more than we could actually give. But what would help you right now.


Yeah, I think how would you like let's just say five thousand dollars.


Oh my God. I would that would be amazing. I think we could do for housing for you Mom. Five thousand dollars.


That's the least we can do. I mean, you lost a leg. Oh Jesus Christ. Yeah.


We could do five that. I wish I could do more.


Is that much. Thank you guys so much. Now we have your cash app. Do you mind if we put that out there? Because, you know, somebody might say, you know what, let's throw a little something extra in there just in case. Yes.


Oh, my God. Thank you so much.


Cash app is Alexis Álex x guess cia m i l l oh, and don't forget to put a dollar sign in front of a dollar sign against that dollar sign by Alexis A-L ex as CIA m i l l. Oh yeah.


So you all hit up for cash but in the meantime we put in five thousand dollars in your pocket.


Oh my goodness. God bless you. Bye. Thank you so much.


And continue to protect you. Alexis, give you a hug for us. I will. Absolutely. Thank you guys so much. You just made our Christmas and made me thank you guys so much. You understand. All right, Alexis.


Oh, my. All right, thank you. OK, OK. Well, at least we could do I mean, God damn, you know, and that's why you lost the whole leg. Oh, I heard that.


I heard somebody saying, I know if it's true. And I assume I assume you mean this morning saying that he might have to get his leg amputated, you know? Yeah, I hope not. I hope not. Wow. All right. It's the Breakfast Club thing, a Kujo goody two. He got into a car accident and lost his leg, so. Yeah. Man Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club is Breakfast Club Change for change. If you just tuned in, we are calling people trying to help people out. You know, usually we raise money for different organizations, but today we just want to help you guys because you guys support us and you guys help us so much always.


Now, listen, it's very important to note that when we do change for change, we usually raise money. We have our artist folks and our athletes and, you know, different corporations donate money. We've raised over one point seven million over the past three years to give to three different organizations. So this is really a change that we're actually just giving away to bag. Right.


It's a different time right now. We are facing things that we haven't faced before. So we just want to be part of the in the position to help people.


Now, the next person we have on the phone, it turns you there. Yes, sir. Now, Terrance's from Atlanta shouts out one to five to three to beat family. What up? Louis v. Manoeuvrable. I see you guys.


Maybe we need a thousand dollars from you right now. Louis V. Now, tell us what's going on, brother.


I saw basically I just I just don't have the financial ability to get a vehicle at the moment. I work for a nonprofit that helps try to help the victims and try to end sex trafficking in Atlanta area. Earlier school for extra training. I just started work last month.


What kind of important way to attract attention? You see what's there? Ultra's career college.


OK, that's dope. That's a really essential business right now. So I'm happy that you're doing it. You're going to do well.


Yeah, that's I can tell me when I look into it. So that's why I joined. So what, you need money for King? You need a car. You said you need a car. Car. He's helping the organization. Who else try to for a nonprofit. So he's he's going to trade school. He got to take the bus every day. So he needs a little bread. I respect it.


I want more people to go to trade school. Man, I keep saying that trade school need to be free, especially third. You know, many brothers don't know how to use their hands no more, but they don't understand. And plumbers, the engineers, the electricians, people that put air conditioners in it and do the cars, they the heating makes so much money shot to Lincoln Texoma.


And I do want to show you how to pay for working to help end sex trafficking and helping these women out and men out who are being trafficked. I think that's amazing that that is something that matters to you. So shout out to you for that.


So what you need, King, what can we give this brother this morning? We got I mean, anything anything will help. You know, that's what I would be a big enough that I don't know how much I was giving out anything.


We help what we got from stack down the thousand dollars with a thousand help you on your own. Your journey, brother. Yes, sir. All right. Well, we got ten thousand dollars your awake.


You can pick up a used car or you could you can put down on on a on a new car and pay a low monthly rate because the cars right now a very inexpensive I don't know why, but money's cheap in the lease is a very cheap.


I appreciate it man. All right. Thank you. Thank you. All right. All right.


Change for change. Try to help you guys out. You need some bread, some money. We're going to try to give it to you. Just starting the day off, right. Today is going to be a great day because we got the good man Jesus versus the night. All right. So we were trying to make everybody stay positive, positive until the night.


And it's going to be very entertaining how we got more calls on the way, more money to give away. But next is the People's Choice. Mix it up. Movies, The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, Your Mornings.


I'll never be the same tonight.


Get ready to spend the holidays with Jersey Shore on MTV. It's the biggest vacation in Jersey Shore history as the fame brings the extended family along for the ride. Don't Miss Jersey Shore Family Vacation. New Season premieres tonight at eight seven Central on MTV.


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I'm warning everybody is D.J. and Ventilla Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Yeah, this morning. It has changed for change today and it's a little bit different this year instead of us raising money to do. Donate to corporations. We are actually donating to you directly. That's right. And and you are giving away some of your personal money today. Right now.


You know, actually, we probably gave up a lot of the money up here because I don't think the heat works up anymore. So I don't think we paid the bills because it's cold. What we supposed to be up in here? You know, I mean, the way they looked at it was everybody that home quarantine. You fend for yourself where your goddamn jacket. But listen, we've given away one point seven million dollars over the past three years to three different organizations Gathering for Justice Movement, Brandon Marshall Project 357.


And last year, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. OK, but as you say just now, we're not raising money this year to give to one organization.


We just got a band. That's right. She's on the line. Hi.


Good morning, Sheila. Sheila calling from the Chuck the eight point three.


Right. Help us find out what's going on. We're going on my dog.


You got to you've got you've got to talk.


You've got to talk to Geechee. You've got to talk to get you to talk him into his mouth. Boy, shut up.


Let her talk. And I hear you play some virtual class right now. I was waiting on the call.


Hopefully, hopefully they called me to see what you are going to try and take. No, I actually got I am in a nursing program right now. I'm in nursing homes. It's OK. I'm all right.


Now, tell us tell us what's going on in the check in and check this out. Well, I was working. I'm in a medical school. I've been in medical about seven years. My job for five years. I was just furloughed and I'm home getting unemployment. But of course, it's not much. And I have my daughter trying to pay bills, trying to get on the phone and pay next month. And she wants the slumber party football party thing.


Now, I don't know how I'm going to make it happen, but I'm going to make it happen.


And then we are going to help you make it happen. And then what? Thank you. Thank you. And then for Christmas, I wanted to take her to Florida. I promised her that last year and it did happen. We wanted to go to Cocoa Beach in Florida.


I want to tell you, if you tell her, you tell her that no one, the coronavirus being that the coronavirus is here saying, I've got a quarantine. That's right. You'll be able to make it for Christmas. You all can't travel because the coronavirus you can't go to Florida. So you'll have to figure out something to do right at home in the check.


OK, yeah, that's what it looks like it's going to be anyway. That's how you get out of that one. All right.


One we got we got somebody for you. We got some somebody to help you out. OK, ok. What you what you think about fifteen hundred, fifteen hundred, fifteen hundred abortions. Yes that would definitely work I fifteen hundred to work.


And what you had you in downtown. Are you in North Charleston.


No. No I'm an old Charleston. Oh OK. I was going to tell you. I was going to tell you to on Saturday. I'm doing my seventh annual turkey giveaway at the Berkeley High School parking lot in monks corn. It's a drive thru. So all you got to do is pull up from 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and they'll put the turkey on the floor.


I'm not from. Yeah, so, you know, maybe that maybe I can help. You know, I'm saying with Thanksgiving for next week, because we given away turkey and food and all that other good stuff and all you got to do is pull up. It's a drive through from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Berkeley High School just this Saturday. All right. I'll go this. But in the meantime, you got fifteen hundred.


Congratulations, Mom. I make your way to my story and calling me to come out when you get excited. I think I've read my story. You calling me now. All right.


Thank you, guys. Happy holidays.


Now, I got a serious question. What is in Saddam's monument? That's why it sounds like a patois. All I know is something about it.


Name nothing in the mouth. Why did you just say that? Because that's all he says. I put, you know, a culture. That's why I can't wait to. The International African-American Museum opens up in Charleston, South Carolina, in two thousand and twenty two. I was actually on a call about that yesterday. I can't wait until the museum opens up and then I can actually take people down the charts that we're going to have field trips, take them down to Charleston so y'all can really experience and feel the Geechee Gullah culture.


All right. Twenty twenty two International African American Museum, you see.


Well, I don't know. All right.


I'll try to get get you with it. I don't know. All right. We got you.


You would be saying, boy, let me come in that room every day. I'd be looking at Ibuki. Now, that's that's going to say that boy Charlamagne come in the room every day.


He'd be looking at me Boki now know. Are you looking at my painting? I said, you know, you say that you be looking at my balkanizing looking at the movie Boogie Woogie Fat now know you're doing all I say. It may be all that man.


All right. But George from Brownsville is going to defend this now.


George from Brownsville, remember you said so let me try to be gay or some sodomy might be gay.


I them OK, he accepts it and. We'll be back as The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody, is T.J. and Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are The Breakfast Club. If you're just joining us, this change for change. Yes, it is. You you know, every year we do this, we give away money, we raise money and give it to an organization. We raise over one point seven million dollars.


I'm to be honest with you, I actually like this way better. No disrespect to all organizations we raise money to. But, you know, you give a hundred thousand dollars to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. The reason I love that is because that goes to scholarships and other things for a whole bunch of different people. You know what I'm saying? Well, no. I guess when you give money, you go into this. They are helping various people.


Absolutely right. Yeah. Either way, this is good. But I just think in the timing of this, this year during the pandemic, being able to help out individuals and to hear their individual stories, I just wish we could help more people.


Yeah, it just feels more personal. You know, I'm saying given just giving the money directly like this.


All right. Well, if somebody else on the line that we need to give some money to, what line is this? So, hello, who's this? This Kumite, Kyra from Houston. What I brought up. I'm good. How are you? We do a good.


We do a good. Now, you know, what's your story? What's going on in your life, bro?


Well, I was laid off due to cold. I've been an accountant for the last several years. So now basically I've just been on unemployment that in the apply for food assistance and couldn't be denied if you get unemployment. So I've been trying to maintain my house, pay Quinault utilities, food, just things like that. OK, OK. You got kids? Yes. Two two kids. You got a wife. A girlfriend. Yes. You got a girlfriend.


I think you can do it ourselves.


She, the teacher used to teach all courses at home. Virtual learning teacher teaching is back in school now.


Teachers kind of tell everybody back we didn't really OK. It was like one of the first days. So yeah.


So we help, Kiran, this morning. What we got for Kiran, I think the car knows about, what, five, six hundred dollars in figure monthly food? About five dollars. I think it's going to about six. Twenty three a month. Six twenty three. OK, it is. OK, it is. It's six twenty three. No actually it is.


Oh they read the email. Yeah I read the email. Oh that's exactly what it is.


All right. Well what about fifteen hundred and fifty to help your brother. Fifteen hundred one. Definitely up.


All right. So we're going to send you fifteen to you, Kiran. All right. I appreciate all we got you, King. Fifteen hundred dollars. Yes. Don't spend it all in one place, all right?


And trust me, it won't.


You don't go to Johnny Dang. No, go get no grills. Please don't go get no group. No, I'm not at all. Right now. We got you, king. All right. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. We got more money to give away before we get up. Out of here is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. You, C.J., envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. You know, we've been doing today. We've been giving everybody money today. Change for change. Usually we raise money for different organizations. We raise over one point seven million in the last three years. But today it's all about you guys. That's right.


I mean, you know, it's a blessing to be able to raise money like we have the last three years and give it to different organizations. Gathering for Justice was one of them. Project 375, which is Brandon Marshall Mental Health Initiative, was another in the Thurgood Marshall College Fund with the third. But it feels really good to just be reaching out to people all morning long and just just blessing them, you know, being able to be able to be a blessing to others, blessed to be a blessing.


We have somebody on the line from one of your favorite places in the world, the Bronx. Good morning. What's your name?


My name is as well. Hey, as a brownie, what's the story? Azzurro how's everything? Are you holding up?


I'm trying to hold up the best I can. I'm a truck driver and before the pandemic I was like sixty five hours a week and after saying I got down to twenty hours, I'm trying to hold everything together, but my biggest thing is my rent. I'm down like maybe five hundred dollars and I'm trying not to get infected. I have a six year old daughter and I don't want to put her through that. I've been homeless before and I know how it is.


It's horrible. But that's the last thing I want to put my daughter.


First question. I thought truck drivers were still good. Doing good to find him. Yeah, I'm not about to go on strike in some places I heard, but no.


And like to go on forever. It's just like we're not getting the hours that we were before, you know, the industry, Erin. Wow.


And you don't want your child to be homeless because you've been homeless before. It's very understandable.


Are you are you in your truck now? I am. Can you blow the horn? Me. Shut up, man.


Because what is wrong with you? That guy, that whole thing. Wrong man. Don't you do it, please. Yeah, but one day you go, you go. So. All right. All right. I think it's terrible.


I think it's terrible. If he asked you to blow anything before we board to give you some money.


That is horrible. That's just just bad. It just sounds like what I said. Blow one a truck. Now, listen, you know, the craziest people in America come from Florida, in the Bronx. That's a fact. But your story is very touching. What do we have for her this morning, guys and gals in Dallas?


Now, I think we could do better in the two towns. I think we could do better. Three, I think we could do better. One, being homeless and I want her daughter to be homeless, man. You don't want to put our daughter through the stress of being evicted and having to find some place to live. She's a single mom.


For me to reach out to four thousand, you got to give her an extra thousand dollars because she's from the Bronx.


OK, you're right, because I know how much rent is in New York City. Right. So five thousand dollars at work.


Thank you so much, guys. I really appreciate it.


Don't you go. Spending is in one place and I know Christmas coming up, you in the Bronx, you are drinking that damn eggnog with the liquor in it.


What's it called? Cookie. The cookie dough. All right.


Don't you go buying up all the cookie dough in the Bronx hito that cookie dough, OK. Oh, my bad.


Five thousand dollars for you, man. Frog go. Five thousand dollars for you.


We hope. We hope you have a great holiday. OK. Thank you, sir.


Appreciate it. All right. Thank you. Hold on.


OK, so coquito. So what's the frog. The frog is cookie. Corky. What the hell. The frog is a frog. It's probably Puerto Rico.


That is cookie coquito. Y'all drink frogs. Oh, my God. What the hell are you talking about? Let's get it together, Geeshie.


I just want to know what the key to is.


It's a frog called Cookie.


Don't they make that noise like you can hear them outside. But noisy little noisy crowd can't do it. But they make that noise all night. Oh, my goodness.


All right. Well, congratulations to us. You picked up five thousand dollars and everybody else. We will see you guys tomorrow. We gave away all our money shot to Pepsi.


Shout to the bull, Michael Michael Lamb to Andrew Yang for giving up, giving us five thousand dollars to give away as well. And listen, man, as a blessing to be a blessing, you know, like my man killer Mike said, if all of us do a little, don't none of us got to do a lot, you know. So I feel like we did a little something today. We we could, you know, relieve some stress that you brothers and sisters feel in this holiday season.




All right. Well, now let's go get ready for the Gucci Mane G.V. versus tonight.


We got to leave on a positive note. Oh, and while you get ready for that, I just want to plug that established with Angela. She's on tonight, not till 10:00 p.m. Eastern. So the verses should be over by then. So make sure you tune in. This is about people who are established in their industry. And this is on FOX. And I got my girl Jasmine Brand on tonight. Cool. All right.


Well, yes, the positive note is simply that this man always remember there is no exercise better for the heart in reaching down and lifting people up. Breakfast Club pisses you off.


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