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I want someone impressed that I'm on this show. You did a podcast with Cody Co that's big. And he's about a trillion gazillion followers on Ding-Dong on tick tock. You know, whatever it is I'm doing, Tip-Top or whatever the kids are on my advice to you right now.


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It does allow me to introduce myself in Angeliki and Charlamagne the way I came a long way. I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does, geologist's the best of which this platform, the Reshow, had that you earned to make space for somebody like me. You guys have a direct line to the coaches.


Oh, my God, I'm on the red carpet and all I do is read about breakfast every morning. Good. You guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of town. I'm like, what happened on the Breakfast Club today? It's something.


Good morning, USA. Haithem Good morning, Ashleigh. Good morning to you, Tony Charlamagne is, I guess, to be here in a second is Thursday. One more thing, I go front, if there's ever a weekend that I need, it is this weekend. It is this weekend. I am tired and beat. Yes, five more days till the last time that you can vote. That's right. So make sure you get out there, you vote on the lines have been crazy.


Lines have been long in certain places to get you. I was driving back yesterday from the studio and I was like, what is this long line for? It was for voting. It was I didn't know what was going on.


But this guy is crazy.


Charlamagne has entered. How is everybody? He entered. He has entered, OK, and won. But yeah, but yeah. So get there and vote. Halloween is this weekend. I'm just you know, Halloween is a little crazy for kids because they don't want you to wear the jersey parts of Jersey. They don't want your kids to wear anything that they have. They need help getting out of. So if you have to put them in a zip up with a zipper in the back and they have to go to the bathroom, the teachers really don't want to be around and touch your kids.


So you can't wear them and you can't put them in that. If there's any type of mask or a helmet or anything like that, that's difficult to take off. You can't wear any of that.


So it's I don't know if it's on a weekend on Saturdays at school. Yeah, but they still get dressed up Friday, just like you want to come in on Friday. You just I'm getting dressed up tomorrow. And, you know, I'm saying that's only because I grew up know. And so I never used to get to celebrate holidays. So, you know, I take advantage of things like that now and then. You know, it's just fun.


It's just fun to be having fun, be what you want to be, especially when you can dress up as your favorite childhood heroes. OK, you know, so I'm definitely putting it on tomorrow and I'll probably wear it Saturday. We won't go trick or treating. No, I'm not going to I'm not doing a trick or treating now. But what I think I would do is I'm just going to hide some candy around the house or outside depending on the weather, and kind of do like each day, just like.


Exactly. Halloween did the same thing at Easter. You put the eggs around the yard, put the eggs around the house. How do you think I'm going to do the same thing? I just sit in the living room and let them just walk from the kitchen to the living room. Trick or treat. That's it.


Something with those with those eggs that you're supposed to colourist after you eat them after. I mean, it's like the boiled eggs. Yeah. I'm just wondering. I don't know. I never you know, none of that goes back to this greasy. That's like saying that pumpkin.


It's a pain on the I open them up and now I know some people make a little pumpkin pie or some kind of the ones we cut car. If not, you give back. But you take the guts out first, don't you? Not you don't go back to the streets to do something with that. You don't go back to the streets. I mean, I don't know. That's what we do. I don't know what everybody else does. I give them back to the street, treat them like they can't buy me a Birkin and pay my bills you and me take to make the pumpkins right back to the streets.


All right.


Well, Chelsea Handler will be joining us this morning.


Never heard of Chelsea. She has a new special on HBO, Max. So revolution we go kick it with Chelsea.


And then we got a piece. That's what we talking about.


Well, let's talk about these two anonymous grand jurors in the Brianna Taylor case. They were on CBS This Morning yesterday. Gayle King spoke to them. And we'll tell you some of the details they gave about the trial proceedings that they said were a betrayal. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Down, down, down, two feet in the middle of the night. I know that you must put it down, right down. You want to fight to deny everything. Did you not troubles yet?


Morning, everybody. Is D.J. M.V. Charlamagne the guy?


What, you let them knock before you enter the back going. That's amazing. I'm like, oh, my goodness, I like this. Getting some front page news here where we thought, well, we are going to start with the grand jurors who are anonymous from the Brianna Taylor case.


They are the first two of the 12 grand jurors to speak publicly on CBS This Morning with Gayle King. Now, here's what they had to say about the charges that were presented to them.


They didn't give us the charges up front when they gave us all of that testimony over twenty something hours. And then to say that these are the only charges that they're coming up with, it's like, what do we just sit through? And then to be told that we're not charging them with anything else. To me, it was a betrayal.


Did anyone say, hey, are there any other options here? Did anybody ever say that? Almost the entire room. What was the answer that you were given? There were other possible charges that we considered, but nothing that we could make stick. As a matter of fact, when they announced that those were the only charges, it was an uproar in that room. Hmm.


Now, during a press conference, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Kahneman said a month ago that the grand jury agreed that the officers who shot Taylor were justified in their use of force after Brianna Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, opened fire. Well, here is what the grand jurors also had to say about Daniel Kahneman and his press conference when he stated that there were six possible murder charges and that the grand jury had agreed that those didn't apply.


The first time I heard the word six possible murder charges was in that news conference. It wasn't presented to you in the grand jury deliberations.


I really felt that this was all camera. This was up to him. We didn't get a choice in that at all. So I was livid. Everything that came out of his mouth, obviously a liar because we didn't agree to anything. We never met Cameron. He never discussed anything with us.


You know, there was six possible murder charge possibilities and none of them were presented and they weren't trying to get those cops on a murder charge. Not I mean, our manslaughter.


Right. They said they couldn't make them stick. Now, grand juries also said they were expecting to be presented with murder charges.


Do either of you think there was enough evidence to present charges of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter? Yes, I think there was. I mean, just all of the evidence there as we were listening to it, we were sure this was leading up to something like that.


Yeah. What would the evidence be? A body, maybe. You know what I mean. Like, what is wrong with like, I don't know. I just want to know what the situation is for. Like what it would what how can the family use this in the future?


Well, I began to tell his mom is asking for an independent prosecutor to present a case to a new grand jury, just FYI. So she's trying to get that done. But in addition to that, these two anonymous grand jurors from Brianna Taylor's case said they also believe her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, and his account, he didn't know who it was that was coming in.


You know, he had no idea you could hear the distress, everything about what he said was believable. I mean, since all the way through, did you find the police credible? No. Too many inconsistencies in their story. What was your understanding about what happened that night? It was a mess.


It didn't seem to me that there was any organization or almost any leadership in the whole operation. It was one mistake right after the hour. Right after the other, they covered it up.


Yeah. I mean, it's obvious they dropped the charges against Kenneth Walker. You know, they they paid the family 12 million dollars. Like, clearly, they know that there was some type of wrongdoing that happened in that situation.


And it's obvious they said you don't need seven cops to go up to somebody's door, knock on it and say, you know, we're here to do an investigation at 1:00 in the morning.


All right.


Well, hopefully then Brianna Taylor's mother and family and everybody gets this new grand jury and be able to present their case separate of Attorney General Daniel Kahneman being involved at all.


All right.


All right. Well, that is your front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one if you need to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Hello, who's this?


Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. What's going on? Charlamagne, these gang.


How you brother? Yeah, I'm all right. This is me, Wilmarth, Charleston, South Carolina.


Hey, four, three. What's happening? I just left home. I was home Monday. Yes, sir. How are you doing, man? I'm blessed. Black and Hollyfield. Without you, my brother. I'm good. I can't complain. Yo, I need a favor from all three man. Talk to me. Listen, listen. I'm coming out with this, with this project, this music here. But I just, I just want your opinion, you know, just good or bad.


Let me know what I think. I got it on my Instagram. So what is it?


Yeah, it's just it's just songs that I make. I don't know if you are familiar with the app called Boysie. Listen, I'm not I need to know if you're registered to vote for us. You're voting. I already did. Did you play did you vote for Jamie Harrison? I did, yeah. All right. Come on. Let's see. Music done. Deal done. Deal. Listen, my Instagram my page is called Kareem Mo Primo, CIA Mohawk Preamble.


S.R. m m o e primo.


All right. I got you. That sounds wow. That's a wild name, by the way. When you watch boy, you've got a few jam porno for sure. If this don't work out. No bad.


No, listen, I'll tell you, if I make it a beep, I'll give you ten percent of the club. I'm good. Yeah, whatever. I got your primo. That's a crazy chance to call up up here. Rapping Hey boy. Hello.


This man is King Gemini. Gemini off your chest. You got through again. Hey, hey. Yeah, yeah. Hey, I want to get off my chest, take my mom for having unprotected sex and my dad for a week. Pull out game baby. Hey, come on.


Yeah. Hey, yeah. And one more thing. One more thing. If anybody looking for underwear model hit me up at real underscore why you write it down. Why do you write it down, Charlamagne? Yo, let me write it down baby.


Why do you hang up on me? I want to have a conversation with him.


We know that's the conversation you need to talk about. I'm going to tell him to have drama, drama, drama. Got the Tommy Hilfiger. I'm good. Eight five eight five one two five one if you need to. I guess I'll kick Kinky in the morning so early and then kick him out looking for a job. It's the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Hey, everyone, it's Cody here, you may know me from Vine YouTube or is the co-host of the Tiny Gang podcast, but my brand new podcast, The Pleasure Is Ours, presented by Trojan Brand Condoms, is out right now. Here's a little preview from my chat with Tim Dillon. What do you seek out in a partner?


I want someone impressed that I'm on this show. Yeah, you did a podcast with Cody Co. That's big. He's got a trillion gazillion followers on Ding-Dong on tick tock. You know, whatever it is I'm going to absorb or whatever the kids are on.


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I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed.


Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club alone this morning.


What a bloody get it off your chest. Loudy Fort Madison. Modie Fort.


OK, Madison. So get off your chest man.


I'm fed with the unknown even any in the whole company. Like I just feel I'm the only one, you know, usually I'm only the only one in any company. But I always like being degraded by the men, just by what I like. I better work hard as any other man ain't.


What do you do? I know she's a diesel mechanic. Mechanic. Oh, I don't know what I am.


So you I would rather I would rather use you than any of those guys.


And it is the same way like I feel like right now I'm on all my time, I'm on number three on my stuff and only four people. But I feel that for them and I'm still getting paid. That's all the bad stuff. But I'm putting out this crazy.


I've never seen a woman mechanic in my life never knowing a woman mechanic is getting that was.


Yeah. We talk about even back in the day, you would see it every day. If you go to Jiffy Lube, you see mechanics to change oil. And I mean, that was really happening in my life.


But every time I try to say something about it, they always try to bring up my work that has nothing to do with it.


You getting paid. She says she makes less than everyone else does.


But this is what I'm doing a lot better than all the guys.


So you get paid less than everybody that worked that day was number three. Exactly. We just started the day right now, so I lied about it on my way to wrap up a bit of time that I wanted to know how much I was just thinking about making more than somebody that it was a problem. And it turned out that I was making a lot less than everybody. But they might have did that to you.


It might have been lying to me, but yeah, they didn't want the in woman. You need to bring that. You need to do some investigations and bring that up because there is no reason that you're a third and you're making less than everybody and you're the only woman. How do you do investigation? Because they might be lied to like they you know, that's very true. You might be like, you know what? Yeah, I make this much and they really don't make that much.


You need to go in there and ask for a raise and tell them that other people and do investigations on what other people that do what you do make across the board. You can go to like Glassdoor and see what that salary looks like and say, this is what I should be making.


I'll pay them off. This is what I said. I work. Everybody calls me. But what they find out that I'm a female, they don't want I have to have a guy I got to work on the side to be able to make that money.


That's why I'm telling you, I know I've never seen or even heard of a woman mechanic. So I think you probably just I'm sure do you have reservations just because you're a woman? But that is gender discrimination. So it is.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five five one two five one. If you need it, you can hit us up. Now, we got rooms all the way.


Yes. And let's talk about Wayne Brady. He is slamming social media. We'll tell you the reason why. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. A morning, everybody is deejay, every Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club, let's get some football, let's get to the rumors. It's not the Greek freak, it's about.


So go. No, it is the rumor report.


And on the Breakfast Club. Yes.


So Disney is making a movie based on Giannis Antetokounmpo Life. He said they are making a movie based on my family's story and they are searching for actors to play me and my brother in our younger days. No experience necessary. It helps if you resemble the handsome boys pictured below and has some basketball experience, spread the word. So what's the story?


What's the background on this story? I don't know. What story was the story?


I'm sure it'll chronicle his journey from being an undocumented immigrant living in Greece and how he managed to become one of the youngest players to enter the NBA. They picked him up when he was only eighteen years old.


Omar. That's interesting. Very, very interesting. More money, I need more. I think that be to be a little more. Yeah, he's been pretty successful here.


And then, you know, coming from Greece, I'm sure culturally it was very different for him. And, in fact, come over here and then play in the NBA this year, probably going to Golden State.


And, you know, if I said, Dad, why do you keep throwing that out?


You said you want to read a report. Right. OK, but I want more for the movie. I know that room report. All right.


Wendy Williams has been revealed as the masked singer. And, you know, here's how it went down.


Now, I'm assuming that was her first and final episode. Has she been on there the whole time? Because, I mean, Wendy had a very, very distinctive voice.


Yeah, I think we knew right away who she was. That was her first episode, clearly. Yeah. She said there were tears at night. You know, she did show US Weekly that the entire encounter on there was an emotional one for her.


So she admitted that she's not a good singer because that's scary for her. She said she's something she normally wouldn't do.


So I'm not a good singer expected to win. Because you mean, why are you crying? Because you're not a good singer.


We know that we don't expect anything to be a good singer, but also, like, it was probably scary and intimidating because it's not something that's in your realm that you're comfortable with.


But she said she was really filled with joy, though. OK, so and she also felt like that laughing kind of gave her away.


You know who that was her was very much listening to it for years. All right. Now, Wayne Brady is talking about social media after he caught older men doing his 16 year old daughter. Can you imagine how mad would you be about that?


I don't want to make no sense. Here's what he had to say.


Mandy monitors Miley's Instagram and her social media because even though she's near grown because she'll be 18 in February, Notice said near grown and these grown men see her dancing and whatnot and he just slid in. Mandy got on the line with one of them and was, you know, texting back and forth. And he was talking slick until he realized that it was her. And then she's like, what the hell are you doing? He's like, Oh, I just broke up with my girlfriend.


And I just was like, that doesn't mean anything. You tell that to yourself when we put you in jail. That's right.


Probably include by Wayne Brady. God damn it. All right. The struggle of having daughters. I think, God, I don't have to deal with any of that shit. Minus 12, five and two. I got time still mentally prepare myself for all these goddamn votes. Yeah, I had one reaching in my daughters minutes ago. Yeah, I sure did.


And I replied back to me was a I wouldn't say a YouTube star, but you don't want to Instagram you two people that do stupid ass videos do it out in Jersey. I checked. Oh all right.


He was about twenty four and at the time Madison was about twenty sixteen.


So how much time did you get now. Come on now. I mean, I mean to tell me I need a good start. I mean. Well let me tell you guys about Wayne Brady's initiative that he talked about while he was on the talk because he said he's very passionate about this.


And this is something that I'm very passionate about. And I'm going to start working on an initiative. You can try to block a person's account and report them for hate speech. You can report them for trying to be someone else. But in order to really get to them to say, hey, this person is saying something damning or showing images to to a young woman or or even to a woman, all of the tap dancing do need to do to get that person report.


It shouldn't happen.


We just shut social media down. We don't really need. Come on, guys, let's think about this. All right?


I said visit him over there. Last time I was like, you know, I'll handle it that way. If you got to knock on somebody, I got to do. But I mean, he wasn't sending no pictures, but he was aggressively trying to highlight it like she's 16 years old.


What you should you should have had to meet up, as you should to meet me at such a safe place. Then you have to have them there.


But I had this and I was going to show there somebody had a show about it was like a reverse how to catch a Predator. Like they would send the person over. I can't remember. All right.


You know, if you ever watch the affair that show on Showtime in the first season, his daughter was sixteen and she actually ended up getting pregnant by this guy who was over thirty years old. And I was just watching that.


We got to catch him, right. Like, you can't scare him away. Like, if they want to meet up with, you know, the young lady. Yeah. Meet up. But when you pop up, it's going to be more than Kristiansand telling you to have a seat.


OK, all right. Well, I'm Ashley and that's your room report.


I mean, you know, I mean, as a dad, they should know me. I'm all of my kids. DBMS watching what they what people are trying to send to them and stuff like that. I mean, they know, I mean it's me.


Don't tell them that now you've got to have a lot of people who need them. You know them. God you're trying to get it too. And your feet.


OK, guys. All right, you make everything awkward and uncomfortable, right? Yes, you're the one with the fake only fanpage for your feet, but I'm the one that's making the wrap up. All right. Well, that is your room. That's what he told me. If I had a real olefins, I would I would definitely Muffie, look for that to look like you got front page news coming up.


Yes. We are going to talk about Walter Wallace Jr. And the family says they called an ambulance, not the police. All right. We'll get into that next as the Breakfast Club covering.


And absolutely no difference between saying somebody as cute and good looking is no different. I'm sorry, behind the scenes arguments, guys, it's the same thing.


You know what? Forget it. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. and Angela. Yes. I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club that's getting some front page news we'll be showing you.


Well, let's start with Walter Wirelesses, Jr., the twenty seven year old black man who was killed by Philadelphia police officers in a shooting that was caught on video. He had a knife.


He ignored orders to drop the weapon before officers fired shots at him on Monday afternoon. Now, Walter Wallace Junior's parents said that officers knew that he was in a mental health crisis. They had actually been to the family's house three times on Monday. They said one of the times they just stood there and laughed at us. According to the family's attorney, Shaka Johnson, they said his wife, Dominique Wallace, is pregnant and is scheduled to have labor induced on Wednesday.


And she also has he has nine children, by the way. And so, according to the attorney, when you come to a scene where somebody is in a mental crisis and the only tool you have to deal with is a gun, where are the proper tools for the job? Now, according to the family, they actually call for an ambulance and not for the police. For some reason, the police did show up.


That's horrible. I mean, listen, this gives a lot of, you know, validation to the hold the phone, the police conversation where, you know, they want to take, you know, budgets from these police organizations and put them into programs that actually help, you know, empower mental health care workers, because that's what we should be showing up to these kind of situations, not police officers.


Now, the White House did issue a statement yesterday. They said the unrest was another consequence of liberal Democrats war against the police. And the Trump administration stands proudly with law enforcement and stands ready upon request to deploy any and all federal resources to end these riots.


And by the way, this is what I hate about both sides. You hear the Trump administration say that and then you heard Joe Biden say immediately, but y'all can't be looting. You can't burn down buildings like hefting buildings, looting. Somebody lost their life again at the hands of the police. Can we talk about that? Can we talk about the fact that people need assistance for their mental health in this country and they're not getting it? Can we talk about the fact that we do need organizations that can reply to these mental health people instead of police officers?


Like, come on. What are we talking about here? They always worried about the wrong things.


But Walter, this is mom also did say that she doesn't want people looting as well and that there does have to be justice.


I just want to see that we shouldn't even be focusing on that if people care more about those buildings burning than they do the actual man that got killed, that's what they go to.


I'm sure his mom said that because he doesn't see anybody else get hurt. Anybody else get shot? Anybody else go to jail? I'm so I'm sure that's the reason why she said that. But I agree with you where we should be caring about these these innocent lives and these people have been killed, you know, and less concern about a building. You worried about the affect, but not the cause with the car right now.


Sixty people in Minneapolis have been charged in a 300 million dollar phone scam that was targeting elderly victims. Authorities say that these people got more than three hundred million dollars from more than one hundred and fifty thousand people. And it was a widespread magazine telemarketing scam they said is the largest helda fraud scheme in the country.


So, yes, what they would do is they would call with the fraudulent renewal script where they would say they're calling from the victim's existing magazine subscription company. It would be an offer to reduce the monthly subscription cost. In reality, they had no relationship with these victims. They would sign them up for expensive new magazine subscriptions and then they would get all these multiple subscriptions, subscriptions with these magazine companies that were fraudulent.


Now, see, that's a great scripted show. That's a movie. That's a six episode TV series that right there. You know why? Because it was a big score, 300 million dollars. And I've never even heard of that scam that they're doing. I never heard of that either. That's a that's a that's concocted.


Yeah. Taking advantage of elderly people because, you know, when they when you call, they're polite. They'll talk on the phone and you're like, hey, we're trying to renew your subscription. So if you have any family members that could be prone to something like this, you know, scams are at an all time high while people are at home right now during this pandemic.


Just make sure you just stay alert. I get so many emails with people are trying to scam you. Like click on this link here. You have a delivery from Amazon. He didn't schedule this. I get so many random emails and I always know it's not true. I always look at where it came from. I see it's somewhere at email and not from an actual company. And I never will click on anything or give my information.


I see the Nigerian scam in a long time, but I've been seeing the warranty scam. Hey, we're calling because your car's warranty is out.


I see that. Yeah, they keep calling me about that to my 2013 BMW.


I was I don't have that car all the time for that.


I want to do it. When they do these scams that they're going do they have a goal of 300 million, like when they're planning this out there, they say to the. So this is how much we can make of this or the IRS scandal. I got I got a couple hours before they call and say that, you know, hey, you owe the IRS money. If you don't want to go to jail, we're going to freeze your accounts.


If you don't pay this much by Friday or this much by the end of today, we'll give you whatever it is you've got to come and get me to prove that you've got to show up to the door.


But the IRS won't ever call you.


Exactly. My counsel, my counsel to the IRS don't call about right.


You know that. All right. Well, that is your front page news. All right. Thank you, Miss Ye. All right. Now, when we come back, Chelsea Handler will be joining us. We'll kick it with Chelsea Handler. Don't move. It's The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Back here, checking out the world's most dangerous morning show, morning, everybody, is D.J., N.V., Angeles, Charlamagne, the guy we all the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line, Chelsea Handler. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. How are you?


We're doing well now. What did you teach Angela? Yeah, I've been hearing some rumors. And you have this all wrong. Oh, I. First of all, I'm going to put out there, you know, I love me some Chelsea Handler, but I was very disappointed in the fact that she told me she does not enjoy performing oral sex. And we had a nice conversation about it. And we gave her some tips. She told.


I did. I did your podcast a while ago. We talked about giving a blowjob and she had some girls that gave me very specific instructions on how to give a better job. So, yeah, you could take credit for that. I don't know that I put those skills to use yet, but I'm going to at some point. Yeah.


And you. Because part of it and I'm sure for guys you can attest to this is never fun to get a job from somebody who looks like they don't want to be there. Right.


And Chelsea was given the attitude. And so I think that was part of the issue. You have to at least pretend to enjoy it.


Yeah, I was doing. Yeah. I mean, everything is with a slight attitude with me. That's the first problem.


Well, I'm glad you learned some new things during the pandemic you see there.




We actually talked to you today because you have a new stand up special and you haven't had one in six years. So this is a big deal on HBO, Max Evolution and a lot of stories on there that I was kind of familiar with. But it's good to hear you, like, get on that stage and really get in depth about it.


Yeah, I mean, it was really it was good. I wanted to bring some joy, some relief to this terrible time that we're all living through. So it was really important me to film that special during covid, you know, to try and pull something off started covid so I could release it was during this time. So I'm going back to New Jersey. You know, it was a full evolution. It's like me and waking up at the age of 40, going to therapy, discovering self-awareness, discovering your own privilege, discovering to, you know, way to look outside of yourself and not just be focused on your own, you know, look around the world and make a contribution instead of just taking, taking, taking, you know.


So, yeah, it was it was really fun to do. I wanted to do standup that had some meaning behind it, not just tell jokes.


How did what you've learned over the past couple of years impact your standup? Well, you know, it's not just about me anymore. It's about like being an ally, showing off, doing the work, not just posting, actually learning and reading all the time. It's like a practice. It's like, OK, how do you know? And screwing up along the way all the time and then having to apologize for screwing up. It's like it's setting an example for other people, white women especially, who are my biggest audience, you know, to say to them, hey, this is what I've learned, come with me and learn about this, too.


It's nice to see people evolve. Don't you think?


Life is about so about evolution of the vulva. You die. I see you had a strong conversation with did you speak or in person or over the phone or was that just online play. Play.


And I know we spoke last night. No, the night before last night he called me. I didn't him. And I said, hey, please give me a call. You know, I don't want to do this publicly. Can we please talk privately? And he called me and I just asked him if he was serious. I was like, were you? I go, I'm, you know, had a little small talk. And then I said, Hey, are you serious?


I think you're kidding about supporting Trump. I said, But I just want to see if you're serious and if you are, why? You know, I'm not telling him as a white woman because I misspoke earlier in the week when I said I had to remind him if he's black, I don't have any business saying anything like that. So I need to apologize to everyone for saying that because that's inappropriate. But I did want to talk to him as an ex of sorry, I had a relationship with how could you possibly support this person, you know, this white supremacist who's in office, whether you are black or white, it should be a problem for you.


So I asked him and he said, no, I was just screwing around. He's like, the taxes are a pain in the ass. And I was like, yeah, but Republicans have taught us all how to evade taxes. So that's our goal. We can figure out a state to live in where we don't have to pay our taxes. I said, but, you know, a lot of people are listening to you. So that comes with a lot of responsibility.


Like who do you support? Biden? And he said absolutely. He absolutely supports Biden. He said, I could say on this show with him this morning saying I was going to be on the show and telling you guys that. So, yeah. So he's supporting Biden. And then he asked me if I was serious about going for another spin with him. Yeah, you try him, you put it on the table, I put it on the table.


And you know what? If I. I'll do it really, because we're tired of white women doing what they say they're going to do. Yes, I can practice Angelo's new skills, but you target practice, right?


I'm glad I'm glad you apologized for the things I did feel that way. When I heard you say that, I was like, what did she mean? You had to remind him he's black. Yeah, no, I misspoke. It's all good. It happens. Trust me, I do it often. Yeah, that's good.


Because, you know, Chelsea, you also talk about that in evolution, right? The women, the black woman whose ass you grabbed and, you know, you think is playful and how she had to let you know that it was inappropriate. I think that's great when you do things and own up to them and then also let people know about it so that they understand the history and why something like that is completely wrong.


Also, you know, we're in a situation where white people are so defensive, so defensive. If you bring up white privilege, it's like, oh, no, no, no. Like like as soon as you're defensive, you're wrong. Any time you're arguing about something, you know, if you really believed something and you were OK with it, you wouldn't feel the need to argue. So when you bring up terms like white privilege and people get, you know, so pissed off and then there's a real problem there.


So, yeah, my job as a public person is to say when I say I'm sorry, demonstrate that you can up as you're learning and still, you know, be part of the conversation like that is part of it. We can't bottle ourselves up and not say anything. We should try not to say the wrong thing. But if we do cop to it and learn from it, you know, and we all have the opportunity for such growth in this moment to be more compassionate and to be more empathetic and to see how deep rooted this system is and, you know, and how long it's been going on for.


And it doesn't matter that you weren't here during slavery or like that. And I think, you know, it matters what the system has given us and the domino effect and the years and years and years of oppression and what comes out of that. And we all have to be a little bit more woak and bang that drum a little louder, because obviously the time is here.


You know, we got more with Chelsea Handler when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We still kick it off with Chelsea Handler.


Shelby, you know, I go to therapy once a week. And one thing that therapy has done for me was, as I can see is done for you is given me more empathy, would also has taught me how to have more grace with people. I have to give people the same grace I want for myself. So why don't we give each other more grace? Yeah.


Yeah, exactly. And you know, you want to be you know, I'm I deal with all these trolls and these, you know, people who on Instagram and I had to shut off my comments because they go and follow my followers in my comments. All these Trump supporters, you know, it's like just screaming and yelling. And just by the tone of it, you're like, how can you possibly have a conversation with somebody who's calling you a whore?


And I'm telling you they're going to kill you and that they hope you die. You're like, well, OK, we're not going to reach those people base, obviously. But there are people in between who are timid and who think that if they admit that there is such a thing as white privilege or white supremacy in this country, that they're guilty of something, you know, immediately what they think. If they say it's true, then they're somehow at fault.


And I think the message that I'm trying to get out to other white people is, listen, we're all part we're all a product of a culture. It's not our fault that this culture is here and has taught us and ingrained in us these ideas. But it is our responsibility now to deprogram our brains from what we've been taught and dismantle this. You know, and obviously it sounds easy saying that, and I know it's not, but it is.


Excuse me. My baby just came out. But it is something that we have to keep talking about very, very loudly to make it comfortable for everybody to move to the next phase.


I also notice that a lot of industry people, and I know you from the Tri-State area were cool with Donald Trump like you. You see all these pictures with Diddy and Trump and Snoop with Trump in fifth with Trump. Were you ever cool with Trump to I have a relationship and you know, not that's a relation. But just before he was president, before he was president, you did ever raped me?


No. Oh, my God. At a bar and Hollywood, once I forget what it was called, one of those restaurants. And he came over to my table and he said, Hello, Chelsea Handler. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Donald Trump. This is like you have probably ten or fifteen years ago. And I remember looking at my friend going, he's actually not as disgusting as I thought he would be. Like in person, there was an element, a modicum of charm, but not I mean, that was before he ran for president and then ruined it for all of us.


Are you nervous about the election? I am nervous about the election.


I'm optimistic and I'm hopeful because I think the amount of people that we're seeing vote, which is already at sixteen million people, obviously is incredible. It's up to hundred and. Twenty one percent, I think, from twenty sixteen. So by the sheer volume of voters were Democrats are going to win. That's why they don't want the votes counted, you know, because the more people who vote, the more that the more likely the Dems are to win.


Right. But I don't know what kind of they're going to get up to. You know, I don't know what these leaders are going to do in the Supreme Court.


And it's really scary.


And yeah, yeah, I'm scared, but I'm trying not to be, you know, negative.


Yeah, I have PTSD from twenty sixteen. And, you know, like you said, you already see what they're doing. They're like we're not counting mail in ballots after certain dates. Like I don't, I don't trust it. I think they'll do anything to stay in power.


Like I think the message that we all have to get out there, you guys, is that nobody can call this election until every vote is counted, because that is the definition of democracy, right. For them to be president of the United States, to say yesterday, like what one what all we need to stop counting the ballots on November 30th, but that is the antithesis of democracy. So we have to keep letting people know that we all are all aware that until every vote is counted, you cannot call an election like Fox News or Trump is going to call it as soon as you can if it's in his favor.


So hopefully it'll be such an overwhelming defeat that, you know, Ohio could be one of the first states that he loses. And then that'll be an indicator that things aren't going to work out his way or Chelsea.


Are you enjoying life even more now as you're getting older? Because I see, like you said, that you are very confident about your body now and previously that you weren't and just having the success that you've had and being able to move the way that you want to move, how do you feel?


I feel pretty. I mean, I worked a lot on my inner, like in therapy and worked a lot of my inner confidence instead of having the outer shell of, like, fierceness where I thought I was an arrogant and, you know, and basically just doing whatever I wanted when I wanted, you know, now I have a lot more of a groundedness. I just am aware more. I have a lot of more self awareness. That's the gift of therapy, right.


To tell you, hey, you're a bitch like or this is your shortcoming or you have no empathy. You know, it's good to find out these things about yourself so you can cultivate them and work on them. So now I feel pretty confident that I get to do the jobs I want to do and I inject meaning and, you know, into every piece of work.


What do you think a lot of your original insecurities came from before before there?


I think I think I. Was it insecure enough on cell therapy? You know, I think once I got to therapy and then you find out all this stuff about you, you're like, oh, you're like I've been this much of a bit like Fidge and how I've come across for how long are you telling people? Everyone I saw what I thought of them and calling everybody out on stuff, it was like, what? Who do I think I am?


And so that made me insecure to find out about it after the fact. I was like, oh, so then there's this period of like you're trying to keep your old personality, the stuff that makes you you your age and your, you know, and my not give me attitude, but also implement this new self awareness I have. You know, sometimes you overcorrect like for a while I just would sit at dinners and not say anything to any of my friends.


Just take it and don't insert yourself into every conversation. Nobody, not everybody needs to hear what you think every second just because it popped into your head and then you marry those two, you know, you marry your self-awareness with your edge and with your, you know, the stuff that makes you you and then you become and then your confidence comes back, you know? So there was a period of like two or three years, especially after the Netflix show where I wasn't on a TV show.


And my you know, I was self-conscious because my whole identity was tied to being on a show every night. So, yeah, I experienced a lot of insecurity after that ended. I was like, well, who am I? What am I? Does anybody care about anything I have to say?


Yeah, that's what people people watch on you. Will they be like on Chelsea Handler fell off her career though. So was it was it that rhetoric that got you like in your head?


I mean, I don't really pay attention to what people are saying about me. It's more of an inside job. Like I really care about what I think about me first and foremost. I mean, my career has never fallen off. You know, I've always had work going on. I'm always working on something. I want to slow down purposefully. But it was a definite adjustment from being so visible all the time to not being as visible. Like when I started doing Stand Up Again, which, you know, I was like, are people going to come and see me when I don't have it to promote on a nightly talk show like, am I going to sell tickets?


Is not going to be like, do I have that fan base? I definitely had all of those feelings for sure.


We got more with Chelsea Handler when we come back.


Move was The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy and Julie Solomon, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, was still kicking. With Chelsea Handler, you know, last time you came up here, we were talking about a drug that ayahuasca, ayahuasca, and you actually said you mean Charlamagne about it. Are you do you still try? You still use it? Do Duplin dabble with it at all? And.


No, totally.


Go ask because you can't really take that yourself.


But I take of mushrooms. You said you said you were going to bring up some mushrooms, but I must be sure that was I don't think it. No, but I want to do ayahuasca with Chelsea, with the shaman and all of that.


I'm doing it for New Years. I'm going on a spiritual retreat. Oh, really? Where? Mexico. Oh, wow. I can't wait to hear about that. Ayahuasca. Incredible. It's such an incredible experience. And you have to go in with the right mindset, you know, like you have a good experience and you will. I like mushrooms. I mean, I smoke weed a lot. You know, that's kind of my favorite way to ingest weed, although it's not that great for my throat because I end up coughing half the time.


But I take a lot of edibles. I like those. I'm into cannabis. It's my drug right now.


And we need to throw it because we've told you some things that we need you to have that available for that throat so I can get fifty fifty a little of that. Becky, listen, have you ever Karen before Chelsea before your awakening.


Oh, come on. No, no, never. I don't think so. Somebody asked me out the other day and I mean, I can't think of a time. No, I mean, I've always been pretty, you know, and I'm not like that. But I mean, my lack of awareness was my problem. You know, I did like I and in high school and we got caught three times with weed and three times he got arrested and three times they let me go.


And at that point in my life, I didn't even think then why that was happening. Why did you say it was yours? I don't remember what happened exactly. But even if I had, the cops didn't care. They're looking for a guy. I'm going to get arrested and she was going to go.


Go. You know, that's exactly what it was. But I was too young to even take into consideration. So my guilt and my shame is from my lack of self awareness, not from ever acting like a Kameron.


I would love to see you because, you know, I'm big on mental health, especially, you know, black men, you know, dealing with mindfulness. I would love to see you get fifty to go to therapy.


Oh, yeah, that's a good idea. Maybe we can do that on SNL skit therapy session with on me.


I just think I think fifty has a lot to get off his chest. I agree.


You know, fifty would benefit from therapy. I wonder if he's ever gone. Have you ever talked to him about it?


I don't think so. I don't think he's ever gone. I could be wrong.


I don't I don't think so because. Yeah, he seems like he needs yeah. He needs like a good listener. We had a nice idea that I, we talk for like twenty five thirty minutes and we were I could tell that it was nice to have a friend on the phone, you know, and it was so nice. And again it's been so many years and he's so sweet you know, and he's so sweet.


You're the only person that could probably have said something like that to him and he wouldn't have went in on you. He was like, OK.


Oh, really? Well, maybe he's still got a thing for me. Maybe maybe he still does have a crush on me. That would be nice.


I mean, in all due respect, it does say a lot about your WIP that he retracted so fast.


Thank you for saying.


I walked and I just got a text by you to see Diana Rollins just said, tell Chelsea that's my baby and I love her.


So now Rawlings is so funny. We were at Chappelle's Show in Ohio a few weeks ago. Did you say it was funny? Yeah, I made funny in a way. That is what I'm talking about now.


Talked about a river belt. He was like he had been in the river in Yellow Springs where Dave has this tie. I guess they go in kayaks. And he was talking about a river bounce and he did like forty five minutes on stage. No one knew what he was talking about. What is balance? Are you hitting someone with this belt?


You know, with the rebels, it's a river belt.


So now whenever I see him on the river belt rapist Jesus, that didn't go the way he wanted it to you guys.


So be prepared. Whatever I can get my I have my friends I away from. Whenever I'm telling him about his white male privilege, I'm like, you're just a white rapist, privileged rapists. He's like, oh, here she goes again.


Goodness gracious. Well, all right. We'll go to Darnell Rawlings. No, no, don't don't do that. You not asking for Darnell Rawlings is not a rapist.


OK, good. We got to get that PSA out, though. Make sure I make up for everything I say. Well, I mean, listen, Chelsea, now, he tried to say something nice and then you called him a rapist. Oh, no doubt he's not a good guy. Have you come over yet? It's coming up on Sunday. I told him to bring his belt. My goodness. All right. Well, thank you for checking in, as usual.


We appreciate you. Next time, we want to see you in person somehow. Some way.


Yeah, well, I'm going to send you guys some mushrooms, OK? All right. Legal. You know, I'm into that. Oh, it's not. But I'll get back to you. Don't worry. All right, let's go.


White privilege. Let's do it.


Chelsea Handler is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Thank you.


Hi, guys. Oh, what a fool not to be in my. Oh, three dollars raincoat. Well, I was in the shop, right. I'm in the same. Oatmeal, apple, cinnamon in my mouth and my mouth woodroofe.


Everybody is D.J. Envy. What's your problem? Edgerly Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room is the talk.


Sweetie, it's. She's spilling the tea. This is the room where reporter Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club. So Suwaidi did an interview with the Shade Room, and she admitted that she did used to work in the strip club back in the day. You know what?


I feel like people have a huge misconception of strippers. And the reason why I say that is because I used to work at the strip club myself.


Oh. You've definitely got a couple of tricks now, but all I'm saying is, you know, I've seen that conversation and I don't like when people uplift me while putting on another woman, because while I was a server at the strip club, I realized that strippers are the regular people. They're college. I was a college girl and I was girls, their mothers. They weren't.


People do look down. People do look down on strippers and have things to say all the time. Are you don't act clueless about that. You do pass judgment to pass judgment of them.


So I know what she's talking about, like what they showed in players club, like the woman that was going to the strip club. They were trying to get money to, you know, go to college. Exactly. That's all I grew up around. It was just another hustle, that's all.


Well, I've definitely heard people talk down on strippers before and is a shout out to my girl. She was a former diplomat.


She's one of my co-host on LipService. One of the best that would do it. God damn it. How did the snack pack?


That's a hell of a name. Was a snack. All right. Was this typical?


No, I do like a snack pack.


I never know her well. No, it was her. It was her crew. But they people used to really go there just to see them because they would do all these chicks. She's a professional, trained dancer.


It if there was a secret pool, Hall of Fame should be in her jersey, should be retired. OK, y'all don't celebrate the way to Josh.


You know, right now, Jada Pinkett Smith was already able to talk and she did say that she's been tougher on WILLO than she is on Jaden. And Willow said that her mom just was so much more relaxed when it came to her brother than with her. Here's what they said.


You know, when I was younger, something as simple as just like getting up at the right time, it would be like you might like you better. I'd be in my room like, OK, but then Jaden is there.


She's like, oh, are you ready to go? And he'd be like, oh, maybe one moment she might have a point because I would be like, no, you got to be on it.


Because for me, I knew that she's going to have it twice as hard.


I needed you to be strong because I know what this world is like for us as black women.


That's crazy because I'm the opposite of you, man. I'm hard on my son. And I am. I don't think that's true. I think that's usually how it is because I feel like she said that she's different.


Well, yeah, no, she said for well she's like he's got that that's his son, you know what I mean. Like for the boys. And then she said for her, she looked at her like now you're mine and your father will deal with Jada. I think that there's definitely a lot more lenient on my brother than me.


I tell you that right now, Monique Sluttier is saying that Shaq broke up with her because he doesn't like to be questioned.


She was doing an interview with Dominic on his radio show and by the Barclays and pay all the bills. Won't you ask me nothing?


He asked her what celebrity she enjoyed dating the most. Here's what she said. How was sex with Shaq? But is there guessing this size? It's a good it's a good size. I'm a publicist. I love, you know, this. I worked. First of all, there's tough times. Not the most loyal. Yeah. So when you were with them, did you feel like it was exclusive or were you like, oh, I know how it is?


When we met, the literally the first thing he said to me, when I'm done with being a player, I'm ready to settle down some some time. And then I was like, wait, but I saw this on the blog.


So you broke it off with him after, you know, he broke it off with me because I was asking too many questions.


He I can't buy the Birkins and pay the bills and get ask questions now. OK, pick one. All right. All right.


Now that Aretha Franklin biopic that we've been waiting for starring Jennifer Hudson is delayed yet again because of coronavirus. So the release has been postponed respect by seven months. It was supposed to be released at the top of the year, January 15th. Now they're saying it'll be August 13th of twenty. Twenty one.


I can't wait. I love movies like me, too, you know, especially, you know, you don't set the bar so high. Jamie Foxx would not. No, I take that back. Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne. What's love got to do with it then? Jamie Foxx. Billy Ray. So I'm looking forward to Muhammad Ali.


Ali was cool. I was good. I found a level of what's love got to do with it was good. And I love all those type of movies that it's a movie. That was my movie, too. I always watch that around the holidays.


I just found out the Five Heartbeats wasn't a real group. I found out that two years ago I had no idea. I didn't even know I had interviewed somebody. And Robert Townsend came, you know, I didn't know.


So I love those type of movies, is all I'm saying. That you never heard of the five heartbeats until the five heartbeats movie, others thought it was dead? Yeah, I don't remember my parenting. I love it. I really didn't exactly.


I thought it was a temptation to the five heartbeats. All right. Well, I'm mean. And that is your report. I really didn't know.


There's got to be mad because I know that I know for a fact it was mad people, because when we posted that clip, it was mad. People wanted to come in saying, I didn't know, you know, your line, you got free. You got to be going to the five of these wasn't real.


I didn't know that. But. All right. Out of my. You give that down, could you? There's a pastor in North Carolina named Pastor Daniel Thomas. He needs to come to the front of the congregation. We like to have a word with him. I think it was an honest mistake, but that doesn't mean that you still can't get the credit you deserve for being stupid. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same when a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing. The results are often deadly because. Because at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop, trains get brought to you by need to be a doctor because right now you cross the bridge.


It's time for you do so. If you ever feel I need to be, you don't want to hear this again and again. Please tell me. I had become Donkey of the Day, The Breakfast Club bitch.


I am. Yes, donkey today.


But Thursday, October twenty ninth goes to a North Carolina pastor named Daniel Chalmers. He's from Raleigh, North Carolina. First of all, God, morning, everybody, in Raleigh.


Raleigh is a beautiful city with beautiful people dropping two bombs for Raleigh, Longo, Tiffany out there in Big Tex and all y'all.


Now, listen, you can't spell pasta without a pea. And that's exactly what Daniel Thomas did to a female passenger on a flight. Let's go to WRAL. NBC five would report, please.


Oh, Raleigh pastor has been cited for assault after investigators say he urinated on a sleeping passenger during a Delta flight. Police have identified the pastor as Daniel Charmeuse. He's pastor of Love Wins Ministry in Raleigh. Investigators say the incident happened on a flight to Detroit from Las Vegas earlier this month. A woman says she was asleep on the redeye flight sitting next to charmeuse when she woke up and saw him relieving himself on her. An off duty officer was on the flight and detained charmeuse.


Documents show the pastor admitted to having two drinks followed by an Ambien. Yesterday, Charmeuse released a statement to the local Fox station in Detroit saying that that was the first time he had ever taken the sleep medicine. He also apologized to the passenger. Charmeuse also went on to say, quote, I want to please ask everyone for their forgiveness in this. I never intended or wanted for this to happen again. Charmeuse was ticketed for simple assault for the incident.


He said he would release a statement clarifying what happened on his website soon.


That poor, traumatized woman to forty four a.m. on a flight you knocked out, you feel something warm on you and you wake up and it's a penis in your face.


OK, some might call that a good time, but this is not Katie to you by Destiny's Child. You can't tap a stranger on the shoulder and tell it and roll over. That only works. Just significant that this is not Chris Brown back to sleep either. OK, how late it is. And OK that you can't focus. You don't know me. All right. The only time you want to wake up to a penis in your face is when it's your baby.


Period. I hate you. Don't be looking over here, OK? You got a problem right now. I do have empathy for you, Thomas, OK? I don't think he's some perverted, pushy penis pastor. I think he was out of his mind because he was on Ambien and he was drinking. Now, I've never done Ambien, but but our producer, Daniel, who has done what seems like every drug at some point in his life, he was describing it to me.


And it just sounds like the devil explained. Daniel, what happens?


I want to preface by saying that in college I was very responsible. OK, ok, OK.


That OK, I'm proud to say that my senior year in college I cleaned up. OK, stop. OK, now with that being said, Ambien, when you take it and resist the urge to go to sleep, OK, it's like an intense hallucinogenic OK.


And my one experience with it was like I was unable to walk. I don't remember it. I kind of remember it. I don't remember like what I did, but I remember not being able to, like, be a functioning human, OK, I've never drank on it. But after reading about it, it did say that drinking on Ambien will make it just completely blackout and forget. Absolutely. But you're still functioning. From what I was told, you could do a bunch of activities.


You just don't remember what you did. Correct.


OK, now, after hearing that, how do we know this past didn't think he was performing a baptism? Baptism is almost always use. The water is performed by sprinkling or pouring water on the head or dunking a person I didn't need bought a body of water partially or completely. Maybe he thought he was sprinkling water on her head. Maybe he thought he was doing an exorcism and needed to throw some holy water on her. I don't know.


But after hearing Daniel and, you know, describe how people would envy and do their daily activities and don't remember anything, the next day, I'm like, what the hell did he think he was doing?


What did you think you was doing, Daniel, when you was on it?


My intentions were to just kind of. See, what happened was that you wanted to do that. You wanted to pass out no, you resist the urge to go to sleep and that's fun. I mean, sophomore year of college.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, boy. OK, I thank you, Daniel, for all I'm saying.


It certainly wasn't intentional, but a police officer who was sitting in the emergency row said he asked the victim what happened and she replied he tried to help you.


It was what did he say? What was wrong with you? That's not what she replies to the police officer. That's what happened. And she replied, he peed on me. Then when the cop asked Chalmers, what did you do? He replied, I peed on her. I thought I was going to the bathroom. Let me tell you something. If that kind of honesty that would make me put something very generous in the collection plate, that type of truth makes my tithes and offerings be special because all I want from my past is my spiritual leader is the truth.


But this debunks the whole I didn't know what I was doing. Theory, if you could tell the cop what he was doing right now, this is where it gets sketchy.


Later on past. The child was later denied peeing on anyone.


In fact, he said whatever it is she is accusing me of doing, I didn't do it when he was advised of what it was the victim was accusing him of, he replied, I'm a pastor that is out of my character and I didn't do it.


Maybe out of your character, but what is your character? When you want Ambien and you drink and Satan seem it, you don't know because you don't remember it just like Dad.


OK, don't make me remind you of the eighth commandment. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. That commandment truthfulness. It forbids lying. I don't think Paratha Thomas is lying on purpose. I just think Pastor Chavas needs to stop buying Ambien and liquor with the church's money because clearly when he's on that sauce he knows not what he is doing. This is exactly why we must forgive him. We got to give people the grace that we want God to give us.


If God's grace is too much, well, then at least give people the grace you want for yourself.


But when you're giving them that grace, always remember to give them the credit they deserve for being stupid. Past traumas, even though we understand you was just trying to get some sleep mixed in Ambien and alcohol was stupid. And that's why you're getting donkey today. And Sean was literally on an Ambien bottle. You know how I know? Because Dan showed me one.


It's all right. OK, thanks to Peter Hamby and Bob literally on the Ambien bottle, the first commandment you see, not the second commandment, not the full commitment not to seek commitment at the end commitment, not the Ten Commandments. The first commandment you see on the Ambien bottle is avoid alcohol while taking this product.


Is that what made you avoid alcohol? Reading that avoid alcohol on Ambien?


I didn't do well with. But I'm saying, did you not drink the alcohol on the Ambien because. No, I did not. Because of what he said on the bottle and look at the label. Oh, OK. Can I clean my bathroom.


No, you are. You are all right. You are not. You are now. I'm not going to look at 50 rampage and a mullet maybe passing you don't you do have a mullet. They did have a mullet making Abian.


All I'm saying is maybe pasties don't understand commandments. If they don't read, thou shalt not. Maybe you should have said thou démarche. I'll not take alcohol while taking this product. If Ambien would have started with thou shalt not, Patha Chalmers wouldn't be getting the sweet sounds in the Hamptons right now. Oh no.


You are the doggy. I'm the. Doggie. All right, guys. OK, guys, he heard the music after day and clean up his character the way he cleaned up his drug habit.


Well, that's what it was. I had a legitimate issue in college. I was a legitimate addiction. Problems was specifically cited for being honest and vulnerable. And I was just like down to experiment with anything under the sun. I wasn't a needle and I'm not proud of it. But wow, you know, I'm senior year in college, but else did you try you try crack?


Was that cleaning up your character that wasn't really cleaning up? I wasn't. I was down to do it in bad shape. I was legitimately addicted to drugs, being honest. Could you stop shaming him, Angela? Yeah. He was addicted. Mean just being honest.


Yes, that's all. He's telling the truth. I lost a lot of friends over it. Yeah. You got punched in the face over. They punched you. What, you want your money? Deservingly.


And we had you had to break the stuff and I cleaned up. I sobered up. I got my issue together.


And you you know, I know I get the test right now because you passed with flying colors, but I'm trying to see a lot and I'm trying to stop. Guys, this is serious. Serious drug use a serious. Stop it, guys.


Stop, grow up. Trump anything else? Opiate addiction is a serious problem.


Listen, I got something to say, and I'm proud to say my name is Lanard. Not to blame anybody to open your place. It's not funny. I feel your pain then. Congratulations.


How long you been so since junior year of college? Twenty thirteen. Who dropped the ball?


Seven years sobriety. And we don't do it either right now. Do you do smoke? Yeah, what he's Lahu left dramas is that sobriety then could you stop asking a question?


Stop already. The guy's pouring his heart out here and end up killing himself up his nose. That's right.


This is awkward and uncomfortable. All right. All right. Well, thank you then. And we appreciate you joining us today. I forgot we were doing I trying to fix my life. All right. Up next is, as you know, the answer because she's texting them right now.


Good job, Dad. Congratulations. Goodness gracious. We love you, Dad. That's good, man. I think.


Oh, all right. Aschiana actually got a question for you. Call it at the Breakfast Club.


What, what, what, what, what, what. You know, baby mama issues, please. And words of wisdom come up now for eight hundred five eight five one two five one. The Breakfast Club.


Come on. Relationship advice. Personal advice. Just the real advice. Call up now for aski bread. Morning everybody.


Is T.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club in the middle of ask ye. Hello.


Who's this guy again. Hey how old are you. Twenty eight. OK, what's your question for you. OK.


Oh question. Because I recently broke up with my fiancee of two years last month, three years before, I mean three days before his birthday and recently he called me early in the morning and when I answered he heard a male in my back. So he got upset. And I was just wondering, am I wrong for. And it's like it wasn't even a situation where I'm moving on. I just wanted to have a good time. But am I wrong for doing that too soon?


So you're not in a relationship? No. You broke up with your fiance and he's mad that you're dating someone else and he's probably, you know, her jealous, whatever it is, what it is. But you decide when you're ready to do what you want to do. And so if you feel like you want to move on and date people and have fun, that's completely up to you. You just have to make sure that you're taking care of yourself.


And that's the main thing that we all see. That's that's how I was feeling about it. And it's like like I said, there's nothing serious between me and the guys. It's like a fun moment. But like at the same time, I'm thinking in my head, we're not together. You know, even though it was last month, even though it's hurting, we're not together. And on top of that, I'm still helping you with a lot of your finances.


So why are you upset with me?


Right. So you guys are still in communication, so maybe he's hopeful that you'll get back together. And for him, that was a sign that it won't happen.


Oh, OK. Gotcha.


And the other thing is, you know, I know that are you feeling hurt right now? Are you, you know, haven't really dealt with the relationship not happening because it is hard to break up with somebody but still be in constant communication with them.


And it's like the one reason that I decide for the breakup is because I asked myself if I broke up with her, will I be sad, upset or mad and with going through with what I dealt with with her. I'm not like I feel totally OK. I feel fine. I actually feel and I just thought he would have the same feeling with the struggles you are going through.


Well, why did you guys break up so well?


During the time we were together, I went through to mental breakdown. The last one was the hardest where I was at my lowest and I didn't feel like he was helping. I just felt like he was there because, as I say, he needs to be there.


OK, so you have in your personal issues and you didn't feel his support? No, not at all. And on top of that, when it comes to like finance, while I understand, you know, you've got to get stuff together, yada, yada, you know, I'm here for that. I was paying the car insurance and the cell phone bill constantly with no help. And it's like when I tried to but I thought he was going up, I tried to text, well, hey, you know, you want to help, yada, yada, yada.


He declined and would spend all his money on foolish stuff like really foolishness, cigarettes, alcohol. And I'm just like, I can't we're not going to have the same priorities.


I got it. OK, so the issue is that you were ready to move on. And a lot of times with women before we even end a relationship in our head, it's been over. So we kind of more over it. And for men, it kind of comes out of the blue. And maybe he wasn't anticipating that and he's still not over it.


But I don't want to make sure. Because I was getting myself the whole time, like, well, maybe I am a bad person for just moving on. No, you're not wrong.


You moved on, you broke it off. You're not together. You're still helping him. So, I mean, you're not doing anything wrong. You're honest.


Oh, OK. Thank you so much. No problem.


Good luck. I just ask 805 a five one two five one if you need relationship advice here right now with the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Keep it real well with some real advice with actually it's Espie. Morning everybody.


Is C.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club we're in the middle of ask you.


Hello, who's this. Hey, this is basically a good morning. What's your question for you.


OK, my question for you is how do I get close to my daughter that both to my daughter. Are you what are you going to get back close with her daughter back close. OK, I'm sorry. Go ahead.


Yes, my daughter was touched on her bottom at. Oh, but I want to propose something for the principal or whoever and she came home. She told me she would never tell me nothing and if she had to go through anything like this is your brother go with balance and tell me. Right. How old is she? I think, you know, she probably and this is the problem.


And this is why you need to make sure you have these conversations, because I remember being in school and I was always an issue right with you. I'll get off the bus and guys would be trying to touch you and touch your butt.


And it's embarrassing, but it's wrong. And so she has to understand that she didn't do anything wrong by telling you that he did. And I guess now more people know about it than she wanted to know about it. Is that what it is?


I think, though, in the principal was telling me that a lot of the kids do a lot of things just to be in the group. So if you don't get along like that and it scares me like I don't want my daughter to feel like these, you know, about herself or whatever, and speaking of herself or her mother fighting for her, that she's got to suffer.


Oh, yeah, but momma, you can't you probably look at it like you went to school and embarrassed that she told you something, you know, that she didn't necessarily didn't want you to put out there.


She probably just told you to confide in you, but didn't want you to go out there while out to the principal and in the NBA with your kid that happened to your daughter, you'd have been right up at that school going crazy on my wife would it would have cut me down.


I definitely would have tried, but we'd have had to have a conversation with her first to let her know what was going on, because we want to embarrass her or make it worse.


You know, John beaten up that kid's daddy wanted him. Kids touch my daughters. But as I'm letting you know that right now, I'm afraid of the dad.


I mean, what would you do? I'm beating up the daddy. My mom cut. But listen, I understand that you did what you thought was right because you're protecting your daughter. We're in a different age when we were growing up, too, like right now they're grown up with social media. And you're right, kids are bullying each other on social media. They're making you feel like you're not cool if you do certain things. Well, your mom was here, so she's embarrassed and you need to acknowledge that.


But you also need to just shower her with so much love right now because that's difficult. She went through something hard at school that she did not like. She wasn't sure how to handle it. She confided in you. And now more people know about it and she wanted to know about it. That was something she wanted to tell you and work. Yeah.


Oh. Oh, no. No disrespect to your child, but you are the parent and your child got sexually assaulted if we're being totally honest with you. So she wants her daughter to be to be able to be open with her, that you want her to be able to come to you and tell you things you don't want something else to happen in. And now she doesn't want to tell her mom.


Yeah, yeah. But I'm not your friend. I'm your mom. That's right. So I'm I'm here to protect you. But you. That's great. But now you don't want to get to a situation where things are happening and she can't even confide in you because that's my mom, not my daddy I feel comfortable with. She will get older and she will. Thank you for that, ladies. Something happens again.


She won't talk about now coming to mom, but I think it does it does also take time.


And you have to be really patient with her and just loving and understanding and let her know the door is open. And even if it's a situation where maybe you have to bring in an outside person to help her work through things, but you're not even there where she can speak to somebody in confidence, like a counselor or a therapist, and get and work through her feelings so she can understand it. Because sometimes when it's somebody you love who's really close to you, that's harder to have that conversation.


Is that around? Yeah, maybe. Maybe you do. Good cop, bad cop. You know, one that says, no, you should you know, I mean, almost like play off each other, like, you know, I mean, the wife was going to say, I'm a kill that little boy and, you know, and then the daughter going to say, well, I'm not telling dad nothing because I don't want Dad to kill somebody and end up going to jail.


But she was still by your. But she could still tell Mommy and Mommy could still get to. I do that with my wife all the time. I go over and react, but the kids still tell my wife things and then we can go back and forth. We play good cop bad. A couple of times, you know, I was just thinking about this town hall idea with these young girls, they were teenagers and how many instances and it was all about the Metoo movement and how many things these young girls have to go through.


When I tell you everybody in the room was crying, it was a room of like 80 girls and they were all talking about their experiences. And it's hard because sometimes things happen. Other people make fun of you for it.


If you say anything about it, you know, they make you feel like you are the wrong person, but shouldn't have anybody shouldn't we be the ones encouraging young girls to speak up and speak out and don't care what other people think when it comes to you and your body? Like why we conformist? I think that's an easy thing to say. But it's more than just saying to do that. What do you want to be a definite shift? We can't force them.


No, and we can't. We got it. We got to allow them to speak when they want to speak and make them comfortable for them to speak.


I just don't think you're doing anything wrong as a mom being concerned. I don't think so. And she'll be she she may be upset for a little while, but when things hit the fan again and for anything in life, she's coming right back to momma like we all do. OK, and you want to talk about the girls? Move it. Let me get my thoughts on it. Well, this is this was in Long Island. Oh. So, yeah, it was called Girls Talk, but there are so many different organizations like that.


This one is called Girls Talk that, you know, it's great if there's some people that she could talk to that maybe it's not her mom or somebody really, you know, that's that's really what I think, because sometimes it's hard to express yourself like that and you really hold back, but there's a lot to it. She's embarrassed that something happened to her and she told you other people know now she's even more embarrassed. Now she feels like she can't trust you.


And I do feel like it will pass. But she just has to understand that you're coming from a place of love.


Most definitely of the time. Oh, I support. I look with and for me, I would appreciate it. All right. All right. Thanks.


But all right. You got to stop fighting in here. It's not just a mike.


Y'all need to fix that. That's very true. I hear here the only thing you know it Askey 805, a five one two five one.


No, we got rumors of the way you. Yes. And let's talk about Tamar Braxton. Her Tammany Hall interview aired yesterday and we'll tell you some of what she's been going through with her ex, David.


All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Yes, and all the guys got the ruler report, got the. So, as you know, Tamar Braxton was on Tammany Hall yesterday and she addressed a lot of things that had to do with her attempting to commit suicide and her diagnosis with depression and anxiety. Here's what she had to say.


That was my lowest point of life. Had you ever tried to take your life before? There has been a time where I wanted to. But this was the first time you actually acted on it. Yeah. Have you sense tried to take your own life? No, it's been a lot of dark, hard times. Have you been diagnosed with depression? Yes, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety due to a circumstance. Are you medicating medicated? But I am in counseling every single day.


I wish her all the healing in the world and anxiety and depression is no joke. Now, Tamai did say she is feeling better now. I'm good. I wasn't I was living a complete lie and facade that I was OK for a long time.


But I'm good now. Right. How is good? The good is better than yesterday. I just have a scope on where I'm going. And I know that that is up from here because I know the struggles that I've had and I've learned from them and I know the signs and I know when I'm not OK.


And I wish all the healing in the world to take care of your mental health and emotional health. She's right, though, and you start like, you know, going to therapy and learning how to, you know, deal with it, practice mindfulness. You can tell when it's a panic attack. You could tell when the depression is setting in. And I have so many coping mechanisms now that I use when those things happen. So you could be good today and not good tomorrow.


And that's OK, too, as long as you have, you know, coping mechanisms and know how to treat it.


Well, Tamar also talked about what was causing her mental illness and it has to do with the show. What was it about this relationship with the network that led you to want to take your own life? I already felt that was that everything single show or other things change. It was about feeling like I could never be myself and being misunderstood and having the stigma of the angry black woman all the time.


Now, she also says that she had to work because she had a contract. How did it lead to the night or the day that you attempted to take your own life?


Well, after I sent the letter, I got a call sheet to come to work anyway, as if I didn't tell anybody that I felt like I was going to kill myself. I wanted to die. And then after my attorneys and myself was like, hey, guys, this is serious. This is really this is not going to work. I later got a breach letter the day before that.


Right. There is the worst thing for your mental health when you are forced to do something that you don't want to do, feeling like you don't have a choice, you got to show up because, you know, it's a contract, something that is the worst. That's why I don't do nothing I don't want to do.


Yeah, but you know what? Yeah, you're absolutely right. But then again, I'm with you. If I don't feel comfortable doing it, I'm not coming or even if I change my mind. You don't know me. I care more about my mental health. You got to sue me, sue me, do what you gotta do. But I'd rather be happy at home than you know me.


I changed my mind bottom of a knife in it. I thought I was going to be here. Nope, no, you know, I don't tell people you come in anyway.


I Charlamagne coming up to be like you do right now. Are you see where I'm at. OK, well that's not the way my anxiety said I'm here.


OK, now let's talk about the three way we want to give our condolences. The freeway and his family, he looks like his son has to. God knows I tried my best to be strong. But this guy here is a pain like I never thought. Please cherish your time and your loved ones because we're not promised the next breath.


You got to tell them you don't need dog. Rumor reports. You need a new intro. You need an intro for this great dog. I was just laughing. And then just to the with the recipes, Toscano, I thought, you know, his son passed away too. Man, the hell's going on.


And to gossip, Viv, she was on gossip game with me. Her husband just died for real. And she's going through it too. Yes.


Hot Doggystyle right now. We're going to move on and talk about Ice Cube. Now, Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond is denying that Ice Cube was told by Joe Biden's campaign to wait until after the election to make his demands for the black community is saying that's just simply not true. He said, I like the fact that Ice Cube is getting engaged in policy. I think that is a good thing. However, once you embark on getting into it when you have to be truthful, but so you have an obligation, I think, to see it through and to be thorough with it.


Our plan is very thorough. I won't say he has a skeleton plan, but he has an outline of things that should be done. It's not as comprehensive as our plan. And so that's what we told him. And the offered to stay engaged was not. We'll talk to you after the election. It went like this. Here's my cell number. Anything else you want to talk about on this plan or anything you think you know we need to talk about further?


Just pick up the phone and call.


Even if they did, they did tell them to talk to him after the election. That would make the most sense because they can't do anything because they're not in power. So he would have to talk to him after the election.


Now, they did offer for him to be part of a Xoom call with Senator Kamala Harris that included other people. And when Ice Cube was on those cocktails with Queens, here's what he said.


You were contacted for the Zoome call with Kamala Harris with D.L. Hughley, Snoop Dogg. You killed my they were all on call and you were not on the call. Why did you not participate?


I just thought that getting on his own call would worry about the entertainers all shooting.


What they believe needs to be done to me wasn't going to be productive. And I was also my lawyer. Has a connection with Kamala Harris, and I was promised a call that I never received. I feel like our plan is so broad that you can't talk about it with 12 other people who had nothing to do with it.


Well, Biden Harris didn't reach out to the Ice Cube to be on that call like. No, I reached out to ask you to be on that call because I helped organize it and moderated it, you know, but that was back in early September when the call was actually very productive. No disrespect to CU, but I can't think of too many rappers alive that are more thoughtful with their words and more organized with their plans than killer Mike Michael Render and Mike Brooks that a lot of things on that call that he thought needed to be done and they were very well received from Senator Harris and Cedric Richmond.


So if you would have been on that call and he could have explained within his contract to Black America, it would have been received very well and it would have been very productive. And I just think it's always terrific numbers. I think unity and group operation is a muzzle of 12 brothers on the call, everybody getting a chance to speak, everybody getting a chance to be listened to. Some people will just on their listen. And it would have been very productive for Kupe, I believe, personally.


All right. Well, I'm Angela, and that is your room.


My report. All right. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else The People's Choice mixes. Up next is the breakfast.


Lokomotiv morning. Everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Yes. And, you know, there's only five days left until it's no longer time for you to be able to vote anymore. So make sure you are registered to vote. Make sure you know everything that you need to know before you go to the polls. I was just looking at some of the sample ballots and everything to make sure I'm prepared for when I head out to go vote. I think I might try to do it either today or tomorrow to do my early voting.


I already looked up where the location is to early vote near me. Now Levi's is teaming up with Rock the Vote, and that's how you can make sure that you know all of your key dates, your voting, how tos. You can check the Levi's to seven eight eight, six, eight, three. A lot of these places where your early vote is not where you're going to vote on Election Day. So just make sure it might not be a place that you've ever voted out before.


Has America put in your address? You put in your address and it'll tell you where your local early voting places are tomorrow.


The last data, early vote, not here in New York. You show the elections to. Yeah, I just looked it up. I just looked it up. You can go to Sunday. Oh, you're voting Sunday. OK, well, here in New York. All right. All right.


Well, when we come back, positive note is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same as D.J. in. And for fifty five years, the general insurance has been giving people affordable auto insurance with excellent customer service. Get custom coverage. That's right for you. And immediate proof of insurance. Call them at 800 General. A visit to General Dotcom. Some restrictions apply to everybody.


Is D.J. Envy Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now shout to Chelsea Handler for joining us this morning.


Yes, I really like Chelsea Handler. And also I think she's funny. You got to watch her special on HBO.


Max, don't forget my virtual car show Lieshout to Lincoln Tech. We do you know, I do a car show each and every year this year. We have one scheduled in Houston, Detroit, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, and we have one more in Atlanta.


And of course, we had to give everybody their money back because we just want to put people in harm's way, because due to covid, I know a lot of people are still doing things, but we just rather just wait till next year. So we're doing it virtually. And a virtual car show is pretty dope. We put a lot of effort and time into it where you can actually use your iPhone, your Android, your computer, your iPad, and you can go into the car show and go into the different cars and click videos on the car.


Celebrities to be there is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty dope. So if you get a chance, click the link in my bio or power one, two, five dot com and definitely check it out, get your tickets and we're going to have a lot of fun at the car show. All right. Yes, indeed. You got a positive note? I do have a positive note. And I want to tell everybody on the Hill, Man Hill, so you don't ever have to give a sarcastic tone, uplifting messages here.


So you never have to make anyone else the object of your own frustration feel sad. When someone tells you they love you, you may allow yourself to believe them.


Breakfast Club Competition I Mandeb former accountant turned podcast and founder of my own subscription, my company. And I'm Wizzy former Tech Exacta and podcast and comedy writer. We're the host of the Horrible Decisions podcast. Through laughter and education, we work to destigmatize Cain's northerlies conversations that are taboo, you know, like sex dating relationships. Check us out every Monday. That's right. Don't forget to search horrible decisions that are IBL decisions on the I Heart radio out the number one app for podcast on Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.