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Unlike any of the order for what you guys are doing right now.


It's the Hub Culture Breakfast Club is my morning fit. I need it and I love it. Sounds like you're really not popping into the Breakfast Club and waiting to come to your show.


Man, I really got to be a big time celebrity, but you got to be got to be big time, Angeliki and Charlamagne to go to the Breakfast Club. You like the. Good morning, USA, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Come on in, Angela. Get scared. My name's Bambi. Charlamagne, the guy. Peace to the planet is Tarzan. It's Thursday, what's happening? Let me let me ask you guys a question, right? Yes. The first time it just happened to me, you I never got a I guess it's a stress pain in your back like something that, you know, you out, you know, never had like a spasm. No, not a spasm.


Like something that I don't want to say scares you, but scares you so much that you get a pain in your back. Oh, what's his name? Cheryl. So last night, if you know you know, I got I have a couple of dogs. I have a dog. One's name is Lola. One's name is Chuck Norris. One stays inside the house. One stays outside the house. They are gone doors. They're fully trained. They can attack on Kohl's.


They did whatever punk ass dog that punk ass dog is. Gucci makes it right. So you know what I got when I got to the crib last night? The dogs were outside and I heard them barking, but usually they could bark for animals is beer season. So it could be a beer outside or it could be a person you never know. So yesterday I go outside about maybe I hear the dogs barking. I go outside about eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock at midnight.


Why do you go outside? Why do they wait to let the dog tell you?


I did because I want to know what's going on. If the dogs are going a little crazy, I want to know. So I grab, you know, I grab my my my gun. I go outside and I only see one dog. So I'm like, this is weird. So, you know, now I'm like, I can't find a dog. Now, mind you, I have a I have an electric fence on my house so the dogs can't leave the perimeter of my house, of my property.


They can't leave the perimeter. So I'm like, this is weird. And, you know, the way my anxiety said it might have been like, OK, something just ate the dog. Let me take my eyes back. And that's what I'm thinking now about back stop hurting. Right. So I got this. I got now I'm thinking it's a bit so I got the big eight shotgun like crazy. So I'm looking and I can't find a dog.


So I'm like, oh my gosh, there's something I got my dog. So now I'm thinking maybe it's bigger than the bear because I'm like, but dogs get better. So I'm like, now I'm thinking some Charlamagne. I'm like a sasquatch out there. Something that Bigfoot out. I ain't got no one now. Hey, hey. What's the problem.


I can't find my dog like come on up here in the neighborhood, in the neighborhood that you live in. That's a common problem. That nice white neighborhood. I can't find my dog in my tree. So then I was like, you know, I'm a go in the woods. So I put this little flashlight on my forehead in the woods.


You went really white. I start walking. I'm looking for my dog. I watched horror movies. So this is just a wild guys. And, you know, when you watch a movie like idea, so stupid. Oh, my God, why would they do that? And here's me. Yeah. So I but I got my gun. So I'm like I got my shotgun. I'm like, if it's a bear. So like a shooting, maybe having him in the movie.


Get to the point with Sasquatch, give you a call on it. Why is it only about butts which you look around the woods for a little bit. I don't see nothing. So now I can't sleep because I'm like, is it is it a bears that a person is something she becomes sick? So then when I got to leave in the morning, my back hurts. I open the garage and a dog's sitting there looking at me like, hey, what's up?


So I don't know where to dog it. I can't figure it out. I looked on the cameras. I don't know what it's all with, but all I know is I was scared all night and I got a pain in my back. Do you want to rub it out that you still haven't found your dog? Did you hear the story? The dog was sitting there waiting on me. I was waiting for you.


Or you said that you went there and the dog was in the garage and you were like, I don't know where the dog was.


I said, when I open up the garage door to leave to go to work this morning, the dog was sitting here chilling. I can't start with lower back pain. I'm not going to lie. I don't doubt it was just too long. And it just it was not this wasn't a good thing. I have a stress pain in my back, and I was just curious and I just scared the hell out of me. I never got this pain before.


Now my back hurts. There's no hiding it back. It's like right under the shroud. Give him a rope.


I don't know. It's eleven o'clock at night and your dumb ass is in the woods looking for a dog. That's very why. Do you know what he's done with pumpkin spice in it this morning?


He's telling you my day. All right.


Well, I'm starting to say your back hurts to see his back hurts. I say no, you know. Oh, my goodness. Well, Dr. Claudia Anderson of Dr. Claude Anderson, one of my elders, one of my favorite people to sit down and have conversations. He's got great books out like Power Dynamics and black labor, white wealth, dirty little secrets. And he's been here before. Yes, but he's joining us again this morning. All right.


Well, let's get the show crack front page news, what we're talking about.


Yes. You know, tonight they are going to be two different town halls on at the same time. And we'll talk about why that's a little bit weird and different. And also, Joe Biden has announced a record fundraising haul for September. We'll tell you what that is. All right. Who wants to rub my back upright bass drum?


That nice little Puerto Rican rubdown. All right. Well, it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. M.V. Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club is getting some front page news when we start starting.


Well, let's start with tonight. Tonight, Biden will be on ABC, and it's the date of the second presidential debate. But Donald Trump said that he would not participate in a virtual format. So we didn't know what he was going to do. Now he's confirmed that he's going to be on NBC tonight. So they're going to be going head to head on air at the same time on rival networks. So that's going to be at 8:00. This is going to be this is going to really show, you know, what America is about because we will draw towards the negative images that we will be watching the reality show, that's it's just it was just sad that that's the type of country we are.


But it's the truth. You're right. You're not going to want to hear the substance. You're not going to want to hear somebody stable. We're watching Trump. You're absolutely right. All right.


Melania Trump has also detailed that she had coronavirus and that their son Barron contracted it as well. She posted a personal essay on the White House website. She has now tested negative for the virus. But she did say at the time, you know, she had an Sherzad. Naturally, my mind went immediately to our son, Barron. Trump initially tested negative after they contacted covid, but then he was tested again and turned up positive. Donald Trump said that Melania Trump says her son had no symptoms and has now tested negative again.


Here is Donald Trump talking about Barron, Barron, Trump.


He had the Corona 19, the China virus, and he had it for such a short period of time, I don't even think he knew he had it because they're young and their immune systems are strong and they fight it off ninety nine point nine percent. And Barron is beautiful and he's three. I can't miss that tonight.


You know, I'm saying Trump, like Ronan was singing. I can't I can't miss. That's the end of the day. Free live stand up pressure from Trump tonight. I can't miss Dad. I'm sorry.


He's got his son six, six, nine, at least G. She should be playing basketball.


I also told you Trump did survive is going to be an unbearable Donald Trump if Trump really had it. Like right now, his mindset is open to country because you can live through anything you're Chris Christie made. All right, well, that is your to get it off your chest, 800 eight five one two five one. If you're upset, you need to finish this up right now, maybe had a bad night or a horrible night or maybe you walk into the woods looking for your dog.


Lord have mercy. Dog just popped up at six o'clock in the morning, like, what's up? But anyway, get it off your chest. Is the Breakfast Club good in the Breakfast Club?


Wake up, wake up, wake your ass. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, we want to hear from you on America's Black. Hello, who's this? Hey, this is Jessica. Hey, Jessica, get it off here, Jessica. Well, what's up with that? Good morning, guys. So I'm in Charleston, South Carolina, for three. Yeah, all day. But I still got my number seven on the air, so I'm a little bit nervous.


So I was on the beach and my phone plays music automatically like I play a playlist. There's no commercials. I like to need to feel comfortable. No offense, but for Caucasian people that in my car and I had to take them 20 minutes away. It was cool. We were driving what band played music and played for our boy, then played out a range of music, Lady Gaga. And as soon as Beyonce, a brown skinned girl, came on the lady in the back, I heard them whispering amongst themselves, like who will say it's finally somebody brave enough to come up and say, that was excuse me, could you turn that song off?


Its offending me and I'm like, wait, that long offending you? And she said, well, it's all about like black girls. I'm not black. I don't relate to that. Sounds like something that's celebrating my skin is offending you. So what did I do. I thought of the whole playlist of that all going to go you got all the Black Power music all put in, you know, wait a minute. Wait for her destination.


Everybody step back from this situation and look at it objectively. Oh, boy. You're an Uber driver. Correct. And when you're in over the driver, you're playing music because you want people to feel comfortable, correct? They don't feel comfortable with the song. You got to get offended by it. She can't relate. She's a Payless mayonnaise flavored mammal. Yeah, but it's not that type of song. It's it's not like saying, you know, f white people just upset that she don't have that tan, that's all.


Well, she she's just mad that all this rap music played. We don't her drug dealer music. We don't her why. We don't hear everything. You didn't get offended by nothing. No she no drug dealer.


My she no drug dealer that she uses drugs she might have she got she might, might be white out to her. OK. Oh my goodness. She just can't really. What kind of girl.


She's kind of you know, what kind of ratings did you give her.


Oh no. I listen I gave her the same rating. I usually give everybody else. She didn't break me. No. Let's see if she felt. But after she said it. All right. Well, take as if you heard the music that I was playing around. I'll plant corn, fall out. Boy, I was playing all this other stuff in rotation. If anybody know what that music is, you know that it was diverse and get know.


And I think you missed a good opportunity to teach Tuto because you could have just told her, like, look, this is an ode to ta ta ta Melany.


All right, well, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. This is the secret syllabus podcast. I remember the good old times when I was a college student and then 20, 20 hit. Hi, I'm Hannah Ashton. And I'm Katy Tracy. We're here to fill in everything they missed in our college curriculum, just like you were confronting the unknown.


And if we're being honest, we need all the advice we can get.


Listen to the secret syllabus on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. See you after class. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. This I don't have a good morning. Get it off your chest. Positive this morning. The first Thursday woke me up this morning. I can't hear what you say with that phone.


Yeah, you've got me squinting. I'm squinting here. You see, there is there is a day. They woke her up this morning, OK? Yeah. You know, like anybody is going online. Just let it go. You know, it hurts you more to hold on to something. Right. Go, you know.


And you know, always I always be positive. My call your energy spread, you know, and everybody you know. Yes. I've been able to catch on to it. So there's a lot of things don't bother you. Like I said Thursday, some people got day to day and that is almost the weekend is the fifteenth.


You have some queen. Who you trying to quit? Oh, she dropped from. You said hands down, let's go.


No, I'm love hanging out with you. She clearly was trying to convince herself not to be mad at somebody this morning. I wanted to know who it was.


Hello, this is Alexander Ailey's Alexander. Get it off your chest.


All right. Well, I'll try to make it as quick as for several years now, I've experienced being attacked with something called directed energy weapons, same technology that was used against U.S. embassy employees. I don't you see, I'm a victim. I've interviewed a former CIA engineer who helped develop the technology. He acknowledges me as a victim and actually wanted to the Holocaust because I ran billboards throughout the entire United States. I had a few in Cody, Wyoming, kind of trying to get a hold of concrete as attorney contacted me and told me, hey, can you remove his name off the billboards?


I said five posted up some more billboards to film that I have, compiles all the news stories and kind of shows similarities between what the Navy Yard shooter, the guy down in Florida, my roommate, who was a successful black trial attorney. And what we're all trying to explain that's happening to us. Nobody wants to listen and they want to sit up and think that we're all good people. And that's just not the case, just trying to, you know, take the data if there is any way anybody can listen, go to the force and check out the casino and judge for yourself.


You know, you said you've been getting attacked by direct energy.


What directed by the Klan? It's a microwave frequency. But let's talk about the microwave oven at your house. It's actually the linear way of frequencies where they can actually penetrate the human anatomy, change your emotions with 2.8 Kurts and kind of feel riotous behavior. They can also have someone speaking to you within your brain with the transmission of this without any microchip implant. This is all factual information about the people of the United States can attack with this. We've been trying to get help for years.


Nobody wants to listen. If I wasn't attacked with this man, I wouldn't listen to it either. But, you know, this is factual information today. The United Nations has something going on, but they're actually going to try to, you know, bring this out into the public. So, you know, I just don't know where to go with this. I'm out.


I'm a job would include bombs. But you can't because you just you just wiped out all the five G conspiracy theories like whatever. Five deep conspiracy theories we're talking about this year. You just took it to a whole nother level because you actually sound like you know what you're talking about. We'll have a go Umbro.


You'll be safe when you meet me. You're not going to provide no help for the guy. Jesus Christ. Well, you don't want to know more. Do I want to know more? Yes, ma'am. That sound like one of them calls, would you to be saying that type of stuff? But he said it anyway. Top secret information. Why don't you take it?


No, no, I'm cool it all. I don't you to give me a no, no. Well, you have a good day, brother.


How can we go on Twitter? When should we be looking for sir. So I tell you what exactly do you guys look at Isaiah before seventeen is your reason I that is because there's no weapon or because you any shop. That's right. And they're calling this technology voice of God weapons. That's that's what, that's what the military has done the name of it. And I know people don't want to get involved because it's going to happen to them. But if you're not the help today to try to bring awareness to this, there will not be any deal tomorrow for you or a loved one.


If you guys end up being attacked with this. No one is exempt from his brother. No one word can can we pray for you?


This framework and prayer don't work for me. That only works if I'm not being attacked. And the fact that I was born who didn't actually have a way that, you know, my mentality is that I will use a Bible scripture.


Tell me, pray I don't work because it doesn't. I mean, if it if it actually was, many of these people will attack you. Are you trying to pretend that God doesn't help anybody? I've been waiting on you to try this week. And I mean, I'm I'm serious, man. I'm just not there trying to get help. And I wish people would look into this because I used to be a millionaire. You ain't got to believe me.


I'm not sure. No. Why to you? I just for a year before I was thirty, when it happened to me, I ended up broke destitute and homeless. I would have never experienced any of that in my life.


Well, you know. Hold on. Give you Charlemagne's no, you hold on, I don't give you my number and they turn out like a microwave. No, no, no, no, no. Hold on, I have a good day. OK, so I got to give Charlamagne the moment, give me a number, because I think I have a great company.


I think you should listen. I mean, we hung we hung up on him. But I think we I think you should listen because you just never know a man might be. He said a man might be telling us something that, you know, a couple of months from now, he'll be like, yo, remember when I do call the radio station was telling us about the energy such as such, you know?


No, I don't think so either. But I'm just saying. But you never know. Get it off your chest at five. One, two, five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up. Now, you got rooms all the way.


Yes. Let's talk about Ludacris and his Netflix deal. I'll tell you what he's bringing to that streaming service. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Hey, everyone, it's Cody, Kahir, you may know me from Vine YouTube or is the co-host of the Tiny Gang podcast, but my brand new podcast, The Pleasure Is Ours, presented by Trojan Brand Condoms, is out right now. Here's a little preview from my chat with Tim Dillon. What do you seek out in a partner?


I want someone impressed that I'm on this show. Yeah, you did a podcast with Cody Co. That's big. He's got a trillion gazillion followers on Ding-Dong, on Tock. You know, whatever it is I'm going to absorb or whatever the kids are on my advice to you right now.


Go listen to my new podcast. Pleasure is ours on the radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.


Listen up.


And all the guys got the rumor report. Got got guys. It's a rumor report. The Breakfast Club.


Well, did you guys have a chance to watch the Billboard Music Awards? I did. I watched it just because Jillian Michaels receiving the Changemaker Award. So I had it on mute up until that portion of the show.


No, I didn't see. I try to tune in for a little bit. I seen Khaleed pick up his award and then I sing you song just to perform. But I didn't see past that post.


Malone was the biggest nominee and he actually was the biggest winner. He got nine awards overall.


He got top artist, top male artist, top 100 artist, top billboard, 200 artist, top streaming songs artist, top rap male artist, top rap to our top rap album and all of that. Khaleed won a lot of awards too. He got a top RB album and top RB artist and top RB male artist. Some of Welker got top RB female artists. Carly got tough on the tour, but yeah. So that was on last night.


Cardi B won for top rap female artist and I a little Nas X got top 100 song, top streaming song and top selling song. OK, so a lot going on now.


John Legend performed and he actually dedicated the song to Chrissy Never Break. This is for Chris.


We got a good thing being. Whenever life is hard. We'll never lose our way. We both know. Knows about tomorrow. We don't know what's in store. I just know I'll always follow. Your goodness gracious this morning. Well, I was watching that. Oh, sweetie, I was watching that on mute. I didn't hear what he was saying, but I could tell he was going in when I was watching it. Goodness. I thought you I just assumed you were saying about Black Lives Matter and he was going into I don't like a white suit playing the piano.


Yeah. That's why I'm his Big Love album. And he wrote that about the strength of his love and crazy. And, you know, they did just have complications and had to try to make me till this morning.


Goodness gracious.


With the pregnancy. So I know they've been going through it, but that was beautiful. All right. Now, Lizzo also was on stage and she was reminding her fans to refuse to be suppressed. She was getting the award for a top song sales artist.


I've been thinking a lot about suppression and the voices that refused to be suppressed. And I wonder, would I be standing here right now if it weren't for the big black women who refused to have their voices be suppressed? And I just want to say right now, if you're at home watching this and you were thinking about changing yourself to feel worthy, this is your sign to remain true to who you are. Let me tell you something. When people try to suppress something, it's normally because that thing holds power.


OK, dropping bounce a little. I watch that on YouTube.


She had a dress on that said vote, vote, vote, vote. And I like the dress, but I often wonder if just seeing vote is enough. Like, do you have to give people more of a call to action like Cucinelli as Bohannon's had a shirt on that said Vote Biden, Harris, you know what I mean?


And I think they would just want people to go out there and vote. They just saying, you know, our ancestors fought for it, so you should vote. That's not what people want, but that's what they say. Vote if they're telling people to just vote and not saying they don't want to say we'll vote for this person.


But you should, right? I think so. I mean, I think so. But you got to tell people why. Yes.


All right. Now, KMAG, I got the first ever changing award. Kids out there that sing and dance, what you do is worthy, you are artist, and your goal should be to express the very reality around you in the very most beautiful or ugliest of ways that you see fit. Kids who run and dance and sing and jump and all the things they tell you don't matter. You matter more than you know. The kids that are organizing plot and plan and strategizing right there on the ground and mobilizing you are needed more than ever.


I'm a culmination of all these things. I appreciate all the people that encourage me to be who I am today.


Why are you are playing a part, playing a part when you gave all glory to Shay dropping the bombs to kill them?


I was about to say I was about to say that to him because his wife, he said she always was standing by his side and he promised not to be a martyr for his causes. And he told his wife, Shay, this is our award. All right. That award was presented to him by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms salute to killer Mike Ashley.


I love the horrendous because Michael Orinda is simply a doer and those who can do and those who can't criticize me while all my good does is mine, his black owned business with his black ass wife, she and I love him for that. Drive the bombs to kill him.


My congratulations to him on his Changemaker Award first ever, by the way.


Absolutely. Kanye West won four awards, by the way. You know, you know, in the gospel category. Wow. Really? What was it? Just the FAA exactly.


Whoever he was against, even praying hard enough, they didn't show up in match. Imagine you in the gospel category with Kanye West and you plan to win this award and Kanye West point out to test your favorite.


Yeah, well, you know, the way that the Billboard Awards is very different from other awards shows. It's really just based on digital song sales, album sales, streaming radio airplay, touring and social engagements. So it's strictly numbers. It's not like you can nominate somebody.


They got to change that because people have been messing with those numbers. I mean, they have all types of different. They call them cell phone camps where people just have a zillion cell phones lined up, just streaming songs all day long. I mean, they've got to figure out a way to change that. And I've never come out.


The Jesus King did. Right. I remember that. Secretary of Defense. You tell us. I'm not I don't know.


I think it did come up. Yes. And it did come out. It was a gospel album.


Yes. Mm hmm. So all those awards when the gospel category, I need to know what he was up against because whatever he was up in is really need to question God as well as our creator. Why? OK, who was he nominated against? We know Kirk Franklin. Why?


I don't know, making stuff up.


That's not just my go to when it comes to gospel. Kirk Franklin. OK, now, but. All right. And let's congratulate Ludacris also. He is doing a show on Netflix. He's doing an animated series. It's called Karmas World. It's about a ten year old girl who wants to be a rapper. Obviously, that's his daughter. The episodes are short. They're about ten minutes each. And they each focus on themes like self-esteem, diversity, body, positivity, family and leadership.


So it's an interactive education website that has that same name. Also, that's going to be coming soon as well. He posted Ten Years in the making. This is how legacies are built. I'm pleased to announce I'll be joining the Netflix family and bringing my new animated series, Karmas Worlds, inspired by my oldest daughter in partnership with nine story Angie and Brownback films to Netflix, Luda travel include Bhonsle, Ludacris, good brother right there.


A little bit getting money for a long time. All right.


I'm Angela Yee and that is your rooma report. All right. We got front page news. What are we talking about? Brianna Taylor? Let's talk about the interview that her boyfriend conducted. Will tell you what he had to say. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, Your Mornings.


I'll never be the same.


Inspired by true events, Charm City Kings shed light on Baltimore's dirt bike culture through the eyes of young black teens, starring Zahedi, Diallo, Winston and Meek Mill. Streaming Thursday on HBO, Max rated all morning. Everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news where we start.


Well, let's start with this interview, and this was really hard for me. Watch. I'm not going to lie.


This is Kenneth Walker and he is detailing the night that Brianna Taylor was shot and killed. This was on CBS This Morning. And I actually was crying listening to this, Celeste. All right. So here he is talking about holding Brianna while she was shot.


When did you realize that Brianna had been shot? I guess I'm in the middle of all the gunfire. Like she screamed, like I was holding her hand. I pulled her down to the ground. You know, she was just scared. So she just didn't get down. Was she alive at the time?


She was still. And when all the gunfire stopped, she was like bleeding and stuff. And I was holding her. And then that's when I called my mom. You called your mom first? Yeah, I told her to. Somebody just kicked in the door and shot me and she told me to call 911. So I did.


Mama, now they have the 911 one call. I wouldn't offer it to her for an emergency, I don't want to have somebody kick in the door is not my girlfriend. Why was she shot at? I don't know what to do. So she'll have to talk to, you know, she's like three.


Yeah. All right. And then Kenneth Walker said a cop told him that it was unfortunate that he wasn't shot. Listen to this.


The police didn't come rushing in. Not at all. I don't think I realized that it was the police until I was on the phone with Brianna's mom, a hair like people outside talking. I thought I was coming for help because I called 911. So you think they're coming to help you? Yes. So when I come outside, there's guns pointed at me. You know, I'm being threatened with dogs. An officer asked me, was I hit by any bullets?


I said, no. He said, that's unfortunate.


I would have been like to think about that.


He thinks the police are there because he called 911 when he's not realizing that they were the ones that broke because they never identified themselves and said that they were police officers.


Are you shot? No, that's unfortunate. I mean, I guess that's how I feel as well. You know, I mean, especially after hearing that footage f people may have humans human.


All right. Kenneth Walker also talks on going to the station and meeting up with another cop.


When we finally left the scene, we pulled over and like a random parking lot, man, it's like what the street like at the bottom of the hill, down the street from behind his apartment and another officer in an unmarked car. And he wasn't in uniform and stuff. And he came to my window. But his tone was way different than everybody else who was just on the scene. He told me that this was a misunderstanding and we're going to get to the bottom of it and ask me, did I need anything?


Wow. I would never understand how nobody is held responsible for that type of malpractice. Like, you cannot make a mistake. Absolutely right. They're lying.


You can't make them saying that they identified themselves. They're lying.


Somebody anybody else. You can't make somebody die. Yeah. You can't make a mistake like that on any other job in America. A doctor makes mistakes and kills somebody desireable. If anybody else in any other position, a job kills somebody on the job by quote unquote mistake.


And they show they're liable by paying the 12 million dollars in a civil suit. But even still, like, you can't keep your job after something like that.


Here's Kenneth Walker talking about how he was at the station. And that's when he was like, if y'all are accusing me of shooting a cop and, you know, this shouldn't be happening, listen to this.


Then when I got to the police headquarters or whatever was I took the handcuffs off me and everything I was walking around, I went to the bathroom. So clearly, I know something's wrong. You're allowed to move freely when you don't allegedly shoot at to shoot a police officer and they take the handcuffs off you. Were you surprised to hear that you were accused of shooting a police officer who was surprised? But I was more concerned about is he OK and is Rihanna OK?


At this point? I still don't even know if she was alive or not.


Kind of didn't get charged. No, 12 million dollar civil suit. I mean, damn, how do they still have their jobs? Clearly, something went wrong. I mean, like, I understand, even if you don't want to arrest them, how do they keep their jobs?


They said that I know Kenneth fight also, as he just said here at this time, he still didn't even know that Rihanna was dead because think about it, she was alive. So if help had come in a timely fashion, she could have still been alive. He didn't know what happened. And this is how he found out that his girlfriend, who he was in love with, they were already buying sneakers for their future children and everything. This is how he found out that she died.


When were you finally told that Brianna didn't make it?


I never really got told, like, directly. I saw it on the news and I was in jail and it was like on the news. And he said one, you know, female. I confirmed it as his body cam videos just don't come out. I said they did nothing. We see the SWAT team in there and she's still in there. They're still like casing the apartment. What's her laying right there on the ground floor is now a crime scene.


Let's go ahead and move out. All right. She's done. Who now question is, what is what is the reason Gayle King interviewed, what was the reason?


Well, this is his first interview talking about everything that happened.


OK, I'm saying but it was like, oh, yeah, he's going, isn't he? Yes.


So he's trying to just tell the story and should be able to tell the story because, you know, they were trying to get him not to say anything all the time. He wasn't able to speak, definitely, but helps with the civil suit.


I'm just I'm just I want to make sure that, you know, that is not using black trauma for headlines. That's what I'm that's why I asked.


Well, I'm sure that he wants people to know what really happened. There's a lot of misinformation out there. The cops have told their side of the story, as we can see with Daniel Kahneman and everything that's been happening. I'm sure he was there. He's the only person that can tell you what really went down.


He was, because I think we needed to hear that from him and especially that they have a civil suit going because, you know, we live in this era where public perception does change the course of a lot of these court cases. It just does. The court of public opinion helps in a lot of these court cases. Yes, I'm glad he's telling the story. I'm just making sure that Dean is not using black trauma for headlines, that's all.


All right.


Well, that is your front page news now when we come back. Dr. Claude Anderson will be joining us. So we'll kick it with Claudia Anderson when we come back. So don't move. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Back back here, checking out the world's most dangerous morning show, yeah, it's the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne, the God. Edgerly And we got somebody on the Zoome this morning that I love our value and I appreciate Dr. Clode and dissin. How are you, young man? I'm still trying to grow up and be like you drink man.


Say my prayers and out be like you one day, you know.


You know. Dr. Klein, I'm happy to have you this morning, man, because I'm hearing so much power nomics rhetoric from everybody. Everybody wants to use Dr. clades ideas in regards to black economic agendas. So why not hear from the man himself this morning? And that's that's my mindset.


Well, I'm delighted to be here and glad to see you all and be with you all again. And I just thought a few seconds ago, you know, a year pretty soon since the last time I was with you all last December. Wow.


And before we start, I just want to ask you, how is everything with you, with, you know, these difficult times that people are having? How have you been holding up?


I'm fair. Fair, middling for a poor black man. But I've had some health problems. It looks like I'm right on the edge of coming out of them. And I just think that's hastening, trying to get back to you all again, because as you indicated, Charlamagne, we're in deep, deep trouble in this country, black folk. And, you know, I made a commitment to myself a few years ago that I was going to stay out of national politics since I left in this race with President Carter, as I'm a stay out of, say, neutral.


But now looking around, I can't keep that commitment. And alone the things again, so terrible. We've got a pandemic. Nobody is doing anything for it. That makes any sense. But more importantly is that my people, black people, just totally an absence of any black leadership. Nobody's speaking up for black folks. And I've told people all my life and when white folks can't catch a cold, black folks catch pneumonia, I don't hear anybody say I'm going to start out that we want to eradicate poverty.


There should be said now starting a priority with black folk. And I got 30 percent of all the black folk in America beneath the poverty line. I start with them. We start talking about we're going to just start with black folk again to in the course of the next 40 years when people into the federal judgeships, which means that black folks never, never, never, never have a chance at getting get to get justice from that situation. We marched in the streets.


Somehow we want justice. How are you gonna get justice? And in he said, well, well, how about Supreme Court? I said, why would a black person want to try to get justice in the United States by going to the Supreme Court? The primary responsibility of a Supreme Court is to maintain racism. They are the guardians of racism in America? S most racist organization in the United States. As soon as this racism and slavery started, personality was set up.


The US Supreme Court, to be the Guardian ad, came out of the Marbles and Madison decision at eighteen three. It says now we can start getting involved in matters pertaining to black folk and slavery. The first fifty seven judges were white slave owners.


If Joe Biden wins, you think he should stack the courts back to Supreme Court practice. That's what he's supposed to do. A quid pro quo. It's about take care of the people to take care of him. That's the primary purpose of politics. Politics never existed and exists now until the fifteen hundreds is based on a French word policy which made quid pro quo. It decides who gets less benefits out of life is based on a simple premise of something for something.


You help me, I help you. All these black elected officials, they swear an oath said I was out here. I promise and commitments raise my hand on the Bible. Swear that I will protect who? Those individuals who voted for me and put me in public office. And I never see anybody holding them to that. Look at the Congressional Black Caucus or something. People they swore an oath that they would like black folk. You tell me, where have they been all these years?


What are they doing? Fifty one percent of all the prisons in the United States are black people, is set up in prison. Fifty one percent and out of our lives is in prison right now, about a black 96 percent, a black man, an endangered species.


How do you feel, Dr. Klein, about the black people like myself who have been telling politicians our votes are quid pro quo, you know, and this is what we want in exchange for our vote?


That's it. You're right on the money. That's one reason why I love and respect you so much. You want to feel got that kind of consciousness and commitment to your own people. You think that you didn't vote at all.


If they feel like they're not getting what they're asking for in most elections, I would say yes on this particular election. This is a different one coming up. Now, I've been telling people that for the longest, don't, don't, don't vote for anybody. But unless you have all the power nomics principles which says I will support only those who support me, I will support only those businesses, I was also willing to commit and help my people to support my I'll give you my money buying it out of your store.


You're not doing anything for black vote. We're the only people that won't fight is quid pro quo. Will we spend money wisely and 96 percent of every penny we get in our hands, we spend it with people, are not a member of our group or our race, and we got a one point three trillion dollar budget that passes through our hand. And we don't spend it without black people. We impose poverty on our own people.


Why is this election the most dangerous, Dr.. Like, why why should we be out there voting in this election? Because they try to scare us every presidential election. Why this one in particular?


Because because right now, the people there are people right now getting ready to totally revise down the infrastructure in this country and building it in another manner. And that means they're going to ignore the obligation that they already have the black vote. I've never seen one instance where a politician, black, white, pink, yellow, green or polka dot as ever, say make a commitment that I would based on quid pro quo. I would do this with black folk and black folk, elect me and put me in office.


I would take care of black folk. Never happen, not even with you. And the last black President Obama, he did absolutely nothing for black folk was a total disgrace that my my my father, one of these candidates reached out to you.


Any one of their campaign? Oh, yeah. Jared Kushner.


He's absolutely right. And unfortunately and I was a Democrat all my life, and now I know none of them have ever called me. Ironically, it's been the Republicans have been calling me them and calling me saying that. And I said we have a lot of respect, appreciation for you and thank you for your commitment. Jared Kushner, he's right. He's been calling for the longest on the West and called me about almost every other week. Can you, can you, can you?


If everybody keeps screaming black folks out a critical vote so you have less about some in the first place. And that's like an intellectual masturbation contest with tell black how important you are, not the black vote. Only 30 percent of the population, at least a black focused country right now outnumbered ten to one by whites and other immigrants. They don't really need black folks vote by vote, right. Not to go to vote for anything they want anytime they want.


But they want to bring blacks in to put the burden and obligation on black folk to deliver a candidate or to reject the candidate. That's not black social responsibility as much as a permanent resident minority, the oldest minority in the country. That's not their obligation. Native black America. That's why native black Americans and but we accept their responsibility. So, yes, we go out there, we understand that, and our vote must count. And but you ask me another point and I want to hit that, then I would try to go back to what I to tell you all about day.


I think I asked you about why this election, the most important to vote for. I think you like to do because I don't think our society, as we've always known, is going to be in existence when this pandemic ends. I'm going to wipe out most of the businesses that most of the regulations, the institutions and everything else. We don't have the resources we don't have in the communities. Six blacks die for everyone, whites on the virus because we don't have the resources, we don't have the infrastructure.


We don't even have any community. We don't have not one community in the entire United States. And so we had been properly equipped and would have communities, all of America, like all other people have Koreatown, Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Greektown. We don't have anything. Oh, we got two neighborhoods.


And we have more with Dr. Claude Anderson when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is C.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is still kicking it with Dr. Claude Anderson.


Yea, a you know, as we were talking about quid pro quo and voting and you were saying this year in particular, you would tell people that normally you would say to hold your vote and not vote, but this year you're saying something different.


This is it for us. This is a down for us. I want every black person in America is under arrest and qualified to vote. I want you to vote. You vote your heart out. We have to change the social construct in America. Social construct is the United States Constitution that has us blocked and blocked. Nobody has ever addressed the constitutional impact on us and a guardian of racism which is in the Constitution. We got to constitution United States.


That's the first constitution that was that was approved in 1789. That constitution pre described and proposed exactly how black folk are to be treated and mistreated in this country. We own less than one half of one percent of anything of value. I looked at their plans of the Democrats and Republicans, and it was a shame you looked at Joe Biden's lift, every voice playing and Donald Trump's platinum plan.


Yes, about 40 plays. And guess what? It's not a regurgitation of old rules and regulations pertaining to programs that may resistance's 1950. A primary issue is to reverse what was put into the into the first constitution. And all these laws kept black, poor and impoverished and powerless all these years. See, the first constitution was an affirmative action plan for whites. It says everybody coming to this country, it must be white. This was a white nation or they should be able to pass for white and they can get all these benefits.


Are we going to deny black folks the slaves? And what and what the Constitution did is systematically male discriminate, one hundred percent of all this nation's land, minerals, resources, businesses, rights, privileges and controls of all levels of government into the hands of the dynamic society, it has never been reversed again. All this stuff about social justice, about police reform, go back and correct, but slowly but systematically put in place, had back the bound like that, down like that all the time to try to correct my time.


When they put out a second constitution, which was the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment, and civil rights laws were put out specifically to correct it. That's why I was called ten years of reconstruction between 1866 and 1876. Reconstruct, which means you've done wrong. That's why they had to issue the 12th Amendment, the 13th and the 14th Amendment, no civil rights laws. But here's a problem. They were issues strictly and solely for black hole in terms of personality.


Bush Powell, the Supreme Court took and said, oh, all the things that were put out during reconstruction or those things are illegal. And you're going to we're going to take you back to slavery again. That's why Jim Crow segregation jumped up the ground and grabbed blacks like this, because the Supreme Court did it. And they said that all these things that they put that they tried to put in place four year old and a 10 year period, they got to belong to everybody.


And thing for everybody is not for anybody. We missed out. And so now we have to go back and focus on that. So what I'm saying is that those things that the Democrats have now in their plan and the Republicans have and can't do a darn thing for black vote is not tangible. They're not things that black people could put their hands on, hold on to and use to correct their position. I talked about my five story building, which I'm sure you're familiar.


That is absolutely that's right. And that you've got to have a wealth based down here. Well, to get the money on the first floor, you need to sell, sell it, get profits and use that money to go to the second floor. Second floor is politics. Black folks trying to get in politics by jumping to the second floor without an economic base beneath them structure. You don't have an economic base, you have nothing. That's what keeps white folks in control.


And so what we're going to do now is they're to try to correct that by saying we're going to go back and reverse what was an original constitution and that's what we're going to do. But I want these Democrats and Republicans and Republicans to focus on take that plan and revise it. Here's some of the things I want you to put in there strictly and solely for black vote. And one but I want you to do is understand that you've got a social construct that has to be revisited.


That's the United States Constitution. Please do me a big favor. Remember these points. You've got a social construct that dictates everything. And when you hear what you read the Constitution, we, the people, all the services, they're talking about white folk, they talk about black folk. They've got a cold in here. And they say things, words like those who invaded, those who are in bondage, those who are a special kind of property, they're talk about black folk that they would they would be excluded, won't be counted.


And anything they talk about white folks who use these very broad, big terms like we, the people, all the people, God, God given rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And I talked about blacks because that's why they going to enslave black folk. That's the whole construct point to this is very important. And to articulate these views, write down some of these points. And these are the colored power nomics points. This is my opponent's plan.


I'm giving you the power and I'm playing out and all the others money that the Republicans wanted the Green Party to liberate everybody they wanted. I said, no, I'm not going to do it. I'm going to give these points. The black vote one I gave you about the social construct to the settled thing I want to do is demand no more sandbagging. And it is a waste of time. It's signifiers of weakness. You might all the time don't get anything.


Second thing I want to do is demand that there be a permanent office for Native Black America Affairs established in the White House, which means in Asia goes down. You got a peace process, Sidney, where the president is not dictating what your needs are and what kind of what the resources needs are. That's the second thing. The third thing I want you to be able to demand that right now that we have a I have a power plan for setting up jobs in the United States for black folk.


I want them to build a southern high speed rail system in the south and run from Atlanta, Georgia, to Dallas, Texas. And I get now all the plans, all this is ready made, everything have been worked out, run at one hundred and fifty miles an hour, take you from Atlanta, Georgia, to Dallas, Texas. It stops four places. It stop Atlanta. It'll start in Birmingham, Alabama. It'll stop and Shreveport, Louisiana, then Dallas, Texas.


And you build businesses around those centers. This is for the black vote because that's called a southern black belt, one coming from the East Coast to the West Coast to explain why the why is that necessary?


Because right now, right now, we can move people faster, because right now your airlines are have hell and most of them come back into existence. This pandemic means they won't be able to travel. And right now, is it for blacks in the south to move around? They've got to come north, come up. Women often try to go across this will create job opportunities for employment opportunities for black professionals in all aspects of businesses or transportation related fares, everything you want to create hundreds of thousands of businesses and employment opportunities.


Now, the fourth thing I want to do is also tell them to go now before they start bringing in more immigrants in this country that require Congress, that Congress do an examination of the negative impact that immigration has on black folk. Nobody ever makes that point. The only people that does damage an injured are immigrants. Coming to this country is black. For immigrants coming in, they join the white Sasko. They know they're not they're not competing against whites.


They come and compete against blacks. They go on to the black neighborhoods. They take they take blacks out of the jobs, out of construction jobs, take them out of hotels, the businesses, blacks are displaced and then say before we can approve another immigration program, we want to determine what will be the negative impact on black folks. And they never do that. Bring in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of immigrants and then nobody ever checks on that.


And and the next point is this, that I want to say focusing on the reparations for black folk in the country. And the question I keep asking the where is the money going to? It should be set up in what we call our called reasonable distribution banks where where black folk can borrow money to start businesses in a major black urban areas in the United States, every major black city you get, about five or six of them should have a reparations bank there.


That's what I want now for reparations for housing. I'm worried about how much money each black person get. Now I want to put into a special reinvolved revolving loan for blacks can borrow that money and be able to start businesses in those areas, urban areas. I don't move.


We got more with Dr. Claude Anderson. When we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is still kicking in with Dr. Claude Anderson.


Like to call. Let me run down the five points you just made real quick social construct that dictates everything, that reconstructs everything in the Constitution, demanded there be a permanent office in the White House. We need a black affairs demanded they build a seven High-Speed rail system that runs from Atlanta to Dallas, stops in Birmingham and Shreveport, Congress to study the negative impact that immigrants have on black people and establish a reparations bill, as you got that right.


And when you call and check on it, on a high speed rail system, the money is already there. And right now I got I got people already committed outside the United States. They will put up something like four to five billion dollars to build that high speed rail system. All we need from the government is for somebody on the federal level in the office of the president just to approve the project.


You know, Dr. Claude, I was having that conversation about immigrants actually yesterday. And a lot of people would say immigrants, they don't they're not taking any jobs from black people because of the jobs black people wouldn't do anyway. What do you say to that?


They are right. And that's why we have to recondition black for black folks. I work I work for four hundred sixty years. Nobody even gave me anything. What's yours? I got this time I we get paid and get some money and but nobody's ever rewarded. Compensated black for black folk have never gotten any rewards. They worked all those years. Three hundred three hundred sixty years and nothing. And then. And then the thing about it is the dominant white society is still opposed to it.


No way is what you all look about something free as today. That's what they should be doing. Some free. You know why? Because every immigrant came here, contrary to what they tell you, they came here for religious freedom. Then nobody came here looking for religious freedom. They came here looking to get free benefits. They came to get all those things that blacks could not get. They want to cut they government to free land and free black labor.


And that's what they got. That's called the American dream coming to America and free lo get what you whatever you can get. And when they were less free of slavery after having worked for three hundred sixty years, why folks that will set you free in 1860. I tell you what, we're going to set you free with no clothes, no no land, no house, no tools, no weapons or animals. No nothing, no education, no religion, no institutions.


And yet, by the same token, when slaves started up until the end in 1860, guess what? Every immigrant came. This country was eligible for six hundred fifty acres of free land and they got another one hundred and fifty acres of free land where it a slave they own. And they had at that point when slavery ended, they had over five million blacks that were slaves and conclusion of it, they picked up over two billion acres of free land.


That's why you go out west now. You see those big, large ranches, big, large farms. They got twenty thousand acres of farm. You said, well, look at those big farms and all that land rights rhizome. They didn't pay for that land. They got it free. They wouldn't apply for 40 acres. And the next thing and the last thing I wanted, the last two things. There's the Indian Treaty I got to sell.


I'm still in the federal courts right now. The federal courts here in Washington, D.C., seeking funds for black volcanic fulfillment of a mandated 1866 Indian treaties. Treaties are the highest law of the land now in 1866 and participated in a slave of black folk, the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee and Creek and so in. As always, slave owners and even two years after the civil war was over and blacks have been free, Choctaw and Chickasaw were still holding 12000 to 15000 blacks, still enslaved.


Black Indians and black and black Freemans were mandated to receive 40 acres of land in your tribe. So to give them their money, government gave those Indian tribes money to give to black folk and set them free and a set of free. But they didn't give them any money and then they didn't give them any land. Those free Blackmun's and those free Indians have the same rights and as though they have thanks also to build casinos right now and be able to build casinos on free land, government land, they should be able to go out and say, hey, I want to I want these 20 acres and I'll put up casinos so I can go out and gamble his money away.


He never wants to. With the final point, Dr. Clark said you had to move.


I want I want you to demand that the commission be set up in the Congress to hold hearings, to go and find out who was responsible and get reimbursements for what happened so that blacks were freed in slavery. They set up in nineteen sixty six, told us how Freeman Banks and Freedmen's Bureau is set up for banks across the United States where slaves deposit their money into those banks. And also black union soldiers support all our salaries and income for being in the army and those banks and those treatment banks and all these major cities.


Guess what? That money was stolen by whites, administrators who were appointed by the federal government to administer that money for those blacks. They stole fifty seven million dollars at all banks. Now, right now, all that money recaptured in present day value and repay to blacks across the country. And so so I'm giving you about seven things. I won't quit there. I want you all to help me push the power nomics books, this stuff, all the stuff that my books.


Sam, I want you all to go out inside fight. We want resources. We want money because it's money and value and wealth that determines your opportunities. Not civil rights, not social integration.


You know, Dr. Claude, I agree with you. I am. I'm definitely voting on November 3rd. And I'm also going to hold, you know, Biden and Harris accountable. If they get in, I'm going to hold it, hold them really accountable, put my foot up the ads, really. But regardless of who wins the presidency, right? That's right. Black people best prepare for the next four years regardless of who wins what. We're going to do that with us, rebuild our own communities.


And we got sort of quid pro quo with each other. When I saw in a broad sense of community where we respect and appreciate each other and then these communities can build our own businesses, we're going to practice voodoo economics and good politics, which means we vote for ourselves and for ourselves. My thing is this. Quit trying to go out and demonstrate to make people let you into their restaurants. Black folks tell me to adopt Annison. I'm on make them take my money.


That's not why you want to make somebody take your money. You're selling dog. What should we do? Go across the street beyond our business and quit kissing people's butts, trying to make them look and love you?


I think that some of these marriages are effective, though, just even trying to get justice for people who are killed by police brutality and changing some of those laws in place before I am because I have seen the results from them being there and occupying certain cities. Right.


And you're right. Where you get control of it is not by begging them to do it. What you do is I told you as Charlemagne of that five story building, see, when you when you got the money and got an economy at the base, you use your money and the economy on a first floor control the politicians go on the second floor. You the the politician who came for the Bible, you read them, you use them to make them do take care of the third floor.


The third floor is a police department. And in a legal system, you use the money off the first floor and make the politician do what they need to do to control the third floor. That's the way you control the police. You you can't you can't control the police. We're just just looking for kindness in our hearts. That's why. Because that goes back to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment says that militia wide militia, police, plantation police were black folk, Asacol and paddy rollers.


That's why that's why I'm in a black neighborhood. You have a number of police officers will be white. You can't go to a white community, find a white black policeman. I'll make them make up only enforcement in a white community. Feel your own community. No, you can't come in here. That's why the Chinese would not let white policemen in the Chinatowns all the way up until about the nineteen hundreds. They so we don't need them. We got two other groups that are handling one called the Hatchet Man.


I'll call the tongs and his name is Dr. Claude Anderson.


You can go get power nomics. You can go your black labor, white wealth, you can go get dirty. Little secret for wanting to go by our Dr. Codebooks man. He's one of my favorite people to to have conversations with, to talk to. And I love you. And I value and I appreciate you, Dr. Klein. I'm glad you exist, my brother.


I said, you know how I feel about you. I may not tell anybody sometimes. Ask me about Solomon as a as a man. I said, I'm not gay.


And that's my parents because they said. Appreciate you, doctor. What can they find you if they want to reach you, man, they've got to go to the pilot now is that site. We've got a library packed to get all of those books out of Dallas. Or they can call the Powerball Numbers Corporation in Washington, D.C. and contact me. I love you guys and I appreciate you. And I am pleased if I say something with offensive to you.


I didn't mean to do that and I apologize for it.


And I hope you have done this type of dialogue. I would love to have some more because I agree with some things, disagree with some things, but that is all part of. That's my own experiences.


That's right. I appreciate that. And I don't know I don't know the answer to everything, but I just transferred 50 years to be a forensic historian, do what nobody else does and look at racial issues and cut a slice and dice them and figure out what how you find solutions. And I don't exist except things right off the bat. And I wouldn't want you to do that either.


Dr. Klein, thank you, my brother. We appreciate you as Dr. Claudia Anderson is the Breakfast Club.


We are The Breakfast Club. Let me say good morning to Tina. Good morning. Tina from Def Jam executive at Def Jam. Who dat? I just said she's an executive who is more than an executive.


She got all kinds of promotions. And Tina during this pandemic has gotten like three promotions. She's an executive, but she's my Tina and she calls me every morning to check up on me, make me make sure I'm doing good. I just want to say good morning to meet in the field. And she sounds like a nice person. She went she went like you probably wouldn't like her. And, you know, I don't know who she is. She wouldn't she would like you.


But anyway, good morning, whoever you are. Now let's get to bed. And I never need nothing from this person. You don't know. I'm pretty sure they need me more than I need.


But I if this person wasn't the Tina, whoever it is, I just I just like her as a person.


I don't think she would like you. But let's get to the rumors. Let's talk Ice Cube.


This is the report with Angelina is close enough now.


Well, as you know, and we've spoken to Ice Cube about this, he developed this contract with black America and laid out this plan, what he thinks needs to be part of this whole presidential campaign. What needs to happen for helping black Americans.


Now a shout out to Ice Cube.


This is according to Katrina Pierson. She posted this. She posted a tweet. She's a senior adviser for Trump's campaign, said to ask you for his willingness to step up and work with Donald Trump's administration to help develop the platinum plan that is going to lead haters going to hate. Thank you for leading. People were going in on Ice Cube yesterday because they think that he's working with Donald Trump. So Donald Trump had to clarify. He posted facts. I put out the contract with Black American Ice Cube, contacted me.


I mean, who did I just say? Donald Trump? Donald Trump.


Ice Cube posted facts. I put out the Contract with Black America. Both parties contacted me. Demn said, we'll address the Quba after the election. Trump campaign made some adjustments to their plan after talking to us about the WBA. Here's what he had to say.


So, you know, I think the Democrats, they you know, they got every black celebrity get on the team. So they just figured, you know, Toku should come out and vote. I don't do that, you know, don't push the program. We also met with the Republicans and they brought us here. We talked to move. They change a lot because of what we said and put five hundred billion dollars on the table. But who knows?


You know, who knows what's going to really happen. I just know when I'm going to win. And I don't know if it can really matter to us. We've got to just push whoever is in there because there's nobody really solving our problems.


I was really confused about this yesterday because I was sitting back watching everybody slam the ice cube. And I was like, well, when did Ice Cube endorse Donald Trump? When did Ice Cube say he was helping to design the platinum plan? That video that we just played, that audio that was from four days ago. And I didn't hear him say any of that. I saw, you know, the Republican Trump supporters manipulating what he actually said. But I didn't hear you say he was endorsing Donald Trump.


I helped to design a platinum plan.


Not at all. And I have to wonder, at what point do we get smarter? Why are we so quick to attack our own?


Well, I would say it was very misleading the way that Trump spokesperson put that out. Yes, exactly. So I will say that and that was the intention of her posting that in that way because she and a saying we shouldn't decide to go to don't go to her shooting people.


Actually, I think people were confused because they saw that that was a headline damn ice cubes working with Donald Trump.


I saw people were posting and do your research. That's what I hate. And especially somebody like Ice Cube, who's unapologetically black and represents for black people and rights for black people. So instead of just attacking, shouldn't we go do your research? He that video four days ago, literally four days ago.


That's people. All right. But I would say she definitely put that at purposefully.


Yeah, of course. She should have called the smoke. Of course she did not. You are right now Kanye West.


I thought that he was ahead of Trump and Biden in the polls in Kentucky. And there was some type of poll that was, I guess, election results. And he posted a screenshot of the percentages according to these percentage. And, you know, I don't know what made him think that this was actually true. It showed that he was in second place with a 19 percent share of the vote. He was behind libertarian nominee Joe Jurgensen, who has shown leading the polls with 36 percent of the vote and then ahead of also Biden and Trump.


So he was so excited.


Here he is getting ready, 19 percent, 40 thousand votes. Kentucky, get the West.


We ready? Let's go get the West Wing ready to go. Oh, my God.


Congratulations to you because you're secretary of defense. So that means you going to be in the east. Where you going to be in the West Wing? Man, these people are one step closer, by the way.


But Barack Obama was on CNN yesterday and he was talking about conservative conspiracy theories. Y'all just as black Twitter, just about Negroes like you just sit back, you throw something like that out there and people run with it.


Well, the news station did apologize for the false data that they posted on their site. They said someone discovered a Cascade Web link that was used during June's primary election to post Associated Press election results. The old link was still populating current AP data. And so test results, which is part of the preparation they do in advance of elections. They were not valid. It was simply part of a test we don't have to talk about on.


You know, we're going to get more into it, though, in the next hour or so out. That's the other thing. A song we don't have to talk here about his music.


So, you know, Secretary of Defense, shut up, man. I'm just tired of it.


All right. Well, that is your room report. I'm tired of being you. I'm tired of Negroes being misinformed. And I want Negroes to read and I want Negroes to get the West Wing ready.


Charlemagne's secretary of defense, let's go this way.


And I report and y'all the reason that I'm getting the type of vote period, because y'all keep taking the south wing.


For Charlamagne and Rehbein report the streets, it's all fun and games on November Terracom, there's going to be a lot of slow singing in. Our new president is going to be a lot of slow singing and flower. All right, guys, that's my report.


All right. Well, secretary of Defense. Who are you going to talk to? We need South Carolina Senator Lindsey Ladybug Graham to come to the front of the congregation. We like to have a word with him, please.


All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. This The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


You know, mornings will never be the same when a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing. The results are often deadly because at crossings and if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop trains get brought to you by Nizza in a race if God damn children.


Now it's time for Donkey of the Day. Don't you dare jump me. I'm a Democrat. So being donkey today, a little bit of a mixed but like don't dog the other day that I've been called a lot in my 20 years. The donkey today is a new one. Yes.


Donkey today for Thursday, October 15th. Who paid a good chance. Pay them off today.


OK, but Thursday, October 15th has to go to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Ladybug Graham. Now, listen, Lindsey just got donkey today on Monday because he said black people and immigrants are free to go anywhere in South Carolina as long as they are conservative. I'm not making this up. Let's listen.


I care about everybody. If you're a young African-American or an immigrant, you can go anywhere in this state. You just need to be conservative, not liberal.


Now, keep in mind, Lindsay may lose his Senate seat this year to South Carolina's Jamie Harrison job includes massive Jamie Harrison, a black man from Orangeburg, South Carolina, who has shattered congressional fundraising records by raising fifty seven dollars million in the third quarter of this year. That's why I'm voting for by the way, I know what you're thinking.


I know what you're thinking, Charlamagne. You're only voting for Jamie Harrison because he's black. Not true. I'm voting for him because his wife is black. And I love his plans to build South Carolina's infrastructure and his plans on ending poverty in South Carolina. But back to his opponent, Lindsey Ladybug. Graham, listen. While y'all were busy slandering Ice Cube yesterday for nothing, literally nothing, our real enemies were showing their true colors once again. What is Lindsey Ladybug Graham's true colors?


Well, I believe Creola would call it good ol boy. What I see there is white and then there's good ol boy white. That good ol boy white.


I don't like that kind of white.


OK, that's that ignorant Southern white guy who can say and do virtually anything and still be viewed in a positive manner because good ol boy White is America's favorite color at Lou Reed had a little blue and we call that good ol boy prejudice, patriotism and more often, not more often than not, regardless how race is, how prejudice, no matter how much of those white devil horns we see, all that racism will be dismissed.


Is good ol boys just kidding around? Oh, trust me, that was his excuse for what he said yesterday.


CEO too busy attacking and canceling your own an ice cube yesterday, attacking him for something he didn't say. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham, the Supreme Court hearings, the confirmation hearings for Amy CONI Barrett actually saying things he should be canceled for. And by canceled, I mean, vote it out. Would you like to hear what Lindsay had to say?


And let's listen to one of the reasons you can say with confidence that you think Brown versus Board of Education super president is that you're not aware of any effort to go back to the good old days of segregation by legislation, Marty, is that correct?


That is correct. Pardon me. Could you play that part again? We have that one part isolated. We don't play any more of the reasons.


You can say with confidence that you think Brown versus Board of Education super president is that you're not aware of any effort to go back to the good old days of segregation.


Legislative body is the good old days of segregation. Good old days now, old days of segregation, the good old days of segregation. Segregation. You mean the practice of requiring separate housing, education and other services for black people? You mean the systemic separation of people into racial or other ethnic groups? You mean the same racial segregation that could get black people killed for crossing those racial lines? Now, I'm not the highest grade of weed in the dispensary, but I tend to lean on the side of Chris Rock.


He was here a few weeks ago and he he said this about the good old days for black folks.


The beauty of being black is the future's always better. There are no good old days.


There are no good old days when you're black. Now, I'm on record as saying segregation was a great concept that was poorly executed. It shouldn't have been based on race. It should have been based on behavior. OK, energy, because I want to be around certain people, either somebody like Lindsey Graham, I won't be in the same restaurant as him. I want to live in the same neighborhood as him.


I don't want to be anywhere near a racist good ol boy like Lindsey Graham. It's not good for my mental, spiritual or emotional health. OK, in the case of Lindsey Graham, I am allergic to ladybugs. And do you know what Lindsey said in regards to his racist comments? Well, let's listen.


If anybody was listening to who I am and what I said, you know, that it was a deep sarcasm. I suggested that some legislative body would want to yearn for the good old days of segregation. Deep sarcasm.


That's what all good old boys say when they are being racist. I was just horsing around, you know, horse in the same horse I would tie all your limbs to and fire a gun. That's what we call just pulling your leg. Darcie, why? You got your teams all in a bunch. First and foremost, Lindsey Graham. No need to clean it up like you let the inner voice of your subconscious come out.


That's fine. OK, I'm glad your dad hide in your homes anymore. I want you to speak your truth, OK? Speak truth to power, because I damn sure going speak mine, OK? And I've, I've been saying old toxic white male leadership like you sarap.


That's why I'm excited about November 3rd.


OK, you have to top of the ticket. The President is important being from South Carolina, born and raised and having to deal with good ol boys like Lindsey Graham all my life. He got to go. You can't sit in that Senate seat no more. You need to be working in a bait and tackle shop somewhere. OK, a person who thinks segregation was the good old days, new things. Blacks and immigrants can go anywhere in South Carolina just so long as they're conservative is not fit to lead.


OK, and we talk about cancer culture. We really have the opportunity to cancel Lindsey Graham by voting for Jamie Harrison on November 3rd. Now, Jamie was on CNN yesterday and he responded to Lindsey Graham's good ol boy comments. Let's listen.


You know, maybe Lindsey was being sarcastic. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but it shows just how out of touch this guy really is. Because, you know, you take these comments with the comments that he just said a few days ago, these things just don't make any sense. This is also the same guy who said that he would go and campaign and he actually did with a woman who said that jokingly that she wanted to be on the front row of a lynching.


You represent a state of thirty percent of the state are African-Americans. Forty percent of black folks in this country came through the Port of Charleston because of slavery. You would think you would have a sensitivity to the type of language that you you're going to use. But it just shows that Lindsey Graham represents what I called the old south. We're talking about building a new south.


I don't even know why Jamie is giving him the benefit of what doubt? OK, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Don't give him no bill. He knows who and what he is. OK, you know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He once said darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.


But you know what else can drive out darkness and hate? Especially in regards to politics. Your vote. OK, we have to put our energy towards the real enemy, all right, and the real enemy is not the ice cubes of the world. That's how they keep us distracted by having us fighting amongst each other instead of focusing on real problems. And good ol boys like Lindsey Graham are a real problem.


OK, and he's got to go. Please let Kathy Griffin give Lindsay Graham the Big Easy.


Oh, please give this giant Jaromil the biggest heehaw.


All right. All right. Well, thank you for that donkey today. Up next, man, ask ye eight hundred forty five two five 105. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call ye right now with the Breakfast Club. Morning.


What, what, what, what, what, what. You know, baby mama issues and words of wisdom call up now for eight hundred five eight five one two five.


Want the Breakfast Club relationship advice. Any personal advice. Just the real advice. Call up now for warning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Yee Charlamagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club. It's time for Ask Yee. Hello. Who's this?


Hi, this is Angel. Hey Mama. What's your question. How are you.


So my question to my husband and I have been married for a year and I actually just found out he's messing around with prostitutes and he's been doing it since 2012. He has started and I just know coronavirus and all that.


Yes, I know what I said. I'm trying to talk to him and he makes it seem like it's my fault that he was. And, you know, he's a really bad alcoholic and he only wants to talk about, like, the serious stuff, what he's done. So I don't know. It is very Central Asia. What was it like?


Y'all been married for a year. So before you guys got married, has he, like, changed since you got married?


Well, before we got married, he was very flirtatious with other women, but it didn't stop. And then I think literally it has gotten worse since we got married. I like the fact that he's spending our money and going to the movies. It doesn't make sense like we're literally sleeping out in the car. So I'm like, we really need to save what money we have. I don't know. I this is ridiculous.


So let me get this right. So he's cheating on you with prostitutes. He's financially abusive because he's taking your money as well to spend it to pay for these prostitutes. He's an alcoholic and he gets very aggressive when he's drunk with you.


Sometimes it's only when like when I talk back, like when I'm when I say when I give him feedback on what he says, like, you'll start to yell like he doesn't know how to have a normal conversation, like how meet you are. But when he's sober, he doesn't want to talk about this stuff. Oh, he's got everything to say.


Listen, I'm all for trying to make a marriage work, but it sounds like you need to get far, far, far away from this man. What is it that's keeping you with him?


Well, this is my very first marriage. Like, we have a twelve year, 12 year age gap. I'm twenty thirty in thirty nine. So, like, he really taught me how to follow up, like he really saying about love still exists. And then after we live together for so long, is this like it is an ego thing with your age.


I want to say this is great that you learn something and he taught you something. But you know how they say reason, season, lifetime. It sounds like a reason to be here. A season is over now. You need to go have your lifetime somewhere else because anything could happen to you. This sounds like a he's endangering your health and well-being because he's having sex with prostitutes. B, you guys are literally, you said, living in your car and he's spending money on that.


So it sounds like he has some real issues. See, he's an alcoholic. He's not getting help. And you just told me that he gets very aggressive. I'm assume that when you even speak back or express yourself. So this sounds like in an abusive relationship to me in many different ways. Do you have any support anywhere else?


I have family, so I'm going to out.


Have you spoken to your family about it?


Yes, in my family, they don't like him at all. Like he's like they like him when he's sober, but he they don't like at all, like even media. I don't like him either. I know him. Please do me a favor. Get your stuff, go stay with a family member and, you know, just get some space from this man so you can figure out what it is that you need to do. But it really sounds like you need to start talking to a lawyer now and figuring out how you can use this word again, disentangle yourself from this person because he's really holding you back.


And I need you to you sound like an amazing person. I can tell just by speaking to you over the phone. And I think you need to tap into that for yourself and do better for you, OK? Thank you so much. All right, A.J., we love you and you deserve it.


Askey 805 eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice, any type of advice, call you. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Real well, which is some real advice with Angeliki. It's Askey. Morning everybody.


Is T.J. N.V.. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're in the middle of aski.


Hello. Who's this. Hey this is music. Hey Ruthie, what's your question for you.


One for overnight and jump in and this is when you say me too happy to me to call you little crazy if all sounds crazy. Oh yes. Because it is true.


That's true. The high blood pressure. It does it does cause you with erections because that affects your blood vessels and affects the flow of blood that gets your penis for you to be able to have an erection. So go ahead.


OK, so I'm not I can't understand what you're saying right now.


Is it is it is kind of hard to hear you boyfriend is not getting a record. And I think Charlamagne is best suited for this cancer. You want to tell him what you do now?


Go ahead. I'm sorry. Continue. Please ask him if he wants to go to the doctor and he doesn't want to take anything like that. He just said he was going to cut pills in half. OK, so my husband, her father had and well we to clean out his house and he had some, you know, I told them. But the people that had him, he still didn't want to take any kind of like pressure went up and gave it to me when where.


And I slipped him a pill without him knowing. Come on now.


I mean, if they were prescribed, like, something, you know, you can't give somebody a pill.


And I tell them, but go ahead. Walking around with a bottle all day. Don't know why. Because you see, you know, phone got a boner.


I did it at dinner. I did it at dinner and I didn't say anything. So he knows what was going on. So, you know, we had a good night. So I said, I'll wait. And I did it again the following week. Oh, are you horny?


You let me have a heart attack, give you an I'm out of pills now and we get to the same problem. So how do I tell him that's why you are doing it? I mean, you're thinking that you were.


Well, OK, I do think you need to let him know that you did that he's going to be angry because you can't just give somebody pills without their knowledge and that, you know, just to acknowledge that was not I would never promote anybody doing that because what if he would have had an adverse reaction to it?


That's something if a doctor has to prescribe it to you and he can't go to and and I'm sure we'll take his blood pressure and everything, he got a heart attack, you know, a lot of pressure.


What if he what he already knows he has a problem. So what if he's already taking pills and then you doubling up on the dosage? You could literally kill his man. He what? He's not because he refused to take them. He won't even go.


That's what he tells you. He probably got to me all day long because he have been hard all day long.


So you crush up the pills and put it in his food. I did a half a one.


Yeah. I so only because I tried to kill them all.


All right. So a you need to let him know because that's dishonest and you guys are supposed to have open communication. Hopefully he might be mad at first and maybe he will come around. But I think that's that was definitely not the cool thing to do. He needs to go to his doctor to see how this might work with his medication because they can't prescribe something for him. And now maybe this will encourage him to do that. But I don't know how how would you feel if somebody puts the medication without telling you and your food probably pissed him off?


I mean, you said somebody, though. I mean, that's the word. Yeah, this is my wife and his wife.


I get that. I get that at work. But you still can't do that. You know, that's really disrupting the trust and. You know, but I think now is the time for you to have this conversation for real. He is going to have to go to his doctor. You know, he's already on medication, so he needs to make sure he's taking the right thing and you got to do that. But maybe they need to adjust his medication as well.


But I do have them working. Right.


And is he overweight? Does he get enough exercise? Does he smoke?


Does he have other stresses, even though he does smoke? Mm hmm. Did he put sometimes those things can contribute. Does he put it on you when he does get off? Why? You want to know?


Oh, yeah. OK, I'm like, I'm not cheating. I do respect it.


Anyway, I have that conversation with him. What do you thinking about Jean. Jean. Jean, no. OK, good. No, no.


Have now you got now y'all got to be honest with each other and have a real conversation. OK, that's all you can do now. All right.


And it feels like it like all is not lost. He's experimenting with different things. He cut his medication. And have you said he's a smoker? I know that sometimes can affect things. You know, sometimes if somebody's diabetic, there's all kinds of reasons why somebody could have erectile dysfunction. You need to figure out what the root of the problem is if you stress whatever. And I know you've been trying and you've been trying to work with him and this medication has worked, sometimes people don't want to take medication if you know it's not something that's necessary for them to live.


But this is a real conversation you need to have now since he's been taking it without knowing. But be honest. All right. Sheesh. Yeah, but that would have when left.


Boy, who knows what could have happened. All right.


ASKI eight hundred five eight five one two five. Oh, now we got rumors all the way. Yes. Let's talk about Willow and Jaden Smith. They said that they were shunned by the black community. Was how you the reasons why. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Hey, hey, morning, everybody. C.J., M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Get to the rumors. Let's talk, honey.


It's about who's going to it.


This is the rumor report, Angela, on the Breakfast Club. Man, can you put our music and everything yesterday because he thought he was second in the polls in Kentucky? Turns out that it was just a test that they were doing and he had posted the whole team is so energized that I had to release theme music. He said people tried to talk me out of running for president. Never let weak controlling people kill your spirit. You know, he is on the ballot in 11 states.


Now, here is the Nanana song that he put out next time.


You cannot wait. You were talking to presidential candidate. I you think I'll be getting tired now. Don't jump, and it cannot get the high end, the high ground, we hit them. Oh, my God, Sentido. Like president, did that veto got the support of veto? I don't mean to sound at least some of it.


I thought I thought I was only doing gospel music. I thought so, too. But that's how, you know, you got a bunch of D writers and yes. Men around you because they won't even tell Connie the poll numbers are wrong. They're going to let you go do a whole song knowing that that information isn't accurate.


Come on, man. They let you know, by the way, the results were not valid. It was simply part of a test. And they did apologize for any confusion.


But he was so and nobody in his team wants to tell them the truth, said, hey, those numbers aren't accurate. This was wrong. So they just all go in the studio and deride him while he puts out that subpar goddamn music. Just last week, he said he was only doing gospel music. I'm confused.


He still produces great music. He just don't rap great anymore, I guess. Flows off, flows suck out.


All right. Now, let's talk about Barack Obama. He was on a podcast with two of his former aides and he was reflecting on his own presidency. He was talking about Joe Biden's candidacy. He was giving some advice to progressives, even in his own party. And the podcast is called God Save America. It's 45 minutes. And this is what he had to say about basic competence.


One thing we know is that just basic competence can end up saving lives. You know, one thing I would say to anybody who's skeptical about what government can do generally is to just take the example of when we were in office. You might not have been happy with everything. I did all my policy choices, but when we had a pandemic or the threat of a pandemic, we had competent people in place who would deal with it.


Right, basic competence can save some lives. Now, you also said the government isn't going to fix everything right away.


Listen to this on every issue that young people in particular care about. Yeah, the government's not going to solve every problem overnight. But you know what? It can make it better and better means lives saved. You know, better means that maybe some people don't get charged for crimes that they shouldn't be charged for and some people don't get shot. And that's worth fighting for. And the idea that you'd give away your power because you're not getting 100 percent when you could get 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent better, that doesn't make any sense.


Well, I mean, some people would say that they don't feel like they're getting any percent. That's what they would say, regardless of who's enough.


All right. And he also said that the spread of misinformation has been a huge issue. I don't know if that ever won't be an issue.


That is a problem that is going to outlast Trump. Trump is a symptom of it and an accelerant to it, but he did not create it. And I think one of the biggest challenges all of us have is how do we re-establish some baselines of truth that at least the vast majority of people can agree to.


Yeah, I mean, that's a fact. But nobody cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining. I guess never going to change as long as social media is creating a narrative that's just that's just the truth of the matter. Nobody's going to do research. Nobody is going to fact check. They're going to run whatever the narrative is on social media. And once again, nobody cares about the truth from the lies more entertaining and got them in some real good entertaining lies out there.


And I can't wait for a 45 minute period.


Save America out right now. Yes.


And tonight we'll be watching Joe Biden. And then Donald Trump is also booked his own town hall. That's going to be competing against that.


All right. Eight o'clock. I'm wondering about Obama's comments about competence, though, because when when swine flu happened in like 12000 people die and six million people get infected, something to that effect?


Yeah, I don't I don't know. I think we need to research that. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the number.


All right. But I would like I would like to delve deeper into that conversation. All right. Well, that is room rumor report out to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow. The People's Choice mix is up next. And shout to the homey, genuine today as genuine birthday. He turns 50 today. So shout the genuine one of the leaders of light skinned and we will get some genuine on in a Maziar's of light skinned, light skinned people have leaders.


Yes. I had no idea. I'll be sure. Christopher Williams genuine.


Oh, go ahead, uncle. Envy me. I don't know much about me. I know I'm definitely a follower of goodness gracious lulia swallower.


Oh oh. Through denial and you go too far. Let me tell you how funny I came here and I say that people who think that me and envy are really gay and neither were you that night.


A funeral. I was at a funeral. Do you know how gay we must be for people to be this type of funeral to ask somebody if they stopped? If you now think that was in the middle of your. Hold on. Let me ask you again.


I would think it was like you busy grieving, but you worried about whether we agree. Wow, stop playing. I want to play.


No good. It's The People's Choice picks. Up next is the breakfast.


Talk about it, The Breakfast Club, Your Mornings. I'll never be the same.


All right. And here is my daily reminder to you to make sure that you vote you. So SAG voted for the first time and he voted already. So some people are voting early. But again, Election Day is November 3rd. And Levi's is teaming up with Rock the Vote to help get as many people as possible registered and ready to vote this fall. Just text Levi's to seven eight eight six eight three to get registered to find out your key dates and also get your voting.


How tos from Rock the Vote.


Everybody is D.J. N.V. Interleague Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club that shot the doctor, Claude Anderson, for joining us this morning. Elderly's, you respect your elders, OK? And listen to Dr. Claude Anderson. That interview is up on YouTube and salute to young Nilo. My niece and I get on the microphone real quick now because I want you to explain the story that you said. You said your family takes me an NBA game with you.


So I recently went to Florida, where I'm originally from, shout out to Florida. And, you know, in the south, things are a little slower, but they pay attention to the things you guys do, like the doors, the butts, excuse me, all the jokes you guys do. A long story short, my family saw me and they wanted to know if you were gay at a funeral.


Yeah, but how did you answer?


It wasn't at the funeral. And I just started laughing because it's like, yeah, I can see why you think they're gay. That's crazy.


And you're like, I don't know. I'm not sure. I just be like I'm not sure I like to think so. I'm gay. We must be for them to be thinking about that at a funeral.


I reassure them that you guys both were married with kids and. I mean, anything get away when you get married men out there to right there at the funeral, at the reception, the same damn day. What song was playing when they asked you that?


You remember? I don't know. OK, what's for dinner? Hot dogs.


You know, I'm just thinking, what sparked that conversation?


Got fish for sure. I had fish. Yeah, ok. OK. Wouldn't be the fish. Definitely wouldn't be.


Definitely wouldn't be the fish. All right.


When we come back, positive note is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, PJ Envy Angela Yee. Charlamagne to God, we are the Breakfast Club. All right. It's time to get up out of here. Yeah.


Yes. Also, make sure you check me out today. I'm moderating a conference for the H3C festival. Of course, it is something that is virtual and that is with artist Tobin Segway, LaNelle Grant and Jay Lewen. You know him from the song that he did about Brianna Taylor, still trying to get justice for Brianna Taylor. And yeah. So just check it out is going to be a really fun and interesting conversation. All right, Solomon, you got a positive note?


I do, man. On a positive note to everybody out there trying to heal on their journey of healing. Always remember, healing requires us to be honest with ourselves, to see that we are the ones holding on to what is harming us. And it is our choice to let it go and be free.


But again, prepress, this is not finished yet. Hi, this is Hillary Clinton, host of the new podcast, You and me both. There's a lot to be anxious and worried about right now, and it's made so much worse by the fact that we can't be together. So I find myself on the phone a lot, talking with friends, experts, really anyone who can help make some sense of these challenging times like Sarmin. Nasrat, author of one of my favorite cookbooks, or Stacy Abrams, who we know as the woman who should be governor of Georgia.


But did you know she's also an award winning romance novelist or tand France who has lots to say about everything from athleisure to the American dream? These conversations have been a lifeline for me, and now I hope they will be for you, too. So please listen to you and me both on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts, or wherever you get your podcast.