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Melissa from Michigan, I work an extra part time job serving lunch at my child's school, but I still can't afford to put food on our table. Daniel from California, choosing whether to pay the rent or pay to fix the car to get to work doesn't leave us with much at all.


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Yeah. Allow me to introduce myself again, Angeliki and Charlamagne, the God, you came a long way, I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does, geologist's the best in which this platform, the reach had that you earned to make space for somebody like me. You guys have a direct line to the coaches.


Oh, my God, I'm on the red carpet and I do is read at the Breakfast Club every morning. It's good you guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of town. I'm like, what happened at the Breakfast Club today? It's a wake up, wake up your ass. This is your time to get it off your chest. Are you mad or blessed? We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


Hello, this is Jessica. Hey, Jessica. Get it off here, Jessica. Well, let's talk about.


Good morning, guys. So I'm in Charleston, South Carolina. Eight, four, three. Yeah, all day. But I still got my number seven of the eight, so I'm a little bit Java. So I was Folly Beach and my phone play music automatically like I play a playlist for the commercials. I like to make a feel comfortable. No, no offense, but or Caucasian people got into my car and I had to take them twenty minutes away.


It was cool. We were driving what then played track music then played fall out boy then played. I had arranged the music Lady Gaga and as soon as Beyonce, a brown skinned girl, came on the lady in the back, I heard the whispering amongst themselves, like, who will say it? Finally, somebody brave enough to come up and say, that was excuse me, could you turn that song off? It's offending me. And I like, wow, that song offending you.


And she said, well, it's all about like black girls. I'm not black. I don't relate to that. I'm like something that celebrating my skin is offending you. But what did I do? I thought of the whole playlist, but that's all going to go. You got all the Black Power music all put it in, you know, wait a minute, everybody step back from this situation and look at it objectively.


Oh, boy. You're an Uber driver, correct. And when you're in over the driver, you're playing music because you want people to feel comfortable, correct?


They don't feel comfortable with the song. You got to get offended by it. She can't relate. She's a mayonnaise flavored Mamool. Yeah, but it's not that type of soul. It's it's not like saying, you know, f white people just upset that you don't have that tan, that's all. Well, she said that all this rap music played we don't her drug dealer music. We don't her why. We don't hear everything. You don't get offended by nothing.


No she no drug dealer on my patients, you know, drug dealers and she uses drugs.


She might have she got she might might be white out there her OK.


Oh my goodness. She just can't really let you go. She's kind of you know. What kind of rating did you give her? Oh no.


I listen, I gave her the same rating I usually give everybody else because she didn't break me no less. But I she said it. All right. Well, take mine. If you heard the music that I was playing around, I'll play Encore and fall out. Boy, I was playing all the other stuff in rotation. If anybody know what that music is, you know that it was diverse and you know yourself.


And I think you missed a good opportunity to teach Tudo because you could have just told her, like, look, this is an ode to ta ta ta, Melanie.


All right. Well, hello. Who's this?


I was going to the war chest.


Yes, sir. I wasn't going I got quit, of course. Michelle Obama. Yes, sir. I asked you a question along. Somebody ever asked. You did. But who's your top three through the Lord? And will you still consider given don't don't you have the say?


Oh, yeah. I mean, at the end of the year we do a top five dog years of the year. I don't I'm a be honest with you top dogs of all time. Donald Trump is definitely in the top three. I mean, I've given it to him more than anybody. And I'm always put myself in the top three because I always say, you know, when you give people the credit, you've got to give everybody the credit they deserve for being stupid, including yourself.


I don't know who the third one would be.


The first one to choose from for the Breakfast Club. Thank you, Kate.


I have to go get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent. Heat is up. Now is the Breakfast Club.


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This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you man or blessed. But at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this? Hey, this is Sheraz from Columbus, Ohio. Shahraz up. Get it off your chest. And I'm just calling to spread some positivity to all the black people here in Ohio. Around the world. Everything was so me and please King, I just want to let everybody know I'm out of my day job.


I'm a union electrician, but I'll get my hustle on as a realtor out here in Columbus, Ohio. So follow me on Soren's underscore Robert h i r a v underscore Robinson. Every man I would like to link up with you, man, and talk about investing in real estate out there in New York and New Jersey. OK, well, just hit me and my brother. All right, man. Go be easy, man.


Me too. All right. Hello, this man. Good morning, fellow man to God, please.


King let's get it off your chest, man. Man, I'm just I'm in good spirit. No, you're my wife. And I think back to our copasetic.


I say, hey, you want to do that thing to a man? Look, you know. I know.


I know. I have a good one, too. Hello, this is Camille calling from Toronto. Camille, what's up, man? What's going on with the people?


Love to long track what's happening. Yeah. So I'm kind of sad to say, man, I'm kind of sad. So like, I listen to breakfast every morning and yeah, I'm in Toronto. They me a shot to play court and Peter Casti back to them. Honest man. We wish them the best they need to be though. Y'all need a local morning show in Toronto. I think so, yeah.


I think I need local for the how y'all can buy the stuff that's going on and they don't allow us to say certain words are American politics not to fulfill your, I think, other mental health conditions out here. You know, I don't think you can see a truck out on the radio here in Canada, man.


Well, guess what? Y'all offended us when y'all sentry leans over. Hey, now, I don't know if he's guilty, but I don't know if he's guilty. We back we backing away from y'all until this case gets settled.


OK, yeah, we made it up is God. We made it. I'll be certified over by you know what the hell you just said to me, man, you got nothing. But we made it up with him, you know. OK, Solomon, you could say the back again. I'm happy for that. No, no. What happened with your so. Yeah, I don't know. Nobody knows. Nobody knows what happened with Tori. We're not we're not accusing him of anything.


But he was charged. So we just backing away from y'all until this gets estella's get settled. All right.


Yeah. Then yeah we'll see what's going to happen to him. I wish you all the best love story, but yeah. I'm going to miss you guys. That's all I wanted to give you. So but you can still stream this team is on the site, that's all. That's what the Internet is for, sir. Yeah. I'll catch you guys on YouTube as well. All right, brother. All right. Let's get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, it is up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


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Yeah. Hey everybody, this is Jill Scott and I am pleased to introduce you to Jadot Ehle, the podcast.


I am joined by my amazing, brilliant girlfriend, Laila St. Clair. What I know and Aja, great dance lessons. Hey, all, we are going to be talking about a lot of amazing things like individuality, family and blackness.


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Now Salame.


I think we should celebrate people, though, man. You know, saying like like you should tell other the brother you love them, you value them, you appreciate them, especially dance by you in some way. Like I don't got no problem giving it up to you. I ain't got no problem giving it up to kill the mike. When Nipsy was alive I used to always make jokes and say he's the person that you can look up to, literally and figuratively.


Well, you don't because you six foot something. But I did because I'm five six. So it feel good to say that, you know what I mean. Because, you know, in person, does it almost feel like that when you see all these people. I love him. He was so great. Isn't that maybe having a picture ready to go on Instagram?


Oh, don't don't even be following the person like that. And that's what I mean. Like like you you care so much about him. You wasn't even into the camera. Oh, you work and you just don't want to do like something. Patillo Me. That's what I think. That's what I'm saying. That is the person just feel more comfortable. But I guess that's just how we move. You know, I'm saying what I would feel as far as not being so transparent, I don't know the answer to that, but I just thought David A did speak and it had like this sample that you had in the bag.


Really man this is no cap. It came from like I don't know what it was on the forty five where somebody literally went out, you know, how they used to plantation's kind of just like singing and hum and imbibe and that, that recording is actually somebody outside from I mean this is like early on recording somebody just home and vibe and not in the field or whatever. So that paying production, what brought the pain out for the way for you to do that concept.


Wow. Oh.


Fifty five times. What did the person want. Why don't you a go.


If you have, if you have a missed call 55 times most of the time is some bad news unless you have a crazy relationship with somebody that is obviously crazy by example. But for me all these stories they kind of tie in and twist in with 55 times when I speak on some of my friends who have lost their kids or stuff like that, or even my friend Johnny, who passed away for some reason, they had to come into my room and give me the phone.


I don't know if I didn't have my phone, but when he died and it wasn't exactly fifty five calls, but it was a lot of missed calls. And when you see that it don't be like I got a million dollars for you. It doesn't mean like when somebody is calling you that much, when somebody is calling them, even if it's a relationship, it's like she's about to be on the board. It's just like, well, so so that is one of the deep resolve to talk about, you know, keep on blessed me.


I'm doing something right. I really can't even put it into words how God is actually totally in control. Everything in my life, what I do, I'm I'm a man is far from perfect. Still get my notes. I still get my blessing. I acknowledge the fact that it's bigger than me. You know, I'm saying I'm good at that. I'm cool with that. I know. And it's 55 times was done by them. Jones and he got a five anyway.


And that it just brought it out. I mean, when I talked about a few instances on there where it was some bad news, it always came with a lot of is cause now I feel you on that because I was listening to that and I was I was thinking about things that have happened to me.


I remember I woke up one morning and I had 78 text messages. I was like, OK, I know something was right. And I, like your parents, call you late at night and they don't normally call you is like eleven o'clock at midnight. You know, if something bad is about to happen and you be so nervous, you answer the phone like, what's wrong?


That's how you say hello. What? But I wasn't much good.


Like, Yeah, boy, are you going to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Like, yeah, I was cool, but yeah, you're right. Like that is true. So when you hear this, John, like I said, when we hear this, I listen to it in a couple of years. You're not like this is recorded in twenty twenty. I did my best to try to stay in the right now, you know, I mean and when I talked about scrapping a deal and like I always do, I use and talk about the past tense because I've got nothing but love to shrimp and salmon and stuff like that.


Now I have to sell non-narcotic.


So we're going yo yo, rich ass. Morning, man. We appreciate you. So help me get cut out right now. But my prasetyo yourself to be is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. In the summer and autumn of twenty twenty, the city of Portland, Oregon became the center of a vast media blitz. Thousands of viral videos showing marching federal agents and police officers tear gas, black clad anarchists and fires went viral all over the Internet. What didn't go viral was the truth, because the story of Portland's Black Lives Matter movement and of the Portland protests of 2020 is so much stranger than I think the main. Stream media would ever be willing to cover.


I was there, and more importantly, the people that I talked to for my new show, Uprising, a guy from Portland, were there through their experiences.


You'll learn the truth both about Portland and about what's coming for the rest of the United States in the next few years. Listen to Uprising, a guide from Portland on the radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts, it's topic time.


Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club, talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. You see, that's what I'm talking about, ladies and gentlemen.


Well, he died. God did not want this topic to happen because God didn't like what was going on. God didn't like the fact that I was being bullied. So God said, make charlemagne's wi fi network. Charlemagne's wi fi is not working. He has technical difficulties. He tried to create a topic. And what the guy do, God shut his ass down.


And you know what's sad is that we can watch him on the video camera and see his struggle he's experiencing at home. That's right.


So we're not talking we're not talking about my dark brown beard today. How are you like those apples, Charlamagne?


Oh, my gosh. So let's. Oh, I'm lost for a second anyway, going back. So I'm thinking to you, what do I talk about today? What do you want to talk about today. Yea. Well I wanted to talk about golf. Oh man. Oh well I don't know how to get me cut off because I'm walking around with the paint and you sound crazy.


It doesn't sound clear. God. So I want this topic to happen. I don't care if it's clear you're going to cut me off and try to get me disconnected because you got to pay in your hand because you're walking around with the Beijing baby boy, huh? Got you got phone calls if you don't want this topic to happen.


God, now that phone calls from phone lines are lit up, either you haven't seen this kind of response before.


You answer that. Shut up. Never try. And you know, I know John is upset about this because Drom is the bed in the room, but here you go. He's got a beard.


That's that's not that's not what he said. I'm not proving that men cut me off in John. That infiltrates your beard game phone. Your phone game is look, I'm not a natural topic and God is saying, no, I'm and I'm not even I'm not even doing anything.


God is going to go to the phones, drop the phones. And I was this. Oh, God, this is sodomy. Let's talk. God is not letting them talk. God is not. Let them stop right here. I'm right here. God, this God is good. God is right here speaking through me. Who is this on the phone.


Oh, this is really bad. This huge. Charlamagne, I appreciate you on the mentor program with Steve Harvey management to tell you that.


AJ that's. Thank you, King. He was on there talking mental health and all kind of good stuff and emotional well-being.


But today we're talking about beards, all right, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. And bring another Sharpie to the show. Just look different every time I see him in the shower.


And you and, you know, we're just talking it's up to you. You just you just called it talking about mental health, but you're breaking me down instead of in my mentally ill brother. You have to have someone you understand could be in his office, hold up that cup of sharpies on your desk, give you a little Sharpie this morning.


Water to ask about my piece of work. I call here to the little is in our debt. You mess up right now. Goodbye.


That's that God damn Beijing and your chain going to your brain, messing up your mental health. If it rains, does it run down here, that color?


Yes, it does. Clearly, I'm sure. Answer the question. If you sweat on your bike, does things do things get like a running blow?


Yo, you imagine what the inside of his mask looked like after a bike ride. Oh, it'd be hard to go to another Khadra. Hello. Hello. Hey, good morning. So we're no longer taking calls on this topic. It's a lie.


What's your name? My name is Chris. I'm from Jersey. It's from Jersey.


OK, I like to comment on the Janvi beard color.


Yes, I'm telling you 100 percent.


I'm starting to believe, Charlamagne, you you're looking more and more dominicano every day you go, oh, out of nowhere you had a hairline, then you got a thick beard. I don't know.


But I don't know if you look like you got a fruit stand because you sell oranges.


That's why he's definitely got a couple of. So he definitely got a couple of these property rentals.


He got a couple figures somewhere.


All my dominicano talking to the machine on Abagail right now.


Toastie, thank you. So you have a great day. You have a blessed morning. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one guy guys you Charlamagne about ten minutes and put them back in with Bedrail.


Call us right now. OK, call us right now and tell us what you think about that.


Hey, I feel like I feel the way I got to talk to my producers because.


Right. Let's say let's say let's say I have fake boobs. Oh I had a fake butt.


And you say is envy's but of boobs real.


I don't know that that might be coming next the way you're going.


And we know what you're going. Right.


I'm I'm, I'm, I'm have a caseman. Any attorneys out there, please call me because I'm Dominican in some Dominican woman's body out there. You. I am. And you like that's what I'm getting next.


Keep it like we have more. Coming up next is the Breakfast Club. Everybody is T.J. M.V. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We got some special guests on the line, DCO Flowage. I don't know where the hell he just went to go been.


And Carlos Miller, what updates show was that was a early morning.


The pandemic ain't touch day paper at all. Not at him flushing through the drum man.


Don't don't say that. Don't know.


Don't put that on us out there like we don't want that ain't lost some dough. We didn't know in the plan.


We just progressed and the key personality's nice and which way everybody else is going. He got his got a million dollar Porche.


I'm like you know what I got to give him.


He must be getting one and you need loan and I've got more in my new car. I'm scared. All of those men, I'm just out here hustling. I'm just out here working so I don't need it.


I knew him and he started bringing his cars in the house.


I like this movie and we got the big ass house in New York City.


I've got about me, guys. It's about to congratulate you, man. You are going to be hosting the bet.


Hip hop can walk my dog.


Don't hurt me, sir. Yes, sir. Proud of you.


Of man, because y'all ain't got all the damn sponsorships and, you know, corporate backing and all of that stuff like that.


And look what y'all that I mean, don't think we don't know.


If you got to watch Charlamagne man put you in a trick bag, you can already say we lost no money. You know, like, come on now get out of that car. Who reached out to you?


How did that happen? Those to he was making that call was so black man. I guess the ti heard that we were no MTV no more and they just hit us like a dude.


Also they was reaching out and then we also had people reach out to them. Once they tied in our pockets and we got the right people on the phone, it was like, hey guys, guess what?


I would totally be like, oh, going to be the.


Nobody gave us some insight, like with the ciphers and everything I got participating in Deciphers. No, we did.


You know, we did decide for last year and yeah. I think they kind of, you know, wanted us to, you know, kind of display that jumping in a different bag with the hosting this year. So we didn't do any of the Cyprus this year.


But I think last year it kind of led into, you know, them giving us a little bit more light in regards to knowing that we can flourish on that platform. So we basically just really know basically hosted the whole show. You know, I mean, it's different this year because I said, well, this is the first one is not live, not taped live rather. So I mean, this is kind of revolutionary in the sense that we're going to be doing it when I won't be able to look at it in a different light while we sensual.


But we still hosting an awards show. You know, I'm saying. So I think it's going to be, though, when people say, well, we did not.


Carlos, do you. Oh, Charlamagne. Five minutes. Right when we did this big press release. Right. And we announced that you guys on his his network, you know, I said Chico because.


Well, first of all, your. First of all, let's be clear about something they not on a network, they partners, partners with the right partners. Now, why do that? Why don't they have Carlos Miller claiming it wasn't Carlos, it was Chicos.


So you got people in that you need to go drink some coffee.


You know what it is? Me. I'm a tell you what it is. When I brought up this and the radio station that was up there with him, know what I told you?


You make can be made by the West. You already know what it was like in the old man I brought up that wasn't thinking about what was it was it was a marriage is a marriage, not the marijuana.


Let that one. It was the drama. I was wrong about it because you still mad about night. We could be.


How great is your life. Good thing man. It is what it is. But now let's at Clayton is definitely a part of the past passed out show. He's his own individual. He actually wrote was he right on the award show. So, you know, it's all family. So it's not like he said somebody who's not involved with the team. But you got to do better retainment.


Not even now. If I want to see the it says that eighty five s show Chico being DC young Clayton English. That's what he said. That's what the prep the prep school naked eliminated low stay.


Oh Lord have mercy low. Got this reading. Got them problem with us every day.


Only one that lives in.


You mentioned it earlier. How did, how did the news a while. And what impact will it hurt. Because they didn't even call us. We found that on to it. No, no way. I feel like we found out how to found out.


No managerially on the Internet we would like to say hey can I apologize?


Get forty two hundred people go the window. It was it was really just a stepping stone at the end of the day. Don't matter. Last night did he hurt he. Yeah. Because I feel like to even with my brothers this is probably was our first cool industry show. We knew for a fact that they was going to play reruns for the next 15 to 20 years. Absolutely. And once that was taken off, the air was like, OK, now that longevity is gone, we got to create another longevity platform that eighty five s show young man did that.


That's what I'm saying.


But it's kind of like open up the gateway which is like I that's off the air.


We want to do it now. I think. I think it's over though now. I think it's going to listen. I hope that there's some type of beacon of hope to where it can come back the right way. But, you know, for us is when when we say it's always just like, you know, I mean, it is the host, then we ain't even thinking about going back. They're going on.


This is not the last day we've got. No, no, no, no, no. I'm going to ask you to be the host. Yeah. I mean, it was all over the thing. It was always. There was always and there was room in DC. I wanted to be like giving me. I'm not oh God, he's not over tonight.


And he hired me, you see me. So it's like it'd be a big step for me to go I corporate, which I want me to do. But I don't know how the game gets down with me like that. You only what I could bring you in. I want to be a part of a family, everybody in his family.


So it's not like going to work situation is like you going to school and going to tell them what to do.


What did you say to the principal after his comments, like when you all called him personally on the phone? It was a lot of fun.


You know, I'm saying he needed a moment. Yeah, you now, Oge to you, man, you know, I'm saying to myself, you see me and it end of the day, we still behind. You know, I'm saying just as a as a standpoint, as a friend, as a brother, we behind him because FRSS so we built a chemistry from while we took a lot from and you know why it was so crazy.


And I was just saying these were my people. I was like, Brooke, it's the three of us. Right. We bring in that eighty thousand people like on our own. You know, I try to go go to a show, bring out twenty two from nine together. That's right. Bringing that ten thousand people man as powerful. Yeah. Yeah.


And it represents the unity and group operation black people need to have like we can all get done individually and collectively man we can get the whole building right.


I mean but that's, that's a big issue that I think we have is just, you know, being able to understand that you can trust your brother. You know, we got an individualistic mystate when they come, especially in the entertainment industry. Everybody want to be the man. When you can look to your left and look to your right, you don't know what your partner is like somebody you love them where you can progress into coming into, you know, all the things that you dreamed of having.


And you can look. And share the spotlight, ensure that those rewards for people that you really genuinely care about love is a much better, is much more complex than my skin and being able to do anything that you do, a long maintained weren't meant to drain workers cliches is that we got more with the eighty five staff shows that don't move is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall.


I mean the guy we are at the Breakfast Club was still kicking it with the eighty five s show. You know, they hosted the BET Awards to beat hip hop awards I should say.


Gee that's how you guys Busta Rhymes with this battle coming up. Obviously your fans of Busted know the lyrics. You know, you had a teleprompter.


You know, I mean, I've been doing that for years, that I was just an opportunity.


You know, that's a perfect example of season, the opportunity like I was planning on doing. But when DC jumped at all.


I was like, well, here we go. So who wins? Who ya got to go to plant? And I don't know me, but have you been to. It's been both. You don't play leaks. He played an hour and 45 minutes Mauffray gold, platinum song and video.


So as you said, he battled who you think about. How did he get out of bed of Birdman?


As I say, they got it back to the most money they got.


Oh, my God. Look at the worst contract.


De de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de la Kinsley.


Bombardment Birmingham from the waves to the Nikki's to the drug money party fresh to cash money time as well.


Whoever he was, the battle is not about them rapping. It's about the collection of music that they've been a part of things they have, they have that. So I just think, you know, just aesthetics of it.


I think it would be Dr. Drew and he will be the biggest one that could be made personal loans I thought about this weekend, man, because I remember when you was here last time you were talking about you don't mind spoiling a woman. So what you thought about sweeties, about the Burgundy, about men buying Bergen bags and paying bills, they can't do that. Send them back to the street.


So that's how you know that these people really don't have the money. You can't just walk up in the store. And I don't know why that was a conversation.


I feel like I need to be best property is going to be until you get them up to see me.


Out of the three of you, who is the most likely to buy a bargain?


I think they seek rather rich Bourbon Street.


I'm definitely not by a no brainer.


Go ahead. Hey, you can send me back to the I'm on the streets. I got my hand on that level yet again.


I might get a bag of some.


You know, his name has more reasonable.


Look, what are you bringing to the table to make that justifiable? You know, I'm saying like, what are you doing to make a man who has garnered enough wages to be able to go out and spend that type of money with what is the trade off? Because if it's just if it's just sex, then that's not worth anything. And paying your bills and all that, what comes with that?


Yeah, I feel like this is a big question. You should probably get him exactly like these. I'm sure he today. And he probably has bought his share of bargains in his day, but his woman and his wife has done so much to help him stay in their status, to be able to push him to become a better man in order to receive those type of things and put him in a position to do those type of things.


So I think that's left up to a woman and a black man I like. She's going to be on black. She might not be your friend. And we already know what it was. Every time I see you out to act like you don't know who I am.


The Black Sea coming out of my flight.


Solomon Oh, I thought about the last time I see the law. You know, you are due to the CIA when the world was over, I believe body in every time I see out of the body and we always got to get reintroduced to be.


Nice to meet you.


That's ridiculous. Full time. Have you ever had a woman held you down, like when you didn't have it like that and struggling maybe. Have you ever had a woman take care of?


You know, I can't say that I had a woman help me with.


No, because when I was when I come back, when I have nothing, I have a moment.


But the time when it's real right now, you know, when you kill a man, once you get past 15, 20. So I can't say that a woman was with me when I was I had nothing. Now my head might have put up and still stay with my sister, but we just save your money right now.


But I don't mean I've had a woman see me trying to make it happen and stumbling and falling a couple of times and say, OK, let me help you out, or, you know, just look out in that regard. But I never reached out. I'm like, look, man, you got some you got a couple of dollars.


I love my mama. My momma didn't, you know, I mean, she ain't gave me nothing in years. Everything was all right. I'm responsible for what you need, not what you want. So once I got to when I was responsible for myself, I have been that way for a long time. So I just don't feel comfortable asking for help. Now, if you see me and you decide you want to do that and that's cool, I'm the same way.


Like, I don't give anything I expect. But I mean, I'm saying not you know, they don't flex.


How do I do with money? Like, you have to literally have a conversation and been around her.


You like shouting, oh, I didn't out being even like you carry yourself like you don't want nobody. No.


See, do you have an all the cars and all that trying to sound corny.


I want to hold me down. I had a rich one before you did you did you like her where you were just kind she ladies handbags.




My oh you may have enough money on it on the nightstand or nothing.


No my mom I never even did it so I definitely had this.


I was raised different in my life when I figured it out.


I'm going to school. My mom let me drive on on just get you on the zoom now don't go take. No, you just got to let it happen.


You see, you get not down but they come back. How will I get a bill.


Look out ladies.


That held us down before. It is not you are not more picky with the women. You are choosing to be with natto because your, your, your status is up and your money is up.


I ain't got nothing to do with it. I think who you are, you know, money don't do no ellerby whoever you were before you got the access that you have, different types of women may change who you are and what you desire. You shouldn't elevate because of the amount of money that you have. You know, I mean, in my opinion, it should be you should just be able to find better quality relationships with the women that you already have connections with and everything.


You know, I don't think that you should just change up and start going to look for where your money should dictate you have and you should be the person that you are, regardless of what your financial status is. So I'm still the same person that I was. If you can't hold the conversation, I don't care what you look like. You can be the best woman in the world. You're not going to get my brain or as much that I'm saying.


Like you said, the money is just enhanced, like it's a different ball game. If you just look, let's do it with the money. But if you do choose before the break, you still can't flirt like money, just like the make up, you know, do make it look a little bit. But ugly news.


And I'm speaking from experience. They know how to have conversation. They know how to make a woman laugh. They have other attributes other than their looks.


Now, an indication that the end of the day, you still early on in the conversation, you don't want me to do girl posting the vacation pictures. I have to put that emoji over your face.


You know, you want to see I know you like we got more with the eighty five s show that dcom fly. Carlos Miller in Chico Bee when we come back. Don't move us to Breakfast Club.


Good morning, T.J. and Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is still kicking it with the eighty five s show guys, which is Chico being Carlos Miller in DC Young Florida, DC. You've been trying to ask this question all morning long.


What you want to know, DC Angelie how you meet your little black, green, white, a questions about and how you meet a little but three new people that knew him.


It was like an introduction from other people that we have mutual friends and then we don't want to travel, so we want to relax and that's how we laugh about you.


The Borking, you know, he didn't you know. You want one? No, I don't want to work.


And you don't get it twisted.


You got a bunch of crib's, a bunch of real estate, a bunch of houses you got got to know what you got and you got some you can borrow for six six. I'm to be honest for you what you got going on.


But you said I just never really wanted that because I am the type of person that would rather spend that money on something else. So like there's been times in my name I want to buy me something. I'd be like, nah, I think that's a waste of money. I wouldn't want somebody to buy me something that I didn't think was worth me buying myself.


It was a more to say and I don't know, pushing this weight on my stomach.


I had no thoughts and nothing on the.


I'm just waiting for this bill was well known, lay back down. Hey, man, I'm happy they said the BET Hip Hop Awards make sure we are watching who killed it. And it's time for the 20 push ups. And you must be already ready to make the ladies stick your neck out in your love.


I know Benny Hill better. This don't work for me. I wish I would use some lady. Anything I man like you done to be straight. I don't use it all.


And this right here is the truth. Why it should stay with you forever. You can swear you ain't will never be blessed with this. Never on time. At three forty two.


An indoor Easter egg roll is for three or four days.


You guys are checking in there. We appreciate you. We look forward to seeing you out on BET and thank you. Yeah, I always try to get rid of us.


Maybe, I don't know, maybe nobody are about to speak out.


He he statter. He said thank you. I'll be looking. Oh, I'll be like, oh please.


Just call you. You said you can't wait to get off and lay back down. You said that.


I said whenever this is over, unfortunately, Baghdad that I was ready for it to be over. I like Russia as all of you.


Are we going you know, I'm a woman here. How I heard it. And what I heard was, oh, I can't wait back down, Angela, which I've been doing during the day because that's the right all behind.


Good. You can't wait at my house. Oh, you got it. You got you got a winery.


I got to hold the bar. Yeah. You had to leave. Leave that by the sound like little Webbe. Angela, Angela, you live in one of them. How to look like that. They solve murder mysteries in like you know, when they sit in the fireplace.


You guys have a brownstone in Brooklyn. Like I started a company.


People I don't like the way you've been keeping your skin treat us up.


But yeah, I think I'm pretty orange lately.


You know, that pandemic shut the doors down. I want was to go back down. He was like, wait a minute. What you mean in dermatology?


Oh, I'm letting it go. I got the great flourishing Namsan. Oh well. Can't do all the Beijing in Vitol and we took all the Beijing anyway.


I don't use Beijing as a dam like you used because I'm just for men. Right. Just for men.


Just for me. I'm sure it doesn't work. Just don't work this right here.


Braided your hair, young lady, with the mightiest grip in the world actually down here. They let our name is do they that we need to have that she can do this. Then you got a full head of hair. You really got no excuse. I'll go on to work at Corleone. Fabulous dude. Yeah, my my boy. Little shocked to hear. Yeah. Yeah. I'm saying growing not only the.


Oh man. I was born in March. Of course this boy got brains. What you made.


Yeah. Yeah. So what are you going to do. What are you going to do about the front part.


Not only that already the Lord did his part with the front, but I don't care. He's just about a lot of the things that we subscribe to is coping mechanisms was taken away from us this year. So for me, once I started with the, you know, not getting their hair cut, it just really showed it gave me an opportunity to be able to show. Are you able to really look at yourself in your true essence or whatever it is and be OK with that and be comfortable with that?


And most people what for me is just like this is what I really look like if I ain't got no maintenance or whatever. And once I went past that, now I'm part of about all my childhood dreams. Get all the break you have on the side that I want you not man escaping either.


I don't need help to do that. I know that's not a service that I used to get and I didn't know you what you like, you know, and don't do that no better just showing up with no make it look like this.


I don't as a leader like I think that definitely say first of all, it benefits you because it make it look bigger when you shave it because they have taken with hair no harm.


Right. I love that. I don't need that help. No, I never had. Come on.


Hey, man, I got to say my look now and then you go from my got I Lenoy on it.


And if you want me to perform oral sex on you, I think it's only polite to shave down here.




You know, the big enough you go read the pubes anyway and it's not like the hair on your sharf, the hair looks heavy getting out and everything. And then you pull in here at your mouth. Hey, are you guys, as Pete himself knows this?


That's like saying you can't kiss him with a beard. Well, it's disappointing that you seem to agree with you say that you think you need to. I'm trying to come up with that.


I got to be at home to meet television. Everything OK with me is great. Listen, man, I'm proud of your man.


I've been showing the love for life. I always love him.


Thank you, man. Appreciate child as always. Yes, sir. All right.


Shall I go lay down right now? Eighty five Breakfast Club. Good morning. I don't think I'm affecting all around you. I want this man to comply with man Charlamagne the top. Let's go to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose, you know, the Breakfast Club, whose donkey, the day to day donkey today goes to Elston's Stevenson, who is Elstein Stephensen.


He is a man from Chicago who has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. I know what you're thinking right now. So what? People get sentenced to 15 years of prison sentences every day. And you're right, they do. But what if I told you I have never in my life heard of a person going to prison for what Elstein Stevenson went to prison for? He has to get some points for originality people. Now, years ago, I saw a brother that we all know and respect, Big Fandi on social media.


Big Fendi posted a picture of himself at the Neckers sharp funeral home, big fancy head on a nice coat and tie.


He had his shades on fresh haircut. He looked very dapper. He had the drug kingpin getting sentenced today. So let me look presentable in front of the judge and the jury. But it wasn't the entire that big Fenty was wearing that was intriguing about the picture. It was the caption, let me remind you all of the location neckers, Sharpe funeral home Fenty posed in front of the funeral home with the caption, I stopped by one of my biggest hate is funeral today just to make sure that N-word was dead.


Hashtag All right, Boso. Now, I'm telling you that story because until today, that was the most Patti LaBelle poster I'd ever seen in my life, I often think to myself, is there is there anyone I dislike that much? No, no. Because even if I just like you, even if I don't, why would you? Even if I choose not to be around you and don't want you around me, I don't hate you. Nor do I wish death on you because I need you to be alive to see me, Shannon.


OK, I want you to be alive to continue to witness God's divine design engineering in my life. I need you to see me winning, OK? This is why I don't block any of my enemies on social media. How are they going to witness God preparing the table for me in the presence of my enemies if I block my enemies on social media? So I don't wish death on them. But if they do die, I often wonder what I care to go to their funeral to make sure this news of them passing is absolutely true.


No, no, I don't think my pity is set up that way. Nor would I rejoice to be happy that, you know, somebody that dislikes me, hates me, died OK. But brothers like big spending. Elstein Stevenson, they're petty, is set up very different than mine. And at some point in life, I need to ask both both of those brothers, what did these people do to you that made you react this way? You always have to hear both sides.


Like I don't know why Efendi went to one of his haters funerals to make sure he was dead, but I'm sure there's a perfectly good, logical reason behind it. Just like I know Elstein Stephensen probably had a perfectly good, logical reason for doing what he did, which, by the way, on a petty scale of one to fifty cent, one being the least petty, fifty cent being the most petty, this isn't even on the scale. This one is off the charts.


OK, big funding. Going to the funeral home is a fifty cent on the pay scale. I can see fifty doing something like that. But what else did Stephenson did. Has never been done before. Never, never even seen it in movies. If there's a scene like this school me put me on because I haven't seen it. But in the words of Blue Ivy's father to say in a movie, this is real life. Would you like to know what else did Stevenson did?


Let's go to ABC seven for the report, please.


There are hundreds of funeral processions from Chicago to suburban cemeteries every month. Most are reverent and safe, but there is unrest at some of these emotionally charged events, usually sparked by gang retaliation, according to police. Tonight, the team with new video as authorities respond to shots fired in a suburban cemetery. Police arresting fifty six year old Illston Stephenson, prosecutors say, at a graveside service with mourners looking on. Stevenson said you deserved it as he fired a single shot at the grave of a Palos Heights man recently murdered in his house, suburban home.


No one was hit by the gunfire. Stevenson, a multiple felon, has pleaded not guilty to gun charges.


Hmm hmm hmm. Elston Stevenson fired a gun into the grave of a murder victim during his burial service and screamed out, You ain't you got what you deserved. Now, I have heard about spitting on someone's grave. I have heard about peeing on someone's grave, but shooting into someone's grave, someone who actually already got murdered. Like what? You're trying to kill them twice. Let me tell you something. These are some words from your Uncle Charlotte. And I want you to remember I want you to remember.


Listen to me. If you've never listened to me before, hating people takes too much energy. Just pretend they're dead. I repeat, hating people takes too much energy. Just pretend they're dead. But if they are really dead, like literally dead, let the deadline.


Because I'll tell you what, if I really dislike someone, I'm not going to throw my life away for them. Elstein, Stephensen, whoever the app was that you didn't like, he's dead. But he got the last laugh because now you are in jail for the next 15 years and you almost 60 years old.


So you have to spend to senior years of your life your best getting free pancakes from IHOP. Yeah, you got to spend those locked up behind bars. You won't get out until you like seventy five or seventy six and it's no guarantee you coming out alive at that age. So I asked you one simple question.


Elton Stephenson, was it worth it? Please let me give Elton Stephenson the biggest.


He ha he Harkey you stupid mother you dumb see. I go from I didn't necessarily like that what was the what what did you get arrested for? Can't be attempted murder. Can't be murder. What does it have to do with murder?


Like, what was the charge was firing. What was his charge? Illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


Yes, because it's not reckless. Because he shot down into the grave is not going to bounce back, right? No, that's not true.


When the U.S. attorney said when a felon brings a loaded gun to a populated area and uses the gun and threatened and endangered strangers, this conduct will not be tolerated. The mourners were all in the immediate vicinity of the defendant when he produced the loaded weapon, and they were all placed in danger by the defendant's reckless firing of the weapon into the gravesite.


All right, and rest in peace, Tamarod Talib, he was thirty nine years old, that's whose grave Elstein Stevenson was shooting in. All right. Mm hmm. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey of the day.


Keep it like we have more.


Coming up next is the Breakfast Club because the phone call 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Good morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Now, if you just join us or we talk Yeezy, we were talking about Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend. Apparently he already was in a relationship. He's engaged with his fiancee and she found out that he was dating Katie Holmes, just like we found out from the tabloids. And he broke up with her allegedly via text message. His name is Chef Emilio Vitello Jr..


So is it wrong to break up with somebody via text message? What do you think? This is a good topic. Yeah, go ahead. I think so.


I think it's wrong. I think it's cowardly. I think that's something that you do face to face or you do over the phone. I just don't think you send out a text like, hey, it's always a wrap on yourself, you know, and especially if you're dating somebody, you've been seeing him for a long time.


Just like yourself. Yeah, like one yourself. You're outgoing to see you later.


Oh, I don't think it's five or forty two of it, but yeah, I do think it's fair.


I think it depends what type of weapons the woman has.


You know, I'm saying is she a gun owner, can she shoot. How far does her brothers, fathers, uncles live from her. Does she have a big ass dog. Is she cooking grits when you hit the crib? Hot tea. Make sure that is boiling on the stove when you break up with her that she trained me karate, that she owned a knife, mace, maybe a lot of various factors that go into whether or not you should break up with a woman in person.


I didn't think about that. If if they're violent person, then yes.


But if it's just a face to face to somebody like that. See, here's the thing.


If you really loved somebody at some point and cared about them, you should do it in person. But what he did was so foul she got to see all these pictures of them, hug them all over town looking like a couple. You have a fiancee at home and that's how she finds out.


Maybe you just are embarrassed.


And now keep in mind, you know, we're old school, right. And a lot of ways. Right. So a lot of this new way of communicating is via text. It is Vadum, you know, it is voice message. Voice message. Can you do a voice message, Kailey? Voice message.


You can't leave no damn voice message. So I have to say I have to break up with the person in person.


I think it's only right. I don't know.


I mean, it's the right thing to do, but do we always do the right thing? And then I also kind of compare it to getting fired from a job. Right. Like a lot of people get mad when you lose your job and they make you come to work, you work the whole day or you come in and they're like, yeah, we're going to have to let you go. Like, damn, they could couldn't tell me this at home.


Now, what if you want to go with the person and they pull out a phone and start recording you? I'm like, look at this person's crying tears. Look, this jerk, it just broke up with me in front of all of these people. Imagine what I'm saying.


I don't know about that in person thing nowadays, but in twenty twenty five, to be honest with you. All right.


Well, let's go to the phone lines. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Hello.


Who's this next to yours. No, wait a moment.


What do you think about breaking breaking up with somebody through texts are doing the gossip for the years. I went over to take me down. He wanted to go. Wow. Oh, well, hold on for this hour when I'm OK lying.


Why we haven't gotten together.


You know, it's crazy that you say that they have a dog together to get I mean, you're anxious to keep the dog.


Yeah. Yeah, I still got her.


That's right.


Does he have you kick her every now and then just because. No, no, no, no.


I didn't get to see the dog. Does he get visitation? Oh, no, no, no, no. We're going together. They go to work. Tell me that it's OK with Merkley's.


So when was he supposed to tell you? How would you have person tell you in person over the phone? Oh, he was safer. Actually, he was safe. But let me through a text message because exactly what I would be if I was in. Right. And so I think he did a good job, but I just turned around, went home and told me not to go ahead and go see this thing for both of us at this moment.


So, you know. All right.


Well, thank you. You miss day detail.


What you miss will show me the dog. Oh, keep it like we have more.


Coming up next is The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody. Is the. N.V. Angeles, Charlamagne God, we are the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest on the line right now, Mellado Big Lato is n now.


Now for people that don't know this, let's talk about how you started. Let's start from the beginning. You started rapping at ten and a lot of people seeing you from the rap games. Let's talk about how you got to the rap game and you won and how you got into the industry.


I was, I was like eight, nine, ten years ago. And that really just started with, like, open my talent shows, pep rallies or whatever, like in my seat. And I just grew a social media outlet based off that. And YouTube views was crazy.


So what made you do it was when your parents in the rap game or you just love music at that early of age now.


So it was crazy. You still like my daddy, like history, do whatever. So you would be like a real rappers and stuff like it. But he would build cars so he would have like Kinki cause you know, rooms and stuff like that and rappers would put it in the video. So I would, I was against girls. I would say video shows them just in the studio now. So like I don't know, I just grew up in that environment.


But yes. So doing reggae and people see my social media following, they reach out to put a rap game. This is prior to Jamaica being a part of the show, prior to being the rap game, prior to Lifetime, prior to even being a competition show, period. So that that's had reckoning happen ever since then. You turned down a deal with Independent for five years and just with our own resources.


There you go now with the rap game. Now, I know JT was, I guess, up on the show. Were you ever side to him? Because I know it was some of the thing where he got part of some of the artists that came out of it. Will you have a song? It was his part with your deal, if there's any.


No, I was never signed to him. I was in like a situation a lifetime in my future reality shows or whatever. But I nothing which I mean, I was putting a contract like six months or six months to a year after I had won the show. I was presented a contract, but I didn't take you. And I don't know, they they really just wasn't organized. It was for season one. I can't speak for the other ones.


I see the one the fighting was super low, like the bar, which is low. My baby have no expectations.


They didn't think it would take off at the good for you that you didn't that you were on there early enough that you didn't get stuck in a situation like that. I always tell people, if you want to know anything about Mellado, listen to No Hook, because you talk about a lot of stuff on a song and it does get very personal things about you that we wouldn't have known just from watching you, except the rap game. Still happy I signed it.


That's that's the hard part.


You have an amazing night with my life, with my friends. Crazy like twenty one years old from the show that I did five years ago. For people to be like, I just can't see how wrong I'm like, I can't hear rap. I get so annoying. Isn't that cute. So it's just annoying when people don't let me go.


Now at twenty one you got a lot of fans, a lot of people following you, a lot of kids. Does it any pressure being a role model.


It it is like in the beginning I would be like now I'm not nobody role model. Like I'm, I'm still growing up whatever. But like the older I get is like OK, whether or not I like I am a role model. So it's kind of just a responsibility that I just have to put on my back. I still am someone, so I don't blame myself, but I am aware of the fact like whether or not I like it.


I am a role model to other girls.


Other rappers I know you hate when you got arrested. Right. And people was talking, you know, shit about you. And at that moment you couldn't defend yourself and say what happened. So looking back on that experience, what did something like that teach you? Because people were going, hey, I'm and I'm sure these people you even thought you was cool with, that was a good thing.


Yeah, that was a crazy experience. Like, I was racially profiled and I went to jail or something based off of officers like say so. Like they said, they gave a description of the girl who brought some prostitute who robbed me and she was light skinned with tattoos and a week's elections or whatever. So they the police officer was like, yeah, this this mulatto, you can Google him.


So they told you a prostitute, they thought you was selling your body and came and arrested. You may.


So I was doing that. I know I had a warrant out for my race. That that gives me probable. So APD for his family, they put out this BOLO for the description of the girl. I know.


But I had a warrant out for my son who so I can get the wine in the with him. So I got a warrant.


I'm trying to go out of the country. And he pulled out off the plane in front of the airport, people screaming like we were going on outside.


So that was definitely embarrassing, especially. When you owe your money, so this like this very obvious to me, like that's a bit straight to the heart. I'm like, Oh yeah, I got what I will say.


We had a conversation earlier about this Birkin bag that's been all over Instagram the last couple days, right? Yeah.


So so what I want to know, do you own a Birkin bag? And two, do you feel like if a bond, your Birkin bag or paying your bills, you toss it back to the street?


OK, so I feel OK first of all. Yeah, I do that. I got one breakfast but I only Odean on for two days.


I just about like I just knew what I was getting by, pretty much like the baby bag and I was the most expensive in my collection but is so great.


Like I was in the club one time and I was like oh never because of that, like that, you know, it's not at all like but it's not. I feel like I got money so I can buy my own birthday so you can buy me a back what I need you on the team for, you know, but like I think people be thinking outside of a standard line.


So you were indeed a guy if and couldn't do that, like if he didn't have the means to do that.


If he loved you, he loved you. Every night he called you here, he bathed you. He had a nice job but couldn't afford to buy you a ten dollar bag.


But he loved you and everything else. He loyal where we can have a guarantee that we're not going anywhere. We knew him that all I'm saying, I mean, we can't guarantee that. But we're in a country where you could be in a perfect world if I knew, like, he was 100 percent faithful and everything else. But man is down. So it's like I'm not going to get cheated on in all day. And you can do for me what I can do for myself.


So that's why I'm thinking like that. But in a perfect world, if he was faithful. Yeah, but if he was faithful and everything else was perfect. You owe me a dollar, by the way, to.


Yikes. I don't know why. All right. I'll tell you what. I'm still without you.


You know, why do you. Right. Daddy taught you? Well, I just told my daughter to say if they all met a dog, I'll trust them. But go ahead. I'm sorry you right.


Now, listen, did your dad get to meet any of the guys that you date? Like, was he cool with your ex?


He met one. He only made one two. And that was my ex. I was with him for two years, so he met him. But I never introduced nobody else to my date since then.


And it was almost three years ago, I was going to say, even with you, with your lyrics, do you ever feel a certain way you're funny playing your lyrics for your dad, but like, sometimes you just talk to stuff that you might be like. I don't want to play that for that.


Oh, know, I don't play anything for Daddy and we don't he don't come to the studio with me no more.


We we listen to my songs together as my band because he he understands and he wasn't always like that, is not it.


It's not always party to this day. But for the most part we we got we respect each other and, you know, I know certain things I don't want him to see or do in front of him.


So I you know, I guess if we got more with Mellado, a big lot of when we come back, let's get into her joints. Move Up is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. That was Move Up from Mellado and we kicking it with Mellado. She's here now.


She now has everything with Performa because I know you've started to move back around. So how do you feel now with, you know, obviously it's been a pandemic. Things have been shut down. You put an album out in the midst of all of that. So how has it been for you moving around?


Oh, I get criticized in training for it. But it's like, you know, especially the fact that I shot the project seems like people is going to have something to say regardless. So it's like I'm a personal project, because if I'm not, they're going to say I'm just got to take precautions when I wear my meds that take my surroundings and I write this I like to do.


And what I also love is seeing you with all these different women doing songs, collaboration, supporting other women. So do you feel like you've gotten that same support back as well? I think so.


I feel like the energy you put out is the energy that you seeing. So it's like if you could be stepping off people next, me just real cocky, like Mitt of you like in a not competitive way, like in a like a group like competition. I see words. What did you vote not be embraced initially, but I feel like I did the most love low key, like everybody was repulsed by my project and become numb to my pictures.


Like so many people be respecting me in a dream like they should be like, sorry, I see you grinding to a female's ambulance though. So I feel like because I was like everybody else and I show everybody else this energy that I think it was the only problem I have with women.


All this is I don't know why people compare women so much like they can't be caught doing her thing. Meghan, do a hot thing. Like, it's like why why they compare, like it only could be one in a about Eli lately. The thing is they like the you're not making this happen right now. So they always compare me making out a little bit because we both from the South. But I hate that because, like, I'm really a fan of this girl today.


How was filming the video where Cardium again? And did you know you were on these radar like that now?


So, OK, I don't even know. I know like a little bit before to watch Video Al-Qadi follow me on Instagram. And I just thought it was so cool because I'm like, I didn't even know she knew who I was, but then who's out of town? And my manager had got a call or email or something like that. It's on her team saying that they wanted me to a video and I just thought it was so cool. But before I even knew that making was a part of the before I knew that the other was going to be in the video or whatever.


So it is like unfolding. And then I'll say maybe wasn't there, but I'm make them before like before I took office, the one that had I was familiar already. And I told her when I met her that I was already there, but that was my first time card and she was just so humble. I saw the real genuine honesty. And I she she real I miss. And even since like she needed me, like I, I mean, I saw you like so I mean I know what the people in them whatever and I see the army stop.


Don't do they do it right after they tell you to stop it at all with thirty people. Now you also say because I want to get back to this because I feel like this was the most in and I can't even imagine what she was going through when you wrote this. Right. Can you talk about another hook and what you were going through that made you decide to like spill everything?


Yeah, I feel like I just needed a moment where my fears could resonate with me and just see, like, a more vulnerable side because, you know, like we besides the people, just they they think like you out of reach. I know people have this image for, like celebrities. I don't think we regular anymore. So I just wanted to, like, go back to my roots and let people know, like, here you are seeing me in makeup and wigs and stuff and live in the quote unquote life.


Look it look pretty on house. I want to go home human. I still go through regular problems and everything else that I was talking about is still everything, including my go to say.


How did you overcome all of that? I mean, you talk about your family acting funny. You talked about abusive relationship. You talk about a lot that was going on.


And, you know, at the time, how old were you at the time when you put out, like, how how did you possibly go through all of that on your own, you know?


Yeah. So I was I have overcame it. I'm just learning how to deal with it in ways as hard as I can put up the song and I kind of just get stuff like this, like therapy for me. So I'm still learning.


How did you leave the abusive relationship? Because a lot of women, a lot of young girls are in relationships where they feel like their man is taking advantage of them, beating them abusive and making them feel to make them more powerful. So how did you get through that?


I don't know. I just kind of like you at first about how the person outgrew the person.


And we just went our separate ways like I was young. So I feel like as I was getting older, it was kind of like this. I mean, so it was just fortunately I was able to just pack up and leave on my own. It wasn't like a major incident that was like, no, I can't do this. No, I was everybody everybody's situation. I'll go at it. So that's right.


You said you even though she was pregnant at one point. I know you was I dodged the bullet with that one boy.


Oh, no, no. Are you still banned from Ozio? Yes, me and my sister.


Who did you beat up so bad that they had to ban you from it? I don't even know who who it was. I just did a random checks for women. Yeah.


They probably to see these changes and reveal themselves, though. I don't even know. I don't even know what they look like. But this is after one of us is the volleyball games, you know, like people. This was a rap game coming out and stuff. And it's like people just, you know, you stay out of public now. I'm like, I'm getting used to the fame. I'm still moving like one hundred percent regular person know.


So that was that was kind of my fault, too.


There you go. That's great. I guess I take responsibility for that. Yeah.


Possession went out without security and stuff like that.


So, you know, we've been hearing a lot of artists lately also about their deals. Right. And how they're structured and ownership and all of that. So with you and I know you're happy you didn't sign the contract that you had opportunities to sign, but are you happy like in your current situation? Are you good as Kanye West has been talking about his situations with the NBA young boy, Sanday? He has now part of United Masters, so when you think about that and yourself, what are your thoughts out there?


No, my dear. So it's kind of like honeymoon stage, but no, bill is perfect. I think people like the public, they see one complaint from the artist. They think like, oh, hey, in a 360, hey, everybody, get a dog. But it's like this hobby. It's not going to get along with the label. One hundred percent of the time I'd be arguing with my eyes about that. I like being sold that they don't like or songs they like and I don't like what I'm saying.


But me personally, I have had no relationship. I signed up for a year, so it's still like honeymoon stage. But I'm prepared for like disagreements that my accusations I don't think people forget. Absolutely.


All right. Well, I appreciate you checking in. Pick up the new project right now, Campbell. Thank you so much.


As big lotto as the breakfast this morning. Everybody is deejay and the Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club is on a positive note that's in positive note is simply this man.


This is a great quote from Lou Holtz, the legendary coach, Lou Holtz. Lou Holtz says, it's not the load that breaks you down is the way you carry it. That one right there for anybody going through anything today that they think is too much for them to bear.


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