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The Breakfast Club. What the hell is this? Look at that, like a megaphone. I just took over your this Chris Brown have officially joined the Breakfast Club, say some unweighted world's most dangerous morning to show was scheduled to take your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed. But we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this is Anthony, and he was swimming one morning at Mariangela the morning unless something got there.


I'm here. Sir, I'm here. He's here in. Good morning. Remembering your. Sorry. These are no questions for you. What do you believe, Charlamagne? Someone like individualise me. Wow. We believe. I agree. Why did you say you janvi bullied me not to be bullied. Me. I get bullied on this show and I agree with you sir. What do you think I should do. Should I go to jail? Give me a bag.


I think the best thing is to. He has the same hairstyle. That's right. You guys both have body. But the difference now, D.J. got we got the big headline. Yeah. That's the like. His hairline might be fake, but you can put yours like yours. You can see it starts in the back of your head, even a Tafero. And he's all right if you believe you. Yes. Yeah. You can see his feet like his hairline.


You just have to go to the barber shop. I think.


You flirting with me, bro? Are you flirting with me? You don't marry me. You didn't give me no advice about my bully situation. How am I bullying Charlamagne?


Yeah, you have a perfect Caroline. Like you don't have to go to the barber shop and get your haircut so you can just his hair like bullies mine actually go to the barber twice a week sir.


But I think I love the fact that you complimenting me. It's running back.


You can see your hairline, you can see the front of your life, your hair line. Sir, my line is good. I don't have to come ten minutes late because I'm in in the parking lot shaving my head.


You know, Fuzhou side you're on this morning was ten minutes late because they were shaving the head. Know you're a grown ass man. Talking about my hair line is that line. I think you're flirting with us, sir. That's so funny.


I just did this whole thing on here and I was talking about how men are so self-conscious about their hair lines.


I'm not I'm not at all. I don't want to not wear a hat if they don't have their hair cut. I didn't have a hat on yesterday when I need a haircut, man, that that's just me.


That's regardless. Hello, who's this? This is Tavaris Page of ours. Get it off your chest. I took issue with Charlamagne. I'm not sure if you part of the group either, but this whole black man don't cheat. Yes, I'm not coming up. I'm not coming up against the brothers or trying to steal secrets and all that.


And that's exactly what you're doing. I can smell it on your breath already this morning. What smell my breath. What I gave you this on the whole, I'm the whole reason my my father cheated on his wife. My dad did too.


So, OK, I'm here on the on account of that, you know. And you love child, huh. Yeah. There was no love involved in that. You know what I'm saying. That's called lust. That's a difference. That's what I'm saying in our community. He's heard there's a lot of kids, there's a lot of kids rejected because of this lust, David, and this whole false narrative of black men. Don't listen. I don't know if it's comical or sad, but I guess the comedy in it.


But, you know, comedy. I'm just a black man. Don't cheat. I don't know what grown ass black little boys do, but black men, we don't cheat. What I'm saying because I know. I know that's your father. Cause yo yo, that's what you're saying. Yes, I get OK, I get it now that's what you ok. I was just unaware of the comedy side of it, you know. And no, comedy is not a laughing matter.


You still speak to your dad being a real man. A real man does not cheat is what you're saying man.


Don't you answer the question, sir. Do you still speak to you that you know I love my father? OK, did you get out of the situation and problems and everything off your chest with him? With the help of God? Yes. OK, good.


Let me ask you a question. Did your father, your father, his wife or whoever he cheated on, how did you come to this world, devastate her? What happened? She embraced. She embraced me. That's why I love it to this day. She embraced me. And that's why I outreach to kids that there are rejected and have that same spirit upon them, that when they feel when they go out in the world, they don't have a father, they don't have a mother these days.


These crimes that have been committed, these things that are being committed in our community, there's a deep rooted thing that we have to dig up and really look at people. And that's what's going on in and out in our community right now is rejection.


Well, you're right. We're not rejecting your brother. We love you. Take love and remember. Love you all, too. I love you all, too. I appreciate you all. And remember, black men don't cheat.


All right, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


If you need to hit us up right now is the Breakfast Club. Come on. I'm telling you what my. All of you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.




Whose's. It was, bro. Get it off your chest, man. Just this morning, man. You and me both, bro.


Yeah, man. You know, just thanking the Lord and all sound of my family, my wife and my kids. We keep going on my way to work this one. I have a blast. You, my brother. Hello. Who's this? This is your one hundred. Hello, James. One hundred. Hit it off your chest. You sound like a cigarette. It's early. It's all about that we have here. Well, what's up, Mama?


Get it off your chest. You have a great day. So far. So far. It's a great day. So many blessings. I do have a jury. This is called One Hundred, but every single day I think about my brother that is in jail for because of police brutality for ten years and he's in jail because of police brutality. How to have he was about 15 years old and he was shot by police. They put him jail the whole time papers.


And he had his parents with them and put it, oh, my God, I'm sorry.


They basically forced me to confess to something that he didn't do. Good God. Yes, I'm sorry about that, Mama. And we can see how that can happen with everything that happened many times. That's awful. I went want to go visit him and the people of the world. Is that at least a little bit of a jail system here and. Well, I'm so sorry, Mama. What was my story? My the story. All very happy about that.


OK, well, thank you for calling to vent with us this morning. Thank you so much. I a good giving you two. Hello. Who's this. You were so chair. Hi. How are you doing. Bookaboo how are you doing. Good. I'm doing good. So Charlamagne what upsets. How are you. Listen I got a bone to pick with you.


What do you love picking my bone now. I'm, I'm tired of you Charlamagne. I am tired of you talking to you purposely go out of your way. Not to mention Jayco. When you talk about Larysa you are going to bring up Rapsody. You always want to bring up Kendrick Lamar. You always go out of your way, not to mention J. Cole, and I'm tired of it. That's not true. I just mentioned who I thoroughly enjoy.


And I'm not saying that J. Cole is not a lyricist. Those are just the two people that come to top of mind. When I think of super lyricists in this game, I think a Cole, I think a Rhapsody. I think a big song. That's what comes to my mind.


That's what I want you to know, that Cole can watch Rhapsody Koka watch Haydock that already touched the smoke of an American dream featuring easy. Listen to my brother.


I my brother. You need to go listen to Sid Joyner. Would Rhapsody in call Rhapsody clearly body DJ Cole on that record? Guys, you think otherwise you're really being biased but calling on I don't think calls on Katada Rapsody level, but that's just my opinion. And I want to quit about to old man. I have a good you have a good day.


Come on, tell me what to say. He's Tim Duncan. Say that what? Forget it. We did mention the other day we were talking about Larisa's. What was his name. I, i blue. Blue that I don't know who hit it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you're upset you need to finish this up. Now is the Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. Envy Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about scheduling sex. Now, where did this come from? You?


This came from Temari on the What to Expect podcasts, where she was talking about how she has a busy schedule. She has kids and she and her husband, Corey Hijikata, schedule when they'll be intimate to make sure their sex life is not neglected.


I mean, I think it's I don't think it's the sexiest thing. I think that sounds more like a job. Like I mean, I like what she said earlier.


Like, I'm like, OK, like, that just seems like we got to have sex Tuesday at 12 o'clock. Be there like that. Doesn't seem. But you can make it sexy if you say it like that. It doesn't sound sexy now if you say it like. All right baby. So let's see you get home at this time you're traveling here. You come home then. So I might surprise you. We're going to have an amazing product.


So let's get ready for that house approximately.


The schedule is on the schedule, but you don't know what she's going to do. That's the surprise. I mean, I wouldn't want to schedule sex. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a great appointment to have. But just scheduling sex and the gate, like impromptu sex, like all the impromptu sex that could possibly go down. Not to say that you can't sometimes have spontaneous sex when you can, but at least, you know, on these dates you get some.


Yeah. Now that I think about it, I might be on a schedule like weekends and made for Michelob. OK, you know, we got kids we hustlin during the week, you know what I'm saying?


That's my schedule is not every Saturday at eight. I mean, you know, game. You just know during the weekend, Friday, Saturday, like that's the days you at home out, you know what I mean? Kids would be in bed by eight o'clock night, you know, I mean, like, it's different, right? It's different. I like it. I think it's to make sure that you're not neglecting the other person, neglecting sex, because sometimes you can get so busy, you be like, damn, we didn't even have sex in two weeks as we've been so busy and tired.


And when I think about even sex, I think about that Tyler Perry movie. I think it was a Tyler Perry movie. It was a movie was annihilated and annihilated. I think we'll decide chick. And she was creeping with the white husband and she used to have to be at this hotel every week on a certain day.


And then one day the wife found out about the schedule. So one day she looked up and the wife was standing there. So I think about that when I think about appointment sex, you think about that meeting and Tyler Perry.


Yeah, it wasn't that the family that prays that I don't remember.


I just know that since nine we'll decide chicken. They had scheduled sex with the with the white husband like Madea's. Merry Christmas. So I don't know.


I don't remember what it was. I remember movie and I think it's a family that prays.


Hello, who's this is D. Hey, what's going on. What's up D? We want to hear from you this morning.


Yeah. Yeah. So let me get you on the schedule.


As far as I mean I personally don't have a following, especially with a busy couple, you know, but that doesn't mean that, you know, that's going to take away from the spice, the spontaneous. You can still have those baby picture this day of the week. I'm going get me.


So I'll give you something to look forward to. Why do women giggle when I say that this there.


Oh, yeah, that. So that's my point of view on that man. Oh, man. I'm with you.


All right. Thank you. Hello. Who's this? Natty and Catherine. Hi. Hey, guys. Are you guys are a couple. Hey, good morning. Whiteboarding. Guess not.


Good morning. We talk about scheduling sex. Are you guys a couple. No, no. This is my cousin. I'm taking her to work. So disgusting. Disgusting. You just call these two women who are cousins, a couple. And this is happening on the phone with you and ask the question.


Talk to me, Maddy and Captain, do I have Wednesdays scheduled for you both? Oh, my goodness.


Wow. First of all, I think that is is OK. I want to walk on my mat and it automatic on site not. Let's do this Monday at three o'clock. That way I will have no kids driving Toyota Corolla. And you know, you have time for that.


Some people don't have time for yo yo yo what her car got to do with this show. I had to do with it but don't kid park. Why you what's wrong with Toyota Corollas.


Thank you. I'm a teacher. Like what do you expect me to say. Yes anyway. No, I think of them ok. You think it's wack. I like that. Yeah. I don't think that means you're not allowed to do that if it's not on the schedule, it just means, you know, these particular days is going to happen.


Thank you. Absolutely. Yes. Every year Angela is Angela Lead and her eight hundred forty five.


I really want to know what her car had to do with it. That was disrespectful. She's she's like she's got no kids to drive a Corolla. Like the people with Korolenko got nothing to do with have on site sex when she getting a ride to work. Two. Exactly that. Absolutely. Eight hundred five eight five one two five. What we're talking about scheduling sex. What are your thoughts at the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Morning, everybody, is D.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the God We are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about scheduling sex. Right? What are your thoughts?


I think it's kind of it doesn't it doesn't seem spontaneous. It doesn't seem romantic. But ever since my nanny left, I might have to schedule more sex because my baby sleeps right in between me and my wife. And it's the worst thing ever. The best thing is your daughter. And, you know, but I'm like, can can Mommy and Daddy get some time?


Like, yeah, I don't agree with the scheduling sex either, but I'm actually not mad at it. I'm really sitting here thinking, would wipe Wednesdays be a great thing to add to the repertoire Toco to write in the wind and some people might schedule sex that they're trying to have a baby too.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's, that's something different.


But yeah. Because they're looking for when a woman. Yeah. Yeah. Now let's go to the phone lines.


Hello. Who's this. This is Joe. Joe, G.I. Joe. What's up. G.I. Joe from Miami. Joe. Joe. Oh Joe. Well, my back home sock posse novelette now I'm out of my way home from work man. I'm calling I, I like highly paid like you always say. Yes, sir. Oh I'm on my way home from work man. I just want to call and say I'm really happy. I'm about to close in on house and congratulations.


Thank you. Is really good for me. My girl and my son shout out to my girl Ashley, my son Jaylen. So I'm just I'm just happy and blessed.


Well, congratulations. You know, I'm happy for you. We were having a topic.


So the topic was, you know, do you schedule, do you schedule say good morning word that you're talking about scheduling sex with the wife.


Like have you do you have sex with the wife? Yeah, we do, man. I'm off every Friday on Fridays. No, that's it. Also Friday and I was a week man. I work 80 hours a week. So the on Fridays.


OK, so Fridays when you pick something and you get the going. That's true.


And try being doesn't that give you something that doesn't give you something to look forward to.


Absolutely. And is worth it. All right. That's right. Hello.


Who this is it. Or like the Jesus Alroy.


Like The Jetsons my man. What's happening now. Right Big Alroy Jackson energy future.


Say that again. Celebrate people future.


You say Elroy's big. You know what you can't get this morning, but. Oh yeah. Yeah no I take that take that all night. Yeah. Hard to get in contact with. Oh yeah. Real hard to get in contact with you. You have to say real hard twice like that. But go ahead man. You crazy crazy. Talk to me man. We're talking about scheduling sex bro.


No I was getting the session. You never know what happened and like it was. I know we're just rolling over in the living room, but you know, what about the budget? I get it.


Oh, is that you never know what happened. Like the Truman schedule, an appointment. You miss that woman. Something might come up. I'm with you. Exactly.


I'm with the rolling over the middle of I the actually five the child forever. You know, let's try to move that leg over. You know, I go move that leg over.


I feel you big future. Does she wake up. Oh, chill out. Chill out. Wait, we have a triangle cause that gives you a real estate man. I need you to let me off the land. Well, real estate, big land.


What you need, what you what you need. All right. No, I work with a credit dude already to get my credit straight, but I we have a minimum wage. We got our own company, Cody Holmes, just killed. Yeah. I guess we get probably all over. And I just need we need funding. And really that's the biggest thing. I know you seem to be a big I know you now big feet.


How need some money.


Pixie's huh. How are you moving all over the market.


I wrote you on Instagram LaRose's. I wrote your wife. No disrespect, nothing like that. But I wrote everybody I tried to contact, which I mean, hold on. Right.


All right. What's the story, guys?


I mean, the moral of the story is do what works for you. I'm a hostage. I can't be mad at scheduled sex. I mean, that's a great appointment to have. Right. But I have some me on the schedule. I'm not mad at it, but, you know, I just don't want to take away from the the spontaneity of sex.


I feel like my schedule is so jam packed with things that I'm that I got to do this. I got to do that. That be a nice thing to see on my schedule.


Big dance. What do you play that clip when he said yesterday about air go in off on Zoome with Daddy.


Big Daddy.


He's at the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's topic time. Got the phone call 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Good morning. If you're just joining us, we just asking I'm asking a serious question. No, I'm asking a serious question. I mean, if you listen to The Breakfast Club for the last 10 years that the life you noticed that I really think he's low, funny and funny is what you mean.


Like how funny? I don't know if you like. Would you be kind of funny because I don't know if it's funny or are you serious when he flirts with me all the time, not flirting with you. The problem is and all week and being an Angela, you've been off all week. You've been really, really, really flirting in. The final straw for me was when you played Trey Songz about 10, 15 minutes ago and kept looking at me as you were playing.


And I did not I think that disrespectful to my wife.


Well, let's let's go to the phone lines. A lot of people out of the question. What is the question we're asking? The way you flirt with me is that this is no way you flirt with me. Disrespect after me. Hello. Who's this? Hey, this is Brandi. Hey, Brandi is the way to me. This is the way to flirt with me. Disrespectful.


Yes. It's disrespectful to your wives and to yourself because you are not bisexual. You should be flirting with each other. Oh, wow.


So we disrespected both our wives. What you said. Yes, that's not right.


You know, I was in a relationship what to do with gay. It was hot. Oh, they don't feel good on one's behalf.


So you think. Hold on. So you think that we actually flirt with each other?


Yeah. Yeah. People are wedded to everyone and we flirt with me for. Really. So this is like a thing like this is really like they all really think we'd be flirting. She's an expert on this, but.




This is all well and wrong from having a good time to do the same face time.


So I need you to answer a question for me. Is it disrespectful of my wife? The way it reflects on me, the way he flirts with me is disrespectful to my wife.


Is so disrespectful that you don't accept a love that this man is given to you. Well, I'll write you a love note that love man. I think maybe you understand boys will be boys and girls and boys will be boys. This is just not on the radio. My goodness. Kumbayah. Hello. Who's this? This is Ray from Brooklyn.


Hey, Ray from Brooklyn. Ray right now. Not Brooklyn. Not Brooklyn right now. Royal boy. Yeah.


Oh, man. I need to ask you a question. Is she swept away and flirts with me.


The disrespect for my wife is a disrespect for the way he flows to me, to my wife.


OK, first of all, Uncle Salah. Yes. No, you talk about envy, but all the time. See, you are the one bringing up the butt, the gate of to everything when it comes, of course. And people leave me, you know, with you almost every time. And we even say anything that may refer to something that's not even on topic. You make it that way.


That is impossible. I did not invent a remix. Thank you so much. It's not true. He's disrespectful. Right? So you try to say be no flirts with me. No, I don't. You always flirt with me. Hello. Who's this? This is calm. Calm down. How are you? My wife. The way this guy knows him. Is it disrespectful to my wife?


The way you flirt with me, I come on now I have to tell the truth. OK, in the here along the line you are always messing with me and the girl.


I'm poopy finger and you know, Charlamagne is always messing with you. So it's Charlamagne that doesn't it.


Yes, it does. Thank you so much, Kim. This is unfair. Who is taking these calls? I'm I'm just. I'm just going to a random. Wow.


Hello. Who's this. How are you doing? This girl in Missouri. You to be talking a little too fast. Slow down. What's your name now?


Roland Martin, straight out of St. Louis, Missouri. You see this? Fine. OK, all right. Do you think it's disrespectful to him and his wife? I mean, wait, wait. Do you think it's disrespectful to my wife the way Andy flirts with me, my wife, the way you first with me.


Come on. This morning, I we playing with each other. This our guest room quarrels.


No, we you know what? That was a rule in the fifties and sixties, too.


I remember especially down south right before the civil rights movement and a lot of different neighborhoods. Now there's still that room. All right. I understand. I get what you're saying. I understand where you come from.


Hello. This this is also a tosser. I'm just asking the question, is it disrespectful to my wife the way this guy Futoshi, the disrespect to my wife, the. And before me. Come on. Honestly, if I were either one of you guys, why, I would find it totally disrespectful the way that you guys flirt with each other, what you do, both of you flirt. And I'm curious to know who started it.


Indeed he did. I mean, it's one thing to be cool with your man friend, have a romance and all that, but all the stuff you say is crazy. Like if I was married. Like what? First of all, the little booty jokes. Oh, that is like, oh, the boy to me. Let me tell you why. And I heard another man commenting about my man, but I never commented on him.


I never comment on his. But both of you have. Both of you had. And if I was the wife, I know that you guys were just playing. But I mean, it's so common. You always do it. I'll tell you, I tell you the story. I tell you a story. You go I saw you when I first when I moved back to New York almost 10 years ago, there was a woman in an apartment complex and she told me she said she had me come and talk to you.


She said, you really need to watch out for Janvi said, why? She said, because he's got a little got a little friend that he visits over here and looks just like you. I think you're his type. She's short, short, bald head, same complexion. He comes over here all the time.


That was my friend, little Shawn. I was in college. That's one of my best friends. I go I used to go visit him all the time, use the same apartment building as a child. I mean, that's why she said that. But let's talk about the guy that got on YouTube and was like, his name is Glitter Stick. And he said that you used to take a bus to come see him and give him that paint a.


Wait a minute now. But the other thing is that nevertheless, we just have to deal with Yaounde, Khobar Towers. We know where to be the one he ought to be the one he outside had anything to do with. So let's let's go to one person, Messing's. Who's this?


Hey, it's me you're using my friends on the radio show, Sharon Stone.


I meant to put some in your cash after the day I did for. But but that wasn't the right. You sent me the wrong cash. All right. So, Sharon, let me ask you a question. You listen to the show every morning, right side. Wait as me flirts with me. Is it this is no disrespect for my wife, the way Andy flirts with me.


So so the thing is, I've been on this show for Matlock. Show me you will get rid of the why even a little bit and go to call on the right and would be like you flip it around, you know, what are you talking about. Yeah. You will lose that game you brought me here. But a small ball of your. But we have way too much growth. So I think your wife will be up to you. You.


Thank you. So who asked you to somebody else that we ask. I don't remember asking.


I asked them. All right. There's no more or less stop flirting with me more that the story is let's get a room.


Know what it's like when this guy is crazy at the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J., N.V., Angelie Charlamagne, the God We Are The Breakfast Club, you got a special guest on the line, our buddy, our pal.


He started off the conversation when I'm getting old ladies going, Oh, sorry, man. I'm trying to adjust to the Zoome. I can't do it better. My 17 year old son is one that set this all up. He went to bed. I don't know how to turn it on.


Still, we don't we don't be like Jeff Toobin and get caught getting off on Zoome. You know, Jeff Toobin, CNN legal analyst, you got you got caught going off on his own.


I'm not going to lie, though. I'm doing this interview, Charlamagne. Like Winnie the Pooh. I have a nice top on, but nothing but shorts underneath. Just just regular underwear.


Why don't the camera let me see what was wrong with you. Show me your daddy.


I want you to pull Winnie the Pooh. Don't wear those shorts, Joe. Come on. You tease.


All right, let me take them off. My goodness. Tease, Joe. Let me take them off. Let me see Joe. Take it off, bitch. Bendable. Let me see what's wrong with was it.


We just lost your coin. So I started rapping to too. And then all of a sudden we lost Joe Khoi.


Man what is going on. Oh what are you man. It's this makes me mad.


Like this is so unprofessional, man. It's like I'm at home in front of a chimney. Right, Angela.


And that's why they're like a crying baby.


That's my son. That's my son. I'm begging you.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. This this reminds you to always pull out everybody right there.


That was interesting to watch you and your son sit down and for you to play some of the jokes that you told at his expense.


I thought that was the most fun because a lot of people think I'm making these stories up. I'm like, I'm not making them up. I'll do it in front of my mom. I'll do it in front of my my son. It's just it was fun to actually see him respond to the to the jokes personally.


That was that was a lot of fun, especially the masturbation joke, because, you know, that's embarrassing to talk about your son masturbating and then he's right there.


AJALA I almost didn't do that joke. And then he came to the taping, my Netflix taping, and literally he walked out, said, you have to close with that joke that but I wasn't going to do it. I swear I was, like, nervous to do it. But he walked up to me is like, Dad, you got to do that joke. It's going to crush just like I was like, all right, let's go.


How are you doing during coronaviruses and cold? Because, you know, you talk a lot. You're always on the road. You're out the country. So how is it just sitting down doing pretty much nothing?


It's actually this is the best year of my life. And I was blessed to be able to be in a position to not have to work because watching my son grow up in front of you, this is my first time seeing them every single day, taking them to school, making them lunch. And, wow, you know, when you're on the road, every single you know, every single weekend, you lose that. Right. You take advantage of those those days where you're like, oh, I'll see you next week.


But each day you actually physically see them grow. It's just, wow, I didn't know how much I was missing. So then I love it.


I read to you from that, I'm sure so much. I can't wait. I was on I went to Ohio with Chappelle's and Yellow Springs. That was my first time on stage in seven months. And and all it was about was my son and covid and Zoome class. And, you know, just I me I hate doing class. Don't discipline my son. He has a bill right now taking your class right now. You're lucky. Does it stand up real quick?


They should have checks during resume class. You watch all these kids, they'll watch you.


Joe, congrats on your Variety magazine cover to him. Absolutely.


Yes. Congrats, man. Thank you. Thank you. So what is so funny?


One thing that you talked about upside down, you shut up, Charlamagne, you at school let people think that he was part black, though.


You know, there's a teacher that still thinks he's part black. He hasn't told them that no. Or anything. He just left it at that. So they all believe it and my son's cool with it.


Why did he lie to you, Black? Because my son wants to be black. What's wrong with that, Charlamagne? Nothing.


I think it's great. Yeah. My son my son's got a huge afro, to be honest. I really do think he's part black and I'm cool with it, too. But what does your wife think about it then? What what is a hey, my ex, you know, she dated some people. I came in at the right time. I got myself a cool black kid.


Got no Armitage. Are you sure that all jokes aside, are you sure your son is yours? No, he's my he's 100 percent fine on his applications for anything, right? He puts black. Yes, 100 percent in the whole. He also makes my sister's husband pick them up at school so all the kids go. All his dad is black. But that's not that's my sister's husband.


Now, do you still have that zit on the side of your neck? How did you know? Because I follow you on Twitter.


It's it's right here, man. It won't go down.


Might not be as it bro, you know, anywhere. All right, Angela, shut up. Really?


Do you miss being on the road? I do. I do, man. I miss it. I wanted to I wanted Radio City Music Hall so that it was supposed to be March this year. And we we have to keep postponing it. We have to wait till New York opens up. So, yeah, but I am getting ready to go on tour. I'm doing the social distance tour. And, you know, there are certain states that are allowing like 30 percent capacity right now.


So I'm getting ready to do those cities right now. So I was like, I got to get on stage, man.


Those the empty. So how was that going to take place? That's pretty much empty.


I don't care. I need to get on stage. But when I did Chappelle's spot, that was that was a dream.


Did you try to mushrooms because you told us about some mushrooms. Sure. He's got this mushroom drink. No, I didn't do it. But yeah, I was we were all we were all gone. Believe me.


What were you on, Joe? What was your drug of choice?


Wow, man, if it's not herpes from Angelie, Charlamagne wants to know what drugs I've done.


At least I didn't steal. And you hadn't been a drug on you. I asked you. Yeah, yeah. Joe, before your your herpes do you do heroin exclusive. Are you masturbating on heroin. Quick question. We'll be right back. We got more with Joe Coie when we come back.


Don't move us to Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlamagne the God.


We Are The Breakfast Club still kicking in with comedian Joe Coy shallowly.


What else did you miss out on this year? That that was going to absolutely take the brand of Joe to another level, you know, that we were getting ready to shoot that special.


You know, I got a fourth one with Netflix, which is fine because I want to do another one anyways. I feel like this this year is a little too soon anyways, so I want it for twenty, twenty one. But you know the movie I got the movie with Steven Spielberg's company and and we're going to shoot that early. Twenty, twenty one. But twenty twenty was supposed to be the year but here we go. We're getting ready to do it for twenty twenty one.


Don't breeze past that Steven Spielberg and I know it's mind blowing. Charlamagne, check this out. So we get the call after coming in he comes out and you know it's Amblin and we go do the the you know, like just a general meeting. And the first thing they say is Steven can't stop talking about you. And I looked at my manager and then I looked at them. I was like, are we talking about the same Steven or is this Steven from accounting?


Because I don't really care about Steven accounting. And they're like, no, Mr. Spielberg loves your work and he can't wait to work with you. And fast forward to right now. This is the movie that's going to happen.


So can you tell us what it's about? It's Easter Sunday, man. It's it's about Easter Sunday and it's my whole family. And what happens during that that that one day. So they love the story. And I can't wait for the world to see it.


Man Congrats to for being recognized in San Diego with you, but your own day in honor of Filipino American History Month.


And Charlamagne, you are you're really touching. I'm proud of you, Joe. I know for you, man, still. But usually it's Angela and M.V. that praise me and it's usually you that shoots me that is not sure.


Arab speaker and Charlamagne, I'm speaking on behalf of every guest on your show. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. It's nothing you haven't heard before, but that's everyone on your show. So thank you so much, Charlamagne.


Well, I'm doing I'm doing this because, you know, being as you're preparing to go perform in front of thirty percent of audiences, it's only going to be 30 percent of the interview that we actually do today.


Be short. So I'm just getting all of this out the way now. That's all of that.


Only when you talk, Charlamagne, do I masturbate. So I just want that I want you to always remember that. And only when I spoke to him, he began to masturbate. Just keep your head sharp. Remember that every time you eat something, go. Hey, this looks like Joe's right now.


It is. And that's all for you, Charlamagne. How do we always have happiness is you tell me every interview. It's you. You're the one that bring up. I looked at his setlist before Ajla and it usually says like political and then it's personal and then. Right.


And then he quotes maybe, you know, Joe's got a book coming out called Complete. It's what it's called big plaited, and it's been it's a picture of me holding a plane with a bunch of stuff like this.


How do we get here every time? There you go. Fleet Week, we've got coming out next March. So my next part. Tell us about the book.


What's the book about? It's about me. It's my family. It took me two and a half years to write this thing, and I'm not going to lie. I didn't really write it, so I don't want to get out. You want to get caught, Angela? I'm just going to tell the truth. I didn't write this damn thing. It was an hour and a half sessions every other week. And I talked. I was naked half the time and he wrote it for me and, you know, and it was great.


Make sure you read it. Yes. One hundred. We already did, man. You're right about that. I'm like, you know, this chapter isn't about my life. This is the guy that wrote It's Life right here.


And you really have to go back and be like, OK, this is an exaggeration. We got to take this out. This didn't really happen like that.


It was a lot of me taking deep and being scared to tell the story. Actually, I was scared. There's a couple of times where I'm like, I think I'm telling too much here. It was an example. You know, I talk about my brother, you know, and that's that's that's really personal. I've told Charlamagne about that, too.


When Charlamagne came out about therapy and and I told him what I was dealing with, with my brother and how I have to deal with a lot of deep personal stuff and and therapy helps me a lot to cope with, you know, knowing that my brother is in that situation and it hurts it hurts to like, you know, tell someone I have a brother and then they're like, you've got a brother, like, you know, because I keep it a secret for like my whole life, I haven't told anyone that I have a brother.


And that hurts my soul and it hurts my soul when he calls me. And we can't have a real conversation because he's dealing with, you know, his mental issue right now. And but you just want to speak to him just to, you know, just let him feel. How was he doing there? How's he doing? It's tough. He's all you need medical assistance and hurts. It really, really does hurt.


Because, you know, Charlamagne, when when you when you have that disorder, there's a window every now and then that opens and it's Robert, you know, and when that brief second opens, you cherish that second and you have this cool little conversation. It'll probably be about a minute long. And, you know, it's Robert and then, boom, it closes and then it's somewhere else. And and that's when you're just like, damn it, that's what really good you.


Because it's like a tease, because every moment you're back with your brother again. Yeah, man, it feels good because he laughs he's the best lapper. The way he jokes is amazing. I even feel like, oh, I got my my comedy from him, you know, like and then and then it'll close right away. And then it's, you know, you know, he's he's talking about working for the CIA and and doing some investigations. And you just got to listen to it, you know, and I give it too much already.


I'm sorry, but but that's that's the kind of stuff I have to go through. And not too many people know that I go through that.


When you worried about writing your book and you started thinking about stuff that you did in your past and said in your path, and you're like, I don't know if I should add this because I could canceled.


It was for the Robert story that I was kind of like because I go way back to when it all happened. So like when he was like ten, eleven years old. And and those those are those vivid memories, you know, M.V. it's like like those are like burnt inside my brain for some reason. I remember it so vividly before any other story about my brother.


It's those those times when the cops came and when the the ambulance came and like, those are just like burnt to my brain forever.


And it's just like pouring that out was that was that was tough. It was a lot of tears on that one. Is it therapeutic, though?


It is. Like like I said, Charlamagne, when you came out and said that man like really like, you know, when someone says something publicly but you feel like they're talking to you, like that's how I felt, you know, that's why when I said that to you, like I wasn't like trying to you know.


Yeah. I was trying to get off like we normally do, which is something we enjoy through. We both enjoy that. Charlamagne True. It is very true. You guys charlamagne up on his knees and I don't know if you guys remember that, but he came clean. Yeah. Yeah. We, we and and ever since that interview I've been taking off on my knees. So we have this connection now. We do it, we do it together.


Sometimes we'll face time. But who holds the phone. That's right. We do it together. We call it down.


But I but honestly, though, I felt like you were talking to me, man. And it takes a lot to tell people that publicly that you need therapy. So, you know, when you did that and I was like, okay, Charlemagne's open about it. I could be open about it.


I we got more with Joe Coie when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlamagne the God We are the Breakfast Club, still kicking in with comedian Jokowi shortly.


Are you concerned about what's going to happen after November 3rd or on November 3rd? Like.


Who is it? Are you voting for Trump again this time?


Yeah, me, Ice Cube and 50 Cent are having a party. I'm sorry.


Ice Cube and 50 Cent has left Cuba just presenting a black agenda and he's presented to whatever party is interested in it. So yeah, he's just he's just engaging on both sides. Yes.


But if you vote now, I will send this to everyone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ah. They don't call you Pop'n.


Why are you saying that out to you. I will right now always wears the clothes. You said, you said to me it's that's your mailbox. Have you ever checked it or is there ten cars in front of it.


Know it's crazy that he won't purchase those items and support Joe.


Cool. I said I'll just send you your clothes. Said Yes I did. I sent you everything. I'm a look man. You are a liar and you've always been a liar.


I don't know about you. Do you like I like I know each character on the Breakfast Club has a certain identity and you know, Angela is very you know, she's positive, she's informative. She's she knows the know of what's happening now. Charlamagne talks about it and he also lets you know that he hates you. Like he always makes sure to let you know that I hate you. I don't know, Joe. I do. I love you, too.


And then I'd be your liar like you always like he does. Lie, lie, lie, lie empty.


And he does like for no reason, like yesterday, you know, he does the day he he lied about two things. Cardi B was on.


What was he talking about you she was talking about her nipples being, you know, because I'm breastfeeding. And that is that listen, it is like anything goes that happens to me too. I say that that's not what I said. Well, he does have a lot of kids, and I'm sure he has to help out my kids.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? It's a buffer. It's a buffer nipple before the real nipple, like, OK, let's let the baby start to suck. And then and then when the real is ready, then he moves it on.


So it's like you're a fluffer, you're over fluffer.


Listen, we're almost up to the thirty percent. Where can I find that Jokowi doll. That's right. I can't. Well, you know what I'm going do to that dog.


What are you going to do? I'm going to get my hands on that dojo. And why did you turn it off? I'm just what you say. Why did you turn the dog around for him? I just want you to. Well, the back side is the most appealing. Am I right? What does that say, Charlamagne here? Yes. What did that say?


From the ghetto to the Getty? It's my outfit and the special.


Thank you, all of us. That jacket that. Yes, I got that note, though. The for sale. That dog.


Yeah, yeah. I've got a job for Dockum or Funchal and yeah I'm going to order sixty nine of them right now.


That's who I was supposed to go to Hawaii. But then they shut it down until just recently they just opened back up. So when are you going back in there.


You have been out by the way. You've been traveling. She's been out. No quarantine for, you know, seeing her as it is.


I'm not married. I'm not worried about infecting anybody else in my home. Yeah.


It's kind of illegal what you're doing to Angela, but go ahead. Spread that spread that New York virus girl. I just got her. She's a super spreader. She's a super spreader.


I bet you I got tested more than both. Y'all know, I think you're a liar. I think you're a liar.


I think you got tested. What do you just want us to believe you because you're so innocent and pure? I think you're a liar. I think you're going to go to hell. Why didn't you have to get tested as soon as you got there? I was.


I just did a TV show where I'm hosting this competition. And and we got tested three times, sometimes a week, two to three times a week.


And even as soon as you get there and I went twice and then I just posted something for Daymond John. I got tested to even be able to go in there a couple of days ago. And before you knew about some places you have to get tested, like if you go to Hawaii, you have to get tested to make the test results before you can even go. Yeah.


Have you gotten tested? I got tested about it. And you don't let us catch you in a lie. If this goes public, you're positive. Wherever you land, you're going to look so stupid. So that is your tell the world that you've been tested and that you end up in Mexico and it's all over TMZ. Just you actually, because the Mexico positive. And then and then all of a sudden you're tired now.


So I can't go to Mexico, but even to come back to work, we have to get tested, although they haven't recently. I know Charlamagne. It's never going to get tested.


I got tested, but that was good. And we'll talk about it was on September 9th. Yeah, we got tested. Yeah. You haven't got. And I'm scared to come around. I got tested twice, but between then I got to speak with my daughter and I got tested.


I definitely got tested. Top of October, I got tested trying to film something.


Half of October, you got tested. It's only on telling you you definitely have it right now. That is a lie, Joe. You got it. You got it. Charlamagne has it.


And I'm going to put it out there on the bed. And then I'm a betting man. I'm from Vegas out of the three of you. I guarantee Charlemagne's got it.


Charlamagne got it right here. Right.


You just want to bring attention to your handlebar mustache. Knock it off. My goodness.


Have you been there? Have you been dating boring coronavirus? No. So you haven't met anybody know online dating. Nothing. I mean, Charlamagne masturbate with each other with us. But that's what they do. Yeah.


That's that's daily enough for me, you know what I mean. I get I get whatever I need from that conversation with Charlamagne and then we move on.


I don't let them judge us, Joe. I don't like how they're judging us either. Angela, I just said, have you been dating?


I don't know that masturbating together on FaceTime is a date. You can consider that a date. It's physical. It's bonding. It's bonding.


Yeah, it's nurturing. It's the same thing as dating now, right? Yeah, I know. I think I'm so hyperfocus with what's going on right now. I don't want anything to derail it. I'm enjoying what's happening with my life right now. So I don't know man. I just, I'm just not willing to, I don't know, risk it all if that. Yeah. I don't want to get that energy right now. I need to save all this energy right now for what I've worked so hard for.


And I need to concentrate on this right now, especially what's about to happen for you.


Joe, the Steven Spielberg movie. Absolutely no. So happy for you. I got a lot of great things to close up, Joe, but, you know, we'll let it slide out. I'll go on my own. Your book dropping next year. Thank you.


I sent a box out and I swear to God, move the the ninety nine BMW away from the mailbox so that nineteen fifty to Sherman tank.


Get that out right. There is a mailbox at the end of your driveway. If you just move right your you're nineteen sixty three bug. OK Joe we appreciate you for checking it man. We're so proud of you and happy for you. I'm proud of you Joe.


You guys man thank you so much for everything. I love you guys. I love you too man. Keep working. Thank you boss.


You're the best. I don't think I'm affecting all around you. I want this man to comply with mandate for Charlamagne, the top has got to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose, you know, the Breakfast Club, whose donkey, the day to day dance here today goes to Major League Baseball player Reece McGuire.


Now, he is the twenty five year old catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.


Toronto was happening on February 7th.


Reese was arrested in Dunedin, Florida, for masturbating in a strip mall parking lot. That's right. Low five knuckle shuffle. OK, that damn Florida will get you every time. What is your Uncle Charlie always say about the great state of Florida? The craziest people in America come from the Bronx in all of Florida. And even if you're not from there, sometimes just being there can make you crazy to. Let's listen to the news report, please.


Catcher for Toronto Blue Jays is getting some exposure. The team isn't very pleased with Pinellas deputies busted.


Twenty four year old Reece Maguire accusing him of exposing himself.


According to the Pinellas County arrest report, when deputies arrived at this parking lot at Patricia and Main Anthony Eden at 2:00 in the afternoon on Friday, they spotted Maguire naked from the waist down. The report indicates there was an extremely pornographic video on his cell phone. Deputy say McGuire apologized, saying he was sorry repeatedly. When asked why his pants were down, he replied, quote, I really shouldn't have been doing that. They also wrote McGuire had just finished a practice at the team's facility, had a bite to eat, and then ended up in this parking lot.




TMZ actually has audio of him trying to explain why he did this to the police officers.


I was checking to make sure no one was looking at no one around me. And at that point. I realized when it hit me, I mean, if you if you're down at the apartment next to the stadium, why would you come to the parking lot? I'm not sure what goes on in here, but as far as I realized, I made a mistake. Wow, Reese McGuire, a.k.a. Hank Aaron, if you ever wondered what MLB players rub on their backs, please don't ask him, OK?


How the hell you just pull up to a parking lot to have a date with Pamela Anderson? All right. I know you MLB player, but isn't there a better place to play a game, a one handed baseball? This reminds me of an article I read in The New Yorker some years ago back in 2014. You can look it up is called Baseballs Sticky Secrets. I'm not sure this is what they meant. OK, if you're a baseball fan, which I'm not, then you remember when Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda that I pronounce his name right.


You Yankee fans, Michael Pignata, I don't remember that name. Nobody in the room knows Michael had been.


Michael had been Michael had been caught on TV cameras. Would pine tar on his hand.


I am almost positive Grace McGuire would rather get caught with that sticky substance on his hand than whatever came from the old Sheikhan steak. Now, I don't know why, but when I reread this article about baseball Sticky Secrets after reading this article, it just sounds a little sick.


OK, I'm going to read some of this verbatim and you tell me, am I alone here with thinking whoever wrote this quite possibly has had to bunk in a strip mall parking lot? Oh, yes. But to determine that should be used when an MLB player gets caught masturbating in a strip mall parking lot. I mean, at first base is kissing, making out in a home run as sex, then bunting has to be masturbation.


Right, right, right. Anyway, let me read you some stuff from this article and tell me, after hearing this story of Reese McGuire, your mind doesn't go in the gutter while reading this story. Follow me, Dromm. Can you put on some more sensual music, maybe Drom? What do you put on right before you're about to, you know, do a little one on one with yourself play played at Low to go?


Wow. All right, all right. OK, sexy tone.


This is great from the New Yorker. Pine tar, which is just a sticky byproduct of a process of firing Pinewood under pressure. Local Reese Maguire, a.k.a. Ernie Spank Banks, was clearly trying to relieve some pressure by firing off pine tar from his pinewood in the strip mall parking lot. OK, let's continue. Hit his are allowed to put this sticky stuff on their backs to keep bats from slipping out of their hands and flying dangerously at players on the field or into the stands.


Wow. If it's flying at players on the field, are people in the stands? We might have to call have to call Reeth Derek Skeeter. All right, meanwhile. Pitchers are not allowed to use it, clearly, in the case of Reece McGuire, only catchers can use envy and drama. I want to ask you both a question. Oh, boy. Are you are you pitches? Are you catchers? Huh? You guys prefer you guys prefer the top of the knife on the bottom with a knife?


Uh, can I can I be a hitter?


Can I be a batter right now that there's a little rub your belly, you just got to rub your bat with this sticky substance. OK, now let me tell you why this New Yorker article says pitchers are not allowed to use this sticky substance. It's a perfectly good explanation by the letter of the rules. It can not apply. A foreign substance of any kind could have balls that includes tacky substances as well as slippery things like Vaseline. They are also not allowed to spit on the ball or rub it on their bodies.


The rationale behind these rules is that messing with the balls makes you do weird, unfair and potentially dangerous things and moved up. Spitball for.


All right. All right. Enough is enough. From the article I'm reading from The New Yorker.


You fantasize. And right now you think, well, I'm not reading anymore this unless you pay me 99 cents per minute, OK. Now back to Reese Maguire, a.k.a. Jackie Robinson. I have nothing else to say about him other than he needs to wash his hands, use hand hand sanitizer in social distance, OK. Oh, and wear a mask. In fact, catchers in baseball wear a mask all the time. In fact, they wear mask with throat protectors.


I don't know what that have to do with anything, but it sounds fitting. Please give Reese McGuire the sweet sounds in the Hamptons. Oh no.


Are you all about the. Doggie day, he hopes you're very kinky this morning.


I just want to throw that out there. I need I need to look up Reese McGuire's salary real quick on what is Reese McGuire's salary? Reese McGuire's salary?


Oh, I need to know that he made five hundred and fifty five thousand dollars last year. And he plays and he plays in Major League Baseball. I can totally see why he would be masturbating in the strip club. Strip mall. Parking lot. Total. Five hundred and fifty five thousand dollars. And you're a Major League Baseball player. You don't pay catchers good or something. They usually do. Jesus Christ. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today, sir.


Yes, ma'am. Yes, sir. I'm sorry. I don't know if you realize that yet. You work with me 10 years. I'm a sir. All right.


We got more coming up next with a breakfast club, The Breakfast Club. Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angeliki Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest in the building, a friend to the room. Yes.


Ladies and gentlemen, Rame, we can say flaming flaming row.


Good morning.


Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, Angela. Good morning, T.J.. Good morning.


Qaisi paid for now, not alone. Flame has Nick with our Nick Smith. Good morning, everybody. This morning together they have a podcast called the Laugh and Learn podcast that is on the Black Radio Podcast Network.


And we debuted yesterday. We got great ratings. April Ryan hit me up this morning to say that she loved the spirit of the show. She loved the direction that it went in. And she'll be my very special guest this Monday. Hey, so what?


DVR drop every Thursday? We drop on Thursdays. We tape on Monday. Thank you, Charlamagne. So you know what's so funny, everyone? I want to say this because I mean, because although I can't blow smoke up, show me because I know I cut that out. But let me give it to you real. A year ago, almost to this date on November 14. Twenty nineteen. I miss on for the first time. I didn't come in with a competitive argument.


I didn't want to argue about this, that I want to come in as a comedian. We had a conversation, Charlamagne said on that show, I think that you're really happy. I came back three months later just to talk about my career with that whole H.F. campaign just behind you, by the way. And now here it is a year later, my third time, three times. It's time. Not only am I coming back as a guest, but I'm also an employee.


I have a partner. I would typically had a shot. I mean, the guy let me just say that. Pick your battles, ladies and gentlemen, fight. And I want I want my flame all three times.


I feel the flame of I'm not flame was up it once by itself. November, February and now. Oh wow. Yeah. You have a lot of reaction every time flame is up here.




Because Flame with it says Angela. Well, some people love you and think you're amazing, hilarious. Some people are like, I don't agree with that flame, not hate, but I don't agree with how she said, don't agree, but say this is what Laughland will do. We will teach the world that I am just another person talking to another person. Everybody had reservations about Charlamagne. The community couldn't stand Charlamagne, but Charlamagne and I just bonded because he respected me for who I came, who I presented to him that day.


And I respected him because of the feeling, of course, that I was the first of all, I say I didn't like what you know, what you're talking about.


How did you meet McSmith?


McSmith that I met in Chicago thirty years ago, we were working at a club where he used to come see the drag show, the club the Great many years ago. And I mentor a good English gentleman. So I learned everything from I think he was the funniest woman on the planet. She died years ago from AZT. I played doctor fast. We get to that. And she was so important to make such an impact in both of our lives.


And we became friends and over the years went on to do TV one, won a grant, won an Emmy. But we always had a great relationship. But we're like a gay. So I'm like, you remember the two police officers on saphenous, on the black and white one? Yeah. So nachas the white one and I'm the black one. You you'll give it to you technically, but I will break it down for you. So what can we get from the first episode of you?


You will get the introduction of who we are. And I'm glad we didn't have a celebrity guest for the very first show because I think with the podcast first launched, the people who watch it, they want to know who they're going to be watching weekly or daily or however the show is set up. Because what we do is we welcome people into coming in and say, you are part of our family. The only way we're going to ever break the separation between the heterosexual community and the LGBT community is we're going to have to sit down and have a real honest conversation with each other, even if it's brutally honest, because on that page, I'm brutally honest and you sensitive that you're crabby to be part of the cancer culture.


Don't compromise because this is what you want. I promise you this what you want and this is what I've talked about.


It's always been an exchange of ideas, is a transfer of information, because what we do know is that there's common ground in every area and we just need to have that. And one of the things that helps to make the show so special is that flame has always had these flame. It's people who call in regularly and bring up topics that Flame isn't even aware of. And Flame says, you know what, no matter where I go, we all use the same menu.


Right. Explain it.


Don't just leave it. I know what menu that was. That was for me to finish my restaurant. Whatever you order on the menu, whether it be filet mignon or salmon, it always comes with an extra pickle.


And I always used to come here because you guys said Nikki Giovanni the other day, and I am such a fan of Nikki Giovanni, I think she's an incredibly brilliant women. Can we just talk about the power of the black woman in twenty twenty? Can we talk about this girl? Let's go on. Black women. You know, I love your black woman anyway. I love all women. I'm not one of them. I love Baldwin, but I really love that the black women are really getting a jezus and that Stacy is a monster.


Let me tell you, that lady plays no games. Let me show you the strength of the power of black women and the strength of a powerful black man. Stacey Abrams loves being governor. They cheated out of it. And instead of going into a hole and being depressed, she got on the battlefield rally eight hundred million votes to get out so we can make Georgia blue as you.


Gilliam was also cheated out of being the governor. But instead of standing up and going and going and going, you just have to go to the hotel with the check off and got caught. And I know now my reason because I still love his politics. His politics has nothing to do with his oops. I made a mistake. It would have made a black me a little stronger because it's always look like it's a tug of war in the black community between the black man and a black woman.


When we fight that, we have come together way more this week about let me tell you something. I like you. I like you. I really like to make love to you. Do you know what people are going to look like this year? They may look like Baskin Robbins, 31 flavors. We don't have Asians indigenous. We don't have black white skin. Maybe we. You got that one. Let me tell you about the hypocrisy of the LGBT community, starting with trans, because I love you, but I know a little bit shocked to here it is right here.


They say that people don't like us because we trans because we all know people don't like me. But we have the first transgender thermic bread in Delaware who won. So we're not voting for her. And straight people don't like their. How is she going to be the senator? Oh, I'll make it make sense to me because we have a senator and she's cute. She looks like her. But when we go, she's actually really cute because a lot of people look like her with a wig.


And I, like blamers mentioned those things. But, you know, the conversation that we had this week also talked about parenthood, because I think in all of this, because flame is alive and we know that. And but that's part of the the magnetism of flame. But flame is also a father. So here's flame dealing with real issues of a child in the pandemic, dealing with the frustrations of being a teenager trapped with the father who is larger than life.


There's just a lot going on. And these are some of the topics that we bring up all the time on the show as well, is real people dealing with real things? I think with Andrew Guillem, people process trauma differently. People process hurt and pain differently. Salute to Stacy. She she held it down and she kept doing the work. You know, Andrew was doing the work, too, but he got a little sidetracked.


I think that in all of that, what I never want to be lost is that when we have these conversations claiming that we have these real conversations about things of this nature and fame is always going to find a way to make it funny. And I think that what I never want to be misconstrued is our in any way are we ever discrediting the work or the the efforts and the commitment, because what we have here in this opportunity would laugh and learn is to amplify and accelerate black voices, not do believe that those voices come in many different shapes and forms.


Flame is just one voice. I'm just another voice. And that's why we encourage people to not only listen, but to laugh and learn, sound off and hold them accountable. If you don't like what she said, jump on in the conversation and hold her accountable because that's what we're there for. No, hold on. Let me put my earpiece in. My earpiece slipped out. That's slipped after that.


Oh, no.


I love his politics, by the way. He's a great guy. He's a great guy. And I don't think that was his first time with a guy. What I do believe is that he had gotten too comfortable with that particular person and he let his guard down. I don't even think that the set him up. I think that the trick friend tried to set him up. That's what I believe. How we got more with flame thrower.


We come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Everybody is teaching in the Angeles Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is still kicking in with comedian Flame Monroe. I was your pandemic because you were talking before about your kids during this pandemic. How are you even old enough saying I'm not old enough, I'm falling apart.


Everything is broken. Broke? No, my mouth hurt that you have been prospering.


So congratulations to you on the success that you've been having during a time when it has been difficult for people to thank you and everybody back as you grow you all over TV.


I see you inducted into the Hall of Fame is I'll do it. I'm jealous.


I'm trying to get this work. I want you to meet somebody, play drums. Oh. Say, I'm talking about you all morning long, flame, that that's become I got my life, I sort of came to you. OK, I my life's dramas, dramas don't like to talk too much. He has a crush on Jason Lee.


Oh, what?


You don't like Jason Lee? You're like Jason leafletting.


That is not true at all. That is not. Let me tell you something. No, I don't like Jason Lee. That that that's not true. But Jason Supertight.


And here's the thing. Mean you have people in your life that you are cool with and you have other people that they're cool with, that you're not cool with. Go to jail with everyone and let me show you some. I met Jason and his birthday last year, December. He asked me to do a show, and so I think about it. He chose to give me make I do my show. I tell him which Tiffany and my mother, mama, that's my boss.


But she can't make me do. I don't want to do my mom, OK? Make me do nothing I don't want to do. So then not seeing him again, he was like, I want you to do the show. And I thought about it. And then I just got a bad juju from Jason. So he sent out an invitation about a month ago at me to say, blame you. You scared to come to my show because you don't want to talk about LGBT movies.


And I just don't want that fight. Like I told you earlier, I'm picking my own battles, so I'll get a chance to see him because I didn't want to send out a message that I'm a homeless. I can go to you face to face, toe to toe. This week I'm hoping to get back. Remember them has Jason Antigo. So when I get a chance, I was on another girl's lab. I didn't mention her name. I was on her lab and she kept saying, Oh, Jason originally.


And that I don't know what Jason, you get a because that is you can see the back of my glasses. So I just addressed the situation to let him down. So he sat back and said that I was something I always say required as to call me and put this bad. Oh, no, you don't. He just had surgery. So now you guys.


You look good. Jason in shape. Can we call your hashtag say Maggie Lord, have mercy. Now, I'm tell you something. I don't like to be petty. I would love to see you and Jason have a conversation. You could both go back and mobile.


Got some miles on, you might say, because you won't see a boo. I got to do that now. I want to do what I want to do. If I wanted to do gossip, TV or reality TV, I have many opportunities. That's not for me. I'm actually done with that whole conversation because guess what? This west of Chicago will do that much harder. I wish I saw you on unitive birthday party. How is that?


We we we want to to the conversation. Listen, I'm up for not doing things. I don't feel like doing you ads and sometimes you just don't buy into your because then it gets a little feisty. If I can keep you away. I know you are bad. You keep your ass away from me and you not for each other. All right. You sure you want to do this? You know, I mind my own business.


Let me tell you what.


I made a commitment years ago. I will never do anything on television to embarrass my mama cause Miss Rosetta is watching right now. And I will never do anything that does not work for my spirit. I love playing Playmate's, one of the most important people in my life. But do you know the thing I like about flame is not performative. That's an authentic person right there. When you sit down, you have a conversation with Flame. It's authentic individual period.


Just moving on flame. What do you expect from this administration? The Biden administration hires Biden is I like when we all get it.


And you know something that's great that you actually have because, you know, back when I first came on to the second time I came out, I was never came here for president. But I did say she was smart enough not to take a knife to a gunfight. Let me tell you something. We would talk about my glasses. I talk about Biden here every day because it came down to the opportunity that or the that's all the choice that we had.


I was I couldn't do another four years of Trump. They say it was picking the lesser of two evils. I didn't believe that. I believe that we will never get back to the same normalcy that we once had in this country. But I also believe as a black people, as a brown people, that people are starting to see us. People are starting to hear us because we had to make such a funk and now we got Kamala Harris.


Is the idea become question which be black enough? Like I say, let I'm pissed off. Keisha Jackson going to show up on the project. They don't know. Like why she couldn't get a smile on her face. And I'm speaking, baby, I was a sister all day. So everybody who don't remember don't know what she showed the other night with my sister that I don't know.


What did you say?


I said when my kids had that black lay on his gas. Hey, do you want me to spell it? Yeah, I said, let me tell you about my family. We got to stop doing this to ourselves. We got to embrace who we are and love who we are. We say you play. We say you. We know. Mother knows and. No one knows, and we don't tell me, you know, flame, because you ain't got no Lindas in your glasses.


How can you see that?


I say 20. I see you. I see plenty.


You want me to be so bad. And whether you go away my phone and if you ever go away, I will point out I want to bite my head off to avoid the flirting all morning long.


And, you know, it's so messed up. I have a lot of comedians tell me.


Oh, you want to wait? Hold on one second. There you go. At this late hour, that's the third time.


Now, as always, 2006, I think you need to get laid like a really good one. I got I got it for you. As you never talk about. You'd be smiling all day, all night yesterday. Gemologist eat all that.


You slid out twice already. Now that's three times. I know you always talk about sex. All you got to say is that somebody said you only got first of all, you don't have a job. You have a partnership. That's No one. Exactly. But they said that I only got the job because, I mean, you got some kind of thing going on. I felt that that's disrespectful. Just follow me because I'm a married man with a wife.


I said that's discrediting my child when I got the job. I mean, that's mad, disrespectful.


They put you with that ugly man like that man better than that flame between an airplane.


I got so job. I got to say I shall let me know how to defend himself. I see him freestyle on quite a few people recently. So you get real good because I know you.


The other guy I love, I love you. Clap back the guy who beat Freestyle. You hear on the podcast I'm going to say your name, but you know what your klepacki is. You just have to part of. But I had the biggest deal where I. You got to show Yoplait back. I want. Hey, yeah.


That's how we got more with Flame when we come back.


Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. in the Angeles Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is still kicking in with comedian Flame Monroe playing with the next day that you miss being on the road.


Oh, my God, it's killing me. I hate talking to apparatuses. I need the energy of people and the smiles. I'm just taking pictures and hugs and but I get the greatest inbox and letters and stuff. But yes, I'm working on one hour special. Next year is up calls of HBO or Jeff Bezos, whoever. I'm going to the highest bidder Trump can call a bitch tonight. I'm telling you. My God, I'm going. No, you know you are not free.




No, I'm not one of them. I know what this is.


I was I was always a team Democrat. I was hanging around with Trump. I thought it was quite irresponsible of some of the people that have come on this show telling them to hold their vote only for what it was. It was because he needed a million dollars to get out of jail for them years. They tried to get him to the point, which I just I'm giving away, like get taken some Decru because he need to wake the noise, drink after Manjari, follow through and listen to him.


Yeah, I just think this is going to be is Tiffany going you stand up special, too.


I would hope she would. And I walk quite a few million dollars because I have written my one hour speech and it will be an event. It will just be a stand up comedy special because, you know, I've done everything I've dragged, I've hosted. I wanna make it a whole event, but most of it would be stand up. But I got some great material about stories of the Bible, about my boy, Bill Cosby. Bill, I love you.


Have what you claim.


What do you mean you love Bill Cosby?


That was a joke. Bill Cosby. First of all, Bill Cosby tried to destroy Nikki Giovanni 370 because she was the first one to come out to say that he had the grabby hands, really, but she didn't know what to do about them. Cocktail pills that put you to sleep like like that Michael Jackson issue. But then Bill Cosby came out against a lot of single black women. I got to think about black when my mom was a black baby.


All my grandma I love like I love all one. But I had to be a black woman, which I'm trying to be right now. I'm a black woman. The single black mothers failed their kids because they couldn't keep demanding. How did he get on a bunch of comedians? They don't use the N-word. Don't say you don't think they got all the time and all laugh and learn Pontac flavor.


Appreciate you joining us. Oh, I'm hungry. Thank you. Good luck with you. The show, Angie and Angela, I'm very proud of you. The days you can't be at work, you know, you call me, you know, if you leave a lot of very flattering breakfast club is problematic enough, OK?


With The Breakfast Club is a great place to be. So many people want to be here. And I just want to say my partner needs move by him. Thank you for joining me. And so was I said he was like immediately. Yes, because I knew that we would be a great team. I'll tell you guys it's something different, something fresh. It is not for the sensitive at the heart. It is not for crybabies and the council culture.


Because we speak raw, we speak real, we speak factual. But I will always bring it around to be funny because on the top and at the end, I am always going to be a comedian first. Let's do this. Thank you guys for watching and share. You can watch me on Coquitlam every day. Subscribe to me on YouTube or Instagram and Monroe plane is back. I'm back like the president. Just back off. But I thank you guys so much.


Would you play, by the way?


It's only a matter of time before flame flame. Is flame going to be that flame going to be that thing in a minute.


We I got that thing. We got we got Huguely signed up there. She is going to come on. Of course I'm interested. I want I'm going to Kevin and I want to interview everybody from politicians to change because I'm telling you, the only way that we going to let this bridge down between the LGBT community and so is having an honest conversation. Right. Because that's all I want to do. Let's bring us together because they give us a rainbow cloud in front.


But check the back of that rainbow. It's all kind of cracked. Potholes, racism, storm clouds. Yeah, I'm the beach on the back because I'm keep to go.


I want to see your face. The United States, the game's on before the Senate election where you get you hook me up. I'm going to get they're going to make that happen. Oh, that's a good point. You we be honest.


I'm not your boss. We partners play on, you know, the rules already talk about what you need. You know, the room was already very heavy thing.


But I remember my one word because you asked me. No. All right. First of all, I give them the last. I would never be a bottom feeder, right? I would absolutely be a power top. No, the. Why'd you give me ass almost throughout the.


They get off the plane regardless of what I did.


I think everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the God We are the Breakfast Club. Now, leave us on a positive note. Hey, listen, man, my positive note is simply this. People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought, which they seldom use.