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Forecasting a recession? Yes, plenty of other forecasts. This is.


Twelve years ago, I released my greatest album to date, The Recession. You saw the light on the struggles of everyday people as the economy tanked and social change rocked the country.


Fast forward to now why we're doing it all over again.


Today, I'm proud to announce my show, The Recession Podcast, by Cheesey, a production of Black Offic in our radio each week.


Take a deep dive into different topics that affect people across our country. In my community and others, we guess that can help bring light to the conversation.


You strip off the skin and there's no difference from any of us. It's just people's bullshit. It just in their heads. But that's the bigger part of us, the spirit part of us. Regardless of religion, the soulful part of us knows we're brothers and sisters. On my show, I host my role discussions on many different subjects, including prison reform, the almighty black dollar, mental health.


This tendency that we have that we have to be strong. It comes back from the trauma that's been passed down from slavery. That behavior was important. It saved someone, for example, but then it got tax down. And before you know it, that's sort of what we think. When you say black people, we're strong, right? That's what we think.


You also get exclusive music for my new album, The Recession, Too, which helps get the conversation started before each and every episode. So join me. That's right. When the recession podcast by Jay-Z, I Heart Radio App, Apple podcast or whatever you prefer, your podcast, The Skinny.