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Hi, I'm Hillary Clinton. We're living through pretty intense times, a pandemic, an economic freefall, a long overdue reckoning with racism and lots of uncertainty about the future of our democracy. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like we need some community. Hello. So good to see you. As they say down south, we're glad to be seen and not viewed some humanity.


I want to comment. Right. I mean, to lament and I want to lament with others even some authenticity.


I don't know how honest I you would like me to be spent to be like myself, but I'm going to give you my deep, deep. OK, so my honest, honest answer is this.


Join me for my new podcast, you and Me Both, where we tackle big subjects like faith, leadership and food in conversation with people I just love talking to, like Sami Nasrat, author of one of my favorite cookbooks, or Tand France, who has lots to say about everything from athleisure to the American Dream, or Stacey Abrams, who we know as the woman who should be governor of Georgia. But did you know she's also an award winning romance novelist?


My parents are ministers and my mom's church used to read my books. So, you know, I in the current universe of steamy, I am I'm teakettle. I am not a volcano. So.


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