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Let's get ready to laugh and laugh. I'm Nick Smith.


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In the morning, you wake up in the morning and I'm talking right about to experience a morning show unlike like the of the for what you guys are doing right now, it's the Pop Culture.


Breakfast Club is my morning. I need it and I love it. I'm like, you really not popping into the Breakfast Club and waiting. Come to your show, man. I really got to be a big time celebrity. You got to be got to be big time deejay in the Angeliki and Charlamagne, the guy at the Breakfast Club pitching.


Good morning. USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Angela, are you there?


No, she's having technical difficulties with private peace to the planet. Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is.


Oh I. That's right.


It's Wednesday Humpday. Good morning. I feel bad. What WNBA headphones did I got to use these raggedy ass rolling colleges to promote this. No. Yes, really.


You remember I mean she used to be D.J. Kala's headphones. I forgot the name but. Oh yeah. I don't know. You don't you don't even talk about that. You don't mention them at all. You didn't came up. He didn't upgraded you probably doing beats by Dre or something. I don't even know. Whatever we hear. What's happened in finals.


That's right. It's Wednesday. I'm starting to feel like a little winter now. It's cold outside. Has it been cold like this for a while?


You know, I thought about that this morning on the way in. I thought I was singing this weekend. You know, I was thinking it's the most wonderful time of the year because, you know, we put our Christmas tree up in the fall. You put our Christmas tree up in the living room, which is something that I don't take for granted because I grew up doing witness. So I didn't get those experiences when I was a kid, you know, so my kids love it.


And I was just sitting back thinking like, yo, regardless of what happened this year, regardless of what still happening this year, we got to be happy that we're here. That's right. Like when we talk about the reason for the season, the reason for the season is supposed to be about Jesus, God, and it's supposed to be about just life.


Right. And family. Like, we should be ecstatic that we're still existing on this planet in this moment. Yeah, but, you know, yeah, that is true.


But there's a lot of people that are still mourning because they lost so many family members and so many people.


And you you should be grieving and you should be mourning, but you should still thank God that you're here. Yeah. And when you wake up and you, Brevin, and you got the opportunity just to exist, thank God. So, you know, find a way to find some some joy Nasserite in during this holiday, some holiday joy. That's right.


And the cases arise in covid. So there's there's more and more people passing away. There's more and more people getting sick. There's more and more people being hospitalized. They said the cases are in some places as high as when it was in April, May and June. I believe that.


Right. But I still think we have to be very careful because also there's three vaccines coming. Correct. So, of course, the media is going to put us in a panic to make sure that everybody lined up to get those vaccines. Not saying that it's not a big deal, you know. Yes, of course they are. But you still have to be careful of the media marketing that's going to happen to get these vaccines out. It's still big business, baby.


Well, big pharma still big business. Let's not be crazy here. We'll shout out to the Brits.


The Brits are actually getting to know who the British people. Oh, they're giving the vaccine this week and next week. I'm looking at it now. CNN, UK approves. Was that Pfizer Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for you starting next week, said they start next week. So we get the money wrong. We get to see how it works. So we'll see what happens. We don't know. They got the same vaccine as Pfizer, OK? I don't know.


I don't know.


All I'm saying is, you know, you've got to talk about being woke all the time. All right? Just look alive. I don't like the word will get the walk. I think people need some sleep because you're too tired. You don't think right when you're tired. That's our look alive is all I'm telling you. Look, laugh. All right. I'm saying. Well, join a Lucas will be joining us this morning from The Crucible for joining Lucas.


Joining Lucas is a rapper that I thoroughly enjoy.


Plessey from is from Massachusetts. I can not say that word for somebody in Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, I don't know.


But some lubrication on your lips. I'm good. It'll roll off. That's how I get it to join the Lucas. That's my guy. He's a great human and he's a very talented rapper, very talented.


Don't lyricists. His ideas are crazy.


So we're going to join a little but not too great projects this year that I think went under the radar a little bit, even though people were rocking with the Wildsmith joint very, very heavy. But yeah, we talked to join the giant doesn't do interviews. You stop doing interviews a while ago.


Yeah, but he's stopping through here this morning. We got front page news next. What we talk about, what are we talking about? Coronavirus. We're talking about coronavirus, I guess more coronavirus, as you say, when you don't have nothing else yet. You can't lose one coronavirus from the virus. And Trump will always give you something to talk about. That's right.


He has as having some technical difficulty. So we'll just go with coronavirus if we get it up. It's The Breakfast Club. Come on, let's try it one more time. Yeah, yeah.




Man playing morning. Everybody is sitting right there. Actually, he's going to be the guy. We are at a breakfast club. Let's get in some front page news and coquito.


Poppy, I don't know why. Drumrolls, text me, talk about your old man. Make sure you call me Coquito Pyleva 00.


Call you Coquito. Coquito. This guy's crazy. I'm crazy. You may be right, but I never said that.


All right. Well, let's let's get a crack at now. News reports more than one hundred and eighty thousand new covid cases. Now they're saying twenty five hundred deaths as of yesterday, just yesterday alone. So, I mean, be careful out there. Continue to wear your mask and. And be very, very safe now they're voting on who should get this vaccine first. They're saying, of course, health care staff should get it first, but not only them, the long term care facility staff.


So why are they saying they're voting when they literally been saying this for months? They've always said that health care workers are going to get it first and then the elderly, like they've been saying, well, it makes sense.


And not just the elderly, the people that actually take care of the elderly should be getting the vaccine first. Those are the people. I mean, because if they receive it and they work it out, these elderly homes and, you know, an elderly have a higher chance of dying from it. So I think that people are going to get it first.


I think I saw shocking polls yesterday, too, that people who work in the prisons are going to get it before the inmates, which makes no sense. Everybody should be getting it at the same time in the prisons.


I guess they're saying that because the vaccines are going to be scarce. And if the people that are working in the prisons going out, coming in and out, they to get it first and people in the prison, they're not going in. You know, they're there now. They also decreasing the coronavirus quarantine time from seven to 10 days instead of 14 days. What does that mean?


So instead of you know. I know that means. But what does that mean? Why should it why shouldn't it? Would be what new information do they have that tells us that, you know, you don't have to do it for 14 days anymore.


They just say new guidelines recommend close contact to those infected with the coronavirus should quarantine for seven days after exposure, because I guess maybe it's going through the system faster. I don't know. But my daughter goes to NYU and they've been saying that for about two months now. They they make them quarantine for 10 days instead of 14 days. So I don't know why they're just getting this information.


All I'm telling you all is, yes, we know coronavirus super serious, but we also know that is three vaccines out there. So just know that the mass marketing campaign to panic is going to be extremely high in the media over the next, you know, a couple of months. Right. So, you know, don't jump out the window. Right. I just know that, you know, they're going to market this thing really crazy to make you get that vaccine.


Now, also, we said earlier the UK has granted temporary approval for Pfizer to have its KOPA vaccine next week. So the British start getting the vaccine next week and they're saying here, December 15th, it'll start being delivered in the U.S. because I'm tripping right now.


I'm sitting back saying to myself, I coronaviruses back, you know, cases of spiking, people are dying.


NFL still going on.


NBA coming back in December when this all first popped off, everything shut down right now is just like, yeah, it's really, really, really bad. But, you know, you can keep things moving.


So I think I think they realize they have to keep things moving. People are losing their businesses, their homes, their lives, their everything.


I mean, that's the main reason you should stop things, right? Because that last point you say whole losing their lives. But if they shut down the country again for two months, there's restaurants that can't survive. There's people that had small businesses that can't survive.


I don't even know how malls are surviving right now, like because I'm in the mall.


So, I mean, though people go into the malls and shop and only thing I see online is people looting. Like I saw him running up in Montclair.


Definitely doing that. Boy, I don't know what they're doing every world, but I saw that video in New York and he ran up against O'Loghlin Monklands.


And, you know, hey, man, I mean, I need a black eye to eye love. I bought a Montclair a few years ago and clearly expensive. And I don't know what I think. I left it in Aruba or something. So I was like, you know what, your dumb ass gift spending all that much money on the coach. I never bought another one. Right. But, you know, you pull up with one and you can figure out how to take the tag off.


I never had a problem buying on the black market. My goodness. Oh, well, that from a black person for black support. Black for black.


OK. All right. Well, that is a front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, it is up right now. Maybe had a bad night or a great morning. Made me feel blessed. Call us up right now. Phone lines are open. A number again is eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


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Wake up, wake up, wake your ass. This is your time to get it off your chest with your man. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


Was going on. A lot of people telling me to go to Puffy Coquito.


Papito, we're not making this a thing. I don't know. I don't know why you told me that.


Never said that. Hello. What's up, bro? What's your name? Anybody. But the event that was called yesterday or the day before yesterday, I was curious as to what was going on with the Corvette in China, you know, where it all started. So I started Googling it and they had 12 confirmed cases on the same day that forty eight deaths occurred in New York. You know, and I was just looking at the numbers, man, just not making sense to me.


What they've always saying is like one point four billion people and they only get in cases and not deaths compared to the US.


What they've always said that China has been, you know, lying about the number of cases, number of deaths. They've been saying that since the beginning.


So I don't know. Who knows? Oh, I don't know.


I'm not saying I'm just saying that's something that, you know, they were saying. And by they I mean, OK, Donald Trump and his administration.


Thank you. The second brother. Hello. This man, Smiley, represent Representative Honey Badger. Smiley. Eighteen hundred. What was the eighteen hundred thousand eight hundred block in the project where it OK in Pompano, Pokeno, Florida. Oh OK.


Well you know what time it is that crazy. Yes, Florida. But go ahead brother. Get off your chest. Yeah I got a question man. That's all right. I mean some hard times or whatever. Here's the bottom line. No problem. We've got it and you know it. So there's no excuse for sitting around. Step on me from what was going on. If you bought something for you to return. Right. How much you lent to to these difficult times?


Oh, she gave me the box.


I'm like down the bottom of my money. No, no, no. That's a phenomenon that is a fair transaction with two hundred or two thousand two hundred two means to be.


Thank you, Solidaire.


Hey, if you bought a car, you understand you know, I want to say to means we say to taxi to honey.


We don't say to beans but yes, I'm supposed to speak fluently. I like this. I've been told that you have put them up to the path. Yeah. Disappear like this. You got to understand like I understand a word about borrowed money to return. We did say trade. We didn't say like did not because she gave she gave you a box. You can't return the box. Well, technically she let him borrow the box. We take it to the pawn shop.


Yeah. I mean, technically she let you borrow the box. You know, women don't really be giving it to us. They you lease it for twenty minutes.


Right. OK, OK.


So that could be I mean I don't I'm a stern believe it. And I don't mind, you know, doing a woman some change. You know I me back in my day now when I was out there in the streets, you know what I'm saying. But yeah, I don't mind knowing a woman some change. I think that's that's a fair exchange. I think you should you should you should get that up to the game, bro. Chalk that up to the game.


So see, the game put in my back pocket, got into the game. Put in your back pocket, king I brought up. OK, ok. Wait one more time. One more thing. So uh huh. Hey I like I like you kodet free chodak free trade gate. I yo pop coquito. Probably want to borrow one bean. No no no no no no no.


I just have a racist ring to give him a grain of rice too. That would be Jesus envy. I don't know.


Get it over eight hundred five eight five one two five. Whatever you need to pay this up now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, people have the same energy. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


Who's this? What's going on these days? Your little man, South Carolina.


Living in Florida right now before the storm that you calling from? Oh, no. You got from Florida. You say what part of Takalani from. Yeah, I'm from all last county, Marin County, a place where a lot of upstate execs fool you around. Oh, I just I just wanted to call it America's most important.


If I thought doing my music thing and I dropped that no law was special and they start I jumped out of you no times. I just wanted to send a shout out to the dance. Thank you.


Not to mention my a little bit, bro. You won't you won't end rap. I just didn't I go up one of the songs about it. Let me hear it go. I know they know me. Yeah, I keep it up. All right, stop.


You're embarrassing South Carolina right now. Here's what I need you to do that. Tell everybody where they can find the video. South Carolina, you can find the song because I'm sure it sounds better.


Would it be? Oh, yeah. Oh, yo, yo, check it out. Yeah, I can go find anywhere on any news platform and. Oh, Apple Music. African music. You what are we looking for. What are we looking for. My brother.


What's your name is eighty nine YOLO. Nobody's plenty more for you but the whole name is eighty nine. You know you have to take that out now. You sell it back to you alone. I don't right now. I'm a check it out. You're not going to lie. I still have a dream of seeing somebody from South Carolina make it big in the music industry. As far as rap how can you be eighty nine. Yo little if you only live once, you can't have eighty nine year old.


What was your name be sixty nine. You know it'd be just yolo.


You only live once, only one time. You can have eighty nine year old in control the other.


Remember what country is. I'm up down there.


Left, right, left, right, left, right. That's right. Yo what's up with the supposed to be cat mouse Nampula.


Now I just want to send a shout out man to me and my daughter. Mathaf birthday to date man. I turned thirty nine man and she turned to as beautiful.


That's what it is. And beautiful beautiful demand. Charlotte a man. A man. I watched you Harbrow. Thank you. Can't you know if you know best for you and your family. Man Thank you. I see you. What that man and a man black man. Don't keep saying God damn right. Oh, yeah, man. I just want to say that my daughter man, I love you. I'll say I'm looking forward. I'm walking with you.


So, you know, like I say, peace, love, you know? So that's all to talk about here. We all hate getting it.


I for the money man in your truck. Now blow the horn, brother. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.


Salute the moccasin McKinley. Salute all the girl dads out there, man. All the fellow girl dads like myself.


Man Hello, this is Eva Charlamagne. I don't know if they're both of you. How ya doing this morning, brother? What's your name. Oh, all right. Good to have you out of North Carolina. Today is my 30th birthday. A congratulations, brother.


Appreciate life, man. You know, be happy to be Brevin.


That's that's what I was actually calling about. I woke up my girl this morning and I was just talking to her. It's about stuff over the years and I'm just so grateful to have my life today. So like so many people out there, I'm so sorry for the people that lost their lives. You know, the coronavirus. I work with FedEx, so I'm essential work on my every day. And sometimes I forget my meds and I'm still healthy.


Man, I'm just so glad to have my life today. Oh, absolutely. It feels it feels good to wake up. And, you know, my mom texted me and my mom is still here. She's an essential worker to work in a nursing home. And and I'm just glad that everybody good on my part. And it just it feels good to be thirty. You know, I never thought I'd even make it this far. You know, I came to hurt, so it feels good.


Yeah. Congratulations, my brother.


I am happy for you, man. You know, I mean, in the words of Young Jeezy, minus the boots, life is great because we have life. Man, take a deep breath. I'm telling you.


Enjoy the birthday, brother. I appreciate you. I have a good day. All right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can always hit us up. Now, when we come back, we got roamers.


Barack Obama speaks in my line and we don't know what we're talking about now. They just let me know that somebody right here, they said Barack Obama talks the phone. The police will get into it next. It's the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Hey, morning, everybody, is C.J. Inventively Charlamagne to God, we are the Breakfast Club. Nice of you to join us.


Ye. Why she got right. You playing now, let me tell you something, when we're not on the air, he's talking to us, yadda, yadda, yadda, soon as we go up. OK, I made it.


I don't think it's not my fault.


Oh, yeah. You know, here. Yeah, she did. She did. I guess you hear. I heard her.


Yeah. Angela. All right, let's start with the room report. Let's go, let's go, Barack, OK. OK, it's about who's going to report it. This is the room. A report.


Angela Guy on the Breakfast Club. All right, we just hear sorry, guys. Let's listen. All right, all right.


Well, I don't know what the hell is going on. I will. And I'll try this. All right. So Barack Obama, you want the lowdown on UFOs. You want to know if you have UFOs exist. We know UFOs exist. And he's going to give us the rundown.


We have audio and a UFO. Did you ask about that? Certainly asked about it and can't tell you. Sorry. All right. I'll take that as a yes because there were no there was none. Right. You just played your hand. Feel free to think that I do. What can I say?


It used to be that UFOs was the what is the Roswell was the biggest conspiracy. And now that seems so tame. The idea that the government might have an alien spaceship, that's the biggest conspiracy is people in Michigan vote.


Of course, extraterrestrials exist. OK. You'd be a fool to think that in this big mass, vast universe with all of these different planets and solar systems and galaxies, you'd be a fool to think that. Would the only life form on this hole?


Are they nice or are they just came out of nowhere? I'm sure. I'm sure they're just like any other intelligent life form. Like us. Like humans. Some are nice. Some of them. Right. So no, no, some are nice. Some of them some bad, some evil, some some are traumatized, I'm sure. All right.


Now, people are also talking about another interview that's coming out tomorrow. I know today on Snapchat, it's a political show called Good Luck America, where Barack Obama says a snappy slogans like defund the police actually could jeopardize the goals of enacting meaningful reforms for the police. He said you lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you're actually going to get the changes you want done.


Obama is right because of something that I've been telling you for everything that's that Democrats and messaging sucks. What is defunding the police, taking money from inflated police budgets and making equitable, equitable investments in the communities that need them? That's what the funding to police is. But Democrats let conservatives take the slogan and turn it into something that is not taking the money away.


Police like there's going to be no police want to police. So instead of explaining the why they get caught up in explaining the what constantly say what the why is why is taking money from inflated police budgets and investing into the hood? You can't remix that, but you can remix the funding the police. So, yes, since Democrats are so bad at messaging, change the message. Yes. And James Clyburn has been saying that he feels like that slogan, that line contributed to election losses for other Democrats as well.


That phrase, I think it was a lot more than just that line. But yeah, what Barack is saying and what Jim Clyburn is saying is true. You lose people sort you say that slogan, and that's only because Democrats are so terrible at messaging. Talk about the why not the what.


And the Obamas are producing a comedy series about Donald Trump being a just having messed up so many different things, a giant.


So, yes, that's what they they call it. That's what it's called. So, no, that's not what it's called, but that's what they that he's reading the headline. All right.


So this is actually called the G Word with Adam Conover. And it's a collaboration between that the comedian and also based on Michael Lewis, his book, The Fifth Risk. So that's going to be something that is coming out is going to cover the historic chaos and mismanagement that occurred in the Department of Agriculture, Commerce and Energy during the handoff between the administration and not even let me bring it was right this in the second year of his presidency.


They were not even letting him breathe at all. Everybody, rock and roll.


All right. And more. Barack Obama knows he's going to receive the Voice of Influence Award at the 2020 PEN America gala. So it's a virtual ceremony that's happening on December 8th. And he's being recognized for his writings that have traversed political, social and ideological bounds and framed as self reflective humanism that has marked his influence on public life. OK, he's got a lot of things going on. All right. Now, let's talk about Cassanova. Casanova is one of 18 alleged gang members who has been indicted on criminal charges, including conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.


We actually saw the FBI tweeted out that they were trying to find out where his whereabouts are.


They have to tweet them like they didn't have to tweet.


They using social media like everybody else, use social media. So maybe that from radar. I said yesterday, may I rather have my news leaked and have the FBI got a picture of me saying, hey, look for me? Right.


Federal investigators did confirm Casanova is the only defendant who is not in custody. All the defendants, with the exception of Outlaw, are facing a maximum sentence of life in prison. Now, if you'll recall, we had a whole conversation with Casanovva on the Breakfast Club when Takashi actually went to jail. And here's what he said.


So all I'm told about all these rappers and all these fake gangsters, man, is you go to the feds for RICO and they offer you 20 years and you're a millionaire. You're telling. Can you still be a rapper after that, get up, though, to still be around, but I still played music. Now I don't want no problem with a man call me. Told me about the game again.


I can't take them all the time. So listen, man, you come home about two years. Ain't getting no time for that. You might come home in a year.


How do people dig stuff up like this so fast? Soon as they hit Caz's indited, they dig up that breakfast club interview would have seen that you all remember stuff. I know. And I'm sitting here every day. Yeah. I don't even remember that. And I don't like what folks are trying to imply with that Clippy. Was that clearly they trying to imply that Casanova was going to hell? I don't like that. Like, that's just stupid.


At a time like this, you don't even know. I don't even know what he's facing. I saw some of the charges, but I don't know. Somebody told me yesterday he can beat something like a RICO because the RICO is just basically like a conspiracy charge. You could be around somebody that you recall.


I don't know. There's so many different there's different charges for different defendants, for the different people. So because there's 18 people and some of them are assaulted, some of them are identity theft, some is attempted murder.


So, yeah, I think I know which one was the guy that he was one 13 and 14.


I don't remember exactly what those things were, but I know one I think one was distributing, I don't know. But anyway, they say 95 percent of the cases they get prosecuted. But I just hope that is a misunderstanding and maybe passing over something that, you know, not like. I don't want to see guys go to prison. I don't know anything about his great life.


I know him as a rapper. I'm with you, you know, and he's been rapping for a long time. Yeah, as long as I know. When I first met him, he had an ankle bracelet on and, you know, security for taxon, so, you know. Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm miserable. All right, well, that is your room report, I'm Angela Yee. All right, thank you. Missy, welcome back.


Finally, front page news. What we talking about?


We are going to be talking about a terrible thing that happened in Oregon and Oregon. Man has been arrested and charged for fatally shooting a black a 19 year old because of a dispute over loud music. All right.


And also next hour, Joyner Lucas' will be joining us. Don't move us to Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


C.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, The God We Are The Breakfast Club is getting some front page news, not just keep in mind tonight they are lighting that tree in Rockefeller Center. You cannot go by the traffic coming to New York City has to be reserved. You have to have reservations. So don't just think you can just pull up to the tree and see the lighting tonight. But they are lighting the tree tonight, I believe, at eight o'clock, right?


Something like that. Yeah. What else? We got you. All right.


Well, a man in Oregon has been arrested and charged, and that is a fatally shooting. A 19 year old, Aiden Allison, a 19 year old black man named Robert Park and is 47 years old. The degree murder, reckless endangerment and unlawful capturing or killing of a firearm. And he's also been arraigned on the lesser charge of first degree manslaughter. They said this is all a dispute over loud music outside of outside. So this is also a very reminiscent of another case, Jordan Davis of Florida, 17 year old, who was killed over loud music.


And they said this happened based basically on the same day, eight years to the day after Jordan Davis shot.


Wow, wow, wow, wow. Yeah. Oh, my goodness.


What is this game? A hokeypokey years playing? I don't know. You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about. Come on, you. Well, the Rockefeller chief will be late at night.


He said they don't think they're on to you. I said, oh, she's my attorney.


Ben Crump has already tweeted about it. And I listened to you about the same things and what I was talking about.


All right. Should be allowed today, but Robert Keegan fatally shot him over loud music. But this was not about music. That's false justification for killing a black teen. This was a racially motivated shooting by a suspected white supremacist.


You mean you can't hear me? You go in and out, I listen. All right, well, that is your front page news. We can't listen. And. I was into the store and disappeared. We started talking about the goddamn Rockefeller tree. Then you jump back in talking about Ben Crump. I don't know what the hell is going on. I told them.


I said it keeps going in and out. I was just wondering, how did how was the show on the radio Hall of Fame? I don't know. I've been trying to figure it out.


Come on, honey. Yes, it is. Ben Crump representing the Rockefeller. Oh, yes, yes, yes, exactly. I swear to God, Ben Crump is representing the Rockefeller tree tonight. It starts at 8:00 and she's getting late. Oh, my. Oh, my phone. So. All right. Yes, OK.


Seats to joining. Lucas is joining us. Are you sure? Yes. OK, join a little bit to join me next. Next.


Next move. Yes. Breakfast for the Breakfast Club.


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Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club. We got a special guest on the line. He was frozen for a little bit, so he said, let me go by the indoor pool where he has better service. Ladies and gentlemen, to the Lucas', my guy and brother.


I feel like you late this year, man, you dropped ADHD and evolution and you just pop it up on us.


Oh, man, I'm late. I stop doing interviews and stuff a long time ago.


Oh, wow.


I don't like I didn't like the way to twist the narrative and twist the words and try to, you know what I mean, like manipulate the situation and then put click bait and all that weird stuff. And it was just weird. I just I didn't like it and I just I felt like a last minute because I had I was actually planning and I started feeling like they were more famous than people actually really wanted to interview me because once I sat down with them, you know, so I didn't really do the research and, you know, saying like they were just asking stupid questions.


And I was just like, well, like, come on. And and it actually kind of seven who had told me in the interview that Atlantic or whoever reached out to them to do to get me there. And I didn't like that. It was like making if you make it feel like I mean, you want me here, but you're chasing for interview, I feel like like that.


I didn't like that. So I was just like straight up street interviews. I don't want to feel like I'm here because I made a call. So, like, I didn't like that.


So you put so much into your music and your videos and the and the whole concept so I can see why you would feel that way. You should actually do something that you enjoy yourself. Maybe you could be the journalist and then you can show people how it's done. I mean, dope in a song. Is that why you left Atlantic?


Is that the reason why you decided to lead a major NA?


Unless I left Atlantic because I just didn't feel I didn't feel like I was on pause.


I didn't feel like they knew what to do with a and Lucas, I don't think your ideas are easily explainable to like these culturally clueless people at these record labels, though, like you're the type of person that you just got to show them. You've got to trust. You've got to trust in what he does. Absolutely. Does disjointed Lucas feel like he's underrated? You dropped two projects this year, two great projects, evolution and ADHD. And I don't feel like your name is in the conversation the way it should be.


I feel like I'm underrated, right? Yes. No, if I if I am underrated and it's my fault, why why do you say it?


It just means I'm not working on I need to work.


I got to figure out another plan on how to be more visible. That's all it is. I don't blame anybody for that. But myself. You know, I don't think somebody decides like this guy is going to be underrated and then now everybody's like he's underrated. I just think that that has to do with the artist.


I don't think so, because I think to you as an artist, is there the art that you put out, whether it's your videos and the songs and the music and albums. So I think is there so I don't necessarily believe it's Udoh now.


But again, like, it's it's it's all about what's working. My I have like a certain type of lead, you know, with my storytelling and stuff like whatever, whatever, like the highest streaming artist right now and a young young artists.


And, you know, the records are really storytelling. You know, I'm saying it's this is all swagged out. And so, you know, for whatever the case is so divisibility on them, there's a little bit different because of it, because they attract, like the young young kids, you know what I'm saying, to 15, 16, 17 year olds. That's not really my thing, you know what I mean? Like, I hadn't really even tapped into that market yet.


So, you know, I just have to figure out what it is that I have to be doing better. You know what I'm saying?


Also, at the same time, like, everybody's all in cahoots with each other, like these cats. They all do records with each other.


I don't I haven't done records with anybody really like that except for like the ghosts, you know.


And you got a few of my friends. So I haven't done nobody. Eminem and Eminem and Rick Ross on the album, on Legen, on on Evolution.


Let's talk about it. The game and the game to game to the record.


You are the younger generation.


You may have them to join a from say.


The visibility I don't have records with me, I don't got records with Kodak, I don't know.


I would like to see you would like Griselda. You know me, Royce. That's that's what I'm saying. This is. No, but that's what I'm saying. Like, I feel like maybe I keep putting myself in this box where, like, you just expect that. And I don't like that, like Griselda.


I love Griselda, but I love those of my family. But I'm just just feeling a little box like not like that's not what I want to be like. I feel like I have to say I can absolutely make mainstream record. I can do and still be Joinet. I just want to be a young boy and be drawn to Lucas and Kelly and still fit in with the news.


I haven't tapped him today yet. I haven't done yet. I just been kind of doing me and I've been very successful at doing me. So I'm not really tripping about the overrated thing which I've done. I've done. I did. I got out the hood, you know, I retired my mom, you know, saying I bought houses that I'm good. Like, that's what we wanted. Right.


That's when you started off. You said you haven't done interviews in a long time. What what made you do this interview with us so much? I'll miss the home, you brother. And he's a man. So they actually turn time interview with Mean.


He's already had some good out there in the world. Joining my guy, joining one of the rappers I talk to for no reason. He's a good human. He's a good person. Good.


You mean it? How did you hook up with Will Smith? I did.


That relationship come together that came from the world record. You know, I wanted and I felt like he wasn't getting the respect that he deserved. And when Koby died is what really prompted me to do the record, because I'm like Dambrot, if if that was well, I would that would have hurt especially him not knowing how I felt, you know? Right. So did you write his verse Weltner? Did you help him or anything? That was all rough.


But then you pulled up on him, though, didn't? Yo, yo, I thought I saw a picture of you all together.


That was recently that was about that was about a week ago.


But we are doing you just he was in town when I went to L.A. I was I'm sure I was using my video, my husband, George Lopez and Diddy and a lot of other legends. I love respect. And he I was in town. You invited me out to his crib. And it was the first time I met him. And, yeah, we just chatted up and, you know, it was dope.


Did you do I Akazawa with him or anything like that. I was good. I was going to do that. It's like a spiritual I want to call it a drug because it's like a plant and I don't do.


No, no, this is good. I'm telling you, this is good. I promise you this will. I haven't done it yet, but it's spiritual. Promise me everything.


I promise. I work without a drug, though. It's not like coke or heroin. It will not make a lot of people. And so what does it make you learn the levels quickly, like the levels to the to the house? Oh, yeah. Talk about that.


I mean, that house had to be on an insane. I thought that when I bought my mansion I was doing some.


Now you do not compare yourself to other people.


You doing oh my. Diminishing my accomplishments. I'm very I'm like again I come from nothing. It's different now. Everything changed dramatically changed for me. Like it just went from zero to 100 really quick. I really broke to really rich really fast. Right. As a result of the hard work of just all, everything just happened that one time for me.


But I go to Will's house to do that, a top down family. So he opens the gates, a man sitting on two hundred and fifty acres of land.


Right. That's Will Smith. God damn it, man. Polow God goes. He'll go past the bridge, take a left and park over there. So I'm driving. I see my exercise engine and jaded outside exercising. He got a dog. He's running around with plates in order to serve the city like crazy. There's so real fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Jeffrey, I feel movies is in your future. Like I see that for you. That's to go right for me. Eventually pivot also to music and get into movies. How we got more.


We're joined Lucas when we come back. Let's get into a joint is just like will record is dope. Video was dope. Check it out. Is The Breakfast Club. That was Joyner. Lucas, just like Will. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Guy Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it. We join the Lukash.


How hard is it for people to get a pizza from you since we're talking about you and having that rarely works.


Do so people here, you, you just turn them back to bed really? Well, when I first was really gunning to get into the game and I was really trying to make a living off this and my son was about to be born, I started like doing mad features.


I can make enough money, so when he was born, he was good, but it was like I just I was just doing it, just take the bread and it didn't feel right. Right. Because even mom I didn't believe in or like or didn't like the music. Oh, yeah, that's hot.


So the bread is like, yo, cause I needed to I was I was a desperate father like him, but I didn't like the way that made me feel.


You know what I mean? So there's a lot of artists that hit me up to do features that I don't really if I don't really like the song like that or like it doesn't make any sense and I won't do it, especially now.


What made you put logic on ISIS? I said Mosul, ISIS, but he couldn't do it because he was working on his album. So he was like, yo, I'm tied up. And then he got his orders. You know, I'm saying that he signed over there that he had to make sure we straightened out. I get it. It's cool. No pressure. But on my way, he was like, you wait. And I'm like, not my weight.


So I said, I got to get somebody else on this. I didn't know who at the time. And then I ended up piecing it up with our logic. And once I pieces of logic, you know, which he invited me to his crib when his studio, you know, he's playing me some of his album. And then I played him something like 18 project. I played him ISIS in a medium he's already he's just started rapping in his head.


And I was like, you wanna jump on pause?


He was like, you look like a hero, you know, saying you already going out like one get you like, you know, so soon as he did that, I'm already in my I'm playing on a video on my head.


I'm like, yo, so when they are you available to shoot? Even before you had the first one, he was like, I looked at his calendar like like three weeks, you know, I said, like his day off, finish the verse on and make sure we get the video that got started setting everything up. He gave me a verse like two days later, and then the video was already already set up to go like three weeks later.


Why did you have with logic? Whenever I hear people before logic, I think that's so strange. I'm like logic, to be honest.


It was very strange. It really was. I think I was I think I was jealous of really the reason why I say that. I thought it was because I felt like where he was that at that time is where I wanted to be so much. It took me. So I had called that man because I had an epiphany. I had got to a certain place in which people started expecting things, people that didn't really know like that, you know.


And I lost a lot of people in a clip.


I said everything that I choose this guy. I was whatever is happening to me and I know how it feels and it sucks. So I had I had called Royce and I said, you put me on the phone with logic.


I need to talk to him. And I just as soon as he picked up, I said, look, I just want to tell you, I apologize. I'm going to smoke right now. And which I understand the reason why why you. So how you. So when I was coming at you the same way I told him straight up like I was I was jealous because you was doing everything that I wanted to do. You you let go, you know, he was ripping down toys and you know, you had all these relationships with all these artists that I loved, respected.


And I really idolized you. And I didn't even realize how much I did, you know what I'm saying? And then, you know, so I gave him a sincere apology because I really meant it is a while ago. I don't even want to say like that's like the most sincere apology anybody in my life has ever gave me.


Like, wow.


He was like, you got me tearing up over like, yeah, it was a real a real conversation. And he was like, you know, where I was at at that time. And I couldn't understand why you had all this energy towards me. And, you know, I just had a lot of that energy man.


Like, I was I was just I was one hungry artist man coming up. And I felt like he took my I did all the things that people try to accuse me of, bro. I'm I'm like Gambro, you know?


I'm saying I'm addicted to that. Sometimes we don't like people. It's really a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Yeah, but let me tell you something, though.


Like people don't know how to apologize for or know how to sit there and be like, yo, I could be dead wrong and still carry on his energy like he was right the whole time.


Like it's you still your fault.


So like when one of the biggest things that make me happy about who I am is the fact that I'm able to identify when I when I'm wrong and give you a real sincere apology about it and, you know, not hold on to things like if I felt like I did something wrong and tell you.


And when other people don't do that, other people are not like that. That bothers me because it's like, come on, man. Like, it's hard. It is for me to say sorry. Yeah.


And you know what else? Even you tell in logic that you were jealous of him. And we don't realize jealousy and envy destroys from within. So you're killing yourself, being jealous of another man. So just for you to even get that out is big.


You realize that I was jealous of him at the time. I realized after because it's like there's no reason for me to be jealous at this person. I just grab it by. It worked his ass off, he already had like nine, 10, 11 projects before he even got to that point. He worked for that. I just come in the game, you know, and saying thinking that the only thing they felt like he was nicer than him, I'm sure, because, I mean, you look like I was nice to him.


I felt like I felt the same about Kendrick because I like Kendrick Kendrick. Let get why Cooley picked me up. Why, yo, I had all this energy like, yo, I'm finally here now. Like, it's know who I am. I know they see me. Why nobody reaching out to me. Right. And I felt like this sense of entitlement right here. Now I'm his lyrical rap, I'm whatever and Kendrick and Cole and logic and all of them should reach out to me and we should all do a record together.


I had this in my brain where I felt like things had to be a certain way because that's what I expected. You know, for whatever reason, these artists, if they were like that, they're different now.


I they closed off to to relationships, whatever people say.


So if Drake was so kind before to do certain records with certain people, whatever happened and within that relationship may concentrate to be like, nah, I'm I'm not, you know, and here I come, like, yo, what's up again?


I'm trying to do this. So now I'm holding a grudge against Drake. I don't want to be jealous, Drake. Jealous if you're not saying so.


It's one of those things that you don't really realize until you actually become the person that you idolised and everybody's idolizing you and they expect it from you and you, like, know what I'm getting now. And that's exactly what happened. And now logic is one of my good friends, bro. Like me. Like me. You shot me up. It was good. How you been? Everything. Your family good.


Where you should put logic and Charlamagne on the phone. I've talked to logic. I never had no problem with logic either. That's why I'm like, I mean, you know, I have an opinion, but I don't have a beef with the young brother. But when I see somebody going through, you know, mental health issues, especially being that I deal with my own, I'm like, man, I don't want to cause that brother no trauma.


I don't want to cause him no pain, no hurt.


You know, I mean, for you, what your job is difficult to solve because you you're in a place where you've been in a place for a long time or you're, you know, authentic person who just says what comes to that, how you feel because you're a radio personality. You know, you don't it's like how comedians write. Comedians can say certain things because they're comedians. You should just know that I'm about to make this type of joke.


You should just know that I'm going to offend people.


Yeah, I don't intentionally hurt nobody. Right. Right. Now, there might have been a point in my life where, yes, I did want to intentionally hurt you, but I felt a lot like you. I was I was I might have been jealous. I might have been envious. You know what I mean? I might have been hating, you know what I'm saying?


So when you make all those jokes about me, you jealous and you envious about me? No, I'm telling you the truth. You did look stupid. See, you got to stop with that. Beijing's in Beijing with that. Hey, if that happened, I hate it. Just looks that. Hey, let's do that. Hey, I will move.


We got more. We're joined as when we come back. Now, I really want you guys to listen to this joint. It's called Like a River. We're going to talk about it when we come back. Listen to the words is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


And that was like a river jointer. Lukasz Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We still kick it would join a lucas'.


Yeah, he has joined it. And I did want to ask you about the song. We just played Like a River. That's the last song on the album. It's about your father. How therapeutic was it for you and what was your state of mind while you were writing that song?


Yeah, it was very, very therapeutic because I held a lot of this energy and, you know, for such a long time, that situation specifically is just a really, really volatile situation that I can't I can't figure it out. I can't talk about it in depth of what actually happened. But if I told you what happened, it would be quiet, everybody would be quiet, and you'd just be like, and it's a really tough situation. But it's something that I listen because I.


True, because to this day, I still see things that make that is still you know, it still just doesn't make any sense. It's like, wow. But I think that me creating this record, it really helps me heal because now that I know my keeping, you know, everything away from the world, I like to express myself, my music, you know. So if the fame amongst a lot of other things really cost me that relationship and it's a relationship that would never be repaired ever again.


Wow. No matter what, can never be repaired. And I only did I lose that. But I also lost everybody else on that side. Your whole father's side of the family, everybody that knew about what the situation was and everybody that continued to had to continue to have a relationship with their dad to go, wow, and is honestly what it feels like.


They give your family an entire family on one plane and the whole plane just crashed on, everybody know that I reached out to you and kind of but but not really.


And they have. And I attempted to try to. And it's just it's one of those things where it's like for me, it's like once when we're talking about certain things, like there's some things that are forgivable or some things that you can like, OK, this is just another.


But then there's like certain things that's just like not like there's a line when it comes to this, it's you got to pick a side. I can't put, you know, and like you him. That's just what it is. And if you kill him, I'll kill your mom, your brother, your sister, your dogs. If you with him knowing this period. And it costs me again, you know, due to that and I can understand it, I get it.


You know, this is something that should sit with you whatever who have that relationship. It is what it is they need. But that's that's definitely a part of my life. That is a very dark place for me, because, again, it's that crash, that plane crash, you know, everybody die. And it's like I had to create my own world, you know what I mean?


And completely leave that sad behind and completely pick up the pieces and just and continue to go. But it is difficult. It is very difficult thing to do because you still don't understand it, you know what I mean? But it's like you got to do it. And it definitely had mental health for a little bit.


Have you spoke to your therapist about it? I don't have one. You got to get one, brother.


I'm a million percent. I agree with you. A billion percent agree with you. And I want to and I and I will. And I am. I just haven't yet. And I definitely I definitely need one.


I'll tell you that, that the repertoire going in the twenty twenty one and again, everything, everything happened so fast we grow everything changed completely quit. So I definitely need like therapy to deal with a lot of this that I've dealt with and you know, a lot of my new responsibilities and like my new life that I have now, it's definitely a complete, you know, therapy helped me to deal with a lot of issues I was having with my pops, you know what I mean?


A lot of things that I hadn't had conversations with him about, a lot of things I hadn't dealt with, you know, from from when I was when I was younger and I was holding a lot of resentment and a lot of anger towards him, you know, but therapy helped me to really process it. Because one thing you realize about your parents, especially your father, is he was a human being, just doing the best that he could, you know what I mean?


But he had his own demons and his own flaws and his own things that he was dealing with.


So it makes you have more empathy for him or at least for me to be able to join us so that, you know, we've got everything because of your father, right?


I was influenced I was definitely influenced in as being younger and raised in like a studio environment, not in music like that, you know? Yeah, of course. I mean, not that I was, you know, just try to pick it up, trying to press on, you know, whatever, whatever. But, yeah, I was that was mainly because of that, you know, carrying it on and become better at it and, you know, just working hard to get what you needed.


That was on me. And I did do a damn.


We appreciate you for joining us. You've been a pain for our man and we appreciate you sharing your stories.


So many interviews.


Hopefully you'll come back and he's done and he's like, I we appreciate we could stay all day.


I got this call, you know, back to Chase. We could stay here all day.


Brother, I appreciate, you know, the first time I had anybody at the Breakfast Club was like four years ago, five years ago. And even then I felt like I put myself in a box of, like, you better freestyle rapper guy, you know what I mean?


I went to the Breakfast Club. I was like, Rat, you know, I said, just randomly.


And I just kind of like and I once I did that for everybody wanted me to just rap like that never happens on the that was some type of way, bro.


Like because I'm like, nah, like I don't want to be known as just rap guy. I like that, you know, I'm saying.


So a lot of that is a reason why I started staying away from certain things. You know, I have never this way. I never did flats. I never did any of these syndications that actually people go to rap on there. I've never done that because I don't want to be you know, that's I mean, I go rap.


You ought to rap guy. You're you're a dope as rap, a dope as creative, but you got to make a movie. We're going to make a movie. That's one of my goals.


We're going to write a movie together so we can make a movie.


We've got, you know, a lot of. And in the studio doing interview, after you get a little kick, your step away is the boy. Let your go. The end of man. Shut up. Yeah, let them handle this.


So you guys sorry that the thing prohibited actually meeting in person again and, you know, sitting down and chopping it up. But you guys, you look rich.


I've got a lot of you.


I'm proud of you, but you look great now. You see. I am glad. I'm glad. Oh me man. I appreciate. I appreciate what you do. I really appreciate you guys, man, for everything. Yo. Thank you.


He's going to join us as the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Hey, I hear that Bobby Schroeder joined a long time salute to Bobby Smirnova when Bobby coming home next year.


Sarah is soon. I think one of the great nine members were released yesterday. Really?


Yeah. Anyway, good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angelilli Charlamagne, the guy we all the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rumors. Let's talk lots of people.


She's feeling the tea. This is the room, a rapport with Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club.


Well, looks like Larissa Pippen was caught holding hands with Malik Beasley and they were in Miami. Now, Major Malik Beasley is married.


He got married in March so she can March 20. Yes, yes. This year in March, he's been married. And so his wife went on social media and posted, wow, I don't even know this man. This is wild. I'm seeing it for the first time, just like y'all. I've always and forever remain true to who I am and God has never let me down. The truth always comes out one way or another. Appreciate all the love for real.


Now, according to the Shade Room, they are saying that she's already retained a lawyer and does intend to file for divorce.


What's the context? Explain. What am I what am I missing here? Well, Malik Beasley's married and was caught holding hands in Miami with large. And she also said that she was expecting him to come home, but he couldn't make it back home. And so she was completely blindsided when these photos surfaced in Miami, which is a psychic holding him.


If he lives in Minnesota now, is he black? Yes. Yeah. Namely, black men don't cheat. Are we sure? He's twenty four years old. He's very young.


Oh, boy. Still boy like no job.


OK, he was supposed to return home to celebrate his 24th birthday on November 26, but wasn't able to make it back.


He was celebrating. Hmm. All right.


Well, just putting that out now. There's also another woman who has come forward and she's allegedly saying that she also was dating Malik Beasley. And according to this woman, she's saying that she's had a full relationship with him. She's been inside his home. She's met his son, slept in the same bed, and she even has pictures posted on the side room.


Get his young boy some nice, toxic, problematic advice. OK, it's not the cheating that gets you in trouble is to get in court. If you're in Miami holding hands with your sidekick, you trying to get caught, OK, and you will get caught.


He did get caught.


Yes. In Miami, holding hands with the sidekick.


Wow. These new boys are bungee jump the risk. They take it. All right.


Russian roulette, these young. Twenty four years old, he's young and dumb black boys.


Definitely cheap black men, don't you? Correct. All right. Now Drake is selling us scented candles. That smells like Jake drives that.


Yeah, he's about apriority Drummer Boy. His name is Coquito Poppy by the audit. I just want to leave you alone at this point. Why? Because when you when you get it, it's kind of how it smells like I like it.


So it guys.


So how many of these guys and what part of his body does it smell like that. Why did you ask so many almost wants to win.


Why did you ask me when I smelled like drink fresh out the jams, I promise you. All right. Now Snoop is launching a pro boxing league and apparently they do have a massive fight in the works. He's teamed up with trailor co-owner Ryan Cavanaugh. They're going to launch this brand new pro boxing league is called the Fight Club. So here's what they had to say about that.


This was the first event of a league that we have called the Fight Club. And it's a fight. It's a league owned by by Proxima, which is the parent code of trailer and snoop. And we're this was kind of the first of many, many events. Snoop will be the announcer of the official celebrity announcer in the face of it and spokesperson. But he's also a partner. So he'll be helping with setting up the fights and setting up the music acts and, you know, the whole shebang.


And this was really the first of those events.


People will always pay to see folks fight because this is what it is, you know, I mean, we love to see humans going against each other. That's why when it used to be fights back in the day, you run towards correct. People like to see combat. For some reason you pay for it. Now, Ryan Cavanough also says they have something really big happening in the works.


I can tell you that the main fight, I can't see it yet, but it's going to be something everybody wants to see. So we thought that this one was big. I think that this will be even larger for my worldwide appetite perspective than something that people want to see.


Are we talking about a sanctioned fight or another exhibition of sanctions? The next one, you know, it will be, again, probably four hundred four cards. It will be a combination or try to do is bring in everybody from social media to big athletes that may not be boxers to celebrities, big name actors, musicians and obviously some pro boxers and tie it all into a major event that was snootful promoter for this fight that we just saw.


He's a part owner of the company. Oh, OK.


He's going to Snoop Dogg of you. Numbers too strong. Yeah.


So I was going to continue to do my commentary. He's also going to help book the fights and the musical acts I love.


All right. Well, that is your room reports.


Let me ask you a question. Right. You come on now.


At one point, two million people of views. That's great. Wow. You come home with a. You see that your girl or your man, your spouse ordered the drink. How did that make you feel?


Did it smell good? It's just a candle. What does it matter about Erica Badu, for instance? Yes, she gave me I have some of that here to me and me and my wife.


Love Erica Badu. I bought that. We bought that. We got that at the house.


So you and your wife Erica buy those people and we use our. And it smells good. Yeah, definitely. It smells good. I mean, I definitely and you ought to know I did not want to drink candle.


No, I'm not. Why? I just had a time for red lipstick.


I didn't know that either before you knew that job. You do that. But I have that here. He wants to order drinks. Kandal called the bottom starting from the bottom. Right. You want to more now you want to read. I said that smells like that. But. All right.


Well, speaking of bottom, I started speaking about giving a donkey to oh man, Florida. Vanessa Marie Huckerby, come to the front of the congregation. We like to have a word with you. We're going to talk drinking safe this morning. God damn it. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same.


Hey, what's up, D.J. Envy? And if you're looking for auto insurance, customize just for you. You need the general insurance. They have excellent customer service and they have been in business for over fifty five years or eight under general or visit the general dot com. To date, some restrictions apply. But make sure you don't watch out for Florida, more of the craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of oh yes, you are a donkey.


A Florida man attacked an ATM for a very strange reason. It gave him too much money. Florida man is arrested after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife. Police arrested an Orlando man.


We're talking up the Breakfast Club, Charlamagne, the guy on the way out. Keep letting you get yelled like this because your state is crazy.


All right. Don't go. Today for Wednesday, December 2nd goes to a Florida woman named Vanessa Marie Huckaby.


Now, what did John Kashala always say about the great state of Florida? The craziest people in America come from the Bronx in all of Florida. There is no disputing that.


And I think, God, that I came up in an era before dating websites, not knocking anyone who does it. But I couldn't see myself on elite singles, eHarmony, black people meet, a guy, Drongos is Puerto Rican and runs our up here. He's on Latin fields under the username Coquito Popi not to look him up. OK, would you get me in trouble at home? But no, none of that stuff is for me.


The way my anxiety is set up. I couldn't just meet a complete stranger online. A person who can tell me anything they want about themselves and none of it be true. And then you show up, get robbed, killed catfish. I'm not judging anybody who does the dating single thing. I'm just simply saying it's not for me. It's like skydiving. It's like bungee jumping. It's like being uncircumcised, not knocking any yarded. That dude, I got those things just telling you that's not my thing.


Now, Vanessa Marie Huckabee has a dating profile set up under the name Ireland, babe. One, two, three, four. Does that name not look in sound fake. OK, see what I'm saying? Island, Bay. One, two, three, four. How could you take a profile page on a dating website serious that says Island Bay. One, two, three, four. It sounds and looks like a Russian, but when you see it now, according to the Miami Herald, she included a name, photo, cell phone number and address.


But here's the catch. Well, actually, it is no catch. This dating profile is exactly what it sounds like fake.


But I tell you what, this one is fake for a great humorous but sickos. OK, see, Vanessa, she should actually be the new host of punkt. I don't condone what I'm about to tell you. She did, but man, is it entertaining to watch the Vanessa. It's a classic case of the ex. Oh, a lot of y'all out there got a crazy ass stalking yo ass right now that is upset that you have moved on to another relationship.


Vanessa is one of those. OK, see this dating profile she set up that included a name, photo, cell phone number and address? It wasn't hers. In fact, it was the woman her ex boyfriend is currently dating.


But this story gets much, much better because it wasn't her milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard. No, not in Florida and Florida. You need something a little stronger than milkshakes to bring boys to the yard. Let's go to the Miami Herald for the report, please.


A Florida Keys woman was jailed on a cyberstalking charge after police said she posted a fake profile on a dating site that sent strangers to another woman's home looking for sex. Fresh tonight, lifestyle.


Stop. Stop right there for a second. Stop right there for a second, because there are conflicting reports. The Miami Herald is saying Vanessa posted the headline Free Meth Tonight.


But in the news report we just heard, they say fresh meth tonight. Either way, Island, Bay, one, two, three, four. Got meth. That's right. Speed cookies, cotton candy, whatever you call it, but never had crankin sheets. And in Florida, it doesn't matter if you advertise in fresh, crankin, free cheeks are free, crankin, fresh cheeks, folks is pulling up, even though I don't know, you know, how fresh you expect cheeks to be from a method in Florida.


I mean, it's hot down in that pool. You have, you know, watched for days. But forget all that. Continue with the news report.


Vanessa Marie Huckerby, 29, was arrested November 21st on misdemeanor charges of cyber stalking and harassing Huckerby in October and November sent threatening messages and made harassing phone calls to a 36 year old Key West woman who was dating her ex. The victim told police she has never met Huckerby and began getting the threats after she started dating a man Huckerby had dated for six months. Huckerby told the victim she would need to get a restraining order. Huckabee's next move was to put up a profile under the name Island Babe 12 34 on seeking arrangement, which advertises it helps poor women with sugar daddies, along with a victim's photo, cell phone number and address.


The profile invited men to come to the victim's home for sex. Multiple strangers began arriving at the victim's residence thereafter.


I'm giving this woman donkey today, Vanessa. You're getting donkey today because you absolutely deserve it, OK? A person's home is their sanctuary. It's their castle. It should be their place of peace to have a bunch of Floridians pulling up during a devil damn pandemic when folks are supposed to be social. You got all these MFA's showing up to this young woman's house looking for crankin cheeks. You're lucky that woman didn't stand her ground and let her goddamn gun blam.


OK, so you are earning every bit of this heehaw.


But a round of applause for this amazing, amazing idea. All right, this is an amazing idea. You got a beef with another human. You mad at this lady because she's your ex-boyfriend. So you advertise free meth in sex at her house in Florida. There is nothing that can bring holiday joy to a white Florida man's heart like the thought of tweaking Entrekin. OK, only a human with a Florida brain could concoct and execute something like this.


And Vanessa, even though I am highly entertained, it will not stop me from giving you the sweet sounds of a Hambleton's.


Oh, no, you are the donkey. I'm. Doggy. Yee ha! Guess so easy. All right. I mean, would you like to just put facial features and giggles? Let's do it. Let's do it.


OK, well, let's play a game of just what is. All right, guys, Vanessa Marie, Huckabee, Huckabee, OK? She's from Florida, Florida. She set up a fake profile for a woman, OK, a woman that was dating her ex-boyfriend and she was advertising free meth and sex. Guess what races you go first.


I'll have to say Caucasian just because of the crystal meth. I was thinking Latino because, no, you know, I was thinking white. Oh, I got to say what it is, this white babe. Oh, I know it. All right.


White with yellow teeth. You see her mug shot. OK, white with the yellow teeth you've ever seen in your goddamn life. All right. You smile and you slow down your process. OK, if you could drive it right. Askey is next. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice, call right now it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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Press on once. Now press the Updyke. Oh, damn bitch. Now I want you to notice. Whoa. Do you want to know the story of the guy who created this device?


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Come on. Relationship advice. Me personally advice. Just the really fast call up now for aski warning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. It's time for ask ye.


Hello. Who's this. Hello my name is. I like to go by Anonymous.


Hey Anonymous. OK, question for you. I have been with my husband since 08. We got married in 2016 and now and we have two children. I know that I'm nagging all the time. I'm always complaining and I'm fussing about how he makes messing up and our home about the small things he doesn't do for our kids. And it's like either I can say something all the time, you know, like, hey, I asked you to pick her up.


Don't let her walk through the rain. Now she's getting wet either. Say something all the time about the little things that bother me or I can try not to say anything. And I've tried that, but I'm like boiling inside. And also he has a lot of legal trouble. So it's like anytime he wants to talk to me, I'm always irritated. I'm always mad. When he talked to me about what he going through whenever I'm eating dinner and he's spilling food, I'm just like snap.


And I don't want to push him away because I do love him, but I'm so ill all the time and I don't know what to do.


I listen, I tell you, because I think sometimes I could be that way to where, you know, I think I can be very like organize. And I like things a certain way. And my boyfriend's not really like that. And so we do sometimes get into it.


And then sometimes I have to check myself and be like, am I over picking on him because of how I am, you know, because we're not the same in that way.


He's cool with things being messy and leaving stuff, and I'm not cool with that. And so I just had to think about how I approach him when I need him to do things. But it is annoying when you have to ask somebody over and over and over again. And so for me, everything and we had to decision.


So I can't pick up after him and our children. Right.


And it just puts me in a bad mood when I'm irritated all the time. And then I start feeling like, am I a bitch, you know? And so I understand exactly what you're saying. But it also feels like there might be more things bothering you than just this. Like, is this is this a symptom? These are symptoms of a bigger problem. Yes, you're right.


It is.


And so it feels like you might need to address that bigger problem because it's making every little thing irritating to you.


I mean, yeah, there's a bigger problem. His effort, he don't care about stuff like I do, but when I want to talk to him, he's more so like like what's your problem? He don't have a problem about nothing and he feels like he's trying. One time he said, I'm doing my best. What are you complaining about? And I said, is this your best? And he he knows he can do better. I just I'm just stuck where a few times a day I'm snapping.


It's OK to break. I don't want a break, but do I need a break. I don't know.


What if he's got it. He's got to step up. But sometimes when you tell he and I realize this is my boyfriend, when I tell him to do things, he doesn't receive it the same way as if we have a discussion and he comes up with ideas on his own. So I'm like, OK, what do you think you can actually be doing that would be more helpful?


And let's discuss like I know I do this because sometimes I check myself. I know that I snap at you. I know that I can be this way. So now let's talk about things that you do that you can acknowledge and figure out how to improve. And what do you think you can be doing better? And how are you going to go about that? Because sometimes there's no plan of action. We just get mad. We tell you, why don't you do this?


Why don't you do this now? What? How can I improve it? And so sometimes we just get mad and tell somebody something and it's a Band-Aid on the problem. But you need to discuss how moving forward we can always make sure we address these things. And before I get mad, I always count to ten backwards in my. So I'm not snapping, and that's always worked for me in many, many different occasions, I go 10, nine, OK, before I say anything, and sometimes it's how you say and you can let him know, like, look, I'm making an effort to not snap at you.


This is bothering me. So I would love it if you can make that effort to just do this and let's try to come together as a team to fix these problems.


And I think one more thing. I would say this is good to discuss things when you're not in an argument, but then that's hard because I don't know.


I mean, I can know, but it's not on the top of my head what I'm upset about right now.


I mean, that's why it's a good time to discuss those things and making a pact before I can discuss it, like let's have a discussion while neither of us are mad. Let's have some wine and sit down and discuss it so we can get back to, you know, just being in love and not having these small problems that are plaguing our relationship. Because when you discuss things in the heat, while you're mad, that's when things really spiral into an argument.


You're right. Thank you so much. I feel better. I really you know, you're not alone, OK?


I have a great day, everybody.


Thank you. See you tomorrow. You're welcome. About aski five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice now with the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy and Julie Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club in the middle of Ask E!


Hello, this is bird flu. Hey, baby, what's up? What's up, man? Good morning. Yo, man, I got a question. I need advice. So me and my girl, we've been here for about two years. Take her all about you till I love her stuff, but she just never like to have sex. Like I need advice. Like what should I do? Should I move all I'm.


So is there any issues that she has from her past or anything that might have happened that she's discussed with you?


That she. I sure. Yeah, I, I like what you find me unattractive or something, but it's just like I try to kiss or hug her like she just, she just never in the movies. It's like I said, all right.


Everything does she on any type of medication, birth control, anything, antidepressants.


I basically this shot for purpose.


So but that's you know, sometimes things like that actually do affect your sex drive. Oh, it could be something like that, to be honest. I guess, you know, it might be something where maybe she needs to try something different for birth control because it might be lowering that and she could see her doctor about it.


But has she always been like this?


Yeah, she's always been like this, like, I don't know, like what it is. But then, like, when I go out with my friends and she always told me, how would she think I'm a cheat on her, but I don't know, I just really be be home. I barely go out and end up like this, like do something.


I take her out and she just never in the mood to do you ever just lay down with her and cuddle and kiss and make out and without the intention of having sex.


I tried. I she don't like because you don't like the her. She don't like the saliva.


I'm just, I'm just like what I do feel like sometimes this is a bigger problem. Like I said, it might be that something's happened to her in her past that she hasn't discussed with you.


Yeah, my piano. But you know, just I think you should let her. I mean, listen, I understand sex can be really important in a relationship. And you say you love her and you care about her. And it might be you having her go see a therapist to work through whatever issue she has if she doesn't feel comfortable opening it up. Sometimes people suppress things that happen to them in their childhood and that actually comes out later on in life and relationships.


And they don't even see the connection.


Yeah, but I just tell her to let me said this is like like you don't like I'm here, like, you don't show no affection and nothing like come right.


And that's it.


And it's difficult to be with somebody who's not showing affection the way that you need them to. And then and then like you said, it makes you feel like you're not attractive or she's not attracted to you. So you're getting these mixed messages where she doesn't even want you to go out. She wants you home all the time, but then she won't even cuddle or kiss.


Yeah, that's what I believe.


It it sounds like she might need some professional help. And I wouldn't say it's just you. And it could also be that birth control shot that she's taking. So it's a combination of things. But if you really care and want to make that effort, you should tell her like, look, this is affecting our relationship. I want this to work out. I would love for you. Let's find somebody, get some referrals for you to go see so that you can see if there's something that's like, you know, maybe some past things that have happened that you haven't addressed.


Yeah, I'm a sit down. I'll talk to her, but it's all right. Show us some love. I hope it works out all right.


Aski Eight hundred five eight five. One, two, five one. You got rooms on the way. Yes. And let's talk about a versus battle that might be going down. And this will be a big one if it can happen. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Listen, this just in, all the guys got the rural report guy got a look at the rural report, The Breakfast Club.


Right. Well, this could potentially be one of the biggest viruses I'd imagine you can see Diddy versus Dre. Well, here is what Swayze had to say about that with Timbaland on TMZ Live.


How about Diddy and Dr. Dre? That's something different. I came to say it was not going to happen anymore because a lot of the verses that just like the last one we've seen, everybody said it couldn't happen. Right. So now we just let the universe naturally make things happen.


Are there people getting their set list together when it comes to Diddy and Dr. Dre? You didn't say no. I'm never going to say no anymore.


If they do it, they can't do 20. They got to do 40. Well, I mean, it would be dope because of the whole bad boy Deverall history. But, you know, what was said is true. You know, after Gucci and Jay-Z, nobody really has an excuse not to do it.


But they cool, but they didn't enjoy. Cool. But I'm not going to talk about. I'm not saying nobody has an excuse not to do it when you see Gugino Jeezy put over, but whatever differences they had aside to do it, you know what I mean? Like, there's no reason for nobody not to do it at this point. All right.


Now let's talk about the formerly incarcerated lawyer who inspired that series for life, the one that 50 Cent has on ABC. He is now running for mayor of New York, Isaac Wright, Jr., Moncks Corner, South Carolina, own his story, got a lot of attention.


He was actually incarcerated and falsely convicted on drug charges. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1991 under New Jersey kingpin laws. But now he wants to be the mayor. And he's from Monks Corner, South Carolina, dropping a coupon for Isaac right now.


Your dad know the story and your mom know the story. I never asked him. It don't matter. He from the corner. That's a good question. I'll have to ask him later. I didn't even think about it.


But you're right, Maasdam. All right, now let's talk drink champ DMX, according to a story that was told on drink champs by Martin Martiniuk, once trained his dog to do ad libs in a freestyle battle.


He had his goal, right? Right. So he battled on the court and he just like all of this, all over the bulls, like some gold like you gave my dog, she might bite you. And the dog really like like to kill my. Let me get him. I stole. Still talk with a group of Democrats, that man is annoying. OK, you to realize there is a real life superhero who control the minds of dogs everywhere, you automatically win the battle for that.


Absolutely better than Aquaman. Would you rather control fish? Pit bulls? I say pit bulls. All right.


And Damian Lillard. He was talking to Fat Joe on Instagram and he was talking about playing in the NBA bubble and he actually thought the experience helped him.


Listen to what he said to me personally. The bubble was way easier. It was really no distractions. We didn't have to travel after the game. We was leaving the arena sometimes 10, 11 o'clock after a game, and we to go right back to the hotel. And they had a cold pool set up at the pool for us. And we just get our recovery. And right after the game, they have all laid out for us and we go back to our room laid out.


I mean, everything was laid out. It was just like boom, boom, get up the next morning, practice all in one spot. So like our bodies was recovering faster. He was more rested. I could see that. It makes perfect sense.


Yeah, I think that makes more sense, especially with Kobe going on. I should do that again.


Yeah, but you can't right. Into going to be in the bubble for seventy two games away from to a little bit. You know, they got to cut the game at least to save you see what's happened in the NBA.


This player can't play in NFL, but this one can't play. This one can't play.


It's not, it's not fun because you don't have a full team like you never know who's gonna play. You don't know if there's a good chance your toe.


You find something. I never want to know when no one is out of luck, whatever. I don't know if you know.


All right. Now, Kiki Palmer just opened up about her polycystic ovarian syndrome. She put up a post and reveals that she has acne and acne scars. And that is in some no makeup photos. I know that's a hard thing that a lot of women have to deal with. And she said, hey, you guys, for some of you, this may be TMI, but for me, my platform has always been used for things much greater than me.


Polycystic ovarian syndrome has been attacking me from the inside out my entire life, and I had no idea my acne has been so bad that people in my field offered to pay for me to get it fixed. I tried everything. I did Accutane twice. People say drink water, have a better diet. But I did all that. I ate all the right things. My blood tests were fine, but it took me taking a personal personal look. It's in my family that has a history of diabetes and obesity to understand what was actually happening with me.


And unfortunately, doctors are people. And if you don't look the part, they may not think that's your problem. They may not even suggest it if you look healthy, whatever that means. I came to a doctor in tears once and all they offered was a measles vaccine. Wow. So did you see the picture?


I did see the pictures that I see.


That's all I follow came from. I don't know why I keep you don't have our own daytime talk show like, you know, daytime talk show production company. Be wasting money on some of these folks. And you got your next clear daytime talk show host. All right. Thank you, Paul. She's honest. She's funny, she's smart. She's transparent. She connects with people.


What more do you want in the daytime talk? I think she I think she will. I think she'll get it again.


It makes no it makes no sense to. She don't got one now. But, you know, you're right. You're only twenty seven. You got time.


Yeah. So not all right. Well stupid as culturally clueless production companies folks, I mean it could be something in the works that we don't even know about is true. That is very well, very well true.


You never know because you just stop doing that morning. It was a Good Morning America.


Yes, I remember she was. I know. I don't remember the name of Michael Scream. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So she just stopped that not that long ago. And then it has been covid. So I'm sure that people are looking at her. All right. And Cynthia Bailey is suing her ex-husband, Peter Thomas, for an unpaid loan. You know, he had the club and his lounge and she loaned him a hundred and seventy thousand dollars to purchase the space. Now she wants her money back. And you know what? If it's a loan, you should get your money back.


That's for Barr, one Atlanta loan. She said, we actually have unfinished business. And she had said this previously. She was his partner in the bar. And then when it went out of business. You know, I don't know if he filed for bankruptcy or what happened, but there was a foreclosure and he borrowed the money, so, you know, got to get that money back.


All right. Well, I'm Angela. Yeay.


And that is your room report. All right. Thank you, Miss Yee. A revote. We'll be back in the new year for everybody asking. All right.


All right. If we don't know that for sure, they will be speaking of bills being paid. So I'm not sure about this.


Yes. All right. Everybody else, the People's Choice mix is up next. Let's go.


Morning, everybody. Is T.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club that set out to join the Lucas' for joining us this morning to my guy, Joanna Loukas.


Man joining us, an artist that I thoroughly enjoy, has put out two great projects this year. But he's also a good humor man. But you should check out Evolution and ADHD, because I really don't understand why join a Lucas isn't in the conversation more as far as just like lyricists. Right. You know, he's dope and his videos are amazing. So to my guy joining Lucas.


All right, bro. Now, when we come back, we got the positive. No emotion over the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Reporting everybody is T.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, you've got a positive note, Charlamagne. Yes, man.


The positive note is simply this man. I know a lot of people out there right now are dealing with something and they're like, why won't you just go away? Why won't this just go away? Just understand that nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. Breakfast Club, this is your.


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