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This is Fight Night, a new podcast from My Heart Radio. They thought he robbed the deadliest man in this country. Guys who would not hesitate to blow your head off. This story from Atlanta, Georgia, has been reported for 50 years, but now for the first time, you're going to hear what really happened from the people who lived it.


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This is your wake up call to the Breakfast Club to show you love to hate from the West Coast. Evangelii Charlamagne Gujranwala Show On the Planet. This is where I respect this show because this is a voice of societal change in the gay guys are the coveted morning show which are on impact in the culture that wake up in the morning and age. They want to hear that for the world's most dangerous morning show.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Good morning, Angela. Good, my DMV Charlamagne nigga please. To the planet.


Guess what day it is. Just what day it is.


Oh I going on Wednesday. It's hot day.


Yes it is. Next week is Thanksgiving. Can you believe it. Oh my gosh. Thanksgiving is definitely going to be different this year.


Yeah, not really it is.


I'm not seeing my family. I'm not seeing my.


Yeah we're I really don't think that's different really. What you make it, you know what I'm saying? Because I was telling my wife that the other day because she said she said something to the same effect. And I'm like, you do know it's five of us, right? So it's immediate family, you know what I mean? It's your family. Family, that's all.


It's not five of us in my house. Yes, I got yeah. No, it's seven of us in total. But my mother and father come all the time and they can't come. Absolutely.


But you get to see I'm not going to see my parents.


I don't know how long we have to learn to enjoy the moment, enjoy what we do have. So many people have gotten so many things taken away from them, so many people taking away from them. Enjoy what you do have. It would be kind of, but it's a mistake to go into Thanksgiving thinking, I'm not going to be able to do this and I'm not going to be able to see this. But I didn't say I'm not going to enjoy it.


I said it's going to be different this year. Not really. Oh, you guys.


I mean, no grandma and grandpa, no aunts, uncles as different cousins, no playing games is going to be different.


A little a little less entertaining of other people. That's all right. Well, so I've got to get you guys to watch The Bachelor Bachelorette man. It's so good this season. Let me explain that. Well, let me see what happened.


So we didn't ask. I'm telling you today it was a bachelorette. Right. And then when they went to twenty guys came out, she was like, I know this guy, everyone. His name is Dale. And this is the first time ever where it was Chip. It didn't go the whole season. It only went like three episodes. It was like effortless. I know this is my husband show of like a jakovčić. No, because she found her husband.


She was like, this is the guy what I envy.


So he had to bring the Bachelorette in so that these guys are fighting for another bachelorette that ain't even know.


So it's very cool. This show is better than you just explained. It's good. And you just gave away the whole plot. So why should I watch? No, no.


I mean, it's only the fourth had happened. So this has happened already. OK, all right. And that's ANELI, who is in the finale of Dancing with the Stars. He's made it that far.


He's finally on a cruise bastianelli. Dammit, hip hop. You can do anything you did you watch him dancing to Tupac?


No, I did a little bit. I had to turn it off. Was a little funny. I've never watched Dancing with the Stars in my life.


You got to watch it. You have to go see Nelly on Dancing with the Stars. It's allowed. Well, clearly, he's doing good if you want, right? Yeah.


He didn't win. I said he made it to the finals is for couples in the finals and he's one of them wanted to find out one of the dance routines he had, the way he was winning shoe in heels.


So he put a heel on the only Jordan.


But your boy needs a boy needs. What's your name. Neeve Silman. Yeah, he's also in the finals. And they said that he's been getting really high scores the whole time. So we got to vote for Nellie. We got to turn up for Nellie. Right. I haven't watched Dancing with the Stars ever.


And when Bobby Bones won, I knew it was B.S.. OK, when the people vote.


Yeah, people the people vote. That's not fair at all because it's a popularity contest as opposed to how good you are. He works hard. He's indicated over a hundred. Marcus. Hey, man, activate your family.


I'm not mad at it. You got to do what you got to do, Bobby. All right. Well, Kevin Hart will be joining us next hour.


We're going to check in with Kevin Hart right now. He's filming a movie, so he's going to be checking in from Kansas City.


And his new Netflix special is on Netflix right now. That's right. It's called zero zero seven.


Yeah, given given. All right. Well, let's get to the front page news. What are we talking about?


We are going to be talking about coronavirus. And we'll tell you what Dr. Fauci had to say about Thanksgiving this year and also how you can test yourself at home. All right.


We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Hello. Good morning. Hello. Good morning, everybody.


C.J., M.V., Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club is getting some front page news.


Let's go. And he's intoxicated, too. Let's go. Yes, I am. Let's go.


All right. Where we at? I don't know.


Where were you at last night? You got so intoxicated. She was filming. I was at Negril in Brooklyn.


Shout out to my people that Negril recording with Wife and Luchi yesterday from my established show and we went out to eat after.


OK, how much did you have to drink?


Obviously like a whole bottle of classes. Do you know that. Oh the tequila.


OK, all right. All right.


Well let's talk about it. NFL, they have to do your alphabet backwards through z, y x, wvu t s r.


Oh I know. First of all, you only only only drunk people drunk and. It's got me saying, OK, OK, good day, I h g I'm doing good, right?


I don't know. Oh, we're not drunk. That's what happened.


FDCPA while dropping the cool stuff, we still going to jail to put it feel for good.


Well, the NFL has tapped their first all black officiating crew. They're going to be working Monday Night Football and that is the Rams versus Bucks game in Tampa Bay. So this is as NFL celebrates its one 100th year anniversary and it's the first time this has happened.


That's no, I can't wait to see that game first time ever. Yeah, I want to see that. All right.


And in coronavirus news, they said more Americans are willing to get a vaccine for it. covid-19 would you be willing to do that?


No, I'm leaning towards it a little bit and I'll tell you why I like it. Like we were talking earlier, the fact that I can see my parents, I can see my aunts, my uncles, my cousins and family members and go out and feel comfortable that I won't catch anything or bring anything back home I'm leaning towards.


My problem is they're too eager to push this on black and brown communities and poor and disenfranchised areas. Like I saw. I got nothing. I saw Governor Cuomo, somebody like we've got to make sure it gets to them first. You know, they're the most in need only like that when it comes to no other resources. You're not like that when it comes to money. You're not like that when it comes to the funding, the police taking money from police departments and putting it into our communities.


You're not like that when it comes to job training and education in the hood. So why are you so quick to want to push this vaccine in the hood? I got a problem with that. I'm looking at this a little sideways. I'll go first. All right.


Well, Dr. Fauci has said Thanksgiving is going to change this year. He said we've got to make risk assessment and risk benefit discussions within the family. He has three adult daughters and he says that they do not want to put him at risk. Seventy nine years old. So they're going to have a meal on Zoome. So he'll be with his wife and the daughters will be on Zoome. He said, I don't like it that way, but I think they're making a prudent decision and trying to protect their father and I'm proud of them for that.


And they are going to have the first covid-19 self testing kit, by the way, that can be used at home and you'll get your results in 30 minutes or less, but you will need a prescription to get it.


When I was that. That's what I said. How much will that be? Buy it. I definitely will buy that.


How do you know if it's accurate? You got people like Erica about do testing positive in one nostril, negative, another nostril. Like, how do you know this test is going to be accurate?


Well, no. And when do you use it? When you got symptoms like. All right, well, all right. Well, it's a nasal swab just to fly. So now they are giving myself a nasal swab.


I can't put that thing all the way up myself. I can't do it. That's where you draw the line.


What are you looking at me like that you can't show me? Come on. I know you looked at me like I said, I can get that thing with where he looks at me. You want me to help you? You can help you get it all up. And that is right.


All right. You got it.


All right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to hit us up right now, it's the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello? Who's this? Hey, how's it doing, Sergeant? Hello, Sarge. What's up? Get off your chest. Are you, Sergeant, sound like a private.


All right. Good morning, everybody. No, everybody sleep all the way. Want to get to the point when you start something and I'll finish up. I was out of school for seven years. When you start finishing up. Yeah. And I'm proud to say I finally got my college degree. Congratulations.


What's your major business? Technical management with a focus on small business.


You don't care what community college was? No, I went to the university one hundred across the state. Financially, everything was right. But it's a blessing. Are you from Savannah? No, I'm from. Oh, OK. I love you. And I got you. I love all your books. I only got the articles. I'm trying to start a book collection. I was wondering if you could help me.


Today's your lucky day. Listen, I got a bunch of books in here right now that I need to get off. So I'm going to send you I'm going to send you a copy of Shook One Anxiety playing tricks on me. And I'm gonna send you a copy of one of my favorite books of the year, an unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health by Dr. Rita Walker.


Thank you, Mr. Blair. I'm going to be out to date. Thank you. Can I read a thank you?


That's great. I'm sitting here with my foot on.


Hello. Who's this guy? Is this a sample of the Haitian people?


Say my belly button. I say I just want to say that I think that port a potty and by sunstone is very traumatizing. I'm going to offer him my therapy because here through the phone is full acceptance and the radical forgiveness for trial because it really disturbed him.


I'm glad you I'm glad you can see it through your therapist eyes. You know, healed people, healed people here differently. So you you hear his heart?


I do. I do. And I just think it's so far, you know, I mean, every time I it for him it is a tricky one. Yeah. Oh yeah. But hopefully some help in therapy for black bean bag. You know, you find a therapist in your area, OK, they got a therapy for black men.


I know they had therapy for black girls. I don't know. They had therapy for black men.


Yes. Therapy for black men. Big black. And what happened without Ariel Sharon Stone?


If you listen, there's there's a young lady right here that will help you right now. I know you probably don't sanitation.


You own a garbage truck, but if you're listening for a call, because she is very concerned, you can hear and you've been hurt. She's traumatized ever since Trav did you dirty.


We know that, though. We can hear it in his voice. I mean, I say that to him, you his body.


And that was a great, great song.


Good body Jew. I hope he takes advantage. I hope Sharon Stone takes advantage of you because I do think some therapy would do him some good.


I'm oh yeah. That's why I love therapy.


I go once a week and you you'd be uncovering all kinds of traumas that you didn't even know, you know, you had embedded in you from from from from your youth. So. That's right.


I want Sharon to deal with. All right. My thank you so much. Bye. And come up with something new. Yeah. And I think we're showing seven numbers.


So when he calls, we'll give it to you because he you know, we love to give the brother some help. Yeah.


And I think with Charlotte, I bet you it connects to something that happens in his childhood. He got he got into a rap battle when he was young and got his ass destroyed just like that, I promise you. I bet you somebody spanked disaster.


Yeah, that's what we call it. All right.


Well, thank you so much to help me get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Ever wondered why there are two ways to spell doughnut's or why some people think you can find water underground just by wandering around with a stick? Believe it or not, this is stuff you should know. You know the podcast with over a billion listeners. It's now for your eyes so you can read it. Stuff you should know. An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things covers everything from the origin of the Murphy bed to why people get lost preorder at stuff you should know dotcom or wherever books are sold out.


I'm telling you what's dormi. All of you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


Who's this? This is fine. Hey, what's up, bro? Get it off your chest. Swine of swine. Ron Elving.


I can't believe I made it through this crazy meeting. I just wanted to show my love real for me. It's a couple of things. Hey, Charlie, you got any any books available?


My own books. Yes, sir.


Yeah, I got a bunch of I'm actually looking at a bunch of boxes open right now which what you want sugar in a black frivolous world.


If I can get both and if I can get you guys autograph, I don't care if I have to pay for it. Well, I'm a big fan now kind of guy.


I don't know if I have any black privileges up here, but I send you a sc1 and I send you on one of my favorite books of the year. An Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health by Dr. Rita Walkerston.


You both for those today, a big hello. Who's this? Yeah, this man probably was. I broke it off your chest.


Listen, man, and I'm really disappointed in speak speaking me like I'm sorry about my son. You got a good dude at home that we're looking for. You don't want to be in the mold. I didn't walk away like you to go. Didn't like you say they invested with the board and all the stuff. I didn't pay all the bills, but yeah. You don't want to be. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did you say that he pays all the bills?


All right. Well, maybe you say all the bills. You do not pay all the bills. She said that he does, you know, hold her down, is comfortable, but she knows he pays all the bills.


She says, lucky somebody like me. I would definitely give her a golden shower and then, like, just walk out the door, like, that's some really nice stuff.


You know, people fall out of love all the time, men and women do with the fact that you just don't let them brush past the fact you said you going to pee on the girl and walk up to him. No exceptions.


I know. I'm Ed Speci. So we get grinded up all the time, right? We oh, it's always a guy fall and, you know, we age and everything else. Yeah. You got women out there that we hold out and then they do that like you ain't never been with a woman and then just kind of fell out of love with her even though she treats you well.


And she says she asked him to do certain things and he doesn't do it. Hold on. So things are changing and getting better. That happened to me once, but I just think the difference between her and I was man of I'm gone. Are you married? No, I'm not married.


I mean, well, she's married. And sometimes people feel like I can't figure out how to some day and work it out case. But you want to hear. Yes, relationships change.


I mean, for me, I was like, this is confusing. You said you never married, but you're gay.


And, you know, when you thinking about what one of the hardest things to do is to walk away from a situation where the person isn't necessarily treating you badly, but you're just not in love. It's just not easy. Yeah.


I just don't feel it though, through the person, because not it's going to make it worse for the next relationship. Not a lot of next woman he fights at least. Right. He's going to sit there and I mean, I can't say for sure, but we know how to go through. A lot of times you really are arguing about a caller from yesterday that you don't even know it is that, you know, it was true. True.


You're going to let them get it off his chest. Just forget about it. And one thing that you're not realizing is she did say that she's had multiple conversations with him about things that need to change and he hasn't done those. That might be you.


I think, you know, you've got to stop peeing on girls when you get mad at him. That's what I know.


Have a good crazy get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up. Now, we got room in a way.


Yes. And we'll talk about Takashi's six nine. He has these documentaries and we'll tell you what he's saying about them. All right.


We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Hey, what's up, it's Miles great doing, that's the weirdest voice of cool announcer voice for the promo. No, no, just be yourself.


Hi, Miles. And I'm Sophie Alexandra. And we're two friends, two comedians and the two hosts of the podcast for 20 days on the podcast, where we talk about our favorite reality show, 90 Days Fiancee, and all of its various iterations. If you already watch the show that you're familiar with characters like Angela and Michael Pollan, Sweeney Todd and Jeans, you got to say five. And if none of that made sense to you, that's more of a reason for you to jump on the 90 day fiancee bandwagon.


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How about you?


I really, really enjoyed researching our episode on Seneca Village, which was a settlement in what became Central Park that was mostly populated by black people who actually owned the property there. And unfortunately, their time there was kind of a race. So if this kind of material sounds good to you, come listen to the show. We have new episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays and then a behind the scenes Minnesota on Friday and a bonus classic episode from the archive on Saturday.


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Morning, everybody, is T.J. and we Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club.


Angela, you drunk? She's intoxicated. She screamed at me about three times and then every time I envy you mad, annoying. All right. Well, let's get to the movies. Let's talk to Kasey six nine.


Listen, this just in all the gossip guys. The rumor report. It's a rumor report, The Breakfast Club. All right. Well, there are two documentaries about Takashi's six nine Superville in the making of Takashi's six nine and Showtime's documentary.


And there's a Hulu one as well. And it's called Six Nine The Saga of Danny Hernandez. According to Takashi's manager, these are both unauthorized and they're saying do not support them. Now, I'm not going to lie. I heard from my Greller. Yeah, that I one on Hulu. As good as you watch it already.


I know I'm I put that on PornHub and just see what happens. Is the title six nine saga. Danny Hernandez. I'm going to put that title on PornHub and see what happens.


I know. But you know what?


Now that I know it's unauthorized, maybe you do want to watch it actually perform the walk turn to stand up and take nine heel to toe steps in a straight line, turn on one foot and take another nine heel to two steps. Back to your starting point. Can you take your finger and touch your nose?


I want to see if you can do that. You guys are problematic. All right.


Now, little Wayne has been charged with possession of a firearm by the feds, and he could face serious prison time if he is convicted. So they have charged him with one count of possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon. And if you guys remember, he did go to jail here in New York back in 2009.


So what was this stemming from? When did what happen?


This is what his play was, an incident that happened last year and December. They searched his plane in Miami and he was a passenger. They were making a stop in Florida on the way to California. And they said he was cleared to leave even though guns and drugs were reportedly found on the plane. Now, they believe that he was wrongfully in possession of a weapon and ammunition, you know, was crazy.


Somebody on the Democratic side, when little Wayne took that picture with Trump, that was their reasoning for him taking that picture. It was like he's got a bad case. And they told him that if he doesn't take this picture with Trump, then they're going to hit him with charges, yada, yada, yada. And so yesterday, the person sent me that story and I replied back to him. I said, he took the picture. You do realize he took the picture and he still got charged.


It is make sure your theory null and void. And it was like, oh, I thought it was state charges. My bet, like federal food. All right.


Well, according to CNN, of course, posted wait a minute, Trump still got 63 days left. Call him Wayne. Get that fool on the phone. They're going to try to put you in jail for supporting Trump. You've got a point today, ABC for Life tomorrow, 10:00 p.m..


Can you pardon somebody when they just they just been charged? Do they have to actually go to jail first?


I think they got to go to jail first, right? I don't know.


I don't know if it's sluttier. Fifty. I heard Jeezy just throw a shot of fifty on a new record therapy for myself.


Yeah, I mean, it's fifty said I heard that.


Well, a little. Wayne's attorney said that the charges because he was a convict, convicted of a felony in the past. So he is prohibited from possessing a firearm. But he said he said there's no allegation that he ever fired it, brandished it, use it or threaten to use it. So there's no allegation that he's a dangerous person.


That's horrible. All right.


Now let's talk about people's sexiest man alive. Who would you say is number one?


Come on now. You work with him every day. Come on. Let me talk to me now. Talk to me. Nice. Absolutely.


All right. What do you do? Well, that would be the sexy short man. Maybe little man.


What's wrong? OK, so you think he is sexy? You just short. I appreciate it. Thank you. One other standards for hire guys is Michael B. Jordan. So congratulations to him to the sexiest man alive. He said it's a cool feeling. You know, everybody always made that joke like Mike. This is the one thing you're probably not going to get, but it's a good club to be a part of.


OK, you due to one leg, Stantis. OK, we need you. I need you to stand with one foot about six inches off the ground and count from one thousand and one one thousand and two all the way on up go.


Why are you acting like I can't function low off you. I'm in my house.


I just asked you to do the one little thing that you're going to jail. You can't do it. All right? You're trying to talk to you. I'm not going to just. All right.


Well, anyway, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your room report.


We got front page news next week to talk about you. Let's talk about Joe Biden and who he is putting in his cabinet. All right.


We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same.


The freshest family reunion is coming to HBO. Max celebrating. Thirty years since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air debut during the Will Smith and the whole cast for a walk down memory lane. The Bangs family is back. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion streaming Thursday only on HBO. Max turnup.


Michael. Michael, Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Oh, my God, yes. Listen, you want to know what's on my head? Let me say, I mean, you know, it's humbling. What's that? Well, yesterday, I was walking out the building. Right. And, you know, we've been wearing masks so much that, you know, you forget you when your mask. I'm walking out the building. Right.


And I'm like, did I step in dog doo doo?


I'm like, I keep smelling dog do to started again. No, it was I was it was my breath and I was like, oh shoot.


That's very humbling.


So what were you eating.


I don't even remember. I know what you mean. Shut up. Let's.


It was awesome. It's got my tongue in it but so bad.


Oh, you.


Oh, all right. Good. Well, that is your front page news.


Snorting Now, what's wrong with you?


Oh, right. Next step.


Not really. When we come back, Kevin Hart will be coming up.


We're going to be kicking with Kevin Hart, Kevin Hart as especially that came out yesterday because zero has given me cause I've got a lot of stuff going on. He got the Netflix special. He's shooting the movie with Woody Harrelson and Noncandidate right now. It got to the audible venture that him and him and I just launched a lot of stuff you got going on. All right. So we're going to talk to Kev next. Angelie, you.


Good heavens. You don't know. You don't know.


I'm not eating, but like, wow, what is this? What is it you just said that your breath smells like doo had nothing to do with eating but it had everything to do with my breath.


Just think it was think like yesterday for whatever reason it happened.


All right, let's get out of here because he's on top. All right. Is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Cap on the Breakfast Club. Legendary artists, musical icons recognized for decades of impact, influence and bringing the house down. Each year, some of the most outstanding artists of our time are honored at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. And now we've teamed up with I Heart Radio to take you inside those memorable nights with a brand new podcast series, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ball.


You'll hear humble, impassioned and inspiring speeches from these amazing inductees and the artists who were on hand to honor them. Catch for premiere episode starting Friday, November 6th, featuring the inductions of the Beatles, Stevie Nicks, the Eagles and NWA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction vault available now with new episodes every Friday on the I Heart Radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. Yo, this is urban philosopher, philanthropist and the host of the Recession podcast, a production of the Black Effect podcast network and our radio, I'll bring you real conversations about systemic racism, mental health, life on the streets and much more.


My guest will include influential figures like Charlamagne, God, Dr. Joyce and Tony Robbins.


You know, Martin Luther King said, you know, a man or you could say today a person who hasn't done something they're willing to die for isn't fit to live. It's pretty strong words. But I really believe in my soul that what changes people is when you find something to serve more than yourself.


So join me on the Recession podcast by Jeezy as our ESV is out in podcast. That's right on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or whatever you prefer. Your podcast.


You're checking out the world's most dangerous morning show. Morning, everybody. And we actually showed I mean, the guy we ought to breakfast club, he got a special guest on the line. Yes, sir.


Kevin OK, what up? Come on. I'm on my own with the same line.


Well, now you look at you look in every bit of 40 plus right now nonstop.


I came it came in aggressing.


My belly is back up a little bit. Just to let you know, Angela is a little twisted. She when I was drunk, she had a good time intoxicated just to let you know I love you.


I hear you are winning more energy.


So you're working already this morning? Yeah, more set my mind insurance.


I'm shooting a movie called Man from Toronto. So my call, it sounds pretty early. So right now you're in my my humble abode, my trailer. This is my home away from you.


I saw you enjoying yourself to to change gray area yesterday on set when you have Woody Harrelson acting like he has some rhythm.


If for a second, you know, I was in there feeling myself, man, I was a big day for me. My my special release yesterday. So congrats. Thank you, man. Zero for giving. So I stepped on set with zero to give and show that while basically keeping my headphones on listening to a time song and what he they know it was happening. So they started dance with me. It was a good time. He had to be there.


I felt that that whole. Especially in your house. Yeah. Oh, especially from the comfort of my own home by yourself.


So there was just your family was you, your fans and your crowd? No, we did.


I did it to where I had people come to. We did like a covid. So you do like audiences. But they had to go through regulations. They had to do the protocols, you know, the covid checks, and we had to get them tested and had to get tested three days before, etc.. It was it was a lot. But we you know, we pulled it off. The whole point behind it was just to put a creative, creative aspect back on my my side of comedy that was away from what I've done in the past.


So we went to the highest of the high stadiums, the theaters, the arenas. And this one, it was about going backwards and going back to the intimate setting. An intimate setting was one of what would it look like, a living room. And it was more of a conversation than a performance, an honest conversation with with my point of view and how I feel about a lot of things today in my life. You know, everything is coming from from my life, my experiences, my feelings.


And the biggest frustration is just people and just at times. So I tried to do it in a way to where I could be truthful but still get some laughs and still be funny. But in the most ways, just say you all annoying as know people are, they've turned into some annoying people. And this is this is why I feel that way.


Is that why the end of this pressure, you talk about a you tell your wife you had a bad dream, that you did a stand up saying things you would never say, was that your personal way to kind of like protect yourself against these cancer culture people?


Yeah, you know, look, what people truly don't understand is that, you know, now I'm I'm a CEO. I'm a CEO of a lot of different things. So, you know, my actions become falls for so many. So the that I say and do that could be considered a dean, bad or inappropriate. You know, it can be life changing. But the people that work underneath my umbrella, whether it's for heartbeat, whether it's for laugh out loud, whether it's for laugh out loud radio, I mean Part B ventures, I can go on and on.


Nobody even has an idea.


Don't forget our company. Don't forget our company.


And nobody even has any idea how many entities I have. So as you build these things underneath it, there's a pyramid, there's a bunch of branches to a tree. So my consequences are real. So I have to walk on eggshells because everything at this level is a thing or becomes a thing. Nothing is brushed over. So, you know, and me doing and joking about the things that I joked about at the end saying it was a bad dream, you know, that was a that was a it was that was my way out of it.


I can't even tell you how many things I've already got about the joke. You know, where I sat, my daughter might be out. This whole activity I done that. People are writing about that already. Already. Already got that. What else there was. Oh, the things about my ex wife. It's that's come up. There's me and my attitude for being privileged in life that's now with saying, you know, I'm complaining about that and my my child's, my child's, my child's affiliation with me and my lifestyle.


Why is he complaining? Everything becomes a pain.


The. People are already complaining about it. People will guess you say, yeah, I mean the for the the law people of it, it's it's an amazing response. I already see and know what the numbers are, which is astronomical. But I'm just saying that there's in this time what what really is the the key thing that people gravitate towards is just something to say.


Now, how did you how did you deal with the pandemic? Because you were somebody that always travels, always on the road, always working, but now you have to sit your ass down. So how was that for you? Oh, yeah, Congress was tough.


You know, I think about it. I've been home. I've been home for it's going on a year over a year now because I got injured.


Remember my back. Yeah. Yeah, I was sat down for that. Then after that the pandemic hit. So I literally did. This was a result of the pandemic. I was I was home and I was like, yo, I got to figure it out. I got to do something, I got to put the pen to the pen. So I started to create to stand up. And when they finally opened up Los Angeles, I went and found like a restaurant that was outside.


And it was like ten people, you know, that would come ten to 12 people that will come here on a daily. And you couldn't legally do shows or performances in California. So it just looked like I would pop up at the same time every day while these people were there and they would just get a surprise out of me working out else. And that's how I started to work on the material. And I did that for like three months.


And I was like, oh, I think I got it. I got I got my special from my house.


But you can't say I think I got it at a time like this. Well, well, yeah. You know what I mean.


Well, Kevin Hart is here. We got more with Kevin Hart when we come back. More of a special is out right now, given it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking off with Kevin Hart. He has a special is out right now.


You know, Kev, I was I was on Twitter yesterday because I saw your name trending, so I clicked on it just to see if it was one of the jokes is something I picked people, but it wasn't it was a look alike from from Zambia.


And he stole your face. I thought it was somebody playing with a filter on social media. I'm like, oh, that's him. Scary. Yeah, that's him.


That is that's cool. Like, you don't even say somebody look like you.


You look at him, he's like, man, I may not be attracted, like I may be chased, but this guy actually looks like me like it's not a joke. No it's not my brother. He looks exactly like we were both from the same woman. But I thought he was playing with a filter do things. But that's him. That's the second time I've seen it. That's crazy.


Is him at all. When you see it, like would be like you hit him up and be like, yo, you really do look like me.


No, that's weird.


And I've seen you. I've seen you start to ride bikes now, man. I'm out there. I'm on the road bikes heavy.


Charlamagne was making fun of me because I wear my little Japanse. I'm like, little Japan's got Pageau and I talk about that.


And especially it was all good. So I gave somebody that visual, you know, it was the morning time I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I was at the lowest point of mass. But, you know, I'm I'm out there. I'm Miles right now. And I'll I'll give you, you know, anywhere between at eighteen to twenty five mile ride just as a casual ride. And I think when I get back to some good weather, I start pushing it, probably try to put in somewhere around one hundred and twenty five miles a week.


That's my new thing. You got to get hobbies. I'm getting old man right now.


Go back to your twin real quick. Have you ever done your DNA, your ancestry test to see where your roots come from?


Oh, yeah, all the time. No, Charlamagne, I've got family in Zambia. That's all right. Yeah. Charlamagne all the time.


I check my latest check yesterday who I got where I've never been. What do you want me to do when I find them.


What do you want me to do? Just to know you got the connection to the motherland. That's all you what you say. Well, so cousins, I'm coming to do it.


So that's not my cup of tea. We want to find family. Then they go to that awkward meeting.


Hey, you know what? I found out that her dad wasn't her real dad. I'm doing her DNA test and she actually found her real father. But her whole life, she got this man with her dad.


And, you know, that's called that's called the truth. You go searching for it, you'll find him, but you get it.


What was. All of the dads you had to make that photo. But I'm saying what was wrong with the dads she had? Why did you think what would happen? One day you say she went looking for a DNA test and that's how she happened to find out.


Why is my question.


Why would you thought your DNA would you say, oh, I don't know why I'm a go in search to see what may or may not be. Everything's been cool thus far. Yeah, it's up.


I don't want it. I don't want to know nothing. I got no nothing.


It was like I had to see where her ancestry was from, you know, she'd been the same ever since. Some confused trying to force a relationship with a man.


Then her real father's wife is mad about it. And she's just like this, like she wants money. But it's really her dad.


So what, that dad's just going to turn on love? How does she. She's grown. She's like 40. Yeah.


I blame this one on you being drunk and I'm on a plane or you having a good time last night.


You are diversified. Are you into versus. Yeah, I've watched them goosey. You have. I don't know man.


Don't seem safe. No I ain't in it.


I said yeah I did see you at Dave Chappelle and I'm in Ohio. I said stand up there. And that's where you revealed that you actually had coronavirus.


Yes. Yes. I went down to Camp Chapell. That's what I call it. Dave is Dave has taken over this area in Ohio, man.


He's turned it into something very amazing for the economy there. He was doing shows through the pandemic. He was basically giving jobs to thousands of people who had lost him. You know, he really kept a large part of that city afloat. And I came down to do one of the shows. This is when I got real comfortable with the sets. I wanted to see what the reception was, what it was going to be. And, you know, Dave set it up nice.


I went down there, did well, got to see his whole layout, what he's doing, what the plans are. And it was mind blowing. It was mind blowing. But I'm thankful for that because that was one of the tests that I needed outside of the small environment that I was performing in to see where the jokes were. So that's what it gave me, confidence that that was where I wanted to be.


I want to ask you about one of your jokes from the Special Zero as given. Have you actually been assigned full time?


Yes, but this wasn't it wasn't for what I did in the joke, OK? Came from somebody else that came from another person, a white person with brick oven pizza. It was just funny to put Seinfeld on it.


That was OK. You know, they're giving. And then I go had a dream. I was at Seinfeld's house. Everything that was the dream, calling my daughter all the bad things. That's the dream. That's the thing that I wish I could say and joke around with some part of that part. But, you know, people probably now say, Kevin's liar. He was never there. Who knows? They'll say me. Thank you and congrats on the new baby.


Congratulations, Father. Four is great, guys.


I'm excited to make somebody want to add somebody. Want to ask you some questions. Oh, your girl is here from Philly. Taylor, you have to say say hi to me.


Say you've got a joke. You've got a joke. I can't hear. But she's got the best jokes ever. Like, they genuinely make me laugh. Go ahead.


Go. What do you call grandma that you're dating a girl? I don't know. Oh, baby.


Oh, baby, it's not that funny. Come on now. It's not that I'm not that funny. You got one more. One more.


Oh, no. OK, what do you call someone with nobody and no knows. What do you call.


Nobody knows at that point. It's not that funny. I'm sorry. And is angry. Why does that matter to people, the people you just got to question why they matter? And what is not funny about anybody know that it's funny.


That's brilliant. Brilliant. When do we what do we cross over to the tough branch, which is not cool. I have no fun. So you don't do good jokes. I love it. Time. I see.


Yeah. We should tell them a little bit about the horrible situation. Let's do that. When we come back cavorts.


It is a new name. Rehame Fees. We got to tease. You just can't be got to tease a little bit. Wow.


Why is your face so flirting with you back back like caviar to the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Yes, we're back. Here is the breakfast quote. Why your face so close to the camera? You can't see.


This is what I turn it off when I zoom in. I don't like it. You know what I'm doing, you know? Do you forget you want to zoom? Sometimes I go too close. I can still see. Although I was you know, I was trying to look and see what's behind. And I don't know where she is now. Oh, OK. I was like, what studio are you at? Is I just saw all the alcohol bottles that maybe she's still having a good time.


Right. There she is. OK, I see it now and I didn't know what that was.


Now what's the question, Shelby? I want to ask him about the horrible situation that we just launched. You know, how do you how do you hope the platform with Audible will just help people on their journey, actors, actresses, whoever it is?


Here's here's what I want people to know, man. Charlamagne not doing something strong. And it's it's because of, like you just said, the opportunity to inform and elevate within our community the opportunity for knowledge. Right. There's been a lack lack of diversity within this audio world of literature. There's an unknown side to it. People don't know that books are available this way within our community, within our culture. And we want to do is drive significant a significant amount of talent and creativity to this particular idea, this type the world of developing audio literature, concepts, autobiography stories, attaching our stars of today and yesterday to old ADP's of the past and having them read them and voice them and bring light to them to new ideas and bring light to them.


It'll basically generate enough attention to the younger generation to go, oh my God, I want to listen to that. I haven't heard that. I would love to know that story. Oh, my God. I would love to be informed or educated or said consent because X, Y, Z is attached to it. Now, it's just about making our culture get excited about knowledge. How do we get you to want more knowledge? How do we get you to want to gain as much mental strength as you possibly can to go and do the things that you want to do in life or simply have things that are constructive to do with your time?


You know, a lot of the negatives that we do, it now comes from people just having too much time on their hands. You're doing nothing. I don't mind is a lost mine. So how do we give you things to occupy your mind and put you in the best place to be the best version of yourself? This is an entity that I truly feel like we'll be able to do that at high level. I got to respect and appreciate Charlamagne not just for his understanding of this world, especially when it comes to audio, but it's true he has a true high level of love for wanting to engage with this culture and uplift his culture.


When you got people to have that mindset, that's the making of a great business. And I truly believe that's what we started with. Audible I got to give a shout out to them for believing an idea, investing an idea, allowing us to have our own entity underneath their platform to be black owned and driven towards our community to uplift once again. So, you know, it's a dope thing.


Don't you see Larenz Tate and Laurence Fishburne? They sold their audio show brand new. They turning that into a TV show.


It's this is the type of stuff that really we're talking about. I mean, it's an amazing opportunity. And and when you talk about audio show, you're it's a concept that people might not grass and realize is real. You can have audio content. You know, people are on the move so much now. Everything is on the go, so much so giving you things that you can have while doing the things that you do, especially having your ears as powerful, is different for today's time.


You know, listening to your movie in your ears with no Pejar, having people act out things in your ears, it's it's a real it's a real concept and something that will be a real. And that we are both going to deliver on a promise that I was going to say I'm excited for that for you, but I'm also excited that you're remaking planes, trains and automobiles.


Yeah, yeah. Man, me and Will Smith, that's the first everybody together. Meanwhile, we've been in the business, which has been a lot longer than I have, but at the highest point of my career, it's always been crazy that I haven't cracked the code to work with Will. And we've had numerous conversations. And our last conversation, we basically said, you know, like, we got to figure it out. It's now or never.


And if it's not now, you know, we would have done ourselves a disservice. We would have done our city a major disservice. Like there's no reason for us not to be on the big screen together. And I agree, man. So we sat down and we tried to crack what the concept could be in the remake of planes, trains and automobiles. With our personality, with our cadences. It just fit out of all the things that came across our desk.


This was the one that said we can deliver and at a high level.


So I'm excited about it. Are you the annoying one, the annoying character? Are you the one that's more straitlaced for being.


And I'm annoying. I'm going to go with the annoying character. I think that would what would happen, man?


I always wondered, how far did you all get with the production of Hollywood Shuffle? I know you and I were Goldman. God bless the dead. You all were supposed to do Hollywood shuffle together, right?


You know, that whole night. What was the remake? It was one of them. Uptown.


Uptown Saturday night. I'm sorry. The craziest thing about Chaplin's death that hit me so hard is we were talking. We were we were talking and we were excited. And like I was I was proud of that brother for all he was doing. And I was like, yo, you're going to bring a different performance out of me because of how in depth you go within your characters. I say, I can't wait to work with you because you're going to elevate my performance, because I'm going to have to keep up with you because you're not coming in to be funny.


You're coming in to understand the character and and to make sure that you got layers of who this individual is. And that's going to make me do the same thing. And the man was just breaking down the material. He was breaking down the individual. And as he was breaking it down, it made me go back and ask the right questions. And our writer had to constantly go back and and change and redefine. And it was based off of Chadwick in his notes.


And then the the sudden tragedy of of him passing away it so hard because we never knew. Nobody never knew, man. And what I respect the most is that he didn't make anybody else's business because he didn't want anybody else's pity. He didn't want anybody feeling sorry for him. He didn't want anybody laying out a red carpet because of his illness. He wanted to continue to work and get the things that he deserved based on his talent, based off of his his his true impact on the business.


And nobody.


No, no, but he just did productions. He did a movie for for Netflix that was shot. He did a movie for Apple that was a nobody knew we were developing uptown west. We're on the phone. We're talking about the character. And as he was losing weight, I was like, he's about to do another role. He never even discussed it. I never brought it up because I assume. Yeah, he knew.


And it it is shocked me. It hurt me because I truly know how good of a duty was, actually. Know what he what he brought to the world of entertainment, to the craft, that he was one of a kind man and you know, he'll ever be celebrated. But I he was this generation's and he is the Dinsdale for our generation. He he was he was that right. And with both men, was that as there's something or someone that comes in and replaces a thing that we've seen and then is going to be on a pedestal forever.


But he was the talent that had the true makings of that machine. Right? He was going to be that machine plus more.


And even Denzel said it's even Denzel, you know, took that man under his wing in a party. So it's it's just it's unfortunate, you know, and prayers go out to his family and to all that were impacted by his sudden death. We're not sudden because it was close to a new you know, but I just it hurts because I'm like, man, I was I almost got to work with that. But I keep it.


Like, we got more with Kevin Hart. Will we come back? Usually we do the rumors, but cab's here, so don't move us to Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club. Usually we do is right here. But Kev Hart here. Charlamagne, does it make you more different? Because one thing I'm noticing about you now, everything you do has a purpose, whether it's the automobile, whether you want to amplify black voices and increase literacy, whether it's the partnership with JPMorgan Chase where you're providing financial literacy.


Can you do anything now that doesn't serve a bigger purpose?


I'll be honest with you. I'm I'm almost done. I'm almost at the point now where I'm about to suck up the juices.


And in Bow-Wow, I don't want to get to a point where I'm not enjoying my craft. I want to get to a point where I no longer love doing what I do and making people laugh. That's a that's a that's that's my pride and joy. You know, giving people a reason to smile is my pride and joy when when I see what we've become and where we're going. If we don't change and if it doesn't start to kind of go back to a way of a good and positivity or positive engagement of reception in love and energy, I'm just going to remove myself like it's too much.


When I think about my family, my kids, my wife, you know, and the energy that I'm putting out, putting out, putting out, it's it's going to be better use for other things. If it's just if it's the tug of war of what can what can what is what is it, what's good. What is it like that it's becoming just a lot at the age. Forty one. You know, I bust my ass, I worked hard, I didn't do it to to be miserable at the end of the day.


So when you say does it have an effect on me, what my biggest effect now is, it's truly not not giving up the level that I once did because I understand how precious life is and how precious moments are.


And some people may not until it is almost gone. It's been almost gone for me on numerous occasions, different things, but that light really almost went out. So now, you know, it's not much that's that's going to bother me or move me like that. It's not much. And because of that, I would much rather if the point if it got to that point, the juice is up. I got you this up. I'm forty one years old and I promise you, I'm not going to be a a old man that's angry, that's supposed to be at the top of his game and that's supposed to be enjoying the benefits from hard work.


I'm going to give what I can and if it's received don't. If it's not dope, I'm going to try to to put on for my city in Philadelphia and create opportunities for this young generation. People see that dope. If they don't dope, I'm going to try to uplift my community. I can through the times that we're going through, my community realizes it, don't they don't see it go. I'm not like the the world of constantly battling for perspective and opinion and and reception.


Right. Like you. You're trying to get the seed or. I'm forty one.


I've been in a few for a long time, so, you know, my knees are starting to hurt. I've been playing the game for a while. I'm tired. I see my knees at some point as a basketball player, you turn your back to the basket, you no longer want to jump, you don't want to dunk and have these start shooting fade away. People stop saying that you play in a way you used to. You go, you know what I want to play.


No, I'm good. I'm going now. I'm going on the team. I thought I go. I thought I got better. I thought I got better with my back. No, you I don't think I'm getting better. I'm still averaging the same. You ain't the same. You ain't dunking all people. I know, but I'm still scoring. This doesn't make me better. It doesn't make me smarter. I don't see that.


OK, I'm going I'm going to go and coach the team that I used to love and then I'm gonna try to own it and then I'm a slowly back up. There you go.


But we appreciate you for checking in, bruddah. That's right. Zero FS given is on Netflix right now.


I appreciate you having seen it. Go see it streaming everywhere on Netflix. Man Number seven, especially number seven. Do I get the ten. I don't know. Maybe if I do don't if I don't know you one already.


Have you already home. You home already.


But I can be honest and I will say this to you guys. I swear to God when I say this, I'm happy about it. That's all that matters.


That to me that's an achievement. And if you if you reach that goal, if you haven't, I pray that you do. One day you get to a place where you're happy with yourself. I enjoy doing what I love. Right.


If that ever gets compromised and I just don't do it anymore. Enjoy it right now, especially as a sign of me doing what I love and me being happy about it, so go see it, man. It's it's a great concept. It's from the comfort of my home and then my goddamn living room. And I said things that I felt like I wanted to say. If you like it, don't if you don't know, that's that's my know.


True indeed. Back up me to close my eyes too close I.


Well his cabinet is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Your Mornings. I'll never be the same tomorrow. You ready to spend the holidays with Jersey Shore on MTV is the biggest vacation in Jersey Shore history as the film brings the extended family along for the ride. Don't Miss Jersey Shore Family Vacation. New Season premieres tomorrow at eight seven Central on MTV.


Coming up next, the donkey of today. Can I tell you? No, no, no, you can't tease me.


Are you guys drunk? No, no. You got drunk. You only drunk one year, would you like?


Yes, I like it now. We don't know. You never like when a drunk person is drunk. They think everybody else around him sound drunk. Two years hungover from last night. She, without drinking, come out hungover last night.


Got you what you was drinking. Class asshole. OK, yeah. Yeah. All right.


Well hang out with wife and Luchi and wretched having big fun and now you got to be here in the morning with us. Everybody just make noise.


My. Are you guys drunk? Are you giving that dog giant food supermarket they need to come to the front of the in case we like to have a word with them. All right. We'll get a supermarket giant food supermarket.


Do they have those in New York? I don't I never heard of it on the East Coast. I don't know.


OK. Anything else you'd like to say? I was asking a question.


She drinks even though she ate right now. People like people at home. I want to know and B, explain for people who don't know. He's at home drunk. All right.


Don't get a day. So next is the Breakfast Club. Go home to my mom and do. It's time for Donkey of the Day. Don't you have a Democrat? So being donkey the today a little bit of a just like a donkey feel the other day. Club. Now, I've been called a lot of my 23 years year old donkey, Atabay is a new one.


Yes, donkey today for Wednesday, November 18th, goes to the good folks at giant food supermarket. I don't think I've ever shopped in a giant food supermarket. There's one hundred and fifty of them across the country. I can't tell if it's a correlation between them and stop and shop or not. I don't know.


I was raised in amongst corn in South Carolina. OK, I'm a Bilo Foodline Piggly Wiggly type of brother, OK? As I've gotten older and more refined in my tastes, I usually do my grocery shopping at Tajai.


OK, first of all, why am I like my beautiful wife does all the grocery shopping. I have the groceries delivered, which is so weird to me. I never get used to seeing people pulling up in mass dropping bags and bags of groceries off at the door. It's just strange things you don't have to leave the house to do nowadays. When I was a kid, I used to love going to the grocery store, especially on Thursday nights after we would leave the kingdom.


All that's when you could fall out in food line with five dollars. I could buy a box of oatmeal cream pie for ninety nine cents, OK, and a big bottle of Food Lion brand orange soda for ninety nine cents and still have a few quarters left over to play the arcade game they had in the store. Oh drop one includes bombs for life for for trauma.


OK man I used to be so simple. One more thing before we get to white giant food supermarket is getting donkey today. You know a grocery store makes me feel like a kid again.


But Wideman's. Oh, we just got one in Brooklyn Lachman's I just discovered Wegmans a couple of months ago. My wife been going to and I just went with her one day and I was like What is this Joya's place with all these amazing desserts dropping coupons for Wegmans, Solutia, Wegmans.


Only thing I'm missing is the old school arcade game too and you'll take me right back to my childhood.


But giant food supermarket, why are they getting down here today? Well, because somebody in their marketing department, somebody in their promo department, somebody didn't read the room. Now, Thanksgiving is next week, OK?


A lot of us can't see our friends and families gatherings are going to be small. I know Scott Atlus, one of Trump's covid advisers, said this on Martha McCullom show on Fox News. Listen.


This kind of isolation is one of the unspoken tragedies of the elderly who are now being told, don't see your family at Thanksgiving. For many people, this is their final Thanksgiving, believe it or not. What are we doing here?


Pay no attention. All right. Pay that. No mind. Even if he's correct that some older people in your family, you just never know. It may be their last Thanksgiving. How that can be anybody's last Thanksgiving, but there's no need to speed up the process. Social distance, keep the house contained to your family your bubble, and you'll be fine. OK, to YOLO mentality. It's not the mentality to have when it comes to covid-19.


You don't just throw caution to the wind and say, look, everybody is old anyway. This may be their last Thanksgiving. Let's all gather, have dinner.


And then when grandma, mama, granddaddy or daddy gets cold because you just had to gather for the white man's holiday when they get sick and die. Now, you kicking yourself.


We don't need that. OK, we are trying to stop the spread of covid-19 slow down the spread of covid-19 but giant food supermarket. Unintentionally, they are helping to spread covid-19. What the hell is that?


Oh no, I don't know. Not me. How may you ask when I.


When I say that they're trying to help spread the spread covid-19 because of this ad I'm holding up. Can you see that nicotine. You get a closer up. We're not on vote this week, so let me use some old school theater of the mind with your giant.


Had the picture of a deluxe fruit and cheese platter, OK, a celebratory cheese board, a tray of fruit tarts and a giant shrimp platter.


OK, Spratt's large huge spreads. OK, giant supermarket ad says hosting with a question mark.


Then it says plan a super spread.


But I'm pumped.


I only want to see what's wrong with this advertisement. I do. OK, giant food supermarket. You didn't read the room. The ad is encouraging people to host holiday parties and entertain guests with spreads the food that people are breathing over, different folks putting their hands in it. Now, I'm not the highest grade of weed in the dispensary, nor am I the strongest avenger. But I do know with covid-19 outbreaks, Durjan around the country, now is not the time to be encouraging folks to host anything.


All right. But sometimes you just have to take a step back and you have to look at this.


Is God talking to us through someone's misstep? OK, God got a sense of humor. The giant supermarket ad says whole thing.


Look, what a question mark.


Then it says plan a super spread, letting you know that if you are hosting a Thanksgiving, a holiday event, that's all you are really doing is planning a super spread.


Now, Giant Foods says in hindsight, the choice of words was a poor one. Giant had no intentions of insensitivity. I believed him. I don't think they meant to do it at all. And that's exactly why they are getting the credit they deserve for being stupid because they didn't mean to do it. All right. Not one person, not one man, not one woman said, you know what? This might be a poor choice of words, OK?


In fact, a better ad campaign would have been, instead of hosting with a question mark, have it, say, holidays with a question mark. And under that plan to save Sprite, then you have the pictures of the giant shrimp platter, deluxe fruit and cheese platter like, damn it, giant food supermarket.


Who are you running this by? OK, this was a giant mistake. All right. Nothing you can't recover from. OK, in fact, just take my idea.


Holidays. What a question mark. Plan to safe spread is easy before entertaining offers or platters, trays, entrees, desserts and more order in-store. Or if you're avoiding crowds at giant food dotcom boom, that's easy.


OK, invoice me later. See your mind. That marketing plan was meet for the hosting plan. A super spread. That marketing plan was you. And that marketing plan is exactly why you're getting the credit you deserve for being stupid today. Please give Giant Foods supermarket the sweet sounds and hematomas. Oh no.


You all about Oggy. I'm. The all day he was so simple, just run it by a few people in the room, OK, and people in the room, don't be afraid to say no, that's stupid, OK? Because this is stupid hosting playing a super spray. Just take my idea, man. Holliday's questionmark, playing it safe spirit is easy before anything offers. All right. The Platters, Treys, entrees, desserts and more or instore or if you're avoiding crowds at giant food dotcom.


All right.


Well, thank you for that. Don't get a day now. When we come back, ask ye eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice type of advice, call drunkie.


Now is the breakfast. Hey, wait, wait. No. If I get drunk every drunk person I want to go.


Hey, why, why, why? Why wait.


All right. I'm going to wait till we come back.


Goodness gracious. All right. You good? You sure. Hmm. I'm sorry.


I was just going to say I'm the last of all your guys. I love you guys.


It's just related to ask, but I'm awake. All right. All right. Well, it's the Breakfast Club on the Breakfast Club.


Oh, come on, relationship advice, any personal advice, just the real advice, call up now for aski. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. It's time for Askey.


Hello, this is Examiner from Indianapolis. Hey, how ya doin? So I have a question, so I went to school with this girl, we fell out over his face. You say it was determined that I never did say anything because it's not my character. But now all of my social media have been blocked. So every single thing that I know is being blocked. I have three Facebook pages that's currently blocked right now. I've never had this issue until I fell out with this girl.


But the thing is, it was over somebody. It mean like every single thing that I do, like, I changed my hair. She changed her hair. I go by this. You go by as it was. I mean, it was it was really like real creepers. So now I'm just like, you know what, I'm cool. So another issue that arise was this bill that's been trying to stop me since high school. I've never gave the time of day.


Right. But talked to her. But there he goes to her to tell her that I said that I hope he like messing with BBWAA and my butt is bigger than hers. And just like that's not even my character, because what I don't care about a lot of things in life especially. So why would he why would he say that? Look, Nathan, you've been trying to talk to me forever, like forever. And I'm just like I'm cold.


Like, you don't have a lot for yourself. And I'm really in a cycle where, like the twenty twenty this is really been a good year for me as far as building my business, getting better, going to school, doing everything I need to do to get better. And being like you asked me the other day, like or before that he was like, so did you change your number? And I'm like, is there something I can help you?


When he was like, you? Like, I'll answer the question. But this all happened the week of my graduation. My supposed secret never came to my graduation. She never supported me, none of it. And then she gets on Facebook email on a comment and says congrats. But for her graduation, I showed out and I had only known her for a month, but I really liked her as a person. But now I think I'm confused and want to be.


So she got your your social media pages shut down? Yes.


I've never had that listened before I met her. I've never had issues with my Facebook. Ever since we found out all of my Facebook have been spontaneously blocked by pictures. It's like every time I try to log on to see if you're blocked for thirty days, I hit the areas where I keep getting blocked. And yeah, I mean I'm belacqua like. I can't comment like or anything I legit and blah blah. Hmmm.


You said and so why don't you start a new page or you don't even know about. OK, so how does she know about your new page already. I don't know. I think she's got her friends on the on the back and reports stuff. So I think to first of all send out a send out an email to Facebook because you can contact them directly to find out what the issue is. Right. And it might take some time for them to respond.


But it sounds like that's something that you have to because if you haven't done anything to be blocked, I don't understand how she even has the authority to do that.


I think she's going to like old pictures and post because so this I do it. I'm association. Right. And I got this this little service I called the banana smoothie treatment, which is men like me escaping from for me. Hmm. So I told the banana smoothie. Yeah, I know. That's clever, right. Bananas smoothie treatment. But I posted a picture, covered everything up and then I've been having issues ever since and no one has ever reported my page lychees report.


So my question is, if I were for her or should I just like keep me a humble. I think I think you need to realize, A, this person is not your friend.


This all sounds like some pettiness and you don't need that in your life. You don't need that negativity. Sometimes we have to realize instead of me going back and forth and wasting my time and energy worrying about somebody who ain't hish, let me just act like they don't even exist and live my best life because nothing kills people more than when you are living your best life.


And I bet artlessness we are up to be great. And then the crazy part, everything she's done, I've always supported it speaks so highly of her. And I'm just like this and this, she said. And one at the end. I want to take lessons and I hope we can be friends after this. I said, I'm sorry, but that's not the path that I'm on. I can't we can't be friends. Like, I feel like just leave it.


Just leave her alone.


Just don't even bother corresponding with her. Just keep it moving. Sometimes, you know, we spend too much energy on things that don't benefit us.


And friendships are a two way street, right? Yeah. And it feels like this one isn't. I want to get back to this banana smoothie thing. So you man, you do landscaping, scaping.


I don't mistake it for me. And that normally after the first for the lab jump up off the table and I was like, I can't do what I'm doing. I'll pay you for your services. But it's just like a Brazilia for women, except I do it on me. And the banana smoothie treatment, that's hard for men to get waxed, too.


So is it weird? Like, are they wearing underwear? How does this work? Do they have like from the waist down?


On the table, some of them have to smoke before they come in there, but a lot of them don't know what they're getting. When I go if I meet a girl like, well, my dad wants me to do this, and if he want me to do it, I know they're going to be there and they're like, OK, I'll reach orgasm when you pull it. And well, I will say because it's over in a plastic area, it does.


You know, some of them do, you know, get aroused or they do a little bit.


But other than it has ever been stinky, you know, you don't want me to get on that because the first person I worked, baby, that was a girl. Oh, my God.


That's why the West Wing, because women smell funny and I get why they smell like fish over women.


No, I'm dead serious. The first person, my beard, she had this odor, actually. Oh, my gosh. Oh, no.


All right. Well, why don't you plug your business right now since people are listening and you can't post on Facebook.


This is The Idiot LLC in Indianapolis, Indiana, and you guys can reach me on Facebook and you know, they can't help. But, you know, you can give me at A&M and if you have any direct questions, you can text me at three one seven eight two five eight one seven five. And I am the originator of the banana smoothie treatment. OK, all right. All right.


Well, listen, see, we're your friends and we let you promote your business and we support you. And that's what friends are supposed to do.


Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Blessings. Blessings. All right. ASKI eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice, he, you know, was the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Hey, this is what I saw in the booth at the gate outside when they pulled up to keep it real well, which is some real advice with Angeliki.


It's aski morning, everybody.


Is D.J. N.V., Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club in the middle of ask you.


Hello, who's this? Hi, this is Denzel. Hey, Denzel. Wish, of course if a drunk you.


My question is, my girlfriend and I were having an argument and it was about infidelity and I don't know how like I can get her to stop thinking about infidelity with other people because I. I slept with someone else. Oh wow.


She's there. She's back. I don't see that part out.


So and she went to mama about the mom and now he keeps accusing me of things. He's guilty. I'm not I've never cheated on him. I'm loyal. So when he cheated on you. But now he's accusing you of cheating on him. That's how that works. Guilty conscience. I've been there. Yeah. But recently, as of September, I saw her talking to Guys House, and that's where it's coming from. And I understand if she wants payback and revenge, you know, she's been loyal enough to stay with me.


But I don't think that that's healthy. I think she should want.


All right. Let's back up for a second. So you cheated with the prostitute real like you paid somebody.


Damn it, man. Yeah, that's OK. And she stayed with you after this, though. Yes, OK. And then you went through her things and saw that she was sending out pictures. Yes. OK, so let me ask her a question. All right. So what made you decide he cheated on you? You clearly have not forgiven him for this because it keeps on coming up. Right. And so why did you stay with him?


I don't want to say the cliche because I love him, but obviously I don't think he loves me if he was able to do that.


OK, now, let's be honest here. Were you interacting with other men now that you cheated? But where you sending out pictures or talking to other men? Because he says he saw it with his own eyes.


I actually did, but it was kind of like a joke. I did it on purpose. Like just because of what he did, it didn't mean anything. I didn't do anything. I no, I don't want to cheat on him. Like, I'm not the kind of person.


So, OK, I just want to say, if you forgive somebody for cheating on you and you decide to stay with him, you really do have to work on repairing their relationship and doing petty things and tit for tat. That's not going to help your situation if you decide you want to work through this. OK, so if you're committed to trying to work through it and he's committed, you have to give him a chance to show that he won't do something like this again.


And it's a risk because maybe he will. And you have to also tell him what it is that you need him to do specifically for you to be able to trust you, to be able to trust him. So what do you need him to do?


Well, I need him to be honest with me. He hasn't been doing that. I don't feel comfortable when he goes downtown to Boston, like that's probably where he hired his hooker. And he does it every day, like he doesn't really listen to what I asked him to do. I've been telling him maybe we should break up. So why is it, Denzel, that you keep on doing these things that she asked you not to do so that she can trust you?


Again, I'm I don't know. I I'm trying to rebuild trust and that's all. Also, I don't need to call and try to put her on blast like it's her fault. I want to know how I can make her trust me more and not want to do these things because I understand she's doing it because she's mad that she just tells you what she needed you to do.


Why don't you do that? I don't know why I haven't done that, but that seems like what I need to do. Yes, it does.


If she's telling you you need to do everything that she needs you to do right now, if you're committed to making this relationship work and if you want forgiveness, you know, you were wrong. She's saying this is what's going to make me comfortable. And if you're not willing to be committed to doing those things that are going to make her comfortable, that maybe I do need to break up.


Right. Thank you, Angela. I don't think you know more prostitutes, bro. You're definitely not.


I'm no going downtown where you hired that prostitute last time back. I'm sure he was aware if it was he and was. Let me ask you a question. When the last time he gave you some money for sex? Never. So you just that's the problem. You should swing on his ass right now. I never gave you a dollar for sex, but paying other women for sex, you are here sleeping with that man for free. He gave you nothing but yeast infection.


Oh, not that, but. All right, well, ibro, good luck, Askey eight hundred five eight five one two five, one of you need relationship advice. Now you've got rumor's on the way. Yes.


And let's talk about what's going on with Megan. This Dalyan you know, we had a discussion on the air yesterday about potentially her team saying it's sending out a list of requirements of what not to ask during an interview. And I saw people are going crazy about what was said on the Breakfast Club. So let's talk about it. All right. We'll get into that. Next is the Breakfast Club game on The Breakfast Club.


Checking out the world's most dangerous morning show and make sure you head over to the Breakfast Club YouTube page. Last week, we had four high school schools together for the first time battling Florida A&M, Hampton University, North Carolina and see Prairie View A&M. It was all brought to you by Pepsi. It was the I Heart radio presents the Pepsi BCU marching band experience, and it was voiced by megastar. And so definitely check it out. You can head over to the Breakfast Club YouTube page to check it out.


I will. We got room is coming up and we're talking about make this time.


It's about going to. A report we report. This is the room, a report with Angelina on the Breakfast Club. All right, now, first of all, I want to talk about this because we have always shown love to make this dallion. I personally have interviewed Magnis Dalyan several times. She's always been amazing. So I want to say that first and foremost, before we clear some things up. Now, this audio was circulating yesterday of a discussion during Rooma report where we were talking about making a science album coming out, was supposed to be here this week, but she had a long laundry list of things not to talk to her about.


And it was all Trillanes. And that situation related?


Yeah, I think it's crazy because when she does white publication white publications, she's able to talk about everything that she wants to talk about. But when she goes to the black press and black publications, there's a list that the label sends out that, you know, don't ask about this, don't talk about this, don't talk about that. But we don't want to support and hold it down and play her music and talk about all the good things that she does.


Now, as I said after before that, you know, after that clip just ended, don't put that on me because I don't think she's the person sending out a list of things like M.B said, it's the label that sends it out. This was never a shot at Morgan Stanley and she never said, I'm not doing the Breakfast Club or any of those things.


It was just a lot of things that they sent out that couldn't be discussed. Yes. And it wasn't it wasn't all about Tori Lane. You know, they said we can't discuss The New York Times op ed, which I would have loved to discuss because I thought it was powerful.


It was a bunch of things when I was little to make. And we send in our love light and healing energy. And like you said, you I think people missed the part where we said we're 100 percent sure it wasn't Megan. It's the label. It's our representatives. And when I was expressing yesterday, I had nothing to do with Megan and everything to do with label folks not keeping the same energy for black media outlets and publications that they do with the white ones today.


And we got a lot of people saying, of course, the bank doesn't want to. She never said she doesn't want to do the Breakfast Club. That never happened. That was never even part of the discussion. It was just a list of things when she did do the interview that couldn't be brought up, that the label sent out that clearly.


Yeah, Megan's team sent over a list of questions they didn't want us to ask. So we declined an interview. Correct. And I pointed out the fact that they clearly didn't do that with GQ magazine. That has nothing to do with Megan. All I want is for these labels and their representatives to treat us the same way they treat the white media outlets. That's all. Keep the same energy. That's all we ask him. So salute. Right.


And they're making me want to make sure you get that information correct. Oh, yes. I love. I love. I live for it that I know.


But just make sure it's correct information I want to talk about. Yesterday, we said it was the label that probably that sends out those lists. We send a clear message to make it. Absolutely. I'm sure she'll still be on the show. But it's not like we want to talk to her about that of the Tory the Tory Lane stuff. Anyway, I don't want her to relive her trauma. It's just the principle. That's always the principle. Don't treat us the same way.


You treat the way media outlets label representatives and labels. That's all. All right.


Now, let's talk about this versus battle. Also, Jeezy has put out a song and I see a lot of people responding and talking about it is therapy for my soul and one for one more dog I want to which I would use.


I could trust my heart on my friend. But you try to tell your fellow that's in his head. It's happening just the way that I said he could on your own, if I'm honest enough so far to leave us alone. I love it.


I love hearing black men talking about healing and therapy and, you know, venting and getting things off their chest. I love it. Unpack.


All right. Well, you know, Freddie Gibbs is not one to ever hold his tongue. So he's been on social media responding to this song. And I know he has a lot of things to say. And, you know, I always tell you, I think his Instagram page is very funny comedian, but he posted Jeezy and where is your partner? And you get to sit in the room and do a business with him. Don't talk. No street is to me, fam.


And yeah, he's been talking about it, I guess, since the song came out at Gucci for a while on his Instagram.


Are we going to get to that. That wasn't. Wow that was a wow.


That's a line from the truth. That's a record that you might hear during the verse. Yeah. But I thought this was an uplifting verses.


This verse he posted a meme that somebody put up. Yeah, yes. And well, here's what it was said in the song. Oh yeah.


But nobody nobody can say see what if whoever was deejaying for Gucci tomorrow night plays that after every couple of songs, just that one line, it's like a huge drop that's wack. And then he posted that meme and put it like laughing emojis or whatever, you know, people dying.


I got funny.


I thought verses was uplifting. That's why they do the fifty in job, because Swizz and Tim said it was not the right species and Jeezy are clearly doing well.


What Meek Mill said people should do. You got to put some time. You got to put that behind you. Right. Put the body behind you and keep it moving. You got to move forward like of them. Brothers might want to let it go. I don't see anything wrong with that. I just I just hope they going to be able to kill each other. What they want to do, they grow.


And I just hope that they just stay in the music. And we just had a great verses and it doesn't go left.


All right. I just don't. All right. That's the record that shouldn't be played, though. I will say that's going to be tomorrow. So, yes, I agree. And let's talk about I do want to talk about something positive because I just love this. Right? We have beer on lipservice. I definitely would be a season best song, Best on Earth, which is a great song.


She said she said she was on she was on Sisterhood of Hip Hop. She was signed to Pharrell.


I mean, I watched Justin Bieber.


I start thinking a little John B a B, I'm by the way, she does have a new project coming out and she did. We do that with Lil Jon new album that's dropping bombs.


Be a I like you already.


That's just smart. But she was our lipservice.


Now the song Best on Earth, which was a number one song for. She was talking about how she was signed and then that song came out a week after she got released, so she she was independent when the song came out. Listen to this.


That song came out a week after I signed my official release by a lucky seven days later. I need a full seven days. So I was literally independent when that song came out. I know what is, guys.


Yeah, I said, hey, I can't yo, I can't make it up. And I literally thank God every day because I'm just so God fearing like that's in my life. I was coming off the craziest depression, like just straight to President Obama. Dropping bombs would be on.


Would you reach out to Rustin for putting on his first thing because you could have anyway put her on it and no one record. Congratulations to both of them.


Yeah, she's super talented, so shout out to be a as well. All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your rheumy report.


A little bit. And just remember, nothing can happen without God's permission and God's will. God would not allow a difficulty unless he has a divine purpose for it. So. All right.


Well, The People's Choice mixes up next. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Your mornings will never be the same tomorrow. You ready to spend the holidays with Jersey Shore on MTV is the biggest vacation in Jersey Shore. History is the fame brings the extended family along for the ride. Don't Miss Jersey Shore Family Vacation. New Season premieres tomorrow at eight seven Central on MTV. Warning everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Nashoba, good morning. Joining us this morning, salute to the guys.


To Kevin Hart, ma'am. Make sure y'all go check out zero. Mm hmm. How are you holding up over there, you seven?


Stand still. I'm good. I just want to say that I am super excited. Oh, not even get to tell you my ask news, but I want to say that I'm super excited for this thing I'll be doing with Stephanie Mills. This is so exciting. First of all, I love Stephanie Mills, but we're doing a girls night out virtual vision board fundraiser party. And that's going to the proceeds will benefit the four for four. I love Foundation.


I like Jody Watley, Stephanie Oge, Stephanie Mills. Yes. You know, I'm high.


Yes, I'll be right there. That's my that's my old bay. Right. I love Stephanie Miller.


And Jody Watley is going to be on it and so is Melba Moore. This is super exciting for me so far. So thank you, Stephanie Mills, for including me in this.


I love Stephanie Mills. You have no idea. I think about Stephanie often. That's what I do. I love her.


She's got such a great book about her. I do. I mean, I communicate with her what I'm saying. She's a great person. I love stuff. And I think about me often, too.


You know, I don't know if you got on the show tonight. I said, I'm just out here thrust and see the God I see.


I saw that guy's crazy man. All right?


And I also trusted in God.


This is just how trusting in God, trusting, know, trusting and nothing about this shut up in his list.


And I do want to say on Askey, a woman had called and she was saying she kept going back to her ex and she needed to learn how to get over it. And we sent her some sex toys and she actually did to me and she said, thanks for D, because that's why I sent her. His name is the D. Thanks for D. He's my new best friend and so are you. Thanks again. No cost to my ex so shout out to her.


That's it.


Don't even think about you. Every time you masturbate they go you. That's fine. And she's not calling her ex. Do what you got to do.


All right. Well Thicky when you have that. We all know this, everyone needs to grow up on the show for no reason, I positive note when we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, B.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, this year, change for change is happening tomorrow. You know, usually we ask for money to give to an organization, but tomorrow we're just giving money to you guys.


If you need the money, if you need some help, tell us what you need. Why? Just email us or just go to the website b, c, change the number for change dot com. That's B, C, change the number for change that. Come and tell us what you need and why and we'll try to hook you up. And it's powered by Pepsi.


I just want to be all right. I hope I get some. I hope you all picked me. Today is the last day to do that. So make sure you do it today. How much money we got to give away? A lot.


Yeah, we will have more because mad people have been hitting me up wanting to donate to give us money to give to other people so we should have a flood of flood of cash coming in. OK, cash didn't want to pay taxes on this.


Very good question.


Oh, well, leave us on a positive note.


Oh, the positive note is simply this. I said this earlier doing rumor report in reference to be a man, but I just want to reiterate it. Nothing can happen without God's permission and God will not allow a difficulty unless he has a divine purpose for it. If you will keep your peace, you'll pass the test and God will bring you out better than you were before.


Nearly 600 years after the invention of the printing press, the most important book in the history of the world has arrived, there might be overstating things, stuff you should know, an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things.


It will change your life forever.


Well, that's not necessarily true. Most scientists agree that stuff you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things is proof that time travel is possible because that is the only way to explain how a book this impressive was possibly made. Why? What stuff you should know. An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things will regrow hair, whiten your teeth and improve your love life.


That's just not at all. Right.


Well, the love life part, maybe if you find someone who thinks smart is sexy stuff, you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things available for preorder. Now at stuff you should know Dotcom.


Now, that is true.