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I wake up in the morning, you wake up in the morning, and I'm talking right. You're about to experience a morning show, unlike of the first with the audience.


What you guys are doing right now, it's the pop culture. Breakfast Club is my morning. I need it and I love it. I'm like, you really not popping into the breakfast, just kind of waiting. Come to your show, man. I really got to be a big time celebrity up.


You got to be got to be big time to check in for Angeliki and Charlamagne to go to the Breakfast Club pitching like the. Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Angela he's on vacation. Charlamagne what's the plan? It is Tuesday. Good morning, Toronto. What's happening? How are you feeling today? I had a very interesting day yesterday. Talk to me. I'm tired of coronavirus. I'm tired of these kids knowing about coronavirus. We all are. What's the problem? So my six year old son goes to school and I guess I don't snack time. He had potato chips. And I guess when he bit a potato chip, it, you know, hit the top of his mouth.


So his mouth was hurt. So he had the teacher, says, Jackson, what's wrong? He says, I my mouth hurts. I think I have coronavirus. Oh, my gosh. Oh, I get it. I mean, you know, he's he's a young kid. And like, when you turn on the news all the time, when you're listening to the radio, all you hear about is coronavirus. Coronavirus seems like the illness that has taken everybody out.


Like what have we heard about at all other than coronavirus this year? Coronavirus is the disease. So they ask what's wrong? He says, I have a sore throat, my mouth for so that is one of the signs of coronavirus and everybody says yes, sore throat, all these in his mouth. He said to me as it is. So he says, yes, he's sick. Oh yes. My, my, my first. I have a sore throat.


So what do they do. They call it to come get you son, because, you know he has a possible growing coronavirus. So I got to rush him to that to the doctor yesterday and he get a strep test and he gets it is that and like he's fine. He just had a potato chip. What about flu season? You can't we can't overreact to every single symptom because a lot of these symptoms are the same type of symptoms that you get when you have the flu.


So what's going to happen to our flu season, the flu season that it is flu season and wait, there's more. So then I get home, you know, I'm doing the homework with the kids. So my my four year olds in pre-K, she's coloring and I'm helping the other kids with their homework. She makes a picture. Guess what? She makes a picture. Coronavirus. Coronavirus, often the coronavirus maybe. Goodness gracious. Yes, this is the year to Aronow.


OK, I don't know what the Chinese New Year, but I know this is the year, the current year of Dorona. I'm tired of this coronavirus just taking over my life like I'm like, who told you that?


She was like, I just know it's taking over all of our lives. You know, it could be worse. I'm done. I'm done. Come down with coronavirus. It could be worse, though, because you could be one of the two hundred thousand plus that have passed away from. Right. I'm saying somebody in your family could you could be one of the millions infected. We've been blessed thus far. You know, when you were a kid and it was a bully and after the bully beat you up, he leaves.


Coronavirus hasn't left you like you beat us up, like, can we leave like me open up this economy. Can we stop closing restaurants, stop closing schools of your president wasn't such a foolish F boy. Donald Trump has proved that, you know, you will remain a F boy until you decide you don't want to be a F boy no more. OK, crazy like that is that is narcissistic personality disorder to the tenth degree. It is all about him and he leads by example and people follow him.


And that's why America has the coronavirus problem that it has now. Goodness. I mean, all they've got to do is take invis bid and put it over their face, put it over their nose, cover themselves. OK, but they choose not to do. This is a massive I don't know if you know, this is a massive, says Brown credit on his side. This is a man I'm going to be honest with you.


I don't know what's on your face and I'm not judging you. I'm not judging you for none of the Beijing. I'm not judging you for nothing to paint. I'm not judging you for the man. I'm not judging you for nothing at all. I'm simply saying is in order to stop the prevention of coronavirus, the transmission of it, take invis bid and put it over your mouth and your nose. OK, ok. What about your buddy, huh.


Can we get coronavirus in your butt. Huh.


And when you have a release envy's clips, why are put my clips online when you have put out in these clips and sexually harassing me. Oh OK. Jesus Christ bought me a butt.


Wow. Why are we starting. So I don't know why mess with you. All right.


I don't know. Get some crazy.


Phylicia Rashad will be joining us.


First of all, you didn't say that with no enthusiasm. OK, all right. The great, the legend, the icon, America's mother. You might have seen her on The Cosby Show. You might have.


They might have. All right, you've seen her on The Cosby Show, America's mother. We are being blessed this morning. We have the privilege and the honor to have the presence and mere essence of Phylicia Rashad in the building, you know, not in the building, but to be here. Me.


Oh, he's doing all right.


And also a comedian, you might know, funniest guy out right now. OG Mike Epps will be joining us, the OG veteran.


Yes. Mike Epps, my guy for will be joining us via Veysel.


That's all right. So don't move it. And we got front page news we're talking about a lot. How about that?


It's not like that means he doesn't even know he had the means. He just walked in and he's done no prep. No, let's be real Angela. Yea that's her. That's her thing. Yes she does. That's, that's OK. We've done no prep whatsoever when it comes to this. No. Let's go. I love it like this but Trump is out. The hospital will give you some updates is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Not every line on it. The same morning everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela. Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news.


Let's start off with some sports. Last night, NFL, like Kansas City Chiefs beat the Patriots. Twenty six to ten. The Green Bay Packers beat the Falcons. Thirty sixteen. Now, let's talk about your president, Donald Trump. Now, you know, 13 people in Donald Trump's family and the government has have received terrible, I should say, tested positive for covid-19. White House is filthy litho. I thought the whole place down.


Yeah, well, Donald Trump went back home yesterday. He that's not his house. Temporary with temporary residence. He went home to the crib yesterday and he stood on his balcony. He ripped his mask off. He put his thumbs up and everybody said he was wheezing.


I could barely breathe. Well, this is what he said.


Don't let it dominate you. Don't be afraid of it. You're going to beat it. We have the best medical equipment. We have the best medicines all developed recently. And you're going to beat it. I went I didn't feel so good. And two days ago I could have left two days ago. Two days ago, I felt great, like better than I have in a long time. I said just recently, better than twenty years ago. Don't let it dominate.


Don't let it take over your lives.


Donald Trump is a primary example of why you have to be intentional about your evolution. You only grow in life if you want to. This man has never had any reason to grow. He's got narcissistic personality disorder and he doesn't care about people. He cares about his image, period.


And I told you a Trump that survives covid is a trump you don't want to have to deal with. The man is seventy four years old and two hundred and fifty pounds first thing in the morning, if you thought, you know, he thought that it was ninety nine percent hormones before. How do you think he feels now, even though I don't believe he ever had covid to begin with. And that wheezing that you saw at the top of those stairs, it's because he's clinically obese.


What happens when clinically obese people walk upstairs? They've got to catch their breath. Yeah, I'm like I'm sitting there watching everybody talk about, oh, he's clearly having difficulty breathing. I know that there was between somebody trying to hold in a cough and a fat person that can barely make it up some stairs.


Well, he also talks about that he possibly may be immune going back to work. We're going to be out front as your leader. I had to do that. I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it. I stood out front. I led nobody that's a leader would not do what I did. And I know there's a risk. There's a danger, but that's OK. And now I'm better and maybe I'm immune. I don't know.


But don't let it dominate your lives. Get out there. Be careful. We have the best medicines in the world and it all happened very shortly. And they're all getting approved and the vaccines are coming out momentarily.


I told you. I told ya. I told ya he was going to be the person to take these experimental cocktails and these therapeutic vaccines that stand in front of the American people and tell them I took them. Look at me. I'm good. Next thing you know, stock prices are soaring for these pharmaceutical companies and he may have investments in them. Who knew?


Well, the White House likes new FDA coronavirus guidelines. They may have delayed the vaccine. So basically, the people that they gave the vaccine to, they were supposed to follow for two months to make sure that they were OK. No side effects, but the White House is taking that out. So the vaccine to be available a lot earlier. They're saying so.


And they haven't even said Donald Trump is negative. It's not like they said he tested negative and they sent him home. You just out in these streets so you feel better. How to feel better? I mean, are you negative or not mask off?


I mean, what do you mean? Do you feel better?


All right, listen, man, that's our president. Our president. I voted for him. And guess what? A lot of y'all are following his example. And guess what? Y'all can continue to do, spread that nasty as covid and you going to spread it during flu season and you're going to end up back on lockdown come Thanksgiving. All right.


Well, that is your front page news. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now. Maybe had a bad night, bad morning, or maybe you feel blessed. You want to spread some positivity, maybe just got things on your mind, spread anything but Carone. I have a five one two five one is the Breakfast Club, good morning, The Breakfast Club.


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I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?


What are those? What are you, man? You must be calling from Detroit. From the D. What's going on? Get off your chest, brother.


Hey, I got a. We had about trying to get over there. Look, my man got to work on it and I buy them every day.


So I'm cursing. Curse brother out here cursing about that.


Regulus, we just telling you this is you know, you you're no good but y'all ain't got no meat. Because I was smoking, I smoked Friday. I was smoking, I was smoking some indica called Ray Charles on Friday.


You're right.


Before to you for had a goddamn panic attack to try trying to trying to do something to eat my anxiety, walking outside before 11 o'clock at night, which I must get out now.


I do man. I'm trying to quit.


Just quit. And you're right. You know what it is?


You probably got an oral fixation. You probably just like having something in your mouth, you know, that's what it is. I know. That's what it feels like to me and for you when you know that's how you like it on the D, too. Boy, it's just the oral fixation. You just need to put something in your mouth.


That's what I'm showing the D you can find something real, you know, not too late now. Do you need to stick and you need to stick a toothpick pretzel stick right in the right place. Hello.


This exercise, Erica. Hey, get it off your chest. Yeah, I was just calling because I'm on my way to work and this week I've been put in the EKG class every day that I'm out and usually with other jobs like a day off from your regular schedule so that you don't have to get up early every single day. OK, I'm just high here. I'm a nurse, so I'm like exhausted. And I just really just I really want to give my Bible study of the day.


Who's your boss?


What's his name? No, don't do that. Don't do that. We don't need you to lose your job. You lose your job. I'm not doing this because we appreciate you. You are an essential worker. I'm sure you've been busy these past several months, so we appreciate you. Thank you.


I just was thinking about because I needed somebody to say, oh, I hear that's all.


We all get tired. I understand. All right.


My mom was sleeping in one day and I love you. I have a good day. I love you, too. Thank you. Hello. Who's this?


I've been calling for a quiz. The other part of Queens thirty. Will you want to study for a central committee? I was one.


No, I want to form Long Island. Oh, OK. All right. All right, all right. So what's up? Get it off your chest, Mom.


Well, now let's pick it up. First of all, I just said, you know, give all things to God. It's my birthday today. I'm like, how are you?


Day thirty nine. Happy day every every birthday. I want us to really, really celebrate now because, I mean, you know, you see how many people have passed away recently. So I know.


And you know what? I was a victim of Bobette, and I suffered with it. But by God's grace, I definitely made it through. Look, I go, you know, that alone is just something to be grateful for. I was just like the person that some joy. I'm so appreciative for all it is that you do. I've had the opportunity to meet and be at one point. And actually it's not you, but I would love to it, you know, and I continue on with my journey with partners and things of that nature.


I just want to stay with you for the community. I just shed some light on today that although we have a in this world and we have an unknown future, I don't know what is it? That's all you can do.


All right. I love it. Well, enjoy your birthday. All right. Thank you. Have a good one.


Maybe a lot of uncertainty in the world. We may be facing an unknown future, but I know that my God is good.


There you go. Get it off your chest. 805 eight five one two five one. If you need to vent. It is now with the Breakfast Club.


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This is your time to get it off your chest. The email. To hear from you on the Breakfast Club that you've got something on your mind. Hello this morning, glad Jack was happening.


Get it off your chest. I'll bet you it's quite different when I say I say good morning, Queen. I bet the Black Jack. I want to say good morning for the best and all. But I hope you guys people like those. And I want to start out my high society. I'm guessing that will be I guess I may not be standing up for the longest.


We'll send it to the station we at the station house and up to the stage to the station, Mama.


Well, I'm glad that I haven't done well. And I thank you, black man. Peace and blessings, love and be able to understand what's going on. I'm Don Lemon with Don King. How are you? I hear defeat in your voice early this morning. He starts early with this bad, you know, I mean, talk to me. I was watching I was watching a movie with Tom Cruise when he was doing some work for the NBA, but he was moving some product and it was making a lot of money.


Right. It's a movie. Yeah, I know. I know. It's a movie. But this morning I woke about they let me just say my bank account. That's in my bank account. What do you want? My bank account. It is just crazy. Man Living paycheck, 41 cents. What do you want to my bank account.


You know, travel, please get the voodoo off your traffic, your travel, whatever route you put on Sean Stone. Please take it off, man.


All of it is because a lot of people think because, you know, you have a job that things are going to be looking up and up. I just want to tell people, because some people will feel depressed, right. And want to do something stupid, you don't have to do anything stupid. You got to keep on working hard, man, and just keep on praying. I mean, you know, shine, shine, shine, shine.


Leave your cash out, bro. Leave you cash out. I got to give you fifty nine cents man to give you a dollar so you have a good bye but no free. Leave your cash out man.


Yeah I guess. But I've been shot at eight eight and seven three as H a W and seven three to eight. Charlamagne No I think you're going to give you sixty nine probably.


No is not giving you sixty nine. I give you a sixty. That's it. No I don't want no no.


I think the eight oh oh oh one oh oh you got to do what you got to do when you got forty one says yo yo yo yo.


Flirting this morning.


God bless your hand man.


I'ma put something short on cash before you go but I don't know yet. I'm a blessing. No.


Hello, this is Steve. Steve crumble. Steve crumble. Calm down. What's up brother. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. How are you Kingborough. Know I'm blessed. I'm blessed. You got something to say. Are you just called him up. I got to say that was bothering me right now is the powers of protection. We got we got our political powers, our personal projects that black people are killed and these kids are very sexy.


And if history tells you that there's no other culture that big white over the head with a big executive, it forced them to be white and now they projected to be a rapist. You can't build a whole race of people. And they called us the you know, and it's early.


Will Cain. Well, great. Yo yo, king. What grade? What great. What grade you smoking this morning? Early, bro.


I'm on my way to work right now. You are. Okay. Okay, so you just you know, you're listening to the new J electronic album. Actually, you've got a lot of conspiracy theories in your mind. It's not even conspiracy theories. Don't look your brother. You know, it's like before I can't I used to believe I used to keep we used to get a white man the benefit of the doubt. And it's like after everything that's going to happen in this society, we can't give him the benefit of the doubt no more.


OK, I need to say it is King.


I've never given that. I've never given the white man the benefit of the doubt. No, I'm from going to South Carolina. I grew up in South Carolina with a Confederate flag, flew over the state along with a John B. Calhoun statue was in Charleston, South Carolina, where buildings and highways are named after Strom Thurmond. I am sorry if I'm jaded, but I've never given the white man the benefit of the doubt.


Get it over eight hundred five eight five, 105 one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up. Now, when we come back, we got rooms on the way. We'll tell you about Rick Ross. He got some new teeth we'll tell you about. It is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. V. Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club, was happening. Good morning. Let's get to the rumors. Let's talk Trey Songz.


Is she spilling the tea? This is the rumor report with Angelito on the Breakfast Club. Now shout to our guy, Trey Songz.


Now, Trey Songz has tested positive for coronavirus that I tested positive for covid-19 take a mini test as I've been out protesting food drives. Of course, I have a very young son at home, so I get tested periodically. And this time, unfortunately, he came back positive. I will be taking this seriously. I will be self quarantined and I will be in my house until I see a negative sign. I don't know how many I know, but my grandfather passed early this year and while it wasn't said that it was cool, I do believe it was.


So I've always taken a series and if you come in contact with Kovac, please do.


So don't feel like the president dropped in to close bonds, which are you know, it's such a simple message.


Don't be like the president. Why is the Biden campaign not running ads right now? I see a mask.


Don't be like your president. Just such a simple and effective message. Absolutely. I'd be very careful out there as well. And a lot and a lot of you brothers, you don't have to worry about Mr. Steele, your girl stealing your girl for at least 14 days at least. I think she's Cortinas ish shot Trey Songz.


I hope he feels a lot better unless he wakes up and says, hey, man, I got to go away for 14 days. All of a sudden you're like, why? Why? She's going to play nurse with Trey.


What you know, right now, you know, excuse me. Now, Boosey Badass, he's selling his jagwar now. He has a Jaguar FIP probably paid about one hundred thousand dollars to one hundred and ten thousand dollars depending on options. And he said his nephew this is his quote, My nephew, stupid ass wrecked my jag, my nephew, stupid rig my golf.


I woke up. He won't buy right now, but he's busy right now. Twenty one JAG wraparounds on it. And he said if I came in twenty one JAG right now and nobody got the seventy in fact he would not. I'm going to trade it in here right now.


I just want the record to show that wasn't a rumor. Neither one of these last two stories have been rumors. I mean, N.V. said exactly what he said before. He said before he said it with the rumors. Can we get some rumors?


Well, Rick Ross, he got some new tape. It looks like Rick Romo out to Colombia and paid ten thousand dollars for some teeth, just simply not a room. It's the same doctor that did Takashi 694. And Rick Ross talks about his new teeth.


You know, they hate to see you smile. So I had to come here to Cali, Colombia, see documentary. You get my smile right. You know, sir, I smile all my Heat fans. I smile, baby.


I love to see brothers invest in things that actually matter, like their teeth and what I'm saying. But they have to figure out a way to like render the teef face ratio because some of these dudes teeth be looking bigger than their face, you know what I mean? Like, it's got to be a way to, like, structure to mouth to where you can have the teeth looking normal.


I noticed with some of the teeth, some of it sometimes they don't look white. They look bluish. Right. If you notice that, they look like a little blue on it.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, your teeth that look like him, his beard, you know what I'm saying. Like it has to look somewhat real is what I'm saying by you shaking your head. Why do you agree with this man? Because I got a real beard and you don't.


Oh, hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. Drop one bombs.


But you know, this morning. Oh, nice jab drop.


I like that you're looking like Cornelio out here, baby. That was great.


And that was your five year job to talking about.


Ain't your fault that you can't tell if we got his chin or his Matheran. It's been. I'm not talking to you on Monday. Didn't no NATO talk me on no more. When we come back we got front. Let's at least try to make things look realistic out here. People you TV bitch. What say you about Donald Trump's eyebrows and mouth to fill us in?


You know, John Moses, the leader of Latinos for Trump, what you stand for can make America great again. Let's go, baby. Let's go.


From the next is the Breakfast Club Guibord at the Breakfast Club.


Your Mornings. I'll never be the same.


Leaving a child in a hot vehicle can lead to their death in a matter of minutes. If you see a child left unattended and can't locate their parents, call nine one one. If the child is unresponsive, do whatever it takes to get him or her out safely, including breaking the window. You may be the only thing between the child's life and death this morning.


Everybody is D.J. M.V. Angelie Charlamagne, the guy we owe the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Let's get in some front page news.


Monday Night Football. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Patriots. Twenty six to ten. The Packers beat the Falcons. Thirty sixteen. The Falcons win a game yet, but my Jonathan either.


So salute to the Falcons because they lost to us this year. And we appreciate it very much for the Dallas Cowboys. Got them. Great win. All right, now tonight's game for the Lakers, a Heat, 9:00 p.m., the Lakers lead that series two to one. They've been talking smack to each other. So I can't wait to see tonight.


And I'm just sent us the funniest me man is a meme that said Ronnie James is not to win. LeBron James is not two wins away from giving LeBron James to last week in his life for the smoking video. I think forget about it. I mean, once he wins the championship, you can't forget about it. And I'll be thinking about it like they just have a nice, comfortable conversation, because at first you're mad and you want to brush your son's ass.


But after, what, a week? Two weeks.


Boy, please. LeBron James is a black father. I used to I used to pray to my father was too tired to put his foot up my ass, too. Maybe you forgot. And just when you think they forgot, it's like I come in. Maybe it's about two weeks, though. You never know when you're president. It seems like he is home. Your president is home. He went on to the White House balcony. He gave two thumbs up.


And this is what he said about coronavirus.


Don't let it dominate you. Don't be afraid of it. You're going to beat it. We have the best medical equipment. We have the best medicines all developed recently. And you're going to beat it. I went I didn't feel so good. And two days ago I could have left two days ago or two days ago. I felt great, like better than I have in a long time. I said just recently, better than twenty years ago. Don't let it dominate.


Don't let it take over your lives.


You know, Donald Trump is not saying that he has the best medical equipment. He has access to the best medicine. He has access to things. The people he wants to vote for him don't have. Simple as that, even though I'm one of those people who don't believe that he had coronavirus to begin with. And this is just an October surprise. But what do I know? Don't listen to me.


He also talks about he possibly could be immune going back to work. We're going to be out front as your leader. I had to do that. I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it. I stood out front. I led nobody that's a leader would not do what I did. And I know there's a risk. There's a danger, but that's OK. And now I'm better and maybe I'm immune. I don't know. But don't let it dominate your lives.


Get out there. Be careful. We have the best medicines in the world and it all happened very shortly. And they're all getting approved and the vaccines are coming momentarily.


You're better, but are you negative? OK, I told you that if Trump survived covid that isn't Trump. You don't want to deal with demand. Man. Seventy four years old and two hundred and fifty pounds. OK, if you thought he was saying it was ninety nine percent harmless before, what do you think he feels now. And I told your that he was gonna get healed and come out and start talking about these therapeutic vaccine and these experimental cocktails and all of these things would be available.


And you already see these pharmaceutical companies, stock prices surging. You probably got investments in all of them.


Well, well, White House blocks new FDA coronavirus guidelines that may have delayed the vaccine. So what that means is after they gave somebody the vaccine, it was supposed to follow them around for two months to make sure that they were OK. No side effects, but it looks like the White House is blocking that to get the vaccine out sooner.


They don't care if you grow wings. As long as you get your lungs, you get rid of Corona.


They don't come off of a horn, grows out of your forehead as long as the coronavirus is eliminated, OK, they don't care if you grow a tail out your anus as long as you don't have coronavirus.


What's your fixation with button? This like class warfare in the same said that you talked about three different things he's done wings.


I said horns and I said a tail. That's clearly a dragon I was describing. OK, all right, OK.


But the first thing you said earlier, Dragon, your father's foot would be far up your ass. You could have said your father would put hands on you because so many different things. But you know what? Forget it. Joe Biden, it looks like Joe Biden was at a town hall and he spoke to people he talked to.


The younger generation is saying how he would help you to eliminate a lot of your student debt if you come from a family less than one hundred twenty five grand and he went to a public university. I'm going to make sure that everybody in this generation gets ten thousand dollars knocked off of their student debt as we try to get out of this God awful pandemic. Are a first time homebuyer. You haven't even had the opportunity to gain enough income to be able to have a down payment.


The first time homebuyers, you got fifteen thousand dollar credit to be able to buy their first home because that's how people accumulate wealth. That's how they get started. I agree.


It all sounds good, but this is selling season and I hope I hope for a fact he's able to do that. There's a lot of people out there that you're right, they make money, they pay for rent, but they don't have the money to put down on a house. They don't have clothes and costs. So those grants, that money that you say will help a lot of people be able to buy their first home or their first apartment or their first condo or whatever it may be.


That's exactly why all you idiots who say things like you shouldn't critique Joe Biden, you shouldn't critique Joe Biden. Yes, you should critique him and you can critique him and still vote for him. And guess what?


When he gets in the White House, we're going to be on his ass.


He won't be. We're going to stay. You could have been on his back. You could have been doing anything. But you want to be on his ankle. Stay on. As OK, we're going to keep pushing our agendas and we're going to hold him accountable because that's the problem, right? The problem is we vote these people in and then we think it's just all good. We're happy with the symbolism of them being in the White House.


No, we're going to be on the ass.


All right. Well, Biden is on Trump's ass because he talks about coronavirus. Anybody who contracted the virus by essentially saying Masche, don't matter. Social distancing doesn't matter, I think is is responsible for what happens.


That's not true. That's not true. Because you can be doing everything in your power to prevent yourself from getting covid and still get cold. Like that's not true. We can't just say just because somebody gets covid they weren't social distancing. They weren't wearing a mask.


I know that's not that's not talking more of Donald Trump. The fact that Donald Trump never wore. Well, he should speak to the fact that Donald Trump was defiant about not wearing a mask. He should speak to the fact that Donald Trump was arrogant about not social distancing. That's the difference Donald Trump earned. If he adds covid-19, he earned every single bit of that 19 one through 19 he earned.


OK, well, that is your front page news. Now, when we come back, what was your favorite Cosby Show episode?


What was your favorite episode?


I have so many, but I probably when when when Vanessa went off to go see to it, that was that was a real good one. And I like the seasons where, you know, Eric Alexander came playing, playing Pam. I thought I thought those were good to a lot of different companies, like the one where women got pregnant.


Remember, all the men were pregnant. You didn't have kids. They had like some sandwiches and stuff like that. I love to go to Catrell one.


Of course. I love the world. I love the ones where they always do something for like the anniversary of the birthdays. And they do like the performance performances, baby. You know, the baby like that, which I like when she checked Elvan, when she went to go fix a cup of coffee. Yeah, I love to earing one member.


When they came home with earing, he was hiding, tearing from his dad that I was saying all that to say that.


Phylicia Rashad will be joining us when we come back.


But the bless you all with the presence of Phylicia Rashad, she blessed us with sharing that blessing with you. All right. Don't miss your blessing.


That's right. So we'll talk to her when we come back. So don't move. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Morning, everybody, is T.J., M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, we have a special guest on the line, an icon, a legend and a true queen.


Miss Phylicia Rashad, welcome. Thank you. Good morning. I feel like you're my mom.


I've been watching you for so long. I feel like I know everything about you. I feel like your mom. Hey, Mom, I want to take more time on the morning sun.


How you do need to read yours. You do. Ready to be on. No, he's not. No, I don't.


I'm I hate zoom in of you. And this is one time I really hate doing interviews because I would love to be in your presence. Absolutely.


That's very kind. Well, you know what? When we can, we will.


Have you been maintaining through this whole pandemic?


Well, let's see. First of all, I've been very grateful. I've been very grateful to be in my home and to have a home to be in. I've been very grateful that my family and friends are fine. I've been very grateful to be able to assist people in the ways that I've been able to do and I've had work to do. Of course, it's different because everything is through the computer.


I pray we will not live like this forever thing, but it ain't natural and it ain't good for the eyes either.


What have you learned about yourself mentally and spiritually?


Anything new? Yeah, you know, you ask that question and I'm always a little hesitant to say these things because. Well, anyway, I'll just say it because you asked. It's so important to find that silent space inside the mind. Mm hmm. It's so important to find that space, especially now, because there's so much clutter and so much chatter and so much pull to the left and then pull to the right and just being pull, pull, pull if you allow it to be that way.


And then the mind, you know, it has its own way of jumping around. Oh, so it's so important to find the silence. You know what if we stopped pining for the things that we think we don't have and look at what we do have and what we can do, it's a much better place to come from, I think.


Yeah. And it allows us to create a better place. Right. So, yeah, there are things that that I that I do miss. I miss live theater. Yeah. Mm hmm. Just the other day I was thinking how privileged we've been for so long without understanding the fullness of our privilege to be able to go to a movie. Right. Yes. Yes. Able to sit in the theater or in a restaurant or to hug people or to or to be with people when they're making their transition from this form to the next.


You know, it's we didn't understand our full privilege. And maybe, you know, when we if it changes, I should say when it changes.


Yeah. I just don't know what's going to change to. But we'll come into a we should come into a better understanding of just what the privilege of being with people is and maybe will be kinder to one another. How are your kids been.


How they've been, they've been around or they've been staying away. How is that been?


Well, my son lives on the West Coast. My daughter, the beginning of this pandemic, had just returned from Italy.


She had been in Italy and she had just returned. And I was just returning from work on the empire in Chicago. Then everything shut down and my daughter wouldn't come and and see me stay away from me.


That's right, she did. But what she did do when I was returning home, she came to the house before I arrived and she had stocked the refrigerator and the shelves and she said, Mommy, you don't go outside, you don't go to the store, you stay here. And she would call to make sure I was not outside and I had to laugh at that. I said, you're monitoring me like I'm you, but I'm not you and me.


And when it's time, I'm going outside, OK? They said the same thing.


They were like, no, no, no, no, no. I'm the dad. I'm your parent. I'm going out when I want to go. I don't think for a moment that what you did and what you said was not appreciated.


I mean, I said, of course, the Queen, have you ever had to go off on any of your real kids the way you went off on Vanessa?


You're going to see the wretched and you're down in Baltimore having big fun. Why don't you, Vanessa? Isn't that where you were? Didn't you go down there to Baltimore and have big fun? Vanessa, tell me, didn't you go for big fun?


Mom, shut up.


You're going to open your mouth. I'm asking you a question. I only hope that you can have the same experience. Vanessa, I hope that one day you come to realize exactly how it feels to think that your child's life is in danger. You have taken us from levels of frenzy, panic to stress. And now that we know you're OK range.


I said I was sorry.


This is not going to happen. And I know you are lying right now.


Go to bed. Are you kidding? Of course.


So what is your motivation when you did that? I was not understanding what that energy is was helped. Yes, I understood that energy very well. Yes. If you know, people say, oh, oh, you were just a perfect mother.


And I look at them and smile and say thank you. But, you know, it's easy when you're scripted and the children are scripted, too. In real life, there are no scripts. Yeah.


You know you know, the beauty of that wretched episode I've lived long enough to where I knew exactly what Vanessa's character felt like. And then I've lived long enough to know exactly what your character felt like. And that's something.


Yeah, because teenagers children would sneak. I mean, it's part of being a teacher, right? Yeah. Yeah. It seems like a scary annatto.


Oh, it's a oh come on. It's so it's so much scary. It is. And it's not young people's fault.


We are very, very, very distracted and our children were being inundated with some of the worst kinds of diversions.


Mm hmm. And you look up and it's they have a language that you don't even know why.


You know, I think that if if we as adults were cognizant of the fact that every single thing we say and do creates a memory for our young, we might say, and do differently. Absolutely. Because what do you really want the young person to learn? Here's the question. What is the most important thing for your young person to learn? The most important thing that I wanted my children to learn was who are you really?


Mhm. And that's an inner journey. And you don't get to go on the inner journey pointing fingers outside of yourself. Another disturbing thing I heard recently from two different sources who don't even know each other. They both worked in the field of pediatrics. They're both pediatricians and one, they're friends of mine. And one of them said that in her waiting room, she has these books for children. Right. A three year old child picks up the book and doesn't know how to turn the page.


She tries to scan it.


Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.


Not hurt, but this OK. And then somebody on the other side of the country told me the same thing. Wow. Because young people are being given these devices and they know and they know that this becomes your source of information and your only source of information. Right. Which means you're going to receive what somebody wants you to receive. That's right. I think we want our young people to think deeper than that.


We got more with Phylicia Rashad when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is still kicking in with Phylicia Rashad now from Houston. What made you come all the way to the East Coast to go to college, to go to BCU? And why was it important to go to a BCU? The second real. You go ahead.


Yeah, well, I wanted to be an actor and I wanted to study drama. Right. And I was applying to all these schools and my father just looked at me and he let me do all that and he said, You're going to Hollywood. And I said, Oh, but Dad, what about this one at this? He said, You're going to Howard.


I never thought about going to a school that wasn't an HQ. And that was because of my experience from a child. Before I started elementary school, I was a nursery school on the campus of Texas Southern University trying to play.


So, you know, I'm trying to play you you I wanted you to see the Hampton alumni.


I just wanted you to see that my grandmother went to him. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Vivian Elizabeth Graham. Yes, she did. She made a great decision. Oh yes, she did. I realize in greater measure how very fortunate I am to have attended an BCU, not only for the astute professors who were teaching there because they were of the highest caliber, but also for the other side of life. That's social life, that's socialization that helps to develop you as a as a as an adult.


You know, did you ever did you ever lose yourself playing such a. Iconic role as Claire Huxtable, meaning that, you know, did you ever forget who you were and no.


OK, OK, now that that wasn't possible because every every day I came home to my family.


Anyway, none of that Cliff Huxtable stuff when you walk in the house.


Well, you know, it's like, no, it's like, OK, so my best friend from college came to see a taping and she said, Phylicia, you ought to be ashamed of yourself taking those people's money for being yourself and at home.


I mean, when I say this, I people imagine I always imagine what my life was like. Mm hmm.


Charlie had no idea I would come home and cook and prepare dinner. Wow. From fresh produce. No canned anything. Because I want my family to eat healthily. Some things you can get it again. But most things, vegetables and stuff have to be fresh. And I would do that every day.


And in the early years of the of the show, let's say third year, I had my baby with me.


I was a nursing mother. I took Condola to the studio with me every day. Wow. Yeah. And, you know, it's and I came home with her at night and I was with my family. I wasn't out clubbing. I wasn't you know, I wasn't doing stuff like that. I didn't have time for that. And then, you know, there was school and then it was homework. Her her brother's thirteen years older than she was.


And he was in the eighth grade and she was born. And I mean, you know, there I was I was like, you've got to hit it every day.


Mhm. So your daughter was born to be an actress. She grew up in it. She was all around it. She lived it. So she was, she was born to be an actress. She knows she did. She grew up around the work and she saw what the work was. Her work ethic is incredible.


You know, speaking of the work, I think you got box coming out on the 6th right there on the sixth. Yeah.


But you've held the name of America's mother for so years. Are you intentionally accepting roles in movies like A Fall from Grace and Black Box to kind of shift that image to you? I guess a villain maybe that would make you laugh.


All right. Well, wait a minute. Let's explore that concept for just a moment, OK?


Evil. Evil, you see, one of the things we learn in acting is not to judge our characters. You have to always understand what a person is thinking and why the person's thinking it.


In my freshman year, one of my instructors said to me I was having a fit about something someone had done and he let me carry on and carry on. And then when I calmed down, he said, Misselling, there's something I want you to remember. Even when somebody is being and I'll say this and so be they think they're right. Now, think about the times you've seen somebody act a complete idiot and they think they're right.


Yeah, I call that I got a curse. I call it momentum. Yeah. But they think they're right. Yeah. Yeah.


And it just keeps building and building and building and building.


So as an actor that's my job is to get inside what the thought is, you know. So I'm not I'm not trying to depart from anything. There are all kinds. And it's interesting because they're all mothers aren't they.


Decide to do what they're right. Right. And Sarah in a fall from grace was what a mother.


I mean, there's all kinds of women in this world and all kinds of mothers to you about the play, the villain in the next Black Panther right there.


Look, do you ever feel like certain roles are beneath you?


I wouldn't say beneath me. I would just say they don't resonate with me. I don't like to be critical of other people's work because that's the easiest thing to be. I just try to find what resonates with me. So what resonates with me?


A good story that's told well resonates with me. A window of opportunity to explore creativity in a new way that really resonates with me.


You know, box poses the question, do we run our minds? Do our minds run us in that true?


What do you think the answer to that question is? Well, well, what do you think?


Do we run our minds or do our minds run us? I think our minds run us, but I agree. We have the ability to get ourselves back on the proper course because I think we live in this world with so much noise that if you pay too much attention to the noise, people can start telling you how you're supposed to be. But that's not necessarily you. So you can silence that noise and really tap into your mind and figure out the path you're supposed to be on, not the path people want you to be on.


Why? That's why I you know, you ask me what I had learned about my mind, and that's what I said. It was important to find the silence within my mind. I agree with you. I think that most often times we people are run by our minds and the mind often runs amuck. And here we are. Yeah.


Yeah, absolutely. And by the way, it's fine to write because healin looks different for healing is healing is strange like that. Like one moment you're fine, the next minute you bugging out. And I think that's OK. It's all a process.


It is. But but the we want to keep just going through that like that.


No, no, no I don't think so. I don't think so. And you just brought up something that's really very interesting. You said one minute you find in the next minute you're bugging out. That's that brings to my mind imagery of a pendulum.


Yeah. Yeah.


You want to bring that thing to center right. Because it will swing as far to the left as it does to the right and right center. Mm hmm. Yeah.


We have more with Phylicia Rashad when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is still kicking in with Phylicia Rashad.


Now, you mentored Chadwick Boseman when he was in Howard. How did the loss of him impact you? And for people that don't know him personally, tell us something that we might not know about him. He's calm. He's he's been up here a couple of times and he's donated money to the causes that we were fighting for at the time.


He's from South Carolina. Like me. He's always been a good brother. So tell us how that impact was.


Well, you want to know something about him that you might not know? Yeah. Chadwick was given to study. He loved to study. He studied through the lens of theatre. First as a writer. He studied the meanings of words. I mean, he studied and you can see this kind of thoughtfulness in his work. It's so subtle. You don't notice it at first. But you go back and you look at it again. He was a consummate artist and without question, one of the kindest and bravest people I've ever known.


I definitely know. I want to ask you about the Drake video.


And when Drake called you to be in that video, did you even know who you was?


Because I knew when you think I live under a rock. I know. I know. But I hadn't been able to give answer to the to the inquiry when I talked to my daughter, she said, do you have to do it? I said, OK, OK, OK. I had so much fun.


That can't be the first time you've been asked to be in a rap video, right? Yes, it was right. Yeah. Wow, that's insane. Wow.


As popular as you've been for all these years, you know, things come when they should and don't. When shouldn't they go?


How do you how do you think black Hollywood has evolved over the years since then? Since you first came of it?


There was always there were black people in positions that we weren't always conscious of, but not maybe so many.


Now you see black people on many different levels, in many different areas, in many different positions. It's one thing for what you see on the screen, but you wouldn't see what's on that screen if it weren't for the work of the people who are not on that screen.


And they are fundamental and essential to what it is we see. So we need a total equity in this nation of ours that includes all people. Hmm.


In my career, I have worked with only one Native American actor. That makes sense to me. I have worked with only one Asian-American actor. That doesn't make sense to me. There's more for us to do in the field of inclusion is more for us to embrace. And I look forward to us doing that because I think that as a. We are more than ready for it now.


I look back on all of those shows that I grew up on in the 90s and man, it just seemed like they were so brilliantly black and I learned so much from them, whether it was Cosby, different world living single. I mean, even Martin, like all of those shows like that, I'm like, what did those sets look like? Because there was they were so black that you would think that everybody on the set with black, all the writers, the directors, the people behind the camera.


Well, not like that.


No, no, it was not. Wow. Not there were black people behind the camera. There were black people in the writers room. But everybody was not black. No, but everybody was on board to deliver an excellent program. And that's what matters is how black people don't think alike. That's right.


And they were interns who were being hired every year. And a number of them were black and some of them were not. Our stage managers were black and they were young people. And Mr. Cosby wanted that. So we had that and they were good. It was sharp young people to keep it fresh, keep it new. Yeah.


I mean, you know, there was a way of including people of different ethnicities. You see it reflected in the in Rudy's friends. You see a little friends, you see. How did you see that? OK, there was a way of including people of ethnicities and generations that was just a marvel to be a part of. And he was not going to have grandparents insulted and made fun of the way some shows do make fun of being older. He said no.


He said, no, we're not doing that. Our our young people show respect. And it's not a forced thing. It's inherent. Right. And he insisted on that. He insisted on a lot of great things, even when they introduce hip hop.


And they brought in Eric Alexander. And it wasn't like she was just some ghetto ratchet young lady. You know, she was just a person whose circumstances didn't deal the best car and she wanted a better life.


Yeah, and he understood that. He understood that by virtue of the way he grew, you still speak to the other cast members because watching it seems like you guys would be on the phone with each other all day long. You don't think it's a job? Do you still speak to those other cast members at all?


Every now and then I will hear from Malcolm and Keisha. And they have beautiful children and they love them. And I told Malcolm he's a finished item. He has a daughter and he just he can't keep giving up love. He's just he's finished.


He's finished. And you're done, brother. You're done.


It upsets you that they don't people don't want to air the episodes. The Cosby Show.


Oh, no, it doesn't upset me at people still watch people find ways to watch.


You know, I won't be upset by things because things change. Right. I will be upset and I won't be upset by bye things people do because people change. We see that it's something to see and to understand. Years ago, someone who loves me very much told me, she said to me, an image can be broken. Try to find out who you really are. Wow.


That's a that's tough to do in this business. It's not it's not it's not tough to do. But it can be a process just because everybody's always trying to tell us what our image should be. And when you open up a magazine or you read a blog and people have a perception of you like, oh, that's what they like, let me give them more of that. So you become a caricature of yourself and things become performative without you even knowing it.


That's a very interesting observation. It's what happens in interviews that isn't happening in this one. And I'm loving it.


You know, when people interview you, they come sometimes they come with their answers already in their heads to the questions they've decided to ask you. Right. So what the what what what are we doing here? Why? OK, what what is this?


OK, I have a conversation with me if you already think you know. Yeah. You didn't know.


OK, so then that's me. Know one thing. If nothing else you will lead this conversation thinking of the person that I'm speaking to. That person will lead the conversation knowing only what they thought they knew right before the conversation began.


We enjoy you, Queen. You wish we could sit here and talk to you forever. And we appreciate you for checking. And we're so grateful and thankful. Thank you so much.


Thank you. Thank you both. And please, when you are in New York, please stop by the studio. Absolutely. OK, I will.


Yeah. We have the rose petals on the ground for you to walk on who have all that for you. Tea, coffee, whatever it is you need. Thank you.


Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Phylicia Rashad is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Thank you.


Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the room is let's talk to Rajeeb has. Listen up, it's just and all the guys got the rumor a poor guy got in the. The runner up for the Breakfast Club now shouts, It's Araji wish a happy birthday. She turned 50 a couple about a week ago, I believe. Yeah. Now she's set to host a new talk show, Peace of Mind with Taraji.


It's going to be a mental health talk show and it's going to be on Facebook watch.


Dropping a close bond for Taraji P. Henson and Tracy J.


Tracy Jr. will be the other host on that show as well. I love those sisters, man. I love all the work that they do in regards to the boys. Lawrence Henson Foundation, they are helping to eradicate the stigma around mental health in the black community and their efforts are appreciated, saluted Taraji and Tracy. Whenever whenever they call me, I am there for them.


I'm sure you'll be on that show talking mental health. I'm sure I'm not crazy. I'm sure. I mean, I'd say that I was arrogant.


Yeah, but I'm sure. But y'all are cool. I mean, that's that's what you advocate as well. So definitely. Yes. No, no, no. Arrogance was just, you know, being honest.


Now also you want to rooma Kendrick Lamar, they're saying allegedly is leaving top dog entertainment.


They're saying that's a rumor. And I like that. Now we do an actual room. Let me tell me more.


They are suggesting that he has left Topdog Entertainment and he is focusing on his own imprint, PG Ling with former President Dave Free. So that's what they are saying, that he's doing his own thing and he has a roster which includes himself, Baby Kim, and a host of other dropping bombs.


The baby came a lot like baby came along, you know, who actually put me on the baby came with that little dick.


You put me on the baby team about a year ago. All right. And some change ago.


No, right now, you remember Black Rob got back Rob's record for people I don't know. Yeah. I love for so many years ago. When you see something new, that's me. I'll write anything down. You see, we got that play you got left to you drop it. Accept that for the part where he says fingered me. I was like, whoa, he doesn't have this bad system. You can stop it. You said. He says he has never questioned Black Rock, but he said he has what?


There's a line and then he says, yeah, finger near in words, but like like, whoa, I really don't like like really.


You probably used to drop that drop the music when that line came on the ground. I stop it.


I know that now. Black Rob, he was in Connecticut. Shouts Alborz in ninety five. He was talking about his rap career and he's not doing so well.


You know what my biggest mistake was giving to talk. Told you right back. Child support had you under pressure. Still under pressure. But I need help. But, you know, I give your money. Everybody know that child support slam me, man. Yikes.


I'm not sure how many kids Black Rob has, but he says child support him. He said when he signed with a bad boy, they said Puff gave him like 350 to 400000 dollars. And he's saying that he's he's struggling right now because the child support to shout at him.


How much do you pay? Any child support? Lord, have mercy looked like Rob. We don't know how many kids he has. And also in some great news, Beyonce paid for an entire hospital, wings covid-19 treatments Trovan approved by Biasi.


Wow, which is pretty dope. She also partnered up with Adidas and they committed ten million dollars over the next three years to fund be good partners, social impact programs. So that's doing her job. She doing the work.


This is when you got to evacuate, because I'm not going to lie. I watch a lot of Beyonce's philanthropy efforts and I try to mimic them. Like when she did the covid test in Houston. I did like Falko with the phone call, the test in South Carolina, and I'm listening to that.


And I'm like, wow. It's big, then you hit at number 10 million, look, you know, and you're like, OK, you're age, young man, just keep doing what you can.


I stay with my my backpack, drives my turkey, drives my to my toy drives. I stay in my lane, I stay with, you know, give them back to my HBC you I stay in my life.


You know, I hate tell you, I'm like, listen everybody act that way. You can do you do what you're supposed to do. You know, I provided free Wi-Fi for the Colony Apartments in Columbia, South Carolina, a couple of weeks ago. Age. OK, so three weeks. Hey, what do we tell these women?


You're not beyond, say, you sometimes you got look in the mirror at the man and tell yourself that to you, not beyond say, OK, that's all right.


It's kind of weird, but. All right. All right. You got all of us need to remind ourselves that we not be on. Right. All I'm saying. Well, that was your rumor report. Now, who are you giving that down to?




America needs to come to the front kind of nation. We like to have a world like everybody, everybody, the whole USA, black, white and all of us all.


We need to gather around every body. Yes. OK, everyone. Well, we'll give it to everybody when we come back.


Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


Your mornings will never be the same when a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing. The results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings and if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop, trains get brought to you by nature. Warning everybody is D.J. M.V. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We got a special guest on the line, Mike Epps.


Oh, just hadnot. You look like somebody dressing room.


You know, I'm going to be I got a look back and a lead in Adam. He was just he just had some in his mouth a second ago.


Go talked to some Charlamagne. How was it. So I was saying behind the scenes I was like us, was beat, was rollerskate in and he called out you and he also called out Floyd Mayweather said, I got twenty four hours to respond.


But you said you ain't rollerskating right now. Nah, man, I got a I got a you know, I got a show on Netflix with Wanda Sykes and we got called back to work on October the 12th. So I'm I'm just preparing myself to go back to work. Man, I'm so glad I'm going back to work, man. It's crazy. Oh, yeah. Upshaw The upshot with Union. Wanda Sykes right off shelves now have the sequel to Meet the Black.


No, no, no, no, no. I'm OK. Boy, you silly.


Oh, no. Oh, no. House next Door is the sequel to Meet the Black. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Do what you've been doing, Mike. How you mean maintaining the past six months? Man As sad is this being it's been a breakthrough to man. I've been on a roll for twenty years. This the first time I've really got a chance to sit around my house and you know what I mean, go through some old things and hang with my kids.


And I'm a man. They've been a blessing and a through the lining of it, you know what I mean?


How you always been? Because, you know, this is the time that's going to make a relationship or break a relationship. How y'all been? Oh, man.


I love my wife. My wife love me. We friends, you know, the relationship thing. We just don't even harp on that. We already know we love each other. So I told her we can do life in this house together. We want to.


What is what is this hip hop part of you doing that? You got me my concert at a party. It's a concert. It's called him.


You're going to contain. We've been you know, everybody's been creative, man, but the verse man has been so entertaining to us, man. We've been we've been enjoying it and love and everybody on the verses, but they've got a group of people that don't want to do the verses. Right. And, you know, comedy and music has always played a good hand with each other. They always combine real good. And I said, you know, I'm a some man.


So I got with a guy named Mark out of Chicago, producers Brian out. And what the promoter that does our comedy shows, we got together, man, and we say, you know what? We're going to bring out the ladies man. So I call Rockcastle KRS One and all these guys, Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane and Greg Daddy Hank.


Very nice. Oh, these are dudes who, you know, they just got a different perception about what today. And I think this is another platform because versus doing so great. But this is another platform for some of the guys might be a little bit more comfortable with doing what they do. What was the what was the production process like?


We had to testing and then we had the man, but nobody was there and they didn't have a purpose of being there, you know? Right. And all the rooms were separated. And when it was time for one to perform, one would come out while the other one was in the dressing rooms. Wow.


So it was it was all in the same. In spot, all in the same vein, you be able to watch this. This is October 9th on hip hop legends. Hip hop legends, yeah, this WebSocket, hip hop legend, dotcom, this kind of show, man, you won't love it.


Oh, yeah, I'm forty two. That's my that's my that's not my Ereira but it right. That's like right. When I first got introduced to hip hop was because of rock n.


Yeah. Use do was two years old. I was eighteen thousand eighty eight till God bless you a young boy.


I'm just in in 88. You know it's what made you. I was nineteen in eighty eight.


I was in jail, I locked up in nineteen ninety eight to eighty, eighty eight. I mean eighty eight. I was locked up in eighty eight team trying to be somebody I was you know that's the only time you know when you go to jail at that age you definitely go on trying to be somebody you ain't.


You beat somebody up like they always said by the hands. Hey man, that's one thing about me, man. The older I get, the more I want to stay away from all the crazy. You know, the older you get, you start looking back on yourself like, man, I love you, man.


Every day of my life in the Internet. Don't make you forget it, Mike. You know, the way the world is as crazy is the world. If you don't get yourself together at this point, man, you ain't going to do it. Absolutely. I agree.


What made you do this concert? Were you at home bored and say, you know what, I love this type of music? Like what made you say, you know what? This is what I want to do? And how did you get involved and how you booked the acts? Explain and break it down for us one time.


I'm from that era, man. I listen to the music to this day. Most of it is still I mean, it's relevant today. I mean, you listen to KRS one man, he was talking about the solution of what the police is doing there.


Right, right now. So I'm like, don't nobody paid him dues, no homies. And I was just telling somebody tell telling one of my friends why I don't hear no KRS one and a Jay-Z song together or Big Daddy Kane and MC Meals. I'm like, these young girls don't hook up with these old school dudes, man. I mean, I would be doing it. That's just like me in a movie with Eddie Murphy. I had to get with the OG.


That's just like I know you are paying homage to that part. I don't know. But Frankie Crocker, you got it right.


Absolutely. The only black red alert. Absolutely. Red Alert, Red Alert Green over in Dre Green and Loving Dr. Dre by Tom Joyner. Thanks. You got that right. Yeah, absolutely. Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey. Give it up to our fallen brothers. Absolutely. Yeah, man.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pindi is now man. This is Charlamagne.


Get kicked out of class and a deejay is getting kicked out right now. Let's the fact that D.J. tell me tell me about the show with Wanda Sykes.


I know she change your wife on the show is it's like I sang for the sun and my mind is playing my sister in law. I'm married to Wanda sister and Wanda is playing my sister in law. And she don't want me to be with her sister. So when she come over to the house, man, we going at it. I mean, it's funny, man. We got Kim feels the great can feel on my wife. So man, we got some season good actresses and actors on this show.


Man, it's going to be fun.


Yeah. You see everything that's going on with your president, Donald Trump on him catch coronavirus. What were your thoughts?


Hey, man, check this out, man, with whatever whatever it takes, man. You know what I mean? I mean, I think either way, the world won't be the way it's going to be. Whoever get in office is going to be what it is. You know what I mean to Donald Trump. I don't know if he got coronavirus or not. I don't think so. Now he just popped up with it, right?


Yeah. I mean, he was he was doing everything in his power to get it. Let's be very one win. No matter what it is, something doesn't seem right. Just all of a sudden that arrogant mother wouldn't let nobody know he got there.


He saw you. He lied about that.


We got more with Mike Epps when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We have Mike Epps in the building.


Shelby Mike, tell me about that tattoo on your wrist. Man. That's that's like that's that dollar sign you got when you was a teenager. I can tell.


Oh, that's crazy. You notice sometimes I forget it's there, but I put it out there because a lot of times people will be interrupting me when I'm on the phone. And I had to look at that and point at them and tell them, man, I'm talking about money.


Hey, man, I look at the point in my life is that this is the day that you remember when you got that.


Oh, man. Yeah, I got this. I don't know where I got I think I got this in New York, man.


I was somewhere playing around. They put. That on my own, my hand, man, do you stand up? No, really, man, I am a man. I'm telling you, I was doing it for 20 years. I didn't get a break. And you know what? After watching Dave Chappelle's great stand up show, I was like, you know what? I don't really think I love stand up like I do.


So you time are you tired of staring at me, not going to stand up anymore.


You just go slow down a little bit. I never I never get the love back again.


I mean, I see I see you guys do everything. Yeah. I just I just don't do deejaying now. I mean, if you broke away from it for a certain amount of time, you might not want to come back to it either.


Yeah, but you know what I do for a little bit, I jumped in a real estate heavy and I started doing my car show stuff, but then I got lost. I missed the crowd. I missed controlling the music. I missed you. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I miss going to the colleges and the whole cumins. That's what I'm touching the people. That's what I don't see what the real estate and that's what I don't see with the costumes a lot of times, you know.




Right, right. I get yeah. Yeah I get that part too. Yeah. I do miss that.


You know what I like being like. I like being in the club. I like being the plug man. I like, I like being the point guard. I don't, I don't necessarily even want to be in front of the camera that much. No more. I want to just be behind the scenes calling the shots. I feel that way too, Charlamagne, because I just I feel like I did it, man. I feel like I show I show the world all that I could show as far as standup is concerned.


I mean, now it's just I don't want to compete. And the fans make you especially black people. I love my black folks. But, boy, when I tell you they are comparing you to another black person, I mean, absolutely.


It don't matter unless you have nothing. It don't matter who it is either.


And I'm like, damn well, I didn't get in this business to compete with this dude.


I five women or women. I'm like, Dad, why was everything I do got to be compared to what somebody else do? Right. So it just so I'm like, you know what, I'm out of the race.


I think we call that TUTTO because we make it seem like you can only be one of us at a time. Right. You know what I mean. Like we give the white man too much credit and make it seem like the white man is blessing people with these opportunities, that a white man can only bluff this one person. Right. So then he goes out there and and everybody compared that person to people that they think is way funny. Right.


You know. That's right.


Yeah. Yeah. It go just like that.


But it's all good, man. I mean, I tell my friends, I tell my kids all the time, not because white people out like I was I don't know where I was, but some white guy told me I walked in and he was like, the line is right there. When I tell you I crossed him out so hard he was hurt, man, you know, because he could not believe that I said that I was talking to him.


Like, what did you say to him? I don't remember what I said, but I feel so bad. And I told my kids that. I said, guess what? Back in the civil rights days, black people were able to talk to white people like that when they got out of line. You can actually pull somebody on the side. You can actually take a white person ass right now. And I'm not prejudiced. I ain't trying to be, you know, just sort of white listeners or anything like that.


But it is what it is. You know what I'm saying? And I tell all these tough black dudes running around here bullying people and trying to look like King Kong. I say, have you ever killed a white man before, Wolf? Because that's what these young kids do. They run around here praising and giving these brothers trophies for killing. That's right. You the king killer, OG killer. You want me to kiss your ass, please take your ass out of here.


You like kill, kill or beat up or touch man. White person. But you've got all these black folks over here scared to death. If I walk in here, I say that all the time. If I walk in the room and I got my brother whacks with me, you know, whack big black dude is some other brother to try. Yes. Let me walk in there with a white man with a suit on and still lives. Man, that's crazy.


I want to clean one thing up because I know how these people are. You were not advocating to kill no white people. You were just simply saying that black people will try each other before they try the white man.


Yeah, I what I was saying it like that. I what I was saying it in a way to make black people understand that you got to stop killing your own people. That don't mean go kill white people. I'm not saying that. Right. Because white people can look at me and tell you that I ain't all the way black like I would like to be.


What, what, what does that mean. Yeah, I'm I got some white meat, D.J.. US white folks who somewhere, Charlamagne, he he barely got out of there, still standing over white people, don't be mad. I got some of y'all white light in me somewhere. I'm ninety seven point six percent West African. I did my ancestry test on Black Man, I, I did my ancestry, man.


I'm I'm related rather than Egbert with my goodness to film critics. Man, oh man.


I know you say when you get in trouble, Mike.


I know what you mean. You know Mongo's man.


But we got we got the hip hop party to look forward to on on Friday. This Friday. Yeah. This Friday. The nine October night. Y'all go enjoy this man.


It's a dream come true for me to stand there and watch Rock Hill and Big Daddy Kane, KRS One and Greg nice and ducking for the sit there and watch them do for me. I mean I was like a kid in a candy store, man. I couldn't believe it man I.


Mike, we appreciate you joining us, brother. I meant I appreciate how much love man and white people I love. Y'all don't get it twisted now. Yes, it is my case at the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. All morning, everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela. Yes, I mean, the guy we on the Breakfast Club, let's get to room.


Let's the McDonald's this is the rumor report with Angela. Breakfast Club, so listen up, if you have kids or you are huge Travis Scott fan, you've been to McDonald's and when you get to the door, when you order, you always say, you know, I'm here, and then you play to Astroland.


Music is supposed to be this big thing. The kids love it. They have a good time.


Feel like you've done that more than you kids? Probably. Have you rattled that off way too easy. Have you ever heard that?


I have. Well, now, J Balvin, he has his own McDonald's meal.


He's the first Latino artist who McDonald's has worked with in this capacity.


So that's why the head of the Latino vote, Trump gang drama, is so excited. You know, something that was up to that.


Oh, Longinus Charlamagne first. So first Latino artists McDonald's has worked with in his capacity.


J Balvin.


What Neil is about yourself. So if you really don't know like what would be good at McDonald's.


Ah I don't, I don't know about what.


What do you think of Gebo Miller's. I have no idea. So Travis God is the bacon cheeseburger with you know he's from Houston. So was the barbecue sauce table go. I don't know.


McDonald's don't serve it. Then we'll go ahead and stop it. What did he. I don't know on everything. But he is really drunk. He's not in your cabinet. No. Ah. You got rid of it.


Yes, I got rid of a lie. I'm not a liar.


I'm supporting independent Latin own seasoning business. Give us the one right now. I'm gang. There you go. Oh, President Bush. I don't know gangs. Have you ever hear me shout out Crips and Bloods. I'm going to be OK.


So do you know what this meal consists of? Was the Big Mac, the oil, big flurry fries and a drink? Yes, it is, actually, it is.


When they got to do with being Latino, who says Latinos are coming?


The leading question the way in because he's a Latino artist with his oatmeal. He was trying to get you to be racist. No, I have got to take your you. Thank you. Thank you. Dry everything is not racism here, guys. I don't think everything is not about butts. I'm just ask the question. What salute to Jay Baldwin. Yes, it's Big Mac without Palin's medium fries with ketchup and an Oreo mic flurry. That's not a rumor.


And I think that should have been Nikki James are spoiled or it's bad, but it's bad boy.


OK, bad bunny.


OK, this guy's a jerk. Disrespectful. Well, congratulations to Waka Flocka Flame. He received his doctorate degree in philanthropy, dropping a coupon for Flocke.


I thought you got a doctorate, right. And doctorate doctor degree.


So congratulations to Dr. Waka Flocka Flame. My God. Flocco now, Jay Electronica, Jay Electronica officially released back to its own title.


Right now it was leaked, but now it's all streaming platforms and he can actually get paid for it.


And here's a snippet of one of the joints right here is the rock and electronic extravaganza. Fans need oxygen masks for every. Go home, El, gliding across the state. She loves the socks. You'll be fine, baby. Tears in your. M.B to escape from the fiery furnace clicking don't concern. What's your name? Nice to meet you, Trish. I hated people from behind Preacher. Jesus didn't keep up with the swan of the people of God to have him sweep up a bunch of Jay electronica.


I'm trying to figure out why I did act to not come out like I enjoyed a written testimony.


I thought it could have been way better, but I enjoyed it a lot.


But I'm trying to figure out why I didn't ask to come out like I too is a great out.


Maybe he just recorded a bunch of joints and he picked a couple for the album and he just had these joints. I think that I think the written testimony was a lot of new stuff.


Like majority new songs, I mean, Partyline Me actual actually know a written testimony when they came out earlier this year.


No, but I said maybe he just did a whole bunch of songs for that album, and these are some of the ones that didn't make it.


Now, I feel like that that album got kind of got washed away because of Colvert. They couldn't talk. They couldn't really do what they were supposed to do to really promote that album. I think that album kind of got washed away. That's one of my favorite albums. And when I ride my bike, that's what I listen to, what I write, I written testimony, OK, gives me energy.


And lastly, there's a hype around why you make that face him and ride him broads. It sounds weird, man. I don't know. It's it sounds weird.


It was something we had a meeting and it gives you that energy right in you sound when he ride in the jail, like, salaam aleikum. Give them that energy. You think they like target hyper. You assume are you. I don't know if you just told me. I told everybody he rides to me, you know, it gives you the energy back in retirement, miles and miles on a bike and you going up a hill and it's hard to get up that hill and you've got to stay in your zone.


That puts you to Rezo.


How much can you handle, bro? You all come on, man.


No, that's cool. Yo, we need you back. Yeah, this is crazy. This is getting out of hand. Too many penises. I don't I don't get why. What is going on. Yeah, that was a rumor. I thought you didn't have one room in it. Oh really. Forget it. All star. Oh news story. The vote. Everybody talking about it. See you tomorrow.


And he had no room other than that little thing. You said it to him. That was. Wow. Not even a room with no more. That's like people just mixes up next. I hate child. Is the breakfast still after almost ten years about telling people to call the people people of choice make nice? Yeah, well, I'm about to get a mix right now.


What you will hear, whatever you already prerecording, I got to go. But I love to play it myself for you.


The Breakfast Club, Your Mornings.


I'll never be the same as D.J. Envy. And for fifty five years, the general insurance has been giving people affordable auto insurance with excellent customer service. Get custom coverage. That's right for you. And immediate proof of insurance. Call them at 800 general or visit the general DOT. Some restrictions apply. Morning everybody.


Is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now shouts Everybody has been me recently. I know a lot of you guys are getting your your tax returns, your stimulus checks and money unemployment. And you ask me, I got a little extra money, what should I do with it?


And I always tell you guys about real estate. I tell you, money is cheap right now. Interest rates are low. So it's a great time, especially if they got all these grants in first time by a program. So definitely do your home or Google and look around because this is a great opportunity to buy something. So look around. I'm not telling you where to go because I don't know where you from, but definitely look around it. And we're also doing a webinar where we're going to show people how we do a flip.


So we're going to show you how we purchase a home.


We do the full flip and you get to see everything from the demo to electric to plumbing just to help you guys save a little extra when you get to your when you start doing it. So you know where to cut corners and where to make money and watch out for con. When I say con contractors, I just click the link in my bio for the details. I'm trying to, you know, help you guys out as much as possible.


Yes. And salute first and foremost to my man Mike Epps, pulling up to date legendary OG comedian Mike Epps in Man, We have to salute a queen absolute for blessing us with her presence, even though it was just visiting you, Phylicia Rashad. Absolutely. Both of those conversations are available on the Breakfast Club, AMMU to page right now.


Absolutely. When we come back, we got the positive note. And I just want you guys just to stay out the way. Man, be safe. Stay out of the way. Can we play a little Duval's or right now?


That's my favorite man. Play, play, play my guy's record, man. Don't worry. Be happy. Little Duvall remade Bobby McFerrin record featuring tii feel good record man does it does feel good record.


Let's get it on. Right now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning everybody.


Is D.J. Envy. Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now you guys have a great day Charlamagne. You got a positive note.


Yes man. The positive note. Listen, I want everybody to know I love being an example of growth and evolution for people. I don't spend all this money on therapy and Secret Service code for nothing. I invest in my mental welfare. My friend is for a reason. And that reason is because you're allowed to change who you are. There will be people from your past who expect to see a version of you that does not exist anymore. Remember that you do not need to live up to the expectations.


You have evolved and grown so much you do you and be who you are. That is a quote from Ilyana Angelica Prepress Competition Finitely.


Imagine this.


You've been playing football for years, dreaming of going pro and then it happens. Life is you know, it changes with a phone call.


I finally got that call is just the I'm ready. Go, go, go. This is Keegan Michael Key and welcome to Drafted. This podcast series follows eight players as they enter the twenty 20 NFL draft. This is their real life as it unfolds in real time. And each player tells his own story unfiltered. I'm not a first rounder, not even the top three rounder. This is something I've been dreaming about. I've been doing this for my son.


We go behind the scenes before, during and after one of the biggest days of their lives, and we relive every detail from the players perspective. Please join me on the first step in their journey to greatness. Welcome to Drafted. Listen to Drafted on the I Heart radio app Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.