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Hey, I'm Gabby. I'm Taylor. I'm Neka and we're the host of a new podcast called Gals.


We're just three fun and flirty gals talking about all the fun and flirty ways that people expire, like how three people died because of a poodle.


Basically, this podcast is kind of like Sex in the City. If they only talked about dead people. Join us as we laugh, but mostly crime in the face of death. So listen to cadaver new episodes out on Wednesdays.


Listen to cadaver gals on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast from the wake up teaching inferentially and Charlamagne to the Breakfast Club Voice of the culture to watch. Like news and really be tuned in just one of my favorite shows, just because you always keep your job, if you will. They might not work for me, but they're on Twitter. We're on Facebook. They're you know, they're listening to the back of the show.


So wake up, wake up, wake up. And this is your time to get it off your chest. Whether your man or blessed, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this is Mary with South Carolina S Krulak Lambretta.


Get it off your chest now. We've got to come around and say, well, so I want to bless I want to repeat this time, John.


Oh, nice to have you here from South Carolina. We shut this down the Bravo. Go ahead. Oh, I don't like do the same way. Sometimes I feel like I would go to the same base trying to make a living man. I'm trying to make it out. I'm trying to make sure that my family is always bad. So every day I hope to God pray to God that speak somebody is trying to play me in the of my mistakes.


So, you know, you got to slow down. You got to slow that down. My South Carolina brethren, you're going too fast. Like, what are you going.


Well, sir, let me start with like your life depends on what I'm going to draw. I'm not a disrespectful drunk. I was drunk driving, disrespectful to hang up on my South Carolina Avi's Balthasar here.


No, no, no. This is Envy's back and it's all him. Wow. You like Envy's back and it's. Oh, wow. Goodness damn.


Jesus Christ. Hello this. Hey, this is Jessica. Hey, Jessica. Get it off chest, Jessica. Well, what's up with that?


Good morning, guys. So I'm in Charleston, South Carolina for three. Yeah, all day. But I still got my number seven on the air, so I'm a little bit drama. So I was on Folly Beach and my phone plays music automatically like I play a playlist. There's no commercials. I like to make a feel comfortable. No offense, but for Caucasian people, that is my car and I had to take them twenty minutes away. It was cool.


We were driving what then played music, then played for our boy, then played. I had range the music Lady Gaga. And as soon as Beyonce, a brown skinned girl, came on the lady in the back, I heard the whispering amongst themselves like who will say it? Finally, somebody brave enough to come up and say, that was excuse me, could you turn that song off? It's offending me. And I'm like, what's that song offending you?


And she said, Well, it's all about like black girls. I'm not black. I don't relate to that. I'm like, so something that's pretty. My skin is offending you. But what did I do? I started a whole playlist, but that's all going to go. You got all the black power music all put it, you know. Wait a minute, everybody step back from this situation and look at it objectively.


Oh, boy. You're an Uber driver. Correct.


And when you're in over the driver, you're playing music because you want people to feel comfortable, correct? They don't feel comfortable with the song. You got to get offended by it. She can't relate. She's a painless mayonnaise flavored mammal. Yeah, but it's not that type of song. It's it's not like saying, you know, f white people just upset that she don't have that tan, that's all. Well, she got to understand that all this rap music played.


We don't her drug dealer music. We don't her why we don't hear everything. You didn't get up about nothing. She no drug dealer presentation.


She no drug dealer that she uses drugs she might have she got she might, might be white out to her. OK. Oh my goodness.


She just can't really. What kind of girl. She's kind of you know, what kind of ratings did you give her.


Oh no. I listen I gave her the same rating. I usually give anybody else because she didn't break me. No, let me. But after she said it. All right. Well, take as long as you heard the music that I was playing around, I was playing horn fall out boy. I was playing all this other stuff in rotation. If anybody know what that music is, you know that it was diverse and you know people.


And I think you missed a good opportunity to teach Tuto because you could have just told her, like, look, this is an ode to to to Melanie.


All right. Well, hello. Who's this? I was going to go the war. Yes. Yes, sir. I was going I got a quick question. Michelle a member. Yes, sir. I asked you a question I ever asked. You did. But who's your top three, the Lord. And said, of course they have given. Don't you have the same. Oh, yeah.


I mean, at the end of the year we do a top five dog years of the year. I don't I'm a be honest with you top dogs of all time. Donald Trump is definitely in the top three. I mean, I've given it to him more than anybody.


And I'm always put myself in the top three because I always say, you know, when you give people the credit, you got to give everybody the credit they deserve for being stupid, including yourself. I don't know who the third one would be.


The first answer. I just want to clean from the Breakfast Club.


Thank you, Kate. Thank you, brother.


I have to go when it's time. Time to make a difference in your life and to do some good. With a graduate degree from La Salle University at Lascelles, you'll find affordable and practical learning built around you and your lifestyle. Criminal justice, violence prevention and health communication are just two of over 40 degree programs designed to empower you for success not only in your personal life but within your community as well. Lizelle University. Visit Lascelles dot edu. You got this.


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What do you do is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or but for the same thing. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, this Jeremy. Hey, Jeremy, get it off your chest. Hey, what's going on? Is he shot, man? Jeremy, you know, this is crazy because I never get through. I just want to shout out, you know, oh, I'm biting and Komala for winning.


I want to shout out my roommate, Eddie, and I just want to tell everyone to have a nice day. And I got your book show, man. I got the audio version of Black Privilege, and then I have. Thank you, brother. Copies the other one. Man chuckling Thank you. And I hope you guys all have a nice day. You too.


I shot after your roommate Eddie too. Man. He's going to love that. We're all in college together now.


We were I'm 28. He's 29. I'm an accountant. He's a salesman.


OK. OK, y'all. I love his roommates. The roommates. Oh, two other like.


Oh I got to go. I can't just say a place and not be a lover.


I'm just asking questions that's all. He was trying to. He was trying to.


But that's the reason why he got Mario and he wasn't asking questions like they were just asking for spicy.


I got a shout out to you and everything and I'll see him. I said, What's happening? All right, bro. He never wants to get through again.


I know, right? This guy got fantasy's over. I love.


Hello this. INGROSSO Hey, Rochelle, get it off your chest. I just want to shut up my amazing boyfriend.


Oh, you can say his name is his name. Rochelle Todd HIV. Todd, good morning. That was nice of you. Rochelle. What did he do?


What did he do yesterday that made you feel that way? Someone shot him out in the morning on the radio.


He had to do something. Well, every day he always makes sure that I have breakfast and make sure I have lunch. We work together, so.


Oh, see, I to go a long way. I'm telling you, that's right outside. All my brothers give you a woman some pop tarts in the morning, some Lunchables for lunch and it'll go a long way saluting you.


What are you going to what are you going to do for him to show how thankful you are on pocket every morning?


Coffee. Yeah, amazing. Every morning he gets a fresh cup of coffee. See, it's the little things match.


I mean, I said, yes, he appreciates it. He appreciates that they love each other. All right.


Oh, yes, of course. All right.


Well, you have a good morning. Hello. Who's this? Yo, go up. Man in DC, DC, Columbus, Ohio.


What's up brother? Just please, can we stop by? But, you know, I just want to say I'm talking to you off. I'm not having a good day.


You lost me, brother, you know. Oh, I lost my dad on Friday. You know, I'm so. Hold on. I'm strong.


OK, take your time. OK, I don't want to waste my time.


I know. Please take your time with the great guy.


It's great. Stand up man. Veteran Desert Storm, Persian Gulf. You know, just good God fearing guy married to my mom for thirty years.


That's all they've ever known since they were 14 years old. You know that love real. You know, it was real. Oh, I don't know what to say, but I just want to look it since they doing shows just do this challenge is huge. If you know time you see your dad is holding for six in the hole, don't let go. No matter how awkward it is. Just hold on real tight in 60 seconds because you just never know.


I have seen you know, my dad would have been 50 years old next month, you know, twenty twenty eight figure. He was young. But I don't I don't want to cheat. I don't want to keep your old man. But, you know, just stay. I listen to you this my first day back. I work. I know how might be going to work too soon but things need to be paid.


Well, listen, I'm to tell you something. I know. I know you're fine.


You know, I know your father was a good man because I can I can tell by the impact he had he had on his son because he would have impacted everybody was just that guy.


You know, what to say is hard to do away for Ostermeier going was OK to wait for us to rest in peace and listen, don't be afraid to cry and let it out is fine.


You don't have to be strong like that, OK? That's right.


You know, I'm by myself right now. I was, you know, but I'm just, you know, my mom. So let me call you later. I love you, my brother. And by the way, my brother's titties don't don't make you weak, not just me is just mean that you care. That's right.


He's strong and Christian.


So, yeah, that's right, Dad. That just tears are just a, I guess what you would call weakness leaving the body. But I don't think it's weak at all.


It just means you care. Eight hundred five eight five one, two, three five one. Get it off your chest is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


What's up y'all? Is Angela Yata wishing you and your family the very best this holiday season from all of us here at the Breakfast Club.


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M.V. Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. You have a special guest in the bill and the building the of Algazi the Beautiful. You have that effect. Yes, we have along here. Good.


Good morning. Come on. How you got your own day in New York than the mayor. Also my you guys, I cried about that for like a week. Congratulations. Really. That was like the biggest honor. And I was so blown away, honestly, because you don't expect like, I have my own day 27.


You feel the pressure to have to do something on that day.


Now, like in New York, like an event, you come here every year on that day and talk to you. That's what I. Yes, that's what they were say. Yeah, we can do that. Let's do it. We can do that. Coming up.


I know how you know I'm OK. I lost my father. Condolences.


Thank you. He was a great man. And it's it's it's amazing. I learned more about him by being in Trenton, in Trenton, New Jersey, for a week, just putting the whole thing together than I ever knew. And he was such an icon in the community and did so much for so many of those kids living down there. So I was I was really proud of him. It was a poet, right? He's a poet. Yeah, he's a poet, a writer.


Photographer, like a real just a renaissance man, love jazz music and good food. And he was really like the red state. Love Jones bit older, but I felt the school, Trenton High School did a beautiful tribute to my father. I could not stop crying. I was just like, this is amazing because sometimes what a person can't do for their own children, they do for the world. And I'm OK with that. If that meant that I had to share him.


Oh, I think that's because parents, they learn more. They as they grow. So when they was ready than us, they were just doing the best.


They. I was thinking about that, I was thinking, I said, Mommy, I looked at my mother during the service, I said, Mommy, you were 22 years old when you had me. Right now to day anything, I forgive you for everything because I could have done it at 22, 22. I was in the club having conversation with my therapist the past couple weeks.


Was that that whole conversation about forgiving your parents? Well, my father in particular, because the only to do the best that they could because they didn't know any better when they were younger. You have to really do it for yourself. It's if you if you commit that healing to with yourself, it will honestly change the way you experience your own life. Because I think for a lot of years I was I was disappointed and angry and I wanted, you know, my dad to, like, read me a bedtime story and be there and do all of the things that a daddy is supposed to do.


And I think my father had a very old school way of approaching life because black people are raised to survive. That's right. And my mother and my grandmother coming from the islands, they had a different philosophy. So had my parents stayed together, I may have still been an actress, but I don't think it would have happened as quickly as it did in my life. And I don't think I would have been a part of the era that really helped to define black cinema.


When I look at my life and I'm going to be 50, this been 50, you guys, I get to do whatever I wanted to do that I who we got to, we got to upgrade to turn black.


It's got to be about 50. Wow. I can't believe it. But my point is, is when you get to this age, it's a beautiful time in my life because I can actually put everything into perspective. And now it all makes sense. Right. And I feel more free and alive than I have in the last ten years because I have understanding and I've forgiven myself for not forgiving people sooner in my own life or forgiving my father for things that he was unable to do.


And it's a good thing to do.


We have the luxury of healing, though, this generation like this.


A little lady revealing the fact that you just said, I've spoken to my therapist about certain things. Black people were not saying that 15, 20 years ago. We were like we didn't because because there was this you know, the idea was if you go to therapy, there's something really wrong with you. But you're crazy that you're crazy. And the reality is, is we have so much information coming at us, you need to be able to sit down and organize your life in your thoughts.


Right. And if you don't do that, you will be in a constant state of anger. You'll have anxiety. Yeah.


Yeah, we got more. We need more when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer out of every side, you know, and if you ever saw it, you would even say cool breakfast cup it is.


We are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with Nia Long, actress Yi Sonia, how is your experience producing for the first time?


I like when you said yeah, I cast it all murex. I like, I like it. I made it my basket. Did I say it like I play my wife. Like wow I like that because I've seen you talking about how you see all these white men getting rich off of movies that year. Yeah. And now look at you producing. Is that the inspiration for that and what was it like being on the other side?


It was difficult at times because I was very specific and deliberate about certain things. And and to your point, the crew was white, the director was white, the producer was white, and they were lovely because they allowed me to correct things that needed to be corrected. But it's still frustrating that you have to over explain yourself. I kept feeling like I needed to apologize for wanting to change something, but why am I apologizing? Right.


You're trying to make this the best movie you possibly can make it. It benefits everybody. And that's also being a woman in a position of power where there's all men around you. I was literally like there were literally like three women on that set and I never backed down. I was like, nope, you need to change that. Nope. Don't like that angle. No. Move the camera. No, you see that a lot.


Like if you know, if that's the guy and you'll see that guy being a boss. But if it's a woman he'll be like, oh, she alone has a history of diva behavior. Yeah, sure.


Because when I started in this business you weren't supposed to say anything except thank you. And I was like, thank you. But I wasn't even aware I was just being myself. I just don't think that you need to behave in any situation. I think you need to grow and learn.


Do you feel your evolution as a woman as shown by your characters? Hmm. Not not in Ruxandra accent. I don't know that lady.


You know, she's not a part of me. I do know that anyway. But I had to know that. Woman And have some experience, like we live right down the street from the projects when I lived in Brooklyn to understand how to play her right? I don't think so. I mean, I'd like to do more. I'd like to have more diversity in my portfolio. Have you played you haven't played your dream yet, right? I don't think so.


I think it's also like the body of work is is what makes me proud. Right. So it's an impact to this day and age. Thank you. And I'm still doing it. But after every job, I'm like, OK, what's what's happening next? And it never is.


Got a lot in the pipeline due to a young actress right now that's watching this and wishing to be you one day or like you one day.


Authenticity don't change based on what you see change based on what you know you need to do to better yourself. Because I think a lot of times young artists come and they steal a little bit of this and they steal a little bit of that. But if you really start from your authentic self, all the embellishments will come through your experiences. And that's what creates and grows the artist. When we did love Jones, everyone was like, oh my God, this is like the modern day mahogany.


And I was like, OK, but that isn't that what art is? You take from the past and you recreate it and you are to be inspired by the thing that came before you and the thing that's in front of you.


What do you think was different about blacks in in the 90s, though? That's lacking now because I'm black.


Films don't have that feeling. I'm sorry. It just they just don't. There's no Boyz in the Hood. There's no love. Jones don't have that same energy.


I know. I don't know more than who was a great story. Love Jones was a great story. I mean, it's a society was a great story. These are the stories. Just be Wagman.


Look, here's the thing. I think, you know, when you have a person like John Singleton rest his soul and when he died, that broke my heart. He discovered me. He created a lane for people to even care about my name. And so losing him and then losing my father. And I was like, God, like and they were kind of like the same kind of dude, you know. I don't know that they make them like that anymore.


I don't know that they make men that are so aware of the black struggle so savvy to make change and then make art. So you got to produce more.


That's the world that is right. All you have to do for me and I will.


I will. Has to go, guys. All right. Well, thank you. That was a beautiful interview on The Breakfast Club is Miss Nullo.


It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is C.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Now today is National Pass Gas Day. We just having some fun with it. So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Do you have an embarrassing or crazy passing gas or fart story? Now, our border dramas, he just said when he first started working here, he let one loose and it was horribly it smelled let him tell his own story, put the mike on his beard.


OK, you go. It was like my first week working with you guys. And, you know, my son was a little upset. You tried to make a good impression so far today. I was hoping to be noticed. But then, of course, somebody made a comment about him. And you guys mind there? You blamed the other producer, Eddie, for it. And, you know, I was about to come clean.


I was new you. I'm saying I want to have a bad impression my first week here. So now you're a liar.


I am sorry.


So now what about you? Well, we just heard about Charlamagne story, him and Curry at the end. The thing I don't have these problems with embarrassing fart stories because I don't fart in my clothes. And the reason I don't fart in my clothes is because the last time I farted in my clothes was around 2003, 2004, when I was living in Columbia, South Carolina, working out one, two, three, nine. My now wife was going to the University of South Carolina the night before I went to the Jamaican's, I called Cool Runnings.


I was dropping her off at her dorm and I wanted to run upstairs and use our bathroom. But I could tell it was going to be like one of those really embarrassing, like nasty, disgusting blow up the bathroom type things. So I tried to make it back home and I got to the light and I was like, I'm a fart a little bit just to ease off the pressure off the stomach. And when I let a little fart out, I felt some warm.


This is like some liquidy stuff going down, like the back of my leg and my cheeks. And that wasn't a little that was a lot. So at that point, I had some Pecl jeans, I think it's called Pago Pago Pago Jean. I don't sparkle jeans. And at that point I was just like, let it rip. And so as I kept fighting, it just kept coming out nice, warm and running. And then I pulled up to my apartment complex.


All of my colleagues drive a little gray Honda Civic and I pulled up to the apartment complex and I'm like, yo, I hope my next door neighbor Val's not outside because her and her friends were outside because, like, I'm disgusting right now. So I ran upstairs. She wasn't there. Macaco genes were destroyed and. I actually do the underwear way, which took my pocho jeans to the cleaners, but was too embarrassed to go back for getting nasty.


Yes. What about you? I find it in my sleep before, and I only know that because my boyfriend told me I do that all the time.


OK, so, yeah, that's kind of embarrassing. And then there's times and I've had to really struggle to hold it in during a time that, you know, sex really bad time to fight. Yeah.


You know, I'm the king of getting in the elevator and then I it nobody else will come in. Then the elevator stops at another floor and they walk in. And I always going to be like, oh, I don't know who did this before I got in there. Well, another reason I don't I don't fart around people because I tell people all the time farting is a form of flirting. So if you're a man who likes to fart around another man like you're really sending off signals like those are like male pheromones, mingi pheromones.




So those ads from all the other families from your ass, basically you just don't if you if you don't want another man to think you're flirting with them, don't fart around. Because the truth of the matter is, why would you want another man to know what you smell like? And the worst is when you don't get an invite to me, when you're about to fire and you don't know it and you go to pee and your significant other is in the bed and they hear you fart while you pee.


What about when you sneeze a fart at the same time, but you don't know if people heard to do that as well. You don't say why he's so loud, but the fart sounded just as loud. So you just don't say nothing. Jenay Hi, guys. Oh, my God. I can't believe I made it through. Will you wait for that, huh? Well, it's actually not me. I witnessed a fart, so my husband and I and a group of friends went to the African-American Museum in Washington, D.C. and it was really quiet.


Everyone was taking it in. And this old white guy, he started so loudly and tried to play it off like it was like, now how old is he now? He he had to have been like, seventy people that you got to let a 70 year old man fall where he wants to fart.


He's out in the right.


He he played it. It's not it's it's it's just the context that we were in. We're in an African-American museum. You're an old white guy and you just go for everybody just trying to take in the purpose.


It was making them nervous. I'm African-American Museum because Granddaddy killed some of those people. Y'all was looking at Goodman now eight hundred five. I have no sympathy for no one to five. Well, we're talking four stories. I'm scared to sleep on a plane. Sometimes I know what I want to play. I know. I like that plane.


Yeah, I can attest that you have ti. Hello. Who's this? Draycott. Hey, what's up bro? We're talking about embarrassing four stories. So yeah. Look, I was in the club one night and then at the club was late now and we was in line to get our coat I guess mad as hell. And I'm told that I was trying to be, you know, porridges or whatever, but it was cool. It was to take care of me and I had to let it go.


When I let it go, I tried to play it off and turn around. And when I came in, I was looking at me so crazy, like I know it was all black there, but I just was like, you know, I tried to play it off with it for the club. I really got to stop it. I'm near here. Detroit, like a few weeks ago before a you Detroit. Oh, my gosh, man.


Listen, the people we took your face without Pisolite, it just looked like I started. I don't know if this is a foot locker now. This is a little. Oh OK. That's OK.


Yeah, you probably did fine. You just fall all over the place and you're a chef, nasty ass. I don't feel sorry for none of y'all because I think all the, all the terrorists first of all, you fought in your clothes and when you fought in front of people are on people, especially in enclosed places. You need to be arrested. We need to treat like especially Forton on a plane. We need to treat that the way we treat people who threaten the president.


But for some reason, when you when you when you go up on that plane, something with the air and it makes you want to follow that just makes you want to fire.


Yes, he's my boy. It's hardly what you eat. You get out of the plane, it gives you more gas.


No, I've never felt like a gas. Right now. We believe he's not from a very gassy person, which. Ah, hello. Who's this here? And we're talking about embarrassing four stories. Yes, but one night I was getting ready for the big story and trying to slide one out. Real balance came out a little louder than anticipated. Mommy. Sorry. What was her mommy flirted with sheer disappointment. I just paid money for it. Yeah.


What I think comes out of me that comes out of you. Oh, that's not true.


Say that to me. That's how it's going to be that time of my life when he might see a little bit more than he needs to see. And you can't say what comes out of mommy comes out of you out of the out of my butt.


Have it. OK, you. So everybody at school.


That's right. If one day you wake up and your son's body is bleeding, you better call God damn diapers. You go too far. Hello. Who's this? Kobe. Kobe. We're talking about your embarrassing fart stories. One time out. Eat this girl from the back. And you played a sound that sounded similar to a part she claimed that she quit. That could be a or gave her father or, you know, to quit the time.


Did you smell it? The burning smell like we so I really didn't, you know.


You know what, man? You know, it was a queen.


A lot of a lot of women are a member of a tribe called Queef. I don't see anything wrong with that. Don't shame her for Queef. Yeah, Queef happens. She shake show up. And it was a night as usual. What did you like?


What did it sound like she did you did you stop or did you stay down there. You got a flat tire broke.


Yo my beloved. What. They've got a flat. You're going to be able to hold me by here. Oh my. What's the moral of the story? The moral of the story is when someone sneezes, you say, God bless you. When someone farts, what do you say I'm asking for a friend? I don't know. I don't know.


I just feel like you should say something. If you hear a fart out loud, you can't act like you didn't hear it. Right.


Excuse you. Excuse me. Excuse you. Excuse you, you nasty pethick. Goodness.


You all right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club.


Happy holidays. Wishing you and your family the very best this holiday season from all of us here at the Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club.


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Warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest on the line right now, the legend, Morris Day de man.


Yes, skin is always in the building. Hey, you know what?


You know how to do it.


We do Black and Hollyfield. But I feel like I know you because my daddy used to listen to so much Morris Day and the time growing up. And, you know, in Monk's going to South Carolina and his little juke joint, he always was playing more than time. A problem pops.


And he still got the good hair line.


Pop in and watch out now, you know, and we got to keep it nice.


You know, Mars is here because he's released a new book. Mm hmm.


But let's talk because there might be some people that don't know who Mars Day is that listen to the Breakfast Club. So let's explain to the people who Morris Day is and how you got your start. So where you from the start? The high school. We went to high school and how you got started in the music industry?


Well, I'm actually from a small town in Illinois, Springfield, which is actually the capital. Everybody thinks Chicago is. But it's it's Springfield in early years, you know. But then I moved to Minneapolis. We're supposed to be going to California, but my mom said going to stop in Minneapolis to visit a second. And we stayed there for the next 20 years. Wow. You know, it turned out I lived on the same block that Prince did around the corner.


And I didn't even I didn't know, you know. I mean, he was like 10 years old. And I see him and his sister Taika playing outside.


And I didn't meet him till like four or five years later and ended up being in the same band with him. We had a band called Grand Central. And, you know, Prince helped me get my start. He got his solo start and helped me get my start. And, you know, it's kind of history from there.


So y'all literally grew up together in the same neighborhood. And I was 10 years old and didn't know it. And that was he always good at basketball?


I used to play basketball.


I didn't know him. I mean, I saw him back then, you know, playing outside with his sister. But, you know, I didn't find out, you know, that he was a musician and all that till like five years later, like 14, 15 years old. But, yeah, he was awesome. Basketball player.


Wow. Your book is interesting how you wrote it, because a lot of it is what you would imagine. Prince would respond to some of the stories that you have to tell in your recollections of you coming up and becoming, you know, the Morris Day and the time and the whole journey to get to that point. So it seems like you guys had such an interesting relationship because you all know each other for so long. He was very much intricately involved with you becoming the superstar that you became.


But then there were some discrepancies between you two along the way.


You know, brothers fight, but you write I you better believe that. The response is that in the book that that I came up with a real world response is because, you know, we knew each other well after I got out of his camp, you know, we didn't talk all that much, but we spent a lot of time together in the early years on time, a princely life.


And let me ask you a question, Mr. Day. Do you feel you get your proper credit or do people think of you as just a prince creation?


Well, you know, some people think that. And, you know, social media is is beautiful and it's ugly at the same time. As far as credit, you know, I know what I did. You know, in the organization, if anybody questions whether I can write a song that you need to research that, because that's how I got my start. But Prince was such a creative genius, I would never dispute how somebody feels about him versus me.


I'm humble about that. You know, I think people are entitled to their opinions.


And it's all good that if you were to try to negotiate more for yourself, that you would have been in the position that you were in with him or you think he would have shut it down because it feels like he was like, this is what it is, take it or leave it. That's the way it came across.


But sometimes I question if I had taken a harder position with him, I probably have more appropriate money.


Yeah, but at the same point, because your songs aren't on the soundtrack. Not at all. And those were huge songs and I think it would have benefited the actual soundtrack. There were some other songs in the movie that weren't on the soundtrack also.


Yeah. No, we had decent sales but had we been on the soundtrack, which was a shrewd move on the brothers part, you know, the sales would have been, you know, substantially greater.


What was your relationship with him when he passed away? Did you have a tight relationship, good relationship?


You know, I've been fortunate enough to not really have people close to me passed away. So that was a real shocker for me. That was that was the closest one of the closest people to me. And we he he insisted that we come to Paisley Park to do a show for him. I mean, and in the past, he kind of stiffed me a few times. So I was like, brother, if you want me to bring my band to Minneapolis again, you're going to have to pay me up front.


And, you know, he sent all the money and everything and. No. We went there and he was very gracious and we got to talk, we talked before the show, we talked after the show and in part and he said, you know, I love you. And he had never said anything like that to me before. And I was like, I love you. And that was pretty much the last words that we had.


So, you know, I walked away from that feeling like what changed, you know, was different. Why did he say that? And two months later, that was it. Wow. Wow.


Now, one thing that people might not know is that you had Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as part of your band early on before they went to go become the super producers and writers who they are. So how did you man that relationship after you fired them from working with you?


Damn it, man, you just got fired on the super producers you could have. Son is in the book. But how do you amend a relationship like that? Because to me, it's like we pop in over here, you know, so do we need to come back and work again? So how does that even like how does that conversation happen?


That's a great question. You know what? First of all, I didn't fire them. I was signed to Prince's production company and he fired Prince and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.


He's not here to defend himself. Mars, we don't know if we believe your story, you know, but I want the brother to rest in peace. I ain't going to lie on it. But, hey, if he fired, that was a tough moment for me because we were in the studio recording ice cream castles, not just the album, but the song Ice Cream Castles. And he called them in and they showed up and he fired them.


And, you know, one of my pet peeves coming up as a musician was I always hated to see one of my favorite bands start replacing members because I like my bands to stay the way I like them. And, you know, I really dropped my head and had a real tough day when he did fire them. So I never had a relationship with him because they know I didn't fire.


OK, I could the time have been as successful as they were.


If Alexander O'Neal remained the lead and not you, he wouldn't have had a lead singer who is quite as pretty.


But I don't know that, you know, I don't know.


I think it would have changed the whole dynamic of things, to be honest. I love Alex. Alex is an incredible singer.


I wish I could sing half as well as Alex, but it just would have been a whole different dynamic. And, you know, Alex and I were where we were best buddies, you know, back through them. But he wanted something, you know, more than what we had.


And it just kind of turned out I just wanted to be a drummer. So I kind of got pushed out there. We tried a few lead singers, including Alex, and it didn't work out. And Prince was like, well, you do. I often did give the drummer some get you late.


Well, you didn't get a lead singer. Some looks a little better.


We got more with the legendary Morris Day when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at the Breakfast Club.


We're still kicking it with more is day.


Shelby, did writing this book serve as a form of therapy to work out maybe some remaining grief you had from from the loss of Prince?


You like to ask some good questions. Don't. Yeah, no, it was definitely therapeutic because I found myself going down memory lane in a way that I probably didn't want to at times. And at times it was really great. And I always thought in my life I would like to like do the memoirs of Morris Day, and I just didn't know that I would do them as soon as I did. And, you know, at times it was painful, but it was therapeutic because I did get some things off my chest and revisit some things that I probably needed to revisit.


And how did being in the band and you also battled your own demons during that time affect your relationships? You know, because you did get married, you did have children during that time. So how did that affect your relationships?


Well, you know, the demons are among us, so but I dealt with them big time when I was younger and dumber, you know, but fortunately, you know, God had a plan for me. I'm still here. I think I'm doing better than I ever have, you know, even through this pandemic, they call it. But, you know, it's it's life is life. You know, you got to deal with it. I had some serious demons, but, you know, and they caused some serious damage to me and other people.


But, you know, I got through it. Everybody got through it.


Did what did your kids say reading this? Because I know you reflected it on how you wish you would have had a better relationship while your kids were young. So how did you manage that and what did they say when they read this?


The love from kids is unconditional. It's a true statement. So my kids don't really drag me through it so much about, you know, how I was. I really wasn't that bad. I'm not like a bad person, but, you know, my older kids, you know you know, my oldest is forty three and. She she she she doesn't, you know, rip me up about it too much, it's all up. So, you know, people are people and people make mistakes and life goes on.


Was there any pushback from anybody on the dialogue between you and French throughout the book, maybe his estate or something?


Yeah, if you go on to Prince's online community, he has you know, everybody has their opinion. But at the end of the day, I was the one that was there. So you can have your opinion, but you got to understand that it was my life that I lived and I was there.


Did you have to get approval from Prince of the State to speak on his behalf in the book?


That you haven't bothered me so far, you know, because I think they know that might be a mistake, because even though I do speak about Prince, I'm telling my life story.


Right, because, you know, all the you know, all the bones are buried. If you need to go dig them up and trust me, I left a lot of them buried. Well, you you did you did speak on the rivalry between Prince and Michael Jackson in the book. What would prince his true feelings towards Michael Jackson?


Well, you know, he had respect for Michael. But, you know, there's a rivalry because, you know, Prince rose to that level where it was appropriate to say, you know, this is competition. And anybody who could say they were in direct competition with Michael Jackson, they in a good space as far as an entertainer goes. Hmm.


I remember reading one time when you said Rick James was jealous of Prince.


He was, you know, Rick, you know, start to feel the pressure. And, you know, I understand that pressure because that's the kind of pressure that the times that you put on Prince, you know, when we were doing concerts and Prince was putting that type of pressure on Rick James, where he was starting to steal the show, Rick being the kind of brother that he was, he wasn't like in this. So, you know, I understand it because, like I said, that's what the time did to Prince, and that's why he took us off some of those major markets.


We couldn't go to Chicago, L.A., New York. We couldn't go to the major markets with it because we put pressure on him.


You don't know me because you talking about all these different shows, but you got to get physical.


Well, in the book, it's in the book. No, we came to getting physical. We had a huge food fight.


And it was in our business selling pancakes all over the goddamn place, pancakes, sausage, everything. And we you know, but he started it. We was on stage and he for some reason, he got the bright idea that he would start throwing AIDS up on the stage while he was up there performing and they chucking eggs at your eggs coming across the stage.


So, you know, he said and then he threatened me. He said, you better not try and do that to me when I'm on stage. And I you know you know how it is. If you say don't do it, guess what? You got to do it. I got to do it. So we did the same thing and it carried on after the show. It went into the backstage area. They had my guitar player, Jesse, handcuffed to a coat rack and just all kind of crazy stuff.


And it ended up me getting the bill. I had to pay five thousand dollars out of the, you know, a little money I was getting, you know, chuckling because the venue charge was a cleanup fee. So that's really. And it got ugly. It did get ugly. So that's really the closest we came to, you know, getting physical.


I'm shocked that you said you didn't take you on the road because he didn't like pressure. I would think somebody like Prince would love to have somebody challenging him on that stage.


Well, you got to understand, is the Frankenstein monster that he built, I think he believed that we would be good, but I don't think he believed that we would be as good as we were. So I believe we took it. And I think that the members of the time speak for itself, because if you think about, you know, what everybody did, you know Terry and Jimi, you know, unlimited ability as songwriters and producers. Jesse Johnson had a great solo career.


Jerome was a great personality, great actor, you know. And, you know, we just we had a chemistry that I don't think he expected.


Now, did you ever think of doing a movie yourself? Because I know obviously you were in Purple Rain, the graffiti bridge movie. Had you ever at that time said I should just write my own movie, just the way Prince was writing these movies and developing these ideas?


Yes, I thought that. And that's in my brain. And it's it's on the back burner right now. Moving toward the friend.


Yeah. You had a TV show back in the day there and it was canceled. I heard I heard it was canceled not because of ratings, but because the studio didn't get along with your show's producer, Ralph Farquaad. I think his name is.


Yeah, I've had to like that that, you know, were canceled. And, you know, the one that I did new added to it was Sheryl Lee Ralph and Yvonne Stickney. That was a bona fide hit as far as the Nielsen ratings were concerned. But there was a hiatus and they canceled the show and then the show aired and it had high, high ratings, but it didn't exist anymore. And then. We had another show, Jerome and I, that that was called Hotel Dix, and we were both hotel detectives and Bantul Shakes.


Yeah, that's a wild name.


Wow. And, you know, that show got canceled, but there was a lot of internal issues and they were changing powers at Fox at the time.


And so, you know, that was but it just kind of made me believe maybe I'm not an actor because I can act.


But I don't like the part of acting where somebody tells me what to do, what time to get up, what time to be at work and all that stuff.


That's part of it, just the way it works. That's a lot of money to do these productions they need you on. Yes, it does. And I understand that, but I don't like that part of it.


So when they told the rumor about the studio not getting along with just show's producer, Ralph. True. Or whether you not wanting to do the work.


I wanted to do the work. I was there. I was there every day on time, looking good, ready to go and knew my lines and all of that. So it wasn't me. It was it was internal problems.


Gotcha. I don't move. We got more with more. Stay. When we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is Angela E Charlamagne the guy we are at Breakfast Club.


We still kick it with more is day. You know, you're my man is early on. So how is that experience having your as your mom is there and then when did you kind of break away from that? How is that separation?


Well, you know, first of all, having your mom manage you, it sounds cool, but it's pressure, you know, because you've got a group of individuals and sometimes they don't agree with what the manager has to say. And when it's your mom, you don't appreciate that. You know, it's OK to say, hey, you know, the manager. I don't like what she said. I don't like this. But wait a minute. You know, this is double edged for me because that's my mom you're talking about.


So it was cool. How long did that last?


She probably managed this for maybe two years. And that was when we were teenagers. Oh, it was tough. But, you know, she she had big ideas for us. She was definitely shooting toward trying to get us a record deal. The problem with my mom was she was a you she was very attractive, young. And so, you know, we had people like Isaac Hayes in the deal.


What was you really looking for there?


Now, listen, would you look at her any other way? Have you found out that, you know, come on, you might have done some things just to make some things happen? That's his mom.


Now, I know. I'm just saying relationship. I told you with double. Oh, when you look at. No, I don't know.


I don't you know, first of all, I never considered that. But, you know, I don't know, man. I guess.


Mr. Day, what do you think was different about the heritage that all came up in as opposed to this one? Because back then, you know, y'all were flamboyant, right? But nobody ever called y'all out of your name. I said, oh, those guys are gay. I did do. Yes, they did.


Yeah, they did. Because, you know, we do stuff like wear makeup and high heels and stuff like that. And, you know, you know, you know, Prince was was, you know, big on, you know, he even, like, crossed the line as far as dressing, you know, with the heels and, you know, and all of that stuff. So, you know, that came up a lot. But I really think that at the end of the day, talent and ability prevailed.


And that's why so many people love Prince and people respected you know, I didn't, you know, go that metro sexual role and as far as he did. But I know the brother wasn't gay. You know, people say that to me. I'd be like, OK, well, leave your girlfriend with him for a few hours and come back and tell me. That's what I saw.


I saw y'all and all the women. Y'all had all the beautiful women around. Yeah.


Yeah. So, you know things all good, man. You got to take that away to sweet. You know, that's why that's the tough thing about being on social media. You getting all this praise saying, hey, I love it, I love it. Here comes that one. I hate it. You know, that's just part of life. I guess, you know, people have their opinions that you've got to let them have.


You say a prince even got booed off stage at a was it a Rolling Stone concert because they thought he looked too feminine?


Oh, yeah. Well, you know, we've Rolling Stone concert. It would look like a bunch of Hells Angels or motorcycle gangs out there. And here come Prince with a trench coat on in some bikinis and leg warmers and some high heels that that mess with their minds, you know what I mean? They're like, I'm not expecting this. I'm here to see the Rolling Stones. And next thing you know, beer bottles started flying. And at that time, I was the cameraman for prints.


So I had my video camera set up and up in the back. And I'm back by the soundboard and they're booing and throwing beer bottles. And it was ugly.


What about when Prince pulled up with the pants with the ass cheeks up?


Yeah, I saw that. I went around and I was like. Pushed it a little bit. Did you hit him up and tell him that you get it?


Here's the funny thing. I never had princess phone number once I left the camp. I never had the ability to call a brother. You know, the only way we talked as if he called me and it was always his security calling me first. And then, you know, he comes in with a mysterious deep voice, you know, after the fact, you know, after I answer the phone. So, you know, I really didn't have that privilege or whatever you want to call it to call him.


But, you know, I probably would have been like, what's up with stuff? The pants that, you know.


Did you ever have any slight jealousy for Prince? Are huge jealousy for Prince? I don't know.


I think my jealousy probably came in is that I really feel like I should have partook in the finances a little more than the fifty thousand that I got for Purple Rain. And then I'm watching him on the cover of People magazine. They say he made it 17 million and the movie was just heating up at that point. So I felt a little jealous about getting let out of the financial part.


Yeah, that was so interesting because you guys weren't allowed to do anything with anyone else. It was exclusive. So even when you had opportunities to go right for other people and work with other people, it just couldn't happen.


And that's a real sacrifice that you made, which is really why I left the camp, because, you know, I was comfortable there. If I had been able to do other things and I had gone to Prince and I had to go through the management and told them I wanted to do a solo record. And they said, OK, give me a minute on that. They come back to me and they said, OK. Prince says, yes, but he has to be executive producer.


Well, I know what that means. I mean, that means total control over the project. And that's why I chose to leave and I had to pay a substantial amount of money to get out of the deal with him. But I said I need my own creative freedom, which I, I don't think I would have gotten had I stayed. So, you know, I had to make a move. Wow.


So we can expect a movie from this book. Right. Hopefully now you're talking. Well, here's my final question for you, Mr.. Did you write this book for yourself or Prince? Just book for myself. And you know what? It was suggested that I do a book. And, you know, we have one of the best writers in the business, David Ritz, who wanted to do this book with me because, you know, I'm not a writer, per say, but, you know, and it just made so much sense that I said, OK, I'll do it.


And I was really afraid of the time commitment because, you know, I'm not a workaholic. So, you know, I was just thinking I got to be every day, you know, writing this book, you know. But David made it easy process for me. And, you know, I'm really glad I got an opportunity to do it now. You know, if you really pay attention to it, I've done a lot in my lifetime and, you know, it ain't gonna stop.


But, you know, write blockbuster movie book, better performer being an actor, you know? And so, you know, you know, life is beautiful.


All right. Well, we're glad you exist, my brother. Absolutely glad your audience is. We glad that this new book on time, apparently life and funk exist as well. And I hope everybody goes out there and grabs.


So much for having me. Appreciate you say most days The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's time for Donkey of the Day. Don't you dare jump on me. I'm a Democrat, so being don't pay the day. A little bit of a mix, yes, but like a dog feel OK, I'll give the day. The Breakfast Club fit, you know, I've been called a lot in my 23 years, that Donkey of the Day is a new way here. Today goes to a hip hop music producer named J.W. Lucas. I have never heard of this individual in my life.


Didn't know he existed until yesterday. And you ever heard him? No, I haven't, actually. I've heard of him. Nope. OK, but he's produced for a little oozy Jack Harlow, the baby and pop smoke. So says the shade room and genius. I feel like I am giving this man what he wants and what he seems to want his attention. I don't know how or why you wake up and go to your social media and open up your Twitter and decide to tweet out something like this.


This is what J.W. Lucas tweeted out. Why is the world asking for justice for hashtag Briona Taylor? Of course, you shouldn't have lost their life. But do you realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot? If you sign up for that life, there are consequences. In tweet, he actually posted that those words came out of his thumbs. First of all, none of that is true, right?


None of that is true. Let's just start there. None of that is true. We should all know the story of Rihanna Taylor by now. If you don't, here's a quick recap. Shortly after midnight on March 13th, Louisville police officers executing a search warrant used a battering ram to enter the apartment of twenty six year old Brianna Taylor. Contrary to J.W. Lucas, his dumb ass tweet, she was not a trap queen. She was an emergency room technician.


All right. She was in bed with her husband. I mean, her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, OK, when they both heard the door get back down, it was a brief exchange and kind of did what I believe any human in America who owns a firearm would do if someone broke into his house. And that's let the hammer fly. All right. That's exactly what the right to bear arms is all about. OK, the Second Amendment is the right for people to possess weapons for their own defense.


There is not a man, woman or child in America who owns a gun, who knows how to fire a gun, who would not have done the same thing in that same situation. OK, can a fired police fired back several shots and poor Brianna Taylor was murdered. Now, there was so many things wrong with this situation, but the main problem was police have been investigating two men who they believe was selling drugs out of a house that was far from Miss Taylor's home.


OK, but a judge had also signed the warrant allowing the police to search Mr. Taylor's residence because the police said they believed that one of the two men had used her apartment to receive packages. No drugs were found in the apartment. OK, none, the police report contain multiple areas. They listed Brianna Taylor's injuries as none, even though she had been shot eight times. And they say they had not forced they they did not force their way into the apartment, though they used the battering ram to break the door open.


And police had already located the main suspect in the investigation. By the time they decided to run up in Brianna's apartment. So they had who they were looking for already. OK, the moral of the story is J.W. Lucas doesn't know what the hell he's talking about and only in America. Well, the white man find a way to defend the oppressor while making the oppressed a victim. Now, I saw on Hollywood unlocked.


And the shade room yesterday where one of our fearless leaders, Queen Tamika Mallory, dropped on a close bond to meet a man speaking to J.W. Lucas, some people said Tamika was wasting our time.


I don't think standing up for Brianna Taylor or any black person who has lost their life due to systemic racism is a waste of time. I thought maybe this guy, J.W. Lucas, would have come to his senses and let him you could talk some sense into him after being corrected.


But no, let's listen.


Extremely racist for a white man to try to tell black people what we are doing, where we need to go, what our issues are.


That is part of the is the institutional the to me that I should be asked to be a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement because I'm more capable than you. I guess I am. You know what? You don't understand the nature of reality. It's all negative externalities must be eliminated.


The people that you do business with to make a decision about whether or not what you're saying and the propaganda and the lies that you're spreading is something that they should continue to support. So what I promise you is that you will have to deal with me for the rest of your life because anybody you do business with, I'm going to show up to make sure that they know that you are a racist. And that sort of rhetoric and the tone that you're using is extremely dangerous and that you disrespected the life of a young 20.


Never, never. I will not accept any of your colors if you don't give a fuck about deep breathing problems to me because you care about your own political gain, e.g. the white privilege oozing out of his pores.


Right. First of all, people really need to watch their tone when it comes to talking to Queens like Tamika Mallory. Second of all, for him to say he can lead the movement better than Tamika.


What do you even say to that?


Like, what's your response? Why do you even dignify that with a response? Why does he feel comfortable talking like that and saying, I'm disgusted like he could he could lead the movement better than Timika? You know why? Because he's a white man talking to a black person, especially a black woman. So it's a level of superiority and privilege that just comes with that. All right. Sexism, racism, we already know what it is. Now, keep in mind, he's a hip hop producer.


So he was also on last night talking hip hop. Listen to what this man said about our culture.


You're calling me a culture. When I am telling you that I bring more to your pop culture than anyone in any period.


He does more for hip hop than anyone in it. That's crazy. Now, you heard you you never heard of you till yesterday, OK, to call Kassidy the unmitigated, ghostly, pale gall of this human.


You know, J.W., feel how you want to feel. Say what you want to say. It's America. You have that right. Do your thing. But there has to be consequences and repercussions for people who talk like this. So you can have freedom of speech, but you cannot be free of the consequences of said speech. And this is why we need our own version of like the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ADL, these organizations that fight against bigotry and racism.


When someone does it says something that's offensive, you know, to our culture, hip hop blackness. We should be organized to have an organization that lets people know this, saying welcome, OK, we see it happen to people all the time. But for some reason, when it comes to hip hop and in blackness, people are just allowed to continuously disrespect us and nobody says anything. All right, nothing happens. Case in point, as I've said before, we can't even get the cops who kill us fire.


We can't even get people cancelled when they kill us. So, of course, someone like J.W. Lucas feels comfortable disrespecting us on all levels while making money in an off our culture. Jay Lucas, today is a nice day. So at some point today, I want you to go outside barefoot if you can't put your feet in the ground, OK, get grounded. All right. Take a few deep ocean breaths. Make sure you're inhales and exhales are long, full and deep after you do that.


Look up, look up, look up, look up. There is a star at the center of the solar system is the foundation of the solar system. It's a nearly perfect pair of hot plasma. I want you to look at it, feel the rays from it, let it shine on your white skin and say to yourself, sun, stream it sun and then spell it to yourself as you and give me a kiss.


Give me a you give me a hand and let it be a reminder to you that sun means shut up. No, that's what you have to do when you feel like tweeting something stupid or getting on live and saying something stupid, just go outside and get some sun and remind yourself that shut up.


And yes, white folks can be words too. Please let me give J.W. Lucas the biggest.


See how he ha he you stupid motherfucker, you dumb.


All right. I'm surprised that your brother, who you this is using, will lead to a petty party or something like that, you won't do that today to some clown emojis.


You know, if, you know, we can do emojis, but we need to do is go in his comments. J.W. Lucas, seven oh two. All right. J.W. Lucas, seven. Go to and put a bunch of sons in his comments and say, shut up.


OK, and let's see let's see if he's stupid enough to get on live later and say, I got a bunch of people telling me to shut up.


And I'm like, let's see what happens, guys. This is a good social experiment. Let's see how far he's willing to take this. OK, go to his comments. His Instagram is J.W. Lucas, J.W. l you see a seven oh two oh. He must be in Vegas and put a bunch of signs. Just put the sign in his comments with the phrase shut up.


OK, OK, keep it locked.


We have more. Coming up next is the Breakfast Club.


Hey Charlamagne. Got God here. And I just want to wish you a merry Christmas to all my credit cards. Game is out there, the season to find you a scam, a frame so you can save some money in any major department store in America.


The Breakfast Club. Relationship advice, personal advice, just a really fine call up now for aski morning, everybody is deejay in English.


I mean, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. It's time for Ask Aski. Hello, who's this?


I'm staying anonymous. All right. What's your question for you. Anonymous. Yes, we can. All right. So I have a dilemma with my boyfriend and I started dating. We're going to, you know, do it in the car and get down to the odor. He did it. He did it fast. He just like he took a dump and I didn't wipe his butt.


Hey, now we like this together. And whenever we do it, I always hesitate to wipe it.


But I'm older and, you know, he always has. But his boxes are the skidmarks. That's what they call him. Yeah, skidmarks. So how do you tell your man, like, can you please wait?


Is he a grown man or a baby wearing a diaper? That is disgusting. First of all, you judge that man, I tell you. Oh, is this movie we're talking about here? You mean just give it you know, just let me know. All right.


So first of all, do you have wet wipes in the bathrooms in the house? I think I need to keep them there. But, you know, you got to help him out, man, because first of all, there's no way he knows somebody due to coming out his butt when he pulls his pants down, number one. Number two, you might have to tell him you got to get up. And then when you wipe yourself and wipe yourself good and you might have to buy him some wet wipes to carry with him when he goes places and tell him to use those when he uses the bathroom.


Because this is not something that you can dance around. You have to be direct about this hygiene. She's right.


I'm not his mama, though. Embarrass him one time. Yeah. Kind of pass you have. This happens because you know what? If you don't say something, you're going to just end up having to smell doo doo every time you have sex.


Yeah, I can't do that. So just just try and be like, babe, look at your underwear. Oh, see this? You're not wiping yourself. Where are you getting up in the hole.


So you have duru stains on your sheets too, huh?


No, no, I would never. You have to if it's in his underwear as in the sheets. But you gotta you got pointed out because if you don't say anything then I don't know you just having sex and enduring the smell.


Oh girl, I don't go down there but I won't go down on him a lot because of that. Like I'm always afraid, like I don't want to come out.


Why it's so hard to tell a man his ass thing. I don't know. But you can get can't you get you. I have something.


I mean nasty nestico. I can't wait to leave you that I don't want to. Oh hell I don't want to go. That's it.


Well girl I don't want you to get some type of disease either a bacterial infection. But this is, this is for his own good. First of all, if you're doing laundry sometimes you don't want to have to touch that and clean that. Right. Right. And this is for his own benefit. This is to help him out in his life. You got to show him, look, baby, these are wet wipes. Now, me and you were having this conversation.


Don't be embarrassed because we could talk about anything. And trust me, if you're having sex with this man unprotected, you should be able to tell on his ass things. And he's not wiping himself. Goodness gracious, you can do that. And you can lay up on him and do all of that. Then you should be able to communicate with him and tell him, babe, you need to clean your butt.


It's going to be so funny when you tell him his butt stinks. And he was like, Man, I was thinking the same thing about your poem poem, I guess.


And guess what we do. Why people like you said you ain't crap. We're crap. You don't even know what you did there. I hate crap. Thank you, Mom. And this is a time when when you got to be direct and be like, look, you know, I don't know if you just now wiping yourself. Right. But there's these days in your underwear and sometimes I can smell it. So I just want to say you got to wipe yourself better.


Here's some wipes every time you go to the bathroom and you shouldn't even have sex with him. So after he showers. But if he's not cleaning his bottle in the shower either and then get anything like that, I don't know what I'm saying. But this cleaning is one of the requirements.


I will say I've been with my wife twenty one years, and I do remember a time about fourteen, fifteen years ago where she went down and she was like, Hey man, you need to go take a shower or something good. You know, and you appreciate it.


Yeah. When I got maybe I didn't wait, probably, I don't know what it was, but she told me it hurt my feelings. I just went and took a shower.


A common issue between then, like, I don't understand.


I don't think it was a comment to me before once or twice. Three times. Four times to happen to me before. Yeah. So but like so that's why you got to point it out one day y'all will laugh about it. And hopefully that day they tell a laugh laughing his butt will be clean.


But you guys you got to embarrass him, pick up the underwear, be like what's this. And then let him see the stains. He'll get embarrassed to never do it again. I like that, you know. I mean, check your sheets better.


You got to do two things with your sheets. Yeah. Bet you Albino's trust me once or twice. Put those skid marks in his face. You going to make your model. How do you like it?


You're not actually saying that some young boy stuff because, you know, like that's one of the reasons after I do a number two, I do go take a show. Except if you're at work, if I'm at work, then I'm not like I'm going home like me and my wife. Get right to it. I want to go home smelling like you say, never poo and then have sex right after hell. You can take a shower.


We don't want your money, but you better white Benambra. All right. ASKI eight five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice, he now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Real well with some real advice with Angela. It's aski morning everybody.


Is D.J. Envy Angela ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club we're in the middle of ask ye. Hello.


Who's this morning. Jovana. Oh what's the matter Jovana. I like you whispering.


I'm whispering because my college students home. OK, ok. I don't want him to hear my question.


Oh boy. Mommy Freekeh. All right, let's go.


D.J. and the happy anniversary. My husband and I, we celebrate and 24 years of summative. Wow. I Pawnees congrats today. Yes. Same to you. Same to you. My question is, I don't know how you do all those kids, but what to do now that these kids are home when you're trying to get freaky with Jonas.


But do you have any idea why you sustain these loans are marriages? Because you'll do all kinds of crazy stuff, you know, but we're trying to figure it out.


How many kids? Just one. Just one. But OK, out from college, he says he's graduated last year, thank goodness. But, you know, with everything going on, his grand plans didn't work out. He was supposed to relocate to California. He's home with us. We have a condo and can't get down the way. We usually get down. You know who's always then?


Is he ever going outside? Is there someplace like Outdoor Space, Mountain area?


And we you know, normally we go to parks, but parks have been closed. We don't want to get arrested because he's essential. I own the catering business kind of, you know, in the public eye that I don't want to be, you know, known for anything scandalous.


But of course, he'll be going to the balls and freaking. I like this. No, no, no, no. You said, yeah, we are on.


Yes, they do that now. Not now. Not done now.


Of course, everything is shut down. We try to be safe. As I said, my husband is essential. I own the catering business, helps small business owners up at the front line still doing the catering business.


Let's plug that too while we're on here. Oh, thank you, ma'am. My signature recipes. Hmm. We're in Cliffside Park, but I work out of a commercial kitchen in Inglewood. So Inglewood Hospital, holy name Cenac feet the front line. We're still doing more. So.


But now, Divina, let me ask you this. Doesn't your son have to go to sleep at some point now that he's home?


Not really. I mean, come on. You know, these older kids, they all face time all hours of the night, you know, and we're not quiet, you know?


You know what? I think it's fine. You need to have sex quietly. Quietly. Oh, yes. And that actually is really fine. But it doesn't normally happen. But it's actually very exciting.


You know, people may be louder than me, actually. Now you have mom you're putting in now that you have to cover his mouth while you're doing it. But it's actually about trying to be quiet while you have sex. And that might just be something else I have to do. Just be careful. Quiet. It is exciting that we're going to try.


Mama, Mama, Mama, can I be honest with you? Anybody especially from deejay's with all those kids. We live in a condo, first of all. First of all, the kids go to school, the kids go to sleep in in the older kids. The one. Exactly. But oh, he knows what's going on.


You'll be having sex in a way that nobody wants to hear their parents do because they want to hear it.


Put a lock on the door and you and your husband is going to want in is not. Well, I don't worry about. He'll put his headphones on and he'll be in his video games. Let me see what else you can do.


Let me tell you what else you could do, because you said they have one. I'm glad you said that. Put a seat on the floor and have sex quietly on the floor.


We have carpet under the floor and there are bad, but. All right. Well, and put it, you know, I know that it's not some music, the TV on whatever you got to do.


Mama, don't even worry about you, son. You know, my daughter came in to me.


She came into my room the other morning, was like, gosh, you know, I don't go to sleep at twelve o'clock, right? No. I hear everything that was going on. And you know what I said? I said, well, you know how you got here, right? And she just walked out. It is what it is. My daughter's eighteen. Your son is he graduated college. You got to be in his 20s and he understands.


And I said, I just want to say you just need to make a fun game out of it. Put that shit on the floor to him. Hey, we got to be quiet, turn on some music kind of low and just have sex slowly and quietly.


He's a grown ass boy, Mama. He's in your house. He's old enough now. You inhibitive freaky thing to do.


He doesn't want to see his mother's face as father come out smiling, but he doesn't want to see me come down and make his avocado toast after an avocado toast.


I hope you wash your hands. Oh, my God, I wash my hands and everything, but OK, we'll try to see though before things get too freaky.


Oh yes. I mean, this is aski. She wanted advice. And my advice is that it's a different time. It's different. You don't want her son to hear, but that's on the floor has to be quite quarantined.


So for maintaining the long term marriages is got to do it. You got it.


I have a time and every time he makes a little noise with his mouth and he says, get into that, I just cover his mouth and be mama now.


And let me ask you a question. When you find out what you can help me out with the bed, because I haven't figured that out yet. My baby squeak. We haven't figured that out. We haven't figured we'd be WD 40.


We put a mattress and everything, and it's still it's still on to the mattress.


The problem is the label man said, do you have an air mattress? No, we don't have.


No, please. We were passing a mattress.


We tried that back and trying to play you. Angela, you just tried to play your mom. She's your grown ass woman and trying to play you like some young man with an air mattress.


Although we were Brooklyn and now you're just like, wow.


Yeah, the air mattress as a spare mattress in my house in case I have company. And I'm like, OK, here's an air mattress. So sometimes people come and it goes up.


You can blow up, you can use it in the 80s. No, no, no.


So we go and actually it's a pillow top air mattress and it's very nice.


And I bought a flea automatically. I had that for gas, but I don't think that's going to work. Mama, go in and don't worry about him. It's going to go like, OK, I'm going to take your advice.


Go. And he knows and I know you know, Jim, be long term marriage. You got to do what you've got to do.


That's right. You got to start now, kids. Not that's right. Or stick your face out the window. Let me hear it from the back. That way, if you yell is outside, you go in, you get money.


Have already had notices under my door from my neighbors.


That's the last thing I need is for them to see my hanging out the window now to oh, now I'm hanging out the window, open my window.


That's going to come next time I get on that floor and have sustained these long, long term marriages.


We are here doing it to scare you.


Black, little black and black lung, you know, do your catering straight from doing what you do with your husband. Just make sure you wash your hands. Shower.


We don't want any extra food, any love, any boy. All right. Thank you, Mama. All right. Eight hundred five.


Any love and any any creamy 805 a five one two five.


We'll keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's that time again past Charlamagne and anything. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up.


It's time to see any. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, is tough for AC and if you need relationship advice or any type of advice, we're going to help you out. We will get to as many as we can. Hello. Who's this? Well, of every Charlamagne got mail, man. This guy. How old are you, brother? I'm forty six. Now you're dating a 19 year old girl.


Lord have mercy.


Oh no, man. I'll be like that now. I'm 19 years old and then.


Oh, you need to do this better in the room report. This is a great room where you just started on this poor young man.


So you're forty nine and you're dating a young lady. That's. Oh no, no, no. Let him be. I'm forty six ok. She's twenty seven. Oh OK.


That ain't too bad. Yes that is better than nineteen. You know that is better. Not too little to work stuff. You know they old enough. I started taking a rebate check and it's about seven months or whatever but you have to look kind of funny because of the age. Oh yeah. A Oh yeah.


You sounded a lot because you cracking jokes, you'd be talking to her and you be like, you're so smart. You a regular Doogie Howser, she's like, what the hell is Doogie Howser?


But if you feel okay, who cares what people think, bro? If you feel uneasy, feeling you you just take it. Viagra, you live, show the blue pill and just do what you got to do. Yeah. No, I'm a one on my line. You got to feel like that. You got to be yourself. That's your own insecurities because you're old as hell and she's young and you're trying to keep up, you know what I mean?


That's your own insecurities. You got to get out your own head if you going to be with that young girl.


Now, I see you on that. Well, good luck. Levitra, the blue pill, Viagra.


You got you know, you're going to leave because you've got to keep on I on that Al Green and you riding around with Jane. Let's see that Al Green. You can hear Chris Brown. You listen to that. I agree. I love Al Green. You know, I'm saying you're arguing about whether to listen to the new act, to the savage MO, to enemy combatants.


I'm talking about the Sri Lankan Lollo al Green Bay. Oh, my little drink. I'm sorry. I don't know. I don't know. It's call we nowadays. I have no idea what they call them back then. OK, yes. You know who our green is. Yes, I know who Al Green is.


No, I know you actually think Al Green is a screen. We all call it that because you eat and drink. You have no idea that that's the actual singer. Right.


Good luck, Brown. I appreciate life. Like you said, only your insecurities bother you, man. If you like that girl she like you just enjoy your age is too hard to get over. I know that, you know, you can't help you grow in love with when you damn near 50 and a woman is just twenty seven years old. What the hell are you talking about. Seriously. Like what are you talking about. She can't name none of remember the Wu Tang Clan.


Nope. You don't remember no episode. The Cosby Show. No. Like what are you talking about. I can't tell you about New Edition. Nothing. Don't know what new edition of the movie is.


Yeah she. Yes that's it. Hello. Who's this. Hey, what's up Crystal. Hey Crystal. What's your question for CNN.


All right, OK, so I have a sister with for the most part, really close. So we went on a trip to the Philippines in December. But two weeks before the trip, I got fired from my job, three jobs, and it was there for ten years. So I never gave them money for the trip and came back. So I didn't. Yeah, I was in my comments about being the person, you know, the job or whatever, the case was so bad.


But then she tells me that, you know, I took advantage of her, like, take advantage, you know, like no doubt nobody even one of us did. Well, she's not bad for twelve hundred dollars. You know, I was kind of in my films. I have two kids. I have a mortgage. I lost my job and we in the middle of rolling now. So now she is mad about this stuff. I know that she feels that I took advantage of her.


I agree with a hundred thousand dollars. I agree with her.


And no know that's all that why you give her money back. Because she lost her job. She got two kids. She she went to the Philippines. That but she was already paid for. Yeah. Clearly it wasn't so. So he paid for me. Did she tell you that she was paying for you and she paid for it with the assumption that you were going to pay her back? I was going to pay back things exactly. Screwed things happen.


She got a job.


My job. That's right. OK, yes. This is got to take that. No, you have sympathy for me because she see you out here still buying stuff.


She see you out here still living you still doing something to make her know that you got that. Twelve hundred dollars was the last time you went out. Mama. I just came back from Jamaica.


See what else you do. I know you know how I know you want your money back. You went to Jamaica. You should be ashamed of yourself. Huh. Oh, you gave the money back. Oh, I gave her money back. But most people that I took advantage of her, but not with just one situation overall over our lives.


But I feel like she's just mean and insensitive. And based off of those feelings I have, I don't really want to have a discussion any more like how I love my dad, but I don't want to be friends with her anymore. Well, you took advantage of them. She should be mad at you if you gave her the money back. And she's just being mad at you for being mad, but she probably will.


How long did it take to get the money back before you went to Jamaica? It is kind of like that. You didn't give her her money back. You did not hit ball. Don't you hate when somebody owe you money and it is out here?


Yeah, we're missing it. I have to out what you want to make up that I got to give. She got an Audi seven. Listen, you're wrong. You're wrong. I mean, on your own. That's a good.


You need to get over it with your own. You found you wrong.


She's wrong. All right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club.


Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


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