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Allow me to introduce myself.


What are you doing in Angeliki and Charlamagne, the God? Well, I came a long way. I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does. Geologist's the best in which this platform, the Reshow, had that you earned to make space for somebody like me. You guys have a direct line to the coaches. Oh, my God, I'm on the red carpet and all I do is read about breakfast every morning.


Good. You guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of town. I'm like, what happened on the Breakfast Club today? It's.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Good morning, Angela. Yea damn it, man. I mean the guy on the planet. Guess what day it is.


Yes. What day it is.


Oh I yes. It's Wednesday. Hump day. Middle of the week. Good morning. And don't think for one second climate change is not real because we are in we broadcast from New York even though we're nationally syndicated, our headquarters in New York. Yep. It is about seventy degrees right now. Yes it is. And it is November 111. Yeah. Yeah. It's not supposed to be. Seventy degrees tomorrow we get back though. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, nasty and we'll be rainy today.


Forty degrees later on today. Yep. OK, I said today about one two o'clock. Rain it in tonight. It should be back to where the weather's supposed to be. Would it be. Hey, can you hear me. Yeah. What happened. I was here but for some reason we couldn't connect. I'm in Detroit. Oh, OK.


Well I'm glad that is getting back to being cold. I was telling my daughter last night because she was you know, she's twelve and she was talking to me about Daylight Savings Time, how it gets dark so early. And I was like, yo, back in the day. Used to be, you know, used to be football season, whatever. And you go to the high school football games and, you know, it'd be dark and be cold.


You know, you got to put on a hoodie or jacket. Now, you don't know what the hell you got to leave the house. No. Well, I mean, kids are not going to know games right now because the cold sort of canceled a lot of the games. So kids need to keep it at home.


I want to talk about weather wise. You just don't know what to do when you leave the house.


Yeah, yeah. I'm in Detroit. It was like almost 80 degrees yesterday. It was eighty degrees when I left Detroit yesterday. It was the weather was ridiculous. It's crazy. You just don't know, like Charlamagne said, what to wear. And then I was talking to one of my partners last night who was in Arizona. They said it was cold.


I knew what the hell is going on in the world, but it's cold today. I don't know.


Well, Nikki Giovanni will be joining us this morning, the legendary legendary icon, poet, writer, activist, educator that Nikki Giovanni, the Jean Nikki Giovanni. Yes.


And she says whatever she whatever is on her mind, she is uncensored. She always spoke truth to power. And now she's seventy seven years old. She really don't give a damn at this point in our life. Why does she care? Not at all. All right. We got front page news. What are we talking about, man? Let's talk about coronavirus because their numbers are higher than ever. And one state has actually hit one million and recorded cases of covid-19.


We'll tell you what state that is. And the crazy part about that state is the death rates are not as high as this area. Here are some of the other areas, which doesn't make sense.


But, yes, it does. I mean, this is not as bad as they once thought it was. Almost twenty thousand people died in that state. Right. And then how many people died in New York? New Jersey? I don't know those numbers a lot at the top of my head, a lot more, which is crazy. All right. Well, we'll get to that.


Next is The Breakfast Club tomorrow morning. Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angelilli, Charlemagne, the guy we are. The Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news when we start new.


Well, let's start with coronavirus. There are more than 10 million cases of coronavirus in the United States and the number of Americans hospitalized with coronavirus has topped sixty one thousand, which is an all time high. And that number is from yesterday. Now, the NFL and NFL Players Association reported that 15 players have tested positive during the latest round of league wide testing. Also, there's more people hospitalized in the U.S. but covid-19 than ever before.


And Texas has just become the first U.S. state to hit one million cases, about 19 million cases at one time or one million cases since the start of recorded one million overall.


Yeah, I was saying, you know, in Texas, I think the death rate is like 20000 people. But here in New York, New Jersey, the death rate is a lot higher and we have a lot less cases, half the amount of cases, which is crazy.


What New York had over a million cases. I mean, not a million over half a million cases since it started. And I think. Right what I just tell you, 30 something. Thirty seven thousand people. Yeah.


Yeah. The New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio is saying the continued increase in the percentage of people testing positive for covid-19 was very worrisome. So they said if the seven day average goes about three percent, schools will go remote for a period. And if it continues climbing some business, some businesses could face full scale closures or limits on hours. I don't think the economy could take that again. I don't think the economy could take the country showing that they're not going to do that, especially around the holiday season.


That's not happening. Let me tell you something. Why don't they ever show us like that the current active cases instead of showing us like all the total cases that have happened in the country, like, why not just show us the current active number of cases? They do. They show us the cases every day that they don't see. That's why they chose the daily cases. I give you something. I know you have reported this. I know.


But still on CNN, they show you the nine million cases, like why not show us how many people have recovered, is what I'm saying on recovery? No, they don't. They don't show you the recovery. I'm not sure. You know, you can look at it when you go online. You can see the recovery number.


But I'm not sure what the recovery let's say, like two thousand people contracted it in this state and this amount of people will tell you that. Well, as you have it, you don't. What's going to happen while you're still trying to recover? So I guess those numbers are always pending, right? You mean like you can't say, OK, in Iowa, the state of Iowa has reported more than twenty one thousand covid cases in seven days. But you can't tell how many people recovered yet until later.


Yeah, but that's the point.


So post the recovery rate later, like after people actually recover.


They said that percentage of people testing positive is more than 19 percent. And there's over 100 patients in the hospital and it's stressing their health care system there. So and again, you know, that's one of the problems with coronaviruses. The hospitals can get overwhelmed. And then as people are getting sick or they may have other illnesses, there's no place to go. Now, the governor of Virginia is concerned over the rising coronavirus cases, as well as Utah, Illinois and Montana.


They broke coronavirus records on Tuesday as well. So it's just a kind of an emergency situation. They said 70 percent of covid-19 outbreaks are linked to private gatherings, bars and restaurants in Minnesota. So they are going to have new restrictions there as well. And in New Jersey for you guys, you know, there's been a lot of cases there and they're saying it's a grave situation. The governor is saying that they're introducing new restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of the virus, restrictions on indoor dining after 10:00 p.m., a ban on bar seating and restaurants, limitations on interstates, interstate sporting events.


And, yeah, just a lot of new measures right now just to try to lessen the risk.


What are they going to do for the NBA season? NBA season starts in December. I know they're not putting them back in that bubble in the final 72 games could then be able to gain the NFL's traveling guys.


But a lot of them are catching covid. A lot of them, you know, they're still the best players are out. And I mean, I'm sure if the NBA could put them back in a bubble, it'd be the easiest thing because NBA got no cases of corporate when they did that.


I highly doubt those guys want to be in that bubble for seven months. They get paid millions and millions of dollars. Yeah, but you're away from your family. You know how that is.


Well, you know, it's a tentative start date, by the way, of December 22nd. So I'm sure that as they are testing and figuring it out, they'll see what's best. It feels like they did it, right? Yeah, I think so.


I have to shorten the season a little bit, 72 games currently and a shot that little more, but I can't see them leaving a bubble.


But that is your front page news. Now get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night, bad morning, or maybe you feel blessed. You want to spread some positivity, whatever it may be. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club.


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Wake up, wake up, wake your ass. This is your time to get it off your chest. Are you mad or blessed? We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello?


Who's this? Hey, what's up, bro? Who's this? The envy. You don't know. Trav, come on now. I hear your voice. Yeah. Hey, Travis Abu on Charlemagne.


This is what's happening. I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Edgerly as well to let you know that you are a traitor. And I have not forgotten the betrayal that you have put upon me by putting a bomb in your story.


One of the few times that, oh, oh, you know who that bomb is, porta potty girl. You would you push your porta potty girl and your story. Oh, my goodness. Envy, betrayal. Every single time I turn around, I don't even I clicked on her story no more. No one deserves all respect for you. You. What was he saying on there?


He was standing in his little landfill doing something like hanging. I don't know what he was going to anyway. Charlamagne. Oh, I thought you were trying to hide your life and to our wife's Instagram about putting our life Instagram out there.


I didn't post my wife's Instagram. Yes, you did. And you took it down.


No, I reposted Alicia. Renee. But I mean, I don't care because my wife don't be on Instagram. No page is private. OK, tell her to follow me. Nope.


No. Anyway, I got a big congratulations to the about your writing, but congratulations to Kamala Harris. There you go. I didn't know I was giving her a hard time like a while ago until one day I decided, you know what? We have to give her a chance because we never know. She can come in there and just make great things happen.


While I was giving her more time travel, you know, I want to give her a hard time because this is like a lot of misinformation that I heard about her until I actually started winning, like, you know, looking for myself and researching and realizing that a lot of misinformation out there. And for whatever reason, people you could prosecute.


One of them is I was really hung up on the fact that she didn't claim her blackness. And then 2016, it doesn't really like looking at a way that wasn't true.


She went to see you with Howard, and I just told you I had to do much my to have.


I cannot let you go without since you were talking about Instagram, the comment that you left on my page about the threesome where you was that now that you had you have a threesome.


I know I was young. I was young. I was like twenty years old. And me and my boyfriend at the time, we had a threesome. And when he fell asleep, I said, you know, me and the other guy, you know, you know, we sort of respect him because he was sleep.


So we went to another room and we messed around again. And I said it didn't matter because you already messed around. And that happened in Philly.


Doesn't care where it happened. I want to know you got the moves. I got you. I was that way with this.


I got to shut up. What happened to this out? I mean, it wasn't usually me not be decide now I'm just trying to figure out what the room smelled like. It smelled like Timberland, big oil and. But like what is it depends on the location, you know, but they missed the joke. I don't even know how to get was good talking to you. All right. Thank you. You know, these guys here just step back.


I know what you you get Kilani how long they've been working with the guy in Philly.


Jesus, let me cook you guys. Okay, coloristic could get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent it up now is the Breakfast Club.


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Now, that is true. The Breakfast Club.


This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Oh, and happy Veterans Day to all the veterans out there. Today is Veterans Day.


Is that a holiday on Veterans Day? It should be. And by the way, I hate how America treats its veterans. That's why I don't like to hear nobody talking about how patriotic they are. When you got all of these homeless veterans on the street, if you ever fought a war in this country, you should get free room and board. You should get a stipend every month. You should get free health insurance. You get treated like a king and queen.


If you haven't been in the military and had to fight for this country, it pains me to see veterans on the street begging for money.


That's my girl, Tammy. She always reminds me that it's Veteran's Day and a shout out. So shout out to Tammy. Hello. Who's this?


My name is James. How y'all doing this morning? What's up, James? Growing up, James? Yeah, I was just calling on eight years in the military. I'm out now, but while I was at work, I got a text from my son telling me I'd be better off today. You know, people say Happy Veterans Day because I feel like it's the right thing to do and I appreciate it. But it meant a whole lot more to hear from my son, even though was just from a text, but from one o'clock in the morning.


My son should be soon, so I had to be up and taking care. The veterans. OK, I know that's what it is.


He appreciates your service as a veteran and a father. Absolutely.


Oh, yes, I will go. And especially after that.


Hello, this is spooky. From Arlington, Virginia suburb. Spooky. What up man? And I'm just a bit spooky, huh?


Man Halloween's over. Spooky. That is gone. They said you relapsed on drink, drinking boogie and I was on my feet long and relaxed hard. I left when I went in and I invited fight and I know everybody what people up her demons came up to me like, oh I. You think they're like, are you getting help, sir?


Do you have like a, you know, a recovery team.


Oh. Oh yes. OK, you're a work in progress is what it sounds like to stay strong. Hey, don't beat yourself up too much. Absolutely.


You just said, hey, don't beat yourself up too much.


Just give back. Just just get back. Get back focused again. That's all. Start drinking.


You know, I didn't want it to end because God really help me out of my recovery. But we up in the morning, so help me out.


You know what I'll rely on when I watch this on YouTube or watch us on our vote because we've got a whole bar back here and I don't want it. You don't want you to leave so many bottles behind me right now.


That's all we wonder, though, how the hell you got to wake up. I think that was earlier this week. Oh, my God. Do me neither. Yeah, I don't know that one well.


I don't drink well on the stand strong bro.


And make sure you put the alcohol down. I'm sure you got kids and a family man do it for your kids and your family. Brother, I'ma say a prayer for you as well. Yes. Do you have a blender. What do you make juice. Is there anything at home you used? Are you always a pleasure to take you back on that? You know, get some fruits and vegetables and every time you feel like having a drink, make yourself a smoothie.


Yes, man. Thank you so much. I think we got we got to really help you out. I appreciate you can call us, man. Call us. Call this period.


Check in with you to let us know how to hold you accountable. You can check in with us. And we want to make sure you keep on updating us.


Absolutely. Thank you so much. Was the last time you drink, I would say.


Well, OK, yes, it's twelve o'clock yesterday. So starting today, fresh, I got a lot of work to do. So one day at a time, we've got to make it through these holidays.


Yeah, well, with this thing I was locked up all these holidays. That's why it's like, well, you keep drinking, you're going back to jail.


I want you to know that. That's right. It's only a matter of time starting today. No more drinking.


I thought all the alcohol out sent us a picture of you don't all the alcohol out, depending on what it is one day where we stop and then have a good and be expensive, just throw it out.


I mean, your health is more expensive. It's cheap. Just throw it away, throw it all out, miss something expensive. Give it away. Stop it. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five. When we got rooms on the way. Yes, past the car, Lance, his mistress is now speaking out allegedly and talking about the affair they have and how it started. All right. No positive news.


He was going to go there. Nobody had been on him, so that's positive. All right. We'll get into that.


Next is The Breakfast Club, the morning, the Breakfast Club. Every morning, everybody is the envy, Angela Charlamagne, the God, we are the bread. Now shout to McDonald's, you know, because of homecoming this year, it's canceled. I mean, because of Kovik, we can't really do it. So what we decided to do was do it online and on air. So tomorrow McDonald's and IHOP put together. It's like a battle of the bands.


So they have a bunch of different bands. They have an artist performing. They're doing interviews. It's a whole thing that they're doing. For all the homecomings out there. I'ma be hosting it. So keep it like it happens tomorrow at five to six thirty.


I love the way you make these virtual things sound exciting. I mean, you got you got to try to make it sound exciting. We hate virtually everything I know, OK? I do everything, but that's all we have.


So people can still celebrate a little bit. Think about all the freshmen that don't get to experience homecoming like we did.


They call Ebony five. These are girls that dance at Hampton University, at the football team, at the football game. So when they came and recorded this for McDonald's, it was the first time that they ever met. They had to do practice virtually, so they'd never even seen each other.


So they had to practice virtually. So that was the first time they ever met each other, which was crazy.


So sorry for all those kids. That's not getting their full college experience, man.


Well, listen, we have a lot of virtual things happening also because it is, you know, like you said, homecoming time. And we're doing this. How HBC you homecoming my look at thing and I heart radio is also doing something with Ulta beauty. And so it's called beautiful possibilities. I'm actually hosting a beautiful possibility's panel that includes Lala Anthony, Grammy Award winning artist, her and the CEO and founder of Christmas Eve, Carmen Paru. So you guys can actually enter to win.


And that hashtag is my HBC You look hashtag sweepstakes entry and you tag Ulta Beauty and I heart radio. You get to win a virtual meet and greet with her a five hundred dollar Ulta beauty gift card and you donate a scholarship to the ABC you of your choice. But you also get to just participate in the panel and watch the lecture. You don't miss that tomorrow.


I love the fact that all these businesses are doing things for bcuz now. I love it took a long time but they started to do it.


But let's get to easy to do it when it's virtual.


I'm going to show up and be around, you know, let's get to the room with me.


I let's say this is the room, a rapport with Angela. You have your breakfast club. Listen up. Yeah.


Well Beyonce has teamed up with Palatine and that is for a homecoming themed workout. So they're commemorating homecoming season. It is bcuz he was already the most requested artist with all of the members. So that collab makes sense. They're giving away two year digital memberships to students at ten different HBC use, and that will provide access to the fitness fitness classes through the Palatine app. And you can use that with or without the equipment.


That's dope. I wonder what school could afford beyond if it wasn't a virtual school could afford Beyonce to come before. And how price?


None of that price. A lot of money.


So I scholarships.


I got to figure out what I'm doing in the winter when it comes to bike riding. I might have to give me a Pellington or something like that.


If you dress up, you dress up the ride in the peloton like you do when you just out and about in the street. Yeah, because you still got to have the gel on your butt to, you know.


Yeah, it's very uncomfortable. You know, I have a bike and at home I try to put a pillow on the seat. They have the seat covers, but it doesn't work as effectively. I'm against some of these gel shorts. They go out right now. Eva Longoria has clarified and apologized for the remarks that she made on MSNBC. And these remarks were about the voting patterns of Latino women during the presidential election.


The women of color showed up in big way. Of course, you saw in Georgia what black women have done, but not Latina women. Were the real heroines here beating men turnout in every state and voting for Biden Harris at an average rate close to three to one. All right, well, she is now clarifying her remarks and she also posted about this as well. Here's what she had to say.


You know, in my effort to celebrate Latino turnout, I diminish the importance of the black women's vote in this election. And what I said was wrong, and it is a fact that African-American women showed up in record numbers and brought us to victory. They saved this country. And I recognize the harm that my words caused. And so I take full responsibility for that mistake because I want everybody to know that we stand on the shoulders of black women who always show what black women have carried us for decades when it comes to civic engagement.


And I get that there's a collective exhaustion and hurt at feeling a race yet again. And I contributed to that pain.


Look at the great Nikki Giovanni says he'll be joining us next hour. By the way, she said mistakes are a fact of life. It is a response to error that counts. I think that was a great response to the evils error personally. All right.


Now, celebrity pastor Carl Lentz, his alleged mistress, is now telling all this is a an exclusive from The New York Post. And basically she's speaking up about their five month pandemic romance. She says, I'm here to tell the truth. And maybe by doing that, other people will have the courage to speak up, too. She said she met him and on a Friday in May, she was at a park in Williamsburg with her dog looking for somewhere to sit.


And that's when he offered her his circle. They got to talking. They left the park together, she said. I was telling him everything. She thought he was single. She said he's a good looking man. Why not? He took her. No, and he didn't put it in his phone. He put it in the notes application. She said she thought that was a red flag. The next day, he asked her to save him a circle in the park.


She said, When I saw him, he asked me so many questions and she asked if he was married. He said yes. And she said, I still didn't know who he was. So she actually paid an app to do a background check based on his phone number. And she said that's when everything came out. And she realized that when she met him, you know, that she had met him before at the Hillsong Church in Manhattan. And she said she wasn't really paying attention.


So she said that same weekend he came to her house, that Sunday, they drank tequila, talked for hours. We were sitting. And she said he asked if he could put his hand on my thigh and she said it was awkward. He didn't know how to act. At first, he told her he was the most beautiful women. He told her the most beautiful women come from the Middle East. And they started texting and face timing all the time and having feelings for each other.


And she said he would talk about how amazing his wife was and the guilt that he felt about what he was doing to his family and saying that we didn't plan this, this is life and we fell into it. But he also said he is a professional narcissist and lies too much, and they were seeing each other twice a week. She said he was like a drug to me. I was a drug to him. And then what happened was his wife and his job actually saw their text messages on the iCloud.


His messages were linked from the iCloud. And that's when all everything went down.


She had every right to tell her story. But if, you know, a man was married and you still chose to sleep with him, you are in no moral position to speak ill against that person. He didn't manipulate you. He told you what it was and you went along with it. If he lied to you about me, if he lied to you about being married, that's one thing. But if not, you're a co conspirator.


So what's the point of telling the story?


Well, yeah, I don't think she's suggesting that she didn't do anything wrong. She was well, she said I read I read the article yesterday.


She was like, I'm telling my story because I'm hoping that more people come out like you went along with it, because she also said while they both made mistakes, she acknowledged people like him shouldn't preach or drink so much. There's no deepness there.


Who is she to just say moral position are you into? Judge, you slept with a married man who told you how amazing his wife was and the guilt he was feeling about what he was doing to his family. You still slept with him. God bless you, young lady, but you don't really have room to judge.


And she said in retrospect, their relationship was likely a product of the pandemic. She said he hadn't been doing anything for so many months. He hadn't been on stage. What else was going on in his life? He needed to do something that would excite him. And she also feels like he might be having a mid-life crisis and going on his self sabotaging journey.


Hey, you got to get this hallelujahs from somewhere. He missed being on that stage. USA, I don't know how you cheat during a pandemic because when you're born, you can't lead a crew like that.


He went to her house, allegedly. Yeah. He goes a long time about the house.


She has every right to tell her story. I just want to know what is the reason for telling her story, because it really confused me at the end. She was like, I'm hoping other people come and speak out like he didn't know. The woman I'm speaking did manipulate you. He didn't do anything wrong.


You he told you everything and you went along with you're a coconspirator. You're no more position to speak ill on him.


All right. Well, that is your rumor report. I'm Angela Angeliki. All right. Thank you, miss. You're now front page news next. What we talking about? Yes.


And I know we've been talking about coronavirus. I'll give you other updates as well on other happenings in the world. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Hey, Stingily. And there's nothing better than getting something customized, especially when it comes to auto coverage. The general insurance gives you customized coverage with the payment plan and due date that works for your schedule. Call 800 general or visit the general Dikika. Some restrictions apply eight a morning, everybody is envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club, is getting some front page news.


Let me start you. Well, like we talked about it this holiday season. So how are we celebrating Thanksgiving? Well, the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, has suggested that if you are going to be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, have your meal outside to help stop the spread of coronavirus outside the cold. It's cold out everywhere, I guess not everywhere, but 30, 40 degrees. In addition to outdoor meals, they said to limit the number of guests they invite.


Talk to the guests before they arrive about how they plan to celebrate and to limit the number of people in food preparation areas. If you're sharing food, have one person serve the food and you single use options like plastic utensils. They also suggest, you know, wearing a mask, checking travel restrictions if you have to plan to travel over the holiday. Dr. Anthony Fauci also said Americans will need to make a risk assessment when celebrating Thanksgiving and make a decision.


Do I want to put a person at an increased risk by having people come in from all parts of the country, usually in a crowded airport, without necessarily knowing if they're infected, without having time to get tested?


Our time to do quarantine? Well, this is a great way to not have to be around any, if any family or friends you don't like. You know, sometimes on Thanksgiving dinners, you know, a couple of extras come over that you don't really recognize. Not this year. We in fact, you know, I mean, that's true. But this year, I usually I have Thanksgiving dinner. Usually we have Christmas dinner. We're not doing it this year because I got a lot of people in my family that are a lot older.


You just don't want to risk giving them something and killing them.


So you just can't have those dinners have got to be virtually no virtual. I mean, you've got to be so you can still speak to each other. Well, no, I have no you know, like none of yours, like my mom and my dad, they can't come over for Thanksgiving.


I just don't want my daughters in school. My kids go to school every day. I'm not going to give them.


I get it. That is the thing about this pandemic, right? Like anybody that you've been around, you really like, you know what I mean? Because you not only look at me like you're not going to just be around any old body during this pandemic. You see that I can literally count on one hand how many people I've seen this year.


And, you know, it's not just about you. Like, my grandmother is 90 years old. And, you know, normally I see my whole family Thanksgiving, but this year is not happening. So you have to think about other people and not just yourself.


All right. Now, the cop, Brett Hankinson, the only officer who was charged in the Brianna Taylor case is and by the way, not prosecuting her, but four bullets going next door and not injuring anyone. He's now being accused of sexual assault. And the alleged victim claims that his bosses knew about this but did nothing to correct this. This dates back to twenty eighteen. Margaux Bordas is suing him. She says that he sexually assaulted her after a night out at a bar.


He was working security. She says she was drunk around closing time. He offered her a ride home and she alleges that he invited himself into her home, plopped down on the couch while she went to go change. She says she passed out, but that he came into her room, got naked and sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious. When she did wake up, she claims that she screamed for him to get off her and he grabbed his uniform and left.


The next day he contacted her, insisted that they had engaged in consensual relations. And she also claims more than 10 other anonymous women have come forward to make statements about his alleged misconduct with them. She's also suing several of his co-workers and supervisors on the police force and at the bar, saying they were aware of his alleged abuse but never took any action to stop it.


Hmm. All right. All right. Well, that is your front page news.


All right. Thank you. Miss you. Now, when we come back, man, Nikki Giovanni will be joining us.


That's right. The legend, Nikki Giovanni Okata, the poet and the writer, the author, activist and educator. Yes. That Nikki Giovanni Oge, Nikki Giovanni will be here.


I we'll talk to her. Next move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Back to you, checking out the world's most dangerous morning show as the wave of data this morning show The Breakfast Club Charlamagne, the God, Angela, and we are blessed this morning to have the presence of a person I consider an icon. Miss. Nikki Giovanni is here. Good morning, Queen. How are you? Good morning. How you and Blessed Black and Hollyfield.


I love that you've got a new book out, Make Me Rain Poems Rules Timely is your poem about voting because that has been such a heavy discussion.


Yeah, we will of course. And I think everybody turned out and we won and that's that's, that's very nice. But I don't think today on Delta and our colors of course, are red and white, but in honor of our new vice president, I'm wearing pink and green. My mother in law of the Delta. Good for her.


See, that's why you're a nice guy.


How do you feel about the election of Senator Kamala Harris? What does that mean for black women?


I'm glad for the country, actually. I think it's good for for all of us. But I think it's a statement for the country when we look at what black women have given to this country. And of course, I'm a big, big fan. And you couldn't help but love Fannie Lou Hamer and Mrs. Hamer and her confrontation with Lyndon. But Lyndon Johnson in nineteen sixty four when she took the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party over to Atlantic City and it was back and forth, they testified back and forth.


And finally Lyndon Johnson came to Mrs. Hamer, as you know, and said, well, why don't you take two seats? Because they have had four. So why don't I give you two seats and we'll work it out for next time? And this was we looked and we said we didn't come in for no two seats, and I've always loved you for there. So staying where we are right now and I'm sorry that miss him is not here, I know that it would just absolutely pleasure.


But I know that as a black woman, having watched things like Mrs. Hamer, I know that I would always vote. And I was glad to see that our vote, the black vote, was such a big turnout.


Well, I hope Senator Harris has the same impact on Joe Biden that Mishima had on Lyndon B. Johnson. But somebody got through to him clearly. Oh, yeah. And it's he's not dumb. Biden is not is not dumb. You know, he can add. And I think to that, that misses her. She was a friend, as you know, senator, vice president has now was a friend of Biden and worked together on a number of issues.


So she was not unknown to the president, to President Biden. Right. And another poem that I like that you have that I appreciate is raise your hand in favor of immigrants. And I thought that was so well said to me. Like I like to know just because you are so inspirational, like when you wrote this, was there something in particular where you watching the news? Like what inspires you when you did raise your hand in favor of immigrants?


Oh, I love Raise Your Hand because I used to travel a lot and the people who were cleaning the women's toilets were immigrants. They were Hispanic people. And of course, meant that it made. I don't want you to think that. I think I'm a big deal on this.


But every time I wanted to urinate, I would go in and take a dollar out before I went into the bathroom so that as I wash my hands, I could put a dollar in. And they used to have a little box there. And somebody complained. I know in North Carolina at Charlotte Airport, a lot of complaints, which I didn't understand why. And they had to take the the boxes away. And so the next time I was in the boxes were gone.


I asked one of the ladies, my Spanish is really poor, but I said, where's the box? And she said, they make us. In other words, they made us take it. And so, again, I made a point of finding the women and giving my daughter. And I said, well, that was not enough. But I bet you over 100 people paid and it would have made a difference to the women. And I couldn't understand why.


Why wouldn't you want what would you want those women to have a tip? They're the ones wiping the bone dry so that you can have that. They're the ones keeping the floor dry so that you're not slipping on it. And it bothered me and I thought, yeah, everybody's been complaining. These people are taking my job. Well, if you want one of those job, raise your hand, would you? Which which job would you raise your hand?


Let me let me see who wants the job. They are working to take care of their children. They're working to see to it that their children go. And again, it's just so important that their children go to school. They're doing the dirty jobs that nobody wants to do. And what I really want to know, and I'm going to call later on this afternoon, I know a commission in D.C. I want to know how many people who worked in the White House died.


Now, I know that the. Didn't die, which was, you know, one of the unfortunate things and I can see that that that woman that is married to didn't die, that half wit that he has a son that was inbound or something, didn't die. But I can't believe that that covid has been going around the White House the way that it has. And the people who are cleaning, who are changing the bed every day, who are fluffing the pillow every day, I don't believe that they did not have the covid and that some of them haven't died.


And I think that that's something that I would love to see the churches in Washington, because most of the people who do work like that do belong to the church because you have to believe in God to be bothered with that. And we know that some of the Hispanic people who work in the golf courses, we know that they they they got tired of hearing Donald Trump. We know that they resigned. I mean, you can go back and look that up.


So I'm just interested in who died in the White House, who was cooking for that. I'm grateful.


Now, Giovanni, I want to make sure I heard you right. You said it's unfortunate that that Donald Trump didn't die. Yes, I thought it was great. Really unfortunate that you did. So you want him you want him to pass away?


Well, of course, it would have saved a lot of trouble. It's going to come up. If I had been a Jew in Germany, I would have operated. Hitler died. Of course, you want to die because he's going to he's going to cause a lot of a lot of problems. He's already fired the national security director. But how many people would be saved if right now, if if if Trump dropped dead? This is not something we do know.


And I'm sorry, we don't know if he'll go back to Hitler because it was the easy one. How many people? How many Jewish people? They were like six million Jewish people. But then we had the soldiers. I don't know if your mothers and fathers fought in World War Two, but your grandparents probably did. How many soldiers had to die so that we can get rid of this guy? Think about it now. I'm with you. I just you know, I just I don't like the wish death on people.


But I can understand your perspective. I'm just saying, you know, it's not personal, but I think that these people don't mind putting their knee on on George Flowage neck. They don't mind shooting Brianna Taylor in her own bed in our own house. They don't mind shooting a 14 year old boy in the back who was unarmed.


And then they want to get mad because I say something like, oh, well, yeah, be really good for him to drop dead body home to me already. Just even you speaking these words I can hear Drop Dead by Nikki Giovanni.


I wish we had more with Nikki Giovanni when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking it with Nikki Giovanni.


Salome, you know, in regards to being black in America, dealing with racism describes we have made as a community. I always wonder, how does the world look now to someone like you who was around, you know, in the sixties?


I think the world is doing a good job. I think we are making better steps. There was a time that you and I could not be talking on the radio because you would have had a radio. There was a time or whatever we're talking, whatever we're doing. There was a time that you and I would not be able to walk down the street. And there's an old song that I do love so much. I said, we are climbing Jacob's ladder.


Every round goes higher and higher. And I think that we've made some some steps. And I think that, again, having somebody as evil as Donald Trump in our presence has reminded us that there is a better world, that we can do better, that there's something that we need to, you know, so some seeds out there and see some smiles and some kindness.


So you still suffer from PTSD from that that time there? Well, yeah, yeah.


I mean, you can't help it, you know, as your prose and poetry been therapeutic for you all these decades to be able to express yourself that way.


Well, all I have and in all fairness to myself, all I have a word. And so I have always felt and I learned a lot of that from my grandmother, grandfather, but mostly from my grandmother.


You have to use your words. I try to be as honest and as clear as I know how to be. And that's that's all I have. Words are important, though, when you look at the people who have suffered for the words that they've said. I'm very fortunate that right now I have not suffered for the words I have. Nobody, you know, has beat me up or something. I went to school with John Lewis. We were both at university together and the beatings that John took, you know, so I thought, if I don't have words, then I have to use it to explain to the next generation.


This is what we've done to make it a better world for you. And you have to pay it forward. You have to make it a better world.


Why is poetry always. In your vehicle of choice to get your message out, why poetry, poetry and I really do. And again, I love the steps that poetry takes. Poetry has always been not just for me, but you can go back thousands of years. Poetry has been what the way people express themselves. And, you know, if Jesus were here right now, he'd be a rapper, but he'd be honest, he wouldn't be as cute or something like that.


But but he would be a rap. He'd be Tupac. He'd be telling people and sharing with people. This is what this is what the world offers. And I'm not Jesus. You know, I'm not a fool on that one either. I just know that what I have a word. And so I try to use the words, I'm never in a room that the door's locked. So if I say something, nobody wants to hear it. They just get up and walk down.


It works for me because nobody has to take it. Nobody has to be bothered with me. The door is always open, but my job is always to tell the truth. So I'm going to do my job and you handle what you can handle.


Oh, I do. I do want to push back a little bit on Ice Cube. Ice Cube was one of our great he's one of our great messengers. Always has been.


Well, Cube, you know, Cuban and Trump, that was not a wise thing. And he backed off of it because he realized, oh, I shouldn't be doing this. But that was it wasn't just unwise. It it was me, Cuban and Kanye West. Both of them are sucking up to power. And they need to stop that. They need to just back it down because we've had some really, really important people who have tried to help.


We've looked at our athletes who have given up an awful lot. You know, you can go back to a friend of mine, Muhammad Ali, all the way up that the athletes have really fought for us and we fought for the right for the rappers. We open that stage. So to see Cube sitting there like I'm going to give give Trump an idea of some kind of plan for black people, that that that hurt my heart. I thought, you know, what is wrong with that Negro?


Don't you have to engage sometimes with, you know, an administration you may not agree with, even an administration that may be a threat to the community if they're in that power?


No, no, no, no. Jesus didn't go went. And I have to say it this way because only I don't know when Jesus was out in the in the desert 40 days and 40 nights, Satan came to him, didn't he? And Jesus said to Satan, get the behind me. So there's no Jew, none of them. That's not what they do. You come and talk to the people because it's the people that have made you what you are.


And no, no, you don't engage. Cuba is not going to engage. He's looking for something to use. And somebody else said it. I wish I had. If you don't see the face of the devil, it's cause you run in living. Hmm.


What about what about Martin Luther King Jr.? Martin Luther King Jr. used to get a lot of flack when he was engaging with, you know, the giant John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson of the world. People call him Uncle Tom and call it a sellout. And and instead a lot of the same things. What do you say about that?


And I say that everybody has a right to be upset by some of that.


But I was trying to say is that Elijah Cummings talks about this in his book that he just put out and how he met with Donald Trump. And he proposed some plans to him. And Donald Trump said, OK, yeah, let's get it done. And then never did anything. And there's a lot of promises that he's made to people that work in the administration and has never delivered on them. And so I think he clearly talks about how is this not even worth engaging with him because he only does things if it's, you know, to benefit himself.


And I don't know how Biden is going to turn out because they're all whatever. But I think that it's only fair when people are upset that they have a right to be upset because we're the ones the black community are the ones we're the ones that gave up the lives. We're the ones that that were beaten to death from Emmett Till on from the people hanging from the trees that we don't know. So nobody wants to hear. Well, I'm going to help you.


I was disappointed, if I may say so. And Bernice, when when when when Mrs. King died, as you know, of the Bush people wanted to come to the funeral. But Harry Belafonte had been the person who had taken care of Mrs. King, who when when when Martin died, it was Harry who said to Mrs. King, don't worry. Don't worry. I've got I've got the kids. Don't worry about them going to college. I've got your back.


He took care of those people. And the Bush people said, we're not going to come to the funeral if Harry Belafonte is there. Now, this is something, you know, you can look up whatever. And Bernie said, oh, and told Harry Belafonte, when you cannot come, that was just that was disappointing. Now, she has, of course, recognized that she was a fool. And I think she's trying to do some other things and that.


I'm not trying to judge you. I'm just saying that was disappointing to me, Geovani, how should we engage them? Because I'm just hypothetically and I'm glad we don't have to deal with this, if Trump would have stayed in the White House, black people afford to just sit on the sidelines for four years and not engage. I don't sweetheart. I will say it again. God is good. I do not know what we would do with four more years of Trump.


Now, that doesn't mean it totally or doesn't mean to me that Biden is some angel, some place, but it does mean he's better than Trump. So I'm going to hope that America moves forward. That's all I can. That's all I can. That's all I can can do. And I'm going to be as honest about watching things as I as I can. I will move.


We got more when Nikki Giovanni, when we come back, is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking off with Nikki Giovanni shallowing.


I watch your conversation with James Baldwin quite often and so many gems that were in that conversation. Like like you talk about the language of love.


What is the language you love to you right now? You and I, you're like my son right now. But this is the language of love where we're honestly engaging in each other. We're honestly sharing with our community and whoever else wants to listen, we're not closing when, as I said earlier, I don't lock the door and we're not cutting off any communication here. Anybody who wants to tune in can tune in. That's the language of love. We are communicating and we are trying to help each other get through it because you're still not going to be easy.


Yeah, I don't know if you know it now, but there was such a discussion around your conversation with James Baldwin, you know, especially the part where you said you want to me and you told him, lie to me the way you lied to me, white man I love.


I will always remember Jimmy's face when I said that he just went like, oh, because he hadn't thought about it that way, because Jimmy knew that they do. We do lie to people who hate us. We smile at them in the morning. We do lie to the people who hate us. So if it's going to be a lie, lie to me. I'm the one trying to make you understand. I'm I love you. I'm the one trying to have a meal for you.


You know, it's fascinating when you look at history and I love history. It's fascinating when you look at the enslaved woman who got up before dawn and put on some food. One of the reasons that I and many other Southerners love food that cooks all day is that we got used to it from my grandmothers and they got used to it from their grandmothers. But she would put a pad on and a fire. She would then go out into the field with him.


They would work all day. And when they came on, that would be came home in this little shack. And you've seen Slave Shack. You've seen what they but they gave for for black people to live in. But they would have food that was warm, that she had cooked, that they would eat, and that was love. And I think that we have to recognize the love that we gave. And of course, I mean, let me be real clear about that black man loved and still do black women.


We don't have any history of black men beating black women during slavery. I have any history of that. So when did you learn it? I learned it from you. You see what I'm saying?


We got to do this again because I do want to do a whole topic I love. I have to go catch a flight.


Yeah, you can stop by. I got to ask you a couple more questions. I don't know. We will have Nikki Giovanni on, OK, because you have a quote that I love. And I wish in this era of cancel culture, more people would adopt it. You say mistakes are a fact of life. It is a response to the error that counts. Could you could you expand on it? Oh, no, that's quite you people get upset when they when they get upset.


If they have the wrong boyfriend or girlfriend, they get upset. If they don't get the job. They thought people get upset because they think that life should be smooth and we all are going to make mistakes. There's a reason pencils have erasers. And one of the things that I am a firm believer in, and it's why I don't read my own, I don't read I seldom I shouldn't say I don't, but very seldom read my own poetry is because I don't I don't mind contradicting myself.


And I would say that I teach it at here at Virginia Tech. And one of the things I try to tell my students is don't involve yourself too much in your early writing, because if you do, you'll try not to contradict yourself. If you won't contradict yourself, you won't grow in one of the sad things, and I knew I had the pleasure of knowing that she was my sorority sister, Aretha Franklin, but also I looked at at a young Michael Jackson.


I didn't know I knew Michael, but not like we weren't friends and what he did as a singer, what she did actually as a singer, what Princeton as a singer is they kept singing the same song. And if you're singing the same song, eventually it wears you down. So we know that Prince, I'm sure you know, the prince was not, for example, a drug addict. Prince died because he had pills because of the pain.


He was trying to dance. He was trying to put on high heeled shoes and dance because he thought that's what people wanted. And, of course, that's what people wanted, to not leave the door open and go out and do it because he's a great musician. It's a shame that we lost him because he wanted to be something that he had been finished with.


Show me someone not full of herself, and I'll show you a hungry person. Oh, yes. I think I keep trying to grasp what that quote means. Can you explain that one?


Well, the first thing and I'm always laughing about that, and I am now going to speak as a black woman, but the first thing you have to do when you wake up in the morning as a black woman is look in the mirror and smile at yourself, because all of your life, all of your mother's life, all of your grandmother's life, we've been told we were ugly and we were black. We've been told. And so the person you have to do it, you have to train yourself.


So you wake up and you smile in the mirror. You look at yourself and say, OK, are you all right?


Because if you don't do that, they may be the only smile you get today. And if you do it, if you get into that habit, it's going to feel you up and you're going to you're going to be kind to yourself. You're going to look out for yourself. You're going to pay attention to yourself. And I think that that's so important because we've seen so many people be abused because they didn't know that they didn't have to they didn't have to be abused, that that was not a good idea, that what they needed to do was to love themselves.


What I'm saying is it's very important that that we look at women because what we do with men is we take away so much of the joy of men, men, not we do we let men have fights with people who don't matter. And we love you. So we do expect you to come home and be and be kind to us. We expect you to to spend some time with us. And we're not asking for a lot of money. We know you were poor when we were sleeping with you.


We're just saying pay a little attention here. Let us know that you care. Wow.


I love that. I love what you said to about smiling in the mirror because you've got these kids get on social media looking for validation from everybody else and not giving it to themselves. You have to give it to yourself. And, you know, you're a good person. So the one thing you have to say to yourself is I'm a good person because you are to be a black American is to be great, actually, because we have built a nation and by building the nation, we built a world.


And I think that nobody I really don't I don't know anybody who would wake up in the morning and say, I want to be white. And I just don't I don't know if you do. I don't know if I think anybody that does that. But I know a lot of people who wake up and say, I want to be darker and they go down to the Caribbean so that they can get a tan is right.


And it was such a pleasure.


You know, everything you're saying is amazing and it gives me such a better understanding of myself. And that's what a wise woman once said. If you don't understand yourself, you don't understand anyone else. Now, why was missing Nikki Giovanni? So thank you. We'll pick up the book, make me read poems and prose. Miss Giovanni, it was a pleasure.


Thank you. It's my pleasure. Thank you. Thank you.


Is The Breakfast Club told me go back to base. Why do these guys get so excited when they hear Drake the goat?


You're not even bigger. Wow. Wow. I'm just saying he will all go apologize for her comments, apologize for you. I never said I should stop apologizing. You talk about how Latinos showed up in Florida. In Texas. I didn't say that. That's what I said. Arizona and Nevada.


No, America. That's Arizona. I'm not John. This was not the Trump, not Trump.


You got a lot more south to a McDonald's. Of course, HBC you homecomings are not happening this year because the covid.


But we're doing something special for all the bcuz out there.


Battle of the Bands is going to be bands. Playing is going to be a huge party. There's going to be performances, there's going to be dancing. I'm going to be doing some interviews. It's going to be really, really dope shot to do. D.J. Loevy, he's going to be deejaying. So it's going to be really, really dope. It happens tomorrow from five to six thirty p.m. So you can catch everything that you need is a little baby.


It's a big Sean, sweetie and Khaleed. So definitely tune in.


It's gonna be a lot of fun. And before that at three o'clock I heart radio is doing beautiful possibilities presented by. Ulta beauty and so you can watch as I host this beautiful possibility's panel with Olalla Anthony, Grammy Award winning artist, her and CEO and founder of Essence Eve Carmen Perus, it's a one hour virtual event. Also her will be performing and you get the opportunity to win a virtual meet and greet with her and a 500 dollar Ulta beauty gift card.


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Well, let's get to the rumors and talk Michael Jordan about who's going to report.


Well, this is the rumor report with Angelina on the Breakfast Club. All right.


Well, let's get back to the last dance again, because Michael Jordan, there's still some discussions on that docu series. Now, just to flash back, here's what Michael Jordan had to say about Isaiah.


I respect Isaiah Thomas, his talent. To me, the best point guard of all time is Magic Johnson and right behind him. And no matter how much I hate him, I respect his game as a very honest answer.


I don't know. I hate him, but I respect his game. There's a lot of people like that. I just don't like to understand what they don't understand.


Michael Jeffrey Jordan saying right there with Michael Jordan also said that he did not block Isaiah from the dream team.


You want to attribute it to me? Go ahead. Be my guest. But it wasn't me.


Now, interestingly enough and I have the audio, but it sounds very murky. So what I did was I pulled out the quotes from it, and this is actually an interview from 2011, an audio interview for the Dream Team book. And Jack McCullin wrote that book. And what Michael Jordan is saying is right. Warren called me and rather, I was the chairman of the Olympic Team Selection Committee and the Chicago Bulls former general manager. And he said, I said, right, I won't play if Isaiah Thomas is on the team.


And he said, you know what, Chuck doesn't want Isaiah. So Isaiah is not going to be part of the team. So I guess that audio from when that book was being written says something different. Now, Isaiah Thomas has reacted and here's what he had to say about discovering all these things from watching The Last Dance.


I watched it with great fascination and I watched it with great disappointment. At that time, I didn't realize and even until I watched the last dance, I didn't realize that he felt the way he felt about me.


I had never had no bad words with him or anything like that. And when I look at that dream team like we knew each other, but the only person that I really knew on the dream team was magic.


First of all, I would never get tired of hearing those old guys discuss their war stories. And MJ discussed the whole Isaiah Thomas dream thing, dream team thing on the last dance.


But I don't believe that they didn't know they didn't like each other. I mean, the Pistons walked off the floor after him and didn't shake their hand. I say you they knew they had beef, like, come on.


Well, some more things that Isaiah Thomas said on Clubbish was a Sharp's podcast. He also said that Michael Jordan was no competition.


You know, I was dominant over him when our teams met. You know, when you go back and you look at until 91, when I basically had a career in the wrist surgery up until the end, my record against against him and his team, everyone, it really was a competition. Stop it.


I say that's what he's supposed to say. That's what I stop. And I don't get me wrong. The Pistons did dominate the Bulls for a few years. But, you know, when the Bulls figured it out, they figured it out and they never look back. But that's what I miss.


Like, I'm you're my competition until I die. That's that's how basketball should be. We should be friends until I die. Yes. They don't even play anymore. But you know why we still can't. It sounds like right now he will pull up a Michael Jordan house and play a game. I want to win because there's always a bunch of things that are undecided that they can never go back and reconcile. Absolutely. Even though we all have the tape, we see it like, yes, the Pistons dominated the bulls.


And then when the bulls figured it out, the bulls dominated the whole league.


It is what it is. Well, Isaiah Thomas also put together a list of the toughest players that he ever faced. And you can guess Michael Jordan was not number one.


Who would you say are the five toughest players that you've had to face?


Magic, Kareem, Br'er, Dr. Dre.


And then I would say to you, play a different kind of game. So your genetic gifts, I'm going to eliminate all of that. And now we're going to play basketball and it's going to be about our mental stamina dropping.


Isaiah Thomas, I love to play one on one. I know my Texas back boxing. I used to play. I want to win, by the way.


That's his opinion. You asked him a question. Would you play it again? He named Jordan, came in at number five. There's nothing wrong with that. That's a great top five one.


All right. Now, since I like these old stories, let's talk about Mike Tyson. We've been learning a lot about him on his podcast. Back then, and one thing that he talked about was cheating with the whizzinator, you know, that device you use to pass those urine tests. Listen to this.


There was a whizzinator, which was a prosthetic. Yeah, it was. If you put clean urine, you know, I put my baby's urine and I'm like, no, I'm I'm I'm just hoping I'm hoping that one day I use my wife, my wife and baby, and I hope she comes back pregnant or something. And I said, not the way I'm going to use. You know what? We're going to use the kid. Well, did you have the right color, whizzinator?


Because it was I don't know how long it had a white on the ground. When I heard this guy, this guy was so much he was scared. I kept it out of him. I take the cup.


I had the fake penis. The fake penis was so big and brown it looked like a hand. And he bowed. But it wasn't him. And he ended it with baby piss. I tried to make him drink it, but he wouldn't taste it. Trouble include boxer Mike Tyson.


I love my voice. Was that I Mike?


You know what happened this season? I love my boxing podcast. Made up his own story. He put a lisp on a list, but he's a double this. Nobody associate you with the BS. OK, I come over and make you love me is too strong.


What is going on here? All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee and that is your roommate report. He ran out of here. All right, Charlamagne, who are you giving you? Don't you do you know it's a double donkey today because I came, so I came across a couple of stories that I can't let slip by me. OK, but we're going to go down I-95 south. We're going to stop in Georgia and we're going to take it to Florida.


All right, folks around when we come back, it's the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


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Because right now you also. It's time for Donkey Day, so we have a few. I need to be done with the heat this weekend.


Please tell him I had become Donkey of the Day, The Breakfast Club, because you're a dirty cop. Oh, not today for Wednesday.


November 11th has to be a double donkey. Sometimes I walk in here and I come across more than one person who should get the credit they deserve for being stupid. And today is one of those days, OK, one hails from Florida, the other hails from Georgia. Which one do you want first? OK, if I was going down 95 south from New York City, I would hit Georgia first.


Let's start there. Kimberly Ragsdale, you are the first up to the front of the congregation. We would like to have a word with you now. Kimberly is forty seven years old and she was charged with impersonating an FBI agent. Why was Kimberly impersonating an FBI agent? Let's go to the Charlotte Observer for the report, please.


A Georgia woman faces charges after police say she posed as a federal agent and demanded free food from employees at a local chick. Kimberly Ragsdale, 47, was arrested and charged with impersonating a public officer after employees dialed nine one one following her latest attempt to score a complimentary meal, according to an arrest report posted by the Rock Park Police Department. She was booked November 5th into the Polk County jail and released on three thousand dollars bail after a two day stint behind bars.


Authorities said Ragsdale kept up the ruse even as she was being arrested, at one point pretending to talk into a radio supposedly hidden under her shirt and urging the FBI to send someone to her aid.


That's right. What other reason is that to dress up as an FBI agent, they get free fast food. Now, listen, at least this woman has changed because she went after chick fillet without a shadow of a doubt. To me, Chick fil A is the number one fast food restaurant and it's not even close. OK, if you're going to take penitentiary chances, do it over something that taste great with Polynesian sauce, though, I must say lately when I indulge in Chick fil A, that chick fillet sauce slaps troubling clues about the Chick fil A sauce.


OK, now also have to commend Kimberly for staying in character the whole time. You might have missed this part of the news report. Let's listen to it.


Authorities said Ragsdale kept up the ruse even as she was being arrested at one point pretending to talk into a radio supposedly hidden under her shirt and urging the FBI to send someone to her aid. That's right.


When police pulled up to chipolata arrest Kimberly, OK, she kept the ruse going and told officers her credentials were electronic, OK, and started talking into her shirt like she was talking into a radio telling someone that they are arresting her. OK, how to help you request backup to the home of the original chicken sandwich? OK, to line that chick fillet already belong because people will be trying to get that for one hundred and forty calorie chicken sandwich. And here you go, causing more of a disturbance.


Oh, because you don't want to spend a couple of extra dollars on Chick fil A like the rest of us. Why is there anyone out there with a Chick fil A hookup? No, I have never heard of anyone getting free chick fillet because those workers at chick fillet are angels. That's what they and Chick fil A's stands for Angels. OK, Chick fil Angels. And those angels, that chick fillet would never risk those positions because you want to pretend to be a chick fillet agent to get a free spicy chicken sandwich, not to mention how you got money to bail out of jail, but you ain't got no money to buy, no goddamn chick fillet kimberlite.


Three thousand dollar bills. I mean, you probably had to pay ten percent. Three hundred dollars. You had no money for no chick fillet, but you have one you bail out. Knock it off Kimberle.


Now let's keep going down I-95, I-95, South Florida. Hit it, hit the dock.


Make sure you don't watch out for the. The craziest people in America come from the Bronx in all of you are adopting a Florida man attacked and Apne for a very strange reason, they gave him too much money.


The man is arrested after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his credit. Right.


Police arrested an Orlando man for talking up a little between Dalkia the day when Charlamagne a guy. Oh, why? You keep letting him get you out like everybody else. He's doing it to yourself. Duvall OK, what did your uncle always say about Florida? The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida. And Dustin Alan Colmes is no exception. See, Dustin was in his jeep minding his business and he started revenues you up, you know, those people that liked it.


So Toby Keaton, also a Florida resident, instead of minding his business, took his Fula Florida ads over the death, his Jeep, and asked him why was he doing it? Would you like to know what happened next? Let's go to Florida Keys news for the report, please.


A Florida Keys man was jailed Halloween night after police said he threatened a man with a handgun while in his jeep on Duvall Street. The reason for the gun flash. Someone questioned the size of the driver's.


Stop right there. Stop right there. Stop right there. Stop right there.


Let's play it again. A Florida Keys man was jailed Halloween night after police said he threatened a man with a handgun while in his jeep on Duvall Street. The reason for the gun flash. Someone questioned the size of the driver's penis after he read the gas engine. According to the police report, you must have a small the driver said he was told Dustin Allentown's, 21, was arrested on felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and dealing in stolen property.


He was also arrested on a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid driver's license.


The story is close to home.


It's safe to say that a 21 year old Dustin does have a little penis. He was triggered. That's why he pulled his pistol up. If it wasn't true and you had a large penis, you would either laugh it off or pull out your meat. I mean, it's Florida. So I'm thinking on the level of a Floridian here, any other state, someone tells you you must have a little penis. It's either a flirting or be something to laugh off, but not in Florida and Florida.


If someone tells you that you have a small penis, you have to show him, OK, you got to show him what you working with, because if you don't have anything to show him, you put you got him and threaten to sue.


OK, listen, when Beyonce and he wrote Eagle, that song is so true to life because a lot of men's egos are directly correlated to their penis size. And if you have a very small piece, if you are used to hearing that about yourself, it definitely, you know, can can cause you to have a very fragile ego because there's nothing you can do to make your penis bigger. Now, what if Dustin would have pulled a gun on Toby?


You have to. Toby just said he had a small penis. And Toby replied, that gun is way bigger than your penis. What if Toby would have said your girl would much rather have that big ass gun in her instead of your little ass penis that right there would have caused Dustin to shoot Toby. OK, see, the Serenity Prayer works for everything but penis, because that's the one thing you can not accept that you can't change. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.


That sounds good for everything except your penis size. All right. Some folks can't accept that. And Dustin was one of them. So let's please give Kimberly was Kimberly's last name. I forgot her last name already. Let's give Kimberly what's her last name. I don't know. Let's give Kimberly and Dustin this week's out of the Hambleton's. Oh, no.


You all about Oggy. Doggy. Yee haw! His that was what I wanted to play a game you wanna play a game? All right. Well, let's play a game of guess what right today. Is it the goddamn intro drum, you know, you guys got to give me a little heads up. Here we go by giving you a right. All right, now let's go check the A on, but the producers got so crazy, just mad, they was like, oh, what have I told you?


I'm not going to give them a heads up. You know what you thought I said? What did you think?


I said, I don't want to get to know more about it.


I was all ready to play a game against what race it is in. Eddie and Dane Cook running Hit My Dog. I'm like double what Norm said. I didn't give him a heads up. I said, I'm not giving up.


Like, you know, you say, all right, you guys play too much, man. All right.


Up next is asking, by the way, both of them away, I think I don't know what does this tell me? What Dustin is doesn't of them. He's oh, let's just go with the stereotype.


He's white.


OK, all right.


Ask next eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice, any type of advice here, call you right now.


It's a breakfast local morning, the Breakfast Club. Come on, relationship advice, any personal advice, just a really fine call up now for Ask Brad. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. It's time for ask ye.


Hello. Who's this girl. Hey, what's your question for you. My question is, do I want to make sure I'm doing the right decision based? You know, that's what happened with the decision. I'm gonna leave my wife in about February, March, but we still living together because it's like I moved to Florida and ends up going to North Carolina and I'd love to go. But the thing is, it's like, hey, I'm like, leave your location on it or leave it or not curse any more, please.


But go ahead. Yeah, I'm sorry. I was like, leave your location on. And I just I just want to make sure you're no questions at all and she doesn't let me know where she goes. But all I know is that she's with some friends that are from Maryland. So they met halfway through to me is like you playing games and it's just like you want to sit here and act like it's okay. It's okay, you know, let me know where you are.


But we're married and so do you not. Did you not trust her before this? Well, she never trusted me to get what I'm saying because her best friend tried to sleep with me when like this happened in the very beginning of our relationship. But I didn't tell her until, like, we weren't married yet. We were still boyfriend and girlfriend, but she was living with me. And so it's just like a whole football game. Your whole personal best friend knew about it.


And then she came up to me and basically, like, trapped me in my room, in my own house. And it was just like like nothing happened. And it's just like it's just the fact that I didn't tell her until later. And so it's just because of that she felt like I broke her confidence. And it's just like ever since then, things have never been the same. Right.


So you think now she's just trying to set her freedom, but you don't think she's doing anything? You just want to make sure she's safe? No where she's at. Because now that that happened, you don't have that foundation of trust in your relationship. She doesn't trust you. And then as a result, now the relationship is damaged and now you don't trust her either. Exactly.


Do you understand why she's upset that you didn't tell her that immediately?


Yes, of course anybody would be. You know what I'm saying? And I've told you that like I like, you know, you have no reason to be upset. You have like you get what I'm saying, like you have all powers and how it's just how long and how long ago was that? This happened over this six years ago. OK, and it feels like you get what I'm saying. It's still guys, she's still with us.


I mean, am I be honest. I feel like you you still love her, right. And want to be married to her.


Yeah. Cause that's the game plan. OK, but I don't feel like this is Eric irrepairable. You said you did not cheat on her. What did the friend say? And she's still friends with that person.


No, she's not friends with that person. The person that her friend confirmed everything that I said. OK, all right. So you did tell the truth, but she's just as confused as maybe she feels like. Why was he attracted to her? Did he really want to do something? Why would he keep this a secret? And so she just felt kind of dumb for being left in the dark. And now, like you said, it hasn't been the same.


It feels like you guys need to really work on that foundation and build that that trust again. And when she does something, she's probably doing it partly to get a reaction out of you and partly to assert her independence and say, you don't tell me what to do. You did this. And so now you can't tell me what to do, right? Yeah, pretty much. It's OK. I'm tired of fighting. Like I'm getting to the point where, like, I'm twenty eight, like I either get wasted or just stop reading.


Right. And be sitting like trying to keep going and going to work and then worry about you. Oh sorry.


All right.


Well like I do think that you guys need to sit down with the professional. I'll be honest, because this doesn't sound like something that you guys can't work at. It sounds like you're both being really stubborn. And sometimes it has to take a bigger person to say, OK, what do I need to do to make you comfortable? And this is how this is making me feel when you do these things and it's hurting and damaging our relationship. And I love you and I want to be with you, but sometimes we get so stubborn, we get in our own way that we block our relationship from blossoming into what it can be because nobody wants to give in and nobody wants to say, OK, I was wrong, what can I do to repair this?


And I do feel like this doesn't sound like you can't. So you got to work really hard on that. And sometimes that means calling in a professional, just like if something's wrong with you, you know, healthwise or something's wrong with your car and you go and take it to the mechanic to get it fixed, sometimes you need to get your relationship fixed and you can't do it on your own.


Yes. No, thank you. I appreciate that. Like I need it. But you get what I'm saying. And that's what I call. Relationships sometimes take work, they don't just flow easy and you can't just sweep things under the rug and move on and both, they'll be doing things tit for tat. Sometimes it does take work. Yes, ma'am. Thank you. All right. OK. All right. ASKI Eight hundred five eight five.


One, two five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call you. Right now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Real well with some real advice with Angeliki. It's aski morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club in the middle of ASKI. Hello, who's this?


I'm Richard. What's your question for you, Richard? I was like I was a little girl, like six, seven years after all this talk and all. She said she didn't love me. So I me, I do it. That's fine. But what I really like was almost every day and I don't want to I like it so much. I don't want to see on if my ex is who they want to be together in the future and and what isn't.


Your ex want to be with you now?


We broke up because I cheated last year and was like she really came together for like two months like this and I just wasn't feeling to work for her for as long as it was. I understand. If I want to blame somebody, I'm going to give an example what I and I'm willing to wait and all that. But I don't know, like when or how long she's going to be for something. I'm not going to let her go. I messed up some things.


Well, I, I really, really do like her a lot, but I don't want to hurt her. Like, I don't want to tell her that I want to be what I want to talk to her. I'm not over yet.


So why don't you just be single for a minute. Right. And I appreciate that you tell the new girl that you met the truth about the situation, that there was somebody else that you were involved with and what happened. All you can do is be honest with her, because if she makes a decision to continue speaking with you, that's on her. The only problem is that if your ex and you get back together and she finds out about this, are you going to be honest with your ex as well?


And how is she going to feel knowing that while you're supposedly waiting for her and letting her heal, you're still seeing other people?


I mean, she is personal to me to go. No, I don't think I need an explanation of what I know. Right.


But if y'all get back together, you know, you will have to let her know these things. I'm just telling you.


And I wasn't thinking about, OK, just please just take all those things into consideration. Right. You're not doing anything wrong. You're right. You're single. So you can't talk to other people. You've told the other girl your situation. She can make a decision based on that. But you know, for yourself, I would say it sounds like you need some time to not be in a relationship so that you can figure out what's going to work for you best.


And just know that if you and your ex get back together, you will have to be honest if she asks you about what you've been doing, not that what you've been doing is wrong, but just know that that might be something that comes up and just keep that in your mind.


I want to ask her, but I'm not going to be like, oh yeah, I'm not going to do it. I need to do that. Well, if she asked you just now, she might ask you. And if she does ask you, you will have to be honest.


Yeah, I know it. The too numerous of leave it alone.


Oh, listen, you told her what it is. You already tell her that you're not, you know, ready to be in a relationship right now. You have this ex that you hurt her feelings and whatever happened, if she chooses to still be with you, that's on her. And if she still wants to mess around and whatever, then that's on her, you know, but at least you were honest. So she knows where she stands, but she can make that decision based off of facts.


OK, so it's not really up to you. It's up to her. I'm going to go. Thank you for that. OK, no problem.


Honesty. That's all we need. Right? Just keep it real tight. All right. Sometimes people make things more complicated to, like, just tell the truth. You'd be surprised. People don't have an issue with certain things and they'll be OK with it as long as they know what's going on. All right.


ASKI 800 one, two, five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice you can hit, you know, we got rooms sort of way. Yes. Let's talk about the Xbox versus the PlayStation. I know right now everybody is trying to get this PlayStation. It's only available online at first because they want to make sure that people aren't rushing to these stores. But let's talk about who buys the Xbox and who buys a PlayStation. What is your preference and what does that mean?


All right. We'll get to that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. I sing, I sing to go get the chop on the early morning, everybody is deejaying envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we all at the Breakfast Club, NASA, I, Heart Radio and McDonald's are right there doing a homecoming party on the yard. I saw, of course, homecoming is canceled because of covid, but we're doing something special for you guys out there.


It's going to be feature a little baby, Big Sean, sweetie and Kylie will be performing tonight.


So it's going to be a lot. D.J. and talking about HBC you experience we're going to talk to some of you guys is going to be away. So I just keep it locked. It will give you all the information, but it's happening tomorrow at five p.m..


Yes. And also tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., I'll be hosting the I Heart Radio, Beautiful Possibilities presented by Ulta Beauty. And on that panel is Olalla Anthony Lalande, her and the CEO and founder of Kriol Essence Eve. Carmen Perus is also going to have an acoustic performance from her as well. So, you know, that's exciting. And you can also win a chance to have a virtual meet and greet with her, a five hundred dollar Ulta beauty gift card.


And you get the opportunity to donate to a scholarship to the BCU of your choice. Just make sure you upload a photo of your at home homecoming. Look on Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag my HBC You look hashtag sweepstakes entry and tag Ulta Beauty and I heart radio and that's how you can win.


All right. Well, let's get to the rumors. Let's talk Housewives of Atlanta.


It's like she's building the team. This is the rumor report with Angela on the Breakfast Club.


Well, according to the Jasmine brand, The Real Housewives of Atlanta production stopped after a crew member tested positive for a coronavirus, though they said one of the crew members did test positive and that person was around the majority of the cast from the show. So everything is shut down right now until everybody can be tested and quarantined. They said it's a really scary situation. It affects more than just the cast, but their families as well. And I was telling you earlier and behind the scenes, the New York Knicks, they had to shut down their practice facilities also.


What's the best for them? That's the best thing for them, because a coronavirus and people tested positive.


There is a good excuse for the next year, OK? They suck all the time now. They can just quit because of chronic.


Oh, right. At any point, the Cowboys to our right now, the series X just came out yesterday and tomorrow is the release of the PlayStation five. And Black Blackboy GB has a theory on who is buying these gaming systems. Here's what he had to say.


PlayStation, I got Pakkala. So PlayStation is supposed to be for the game. What's supposed to be for the screen by saying that the guys can play the Xbox.


But I'm just saying I've never heard that logic ever in my life. He needs a salute to black boy JB before, you know, really being a deep thinker with that one station. Never heard that one ever.


OK, to Xbox. They sent me one.


Oh, but they sent you a goddamn Xbox.


Oh, nice of question. Is that all right? It's funny because I have like an Xbox in every room in my house where there's a TV.


I don't know what I prefer doing on the floor. I prefer Xbox because I got to exercise crazy. But I like PlayStation and there's a game I actually want that's only coming out on PlayStation. That's two Miles Morales home. Spider Man.


You like the PlayStation better than Xbox?


No, I like Xbox, but there's a game on PlayStation and I don't know if it's coming to Xbox. And that's the real Spider-Man game. You bought the PlayStation? I don't have a PlayStation.


I think he's about to buy one for every room.


Is it? All right. Christina Aguilera has signed with Jay Z's Roc Nation, so she's coming back out. It's been a while since she put out some music a couple of years. And she said ultimately that played a factor in her decision to leave The Voice. She said when I what I was doing last year with Libération was kind of a shedding of a certain skin on some level. Prior to that, I had given myself fully to television and being a part of a network that really wasn't quite the fit for me after the amount of time I put in.


So she wants to get grounded again. So now she's about recognition. Listen, she's a popular singer, by the way.


That white girl can sing her ass off, all right? She got soul. So I'm sure I don't think she lost her voice.


I mean, I haven't heard her in a long time, but I right now it looks like Jimbo and his child's mother, Ari Fleischer, have gotten into it. And it's all about Tiina, Zimmerman's girlfriend, Tiina, holding her son. So I don't know if you guys saw this, but there was a picture that was posted. Some photographer took a picture. And the son, your son looks like he's, you know, like squirming around or whatever, annoyed.


And she said, I don't want my son in public with her holding him because she told me her own mouth that your son does not like her. So I don't want my son uncomfortable. That's what I reposted. And then she Haribo posted on Instagram Happy Hosain Hayton. And then I posted how they got a cure for covid and not herpes. So it seems like they're having this back and forth. Yes. Over that. I mean, it's difficult when you.


Kids and somebody else is dating someone else, you know, I'm sure that's a weird feeling. Herpes is incurable. That's why they don't have a cure for it. It's not like they have tried to crack the code yet. That's all right.


She's saying how how are they come in with a cure for covid before herpes. But herpes has been around for so long.


But why herpes like? Well, that was a random statement why she made that statement. Like, I don't get to guess who was trying to insinuate that someone has herpes and.


Oh, but that don't work if you slept with the guy, right? Yeah. Yeah.


I mean that you might have had two people got to really think these things through me. Maybe you thought she was going to happen after.


We don't know. I'm just about to hear about Ryan Henry at the end of the day. That's good to know what you did. That was so good to you. Just like that. And I wasn't sure. I didn't think, you know, not herpes is always good to go, girl. All right. Well, I'm Angela Yeager, and that is your rumor report.


All right. Shout to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else. The People's Choice mixes up next.


Let's go to The Breakfast Club. Your mornings. I'll never be the same.


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Some restrictions apply e.g. envy Angelilli Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We got a shout out to Nikki Giovanni for joining us this morning.


Man icon Nikki Giovanni. I'm telling you, man, it's quite a few interviews that we've done over Zun initiated. I really wish were in person. You know, Nikki Giovanni is definitely on that list now. And Phylicia Rashad and Buju bartender, the other four from initiated I definitely wish were in person. But yeah, please go to YouTube and check out the Nikki Giovanni interview. Made a lot of her uria now.


Yeah, I hope we have her again. So that would be great. We need to have her up here a couple more times. Yeah, I miss I was in Detroit yesterday, but I'm in Detroit today.


Oh yes. This is nice in Detroit. Yeah.


Well yesterday it was and you know, shout out to everybody out here in Detroit. I'm actually opening a store here in the next couple of weeks. So I was getting everything together with the last permits and approvals. And now we just have to order this furniture and we're pretty much ready to go. So I'm excited about it.


All right. Well, when we come back, we got the positive note, The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Now, Solomon, you've got a positive note.


I do have a positive note. Man is from Nikki Giovanni. Make sure you go to the you.


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