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On September 17th, 2009, 24 year old MIT Chris Richardson disappeared without a trace in the woods near Malibu, California, and was never seen alive again. I'm Catherine Townsend, host of the podcast Houngan, we're going to try to find out what really happened to my Chris Richardson school humans and I heart radio present Helen Gonne Season three, Listen to Hell and gone on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. He was like, OK, I'll give you take in Angeliki and Charlamagne the White, and it's up to the club is all right.


OK, OK. Love coming here, I'm never not going to come here. You guys are good to me and the tournament was really good. A lot of people in hip hop generation, the Breakfast Club is where people get the information on the topics, on the artists and everything like that. And that aspect radio is still influences the Breakfast Club. My name come up respec.


Good morning, USA. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Good morning Angela. Yea I thought she was here.


Charlamagne got peace to the planet Friday. What's happening, what's happening? Happy Halloween, everybody out there. I know it's not I know Halloween is tomorrow, but we usually we celebrate on a Friday or the day of and we were all going to come in dressed up as our characters.


But that didn't happen. It didn't happen because we all decided to stay home as proper protocol just in case. Because, you know, when you hear somebody that was in the studio may have been in contact with somebody who tested positive for covid, like, you know what? Let's take some let's take some proper precautions. Even though I had a test yesterday, because I have to do something on Monday, which requires me to go into another studio. So I had to take a test yesterday afternoon, actually.


Right. And no, I'm negative. But, hey, if everybody wants to take proper precautions, I totally understand, even though I wanted to come in dressed up to take me to me, too. Now, I will say, though, everything happens for a reason, though, because I'm not going on an extra hour of sleep this morning was slapping it hit different. I'm not going to lie.


I needed it. It sure did.


All right. Well, Angelina, you never dressed up for Halloween. Why not? I'm just curious.


I told you ever since I was young, it's never really been a thing. Growing up in Brooklyn, I was never allowed to go. Candy has never been a thing.


My parents would just buy it for me the next day, half price.


And I am I might just have one particular sad music.


At least I grew up a Jehovah's Witness. I got a way better excuse.


And the one time I did dress up, I wasn't able to go trick or treating because I had to take piano lessons and I was allergic to cats. And my piano teacher had a cat and I had a really bad allergic reaction that day.


So, you know, not being able to go as dog, you could add it into your costume because you said it's part of the costume, whatever the rash swollen, I couldn't see anything.


That's amazing. I thought amazing how long we got to look so real.


I always wonder how that had affected you as an adult. Like, do you want to do more childhood fun things because you weren't allowed you never went to Disney World, you know, you couldn't go trick or treating with your friends. You know, you have to stay on. Do you know you didn't see Lion King? Like, I wanted it, like as an adult. Do you do more like kitty things because you miss that stuff? Kind of like Michael Jackson, like, you know how Michael Jackson always did like the kitty things because he didn't have it on you kitty things.


And I was allowed to leave the EU, but when I was like six, I couldn't I wasn't allowed to leave the stoop. I think I don't think that's a bad thing.


You sure you don't have any childhood trauma from that? You have an inner child that might want to go to Disney World, maybe want to dress up for Halloween just once in the trees?


I've been at Six Flags. OK, that's the same. That's cool. It's like it's I've been to school. It's not the same.


You know, it is, though, but it's not Disney World. I don't know what is going to what is a 45 minute drive away.


The other one you got you got to fly. You got to stay overnight. Is the excitement here, guys. Disney World is very expensive.


Yes, it is. But your parents didn't go because. Why?


Because trick or treating and you can't have price increases. Your dad is still cheap to this day.


You don't know if this is you don't know this is a trigger for her.


You I mean, and you just study just know that they will drive two hours out of the way to avoid thing.


It's all OK, spending money on gas.


But hey, that's all we got up anywhere.


We got inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame last night, too. It's official. Yes.


You know, even though it was virtual, I hate virtual everything.


I really do. Like I don't know that I'm so tired of virtual.


We do you do I come to my house to award in the mail. Oh, now who's triggered?


I get my outrage and I'm just I'm not tricking. I'm just mad. Now, I don't I get no award in the mail.


It was like three days ago. Really? No. Now, I got a bunch of magazines.


I got to get out of the box and see if that is my check right now.


I know it was funny when I started doing my little speech last night. I had to turn the camera off.


Right, because Charlamagne was looking at me and his big face was looking at me because he was crying. I was I did terrible tearing up. I know.


And he was looking at me. You look like you want to hug me. So I just had to turn the camera off. I would argue if he was all on stage together, why not a good moment, even though, you know, I wish we could have done it on stage in Chicago from the broadcast museum, you know, because I've been to a radio Hall of Fame induction before because I gave the intro speech for Wendy Williams back in 2009 when she got inducted.


So that's a great moment that we haven't gotten to experience because of covid, of course, but I don't know whatever. And so it's all God's plan. I'm not tripping. I rather have, you know, gotten in to say that we're in as opposed to, you know, not gotten in. That's right. Or whatever.


Well, the reason we are home reason he'll be joining us this morning. Yes, he will be.


That's the reason we're home right now. Well, the reason he did an interview with us, this was our first live interview since March. Right.


And what's so amazing is album, his album because he's on TDE. His album is called New Beginnings. So that's that's what it felt like, you know, having him in the studio after, you know, not being in the studio doing interviews for how many months you remember the like six months. Seven. Yeah, man. Yeah.


I will be joined by Reasons New TDE artist, so we'll kick it with him and we got front page news. That's what we talk about you. Yes. We are going to talk about the events that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump held in Florida yesterday. As you know, Tuesday is the last day to vote. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are. The Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news now.


And Thursday Night Football, the Falcons beat the Panthers. Twenty five seventeen. What else are you talking about?


Well, let's talk about these rallies. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump went head to head in Florida yesterday.


The other thing that's happening right now is that we've had quite a swing up in the amount of coronavirus cases so far. Right now, there has been a new daily record with more than 88000 new coronavirus cases yesterday. So Biden had a socially distanced distance driving rally in Broward County. He thanked everybody for where he mentioned for staying six feet apart. And he asked for people to change the course of the pandemic into science over fiction. And again, Donald Trump was also in Florida and he's been campaigning there and you know what they're saying.


So there's been a huge uptick in cases of coronavirus in the places where Donald Trump has actually held these huge rallies.


So Donald Trump was in Tampa. He appeared there with his wife, Melania Trump also.


Yeah, I mean, I understand that. I mean, people are out there protesting. They're not wear a mask. A lot of Trump supporters feel like they don't have to wear masks.


So if you put them all together protesting the virus bite. Yeah, that's not what they're protesting out there for.


Trump supporting a rally and I call it a protest rally. Yes. They're not going to protest. Will drop off. I'm going to drop off my vote today. But I saw Eric Holder on CNN last night and he said vote in person because he knows Republicans are cheating. And he said a lot of the mail in ballots are going to be discounted by the Supreme Court. He wants people to pull up in person. I don't know what's going to happen on Tuesday, but I do know that it's not going to be normal.


OK, whatever whatever y'all think normal is, has none of this whole process has been normal. Trust me, too. There's not going to be normal. It's not going to be as simple as. Yeah, everybody went out, voted against Donald Trump and now he's gone.


No, that's not another issue right now is Hurricane Zeta, which has hit the Gulf Coast. And inland, at least six people have died. More than two point one million customers are without power. And they're saying that hurricane has affected a lot also with the power and boating. So imagine you're in Louisiana and you want to go vote in some of those locations because of power outages. You can't vote there. So right now, they're trying to figure out where people can.


Yeah. Can actually go.


So that's yet another issue that's on top of voter suppression, voter depression, which is just people not being enthused about, you know, the candidates so they don't show up. Now, you got to deal with Mother Nature. Wow. OK, Tuesday is not going to be normal guys and gals. All right. Well, that is your front page news. All right.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one zero five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up right now. Phone lines are wide open again. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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So the email. I hear from you on the Breakfast Club that you've got something on your mind, let it out. Hello, who's this?


Good morning. My name is Rochelle from Florida. I wanted to say good morning to you, T.J.. M.V. Charlemagne, the God. Angela, you thank you so much for taking my call. I wanted to call and let you all know that I was so impressed by always hearing you all push home ownership that I became a homeowner just a few months ago. During this whole Korona situation. I was afraid to step out on faith because I am a single woman, I'm newly empty nester.


And I, like you mentioned, like a lot of black people, there are so many hoops that we have to jump through to try and just become eligible to be a homeowner. And I was you know, I was no different. I had to borrow a lot of money from family, from friends, whoever would help because my credit was there. But at the end of the deal, I realized I had to have so much down. So it is so but it still was so fulfilling to be able to accomplish that.


And it's primarily because of you guys. And I thank you. And I ask that you continue to press our black people to become homeowners. Yeah. Thank you so much.


Congratulations. Congrats. My mom. Like, congratulations. Yeah. Yeah. It feels so good to walk in your living room.


They call it home family right now, but but it's still is no feeling like if there's no other feeling like knowing that you got a piece of your pie, you know. So I'm very, very thankful. I love that you pay the people back. I'm going to I'm I've already paid a thousand of it back. But of course, I'm working a lot of hours trying to get them paid off because I do appreciate them stepping in. For me, it takes a village some time.


Can I can I can I throw out my cash up in case anybody is listening and wants to help?


Sure. Hey, you are not athlete dollar sign the Q like Queen Ossy and it's a double zero one. So let me say that again. The Q Ossy zero zero one. All right.


Oh congrats again Mama. So much. Congratulations. I love to hear stories like that.


Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. L.A. is where I was born and raised. And for years, it's where I've documented life in the city, not the pop culture headlines, but the stories of people and communities that hardly get recognized the way.


Good morning. I brought L.A. wherever I travel to around the world as a journalist and now I'm back home not look at those cowboys.


There are black cowboys. I taught them how to do everything that he knows that Shaq, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe made people feel as confident as he was. How do you dress like, you know, like a casual gangster from Alere studios. This is California Love. Listen to California Love.


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Wake up, wake up, wake up. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello, who's this? My name is er from the ER. Well get it off your chest brother. Good morning to you guys first and foremost. Good morning. I was always wanted to be on the boat, but not like this right now. My wife has been missing for 72 hours now.


She know she's bipolar because you're pretty and she was having a major episode. She her birthday was just this past Monday and I was with her and the next Tuesday she was fine. But that afternoon she called me and she was talking about suicidal thoughts and everything like that. I trying to talk to her to get it come back to me. She, you know, make a long story short of flying all year to up to Mackinaw Bridge. She flew over the bridge and got on the worst of us to win about twelve miles, crashed a car, and she's nowhere to be found.


The car, the cars, there are items of their lives, her passport, her everything.


Everything's in the car.


But she's nowhere to be found. Is a lake right there because she gets the money. She's going basically trying to stuff in some water. But has everybody out there starting yesterday, helicopters or I was out there, we looking all over the place. I don't see footprints. We don't see a body, mostly nothing less than we know. There was a cement truck that was right by the location at the time of the scene that was headed west on us, too.


And it could be with her. We don't know. So I just want you to use out as much as we can as possible. If anybody could see her. Her name is Chanel. No, it's all I've been I've been texting. I've just seen it on Instagram.


I think I'm looking right now to see if I could find it. OK, I don't see it on here, but send it to us right now.


OK, I'm thinking now on her Instagram page should be sent to family or Sonali, if you if you put up on YouTube, I mean Yahoo and type in her name Chanel c h a n n e e last name tonight, the r d you know, pop up missing person. Yes, I see everything. I feel so sorry for you, King. I feel sorry for you King. I feel sorry, I feel sorry for her as well, you know what I mean.


Dealing with mental health issues. And I've heard stories like that, you know, people with bipolar just go missing. So really, I really I really feel sorry for you. My friends go out for your brother. I don't know. I mean, I don't know what else to tell you. I'm not gonna sit here and act like, I mean, everything.


And then she gets home safe. And I want to thank you. Thank you.


Hello. This is like from Miami. How are you? Good morning. Good morning. So I want to get off my chest. I woke up really this morning and this I think it's behold the campaign election season. We've got Trump here. We've got Biden here. And I just feel like at this point, there's really no light at the end of the tunnel for black people when it comes to the candidate that he has. And if anything, Biden is a must, but there really is no light at the end of the tunnel.


And I feel like at this point, what we have to do is get mentally and emotionally sound and be on call amongst all of us so that we can prepare for what's coming ahead, no matter if it's was by then, no matter if it was Trump. And just to be prepared for Tuesday, like Biden said, it's the dark winter approaching. And at this point, I just need all of my beautiful black soul kings and queens to just really invest in themselves mentally and emotionally so we can be prepared for the year.


And what's coming ahead? No, I agree with you because, man, our president will never be our savior ever. No, I don't know.


I want to help witness and I know you do enough. You know, the last is the end of the system. So I definitely feel like there's nothing for us in this earthly government. And everything that's to come to us is in the heavily government. And all that we can do now is protect each other and just stay focused on what's ahead.


I agree it'll never happen, though, because black people aren't monolithic, so we'll never be on one page. But also, I grew up a Jehovah's Witness to even tell them this has been the last days.


For a long time they have taught. But I feel like we're feeling it. What we're seeing it. And I definitely I mean, you know, about the fall powers. You know where that's going to happen.


That's very true across America. I agree that it's got to be the finger. Yeah. All right. We'll have to see black people.


Love you all. Love you back. We get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up.


Now, we got rooms on the way. Yes. Let's talk about little Wayne and his endorsement of Donald Trump. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. With Angela, get this close, listen up. Well, little Wayne appears to be a Donald Trump supporter.


Now, he posted a picture with himself and Donald Trump just had a great meeting with Donald Trump. Besides what he's done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership here. Listen to what we had to say today in that he will and can get it done. So Donald Trump also retweeted that as well as social media locked in mind, of course.


Yeah, absolutely.


I mean, I saw a lot of people weighing in on what they thought about his support of Donald Trump. And a lot of people also brought up things that little Wayne has said in the past. Now, Roland Martin said, let me be clear as possible, little Wayne is stupid. After posting this, his analysis of Trump's platinum plan is stuck on stupid. I would hope these are the rappers I KMAG Snoop and he I would cuss this fool out for being a dumb ass if I had his number, I would.


If Wayne wants to get educated about Trump's platinum plan, don't go on ESPN or Fox Sports. Come on, Roland Martin, unfiltered pick a day when you clearly haven't read a damn thing in that one page plan.


It's only right in trying to sound like Roland is trying to book a guest with his show. That's what that's out there.


I'm sure that he's very passionate and really cares about this as well, because honestly, I know a lot about the plan and plan from listening to Roland Martin unfiltered because he's got more depth on it.


Yeah, but don't invite him on your show. Use your platform to just use that moment to be a teachable moment, like tell people why the platinum plan is not good for black folks. Don't invite Wayne on your show and say, come on my show and let's talk about it like no school to people. All right.


Well, they brought up this old video of audio of little Wayne. He was doing an interview and he had this to say about Black Lives Matter.


Your thought on on Black Lives Matter. What is it? What what do you mean? The idea is that there's this movement called Black Lives Matter, thinking that the rest of America didn't seem to understand that the Black Lives Matter. It just sounds weird.


I mean, young, black, rich, if that don't let you know that America understand black man of these days, I don't know what it is.


That man white you filming me. I don't know what you mean. I don't know my life matter. Do you feel though connected to feel connected to that and I ain't got nothing to do with me.


I understand the word he did have the word apologize, though, I just want to say for those comments, this was like four years ago that he said that he said he was agitated by the line of questioning because they asked him about his daughter. And then previously, he also said this on this young lady radio at the age of 12 years old, I shot myself.


Police knocked on the door. I was right there. They knocked the door down. Everybody jumped over my body to go get the guns and drugs and whatever they could find. It's that one guy to stop right there and just cause everybody to have told me how you are doing.


We called the ambulance of an ambulance. Did you not see this kid on the floor?


Just hole in his chest. So you you drive, pick me up. He brought me to the hospital room and me too. Instead, they made it to the doctor, said he's going home. He's not going to make it. He was white as snow. They have told me was blacker than me. I don't know what race is. Yeah, I understand why everybody's playing those old clips, because, you know, they're trying to show that, you know, Wayne has never cared about social justice issues or black issues.


But I have to say, when you do that, it does feel like when a police shooting unarmed man and people start digging up old dirt on an unarmed person to say, see, I think this picture with Trump is enough to discuss.


Right. I mean, what young Lenny radio when I was just from earlier this year, I think in June. So so it's not really that. Oh, but I think the point is that little Wayne has said himself it's, you know, his interests and I know people around him said he doesn't really watch the news or I pay attention to what's going on.


He probably isn't educated on what's happening right now in these upcoming elections.


He's been clear about that in the past. I don't know why people have been so surprised. His his stance has been the same for a long time. He's yeah, that's what I'm confused about, the way. And think about me either Donald Trump and that's Joe Biden.


And that's why this Wayne thing is so fascinating to me, because really, I don't care. Like like people speak out on people speak out of both sides of their mouth on issues like this, because on one side, people say nobody cares what rappers have to say about politics. But on the other hand, y'all will spend all day caring about what this man has to say about politics. When I tell you I don't care how little he wants to or Trump, I don't care.


Like black people are not monolithic. And I'm I'm I'm actually here for black people thinking freely about their politics, even if I don't agree with their politics. Yeah, but I'm also here for people to I mean, like little Wayne is somebody that people will say is their favorite rapper, they look up to him and he's fine. So here he is.


You've got to have a conversation, a little way to see why, you know, I mean, there's different resoled. You caption.


He gave you a whole caption as to why he told you I nightcaps and he believes in the platinum plan. The platinum plan is going to, you know, give black people ownership. But I'll be the first to tell you, black people are not on the Trump administration's agenda. I don't care what the platinum plan says. None of none of those federal judges. Trump is given lifetime appointments to give a damn about black folks. I don't care if it's Biden or Trump.


Stop looking for your career. Oppressive to suddenly be your savior. It's not happening. It's not happening.


All right. Now, Donald Trump and his administration spent two hundred and fifty million dollars on a coronavirus advertising campaign, and they were using celebrities for this campaign. But they actually had some guidelines, according to documents that were obtained. They said a top Trump administration official official inserted partisan political interests into a taxpayer funded public health campaign ahead of the election. This is all according to The Washington Post. They wanted to defeat despair and inspire hope around the pandemic, and they wanted to have entertainers participate.


But a lot of people didn't make the cut. And the reason why is if you criticize Donald Trump, ever if you've ever supported Barack Obama or established yourself as a proponent of gay rights for those reasons, then some people got rejected. As a matter of fact, they rejected Jaylo because he made a political statement during her Super Bowl performance to address Trump's immigration policies. Justin Timberlake was rejected because he supported and endorsed Obama publicly and supported gay marriage. Billy Eilish was rejected.


She's not a Trump supported by stated that he is destroying our country and everything we care about. Eminem was rejected. Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Jack Black, all of those people or any one of those reasons above anything when you hear stories like that.


This is why I don't like people saying celebrities shouldn't speak about politics. Why not? Like, give to celebrity? You, like, endorses the candidate you like and you retweeting that person and loving their support. But if they don't endorse the candidate you like, they shouldn't be talking about politics. I just think that's so weird. Like if somebody like Wayne shouldn't talk about politics and none of those people you just name should be able to talk about politics, like none of this was an operative that wasn't even a yeah.


This was about a coronavirus ad where you using coronavirus politics, whatever it is like. None of us are experts at any of those things. So why does any of our voices matter when it comes to those issues?


Well, I think we're not ever have been like killer Mike Tyson. People have been at the forefront and been involved in politics. So you can't do both. But some people have said themselves that they don't really know anything about it and they don't care about it.


I just I think it's weird.


I think there is a difference in people that we look at, OK, this this person is somebody that's been keeping up on politics and paying attention to policies and watching the news and always been talking to one person for the first time ever has made a political statement.


This is the first political statement, Snoop, for the first time ever, Snoop for the first time ever, registered to vote Shaq for the first time ever, registered to vote like, I don't I don't know whatever is weird.


All right. Well, that is your rumor report. All right. Now, we got front page news coming up. What are we talking about?


Yes, let's talk about what's going on with this hurricane and how it's affecting voting.


All right. We'll get into that next. No, forget the reason will be joining us next hour. Don't is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is T.J. and Angela? Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news on Thursday Night Football.


Oh, the Falcons beat the Panthers. Twenty five seventeen. Now, what else are we talking about? You.


Well, let's talk about elections. Let's talk about what's happening with Donald Trump and Biden. They both were in Florida yesterday. At the same time, we have daily records of coronavirus coronavirus cases, more than eighty eight thousand new cases. Now, Biden had a socially distanced jivin rally in Broward County. Donald Trump, of course, was in Tampa. He was upset, though, about the amount of people that were allowed to come because of social distance rules and all of that.


At the same time as we're getting ready for these elections, there's a hurricane, Hurricane Zeta, that has hit the Gulf Coast and inland and it's left over two point one million customers without power and at least six people dead. What does that also mean for voting? But they are saying is that there's some power outages that presented problems for polling places and restoring power to those locations is a priority. But they also have a task force that's been formed to ensure that there's alternate polling places for those that remain out of service.


It's move.


Yeah, man, like I said last night, on top of voter suppression, on top of voter depression, people just, you know, not being enthused about either candidate. Now, you've got to deal with Mother Nature. I'm telling you, whatever happens Tuesday is not going to be normal. People do. No, we won't. We won't find a winner Wednesday. I know a lot of people think on Wednesday. Oh. No, no, no, no.


Oh, going to take a long time. It's not going to be in a lot of a lot of counties that hosted Trump rallies had a significant increase in covid-19 cases. They've done these studies and an investigation on CNN. They said 17 Trump campaign rallies finds that 14 of the host counties had an increased rate of new covid-19 cases one month after the rally. So out of those 17 rallies that he had, 14 of those counties that hosted them had a huge increase in the amount of coronavirus cases.


It's important to socially distance right now. And yeah, that is front page news. All right.


And let me say again, thank you to everybody out there for the congratulatory comments and text in DBMS. Yesterday, we were invited to the Radio Hall of Fame. And yes, I did get my award.


Water sitting there with you can get your voice out of me.


I'm sure I did. I just when I upstairs a little box with it in mind came from our hearts.


I don't know if yours went directly to the house, but mine came from my heart. So it's just a regular box.


I haven't seen it up there yet. I'll go look there. I think I just sent me a picture of what the award looked like, so I know what I'm looking at. All right.


All right. Now, when we come back, we have reason now. He's a TDE artist. He gets busy. He has a new album out. We're going to talk to him when we come back. So don't move. It's The Breakfast Club. Come on.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club, and we got a special guest in the building.


Yes, very, very, very important to note that we haven't had any guests.


The last guest we had, February, March, March 22nd, it was Andrew Yang and the last guest we actually had in the building. So this is the first guest we've had since the whole pandemic, you know, seven months, six months.


Ladies and gentlemen, we broke the curse. So now I want to make an exception for you.


You know what? Your music heavy. You know, I first noticed you on the freestyle with the L.A. Lakers when you noticed my skin care routine.


And I thought I could a lot of little because they me this crazy road to the top, they couldn't keep the pace with me every day. I'm Charlamagne Nivi face to face with me like no.


What inspired them, you know, M.V. actually, you know, I mean, I just like it all went together.


I don't know. I thought it was, I thought it's funny because it's like the Internet runs with somebody. There was actually people talking about like that. I decided after that and I'm just like the Internet is crazy.


And I know even this before we didn't take that as they think. You just everybody I think I just honestly, I'm at a point where every time I say anything about anybody, it's a death.


So I just like it is what it is at this point. Let's talk about for people that don't know who you are, let's. Yes, let's talk about you signed a TDE. How'd you get into the rap game? How'd you get me teed off from there or are they just grinding in L.A.?


Like I was on the underground scene for a minute and I was just one of them. Those that took any opportunity I could I actually met your, like, a long time ago for Jack and Jack and for Beats.


I was like time. I was in that context. Yes, I like doing stuff like that. I kind of started bubbling in L.A. and I had a release party that ended up having like three other people there. But one of my managers now, he came to the release party. He was an uncle of one of my friends. So apparently he was managing you at the time. I didn't know. And he set top like a video to release party.


You had a bunch of people there, but Top's not impressed by anything. And so then I had a show like two weeks later and he bought like twenty tickets to the show and just brought a bunch TV. And I met Top Somoza and then maybe like a couple of months later I was on.


Now will it be nice to you at the Jack of the Beast thing they weren't paying attention on be with. I feel like I lost because it was actually he was taking selfies and rapping a heart out.


And then you pay attention to stuff like that because you did you like oh, when you like not something you think every opportunity is an opportunity to decide. That's truly how you feel like. So you like, oh, I'm in rap and then they're going to take me to the Breakfast Club and then I'm just signed by Interscope. Like that's how you think every single opportunity. And so but yeah. It wasn't that big of you didn't win. I did not win.


No one did not win. We would judge you. You always judge what's your name and what is the person.


It was kidding. I was kidding. Kidding.


He came super super late so he can't even judge me and then he just came on after me and somewhere else I'm sure there were people like Dream, but I'm sure there were so many other labels they were actually courting. I tell people this.


I actually thought I was going to sign the Drainville because I kept running into E from Drainville. So I kept I get my music like five times so I can't run Anslem. I'm like, sooner or later I'm going to sign with Drainville. You not he never listen to the music.


And it was funny we was that I mean we've got the Drainville sessions and I was telling him about it.


He was like for real. I was like, yeah, like I met you at Bossanova. I met you here. I'm telling him.


And then he looked up his email and you put up to say, like, wow, like these songs are in my email, like, oh yeah, man.


You know, Windows Cry is dope because all of your anxiety that you have being on TV, you expressed in that song how it happened, pointing the label react to that record.


It's funny because I use music is just like a way like to therapeutically get off my chest like I'm not good at I think like a lot of black men I'm not good at talking about. And for me, I never even planned on playing it for the label. It was a song that I wrote and I played it for Callback Banking's the producer, and he was the one that convinced me to play it for Moossa. And so when I played it for the most was like the part to me, like you should play it for my pops.


I'm like, I'm not playing it for you, but I played it for you, but I'm not playing it for your pop. And then one day I was in the studio, I'm drunk with rock and when I'm drunk I make bad decisions. And so I played at the top. And so when I played it for him top actually like he loved it, he was the only reason why it even came out.


Top told me to put it as to outro gossipers Outram, but that's why I put them in, because they're OK with me being myself and being honest top tell me all the time, like that's why I signed you, because you're a very honest and outspoken artist. Like all of my artists have felt this way on Windows Cry, but they've never expressed it. And you went and made a whole song about it. You I'm saying.


Yeah, but you said you didn't even know what's in your contract. How much of that is rap and how much that was done? That was a fact by the see, I didn't know because I was working a job and they gave me the contract and we were really working. And I was working at this place called Tech Systems. I was an I.T. recruiter, like basically recruiting people for I.T. And so I was working at that job and I used to we have to take people.


To lunches for our job or whatever, so I would lie and say, I'm going to a lunch and go meet with labels when I started bubbling to have a label means. And so I went down there to get the contract and my lawyer came with me, he and he had the contract and he was going over, but I didn't know what was in there. But when I left, I was like, I'm not turning down a deal from TDE, like, I'm going to sign it, but I really don't know what's in this contract.


Do they offered you? I signed the first go to offer me, but I did talk to Top before signing it, though, because I have a good time, right? Yeah, he did.


He allowed me to take my time as I go home, you know, read it over with your family each time I got you for 30 more. I'm like, you good. You cut up like red line anything.


Well, I did Red Line and I caught him on the phone. I had a conversation with him. But what I like about top so much is that top is just a real as far as like he was just like, look, the contract is the standard contract. Like, I want you to be here, you know what I mean? So anything that you feel some type of way about, we can figure that out. But not that was real at the time.


I didn't know what was in my contract. And it's funny because when I wrote the record lawyer, he called me. He was like, let's go over this contract.


Right. I think the reason I don't approve it is, hey, I'm not going. No, no. It was honestly, it was definitely like not a smart decision.


But I mean, I'm like a lot like I was a struggling artist and after I, like, went over to control my lawyer, I still would have signed it. So I'm glad to say that it wasn't one of those situations where I signed it and regretted it. I mean, I'm kidding. You got you. I wanna get into that.


You the only publishing. Yes.


You hesitate because it's a yeah, that's what I'm trying to like.


I've been working on this PR thing and like not saying what I'm getting in trouble.


So I'm sure I know that, you know, people don't pay attention as much, but I've been in trouble a little bit. So I'm trying to. Yeah, I'm trying to work.


When were you expecting massive success? When you first sign it?


I'm not going. I thought I was going to go crazy. I was like, oh, they announce me. I'm gonna have 200000 followers like this going.


Like, I thought I was just going to go completely crazy. No, you get that reality check, like, just because you signed it, that's just a step. Like you still got to put the work in, you know what I mean? And so and you also think that it's going to come with you, like, a lot of time to try and get a feature from anybody. Like, no, that's not the case. I'd like to have relationships.


You don't. I mean, you can't. Oh, yeah, I can get features. I can't push hard enough, though. I didn't push hard enough on the show. I should have pushed harder on the can't recall badly. I should have I just should have pushed harder like I, I was nervous like with that he gave me ideas. I'm like I want a verse but I don't really want to ask you what I'm saying, but I should have just asked him because that is cool.


Like it's not hard to get a feature in the can kind of disrespectful or not direct. Why you would feature Kendrick Lamar. I wanted to talk with like he's not on the record. I don't know what Kendrick adlib. I guess what I said, man. That's what I'm saying. I mean, it's I've had that conversation. Like I said, that was my argument. I'm like, he's on my album. I don't understand. Like, for me, that's I don't know.


That just adds a different element to it. When you said you are what you do and like even when you did that with Jeezy, I'm like dope because and that's really my approach is not a verse I did because the song was done. And so I asked him to do the ad libs and I played it for my boy.


I want to be like, you can do it. So I was listening to it a lot and he did win and I thought that that was hard. So I was like, yo, this record is crazy. I want I want his albums on it. So I asked him and then when he did the album and I played it for my boy, he was like, damn, I thought that was on to spit a verse that would have been crazy.


And I was like, I should ask, did you see the first verse I saw? What I did was I hit him back and I was like, yeah, mean, he's out is crazy. I just feel like we should try to, like, add another element to it.


And I was just gonna to wait like a specific to get you back like like on my list. I might just be like, oh that's crazy. I was thinking the same thing. Like, look, I woke up early. He was just like, yeah, that's right.


I we got more with reason and new artist and KDDI. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, was still kicking it with reason.


You talk about influences, right? And you're from the West Coast, so people would automatically think it influences.


Well, you snoop in your Prozac and your dad's.


But, you know, reading and reading in conflict four times I heard that casting call. We had little chance of becoming like, oh, I can't go out.


I'm in terms of like 19 times I'm so but he's, you know, semi influential between and fabulous. Yeah. Yeah. You talk about that, too, because I would never expect, you know, Wayne, IFAB is somebody that, if you like, I don't really have no West Coast influences, to be honest with you.


Like because I like West Coast music. Yeah. I don't like it. I feel like that's why I rap. The way that I rap is because I was super influenced by New York. Culture in general is tight to me. Like what you do different metaphors and, you know, clever wordplay like that. That's always been something I was into. And that's not nothing that the West Coast was doing. We were just kind of like vibing in. Like Raschka here, cast for shellfishing.


It was either a Vibora was just straight at you, like poque you what I'm saying it was one of the two and it was just like they were just gliding over records.


And I just like the reason you said you're already working on your next project and it's going to be even more personal than this one.


It definitely is, which is crazy because people were hitting me like, damn, you were so personal. I'm and that's not even like half of that I really, really wanted to talk about, you know what I mean? But to give you an idea, like Slow Down was on my album. That's the level of personal that the album is going to be down.


You talk about the guilt of making a woman get an abortion. I don't like the word make.


Yeah, yeah. No, but definitely I talk about the fact that, you know, guys do that, you know, we push we push women to do things that we want them to do. We kind of like kindly shove them that direction. You don't I mean, what scared me was that I didn't feel guilty about it afterwards.


And he did without being a father one day and then thinking about what if you have a daughter. Exactly. And what if somebody what if she meets a guy that puts her through the same thing and they don't care? You got three. You say you've got three daughters.


I was at my my wife's vagina, not the virgin.


But how is it having three. Twenty five and two. You know, these two looked at young age 12 year old.


You know, that's like I say, she's close though so. Yeah. So you know, you've got to monitor things like social media and stuff. But I mean I feel you exactly what you're saying. Like you don't want to see your daughters go through anything that you may have put a woman to have.


You see other women go and it's like it's that old myth that is karma, like it's like it's karma for everything that you've gone through. Like I pray I pray almost all the time that I don't have daughters.


I love you, Dad, that I've been I'm not gonna lie to you like I went through a wild phase where I was like I was really just doing, like, stupid, reckless, you know what I mean? Phase. Yeah, but everybody goes through it. I'm saying like and it's like it's something that, like guys can't really talk about because I feel like women don't understand that. You can even say. But I went through that phase and so it's like I definitely feel like I'm I'm to have karma because I me to go through that phase.


So they just don't say it will talk about it. I'll speak about it better.


I think women, women, women, whole phase was like, oh my God, I slept with two guys in the same week. Like, I know you had a long term relationship.


Like did you go through your whole phase right after that? It was like in the middle, towards the end, like and then after. So it was like it was overlapping. That was why we broke up, because of the fact I was like, if I'm a be wild and like this and I love this girl so much and it makes sense for me to still be here, like, I just do that.


Why don't you while out, even though you love somebody so much?


Because sex isn't connected to love necessarily. And honestly, I must say, it is like and I'm probably whatever here it is. I feel like women should give men that are faithful credit for that. Like women will act like it's the same thing as a woman being faithful. And it's like it's not the same thing like honesty.


It's not. I just feel like a little bit of credit for that. Like, I do love sex. I think there are some if you know, I feel I'm sorry you go when you're cheating, though, you don't think about your girl like you don't. It doesn't seem like you never got through.


You never felt guilty like why you're doing it now. I feel guilty. But it's like it's also like you thinking about like, OK, this is the only life that I have to live. Like, am I really going to like like especially when you're in a relationship young you like OK, I'm twenty two and I'm in this relationship like but I'm twenty two like I want to experience things but I also don't want to lose this girl because I love her to death.


If you don't I mean so the two really are connected. I'm just trying to live. But at the same time if I tell you that I want to live then you're going to leave. So now here comes myself decided I'm going to choose to kind of do me, but still try to keep the relationship and try to keep a respectful. And that's why I said, like, once I started feeling like I was getting disrespect for what it was when I left, because I was like, I never want to be disrespectful with that.


Even though, know, women go be like cheating is disrespectful anyway. But yeah, I never I never cheat on you.


Not to my knowledge, but I'm the type I don't ask questions. I want to I don't want to know the answers.


Right. You never asked, yo, how big was it. Now a question was, you know, reason I ask if I don't go to phones and nothing because I don't want to know why I cheated on them.


When you want to have these conversations, get great from them in person. What you said is crazy.


I don't know what you said is true because like, I haven't cheated since October 2016 as far and I feel like being sober like like literally write that down, like in my mindfulness and I go.


And the reason why I say it is because I feel like if women gave men credit for that, the men would appreciate it and it would encourage them to not do it more. It's almost like it's just like like, OK. And you was being faithful. You supposed to do that. It's like it is a difference like and it's just not the same thing.


Like it just doesn't come up. If your man isn't cheating on you, then you're not talking about it because everything's fine. Like with that.


True. But I'm just saying like if you have a dude and he's faithful, like, I think that, like, you don't necessarily have to say thank you for being faithful. You don't got to say thank you for being faithful. I'm just saying that. It should be it should be looked at and given credit, so you can I'm saying like in my opinion, because it's like it's something that like it's not an easy thing that women are not cheating, though.


You have got to give. Know what? That's what I'm saying. Like this vacuum bags flying around and some some women.


I know this Breaking Bad, but I can't I can't for one twenty 20 man. That's what I'm saying. I know. But I'll tell you why. I give myself credit. I give myself credit because I feel like when I was cheating I was feeding my ego.


Yeah. You know, like that's what it is. That's really what the ego plays. So be it that I haven't done that in four years. I realized that I'm not leading with ego anymore. You don't have that wounded ego and he was on hold and healed and people is the I think the industry does it right.


Because when you were a kid and you look at all these videos or your rap is this is what you see exactly when you get into that world, it's like I'm here.


It's definitely a culture and you realize, damn, I'm about to ruin the best thing I have always done. I don't mean nothing.


And it's definitely a culture thing. Like I live for two years in Iowa because I was playing basketball out there and they don't have the same culture as us. And out there, like everybody gets married. I'm like twenty and nobody cheats.


And like, that's exactly like that's a thing. So it's definitely a culture thing that's been driven by, you know, everything. Sports, hip hop music, music, West Coast music was the worst.


Yeah. You going think.


Oh, I love that record. The beat is incredible. I think that's a fact. And it's also funny to see in hip hop how it's like it's transition to like now like women are having like the same content that men have.


So be mad, right? We've been saying for years, like mad and you're mad that they saying you don't mean to trick it out of thirty thousand or whatever the case may be like. You know, we've been saying the same for years.


We got more with reason and new artist KDDI. When we come back is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club was still kicking it with reason.


Yea when you beef it remember it is it you beef and everybody. I would like to think so but nobody's done it so I will, I will want to say yes you can I'm saying but so I would like to think so. But nobody's really beef with none of us to that level. You can. I'm saying like people have thrown a little shots at the label but it ain't never been done that nobody jump out the window.


Oh, you don't know. Cause what could be I was young, probably like ten.


I would think that would have been the pinnacle. All right. But like you said after that, you know what it's like.


Yeah. It'll never I don't think it'll ever be like that again. You don't think that was like real problem? It could have got killed.


So I think the Drake and me could have got close. It could have been. And I think that that's why they squashed it, which was dope. You can I'm saying like, I think that it was dope because it was like, all right, let's not go any farther than this. Like, we both put out our records.


You I'm saying and let's just move on from it back with one of those hypocrites you talk about, because he's the same guy who may keep your head up, but like a hypocrite first line.


That's why been on the bailout. Nothing wrong with I feel like everybody is a walking hypocrite. Like we all like we're human. We have moments in days where, you know, this day I feel this way. In this day I feel that way, you know what I mean? And that's one of the reasons why I feel like people like Pop was because of how honest he was. Like he he will literally tell you, like you said, keep your head up.


And in the next moment, you know, your middle finger to the camera, you type of crazy. Like nowadays, though, like saying that bitch and stuff like that. People kind of look down on it because they get mad when people talk about that and maybe be like, you know, that's them.


Chatty Patty, you talking about it?


I also feel like it's just a bunch of security. Like if you not secure with the fact that you're a woman used to sleep with other rappers and don't dator like if I if I dated a girl that like let's say she was fabulous. Like, I don't know if I say that fabulous.


Like probably that would grab a lot of food. You, you got to put on the list like I'm old fashioned. Not at all. It's probably you know, I mean hypothetically. Yeah.


I would not bother me if I used to smash my girl. Like it wouldn't bother me like a little one of my favorite. I really wouldn't like it really. Really. Well now it wouldn't start bother me now. I would purposely never be friends like we can never be. Oh he's like you know I'm saying but like it wouldn't change the way I feel about his music on schedule I guess is life. You don't ride to his music in the car with your girl.


No. We can't play. No. Where are you going to trade traded all we started off. You want to put it on her and she goes to jam. So if Logic wanted to reply to you right in those some shots.


Who in your family. Yeah. I heard he said he didn't know you were. Yeah, that's a lot.


I believe a lot of good people. I don't know on the soul of the soul. So he said basically said a logical approach.


You're looking to pronounce my name wrong. Tell me that I did much to your mistake. My name for Logic's just got me. Oh, how you compare to getting that take from the culture first that I did this for getting going my limits and so song and you know, in my city not again. I'm here to restore it. I'm here to explore it. I'm hip to the court.


Elaborate on that. If you, you know, when I, when I said it and I learned the lesson from. So we're just as far as, like, explaining myself when I say stuff, I didn't mean a cultural tour as far as hip hop. What I meant is that I felt like logic. His whole career has always stood on the fact that he's a black man. Every interview, that's what he stands on. You know, I look this way, but I'm a black man, black man, black man.


But I personally felt like, you know, that he didn't stand hard enough for me as far as like the Black Lives Matter movement, stuff like that. So for me, I'm like, if you're going to live this life from this culture, like, you've got to stand when it's time to stand, you're going. I'm saying like, that's how I feel. Like I hold every every single white rapper accountable that's living off of our culture. Like y'all should be standing the strongest when things like this happen.


So that's what I was talking about. And I know he's not white, but that's what I was speaking on. But then I'm like a lot like I had an interesting conversation with Punch, like days later and we were just having an honest talk. And punch was like, you know, is it he wasn't saying yes or no. He was just asking a question like, is it our job to have to speak up on social issues? You I'm saying like when I was a question he raised, I was like, maybe it's not like maybe it's not maybe I'm trippin thinking that it's our job.


When he said we're like to say he didn't know who you were, how did that make you feel?


It didn't bother me. And let me know that it did kind of get under his skin a little bit, which wasn't the point of it. You got him saying like but it's like logic like is a huge T and Kendrick feel like, you know who I am, bro, like. So it doesn't bother me that he said it, but it's the way I would handle it if I was in a lot of these situations.


That way. You're not really saying you're not shy, but you're not really you're not giving them clout. You're going I'm saying if you throw a quick load shot and you get off of it. So I don't I don't feel no type of way. And it's also a thing where it's like I don't mention people that I'm not fans of. Like I was a fan of logic. And I feel like in today's culture, it's like everything is so sensitive that if you say anything about anybody, it's a dis.


Like people said. I just Mac Miller on my project.


Look, you said you want to be artist. We continue to to get rid of the vendors that you got all on, which they give you the tools to dig your dish, surround yourself with some. Yes. Man, that's going to take a couple calls, I'm sure, to remake your stacks bigger than one that you could become the next Mac Miller is your chance.


I can sign here just like I'm not dissimilar. Like people are just too sensitive now. So I'm just stating the truth about it. It's like I'm I'm saying what I wish somebody would have said when he was alive. Like, you don't I mean, you got people around you in this industry don't give a fuck about artists like they. They when artist go through anxiety, depression, popping pills, all this other stuff, they'll watch the artist literally crumble and just love the music instead of being like, how about your band together?


Now we're not buying none of your music. So you clean up like actually care about an artist. So that's why I was speaking on it. And the fans that are mad about it, I'm like, y'all are the problem because I care about Mac Miller, the artist. I don't care about MacMillian.


If you said, did you ever run into logic or speak to logic, anybody put you on the phone because you said you were a fan? No, I never I never did. And I would honestly, I would love to talk to logic. I would love to talk a loud you can just tell them, like, honestly, like my bad like if if I'm holding you to something that you don't necessarily want to talk about, because when I talk to Punch, I'm like, punch is right.


Like you don't I mean, you can't force everybody to talk about the issues that you want to talk about. So maybe I was out of line. You can I'm saying like and I would love to talk to him about it if he was open to it going into it.


Because I want to talk about this because that was a big topic this week. You did say don't move my bags. It's just. Yeah, I can't I can't afford one. Safe to say you didn't agree with sweetie's assessment that you have to buy bags and pay due to the stupid. Exactly.


I don't think I bought like a super like it was probably like fifteen hundred dollars. Like it wasn't nothing crazy. It was a back. I want to know what bag was.


It was Gucci I think was a Gucci. But yeah it was like fifteen hundred dollars.


I said Michael cause I just didn't think I was out because I was like you a lot. Eguchi I don't think of Michael Kors. Never mind. I want work because I don't know if they have a bag of spending on it. I'm telling them you said you want to move to New York, right?


Oh, here. Go, go. You know, right now, the women in New York love Michael. Course do that. Yeah, yeah.


I'll be black women. All I want you how you know.


So I know back in my days, you know, before twenty sixteen I gave away before he bought a bag and the whole fucking king came. You might my back my bag. You don't got a crazy looking into a record of that. What you want.


We want to listen to man so much. I like songs, we've been staples, I like Rhapsody and I can make it. Yeah. I love rap out to Rhapsody. I may introduce the record but this is off my new project, New Beginnings. This is I Can Make It featuring the homey Rhapsody getting a breeze.


I can make you see that good hair look just like him. BTD we can make it. We can make it ATV's on four wheels. I might get off course but at least I know of course I can make it back no matter the ordeal in the ordeal.


I'm a go. I can make you all morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy Angela ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rumors. Let's talk tii.


It's about some report. We are. This is the rumor reports Angela Gates on the Breakfast Club. All right, well, this all started with a restaurant in Atlanta, it's called Yumi, it's a sushi restaurant, and there was a couple, Kaitlyn Kobori. She's an attorney. She says she and her husband made a reservation for a birthday dinner, but when they arrived, they could not get seated because her husband was wearing sneakers, Air Force ones, to be exact.


And here's what happened, because they started filming all these new ideas like you don't have to somebody inside, you want to go out. I'm sorry. I got to go this way to the bathroom. Come on. Come on, come on. And there's no one else. The end of it is all right.


Clearly, clearly racism, right? Absolutely right.


He said he's been in sneakers on. There's another woman in there. She has an Adidas and they would not let him come in and get seated.


And then the owner actually came Farshid. She it is Farshid outside is his name. He's Iranian. And he got involved, too. And they actually got into a heated debate. And at one point they had to be physically separated by the staff. He said he's going to jail tonight. I'm not letting Air Force Ones in my establishment. Well, this Kostia to go on social media to let people know that they were not going to be going to Zoome Sushi anymore, he said, I see.


We are going to have to shut Zoome Sushi down the way that we did Houstons. I've been made aware of some injustices that requires our immediate attention. We come in and you violate. We demonstrate. Well, now here is the owner, WCI.


I reached out to the cowbirds several times since Friday and I said through my connections and through. How I've been in the community for so long, I can resolve the matter with the community. I can come to you and I can come to you and I can ask for a resolution and we can we can do it wrong. Right. But I'm going to ask you guys for guidance. We were 100 percent wrong at our operational and the way we handle the situation.


No, I don't I don't like that he didn't have that energy with that with the brother when he was there. If he owns that restaurant, the customer should always be right, especially if the customer is telling you, look, I understand you have a policy, but what's the difference between me, where my wife was once in a white woman wearing her white Adidas? There is no difference. Instead of the owner just saying, OK, you're right.


Well, you know what? Let's let's, you know, make an exception. But usually this is not what we do. She was wrong. You just totally disrespect that brother. And then all of a sudden when you get that little heat, now you want to talk. Now you want to have a conversation. Now you want to say, you know, I don't work like that. Yeah, that's not exactly clear cut discrimination.


Here's what he says the resolution should be.


He said the reason why he don't have more diversity on his staff is because he don't get enough black applicants. So anybody who's looking for, you know, management positions and hosting hos chefs, you know, saying, hey, listen, everybody who's saying is, OK, we've got to give you an opportunity. We got this is a part of the process. You don't just get them go from zero to one hundred. You got to get through the process.


That's what maturity and, you know, becoming a clear thinking adult is about conflict resolution.


So anybody that wants a job now, you can go ahead and work at MEAC. Now, here's the other issue, though, is that a couple said that they have not accepted the apology. She said he called Cobert 30 minutes after the incident and wanted to apologize and invite them back to the restaurant. He said he stayed in contact with them since the incident and he tried to find a way to remedy the situation. Well, here is their response.


You spoke to the gentleman without even reaching out to us. You didn't go to the issue. He never apologized on your video. He spoke with his connections and what he could do better for himself or his business. It wasn't about what's going on with us. He told us about his past. He told how much he gave to Keisha Lance Bottoms, how much he knows all the celebrities and how they eat and all these restaurants. This isn't going to do anything.


I have relationships with these people and I'm just disappointed.


I mean, they got a very valid point. I mean, you know, TI is definitely a leader in the Atlanta community, but I don't mean that the couple who actually felt the disrespect has to accept that apology like that owner should be giving an apology directly to those individuals that he disrespected. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You can't speak for me like I was disrespected and you call me after. Why did you call me after? Because you started getting heat. I was right there in your face and I was and he was being calm. He wasn't like he was being belligerent. He wasn't wild. Now he was like, you just explain it to me. And they kicked him out at night for you and your anger.


And those guys, when they felt the way that they felt like he should reached out to them and not to the owner of the restaurant.


And I responded and said, this is my only intention. It's just as it has been to speak on behalf of the people and represent the collective accordingly.


I don't have no alliance or allegiance with the mother, only I don't give a shit. Damn, I went to the man who I respect say, hey, this, you just want to sit down with the owner.


I said, All right, cool. This is a site that contacted me first. So as I say, you got the old girl or whoever it is, the couple you got, they know she say now. Got it. But we didn't do them. Do they do you know, I got the couple's number from the mother.


Listen, I can see both sides. I think it's just to clear misunderstanding sometimes about that action. You know, I'm saying to her what happened? So he went right to the source. He went to the restaurant. But I do think that that couple should have been there with Tip because that would definitely have definitely older couple in apology. Right.


And if you hear what he said, he said he did try to reach out to them and they did them and didn't get a response.


So not sure exactly if he if he reached out to them and he did and he tried to reach out to them.


I mean, where could he go wrong? I mean, if I call him that is, how can I get in touch with you? I'm trying to get in touch with you, but I'm just trying to clear this up and make sure this never happens again, our people and to fight for our people.


So it's not like he's not allowed or anything like that. He fights for.


And and if, you know, you don't have to talk to the couple after he reached out to the couple in there, he's back. He knew where to go. He's I'm going to omae only discriminated against him, folks of mine. I got to stand on the symbol of that.


All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that's your room report. All right.


Thank you, Miss Charlamagne. Yeah. We don't that don't need to for this Halloween.


I just need to talk to all of our folks as our community that is so easily, easily distracted.


We'll talk about it for after the hour. All right.


We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same regardless, T.J., and be here. From my experience at an extremely black college and university, I know that homecoming is a big deal, but they cancel the. This year, we decided to bring the celebration to you with BCU homecoming party on the yard presented by McDonald's, hosted by Meet McDonald's Black and Positively Golden Movement is about empowering the next generation of black leaders through initiatives like our HKU programs that are positively shaping communities. Watch our BCU Homecoming Party on the yard presented by McDonald's on Thursday, November 12.


Don't eat face. Don't give it to I'm affecting all around you. I want this man to blow man Charlamagne the top. Got to make a judgment of what was going to be on the docket of the day.


They chose you for the Breakfast Club, bitch, whose donkey the day to day, don't you?


Today for Friday, October 30th. Hmm. I was sitting back thinking about this. And, you know, everybody is like, give don't you today give Lil Wayne doggy day.


And my instinct immediately my discernment told me, no, that's a waste of time at a time like this. And I guess that's why I have gathered you all around today during this donkey today, because if Tuesday, November 3rd, the last day to vote in this year's presidential election, if this is indeed the most important election of our lifetime and Donald Trump is indeed the most dangerous president of our lifetime, if all that is true, then why? Oh, why are we all so easily distracted?


First, let me catch you up to speed. Little Wayne met with Donald Trump and he tweeted a pic with Trump that says just had a great meeting with Donald Trump. Besides what he's done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. Listen to what we had to say today and assure that he will and can get it done, end quote. Now, for those who've read the platinum plan, who have actually read it and can actually tell you what's in it, you know, I don't I don't know.


Some people say the platinum plan is just one page. I don't care if it's one page. That one page might say in the first hundred days, I'm giving black people reparations. It doesn't say that, but it could on one page. OK, if all all I'm saying is for those people who have actually read the platinum plan, people like the good brother Roland Martin, I understand you are disappointed seeing a black man like Lil Wayne with so much influence standing next to a fascist when instead of calling Wayne stupid enough and calling him a dumb ass and encouraging other black men to cussing him out just cuz everyone else who may be watching on white a platinum plan is wack.


I would also school people to the fact that don't be distracted by that alleged five hundred billion dollars Trump plans to invest in black communities. OK, trust me when I tell you black people are not on the Trump administration's agenda, nor will we ever be none of those federal judges. He's given lifetime appointments to give a damn about black folks, period. All of our civil liberties are at risk. OK, actually, so many of our civil liberties have already been rolled back under Trump in his administration.


But let's discuss what I think is the larger issue. If Tuesday is indeed the day, the most important election of our lifetime, if it is indeed that an act like it, how can you be so easily distracted at a time like this?


When I tell you I don't care who Lil Wayne chooses to endorse, I truly don't care. People speak out of both sides of their mouth on issues like this. On one side, people say nobody cares what rappers have to say about politics. Then on the other side, you ought to general public will spend all day caring about what this man, Lil Wayne, has to say about politics. That's all you did all day yesterday was tweet about little Wayne's opinion on politics.


And this morning, morning radio shows like the Breakfast Club, TV talk shows, if they aren't already pretaped, we'll discuss what they think about little Wayne's opinion on politics. Once again, when I tell you I don't care if it only wants to support Trump, I don't care for a few reasons. Number one, when I vote, I vote my interests. Some of my interests are self-serving, but they're my interests. They're also things that benefit a large majority of people, like mental health.


That's why I'm voting for Senator Kamala Harris, because I love her mental health plan. I want that in the White House. George Floyd Policing Act. I want to help flip the Senate so we can get that passed. Those are things that I care about. So I don't need anyone's endorsement to help me with my voting decision. Number two, reason I don't care if Wayne or any other black person wants to support Trump is black people are not monolithic.


I don't care how many of us you see what dreads in tattoos. We are not monolithic.


And I'm here for black people thinking freely about their politics, even if I don't agree with their politics as little Wayne being used as a pawn. Sure, but what's the saying? If you can't be used, you're useless. Just don't let people misuse you. Is the Trump administration misusing little Wayne Shore? That pic they posted yesterday did exactly what it was intended to do, cause confusion, got all of us distracted.


Instead of talking about the most important election of our lifetime, we spent hours talking about little Wayne and who he chose to endorse.


I also want us to be very careful in regards to how we come out, little Wayne, in regards to his endorsement of Donald Trump, because what you say about Wayne could apply to you are your favorite celebrity. I'm on record saying I don't care if it's a celebrity person who delivers packages for Amazon. If you are an American, you have the right to an informed opinion about who you want to vote for, OK? Your vote is your right period.


And once again, I'm all for black people thinking freely about their politics, even if I don't agree with their politics. But we have to be careful because if we shouldn't listen to Wayne about politics and who to vote for, then who is qualified to be listen to see if Wayne would have endorsed by and you'd be retweeting and love his support.


But since he didn't endorse your candidate. You shouldn't be talking about politics. Wait a minute, wait a minute, are you telling little Wayne to shut up and rap or dig this? If Wayne shouldn't speak on politics, none of us in entertainment should. None of us are political operatives, strategists, campaign managers. Why should people listen to us when we tell them who to vote for? Why should people listen to Khateeb? Why should people listen to LeBron James with his more than a vote campaign?


Why should people listen to Diddy with his vote to die? I'm just trying to see what are the qualifications here? Is it celebrities are only allowed to endorse who you are voting for, but if they don't, they aren't qualified. I'm confused. And once again, I'm fine with black people thinking freely about their politics, even if I don't agree with their politics. Look, folks are allowed to be wrong. Voting is a constitutional right. So if you want to be on the wrong side of history, that's on you.


I think Wayne's endorsement of Trump is loud and wrong, but he has the right to be that. All I'm telling you all is don't spend these last few days focusing on what you see as a problem if you truly believe the solution is voting, because the most important election of our lifetime is Tuesday, stay focused.


You are going to see some very strange things. All weekend is going to be a lot of distractions. We have bigger issues to deal with. I know everybody is enthused by the early voter turnout, but I saw Eric Holder, former Attorney General Eric Holder on Don Lemon last night and he said Republicans are cheating and we should all vote in person because he believes mail in ballots will be discounted, be discounted, is counted by the Supreme Court. Then you hear people say early voting is cool with that Republican walk up on Tuesday is going to be crazy.


You know, people actually going to the polls, Republicans are going to be massive. Then you have some people saying black voter turnout is down in key swing states like Michigan and Florida. Then you have some people who say Biden is going to win in a blowout. Then some folks say it's going to be tight and Trump can get blown out in the popular vote, but still win the Electoral College. I don't know what's going to happen Tuesday. I just know it's not going to be normal.


OK, none of this has been normal and it won't in normal. And I don't have time, and neither do you to be distracted at a time like this. If this is indeed the most important election of our lifetime, act like it.


Please give. All our people were so easily distracted at a time like this. The biggest here.


All right. The same the same energy you had, you know. You know, if we can use that energy to work in some polls, I post on social media to tell folks where to drop their ballots off early or encourage people to, you know, actually go vote in person if they haven't done, you know, absentee ballot yet, you know, post real information about the candidates you are voting for to combat all the misinformation that we know we're going to see over the next few days.


That's all I'm saying. All right.


Well, thank you for that donkey today. Now, when we come back, we let's talk reason. Reason was here earlier.


And he said this. I feel like women should give men that are faithful credit for that. Like women will act like it's the same thing as a woman being faithful. It's just not the same thing.


It just doesn't come up. If your man isn't cheating on you, then you're not talking about it because everything's fine. Like with that. True.


But I'm just saying, like, if you have a dude and he's faithful, I think that, like, you don't necessarily have to say thank you for being faithful.


You don't got to be faithful. I'm just saying it should be it should be looked at and giving credit to you.


Sure. You want to go down this road?


No, this is the real world question.


I got to ask the question. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What is the question?


Should you get credit for being faithful? When you say credit, what do you mean credit going off?


What reason? Said Young man, I talk about this when we come back. Our actions you get credit is a hard thing to do.


And so women should give men credit for being faithful. And that's it, period. That's what he thinks. And then you're supposed to do because he knows that if you're in a relationship, you're supposed to be faithful. Right. I guess right now. Let's talk about it when we come back.


Eight hundred five fifty five zero five one is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. To pull out your phone call. And right now, call me. And joining into the Breakfast Club to break it down, eight hundred five eight five one five one, The Breakfast Club. Call hundred five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club, talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about reason he checked in earlier, told us about his album. We spoke to him in detail, but he did say this and we wanted to bring this up.


Can we play a clip of what he said?


I feel like women should give men that are faithful credit for that. Like women will act like it's the same thing as a woman being faithful. It's just not the same thing.


It just doesn't come up. If your man isn't cheating on you, then you're not talking about it because everything's fine. Like with that. True.


But I'm just saying, like, if you have a duty, he's faithful. I think that, like, you don't necessarily have to say thank you for being faithful. You don't got to say I'm just saying that it should be it should be looked at and giving credit to who?


Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Halloween a spooky topic. Yes, it is. So what is the question?


855 one two five one. What is the question we ask him?


I guess the question is, should you get credit for being faithful, being faithful?


Have I ever given somebody credit for being faithful?


No, you shouldn't get credit for being faithful, just like I do. But I'll tell you what, though, I do give my boyfriend credit for being supportive of me like I tell him, because I know sometimes in relationships you can beef about things and you only address issues when you're mad. But when things are going well, sometimes you don't acknowledge it.


You just roll with it.


And I do try to be very intentional, even with the juice bar, like when I play the juice by looks great right now. You know, I go in there. I think it's important for people to let people know when they are doing a great job and when things go well, because I think sometimes we have a habit of only expressing ourselves when we're being critical.


Yeah, we're talking, you know, in a relationship as far as cheating is concerned. Right. And faithful. So I think that you don't give credit. That's what you're supposed to do, is kind of like, you know, when you talk about fathers like you, I watched the kids, your kids, you know, or I did this.


That's what you're supposed to do. So I don't think that's good.


I kind of understand it, though, because imagine you've been in a really bad relationship. He was cheating on you all the time and now you're with somebody who's faithful, makes you feel good, secure.


You might be like, yeah, I just want to thank you. Like, just because I've never experienced this before. Thank you for doing what you're supposed to. Yeah. Sometimes it is like giving somebody credit for being great because a lot of people aren't.


Yeah. You know, I don't I don't think you should get credit for what you are supposed to do. But as I told reason, I give myself credit for doing what I'm supposed to do. And the reason I give myself credit is because being faithful to my lady has been part of my healing process. You know, I'm only speaking for me here. When I was running the streets, sleeping around with other women, it was leading.


It was me leading with my ego, you know, it was me feeding my ego. Being with a bunch of different women gave me a false sense of purpose. It gave me a false sense of security. When you empty on the inside, you look for things to pour into you, to fill you up. But what you quickly realize is you will never be truly full because you have a hole inside of you. So whatever you put it inside of you doesn't stay inside of you.


So you have to fix that hole. You have to repair that hole. You have to heal that hole. And once you do that, you realize you don't even need to feed your ego. You need to feed your soul.


So I'm the type of person I don't like lying to people. I can't be a hypocrite, even though I know we are all walking contradictions. I don't like to be so I can't come home to my wife and kids knowing I'm living foul because doing that causes more anxiety because I'm watching my back in my own house trying to keep my dirty secret. And I got anxiety because you start thinking, well, if I'm doing all this dirt, what is my wife doing behind my back?


And then you get depressed because, you know, you a liar and you know you a cheat. And for me, I started really going to a really dark place because I did not want to be like my daddy and break up my family because I couldn't keep my penis in my pants. And when I say I give myself credit, I give myself credit, because that was a change I decided to make to be a better version of myself. And when I tell you four years later, because I have not cheated since October of twenty sixteen, when I tell you I feel whole and I feel healed and so many blessings that rained down on me because I chose to do the right thing.


Yes, I give myself credit for that.


But I don't look at you credit you can but you shouldn't give, you know, credit you're supposed to do. Let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? Hello. Hey, what's up, bro? What's going on here?


Do you think you should get credit for being faithful?


Of course, man. But the problem is not nowadays. We didn't really focus there. So what should we get to 200, we think. And oh, that's all you're doing is being a good husband. You're doing your job.


Maybe us men need to form our own support groups and we need to have like our own, like, sober coin for cheating, you know what I'm saying? And maybe we should just encourage each other. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I think we're missing here.


This shouldn't be about our woman giving us credit for not cheating. We should, as men give ourselves credit for not cheating because we know the struggle.


Oh, yeah. That sounds a little crazy, too. We should give ourselves credit for doing something that's like saying I'm giving my special credit party, watching my kids, damn it. Yes, I'm yeah, I did get you. Can I. Yes, I.


I agree with you, but I still think men have to encourage men, you know what I mean? Because we've had such a false perception of what manhood has been for so long. I mean, think about how we used to pat each other on the back for sleeping with, oh, you hit that, Joe.


But, you know, like, don't don't put me involved in the things you talk about.


So it's like you're now you've got your brother LDAP like, yo, you hope that's what I'm talking about. Like nobody ever gives you that for.


You want to kiss today, Joe?


I like talking about the kid kid I, I'm talking about being with your woman, your wife I hundred five eight five one two five one.


Should we get credit or should men get credit for, for being faithful. That is the question goes down. He took yourself out that we fast got them right at the Breakfast Club this morning.


I know this is your first comment and your opinions to the Breakfast Club top.


Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one five one morning.


Everybody is the envy. Angela ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you just joined us, we're asking should men get credit for not cheating? That is came from reason who stopped through earlier. And this is what he said.


I feel like women should give men that are faithful credit for that. Like women will act like it's the same thing as a woman being unfaithful. It's just not the same thing.


I feel like it just doesn't come up. If your man isn't cheating on you, then you're not talking about it because everything's fine. Like with that. True.


But I'm just saying, like, if you have a duty, he's faithful. I think that, like, you don't necessarily have to say thank you for being faithful.


You got to say I'm just saying it should be it should be looked at and giving credit to like I said, I give myself credit because it's part of my healing process and I'm not feeding my ego anymore.


I'm feeding my soul. And I truly can see it's made me a better human. So I give myself credit. I'll look for my wife's credit.


I never tell my boyfriend thank you for not cheating, but I do try to show my appreciation for him just being good and I stepping up all the time. If I tell him I don't like something, he he tries to fix it however he can. So I appreciate that. Cheating is never been an issue, though.


All right. Well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? Hi, my name is Mariah.


Am a liar. Liar. You're a liar. Oh boy. I don't lie of Malaysia. Five eight five one two five one for everybody out there for me.


But I think so we're asking, do you give your man credit for not cheating?


First of all, let me start by saying is that a lot of men problem nowadays, like they feel like they should get credit for something that should automatically be done. That's like saying like, I give you a cookie by taking the trash out like no. And you being in a relationship that's all part of being a relationship, like being a people. And a lot of men mean they think it's OK to be faithful. So, of course, they think that they should be praying for the people like me.


I listen, I get it. I'm not like like I said, I'm not looking for my woman to give me credit, you know, for being faithful. But I have to give myself credit only because, you know, I know what choice I made and why I made it. And I'm happy that I stuck to that choice.


And what about the woman? It's the same thing for a woman. Yeah.


Do we get credit? I mean, if you was a cheater. Yeah, he was.


If he was out there being a whore every day, like, you know, how many men BMI impact, like on a regular like I don't know.


But people say that it is a different me being holiday and actually being out there active to be out there actively doing it and to say, you know what, I'm not going to do that anymore because this is going to end up ruining my family just to make that choice as a man to say to be intentional about not cheating. Yes, I get my secrets from credit, man. People are trying to holler at her and she's not far enough away.


Give us some credit.


But what you out there? Well, you up. But were you out there popping your popcorn before? Was you out there sleeping with a bunch of men and then you stopped your man to be that? Yes, it does. Now, I'm sure that's how you feel.


But she might feel like I'm not like that in my relationship and I haven't been. And give me some credit. Perhaps you don't think he's a patriot. I can't pass you on the back to being sober. I can't pat on the back for being sober.


If he was never taken drunk, why not take some alcoholism? You guys arguing?


No, thank you. Thank you, ma'am. Enjoy your Halloween. I give you credit. Go. Oh hello. Who's this Mallya.


They is a hail Paskin 855 105000.


If everybody out they were asking do you give your man credit for not cheating.


Yes I do. I feel like people, women who have men they don't see. I feel like we all give them credit but we try not to move on within our circles because we all got friends of, you know, undesirability. So we don't personally rub it in, but it doesn't go unnoticed, right? Do you tell them, like, I appreciate that you have never cheated on me?


I actually use those words. I just do stuff like, you know, like the lines who made the special night for no reason. You get what I'm saying. Like, you show your appreciation. I don't think those words he does all right is weird, but I agree with you.


That's how you show your appreciation. And when you're not you don't have cheating as an issue in your relationship, things can be so much smoother.


Yeah, like you are going through something where even the conversation you just have a day to day routine that flow. All right. Thank you, Mona.


So what's the moral of the story that you guys are bringing up on this Halloween, this family holiday?


I don't know if it's a moral, but I do say I'm not looking for credit for, you know, my significant other. I give myself credit because it's part of my healing process. And like I said, I was out there leading with ego, feeding my ego when I stopped that and went on a real process of healing and mindfulness and being a better version of myself. And I said, I'm not cheating anymore because I don't want to be like my daddy and I don't want to break up my family because I can't keep my penis in my pants.


Yes, I give myself credit for for making that choice and making that change and deciding to be a better version of myself, I and four other ladies out there that have been in past relationships that were toxic and men that couldn't stop cheating.


And you thought that all men are cheaters and now you're with somebody that you don't have those issues and worries. You know, just tell them thank you.


All right. Well, we got rules in a way. Yes.


And let's talk about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West and the president that he gave her for her birthday. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this.


The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Warning everybody is deejay in the Angeles Charlamagne to God, we are the Breakfast Club. Let's get to the rumors. Let's talk Kim Kardashian.


Is she spilling the T? This is the rumor report, Angela, on the Breakfast Club. Yes.


I can't post it for my birthday. Kanye got me the most thoughtful gift of a lifetime. A special surprise from heaven. A hologram of my dad is so lifelike. We watched it over and over, filled with emotion and the hologram speaks. Here is her deceased father, Robert Kardashian, with the hologram message.


The most beautiful thing that I have witnessed is watching you grow your family. You married the most, most, most, most most famous man in the whole world, Kanye West. You are the most, most, most most amazing mother to your four beautiful children. And they are perfect. Keep doing what you're doing, Kimberly. You are a beautiful soul. Know that I am very proud of you. And I'm always with you. I love you.


I can't really tell Kourtney, Khloe and Rob. I love them. I miss you all. Don't forget to say your prayers.


You know, I'm on a cruise with Kanye West. That's fine. I get Kanye up for a lot of reasons. But that right there is an amazing, amazing gift. It's very thoughtful, like Kim said. And I know it cost a lot of money. You would much rather have something like that in America. I was thinking the same thing. All the women ask you for Burkett's when you have the head and instead you give me a hologram.


Well, that's right.


And if and if you would rather love if you would rather your Borking over a hologram of your deceased father, you never loved you.


They were. All right. Now, let's talk about Khloe Kardashian. She was on with Ellen and she was discussing Kim's fortieth birthday party. People were upset about it on social media, as we discussed previously. And here's what she had to say.


This year is a frustrating year. I get it. But also it's her fortieth. And this is something that she really wanted to do. And being there, like with all the precautions and everything we took and how grateful everybody was for the tourism aspect of it and how so many people said that we were there first party or guests that they've had in months. And what it's done like for them to be able to pay their bills or to do stuff for their family.


I mean, just hearing those messages when we were there, it was really we felt really good and we felt so safe and we did it in the safest way I could imagine someone doing it.


She also talked about cooperating with Tristan. So they're making it happen. Looks like they're back together. And for everybody with a Netflix account, people are upset because apparently the prices are going up on Netflix. So they raise the prices of their standard and premium plans. So now it went from twelve ninety nine for a standard to thirteen ninety nine and the premium went from fifteen ninety nine to seventeen ninety nine per month just to go cancel it.


You're not going to cancel. Netflix is too much a part of the culture. We love Netflix, we like Netflix and chill. Nobody out here talking about Hulu and and parlaying our HBO Maxim and Relaxin even though that could work with Netflix. And so that's part of the culture. You're not getting rid of Netflix.


All right. The basic plan, though, the entry level basically and still is eight. Ninety nine per month. I'm now Malik Beasley from the Timberwolves. He has been charged with pointing an assault rifle at a family and they were, I guess, doing a home store or something like that. And apparently they approached his rental home in Minneapolis in the suburb of Plymouth. And he and his girlfriend went to the car, I guess, and he had a gun.


And so they called the police on him. Now he's being charged with first degree drug possession and felony threats of violence. And his girlfriend is being charged with first degree drug possession also but one one and a half year old son together. So the Timberwolves did release a statement. They said, we are aware of the charges involving Malik Beasley. We take these allegations seriously and we'll let the legal process run its course.


I would say I don't like how they do those tours, those home tours. Is that what you're talking about? People get on the bus and they drive by celebrity houses. Is that what you say?


Yeah, they were in an SUV and they traded homes. His house was roped off. So they were sitting in their SUV and they said he allegedly approached the vehicle with an assault rifle, tapped on the window and told the family to get the F off his property. I mean, don't you have the right to do that now if they own his property? I don't know what you have. I don't know. You own a toll. I don't know.


You just say, you know, things are crazy right now. I also don't understand why all of these celebrities houses are publicly listed like that.


I mean, it's easy to find one person sees you at your house, your neighbor sees you at your house, all the U.P.S. delivery person, UPS and FedEx delivery guy.


So it's not that difficult to eat room. All right. TII has addressed the reactions of his lyrics on We Did It Big, where he addresses his friend urinating on Drake. Listen to this.


So of see a moment like this, I know where you started the day I put you up, what you told her to do. What did you say? I went into race. Don't adhere to the basic book. People you always count about. It's been me is appealing your case while a fight in my home. Somehow I got you home. So leave the pistol, Drake.


All right. Well, here's what. I had to say about that Drake lyric while he was on with complex news. I don't feel necessarily I need to write him down and interrupt his day to ask him why he followed me. I go to the issue and, you know, someone feels that kind of way. If you have a disagreement and we have, you know, some form of an interaction, my no before I, you know, had no real motive to weaponize an accidental incident again.


And I hope he will and aware enough to understand that.


Yeah, I agree with TYP is just rap like, you know, like why would you take that personal? You know, I'm saying is something that actually happened, you know, that that I guess people know about. So it's not like he wrapped the body to try to issue he rapped about it because it was part of his life experience, just like when Drake talked about dating Susan. What if Susan would unfollow Drake and she might have had about that?


I think she I thought she said I thought she said that she didn't care or something like that.


I don't know whatever man was.


She actually did correct the timing of what he said. You know, I guess it was in whatever years that he said, but she did unfollow him.


All right. Well, that is your rumor report. I'm Angeliki. All right.


Thank you. Miss Ye shall to revolt. We'll see you guys on Monday. Everybody else. The People's Choice mix is up next. It's all about your favorite Halloween joint, so get your request in right now. 855 one two five one. You know, me and my family take the Halloween in the holidays.


We'd like to dress up. So definitely check our Instagram because we got something special for people this year. We really put our our our our foot into this Halloween. So mix. Up next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club.


Your mornings will never be the same when a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing. The results are often deadly. Be cautious at crossings. And if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Even if you don't see a train stop trains get brought to you by Nizza warning everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now shouts to us that life app. I know I've got a lot of requests and offers to do Halloween parties. I think I'm still a little nervous. I'm still scared to hit, you know, to go outside. So I'm actually going to be tonight on is that life app, virtual holiday, Halloween party. So you can come on, you can wear your costumes, I can see you and we'll party like that.


I ain't going out yet. I just. Not yet. Not yet. I'm still getting low tech. I right.


And I want to shout out to the one music fest on Sunday. They have this virtual pre party to the polls and it's going to be streaming live on YouTube on Revolt's. There's performances by The Roots, Joe Sky, Rick Ross, Annie Lennox, Chico Wu Tang T'ai Busta and its Impact Match Girls, Teyana Taylor, a whole lot of people performing. And I actually did an interview with Stacey Abrams where we talk about the importance of voting. And speaking of the importance of voting, you know, if you don't know all of your voting how tos you can text Levi's to seven eight eight six eight three.


That's how you can find out you're registered. You can find out key dates and all your voting, how tos if you want to vote early in some places, you still have time to do that. I know in New York we have until Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to vote early and find out where you can vote the day. Just check Levi's to seven eight eight six eight three. All right.


Well, when we come back, we got the positive notes, the movies, The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning.


Everybody is the envy.


Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club that shout the reason for joining us this morning, he really is on Twitter.


He said he's dreamed of being on the Breakfast Club. He woke up early just to listen and has done so. Thank you for joining us.


That is that's one of my favorite, favorite new young rappers out there. Salute. The reason he's very, very dope is our new beginnings is out right now.


All right. Well, you've got a positive note. Yeah.


The positive note is this may remember what I told you during donkey today. It's going to be a lot of distractions that you see this weekend because the most important election of our lifetime is Tuesday. So I just want to tell you, whatever you see this weekend is please stop your distractions, be your focus. The focus should be November 3rd.


Focus, focus, focus, proposition 13 days of Halloween. A remote hotel, the most unusual guests, a tour guide that can't be trusted and the newest arrival is you. Why are you here again?


They sound like someone. Starring Keegan Michael Key as the caretaker, please make yourselves at home after all. This is it, one story each night starting October 19th and ending on Halloween from My Heart Radio and Blumhouse Television, listen to Erin monkies, 13 days of Halloween on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.