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The Candace Owens Show: Zuhdi Jasser

Why are leftists siding with radical Islamic regimes? Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, discusses why leftism and Islamism are a natural alliance paired to dismantle American democracy.

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The Candace Owens Show: Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh, host of The Matt Walsh Show on the Daily Wire, joins Candace Owens to share a few inconvenient truths on Black Lives Matter, the COVID-19 shutdowns, censorship, and parenting. Don’t miss it!

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The Candace Owens Show: Dinesh D’Souza

Socialism is a disastrous form of government. At the end of the Reagan era, however, it appeared that socialism had been assigned to the ash heap of history. So what is fueling socialism’s revival in America? Dinesh D’Souza, author of The United States of Socialism, joins Candace this week to discuss.

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The Candace Owens Show: KingFace

What is driving racial tensions in America? KingFace, conservative activist and founder of the D.A.D. Project, sits down with Candace Owens for a conversation on how Black culture shapes political ideology. Watch now.

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The Candace Owens Show: Marc Lamont Hill

Is Black Lives Matter hurting or helping the Black community? Does it represent — or is it a diversion — from the Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Candace Owens and Marc Lamont Hill discuss race relations in America from opposite ends of the political aisle. Tune in!

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