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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Folks, every everything, every single thing you've been told about the twenty twenty election is wrong. Everything, everything.


I read a piece in New York mag by a most likely a liberal writer who's interviewing and already out liberal pollster, admit they're liberal pollsters. There's no guys here trying to be independent. It's a liberal pollster guy. That has some stunning information, about 20, 20. That if you don't hear it, you're totally out of the mix. I'm telling you, it was an eye opener. I'm not overselling it. I'm going to hit that on the show today because the piece.


Explains why the left is doubled and tripled down uncancel culture and getting rid of Trump now so he doesn't run in twenty twenty four. How's that for a tease? It's a little shorter and sweeter. What do you think? Guys like the Joe? What do you think? Is that a good tease? That OK, ok, I'm not selling this. I'm not overhyping this. It's that important. And by the way, the lady who asked in the comments section yesterday why I'm always looking around at things I don't know, I just can never focus on anything.


Maybe I've got some kind of mild attention problem. I don't know. I promise you, I'm not staring at anything. It's just my eyeballs dart all over. But thank you for the question. Today's show brought to you by Express VPN, your data, it's your business, yours get a VPN today, don't wait, go to express VPN Dotcom Bungeni. Welcome to Dan Bongino Show. I already blew everything by introducing Joe. We'll get to the bell in a minute.


But I've got that. I've got why it explains Cancel Culture. An amazing piece on why cancel culture. My cancer culture matters. No, no, no. Why it really matters. Why the whole argument that Amazon's a private company isn't going to stick when they start banning books. No, no, thanks. All right. Let's get to the show today. Show Batebi M.D. hearing aid. What's empty? Hearing it. It is an FDA approved.


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All right, Joe, let's go. Rarely. I'm always stoked, but rarely am I this stoked for a show yesterday sitting in the oncologist's office waiting for my CT scan. I'll give you the results tomorrow. Let's hope everything's good. I think it is all about the power of positive thought these days. And I'm scrolling through for content right now for tomorrow's show because that's what my entire life is. Show prep. That's all I do these days. And I come across this absolute gem.


In New York, Mag Dotcom by Eric Levitz. David Shaw on why Trump was good for the GOP and how Dems can win in twenty twenty two. This is a left leaning magazine interviewing a left, this guy, David Shaw, on why Trump read that headline again, folks, on why Trump was good for the GOP. The insights in the piece are stunning. Because everything you've been told about 2020 is wrong. Let me tell you first, the acts you have to read the whole piece, it's quite long.


It'll take you about 15 minutes. It's a good, solid two thousand words, plus it is worth your time. I sent it to my friend on the Trump campaign and said, if you don't read this today, I can't talk to you ever again. Didn't really say that, but that's what I was thinking. Everything you've been told, about 20, 20 is wrong to read it, go to Bongino dot com slash newsletter, subscribe to my newsletter, I'll email you stuff like this.


Everybody, let's get to premiss number one. I believed myself that I've now totally thrown out the window because a liberal pollster going through the data has told me that this assertion is wrong. What is that assertion? It said, Hey, Joe, you know, Trump got seventy five million votes in the election, the most ever for a GOP candidate because just GOP turnout was just really high. Makes sense, right? Makes sense, Joe, right.


Yeah. All right. A lot of Republicans like Trump, he was popular and just a lot more Republicans turned out to vote for Trump. Wrong, wrong. You're wrong, GI Joe. You're wrong, too. You're both fired. The media sued. Yes. Sorry, it was a good run. Thank you for your time. I. You're wrong, totally, I was wrong to I'd have to fire myself. That's not what happened. What do you mean it's not what happened when the GOP did turn out to degrees they've never turned out before.


Trump, clearly by a long shot, got the most votes ever for a GOP candidate running for president. Folks, it wasn't higher turnout, it was persuasion. Let that Colligan settle into Gelo for a minute. Let that mortar harden up. It wasn't higher GOP turnout, it was Trump digging in to the Democrat base and persuading them for the first time to vote for Republicans. Oh.


Well, that's. The verdict is in, that's a really that may seem like a simple thing I did, and that was obvious. No, no, it wasn't obvious. It wasn't obvious at all. Matter of fact, liberals. Remember, the narrative always matters and the media have been very eager to tell you, yeah, you know, Trump did well among Republicans, he did well and he got the most votes, but he only did it because Republicans turned out they are very eager to make the idea go away that maybe Trump was onto something and for the first time started to persuade career lifelong Democrat voters that the GOP was a better option.


That would be a very damaging narrative because it would lead to the narrative that Trump was not a negative force in this country, but maybe a positive one for getting people to open their eyes to other ideas. Oh, my gosh, we can't have that out there. Let me read to you. If you're not seeing, by the way, how astonishing this is and the ramifications, it explains everything, I'm then I'm not doing a good enough job.


That Trump was a positive force for the GOP can never get out there, they hated him so much they want nothing but negativity attached to his name. And if Trump's powers of persuasion were so good that even Democrats started to vote for them, the media can't come out and say, next, gosh, Democrats are just really stupid because they voted for Trump, too. Do you understand how that's not a powerful that's not a great thing to say. Their whole line, am I making sense, please tell me your whole line has been you Republicans are all racist Nazis, therefore you voted for the racist Nazi trump.


But what if that's not really the story? What if the story was that Trump actually persuaded a lot of the Democrats, the media have told us are good people that he had the better ideas? No, but he's a racist and a Nazi. Well, that would mean a lot of Democrats were racist. The Nazis to. It also explains the way cancer culture. I know you're getting like this, get to the piece. I know, I know, but there's so much juice in here.


It explains Kinsel culture to. Why the rapid deterioration into cancel culture madness to wipe Trump off the face of the earth, Twitter, Facebook stripe, Salesforce, why? Because of his powers of persuasion were so powerful. That he even convinced lifelong Democrats that he had the better ideas than man, we better shut him down quick. What a danger. All right, without further ado, let's get the screenshot one. Read this whole piece. It's worth your time.


I'll read this and then I'll explain it. They're talking about the idea that a Trump just, you know, he got those votes because, like I said, he just was high Republican turnout, quote. But that looks wrong. It really seems like the electorate was slightly more Democratic than it had been in twenty sixteen, the exact opposite folks, not more Republican, largely due to demographic change, because there's such a large partizan gap between younger and older voters.


Every four years, the electorate gets something like zero point four percent more Democratic. Just do generational churn. Younger people vote Democrat. More folks, older people die. The electorate that shows up to vote becomes more Democrat. Simple as that. Back to the quote. So Trump didn't exceed expectations by inspiring higher than anticipated Republican turnout. Now here's the kicker. He exceeded them mostly through persuasion. A lot of voters changed their minds between 2016. And 20, 20, how can that be trumps?


They said he's a racist Nazi. How can that be? How can that be that between twenty sixteen and twenty twenty, a boatload of traditional Democrats changed their mind to vote for a guy the media swore is a Russian colluding, treasonous, racist Nazi? How is that? How is that? Folks, I have to tell you, I was fooled by that, too, I thought it was his extremely high popularity among Republicans which drove traditional Republican sit outs.


In other words, Joe, people who would sit out elections only vote every whatever, 10, 12, 16 years. I thought to myself, gosh, you just you know, he incentivized them because people love them to show up and vote, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's that's not what happened. The electorate was actually more Democrat. So who if the if the electorate was more Democrat and Trump got a record number of votes and it wasn't more Republicans voting for him, then who exactly was voting for the dumpster?


There's got to be some data now. We haven't henceforth the peace. Now that the data about the election is starting to seep out there, exit polls, questions who you voted for, who you didn't, racial breakdowns, there are some fascinating conclusions right now. And bottom line up front before I get to this next screen shot, the GOP is now becoming the party of the working man. Hold, hold, William Wallace, hold, hold with the spears.


Part two of that, regardless of race. Black middle class working families, Hispanic middle class working families, Asian American working families are now starting to say, I'm not really about those defund the police high tax, cancel Dr. Seuss Democrats. I'm not really dig in that chili. I'm going to give this Trump guy, Alexi. Now, the media, of course, absent this guy, who is David Shaw, who again is not a conservative, he's a liberal.


This is a warning he's writing for the Democrats, where you, as Republicans should finally put your chest out, shoulders back and chin up high and do what I told you at my CPAC speech. Be proud of the fact that we are on the right side of this, that freedom, economic liberty and the all matter, public safety matters. These are our issues, not the left. And the working class is waking up regardless of race. Listen to this.


I'm going to read it. Quote, New York mag. At the sub-group level, Democrats gained somewhere between half a percent to one percent among noncollege whites and roughly seven percent among white college graduates, he writes in parentheses, which is kind of crazy. So Democrats are becoming the party of rich white liberals. Yet the Democrats support among African-Americans declined something like one to two percent. And then Hispanic support dropped by eight to nine percent. The jury's still out on Asian-Americans, they're waiting on the data from California, but there's evidence that there was something like a five percent decline in Asian-American support for Democrats with a lot of variance among subgroups.


There were really big declines in Vietnamese areas, for example, says anyway, one implication of these shifts is that the education polarization went up and racial polarization went down. Quote, Here it is, the coup de gras, in other words, the voters level of educational attainment, whether they had a college degree or not, became more predictive of which party they voted for in 2020 than in 2016, while a voter's racial identity became less predictive. Joe, how have we not been saying this now for bombs, you're not wasting your time on my show that identity politics, the Democrats, endless appeals to voters say vote for us because the Republicans are all racists.


They hate you. What did I tell you? That identity politics and cancer culture will eventually cannibalize the left.


Why? Why? Why? Because you can't constantly advocate for policies that pick preferential that that give preferential treatment to racial groups. Without harming other racial groups who start to say. Are that kind of sounds racist to me. Want to put meat on the bone? What do I mean by that? You can't advocate for eliminating charter schools saying we need more racial equality. Charter schools are only for racist white Republicans. When it's actually black and Hispanic families and a lot of struggling economic, economically struggling districts that are benefiting from them, they feel like, gosh, you know, that's really weird.


A bunch of rich white liberals are telling me, my kid can't go to a charter school. That sounds kind of racist. But the liberals pitch is that we're doing it because the Republicans are racist and everybody's like, yeah, but my kids schools being closed down charter school because the Democrats. That doesn't quite make sense. What about an even easier example? You know, the specialty schools in New York City, Bronx Science and other ones, these elite schools.


What about Asian minority families work really hard and they have to score two and three hundred points higher on an entrance exam to get into a school, two or three hundred points higher than white, black or Hispanic families, because there's, you know, air quotes here. Too many Asians in those schools. Joe, that sounds kind of racist, doesn't it? Just just checking.


Seriously, it's a racist check for Democrats. We have to do that once in a while because the Democrats, no one checks them for their racism. Thank you, Joe. Joe agrees. That sounds kind of racist. There's an Asian quota. Kind of like they had the Jewish quota back in. That sounds that sounds kind of racist and bigoted to me. And Asian voters are kind of like. Hey, my kid can't get into a school because there's an Asian quota, I'm not really digging.


I'm not I'm not really taking that. Working class parents with dirt under their fingernails, Asian, white, excuse me, Asian, Hispanic, black minorities, even white working class voters are saying. This Democrat pitch about everything being racist all the time sounds kind of racist to me. On Saturday morning, Democrats, I'm sure audience archivist Judy, could pull multiple clips where I've warned them repeatedly their endless appeals to their voters, claiming everyone and their mother is a racist.


But them, while it's actually the Democrats pushing racist policies, was inevitably going to backfire as people get hurt in their own homes. As the Hispanic trucker gets fired from his job, as Bill Maher said the other day, for flicking a booger and someone says no, that look like a white supremacist sign. Remember that on the show the other day, the guy with Spanish. He works for a living. He's a white supremacist. Wow, that's weird.


So take away no one. It wasn't higher turnout among Republicans that led to Trump's historic number of votes. It was his powers of persuasion that makes him dangerous. Dangerous in the. Cancel culture, Izz. Second, take away. Number two, the GOP is rapidly becoming the party of working class voters, regardless of your race. Finally. Take away number three is a lot, I mean, let me get to my my my second sponsor, I'm going I didn't intend on spending this much time on this, but this is so critical.


And I get to that and I'll get back to the third. Take away that. How my. Trump made the Democrats show their. Asses theory, can I say that I think we're going to have to show their cabooses theory, that's my theory. Remember that one, Joe, that Trump makes the liberal show there. But it's a it's a it's a it's a scientific documented theory cited many times in scientific journals just getting. But the Democrats have to show their cabooses theory how part three of this takeaways part of that statement.


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Go to start mail. Start with a t start mail dotcom bongino that start mail dotcom Bongino for 50 percent off your first year. Do not wait another day. Start mail dotcom Bongino go today. All right. Back to the show. So the third takeaway from this astonishingly good piece. Is I've had this theory for a long time, Joe has been subjected to listening to forever. He's probably tired of it, but it's my theory of why the Democrats were so ineffective against Trump, and it's because they were laden with emotion rather than an effective tactical response.


Trump so bothered them because he was the first Republican candidate in a long time of any prominence to finally give the double barreled middle finger. We use the index finger on the show for the family family friendly crowd. He gave the double barrel to the left. What did the left do to the Republicans in the past and how do they respond? George W. Bush and others not knocking him, I'm just saying this is what happened, George W. Bush would say something, the left would come out and do watch out.


That's racist. Of course it wasn't. They just made it up. And what would Bush and others in the party, you and again, I'm not knocking him. I'm just using the example from recent history. The Bush team in the White House would come out and apologize for something that wasn't racist at all and nothing to do with race at all. As a matter of fact, the left would do what they would they would they take a pop the champagne corks, drinking the champagne like they just won the World Series.


You got a win win win no matter how much they loved it. They thought it was great. They'd have their Lombardi trophy in the locker room. Look, we got these idiots. We got these dopes show to apologize for something we said was racist, even though we knew we just made it up. What a bunch of morons. Trump didn't do that, Trump gave exactly zero hits with an S, they did care. They'd come out, they'd make stuff up.


Trump doesn't like immigrants, there's no evidence of that at all. Trump doesn't like black voters, is absolutely zero evidence for that. And Trump just wouldn't turn around and play their game. Matter of fact, he would double down and call them fake news. It couldn't it couldn't take it. They couldn't they they couldn't take it because they're like, wait, wait. But it's not Pavlovian, it's operant conditioning response reward, right, not stimulus response, you psych majors out there.


I still remember my stuff. The Republicans would respond, they would apologize for fake charges of racism, and that was a reward to the Democrats who would humiliate them in the media as they apologize for something they didn't do and that felt rewarding and powerful and led to political victories for them in the past, not so much anymore. So the Democrats just continued the behavior. So they learned response, reward. They learned like when I was in my experimental psychology classes, you know, you get a thirsty animal in a cage, you put a dipper, they eventually figure out the dipper and how to get water droplets.


Right. And it's rewarding because then they're not thirsty anymore. Response, reward. Well, what happens in the deeper training, right, when a really thirsty, say, caged animal starts hitting the dipper and they're really thirsty and the water doesn't come out? What do you get? Every single time. You get a freak out. You get what they call an extinction burse, the behavior. Maniacal hitting of the dipper, I'm not kidding, you can see it everywhere across human beings, any living creature that that has some cognition capabilities.


Or even basic neuron connections, you get panicked extinction burse. No, you don't really you ever put a dollar in a Coke machine, the Coke doesn't come out. What do people do? Damn, people don't get what do they do?


They say it doesn't do anything. Why do you do it?


Because we're all living creatures that obey some of the same iron laws of psychology. Yeah. We made a response, we put a we did an opera and operant behavior, you put a dollar in. The coach didn't come out and what do we do? We freak out in an extinction, burst the behavior, even though we know it does nothing. You're in the midst right now of the biggest Democrat extinction burst in human history. You're seeing panicked shaking of the Coke machine by Democrats who can't figure out why a guy they think is a racist buffoon who's actually a very talented politician, Donald Trump keeps pulling their voters away from their working class base despite their protestations that they're the party of the little guy.


How is this happening? And every time we double down and show our butts and call him a racist than a buffoon and a xenophobe, he doesn't apologize and admit it. He doubles down even more. He calls us the racists and fake news. Why do we do we shake the coke machine? That's what we do. Now, Joe, wouldn't you agree, shaking the Coke machine is counterproductive, doesn't do anything, the Coke doesn't come out a lot of noise.


It doesn't come out of the machine. Right, you shit. But people do it. They kick it. I yell at it. I take a machine. Yes. Give me my coke. We're not listening to you. It doesn't process from it. Joe's done it himself. I've done it. Yeah. And me and Joe are relatively smart guys. Sometimes on Mondays and Fridays during the week at least we yell at the machine. Sound like what the Democrats are doing now.


Yelling at the machine is counterproductive, right? It doesn't do anything yet. I just told you what the Democrats are doing on their on their on their policy support. There's support of defunding the police cancer culture. I told you what they're doing is counterproductive. They're driving working class voters in droves to people like Donald Trump and Republicans, and yet they continue to do it. Why? Because it's an extension. It's not rational. They are having a psychological meltdown to a guy who won't deliver the Coke when they deliver the dollar.


They deliver that racist, every other Republican deliver the Coke, we apologize. We're so sorry, Trump double barreled, you're the racist and you're fateless. What do we do? Kick the machine, yell out in the air. But that's counterproductive. You waste energy. They don't care. They don't care, they don't care because they can't control themselves. They can't. I told you, identity politics is backfiring. I told you cancel cultures backfire. And they're canceling liberals now.


They keep doing it because they in or in the middle of the biggest extinction burst in political in the modern history of politics. This is the most destructive extinction burst you've ever seen. That was a long setup. To take away number three, he's like, my gosh, we're on subject one, one of eight. Sorry, this is super important. Here's take away number three from this spectacular piece. So why are the Democrats doing this, engaging in an extinction burst of cancer culture and endless charges of racism, knowing it's decimating their party?


Quote from the piece. So this leads to the question of why. Why did nonwhite voters start sorting more by ideology? And that's a hard thing to know. But the authors, organization and partner organizations have done extensive post-election surveys of 20 20 voters. They look specifically at voters who switched from Clinton in 2016 to Trump in twenty 20 to see whether anything distinguishes this subgroup in terms of their policy opinions. Hang with me a couple more censorship.


What they found is that Clinton voters with conservative views on, oh, conservative views on crime, policing and public safety were far more likely to switch to Trump than voters with less conservative views on those issues.


Sounds like something I said, and having conservative views on those issues was more predictive of switching from Clinton to Trump than having conservative views on any other issue said was. Armacost, how many times to be warned, these buffoons on the left that, you know, as a former police officer and law enforcement officer at the federal level, I really don't think defunding the police in neighborhoods where people's kids are getting mugged on the way to school. I joke this is a stretch, but not really sure that's a good idea.


No, probably not. Joe struggling with it to keep struggling. He can't figure it out. He's like, really? That's not a good idea. Dan, you are a police officer in a really high crime area. You've said on the show multiple times that residents would come out of their house begging you to lock up the drug dealers and also begging you not to say anything because they didn't want the drug dealers beating them up on the way to school.


You told the Democrats that the overwhelming majority of people in high crime areas are not the criminals. Racist Democrats don't know that, they don't understand that. I worked in a high crime minority neighborhood, the seventy five precinct in east New York, Brooklyn. And I will never forget. Mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers coming out of their house. Officer. You'd have to go in an alleyway or something, that's not a joke, by the way, it's not funny time.


Sometimes we do funny time, this ain't it. You see that guy in a corner, yeah, he's been slinging dope here for weeks, he's scaring all the kids. He's, you know, he's got a gun on him all the time. We need you guys to do something. That happened probably once every two weeks or so, which is a lot because for people who are afraid to get people to come out, but that would happen often enough.


And it really transformed a lot of my thinking at a young age that the 80 20 rule applies. 20 percent of the people are causing 80 percent of the damage, but it says something interesting, that 80 percent of the people in those neighborhoods, probably more actually a really fine, decent people are struggling a bit. They'd like to move out, but maybe their job isn't promoting them right now and they don't have the money. And they're hurting, man.


They got kids, they got jobs. They've got a car that gets broken into. They've got a house that gets broken into money that gets stolen from them. They've got real lives and they're real citizens with real concerns, just like you and me. How do you think it sounds to those people pulling you in the alleyway because they don't want the drug dealer to see them? How do you think it sounds to them when you're dopey, ridiculous party comes out and says, hey, I've got a good idea, let's defund the police and pull that police officer off the corner.


How do you think it sounds to them? The answer is, you know exactly how it sounds, so why don't you stop if you're a Democrat or a liberal, why don't you stop? Because you can't. Because Donald Trump is such a powerful force in politics whose powers of persuasion are not disputed at all now, even by this, a Democrat, a Democrat who wrote this piece, not even disputed by Democrats, that instead of fighting him on ideas, you just simply engage in extinction bursts of behavior and you do the opposite of what Trump said.


Trump supports a police, defund them, even knowing that it's destroying your entire party and your entire brand and literally getting people killed, you just don't care. You will shake that Coke machine until you're out of energy, until you break it and you die of thirst. You don't care. Because you can't. You simply can't control yourself. I got more on this next. It's a nice synopsis in a piece by Hugo Gordon, if you please read the show notes today.


Again, it's in the show, notes Bungeni, that Constellation newsletter. It's a Washington Examiner piece proving my point of the Trump. You show your Qaboos theory that he forces the Democrats to show their butts to people or humiliate themselves, do things counterproductive because they just hate him and they want to shake the Coke machine. It's a good piece, I'll get to that next see gear getting a little flow here now. He knows when it's time you like that.


You see very put the spot up. Very nice. Little of the deep segment there. A little emotional break that these can get in here, too. We starting to get my flow, you know, a little hesp connection there. All right.


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Check it out. Let's get everything tight back together, all right? You know, I know I and he's probably going to kill me here because I sent him and Joe a boatload of material because it really is a loaded news day. Seriously, I'm sorry, but I'm really you have my apologies for spending all that time on that segment, but I really think. I think it's an important. It's all summed up by this piece by Hugo Gordon, the editor in chief, The Washington Examiner.


It's in the show notes, I want you to read where I can spend a ton of time on it because it sums up what I just said. But the headline is, is Biden's bungling anti Trump ism starts to fray.


The gist of the piece is this, folks. It's exactly what I just said, showing you I'm not the only one thinking about this. Trump made the Democrats show their butts theory. In other words, the Democrats are doing things now that are counterproductive only because they hate Trump, not because they think it helps the Democrats and the evidence is piling up. Hugo Gordon's thesis in this piece, it's short but worth your time, is that everything Biden is doing now?


Joe, go through the list. Let's open the border. Why? Because Trump built a border wall. Let's rip the border wall down. All of this stuff is obviously on its face entirely counterproductive. Even if you agree with a liberal immigration policy saying, I've seen people not not radical left the same people would say maybe we should still finish that wall. I mean, we already paid for it. The stuff is still out there in the desert.


The Biden team is leaving the stuff out there like that and we're not going to finish it. Matter of fact, we should seriously consider ripping down what we already built, saying people are like. Joe, that sounds kind of dumb, yeah, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because Trump said build a wall, so Biden, in a Coke shaking machine episode in the biggest extinction burst in human history, has to say rip the wall down.


Trump said he loved the wall. And everybody's like, huh? Trump said he supports law enforcement, get rid of them all. And we got the George Foy police bill out there today run it through that, the George Floyd police bill, which will withhold or defund federal funding from police departments if they don't follow draconian guidelines about policing to defund the police. But they don't care. They're reading the same piece of New York mag that it is destroying their brand among middle class working Americans.


Black, Hispanic doesn't matter. And they do it anyway because they have to shake the Coke machine because they just hate Donald Trump. Trump said he loves the police, they got to get rid of the police. Trump said, let's pull out of the Paris climate accords. It doesn't look fair to America. It imposes conditions on America, doesn't impose on the rest of the world. Biden Trump said it. We got to get right back in that deal.


Yeah, dude, we're struggling right now. Maybe we should have those conditions imposed on the rest of the world before the United States where we crush our own energy economy. Biden is like Trump pulled out of it. So we got to go back in shaking the Coke machine again, all in Hugo Gordon's piece. Brilliant piece. The headline should have been Trump made the Democrats show their cabooses. Here's another thing he addresses in the piece. The Iran deal, so we got Iran, you know, the whole Death to America crowd, I mean, literally the death to America, that's like their that's their campaign sign, you know.


Ommaney, twenty twenty four more death to America, no make death to America great again. I mean, that's their campaign slogan. They love death to America. That's more. There's not enough death to America. Doesn't matter. Trump said, hey, I'm not sure we should be given this death to America crew all our money, especially on pallets. That sounds dumb, right, Joe? Kind of stupid. Not just throwing that out there. Death to America fund the death to America with American.


That's really not a good idea. So what happens? Biden gets into office and because Trump makes them shake the Coke machine and show their butts, what does Biden do? We're definitely getting basking in the death to America deal. So. Well, define the police, rip down the border wall, keep your kids out of school and fund the Death to America brigade with their more death to America. Twenty twenty four slogan and they don't get it. How middle class, sane Americans, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Vietnamese, Cuban, Puerto Rican, whatever it may be you're like.


I think that sounds kind of stupid. I'm going to check out these copycats. Who I've said repeatedly may not be the answer to all your problems. Well, I know that because there's a lot of failures on our side to. But the Democrats are most definitely. The cause of all your problems. I love this show today, this show I could go on. This is one of those days I'm just in like totally in the zone. Now, I'm not messing with you.


I'm totally in this I could keep this show going for like three hours, Joe no, Joe can read my mind. I can see it. He's getting he's at them. He said that 75 percent mind reading stage. I'm serious. I can do this show all day. I'm not even the show is done in reverse. This is page two, but I love that story so much. On page two, I made it page one of those.


You watch the show. How do I usually do the flip around? How does the flipper work the binders this way? Because I only write on this side. The flip through goes this way. You'll notice today if I get to the flip through that the flipper will go the other way because I had so much material when I started writing on page two. I loved page two story, so I made them page one. You perceptive. Viewers will catch that I just told you so you get the cheat anyway.


All right. Now, there's a natural Segway here to my next block. Do you now understand why cancel culture, which has been around a while, let's be honest about it, a long while, but you understand why cancel culture seems that much more profound and impactful right now. It's almost like we're seeing, instead of arithmetic, growth, geometric growth, the cancel culture. Right. So it's like we used to have an incident, what, once a week now we have like four or five incidents a day, right?


Amazon's banning books. Dr. Seuss is in publishing Dr. Seuss books. The Bachelor guy is fired for giving an interview about another bachelor canceled. The Bachelor guys canceled for talking about a bachelorette getting canceled. And then they cancel them and then they cancel the host of The Bachelor. No. And then they cancel the person who hosted the host of The Bachelor. I'm not going to get to that story in a minute. Hopefully, too. It's in the show, notes SHOWBIZ.


For one month, they cancel a woman who's a contestant on The Bachelor. Then they cancel the host of the show for talking about the canceled woman. And then the woman who interviews the host who got canceled cancels herself. Not a joke. I'm not kidding. It's in the show notes today. SHOWBIZ for one one, not a right leaning site where they're like, hey, maybe this is getting great. Why is it getting crazy? Why is everybody canceled?


I swear this is set to show how I got my son. Because of that article I just told you. Democrats, power brokers, their liberal connected elites and Hollywood, Wall Street and everyone else are starting to figure out that Trump may have been on to something. That if maybe he just took the edge off a little bit, that not only would he have won that election, but he would have won that election in probably a landslide. Again, the edge doesn't bother me.


I'm trying to get in the Democrats head. They're saying, OK, he didn't persuade extra Republicans to turn out. He's actually eating into our Democrat working class base, which we've been lying and telling people we care about. We're about the working class and now Trump is eating into it. This guy is a real problem. What do we do?


Well, Joe, a sane person would say, well, we could battle him on the field of ideas and stick up for the police and talk about business. No, no. They want to defund the police. They're shaking the Coke machine because they can't control themselves and because they can't control themselves. They've decided they're going to go a full blown totalitarian and wipe Trump and all his supporters off the face of the earth. Hence, the exponential growth in castle culture.


Here is a terrific piece about it by Abigail Shrier, who in our substory, which Democrats want banned to because subsect people get to write their thoughts. And, you know, these are unapproved thoughts by the Orwellian Democrat totalitarians. I'm going to get to the piece that's in my show notes again, this is the must read show notes today, obviously. But I want to start with this question. If the left are so proud of what they're doing and they really think they're on the right side of the moral arc of history.


I'm serious, Joe, is a serious question, then why are they so embarrassed about their role in cancer culture? I'm not joking, it's a serious question. Yeah. Have you noticed, Joe, the euphemism game they play with cancel culture? No, no, it's not cancel culture, Joe. It's it's accountability culture, OK? No, we're not canceling. It's all about capitalism, Joe. It's free market Democrats. About free markets. That's hilarious.


Yeah, it's all about free markets, Joe. Democrats are all of a sudden they're allies for free markets. The same. I wrote this note that the Democrats who want to impose government mandates on free market private businesses, Joe, government mandates for wages, environmental stuff, content on cable. They want Fox News canceled, but they don't want any requirements for freedom and openness and non monopolies.


We're right if I know it's a struggle for you, Armacost, but I am if they're so proud and I really feel like we need that head scratching thing you've put on there once in a while if they're so proud.


If you if they're proud, then why play the euphemism game? Why not just say it, hey, we're canceling unapproved thoughts because totalitarianism and tyranny is great. Because they're embarrassed because the left, which is lied to people for decades and told them where the party of the working class, where the party of the ACLU and civil liberties and civil rights. Is now looking in the mirror and realizing, my gosh, that's. That's that's really not us. Whether one's terrorizing people economically, canceling people for fake Nazi stages at CPAC, even though a liberal company designed it, we're canceling The Bachelor for canceling a woman who canceled The Bachelor and got canceled after canceling The Bachelor.


We're the ones kneeling at the American flag. While most Americans really love that flag we're doing on gas, that's really been canceling anyone who speaks out. The US soccer guy who said, I don't think we should kneel if you're playing for the U.S. soccer team, the U.S. soccer guy, a guy who lost the limbs in combat, who spoke out, gets gets canceled to the left, must be embarrassed by that. That's why they play the euphemism game.


All right, I'll get this Abigail share piece in a second, let me get to my final sponsor, because this piece is critical and and I have a big announcement. It's an announcement about an announcement. Don't let me forget that it's important. It was actually story number nine. But I'm covered. Don't worry. I will I will walk you because this poor guy, I'm all over the place with this because I have so much stuff today. All right.


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Amazon is shaking the Coke machine to engaged in one of the largest extinction bursts in human history, along with their Democrat masters. And Amazon is now banning books altogether, which, as I've repeatedly stated you, is worse than book burning, because at least in book burning, you have the book. So you can probably photocopy it on the cut before the Democrat tyrants come to burn the book. Right. You can actually preserve some of the content. Book banning is even worse than book burning headline book banning.


In an age of Amazon, the world's largest bookstore begins quietly deleting books. Holy Moses. We are now living in a totalitarian, dystopian society and liberals are shaking the Coke machine all the way through.


She talks about and addresses this first argument number one, which liberals always make disingenuously. Again, not realizing they're canceling themselves liberals because they're shaking the Coke machine. They say, hey, we're all about free markets. Joe, that, by the way, that's hilarious. Liberals are all about capitalism. Again, the same liberals that want to impose government mandates on free markets for wages, environmental rules, content you can put on your show. They want to boycott ideas they don't like.


They're all about free markets now, Joe. So she says in the piece, show you some will argue it's Amazon's right to drop a book.


Though it possesses many of the frightful powers of government and few of the limitations, Amazon is not the government as a private company, many argue it retains the right to stock its shelves, whatever it chooses, as someone put it, to Abigael on Twitter public, stop carrying my favorite salad dressing. You know what? I went to another store and bought it. Sounds compelling, right, Julie? Yeah, you know, it sounds right, then you're a.


Excuse me, you have your free or free market cat? Yeah, Amazon. Amazon can do what it wants, right? No big deal.


That's interesting that liberals would make that argument that Amazon is a free market private company. You know, liberals are all about capitalism now. So we should cancel books we don't like because Amazon, quote, can can do what it wants. Well, that's really interesting because when we go to screenshot to show the Liberals made the exact opposite argument about the guy in Colorado who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Wait, wait, wait, wait.


So the same liberals who want to impose upon free market companies, Joe, who can, quote, do what they want, want to tell them what to pay their workers, where they can afford it or not, want to make them subscribe to a bunch of environmental regulations that are largely counterproductive. Most of the time, they want to dictate to cable news companies like Fox and my show and elsewhere what's allowed on public airwaves. But but you can do what you want as long as you do what it's what we want.


But that's not what I want, you just said I could do what I want, I'm a free market. We were just kidding. We were just kidding. And by the way, baked a cake, baked that cake immediately. She goes on, quote. Well, call this the Colorado bakeshop argument, she says, which the Supreme Court considered in Masterpiece versus Colorado Civil Rights Commission, private businesses might have the right not to sell certain things customers want.


By the way, I totally agree with that. It's my cake shop, dammit, I get it too liberal, like then you being a hypocrite, I don't know to stand by. It's my cake shop. Damn it runs the argument. If the proprietor doesn't want to create a cake celebrating a gay wedding or anything else, it violates his conscience.


Maybe he shouldn't have to. Folks, whether you agree or not, I agree with that approach. Well, then how aren't you being a hypocrite? You're saying that the cake shop is a private business. It should be allowed to do what it wants. No, I'm not saying it should be allowed to do whatever it wants. We do have laws. I mean, the cake shop can't go baking cakes and assaulting old women with the cakes and slamming them in the face, putting them in the hospital.


There are certain rules and regulations in a constitutional republic where we preserve the civil liberties of others as well. But what's interesting is we do have a First Amendment and the owner of the cake shop had some sincere religious beliefs. I'm not asking you to agree with him. I candidly don't care if you agree with them or not. He had a constitutional right to not engage in behavior he felt violated his sincerely held religious beliefs. Is Amazon making that argument on a more dramatic as Amazon have some religious problem with banning books about transgenderism is because they made that argument yet?


I haven't I haven't heard that. And the scale matter of something I've thought about often, which Abigael share puts down in words far more eloquently than I've ever said on this show.


Here's the scale argument, which is a good one. Part three of this, but that argument. Is an app Amazon is in a neighborhood bakery, small, independent bookstores can and often do claim to be in the business of promoting a certain kind of speech. There are Christian bookstores and feminist bookstores and everything in between. And forcing such stores to sell books they don't like would compromise the owners free speech rights by forcing them to engage in what is arguably a form of compelled speech.


May be right, but. Amazon operates on a vast scale. Scale is the difference between homicide and genocide, a pickpocket and Bernie Madoff. Brilliant. No one in the Colorado bakery case. The owner is claiming an allegiance to a sincerely held religious belief, which is a constitutionally protected right. Last time I checked, Joe was still there in the Kansas City. Was there an amendment since I left? Was there an updated amendment like subsection one footnote to the First Amendment and same old stuff now?


OK, same old not so.


I'm just, you know, we got it. Fact checks are important to the show. So he is allowed to believe in these things, whether you agree with them or not, just like you're allowed to believe in things we don't agree with to. Second, Amazon is not making that argument, they're just banning the book because they're succumbing to the liberal Cancer Culture Brigade. To be. Amazon is on a far different scale, share goes on, I didn't take a screenshot of this in the interest of time, I got to wrap it up soon because I really enjoyed the hell out of this show.


And I've talked a little too much about stories, but. She makes the point later in the piece. That is Amazon's scale, that is the difference here. We have always in a society that's respected, free and competitive markets, we have always had rules and regulations, just like the left wants on wages and all this other stuff. We have always had a bipartisan consensus on anti-competitive behavior. And so we've had a.. The Sherman Antitrust Act. You are not allowed to engage in monopolistic anti-competitive behavior.


There's even rules against mergers and acquisitions of companies if their sole intention is to destroy competition and charge some form of a monopoly price. Cher makes the argument later in the piece that Amazon's incredible scale, 60 percent of so of of books or so are sold on Amazon, that if Amazon decides to ban a book just because they want to cancel people, no one is claiming any kind of constitutional right. That if Amazon bans a book, they wipe out the entire market.


Because that author, knowing that he won't be sold or she won't be sold on Amazon, Joe will never get a publishing deal. She makes the further case that then publishers start to understand that conservative thought is dangerous and they then will invent euphemisms to turn conservative authors down. So you have this cascade of horribles where Amazon uses its scale to shut down conservative ideas, conservative authors and can't get published. Publishers then wipe out any conservative book on their on their roster because they can't get published either.


That's why I'm doing what I'm doing now. And starting up a conservative economy. Let me just show you this fine, I told you, I get this article show biz for one moment, please read this on my show notes today, proving to you again how this strategy is going to entirely backfire in the long run. The Bachelor showbiz for one on one, Roger Friedman, TV, Colin. Cancel culture sinks the Bachelor to lowest ratings of the season and second lowest of all time after racism scandal explodes.


What did I tell you in the beginning of the show? Identity politics and cancer culture are going to cannibalize the left. I just showed you the data on leftists, endless appeals to racism, how it's blowing up and costing them middle class support regardless of race. And I've made the point repeatedly, the cancer culture will eventually implode because they're running out of victims on the right as people are progressively canceled, pun intended. So now, because they love it and they enjoy it, no response reward.


They've been rewarded by the power of canceling people because they're sick people and they enjoy they enjoy it. That's why they do it. They don't want to give up when they run out of conservative targets. So they then focus on people like the left and they eat their own Hollywood brand alive. Gosh, we had so much more. Did you? This is really a shame you wanted to remind her about the announcement, about the announcement. Thank you.


Thank you, Joe. That's what I have you there for. You're right. I'm going to have to wrap on this because it's so crazy. A quick story, just funny story before I get this, I just got this text last night from my friend, my brother, you know, oh, you know how we were mocking the the the people claiming like 10 masks, 15 masks and gel.


We use the line about the two masks, as they call it, the deuce, you know, the two of the deuce. So my 10 year old nephew. My 10 year old nephew hopes I get this text from my brother, comes home from school yesterday, and I guess one of the parents is telling my brother that, wait. My 10 year old nephew, who listens to the show and loves it, I feel I should tell this day he goes to school with one of the kids.


I guess the mom's the. Of one of the kids comes to school and has to BARSAD So my 10 year old nephew is is that the deuce?


Is he is the kid. That's the truth. I guess. The dad of the bomb techs. My brother. What's the dude's. Are you wearing the DOS? Christiane, I left about this all night, are you wearing the do we crown the term nationally?


I think we have Joe the double masters. Is that the deuce? Just ask me. You got the dusa.


All right, more on the deuced while we've been talking so long, my back. Get ready to shut down. Yes, I'm still stuck with it despite my apple boycott. My last word. We're going back this up different. All right. Here's my big announcement. My big announcement is about announcement will be making next week. So media people pay attention. We'll be making a big announcement next week in our fight to construct a parallel economy that respects free speech for everyone.


Conservatives, liberals, everyone that matters to me. We're going to be making a big announcement next week about that. And I want you to pay very close attention because I'm not done. You know, we had my. Experiments with parler and rumball. This is just the beginning. Be adding a new service coming up soon, and I want you to pay very close attention next week to these announcements because I need you in this fight. These fights have cost me a lot of time and a lot of money, but as I said, I will go destitute, bankrupt and broke before I let the left cancel everyone in the economy without creating an alternative for you.


And I've got the connections to do it now, thanks to you. So stay tuned next week. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. As you can tell, I love that show. Please go to Rumble Dotcom, reject YouTube, cancel culture. Watch my show on Rumble, Rumble, Dotcom Rumble, dot com slash Mangino Rumble Dotcom slash Bongino please go there and subscribe. It is free. Watched the show. They reject YouTube.


Cancel culture support. Rumble rumble dotcom slash Bunjil. Thanks folks. I'll see you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.