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Dan. This is so unbelievable and just so sad for our show, you know, honest to God can't make up what's happening right now. It would be genius comedy if we were actually doing it on purpose. But let me set up for the audience what's happening here so you can watch the entire back story, because it's a long back story and it's a funny story and it's a back story that has wounded us recently. And we pivoted to podcast. So here's the back story, OK?


So ESPN Radio is debuting a new lineup today. They don't think we're professional enough. I don't think they listen to any of this crud we do on the fringes. I'm not sure they actually even listen to our show except to get upset with Stewart's isn't reading the sports flashes. So we have lost an hour of radio today as they go more sports and highlight scores and highlights. Mike Greenberg, Max Kellerman, big names giving you sports. And we don't sound like them and we're not as professional as that.


And today is the perfect example of how we're not as professional as they are because nothing is working here.


We have the single worst technical day here is ESPN Radio rolls out its new professional lineup. We have had more problems today with the audio and sound that we have had any point during this. Let me come back you here to the people who'd been listening to us for a while, whether it's months or years or a decade or more. When we were in quarantine, when we were doing the show remotely, it was very difficult to do, but we did not miss a single day.


We kept rolling through doing this. And yet during a pandemic, we didn't have a day as bad as this one.


Has there been so many things that have gone wrong here?


So we celebrate in this new digital only hour that we're doing. We mean to celebrate all of the things that are around us that are funny, that this is going to illustrate to people what really what are you waving your hand at me about four Didymus a day.


I don't know about that. There are weeks that nobody was here. One day we'd be on the air and then we take four days off and be back.


We don't need to get caught up in that. We'll just take the day to celebrate their day every day.


What are you talking about? We've been on the radio doing radio every day during this pandemic. It closed down the country, closed down from one day to the next, and then all of a sudden we're still on the air. What are you talking about? And why did you interrupt the thought I was having about four minutes after I had it? Now we're good.


We're going to keep rolling it. We're doing good. I'm excited about today.


I like this new hour is going to go well now or just roll with the punches. Dannell, let's go. Come on, man. I'm explaining to the audience here on this big day for ESPN Radio. I just would roll with the punches better if the people punching me weren't on our own show, you know what I mean? It's enough to roll with the punches. One executive punching your book. When it's the shipping and the executive punching you, it becomes a little bit more difficult.


The point I was trying to make is no one actually asked us or cares whether we do this local hour or whether we do this digital only hour. They didn't ask us to do it. And furthermore, they put a bunch of things in my schedule that make it almost impossible to do. We're going to have to get in here at a ridiculously early hour of the morning. But we want to show everyone in our audience what it is that is happening with us in this radio lineup, because we like to be transparent and we're going to have a lot of creative fun talking about all the stuff that surrounds us, because America, ESPN, all of these corporations that we're saying the right thing a few months ago, they're trying to shift back into where they were in some sense of normalcy.


And this is where we start playoff basketball starts to got an hour and a half after we go off the air if we get off the air, because I'm not sure we're even going to get on the air today like this might just be podcast only because my brain is not even here. He doesn't have the ability to talk to us. His microphones aren't working and he's not totally sure. How perfect is that guy. Seriously, as ESPN Radio debuts its new lineup, imagine if we're simply not on the air.


We can't get off the air.


We can't go on the air at 10:00 a.m. I'm not certain that's not what ESPN actually wants. Or perhaps they're contributing to not getting us on the air. I mean, I've seen promotions to the new lineup that don't include us.


And I mean, say what you want about the new lineup. I have it on my TV right now and they look great. Keyshawn looks great. He's doing this thing that I could never pull off or he's got like the Capri pants on and he's got, like, shoes on him. But he sees there's a lot of ankle. He's shown a lot of ankle. I could never pull that off. He is crazy. I got to tell you, I like this show.


Yeah, he's John Jay, Will and Zubin. I told you, but it's happened seven times already this morning. You throw the ball inside the Keesha, that ball is coming back to you. I mean, it better keep the ball going. So he looks like a gnat. He looks like a natural point guard, though, early on. I know we're in the first game here, but I'm seeing good vision from him. Good passing. I'm conflicted because I agree with everything you guys are saying.


But at the same time, I love my Gulik senior and we go, so what do we do here? Like, should we just give them our two hours and then just go crazy and to go look at Wingo and then into Greaney? What do we do here? Because I don't want to pick my favorite, but I like oh, we should add Gulik senior.


Let's just do it. Let's add them a little a midseason addition.


I was actually thinking no, I was thinking like some mornings with gold senior, like, people are going to miss him in the morning. And maybe if we did an hour with Gold Senior in the morning, we leave it earlier, do it at five fifteen in the morning and then we get to our local hours. We get to this. Our Ivy League college senior Chris Cody, of course, Leveton, five fifty do the morning show.


Did it go you guys have actually caught on to something there because using go more and making him part of Lieberthal and friends now. More as he's been sort of evicted by the company when he is beloved as the former guard and furthermore says publicly that he doesn't have a relationship anymore with Mike Greenberg, who is now on a new one after breaking up a Hall of Fame team. I don't know who broke that up. I'm not sure how it got broken up, but it got broken up from Abramov by himself.


Gunlock has been cast aside. He needs to join us as one of the misfits. He was somebody who was actually being mocked by us as a show because it's what we do. But now we not we got to figure out a way to make him a part of a pirate ship where, you know, we can't get on the air as opposed to the morning show, which not only looks fantastic on television, we've been like we've been totally neglected on television, but a little bit totally neglected on the.


They look great.


Well, now comes the conflict for two gods, because does he continue doing what he's doing and bring in my colleague Senior or does he make his way over to Greaney, who I don't want to say greener pastures, but let's just say greener pastures going to going to see you. Because if is if there's a rift there, you can only choose one side. I don't know whose side you're going to take.


Well, is it I had the I had I was the first one to ask all of my podcasts openly about the really great and important things they did. And they did not. It was me. I did it first. I had Gulaga before then. And he said Greaney did not reach out to to go to my on his way out. So I don't know where the relationship is. If I had to choose, I choose, but I will do the mornings with going OK, local area with you guys actually early mornings me and going into the local hour into this or into the national throw.


Stick around a little bit with gravy on my amax. Yeah. All right, hold on a second.


First of all, you doing more work is funny because of the effort it has taken to get you in here as early as we got you in here today. And I'm not totally convinced you'll be on time even tomorrow because of the way that you look for shortcuts. So I don't understand how it is that we're going to move forward with you flirting with both Greenberg and go like as we, like, completely fall apart in front of the country in a way that I honest to God, I'm not lying to the audience right now.


I have no idea who I am today is Keyshawn Johnson looks great on television whether we are going to be able to get on the air. But I want to tell the audience I wish I was doing it for Mike right now. But the bottom line is he's only buried in audio stuff. Oh, man. In fact, let me not go to Stewart's Billy or Chris or Roy. Somebody tell me how mad Mike Ryan was. It's to gods when all of this started this morning at this God awful hour, how would you explain to the audience letting them look behind the curtain, Billy, on what was happening with the rage of Mike Ryan directed at the guy?


I joined a little late, but he seemed to be venting to you about Stu Gods, and he started screaming something about lacrosse. And I think that maybe he thought his microphone was off, but then Stu got turned into two guys, kind of piped back at him or whatever it is that he said, kind of passive. We got off to a bad start. And that was before we realized we had any of these technical issues.


So. All right, let me backtrack for a second, Chris, please, since Billy got here a little bit late, because it was magical, but I thought Mike Ryan, he was accidentally overheard by stewards and still got some kind of pipe back to God. And it's rare to God to get pissed off a lot. He rolls with the punches all the time, but you got to got agitated and started complaining about how he had to see his daughter at a lacrosse tournament.


That none of us are totally sure actually happened because we believe that still got to go into a hot zone in Maryland so we could get a fourteen day quarantine and work from home to avoid duty drives during our big time when we can't get on the air.


Mike was saying a lot of what you just said, basically what you just said, bottle that up and some frustration. That's what Mike was saying. But I'm Aidan. I know what you're doing here. It's not going to happen. I'm time for Glue Guy to step it up. Guys, I don't care if we don't even get on air today, we're going to put out a good product. Even if we're not on air, we're just going to do a good show for ourselves.


The energy is up in here today. This is the digital hour. The Dowa. We got this, boys. Oh, well, so far. Look at this. Roy, you're feeling it. I see you. Even Roy looks happy. Why is Roy shaking his head?


No. Here you don't care if we get on the air today. Is that what I just heard? I'm sorry, but that's not our job. That's the technical people. Our job is to put on a good face and put up and do good content. That's what we're doing right now. See, I don't know where this content is going to end up, but we're doing good content.


Roy, that the honors that I put in a full day's work already, I mean, this is this is why because it has been something that has been tied.


We are going to detour toward the end of what they're calling the Dowa, but wouldn't it be better as the dope dope age, digital only hour like Homer Simpson dope because it has been nonstop dope. And I want to get into the seriousness to got to the argument, let people see behind the scenes here because and Mike love each other. We're all here friends who love each other. And what happens a lot of times is there are sparks all over the place because we know each other too well.


We've been working in a cramped environment against each other for too long, like physically against each other a while. There's a total stranger right now in the studio.


Who is that guy? I'm looking at him and he's here to fix the audio here.


But can you explain the temperature going on there? They're socially dist.. They're plenty of distance apart. Everything's fine. Nothing to see here.


What are you laughing about, Billy, as opposed to helping us with anything? What is it that you're just roaring laughing about here specifically? Visually, you want to help the audience. You just want do your own show in your head.


Stu Guts is passive aggressive. Did anyone take his temperature while he's not allowed in the studio?


I love DLH. Yeah, I believe that what we to go to our goal girl in order for The Simpsons or Disney property now.


So we go, oh. Oh, wow. All right.


The Gulik only our the go to gather our thoughts.


Explain to people what happened with you and Mike, because you were you were legitimately angry. I don't think you were overhearing him, though. I thought he was directing that at, you know, I think so. What happened was Mike was talking. He was venting. It's a stressful day for Mike. We all knew today was going to be a stressful day for Mike. And so I have tried to turn my zoo money into the zoo meeting at the exact wrong time for my perhaps if he cares, but the exact right time for me so I can hear him talk to me on my back.


And he was he was complaining that I went to see my daughter play it an all American lacrosse tournament. I can't deny her and myself of the opportunity to do that. I understand he's frustrated. I'm not in the studio today, but my daughter, she's worked hard to get to arrive at that place. I wanted to be there for her. I wanted to take her. I could come back. I had to Porgie for two weeks once I got back from Maryland, which quite frankly, I didn't know that was the case.


I figured if you left Florida and went anywhere, it was a less hotter than the place you were going than it is here. There is no hotter place in the studio. I go that every day, wrote the 14 year old boy on my ass for 14 days.


Now, you shouldn't be saying this because when you went to Maryland, you probably were supposed to stay in a house there for fourteen days before you went to a tournament.


Also summer long went to New York illegally too, didn't you?


Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up. But let me explain to the audience here just so that they understand everything that's happening behind the scenes here, we will have a conversation with a new hot and rising radio star. He's just doing it really different at the end.


And I'm right here. You could just talk to me now if you like. You don't like a big interview. Oh, shut up, Cody. No need for formalities, then. Chris is here. Yeah, I'm here. I get it. I appreciate the praise.


It's a guy out of Arizona who was doing sports radio a little bit differently, like we prided ourselves for a long time on sort of trying to break the format. It's one of the things that Stewart's it's one of the reasons that student thinks we should be in the Radio Hall of Fame because we're fooling around so much with this stupidity that we've changed the form on. How many of you listen or care about sports where you're willing to laugh a little bit about the silliness of the fact that Chipper Jones is doing baseball games, wearing a jacket for some reason from his house like me, because we want to, like, dress all this up in sports, need to be professional with warm jackets.


And we're sitting here saying the toilet in the bathroom behind Chipper Jones, like, you can do some of that. You can look in some of these places that are dirty. And still Godse, if I may argue on behalf of Mike, though, here's the guy we plan to start with. We can take today. It was going to be funny a while. You shrouded this whole thing in love of a daughter. And no one can argue with the way that you just set that up.


I want to see my daughter, one of her last year of high school, growing up during a pandemic. I'm not going to apologize for that. However, all the technical technical difficulties at the beginning of the show were started on your end because you don't know how to activate the equipment that you have over there. Why are we still doing this on? Gentlemen, it sounds appropriate than it should is ESPN Radio rolls out its new line.


I know that you understand. I totally get where Mike is coming from. But when I. Decided to go to Maryland, did I want you who could have who envision this, you're leaving South Florida, the hotbed of the coronavirus. OK, you're going to a state where it's not nearly as bad. Do you think I thought or anyone thought when I got back from the state? It's not as bad as the state I live in that I would have to quarantine for 14 days.


Of course, I didn't think about that. I mean, it's a new world and all I'm asking is for right. To be patient is going to happen to make it happen anyway. That's only my grandmother might totally fair.


Unprecedented times. No one could plan for any of what it is that you're talking about. And furthermore, it probably is fair to say that you and many other people didn't know that if you go to Maryland and come back, you have to quarantine for 14 days. But the end result in the sports business that is about end results is that my brain is mad at you and is underneath the Cleveland area right now fixing wires or trying to fix swimming through dirt and maggots.


And Sumant trying to get us on the air at 10 a.m. And one of the things that he was saying is that none of what happened during lake intake take would have happened if you happened to be in the studio. He's not wrong there. Like your objection is fair, but he's not wrong that on our big day here, transferring as we're under attack from everything around us in the ESPN radio lineup, the show would be better if you were here and you can't be here.


And that's why he's mad at you and that's why he's swimming with semen underneath our hotel.


I know. I don't know what to do about it, Dad. There's nothing I made. Decisions have been made. Trips have been taken for. Deeds are under seven days to go through all of this.


But Bob's there. Maybe Bob can do Wakantanka. All right.


Who was the guy who just walked into the studio? I'm taking it from what you said, that it is, Bob, but somebody I've never seen in my life with a mask just came into the studio, got way too close to Mike, scared the hell out of me. And we're still on the zoom and our microphones still don't work. And we're about to start on our big national day. With the NBA playoffs getting underway a few minutes after our show, we have no idea whether we're able to get on the air.


Billy, you've been watching what's happening behind the scenes. I've been doing the show. Who's boss? I have no idea who the other guy is.


I've never seen him before in my life. I think Frankie just let a friend of his to see if you could fool around with the wires and they'd work if you guys ever bob for apples.


Hold on a second, Chris, because Frankie probably needs to be explained to the audience. That's our security guard. Billy does his own show in his own head where he doesn't explain anything and he just thinks everybody gets it. We'll get to the bobbing for apples in just a second. But I want to start with Bob. I want to start with this, Bob. Not bobbing for apples. And this show so far has felt like perpetual, dunking my head underwater and forcing me to eat fruit that soggy.


That's how it's felt so far. But can we get back to Bob and how it is that this man clearly just woke up? This guy I could see behind, but someone in an emergency, some in this poor person from a bed fixed our audio and none of us know who the hell is OK now, Bob Dole, remember him?


You should include Bob Dole again. Your goal is to Godchaux guys. Remember Stephen, also, now that we're talking about Franki, Stephen was the old I don't watch the workout videos and water with ankle weights the whole day he's doing that.


Is he the one that sold gear and the way the other done that scores.


And there was a guard then there was a guy that still sits Netflix password and was still using it for years after. All right.


Hold on a sec. Hold on. Because I think these are different people. There are absolutely there are proven not allegations of someone coming in here taking stuff out of our studio and selling it on eBay. Now, we don't know we don't know if it was a security guard or which security guard it was. But are you guys alleging that it was the one with the ankle lights? No, no, no, no, no.


Stephen would just work out and watch videos. Steven had the ponytail as a different person who's made.


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Geico for bundling made easy. Go to Geico Dotcom today. We're going to try a lot of different stuff with this digital only hour and at the end of this hour, we have an interview with a guy who is not Chris Gote, but is like a real up and comer, all sports radio business. What do you mean?


You know what I mean? Just like the way you emphasized real, right? There was just a little hurt. That's all I'm saying.


Jesus Christ, you're not an up and comer in this business. I mean, there's no doubt I'm up and coming because, like, I'm just there's no I'm not I'm not saying I'm a star. There's doubt. There's doubt. I think the doubt is right now. Yeah. You're down and going, Chris. You're not up and coming down and going, oh, shut the hell up. All right.


But let's get back to your how you tried to sabotage the last segment. Please give me all you've got on fobbing for a couple weeks.


I've only done it once. And it was like, I believe in eighth grade at a Halloween party. And it's one of the stupidest games ever invented. I mean, it's just your head is all of a sudden fully soaked. And Billy seems like a guy who's bobs for an apple in his day. All right.


Let's see who the record breaking bob for apples is around here in terms of number of times bobbing for apples to God. So have you ever, Bob for apples? Put it on the pole, too, as well. It's our show. Have you ever, Bob, for apples? Because I do feel like that game is kind of extinct. I feel like you're referencing something from your childhood that's no no one told us whether bobbing for apples was being retired or not.


It's like Gene Hackman and Sean Connery.


Well, if it wasn't retired before, this pandemic is definitely going to be retired now because it's like, how could you even do it now? You'd have to do it in sanitiser. So how does this work out for you, Bob, for apples, not stupid, but with the most beautiful apple bobbing simultaneously is five hundred ninety seven. I'm sure that you asked for Roy.


Have you ever bombed for apples? No, I tried to avoid that because they use buckets or swimming pools from God knows where that they could be used for, like fertilizer. And then you pour the water from the outside of the house like, no, that's disgusting. No. I only live a little Roy bobbing for apples is fun, I mean, it's dumb, but everybody's bobbing for apples. Let's just skip to where the end point is on this, right?


Because we're just going to do this song and dance for 20 minutes. And then Chris is going to like Ichabod for most Apple. So let's just get to that point now. Chris Coady, how many apples can you, Bob, for and when are you going to be doing that live on the show? Because that's how these things always work. We bring up a challenge that they buy the things that he's going to be the best of the challenge and then he ultimately does it anyway.


I want to know. But that's usually my game. That is usually right. But this was me thinking on my feet. Last segment we mentioned to Bob, look, there's Bob again right now. I see him again. Bob's in our screen. Bob was mentioned. And when you say to me, Bob, first thing I think of Bob and for apples, that was me thinking on my feet. The record for the Guinness Book of World Record for most apples doubled in one hour.


Thirty seven of them apples.


I don't think that's Batbold. OK, you got your. How about them once you get there? But the verb you got, the verb is wrong. Billy, thank you for doing that because. Yes, tomorrow on the show, somehow, if we know on the air for someone here is going to be bobbing for apples, I've never done it. So that's not something I've done.


Why does Bob have a flashlight on his head and he's looking at like the ceiling in the rootlets the mic, Bob? It's the microphones. It's on the other side.


This is what you do when you're a guy and you're trying to fix something and you don't really have all the answers. You put a mike, you put a flashlight on your head and you all of a sudden seem more qualified to do the job.


And if you put Bob in for a solution, fumbling for one, babbling for one. OK, so we have Bob here in a natural miner's helmet. He's unscrewing things, but Mike remains in a total total panic. But you're not gaining on this. We are absolutely going to figure out a way to have you on air, get a garbage can, fill it with water and bob for apples tomorrow or at some point someone to help me around here not forget because I do not want to forget.


But, Billy, have you ever Bob for apples as our show, not Bob for apples.


I feel like as a kid, I probably did it once or twice. I got a part like a Halloween party. Right. That's something you do you Bob, for apples and you go trick or treating Bob for apples.


I mean, this room is plenty enough. Bob is just showing off with this flashlight in his head. I mean, come on.


All right. I want everyone to examine this before we get to this interview with somebody who is blowing up in sports radio, sort of changing the form on how to do this. But I need to let people behind the scenes here again on explaining what is happening right now. OK, so we are right now doing the digital. Our ESPN Radio is debuting during an NBA playoff debut day. It's new radio lineup. We are trying to do the show.


And you hear me? Hello.


This is be an hour and a half. I've been trying to do this show with my talking in my ear. Here we go. I have made fire. Fire, OK, I got my my said good.


You're good. You're good to go again.


You zoom them, you know, just start talking on the regular mike. Did Bob fix your fix it. Because I think you we're not fully fixed, but I. Brian, can you hear me. Can Mike. I mean I can hear you. Dan all right. Who the hell is Bob and why was he wearing a miner's helmet. Oh, you don't know Bob.


Bob's been with us since way back. He was always, like, second in command behind one. I can't believe how fast he got here. Maybe we took the Concorde. It was incredible how fast you got here.


Mike, give me my.


So, you know, Bob is doing an early, early morning hour with my senior Mike.


Have you ever Bob for apples? Yeah. Killing at that game. I love it. That's a great party game.


That's better than pin the tail on the donkey. OK, hold on a second. I'd have gotten out of this. What do you think, Chris? Should we get Mike tomorrow to have to Bob for apples here out of a garbage can filled with water because you're the only one who's bob for apples on the show? Chris Billy said, I think I may have done it as a child. And Chris said he did it when he was very young.


We think bobbing for apples is over. It's been tired.


I feel like it sets up perfectly for Mike says he's great at it. Dan has never done it. You guys are in the same location. You guys could compete bobbing for apples against each other.


Is that safe? During the pandemic? I have separate trash bins.


I think the mask may get problematic.


And also I was overhearing you got to be totally disingenuous because I mean very like who could. Your heart breaks for her father last all American Opportunity Tax Daughter Play Lacrosse Sucrets was made aware of the 14 day incubation period before he decided to go to Maryland.


Oh, that's a detail you left out. You got I well, yeah.


I made a second trip to Maryland inside of the week. I was well aware of what was going on. He was well aware, which is not exactly what he painted here. All right. Hold on a second. Let's backtrack for a second, Mike, because we're not making any of this up. This is all happened today. I wish we had been scripting it. Mike, please get Bob out of the room with his miner's helmet for just a second so I can talk to Bob.


I need to do the show with you for five minutes so that you could give us what we need. Bob, please leave the room for a second. And Bob, you and your Meiners neighbor, Bob.


Thanks, Bob. Thank you. Thank you, Bob.


That's what I meant to actually talk back, Bob, in that moment, because not everything is working, OK? Regardless, I just need your viewpoint, because we've been talking about you being underneath the Clevelander buried in wires, we're not making any of this up. Can you explain to us your state of mind right now? Because I've rarely seen you as angry as you've been for the last 90 minutes as we've been trying to get this this this Concorde of shit off the ground.


It feels like sabotage. It feels like we've been sabotaged.


This is the second worst audio situation that we've had, I think, in our show's history. And it was another day where we barely got to air. But this is really difficult because our chief engineer has now been relocated to Bristol, which is why Bob is here and not that chief engineer. So this is it's very difficult. I'm glad some things are working, but not all of them, including I still have no confirmation that Bristol can talk back to.


Are we going to be able to do our show? This is perfect for us. So symbolically, it's going to be wonderful for our audience, except some of our audience only gets us on radio and we might not be on the air in a few minutes when our radio show starts. Right. Right now, I got nine twenty eight on my board. I think that's the idea. That's the right time. I need to go now in order for us to get out of here now, I've got to unmuted my zoom and go back to Zoom.


No, no, no. They can hear you just fine. That that's working on the board. All right. I will continue to do show now and we need to make this bobbing for apples thing work.


Yes, Chris, I just want context for the listeners. Mike just said it's nine thirty. We started recording at four a.m.. Yeah. I mean, what happens if we're not on it doing OK? Crazy. They stay out a couple hours for overtime, a little overtime for show.


Well, that was one of the funny things that happened here. And you're going to get sort of exclusive looks to the things that are happening around here that we won't be talking about from ten to noon Eastern on ESPN Terrestrial Radio. But one of the things they told me to God that was funny is they told me that their focus groups have shown that two hour shows are better for short attention spans, that that is the reason that we've gone from three hours on radio to two hours.


And that makes sense for us and Greenberg and for Kellerman. And it makes sense right up until you give Keyshawn Johnson and then three guys who have never worked together before for our.


When you need your bank, Capital One is right in the palm of your hand so you can check your balance deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money from your phone with a top rated app, and when you're done banking, put it back in your pocket. A banking experience built around you and your life. This is banking reimagined. Get started online any time. What's in your wallet? Capital One and a member FDIC. So, as you know, many of you have complained that I only have on the show like minded people, that I'm never showing the other side, the greatest frustration complaint about this show is that we wander too far afield from sports and we start talking about other things.


So in order to appease those of you who are down on the way, we do a radio show. This guy is getting very popular. He's got the number one show in Scottsdale, Arizona. His name is Shane Bacolod. We don't normally talk to other sports radio hosts, but he is coming very strong in terms of ratings because he does a show on game time in Scottsdale that is a little bit different. His his slogan is no politics, no news, just sports.


So Shane Bacolod joins us now. And I guess this is not the way that we do a show, but I guess your way is the new way to do the show because you're killing it in Scottsdale.


Yeah, Dan, I got to tell you, it's been really exciting. The community has responded to what we're doing here. We're just a bunch of lunkheads who love sports and we like yabbering about it for three hours every day. And, you know, we really view sports as a place you can go to get away from politics. The news. And it turns out a lot of people agree with us. And it's been really exciting. Like you said, no politics, no news, just sports.


And, boy, people are eating it up.


Can you explain to me how you do that, though, given that everything over the last four months has been 133 some odd days with no sport?


You know, it really hasn't been a problem. We look at everything outside the world of sports as white noise. So what we've done in the last week, we've been doing our Olympics preview. And every day we go through all the events, we go through the star athletes and it turned out extenuating circumstances. Olympics are canceled. We just announced that today. So we just take it as it comes, take it as it goes. And but we focus on the sports.


And our Olympic preview was a highly rated. People loved it. A lot of questions about who is going to win each event. And we've been doing the same thing with baseball. We've been doing the same thing with, you know, training camp. We just take it as it comes. But we're still focused on sports. One hundred percent only on sports.


Again, I'm not understanding, though, how you deal with like covid or game cancellations.


For example, we we do announce game cancellations. We announced the Olympics were canceled due to extenuating circumstances. And that's all we say about it looked and we got a lot of listeners out here in Scottsdale. It's one of the finest communities in the nation. But some of our listeners don't believe, for instance, we have a couple of callers don't believe covid is real. They don't believe it exists. We have some callers. What do we have some land mass, some who don't we don't get into that nonsense.


So we have never even said the word covid on the air. We want to make everyone feel welcome. We're a big tent. We're a fun tent. We like to goof around. And I don't want to alienate those callers. You know, at the end of the day, you may all of us, we're salesmen. And if someone comes into my shoe shop and wants to buy some shoes, I don't light up a cigarette in front of their face.


I don't spit chewing tobacco on their foot. And I'm not going to talk politics. I'm not going to talk religion. I'm not going to talk news. But hold on a second.


covid isn't talking politics. It's a pandemic. How do you refer to it as just extenuating circumstances?


It's I mean, I think there's a lot of people that would disagree with you. That's all I can say, Dan. And that's a disagreement we don't want to get into. There are there's a fair amount of people out there who don't believe it's real, who believe it's overblown. Once again, I'm not going to take a side on this. All I want to make sure is that anyone is tuning into our show is going to feel uncomfortable. And early on, another sports show on our station talked about covid, and they got a lot of callers saying it's a hoax, it's not real, and we just backed off.


We're no politics. We're no news. We're just sports.


Do you think it's a hoax or you don't even want to get into it in an interview about your radio show?


I don't pick a side on it. Like I said, my personal feelings about it, you know, there there have no relation to sports. I'm 100 percent focused on sports and the community really loves it. I mean, there's been some protests here against Mass. There's been some people for masks. You know what I did? I came out and I hit some go to a bunch of people and they had gloves and they loved it. And I didn't pick a side.


It turns out everyone likes to field ground balls, and I'm looking for that common thread between all of us. So we have never once we're proud of this, we've never said the word covid coronavirus, any of those words ever. Once on our show, it's all. Extenuating circumstances. It's all politics and we don't get into politics then. Have you ever before sort of used as a tactic for the masses hitting fungo?


You know what? Here's what I do, Dad. And you I've heard you guys, you joke around. I don't like when you go into the politics. I don't like when you talk about the virus and that kind of political stuff. But I do hear you guys joke around and I'll chuckle. I'll get a laugh off you guys occasionally. And my thing is I show up in the community and I've got a smile on my face. I don't take myself too seriously.


Occasionally I'll hit fly balls. Occasionally I'll throw a football. I show up at the local sporting events. A lot of them have been canceled lately due to extenuating circumstances. But I'll show up at these events and everyone knows I'm a supporter of the community and I love sports and I love community.


How do you deal with the George Floyd stuff? Do you just ignore it?


I actually don't know who that is. Who the George Floyd protests.


He I don't know how I'm going to explain this in a way that's not awful.


You're just talking about the the political protests involving the police that we were talking about. Yes. Yeah. That's not us. That's all I can tell you. You go to a Dairy Queen, they give you some ice cream. They don't stop and tell you about someone who died. That's all I can tell you, the Daniel Snyder stuff.


How do you handle what's going on with the Washington football team?


Well, we've talked a lot about that, actually. In fact, we did a show last week. And here's the deal with the with the Washington football team, with the Redskins is they've got to get better linebackers right now. Their linebackers can't cover running backs and tight ends and their offensive line is patchy. And the two foundations of any great football team, you got to have a great offensive line. Look at all those great cowboys teams and you've got to have linebackers.


Look at the New York Giants under Parcells. So we did. We're not shying away from Washington. We did an hour on them and why their offensive line is so patchy.


Well, that but that's not the issue. That's not why Daniel Snyder. I mean, I don't even know which one of the Washington related issues you'd be avoiding there. Is it the sexual harassment stuff in The Washington Post or is it the the nickname of the team being a racial slur? You can't be talking linebackers all the time.


Look, I think there's something you're not understanding here. We're not into politics. We don't talk politics. Sports. That's it. That's my game. Once again, you go to get some cotton candy. I don't know if you do have kids.


I do not have kids. No, but I'm. Oh, OK. Interesting. Anyway, if you did have kids and you were at a carnival and you were getting some cotton candy, you don't expect the guy who gives you the cotton candy to talk about. I'm not a political guy, but whatever Watergates or UFOs, you want your cotton candy and that's all we're doing. It's real simple here. We're a bunch of lunkheads. We're a bunch of good guys.


We talk sports. So I I'm really not even that familiar with what you're talking about. I know Snyder struggled as an owner, haven't made the best player personnel decisions. And that's what we talk about Watergate.


Have you paid attention to any events in the last 60 years, in the last six years, like when you turn on your television, are you watching what's happening in our streets?


You don't have to get insulting. I'm aware of what's going on. I vote in every election. I'm a citizen. I'm proud to be an American. I love this country. I support the president no matter who he is. And I mean, that's all I can tell you. I watch some news. Yeah. I got to know what's going on in case there's some tainted meat in my community case, there's a fire I don't want to drive right into the fires.


So, yeah, I watch news, but yeah, it's it's it's just we we know, we know what our our job is. I would say that's it. And I'm not saying you don't know what your job is, although I've thought it before with us. It's we got a certain area we work in. If we're going to talk about this virus, I know some of my callers are going to call in immediately and say, why are you talking politics?


We had a terrible thing happen around Scottsdale where there were some people disappearing. Some young people were picked up by an unknown assailant and the community was very freaked out about it. It was mentioned on our show and there was a man called with a very gruff, whispery voice who said, why don't you leave that alone? And you know what we did? We left it alone.


What do you say if unmarked federal agents are occupying city?


I I'm not sure what you're entirely referring to. I know there's been some shenanigans going on and some I know Portland's gotten a little messy up there. Some people are destroying federal property. I heard the president send in some troops. I don't honestly see what even could be the slightest controversy about that. And once again. That's something we'd never talk about. Now, if you want to talk about Damian Lillard, can he get a ring. I'll talk about that for five hours with you.


I don't want to talk about that for five hours.


Can Damian Lillard get a ring. Is the show that though.


Damn I mean look he's a score he's a big time score. He's got ice water in his veins. What can he do. The other things are you're hurting just enough on defense or you're hurting just enough with the distribution. Do you have to get him a defensive wing to, you know, to get that ring? He doesn't really have that high quality defensive three and D wing right now, and that's what he's missing. So when I hear Portland, that's what I think.


And look, Dan, you know, you can disagree with our approach. All I can tell you is the community around Scottsdale loves it. In fact, there's been something really exciting. A lot of people want me to run for Congress and there's a write in campaign for me and they just love my approach. No politics, no news. And I've got to be honest, I'm thinking about doing it.


Forgive me because I'm a little surprised to hear you say that. How do you run for Congress with no politics as part of your slogan?


Well, I mean, you know, there's a lot of Americans, Dan, they've had a problem. They come up to me and they say, hey, Shane, back a lot of why do politics have to be so political? And what people have really responded to about what I've done, me and my team here, Harry the Horse and TJ, our producer, what they really love about what we do is that we strip all that nonsense out, all the politics, all the news, all the details, all this stuff about the real world.


And we focus on the things that make us feel good. And T.J. said to me one day goes, you know, I would vote for you for office. I'm so tired of all this politics. And to get someone like you in there and this spread around the community and there's some I don't know anything about that world, but there are some pollsters we hired one of those consultants, political consultants. Once again, this isn't my world. You know, we had some national political parties reach out to us.


I'm going to meet with them. And this is this whole thing is I don't know what I'm doing, but what they love is we take the politics out of politics. And what I'm going to do is I'm just going to come into office and this is what I've been telling people and I'm going to get rid of all the political junk. I'm going to get rid of all the regulations, all these things that get in the way of people having a good time doing business, living in a community.


We're going to strip out the regulations. We're going to get rid of all the nonsense taxes that are out there and just have a flat tax for the community so they don't have to deal with any of that. And it's just no politics. And we're going to let our police do what they do, which is keep us safe and get rid of all the restrictions around them and just let them do what they feel they need to do to keep us safe.


Like I said, just focusing on the fundamentals. None of that political junk, none of the news, none of this stuff you're talking about, just letting police be police, getting rid of regulations, getting rid of local taxes. And that's it. No politics, no bunk.


That sounds like a Republican conservative platform, though. Like that sound. That does sound like politics. That's not politics.


I honestly, I don't see how that's politics. That's getting rid of politics. I will run as a Republican. Yes, but I'm not a Republican. You know what I always tell people and this is my slogan, I'm not a right wing left wing. I'm a first baseman.


Help me understand something here, because, Mike, it's become clear, right? Like, this is the future. This guy is the future. Our show is on fumes, our style. The game has sort of passed us by and GMT. Is the future game time out of sight out of Scottsdale?


Clearly, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Game time.


Look, we've had an approach for fifteen years and we just lost a national show ours. So maybe this is the right approach.


What's next for you, Shane, because you are blowing up, this is the way to go. Clearly you've found your lane and it is working for you because everyone in our industry is talking about your show. So what's next for you here?


Well, it's like you said, it's been very exciting. No politics, no news, just sports. And it's really caught on. And we are looking at syndicating nationally. We've been talking with Disney. Who knows your your pop up and we've been talking with a couple other corporations. Clear Channel is really interested in what we do. We might fold in under once again, no politics, no news. We might syndicate under Rush Limbaugh's syndication deal, which could be perfect.


I'm running for Congress. I'm on Joe Rogan next week, which is really exciting. I love Joe. We're going to talk Ultimate Fighting. And yeah, there's a lot of big, big stuff happening for me. I'm. I'm trying to figure out the congressional thing, what I want to see is if I can get an amenable schedule so I can keep doing my show, fly to D.C. for a couple of weeks a year, minimalize the politics and it's really exciting.


Yeah, this syndication deal could really be a game changer for us.


Well, I cannot say I'm enthused by your success. I am jealous of it. But thank you for making time. I know things are busy for you because you're blowing up. So thank you for spending this time with us and for teaching us how it should be done.


And Dan, I got to say, I love that you admit you're jealous. The entire time I've been talking to you, I've been thinking he's jealous and you hear you say it. That kind of refreshing honesty is what I'm going to try and bring to Congress and what I'm going to try and bring to syndicated radio. Well, thank you, Shane.


I mean, your career is exploding and it pisses me off. But congratulations. You win, buddy.


Honestly, give it a try. No politics, no news. Just sports. Now, the no get all the quality parts you need, your locally owned Nappa, because right now when you order from Nappa online, you can pick up curbside of your local store in just 30 minutes or get your order delivered direct to your door with free one day shipping and over one hundred and sixty thousand quality parts when you spend thirty five dollars or more quality parts delivered quickly and safely.


That's nappa know how to know how a participating stores started shipping and exclusions apply. I cannot explain to the audience the degree of difficulty on what our first couple of hours here on a new dawning radio day have been like. Mike Ryan, can you now tell me whether or not we are going to be on national air period with everyone able to hear me correctly and without the audio being crappy zom audio? That does not sound like the professional sound quality of Keyshawn Johnson in the new morning show that is being televised on ESPN.


I've glanced a couple of times at the TVs. That show looks great. It looks amazing. Yeah, we have a connectivity while Zubin looks great with a whole like Mr. Rogers and the show looks really good.


What does that Aneli Debord and it show looks good. I haven't even heard a second of it. Just on mute. I can tell it's better than ours.


And one of the things that's going to happen here through Godse, because you could see it, you got staring at his television longingly. You can see and hear all of ESPN Radio's new lineup on ESPN News except for us. And I'm grateful that we are going to get on the air at 10:00 a.m. and we're not going to sound, oh, they're just going to sit in chairs. Those are great seaport. This looks. These three guys are going to age.


So much getting up at this hour, Stuart, you've talked about it. You know what I'm talking about here. You cannot do a morning show at this hour with all the prep that it requires without turning your entire life upside down. And the aging process, you aged like 10 years for every one year in morning radio.


Yeah, it is great today to have it in about a month. And I told them, be careful. So you'll age more doing this than you will be president of the free world.


There is a skill that it takes to look cool sitting in those type of chairs. Those like our style high chairs, you can't just sit normal and those you got to have one foot on the ground, one foot up thing. It's a skill. And you can tell they've all practiced it because they all look really cool. You guys remember the original is this the original Batman where Jack Nicholson did something to the city and all of a sudden anchors were on television and they weren't wearing makeup and their faces looked like they were deteriorating?


Roy, you're our expert in this category. Was that the original ridiculous Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Batman.


Danny DeVito was in the sequel.


Jack Nicholson played The Joker, I believe was a parade, and he unleashed gas.


And then things happened like a classic. The anchors, the anchors. This is what's going to happen to the faces of these guys as they age. Oh, my God.


They got A-Rod now for the first day of the fields. I mean, Belichick, that's been a good show for that. Bill Belichick. Wow. They had the same Bill Belichick or just a guy named Bill Belichick.


Let me let me get you the guest list. It was impressive today. All right.


Hold on a second. Hold on. Let's let we have a guest today. What do you mean? We just talk to shambolic back a lot? No, I mean on the national show, because that's really what we're going to be judged by.


Do we have anybody? Are we going to be on the air a guest? Will we be able to hear the guests?


I'm like, sixty four percent sure will be on the air. Tell me about the guest list, the guest list that the ESPN Morning Show broke out this morning. It's a daisy and give me a second, we'll clean this up and the Keesha looks great, I think Keesha is going to be able to avoid the aging process to the morning show. Looks like a bald ball. Mario. Mario, good.


Where is this? Hold on a second. Maybe you deleted it. No, no, I have it. All right. All right. Here we go. No, I don't have it yet. Hold on. OK. They sent it out yesterday. I hope they don't edit this and they just leave it all in so people can see how infuriating it is to work with this kind of defense.


And then right here we go.


I want you to compare this to what's happening on that show. I want you to compare it is as all I get is Billy, like staring with his glasses into his computer and doesn't give me any information.


Again, we'll find Bomb seven 30 AM Woj eight 10. Justin Fields eight 30. Stephen A. Smith eight forty five. Bill Belichick nine. And Joe Theismann nine ten. Nick Castellanos and nine thirty A-Rod. That's a show as a show. Wait a minute.


Did they say anything like that's all guests. I think I can get a statement if you want.


I was just about to say, do you think Iceman's like you guys want me to say, wow, first? Joe, look at me.


Well, they're doing it because of Alex Smith's injury. Oh, yeah. Easy to talk to him.


It's not. Oh, and the Washington football team hired a black team president to.


All right then.