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This is the third show. This still got Sparkasse. Oh, wow, no big open, we're just starting we're starting soaked in Boston, Celtic tears, championship pedigree of the Celtics. The only one you've won in our lifetimes is Kendrick Perkins. And he's picking d'Amboise. And I Joe Johns writes in, give us our rant today, faddy no rant just because of Attisso Joe Jared calling me Fatty. Take it up with him.


I just got a text.


From Stan Van Gundy, what Stan Van Gundy is picking your Miami Heat. He's got the Heat to beat the Lakers because the Lakers have played only subpar defensive teams in the playoffs. And that's not what they're getting now to young superstars.


New York, welcome to another decade of irrelevance. The best game of Bam out of bio's life when it mattered most, an anonymous scout said that he entirely saw the same guy and decided when Boston season on the line, I'm going to be honest, I'm going to cave in your defense from a half court. Jayson Tatum, so many shots. So many shots that didn't go in Marcus Smart, so many shots, so many shots that didn't go in.


Cosma Tilers stole your girl. Did you drink Boston Tears last night? Mike, did you did you drink up from Boston tears on the post game? Of course. Boston Celtics shows. Did you call all of who they fire? How'd they get rid of how they feel about Marcus Smart taken 22 shots to decide their season.


You'll be surprised, but it's not really the heat winning this so much. Is Boston losing it? No respect for the Miami Heat. I had one year on. We had another year on SportsCenter, had another year on Sun Sports watching the heat celebration than six years after he left. You're winded from the Miami Heat are taking on LeBron James in the NBA finals.


You're really winded. While he was dancing, I was dancing. You weren't watching on ESPN News. This series has a bunch of different storylines. It's not just LeBron James and Miami. You got to remember that Pat Riley's history comes through through Los Angeles, made the Showtime Lakers matter, ended up trading for Shaq after being, you know what, a heavily influenced by wine dinner with Lakers brass where he was talking about becoming the Lakers coach, leaving the Miami Heat as an executive to go back to the Lakers and coach is what Pat Riley was talking to him about.


And instead, he left with Shaquille O'Neal.


And perhaps the most important storyline, Dion Waiters, is guaranteed a championship ring.


Right. Dion Waiters, who's one of his last acts as a member of the Miami Heat, was to spasm and kind of end, you know, what was it? What did he pass out? He passed out on a team flight from from a marijuana Gumee that had to be super potent, given how potent was that's how potent did that marijuana come? You have to be for Dion Waiters specifically after a lifetime in the NBA to be impacted by it.


Sometimes they tell you only take half. He end up taking the whole thing. I heard this from a friend that it turns out to be way too much and you're curled up in the fetal position on your floor. I mean, listen, that's what my friend told me.


That was his experience. That voice you hear is two guards coming off what may be the best weekend of his life, the greatest professional achievement. Yes. Which one felt better being on College Gameday is the celebrity picker or being on the stage with whorey Masvidal as he was at the way in for his baddest ever fight.


Masvidal third, in terms of all time weekend's all time days in my life. Masvidal third, the birth of my children second to end game day first. And that's it.


OK, he did not, even though it was an important day, did not bother to shave for some reason. And also Rece Davis has said to got. That he is welcome back any time soon. I just read that text to me and then said right afterward, I don't believe that that's sincere. I don't believe because I'll. I'll see you Saturday. Right. I'll see you every Saturday. I'll see you, sir. Let's do a college game day in the middle of a not college football season.


Whatever it is that you want to do it. I'll just come to your house trees and we'll pretend to do a college game day. So Stewart made a bunch of picks. We do not know yet how he did on his picks. We know one of them went famously wrong because Mississippi State, I believe Stewart said that LSU was backup's could beat Mississippi State. Now, you've enraged Mike Leach's team.


I did say that the rebel nation is very upset with me. Mike has told me that that has gone viral. They're upset with me. I stand by what I say. I was wrong. Did you just call them the rebel nation? Oops. Why would I, though?


I'll see you on Saturday. Oh, no. Not only did you not call them by their name, I think you confuse them with a rival, right? Oh yeah. That's what their rival. Horrible job. That's why I'm the college football expert. They asked me to be on that show and it's why Reese is welcomed me back. All right. Let's listen to two gods here. It's two gods interrupting or talking overeasy. Davis Yeah.


You look great against the Syracuse. Louisville has played a very good team in Miami. I think Louisville beats up it pretty good today. Coach, who do you have in this game here on Louisville shutout? Pitt ended up tied. Watch him. Good. Good game for Louisville. That's going to gotta be got. NC State. You're going to Coachella's my page. This is a you got you got to let me back in here. NC State in Virginia Tech.


God's not accounting for any of the zoom delays. Nothing. It seemed there.


I mean, correct me if I'm wrong and you should know better. It seems like Coach was throwing it back to me for a little comment and then back to Reese. I mean, I was just trying to you know, I was trying to answer coach this question.


With all the remote broadcast, there were very clearly moving around the horn. But you couldn't help yourself because you got a compliment from the coach.


I did. It was such a lesson being able to throw it up to the coach, take it from Kirk, have Kirk say my name, have A-Rod mocked me and say my name. I'm telling you, it was a dream come true. I appreciate everyone in College Gameday for asking me having the confidence in me to do it, I think because they were out of options, but also for just making me feel welcome. Rick Davis is the absolute best.


He is so professional, professional in ways that I'll never be. And I respect the hell out of them for.


Congratulations, Reese. I'm sure that's very high up on your list of professional good that God doesn't merely respect you, but he respects the hell right out of you. So if you had some healin, you still got to respect you so much that it is coming out. Jaylo was the first choice. There was a bit of a mad scramble. It went from Bill Murray to Chris Paul to Stewart. That's the pandemic right there.


That's me. They were not aiming that high. That right there is the pandemic. When you go, Bill Russell, Chris Paul, Stu Godse, how many people fell through? Not three. Not that we care.


I think you had Bill Russell. I'm sorry. Yes, Bill Murray. I'm sorry. I've got the Celtics of the brain. That's a fun. Bill Russell has played in fourteen point nine percent of all the finals play Jaylo as a first ask the Miami Heat ask, he said the Miami Heat were the second ask, not not one player from the most. Anybody went through all the members of the Miami Heat. He lost the previous games. They didn't like the optics of that.


And in a desperate turn, Stewart's was there, albeit on a bit of a delay.


Why are you enraged that they didn't ask for any of your playoff bound Miami Marlins? Don Mattingly would have been a good celebrity picker, unfortunately, still got the bigger celebrity than any of the other Marlins.


Donnie football. I think you've just got to tell the people about what we got going on here. We will be drinking up some Boston tears today. Also, Tyler Hero going to join us at eleven thirty eastern. Second to when it comes to scoring great hires for your business, you may be up against a few obstacles, like an overwhelming amount of resumes, too many applicants, but not enough of the right ones. That's why you need zip recruiter on your team no matter the industry, health care to manufacturing, to business services, zip recruiter mix hiring faster and easier.


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When you spend twenty thousand dollars in your first year, what's in your wallet? Limited time offer terms apply seed capital one dotcom for details. I want to thank the Miami Heat for allowing me in this very busy sports time, there was a finals appearance on the line while Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees were throwing the ball all over the place last night. Tonight, it's Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Lamar Jackson was being interviewed by Lewis Riddick. Lewis Riddick asked an easy question about how much of your game do you steal from Patrick Mahomes?


You obviously must steal some parts. Everybody steals from everyone else.


And his response was not so that you get that tonight. But the reason I want to thank the Miami Heat is specifically because I don't have to publicly eat it yet on Josh Allen. I could just skip right past it, even though he has thrown like he's the MVP so far.


No, well, he's not. I mean, because Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers have been very good, but he he's making them look like the third best team in the AFC. And this after thinking last year that he was reckless and made bad decisions and was inaccurate. Those things through three games seem to be corrected. But more than that, this is at peace. Drags on Twitter. Josh Allen last fourteen games. Thirty three touchdowns, three interceptions, three interceptions.


Like what surprised me most about him beyond like how obviously strong he is. There was a play yesterday where he got called for a facemask while breaking three tackles, including Aaron Donald's right beyond how strong he is. The thing that has really surprised me is he just seems a hell of a lot more accurate than he was last year. And I didn't think that that's a thing that would be corrected that fast. Like Lamar Jackson and Kylah Murray and Patrick Mahomes have all improved on their accuracy, but their starting point on accuracy was also very high.


Josh Allen's was not. And so anyways, I get to move on and just talk about the Miami Heat.


It's been a huge leap and we'll see if it continues. It's only three games, but he was fifty eight point eight percent last year, Josh Allen and seventy one point one percent through three games this year.


So, I mean, I'm telling you, Stuart, I'm not used to seeing a quarterback while going backwards, breaking three tackles from people who have them in their in his sights and then face masking one of them and one of them being Aaron Donald. Like, that's not he's just he's hard to bring down. He's big and physical and now he is accurate. But all those things also describe Bam out of bio last night.


And if you were watching that game every time, just about right, because the Lakers were a monster favorite with Shaq and Kobe when they faced that Chauncey Billups Giannis Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons. And in talking to Jeff Pearlman, the author of that book about Shaq and Kobe, we did a South Beach session with him that'll be out here at some point during the finals. He was saying that the Laker locker room was furious and never forgave Kobe for going out there against Detroit and trying to shoot everything.


Because he wanted to win finals MVP and Kobe Bryant just went out there, according to Jeff Pearlman's reporting in a new book, to win finals MVP and just shot and shot and shot. And that's the only time that we have seen that kind of upset in our lifetime in basketball, where a team has the two best players on the floor and they get beaten by Chauncey Billups, not even LeBron and Bosh and Wade getting beaten by Dirk like you could have made an argument at some point in there somewhere that Dirk was one of the better players from among that group.


But usually if you have the two best players, and I'm sure this is what's happening nationally, it has to be what's happening nationally where everyone is just assuming, well, the Lakers have rolled, the Lakers have rolled, and they're not paying attention to the fact that those are three bad defensive teams that they rolled over. Right. And Miami is not a bad defensive team. And furthermore, Miami got its offense off against Milwaukee and Boston. Those are elite defensive teams, two guys.


And last night it was Bam! Adebayo dribbling in from half court. And we'll talk to Tyler Hero about this. But that is not something that Miami has shown that like in Game six to break the Celtics over your knee while Jayson Tatum is taking a million shots from the outside, not being aggressive and not doing anything against Jae Crowder like nothing. When Jae Crowder Crowder was guarding Jason Tatum, he had two points the rest of the game he scored on.


Everything else he scored was on everybody else but what there had been. Bam Adebayo dribbling, handling the ball, bringing it up half court Miami's been doing that all all season right. What there had not been is him taking the next step and dribbling decay. Your defense in where you're getting assists, you're getting dunks, you're just Tyce wasn't able to do anything other than foul out.


If he could do that in a half court set where he's breaking you down off the dribble on that size, getting into the paint and then distributing to all the three point shooters, that's a wrinkle we have not seen. That's a wrinkle that is going to certainly help the lead. I was not aware that Bam was was capable of doing that.


Well, this is the thing that you have in front of you right now with the Miami Heat. And I know nationally I'm just guessing that everybody's going to be picking the Lakers because LeBron James is LeBron James is the best basketball player I've ever seen. I'd be scared to pick against him under any circumstance, everyone except Stan Van Gundy. But Stan Van Gundy is pointing out the way that Miami is playing. That is interesting. And the thing that we've talked about here before is that Jimmy Butler, you cannot win a championship if he is your best player.


But what you have seen in the last two games was sort of a fast forward button. Pressed on the last two victories on Tyler Hero and Bam, out of where it's like the team is being handed to them in the most critical moments, the ball, the team, the season like Jimmy's also involved with that. But you're getting a usage rate out of them that you have never seen. Tyler Zero just put up a game. We told you about this.


That is better than any playoff game that Jason Tatum has ever had or Joel Embiid has ever had or Jaylen Brown has ever had. And then never mind that now Bam Adebayo just had one of these games that only like Charles Barkley has ever had where it's get out of the way. Everyone move out of the way here. It's his time he's going to file out your your center and he's going to keep doing things at the rim and he's going to have the best game of his season at the most critical time.


And thirty two points, fourteen rebounds, five assists on 11 of 15 shooting that is at BAMS been great.


That is the best game is an All-Star this year. He has not played that game this year for them and he has not been trusted like that is what I'm saying, though, because now the question becomes, yes, LeBron can knock that. He can lock down Jamal Murray at the last five minutes of an important juncture. But who's he going to be asked to lock down in the series in the last five minutes of a game because he can lock that person down.


But what about the fact that what you're seeing and it's the only way that he can win this is the only way that he can win is if in four of the next seven games, Tyler Hero and Bam Adebayo are better than Jimmy Butler, like they become better players right in front of your eyes.


Where Jimmy Jimmy Butler, where Jimmy Butler in-season during a pandemic is becoming your third best player in the last five games. Like because more will LeBron will take him away. LeBron will take away Jimmy Butler at the end of games if that's all you've got.


Right. But he can't take everything away. I mean, he get the heat, have too many options. Yes. The Lakers have to do many options. Lakers too many options to guard Scott Pickett. Pinkins forgot you could pick it. He didn't fire. There it is, ladies and gentlemen.


So just hold that thought.


Let's sell some hats.


You want to pick it up and get it? I got I got to talk myself into a mike. Still hasn't picked the Celtics are good picks to God. And thank you, Coach.


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It's not easy to be a vampire, but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance. So a couple of weeks ago, surrogacies, jets, and we'll get to Christine Lisi in the second surrogacies, jet ended up on the first play of the game, a toss sweep or one of the first plays the game allowing an 80 something yard pass and then yesterday started with its offense off the field I'm sorry, Navy Yard run and wrecked yesterday, started with the Jets offense on the field.


And then the first drive, like a minute and a half into yesterday, pick six. Yeah, I've stopped watching them. I have. There's no reason to watch. I'm miserable. It's the same thing. I feel like I'm watching this same game every single weekend and it's just a tough watch. And so we'll see what happens here. To Adam Gase. I am Dan, I'm telling you, I am friendly with the Jets head coach. I've waited my entire life to be friends with the Jets head coach.


I'm going to go from being friends with the Jets head coach to being friends with the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator. I mean, it is done. It is over. Adam Gase, I am sorry. Pack your bags.




OK, it's my friend too. I like gays, but I have to separate, you know, him being my friend and what a terrible job he's doing as the head coach of the New York Jets. A terrible job, not prepared team does not want to play for him. And I am tired of it. I love you, Powell.


This is from at FPGA Chase. Yesterday's game, the thirtieth time game. His team is lost by double digits. He's got thirty career wins, so he has lost by double digits as much as he is simply won the NFL games.


I mean, the Colts defense scored sixteen points, the Jets offense at seven. It's unbelievable. I mean, New York football. It's Buffalo. That's all you got. You guys don't have anything with the Giants or the Jets. It's an atrocity. Do you know how many guys were out for the forty Niners yesterday and they drubbed the Giants at home by twenty five? I'm sorry, Christine. She's a happy football fan. She's got Josh Allen. She's a Buffalo Bill.


We interrupted you.


It's a good day and finally, a cow isn't technically a cow until it's had at least one calf. Oh, no. Oh, no. Until then, it's just a heifer. Speaking of Heifer and Betty.


All right. Out of the heifer. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Josh Allen has been very good. I can't imagine how much Christine enjoyed the end of that game, even though the refs cheated and.


Oh, what a terrible what a toll. But the bills were totally dominating until they weren't. And Josh Allen does look great to put it on the pole already because I just hesitate to just fully apologize and fully be wrong simply because to gods, I might be willing to go the other way for a 12th straight time on Kirk Cousins. I flip flopped so many times on whether he's a good quarterback or not, but put it on the pole at Leadbitter show.


Billy, who is more wrong than saying Josh Allen was terrible, or Colin Cowherd saying the Miami Heat couldn't shoot because this is something that you're seeing in the finals that is really rare. Colin Cowherd and Stephen A. Smith during this season didn't know who was playing for this basketball team, Stephen A. Smith was reading the book play off. Both finals teams weren't in the playoffs last year. And so you had a national media feel the Charles Barkley said nobody fears the Miami Heat.


That's what that's after seeing them through the season in the middle of the season, Colin Cowherd said that team can't shoot. You just saw how they shot the Celtics right out of the building on their one good shooting night in that series. That team can absolutely shoot like there's no question about what Duncan Robinson and Tyler Hero do and what that will grow into. Like you can say whatever you want about the projections, but you'll never be able to say you can't shoot.


Like, that's not that's not anyone who's watched the play. And Stephen Smith, our basketball guy, nobody questions his basketball credentials. Stephen A. Smith was obviously during a segment on the radio, obviously just Googled their roster and was just sort of reading off of it, learning on air in front of us what was on that team, which was progress, because for the first couple of months, it was Jimmy Butler and d'Amboise.


You know, I mean, in fairness to Stephen A.. This this barely happens in the NBA, where if you have the best players, you're the team that advances to the NBA finals. No one expected this, not even us from from the heat. I mean, it was just hard to see this coming. But if if they're being honest, I don't think the heat expected this either. We'll talk to Tyler Zero about it. He's irrationally confident.


He's fearless. He's going to be on with us in an hour. But I don't think I mean, you could pay some lip service to that. But to to Jimmy Butler is saying now that they could beat anybody. But you don't think Jimmy Butler signed here a year ago thinking, well, yeah, my my I'm going to win the championship this year, I'm going to play for the championship in the finals? Well, that's interesting. I don't think that he thought that.


But you've always talked about how these guys at the highest level of competition do think that they're the reason they could be the guy, the piece, the missing piece that takes a team to the title.


Are you from the outside trying to apply reason, looking at at a competitive competition and saying Jimmy Butler can't do something because spoke gave voice to it after the game? This was a play for now. They weren't they didn't even sell him on the future. It was all culture, all competition agreeing there. And Jimmy Butler just telling him twenty minutes into the dinner before they could even give their pitch, which I'm sure was about the future, and adding superstars to him.


He said, by the way, I'm in. Before the pitch came, he was just, oh, we're identical in how we view things, this is the right fit for me. This is a fit for now and they like their chances all season long against Milwaukee. And after you got past Milwaukee, why not us?


So Riley didn't have to pull out the rings and double on the table. No spy said they didn't even go into the pitch as Tony did.


Cowherd What else did Cowherd say about the Miami Heat?


It was in a tweet then he was talking about going back and forth, people on Twitter saying that the heat have a low ceiling. And that's part of the thing because they can't shoot and just obviously wasn't watching.


I have I found interesting what has happened on ESPN, just generally right where I don't know, the last ten years or so, the fandom of what used to be some kind of objectivity or at least the illusion of objectivity has gone away. As you know, many of you watching television now know where our allegiances are. The people who used to pretend to be objective on stuff. And I have noticed in Los Angeles that there is a bit of cheerleading amid the Los Angeles media because LeBron is over there.


There's been a bit of cheerleading for the Lakers. So we're going to pull on the other end of the rope over here, Miami and L.A. you got Magic Johnson, famous Laker, asking Dwayne Wade, the famous Miami Heat player who he's rooting for in this series because he's such close friends with LeBron James. And what is it that Dwayne Wade had to say? Magic Johnson with a hard hitting journalistic question. Basically, this is what the finals is going to be.


Magic. Just ask the hardest question any of us are going to ask the rest of us.


They're just going to be fawning all over people yelling at Magic Johnson on Twitter. The million dollar question is, who will Dwayne Wade be cheering for his former team, The Heat or his best friend, LeBron James? Dwayne Wade responds, We call this a win win, but it's Heat nation over here. I don't like the qualifier of when. When I mean, if the heat lose, you don't win.


Well, you were saying during the break as well that you didn't believe him and that you thought they were rooting for LeBron. Rooting for LeBron. Yes.


Which is you don't qualify it by saying it's a win win. But a teenager over here, if you're just rooting for the heat and don't care about LeBron, you just say the Heat doth. Well, you're funny, though, because last week you were willing and somebody pointed this out on Twitter because they said really stuck out after a lifetime of lies and treachery. You believe Roger Goodell when he says, I'm sorry, immediately for four years of lying like it.


Like it is like you believe Roger Goodell, but you don't believe Matt. You don't believe Dwayne Wade. Now, if I'm Wade, I turn that around on magic. You're rooting for the Lakers or your best friend, Pat Riley.


Yes. What are you doing?


I don't know, Irving. Feel like Dwayne doesn't want the Heat to win, right? Not just because he wants LeBron to win, but then what happens if Udonis Haslem wins a fourth ring that he has more rings in Miami than Dwayne Wade does? And no one's won a championship in Miami without Dwayne Wade and the first year he's gone, they win without him. I think it's fair to say he's rooting against the heat.


I thought you called him Irving Magic Johnson, because people are pointing out here on the Jewish holiday that you don't that you look like a mess, that you shouldn't be skipping services.


And I just thought because you've been starving and because you haven't quite been yourself today, I just thought that you called him Irving Irving, Magic Johnson to totally different player Irving Chen.


Hold that thought.


Let's sell some at Irv Johnson IRP.


Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls?


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We switched today for 24/7 access to licensed agents. News from the Dan Leveton show Nación, someone has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed. Who is it then? Oh, my fault.


I didn't know that. That's how we were doing. And I thought you just threw it to me. And we had a sponsored segment and I just read something from Twitter. So I'm going to read this from we'll fix it over time. We're just learning about the first time that we're doing it as they sponsor everything and make us a NASCAR.


I was told I'm supposed to say, who is it? OK, well, it's Mark AGEA and he writes, What a rickety bleep upside down country where you can do a coup via the post office. I can watch VR porn while like some in a pizza by grunting at an Alexa, but I got to vote the same way. A Revolutionary War soldiers sent horny poems to a girl he met at a witch drowning.


Now, Dr. Pepper imaging or no, no, I already read that. OK, so that we're done with that. Yeah, I'm going to have to got 3-D going forward. Yeah. So Tyler Hero is going to join us.


I've never had someone yearn for me reading, but I'm good.


I'm good with the execution. I thought. You sure about that? We're going to go ahead and change this one up next time. Tyler Hero going to join us at 11 30. Do we have the sound of Michael choking? Has that come through yet? Is Michael Eaves choking? Is that some sound we can go to?


Greg Olsen, love your first down drive continues. Listen to to go in the game. Skipping ahead. DK Metcalf, Mike, at thirty eight, thirty one, the slip ups, that's good out there.


All right.


Well that is good. Have a good teammate getting there late through the coughing. I do love that he belched in excuse me in there. And I'm thinking that it reminded Mike of the same thing that it reminded me of, which is the, you know, Bomani Jones show. He's talking to his producer when he yells, help me. But there is, I think, an excuse me in there.


Welcome back to the right time. My name is Bomani Jones. Thanks for listening on ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. Excuse me. Welcome back to The Right Time with Bomani Jones and again, I Borst, our insider at ESPN here very shortly.


Hi, I'm good. Some guy called down my throat. Sorry about that, Brian.


In the meantime, do you have any sound of Adam Schefter joking back there? You do.


The love him has thrown nine picks in his last two games, going back to the playoff loss to the Cardinals. Should he be looking over his shoulder at Adam? Well, he's really struggled here in Carolina, there's no question. Sorry.


Sorry, Adam. I think that's what happens when we had a strong 24 seven here. We're going to give him a break for Adam. All right.


This is a tough competition between these three sounds. We will get for you some sound of how Stewardson Codi are not quite the teammates that you saw there rushing to a fallen comrade side, because what you notice in those three examples is their teammate was really there for them.


OK, this happened to me once you were gone. It was you know, I didn't ask for any of this. That portion, it was like six weeks vacation hiatus. And I choked. We were talking to Ethan Skolnick. And unlike the other three examples you've heard where there was great teamwork, Greg Cody did nothing for me. Yeah, I didn't even notice.


Yes. We will get back to that sound and a little bit. But in the interim, I think I think we also have to throw in some Lou Holtz sneezing as well. But we could probably talk for a minute. We could talk for a minute about the NFL because, you know, some crazy stuff happened yesterday. Stu got the Cowboys Seahawks game was crazy. That happened to the Falcons again. Kyle Rudolph made a ridiculous catch in the end zone.


Josh Allen broke three tackles and facemask to do everyone blessed and Doug Peterson for punting for a tie.


But a tie might be very important in that division, the Washington the first place football team without a name. How is that possible?


Well, I think it's all I found in the attic is curse no, its eyes are just very lifelike. Then what does its head keep spinning in my mind?


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We can just bury it deep in the ground.


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