Happy Scribe

This is the down labor part, sure, we've still got Sparkasse. Look out, Woj, look out, Shafter from Orania, reaching outside of sports to break news, the news if you're just getting up for the day, the news is that the president of the United States and the first lady have tested positive for the coronavirus.


But I was really surprised that that news break came from the guy from sports in a contract year, from the athletic. He is very young. How old is he? How is he so well connected? That is a that is a dangerous story to report if you do not have the details confirmed, like locked down solid.


But to your point, a massive report in a contract year. I mean, that is a great job by shops in his mid twenties. Twenty five. Wow.


How is that dude that kind of connected? How is that possible?


Reminds me of the time that the rock kind of low key broke the story that Osama bin Laden had been killed.


I didn't hear that story. You know that. No. Oh, dude, look it up. The rock totally broke the news that Osama was killed. He was the first one. Yeah. Like, he tweeted out something like I just got some very good news that'll bring the country together, something to that effect. But he didn't say what it actually was. No, but in retrospect, with the benefit of hindsight, he totally knew.


So the niece of the president married Trump says, I reserve my sympathy, empathy and despair for those who are sick and for those who have died because they were misled, lied to or ignored where a bleeping mask, hashtag vote. So now schools are opening and all over the place, restrictions are being limited as we head into a crazy election year. So we begin the show by talking about the New York Jets.


Just quickly. Oh, God, the rock tweeted out. Exactly. Just got word that will shock the world. Land of the free, home of the brave. Damn proud to be an American. OK, but OK.


So he was but he didn't really. Hour after that, President Obama received word, OK, but that's fine. And he probably did know, but he didn't break the news. That is exactly what he did. We don't know at the time. He may have known, but he didn't report what he knew. No, no.


He wanted to give President Obama the shine at that point. But he knew before he reported that he was proud to be an American. That's what he reported. So damn proud to be an American. My bad.


So Adam Gase is now thirty and thirty nine as an NFL head coach. He has more losses by at least two possessions. Thirty one than total wins. This is from Bruce Beck for New York. Since Christopher Johnson gave Adam Gase the vote of confidence and called him a brilliant offensive mind on September 16th, the Jets are OT three and have been outscored 104 to forty eight.


This is from NFL Doug Ferar, Adam Gas's career winning percentages of head coaches for forty one. That gives him the worst winning percentage of any current coach who has ever been a head coach named Adam Gase. This is from Jay Caparo. Show is seven and thirteen as Jets head coach. Twenty and thirty two in his last fifty two games started 014 in both seasons as Jets head coach. Jets have four offensive touchdowns in their first four games this year, two on broken plays to Deep in garbage time.


Yeah, this is from FBG Chase. Adam Gas is now five and thirty in games decided by more than eight points. That's unfathomably bad. And this is from the New York Daily News. The Jets committed eight of their eleven penalties for one hundred and eighteen yards in their first fifteen minutes of the game.


That team, they might be the worst team in football, but beyond maybe being the worst team in football, they have taken your hope out this year. So very early in both games and the season's dugouts because the forty Niners ran a first place sweep that one for 80 yards. Your first offensive possession against the Colts was a pick six that puts you immediately behind in the game you were blown out in. And then last night, I mean, that's a crazy number of penalties for the first quarter of the games to God.


Yeah, they're not disciplined at all. They're not well coached at all. Their own for last night started off differently because Sam Darnell had a big run. The Jets got out to a seven nothing lead. I'm glad the Jets lost because I am take it for Trevor right now. That is that's the only thing the Jet fan can hold out hope for, is that somehow you stumble into Trevor Lawrence and whether or not Dabbous, when he comes with them, is to be determined.


But we'll see. But then it's a complete here's the biggest indictment on Adam case. And again, he's my friend, and I happen to like him on a personal level. Super nice guy, but nice to me. Be nice to my family. You should. He fired today the biggest indictment on Adam Gase is that Sam Donald has gotten worse and Adam Gase was brought in there to make him better. Well, he has got he was outplayed by Mark Rypien some last night, and Tannehill has gotten better.


Billy, why are you laughing at Stewart? I'm sorry the Zoome isn't working. We will come back to Billy. There were some more Jets notes here that were funny to God because they're funny. You've got this is also from the New York Daily News. The Broncos had 11 players on injured reserve, including their starting quarterback, their best wide receiver, a key running back, their right tackle, the perennial Pro Bowl defensive tackle, their starting quarterback and future Hall of Fame pass rusher.


And as you mentioned, Brett Rippin was their quarterback. Yeah, to have some injuries, too. I mean, Le'Veon Bell is out and receivers are out there, just not very good and they're not good.


And the problem is you have a GM that Adam Gase hired that now has to fire Adam Gase. The only reason Joe Douglas is the Jets GM is because Adam Gase wanted him to be the GM and now Joe Douglas is left with having to fire the guy that hired him. Well, how does this work mess?


Colin Cowherd reported that the Jets coach, Adam Gase, would be fired if they lost to the Broncos. He reported that yesterday or two days ago. Are you expecting gays to be fired this week, Imex? Yeah, I'm expecting that. Although I will tell you on stupidity yesterday, Diane and was saying that Adam Gates is going to be fine. So, I mean, we'll see. We'll see what happens. I expect him to be fired this week.


He should be fired this week. He's done a lousy job. I mean, why should he keep his job their own for I mean, we've been waiting forever to get rid of Tom Brady, to get him out of that division. And he's finally out. And it's the same old same old for the New York Jets. It's unbelievable, man. I'm distraught. I'm in a really bad place right now because I'm not even caring. I'm not tuning into these games on time.


I'm not paying attention the way I probably should be. I don't care anymore. I don't care. Get me Trevor. Mike Ryan is laughing in your face with his arms crossed because Mike Ryan's team is over 500 about it for the first time in six years.




Oh, man. Stings have a bad football team, right? I, I went to a movie theater at a movie theater to my myself and my wife. It was great. And as I was pulling out of the movie theater, I saw I passed a restaurant that had TVs outside and I damn near crashed the jeep because I saw Joe Flacco trotting out in a black uniform. Oh, wait a minute.


Blew it to hold on a second. Put that on the pole, please. Gamble at Libertador Show is the first time you realized Joe Flacco was a jet when he came out last night to be a jet. Because I think that happened to America last night. I think the football nation looked at that and was like, whoa, Joe Flacco is a jet.


So after I saw him, I recalled him signing with the Jets, but there was no preseason, so there was no warming up to the notion that possibly he was still on the roster. So when he came on, it might as well have been a unicorn trotting out on the field and probably would have done better.


I want them to stay out there. To be honest, it was do it to perfect quarterback is a name. He's an arms to God's will. Take anybody who's a name always and forever. Strogatz is here for anyone name related. I've heard that name. Make him my quarterback also. I'm I'm a little bit surprised that guy is publicly firing his friend.


I listen, I have to separate my friendship with my job and my friendship with Adam. Gay says, yeah, I wish he would still remain the Jets head coach because I've waited my entire life to be friendly with the Jets head coach. But then I have fired coaches quicker than four games and I need to fire Adam Gase today.


That was one of the most incredible sequences earlier when you just said, Adam, guess I love them, great to me, great to my family. He should be fired.


I find that this is this is a fascinating time for Stew Gods to decide to care about his credibility when it just buries someone he's calling a friend. This is the spot where you need to be an objective journalist. You need I need to come to this microphone and I need to fire somebody. I'm calling a friend. You've actually fired people. Who are your friend? You fired Alison.


That's a good point. Unnecessary point, but but absolutely necessary firing as well, one might add. You are right. Totally accurate. Everything you're saying, it's just come it's just coming up in conversation because you're someone who fires friends. You fire friends at microphones, you fire friends in real life. You're a fire friends.


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It's nice to know that someone is looking out for you. The eccentricity for everyone's safety. Visit Volvo cars, dot com, slash us to learn more. We got a finals game tonight in the NBA and we've got a group of defeated, gutless people around here, no one's got the guts, everyone is broke and everyone is saying even around here, as national commentators seem like something between disappointed and angry at the Miami Heat, that the injury situation too much to overcome.


There's a general despondency here that the finals are basically over before they even started.


The person I am I don't want to say disappointed, but I'm surprised by his reaction this morning is Mike Ryan, who is such a big Heat fan. And you're down one. So all you've done is lost a game on the Lakers home court. You're down one. Oh, and listen, you have fought hard to get to this place where you are four wins away from winning a title. And now it seems like just getting there is enough.


I think the point I think Mike Ryan's attitude is the right attitude, not just realistically, not just because the Lakers have the two best players in the series, but if you reduce your expectations to nothing and ends up hurting a lot less, and if you reduce your expectations to nothing, you leave open the possibility of a surprise.


That's why you tell me every year before the NFL season kicks off, the Jets are going to be lousy.


Who do it all the time. You you make this mistake. You've learned nothing from your jets allegiances. You come into every season hoping for something. This is the year the Jets are going to do something.


They had a pick six last night. I think they took the lead for like a minute. I started looking at the standings and the schedule. Yeah, you get fooled by the play. A tweeter here. A lot of people are enjoying Mike Ryan's pain because he is a public loud homer. He is strident. He is obnoxious. He is some of the things that Miami fans get buried for Lakers fans aren't a whole lot better. They are equally loud.


And so somebody right in here, the Mike Ryan exaggerated LeBron disdain is so ridiculous. Dude gave you four of the best years of your life with two rings and you're mad that he left the wrong way. Be happy that he played any part in his journey. That was never a given.


I am happy we played a part in his journey. I can also be sad that that he ripped it away in a way that he didn't rip it away from other people.


So, no, I'm very those were some of the most exciting sports days of my life, the big three that felt way different than even this finals.


What do you mean ripped it away in ways that he hadn't to other people because he depleted the the franchise of assets.


When he left Cleveland, he just left Cleveland. In fact, Cleveland got stuff. When he left Cleveland, we didn't get anything except for him like recruiting against them. Well, yeah, but I'm saying in terms of a hall, after he left, we just lost a bunch of first round draft picks and and he left and he recruited against us.


He was Cleveland's assetto. That was it. It was like the owner found out at the same time that we found.


Oh, I'm not saying that we that it was worse than the public embarrassment of the decision. I'm not arguing that. But from an asset building standpoint, he actually left Cleveland in a spot where they could be in an advantageous position four years later, even though they botched many of those asked if they were competent, they get to acquire pieces that would make it more attractive of a destination.


You mentioned the last segment that you went to a movie theater last night and that you had it to yourself. So first things first. I have several questions about this. Was it ten cents, the way that we reported initially during the pandemic that a movie theater chain was just offering people a ten cent entry?


Did you get a discount to where the prices were discounted? That seemed fairly obvious. I went to a senior bistro, which is one of those. It's like dinner and a movie. So it was actually quite nice. I got a bottle of wine, pretty nice food, but it's a pleasant experience, confusing as hell movie, but pleasant experience the theater to yourself, not just my wife and I, not another person other than you.


Just my wife. And I was great.


I have a feeling you could have paid whatever you wanted to pay to get into that.


I'm not certain what you paid, but you could have given them a dollar and they would have taken the tickets were six dollars and then they get you on the convenience fee. But this is one of those higher end bistro type places. So you're not going to get the cut rate prices. But they're ridiculous deals out there in Miami. You could rent an entire theater for ninety nine dollars.


Did you did not enjoy or understand the movie? I kind of understood it. After researching it a little bit, I saw Tennet, which is just Christopher Nolan on acid, and you kind of know what you're getting into. And I wanted this big blockbuster tentpole summer movie and I kind of got that to a degree, but it's just like it's just simultaneously overwritten and underwritten. I was just so happy to be in a movie theater and have a little slice of normal, even though it was like just empty that it didn't quite feel normal.


But the movie was just, man, I don't want I can get it if I watch it again, but I have no interest in watching it again. What's. Normal about an empty theater, drinking a bottle of wine, and of course, that sounds wonderful, like that sounds like the pandemic is really, really worked out for you.


Let's put it into a big win. I split it into a win for me. You went in with masks.


Both of you went in with masks. But then you take them off like I can't sip the wine through the mask. So and I got a bottle of wine, so pretty much mass off the entire time and no one else was in the theater, so that was good. Did you sanitize the seats? I'm certain of it. I know they have to. You have to do it yourself. Theater does have like a server that comes to you and they take all the protocols.


I had trusted anyone. When it comes to sanitising. I'm sorry.


Well, haven't you annoyed your entire family? Because you just keep you, like, blurting some form of the up.


If anyone makes a sound, a cough or sneeze, I walk behind them right behind them and I whisper Korona like I'm asking if they have it.


And they say, no, every time you're a Korona creeper around your family, just if anyone coughs or sneezes or even has something in their throat.


Here's the other thing I don't like. When did we stop wearing gloves? Gloves seemed to be such an important part of the equation. Billy has is on right now. Latex gloves. Good job out of you, Bill. But it was such an important part of the equation early on. And now everyone's saying it does more harm than good to wear gloves. I'm going back to the gloves because if you notice the makeshift thing on the doors, you walk into this hotel here, it's a piece of cardboard over the handle.


I mean, that would suggest that someone doesn't want to get germs, right?


No, that's a sticker. That's self-cleaning. Yeah, I have read that I have taken to, as I've told you, just opening things with my feet, eye opening things with my knees, opening things with the bottom of my shirt. It's a terrible, terrible way to live. If you're just joining us, though, the reason Billy Gill is wearing a single latex glove is because earlier in the show, he started a task force, an investigation and a prosecution of the cheating as cubs.


And he was showing us exhibits in a Ziploc bag, his cell phone, weather maps. And so he didn't want to get any fingerprints on any of the evidence there.


But Billie had to maintain the integrity of the evidence. And that's if you're just joining us, I thought you should get that explanation for why it is that Billie Gill was wearing a single latex glove.


Just if you could explain to me very quickly these two guys, because I was just learning it, as you were saying, what harm does wearing latex gloves do to you? Because you said that it does more harm than good? No, I don't know.


Those were the reports where suddenly everyone told me to stop wearing gloves. And I thought, you know, wearing gloves was a big way of preventing yourself from getting covid.


So, I mean, I report to not like really I feel lousy, actually.


OK, I actually told them that the gloves do more harm than good because sometimes, Danso, you're wearing the gloves, right. And then you get like germs on the gloves and people don't know how to take them off correctly without giving themselves the germs on another part of their body. You got to take them off. They're going to be inside out. When you take them off, then you just dump them into the garbage belly. Knows.


I mean, I think what you do is you take you have the glove, it gets dirty. You go, you wash your hands with the gloves on, and then you take off the glove inside out for twenty seconds. Look, I don't dance now, you just make money moves where bleep in math, yes, that's it.


That's all I'm asking is the bare minimum you can do to care for your fellow man.


I mean, maybe you should wear some gloves because, listen, I have seen you around here trying to open doors, but the bottom of your shirt and a sock, I mean, it does it seems easier if you just wore gloves.


When deciding how and when to safely return to the workplace, you need to be informed. That's why IBM Watson helps you prioritize employee safety with Watson works a set of A.I. infused capabilities. Let's put Smart to work. Visit IBM dotcom slash. Watson works to learn more. Christine Lacy, I am sorry that we got in your way. Please continue. My. And finally, Potpies has debuted chocolate filled beanies with a nationwide release to follow. So that's where Chris Cody's been.




Yes, I love that. I love that Christine Lacy is expanding her game. She is coming after people who are not even here because after the Heat and Marlen's made the playoffs, Chris Coady took off all his clothes, ran out of his house wearing only Crocs and told us he would see us sometime around Game three of the Heat final.


But she delivered it all after that. She laughs a maniacal laugh. When you take shots at me, you.


Yeah, that's right. That's very gentle with Chris Cody. She'll get better, though. We are poisoning her one step at a time and she will be full fledged evil by the time that we are finished with her.


Bomani Jones has been named dropped in a black thought song that just dropped here.


I love the Roots. You guys care, doesn't seem like you guys care, only hip hop head Tony seems to care. Roy seems to care. Billy and Mike are meeting this with a great deal of indifference, Tony, because that's that's high praise when it's black thought. Right? I've got little Dicky, which is kind of what I deserve. I mean, Freddie Gibbs, too, which is much better in terms of street credibility than little Dickie.


But that's about how that one should go. Me getting a little Dickie and him getting black thought. Yeah.


Black Thought is like one of the OGs and I don't know if you've seen it. He had a funk flex freestyle where he went on for like ten minutes straight off the dominos. Incredible. So anything black related shows you the highest praise in hip hop.


I did see that Stewart was on the podcast of Bill Simmons. How did that go? Were you great? How would what would you tell people about your appearance on the on the Simmons podcast? What were you there to talk about?


We were talking about the demons in his attic. We were talking about the heat. We were talking about the Celltex. We were talking about the Jets. Yes, I was great. Bill was great. I enjoyed being on that podcast. It was a lot of fun. It really was. I made fun of Simmons a good deal because of his Celtics. But then he made fun of me because after losing the greatest quarterback in the history of NFL football, he still has the best quarterback in the AFC.


Yes, that's right. I've got to think, though, this has got to be funny, right? You got to think. That Bill Belichick says to himself, as the Jets and the Dolphins decide to eat at the same dinner table, the same way the bills did and the Jets did, it's like, really, you guys in the division are going to see me annihilate atom gas. And then one of the other teams in your division is going to steal Adam Gase.


Wait a minute. You guys have seen me beat Ryan Fitzpatrick for all of the teams in the division. Really? You're going to come after me again with Ryan Fitzpatrick, all three teams in the division, Rex Ryan. Oh, the Jets don't want him anymore. Oh, wait. The bills want him. Like, how honest to God it's you've got a legendary coach and just this epic, apocalyptic failure for two decades underneath him in the division.


And the solution, these people think is let me go get a leader that has already lost too many times in the division. And his solution, Belichick, is I'm going to sit back, relax, jump in a lake without my shirt on and wait for Cam Newton to become available for free, totally discounted, like a bargain rate of tide is starting to turn.


For example, the bills now have a younger Cam Newton, it would appear.


I want to talk about this for a second, I want to talk about the admitting when you're wrong, when you're supposed to do it, because as we saw last night with Kershaw's Stewart, you know what his response is going to be? Do it the next time. Don't do it like that's not a big game or it's only a big game when he loses it. Right. The wild card, we know what the reaction is going to be to 13 strikeouts in eight innings.


It's going to always be the same.


They invented around so it could finally perform well in the postseason. Yeah, right. So he could keep hitting this note forever because the games that Kershaw pitches their only big games according just to Gods when he loses them. But when do I have to admit that I'm wrong on Josh Allen? Because I do think you guys are premature in assigning it to three games when I've got a sample size larger than that that says his accuracy and his decision making are problematic.


I don't think that I have to make that admission.


After three games, I'm going to find this stat. But it's not just three games.


It's his last 15 games, his last 14 games. He's got three touchdowns and three interceptions, but he's got a fumbling problem and he's got a judgment problem. Like he's reckless with the football. He's super talented, he's super talented. I'm not questioning that. But he's had an accuracy problem and he's had a reckless problem. And maybe those are correctable, but I don't trust that they've been corrected after three games.


I don't what you know, three interceptions over fourteen games, kind of. I mean, it seems like he's figured that out.


But I would say, let's see, because he he loses the football. He takes sacks like there are things that he does that lose football games. Now, he won the last one and he hasn't lost one this year. Yeah. But I mean, he got a call at the end of the last year. That game was lost like I mean, OK. Yes, they they did. They beat two teams that aren't very good and then they beat the Rams.


They had a twenty eight three lead and I'm not going to lie. He looked very good in that game. The talent is indisputable. The idea that he could just be so damn strong that he is face masking defensive linemen while breaking three tackles. And one of them is Aaron Donalds. Like, I understand why you'd get excited about him, but if Lamar Jackson were that kind of reckless with the football, if he were that kind of reckless with the football, my guess is that the analysis wouldn't quite be the same.


Well, it's certainly not the same for several reasons. Lamar Jackson is the MVP, but we got to a point with Lamar Jackson where we just started touting the things that he's unbelievable at an unbelievable that and the stuff that he wasn't so great at. So working on that discussion was diminished. Some with the Josh Allen. It was always about what he can't do. Perhaps we should start touting what he can do because what he does is bring a different type of skill set that maybe sort of explains away some of the other inefficiencies in his game.


The completion percentage is the thing I am concerned about because last year it was fifty eight point eight. This year at seventy one point one. I mean, can he continue to do I want you to say, huh? Yeah, well, I'm choked up.


I would I would say to you, having having seen their games this year, that I really like how they use him. That completion percentage isn't up because he's throwing in a lot of intermediate stuff. They use him very close to the line of scrimmage and deep balls like it's both of them. So they might be incomplete, deep, but they're not dangerously incomplete, deep. And they really are doing a good job scheming it up where you're seeing a whole lot of short and intermediary passes that he can't screw up with a lack of accuracy.


And to be fair, looking at the roster, his first couple of years in the league as still guys are like being surrounded by more right now, and that's helping them.


And again, the games I've seen, I've been surprised by his accuracy because I don't think of him as an accurate quarterback. Look, I don't dance now, I make money moves, I mean, he averages nine point one yards per couple.


She's been great this year. He's been great. He started off the season in a way that only Mahomes and Manning and Brady had with, you know, whatever, no interceptions and however many touchdowns he's got now and three hundred yards a game. The great thing about facts, they're proven like the fact that crude oil contains impurities or that base oil made from natural gas is ninety nine point five percent free of impurities. And the fact that Pennzoil is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas, not crude oil, it gives you unbeatable engine protection.


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ESPN Radio is presented by progressive insurance news from the Dan Libertador Show Nation. Someone has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed, Eric Bender. At Eric Bender, 16, says, please tell please tell Stu that Brett Rippin is not Mark Rippin son. Well, you told me. Thank you. Eric Bender 16. Many people did, many people's nephew. Many people were burying you for this. It's very important that you get the Mark Rippin family lineage correct.


The third string quarterback of the Broncos. You should know what his affiliation is to former Super Bowl quarterback Mark Rippin the Ripper.


I look good. I mean, I saw some Brett Favre the Ripper last night. I did.


Gunslinger stewards continues to say absurd things. He did so on the Bill Simmons podcast. He said Udonis Haslem should be used to just quickly go out there and foul six times. That was when Bill Simmons learned that Udonis Haslem was still on the Heat and he cosigned the bill. He cosigned the student's idea, calling Stuart's a genius, saying that's exactly what Udonis should be used for. Six fouls fast and hard on fouls on Anthony Davis and LeBron James, quote, Why wouldn't they do that?


I mean, he's got six of them.


He's not intimidated. He's a very strong man. And he does not care that LeBron James used to play for the Heat. He will play six super hard fouls on that guy.


And if he happens to miss a quarter or a game, so be it. He wrote the book on basketball and I mean, it's clearly a good idea for he cosigns. So Game one of the NBA finals averaged seven point for one million viewers on ABC. It is by a good deal the least watched NBA finals game on record going back to 1988, the previous low and I remember this series, Good God, Spurs Nets, Spurs Nets in 2003.


But an apocalypse, that series like this one is giving off that vibe a little bit. The blowout has a lot to do with it. And also streaming doesn't count. And while the numbers help some, it's still not watched by very many people.


I will say to all of you, and this is not to defend the ratings because I really don't care whether any of this stuff ends up rating or not, although I do find amusing the people who take victory laps on the WOAK League or the Black League not having ratings and then tie together the fact that it has to do with the social justice. I would just continue to remind you that all of television ratings are down because of how fractured the consuming experience is, because so many young people are living off the grid or streaming or doing it differently than on television.


And then add to that the fact that usually when basketball is playing the finals, they get all sports fans. It's not some hockey fans are watching the Stanley Cup finals or other games are being played elsewhere that people are watching. And so you lose some of your base.


You're right. Although game one was was Wednesday night. So it wasn't going directly head to head with football game just tonight.


The biggest the biggest thing to apply is the NBA finals has never really had to worry about an election cycle with the NFL. We apply that context because election years viewership does go down because people are watching cable news, especially in an election like this one more congested sports calendar, more options and an election year direct competition that the NBA finals have never faced.


But the football numbers are up, correct? Yeah, football numbers are doing well.


The other thing that I would add to this that I think is, you know, probably worth noting, because I'm always fascinated by the people who are fascinated by ratings, is the ideas to Godse that these leagues do not care whether or not you're watching. They're just trying to get to the television dollars. That's all they care about. No one has made it more bare naked greed than baseball has made it. It doesn't matter whether or not you're watching.


And I would say that, you know, as the president and the first lady come down with the coronavirus as they test positive here, I will again, because it bears noting, just because you've gotten used to it and familiar and it seems normal to you, what an amazing thing basketball has done by successfully getting to the finals without anything falling apart as the Titans now have more players test positive, like I know you've gotten used to it and there's been a normalization.


I expect my basketball. There will be no suspensions. There will be no players who are important, who are lost. I want you to marvel at there was no precedent for what it is they did and they got to finals games. You tell Adam Silver that he doesn't have any viewers at all, but he's going to get that. He would have taken it before it started. You could have given him zero viewers if I tell him there's not going to be anything virus related around your sport.