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This is the eleventh hour. Sure, this still got Sparkasse. I miss this feeling you got from the LeBron era, Miami Heat of people enjoying Miami's misery. Miami being relevant enough for people to dance on their grave after one game. We had LeBron back then, though, so it was easier.


Yeah. Now he's on the other side. And one of the things to marvel at from last night, and I really do think two guys that 20 years from now we're going to all sort of look back and be like, man, we were sort of idiots about how we viewed his career in real time.


When you start telling your kids, your grandkids about what it is that you saw right across age, like he looks slower. He's not the same player. He's a he can't physically be the same player and yet still struggle on the night that Goran Dragic goes out with an injury and Jimmy Butler goes out with an injury and Bam Adebayo goes out with an injury, how many playoff games do you remember LeBron James missing? Because he's played more of them than anybody out there by a hundred.


Yeah and how many do you remember him missing the indestructible nature of his body with that kind of mileage on it makes him a sports car unlike any in the history of the sport. It's just crazy. The worst you can remember is him getting cramps the one time he gets a groin injury. The Lakers don't make the playoffs right.


Cramps first quarter against the Spurs. Was that game one of the fourth season with the Heat? I can't remember how many, if any. Damn, that's that's part of what makes him so great. He's always there and he's always great.


But it's crazy to think that three guys, the three leading guys for the Miami Heat, these playoffs, Goran Dragic, Letterman scoring the first round. Jimmy Butler led them in scoring against the Bucs Bam Adebayo Letterman Scoring. Against the Celtics, that all three guys go out last night with an injury, and I'm asking you again to think of LeBron James and the mileage on that body and tell me tell me how it is that that is done, because I saw that Stephen A.


Smith in this seems really silly to me. But Stephen A. Smith says that if LeBron loses this series, then he will question the legacy of LeBron. But if LeBron wins this series and then makes it back to the finals next year, then Stephen A. will question the legacy of LeBron like it's a pretty silly thing that we do. Nobody should be questioning the man's legacy, whether he's three and six in the finals or not. Given that you should appreciate and marvel at what he is able to do in real time, because you're going to be on the wrong side of history 20 years from now when it's hard to even explain how he was three and six in the finals.


Like you got to go back. It's going to feel like Wilt Chamberlain only winning a title. People are going to be like, how did that happen?


I don't think anyone's questioning his greatness. Unfortunately for him, he's always going to be stacked up with Stephen A. Smith, but other people with myself against Michael Jordan, and that's a place that he's just never going to arrive at. But I think people respect how great he is and how durable he's been and how consistent he's been.


I think it's a pretty uncool way of doing it. And it's just a general lack of appreciation for what it is you're watching as a sports fan. Like, normally when people appreciate something, whatever it is, art, music, they can be discerning about what it is that they're watching or listening to and why it moves them. We don't do this anywhere else. We might say an artist is overrated, but we don't do this. Oh, he's not as good as Elvis.


Well, he's good, but he's not the Beatles. You know, I like the Rolling Stones, but they're you know, they're just they're not the Beatles, right? I don't know. Do people do that with music, Mike? I feel like people. Right guitarists, don't they? I mean, Dan, use the example that's famously always right. Yeah. You're either a Stones person or a Beatles person. But no, sports is sports is different that way.


It is. But I've heard people debate like best drummer of all, you know, debate best.


Who's the best Batman. Right? No, you can do all that.


I'm just saying it's stupid to not appreciate it and to to appreciate one so much that you can't appreciate the other stupid. Like it's just a stupid way of living.


I'm a Christian Bale guy myself. Well, we could sit here and parse the semantics on whether somebody is a better actor than somebody else. But you're talking about like think about what you're doing. Think think about what you're doing. Oh, this person's only the second best person I've ever seen hold a basketball, and therefore he does not compare. He will forever need to be in the shadow of the other guy, I believe, to be better than any other holding a basket.


But damn, because he's so great, I think people expect more than better than three and six in the NBA finals. I mean, I do. I mean, OK, because he's so great, OK. And you can expect that you want.


Well, it looks like it might get better than three and six in the finals. I expect better than four. And I won one game into it.


I just I marvel at the fact that we are in a place where we cover the holy hell out of this person in a way that's totally unreasonable and defies any kind of precedent in terms of how this network has been doing it for ten years. And yet he's still underappreciated like that. What you're watching is underappreciated, that he is 35 bleeping years old physically out there is is is taking out a team with these young players in game one and everyone's leaving the court, even Goran Dragic and Jimmy Butler, who are quote unquote old by the primes of that sport, are younger than LeBron James.


Bam, autobio is an extraterrestrial. He's a pterodactyl like that guy is athletic by any measure. And there he goes out of the game because it's a really physical game and he's got to go because it's hard on the body. And yet LeBron never misses time.


And while physically he may have diminished slightly from this athlete that we've never seen before, he's now partnered up with a guy that's also one of these athletes that we've rarely ever seen before. And he's catching them right at his prime. And after this series, very likely going to be called like the best running mate he's ever had. He got it right with the moves, even though it cost him the playoffs last year.


When you watch that game one and we can sit there and dismiss the fact that the Lakers haven't shot that well all season and a half. And if you want to, we can dismiss the injuries to the Miami Heat. There are three leading scorers out. I don't know how they fix their Anthony Davis problem. I don't know how they fixed that size problem because you can see it while you're watching. He's making Jae Crowder look like the Rockets, even as Jae Crowder is doing a nice job on him.


You're watching and you're like, oh, that's too much. That's that's too much size. When he goes outside, he's going to get his jumper whenever he wants it. He's going to be Bam Adebayo with a three point shot. And also he's going to terrorize you on the boards because Oh no look at that in the post. It's Duncan Robinson all of a sudden guarding guarding Anthony Davis because he can be out there with your smalls, he can be out there with all of your quick people.


And so it's going to be difficult for the Miami Heat to overcome this for a number of different reasons. The chief one being the way that they're injured. I don't know when the heat don't know right now whether Goran Dragic is going to come back or how you play through that injury. But plantar fasciitis is a pain threshold nightmare, and shots in the foot are a pain nightmare like shots in the foot. There's not a lot of places for a big needle to go in the foot.


Yes, Sabonis was had to leave the bubble because he just merely had plantar fasciitis and we didn't know the exact severity of that. Utah is plantar fascia and yeah, that's really going to test in older players pain threshold. A guy that likes to dance around with veteran moves in the paint pushing off that foot constantly. This isn't a spot up shooter that maybe can get away with it. I don't I don't know how he does it. So what do you do?


Like what adjustments can you make if your spouse doesn't seem to be interesting to get? They need to be healthy for Giannis.


Maybe they have guys that can match up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis and Bam Adebayo Jimmy Butler. But everyone would tell you that those guys aren't as good as Anthony Davis and LeBron James.


So I don't know the idea that Goran Dragic is going to play in the finals. He has never played in the finals before and he's going to try and play through pain with that injury. I don't know how it is he can be himself. But I ask you again, when you look at replays of how Goran Dragic got injured, just look at replays and how benign that looked. You tell me how that doesn't ever happen to LeBron James.


Over fifteen, seventeen bleeping years like that, that injury just looked like, oh look, Goran Dragic has a lot of mileage on him and this time it snapped.


Who has more mileage on them than that. LeBron. Nobody, nobody. Nobody in the history of the sport has has made this run through minutes and everything else. And I'm telling you, that's why I'm saying that what his body is is criminally underappreciated, never mind what his mind is as it relates to playing basketball and being smarter than anyone he's playing against. But his. Mine is a it is a marvel of the modern age, it's about as close as we come to superhero stuff with the human body.


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It's not easy to be a vampire, but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance. Let's go back in time to a different time in Sports America. It's not that long ago, but some of the details are going to feel because of how much has changed, like it's that long ago.


Once upon a time, the New York Yankees had two stars on just the left side of their infield who were bigger stars than anyone in the sport is today. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez played next to each other. The Yankees did a thing you do not see a whole lot based on the captain and his integrity and his place in the franchise's history. They took the better shortstop and moved him to third base because A-Rod was an interloper and a mercenary and would never be in New York or in baseball.


What Derek Jeter was, even though A-Rod was a better player than Derek Jeter, right?


Well, the Yankees did was the right thing.


OK, so the right thing, according to sports fans who can be romantic about this kind of stuff, regardless, baseball was a different sport back then in terms of being at the center of the national consciousness. And you can argue that Jeter and A-Rod, during their careers are in the top 10 of athlete stardom at their time. Baseball does not make stars like that anymore. But here we are yesterday. And Derek Jeter, as they as they age and are still competitive, A-Rod is trying to get back into baseball with Jaylo trying to buy the Mets.


A-Rod and Jeter were pitted against each other in the buying of the Marlins in the Marlins, ended up selling for more than they should have, at least in part because they are competitive and still both of them. And there seems to be in that competition a distaste that Derek Jeter has for some of the things that have happened with A-Rod and just what a lot of people accused A-Rod of for a long time now, which is an insincerity or a trying to find his voice and not knowing exactly who he is.


So pretending to be the athlete that everyone wishes for him to be. And a lot of times sports fans can sniff out a lack of authenticity. They appreciate the lie, even if it's real more.


You know, they appreciate that. They appreciate. It's funny to watch. It really is. When you look at what it is that's happening with Jeter and A-Rod now as they continue to compete across the landscape. And yesterday, the Marlins win their first playoff game in 17 years, I guess.


And also, Mariah Carey started doing the publicity tour on her book about how giving details on the sexual escapades with Derek Jeter and how he and sex with him for the first time was, quote unquote, so sensual. This was happening as the baseball community was simply dragging A-Rod and his broadcasting because A-Rod kept calling for bunts in the modern age. And it's interesting because A-Rod has repaired his image with the people outside of baseball. But it doesn't seem to me like the people inside of baseball have a whole lot of use for A-Rod, and especially when it comes to the analytics of a baseball game where the announcers are smarter than they've ever been struck out about what it is they're talking about.


The analytics, basically, Tim Kurkjian and Bucshon B know their sports like. Very few people are able to know football, are able to know basketball even because you can basically inform yourself now in a way that makes you almost as smart as the manager if you wish to. And A-Rod still talking about bunting out there when baseball has moved away from bunting, all next Dan Buntings back this year, even though the rules are different.


And Mariah Carey, typical Mariah Carey riding the Marlins coattails like always. I'm going to make a proclamation right now and say Mariah Carey will never appear on this show again. Help me there. I don't understand what the prediction is you're making, but she will be saying Mariah will never be on the show.


Yeah, that's a proclamation, not a prediction. She will never be on this show again.


Has she ever been on this show?


She'll never be on it again after what she did yesterday, trying to steal the shine from the captain in the fish first playoff win in 17 years. And here she is all of a sudden. Mariah Carey, author, please get out of here. Do you think that stealing the shine?


I think yesterday was a very good day to be Derek Jeter. Yeah, well, she was trying to get some of that attention and it's not going to work. Mariah and you will never be on this show again.


All right. I think every day is a good day to be Derek Jeter. Win or lose? That's an excellent point. By a couple of weeks ago, it leaked out that the song Maya All, which is a very flattering song about whoever Mariah Carey was singing to, was actually about Derek Jeter. I mean, there's a Derek Jeter size hole in that lady's heart, plain as day.


She's trying to ride the momentum that the Marlins have been writing this season. And she knows this is going to be a national story and she wants to get in on it. So she wrote a book about Derek Jeter and Mariah. It can work on some other shows. You can go on crazy if you want to, but you're not coming on this show. Put it on the Pajaro.


Is there a Derek Jeter sized hole in Mariah Carey's part? I do want to talk to you, those two guys, about the idea A-Rod is, you know, ESPN's lead baseball announcer. And and he is the the face and voice of baseball for us after all of the scandal and everything else with star power. And there are very few broadcasters who were as excellent in their career as A-Rod was at baseball during his career. There aren't a lot that you look at, no matter how much you like the promos of the world that are just clear.


Hall of Fame resumes doing the broadcasts on the games, but he's getting dragged by the baseball community like the baseball community hears him announcing a game he was trending yesterday.


And it was just basically insults about like how how bad his analysis was from who? Like Bill James.


You just know it's not Bill change doesn't make things trends to guys. There are a lot of people that baseball community, Dan, is annoying and it's weird. It's a baseball game. It's a big game and four big games. You want big names and A-Rod is the biggest name out there. And if he's still talking about bunting, when other people are talking about, you know, OPIS plus and all that stuff, so be it. I'm good with it because it's A-Rod.


I like the analysis of a baseball game to me is annoying that people would get that upset because they rise up. They're saying, hey, lay down because you don't care about baseball. If somebody was doing that, I don't care if somebody was doing that to your jets. If you'd get mad, you're going to tell me you're not the guy who gets mad at announcer who seems to be doing stuff like the easiest thing in sports to do is get mad at the announcer.


I understand that. But the inside baseball, people who want every single announcer to apply their way of thinking to the broadcast just annoys me.


A-Rod has his way and they might have their way, but not one of the ways is informed by data and the other one isn't. Why is A-Rod calling for bunt? He wasn't a bunta. Like, why are we talking about Hank Aaron, 21 Bonesetter's Career when he had three after the age of 22? Because at the time A-Rod is calling that game, his God is telling him, hey, this is a perfect time to lay down a ball.


And that's the kind of analysis I want. I mean, that's it.


Were these baseball was it Mariah, Mariah criticizing A-Rod also?


Because I've had it about up to here with Mariah and her baseball stories for one splash over again on this show.


Dandala, why is the phrase I've had it up to here? Like why what and where where is the here?


I think once you get up to here, that's enough. You know, I don't know where here is, but I think once you've arrived that here, that's enough.


You don't want to hear any more from the story here and there's there and there's OK, you can deal with there. But once you get to hear your past there and that's it.


Enough Amino hasn't texted me the other day wondering why it is that no one ever disputes Mike Greenberg when he says that's neither here nor there. By saying it is there. I do think it's there that and someone should call in to that show. When Greenberg does that, when he says something is neither here nor there, you should argue on behalf of either here or there because he shouldn't get away with that. At Shell, we know from the time you get up to the time you wrap up, there's a lot of meet ups, eat ups and hurry ups.


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Christine Lacy, you were saying? And finally, a Japanese study has revealed a chemical that McDonald's French fries may be the cure for baldness. Oh, so that's where Chris Coatis been.


Why we're going after Chris Koening that he's not here. Bowl a job at a U.


Ebele has grown weary of something he has done with it. And it seems like Stew got, you know, when Stewardson career around. They are allergic to more information. They don't want more information. Synagog just got done telling you, I just want a famous guy talking on television. I don't care if he knows what he's talking about or not.


I just want Aira. Bill Bradley is now done.


Billy sides with you on this. He'd like to get rid of a graphic throughout the game. Which one is it, Billy?


I wonder if people in provability graphic in the NFL that keeps popping up the entire enough of that? I mean, how wrong have they been two weeks in a row and the Falcons game alone? I don't need every ten minutes for you to come out with your guy bowl. There's an eighty two percent chance of one, probably. Oh, it's not a seventeen percent chance. And then like two seconds faster, well it's down to sixty four percent. And then someone gets like a three yard rush and it's like well now it's seventy two percent enough of this already.


All right. I'll tell you who's going to win and who's going to lose based on what I'm watching. And you can't tell me when a team's down two touchdowns in the fourth quarter that they have like a thirty percent chance win probability. I've seen wild or things. Did you guys see the Super Bowl this year? What was the win probability in the Super Bowl headed into the fourth quarter? Here's win probability. When Patrick Mahomes is your quarterback, there's ninety five percent chance you're going to win that game.


I think that's a fair point.


Very good. Put it on the pole, please. Gilmore at Lebed Charge Show. Are you done with the win probability graph?


Do you like that graphic? Because I'm I'm with Billy. Like, whatever just happened, just watch the game, let it play out and see what the score is at the end.


Know, I don't have a general objection to why we need a grip meter.


That's what we need when we're watching sports. A grit meter. That's right, a grit meter, and then we'll have it sponsored by some great company, you make some money back that way. And who has the most grits? I don't know. And then they tell us what little graphics. I mean, I'm doing someone else's job right now. I don't need to figure out how the meter works, but I'm telling you, you could sell that thing, have some things on the side going up and down, have it be like, you know, those things when you're raising money for something.


Right. That you just kind of color it in with like a red thing. It looks like a thermometer. You have that. Or maybe you do it like in a pan or a pot or something where you'd cook grits and then you have that thing just kind of slowly filling up with grits on the side. And then, you know, how much grits a person has and then again, sponsored by a great company. It's not for me to figure out.


I'm just saying, if we're going to do this with probability, why not a grip meter? Well, what is grit and guts?


I mean, I thank you guys. I appreciate it. But actually, what is great, like if I wanted to go get grit somewhere, where is it? Where do I find it? What do I what do I call it? Do I go to the grocery store and ask for grit? I don't believe that grit and grits are synonyms.


It's like pornography. Dan, you know, when you see it.


Thank you, Billy. I appreciate all of your insight on this matter. Does anyone on this radio show know the specifics of what grit is? Roy, do you know what grit is?


Well, it depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for food, you would look for something like cream of wheat. If you are looking for something like gravel, you look for sand some something like that.


OK, so it is so great is something I paved my driveway with. That is right for. It could be. It's also it could be that it could be something you order the Waffle House. It depends what you want you know.


Yeah. You could put it on your roof, you could put on your shingles and whatnot.


OK, and it serves what purpose. Forgive me for not being a handyman or an outdoorsman. I just don't understand what it is to give a team asphalt or to give a team the ability to roof their home like, I don't know, to to assign to them a grit meter is assigning to them the sticky, pebbly substances that help you give something that congealing it.


You just know when you know, you can see that someone has grit when they have it. And another thing that comes along with great gusto, you should have a gusto. Here's the thing, though, Billy.


The reason I ask you so many follow up questions is because you say, you know what, when you see it, but you evidently know it when you see it. I don't know what when I see it. And so I want you to teach me what it is I need to do in order to see grit. You ever see Zach Thomas?


Boom, you're seeing grit, then you've seen grit, good modern reference to God to help the young people in our audience.


That's the only person you could go to when you go to grit college, check grit seven, eight six four five six four eight three seven. Who has grit seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four eight three seven. Because I think it's just going to be 90s baseball players and hockey player fullbacks and middle linebacker.


Are you sure or is it just the domain of white people? It would appear so. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I just thought of an abortion. Oh, no grapeseed to put it on the podium. Is Gret the exclusive domain of white athletes just a coincidence, but Wes Welker.


OK, yeah. Just a coincidence. All right. Very good. When deciding how and when to safely return to the workplace, you need to be informed. That's why IBM Watson helps you prioritize employee safety with Watson works a set of A.I. infused capabilities. Let's put Smart to work. Visit IBM dotcom slash. Watson works to learn more. DPN radio is presented by progressive insurance news from the Dan Levitan Winds to God's Nation. Someone has just hit us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed.


Eric Rieber at Eric Newlife says grit is a passion and drive over long periods of time. Wow, you spent a lot of time looking up the tweet for that sponsor, huh? Yeah, you just read the definition of grit.


I'm not asking you what it means. I'm asking you what grit actually is.


All right. Well, that guy who was part of the Dan Art show Nation presented by Dr. Pepper is giving you his definition of grit.


OK, I could have gone to a dictionary for that. I know how it's used in sports. I want to tell the audience this because I don't think they they know it entirely. Many of you are not watching us on ESPN News, so you cannot see the icy stare that Mike Ryan gives me any time that I decide to go to calls. Over the many years that we've been doing sports radio around here, we have a an aversion. And this happened very early on to the taking of calls, unless they're trained callers that are trained to do whatever funny thing we need them to do.


But most sports radio callers are truly awful, right? Like, truly awful.


Yeah. Like it's hard to listen to. And I've made fun for a long time. One of the reasons that I chose this is a soft landing spot that's not as hard as writing is, because I looked at the people who were outsourcing their work on the radio and they were just saying, hey, let's go out to build on a mobile phone and let's get what he thinks about that Bengals Eagles tie. So I don't have to do my job, our job.


So you were looking at me? Yes, actually, yeah.


Our show outsources to an ensemble that's larger than any other production team in radio.


So we outsource the production on grit. And Mike Ryan is staring at me. Icy stare. Why are you staring at me?


I hate taking calls. I just hate them fundamentally hate them. But I especially hate them when I'm the only person running the board because it's extra bull bleep I have to do so. You can go to Ryan online five Dan.


All right. But hold on a second. But you also hate them because now they're just blurting people who are greedy, right? So it's the worst way to do this. It's the very worst way because I'm not even giving them the room to be funny or clever or give us some entertainment. They're just going to shout a gritty name for us and we're going to decide whether that person is indeed gritty.


Precisely. Silver lining is that it's quick, but that's bad for me because that just means another call replaces it.


OK, so why don't you handle this then? Why don't you just go through the callers and we will get the avalanche of grit and we will get back to doing our radio show. Stan Van Gundy is going to join us here in in about ten minutes. Hold on a second. You got Billy. What do you got here?


Well, I'd like to help since this is going to be complicated for Mike. I have a list of the top twelve grittiest NBA players from 2012. If you'd like, I could sprinkle those in.


Oh, wow. OK, so you've got a list. Where is this where is this list from. Who is the source?


This is Bleacher Report. Obviously it's the top twelve grittiest players of 2012 in the NBA. I thought it was great. Dotcom.


Why is it twelve. Why is it OK? It doesn't matter. It's 2012, right? Well, for twelve or maybe there wasn't a thirteenth player. There were only twelve.


Maybe that's what it was. I think that there were only twelve gritty players in the NBA.


There's also Bleacher Report in 2012. So countdown lists were essentially ninety eight percent of their content.


OK, in order to give you yet more to do, do you want to get the fanfare sound for Billy's top twelve grittiest NBA players from 2012?


Now, while I'm on the air, also pulling up callers. Yes, yes. No problem, man. Are we doing here? This is great. This is all good, man. Let's do it. Dream come true.


Billy, are you ready?


Oh, I'm ready. Now, it's unclear as to whether this is counting down or counting up because it just says one of twelve two of.


Well, I think I imagine, Billy, I imagine it's going to jump off as to whether or not we're ascending or descending, given the names you're about to say.


Let me give you this from experience. Bell one of twelve is twelve, OK, two of twelve is eleven. I know that's confusing, but that's what it is.


OK, OK. I feel like all of these guys are just tied for first. All twelve guys. The grittiest players from the 2012 NBA season, according to Bleacher Report, are number twelve. Billy Kobe Bryant.


Number 11, Billy Chauncey Billups. Number 10, number nine, Dirk Nowitzki.


Why is there's no I'm sorry I didn't catch number 10, I I'm doing a lot here's ten ten again.


I don't know because the numbers again now I'm doing oh it's a slide show.


Right. Sorry, rookie mistake. Twenty two hours of your slide shows. The next ones Anderson Varejo personified.


What is this. Number eight, Dwayne Wade. Number seven. JJ Barea.


A lot of black and brown people on this list I'm confused.


Number six Manu Ginóbili Uprated second number five Hedo Turkoglu. OK, ok wait wait wait one second.


They're the American white people for Brian Cardinal in coastal number three Kurt Thomas Thomas Really Jesus No.


Two, Steve Nash. And the number one grittiest basketball player from 2012, according to Bleacher Report and Billy, those are all the names I think we lost.


OK, Brian, where are you? There is an ad in there somewhere. Brian, you're on the air.


Yeah, I did order on the voice. OK, very good. Not bad. It's not bad, actually. That's better than I thought you were going to do.


Let's call this game grit or no grit. They throw out the name.


We decide how great you are, a entertainment mastermind's through God's on the fly, the way that you create a parachute of entertainment. Colin, you're on the air.


Mark Solera, radio out of surgeries. Yackety Ohad. Jason, you're on the air. Jamal Adams. No, he rejected no grit, no great, no great melko, you're on the air. Go ahead. But guess I could use a white middle linebacker. Yes, I did, because he did invent did he? Boobs. Great. Who else is Jordan? You're on the air.


Matt, stay here. Oh, Brady, baseball player. Justin, you're on the air.


No, no. Yeah. Jeff Bridges one. I think that's all I found in the attic is curse. No, its eyes are just very lifelike. What does its head keep spinning?


In my mind, I. Oh, that is scary. You know what's really scary? Missing out on you can you can manage your Geico policy. Why not?


Let's play with another dollar. Oh, we can just bury it deep in the ground.


Happy Geico. We download the industry leading Geico app today.