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Most vehicles, most locations. That normally sponsors the Ron McGill segment, the animal doctor, as some around Bristol like to call him, but he has just called in and he's got something he's got to attend to. So he will be back next week. One of our most popular segments, you will hear from Ron McGill again next week. So after that, segments to God and I know many of the people in the audience are tired of me talking about the evolution of basketball.


But I would just say to you that one of the things that disconnects the sports fan that Greg Cody has so much ego about saying it is not sports without the fan. One of the things that I think the fan doesn't understand about basketball is that most of us, if we were being chased by anybody on a fast break, would not make the layup like anybody in that league. In terms of the excellence that you're watching in athleticism in that league is a total absurdity.


And so to see the evolution of that with the spacing, the three point shooting with Giannis being an extraterrestrial who can spin move from the three point line and dunk it. And yet we're wondering can you make the three Yoni's. Let's see if you're good enough to make the three as he's somebody who can do something physically that no one in the history of the sport has been able to do. So I was talking about the excellence of yesterday. However, Mark Jones endorsed Burke, who are better at the analysis of basketball than I am called a stretch of basketball in I believe, that jazz Nuggets game where I said basketball can't be played better than that.


Listen to this stretch that Doris Burke and Mark Jones are there discussing, and it sounds like they're disgusted.


Clarkson has a mismatch with Yokich on the blow by Clarkson tipped up and Jokic gets it. Millsap had it knocked away a lot of transition, and Mitchell missed the layup underneath on the reverse. Wow, what a change the way this half felt. Grant left everything short with the left hand going up and down here. Dorsey scoring has slowed down a little bit. A little careless pass for the second time by Mitchell just threw it away Porter Junior Chriss the alley oop And it's looking like a fitness hit three on this late.


Oh yes you should have seen the end of that game though if you'd been watching the end of that game even hell I was impressed by the mix at the end of regulation just because I'm serious when I say this Jokic against Gobert in terms of physical evolution where there are four seconds left in regulation and Jokic You got to guard him at the three point line. Even though most people who have looked like him throughout the history of the sport, you've never had to guard at the three point line and then he's like No I got this, I'm going to go get closer on the defensive player of the year.


I'm going to get right to the rim. I'm going to get my shot just millimeters over the defensive player of the year fingertips and it's not going to go in. But I was impressed by three p.m. at LA Fitness.


I agree with you on the evolution of the game, but by the sound of that call, Dawgs made it sound like that sequence of basketball back a thousand years.


Think about what we're talking about when we keep questioning whether or not Giannis will develop an outside shot. Because in the playoffs when people stop that you need to be able to develop that shot.


How can you stop that. I'm sure we'll see it happen. Someone has to have the answer. That or that move is just going to be better than everything else which is entirely possible. He gets better seemingly every game. Look at what we're talking about stopping.


This is what this is what I'm saying about the evolution of the sport. When you've got someone like Steph Curry or Damian Lillard, who you have to guard because of the spacing as soon as they get over the three point line. Ah, I'm sorry. As soon as they get over the half court line, you have to go out there and guard them. And then as an added bonus, you have these people like Giannis running around the court where they have a skill set that hasn't been seen before in the history of the league.


Ben Simmons has the same skill set and we laugh because he can't shoot from out there. Ben Simmons has the same sort of ability to just crash and cave in a defense because you can't stop him when he gets momentum, but because we expect people that size now to have a three pointer. We make fun of Ben Simmons for being a player from nineteen eighty that we would have put in the post forty years.


Well I think we laugh at him because he's just unwilling to even try and develop a game the way that others have. But yeah, with guys like Stefon Dame you have to close out at half court and now with guys like Giannis you have to post up on D at half court. It's incredible what he can do with just the length of his legs.


And the thing is though, Greg Cody wants fans. Right. None of this is interesting or good or fun to watch or ballet in the sky unless Greg Cody. I can hear someone's mother dressed in a Pacer's jersey screaming heckling sounds from the stand.


Well, of course you're misrepresenting me. I am. Let me repeat, I am still interested in watching sports, particularly the NBA. Thank you.


Thank you, Greg, for making that admission on air. I am still interested in following sports.


I do think Greg is on to something. I think the fans have found their importance in their absence. I do. All right, Greg, I think you and I should be there because now college athletes are talking about, you know, forming a union. I think fans feel like they were brought into this equation as well. And Greg, I think we should start a union for fans. I am. I am on this week. Billy seems it's a great idea that you organize his fans because we're important to that.


You got that right, Stuart. Seriously.


OK, so let me just see if I have this straight. So as the PAC 12 fights for racial justice and money as they use and break their bodies to play, you guys think that you should now rise up and get something his fans from sports more than you already get, which is the general ego and entitlement of demanding college football, even if we're all going to get sick and die and you're going to kill my grandparents because the SEC needs to play football.


I just want to be clear on what it is that you're fighting for here and your piece of the pie. Stuart says you believe that the fan is so vital that you deserve some money, compensation, reparations.




I imagine then that Michael Jordan hit a shot in the, you know, the NBA finals against the Jazz on the road and or at all.


Imagine the greatest moments in sports history without a fan reaction behind them. You need fan the. Games feel more important, they're more pressurized situations, fans are an essential part of the equation. I'm not saying they're the essential part of the equation, but they're definitely a small part of the equation. Players, obviously the most important. All right. But if your pie chart, it has some importance. And I think people have realized that now, including players.


Why do you think LeBron the initial reaction was, I play the games where there are no fans because fans are important. That's all I'm saying.


And also, like you, he likes to say the things that get him cheering.


Like that's who Dan cheered by, who is cheered by likes on Instagram. Thank you, Billy. So just to get this straight, Greg, Cody, Billy and Stuart, you still haven't told me what you're demanding. Is it just simply me acknowledging that fans matter or you're asking for money, you're asking a percentage of the gate, what are you asking for in exchange for your fandom that is irreparably harmed sports by not having it there?


I haven't really thought it through that far yet. I just know that we're just something. Yeah, just some people in charge. We're just getting ahead of it. Dan.


OK, Billy, you're in charge 80, 20 stewardesses way. Just make sure that whatever money that the fans deserve because they're so missed right now, make sure that it ends up in Stuart's pocket time to justify our unreasonable salaries.


I mean, here's a small concession maybe for the fans who are still willing to trek and go to the games. And you know what? You're pretty important now to the games on us. How about that?


Yes, there it is. There it is. And still, God's giving away the money of others. The only thing that he likes to do more is take the money of others. It is a wonderful situation. And third place, the bronze medalist on that list is cupping a hand to his ear so that you applaud him. You, the fans, who he gives nothing but minimum effort that has fouled up the audio of our radio show for two straight days because he went to Maryland because he's a heroic father who had to see his daughter play lacrosse.


Oh, thank you. I just got a text from an attorney who said union fans, great idea, called me after the show or the slimiest person in the universe. In the universe, you are the slimiest person. There is no one slimier. There's no never mind humans. I'm talking about unfound life. You are the slimiest of human beings.


Well, thank you. I believe I'll put you in touch with him after the show, OK. When you need your bank, Capital One is right in the palm of your hand so you can check your balance deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money from your phone with a top rated app, and when you're done banking, put it back in your pocket. A banking experience built around you and your life. This is banking reimagined. Get started online any time.


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These two hours from ten to noon Eastern on terrestrial radio. Who got can you pronounce the name of the person who's going to join us in ten minutes who is now the UFC heavyweight champion without looking it up? Don't do the sausage fingers thing where you rush to the computer you've been reading this name for, I don't know, a month advertising that heavyweight fight on Saturday between Daniel Cormier and Stefania Church.


I'll take it if you look it up. I mean, I did. I am staring at you right now.


I'm staring at the zoom. No. And put it in the zoom. Step me at church. I think I was only looking it up because I couldn't remember his name at all.


I mean, I'm lucky I even got that close on the heels of that victory over Daniel Cormie. And now the two one advantage in their head to head match ups. Many are calling steep semiotic the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time. And there's a pretty good case for it. And he's going to join us in about ten minutes. But before we go down that path, I wanted to ask you guys a question, because I actually understand why the fan would be selfish and narcissistic about his or her own value.


And I will absolutely concedes to God there is no argument against this. These games feel different because you don't have the emotion of fandom that makes these places a little extra electric and provide an energy that is simply absent. Now it plays a little bit like it feels like you're playing in a silo, like you're playing in an airplane hangar. There's something that feels a note off about it.


Even with golf. Then column morikawa, we talked about this at the PGA. It was a great shot to hit on sixteen. Do that with thirty five thousand fans breathing down your neck.


It's totally different. I'm sorry. OK, you could do the totally different thing. But here's where I would disagree with some of what you're saying in terms of the importance of the fan to the viewing experience, because I don't actually disagree with the portion of it you're talking about. Of course, it's different. We're in a distorted sense of reality throughout our entire country in every way. Of course, it's different. But if I were to come on here with the ego and narcissism of the fan and tell you that I believe the media, is that kind of important.


When I write a negative thing about somebody, I fire them up. When I write a supportive thing, a beautiful, heartwarming story, I bring the team closer together. Wouldn't you laugh me off of this call if I were to tell you how important the media is to the game itself?


No, I would say welcome to the union. Let's unionize. I mean.


Oh, yeah, you try to you try to expand the union to include media members so everyone else is important to the game, more important to the game than the actual players. Where can I find all of the places in that pie chart? Chris, for some reason you did a pie chart earlier where you drew a pantomimed a circle and you were talking about what percentage of the game is the fans? How much of a pie did you give? How much of a slice of a pie did you give to the fans when we were talking?


What percentage of the fans are important to the game if one hundred percent is the importance of the game?


Well, I didn't really give a number then because someone mentioned a pie chart and that was me showing you that I love a pie chart. Any time we can discuss the pie chart, I'm game because I feel like it's just a really digestible way to crunch numbers. But if you're asking me, I feel like the fans stuck out to my dad have swayed me on this.


I feel like the fans are like twenty seven or. Twenty eight percent of the. Yes, Greg, I think it's important to note that fans are a part of this and that players and coaches agree with that. I mean, Don Mattingly was saying on their home opener, it doesn't feel like a home opener. He's had 31 different opening days. And he said this does not feel like an opening day. And they say, did he say it feels more like the second game of the season instead of the first game of the season because the Marlins don't have fans?


No, he didn't say that.


I feel like 27 percent is way too low on the importance of fans here for a while. And this media thing, I mean, the media maybe eight percent on that. No.


Zero percent, the zero zero percent. Nobody needs the media any more. Just televise the games. That's all you need.


That's what I'm saying. You walk into a bar and the game's on mute. I don't know any of the commentary that sports radio that's I mean, it's what, probably like. Forty eight percent fans. Thirty six percent sports radio. What does that leave us? I mean, by the time we get to the players are like, what?


Yeah, just 16 percent said they don't have very much the least important part. But but Billy, the reason I want the media involved here is you need platforms. You need people to push your message. You need some weight behind you. You know what I'm saying? They can do it themselves.


They don't need us for that anymore. Haven't you noticed? They don't need us for that anymore. Like, they don't need to be on the cover of a magazine. They don't even have to do a SportsCenter interview. They don't have to I mean, they have to because they're contractually obligated to their television partners, but they can do it all on their social media.


I feel like the fans need a leader and a voice. I'm happy to be that guy. I am telling you, the more attorneys that keep reaching out to me about this and there have been several, the less and less I like this idea. I know.


I feel like once we get the fan union off the ground, the union and the next step is the Fan Tribune.


The Fan Tribune. That's the most honest.


OK, we'll be Chris said the same thing twice. Fan Tribune. And then you shorten at the Fan Tribune. That's exactly what happened there. Who's next? The guy who's next. Who's joining us. Next step, Chich. All right, put some respect on that names you got me on. All right. He's the heavyweight champion of UFC and some would argue the greatest heavyweight of all time. Would you argue that deep? Thank you for being on with us.


But don't give me athletic cliche. Don't give me. Oh, I'm just honored to be considered among the greats. Are you the greatest, yes or no? Well, first of all, thanks for having me on. And no, I'm just happy to be in the equation, you know, just keep that answer.


Thinks you're a bad, menacing man. OK, it's Cain Velasquez. It's Randy Koetter. It's you. Who is it? Who is the greatest heavyweight of all time? If I had to badger you, if I had to back you into a corner and not allow you to fight. Who is it? Honestly, I don't know. I never really looked into it, I just I mean, it changes all the time to give them a different opinion.


So it's never going to be just one night. So if you have a different opinion, I have a different opinion of it. Could be a good I'm good. Well, you know, I read about six times. It's six times and.


Can you explain to me, because I was telling the guys before your last fight, I was telling them that it seemed like you discovered all of a sudden my left hand to Cormier's right side. I'm going to hit him 11 straight times there and I'm going to change the way the last two fight have gone. Did you just sort of discover that in the third round of the second fight? Yeah, you know, we've talked about I actually work on bigshots all the time and, you know, I had an earlier fight and I just didn't go to and I should go into it more, but then I pay them again the same time.


It was the fourth time, the second time. And I could tell I didn't like it. And I'm like, OK, we have something here. Let's let's keep working. But I wanted to mix it up. So because, you know, we can use the same techniques as well. You know, the water runs dry. So I wanted to mix it up and get in there and, you know, different techniques in the body and, you know, worked out well.


Did call me. I had just in that last vote. Yeah, definitely, I know that sounds about, but he definitely he definitely just said he was smart. You know, he's a gamer. He's one of the best. And you can hear he's tough. And so I knew that he was expecting it. And so I got changed up and I knew, you know, how you play five minutes, you know? And so I expect every time I walk into the Afghans.


But, you know, it was like it was it was fun.


When was the last time somebody challenge you in public, step like outside a bar or somebody at a sports bar? When's the last time that happened in the street? Well, I remember it, it's been a long, long time, I put myself in a position, you know, I like to go to places where that won't happen. I stayed for a while. And if that ever does have another of my son's jump in and take over, I don't mean ask them, do they just do it for you, take control.


They I'll just take the situation over. And then nothing ever happened, really. Just guys talking.


Can you explain to me, though, exactly how that would look like where, as you say, because you're doing conscious math there? I'm not going to get into a situation where I lose money or get into a physical confrontation or harm somebody because I get sued. Are you doing that math in your head? I mean, movie I'm thinking about is my daughter and my wife and my family making sure that, you know, I put them I jeopardize them in the future because of these stupid.


How long would it take you to kill me if you wanted to, if I was just annoying or a nuisance, you know, talking crap, we're out in the street, maybe outside a bar. You said, you know what, there's no one around I'm going to kill.


How long would it hold on a second before you answer that step? Do you need follow up information? Do you have any questions that might help you answer this question better? Oh, no, no, I was I was just thinking about that website. Well, you're lucky I'm a lover, not a fighter. So I like hey man, listen, it's all good. Let me get you a beer and shot.


Well, that's very nice of you, Steve, but it doesn't even come close to answering the question. How long would it take you to kill Stuart? Listen, I was not referring I decided not to outside. But he just he just he just broke a pool stick over your head and now he's threatening and insulting your family member or something to my wife and he was reckless.


OK, to keep in mind, he's five, four and about one hundred and sixty greasy pounds.


He's really slippery, but it's more unethical, really, than tactical to him.


He's coming for your eyes with Eyeborgs. He might have a weapon. Do you want to do you want to fight or do you want to fight? John Jones.


You know, it's not like anyone right now. Well, right now I'm just looking to heal up and just enjoy life for a change back to reality and just, you know, any of my family and enjoy the fun things that we do together.


Can you explain to us what your body felt like after that fight or whatever the hardest fight is that you have had? What does it feel like the next day?


And I think you are afraid to fight. You know, the going was off and you just kind of have to kind of feel you're exhausted. And the next day just is your body. You're like, you know, some place I'm like, man, I want to keep doing this, you know, because it takes a while for me to get that going. But I talked about a week and so I'm usually good. But, you know, sometimes I just need to take the worst sort of in my life and, you know, the to save her and her.


It just it sucks. Do you have any. I love it. I love what I do. Do you have any family members who don't want that? Don't they don't love what you do. Don't love what you do. No, they are supporting me. You know, I think my mother is the only one who does not watch this show, Carter, that's the fighting going on, but she doesn't watch the financial highlights here and there. But she's going to watch a fight like never, not one time.


And what is it? She did she have a bad experience or she just doesn't want to see her son hit even one time? Yes, it is, because it's basically running the cage and trying to keep the guy up and running. She was able to hit.


I don't believe that Steve is capable of answering this question incorrectly. He will handle things the way that he handles things in the octagon. Are you paid correctly? With that, are you paid correctly, are you paid according to your worth? I'm happy. Yes, I'm happy. And so what do you make of fighters like Jon Jones who think they deserve more? Oh, no, I mean, you're right, but, you know, I might have a different contract than he does, so.


You're very nice deep.


You haven't said, have you? What's the most controversial thing Steep has ever said publicly? These single, the one you came home and were like, I can't believe I said that out loud. I've embarrassed myself and and my entire country. No, I think when I do that, and we're not at that point, I mean, my life would be to that nature, but I think maybe doing a little dance after the second fight, I was so embarrassed about that.


But people loved it. But I was so embarrassed that I think to take a moment and I blacked out.


You were feeling yourself. I know he's from Cleveland, Mike. You were feeling. No, I made that mistake like we made the mistake. I made that mistake like three times with us from Croatia. I understand.


But you regret the dancing because you were feeling yourself a little bit.


No, no. I just know I wanted this show on the subway, maybe a little bit of I'm happy, you know, and I'm okay with that. First of all, what was I doing? I can't imagine what it was, was that was embarrassing to be remembered. Now that I've come to terms. You were excited.


It was nice to see Steve, but thank you for being on with us. You are a gentle giant, sir.


Thank you, guys. Thanks for having me.


Let's go. My private jet isn't going to fuel itself. What country did you have him in? No, no, no, I swear to God, listen, I know it sounded like that, but I swear to God that the only reason I know is because I made the mistake of thinking he was from Croatia three times ago when we interviewed him for the benefit of the doubt that I. Fair enough. Fair enough.


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Chris, Billy, what were you two laughing and talking about there privately? We don't have time for the polls, obviously, because we've got seven million ads in these two hours.


Now, this is taking a bit of a turn from support the people who support us. You know, it has taken you ads.


I think you ads. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


That's I I'm not mad at the sponsors. Does that not this does not come across that you lashed out. No, no, no. I'm upset by the amount of content being dug out of this show because there is one minute left in this segment and we've been on the air four minutes and three of the minutes we're reading ads. Yeah, thank you. Thank you, thank you.


You mean I went along with steep pay because it was so good? Wow, look, I mean, yeah, I know it felt good to be tighter now. I mean, less time, more edge, you know.


I know it felt bad there, but at twenty four all miss a liveried. So we have to make up for it.


The problem with steep was not a problem with steep as much as it was. We had a six minute steak segment with the UFC heavyweight champion. So if you want to join us for something that has a little more room in it, we will have Aaron Rodgers. We're going to talk to him later this week. And it will have a little more space then than we had in the last couple of segments. My apologies that things appear to be infringing on us from every corner of the universe.


Look at the smile on Greg Cody's face. What do you so delighted by you're delighted by how awkward all of this is. You're delighted by how we're getting squeezed.


Well, I'm surprised you're so virulently anti ad, but the main thing I was smiling about is just anticipating the great comedy show podcast's Silver Anniversary, which was a show on ESPN Radio, isn't a racist country.