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Where we left our homes up in Bristol Bay for the waters of Miami Shore with a hippo at the helm and our severance pay, we find the pirate flag once more pirate radio with the ship and we get wind in our sales and the sky is blue. There's a devil, the partner, who so much work to do, pirate radio. Well, the ship is a wrecked ship. State the deck as Michael Hull, those fellows make more and believe is a worry that he's got the scurvy because of their lives.


And the store. Pirate radio with the ship. We got wind in our sales and the sky is blue. There's a devil up our nose. So much work to do. Pirate radio. Now Roy is a chum when he's off the. He's a guy who, when we spring a leak and Stewie's is a message, does that send and out sauted worst seats? We pirate radio with the ship and we get wind in our sales and the sky is blue.


There's a partner. So much work to do. Pirate radio. Someone yelled, Ahoy. Who the hell is cabin boy? Somebody named Tony. Who knows, once we got the skipper. Well, let me jump ship because he knew we would sail to those pirate radio with the ship and crew.


We got wind in our sales. In the sky is blue. There's a devil up our nose.


So much work to do for the pirate radio.


This feels suspiciously like we have our sea legs. I don't want to get cocky here. The last few months have been crazy, but there are microphones that are working. The crew has never sounded so clean. rEU now has the worst microphone. We've got some professionalism that has.


I don't know about that damn scooted here. You sound worse. Go ahead Billy. I just heard Billy eat all of his breakfast. I heard all the clacking we all heard but are being put on the coast. Yeah, like Billy. It's unbelievably clear. Apparently he's been doing this throughout the pandemic and we could never hear it. Now we can hear every morsel going into Billy's face. Chris is trying to get in the stock market because he thinks GameStop is the future.


I don't know what to do. That's unbelievable.


This otf hitting the stock market, dangerous game, day trading, man. And God is going to try and get in the Zoome here and probably not be muted on time because he didn't get here on time. But he's got stuff going on at home. He will share with you what he wishes to share and what he doesn't wish to share. I don't know, because we haven't had a preshow meeting or a hello. He just sauntered in here smelling like heaters and we're on twitch television now.


The pirate radio show seems to have pirate television.


See, I'm not sure Twitch is referred to as television, but it is I mean, we're simulcasting it.


It's visual.


OK, so what should I call what you've done this called Twitch. Yeah. You're doing the thing where you call a radio, a podcast, a radio show and now a twitch, a television show. But it's understandable you're older.


Well, it's not just that I'm older. It's also the show is going to be a little bit different today.


There's a camera in my face. Hell is this camera. And you hit the camera that's on me right now. I think you just knocked it sideways. Sorry.


So Stuckert is coming in here braving it out. We have become I think people have realized this, although I want to talk to the audience directly on something here, because we're trying out this twitch thing that's not television. Our segments are going to be different because there aren't going to be any pauses. It's just going to be. One 30 or 40 minute segment after another for four segments, as we figure out with the simulcast rhythms of this, what we want to do with free agency, whether we want cameras around, whether we want to do live radio, whether we want to do podcasts, we want to test all of this.


With you, for you get your opinions, I love how interactive the community is here, I love how often it feels like family. For example, that song, that pirate song. Some of you hate it. We love it. I believe we love it. It's ridiculous and silly. But a listener just decided to go home and be inspired. It's one of the reasons that we love this stuff. You guys get something, get an idea and go create something.


And next thing you know, it's the intro to a note to our local our. And if you don't like it, that's fine. But we love the spirit of all of that. What are you doing, Mike? You got a jacket on today because we're not on television. We're on Twitch.


I got a jacket on today because I am rolling in dough. Thanks to my great advice from Chris Cody in the stocks group chat yesterday. Dan was a big day. Now my retirement is shit. But I hedged a little bit with a fun day trading and there's nothing quite like investing in a fledgling company. All right. So you guys help me out on what happened yesterday, all of you, because Chris got in the game. Billy, you're too scared for the stock market, correct?


The stock market is something that causes you great fear and panic. It's not something that you view as fun, right?


No fun. No. OK, so now, by the way, Chris, I'm telling you right now, you're say I'm going to sell now. Sell now.


I'm telling hold, hold, hold. I am scared. I'm scared.


I know what I said. Have you been to a game? Stop. I just. Have you been to a game stop. I went there for Christmas shopping. Right. I spent 40 minutes walking around GameStop looking at all the things I picked out a game. I said, oh great, this is going to be perfect for my wife's little cousin. He's going to love this game. I go to the register like we don't have that game. I'm like, I'm holding the box.


So like, no, no, we don't have the game. So I put it back. So then I walked around for another twenty minutes. I'm like, OK, I'll take this game. Like, we don't have that game either. You can go twenty miles down the road. They have it there. They have one copy maybe you can get. I was like, I'm done with GameStop for today.


I believe this has nothing to do with people actually shopping at GameStop. OK, well I'd like to explain that, but Billy got to roll in.


I put both my hands up. Everyone saw it on Twitch. That's not television. And he rolled right through the stop sign. I haven't seen Billy. He does not pay attention to third base coaches. And if you're watching on Twitch, you just saw the thing that we all stop for, the universal symbol of trying to talk to each other without using words. Synagogue's puts up his pinky. It means everyone. He wants the ball get out of the way.


It does.


But I'm telling you guys, because I've been down this road that day, training's a dangerous game, Chris. You have no idea what you're doing. You're relying on a bunch of people. You don't know if they sell that stock, that stock tags, you lose all your money and it goes quickly. What the dangerous game yesterday was so much right.


But just just pause so that I could explain this to the people like Billy who might not be financially.


So my game stock is horrible unless they want to sponsor us.


Are you still eating, dude? Are you still eating breakfast that we can hear at your every microphone move? Most important meal of the day. Really feel free to help us here somewhere is eating. Who's giving Chris advice.


Yeah. Tell your GameStop. Oh, I need to tell the audience you want to explain the story to him. You know what, Billy? You go ahead and explain what happened in the stock market yesterday. Since you want to be the anarchist and you want to get in the way of me setting up the show, you please explain to the audience those who are not in finance. Please explain to them what happened yesterday with read it with hedge funds and with GameStop.


Well, so there's a thing called short sales, right? So what happens is a company buys all of these things and then they basically rent it out to people hoping that when they return it, it's worth a lot less and then they make money. So this Reddit community all got together and they found all of these stocks that were short sold and like, you know what? Let's buy up a bunch of them and then we're going to make it go really high and then we have to sell it back.


We're going to make all this money and all these hedge funds are going to lose all this money. So they organized on Reddit and they picked out all these different stocks. And they're like, you know what, AMC, GameStop, BlackBerry, these are all stocks we're going to go for and we're going to kind of cash in and we're going to take advantage of this situation that we've found. So that's what's going on right now.


And what is set up that really blew up in my face. It's better than I thought. Oh, you're not going to me. Oh, yes.


Holy shit. That's a dangerous game. Not even the most dangerous game surprise since you won in a sprint outside and turned into for all of a sudden you were talking hedge funds in the most confident way I've ever heard you speak. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Turned into Gordon Gekko believable. You became you became somebody who not only was great at stocks, but somebody inexplicably great at radio broadcast. The bigger upside for me.


But honestly, I can't believe what just happened. All right. So, Chris, the oath tries to get in this game. And I love Chris as the stock market guys. Let's explain what we've got going on here. Fagots is the legitimate stock guy, right? He knows what he's talking about when it comes to stocks, correct?


I do. Yeah, I have I have experience. I mean, I've been telling Roy about stocks that I've been buying and trade and day trading used to do it during the Joe. Going back like 15 years, so I have experience with it, I'm telling these guys, trying to tell them because I love them, that it is a dangerous game, you could lose your money, OK? I know it feels good. Now you're on a higher you're winning a lot of that up, Dad.


Hold the line, Diamond. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. I did not want to be told this by my dad or my brother because they were trying to tell me the same thing 15 years ago. And I got mad. We're going to because we're going to make a movie theater, the biggest company in the world. Like I said yesterday, he texted out of nowhere. I own 70 percent of AMC theaters.


And I thought it's just because he was the one guy in the theater intended that he paid. What did you pay two dollars for those tickets?


So there's all sorts of confusion, the stunk chat right now as to whether or not we should sell Nokia, because that's going to be the next AMC. AMC was a next game stock. But I can't sell Nokia because I'm pretty sure I'm chairman of the board right now and I'm actively planning our next company retreat.


It seems like you could own AMC theaters for cheaper than it cost you to see a movie at AMC Theater.


That's why I said when Mike during the pandemic to feel normal, did one time went to the theater and went to see Tenet, which he was very down on in general, both before and after, because Christopher Nolan, you know, needs everyone to see the size of his bleep. And and he just directs in a way that is it's huge and epic and very heavy handed. What his bleep. Yeah, his his bleep. And so Mike Ryan sat in the theater and you didn't pay a full price.


You paid what you pay, you paid for two people like four dollars or something.


He was one of those hoity toity boutique theaters. Dan, that's how I roll. I had a bottle of wine, believe it was prisoner, which is actually a blend, but it's quite bold for a blend.


So what is happening here as it regards these stocks? I want to follow this path with Christie trying to get in the game. Can you explain to the audience who got the delight or glee? Because I can't think of a group of people right now in the group with lawyers or agents or used car salesmen where America would root for. I don't like that person more than hedge fund guys like all over America. One like that. Many people are working hard for their paper.


People are struggling all over America. If I gave you a group of people like a phrase, an occupation, I put this on the pull game at Libertador show worst occupation. How do I how do I phrase this population occupation, the most amount of people hate the most would be hedge fund managers. Put your lawyers up there, put used car salesman, put sports agents. What else would go on the list? I mean, police officers for.


Wow, would they I'm asking for some, I guess, two Americas. So we've got on top of that, though, we're going to put hedge fund managers. And so yesterday explains to God why America was laughing at hedge fund managers, because, of course, GameStop is an outfit gamer's and redit kids did this. I loved when the kids got involved. The tick tock kids, the boy band kids, they fouled up Trump they killed. They helped him kill Herman Cain and fouled up a total convention that Trump thought was going to be filled with people that a bunch of boy band members are.


That community got together and basically bought tickets they were never going to use. And it turned in the first of the all the embarrassments that led to Trump being out.


You kind of sound like Boomer when you refer to us as kids because we're all mid 30s and have kids of our own. But I'll take the compliment in.


So damn, what's happening here is, is you're shorting stocks. The hedge funds are shorting stocks. They are making a bet that AMC Theaters is going to go lower and lower and they will make money if indeed those stocks that are earlier Wall Street bets.


This is what happened yesterday, Wall Street bets, which is treating this bit like gambling because it really is legal. It is. Yeah, it is legalized gambling. I love it, but it's it's not quite this crass. It's filed under business. But the part that's upsetting to the janitor right now who's standing in a bread line is the idea that somebody out there can play with all this paper. And it's not real work. There's real risk involved, but it's not real work.


It's pressurized, greedy people fighting each other at the top of Wall Street. And none of us like the top of Wall Street, the top of Wall Street is responsible for a great deal that plagues this country. I wouldn't say none of us.


I mean, OK, I'd like to be at the top of Wall Street and the hedge fund guys make for bad martyrs because they're falling victim to what they do. Basically, the establishment is upset that the stock market can be manipulated by someone other than them. So where you're trying to short these companies and really put them in a hole, you have these Robinhood investors that are coming reckless, totally reckless people just holding their money, like possibly throwing their money away, possibly.


But the the stock market and all these hedge fund guys are counting on all these predators to be undisciplined. But we're going to hold the line with diamond strong hands and show you that we can learn this stuff, too.


The dangerous game is you have to rely on everyone, OK, standing tall, being brave, OK, and not wanting to cash out. You have to rely on everyone.


And listen, if I was part of this group, I would have cashed out already got the link.


You're only as strong. Your chain is only as strong as the weakest link and you got to smoking a cigar somewhere in my portfolio seems like a like a checkout lane.


In 1997, I invested great Kodak, Tootsie Roll. I have all these dying companies, BlackBerry, Nokia, AMC Theaters. What a portfolio in the eighties. Oh, I'd be killing it back.


That BlackBerry crushed yesterday. Chris, what was your day like yesterday? For those of you who don't know? Mike, I'm not sure here. I don't know who's more of a degenerate. I have seen Mike, Bryan and Stu Gods try and bet Isner at ten o'clock in the morning. Right. I have seen a whole bunch of behavior around here as it relates to betting. That is a little bit. Unpleasant and unseemly and feels a little greedy, and while not maybe adequate, he kind of added, Yeah.


And so I don't know, though, because Mike has been public about this in a way that's the volume is turned up on his gambling. I don't know if Chris isn't secretly more of a problem. Here is someone who ended up in a poker room during the pandemic in Coconut Creek, somebody who was betting the Australian ponies. And I just love the visual. Right at the Reddit community gets together as Mike Ryan wears a jacket and says puts on glasses and says, look, I'm going to learn this craft, too.


And let's see if maybe does a little gambling here with you hedge fund guys, here comes OWFI. Chris Farley into the mix nipples. First a bunch of freckles and he's coming in and he wants in on the mix. So first, I know what are you shaking your head? No, this wrong, Dan?


I'm the grizzled vet in this game. I've been in this thing since November. OK, I am I'm long in this thing and but but I've been going the first two months with the strategy of low and slow, like we're cooking a brisket, OK, a couple hundred dollars a day. I invest in Apple, Disney, you know, the big dogs, low and slow, my retirement fund. That is not what happened yesterday. That group chat with Mike Ryan and all his boys.


Holy shit like that was just like, oh, here's a stock. Here's the latest one. OK, I'll put it. I'll buy a thousand of those. Oh, I just made six hundred bucks. Now I'm down seven hundred bucks. I got to sell it. Should I sell it. No. Mike says hold it. I'm holding it back up. Three hundred dollars. I'm selling half because I'm scared but I'm not telling anybody in my script yet.


All right, hold on.


I can't believe you guys are allowing Mike to lead you here. This is the thing, though. Now, Mike is Mike, tell it all you got. Mike has decided, OK, this is what he's decided. And Billy, I need to see whether or not you're going to get into this game. Roy, dare you would what is Roy's wife's name? Strogatz Would she ever let you play this high-low game of gambling in the stock market? Oh, wow.


What's her name, man?


You asked me the other day and the other day I got it wrong.


Jenny, what is Jenny Roy doing when you say I want to get in the stock market divorcing me? OK, so he's out of the game.


So let's see how this works, though, Mike, because I believe that with all look, it is crazy around here. It's totally unstable. We're flying in every direction. You know what we decide. Hey, let's try and get this on Twitch as well. Let's fly in a bunch of engineers and see if we can get this. Get our sea legs under us in real time. In front of the audience is required a lot of work outside of the creating of the show.


It is required a lot of work as we head into free agency. Mike Ryan, the only creative radio bit he knows how to create is ARG or no, no, that's inaccurate.


It's Yarden ARG and it will be coming later today.


Okay, so he can't he doesn't have time for anything creative, but he decides because he's a little crazy right now and he's been giving off hints of devel up his nose for about, I don't know, as Kokanee as I've ever seen him.


And on top of that though, he just gives you that yesterday, nothing yesterday.


You got to tell me I've got this wrong yesterday and this is the dangerous game. Chris, you've got to be careful about this. On the side, Mike Ryan decided, hey, I'll pick up this challenge. Let me see if I could get a snorting the stock market. Abbott Let me see if I can just reach in over here and snort some GameStop and snort some Nokia, snort some Kodak.


I haven't been overtly public about my my stock market game, but I've been investing in the stock market for many years and I've done quite well.


But industry leaders need to have a voice right now because the messaging is trying to be blocked by the establishment. And they took down a Reddit. They're they're taking down our communities, invoking excuses like hate speech, which is ugly. And I do not support that. But I'm just saying they're finding loopholes to shut us up. So you know what we need? We need verified blue check marks out there, getting the message to hold the line with diamond strong hands.


And that's what me, my boy Elon and Samantha are doing.


OK, or so so I'm telling you, everyone, dangerous game. Listen to me, people. If you take anything for me, take this. Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful. I said that now.


I said just be greedy. You looked like they were reading. You looked like you were reading directly from your computer and you got stepped on your joke of being able to explain you were quoted.


I am worried about Chris Cody, though, because he's quiet oftentimes in the Stang's chat. And one of the members of the songs chat will be joining us.


Tom, have show because there are sports implications to and very interesting sports implications, even first to godson's New York Mets.


But the important thing is we hold because everyone's counting on us idiots to be able to to to cash out our chips when the. Game is going good and just leave everybody else on an island. No, no, no, we are legion. We are holding the line.


Mike, I have a problem during this. This would be a beautiful story symbolically for America if people could get together, put aside their selfishness and greed and actually take down some hedge fund guys with GameStop. It would be Symbolics got because. Throughout all of this pandemic, what we have seen again and again as Korea is able to be disciplined and immediately get a full season of baseball, no problem out because the people of the country are united culturally in the discipline of we can't be sick, we have to get healthy.


This would be perfect toward the end of the pandemic. I just wouldn't trust at all, Mike, that there will be anything that resembles selfless unity when we started the football season, boohooing unity in Kansas City. And we can't wear masks because masks are a political argument and we're dragging poor old man Foushee through the streets. And then all of a sudden now he can speak freely when we can't agree on those simple things because of our selfishness. What makes you think that in the name of GameStop, people are going to get together and stop what's been happening in this country in terms of selfishness?


Because we've been hearing that for days now, Dan. And you know what happened? AMC went to the moon. GameStop still goes up, up, up. We're a rocket ship right now and we buy the new establishment.


And Billy's fear, though, what do you make of Billy's fear that the people telling you to get out are the people who aren't making the money you're making right now? That's that sounds like you're conservative, Dad.


Oh, CNBC disgusting viewing. This is irresponsible. You're taking advantage of people as if the stock markets and the hedge fund guys weren't doing that to the little man. This is all jealousy because the little man figured out their game.


So tell me the funny parts of it specifically being game stops. Well, the Meems, the memes are the best part.


Honestly, if I wasn't doing any stock market stuff in my life, I'd probably jump in right now because I'm here for the MEEMS first money second.


So it's entertaining and fun and funny. On top of being snorting the stock market in your spare time. It's it is this sounds like crack. All of this. It doesn't sound like cocaine. It sounds like crack cocaine.


It's it's the higher end of dropping and dropping the free market rate dropping.


Oh ho ho. I need to run for your life there, Chris.


Mike's going to be the loan guy. Hopefully it is. It's going to be my galani to see the AMC is going to be.


Mike, they're trying to scare you. OK, Mike. Chris, it's going to be the three of you.


They're buying the sock and dumping it in large portions. The establishment wants to scare you away. Do not fall for it because all they got in their arsenal is just lazy scare tactics. If we hold the line, no matter what, guys, there was a twenty minute span where I literally lost thousands of dollars and got it all back just by holding the line. We're going straight to the moon, folks. We're all going to be millionaires by show's end, Mike.


They have more money than you. They have more resources than you. They have a lot more to figure it out. Quickly, Mike, we have better Meems.


Mike, we have better, Meems. Funnier and we're more stubborn. This would be like the United States beating the Russians in hockey. If you could tackle the hockey, beat the headstands, my not going to be a hedge fund.


I'll be fearful when others are greedy. Remember my words. You're Warren Buffett.


You remember my words, quote.


Give me some more of that shit. Chris, what's going on with you? And yesterday, take us through yesterday. And you say you've been here since November. You haven't been buying GameStop since November.


No, no, I have been I have not really been day trading. I've had I put the amount of money in there that I need to day trade, but I've been scared of that because I know that it's just like sports gambling. Yes, it was crazy, man. It was just like I invested in, like, you know, twelve different things at one point. And then I was out of most of them and back in them. It was a roller coaster man.


It was, it was one of swing. So much fun secretely was fun old.


Just what's going on with us right now in our lives.


Right. You are headed straight toward the end of your sieverts. Let's just be honest about where we are in the pirate ship sails, as you have seen a little bit of. Well, what we've been making at Meadowlarks so far is jokes and announcements. What we haven't been making it meadowlarks so far as money. So as we go up on problematics, yes, this is correct.


But not only that, not making money, but on top of that, everyone severance. It's easy to be the pirate ship when you're still funded by the remnants of Disney. Right. We've all got well, me Stewardson Mike, because of the way the contracts are written differently when you're on air and a producer, me, Mike and Stuart's got a severance pay. We're not being paid anything, but not not anymore.


BlackBerry has all of mine, so there's no money coming in here right now over the last month to me and marketing. But the shipping container and we've had to look for benefits and our insurance and everything else because we are flying on the pirate ship and the pirate ship does not at the moment have insurance.


I was supposed to call someone for that at some point in time. Right. You got a lot going on right now. You got more going on than. Most of us, you'd let me know, because we haven't had a conversation off air, what is allowed to be transparent and what isn't true gods, because we like sharing a lot with our audience and who got shares transparently most of his life. I just haven't been able to talk to him about where he is right now.


This minute. Yeah, you need to be lifted up by your friends. We're here for you. And I got a hot tip. Water is the new gold.


OK, so, Chris, this is what I want to understand because we're in a position now. I don't know how you getting fired first ended up with you've got more days of severance than everyone else. Right. Everyone else is coming up in in the beginning of February. Also has a job. I mean, you hired him. Yes. He's got a job as well as opposed to the other guys. He's my personal assistant. But so we are in a position, Chris, where you're gambling away your severance.


That's what you're doing. There are thousands of dollars in Swing's because you're gambling away your severance.


I'd say more so cameo money.


OK, so that's a great rationalization. I'm not down. Dan, have you seen the news? I am like it's all going to crash and I might lose all my money, but right now we're doing good.


I know what's happening here, Chris. You got a bunch of jealous folks upset. They didn't get on the train when it was leaving the station. And now they want in on the funny means and more importantly, the money we're not letting in our club. The Reddit has been shut down. All right. It's all just blue checkmarks right now relaying the message. And that message is diamond strong hands premarket. AMC is down 20 percent. It's a trick.


I mean, how many times do I got to tell you, these hedge fund guys, they got nothing. They're buying a bunch and selling even more to try to scare you off.


Don't talk to me about pre market. Talk to me at nine thirty. All right.


You got you guys want a little hint about today? Maybe a naked Chris might come back today. I'm on it, Mike. They don't get it, Mike. They get they're idiots.


And we're laughing all the way to the bank with fledgling companies like by Chris.


Would you do me the favor, please? Because we're on Twitch and not getting naked. Yes.


No, you need to do that. Just take off. Chris, you just offered these segments the way we're doing these segments, OK? People have noticed and we have noticed. We prefer to stay and paint within the lines and do five minutes here, five minutes there, feed your lack of attention span, change the subject, throw a lot of sparkly stuff in your face. So 40 minute segments straight through with no commercials is not the way to go.


However, it is the way to go. If everyone understands that we're sort of trying to crawl around the new format here and now we want to go to naked Chris. At some point during this twitch, you could take your time. I will do a show around you. But at some point here, I do want naked Chris, his thoughts on the stock market, because what's happening in America right now is to go with the money is fascinating.


It's interesting. I would think that the hedge fund guys would give you one day's that surprised them and that they worked all night and they will bury everybody today. And everyone's going to be sent scampering because you've just you've just stuck you stuck your hand in a piranha. And, you know, just the Amazon is filled with piranha. It is feeding. And they just you escaped their attention for one day. You climbed it a loophole.


I do believe you should get in and get out at two days old fogey two days. Then you got to consider when you sell these things, I think it takes three business days to sell.


I mean, you got a dangerous idea. That's going to be the real fun part when everybody realizes we can't exactly sell immediately. I'm trying like hell to get out from this Tootsie Roll stock because it was like one of the lesser known stocks had started to blow up. But there's no messaging out there saying hold the Tootsie Rolls, so I got to get the hell out.


I want to at some point in the next 15 minutes, as we roll along without interruption, I want an appearance from Naked Chris in some form. I want to Segway into talking Miami Heat.


It's not going to stop until you take your shirt off, Chris. That's true.


And you can leave the camera and figure out a way to do that. But we need a naked Chris segment. We need the payoff at the end of this segment. Needs to be a naked Chris segment. You know, naked is a company that's going to blow up today.


Like that was kind of a joke I was going to show you there.


They missed the boat. Bam, I don't like I don't really have naked.


Chris is me with a bunch of topics and like, I could pull stuff out of my shirt, but it's probably going to fall.


Just take your shirt off at some point. That's the only way you can make them happy. That's correct. It is not happening. My personal list, my personal assistant look, we don't have a human resources department, but at the moment.


Oh, man, it's not as bad as it is. I would really feel my hands. All right.


Now, put it on the pole, Garima. What is Chris actually worried about with shirt lessness? He's worried about Paille. Is he worried about nipples? Is he worried about flab? Which is it? Which do you believe it is? Because I think, Mike, that we're headed straight toward a human resources violation, even though we don't have an H.R. department. If I force Chris uncomfortably to take off his shirt on Twitch, I feel like that's a boss with.


With an employee that that's not sanctioned behavior, yeah, we all see what you're trying to do, and it's one of those rubber meets the road moments right now for Chris Cody. If he wants to stay with this company, he's going to have to take shirt.


Yeah, I was going to say threaten to fire him. That will help.


I don't want to do that because that is that leaves me liable in ways. I think if that gets out and the proof is Twitch is brought to the court hearings, people are going to say no. Clearly, he was bullied and battered and sexually harassed to show everybody is boobs right now.


We had the same H.R. department that they had in the movie Boiler Room. So take your shirt off.


Okay. So after yesterday, I have a backup plan.


You're just going to let that sit there, are you going to share it when you're not even going to say, blam, it's the stock market like, you know, being a day, traders buy back up waiting to take a shower. Oh, now take it off. I look, you're lucky. It's just a shirt. It is.


And look, Chris, we are trending very quickly toward eventually. Show them your dick.


That's we're headed straight there.


I think that violates some sort of TWIC policy. He said that again, because I know it's OK. We're live our life.


There's no and it was a group I knew that was going to happen.


I knew I knew not being able to talk to him before this, that I knew he was because, you know, I didn't read what you wrote. Yes.


We don't mean to stop, so I keep going.


So I did enjoy you waltzing in here at eight, seven, understanding you got stuff going on. But it was a twitch broadcast that started at eight. And you guys just waltzed in here sorry, Twitch.


So this is where we are with all of this to God, because I don't know what to tell the audience about what's going on just with everything here. Right. Because we are very much. Not doing anything that has any rules on it. This is free, it's unpaid, we can do it the way we want. It's not we have the credibility of having been in a professional place, in a professional space, but we can do whatever we like within this space because it's total freedom.


And you've seen already I has fallen on the wrong side of our CEO because you give Pirates' total freedom and sometimes they do dumb things as pirates with total freedom. And so he's doing porn stuff and that doesn't represent the CEO of this company or what he's trying to do with Meadowlark Media. But we are this thing in Meadowlark Media that's not going to fit with the rest of the, you know, hoity toity, artsy literary stuff, important societal work, best content that you will find in sports anywhere.


That stuff is off to the side where the clown show over here living inside the Empire silliness and were the first thing in the empire. But there's stuff going on outside of here, outside of the doing of the show for all of us. And that's why many of you have been asking a, why is God or what's going on with two gods going in and out of the show? And I just don't know what you want to share. And please, if you don't want to share anything, say so, because I do regret that we didn't get to talk before the show, before we started today.


Man, it's tough. Well, I have no problem. I've always shared my life with the audience and of course, with the guys on the show here. About two weeks ago, my mom tested positive for covid. My mom was not healthy, going into testing positive for covid. She had some autoimmune issues with her. And so what? She tested positive. Obviously, as a family, we were super fearful because we knew the potential results and the likely results of her testing positive for covid.


And I'll just say this, and I'm not trying to bring the show. No, you asked it. So we're here. It's all you've until you've dealt with it, you might see stuff on TV and we'll have people on and we'll interview them. But until you have to deal with it, you don't know what you're dealing with. And until you have to make decisions on behalf of your mom and your family that I don't wish anyone ever would have to make in their entire lives, then you don't know what you're dealing with.


It's a real thing. It happened super, super quickly to someone of my mom's age who is not terribly healthy. And two days ago, when around six thirty PM Eastern, my mom unfortunately passed away. It's been a heartbreaking time for for me and for my family and for my dad. But I can now relate to many listeners who have said to us over the years, Dan, that this show has helped them through some difficult times because that's exactly what it's done for me.


Just being around you, being around Mike, seeing these guys on Zoome not just the last few days, because I wasn't here the last show we did, but just the last I've been dealing with this for two to three weeks. As Dan knows, it's been super cathartic just to come in here, to laugh, to smile. I'm kind of not here.


Dan pointed that out yesterday. It's not it's not you. It's not the the stewards we recognize.


I've been I've been dealing with a lot. And so there is some peace in letting mom go a couple of nights ago because she was in a lot of pain. But we'll move on as a family. And I have felt the support of everyone on this show. I appreciate it. I have felt the support from our listeners. I appreciate it. And I will only tell you that my mom was in so much physical pain over the last, I don't know, five years that she really, really started to watch this show on a daily basis.


She loved it. She loved all of you guys and what she loved most about it. And she used to tell me this all the time is what she loved about Dad, because, listen, as a mom, it's hard to hear your son get pounded on every day for twenty years. But what my mom always wanted for me and what Dan was able to bring out of me and the show because I feel so comfortable around you guys, is I work at a place with people where I'm allowed to just be myself.


And that meant a lot to her. And I wanted you guys to know that. So she really loved this show. Roy was her favorite. Oh, that's great. That's so great. She told me that.


Roy, you said you did a number on her at the bar mitzvah.


Oh, great. Great. I would.


It's been a difficult time. So thank you, guys. I'm thanking the guys here in the show for for your support because it's meant a lot to.


Well, and many of you are tired of me thanking the audience because we've told you a number of different times that we did everything that we're doing here and trying everything we're trying here, because you give us you gave us the courage to do it. You gave us we just sort of felt you'd come with us, that you'd OK, we're going to a pirate ship. We felt like you'd all be like a mean OK, where do I need to go?


What where do I need to go to be with this thing that dragged me through a dark time? And we just sort of felt that. And one of the things and I'm sorry to God that we ended up like that there without talking about it beforehand, OK? I've never seen two guys cry before. This is twenty years I've known him. You know, he's made of wires and he's funny and he's he's covered in sandpaper he can take. A beating, obviously, I've never seen him cry before and during the stress of all of this, for us, this is, you know, like this this just terrible thing in the middle of it where I don't think correct me if I'm wrong, guys, in terms of grieving parents, we've been together 20 years doing this show, Crocodile Tears, 20 years doing this.


And Mike lost his mother, young. But we haven't had one of these situations where one of our own is losing a parent. And many of you in the audience right now can know whatever that grief is. But it's not something that has resided around our little family here. And so that's one of the things that you were saying there.


And I don't want to sort of probe the grief you're going through. You know that I'm the grief leader. I don't want to. Do you all believe you then? I don't want it's OK. It's OK. I want the audience to understand. I was talking about this the other day with Matt Kelaher, one of the two guys who's been at the top of the PTI, the whole thing that happened at ESPN over 20 years.


Right. Where was. Kelaher and Ride Home saw Tony and Mike and said, let's get sportswriter's in here with chemistry that spun off into highly questionable. He took over a ride home in Kelaher, took over around the horn. And so whatever's been on ESPN for 20 damn years is Kelaher and ride home growing up in that job as 30 year olds like Mike and getting to 50 years old, doing, you know, shepherding a bunch of sportswriters into a pen every day to make two hours of television on ESPN.


And I was talking to Kelaher about this, and he had never looked at it like this before. But you and I have been in this place for a pretty long time. I'm like, you realize that you guys are parents to a family. They're right that those people never leave. They don't go to other jobs, that that they stay in that job and they're comfortable and they don't know another world because you guys, your family and you guys have raised those kids professionally through the industry.


How many of you guys here? So Mike makes fun of me for saying kids, but how many of you guys have had a real professional job for months outside of this one out in the industry, anywhere in the industry like WINNINGHAM just got here because WINNINGHAM was a part of everything we were doing at the beginning. And then he decided he wanted to go the BUCSHON be route of let me see if I could get into play by play because I'm exceptional at this.


He's just helping us out now. He's vastly overqualified for what it is that he's doing. But we've got a family that extends into people like Winningham, like Paroquet Cortez up in New York, where we're all in on this together. They just happen winning him. And Cortez happened to go outside of the bubble to go get the things that they wanted and everyone else stayed here. But this family, it I didn't. When did you realize when did you realize that?


Because I think you brought it to me. I don't think I realized it. I think you realized that this was your family at some point in the last ten years where we sort of looked up and we're like, oh, wait a minute, this is our support system. These are the people we love. These are like our sons. And they they treat us with the reverence and the disrespect and the rolling your eyes that you would treat your parents with.


I've spent more time with you and these guys than I have with my parents that I have with my kids that I have with my wife than I have with my family over the last ten years. I probably realized it. There's been some moments like there's the moment where we're kind of handing the baton over and those guys are on stage and they're they're getting all the the applause and all that. And you and I had had a crocodile tears. Crocodile tears we had.


That's a second. That's the first time you saw me cry. The second time was during. That's true.


Actually, I did. Yes, he did cry watching the shipping container on stage. And we were like parents at a graduation watching them soak in adulation. That was funny.


I think for some reason, what made me happy is that maybe this is when I realized it was when Mike and Roy and I think, was there anyone else who came when those guys you took the buyout clause then, which we appreciate it. You're putting my kids through college to see them interact with my parents and have moments with my parents at my daughter's bat mitzvah was very, very cool. So I remember thinking to myself, like, wow, this is this is an extension of of my family.


Now they're meeting my family. Your family's over. Always been a bigger part of this show, and that's fine. I never wanted to bring my family into the show that much. I'm certain you would have been OK with that. At least I think you would, but probably probably back with my daughter and do that now.


We we did do we did on your father, because this is going to be one of the things. Forgive me too, guys. But one of the things that has been interesting to see the deconstruction of Stuart's family as some of this stuff has happened is that the audience needs to know for as much as we treat him as a pinata around here. Stuart is a really good son. He is a really good husband and he is a really good father.


That would be something that would be lost, I think, on a lot of people. They just wouldn't see it because he's so often in character for us and father and son.


Definitely. And well, yeah, the husband stuff, actually.


You guys have a funny relationship. I'm not I don't know how good a husband you are. You're a faithful husband. I know that I am a faithful, so I don't know how much you're you're actually not hitting your wife with make me a sandwich.


I haven't listened to a word you guys have said. I've just been trying to sell Tootsie Roll stock. I would have done the same.