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After winning Adventure Auto Advanced Auto Parts and participating in Carquest locations limit one entry per day. CE advance auto parts dotcom for details. There's a wind blowing in or out at Wrigley. Sorry, but I'm wrong.


OK, good question about the wind. Look, I don't know if the wind is blowing out at Wrigley Field.


If it if it's blowing out, all bets are off. How does that work?


What if it's blowing in the wind? I mean, I think it's like the NFL have like like kicking records. If it was like over a certain amount of wind, it didn't count. Is that a thing in sports? If there's like a certain amount of difference in, you know, like what's going on climatically or climatically, is it climatically we're going to get lost in this guy's head?


I think it's climatic. It's just going to keep asking questions. He's just going to keep asking. Maddington is it's climatically.


Yeah, because climactic league would be something if you know words, it's those things or just a letter here. A letter there means totally different things and some words that sound the same. I mean, totally different things to two. For example, there's three of those t o t o t w o. They all mean different things, right.


T o means Terrell Owens. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. That's a fourth time out. That's a fifth thing. I mean, all sorts of things.


Yo baby, I guess I'll just see which direction the flags are pointing.


We never got an answer, but we did get it in the Windy City. I mean, we got a true.


That's true. And the announcers told us yesterday, Dan, first thing you do when you go to Wrigley, look to see which way the flags are blowing even when you're driving in. We heard that from multiple broadcasters yesterday. So it must be true.


Billy, did you enjoy Boog on the broadcast? What a pleasant surprise that was. Ha Boog and Chipper doing it again. Chipper, really good together. I was surprised that that was a broadcast team that made its way to a Marlins playoff series in the first round against the Cubs because there's lots of big time matchups in the first round. And I didn't think the Marlins and the Cubs would get ABC chip chipper treatment.


How could that be? Why were the Marlins? Is it because of the Cubs? It is because the Cubs, right.


Because it was on ABC. So if there's on ABC, more people you would think would be watched?


No, but I was asking, why was that game on ABC? Samson said that the New York actually the RSS sends the regional sports networks. Baseball was up five percent nationally. Their numbers were down because there were nationally going up, going up against like football and big basketball games. But the arsons are up five percent. And he said because of New York's interest in Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly, they actually turn out to watch Marlins. So it's kind of like the obvious choice, given that the Yankees were the primetime game.


Yeah, that's the thing is the big games you put on at night, but they have to choose one of the earlier games you put on there. So this is just why, you know, because America loves an underdog. That's why.


Because people want to root for something, because Mariah Carey is trying to start this whole Marlen's thing and we're not going to let it happen. Mariah, you're off the bandwagon.


I thought America loves an underdog. But now it seems as though America is upset that an underdog is in the NBA finals. It's crazy. Everyone's just handing the Lakers the trophy.


Well, when the underdog lays an egg in game one under understood, Jalen Rose is saying this would have never happened if they seeded one through 16, which sort of ignores the fact that Miami eliminated the best team in the sport in five games. I don't really understand why I know this is a content factory, but do we really have to take a dump on the team that lost Game one and say what an awful finals matchup it is? Just say the Lakers are really good.


We have an actual idea of if Mariah Carey has ever thought about the Miami Marlins ever in her entire life. Do you think she knows that the Miami Marlins are she's writing books about them now?


That is a great question, Tony. Put it on the pole. Billy Batard show. Has Mariah Carey ever thought about the Miami Marlins in her entire life? The thing that Mike brings up that is interesting about the heat, though, is nobody would be doing this if the Milwaukee Bucks had advanced to the final. That's the matchup everyone wanted to see on first liberal.


What I'm saying is if after one game, Milwaukee lost by whatever, 20 points and it was down 30, like you're doing this to Miami, I think, because they're hurt, I would assume. Right. You're not just assuming that's a five seed that can't match.


I don't really think look, nationally, you're going to have a hard time convincing somebody how important Goran Dragic is, really. So if the same kind of injuries happen to, say, the Lakers top three players, I think they'd be getting extended a bit more benefit of the doubt. It's a little unfortunate right now, but yeah, people people are just upset at the Nuggets in heat for ruining these marquee series, but it's not like the worst team won in those series.


You're doing this to Miami because they got blown out and it looks like they're so banged up that Solomon Hill might actually have to start. No one wants to see that. I actually have a I actually have an interesting Mariah Carey nugget. This comes from my days interning at the what was the Panthers Arena Exchange named so many times. I was an intern there and I was an intern there during a lockout season. And there were a lot of concerts that came through there.


That's how they they tried to make their money. And so I would go backstage a lot and I would sort of know, like all the ridiculous writers that artists had, Mariah's writer at the time had a very odd request of filling like one of the tubs with with chocolate lots. Yeah, yeah. One of the tubs with chocolate.


What type of chocolate milk? I'm not exactly I'm not exactly sure if it was like a syrupy chocolate.


That was just one of the things that I heard from the people that were in the hospitality part of the production. So was like dance heaven.


Yeah. Yeah. So I remember being there while Madonna was there and Madonna's dressing room would have like this weird scarf on the entrance way. And every five minutes someone would come out and Fairbreeze the scarf.


I have a question about Mariah Carey song. So she wrote this about Derek Jeter, my all and it's complimentary. Yeah.


That off the top of my head, the lyrics are I'd give my all just to have one more night with you. I'd give my life to feel your body next to mine and I can't go on. But that's just off the top.


No one shot right. To me, it's the least shocking thing that Derek Jeter would be exceptional at the at the lovemaking thing. Like, it always kind of feels like I feel like he does everything.


I'm kind of surprised by it, because when you reach that level of fame, Derek Jeter doesn't necessarily have to try to impress you. Right. Right. Those are bonus points. The prize of bagging a Derek Jeter is that you've been with Derek Jeter, right? Yes. I mean, that is bonus points by being Derek Jeter and sensual.


But I don't think Derek Jeter views it as, hey, you're getting an opportunity to be with Derek Jeter and that is enough. I think you take this very seriously. He has a reputation to uphold and I think he is the greatest love maker of our generation.


I do what? That's it. That's the take.


I mean, everyone else in sports that you could see, just like also think you have to keep A-Rod, you have to apply the context of like when they were actually together. Derek Jeter was absolutely very famous, but at the time, not as famous as Mariah Carey, you know. So in that equation, it's really like Mariah Carey is the headliner at that time. Now, since then, I probably know all I want for Christmas is still a banger.


So that's number one every year. Mariah Carey still like the. The bigger Globalstar, no doubt, was that one of the Derek Jeter songs or no No. Two, though, what was the other one? That was my own. There was another one that she revealed was whose all I want for Christmas about.


Yeah, that's a that's a good one to have in your well, in your arsenal.


Well, I think that she did a cover version, so she didn't write all I want for Christmas. She she just put her own spin on it.


So it's about someone it could very well be about.


Derek Jeter, another songwriter had an experience with Derek Jeter, but it just wasn't about Marie's experience with Derek Jeter. That's that's for sure. Like, hey, Tom Brady looks like an exceptional love maker.


What am I doing? What do you mean?


You just listen guys that you personally think are handsome.


No, that would take the experience of lovemaking to a whole new level. Like it's not just let's take our clothes off and have sex. They are doing it and doing it right. I'm telling you, candles, baths, fragrances, all of it. Tony, you seem to be agreeing with me.


I like the candles and baths portion of Brady coming in and being like, hey, I'm here.


So weird, so weird visual.


Mireia first met Derek Jeter at a dinner party in ninety seven. So Derek wasn't Derek that time.


He was a World Series champion, but he wasn't the superstar who has dinner parties like celebrities have dinner parties or like other celebrities did that. Did that. Is that still going on?


Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel famously has big dinner parties. Really? Yeah. Big Hollywood types. So my is about risking her life to have a night with Jeter in Puerto Rico, go, wow.


Talk about sensuality. Yeah. Yeah. And there was that. Carrie sings on the chorus of the roof. This is courtesy about rocks, by the way. I'm reading directly from this website. I don't recall the song The Roof. Every time I feel the need, I envision you caressing me and I go back in time to relive the splendor of you and I on the rooftop that rainy night, she says that she shared a kiss with Derek Jeter on the rooftop of said dinner party captain.


You know, when I was a little kid and Mariah Carey was she was like this big ballad singer, right? And she was it fantasy where she had the remix for That Would Be Roy was a song without Ebbe. You remember the Relix?


I think it was Fantasia. All right. So like OTB has a line in the remixes, like, yeah, there's a fantasy remix, M.R.I. go back like babies and pacifiers. I was very young and still discovering who OTB was and rap music as a whole. I took it literally, I thought for like five years later that RDB was Mariah Carey's cousin, that they they were just like Muppet babies in a playpen growing up together. So I'm embarrassed to admit that.


So we had fantasies about his cousin? No, no.


I don't think fantasy was that she was a big singer songwriter at the time. But I think maybe that song was probably written for her because I was a big crossover radio hit like, oh, she can have dances.


Songs, Billy. Fifty five degrees, Chicago winds blowing out eleven miles per hour. Right.


Oh, whoo hoo! All bets are off. All bets are off today I think. House money game. Yeah. I mean, I don't know if it's a house money game.


If it's a three game series you can is available to. No, it's a house money game. Yeah. You lose your stay in Chicago.


Yeah. But if you lose your also a game away from elimination. So a three game series really changes the math. I don't think you can afford house money when you only have like a one oh lead.


It's not a ton of house money, but it's house money nonetheless. It's like one chip, like there's only one team playing today compared to where if they lose, they go home. How much? Like technically Chicago, if they lose, they stay home, but they lose and go home.


You're like backing up your bet at the craps table basically right now, because you're feeling pretty good, right? Exactly right. But just like with two chips, right? Yes, man, I miss craps. I want to go back to Vegas. I want to go anywhere. When can we go places? Where would you go if you can go anywhere right now? Because I miss going away to I would like to I'd like to go to a beach somewhere.


Yeah, there's one right across the street.


Toes in the water as in the sand. Not a worry in the world. Just a cold beer in my hand.


Right. What do you think is fond of Puerto Rico? I would like to go to. I've never been to Puerto Rico. Really? Have you been to Puerto Rico? I have your thoughts.


It's nice. I like Puerto Rico. Yeah, it's a nice place. Are there nice vistas? Yeah, there are.


There's rainforest. If you want to go into a rainforest, I'll give you a little.


You mentioned that you've never actually been to California. What's the furthest west that you've been?


Uh, I think Jonesboro, Arkansas is Jonesboro, more west than Chicago because you went to Chicago.


Right. Twice. If you draw a straight line.


I'm so bad at knowing. Because you could draw like a straight line from Cleveland to Miami, it doesn't feel that way, but Miami is like Sneaky West because parts of Florida are in Central Time, which is just wild. So is Jonesboro, Arkansas more west than Chicago? I don't think so.


Parts of Florida or Western or Midwest or Central Time or Central. Get out of here. Yeah, what part? I think once you get to like the Tallahassee portion of the Panhandle. So it's 11 08 right now in Tallahassee, either Tallahassee or just a little bit less of it, right. Yeah, yeah.


Pensacola would be in Yeah.


Central Time because I would drive from Miami to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and my phone would change.


And that's how I was like, whoa, I had no idea. It was like sort of finding out that Odie and Mariah Carey were cousins. It's just like shocking to me.


Billy, I'm loving these baseball playoffs. The fact that it's 12 09 and we have a baseball game on right now and you have a game starting at 12. One, two, three, four, five, six. Take a little break. Seven thirty and we go again. You know, it's crazy.


It's convenient for us. But if I had a nine to five, I'd be pissed. If I was watching the Marlins all season. I'd miss both of their playoff games so far because it's at two o'clock in the afternoon.


But I love the baseball has stumbled upon something here, which I think could be something that works moving forward. More teams, more rounds, more games. I think it's great. I really do. This has been this has been the most enjoyable baseball season for me in a long time, simply because it's been the shortest trying to look at pictures, see if this person lied to me about Mariah Carey and the chocolate bathtub. I'm tired. I found a picture of her in a bathtub of candy while she was promoting candy.


Makes sense.


She had a bathtub of glitter when she had that whole glitter face.


I saw. I don't watch that movie. I want to watch a movie. I've heard that many terrible Roy house glitter. Oh, shit. I know. I didn't watch that, but watch it.


You see. What's your favorite Mariah Carey song? Oh, no. We ask Troy that. I mean, I'm asking I'm just posing it to the audience, I'll tell you. I got to look it up, though, she had a she had a pretty decent song with both legs. God, I love bone thugs. Are we talking about features of just a her song, like a song that she's and what, one three day with boys? Oh, my baby.


I guess I'll have a Scooby Doo. Well, honestly, might be all I want for Christmas.


Roy, what was the one you said, always be my baby. Always be my baby. That's a Subaru. That's the best one. She is singing that she has like a flannel shirt on it. Oh, I had that up. And she's running through a field. We all had. We all had a crush on that Mariah that Tommy Mottola made her look so innocent and adorable. But then after the divorce and rooftop with Derek Jeter, she became like a vixen.


Right. Right. Yeah. And she really upped the sex appeal because she was like the girl next door.


I thought she looked better in that first video. Oh, that's my favorite version of Mariah.


Yes. The sweet girl next door wearing the tied up flannel shirt. Yes.


Jean shorts to do a field trip to now me to develop that app that got hits that she had more hits than any songstress you see most. Oh, no, that's Rihanna now. Whitney Houston, Rihanna, probably. No, Rihanna, I think is a queen of like no one hits. But digital has changed everything. Drake's bigger than the Beatles historically. Hmm. Do you think history will remember Drake as being bigger than the Beatles, because there's that saying, it's a cliche, we're bigger than the Beatles, like we're.


Yeah. Do you think, like generations from now we'll be saddled with Drake mania? Yeah. We're bigger than Drake. Yeah. Beatlemania. That's right.


Don't think so. How did we end up here. I don't know. Mariah Carey. Here we are.


How do we get out of the chocolate bathtub full of chocolate. I want to go to Hawaii. I've been to Hawaii.


So I actually saw the 2011 heat lose to the Mavericks in Waikiki Beach at a bar that I couldn't get into because I was too young. The thing is, it was daytime, but it was nighttime in Miami. It was all weird, but yeah.


Yeah, that's bad. I was at a Las Vegas sportsbook when to the surprise of no one, when the heat lost to the Mavericks. But it was my bachelor party. I was sad screaming at Eddie House.


That is the saddest thing I've ever had. And people hated that heat team. So it was not fun wearing heat garb at the time. Boy, these Lakers fans are very mean. So are we. Yeah, like once we win. Well, but I'm keeping the receipts because if we get an improbable game to victory, I'm common for people. You should also keep track of the heat. You know, Heat fans oppose it. Heat fans who are jumping off the bandwagon just keep track of it.


Oh, this is I kind of resigned myself because steaming that made the best point today. Like Anthony Davis isn't getting shorter. It seems to be a bit of a problem. I've kind of resigned myself to maybe the series is over, especially with the injuries. It changes stuff. I still feel really good about my team. I think they're a year ahead of schedule and now they've got the pain, the suffering that teams in this spot need. You have really inflated maybe in some cases people's trade value because of these these marquee games.


So I think only good things for for the Miami Heat now. All right, I'm going, I'm going where you got to stick around, we got to tape that thing. Yeah, but I want to eat before hand. OK. Go. I'm just going to the post game show is going to be a 90 minute long postgame show meandering. Is it real? No, it's over, uh. All right, yeah, I'm tired of it, guys.


Yeah, everybody get back, Ziebell.


Well, I think install a sound in the attic is a curse. No, its eyes are just very lifelike. Then what does its head keep spinning in my mind?


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Let's play with another dog or we can just bury it deep in the ground. Happy Geico.


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