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Well, that'll do it for a solid week of shows Sucrets made its return to the studio. I think the show sounded a lot better. Some exciting news exclusive to just the listeners of the postgame show. We're going to do another test on your show, but we are slated to return to television beginning on Monday.


We are now slated to that.


That may not happen. It depends on this test here. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it. Unfortunately, we don't have the capability just yet for you guys to watch, watch the zoom and see the rest of the shipping container. But we right now presently have plans for you guys to be watching along at home on ESPN News, have the capability to watch Dan Stewardson myself here at our Clevelander Studios. Oh, very exciting. Excited about that.


That or not really. Oh, I actually prefer the radio show was just a radio show because I feel like there are a lot of interferences. You guys could speak to this, actually, because one of the more miserable times we've had around here was when we changed all our studio stuff around and you and me were in the fusion studio and Mike Ryan was to the side of us. And then the shipping container was isolated in a tube. But I didn't have access to the shipping container.


Right. And so we've gone through six months of this year where the show has, you know, just recently over like the last six weeks, two months, I would say, found its footing again, because we were just totally displaced, because we need our studio, we need our library, we need our chemistry. But we finally gotten to a place over the last two months where this thing is humming like we're good, making our show, doing our show, having fun, laughing with each other.


And now here comes, you know, a television thing that may or may not serve us. I really don't know whether us being televised has been a sacrifice that has been worth making to this radio show. Even as I understand the value of the ESPN property for 100000 viewers a day on ESPN News, we've taken a slight dilution on what it is that we do in the intimacy of doing radio. But it was hard at the beginning because we couldn't we were we were seeing the shipping container through a television screen and now we've been doing that for six months.


Does it make you think at all, have we stayed in that studio? We would have figured that out. I don't know why. No room in there. I don't know.


Chris, what did you want to say on.


I'm having a moment with my computer. I'm sorry. We can hear you. I mean, like I know. Like my twins. Get off. I'm sorry. I put a marker there, Mike. I'm sorry. Just leave that all in. I'm sorry.


I'll leave it any more about this. I've said we're free. We finally got the mechanics down of this damn thing. That's I do that. What are you listening to on iTunes?


I just said if it's not important, but then it's funny that you've been saying that for six months. We were saying we're the only ESPN radio show, not on TV and then finally get back on TV. And you're like, I'm not really sure I want that anyways.


Have you guys not noticed the difference in the show the last couple of months in terms of how much like that we finally are starting to hit the notes? Man, there were whole damn shows where I couldn't get to you guys on Zoome. We finally got the notes. Were you guys? Look, one of my favorite things around here is Chris in a very small window, combining two words. He hasn't been able to do that for four months because of everything going on around here.


So I just generally don't like change. But there's been so much of it recently that I'm not saying I don't want television here. I'm just saying that television tends to dilute what we do around here. I don't even think that that's disputable. Is it two words turd's?


Yeah, I know that's disputable at all. It definitely changes. I mean, I'm I'm aware of when we're on TV and I'm much more relaxed, but we're not. I can tell you that much. So obviously, it's a big difference there.


Robot cameras are like security cameras that are on a ceiling. Why does it bother you guys so much?


They'll be more people here. I do more to more people that have been told to stay away.


I don't really think it's certainly not the cameras because we have the studio lit today. They were doing a lighting test on on what we were doing here. And this is fine. I think where it maybe becomes a little cumbersome is when there's a request made and there's technical problems and concessions made for television that wouldn't be there if television didn't exist. But hopefully this goes well. I've been told it's been sold to me. Just, hey, cameras are on.


Just go in the studio. You won't see anybody running anything. We'll see exactly how that works. I like being on television. I think it's a good platform. Most people that have a cable or satellite television package have this channel. Things go more viral because people are just rolling on our feed. It's it's an added platform. So I like being on television, but I understand, like some of the headaches that come with it. And when the show is really hummin, it's hard to.


Just go back to that for me, don't get me wrong, I like being on TV because I'm not on television every single day. So I do I do like being on TV. And I think during a pandemic damn where I know things are in some places starting to get back to normalcy, I can tell you I'm driving here every day. It takes me 40 minutes. It's usually two hours. People are still staying home, thankfully staying at home.


And I think being able to see us on TV for a lot of our listeners, our fans will be will be welcomed by them. So if anything looked at it from that standpoint, OK, you might not like it, but they'll be thrilled about it.


I can assure you, if indeed we start on television again the way that we used to be after six months during a global pandemic, after treating our bodies the way that we have during a global pandemic, all the things that you like about being on television are going to go out the window the second people see how much you've aged.


I know that people are going to feel like, well, I'm I'm dreading it, too. I have more salt and pepper now than I did six months ago. I look different than I did six months. I have to shave Monday. Is that just do you let it fly?


I have been interested here because Billy brings up a point that I think some people in the audience probably would have noticed as well, which is that I was complaining about us not being on television and what I was actually complaining about there. Billy, you should know and the audience to know is how difficult it was for us to get like a working microphone from the worldwide leader in sports while we're sitting here as the biggest radio show that there is in sports.


You know, that was the part that was bothering me. And I saw all these other shows going up and I was having trouble getting a microphone down here.


I think I have PTSD from the big ESPN radio launch day, seeing how well little the the state of the art stages were and then me coming into the studio and nothing worked. That was a bit disheartening.


It's a blessing and a curse, right. Because we work outside of their sphere very often. There are no rules for us that they're not paying attention until we get in trouble, until some blog write something about something that happened, which is also far more likely to happen now that we're returning to television.


Right. So, yes, because someone will see it up there. So we're able to play in the shadows with our audience. Like, one of the things I don't know if it's my favorite thing about doing this radio show right now, but it's damn near the top is that the audience of most loyal listeners absolutely knows that we've got a whispered secret going on in terms of a relationship. We're existing on the Internet, in your minds, in your hands.


And absolutely. I'm here to tell you, Bristol ain't here. For hearing what it is we're doing right now in the post game show, what we're doing in Big Sur or what we're doing in the local hour, I don't think any of it ever gets to Bristol. So all the playground is a whispered secret between us and the audience, which might be the coolest thing we've got going on right now and might be a thing that disappears as soon as you turn on some TV cameras in here and everyone can watch our aging process.


Let's stay under the radar.


I think you might be well, but you got but no, but part of the talk is the tug's. The gods of the gods wants to be on television. It's why our show is on television. And he got on to around the horn and was hanging onto the fringes of it. And around the horn is still doing the show from home. How often have you been honest to God? Not once. Like that's part of the game we're playing around here is trying to get stewards up to the top of the sports entertainment media ladder.


And so that that's part of the compromise that gets made on these radio show, dreading how mean everyone's going to be on Monday.


If we are back on television telling you I've looked around, I've taken a self-assessment, I've looked myself in the mirror, I've seen wrinkles that are new. I've seen grey hairs that are sprouting on. I'm kind of nervous about Monday. They're so judgmental. I mean, you're right.


Well, what's going to happen here, though? Why can't we get how or why do we get the shipping container involved with the televis aspects of this? Because I've never understood why we couldn't put the zoom on television, but there were all sorts of reasons we couldn't.


Yeah, there's all sorts of contractual things because we exist on ESPN News. You can't deliver. It's a reason why we're not putting the show on Twitch or the zoom out there on whatever live streaming platform there is, because it would technically be a breach of contract from ESPN News's agreement with cable service providers. If you provide another full length visual supplement that I bore you enough.


I know, but it's good. I don't think the audience knows. Hell, I don't know the number of legal obstacles that have to be climbed over here to satisfy the audience's complaints. Like because they're not bashful when we're not on television blaming us for not being on television, when most of what we're doing around here is as a service to the audience, that ESPN doesn't care whether we're doing it for you or not. And I'm not sure even wants us to be doing it for you, given that if we get in trouble, it causes them headaches that they don't want around their brand right now.


I think if you guys want to see the shipping container, I think I can spend another plate and just I have a MacBook here and I'll just hold it up crudely. This is the top of the industry. I'll just hold that to do it that way.


Well, we should do what we should do with television is May 1st, FaceTime or so. We should make jokes by doing it. Extra amateur. Yeah.


Like Wayne's World because they're also going to be magnets for magnets in on Monday. I mean, and he does that with the light. Oh, I'll do my best. You guys excited about Bill and Ted that's on demand this weekend. It's this weekend on demand today. I believe it got one star in The New York Post.


What's going on with the theater experience and Tenet?


Is Tenet going to be in the theater?


Check this out. Tom Cruise is like getting all sorts of waivers to film the latest Mission Impossible movies back to back Tom Cruise. Also not speaking about knowing your own mortality. Tom Cruise is like, we can't really delay this. All right. I got like a three year window before we stop. He's going to be sixteen now. I'm Wilford Brimley, HRP, and then just become Wilford Brimley. So he's trying to get all these things in the can.


And he's being successful because he knows of being Tom Cruise and he's going directly to politicians with this project. He took a break from leaving the production of the Mission Impossible films to go to London for a special theater experience, a theatre screening of TENNET. He surprised moviegoers. Imagine it's cool enough to be able to watch Tennant. And then Tom Cruise just walks in smiling. He said. It's amazing. He said it was a great theater experience, an absolute crowd pleaser.


I would pay so much money to see this movie, but that shouldn't be surprising, considering I'm ready to pay so much money to watch Bill in debt.


Did you guys like Bill and dad Chris Christie? Chris pointed out in the chatter he's never seen it. Ravasi, you never saw the original l'état.


Did you like Bill and Dad? Like at the time? It was a monster hit. There's no way it holds up. It's impossible for that movie to hold up today. I didn't like it.


I mean, it's just not my kind of movie. Let me ask you. Are they like surfer dudes, are they like stoners? What's the what's the angle on their dads? Well, now they're dads but he's off. He's asking about the original oh the original one is like yea high school stoner kids that are just, you know, wild stallions like, yeah, they love rock music and they hop into a phone booth. This was a thing that people actually used to go into to have conversations with people, not just texting, and it would time travel.


And it's just an absurd movie and I'm kind of happy that it got one. So I either wanted it to have amazing reviews or terrible reviews. Nowhere in the middle. Just be a full on nostalgia kick. I'm cool with it, so I'm excited it got one.


So I'm like, good, would you do it if you were Keanu Reeves? You've resurrected yourself with the John Wick franchise. Everyone very few people have a better curating right now that than Keanu Reeves. In terms of people just liking him. Would you have done this movie?


So this is Keanu san's got it made because they've been trying Alex Winter, who was the other half a bill, and Ted had been trying to get this project made forever. And all the studio say no to it because, I mean, no one wants to see an aging bill and Ted. Right. But because of the Keanu sequence, it finally got made. And one of the reviews that I read is like, OK, too much Keanu, like you've been so good at picking your roles as you've aged.


Perhaps this was one that the studios should have said no to.


What's the dead? Have you ever tried to explain a pay phone to a young person? Because I'm wondering what's the toughest thing to explain to the younger generation? I was telling my kids a story back at like ninety seven where because I just have a shot on the podcast and Keesha was part of the jet team that had its head and nothing lead at halftime at Denver AFC Championship, I was a half away from finally making it to a Super Bowl and we had a rule, me and my friends were watching it, that no one could say the word Super Bowl in the second half because it would jinx it.


And then my friend Brian told me you went out to a payphone, not only said the word Super Bowl, but he ordered two Super Bowl tickets from a ticket broker. And my kids were like, what's a payphone? And they have been laughing at me for three days since they still look at the concept of walking out, putting a quarter in a phone, having to speak to someone. And I told them, hey, the city streets used to be lined with pay phones and all of them were being used to hold on a second.


So your daughters are, what, sixteen? Yes. So hold on a second, though. There was a Colin Farrell movie not that long ago with Kiefer Sutherland phonebooth.


Isn't that love that movie, but how old is that movie? I want to talk about what Colin Farrell looks like as the penguin. We have to talk about that at some point.


Not that movie came out in 2003. Joel Schumacher Rest in Peace, a polarizing director. He originally casted Jim Carrey in that role. Jim Carrey, Bill's last second. Colin Farrell takes the role and it's entirely in a phone booth for the most part.


It's actually really I like that movie. I like a movie. Can we talk about Colin Farrell as the penguin, though? Like, have you guys seen?


Well, on a local hour, they were talking about Colin Farrell's calves and they show me the photo. And the Cavs are honestly secondary to the outfit because it looks like there was just a random outfit generator that they just press X on the controller and it's just like a different top, a different bottom, a different midsection. But another thing that we talked about with Colin Farrell was he's been casted as the penguin, the penguin in the Batman movie. And we thought we were going to get a sexy penguin.


But instead we just got Colin Farrell looking all ugly, to which I say, what's the point? I'm I'm a little thrown off right now because I'm seeing Jeff Passan is saying that the MLB is going to move the bubble to a bubble cities for the playoffs. Oh, really?


They're going to move to bubble cities for the playoffs. Smart. Like they're not going to move the rubble. Right.


The National League will be in two cities and the American League will be in two cities, sorry, Houston and Arlington for the National League, L.A. and San Diego for the American League. The post game show has been your number one source for breaking news here.


Yeah, I felt like it needed to be said.


Yeah. Also, I feel like it needs to be said because I know what Dan's intending a free flowing conversation. I'll you'll never know when I'm there. It's theater of the mind.


But he specifically asked us to call him when he got up and I don't know. But yeah, he was the only person not privy to the conversation. So I felt myself boring everybody else with details just to tell the side.


Good going to be. I want to have the Colin Farrell conversation. I was only having it because they wanted to have it and then he threw it out there that he loved the mike did clearly that want to have it. He was bored by his own words.


I believe Dan's exact words are we really need to have this Colin Farrell conversation. And right when Mike started doing it, Dan got up and left.


I mean, you look very bored by it. And quite honestly, I was bored telling it. So normally I just roll with it. I have look, there have been plenty of times where Dan does that trick. He disappears and you have no way of knowing. But that time really was unsettling.


I mean, yesterday we did a local hour. It's like Chris Billy fight with Sampson.


I was that was it. There was a point where I made a marker. Where did he go? To the bathroom. I was on a phone call at the time and it's just like he gets up and disappears and he's like, fight with.


So that was funny because it was the rare. All right, everybody stop. I need to take a call and then walk away. Chris, like I had a question for Sam so they could have asked.


I could have just asked the question while he took his call and like, everybody stop.


And it was just an awkward like, why did he have to announce the stop if he wasn't doing anything in the first place? I mean, the the thing about it was that we were just awkwardly staring at David, Sam and were like, so you're sitting in a big glove.


Yes, I about right about the glove here, the good looking chair.


It's odd, though, where does one get one.


Get one. Apparently it's very uncomfortable. That shirt. Yeah. It just does it for looks.


It really just left. It's incredible. Yesterday he called me am I looking for his wallet or his wallet was I want you to guess we looked everywhere for you guys. Seriously, take a guess, because I maintain that all of you could take fifteen guesses each and you still hope none of you will guess where he actually left.


I think the answer came to us simultaneously. So it's where we're like, oh, it it's got to be in here. We were proven right.


I'm I'm guessing maybe on the set floor where Dan sometimes inexplicably just lays down.


That's a great that was one of the first places we look. Chris, you're good at this game. But no, it wasn't there.


Any other guesses? Lucio's chair, Liselotte chair is another great guess. We look there any one room. We looked in the bathroom.


Yes, I looked in the refrigerator. Mm hmm. Then it hit his pocket.


It was one of them all. I might if you were to look at places inside the radio studio, where would be the first look?


Let's not discount his pocket because the street right inside the good guys, we looked good guesses, although it was in the garbage. Can you go?


I see his game. He said it would take if we all had fifteen guesses we wouldn't get it threw away his own wall.


That gave you a hint? Yes.


Do you guys ever do that move of just laying down on the floor like Dan does? Bands move? No, like segments. I just got a lay down on the floor.


I've been doing that a lot because I'm not getting my couches until after the election. I like I finally got my home theater installed and I have nowhere to sit.


Things are taking a long time to get to my house. I mean, I ordered golf balls, man, three weeks ago. There's a lot at my house.


I ordered it. I ordered because I wanted to support Bubba Wallace and I ordered a Bubba Wallace USA shirt. It's an American flag with the number forty three in the back. And I'm like, this is my Fourth of July outfit, right? I moved out of the house. It got shipped to I had to drive back to the house and I got it three days ago. Well, it's two things. Did you get the dash cam? Bo had those.


Yeah, I have the DeChambeau hat. I been telling my that I got the best the best gift for him that I can get for under fifteen dollars. The only it's a point break T-shirt. And the only problem is I ordered it three months ago and it still hasn't. I'm not a good joke. It hasn't arrived yet. Yeah. It gave me a window of somewhere between October 15th and November 1st.


I mean, knowing how much you move, there's a legitimate chance you might not even be at the house. And that's what happened to me. I had to drive back to my own place to get to Brad Keselowski, long sleeved shirt. Why do you have guys I love the blue blues, even though the deuce is no longer blue and hasn't been for quite a number of years. Wow.


Yeah, not with that. Go back to the blue deuce, the old Miller Lite number two. That's what I like to say.