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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions Broadcasting. From the car rental studio, this is the Dave Ramsey Show, where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life and your money. My name is Anthony O'Neal co-host. And today with me is the one and only Dr. John Bellone, eight eight two five five two two five eight eight two five five two two five is a number. We're talking about your life, your money, your mind. And not to be like this is your month.


You're launching your show at the end of this month.


We are in it up to our eyeballs. There's a whole team of people.


OK, man, what can we expect? We can expect real talk. We can expect, man. We got to get some more light back out in the media.


Yeah, it's just a it's just despair and doom and gloom and sadness and people are walking through stuff, man.


And Anthony, I've I've just sat with people for years in the worst of the worst moments. And I'm I'm convinced beyond a shadow of doubt because I've seen it that there's light at the end of these tunnels. It's just so hard to see sometimes when you were just in the pit of despair, you've made decisions you don't think you can ever walk back. You know, you don't believe you have any dignity. More people you love are no longer with you.


It just feels like it's all over. And so this show, man, it's going to be a call in show. It's going to be it's about helping people figure out what the next step is, how to regain some light in their life and then go get it, man. Go get it.


You know, that's amazing. You know, you have some of the top producers in a company with James and.


Oh, I tell you what, man, I lucked out. We got Zach and James and Kelly. We got a whole squad and they are studs and they are top man best in the country. What they do, I love it.


What's a YouTube channel so that people can come check you out or subscribe YouTube dotcom slash John Boloney YouTube dotcom for slash Dr. John Dillon.


And it's actually John Dillon, the owner. Yeah, not even a doctor here.


Not even a doctor. So my mom and John. So that's what I like to go by.


Yeah, I love it, man. Y'all go check them out. I mean, the guy's having some real conversations, some heavy conversations. And if you're experiencing something or you're going through something, you want some counseling or some wisdom, some guidance. Give my brother a call. I'm telling you right now you will enjoy going out to Arizona. We're going to have a conversation with Nate. Nate, good afternoon. How can Dr. DMI self-help? Good afternoon, I actually have a question about opportunity costs.


I guess the scenario is I am now on maybe six, seven, two and a half years and a boy knew where to go.


You mean 64 of that with student loans? And I have watched your podcast before, so thank you for lighting that fire. I'm about 75 K net after taxes and everything like that. I have to in my emergency fund, 15 KS invested. I'm an MBA major, so I kind of thought I could play stock market and I'm not doing bad, but having done mutual funds with my Roth IRA like Dave teaches. Oh my gosh. So good. And I'm loving the dividends that get returned off those mutual funds.


So now I'm at a position in my life where I need to make a decision. Went with my renegotiation was coming up. And since I'm a veteran, everyone was like, I'll get a VA home loan. But I've never really been a home person, you know, like, I don't want the maintenance and I don't care. But everyone I talked to says that's the best investment you're going to make is owning your own home. But when I guess my vision for my money is I want like if I if the home of 150 k, I would rather have one.


If it became mutual funds and live off the 20 percent returns, 15 percent returns, because those are things I am reaching now with with the funds that I have. And I'd rather get a paycheck at the end of the year when those when those mutual funds pay out. So I guess the question is opportunity cost. If I were to get a home, I could dump my excess amount. I live on twenty two. Okay. So I have about fifty K I can throw into the house, get that paid off in three or four years or live minimally.


Still put that all into some growth mutual funds that are going to pay some dividends and stuff like that and live off those funds. And then if I want to buy a house, you know, those dividends could possibly buy a house sooner rather than later. And I guess I don't know what the opportunity cost is and what they would think about that.


So, yeah, I do too.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Dave was here. He would say the same thing I'm saying, baby number seven, you're building wealth and you're giving back. That's baby step number seven.


All right. So right now it's about your experience. What do you want to do? You don't have any debt. You have a fully funded emergency fund. You're already investing fifteen percent. You're already living way below your means. I think it's time for you to enjoy it. OK, I think sometimes we can get so, so, so gazelle that we forget to actually live and enjoy life. I think in the first, you know, baby step to baby steps three.


Yes, we need to be cazale focus. But once you get to baby step seven, you've worked so hard to where you don't have to be as cazale you should be able to enjoy it. And so for you, if I was in your shoes I'm asking myself, OK, money's no issue, you know, what do I want? And I'm saying I want a house. And if I can put fifty K towards that a year and buy 150000 dollar house, you're going to pay it off within three years and get some equity building on the house and building on land.


L.A., you have it's a win win situation for you. And one of the key things that our good friend Chris Hogan talks about in his book is that a lot of the everyday millionaires have a paid for mortgage and that is equity growing in your home. And so I think for you, I'm saying go ahead and get a house. You're not talking about buying a 400, half million or million dollar home. It's home, about 150000 of the house.


So I will go get the go get the house, keep investing. And then after you do that, I would definitely sit back and ask yourself, OK, where else can I invest some money? Because that's exactly what Dave will say right now. You're not wrong either way. I think you just got to ask yourself, what do I if I eventually want a house, why wait? Just go get a house now and getting at the equity building for you, if you don't want a house right now, they know by it.


Hey, Nate, can I ask. You called us. Could I? Yes, sir. Can I go spelunking with you for a minute, please?


I am. Yes, go for it.


You're a veteran. Yeah, I'm an Army vet for years. Give me a thirty second rundown of your childhood. Go. Moving a lot, that's about it. OK, you know what, I was going to try to piece together what you told me in 30 seconds to land there. Yeah. And so the this Anthony is is is right. And underneath what Anthony just said is I get a sense of a guy who either is scared of or doesn't know how to be home.


And I think one of the great curses of our time is that we have taken home and turned it into a house and turned our house into an investment vehicle. And when we do that, we never fully put roots in the ground.


A mentor of mine, Dr. Richard Beck, asked a question that has haunted me for years and he said, How different would we treat people if we could never move? What conversations would we have with our neighbors?


Would we have and our local schools and our churches if we knew this was just it?


And so, Nate, I want to pose this question to you.


Consider thinking of a home as a base, as a place to anchor in, not just as a mutual fund investment. It's a way of being. And then you're going to invest in your local community. And you know what?


My guess is when you start developing deep, deep relationships, when you start really learning what it means to be present and be home, you're going to get a feeling in your heart that is far exceed the joy you get from a mutual fund return at the end of every year.


That was good, only right here on the Dave Ramsey Show.


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Right now, you get 50 percent off two or more pairs at Shady Razr Dotcom with the promo code. Ramsey Qadi, Razr Dotcom Code Ramsey. Welcome back. We're going to go out to Rochester and have a conversation with Matthew Matthew. Good afternoon. How can I help?


First of all, I just want to say, hey, Dr. Dean and Daniel Neal, it's a very high honor to speak with you. Oh, man.


It's an honor that you would actually give us a call. Thank you for the opportunity. So how can we help you?


Yes. So I me and my wife, we started last year with on August 9th, August of twenty eighteen with eighty four thousand dollars in debt. And we are around seventy one seventy two thousand dollars in debt right now. OK. And I just had a quick question regarding some just some communication and how do I go on this? So. I'm pretty much a lot of our income that I paid off my debt, which has been just like my part time side hustles like Jordache and Obreht and things like that, OK?


And I went to go make a payment today of three hundred dollars and four. We did. We have two credit cards left. And from what I thought that I would have, I had a balance of just three hundred fifty hours off to pay. I come to find out that I have we have one thousand three hundred fifty dollars left to pay and there was actually use last month our target credit card. So I've been working really hard and she's still using the credit cards.


Who that hurt, huh? So it's a lot of emotions right now.


And I don't I don't know how to confront her about it because she's just the kind of person that gets really defensive really quick. Mm hmm. So I just don't know how to go upon communicating that with her. Do you want to heal your relationship or do you want to be right in this one? And I'm not I'm not asking that is that's not a loaded question. That's just a do you want to use the word confront? So do you want to.


Do you want to stand your ground and say, hey, I can't believe you did this, or do you want to know what the world is going on? Just what what's going on? Now, did you have a conversation about this, Matthew, though, when you started this journey, did you all both agree that we're not going to use the credit cards and we're going to pay off the debt? We're not racking up anymore debt. We're going to pay off our debt?


Was that a clear conversation in the very beginning? Yes. Has she done this before? Yes, what did she buy? She likes to go target what at Target, though, a thousand bucks is a lot of money. Yeah. Just on the NEMSTOV, just things that sometimes just for herself, pretty much, you know, girl free, things like that, but yeah, a thousand dollars is quite a bit from what I thought we had.




So this is there's two layers to this. No. One is a word that I learned when I joined the Rams ecosystem, which is financial infidelity.


You all had an agreed upon goal and she cheated on you. She didn't tell you. She went and ran up a thousand bucks and knickknacks and that hurts. You're going to have to deal with that. The second part is you're going to have some anger because you are grinding yourself to a nub to try to meet this joint goal. And now you're further back, right? Right.


And so the word you used was confront.


That's I want to go to war.


I want to stand my ground with my helmet and my shield, my sword and ready to fight in there, if that's where you are, then that's where you are or.


You don't confront as much as you sit down with the bill in a neutral location and you say, hey, what happened? Where are you?


And if she wants to lie or she wants to get frustrated with you or she wants to turn on and make this your fault, then you've got a bigger situation. Right.


But I think this idea of confronting I think that's a choice you make and there's no going back from it. Right. And it might be that moment, man. I'm thinking about this out loud as I'm talking to you.


Yeah. I'm still having a problem understanding if you all had the conversation in the beginning, why is the credit card still in the house? How come it's not cut up? You know, I think another reason why that might be is and I've told her many times, hey, you know, just from what I want from you guys and and Dave and displaying your career doesn't matter. And Keith, you know, because our goal is to eventually get out some day, she's like, well, our credit score matters because we need a house.


Yeah, OK. And so she's not into division. She's not, yeah, you know, yeah, she's. No. No, no, she's not.


So another thing, too I wanted to mention, too, is she keeps saying, oh, yes, I'm I'm I'm I'm bored. I'm bored. And I and I told her up to a point, you are I mean, my my thing is being on board saying, hey, we do a budget every month. You know, we do you know, we do it the right way. I want to do it, you know, to a tee for her.


Check this out, Matthew. We hear you. I can give you all the practical advice, but it's not going to work, doesn't matter right now, you and your wife have to get on the same page bottom.


I can tell you, hey, cut up your credit cards.


All right, do this. Put more money over here. That that is. You have that. Right now, what you're missing is you and your wife are not on the same page. There's something else here. Sorry, there's something else here. Is there something is there violations going on bigger than this? I know this is the only thing y'all are fully in sync with your marriage, are fully in sync with raising your kids is just this one thing.


She just keeps using the credit card.


Right, yeah. Do you feel loved and respected by your wife? I do it just at this point is, you know, working 14 hour days and we have a six year old at home I'm missing, you know. You know, saying good night and things like that where I'm, you know, busting my butt every day. And then and then it just occurred. So it's like all this progress that I thought we were making is just getting lost.


Here's my suggestion to you. This is what I'm going to recommend, Matthew. I want you to talk to her. I want you to schedule a place, go out to dinner, take her to her favorite restaurant.


Before you go there, I want you to sit down and I want you to come up with the vision for your family. I want you to write down to Clear Vision, and I want you to show it to her when you go to the dinner table and say, this is this is the vision that I have for the family. This is why I want this to get out of debt. Do you agree with this vision? Do you see do you wanna make any changes?


You know, we want to go here. We want to be able to do this for our kids. We we want to build a house. We want to have financial freedom.


Do you agree? And I think that's where you start the conversation, because I feel as if she's not really on, because she doesn't really clearly see the vision. And I could be wrong because I'm not there. But I think that's the first place to start if everything else is great. One thing I know about, like myself, if I don't see the vision, is hard for me to really focus on that. So I want you to do that, take her out to eat.


You'll have a conversation about your vision and make sure that both of you all are on the same vision. Then from there, you need to cut up the credit cards and start doing the practical stuff. But right now, you and your wife need to be going down the same lane, going down the same path after the exact same thing.


And I fully agree with that. And and you need to let her know how much this hurts. Yeah. And you need to let her know I'm putting these hours away from my kids, away from you, away from time. I can never give back. And that money is being funneled through the knickknacks at Target. Yeah, you know, go ahead. You know, Matthew, I want you to stay on the line. I want you to give Kelly your name and number.


John is going to hate this, but I think you and your wife should probably call in to Jojo. I think you and your wife should have a conversation with John. And you just walked him through this thing together. Yeah, we can take. So, yeah, let's help him out.


Something here doesn't feel right, Matt, and I hope I'm wrong. But you got to decide, are you going to confront and ready to go to war? Are you going to sit down? Like Anthony said, you're going to and you're going to let her finally hear the vulnerability in your heart and say, this hurts. Here's the vision I have for our family. Will you go there with me? Will you go there with me? Can we go there together?


And we're going to walk you through this man. We appreciate you for calling it. This is the day, Ramzi. As business owners were facing new challenges and looking for ways to communicate easily to our customers. That's why I recommend a podium. Podium works with over 55000 local businesses to help them share up to date information and stay in touch with customers. With podium, you can connect remotely with website visitors and collect payments all through text messaging. Plus, right now, Podium is offering their messaging tools for free to every local business in the U.S. Go to podium dot com to get started for free.


That's podium dot com going out to Atlanta, Georgia, having a conversation with John John. Good afternoon. How can Dr. Day and myself help make it happen?


I have a question. May I put it in the morning? Like what would they kind of do some stories in my head anyway. My accountability partner wants me to build my emergency fund up to twenty four months. Because I'm still paying off my house at the moment and pandemics and stuff can take a while to subside and run the course, that's the point that the Cuban government has. So I can feed myself like I have a house and like two to three years, some kind of a little bit of fun if twenty 24 months, because it's going to take me 24 months to live up to that point.


I feel like I should just drop my former cape down to like six percent and then use that other procedure out of the 15 days for payment on my house to pay off the house within the next two years. And then after that, double up by my 429 investment contribution to build back up to where it would be if I were not to support it to a certain extent in front. Yeah, I see what you can say, John.


How much debt do you have any other debt right now outside of your mortgage?


Now I'll pay it off everything else. OK, and how much is in your emergency fund right now? Right now, it's thirty five thousand thirty five thousand, what's your monthly expenses?


Monthly expenses cases is the same 50 plus nine, nine, five plus ten, twenty three thousand, but three thousand is your monthly expenses all you need to survive in Atlanta, correct?


Yep, that's correct. So inside of these monthly expenses, because they seem like you listed three or four items, do you have food in there or do you have clothes in there? Do you have travel in there? Do you have haircuts? Because you sound like sharp young brother, you know what I mean? Sounds like your monthly expenses are a little low.


So I do not have travel problem, I get to travel because I can't blow the budget out of. OK, if I do, I could buy what time I get down. So right now, three thousand dollars is kind of a midway where I have groceries, petrol, toiletries, restaurants, even now. Then I do pack up in here like we do for hobbies other than kind of messed up right now. Know we do have sporting stuff, flying airplanes or both cars, biking, running, etc.


It's so cool.


So right now, if you have 35000 dollars a year in your account and you're saying, let's say worst case scenario, you need 5000 dollars a month. OK, so right now you need 30000 to really be in a good place. That's six months, single guy. I'm OK with you. Even have it three months because you be able to find some level of employment to help put you through. So three to six months, minimum, fifteen to thirty thousand dollars minimum is what you need in your emergency fund.


I am not a fan of you counseling out and going down all your investments because how do you jump in? Thirty six, thirty six. All right, so you're my age. OK, so right now, John, time is on our side. And if you go down on your investment, you're taking away from compound interest. So a lot of people think I'm young, I'll go ahead and I'll stop my investments or come down a little bit and then I'll just dump a lot down the road and catch up on, you know, timing is our best friend, not the amount of money we put into the investments is the timing.


So with you being out of debt, you having a fully funded emergency fund, you need to be investing 15 percent. And no, you do not need 34 months or 24 months in your emergency fund. The only way I would say I would consider it is if you're on baby step number seven and you just want to have extra cushion, you know, a year, two years worth of living just set aside for you. And I will be like, OK, I'm cool with that.


But in your age right now, I would just go ahead and pay off the housemen. Keep that six months in there. I'll take five thousand dollars out. Go ahead and put that towards a mortgage and just start attacking that right now.


Can you really think about this? And I want you to dream with me here, John. You're 36. You'll be 38 years old. Debt free, no mortgage making good money. Thirty thousand dollars in your savings account, your net worth sounds like it's going to be over a half a million, 500000 jobs with a paid off mortgage, good income, good savings account, all your investments in their. I don't know a lot of 38 year olds ain't your place.


So I'm suggesting don't worry about going to two years of emergency, no pay off the house so you can have freedom and you can really go after your dreams and understand what your financial advisor is trying to do, like, hey, we don't know what's going on in covid. I know one thing about it is not going to dictate my future. It's not going to stop me from doing the things that I really want to do. You are in great conditions.


The average person in the world right now can't afford to pay for a all emergency. You have 35000 dollars in that account, you are in a great place, pay off the mortgage, tell your financial advisor, your coach. Thank you so much for caring about me, but I'm going to pay off the house. Makes sense. Yes.


I mean, I appreciate so much for calling in, you know, one of the biggest problems, John, that I have with coaches is, you know, they come from a good place.


I think they really do, you know, but I mean, we don't know how long coach is going to be. We don't know how long this is going to be.


But to tell a 36 year old who is debt free to put the have 100 thousand dollars is sitting in the savings account and still have a mortgage where he could take that same money and pay off his house in two years, a half, 30000. I'm confused, but I understand a heart. Be safe. How, how how about we be wise and safe at the same time?


Yeah, I think I think the the insecurity, the unknown is making everybody grasping at straws.




We're all trying to grab whatever control we can and.


And we're not there's no way to control your way through this, this pandemic is just going to be uncomfortable. We're gonna have to deal with our.


Addiction to comfort and and part of that is you got six months in the bank, you got a paid off house.


That's about as safe as you're going to get. You know what I mean? It really is. I mean, it really is. But I like you know, he he's a sharp, young love.


I mean, good for you.


You know, you guys every day you can follow DOT today or myself on Instagram. You can follow me at Anthony O'Niel. We take our questions and we bring them here on a show, give them out to our producers so we can answer some of your questions so you can follow me at Anthony O'Niel. Or if I do ask some questions, I think we got some questions.


I got a social question for you that came in from Chris from Facebook, OK? He asks, I'm 14 years old and I mow lawns trying to save for a car. Should I set my price about the same or a little lower than the competition?


I mean, you know, it all depends on what you want to do. I mean, if you want to get sometimes I say you can work hard, you can work smart and work hard means you get out there and you beat your competition. So they're charging 25 dollars. You're going to charge twenty dollars and give them some extra stuff so you can get the work and get get it up there or you can charge a little bit more. And so you know what, I'm actually charged thirty, but I'm actually going to, you know, water to grass for you.


I will come out here and do this and do that. It really all depends on how quickly you want to get the money. I'm going to say at your age, at the age of 14, I'm going to beat the competition, undercut the neighborhood.


That's what I would do. If that's what I'm doing. I'm beating the competition. 20 bucks, 20 bucks. He's doing 25. I'll do 20 if you sign today. If you say I can do it today, ahmadu it and get get you 10, 15 yards and you just kill it. And here's the thing to OK, Chris. And for anyone listening right now, especially young people, when you have a financial goal as far as and I want to purchase a car when a purchase a house makes sure you have a budget that you're aiming for.


So don't just get out there and just start working and start doing things. No, set a budget, OK? I mean, to say 5000 dollars, then batuque. All right. To get 5000 dollars, I need to cut this amount of yours at this price and that will get me to that goal. And so that's what you need to be doing right now. And I mean, you undercutting everybody so you can get to your basket getting Chris.


Good, good, good, good, good question, man. I love it. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Augusta National, make a Wilmarth. Yup, that's the thing, I didn't know that. Wow.


So I'm going to challenge those of you who don't have a will that's current to knock this out to date. An easy way to start is with our will preparation checklist. It's a free guy that helps you think through the seven things you should consider like guardians, beneficiaries, and what happens with the little things you haven't thought of, like your social media accounts.


Wow, I didn't know that. That's interesting.


Once you have your plan, you could drop it into an online will in about 10 or 15 minutes. So here's what you do.


Download our free will preparation checklist by texting will JLL two three three seven eight nine. That's will PLL to three three seven eight nine. There's an easy way to tell your family that you love them, that you care about them, and that you want the best for them, you know, leaving them with stress and headaches.


But reading this man, I have a will, but inside of my will, I don't I don't have my social media stuff in there.


That's interesting.


Yeah, I just learned some codes and your and your where's your insurance, you know, your online insurance passwords and all that stuff.


Online insurance.


Oh you mean like if your insurance company, if you log in online and. Oh that's for all the forms. Ah yeah that's right. All those pass codes and social media codes.


Yeah. Oh no. I don't know if I want my wife to have access to my social media.


I'm sorry but obviously just you already have access to my social media whenever I get married. But as far as I'm being a single person right now that never thought about. I never thought about that. Hmm. I understand it is so. Hey, man, that's that's awesome. You guys text will be elected to three three seven, eight, nine. If you're a single person, you still need a will. OK, if you are a person, I don't have a lot.


No, you still need a will. You know, you still need a will. And I believe it is it is the hardest thing to do. When I did my will, I cried. Hmm. Because I'm sitting here writing out permission for what my family needs to do when I'm no longer here.


I did the same thing deciding who's going to get my kids. Yeah. What songs do I want them to sing at my funeral? I mean, it's a it's an existential moment. It's this reality that is a hundred percent of us. Don't get out of this alive. It doesn't feel good. No, but it's the truth. It is the truth and it is needed. I didn't sleep that night. I'm sorry, man. One day I'm not going to be here.


And God said, you're right. And thank you for making that day a better process. You want to allow your family to mourn and not be stressed.


And I have sat with countless couples, moms, dads, brothers, children.


We've had somebody tragically or suddenly passed away, yeah, take their own life and there is no plan. Yeah man, there's no plan, there's no will, there's nothing in writing.


And then family comes out of the woodwork, the state gets involved, just devolves into a mess. You know, I to do this, I'm going to call one of my vision is when I pass, which is why I believe it will is so important is that I came into this world crying, but I believe this world smiling.


When I am on my deathbed and I'm looking up at my wife, I'm looking up at my kids. I'm smiling because I'm not leaving them with bills and benefits. I'm leaving and what they will land wealth, joy, peace.


And see, I had I had a different experience than you did when I finished my will. I went home that night and I slept.


Wow, like a log. Are you serious? There was something about having life insurance, there is something about having a plan. There was something about leaving my wife a roadmap. Yeah. Leaving my kids a roadmap for how they're going to navigate the world without me. Yeah, and man, I had peace. I had peace.


It was good. It was good. I felt it make. It will make. It will be again, you guys. And I didn't mean to live on this too long because, I mean, I'm just like, wow, it's hard conversation, but I'm like I actually feel so much better knowing that if I died as a single person, my mom, my family, they will have peace. So Texas, where we go to three three, seven, eight, nine, let's go out to Austin, Texas, and have a conversation with Ian.


Ian, how can Dr. Dan. I help? Yeah, thanks for taking my call, basically, my AC on my car went out. I was hoping it would just be a refrigerant issue, quick and simple. Turns out it's going to be around fifteen hundred dollars, including labor, to repair the car. It's valued at one hundred or one thousand dollars and it like two hundred thousand miles on it. OK, so I'm skeptical or I'm kind of wary about repairing it and wondering what you guys think.


So they repair it or start saving it for a new car.


We'll need an air conditioner in taxes in August. Come on in. Don't listen to me.


What what kind of car is it, man? It's a Toyota Corolla.


005, my buddy gave it to me for free. So the emotional aspect of it as well.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Toyota's a beautiful, beautiful car. What's your how much debt are you right now?


Yes, very quickly. I don't have any student loans, but when I was 19, I did get a contracting position. I didn't really understand how taxes work and stuff then. So I am in debt like around three thousand eight hundred dollars to the IRS at the moment that I'm paying off. OK, all right. All right. That's cool. We got to. That's it. How much do you make you. Right now, if you include my bonus, at least 20 an hour, but if you don't have that on my budget sheet, so without that I make post tax two thousand three hundred a month, 2300 hours a month.


OK, cool. How old are you, man? I'm 22. OK, cool. All right. So I want you to do and I want you to go ahead and get the car fixed. Fix the car, baby. Yeah. And here's why. Toyota's is a quality car. You're not looking at an engine problem. I drive in Acura to 2011, about 200000 miles on it as well. I need to put a brand new AC situation in my car, too.


So it costs me, you know, right around 800 dollars to do that as well. And so I will recommend you do the same thing because the engine and the transmission are those cars are actually pretty quality. And so spinning 1500 hours now to get that fix is going to save you thousands of dollars over the next couple of years. OK, here's another tip that I want to give it to. Everyone listening right now. When you go back, could you want this car to last for a long time, put synthetic oil into your engine and put premium gas into your tank?


A lot of people think water out of the car, then the cheaper actually going on on the gas. That's false. Think about it as a human being.


The older you get, the healthier you need to eat. And so if you really want this car to last you longer, you need to put quality a little bit more quality into the vehicle. So you're 22 years old, you're 300 dollars in debt.


We need this car to last you at least another two years. So why you're attacking your debt? The car's going to last.


So go ahead and get the A.C. fix. But to prevent any major stuff from happening to your car, do what I do, Ian. And what I want you to do is to put quality oil go up a little bit. You're going to go from thirty to maybe fifty dollars for oil change, get synthetic oil put in the car, and then you're going to go from maybe spending 20 dollars on a gallon a gallon to maybe 30, 35. But it's going to is going to preserve that engine is going to give a little bit more fuel.


It's going to be healthier for your car and you really get a lot more usage out of that car.


My mom was with me, John, and she said, why are you putting the most expensive gas in this cheap car? And I'm like, Mom, because I need it to last.


Do I want to put McDonald's into me at 67 years old? I want to, you know, just feed me a bunch of saying gas is junk, but I want to feed myself the best stuff as I'm getting older. So I'm starting it now. And a lot of people, when I see them doing that with the gas tank, you know, I was like, man, I just spent a little bit more money.


So that was your car last and last until it just came last.


See, I just learned some I don't know a lot about cars.


I do know that I my wife and I drive to high mileage Toyotas and they're going to last forever. And we drove a Corolla in. Yeah, Anthony. That Corolla, that girl is still driving. Oh yeah. And it's going to get passed to somebody else. That car will be driven in the apocalypse.


Oh yeah. Man, I took my acron and it was like man this car's perfect. Perfect. So what are you doing.


I'm like, well you know what I'm doing. You put synthetic oil in there, you know? So they're like, man, you are amazing, man. Listen, America, the caliber of our financial future will be determined by the decisions you make to day. I want you to make the right one and make the right one and compound on the right one so that tomorrow it pays off. This is the Dave Ramsey Show.


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