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Fired from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting for the Dollar Car Rental Studio. This is the Dave Ramsey Show where America hangs out and have a conversation about your life, your money. I'm so excited to be co-host of this show today with my dear friend, good friend, Dr. John Timoney. My name is Anthony O'Neal Ramsey personalities. I'm here to take your phone calls and we are excited to talk with you. So give us a call. Eight eight two five five two two five eight eight to five five two two five.


And we would definitely love to have a conversation with you. And going straight to Jackson, Tennessee, we'll have a conversation with Zach. Zach, good afternoon. How can we help?


All right. How's it going, guys? Outstanding. How are you? Good man are doing pretty good. I just had a quick question. I wanted to get your input on the situation there. So a few weeks ago, we were driving down the highway. My wife sees a little boy standing by the road and he decides to throw a big, huge rock at our car. So it's pretty fun. Well, you know, we pull in, this little boy takes off running in the woods.


In the long story short, we talked to the boy's mom. She she says that she's going to handle the situation, whatever it costs to get the car repaired. The big thing, and it scratched the paint, you know, the whole nine yards. So yesterday I went to get the car looked at to see how much it would cost. So I get the estimate. Then I contact her and she's now saying she's not going to help at all.


You know, she's not even offering to do anything. So being a Christian, you know, I want to do the right thing and I want to you know, I want to make sure that I'm not just getting run over as well, you know? So I wonder if I should take it to like a small claims court to try to get the money. It's like a little less than nine hundred dollars. So should I just let it go or should I do it?


I can get the money to get the car fixed.


Do you do you have insurance, Zach? Yeah, I do, but, I mean, you know, cause my rates to go up to my insurance.


Yeah, yeah. What do you want to do in. I mean, you know, I go back to the word God and, you know, it's like I've been forgiven or so much so I want to forgive it and just say, you know what? Just let it go. But at the same time, I mean, it is going to have to be taken care of and we don't have to go to do it, so. I don't know.


I'm just kind of told. Got you, you don't have an emergency funds. No, I don't. All right. All right. Here's the thing. It's going to cost you some money to go to small claims court. And here's the thing, too. If she doesn't have it, she's not going to pay for it, even even if she's here.


Here's the deal. I'm friends with Glady on Facebook. It's a small town here. She's on Facebook, you know, asking about how to get the new PlayStation five and talking about, you know, how good her husband's job is and the media that she has no money to say, well, Zack, so once once you get in to try to get into her head.


Yeah. Once you try to imagine what's in her checking account, you have left the idea of justice and you've you've wandered over into retribution, OK?


And so that if this isn't a a church service type of show, but if you want to get into the biblical part, that's that's the that's the concern there, that there's a difference between I need you to pay for something that you damaged and then I'm going to pile on and I need a million dollars for pain and suffering right now.


There's a difference between justice. There's a difference between the right thing to do and and there's a difference between retribution. So I don't see any moral or legal or spiritual obligation.


I mean, spiritual challenge to you going with the rules of the society that we all live in to get your car taken care of. I also want to want to really suggest you lean into what Anthony was saying. At the end of the day, you're going to have a lot of heartache, a lot of drama, a lot of a lot more expense than you think.


So, yeah, going after seven, eight, nine hundred dollars and something that a kid did.


Yeah. And so at the end of the day, you're going to have to sleep at night with whichever side you choose. I will tell you that if you start trying to figure out what you think she's worth and what you think she how she should be spending her money and not that is a fool's errand.


You're going to end up you're going to end up like the federal government, where you're going to be sitting across an aisle from somebody throwing crayons at each other and trying to solve problems.


And it's just it just kind of feels like a, you know, being spit in the face, just like I don't have any money. But yet, you know. I can't help you out what she already agreed to help you? No, I'm saying she already agreed to take care of her. Sure. Well, here's the thing. That's like a slap in the face. Here's here's the thing, Jack.


And I'm to be honest, you are being Durrow. I'm going to be real with you. Yeah, her son did it and she says she'll fix it. And now she coming. Now she's coming back. I think Dr. Dean and I are both agreeing what's happening to you is wrong. OK, we're not we're not trying to take up for her. What we're trying to do is help you move forward in a peaceful way. And so if I was you, this is what I will be doing, is not without the debate maybe, but it's what I be doing.


I will unfollow her from Facebook. I will reach out to her one more time, say, hey, man, I really need this. Taking care of your son did this. You all are responsible for this. This is putting me into a bind. Can we handle this peacefully before moving forward and just give her that opportunity? And then from there, if she says yes, figure it out. If she says no, then OK, thank you so much.


And then if you want to take it to small claims court, you have every legal right to do so. But I'm not taking her saying to small claims court because I don't have time for the frustration, the drama, the issues, over 900 dollars. We're not talking about 9000. We're talking about 900 dollars. And Dr. Deep, this is why Dave Hogan myself, Rachel, this is why we talk about having an emergency fund. Right? Because in situations like this, life happens and this wouldn't be an extreme emergency.


This would just be like, hey, hey, I wasn't spending do this, but, hey, I got to take care of it. That's right.


You know, and end what you just said, Anthony is wise. Here's what he can control his side of the equation. Yes. Unfollowed from Facebook. Yes.




If you think somebody has shown their character on the Internet, which I'm always going to debate that because that's fantasyland, then you can spend your energy and your soul and your blood pressure trying to go to war in fantasy land.


Or you can just hit the unfollow button.


You know, some of my friends would do in America, do not do this, which is on the show having a conversation.


My friends, my friends will go if they see posts about the PlayStation four, she would literally go in there like, hey, you're going to buy a PlayStation. Can you fix my car first? Right, right. Right. So don't do that. Don't stoop to their level.


Right. You stay high and just focus on your piece moving forward, focus on the things that you can't control and do not stress on the things you cannot control. Right? Yeah. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Would not to be myself here would be keeping it real relevant and righteous somewhat to it.


We'll be right back. Listen, there are some basic things that you should be doing to take care of your family, a roof over their head, food to eat, a car to get you from A to B and term life insurance, term life insurance is an immediate need no matter where you are in the baby steps, since your family is at no greater risk than when you're in debt. The only place I send you for this is to Zander Insurance.


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And they're going out to St. Louis, Missouri, going to have a conversation with a man. Good afternoon.


How can not and to deny him good afternoon. So I'm thirty seven and I bought a house when I was thirty six and about one hundred and fifty thousand on it and you know I put the healthy down payment. Well I've been thinking about life a little bit and things that I want to do and I feel a little bit mediocre in my life right now. I'm debt free and whatnot and just the mortgage and I when on my 30th birthday. Matt.


Yes, Matt, did you just say you feel like you're OK because you're debt free? But you haven't accomplished anything already? No, he's feeling you feel mediocre and you're debt free. Well, there's so many things I want to do, but it costs a lot of money and I want to do a cash, and so one of the things I want to do is I want to pay this house off. I bought it on my thirty sixth birthday and I did the calculations.


And if I sit down, I could take this thing off the last payment APR on my birthday when I turned 40. And I love that idea of buying a house and having it paid off inside forty eight months. What it would cost me is that I'm going to have to take my retirement contributions down to six percent a year for the next two and a half years. And in doing so, I will free up so much cash flow that I can just obliterate this mortgage.


And I got to tell you, the in 40 with a paid off house and then being able to finally save up for cash and buy that boat I want in two years seems pretty attractive. And I just want to know if you think you would this be kind of poor judgment would jeopardize my future retirement nest egg to kind of put the brakes on my retirement planning from going like 18 percent contribution to six percent for two and a half years.


You're contributing 18 percent right now. Yeah.


And and after it's done, I will be contributing the legal maximum to the four one K and the Roth IRA. And I'll still have excellent cash flow because I don't have that period. So two and a half years of slowing it down and then busting it out when I turn 40 and leaving it wide open in terms of investing for the rest of my working days. So hopefully 60, 65, 70.


How much do you own a house right now? I'm at. I about a hundred thousand, how much is it worth? Probably 150 to 160. How much did you buy for 140 plus ten thousand of our innovation, 140 percent thousand renovations.


That means you've gotten about seven, eight thousand dollars in equity out of it right now. I've got quite a bit. I put 20 percent down, I think that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying for the price of the house to what you owe right now. So how much equity have you built in the price of the house to that right now? About 8000.


I think I've got I think I've got about thirty thousand dollars of equity in this house now.


You bought it for how much? 140, how much is it worth now? One, I think it's worth about 150 conservatively, so that means you've gained 10000 dollars in equity. Yes. OK, so if you stop investing for four years, you're going to lose out on the match and you to lose out on compound interest over four years, that is worth way more than ten, fifteen thousand dollars. So what I'm saying is, I love your drive.


I love the fact that you really, really want to go and get this house paid off. I'm so with that. And I want to help you get there when I'm not a fan of it. Is you robbing for your future to take care of a present thing that is not hurting you? So if you're investing 18 percent don't and don't invest in 18 percent, go ahead and go down 15. Take that other three percent and put that towards your mortgage.


But I do not want you to sacrifice all this this interest stuff. And then now you're looking at a paid for mortgage, but you have it invested into your retirement. So, yes, you are hurting your retirement if you take the next few years off. But I would say do do both of them.


The fact that you're 40 years old right now, if you will be 40 years old and you are debt free, the fact that you're 36, 37 right now and you're debt free that age, that is a huge milestone that understand 80 percent, nearly 80 percent in the world right now are not near what you are where you are.


They're living paycheck to paycheck. You're not. So you have accomplished a lot already. But I love to drive. I want you to become debt free. But I'm saying of instead of about 40, maybe by 41.


Hey, Matt, why are you dissatisfied with just life in general?


Well, I mean, I guess, you know, the Lord hasn't really shown me yet my way. I don't really know what my purpose is. And I've always been very conservative and what I do, education and job and and so forth. And, you know, I thought it'd be fun to get a camper, but I don't have a tow vehicle, so I'd have to buy one of those in addition to the camper. Well, I don't have a paid for house, so I can't much save up for that.


I thought maybe it'd be fun to go boating, but I don't have a paid for house, so I can't save up money for a boat. So, hey, listen to me.


There is no such thing as an external plug to an internal hole. OK, there is no external plug to an internal hole, and I don't know what it is, you're Chazen. I don't know what it is that you are hoping that you will open some magic door and finally that alarm system in your head will stop that your shoulders will finally drop. You'll finally have a good night's sleep if you're going to find this thing. And I'm going to break your heart.


Your brother doesn't exist.


Yeah, that's true, that's true. Yeah. Are you alone there and are you alone there in St. Louis? You know, not there's not as much, and as I get older, single, older, you know, the rest of the family kind of dies off. So things aren't what they used to be 15 years ago. Sure, you have a circle of you.


You have a circle of friends, a circle of individuals around you, a church community, very, very small.


I left the area after college and built my career. And then I came back very, very recently. So there's really not a whole lot around here.


So one of the things that that stinks, Matt, is there is no swipe right app for 35 to 45 year old guys. There is no group like, hey, I just kind of like hanging out.


I like watching games and not not hanging around. Other people swipe right and we could be like, that doesn't exist. What I would rather see you do, I'd love Anthony's wisdom here financially chasing down this other milestone.


You're going to be 40 and you're going to go. All right. I'm telling you right now on the other side of 40, it is not going to feel as whole as you think it's going to. I'd much rather you double down and triple down on trying to find relationships in the St. Louis area, a group of men, a group of men and women, a group of people to hang out with.


Yeah. Can you get around some ladies so he can meet them, meet one beautiful woman, go gobe, go interact with other people.


Yes. Because that's going to heal you from the inside out other people. And I understand, dude, that emptiness. I understand that black hole. I understand that. All right.


I'm debt free now. What. And I understand that. Oh maybe I get a boat but I need to do this. Hey, this man that feels good. It's going to be an empty victory. It's a hollow victory without other people in your life.


And also, man, I would definitely say go get the book Purpose Driven Life, go ahead and say this.


And I'm trying to say in a non spiritual way, but you said something. God hasn't given your purpose. I believe God has. I think sometimes we miss hearing God because we're so busy doing something else. And I think you've been so busy trying to accomplish things on the external that God is talking to you internally, but you've been so busy in your life has been so loud that you couldn't hear what he was trying to give you an insight, to bring you that purpose, to bring you that joy and freedom that you need.


And so I agree that you one, stop trying to pay off the house right now. Just make the mortgage payment, make a little bit extra if you want to, but spend some time to really just quiet your external life, get around some peers, get around some some men, get around some. Some ladies, you know, go out on a date and just enjoy where God has you at because you're a solid guy. But I just want you to sit still a little bit.


So that way internally, you can maybe hear from God. He can give you a purpose. Yeah, brother, there's some healing that's got to happen in your heart.


And I'm sure that's a long journey. You're worth it, brother. You're worth it.


Worth it, man. Hey, Dr. Death to me you today. Let's go. This is Dave Ramsey Show. Eight eight two five five two two five, if you want to call in and just have a question about anything, any area of life, money, life, relationships, dating, as a matter of fact, we have a dating question coming up next in this beautiful city of Jackson, Tennessee. Let's have a conversation with Ben. Ben, good afternoon.


How can Dr. D and I help you?


Afternoon. How are you gentlemen doing? Doing good, man, about yourself. So pretty good. I've got a question I've been dating this woman for since mid-April and we have tried to move our relationship further along and, you know, started getting into finances and asking about how she's financing and budgeting. And I just recently got on the Dave Ramsey plan about September. And I was I've been able to pay off like thirty five hundred dollars and like two, three weeks.


So congrats and yeah, thanks. And, you know, I've tried to get her income up and every time I mention she's a stay at home mom, and every time I mention that, you know, she needs to get her income up, she gets mad at me for mentioning, you know, that she needs maybe try to go back to work and get her income up. Is she a single mom? Yes, she's a single mom with three kids.


OK, and how old are you? I'm 28, 28. OK, how old is she? Yeah, she is 29. OK, so she she and living off alimony essentially. Well, she's living off child support right now, basically child support, and she's only getting like eight hundred and something dollars. Sure. And, you know, tried to tell her she needs to get her income up or, you know, she's either move out of the house she's in and sell her car or try to get her income up because she's going to make ends meet.


OK, well, listen, Brother Ben, I'm telling you this because I love you and your fellow Tennessean, OK? The last thing on planet Earth, a single mom with three kids needs is a boyfriend of about four or five or six months telling her what she needs to be doing with her life, what she needs to be selling.


No, hold on. Hold on. What she needs to be selling, what she needs to be doing. That's way, way out of bounds. Way out of anything that makes any sort of sense.


Even if you think you've got the math part figured out, hearing that sets off every alarm she's got. OK, and so the best thing you can do right now is model your own actions and your own thoughts. You can live towards the Dave Ramsey. You're still single. You can be taking care of you in this process. And as you'll continue to date, you met her in the middle of a pandemic. So I'm just telling you, things are going to be different over the next year or so as you were making your way through this relationship further.


The thing that she needs less from you is advice. And the things she needs more from you is a relationship.


Hmm. Is you. Hmm.


OK, so talking about hey, here's some things that I'm doing in my life. Here are some accomplishments here, some some goals I'm setting and working towards working forward. But, man, stay out of that. Hey, here's what you should be doing. Here's what you need to be selling. You need to get off the couch and start working some more. Brother, that's some dangerous, dangerous West Coast on fire.


I mean, that's you know, I've been modeling for, you know, and still in this where I'm going, you know, this is where I met and and she's you know, she's slowly seeing where I'm coming from. It's just it's just trying to get her to, you know, go with it, you know, go with the flow and try to get her income up to where she because I know she's struggling because she's told me numerous times that she struggles a lot.


No question.


Hey, y'all been dating for how long? Been. Since April, since April of this year, since about, what, six, seven, four months, four months, four months? OK, all right. So check this out, man.


I want to say something again on a diagram to show that some people may not like dating the route were four.


Dating is data. And so when you're dating someone, you're gathering data to see if you want to proceed forward with that individual. If this young lady after four months is showing you there in this season of my life, I do not want to do this. That is data for you now. All right. Do I want to live with this or not live with this? And so if you do not want to live with it, then move on.


If you do, then it goes back to what you're saying, be in a relationship with her and do not try telling her about herself.


Right. And and Ben did the classic. Yeah. Which is I'm telling you, Ben, this is what I've been doing for 20 years. And Ben's response is, I know, man. But listen. But listen. This is where like I know, but I'm different. Like, this is what, trust me, has been for 30 days. Brother, I want you to not give her one piece of advice, that relationship.


It's October to November two. You've got our number. Call us. I want you to go 30 days. No advice, no advice. I want you to say call her in the morning and say, I hope you're having a great day. Yes. Anything I can do to serve you today? Oh, God, I love you today. Yes. And then in the evening time, if. No, no, no. Don't skip to the even text at lunch time.


How's your day going? That's right. Come on. You know, I'm saying they text or some song lyrics.


Yes. Yes. Whatever it needs to do in the evening, I hope today was awesome.


I love you, but I listen and I'll see you tomorrow. No advice. Yes. No. If she calls and says, hey, what should I do?


I want your answer to be you're brilliant. You grew three children in your body.


Come on, man. What do you think you should do? Well, yes. What do you think? And whatever you do decide to do, I'm going to support that.


Thirty days. Thirty days and call us back. Don't call it Dave Ramsey. Pat. No, wait.


Do you see Doctor being at the, you know, Neil on the show and give us a call back and I guarantee you, I guarantee you that your relationship would be much better. And if it's not, let's be real, then you need to make the decision with that data to either move forward or to stay right now.


One of the things that I love about the Dave Ramsey Show is that we have an amazing YouTube tribe, OK? And if you all are listening to us, you can log on to YouTube, Dotcom, go to the Dave Ramsey Show live. And I mean, I'm on here all the time, just really just in between breaks, looking at it, talking with them. And I really would encourage you if you ever at home, definitely log on there.


You'll see our faces. Doctor D had on a shirt earlier that looked just like mine, but my shirt looked better, so we made him changes.


I'm the new guy so I had to go change. No, but seriously though, I mean we love talking with you also. Do you have another question for you? Because I don't want to answer this question is from is from YouTube. OK, Jarvis Jackson says, what advice would you give a young single guy like myself that can't seem to find a significant other because most ladies are intimidated by my drive.


Man, that's a brother that needs a hug right there. I don't think that that is somebody who has concocted an excuse, has created a oh, that's why. Mm hmm. And has taken that on as their identity as to why people don't want to be around him. And so anybody who walks into a room and thinks to themself, I've got so much drive people in here may not even want to be around me, is going to assure that nobody wants to be around.


Now. Is it possible, in your expertise of studies that some ladies are intimidated by successful men? I think all different kinds of people are intimidated or by all different kinds of things, because all different kinds of people have all different kinds of narratives that they grew up with. They have models. They have stories. Some people had dads whose jobs are more important than they were. Yeah. And they are intimidated by that. And they're going to find themselves marrying that.


Right. Or some people had dads who didn't go to work at all but were great fathers.


And they understand what being hungry is about, but they also understand what deep connection with the parents like. Right. So to think that I'm going to walk into a room and make a blatant generalization about everybody here based on my clearly superior way of being my drive. Yeah, man, it's not fair to the people around you.


So one of the things I want I'm going to do is to walk in a room and say, how can I connect with the people in this room? So he meets a young lady because Mr. Jackson, on YouTube, I hope you're paying attention to this wisdom that you're getting. He needs to go up to her and say, you know, how can I win her over? How can I calm myself down and just connect better with her? So those are two different things.


I don't ever want to be over. I don't know, win over. I don't want to Lord over. I don't advice over. I want to be with how can I connect with somebody. And it starts with hi, my name is John. Well you do. That's a shout out for today. America, this is not the beat. And Anthony O'Neal right here in the Dave Ramsey Show. We'll be right back. Parents, I know that you want your kids to be prepared for the real world, but teaching them how to handle money the right way can seem like a big job because honestly, it is a big job.


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Bunch of great stuff in there. So go to Dave Ramsey Dotcom, forget self study and I promise you your kids will not make the money mistakes you and your significant other made. So going out to Virginia, we're going to have a conversation here with Nicole. Good afternoon, Nicole. How can Dr. D and I help?


Hi, guys. Thanks for taking my call today. Oh, no, thanks for calling in. How can we help? So right now, I'm the only one working in our household. My husband is a stay at home dad of children of one and three, and I make probably about 90000 dollars a year. We're currently living in a house that's about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars, which is probably how much we could get for it. So our question is, if we should sell the house to pay off our debt, we have about fifty five thousand dollars worth of debt.


So and we owe about one hundred and eighty thousand dollars on the House currently. So it's worth you said to 60 and you owe 180. Yes, yes. All right. So you have about 80 grand in equity and your income is at 90 outside of your mortgage. But what was your other debt?


It's about 55000 student loans, cars, so that about 10000 has left on the car and then have about 20 on student loans left to pay and then unfortunately, twenty five thousand. And that is within a debt relief program. And that's why I want to go ahead and just get it paid off as soon as possible. It's very stressful knowing that we're not making any payments right now on our debts.


Is the reason why you're selling your house solely to pay off the debt, like if you had no debt, would you still love this house and would you still want to be in this house?


No, I mean, we can't picture so being in Virginia so often because we would like to relocate, but right now we would like to possibly say, like for the house, save up maybe in a year or so living in an apartment to relocate. So, yeah. Yeah. Well, here's thing.


If you're saying you're going to move here within the next couple of years, you have any great equity, OK, you're going to take nine percent off of that 260 on average. So you're not going to walk away with 80000 hours of equity. You may walk away with right at about 55 to 60 thousand dollars in equity. So you're going to have to pay off you pay off your debt with that. So you really pocket any of that money, but you definitely will be able to pay off your debt.


I'm a huge fan of of home ownership. Once you're in it, as long as that, you know, the payment is below 25 percent of your take home pay. So I would try to ask the right questions to make sure, because a lot of people think, well, if I have debt, sell my house. Well, wait wait a minute. Let's just make sure that's the right move for you at this time.


And from hearing you, your future, your income, I do believe that you're going ahead and selling your house. That's a good move. And then from there, just make sure you get an affordable apartment. And I would say if you really want to say try and get that apartment payment right around 15 to 20 percent of your income. So that way you can save a lot more. You can save at least 10 to 20 percent down to go towards moving to.


Now, where you moving to? Like, where would you like to move to? Possibly to Tennessee. We would have to look more into it, but we definitely don't want to be in Virginia any longer. OK, OK. Yeah, Tennessee is a beautiful state.


You know, you'll definitely be able to find something beautiful out here. So I think it's a great move, anything when you're in the state.


Nicole, I did this exact thing. It was a good move for a family. We spent a year in an apartment. We had one little kid. It was it was it was it was good.


We learned a lot about ourselves and about our family.


Can I be honest with you? Yes. You have an existential weariness in your voice behind the debt. What's going on in your soul, man? You seem exhausted. Well. I am you know, we've been seesawing back and forth that we should sell the house or my husband works very hard at home and a one in the three year old is very exhausting. And, you know, we've toyed with the idea of him getting a job after I get home from my job because I work six days a week right now.


And I just don't think that's fair. I mean, when I get home, he's exhausted. I'm exhausted. So I don't think it's fair to ask him to get a part time job. I've thought about entertaining the idea of getting a part time job after my full time job. But, you know, I miss my kids as a mother. This is a very important time to watch them grow.


What do you do for a living? What do you do for a living? I'm a dental hygienist. OK, so. We do me a huge favor, yes. Listen to what I'm going to say, OK, we don't think when winter comes, that summer's broken. Is just the season and it's cold and all the leaves fall off, there's no fruit on the trees, it's just not that great. And we hang on and then spring always shows up.


You have a one year old and a three year old in your house. You're in the middle of a pandemic, you're in an exhausting, hard job. Most people don't know. The research on dental offices is one of the hardest soul taxing jobs there is in the world.


And I want to just honor the season, OK? Sometimes it's there's not a lot to solve.


You guys, do you have a debt problem of selling your house is going to be helpful and relieve some of that burden off your hearts and minds.


That's great. But I also want you to just exhale. It's just winter.


You have a one to a three year old man. You got diapers everywhere. Nobody's sleeping. There's food on everything. You got toys everywhere, pacifiers behind the commode. You got stuff everywhere.


Yeah. I want you to give yourself my new friend, Nicole. Give yourself some grace.


OK, this season's not going to last forever, that one in that three year old, they're going to start talking. They're going to start smiling at you. One day, I promise, they're going to be able to wipe their own behinds, shower themselves. It's common. It's just not right now. You're a good, good mom. You're a good, good wife. Sounds like your husband's doing some hard work. Rest in this season.


It's winter. Summer's coming. Summer's coming. Nicole.


I was I was enjoying your time there, but I just have a heart for moms who just say, can I be doing more?


Can I be doing more?


And sometimes you just got to say this is hard. This is a season it's going to pass.


You almost made me cry, Debro. I'm not. Oh, man, that was a great awiya. This is the Dave Ramsey Show.


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