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What's up, everybody? I just wanted to provide everybody with a quick update on the ETCs and fill you in about this bonus episode recoupable. This was part of a Verizon event. We recorded this live in front of 50 Verizon up members. We had an amazing time. Quaqua was a great guest. Shout out to Verizon for hosting the event, started Cadence 13, shout out to the boardroom team, everybody, to help put this together. I cannot wait to do this again.


Maybe one day when the world is opened back up and everything's closer to normal, we can do this in front of a live audience.


Who knows, man? I know we had a great time. Kevin and I enjoyed a on top of that. Kevin and I sat down afterwards and we had a convo about his season, about his preseason. We talked about music. We talked about everything, man. The the Nets finals prospects, the make up the team. So far we just caught up, man. It was great glimpse into kind of the convos we have every day, even talk to him about Rooy dunking on them.


So, yeah, make sure you stick around, check that out. Hope you like it as a warning. We will be taking a quick break from the show as Kevin season gets going here, but we'll be right back. Got a bunch of dope guess lined up for the second half of the season and can't wait to get back to the show. In the meantime, got a bunch of dope war room and excited Wisconsin in a way. So make sure you keep an eye out for that.


And if you like this convo with Kevin, maybe we'll do a quick check in with him in a couple of weeks, see how small. Maybe I'll catch him at a loss to tease him a little bit. Catch him at the issues six for twenty is something and ask what the hell happened. But Kevin looks like Kevin, so we might we might not have too many opportunities to do that. Everybody would say he looks like the old lady there in the summer doing all season look like they were right.


Man, that dunk he had to finish off his run in a Celtics game. That was all I need to see us at all. Dog is back. So again, make sure you stay tuned at the worst. Catch my convo with Kev and we'll be back real soon. So, yeah, without further ado, let's get the clever. Tonight's virtual recording, the Exodus podcast, is brought to you by Verizon up. We're super excited to welcome the exclusive audience of Verizon up reward members who are able to gain access to Tonight Show to them, Verizon.


We welcome you guys. An exclusive event with our special guest for an intimate conversation around sports, music and entertainment. So let's get started. So welcome, everybody. So this special edition of the ETCs podcast with Kevin Durant. My name is Eddie Gonzalez. As always, I'm joined by Easy Money. Sniper fire fighter Kevin Celebra Solid. You got back on the court, finally got back on the court. How you feel about that, man? It's been fun getting back into the swing of the season and being a player again.


I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and see how it plays out. Emam, we're excited to have you out there. It's dope to see all the love you got this year. And, you know, it seemed like the basketball world was ready to have you. So, look, without further ado, we'll get to our special guest. He is a multi time platinum recording artist, a multiple time Grammy nominee to number one albums. One of the biggest songs I did a couple of the biggest songs of the decade, one third of Amigos, where we quavered today quite well.


How are you living? Well, yo, what's happened? It was good to do this and stay healthy and bless. I'm good. Where you at these days? Right now I'm in Atlanta and we celebrating our birthday party. We were in Korea going crazy. I seen, I seen, I seen a big week for you guys. So let's start at the beginning, man. I know you guys are all family. The story's been told many times that, you know, of course, you guys are going to rock together, would let the trio to music.


Why why did that become the outlet for you guys? It was either that or sports. And at the time, we couldn't get our school together. So we had the same run around in the street and put something together and to make our family proud, to make that proud, we just linked up together, start taking the music seriously. My motivation in sports was always a big thing for you to write.


Acclaimed as a quarterback, we see you on the court a lot. That was a big part of your life early on as well.


Yeah, for sure. That's all it was sports in it. And not just and we kept us up out of a lot of trouble jams and just trying to, you know, do at the school activities. But added it was it was outside playing around. What was it like, though, when you when you first drop a record and you not knowing what that reaction was like and then everybody around the neighborhood just take on to it and how hard I feel early on?


Oh, man, it was crazy. It started out it started out at this little smile cookoff Mingo we had a song called Bandeau and we used it. We used to go to the play the day we had to deejayed one D.J. like a giant and one D.J. like smoke. So we so we wanted a drink and we'll make sure we had a black for other D.J. we were going in there. Yeah, yeah. Like two, three records, one time cashing in the club.


It was he would like spin it out fast and like five times they only play a band. Obando was automatically slow. So it kind of like baby speed it up kalifa and he's looking to get planning spread into the A and then go up. Got the phone. So it was that like when you get that call from GOCE in and I know in Atlanta that's the culture you get going in the strip club, you get going there and then once you get around Guzzi it changes a little bit.


Right. What was that like going to happen for you guys? Are you getting the same feeling the same that you get? Drapkin everybody? Kind of, yeah.


That I felt was a little behind. As soon as he stepped in, it was just being like beat 2000 beat. Atlanta always supports their home grown folks. Like, is there something you guys try to carry on as well? Like, y'all are massive now and everybody wants to work with you. That's something you guys carry on to. Your show is it's all about just making sure you had the same when you was watching them. God like changes in our was it was it was in front of us.


So we had to make it right that we know in our hand and do records and do songs were already done and never had them. No thanks to OG Tadas and a couple of them was hanging on us when we came in. So we try to like not to that.


So I've been in a studio with you before and it is incredible how fast you make records like you always been a freestyle punching, try to get stuff done fast, or did that kind of your style kind of evolve over time? You started out like that. We don't even know it was kind of creating this bang to everybody. Do now like that. Plenty of time. We started just rapping like that. Even when we came in, actually, we used to putting off each other and have each other in a studio before we recorded.


Yeah. And that's how we came in. But not like punches. Five, six songs seven. That song was out today. We are not. No matter how quickly you had that chemistry, did it take a while to build it up a notch? And I'll just wrap it in a room, just add a little hyping each other. And we really Lannett down on the song is like rapping on the beat and Jack going crazy if you like, whatever you were just doing down right then.


And there's this man.


So Bandos one big break and you guys elevate to another level and y'all get some Versace. That's a whole nother level. What was that like an overnight change? Like once that pops, you guys are living a whole different life. Like, how'd that go for you?


See, Bandeau was like the hood and, you know, who are famous, who are rich. But it was like it was the world know, saying he was ashamed to go. Everybody was watching it. Everybody was cutting now flows. Everybody was calling out homes. Everybody's wearing gold. And I snuck it out of a bottle was precisely go. It just it was like something that I ain't never seen. I felt like a day before my life, like that was the best feeling I ever had in the world.


I thought I was like, awesome, like Beatles pop star crazy dude. I can't describe the feeling. It was crazy, though. Did you guys know in the studio that it was going to be that you had one on which you right there? And when I'm saying I don't want to do songs, which is like the record we became on that subject for, thank you for starting out so well.


We have decided to go ahead and not let it out right now. We've laid it down and we'll go then. We played it for good. That's all you can say.


I was satisfied that I just I just kept saying and I took out and then Jakobson like, how did that come about? When we met him at a birthday bash in L.A., that was like our first performance. And I think some might have brought him out and we introduced each other. He said he'd been on a wave and he says we dropped the original music. You know, he was a real just sit back and watch going on and we just made it happen.


I think I sent him a song called Paronto Emphasize that was a favorite song. So, yeah, I totally get off stage. That was it.


So we're not having like everybody started rapping on it. Yeah, we have fun with it. We want to get married. We want to embrace everybody. We could have went and said, you can't be you can't, you can't own. But we are so proud of ourselves. It's just that we was moving the culture and moving to where do we we love it. So when while cause y'all follow the most influential flow to decorate, you already knew that as validation for what you are right now.


He absolutely right. And no other flow came in the game and this staggered it like the Tripler flow that the first culture for ya was like in the process of making the album. Did you understand I was going to take you out to the next level? I was going to build that whole, you know, culture around the that first album when we made costumes was mad. We weren't getting the recognition that we that we felt like we weren't getting our recognition.


So we was like a lot of people just, you know, saying giving everybody power, giving everybody these people are the game. And we felt like we were the ones that was the culture. So we just said we to call this album culture and stand on it and be angry because nobody really said our name and they sang it, shook the flow, was already created. It came from elsewhere. It came from the old. It was just like it too much.


And we want to point the finger at nobody, pick them out. So we just was like, oh, we're going to name his coach. We're going to name his coaches. Dan, on the win, lose or draw, you know, if it is, it is because we know it is. And it was out of him as audacious as you guys. How has it changed the process for you guys? Are you guys all still able to get in the studio and still kind of catch that feeling like you once had, as we did, called your nest are going crazy?


We just started that record and we start traveling, you know, seeing a little bit separate step right in ourselves and doing solo record. So we started like recording on our own and come back with a song like that. Then I'll set came up with that and boogie. I was out in L.A. and I had to do my verse at a crib in L.A. because he was just going crazy one day and made Fastnet songs and that was in there. So then we just got to the point to like, OK, whenever we may record, we got to come back and get on.


We got homework to do. We got we got to grind. We know he's not doing anything doing solo work, isn't doing features and still is family. We still got to bring a plate back to the game. Right. So that's what I wanted to talk about that we're good next to. So that's got to be another point of elevation, right? That's a huge smash. No long record. No one will watch the whole night. What was that like?


And then you guys, you got to start to run right at the right like that. That's a whole moment on that TV star.


Come to magazines and. The war sells, and that's why when you get a bill one on one, that's when it doesn't have the sense.


So it's just getting crazier and crazier that we are able to remain grounded to order because that's your elevation is crazy fast and you guys, you know, remain humble. It probably helps to be around family as often as you are, right? Yeah, just just a family mentality. Just hold just communicating and just being real with each other and just handle the problems. Even though we get mad, everybody get emotional. You just we family know how to stick with it and do it.


So you all go out.


It's like so you know, you are, you know, often or younger artists in Atlanta coming by the studio to to actually to listen to their stuff every day, all day. Ministerial senior, we we always just coming in and listening and tapping and I'm always digging my indulgently. We're going out. Oh I get some ideas. Are you guys really accessible. Do you do you remain accessible like that for. So I'm, I might be the most accessible.


I've been on speed every day. Have somebody already calling me. Yeah. That's dope. No that shit aren't available to people like that because you know you guys are like the prototype for success in this decade. I feel like, you know, you went from literally you to mix tapes to Billboard and TV like you say. So I get why people would would be reaching out, so speak. Speaking of TV, you've dabbled in acting. How's that going for you?


I was cracking up on Niarchos because I'm like I was just like quite well you guys chain on and all that. Like, how did that come about for you and how are you looking to do it in the future? We're working on we're doing some I'm doing this film right now that we're going to shoot. I think I got to shoot in January in Puerto Rico and Robert De Niro and that thing. So I'm trying to I'm going work on that one is crazy.


I can't wait to have my own these shows. I probably don't even want to be seeing them right now. Yeah. Yeah, that's those are movies now is it.


Just want to tap into growing up. I just feel like I'd like to get my hands on a lot of sand and try to be big as possible. And just like you said, like reachable, like people can see me. So I joke about, you know, you showed up dressed as quite well, but it does speak to kind of like the fashion you guys push forward. And it is a timeless aspect to it. How important is that to your presentation?


And, you know, you guys blew off a song about fashion. How important is that to what you guys do then?


Like this is school to push you down to Levi's, look back down to the back. We just always have been fresh and not where they want to know where. Got it. Our friends right now have a gallery department up uptown from Japan now. Got to stay fresh.


Y'all fresh out before you to you might be one cool establishment leaf. Yeah, I came straight to the island for loving me man. So that's that job. Yeah. I got a lot different from mom, but I think, you know, they had different level it. So that's all part of kind of. Yeah. Different level of fame is where, you know your relationship is now news to people and stuff. What's it like dealing with day and you watching.


Same thing. Happy we all see it and his relationships. I mean anything happens within is big news. What's it like dealing with that on a day to day basis? I just grow around. I just think I'm growing, you know, saying and just try to keep people out of their lives, keep moving. Like when it's about just stuff like that is all about communication. Like I said, we're a group, so we try to split us up and break up.


So even with a relationship the same and like that, we just keep our house and we talk about conflict. I know it's like it's kind of frustrating to watch that happen with Kevin, like just rumors out of thin air and just I was just went broke. And I know he didn't say this because we were just talked about. It's like that kind of stuff happening that's got to be is that annoying? Like, are you guys used to it at this point or how's that work for you?


And I really don't pay attention on the Internet that we just said that. Right. We just said, like, go, it's not real right now and it goes straight viral and you straight straightline. So you can't believe. You can't believe. I've had conversations with Kevin.


And then once the reporter on TV say the complete opposite, I'm like, yo, I literally just talk to this man that we set up out some money that the other night and and the person says that is that moment and I'll take care of the exact they try to turn it into it. They what's next on the music front door? Because I felt like I. I've heard a lot from you in the last year or so, I dropped a couple of joints, but I think I need a full length project with next.


Right now, we just wait on culture three. We've done with the album. We just went on twenty, twenty one. And so I think frankly, we don't want to drop it right now. We need to come out. We want to commotion. We don't want to move. We want to be outside. We want to drop it and go to we want to have an album, listen to have people in the band and really hear an album like I can't let the Internet judge my album.


It is don't make say I just want to be with the people. I want to touch the people. That's what we do at the top of the year. I feel like a lot of the industry is on pause. That has to be frustrating. Sitting here listening to your music and your music don't really a like it's always going to be relevant, but you still got to be sitting there frustrated some days. Like man, like this song would have really hit this summer.


Like, you know, I don't want this sound to go away. We really making this like, what's that like? That's how we deal with their record. You know, it was us traveling on it. And the whole vibe was a festival.


It was like a festival film.


They set everything down in the song, couldn't do what they wanted to do because with no performance, I want to get a band Travanti Amigos on stage.


I was at Coachella the year and Boosie Pop and it felt like I was on. Everybody said like, yeah, well every stage performance on and it was then I realized like yeah y'all are like me for festivals and arenas, like the whole energy you guys come to the stage is made for their city. Is that what you are looking forward to next year? Like hopefully. Hopefully, hopefully. Hopefully. Well, I hope I get to see these people again.


I'm ready to cross. I'm ready to go crazy. Those must be everything. So we all been in the house this year. We all kind of got to be a little regular. No normal. Looking back, what are you doing in your free time besides all the work you're doing? Like what do you binge you binge watching Noriko's? Like, what are you listening to? What's going on? Quite a regular day. I'm making more music, still doing it.


We finish in our culture. Three makes him massively making new songs for the album.


I might go to bed now and then go buy some some properties I got we invested in to create that. We grew up being made music. We bought it. We got to get out and get that 100 percent ready. For some. It's your movie trying to do a lot of stuff. So it's all about let's talk about that. Excited for the season. Er yeah. My boy back in the yard with the girls they say AVP, that's not what you're going for, not doing too much, you know, do my thing and go home and that's about it.


OK, ok. I didn't know it was MVP buzz me until I started talking about it the other day. What is it me like.


I was like what are you and the Hawks. You got any affiliation with the Hawks. You doing anything with them as far as merch or anything in the future with the Hawks?


Well, last night on my birthday this year, we might do some in the game. But like I said, the last couple of days is a whole lot of things with the fans and the kids, because everything shut down in the NHL because after let's not like a lot of these entertainers are definitely doing business with these organizations for whether they like to face or whether they don't, like you said, honchoing night. Like, I feel like they definitely the music component is definitely creeping into the NBA.


You think so, too?


If you want to do a collab, I want to do a collab like a Jersey collab or in some crazy like this year. I most definitely got to tap into it. We got to like merge music and eSports. So we're like we're designing jerseys and, you know, and helping with the swag is turning it up. So yeah. Yeah. I feel like these days they're the same where you want to know my people quite a lot. That's like the intersection because I feel like I see more mixed types.


Are you hoping and I see is somebody sort of like, you know, like how important is that for you, that kind of inflection, like, you know, somebody like you and you guys were like, you know, similar circumstance, similar backgrounds. How important is that to you, to tomatillos? I mean, do we come from if we want basketball? Everyone knows sports. You had headphones on, you listen to some music. Did you get you right?


Is the best of both worlds you need. That's your adrenaline. Like I, I can't name one if I may not listen to a song before I went out to play. I can't, I can't think of a time. So if, if that's the world and even when they come run down, back, back and forth down and be playing music like so if that's the world we need to figure out a way to put a home inside, you know, and maybe like a record studio in the stadium.


Some like it hot. So there's another way you merge the worlds to watch a football game. Like how did. I come about for you, today is my birthday, so I just wanted to just spread the word on my day to my WHO and get all the kids, all my friends, all my players are the ones who play ball, all the ones who don't. I just want to bring some inspiration to the NRA and we do a good job that we make sure that the kids have supplies.


We make sure that kids have rides in and out shadows. We do Easter egg hunts. I donate to the school. What else? I got kids that need like thousands and thousands of gloves and masks to the health care workers. I do a lot of them and I just don't throw it out. The budget honcho cares. Little little kid is not to do it.


And I do it for the attention. So it's like, you know, I can see even you don't even, like, want to talk about like you, they just do it and talk about it. So it's not when you're moving like that sobre so I'm always giving back because I know that I really came from I can be as a 4.0 Latinist man and so I got to give it a solo albums back to culture. The I know well that you said this is going to be nice almost like have you all been recording new stuff this year.


Like how are we getting a new version of the album and maybe we would have gotten more.


No different. We it too much. And then like the album that was going to drop in 2020. Twenty most definitely different. What was going on, you know, Santana, where you got to talk about what's going on in the world. So it's a whole different album. Yeah. So I know you grew up on Outkast. I know. You know, they kind of stamp the South. You know, the s got something to say. Do you still feel kind of like a chip on your shoulder as you kind of go against the industry or you feel like you have a rock in the game?


So chilling. Yeah, I feel like everything starts there these days. Right? Yeah. You got to go to the subway. I mean, if you're trying to get any juice, you've got gotta come down here. So what's next for you guys beyond those you just wholly focused on that in trying to get to that. Just get back to the core, getting back to the roots of where we came from. Not the easy way. You see me go on TV, see me go on the screen, you see me go going down to commercials.


You see me doing pop. Do you see any girls could be on the next Kellogg's cereal. You see, we do that is trying to get back to the essence of things where we came from and that's what we're doing. Are you guys able to be around each other as often as you used to? I know you know, you're around now for says birthday stuff, but like, you know, you guys still able to maintain it throughout the year.


Well, then we'll take over here with update. So you're busy working today, though. Are we always together? There's no there's no. So like going for which you is where like do you have any big moves on the way beyond. I know you mentioned what you what really. Do you have big stuff on the way next year. I feel like the more I talk to people within the industry or whatever, it seems like everybody's gearing up to have a really big twenty, twenty one.


Like any time it's coming back up, the football league is back control football. The big thing is that we kind of setting up is like a seven or seven fan control football league where all the fans call the plays drafted players jerseys. And I think there's going to be fine. So we got to I got to take out a guy named Richard Sherman, you know, Richard Sherman. How does that even come about? I want the streets to control the football and they want the street to control to play.


So we trying to set it up. That way, you will be able to play QB again with me here. And I that we see the videos from Lonzo. You look like you got a little juice.


No, no I'm, I got some pull up with so much of you with the celebrity game. See. See you open like that. I told you man you. I feel like I've seen more mistakes that you didn't have to. People just got drafted. We are, they're working. I begin in Hamburg. I got to be I who I like. I got to get back in this week and I'm not who but I really play with no represent really who I drink straight.


You know that a lot of very well there. He's straight on like my life. Somebody who he's straight though. People are solid. Maybe we can help him. We got good IQ with, you know, some people who we got he got great IQ is I don't him. I like somebody who really like who I got to play. Dirk, don't look nice. Dirk looks like, you know, they, they can really. That's almost like he played college ball.


Yeah. He can't play against. Yeah. I got to set up the one on one artist. Artist tour, we just said the one on ones everywhere we go, all we need to see that we see that on or somewhere they've got to be able to watch the cash prize.


But I'm the commissioner, Ali Cash Prize.


Yeah, I don't doubt their money. A good amount of money will get somebody out there to play for it. So we'll go before we let you go, man.


Is there anything else we got to hear about that you working on? Is there anything else you got coming up on the way? I don't know if you want to reveal to the big giant I release date or anything like what's going on with you there? I can't do that to my boy, to we get together, my gang, my family man. Of course. Of course. But right now, we got as I was screaming and working on it, when you you'll see us again and we've got the three.


Well, look, man, we appreciate having you here, bro. And big fans of you, obviously. And we can't wait to hear the album and see y'all back on top running the game again like like you planned to do this year, you know, so we get back to having the regular world. We don't need amigo s, you know, appreciate your vote.


So thank you, sir. I appreciate your brother.


I mean, it was dope, dope convo with Cueball. How do you feel, how do you like it? How long have you known been around amigos don't make waves.


I ran a cable a few times at a games and then on Instagram following each other. And actually when I was but two years ago when we played in Atlanta, he picked me up from the hotel. We went past the studio. He made some joints in the studio. So we got pretty close over the last few years.


That's the that's dope that you can have those connections. I mean, you've told me countless stories at this point. It's like, oh, I'm at such a certain rock with such and such. And so, I mean, they're like larger than life these days, too. Yeah.


And like you said, like we talked about on a par, I think it's good that we have that chemistry between the artists and the Hoopers, you know, because we listen to their music, they watch us play, we draw inspiration from each other. So it's like it feels like these relationships are supposed to happen, you know?


And I know music is big for you. You know, we talked about it on other parts about how that's huge to your environment. It's your mood as it goes to plan and stuff like that. So it's got to be crazy to then get around. Like at the end of the day, you're still a fan, too. So you get around these people just like, yo, I'm in the studio such and such, like this is what is it?


Do you still get a vibe like E?


Yeah, for sure. I mean, I appreciate the craft and how hard it is to make music, you know, and then to be good at it. And it's to sell millions of records. And I know how tough that is. I could tell that is a tough process, but and then you just you realize over time that these guys are kind of curating your life at this point.


Yes, we said that before. Remember, like, he literally gave us a soundtrack. Yes.


And it's crazy to think because, you know, certain songs that you hear from even Amigos or Quave or even other newer artists and they younger than me, some of the songs that I hear brings me back to a certain time. And it's just like, wow, these guys have been in the game for so long and I'm getting kind of nostalgia. Listening to them, you know, is it's crazy how that stuff forms. And as we get older, I just mean a little bit more to us.


So is don't that those relationships.


I know, man, you are those people who constantly have music going on. We were swapping songs like you. Have you heard this? Yeah, all the time.


So it's like it just never ends in, you know, like we said on the part, like the words are synonymous. And I like how he mentioned getting that call from Gucci. Got to be like when you get drafted like you say, like, oh like here we go. You know, we made it and it elevates, you know, bad. And you probably felt like a title.


Exactly like a heavy piece.


So it's, you know, in the way those rules in a sec, it kind of we all have the same lifestyle, but we all have to come from the same place and kind of seek the same thing.


So I love when we merge, those worlds are running. So, you know, with the team is all we got a music podcast, but that's kind of why I like it. It's bigger than that. It's the music part, sports, it's coaches, all that. So, yeah.


So before we go and we will be out of here for a while, you're back at your day job. We're going to take a quick hiatus. Oh, man. God is not a five going. How are you feeling going into the season.


Like I don't want to be crazy prediction. We all want you to win the title. Like we talked about. The MVP was how are you feeling? Like you you got to be optimistic going in. Right? Like you guys look great with it. Yeah, I feel good.


I feel like I feel good about our team. I feel like like any other team early in the season that just got together just form. And we're still learning each other. We're still growing in our concepts and knowing what to do and each moment and just finding that chemistry between each player because, you know, different lineups, different players, you know. So that stuff is going to take some time. But as far as physically, emotionally, and I think we're all on the same page mentally, you know, we know each other as human beings, first off, which is a good start, you know, so I like the direction that we're going in.


And I'm pretty optimistic about the season, but you never know how stuff plays out, you know, so we try to take it a day at a time.


What I like and you're the expert here, so let me not make it sound like I know what the hell I'm talking about. But what I do like kind of fast forward and projecting you guys into the playoffs. You all have so many of the bounce threats. And as those games turn into five, six possessions in the last two minutes, it's like somebody has to create a shot. I feel like you guys are tailor made for that. Is that where you see it?


So, yeah, I think we have a lot of guys, like you said, that's you know, we look at any basketball that's played in the postseason, whether it's college was NBA. WNBA is all about getting to the paint, getting stuff off the dribble, making something out of nothing. And when got guys that can create for themselves, that's only going to be good league.


Games, but throughout the first three quarters, we got to figure out how to keep everybody engaged as well so they can be ready in the fourth when we need them, you know, so that's the that's the flip side of that as well. Like guys who happen to be ready to catch and shoot, play off the ball a bit, give themselves up from dribbling so much and come, you know, so I think we all got to be conscious of that to keep everybody involved.


But that's the beauty of the game, you know, figuring that out.


There's this version of you guys, this team, whether it's you, Kyrie carries smarts and you guys can all get it off the bounce and you can all catch and go off the bounce and catch and shoot off the bounce. And it's like you can just see what you can see kind of the seams and the threads. They're like, OK, I see what they're going for. And in every season game I use my little defense.


I got some deflection. Easy. I still at the top of the key, like that's I feel like that's everybody's quote unquote, not how they're going to defend. Look, I use a preseason guy who was going like that was I mean, it's still preseason. I mean, I know, you know, throughout the season you to be playing, you know, different environments. You know how your body feels early on the first game. Obviously, everybody's going to play extremely hard.


Yeah, but the test is, can we do that consistently?


You know, and with the concepts that we have, I think rely on each other playing as one on the defense side of the ball and keep us all fresh, keep everybody engaged on the defensive side.


You know, I just think that the more exotic defenses are starting to show up in the league. Whereas, you know, when I first came in, it was just a lot of, you know, to man defenses. You got to pick and roll one guy, guard the big one guy, guard the small. And now I like you see in zones now. Yeah. We've seen even seeing like a little trap at the half court, you just seeing more exotic defenses because the players are just so.


Out of this world with the talent and skill shooting from so far, Helen Ball so effortlessly passing the ball so effortlessly so our game is evolving by the day.


And I think I said all that to say that our team is, you know, moving in that same pace, you know.


Yeah, I know. In our conversations we have one of the things you pretz one of these you talk about even just like I don't like you don't mean to talk about, but kind of that consistency that you mentioned and what it takes to make a deep run and what it takes to be a good thing every day, every day.


Talked about it would come out when where you got to keep that standard like we're expecting Kevin Durant to be Kevin Durant. It takes a lot of consistency to beat it. So I know that that's something you're going to try to bring to it or you're going to bring to your team. And I know Kyrie and everybody else. I feel like everybody's on board with the mission here. So I'm excited to see I have vested rooting interest, but I am sorry to see it and seeing it finally on the court for the first time.


You can see it. You can see the vision there. Yeah. And I know there's more work to be done for you guys.


And I know it's a long term thing. You know, you're not trying to pick December 15th or whatever day it is. You're trying to pick what's not June anymore, but July. It's on a peak in July. Yeah.


I mean, that's the that's the main goal is to get better. You know, throughout the season we'll play our best basketball at the right times and obviously will you know, as the season goes on, we'll start to understand what our roles are and establish certain roles for each player, you know, and you know.


But that's just that comes with time and experience. So what that journey is for and we're looking forward to it, you all seem to be on the same pace, despite whatever is said on the outside.


But that's good to see.


So, yeah, man, that's a let you get back to life as Kevin Durant. But yeah, like I said, just as a quick aside, we will be taking a quick hiatus. We'll be back with more excited Wisconsin in the meantime. And we'll be back in a couple weeks. It'll be some time. We'll let you lock in. It's going to be fun to see, but we'll find other ways to bring the extra store audience. But yeah, my hope.


Hope all this feeling. Where did you wake up? Really? So the next day I always wanted it.


I thought I took that charge. I my tailbone was a little sore, but I practiced the last two days, so that was a good sign.


What about your pride when Rooy caught you with the open dunked on by rookies, ever dunked on by a point guard is like the worst way.


So, you know, I kind of accept it now as a part of he's telling me he's strong, he's strong, athletic, and he got some he got some skill. He's going to be good.


He's one of those modern players, like, I guess he's a four because of his size. Yeah. He's like a four, five, three guard.


That's the that's the prototypical size for like a four like I think that's how they're going to start bringing them down. Guys they can shoot and the league is getting crazy like some of your father takes takes credit.


See some of that.


Yeah. You stretch far Kainaz.


That's just crazy. But look, thanks again as always. Thanks quite well. That's Dick said it was. We'll be back.