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Today's show is brought to you by U.S. Bank, whose goal is getting you to your goals, U.S. bank will get together. Welcome back, everybody, to the ETCs podcast with Kevin Durant. It's always American Saulius, and I'm here with the number two score, an NBA number one vote getter in Eastern Conference for the All-Star Game. KD with what's going on, make work. Work is going well. I'm going to talk about your job too much.


Who gets off work?


Work is work is more important. Qigong.


So look, we are switching up a little bit. I don't even call him guests. More like co-hosts. We're joined by the newest member of the boardroom family, Pierce Simpson.


Tell us a little bit about your show show a new show, more explanation needed, kind of talking about the intersection of sport, culture, business all wrapped in one first topic is very, very interesting. So be sure to turn into tune into the first episode and happy to be on the podcast, Ian, as you could tell.


But by his voice, he was made to talk to the writer. Who else is doing by camera? Hey, Cam is a sports topic editor at Fox Sports, whatever that means. And he's also the host of the play for Keith's podcast.


I think this is like I think Kevin is like repaying the podcast favor at this point. Like, this is what this is about working.


Yes, yes, yes. And I do our first guest. I'll play for you so you can say this is a repayment.


Yeah. Full circle swap for a swap. What did you say? Well, that's not a swap to me, does not as far as me. But this is this is a clean sweep here.


Know, this is all this is love. This is all in the fan. So fellas, happy here. Happy we get to chat, happy we get to kind of have these combos we're having on the daily. And since we're all on different like you guys on the West Coast campus, I'm in Jersey. Kev is everywhere. Like, I'll wake up in like four a.m. and it'd be it'd be a whole in depth convo going on in a group.


It all I go at it like, I'll wake up, you know, it'll be eight a.m. East Coast. And Cam is like letting us know what he got going on on his phone and who driving him crazy. You know, my mom has got it going on at five a.m. like, come on, bro.


Like, I think how many times I woke up at like seven thirty Pacific Time and it's like you're notifications and I'm like, oh yeah, you've got to lock it at that point where you run it late.


So we're recording this on Monday.


We watch the Super Bowl, the goat, the goat, goat. It it's no surprise to me. I mean, I've you know, we get into the goat versus the baby go, what was that about?


With, like, the bucks? Obviously, one big, huge win. Thirty one to nine weekend and the half time show. I'm like a weekend stand from day one. Do I think of the show like did you enjoy it. And it's a great question.


I thought it's the camp because I feel like I've got a great opportunity to start this. OK, so I'm the same is pretty much like I'm a huge weekend stand. Like everybody follow me on Twitter and it's probably seen me talking about after hours is like my album of the year last year and everything.


So I was excited about them getting the halftime show at the Super Bowl. But I also was kind of nervous because I didn't know how his voice would translate in like a stadium, like how it was sound like because he did not like his voice is like this big, strong voice.


Like you think people would feel like a Super Bowl when it's the national anthem or performance like Whitney Houston or somebody who has, like, this voice that just commands the room or a stadium, pretty much.


So I always kind of a little bit I don't wanna say underwhelmed by the performance because he had a crazy catalogue and hits the run off, but I just didn't think he sounded as great as. I thought he could sound in that type of environment because I just didn't know how his voice would translate, but I just think the performance as a whole, pretty much like Pierce was touching on this.


I think last night we were talking about it and he was talking about how we can pretty much like better himself with this Super Bowl performance. And I think that's kind of like his career encapsulated when you think about it, like he's been beaten on himself pretty much since day one. And like Eddie said, if you look back to the weekend when he first dropped. A House of Blues was on time where people thought he was a band, people didn't know who he what he looked like, couldn't put a face to the voice.


And now you see, 10 years later, he's doing the Super Bowl halftime show is like he's the most unlikely pop star probably of the last decade. Like nobody saw this coming for him. And so for him to get that look at it is major. At the end of the day, whether I thought it was great or not is great for him. And it puts him in a whole different light.


And Scrat is as I said, I remember the first time you heard the weekend, because I remember for me it was like Drake had tweeted a link, just a link. And I wish I could go find the tweet because I know it still exists. And I rushed to the damn computer like Drake dropped some new oh, shit. Like, you know, it was like a Z share. It was that. Oh. And then I put it on and it's the first song is high for this.


And I'm like, I never heard no music like this before in my life. And it just was this mad dash of like, who is this? Who are these people? Is it a band? Is it a guy. All you had was the name. You had nothing for a long time.


And it was a while it was a while before we saw who he was. And then even longer than that, before we heard his story. And to go from there to the Super Bowl and solo, we was talking about it when it happened. No, guess just him. Just him for twenty minutes. Just rocking right like that. That's as big as you can get. He might be the biggest pop star in the world right now, and it's just crazy like for that alone.


So it's a win to me as a weekend fan as far as the performance. Like it's a great performance. It was, you know, he put seven million dollars into it and it looked like a seven million dollar performance because they got a million extras up there. They just, you know, six feet apart for covid protocol. But it's one hundred thousand people, one help you. And, you know, he put on a show like to me, there's two types of performers days like the performance with the rollercoaster and then the performers who just need a mic.


And it's fine to need the roller coaster and the fifty look alikes in the whole nine because that's a dope show tune. I thought it was a dope show.


My dog got on there and openly rapped about cocaine at the Super Bowl and nobody batted. Everybody was like, OK, we want to quit it. Just a testament of the weekend because at one point in his career, dog could even look at the audience whenever he performed. And now in the Super Bowl on the grandest stage. And can we talk a lot about how that Toronto sound and particularly like 40, kind of influenced the whole wave of musicians after them?


I think weekend is kind of in that same book, two of kind of creating that type of melodic. It seems very like rap lyrics, but it's definitely RB. Let him say he's not the traditional when it comes to his lyrics. So to see him on stage, to see him perform like that was definitely a testament to his work.


See, what I loved about the weekend is his persona, like the after hours persona, just the whole story that he created around the character for his album, for tours, for its videos, even came up on awards with the head gear on. And for him to sort of like a movie he's creating, you know, along with the music as a soundtrack. And for him to bring that to the main stage. And I think he hit every he hit everybody.


I mean, it didn't feel like he was nervous at all. It felt like he didn't belong. He stepped onto the stage and he remained who he was, you know, and as far as how he sounds, I thought I thought he sounded great for the environment, just for, you know, no fans in the arena. I mean, in the stadium. I'm just surprised his first real stadium experience, look, it felt like nobody else was there but the people he was performing with.


So it was a lot working against them. But for him to come out there and represent for Toronto and sound we were talking about and to take that to the national stage, because that's big for the city of Toronto as well, to have the weekend performing at halftime at the Super Bowl. You know, that's different. I mean, I've ever seen that from a Canadian artist, especially a pop artist. So I think everything went well for him.


And it's definitely going to catapult his career to even bigger than when he was.


And he was already huge, especially in American sport. You know, I'm saying like in American sport on a grand stage doing this.


And we talked about that a little bit during the game, like what does what does that performance mean for an artist debate about how significant it is? But it clearly is. There's a reason why they're doing it.


And, you know, who else do we want to see? I think Drake is the obvious answer, and I wonder if it's come up for him. And it's something he just wasn't ready to do. Didn't feel like good cause ever what have you.


They don't get paid for that right now. They don't. It's just the look. Yeah, it's the look.


You make it all back. You talking about 120 million people watching. You really cannot beat that stage as far as TV goes.


So goes Drake. Need that look. You think? Yeah. So that's kind of what I was like. I can't say it doesn't help Drake. Of course it does. It's it's the Super Bowl halftime show. But I wonder why he has. Because I'm sure it's come up. I'm sure it's that thing he could take a shot at. I'm sure you know what? Jay's new role running the half. You know, that's how this came about, so that's got to be within his reach, I wonder why he hasn't done it.


But, you know, Drek is the ultimate showman, right? So the party will probably feel like they own the game itself, might overshadow me on that stage to myself. I mean, he you know, he's developed that over his career. So I wanted that kind of plays a factor into his decision making.


And I think is like we get a little bit deeper into his career. I think we're kind of as loud as it might sound. We're getting into the phase of Drake's career where he kind of is becoming a legacy like he's not in his he's still in his prime, but like he's done so much like we look at it in, like his 11th year of being a legitimate star. He's done everything you can. So I think it's honestly the perfect time for him to do it.


If they haven't approached him, if they have approached him, I think this would be like the perfect time. He has the type of hit records that aren't just like aggressive rap records, but they're kind of safe as well. And they can ring off in this type of environment where everybody would know it. I wonder if they approached me this year and he might have just wanted to wait until they actually of like a crowd back in the stadium. Who knows?


Maybe I think maybe that might play a factor in why he didn't do it if he was approached. I don't know if he was approached or he wasn't. But I think as he becomes like a legacy where you can really take a step back and look at everything that he's he's done, I think the Super Bowl is the perfect type of platform for him to go up there and remind people who are not necessarily forgotten what he's done. Like, I have these type of records and I can I can do this type of platform.


You remember the narrative around Hotline Bling where he had and had a number one, and it was like, is he going to get what he was on Instagram asking for it? And like, how many years ago was that it like four years ago? Five years, like a lot has changed.


I think it was at twenty fifteen.


A lot has changed since that summer, man. And like you said, he has that catalog. I wrote an article for years and years ago about rappers becoming rock stars in the sense that, you know, Aerosmith can tour now, they can do a real tour now and they can go to a show and O2 Arena or whatever and do these hits from the 70s and just still do what rappers are going to be like that. And I think is the obvious.


And Jay and Lil Wayne, I think Drake is the next Nataline of just hitmakers who he can just do two hours of hits and you'll be sitting there like, Yo, Kenny, can you believe he has this many?


I forgot about this one. I forgot about that one. And they're all radio hits. He's not even getting into the piece yet. So I think Drake is tailor made for that. I'd love to know why. He just I'd imagine he's chosen not to at this point. I don't know why.


Yeah, that's the that's the million dollar question. I feel as though I feel as though Drake. If I had to take a guess, will want to do his own stadium tours first before, you know, he probably take that main stage. I'm not a no way of I talked to Drake about this.


All right. I'm just really just just taking a guess. But I think that's the next step for him in terms of touring and. You know, being out on that road is can could Drake fill up stadiums? I feel like he could do some right. Like there's definitely spots he knows he can go to. Can he do 30 stadiums in the U.S. like Beyonce? Like, I'd love to see a lot of see a try. And, you know, my mom my thoughts always with this kind of business stuff is like, if it hasn't happened, there's a reason we don't know the reason.


It's not our business to know the reason, but maybe they've decided he can't or maybe they've decided I can't. But he's not ready to sell all those tickets or whatever. But he's got to be getting there. He's got to be feeling the itch.


And there's only so many big right as an artist. There's only so many more mountains for him to climb. But like what rappers are doing, stadiums, Eminem did like a small stadium tour. Jay doesn't would be as kind of like. So if Drake could conquer that mountain, it's like, ah, you know, that goat resume starts looking crazier and crazier now because I think that we can put out that in twenty, twenty two.


He's going to start doing it and came out of these arenas just yet. But he put out the tour, he laid it out was a lot of dates on there. So like if he has something on that grand stage, Drake can definitely do the same thing, you know, and just his run in his past like six years has been like. This is tough to fathom, I mean, some of the lyrics he had, like when he said a twenty eight at midnight, wonder what's next for me longevity, wondered how long it took for me to have that doubt then and to see where he's at now.


It's just like spreading his career can honestly be like sliced into two different parts, like you could do pre twenty fifteen of post twenty fifteen like Drake, like post twenty fifteen is where he became like this huge like pop star megastar sensation that he's become now like. And he was saying you can have a number one before, before then and now he has like seven, eight of them. Like it's just it's a completely different artist, pretty much the name that he touched on that I think would be great for the Super Bowl.


They will never let him come up there because there's no telling what you say.


If you give a lot of my company would be perfect for the Super Bowl like he has these hit records and they may sound like larger than life, like his type of songs would be perfect for Super Bowl performance. They'll never give him the opportunity because, like, you just it's too much of a roll of the dice. But Konya for sure, he's HECO for sure.


Do that. I'm dying for a connotates or as much as I've come to dislike, kind of dying for a comedy tour. Like it's been a long time since he's done that. And just to see what he puts together, I went to the Sacramento show where he went on his rant and killed the show at the two songs. And they did. And they did a stretch my hands. And it was like the greatest performance I ever seen in my life for two minutes.


And then he in any in a flip.


But it was just like the visual of it, the sat like it was. I couldn't believe he put that together. I just I understand why people were mad and like I was entertained by the rant. So I was like, cool, I got to see something amazing.


But like, I'm like, if I had another hour, it might be the greatest concert I ever saw in my life.


It was ridiculous. You say, Kev, you went out, that you went viral for going to that shit and going on the floor.


Yeah, I was. I was I was actually at the show right before then.


And the Oracle, he was he I went to SAC right after and I was in a pit for further stretch my hands and tell people to this day that was the most one of the most electrifying, fun experiences I've ever had in my life, my body.


It felt like I was a part of that song. You know, I'm saying my, my, my my heart was being with the with the with the eight, you know, and it just and everything and everybody and everybody around. And they didn't care about their surroundings. They didn't care about anything that they did before that moment. We just went crazy in the pit. And it was like, I'll never forget that moment. You know, I'm saying and Kanye puts together a show like that consistently.


Each tour is always something like, you know, earth shattering, you know. And he had me I had a Yeezus Toyota mountain on the stage. Like everything he does. I so like you say, I'm looking forward to the album and a tour from Korea because you never know what you're going to get from.


I remember when the like first a description of what the stage would be and then eventually, like photos of the stage leaked out and people were shitting on it. They didn't understand what it meant. And I remember seeing like a silhouette of it. And I'm like, that's kind of that's kind of crazy. He's floating over the crowd. Like, What? And in a first video started, I was like, oh, my God, I got to go.


I have to go.


And and again, he went. He went off.


So but that first like five minutes, I was like, I get it, I get it.


I get why everybody loves him in this way. They do. And, you know, it was amazing.


It was amazing. He's a cult classic for sure.


There's no telling what he would do with a Super Bowl. Like there's no telling what he would do. He would do some Michael Jackson shit, I'm positive, for sure.


So I we have fun with the halftime show. Well, big weekend fans. What did you think of the game? A little bit over, like almost a letdown, right?


Watching it, watching Pat Mahoney run for his life with four four, four quarters, basically, which I think, see, something was going to see something was telling me that the chiefs not having either one of the tackles is going to be bad news against that book's pass rush. And that's exactly what happened. I definitely wanted more of a shootout, but it's just kind of a testament to how Tampa Bay regrouped after the early season matchup they had with Kansas City went crazy on them.


I'm saying it was not Philly TYREEK you beat them. They pretty much play zone the whole game and it shows you how culture matters at that level. And then you got to be twelve running the ship. I said that's a tough combination to beat. I would.


It took a forty five yard penalty to give Tyreke the Deuces like I'm the game's over.


I'm putting in your face like hell. Yeah. What about Brady and Tyra. Kevin, have you ever talked so much trying to somebody during a game you to text them the words and apologize. That's next level. That's next level.


Best you could tell Brady was locked in because he, he chased him down to let him know he was he was filling and. Tyrann, I mean, he usually usually about all of this, he would all the smoke. And for him to just dismiss Brady like that and run off the field, I was like, oh, yeah, Brady must have said something so got under his skin. But I felt like that was just all the part of that competition.


I don't think he went too far, even though I know what he said was just like it, just like they both felt so competitive looking at that, it felt like it was a, you know, anything personal. But we don't know if it's between the lines.


Right. I feel like for the most part, you know, it felt like that. Yeah. For the most part, you accept it is that, you know, that's the game and that's the Super Bowl. You know, that's Brady.


But it was a little while seeing it. I mean, if you're tiring, it's take a lot to go at him like that. And Brady, come back at you.


It's like, oh, shit, how much this meant to Tom because he probably in his head thinking himself, I got to win this so I can prove that I need Bill Belichick. I'll need the Patriots just to show that I can do this shit. I do this shit. And you that's how locked in he was last night. I never seen him that animated. I mean, of course, this time he's always animated in some way. But the way he was locked in yesterday, like I had mentioned, chasing down Honey Badger on the field.


I never seen him like that from Tom.


The craziest things about the Tom Brady thing, like you said, went in without Bill. Is it not only did he go to another conference, like if you look at all the Brady's Super Bowl wins and postseason success, like more times than not, the Patriots always were like the one or two see in AFC He went on the road every playoff game this year in the first time at a new conference, and he won every game on the road. Even the Super Bowl technically was the home, a road game for them, even though they were at home, like for him, what he's basically won now in every fashion.


He's checked off every box that there is for a quarterback, like for him to go. And I'm a go in in the Superdome, which is one of the hardest places to win it, even though it wasn't fans and everything is still the Superdome, then to go to Lambeau and win in Lambeau and then to be the guy that they say is the baby go Patrick Holmes in the Super Bowl is like you really can't say much about him at this point.


Like he his resume is bulletproof almost.


But what I would say a lot of people want to bring up Belichick and him leaving Belichick.


But Bruce Arians is a damn good coach. Everywhere he went, he crafted an offense that a lot of these players love playing in uniforms. And so for him to partner up with areas and that offense that he already had at Tampa Bay, that was a smooth transition. Without that, who knows what type of team to have you coming in with. God, when Mike Evans was OJ Howard, OJ Howard was the great.


Yeah. You know, so they had some weapons there already before then. They kind of rounded out their pieces. But Tom stepped into a nice, nice working machine already, you know, because James to thirty TDs with that mob last year, you know, I'm saying so areas of the great coach Matt and I know Belichick said he wants six more Brady, but Brady is he helped mold Brady. But Brady, he he had you show he put that he is still there to every one of them do last night.


Those who never been there, who never had a chance of being there, he they he he showed them what how champion does every possession. He was locked and no mistakes. He make any mistakes.


Last night, a lot of first timers on his team and they were more poised than the returning champs. And I think that speaks to exactly what you're saying. And and add on to that. Always remember that they didn't have pre-season. They had a smaller training camp. You know, they dealt with the pandemic like everybody else. And Brady's learning at all on the floor. And I think, you know, a lot of the early season struggles can be attributed to that.


But that speaks to his professionalism and, you know, to areas professionalism as well, that they were able to keep them prepared, keep them marching along towards, you know, the ultimate goal at the end. And they got it injuries. You know, they they they they help alter every title. But it's not like the Bucs ran on the field. Hundred percent healthy. You got guys one on one player safety and stuff like that. So it happens, you know, in the chiefs to come back and tough.


Tough was tough. I know Pat Mahomes is hurting, but he he didn't look like he was hurt. And, you know, they had their own struggles, but he was moving around. I feel best. He could make us some crazy throws. They just, you know, the Bucs with a better team, I think is the way we'll look back at this title. They had a better defense. They were more prepared and they had to go.


They had Tom Brady man like it is tough to beat him in February. There's a reason why he's here.


Also to climb back, for example, Lavonte David and Devin White played tremendous yesterday, most especially by David knowing you got to cover Travis Kelce most of the game. You're not going to stop a guy like that, but just to limit him and really make the offense struggle, I thought that was impressive for sure.


How does that like seeing them? They only. Four for guys the majority of the night, like we knew that Kansas City wine was like in trouble, but the fact that they were only sending for the majority of the game and dropped back on his own, like, I didn't think they would be able to just get there with just four guys. I mean, look at those.


Florida in fourth grade, he sued JP, said Barry, like, it's a crazy I mean, one on one is hard to guard or you can't double anybody on that for four.


You got to just play man up one on one. So they get in the backfield like is they pressure that they get in the pressure and a quarterback there pressure on them so fast. I'm just like, you know, and they only, like you say, only rushing forward. But to be able to to head up front for that can let you sit back in a zone like that. You know, I'm saying that was they worked together when they was on they just played on one string all night.


Yeah. It's complimentary to because it helps to jump out to that least keep pushing that lead up. And now we know you got a pass and you already a pass happy team coming in. And, you know, I think this is another example to pass what seems to be the key when in football, I'm not John Madden or whatever, but it seems to be every year, every year, every year we're looking back like this past roster, change the season and helped him win a Super Bowl.


Now, you might as well scare me about camp team if they can find a quarterback. This might be a wrap for the Washington football team because that was a line especially of North. But like you said, we saw it last night. And really, Tampa Bay's rush frustrated so many quarterbacks this postseason, especially Hall of Fame quarterbacks we saw with Rodgers, we definitely saw with Drew Brees. So, yeah, they came to play last night, so.


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And from a company with a great mission. Proud to have you guys with this. So what else we got going on? I want to talk about these Hall of Fame picks. Uh, Kev, you got heartaches, man. I want to hear I know you do, because you were so anxious to talk.


My favorite player of all time, Calvin Johnson, made the Hall of Fame at thirty five. I mean, that says a lot, impressive career, undeniable B.S.. OK, do you feel like Calvin Johnson is the greatest receiver? Walter Great.


What are we defining as great? I think it depends because obviously impressed that you made the Hall of Fame at thirty five.


No, I'm impressed with his talent, his skill, his work ethic, his consistency, his hands, his body type. I'm impressed with that first. Right, OK. And that's why I say what I said. You said so.


I mean, and his look at his circumstances and I thought he probably is the most impressive, like just like total package receiver ever. Like, he probably is like he's just as tall as Randy, but he is built like T.O. We like the same height as Randy Moss by a little bit taller.


He's the perfect receiver that you want, without question on paper. Perfect. But like, I don't know all the time if I'm going to take him ahead, like Randy. That's my thing. I don't know if I can point it was crazy. That's it. That's an argument. That's an argument. But but you were saying, like, it is clear cut taking Randy. That's something you will have to think about if you is in a driver and you had to choose between Moss and Calvin Johnson.


You're not taking longer than 20 seconds to make that pick. That's what I'm saying. We're sure that's going to be three or four minutes. You deliberate in which a which assistant GM.


The thing Lauren did that was so crazy is he was doing stuff that we still have yet to see in a league like, you know, like their speed and their speed, like split safeties on a deep route and they still can't stop you. And that's what Randy had. And I don't know, we've ever quite gotten to that point. And then he created like language that we talk about now, like Moss didn't exist until he showed up. But I think Calvin was a bit more consistent because Randy has some peaks and valleys throughout his career.


Calvin was just pretty much great throughout the whole thing, I would say, except for like the first year and a half or so.


I think Calvin is a good example. Like, it feels like football fans get it more than basketball, like the way people talk about basketball now. So narrative driven. And you look at Calvin like you have these weird little narratives, you could talk him down. He's only he only played nine years, you know, he only he only made the Pro Bowl six times. He only made all pro three times. He never won a playoff game, never won a Super Bowl, never did.


None of that. We don't hold none of that against and we don't hold it against Randy. He don't have a ring like we just kind of appreciate the greatness of these football players. And if we took, we could pick a basketball player name out of a hat right now and, you know, people just chopping him down piece by piece no matter what. And I just feel like it not to change in a way from talking about Megatron and kind of giving him his his flowers here.


Like it seems like like football fans. The football discourse kind of gets it more than basketball because you can't win a Super Bowl, one on eleven, one on twenty two.


And we know that and we acknowledge that. We say, OK, that makes sense. That's fine. Calvin, still one of the five greatest of all time. And so I just thought that was dope. And you look at the guys that got in so you know, Charles Wilson got in first ballot. It was.


It was no it was no no debate. Payton got a first ballot. No debate in Payton had had a long part of his career where people called him.


It's OK, wonder, can he win and all this stuff.


So it's it's just feels like football gets it right more than basketball, at least in the convos. That's a great point.


I never thought because like you do kind of get to a point where in basketball conversations it's all individual. This individual won a title, this person did this. Winning football is much more of a team sports like, you know, not having a ring is not really held against them. But for this Hall of Fame class, I can't think of a stronger one as far as from top to bottom. The great guys that are in there, you know, some of the most decorated players, they ever touch a football field in this class.


So that's what I'm really impressed about, too.


When you the Hall of Fame class of the NBA this year, too, is like CJ, Tim Duncan, Kobe in everything to think that this NFL Hall of Fame class and their NBA Hall of Fame class in the same year, you have a class of this that is just crazy. Oh, we are surprised that Kevin was first considering that he stopped playing as soon as he did. He left a lot of football on the field. I thought that the voters might penalize him for that because, you know, NFL Hall of Fame, for whatever reasons, at times they made guys wait like unfairly, fairly, whatever they reasons might be.


I didn't think he was going to get in first ballot, even though his talent and productivity clearly like said, he was that caliber of a player. I was shocked to see him get in on the first try when they when he got announced on Saturday night, like, I didn't think that he was getting in this year. And for him to get in, I think that might signify a little bit of a shift maybe for voting to get into the Hall of Fame, like not saying that it will be easier to get in line like Eddie was saying.


The fans clearly get it, amongst the greats are an NFL, and if the voters now are starting to, like, not be as strict or holding. Whatever arbitrary you guys like who we are, I think we're going to start seeing more guys getting in the future sooner than we might have expected or guys that we might not have thought we'd get in because of whatever reasons voters might be held against them in the past. The door has been open, I think maybe because of Calvin Johnson people.


I think it speaks to the respect people have for him. And, you know, people understand that, you know, maybe what Barry helped showed us with the lines that, you know, you can do the you can have a 10 year career, even though you know how to team success in every Hall of Fame. And I think, you know, we're just in a climate now that understands and respects the injuries and stuff that NFL players go through.


And it's like there's no reason to put yourself to that for 15 years to prove yourself.


We know we know what he was, you know, and we know it was kind of slowed him down when he's going through and he's doing these interviews and showing his it's like being parallel 90 degrees and all this crazy stuff's like, no need to put him to that.


He also showed up. He also has the stats, though, man. I mean, I know we want to keep us in the middle of it and think he got enough of sympathy, but the man got eleven thousand yards, you know, and he and he still got the record for most yards of four receiver in the season.


Like he's he he got he got the accolades too, on top of the talent and that little time to. Oh no he he for sure earned it.


I was almost four bills on my cowboys and one guy I actually like that of Michael more.


You know, being a Cowboys fan is like dealing with that.


That's that's got out of jail.


But but no, like he definitely earned it. I think what Cam is getting at is about first ballot. And I remember a couple of years ago, it felt like there was a question about that, you know, about if he could actually do it. And I am happy that he's getting his his rose is like he is now because he deserves it. And, you know, again, you know, I'm used to basketball. We hold everything to this weird standard and, you know, we treat basketball like it's individual sport.


And really, it's like you need the most harmony possible to win and export it.


You know, at least in football, we recognized it and say, you know, you can't you can't run for a thousand yards unless the little line helps, you know?


So we get a little bit of that. And I think it will change a little bit with the voting going forward. I think we will see guys kind of get there just do earlier. And that's dope. That's like I always say, like if you're a Hall of Famer, you're a Hall of Famer in the first year, you know, Hall of Famer right away. I get that there's like significance to going first ballot. But you're a Hall of Famer right away.


It is adult class, the NBA draft class as well. Like, you know who speaks last on his day? Payton, I guess.


But it's just like, you know, who knows? Who knows?


I can't wait for the enshrinement. I'm hoping that since Calvin got in, Chad Johnson obviously listening to now, like Calvin, we're getting in like he rightfully deserved to get in. But you look at career yards and everything. I think Chad isn't that far behind Calvin in careers. I think his peak, like we all when we all watched, at least for me personally, he was my favorite receiver and favorite player for a long time. And you hear these guys talk about how he got the quickest feet ever were like the best road runner ever or quick.


His release is like, I'm hoping. And now it's like the voting process. It seems like they're they're being a little bit more realistic with guys. I'm hoping that's I guess, is just do and does eventually make his way into can because I think he deserves the dinner.


Six time Pro Bowler, three time all pro. I can see that happening.


You know who got the jacket this weekend? I think it's kind of like very similar in nature. I think I got his jacket this week. You know, I think it got to the guy. Got it. Got a touchdown. I think he got it, you know, and it's probably not going to change his reputation long term. You know, you always kind of going to see him as people see him.


But as a player, you know, everybody who's seen him between them lines, they respect him as a player.


So I think he punched his ticket as dope to see.


I'm happy for him. I'm happy for the bucks. And it's a lot of guys who were just kind of cast off to that team and were able to get to get there. Just do the same with Mike Evans. Mike Evans has been over there, top ten receiver for how long and, you know, didn't really get the chance. And now he finally got the chance and now he's got a ring. He's crying out of the game. And you know, Kev, you know that feeling, man, you know, getting that side on it, that changes it a little bit for you.


And Brady's up here immediately, like I'm coming back, you know, that side of high is different. No, no thoughts. Have a good chance to get another one. Yeah, they do have a good chance to be in that position again. So to potentially get a champion as a player, there's plenty of football like this.


And I think that's the only reason why you apologize to Tara. So if I give you my apology for what accountability you're pointing to.


But I think a lot of receivers from this era, from history, you I'm saying ushered in this movement. I said a couple of weeks ago on Twitter, I think there should be a separate Hall of Fame for Coach Impact, because you can't deny that. You can't deny what he brought to the game. You can't deny what guys like Bo Jackson or Michael Vick brought to the game. Even Devin Hester, who's up next year for the Hall of Fame.


These guys impacted and changed the game and people might hold him to a different standard because of their stats. But you can't deny what they did for the game itself. So there needs to be recognized. And so football is like a sport where.


Like Eddie with Sam and these guys play, injuries happen like everybody is not going to get the chance to play 15 years and get fifteen thousand yards or get fourteen thousand yards. I think the NFL, more than any other sport, in my opinion, I look at guys peak's and what they were at their best, and that's what I measure them off of. And I think when you look at certain guys, especially like a guy like Calvin Johnson, where he might not have had the longevity of a Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, but is undeniable what he did for that seven year run, eight year run that he had where he was just reeling off 30 yards in his sleep, like you have to put those type of guys in the Hall of Fame, especially in a sport where injuries can take something from you so fast, like like you look at these guys and what they do at their absolute best versions of themselves.


Like like you said, there's no denying Bo Jackson at his best was a Hall of Fame level player or a guy like you said, Devin Hester. I think you save on the card next year or whatever. Is undeniable, what he did in his speech, he changed the way part of returning was lit, special teams and everything.


So in a sport where you can all get taken from your average career, the last three years in NFL, you guys were all pros, pro bowlers, five, six years. I think that that more times, in my opinion, is a you can dominate for half a decade in a sport where it can be taken away from the one player.


Would you take care of like because the longevity it has to matter. Right. And I know in your sport it matters a ton and it separates, you know, these all time greats from guys with high peaks. And it kind of separates the Cubbies and its imex in a way. Right. Like those guys that were all due respect to do. Would you think, like, you know, the injury point is a great one because they're literally colliding 50, 60, 70 times a night.


And so I get that. Do you do you buy that suit or do you sit over here? Is a whooper like. No, and I forgot to pay if I got to play 15 years to be a legend, like, come on, you know, I definitely factor in.


How gruesome that sport is and how each step can be your one could be your last. It's totally different in basketball. So for a guy to last, say, six years, seven years at a skill position in NFL, I mean, that's equivalent to a 12 year career in the NBA, in my opinion. So. You know, just knowing that each hair can be your last one, them could damage you, you know, take out your career, there's like a few layers in in that war zone like that for that long.


You know, you get some extra credit in my book as athlete, I'm looking at some sometimes just like a straight respect. A lot of these. That's why I respect so many football players that I play for so long. And, you know, and the guys that actually get out of there when exposed supposed to, you know, I'm sounding like a cop and Johnson understands like shit, I could really be messed up for the rest of my life if I keep playing in this environment.


So I respect both of those guys. But you. But to get that much out of your career in that little time and Barry Sanders, guys like that, that that means a lot. That sticks out a lot to me because they could have played three or four more years easily with the way their bodies are. And they could have went to other teams. But for them to get that much out of their career and a little time, that's impressive talent.


It'd be messy. Eddie, do you still think about the fact that your Raiders passed on him in a draft? Are you fine?


Yeah, every like every day. I'm glad he didn't become a writer.


Why do I like I?


It makes no sense to me. He probably would have retired after the year Raiders were, you know, like we missed out on here.


We missed out on Fitzgerald, like we missed out on a lot of guys literally back like the next pick. The Raiders did it a lot like the Raiders. I mean, if you follow me on Twitter, if you hear from me at all in real life, you know, I like I love the writers, but I hate them. And I just cannot stand their football team and the decisions they make every every week, every year, every April in the draft.


But not like we've missed out on a couple of superstars. And then when we get them, we have Randy. And Randy was so sick of it. We want to be out of here. So, I mean, that's just, you know, being a writer fan, I guess.


But cowboy fans, I mean, you've won one playoff game in this in decades past on March.


So I can't really so many people that's sick, they're sick.


They don't like I'll be thinking like we're football players like Randy Moore.


I don't understand how they ever lost a college football game or how he wasn't at the very best college catching touchdowns in the very best quarterback. Like, that's insane to me. Like, I did lot to think about that, like what guys like you took care of. Like, I know there's other people and it's factors in all that shit, but like how to lose a college game like that makes no sense to me.


It I mean, you are still developing into what we are, you know, so I mean, it was still talented, but mentally, this was stuff that you had to figure out about the game. And Randy was shit. He was getting ten catches at night. It felt like he was doing his part. We were seeing him receiver cause.


And it's like, you know, that Bama caught like them do still had one hundred yards each every game. It feels like, you know, they got that all in the game. They got that old Clemson crop, the LSU crop with Odell and enjoy like I'd be shocked that these people lose games.


And it's just I mean, Myles is a war criminal.


I was in love freshman year at college was Odell and Jarvis Landry Junior and everybody in New Orleans the whole year was like pissed, like irritated Louisiana. Like, how did this team with these two receivers and I think Jeremy Hill was they running back like they had so much talent that we get in front of me. That's why I'm saying Les Miles can't recruit quarterbacks and he couldn't put on offense like I was watching, like like we will be watching the games at the barbershop.


We would all get out here because like every other Saturday football said and we will be watching LSU playing home, watching Jarvis Landry get like nine catches every every Saturday.


Oh, the only way he's scoring scoring touchdowns is if you return a punt, they can't get the ball to like everybody in Louisiana, that that was the most confusing thing. And so you watch them go like you say, go to the NFL and beat it. Well, you say like the Alabama receiving corps, like last year, they lost they lost like two games last season with Judy Rug's Smith and Wabble. Like college is different colleges, completely different.


Reality is so many other factors.


I want to speak on Odell real quick. I got a question. Do you feel Odille can be a little bit more solid and efficient out there?


It feels like he always want the big play, which you think that that is probably the biggest drawback as a player. Like he want to go deep so much like this. And I never been able to run that fast. So no one understand why he wants to go on, go them.


Understand. No, like for sure. Like the intermediate. Underneath everything, I think that the Browns could use him in it more open up. Yeah.


You know what's ironic, though, is Odell's best route is a slope taking place in both the house. And he goes to the house every time. Every time he's 80.


You just take over. That, I think is twofold. I think sometimes coaches kind of get in the habit of like, OK, we gotta get that big play from. They just always try to create that big play. But I mean, I haven't seen him take a five yard straight to the house is unbelievable.


I'm starting to see that a lot of receivers who start off as guys that just just go and go routes once they start running out their game and catching those 10, five, seven yards less in just getting to the first down marker, those guys are more complete. And you can build your arms around those guys a little bit more like a Landry. He probably can't go as deep as. As Odel paused, but he gets in all of those other neat rows, you know, he he making those he making those second, third down plays that they need.


You know what I always say, man, about it, when it comes to football, I always say, when is the last time either one of you all got grabbed and thrown on the ground as hard as the other person possibly could? Right.


You actually run around for a living, so you might have been pushed on the ground recently? I have so far, be it for me to say, oh, do run in the middle and let them big 250 pound motherfuckers grab you, slam you on the ground 10 times a night, you're going to look better, trust me. So I get it. Why they won't be out there on that boundary looking at people they size, can't get around and try to jump over, but not get like he should be more varied.


Of course, this will be my first day.


Now we go for what is you getting tackled?


He could do everything on the football field. He can do everything right now. The reason I'm laughing, Kev, is offensive coordinator. He don't give a damn about his receivers run out in front of the middle linebacker. Get your head taken off and we'll get this first down c c no.


I'm going to make sure I'm hearing nothing off the top and nothing off the head of the church. First down, now we saying which I got on. And, you know, I'm saying I'm going to put you on bad positions as a coach, but I'm not going to actually try to throw a deep ball every play or try to hit my receivers every play because they big name receivers. I think when you block and as a receiver when you're being a decoy as a receiver, that's when I think you really start to round out your game.


You know how that goes. Oh, it's chicken. It's chicken and egg. Right. Lt is odelson and I just want to run nine routes or is, you know, the coordinators falling in love with the speed in him, taking the top off the defense and saying, yeah, we need you doing it, we need you running at forty times a night so we could run these rolls and get eight yards a pop like, you know, it's it goes back and forth.


So I get it. Yeah.




Who knows what I was thinking after he fractured his ankle fracture is going to be a tough time and effort is in.


He said, he said I have to do it like he he wanted to like kind of draw back.


All right. Well like fractured it right before you guys kind of let me let me I think that's that's a funny place to kind of roll into this conversation.


Like, that's got to be tough to deal with getting back on the field.


And Kev, you've dealt with like injuries, not just the one you're dealing with now. You know, you broken your foot. You've had a bunch of injuries. And what is that process like for you to go through the like? You finally aren't bothered about that anymore because me is like a regular guy who has twisted his knee before. Like I'm at the court, like I mean, if I if I do the snatch back, like, I might not be ready today, like, I might not feel it.


And I'm doing it years later.


So like, what is that process like mentally to get through that for you is it's just really about that consistency, like that repetition just just regaining it, just doing that over and over again just to get that muscle memory. I think that's the. That's the key part, and to see somebody like Odel, he broke his ankle and then towards ACL. He's such a freak athlete, feels like he could bounce back from anything and feels like his body is just made to be a professional athlete.


So he works extremely hard. You know, he always in the gym and he loves football.


So for somebody like for somebody stepping on a football field, I have no clue. But if you trust in your body, you know, and you've been at the highest level of running, the fastest that you can will contort your body to where it is way that you can. You've seen that before. Is this a matter you just believe in? You can do that shit. You know, I'm saying and the mental side of it is the most important thing.


So she she's you know, they'll bounce back from the ankle. I think he won't bounce back. Will from his knee.


Yeah, that was a freak. I mean, they both freak plays, right? I mean, almost injuries are. But that was one of them was like, you know, he could see like I could have this action against the ankle. The knee is like, you know, that's a scramble on a pick.


And it it took a weird angle and all that stuff.


So I can see mentally that block might be a little easier, like, no, I could still get out and do this stuff.


But yeah, especially like you said, those two freak accidents on my door, right at his ankle. And then he came for free play. So he really was like, maybe, maybe I can tweak up how I play just a little bit and, you know, I'll be good when I come back. I'm excited to see him come back because I think I think, you know, being away from injury, you learn yourself more, you learn your body more, you learn the routine as a professional, more as you get, you know, as you get older and to see other teams win, you know, other guys that you your peers win championships and have some success out there while you enjoy you know, it inspires you a little bit.


So I'm excited to see him back. And their teams is they they want a nice low trajectory right now and getting to the playoffs, winning the game, just playing better. I think you're going to fit in. Nice. I want to make a proclamation right now while we on this path.


Let's go. My Dallas Cowboys fan is on life support.


No life support if they do not resign. Dak Prescott. Dak Prescott is not the quarterback long term for the Cowboys. I am jumping ship. I am leaving and all of his own.


Rodgers is coming down.


I don't trust I'm a football team Breskin football team fan to the core. And you know how I feel about A-Rod. But if you go to them cowboys, I'm for sure when A-Rod, Jersey Cowboy, A-Rod.


Come on, I like the energy and we welcome you aboard only a A-Rod deal.


You know what was interesting about the two things we've kind of talked about a bunch is the Browns gave the chiefs a hell of a game. Right. And so did the football team that gave the books a hell of a game and a wild card game. So it's like those teams are on the cusp.


You know, you can see it if they can get, you know, their situations put together. The Browns, if they had their line game, they might have been good money, you know what I mean? If they had a couple of breaks late, they just took them out of there. And if they could find a QB that, you know, they truly believe in it and get some weapons around him, they going to be tough because that defense is tough already.


So it's it's crazy how you see the development year by year, like it might not be next year. It might be two years from now. But you see these teams on the cusp.


But, you know, they on the rise, they gain that experience and that confidence. They know they can beat some of these teams they're using. It is a joy to see these young moms, especially who teams that haven't won shit start to win and start to feel some confidence. You know, the whole city just bubbling and clean. And now I can't wait for next season, but. I need to see A-Rod get a one or two. Before he done it so close, even so close multiple times, and it feel like every loss is like he has some of the craziest playoff losses I've seen, like the Seattle loss.


Still stick with you. Yeah, Rose was tough because he was winning at the time.


To lose this year was like crazy to watch. They get it. They got they got the third down they needed. And then you'd be like, well, you better get off the field. Like, it's great to had a coach take the ball out your hands on fourth and goal to kick a field goal. You've got the MVP right there. You might as well just go for the game with him like he loses in ways that I hate to say is not his fault, because everybody could be a little bit better.


But it's just like, man, this is like one guy who just loses it in ways that. Honestly aren't his fault. It does seem like his team is the most talented QB I've seen from top to bottom to ever play this game as far as the skill set and what he can do on that field is I never see anything like that, especially on the run where you can just throw a dime thirty, 40 yards on the sideline. I'm so small.


Just so summary.


I would love to see him in, like, the Shanahan offense.


You know, I think he would do wonders in an office like that back at home in San Fran that he would do amazing out there. But I think last night also kind of the point you showed me how difficult it is to really create a dynasty in the NFL to you. I'm saying year in and year out because there is so much parity. And you mentioned like the Browns and these upcoming teams like the Washington football team, should I think about the Jaguars from twenty eighteen when it was like three minutes away, that first start running back from that game was playing with Tampa and they only won one game.


So it changed so quick in the NFL. And I think that's what make the game itself so special, the player movement.


And if the player in NBA is different, like in the NFL, it seems to be team control in the NBA is more player control. You know, they got a lot more power. And, you know, that just has roster size is a big part of that, too.


But they're having their own kind of the NBA is dealing with it the same way. Like there's so much movement. It's hard to just sustain that and win three, four titles in a row.


I don't know if we'll ever see that again in the NBA because it is too tough. You know, look at what casting is like.


A couple of shots here and an injury here, an injury to, like, bounces here, bounce. They're away from that. But those are always going to happen.


Like every year is bounce, every year is injury. So, like, you're going to deal with that every year. I just think it's too hard to sustain it. And everything's moving so fast. These young kids come in so fast and everybody's reload and has to reload in different ways. NFL, you live in die what you do in the draft. If you knock a draft out, you can go from, you know, Mytilene to a contender that year.


And that's really the biggest, the quickest way to do it.


I mean, what are you seeing? Guys like the song was in demand and trades. You're seeing more trades in the NFL lately. Quarterbacks? Which quarterback? Yeah.


So, I mean, it's a lot of movement going on, which kind of equals the player movement that we have in the NBA. But it goes back to I mean, it's such a lucrative business. Now, both of these businesses, NFL and the NBA, is that a lot of these players want stability. And they seen a lot of these contracts, guys that they're competing with or maybe had a better year and getting a lot of money. So now that's what you're fighting against.


When you when you when it goes back to building dynasties, there's a lot more a lot of other factors when it comes to world. This guy is on a minimum deal and he played well in the playoffs. Now, can we pay him? But another team can and won his championship pro. So it's like it's a lot of factors that play in to building a dynasty. And it all goes back to, you know, at the end of the day or money.


Yeah, I mean, I think it's a business. You hear that all the time. It's a business is a business. You look at the chiefs, you know, they got that title and they're making these runs. Mahomes is still on his rookie do. And now and he's going to get into this record setting half billion dollar deal that's going to change the calculus a little bit. That's going to change how they have to.


They still have a hard salary cap that they got to deal with in a way that they do, too, but like to have like layers of it. But there's only so much you can spend and only so much you spread around it. You know, I think I think the the motto the best motto there is is either you got the quarterback and you build that way and you build out from there or you do have somebody, the quarterback on a rookie deal and you you pay other people.


I think the NFL is rich as a league is going to reach an interesting point where it's kind of it makes no sense that they don't have a max contract. I don't want to limit how much anybody can make on your quarterback taking up like forty five percent of the salary, the salary cap, and you've got to fill out the rest of your roster. That's just a recipe for disaster. And I can't think of one quarterback who got that megadeal and then won a title afterwards.


Mm. Yeah.


But you know, a rookie deal, it kind of took a pay cut to be able to win that title so you can fill out the rest of the roster. So with the Chiefs, I mean can we listen, you better get the Browns together because you're probably going to be one of the culprits who are, you know, so, so sad, like somebody like Aaron gonna be paid more to his quarterback.


I think it depends on what your team is, which was not so good.


Defensive players be that. Can they be those max guys on the team? Can a receiver be the highest paid? Well, there's always had to be the quarterback.


I think it just depends on what what your setup for your team is. Right. So, like, if you look at Los Angeles, that was predicated on having a defense that can subjugate you and score just enough points to win. You got Aaron Donald right there, the tackle. I know the front is straight. And I got Jalen Ramsey locking up everything on the back end. So I already had to do too much on offense. Again, it is how you want to structure your team.


He says, I mean, but we know what I'm talking about in terms of winning championships, what's the right way to build your team? Do you pay your defenders or do you pay your offense?


Yeah, that's layer this layers to it. It depends on what your coach wants to do. Depends on who's most marketable. It depends on all kind of shit.


Right. Every two Tom Brady's lost. He's going to get some crazy pass rush that he did figure out, OK, really gets you to do the same thing. Both giants, if he can't get a rhythm because of a pass rush, then it's going to be a good night.


So there's a pass rush. I think the Super Bowl keeps showing us that every year the playoffs keep showing us that every year. If you can get to that quarterback before he can eat, you eat your defense part, you're going to win. You're going to win nine times out of ten because if he can't throw the ball, they can't do anything. And you're going to win.


We need to start marketing these defensive tackles in his defenses because they are the best players in the league, if that's what it sounds like they are.


And you'll often hear people say that the most athletic people on the field, as big as they are to do all that shit that they do, to be that strong, to be there first, to be that quick, like quick, quick to its movements that you almost had to go to a game to see how big these guys are and go, holy shit. Like, he can do that at that size. That's ridiculous.


Fuji's to of the Grohmann the other night. And I was like, oh, that is so.


And you could play those positions for a long time. And they definitely the most important people like Cam Newton. We have a Super Bowl ring right now, Yvonne Miller and DeMarcus is in Waco feeling like Reggie White Grillz. I like how many we've seen so many all time great quarterbacks, seasons like Cam Newton, one on one MVP pass rush Stockham. You mentioned Brady losing to the Giants full time. One of those years he threw fifty times. Now the only way to give stopped giants Patriots starter Peyton Manning against the Seahawks reasonable.


Three fifty five touchdowns gotten in Super Bowl stop. And the defenses are clearly what is going to carry you to issues like the forty Niners defense. Stop the chiefs. For the most part, last year you just came on. Jimmy couldn't make enough throws to secure to the lead and to victory fall. But you look at Mahomes last year in the Super Bowl, he looked unstoppable until he got up against the forty Niners defense and initiate like, of course, he didn't have a line.


But the pass rusher game four to four, the Buccaneers slowed him down like Deanne's. I think it's a reason why the first pick in every draft is usually always the quarterback, a left tackle or outside or al-Salam back or pass rush and defensive because those are the three most important pieces on the field. You need a quarterback or you need somebody to protect your quarterback, need somebody to manage the game.


Russell Wilson. That's what the position is.


Do you think you think you can win with a game manager? With the last game manager we see when it's bowl?


Peyton Manning. He was a game injury last week. He was going there.


But that's like that's like a special type of game manager, like absolute brilliant football mind.


Tom Brady. He managed that game last year. We're going to we're going to we're going to go viral. Too many shots going to take too many shots. That's what I'm when I'm managing a game, like not taking that many deep shots where you can get potentially picked off or batted back to a tip pick off, like he didn't even throw to me those passes. He was really basic with how he how he played. And you seen the defense.


You've seen the running back, you know, so that's what I mean. Manage the game when we go viral for this.


I want to make sure they put the Z in my last name because there is good. It said it is Tom Brady, a game manager like. But no, I'm not saying see my definition. I know what you say, but I'm not going to twist it. But I know what you say. But like there's something to the pass rush man that just completely breaks the game. There's this clip from Hard Knocks. Must have been this year. I forget which quarter because they did two teams, but it's a coach talking to the quarterback and he's telling them this is in college.


All of them are faster than you thought it was a of you. And when you think about it, they are like, they'll take your quarterback now, unless you got Vick, unless you got Mahomes, unless you got Lamore. And I think that's a reason why we're going to see a lot more of these mobile quarterbacks that used to be taboo. You know, ten years ago, it was taboo sitting that pocket and throw the ball like don't roll out.


And then you had, you know, the outliers like Aaron or like Russell, who is like, OK, you slide, you could do you can make your shit work. But now it's like almost a necessity. Like you got to have a calamari because the Patriots is going to get there and we need you to run away from it and still do so. Or burrow. Burrow is like not the fastest guy ever, but he can get out the way and he can find some shade.


It makes it should happen.


If you put an arm over quarterback and replace Patrick Mahomes yesterday, that game might be fifty to nothing. I'm sure that's going to be ugly quick. And I just think I don't think you can win in this league without having some form of a mobile quarterback. If you if you had a statue that just stand there, it's going to be a rap. You've got to put forward a great offensive line. All due respect to the Dan Marino's of the world, legendary Hall of Fame quarterback.


I don't think we're going to be able to survive with that no more. Unless you are that you are at that level. You can't be like a decent quarterback who has to sit in the pocket anymore.


It's going to be tough for you even further.


Yeah, but last year, you know. Yeah.


Out of all the top 10 quarterbacks in the league right now, who is how many would you say your specialty is really like Rodgers? Not a statue. Mahomes not a statue. Josh Allen isn't. Russell Wilson is just Tom Watson.


Daniel Jones out there taking off like you big. That's who the game was good for us.


And I don't think Brady is the only guy that I would think is a statue that's still in the top 10, like elite level quarterback, either one.


He's like the last of a dying breed and he's got all time great pocket awareness. He still shifts in the pocket. He still moves and he gets rid of that. He gets rid of that thing. You know, he he. Forty three years old, he don't want to get hurt if he had to. So he going to get rid of it as soon as he can. And you need that's what you need. Like we got two seconds to this big guys here and you go back to not only do you got to know where you're going with it, you got to be able to counter if that doesn't work out, as soon as you snap it all that it has to be all of that plan quarterback's got to be the hardest job in sports.


Both tours. I think so. And that looked like a little tweak. The Bucs did help them really win the Super Bowl just from when they were struggling in that season. They didn't really have any check downs, any offense for a long time. And then all of a sudden they switch and a little from that, just keep out the backfield at Ronald Jones and, you know, with Tom Brady will get the ball out quick. When we start doing that, it just unlocked everything else in that offense.


They've been pretty much unstoppable since Leonard Fournette just so all around back. He's just a soul. He's just so talented at the running back position he can catch out to having him out that backfield. It relaxes you a lot as a quarterback because you know, you're hitting the second level. You know, he's bouncing off of tackles. You know, he just going to make something out of nothing, you know. I mean, and he can hold that thing if you had it between tackles is going to be the one I want to tackle.


Come in third or fourth quarter.


It didn't really grow last night. He was getting shifty, bro. How old is Leonard Fournette like twenty five. Twenty four. He's he's just on a big deal to some like the Jaguars left half a day like people thought he was dying because he was in a bad situation in Jacksonville. And he's like now you see a lot of this stuff in sports. From the outside looking in, of course, like I'm not in the locker room, but it just seemed like everything is situational, like you got to be in the right situation to really put you in a position to succeed in.


Tampa Bay, they put him in position to succeed, as simple as it may sound. They knew he was good at they're not going to ask you to carry it. We're not going ask you to carry the ball 30 times. What a bad offensive line or anything like that. We got a good line. We got a Hall of Fame quarterback. We got receivers. We're going to bring it. We're going to bring you in with some screens.


We'll hand it off to you. When he's a short yardage situations, he can make he can still make plays. You can take a short yardage situations in a big play like his his running for the touchdown last night with seventeen yards. It looked like they had stopped it after like four yards and he ended up busting it open to get a seventeen yard touchdown.


He had to play like that Green Bay too. And I think if you look at Tampa, he just has such a great quarter down there because any touchdown the whole team was damn near in the end zone celebrating when everybody and it just shows how tight knit they were. So they were just locked in last night. Shut out.


The bourbon left was a southeast legend, DC legend, the offensive coordinator. Man, I love this shit.


He went away and when he on the way to the head coaching job. I know the NFL, the NFL, there's always a dicey topic for the NFL, but we know what it is to you know, it clearly is just tougher for black coaches to work their way up to the head coach job.


But he's on his way.


He's on his way just like RB enemy enemies. And he's been buzzing for a while. I think he's had a couple of interviews and shout out to Bruce Arians. I think both his coordinators are black. He's got a lot of a lot of black coaches on his staff. He's a woman on his staff. Like, you know, he's clearly like he just wants the best talent, the best candidates. And there's a reason he's so beloved. You know, you don't hear nothing bad about Bruce Arians in seeing a story that back in college, Virginia Tech, he was the first white player to room with a black player.


And it was the barbershop. It was the barber, his father, I believe. So, like, you know, shout out to Bruce for football that he's doing. And, you know, he's helping push push those guys forward. And I'm sure he'll he'll be doing just like any read. He'll be he'll be lobbying for those guys to get jobs and, you know, tar balls, it's tar balls had had a tough run with the Jets.


But, you know, a lot of guys do better in their second job. A lot of guys get second chances. And that's another part of just black candidates needing that space that other candidates get in a job like second chances.


You're right. And that goes to show that these guys still know football. Like they may get fired. They may not they may have bad seasons, but these guys are surveyance. They understand the game to another level. You can transfer your same philosophy to another team and they can succeed the way that they did. Like these guys, these guys. The man is underrated, how much they studied his game and how hard it is to know different coverages, different players, different species sizes.


And I I commend these guys for putting in them, which were. As coaches, I think it's like how I can whoop, like there's only so many spots, I'm saying I'm not going to waste opening for just anybody. So the tar balls would be one of the very few defensive coordinators in NFL.


Amborella, which is offensive coordinator, shows how special they are and game playing that tar balls cooked up last night, man, I e had them confused.


He literally had bedroom was running all over the place last night and first defense as a whole pet monster toaster.


So like, you know, devastating loss by double digits. That was crazy. That's nuts. Yeah, that's crazy.


Like, how do you people never really close it? It just never felt like we were sitting in a second quarter. Is like if they score, this is it you'd like, this is it. And it was like, I think this might be me. And they have me. They can't they've done nothing yet. They haven't done anything. And it was their worse.


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I want to know what you are listening to, because this is the football part of the day here.


My God, Cam is like the young guy.


He helps keep me young, seeing what to wear, seeing with the list and what we need to watch, like what we listen to. Like, put me on.


We watch what we listen to see.


It was nothing in a minute. That's when he really put that in perspective for me, like I really am the youngest.


Well, wait, wait, wait, wait. When Cam double tapped like the fit. I got it.


I got that off we post. That's like the honor like oh shit. I made it OK.


I'm starting a body that can touch you on the story that my mom had to wear it off but they shore listening to a lot of little dirt right now and like, like shadow jati of course.


Like you got me a little dirty, Caveh. But for some reason this year, like for me, like the top of you all the way to three twenty, twenty two. Now the voice looks a lot. It just just because your way to school like I really rockabilly and that's why I'm really listening to the most right now. Bands got me all I swear bezzle for sure.


Ho ho ho ho ho ho. Let's talk about dirt because dirt career has been around for a long time and you don't even realize that when you look up, it's been like ten years.


A little dirt. And to see where he is now and how far you see, Lord, they're going from here because this is his prime, I feel it's hard to even put a cap on it at this point because, like.


I would be lying if I said I even thought he would get to this point like he'd been around for 10 years, he's been around so long after a certain amount of time, you think a guy's just like wherever he is. He hasn't made it past that point yet. It's just probably where you going to stay. So the fact that getting all these features, all these big looks like in his album, selling more than they've ever sold like. I don't know how much bigger he can or can't get because he already even went further than what a lot of people probably.


But he said he had a line on his on his last album. I think it was on effort to the gateway to with a little bit and he was like Ratnam 15 years, who would have thought of something like that? Like he he felt like it's wild to think about. So for him to be recent is, like you say, his prom.


Teen years in rap is not a career where you have your career as a long of relevancy any way. Life is hard and it's hard to keep the people's ear for that long and for him to, like, not just keep your grand new listeners like myself this late into his career is impressive.


I'm curious how much like the industry changing and not necessarily need that machine when you can kind of create your audience and your own budget. So has that kind of changed the trajectory of a lot of different careers? I'm saying whether or not you can just pop even later down the line because you built up such a big audience and then you came up with like a Drake and you get his fans. And I'm saying it is kind of evolved from there, but I'm right there, which I didn't expect Dirk to kind of a scene like he did.


But I'm definitely impressed.


Sure. I remember I remember when Keith first popped off and it looked like a little race could have a run to and dark was kind of just there, like dark seem like on the side. And it was like, you know, that had come and go. But I think what Pierce said is a great point. You know, if this was 90 four and he got to a deal and dropped the album and it didn't really move and maybe he drops a second and he doesn't really move either.


You know, he's had two years now, two tries and he fades away. Maybe he still and he maybe he does some stuff in Chicago, but now he gets to just lurk for years and just build that audience year by year, song by song. And next thing you know, it's a decade. And he he's a star. He's he's been able to build that for six, seven, eight years. And I guess to capitalize on it, I think that's, you know, rappers especially weren't afforded in past errors and now they can take their time and do it.


Right now, the counter is kind of like back then we wouldn't put you out until you were ready. You'd shop at Demo. You literally give people a tape of like four songs. You made it to Krib. It's like, cool, we like you. We'll teach you how to make music for two years and then you come out, you know, but no, I think that's a great point.


And I think he's probably the best example. I mean, the weekend is kind of an example to write. Going all the way back to the beginning of the convo. He did the same. It just seemed like it went faster for him. But, you know, Dirk was able to kill it on YouTube on that pay for whatever. He was releasing his music for years and years, years, and now he's finally getting to capitalize off that.


That's the thing that gives me rap nowadays. It's like these YouTube numbers can't really sustain your career for a while and be a young boy.


I never heard him on the radio at one time, but he's an artists on YouTube and it's not even close, you know. So I just it just goes to show you can just eat on so many different ways. Media in twenty twenty one.


Did the Drake stimulus do this for dirt like it was at the final step. He just said he spent a decade building, but was it the final step to push him?


Where is it now for him to get to the Drake feature? He had to then like. Speaking tours that so Drake had to see something in him to give them a voice and it wasn't the other way either. It wasn't like he shot Drake or Drake shot him the favor and the woman he got jumped on his ship. Yeah. He said, yo, I need you.


Exactly. It wasn't like Amigos Versace or Mawei remix or something like he put them on his own phone. So I do think that Stenchy like when you get you get the call sign from the biggest rapper on the planet like that definitely stance. But that's a sign like he was just, I guess, headed in that direction this whole time over the last calendar year or so.


What I would say about Dirk and it goes back to what he did, it seems like they created a whole new sound of Dre, which was that Drew music, which is feels like a new genre within you get them. And they built a core fan base that is so many people around the world that feel that are seen, that were inspired by that movement, that drew a movement which I know it's keeping and probably started.


I think young Papi might have been the first one that was rapping like that, but King Louis, too. But I felt like Keith blew it up and took it global. But Little Dark was always bubbling underneath the scene, being on the underground scene. And he built that core fan base in Chicago. And once you got Chicago by your side and you still active in the in a neighborhood in the streets as a rapper, like. You can always you can always just keep keep simmering underneath until you get that big record.


You know, I'm saying, you know, I always have to chase, you know, trying to, you know, chase the trends. And I felt like dirt to stay down. And where he liked he liked to do with that drew music and he kept his fans and boom Drake record. Now, you were a little baby. Now you're just you're on another level. So he kept the underground scene bubbling for a second. And I felt like he had he he was he was carrying a joint for a minute.


Mm hmm.


It's a real old school approach to, like, be fine with being not a superstar. You know, I think I think the two thousands in that area kind of skewered it because everybody was going platinum and you kind of had to beat it. But in the 90s, it was cool. You can make a nice rap career being like a regional star, being somebody that does those shows in your state and your city and in sells, you know, 100 albums and a thousand albums and you in your area and you were good and you could do that.


And now I think the Internet, it kind of killed regions like everybody sounds different, like a blend of everything, because you hear everything now. But it also allows you to still do that in a different way. You know, now you can still hear it. You can still deliver your music without labels and you could do it. And then once you get buzz in your city, you know, it kind of takes a life of its own. And Chicago has its own infrastructure there and it really supports its guys.


And even though some of them are pitted against each other and even though they got a lot of, you know, they had their gang culture there and it kind of divides them to when they get there guys, though, they support them.


They support them all the way up to the top. So I think it's a lot at play here and a lot worked out for Dirk. But it's, you know, his work did it as well. And he's gotten better. Like, that's the thing for me.


When I try to listen to him, when I try to listen to him a couple of years back, he kind of didn't know what he was doing just yet. Right. And like like I mentioned earlier with when I mean, not when Dirk when Keith and first he, like Dirk was on a I kind of like playing with auto tune and doing all this other stuff like, oh, that I really like. I'm trying to hear what I was doing.


Now he's like Master Datto and, you know, he's calling himself The Voice and he spent years building that building and building it. So I think he's in a good place. I think if there's another level for him to reach, like into the pop lane, into the pop like phase, and being that that big artist, I think it's up to him. Like, does he want to do those superstar collaborations? Does he want to do kind of like with Doug?


Did you know, does he want to make a savannah and all of that? And I guess you could say he does because he did the right joint.


But Drake is kind of like separate thing Ninetta. So you see how he moves to be interesting to see how he moves now because he might be fine with just doing what he's doing and really poppin off being him and in his lane. And he could be really successful doing that.


Part of me wishes that Drake record we could experience when we outside, you know, saying I think you would probably be even bigger and better. I think Dirk probably even is a extend an even higher trajectory if you just hear that when you out and about all the time. But it was a good record nonetheless. But like I mentioned, he got better at his craft. So that's a lot of it. I'm saying he got better and cause people pay attention.


So I work with that. You got people in the trenches. Yeah, and you know what the chances are the chances, the new trap and they don't even know.


But like I, I wonder how often he's going to be putting work out, because I think this is, you know, coming the spring in the summer. I think, you know, the real the real megastars are coming back. So I wonder if he, you know, set aside for a bit and waits or he's going to try to compete, in essence and be in the same mix. He's put out a lot of music recently.


He put out a lot of music. I think he's going to let this music sit. And I think he he I think understands his place in the game and what he's trying to go. And he realized this is a nice open pocket with a big three not really putting on music and feel like him. Baby, control the space for a second. What else do the other way. And I say, and that's I mean, for him to kind of assume that position, just kind of take that position that shows what he's trying to do in his career, too.


Well, I think it would be a big year for him with features, too.


You know, he turned his name on baby, you know, and I think when we watched the baby, too, for the last 18 months. Well, I think they're going to feel that line now, too, like they're going to be they're going to be those voices that everybody wants to hear, no pun. And even those big artists, you know, it would not shock any of us to see dark on a record, cold before the summer, you know, or Drainville record for something they're putting together in that way and saying, oh, baby, baby is going to be everywhere.


You know, he's going to be a Super Bowl commercial last night. Yeah. Like, he's going to be, like, crazy. He's going to be everywhere. Be shocked not to see a little baby on Drake's album. Be shocked not to see him on, you know, Karate's album, probably like that's a space for both of them, that there's a lot of albums on the way out that you can see those guys landed on.


And I definitely want to hear no more going for him. Yeah. Or other type of music.


Those are the two that really emerged this year, that kind of like on the way. So what else what else do we like? What do we listen to that we feel like anybody hearing it. I know the guy I've been trying to put you on recently. As you mentioned earlier, Cam is the other dude from Louisville named Ezgi. And it's kind of the same length, just like real raw street street. And they just like them do with love.


Just getting on a beat. No hook it just telling you what they've been doing for the last six months.


And he's like, damn dog says, you'll be saying all this like, is he speaking, speaking cold a little bit bro.


I was so was what are y'all what do y'all go to is like who's the artist that you'll find it recently. And it's like, ah, this might be next. Is there going to be the next baby? They're going to be the next, uh, dirt.


Uh, I like Borio. Worry that when he dropped McNeill's artist from Dream, I like how he's like more melodic. He's not really like in the same vein is like guys or. Little baby or anything like that, but I definitely think he has a chance to. Not be a superstar, maybe, but definitely be one of those guys that this year starts to really make an imprint for himself on the mainstream level. I think if Meek Mill drops out, might expect him to be on this album.


He was on the championship droppings on two songs on there. So I think he's going to definitely get looks. I think he's going to get looks for sure in twenty twenty one is just a matter of capitalizing on those lyrics. But I definitely think that's the guy who. We can look back at the end of this year when December rolled around November, December and be very kind of like came into his own a little bit this year. What's your new sheika?


I feel like you've been sending us to Conway joints lately with your new shirt as Tuck that we all know about.


I was really about to say, Conway, I know he's not a newer artist because he's 30, but he's still he's still dropping music and he's still rapping his ass off. And the last album he dropped is up there. I mean, I listen to all his projects. There's got to be top two projects that he dropped because it felt like a real classic album with different sounds. And he tried different things on his album. And he gave us a deluxe with with raw oysters with Stefon Diggs and classic joints like some so grimy Conway joints that I've been wanting from him lately.


So I've been on to I mean, I've been into the underground where I've seen a lot last year, Rock, Marsi, Philly Laut obviously Griselda El Camino. I'm more like my homie. I'm like I'm I'm trying to start to learn all these dudes now and I'm like, shit. I know. Like I can. I'm sitting there thinking I'm like, shit. I know a lot of these guys and I listen to a lot of these guys and I only realize it, but I really been fucking with the I mean, if you want to call it boom back.


But the music is just so captivating. They hear that the samples, these dudes that these producers are coming out with now and then hearing the raps over top of it is giving me a nostalgic feel that I've been like craving that. I mean, you know, I was craving arms. And so.


Yeah, like I think that's exactly what you just said. Like, that's so missing down when you get it. It hits different now. Like it feels avoid. There's a void you didn't even know was a void until it's like I'm listening to Boldi, Bodey James and he's just rapping over a loop, no drops. And I'm like, oh I like it. Sound like Vinton's. He's like, yo, I needed this right now. Like, holy shit.


And so descriptive with it. And they like him. He makes a really good example because they just have like a vocabulary that a lot of people don't possess when they rap like this. And then you're just like, damn right, nobody said that shit like that. Yeah.


Like they're they're adding new elements to this shit that's supposed to be like a really old sound. So I love Conway.


I feel like I've never heard him rap bad ever. Yeah. And I feel the same way about Bodey. Like every time I listen to Paul, like he killed Evers every time. And then I'm like ten, ten songs too. I'm like, yeah, he killed every verse like I shit I was just happy. So nah that's, that's, that's me with Conway too. So what about you. Would you listen to the. Yeah.


I was going to piggyback Conway for sure. That's why I've been so heavy.


I think Conway's ear for music and it's B selection is up there with Ross as far as really comparison and kind of like I mentioned with the samples I'm starting to learn, that is definitely a talent to be able to rap on those type of beats, because I don't want to hear a sample or so I'm saying. This is this is a certain pocket you catch and canwe so descriptive in his words and his lyrics. And it's a record I play all the time things.


Jesus Christ, I just played it.


That's different or as much as way it does.


That's though man. I mean I'm waiting for scissors, me myself personally. I wait for summer new shit like I'm waiting, I get on my own and we can. We was just talking about this bro. Like I feel like I go through phases like one week I'll be on the heavy like real underground grimey's next week I'm on podcast's. All tough. I'm listening watching you two next week I'm on the and be my girl. Think I'm going to do some shit I'm playing summerell allowed in the house like I'll be all over the place with so much content man.


Just like I don't want to just focus on one thing. It's a lot out here so you try to divvy up as much as possible. That's a good that's a good thing. It's a good problem right there, I think has made the game better.


Honestly, you have a lot of clutter out there, but if you'll cut through is going to really cut through my Hammerman Summerhays, one of the best pans in the game, like her songwriting is outstanding. You know, I'm saying. And a record's just timeless. It doesn't it doesn't seem dated at all. Even her early mix tapes. So to piggyback on you, Eddie, that summer summer's up there.


She need a new know. She's with child. Congrats. But, yeah, it was we need some songs since Cizre seems to be on the way, like people have been nudging that out there for a minute now. She threw the song Drop to join Good Days is my favorite right now. Hit different.


Hit different every time. Yeah.


So like they day on the way to man I. What do we watch in. Like that's, that's been the buzz like in these groups for a few weeks there. That's like we reached a new level of like camaraderie because we're all watching the same shows. And Shari was saying Blacklist. I never seen that man. I don't know.


I don't know if that's my way. Is it. You got to have. Yeah, I've watched the first season, like back in like twenty fifteen, I was hooked, but Netflix hadn't caught up yet and updated a lot, so I kind of fell off. But what is that about? It's like it's like some crime crimes.


Like they solving crimes. Yeah. It's like some crime espionage type shit. But when you first see the preview, you black, I don't know if I'm a fuck this, but you're going to be hurt. I promise you.


It's a good I got to tell you the truth of it. But Leupen, I watch that.


That's on Netflix, right? Yeah. With the subtitles. If you can get past the subtitles and seeing this in a different light, you're going to fuck with it.


I promise you, I try to watch that shit like Liz wasn't moving with the words.


It was just like, yo, yo, you got to watch TV like this.


Yeah, that's a job. Because he took that job because I need I need to do something like a rock will want to put it to me for episodes. Cavanough you walking with that then. What's the latest one.


I mean what's the latest one. But I'm catching up.


This is the best one is getting better. I feel like I feel like like an asshole because I was killing it for sure. Like yo like what am I seeing. I'm talking all kind of crazy people. I just wait. Just wait. I know, man. Like, you got to read the comics and you got to know every detail. But you know what though, about one of his in his goes back to what we were saying about just having so much content, like the YouTube videos of the people who noticia and really breaking it down.


They damn near better than the show. Like I'm watching the show for thirty minutes and then I'm watching YouTube for two hours, like, damn, I didn't know that. And, you know, it could be this. And they got their theories and they were watching their shit and pausing it and zooming in the the words in the back that they got on the wall. They like, yeah, this means this. And I'm like, oh, this shit is like better than I thought.


Like, OK, so I'm locked in and stuff like that.


We really live it in a special area where content can create a whole nother industry. I'm saying like, yeah, and I think the goodness like, oh, we really was living in like a special time. And that's exactly what happened because I kept myself going. If Easter eggs about films or movies and stuff like big spoiler alert on SNL, I watch with you.


I don't, I don't you I don't watch Game of Thrones. But that was like to peek at it for me, like the way these people was breaking out these videos, how I just watched a 50 minute episode in your breakdown. Is it ninety seven minutes longer than this? So what does it day was?


Oh, I mean, it's like, you know, is this deep like that. So we got to find us. Oh man. We got a movie or something. We got lucky for cab go cab. You got some time. You got some. I got it.


I got at least at least five days is worth to binge watch. Yo, speaking of content, we got every app. There is the other one.


Plus I thought of yesterday, I said I can't sign up for another app, much more cable.


You know, it doesn't really seem like you're actually paying more in apps than you do for your kid. Needed to have cable.


Now get yourself not only to watch lot of sports. That's it.


I'm I'm on my Fosdick tab and do like I don't remember, like, I didn't even know I had this joint right here. Like, what's what is even on here. Like why do I have this app and what did I Watsonia like. Let me see. Was good.


Totally like someone came up man it cut him some slack. You know what, it will be crazy.


They all teamed up and then they like had a service. You can just watch it on your at your house like, you know, maybe call it cable or something.


We be back the display. Yeah. I'm saying that's a city council.


How do they make us pay for cable and then they break cable up and make this pay for cable separately. Cable plus that's the cable plus twenty different apps. We had a roll business though.


They really do a plus on their fifteen dollars. We're definitely going to do it too soon.


Their rep plus.


Come on get look before before we get out of here man, I just want to say my guy has been in the crib, he's been kowit free for a year. Leave him alone. Stop with the stories.


Yo if some came out today, Steve said it of taken up tested negative. Ninety times this year, the ninety negative covid Hasbro. Cuevas has not have called it in over a year and he's become the the face of covid in the NBA is the face of covid.


What are we having this conversation now? Because like we care last when he tested positive for the first time, it was the day after we went to dinner, huh? Yeah.


Yeah. Can I get a cab? One hundred dollars to know before we have like twenty seven bro. In the next day. I got to tell you, I caught the most deadly disease. We have no clue about the day it dropped.


I got to hear how this conversation with Jesus Christ, was it six people on this planet for, you know, and I'm like, OK, we'll get we got to get to this girl thing with me every day makes me sick because that's that was just the beginning.


So we know we had no information on that shit. I was so shook in the crib. I'm waking up checking my temperature at least five or six times a day, like, yo, these these symptoms creep up on me. I might be this is going to be my last days. It was just it was just one of those. It was one of those things. Yo, covid is just like I've been through every situation with that shit since it came out.


Since you came up here this year to hit the streets. I didn't miss six games because of some shit and I even had it. So it's just like I'm over this whole shit. Uh, I don't even want to talk to nobody else about that shit after this.


I'm already no man, but I just wanted to work the word out there like you not breaking protocol, you Minding Your Business you had to create. Hopefully this is the end of that for you. And you don't have to be the face of Kobe for the league no more.


OK, how you missing the Laker game, dawg? We got to see this shit in action. We already missed the Sixers joint like Kobol. We try to CBDs.


I hope I missed the Laker game just because of my stand on my extend, my quittin. Just a miss. It's just so I can laugh.


It's on the group chat dog. What's it now? Watching the game with you, Danny would be funnier than watching so I feel like I can't lose.


So it was like you norvelle pilled minutes. We were so excited.


The dog you know that's it was that was going in end up like me. Watching the game with me is comedy.


Let's just start Lifestream and then shoot if I'm out there that night when everything happened was crazy because we used this Texan like does nothing and I thought I was playing. I thought you was playing because it's actually second time. You're like, yo, I can't play for a week. So you shoot the message like here you go this year because you was locked in, we could sell you is locked in that that's literally like, I don't know, ten minutes before the game.


It's like, bro, guess what happened.


Like now I like what you talk about in any TV then I didn't Sham's tweets. I'm like, oh shit.


Like yo. I said, well maybe you don't believe me. Believe what the fuck I you know, where we got to in this world.


You know the funniest shit though. Like we'd be in the chat talking also and disappear and you see him abruptly.


Well with me now for me, like I might as well make a joke about this because this was actually what it is.


It was like, when do you want to talk about go to war?


That was the same in you in the NBA, run around like they like. Yeah, exactly.


What they do know how to Sham's get in a car dog. His report was like minutes a minute, like he knows everything.


Sham's is a creek. No sense.


No sense. Now you never know where he is yo. Because you can wear masks. Now this man fucking is probably outside the house. Right the when I said I don't know how I get this info, but. He I mean, he he said that I was in a car or no mask when we went back and forth and back and forth from, I said no.


We reached a new level. He broke the news, a trumpet call.


We all know he was bad news. I was like, this is different from being suspended. Our Twitter. Exactly.


Well, he broke some that's some crazy news. The Breckman, Sam Sham's, my soms. Yeah, we Santero. You write songs. That's crazy news.


The brakemen when you've been doing the draft for the last time, he goes to the White House. That globe is sick.


How you tapped into the front office of the Wizards, but also the White House down the street, like how you how you tapped into both. What are you doing?


And he's some type of central intelligence. Well, he got something at the crew.


Gadgets in his basement is full of shit like, you know, this man is locked in all respects. Shout out songs.


We want no smoke. We want no smoke with that man. But look, we are excited. See, you get back on the court. We're ready.


You getting in that rhythm, man. And you know, who knows? Maybe you win a nice awarded in the season, maybe win a couple. I know you don't care. I know you don't care. And that's why I bring it up.


I mean, I'm see look, now, I'm not saying I don't care like. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, I won't say it wouldn't be, but like that's not the focus groups. And if it happens organically, I would love that shit.


When we all talked in November you were screaming at us. Kyrie Kyrie might win MVP to come, you might be one of you and we laugh but like come on come on.


You're on the team and Kyrie is going crazy. She he going crazy.


My playing great basketball man also saying my whole thing was Kyrie is going to play a nice efficient game this year. That's always been my whole thing. All that other shit that people talk about. And I really was concerned with that, just like I was going to play the right way and he's going to do his best when he's out there.


I mean, we see I mean, we see it, we talk to you. We kind of get inside on, you know, these narratives that go on about your that's not really the true story. What you see in every day we hear about every day. So, again, excited to watch you get back to it. Hopefully this is the last kind of hiccup with all of that.


We can see the stress. I think it'll be you, me, some of stuff out of your control. But hopefully this stretch run goes well and shit, man, uh, save me a ticket for the finals if we get there.


Let me let me come see that and relax your legs.


I, I'm just saying, man, I'm trying to, you know, trying to see what happens, but I feel good talking to and always I mean, I know we don't we don't get off the phone, start talking shit about each other, I'm sure. So we got to do this again soon. Man. Soon. Asep, this is Fondo. So you have a good one.


I feel like one. Today's show is brought to you by U.S. Bank, whose goal is getting you to your goals, U.S. bank will get together.