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Welcome back to the ACCC, said it was podcast with Kevin Durant. My name is Eddie Gonzales, as always. I'm here with my guy, Caddie Kevin Madden.


People had a couple of days to digest the first half of this convo with Kyrie.


What are you thinking, man? I think people enjoying it.


I think a lot of people love Curry on the low side.


I think they really respect his mindset, his approach to the game, his approach to his craft, but more importantly, just how he is as a human being. I think more and more people really love what Kyrie brings to the sport into the culture as a whole. So. Part two is even better. You know what, a big part of it for me is that I didn't get to tell them I feel like Kyrie he has that game.


Like, if all of us could play, like the way we want to play, it would be very much like Kyrie.


You might have a little bit more bounce, a little bit more bounce.


Yeah but we have that handle right. A little taller. Yeah. A little six feet. So six three you know. But his game is just the fits you know, because he does pretty much everything great.


You know, you kick the convo off with the perfect word to me, you call it an art form. And I thought that was beautiful because the way he plays it feels like art.


And I think that's a big part of why people enjoy him so much.


People love him so much. And then the way he speaks in where he's passionate, even when you don't agree with them, you kind of had to respect what he's saying because he says it in such a way that it grabs you.


So we get a lot more that here. We're going to talk about some of the controversies. We're going to talk about Kyrie the disrupter. We're going to talk about, you know, all of that stuff. He let us take the convo anywhere.


And I'm excited that he did that because we got a great podcast out of it.


So let's get back into it, man. Let's get right back to Kyrie again. Special edition. Birthday edition. Right, right. I mean, so without further ado, here's part two of the ETCs episode one with Kyrie Irving, the one and only man. The one and only. In a game when I sat in game seven of the finals. It's almost like the greatest thing you could do, right, with your mentality and to watch you go, wait, this is it.


And kind of see that on your faces, like, yo, that has to be like enlightening and liberating all kind of things. But you just look like in a daze, like, yo, I just did the greatest thing I could do in this sport and I don't know, you know, to do you it's like a little kid. It was funny.


And then you transition from that and went straight into Team USA. And with you on the board for two months with you, and then that's when we really got to the. That was the rocky part of our relationship right there.


Rocky, rocky part. It was that part, you know what I mean? You remember.


But hey, Eddie, I was coming in. And look, this is this is this should tell you about the Rocky Rocky. This relationship will go into the details this day when Kate's to come to the lunch table or the lunch room. I used to get up and leave.


I'm just you got me.


And I was like and I turned into Big Melvern after a while, like, every time I every time you come out, every time I come on, you go in the back. So but we we we grew from there. We grew from there. But more importantly though, like like tell me how you felt going from winning a chip to being a star point guard on Team USA and winning a gold medal all in a few months is like those.


That's what all the greats did. Yeah. From LeBron to, you know, James. Yeah.


The greats, the greatest players to ever touch our core did things like that. You're one of them. Tell me what that was like going through that whole transition, man.


Honestly, I was tired bro.


Like I was so tired and beat I had maybe three weeks to get my party life down, meaning like, oh, I got three straight weeks where I was just like, how, you know what I mean?


And I had and that's the one thing I really didn't like about, you know, becoming at that time. You know, I am grateful that I became a champion, but I don't think I was ready for the responsibility of what that meant. Being a world champion in every single I being on you at that point, everywhere you go, you know, and I'm I'm still so aloof at that point of what's going on. And I'm just happy to be celebrating.


And it's like people are around you now because of what you have. You know what I mean? It is it now brings an influx of so many unwarranted energies, unwarranted people that you can you can only, you know, they're there for that. They're there for the time and the celebration. But for you as a person, you know, whatever. So after I got all that stuff in order and I'm going through, you know. We got to Camp Inves, but I'm like this.


We have a camp in Vegas. Team USA getting back together. I've gained probably like eight pounds. I'm like, man, you know, I've had enough champagne. I've had my fill of celebrate and now we got a frickin play. And Katie has just decided to go to the Golden State Warriors.


I'm there with Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, DeMarcus Cousins, Marrero's and how the three Jordan and Jimmy Butler, Paul George Melo Melo. And let's just say this. Everybody on that team thinks to them and you heard everybody I just named, right, Eddie? Mm hmm. Everybody on that team thinks that a man I named great players that have established themselves. Why I say that is because I'm coming off a situation where we had to be the closest Nick team possible in the NBA to win the world championship.


Now I have to transition myself into being around some of the greatest talent in the world. And we have to form a team in a matter of a week before we go and play against other countries. So, you know, I'm trying to come into this and just be like, yo, listen, guys, look, I know I'm the champion here.


I know you well, man.


Flass in the ring, like like. Oh, like somebody who just got days like the good.


Oh, dude, that was. Yeah. The funny thing is the twenty twelve Kobe flexed on me so hard for that. Like I was talking about shit we beat them in the playoffs. Yeah. Like yeah. Right. You only got I only could talk to Brown on this plane, go back to put the headphones back on. So that's the same, that's the same type of energy you had in twenty sixteen. And that's why you and Kobe remind me so much of each other.


That's what it's about though, right. Getting to throw that weight around with your peers like now I'm him right now. Like well.


And kenosis too bro. I was twenty four. Twenty five. Twenty four. So I don't twenty eight now. Twenty four.


So twenty four year old guy win at a championship in NBA history like at that time. You know, I'm there, I'm like, you know guys if you need some leadership come talk to me.


You know, I would never disrespect any type of situation because they taught me lessons. And being on Team USA at that point in 2016 was like, I look back what used to get mad at me in practice, like he was trying as hard as not to say anything. He'll come in yo yo yo o b Kyrie Irving B, Kyrie Irving, Kyrie Irving.


I'm thinking, ok, I'm here just to facilitate. You know, you expect me to come in and come off and I'm like no brown. OK, it's on you bro.


You the man here you are a leader here below you the leader, you the leader. And I think also what I was dealing with and I didn't share this with anybody at the time, but, you know, money was it wasn't it wasn't right. Like winning that one championship and then playing USA, like it wasn't the best choice for my body. And I was trying to stay in shape and and try to keep it healthy, as healthy as I could be over in Brazil on the boat and having limited resources on that boat, it was great for us to put that together.


And I'm grateful for the opportunity. But at the same time, I needed a certain routine in order for me to be at my level of play. And we're playing on different court, different basketballs. You know, I'm wearing different shoes for Team USA because now I'm supporting the shoes that are coming out for the summer for the. And just the synergy of guys, you know, I wasn't really around, I didn't hang out with Kay all the time or Jimmy or, you know, or to Marcus, but what ended up happening was that I'm thankful for is the women, the women and the men.


We were on the same boat, so we were able to have optics and lenses into what makes all of us special. And this we they had the old regime, the old regime with Diana, Tina, Charles Suber, Maya Moore. They were the OGs and they had the youngins like Lena Dunham was still maybe in her fifth fourth year or something like that. You know, who else was trying to make that team, bro?


That was a really was on that team, Sylvia files. They had they had a nice mix. They have some had some Hall of Famers on that team.


Yeah, absolutely. And so do we have Hall of Famers on our team as well. But we were younger as a as a as a team, except for Kyle. And who was Melo? Yeah. Oh, bro, when I tell you that being around all those personalities made it fun, that's what made it fun, playing against all the teams and blowing them out and getting into close games that we know we were going to win. No disrespect to those countries and what they do, but it was like we were beating ourselves and we were beating ourselves.


And people at home are like, is this going to be the USA team that loses? And we're like, we have me, Kevin. Like we have guys on our team, like stop disrespecting Clay.


Clay was on clay was there. So we had snipers and people that knew how to play hard. Draymond also we were all like this a quick knows because K was about to go on his journey with Golden State. I was going back to Cleveland trying to just be part of history with MJ, Scottie and Bron and I asked my name with that of winning a championship and they're going to get a gold medal in the same year. So I was grateful for that grateful journey.


But when we left, we were straight back into work. Joe went straight to Santa Barbara. We had a mini camp, and then we were getting ready for the season and I was already in shape. So I was like, OK, cool, I'm on the road this energy into the new season and use that as motivation. There's this famous video.


You win the conference finals seventeen and they're handing out the trophy and you're in the back like, who is it exactly what it looks like or did I just is it is it not?


Because he looked like he was like, nah, I'm ready to like we bought the bump like it's about to be ugly or who else was going to do that for us?


Yeah, because I know that I know that the Warriors were watching us when I was at home watching. Like, what what do you do going up here? And I'm like, and I see you in the back. And I know the real Hoopers are watching like this. This accomplishment right here is just one of those that I'm about to go get and is going to demand us to be here. Now, we thought it was, you know, we.


Oh, damn near everybody. Yeah.


You know, we're both twelve and no, I didn't see it as any other thing of just another challenge. And planning is K and Steph and Clay and Draymond. I was just getting ready for that. Like, yo, I can't wait for this bro. We just be Boston. I can't wait for it.


Look like watching you locking in like in real time moves. Like I remember I was like ah I don't get them like how about to go crazy. And then you know what happened. Having to talk about that.


Yeah. Clinging to that series though when we played in Golden State Game one. There was always an idle time in on me where you were with you were with your family when your Golden State, we were with our families or we were on our phones. And most of the time after those games, there was always somebody on our team that got blamed, you know what I mean? It was always somebody that got blamed for the loss.


Like especially in Cleveland. I was playing like it was always somebody drew the me shooting too much. It was either camp not showing up. It was either swish not being this or that. Brandon, I'm like, bro, this shit is whack. So coming into game two and then being in those finals, all that stuff mentally can affect the way you go into the game plan. Now you want to prove on the biggest stage that you owe me kind of deferring.


Or me not playing the same aggressive style of playing in game one. It didn't translate into a win. We come out game three and they come, we lose game two, we come back game three. And I think I have like thirty eight that game. And I got in the fourth game back and forth, back and forth game and down the stretch. I didn't take a lot, I didn't take a lot of good shots. But throughout the game I just remember playing to the wall and we still couldn't climb over that hump because of who they had and the talent in the the level of awareness and IQ that they had collectively as a group.


They knew our weaknesses because not only did we have to series the last two years, now we're coming into 2017 in that series against an even bigger team, you know what I mean? There they want more. They're smarter. More experienced is just almost one of those guys where you go on the defensive end. He's going to make an impact and also offensively so I can have thirty eight. You know, we take that back to 2016. We beat that team.


But because my thirty eight brons thirty or twenty is somebody, somebody else has to have twenty. They had across the board Steph average twenty seven, average twenty three carries thirty. What are what are you going to do at that point? I remember in game one that first quarter like picking you up full court, he's doing wild shit like that and everybody's dunking, laughing. It felt like an all star game, but like, everybody's trying really hard.


Like, you all try an all star game.


But this felt like an All-Star Game with finals in Cincy. I never seen basketball played like that before.


And I was like, yeah, we're going to get this incredible series. And I know one cannot talk about it. He mentions, which you mentioned a lot to the IQ level between the two teams and just how lucky they were. And I think as you look back, that's the difference. You may see some snow. And I want to get into that as we transition to off the course of how the noise off the court and from reporters and the like kind of got to you and say, I want to say God to you.


But you did say it helped made you change your approach a little bit. You look at a year like this year, a lot of noise about you.


And this is the first time you spoke publicly in a long, long, long time.


So does it not bother you anymore to hear you be called a disruptor and to be painted as the guy who's taken down the league and trying to pop the bubble before it blows up and all this stuff like, does it does it just not bother you?


Or do you hear that in like is it is it hard for you to not come out like this and be like, nah, this, this and this happened because I know I'm watching it and I'm like all these things they say Kairys and they don't sound too crazy to me. That's how logical, you know, that sounds valid.


And and again, I just go back to when whoas called you to disruptor, I'm like, what? And it just sticks out to me even all these months later. And then we have a team boycott a game and we have issues within the bubble and we have things that are still going on outside in the world. It's like I wonder I wonder if Kairys vindicated right now. I wonder if he's looking like I told, like, you know what I mean.


So does that stuff even get to you anymore?


I know you hear about it. How could you not? But does it does it bother you in that way, like you said, in a series of minor.


Well, I think I've heard I heard something. It was Maya Angelou. She said that she said one person standing on the word of God is the majority, you know, and I'm always going to speak on what's right. And I think that comes at a price where. All of those things that they dress me up as fall off at the wayside of who I truly am and I don't think is. Fair for me to bring that type of energy home and consider it, meaning people talking about me or people addressing me is, hey, what what what is he doing?


Is he he's not. That was something that Kendrick said. He was like, yo, you know, if you put his brain in, a bird is going to fly backwards. And we have people like that that I don't have a problem with at all. That's his opinion. Nor do I feel disrespected by anything like that. But what I would say to that is I've come to a place in my life where I serve myself and I serve others.


But also I take the criticism serious from people I respect and people that are in alignment and wavelength and frequency as I am. I can't take in everybody's burdens and problems and thoughts about me, what I should be doing and what I should not be doing because I have taken into consideration. And it also became a very dark place that I was in. And when people speak about these dark places, we fail to accept that you have to go to therapy and you have to go get help because you almost become a prisoner of your own faith in your own life, your own presence, your own stature.


And I always wanted to be the strongest in the room. The person that holds everything together knows I got everything right. I don't think you know what, I like you, but I've also learned from a lot of great individuals that sometimes is great to lead from the back. And I don't need to feel vindicated for saying what's right, what's already been known historically. If we break down factual information, we're not talking about opinionated facts. We're talking about factual information of things that have happened in our world and society to race, to religion, to our belief system, to media, to propagandizing racial tension and social injustice.


And, you know, there's there's so many issues that you want to tackle that I want to tackle. And honestly, it's so hard to do it without having a destination. And my destination at this point is not to be the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Like, what the fuck does that title mean for me? It's so small and so small, like it's such a small atmosphere who I am. So sometimes when I'm in this basketball space or entertainment space and I say entertainment with music, with sports, with media, entertainment.


There aren't enough smart people out there that are doing this job. You know what I mean? That I actually can say I go in and I go research and I'm like, man, I'm actually going to learn something from this article.


Most of it has something to do with someone else's opinion about someone else's opinion. And it's a response. It's a reaction. And I'm not a reactionary person, but I can be impulsive with things I say and I accept that. So I think what I've learned is to take my message and make it a lot more clear. Hey, I stand for my native indigenous black men and women, my kings and queens, Hispanic, Latin, all of the seeds in the earth that have been here before, white America or this white, you know, idea ideology of of who we're trying to be and what we should do.


Sometimes I feel like I have to hide my gifts to dumb it down to be a basketball player. Mm hmm. Yeah, I study philosophy. Yeah, I'm a scholar. Yeah, I'm a nerd by trade. Like, I just had great at basketball because I put in enough time just as anyone else. I love to be inquisitive about reality. I love to learn about other great minds that have questioned the reality that we're in. You know, I can't just say I want to be great at this one thing and then not put in the time to do that.


So I think I've figured out that kind of recipe of no one was truthful to me and no one I stand on. And that's protecting my all, like I said, my indigenous kings and queens of this earth. And however that comes, I must speak up on it.


It was it was it hard for you to not defend yourself in those moments? Oh, Brooke Perkins calls you whatever.


Honestly, I've seen as it makes it it makes it cool for the sport, for entertainment. It doesn't make it cool when it affects people's families and legacy. It's bigger than that. It's bigger. And I don't like I said, I'm not mad at Kendrick Norman that for anyone else that talks shit about me or talks about, you know, what I should be doing or judge me, whatever I say, that like this is my journey and I accept it.


I accept who I am, whether you write about me or not. But what I'm going to do is hold people accountable. I don't know if you know enough about me to be speaking on things that pertain to my legacy. I'm not a bad leader. The narrative I'm I'm what is kind of wise here. NBPA vice president, why did he join the union? Why do you do this? Why why does this why is this? Well, if you had a chance to be in my position, I'm not too sure you would make the same decisions.


And that's the reality of all of us. I can't think for everyone. I'm not everyone's leader, you know what I mean? I don't speak for every American. I don't speak for every world traveler. I speak for myself and I speak for the people that come after me. And it was hurtful and distasteful when you see these people that we know no better that go up on these TV screens and then make a mockery out of a person or their family just to be relevant for that day or to get their point across, you can get your point across without the means being somebody, know what I mean?


Insanity. They already use all our likeness.


And in everything we are in order to build up these characters, at least let me speak for myself before you speak for me, Joe, do you think the the I had these thoughts before you do you do you think the media has come even more toxic with the use of the Internet, especially around our sport?


Bro, I told you, we're a Dem away from everybody, just more accessible. That's what the Internet is.


You can D.M. somebody with eighty nine million followers and you may get a response back. You can depending on the day, depending on the time or. You may see somebody that you love as a business entrepreneur and you can go out and invest in that business right away, just the same way everything is accessible. Everybody's kind of an expert page now. Everybody's a critic of an industry, you know what I mean, of what the big time players in the industry should be doing.


And then we have other people in other industries speaking on what other people in other industries should be doing. And then the media who stands by on the sideline, who just watches all this shit and then they report it. They report it how it's supposed to be made for their audience. The audience at this point for our sport expects drama because they expect locker room tension. They expect teams to break up over time or they expect Yoni's to leave and go somewhere.


And now they put it this idea in the universe. Now they put pressure on all the unfollowed everybody on the Milwaukee.


But so what was exactly what I was thinking? Oh, oh, they're really over.


They're like, yeah, I can only imagine what this means for the Milwaukee Bucks and and the owners should get on the phone. Giannis and they they should definitely try to keep Giannis is finally blocking If you don't leave that young man that young king alone. And that's what I said when our own source, our own foundation, our own home becomes diluted with all of these people, that I don't respect their criticism, their stories, it becomes fallacy of fantasy.


It's like some people run around in like they have people in the bubble talking about everything that everyone's doing. That's too much access for me, bro.


Yeah, I think the initial seeds of this are when we had first getting 24 hour media because now we have twenty four hours to fill in. Highlights aren't enough. Now we got to know what you're talking about after the game. Now we got to know where you're going after the game. Now we got to know who your friends are. And then we get like like Kyrie said, we get all this access and now.


Now they're picking you. It's happened to you. It happened to you a week ago. You tweeted something and we got people on TV talking about a tweet that was not a lyric up to tweet lyrics all the time.


And it's generally just I'm listening to this song, you know, and it's like me telling people in the know I'm listening to this song, but somebody is on TV talking about it for eight minutes, saying is, is Kevin Durant sending a message to the rest of the league by saying this?


You know, and I think it's just there's such a rush to make everything a story. If you like, a pitcher to more of the wrong woman. Yeah, you're going to be on 20 blocks and they're going to wonder what you do with that woman.


And you just scroll and he like it pitches. And I think that's part of it.


And the other part is some of these media people. I tweeted about this a couple of weeks ago. Some of these media people want to be the story. They want to be the star. And when you do that and then put yourself ahead of it like that, you're now you're reaching for anything that makes you part of the.


And so you have people going on TV saying things that they know are going to go viral.


They're hoping they're going to go viral. And then when they go viral, they're taking victory laps over it. When I came up and I'm not even oh, it was like no one no one religious school was no no unnamed sources.


Like if you getting info and they can't say it on a record, you can't use it. Go get somebody else to say it. NBA media lives on unnamed sources. They live on it.


It's crazy to me how the media can kind of like create their own stories and then milk those stories and then then you be judged by that story and have never said a word.


Let me ask you about the next day that they made. Oh, yes. Yeah. It's funny because you watch it happen like the network may have the game one the following week to these two players playing. So then they get the two players and say, what do you think of Kyrie Irving?


Katie and Katie will give like an honest, oh man, you know, he's nice. He does this.


And then in my eyes you Kyrie, what do you think of Kevin Durant. And then there's quietly promoting that game that they're going to broadcast by creating the story of the shit you say.


And it's like Oh does everybody not see what's going on here. Like I'm losing my mind and I know you see that's what that's but that's what I'm saying.


Like it has turned it turned our game into people that don't even watch it, that have along with it. You know what I mean? Like, people are asking me, like, so what are you going to do for me? I'm like. What are you talking about, this ruling on a New York City streets and two thousand ninety car, what are you going to be doing? It's just it resonates across all fans now, is what I'm saying, because of that type of drama aspect, like your NBA in a ball game, you didn't see what someone so you said you said he was going to do it up.


Yo, I get it. But at the same time, I don't want to play media games, nor do I want to play, you know, like I don't know what the agenda is, but I'm not going to sit here and say that I can't be better with my platform moving forward when those things happen because I fed into it. Yeah, I'm part of it. I've been used by it and also used it in order to get my point across to become more accessible and utilize these media sources in order to make sure I clear up some type of quote or clear over this.


So it has a lot to do with the growth of our game because now it's become a global thing. But also back home, you can become almost a prisoner of your own fame just because of it, which which I don't like, because the Internet, you know, they've got people posting people's address online or oh, I saw them here and you could be doing something common like, yo, I saw a random video playing baseball and the caption was, Kadee out here living his best life.


And it's like, you know, but not everybody's living like that, everybody not I mean, not everybody, not everybody has made it to this certain type of level like where this is going, we could be on.


But so putting that out there is like, what are you keeping up with exactly?


Somebody being or somebody being? Somebody like, I don't know the difference. Like, is this something that we want to capture us just chillin, you know, like we could have I could have I can invite the paparazzi by people in here and we could just sit down interview here and they'll just raid the spot and they'll stay outside. And everywhere I go in the morning time at six thirty in the morning, or are we trying to see the human side of people?


Are we trying to capture celebrities doing regular shit and then being the pillars that we look up to? Or are we trying to capture normal people doing extraordinary things in their craft and respecting them for that and then respecting their their work ethic off the floor about what they do as a humanitarian? Now, those are the things I stand for. Other than that, the media, all that other stuff is just convoluted and a bunch of nozette.


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So one of the things I appreciate that both of you this year was you didn't talk much about all of this stuff going on. Again, you you did the union meetings and went viral and became a huge story because you you were vocal there, but you didn't talk to the press. Instead, y'all both took action.


You're in the press. You are a new press releases. When you when you you put money back into these neighborhoods, you're you're helping out you helping out the WNBA.


Talk to us about what you did this summer in. Was that your aim to just do the work and not talk, like to show it, not not say that's all? That's always the intent. The intent is always to serve others. Like I said, I serve God and I serve others. And I'm always praying and thanking him for the tools and resources that he blessed me and my family with to be able to help others in need or be there for others when they when they need you.


And the honest truth is, you can't necessarily save the world but one small act at a time, one small gesture can change the world is just one moment in time, can change the course of someone's journey. One conversation, one handshake, one sit down with somebody can change your life forever or multiple moments like that can change your life forever. But I just took my responsibility more serious man. And I just noticed that is chess is chess even to help your own community.


You know, there are powers that be in place right now historically that limit some of the services that I would love to provide because we're inheriting a lot of the the wealth gap history, a lot of the social unrest history, a lot of people that sacrificed their lives or were murdered and killed for us to be in this position today. And I always want to commemorate that in my action and what I do. And that's all it was. And that was the attitude whether it was feeding people in need or sending apparel or sending underwear to people or sending essential goods or donating my own capital, just helping people have breathing room.


Because during the cold and pandemic, I mean, Broo, whole world stopped. Yeah, we we got to stimulate it.


We got the stimulus checks, you know, but in the hood and in the neighborhoods. There's still things going on know it's not really going on in the hoods because, you know, we're necessarily isolated from the world anyway. The issues are isolated anyway. You've got to be from there to understand what's really going on. And like I said, historically, you're trying to fix things that have been there for years. So when you're looked upon to help, sometimes I have an answer.


Sometimes I have a solution and sometimes I don't. And, you know, I feel like you can't put yourself under pressure to be able to serve everything at once, like we have to. I have to be in my role being responsible for my power and helping others for a while longer, you know, to continue to figure out where I can make my change, because there are countless amount of special individuals that are doing great work to change the way our system is run now.


And and I'm just trying to do that work alongside K, alongside other family members of mine at home or abroad, whether even just be putting my books up on Instagram that already like that or putting down quotes to help someone help someone else. You know, my act of serving my Lakota tribe, my Lakota Sioux tribe in South Dakota, sending mass and hand sanitizer, sending capital to be able to withstand things that are going on like this because we don't get help from the government.


Know. I mean, we we ultimately are at the bottom of the list of racial relationships that matter.


And I represent two sides of that coin, being native and also being black, even with the way you identify, like publicly, a lot of people always leave out that sort of, you know, as someone who I have half of my family's native as well. So it's like it was fascinating to learn and it is fascinating to watch people who completely ignore that at times. And so now the money quote that got spread around a lot when all this was going on was that you said you were willing to I believe it was like give up everything you have for this.


Is that is that accurate? Like was that said?


And would people wonder what you mean when you say to know so?


Well, one, the person that put that out there, you know, it wasn't a credible source. And when we were talking and conversation and I'm talking to all of my peers or people that were on that call, you know, for the time that we're in, you have to be willing to sacrifice that. And that doesn't mean that you sacrifice it forever. That means that you sacrifice it for the time that it serves of helping the people in need.


And as well as being aware of it, basketball had to stop. That's why I mentioned of boycotting the bubble or not necessarily what kind of not going to participate? Because we finally need to be at home strategizing, like we finally need to be at home getting our wealth together. We finally need to come closer as a brotherhood because we represent an economic platform, a campaign, and also a social campaign of who we are as men that come from single parent homes that come from these neighborhoods, that come from the justice system that's done our family members wrong.


We're examples of it, you know what I mean? And if we're not willing to fight for that or stand on what you believe in, then you can I can say it all I want. But the action has to follow. And I'll follow suit from the people that have come before me. And then I partner with and just great pioneers that have made disruptive changes in their spaces, like, no, I'm not standing for that anymore, bro.


I don't I don't want the same league mandated. Behavior like, I don't want that, I don't want I want more for us, so I will speak for as if we're on 20, 30 and 20, 20. Mm hmm.


I think something can I talk about you know, there's ways to make small changes in your immediate sphere. And then I feel like those changes gradually turn into bigger changes.


You're obviously doing your part, you know, and the changes you can make and the changes I can make a little bit a little bit different size.


But I do appreciate what you are do and when when I see you guys do it and and do it in a way that isn't about publicity, you know, and just as somebody is a fan of the game, as a fan of the players and the impact you guys have, people throw the word platform around a lot.


And that was a lot of what the NBA was selling. We had this platform. We had this platform.


I think at some point we get past raising awareness and it's like, what are the actions we're taking here? You know, we were saying these people's names. We've been saying Brianna Taylor's name for six months. And, you know, we still aren't happy with the results, obviously with the lack of charges.


And and it's frustrating. It's frustrating a lot of ways. But I appreciate the action that people take with a smile with a big and just try to build that up as much as we can.


The WNBA put a lot of emphasis on Brianna Taylor as well.


Kyrie, you you you helped raise the fund for players who wanted to opt out of this season. What brought about your affinity for not just the WNBA but women's sports in general?


Because I know you have a daughter.


I have daughters and I was actually just talking to the other day about my daughter has issues and be part of the reason why is because they come in women's color, they come in girls colors, and we don't always get that.


What brought about for you?


You know, you were just talking about the Olympics, just kind of being in all of the women's team as well. So I know it's something that's been a long time coming.


Well, man, I got to go back to the origins on that, I started with my grandma and my grandma Lillian and my mom Elizabeth, my grandma Norma and my grandma Charlotte, of having strong women in my life has been able to, you know, shelter me and nurture me as a young man. Something that I was missing early on as a kid was some of that motherly nature, that motherly nurturing support. And I know that I wasn't the only young man to feel that a young woman.


So as I got older, I got to really be around my sister. That was my color, my twin. And, you know, growing up, boy, girl, my dad's single parents always at work. I got to learn how to exist with a young woman, you know what I mean? Like, you got to figure it out like I'm the annoying little brother. But at the same time, my sister's brain is bored faster than me.


She's taller than me. My sister used to tower over me until I was like 11 years old, is like six inches taller than me. And my dad was worried I was going to grow up.


But yeah, like my I wouldn't even call it so much an affinity. Is this my service to Queens that starts at the foundation and that foundation is making sure that we protect them. They're the creators of life and whatever they choose to do in their lives. I feel like all male should be supportive, especially if if it's serving them. And I felt like growing up I had to come from a place of sensitivity fairly often to understand my sister and understand other.


And now that I have my lady Marlene, I've gotten to learn a lot more and then. All of that learn when my sister learned, when my little sister London, now I have my daughter. So it kind of completed this journey for me of taking on this message, of making sure that we put the same optics, the same perspective, the same capital into women as we doing to men, especially when it came to professionally entertaining, because this job, doing it every day is not meant for everyone.


There's only been five thousand something total NBA players. I can only imagine how many WNBA players there are. And we have women queens that dedicate their lives, their passion, everything to this game, everything to music, everything. And they don't get the same fair treatment and the skill level. Is there's always a comparison, and that's not what it's meant to be, what it's meant to be is an appreciation of the skill and then the appreciation of the the competition.


And when I go to those games, that's all I'm looking for. I'm not looking for, oh, who's a who's a girl who's a guy. And this is like, no, I pulled up to watch good basketball. Like, I don't I don't really think of it as but like guys girls. But because we live in this superficial society where gender has kind of like evolved into this big conversation of who gets fair treatment, because over history we haven't treated our queens the right way.


And I know that when you have queens leading. Your life goes a lot smoother. My daughter. I know she's happy, I mean, and I'm OK with that as a male because I'm secure with myself. I know if I challenged Sue Bird or Jewel Lloyd or even my daughter to a race or to playing ball, they would have the same competitive drive that cab would have. All right, let's go to court, then we'll talk about excuse my language the same every day.


They're the creators of life and they have, you know what I mean? They they go through the rigorous nine months, eight months, the birth, our asses. And we still can't figure out a way to get them into a better position. For them to feel comfortable in a certain space is like, no, bro, that has to change. But I knew that the WNBA as great as league they are. You know, there was going to be some fight back and some pushback because you know that that's their source of revenue.


And most girls go overseas and make more. And that's always been a challenge, you know what I mean? I'm always looking at it like, yo, honestly, you know, why is it that we can't us as NBA players have a stake or have some type of equity in the WNBA teams? Those are our sisters. You know, it's not like it's not like I'm going out and helping like some stranger or something like that. I'm helping out my sisters.


And I knew that that would give them breathing room as well as a place to make a decision that wasn't pressured or that they had to go play ball like no, because I am blessed enough to be able to sit down and just relax and just accumulate intellect and more knowledge about building wealth. Well, let me bring in these queens and help them build as well. I know that. I can't I don't want to. I have enough. I have enough on the clothes on my back.


Even if I didn't have this home, I will be OK, you know. So having them be part of that process was important and just having them have cards at the table like, yo, here, let's play with these cards now. Let's go on a business together. Let's go be partners and clap in this enterprise over here and let's let's go in. Make impact in this racial gap. Wealth gap. Let's let's go make some political changes as a group.


Let's speak as a coalition rather than just one big conglomerate, you know, and it's hard to you can get lost in the big conglomerate, the entertainment industry. So my goal is to partner as many kings and queens together without having everybody sign to a management deal. But we run the industry without us. There is no industry. There's no guys.


We saw that. We got to see that in action. We did.


There's no game at the root of it. So that takes me to a point where we talked about a little bit early on in the show, but we talked about media. We see guys like Brian uninterrupted stuff. We're unanimous myself now. You guys got players, TV, you and a couple of guys in the league, Founding Fathers of Players TV. Explain a little bit of that, too.


Well, man, I'm KGVO over at Players TV. Creative, visionary officer. I have a lot to do with our content strategy, as well as being the talent, as well as being an influencer, as well as being an entrepreneur and bringing more eyes and perspective to the brand. But as well as I'm part of a team, we have great brand ambassadors, great people that invested great partners on the television side, as well as on the digital content side.


And I wanted to be able to have a place where, you know, I could see some of my favorite shows be reenacted by some of my family or some other business partners. I want to see comedy that comes from a Kevin Durant, if you so choose to. You know, I want to see a comedy special that I know at any point of the day I can go and turn and go search Katie's show right here at 4:00 p.m. and we run it based upon our own level of criticism and creative thinking.


So I was thinking when I saw you, Brian, and stuff and so many people create all this great social content was, you know, where do I fit into this of my own truth? Then how do I bring others along? I'm more like the imaginative person, the creative person behind the scenes. I think that's a good idea right now. I think, you know, I'm like Diddy on on a few songs. I'm just like, yeah, you know, you you rework that last line a little bit and you, you know, I think is I think it's goal.


But I took that that position player, Steve, for the next wave of athletes, entertainers that can have their own network and collaboratively work to see it grow. The Tennis Channel has their own channel, I think, how many other during the season they have volleyball, golf. Has its own channel, and we have NBA, TV and we have all of our great partners, but there's not anything that talks really about lifestyle. And that's all I wanted to be doing there as creative visionary officer was talk about lifestyle every day, comedy everyday, drama every day.


You know, just creativity workshops. Are you going to do?


Are you going to do more acting? I'm one of the people who was like Uncle Drew movie and then finally watching it was like, oh, this is oh, wait, this is kind of OK.


And then, like, Bowering, I'm locked in like I was a loser with this. Let me see. You have is are you going to do more?


You know, honestly, you know, I took acting classes when I was younger and it shows that I was acting class at Duke. I took theater and I took drama. And I used to go and watch the plays in all my spare time. I used to go watch them rehearse.


So I was really cool with the drama teacher over there, theater teacher. And when I started doing some of those shorts. Well, Drew, I had no idea it was going to turn into that role. None. I had no idea. I didn't. All I was thinking about was going out there, being old and just having fun and having endorsed me. And that was cool. I wasn't thinking about the long term, like, yo, this could turn into an actual frickin movie.


And we fast forward from doing all those shorts. And I saw how many hits we were getting online. It was like, bro, I don't know if people know that's still me.


Like people like to differentiate, like, yo, he's going on goodrow tonight. Like, what does that mean? But I'm the same same way. I was like, oh, I got I guess I got my nickname now. I guess I got my nickname now.


UNTUK Kyrie you know about that one until Kyrie mass Kyrie.


That's not to me. All good. You're all this different animal.


Same beast. Let's talk about Nesh. We should talk about nice being on the sidelines for us.


Tell us about the secret meeting where you are.


We are hired and reliable whatever the narrative is. Yeah. So what happened.


We have been planning, we have been planning a change maybe for the last few months.


So I suppose they were the last person I want to give a shout out to because some people came out and was like, Yo Chi and Katie got Kinney fired and look.


That was completely false. Listen, Kenny was great for the group that he served, and I was very appreciative of what he was giving us throughout the season when we were playing. We always heard how great Nash was or saw how great Nash was as a player. But also, when you get to know him as a person, you understand why he can coexist with us, because we don't need somebody to come in and put their coaching philosophy on everything that we're doing and change up the wheel.


And yo, you guys need to start doing this and we start running on the first day of practice.


It's just like, no, I want I want somebody that's going to understand that I am a human being. First, I serve my community and where I come from first and then basketball is something I come and do every single day because I love. And also I have the right ingredients and people around me to come in and do my job at a high level. And I know that they will hold me accountable to that level. There's no disrespect to Kenny or any other coaches I play with is just coming in at this moment and then following up with putting together a great coaching corps was going to make us more successful.


Do you, Steve, have a relationship already? You've only been able to play a few times against each other, right? You coming in when you did?


Yeah, I gave him I gave him twenty six and nine. I like to remind him I don't, I don't play the game Steve, but not coach.


I was the first piece that I was the first person to call him Coach Nash, but I call him Steve.


Steve is great and I have a relationship with him that's going to build over time bro. Like Steve don't know me from anything he heard or, you know, he's hurt someone else or we've worked out one time in twenty fourteen, but it's grown as just a respectful relationship from afar. I saw him at the Hall of Fame two years ago, gave him a big hug and now he's the head coach, you know, and and I think it's also going to change the way we see coaches.


I don't really see us having a coach. I mean, I got Katie could be a head coach. I could be a head coach.


Jack Vonn could do it one day. It could be it can be is a collaborative effort, I think, on our part.


That's the word right there. When when I seen the higher as the word I thought of, like, this is a collaborative team at this point. Zogbaum was the person I thought of. He did a really good job with that team. A lot of people want him to had a job, but like having that many minds in the same, it's not a bad thing as a good thing. And it's also good to have somebody at at the head of the snake that got that respect.


Steve is a Hall of Famer, no doubt about it. Right. Did it on the court biggest stages. And it's going to be real easy for you or for you, Kevin, to, like, get in the huddle. And Steve, he might got to you say, oh, get on your sheet.


Like, what are you doing? And you respect that from Steve because he'd been he'd been in wars. He you know, he got busted up in the playoffs, got right back on the court, was mad he couldn't get on the court, did the whole nine. So the more I thought about it, it's easy to say he has no head coaching experience. We've watched first time head coaches win rings this entire decade over and over and over and with the you all have in our locker room and the clear, I think identity are going to have, you know, it.


I'm not going to say it's makes his job easier, but it makes sense to me you guys would have somebody to collaborate with in that sense.


Most definitely. Most of the I think if I think a lot of people may question our leadership overall, just us two. But once a man talked about being coached every single day, I think that's the that's that's lead by example. I think a lot of our teammates are going to follow that follow suit. Once they see we can coach them, we learn in and continue to ask questions about the game.


And I think having Steve there and collaborating with our floor general every day is only going to go results for scorers like myself and Taurean and Curse and Spencer. So them having that relationship, I think, is going to be key for us going forward, even more so than my relationship with her or with Steve.


Can I ask the cliche question and go viral with it?


Took me ten seconds left in the game. One point game. Who should you Kyrie Kyrie I who's hot.


I don't know. I don't see it, I don't see it as that as anything other than that. Like one three pick and roll or iso for either one of us or something great for our, our team. I'm one thing I've always been comfortable with is, you know, I felt like I was the best option on every team I played for, you know, down the stretch. This is the first time in my career where I could look down and like.


No one can make that shot to and you probably do it a lot easier. You know what I mean? I feel like yo. OK, well, it's not really so much deferring because in past situations, if I didn't take the last shot, I felt guilty and I was like, yo, I, I want this game winning shot.


But also you want to trust your teammates. Not that I didn't say I didn't have the trust of my teammates, but I felt like I was the best option. And now ten seconds down, I'm going, OK, just a fucking bucket. I don't care, but I'm going to crash the offensive glass. I know I played a game without the ball, you know what I mean? I'm like, yo, if he makes messes, I'm living with it.


And if I make mess, he's living with it. And I think when you mess that up together, hey, now you get to really see it. Two guys that are unselfish with that end of the game. But going for that game winner, we're trying to make it. And that's all I care about.


Have you standing in the corner really? Well, he handles it most definitely. Like he said, when you look at somebody and they you know, they they can make shots the same way you can or better. The best part about being in this position of power is like being a leader of a team where people look up at who is like, I enjoy getting out the way and letting others flourish and being a decoy. I really enjoy knowing that me standing in this corner may give to your kids or Taurean or, you know, Joe Harris just a little bit more space to do their thing.


So stand and stand and stand out the way and taking myself out to play. I learned disallowing Golden State is sometimes the best. The best thing for you to do is just get out the way, you know, especially on both sides of the floor. You know, you're not needed at some points. And I feel like late in the games, it may be some of those situations where I was like, OK, go sit in the corner and drag this six nine seven four wingspan.


Do it out here with you so they can give me a good contest in the paint, you know. So I think we're going to have situations where we both go out to play the side and you never know when those situations are going to come up. But I think we both prepare to go.


Do you think or do you that one three pick and roll is going to be crazy?


It's going to be crazy if you are doing a big small joint. So, like, that's going to mix a lot of shit up. I know fans everywhere, whether they love, hate or whatever they're excited to see all play together. I know. I'm excited. I have rooting, vested rooting interest in here now.


So it's going to be fun to see Kyrie. I don't know how much time Kevin asked for.


We had said like an hour before and we were past two hours.


Now we're breaking it about two fifteen right now.


We could talk all day. I thought this is great, this is hilarious, this was enlightening.


And many times I have a question though because I always have this running joke when it comes to you that if Kyrie retired tomorrow and disappeared and we never saw him again, it wouldn't surprise me at all.


Now I say that knowing nothing of you, I say that knowing nothing of you. I know you love the game. I know that's not about to happen, but it's just my running joke.


You laugh, so it must be it must be pretty good conversations we had about this specific topic, especially less so.


With that said, you're not retired. I need to see your play. I need to see your play in June. I need to see the whole thing.


Do do you have have you already considered your life after your playing career? Because I know it was something Kobe didn't start until late and then he started picking up like, oh, I could tell stories all. I could do this. And then his family got bigger and he he had more things to look forward to at this point.


And honestly, he looked happier like Kobe to only do that, got older, shaved his head and look younger, like he got a beard.


He he looked twenty five again and like he was done stressing. Have you looked have you looked after your playing career.


You know, you're only twenty eight but you are getting you know, at some point you do look forward, right.


Yeah. No I mean it's natural, it's natural to look at. Kind of what does that future look like? Because I'll tell you what I think about it pretty often of starting over and something else that I love, whether it be making canvases art, whether it just be strictly shoe design, whether it be music, know whether it just be traveling the world and going to Third World countries and just staying there for months at a time to learn different languages or learn different tribes.


Go back and live on the reservation in South Dakota, you know, and go back and be with my family for six months at a time to learn my traditions that I lost sight of, you know, at a particular time. So when I think about retiring or leaving basketball or the professional life or entertainment, yeah, I think about a life where tomorrow, if I just disappeared, you know, Chick who who would really know where I'm at, I would shake my head.


I would you know, people probably wouldn't recognize me to a certain degree. And I think about that, you know, pretty often, but not as much as I used to, because I know that I serve a bigger purpose here for God. And I know that if I go hide, then I know that I'm almost. Stopping the the world from changing and inspiring the next person to do great things, because I know I keep going and when I keep showing up for it every single day and I continue to be who I am, I know somebody following me just like I was following coal or I was following my dad.


And Confucius said, if you want to plan for a year, grow rice. If you want to plan for 10 years Planetree and if you want to plan for a century, educate children. And my philosophy is continuing to be who I am continues to resonate this energy to the youth. So it's like sitting in this position right now of being twenty eight is like, yeah, it would be cool to retire now to say yo, I did, I did, I did some cool shit and I got these accomplishments, I got these trophies, I got this, I did that.


But I do it for the twenty eight year olds that are coming in these shoes and the next year and the next five years and next 10 years, you know, the twenty two year olds, twenty three year olds that are in the league today or in professional sports or entertainment need to know the truth about how you can live a principle led life without falling into the traps of fame. Or there's this like big mockery of being praised all the time because this is a disease, sometimes almost like an addiction, like where you can't function without somebody mentioning your name or how great you are.


And there's so many people out there that live off of that energy, that prey idolization. I don't live off of that.


And my lady told me this the other day, she was asking me about Kobe and this woman put it in perspective and I'll close with this. But you put it in perspective, bro, like she's like what it called mean to you. And I'm like, yeah, you know, cold means this to me.


And she's like, well, did you really look up to Kobe? And I was like, Yeah, yeah. What are you talking about? Like, well, what did he like? What did you learn from. What did they teach you. What do you remember most? And she said, I want you to remember that same thing, that same way you're smiling, the same way you're answering with a smile on your face that you can feel the energy of a person teaching you.


You need to remember that a lot of people look up to you that same way, same way even your superhero has looked up to a superhero before them. And sometimes the superhero can forget that you have all the humanity. Rooting you on just because in your mind, you feel like you're not good enough because of all these people that are telling you you're not that person, you're not that person. And I wrestled with that for a minute, bro, like of yo, I don't want to be too accessible.


But then at the same time, I know I have a lot to offer. And it's not just conversations that I have on here, but it's also a conversation I have. OK, and I know, OK, we like what we ought to. Why don't you tell that to other people?


And I be like, well, some people because sometimes they probably want to understand, bro.


Yeah. Yeah.


It's hard out here to get people to understand exactly what you're thinking because you're a vision that you visualize a lot of different things.


And I wrote you a masterpiece and paint it in eight hours and you told me I had a timestamp on it. That's that's my space. If you ask me to and talk in front of a thousand people and I have to address them about some of my expertise and certain things, you know, before my pass, I'll get a little anxious. I get a little nervous because perception. You want it. You want it to make sense. Wanted to make sense.


Like it. Okay. What did you think about this when you were creating this? What are you in. And it's like I'm only twenty eight. I don't have all the answers for as much as you think I've accomplished it done in my life. I'm like yo is scratching the surface at some of the people who have come before me. And I'm going to leave you with this as well. And I want to change this attitude in this whole thing.


People would rather be dumb for money than be brilliant for legacy. I'm one of those people that would rather be brilliant for legacy. I don't mind being called crazy off the wall because I think alternatively or I may think about it equation differently or I may look at life in a different perspective, or I may say things that go over people's heads or running in circles because I used to get mad at myself for that role. Like, I can't make sense people calling me or not.


And now I sit in this power and I stand in King to know that the next kings that come after me will know about the truth. And that's all I can. It's all I can give if I'm not being truthful to me, then you won't see me, you know, and when I feel like I'm not truthful to myself, that's when I'm isolated in myself and I want to grow and be something different. But when I'm being truthful to myself, that's when you want to share.


And I'm in the mode now or simply not in the mood, but the energy now to be able to share a lot of this. That's why I haven't done a lot of the media and I did it for K, and now it's for you, Eddie, and the show on the first episode, because, you know, I would rather be a conversationalist than be a critic and then be criticized for that, because I know it could at least be criticized by people I respect and conversation rather than this fact.


Like I said, if me at twenty eight is going to be the same, me at thirty three or thirty eight, it's just like it's just two different points of evolution, you know.


Well look man, I appreciate it a lot. It was an honor. You said the right word conversation.


That's what we're going for here on etceteras again is an honor.


I think you're one of the most unique and fascinating players that I've ever watched as long as I've been watching sports. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I appreciate your willingness to speak out about things, whether or not people take it the right way or the wrong way. And I like seeing the growth where you don't care about that anymore. You know, I was happy you mentioned how in the seventeen finals it was like, oh, maybe I should pass more.


And now you're like, you know what I'm doing me and I trust what I'm doing.


So I'ma do that. So I appreciate the grove. I appreciate all that again. Thank you. God, my son is going to be amazed that I did this. I said we got to choose the whole not you're the guy. I can't wait to see you back on the court. You're back healthy now, right? Are you good to go? Yes, sir.


Your comment. Really appreciate you, bro. Just your existence. You know, I love everything about it, man. And thanks for coming on and thanks for sharing your truth and shit, man. Wish the moon this joint job is going to be. It's going to be when I was right here. This is me. Oh, I love my brother. I appreciate the research on the. So, yeah, man, what a dope combo. It was great to get inside the brain of an all time great basketball player, but a better human being.


And it was incredible to see his journey thus far.


Man, it was just what the center is all about, man. Really talking to people inside. The coach of people have been having conversations about these topics. Man, I'm excited about where we can go after this. Man Almost felt like sometimes I was putting into a conversation between two longtime friends. I guess I was between two longtime friends. And that's what we wanted, you know, and that's what we knew. He's going to get with Kyrie.


You can feel him getting more comfortable as we went on. And I knew when he started like cussing and really talking to you.


Yeah. We got cut in the company. Kyrie Yeah. Confident this is how they talk. And I did a game when they shoot the shit out of it when our face time in the morning mask. Kyrie Yeah.


Yeah. So once we got to that point I'm like yeah. Now we really get to go and learn a lot about a dude who is that public and that big of a figure already. And it's very rare we get to do that.


Like you said, these are the types of conversations we want to be having here and this we're looking forward to. I think we got a lot of dope stuff in store, a lot of great ideas that we're going to bring to life. So, yeah. So this is a show. Make sure you check it out, tune in wherever you get your podcast. We've got more and more content coming for you. Looking forward to having more adult conversations.


We'll be back really soon with something you guys are dying to hear about. Trust me, the acceptance.