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What about this, Katie? I'm excited to finally bring you my podcast because, well, my guy, Eddie Barsky Gonzalez, some guys Eddie here, Kev, I know what we decided to call this podcast the ETCs. We already knew everybody was gonna be asking the same question, what is the cetera? So let's break it down. They said it was is everything everything that matters, everything that we care about, everything else, culture, everything that helped shape this generation.


I love this concept in this project because it gives us the chance to talk about anything when we might be talking about a team from 02 that we love and feel like just didn't get their props in the next week. Could be talking about an album that completely changed the way we listen to music or some sneakers that ran our world when we were like 12. Now, I know you don't want to do these clichéd debates and arguments either. There's no need to talk about our top fives all the time.


Those carnivals played out while should we debated Freshmen's or Martin was better when we can talk about the impact both shows had on us coming up when it was nothing like that on TV. Exactly. You argue over who was better between cash money, no limit. We celebrate them both and take a deep dive into how to independent grind. Completely changed the game for everybody who came out there. And I know you and me, man, we're going to disagree on some stuff.


We're going to agree on others. But either way, we're going to have a real discussion, a real, authentic and genuine dialogue each and every week. Yeah, I just want to talk about the things that I love, things that influenced me and why they matter so much. I had discussions with people that were there that went through it and understand the impact. So join me, Eddie Gonzalez, intense. I'm also star two time finals and we got the whole resume.


Man Yeah. Join me in KDDI each and every week on the ETCs.


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