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In sports, if you think joy only happens after you win. Think again, look at the world's most successful athletes. They don't spend all their days grinding away. They take the time to enjoy themselves by having to make a lot of friends because they know that happiness is the key to winning and that joy is the whole game, not just in game. Michelob Ultra ninety five calories, two point six grams of carbs is only worth it if you enjoy it.


Today's show is brought to you by U.S. Bank, whose goal is getting you to your goals, U.S. bank will get together. Welcome back to the ETCs podcast with Kevin Durant. As always, I am Eddie Gonzalez. I'm joined by the captain of the Eastern Conference, All Star team, Kevin Durant. So you got a draft board in the war room. You picking Kyrie first? Like, what's the plan here? Are you ready? Are you prepared.


See, since my breakdown for right now, if I missed, you know, my first pick. I know, but I'm actually looking forward to that draft.


You know, should you be looking at all of those all star players, all the fame players to choose from. Should be fun.


I'm excited, man. This is a it could make for a dramatic a dramatic first couple of rounds, you know, with the point guards on the on the board with the big fellas is a lot going on here.


So it's going to be fun to watch. I'm happy for you. Congrats. Some doubts coming into the season. I know you don't care. And I know you can't you can't be like, oh, you know, forget those people. But I was feeling away and I remember maybe about a year ago, maybe a little longer, you were showing me videos. You were just starting to kind of finally shoot around and finally dribble, finally draw and finally jump.


And I remember how excited you were.


So I'm happy to you know, we've come this far and thank you so congrats.


Happy for you, man. I can't wait to see it.


So without further ado, I'll get to our guest. We want to tread lightly here with this guy. He's a little yo yo make an enemy. This guy. This is to me, the premiere NBA reporter in the world, the only guy who's tapped into all the front offices in the league and the front office of the country. Sam Silvania from the Athletic. And how are you doing? How's it going over there? And I'm good.


I appreciate the the intro, Eddie. I got I got my check is going to be definitely coming to your mouth, but I'm good.


I'm good. Just just trying to stay warm, I'm sure. Just like you guys trying to stay, trying to stay healthy, trying to stay warm, trying to stay busy and like this last year. If you're staying busy, you know, you're probably in a good place. So just like you guys just trying to stay busy.


Busy day for you in the last 24, 48 hours here. You broke the Internet again. Congrats.


How does a scoop like that come to you at seven or nine o'clock at night on a Sunday? Well, games are going on like your phone just started ringing all crazier. What's what's going on?


Yeah, I mean, for me, you just got to be on alert at all times. You just got to be kind of ready, locked and loaded to to get into whatever call, conversation, text message you can be in. And so it's just being by your phone. I've gotten text as late as one thirty two in the morning about stuff. I remember when Kawhi got traded off to Toronto, that happened super late. That was after I was knocked out on my couch.


It was like a normal Thursday. I just come back from from summer league and I was just chillin on. My college was like one thirty in the morning. I wake up at like two was a quick little nap and and the text was polite going to Toronto. And so you just never know. I think that just speaks to the league, the place the league is in right now. We're like everyone's kind of just on the edge of their toes at all times.


I think it's good for the game, at least for for for the media side and then obviously the players and teams.


So when did you start following the NBA and when did you want to become what you are right now? So I follow the NBA my whole life, but I've played in high school early, got cut sophomore year, but unlike you, I'm not going to cut and then continue to play. I just didn't have that in me. I didn't have the talent to do that. But I always love I always love the NBA even more so than college, really.


I was never really watching college much growing up. I just love the NBA. I was always fixated on that. I'm like, man, if I can't play in the league, I got to do something around the game, whether it's writing, I want to be in the front office or an agent at one point in my life, kind of in high school. But my passion is always writing, right? So you always try to put your passions together.


And so for me, it was fun, fun writing and with my passion of basketball and just I started doing a Bulls blog when I was 17, so junior in high school that turned into I was writing for real jam dotcom. You get a story here and there and you just start to, I think, progress. And I mean just I just like spending time in the gym like you put in as much repetition as you put in. People might see the end result or where you might be seven, eight, nine years down.


But I mean, I'm twenty six now. I started doing this. I was 17, so that's nine good years. I feel like I'm old.


You're twenty six. I feel like I'm old.


I did not know you. Is that young.


I feel like every time somebody young yours looks shocking at the you know that's that, that, that's a testament to the work you've done obviously. But do you feel like it helps you in when you build relationships with players and around the league and all that like to be a younger dude?


I think it helps me in the way that I feel like I'm naive, you know, like I still feel like I'm naive to a lot of things where I'm just going into it, kind of winging it a lot of times. Even now, like when you get asked for advice, you sometimes you don't know what advice to give people like younger people, because I still feel like I'm figuring out what I'm doing right now. But I think I think a lot of it probably will benefit me most is probably the ability to relate to people and talk to people, obviously, that are younger, kind of closer to my age.


But I think bigger than anything is just being naive to a lot of stuff and just being inquisitive and not knowing the answers and trying to, you know, trying to find out the answers as much as I can, because I still don't know what I mean. A lot of ways I don't know what I'm doing. Obviously, when you have levels of success, you feel like you're on the right path and it vindicates some of the stuff you're doing.


But I still feel like I have a long way to go in my career.


So you're busy doing like you just mentioned, this is kind of a 24/7, 365 job for you. What are you able when you able to find free time finally, like what do you what do you do to kind of enjoy yourself when you listen to what you watching?


Like what's you know, what's your advice that you deliver?


Because I know it cannot just constantly be working the phones, constantly trying to figure out who's doing what in the league and all that.


So I'll usually start to shut down like I'm not shut down, but, you know, take a little bit of time around eleven, thirty, twelve every night. But it's like, you know, you watch TV shows. So I'm, I'm big on just binge watching shows. Whether it's a defense like, Your Honor, what I watch all American tonight. I watch that power power book too. So it's just finding like I binge watch all of Ozark during quarantine.


Breaking Bad. I started from I'd never watch Breaking Bad. My life finished all those. So for me, six shows probably. That's probably my get away. And I still play basketball from from time to time. So I'll play. Hasn't been that much during the pandemic and many places to go and play, but I'll try to play as much as I can. But spending time with family. But there's not you know, there's not much that kind of gets me away from from the grind.


It's semi addicting. So I'll stay on it. Kev, you get you get to catch up on your shows on this road trip.


You watching out there? I know he was like fishing for a new show.


Like, what did you. Yeah, I was getting a lot of call of duty. I feel like I watched everything after I was the black messiah.


So we just played a video game. But I got to watch that movie. I watched it twice. I got to get on that.


Collado, do you play a game? So I was like, what do you do? You have time to do that, too, man.


I used to play 2K all the time. Madden All the time. I just fell off of it. Man My brother my brother played it's love playing GTA, so I got in in all that. But this is like three, four years ago. I stop and I just I can't, I can't, I can't keep up man. I can't keep up.


This is the everyday grind when you talk about game and you got to be committed, you got to you have to be committed. So as you start to like experience more in a league like, do you ever feel as though that you can run one of these organizations with all the information that you've gathered all the time?


That's a great question. That's actually a question. I've gotten more from people on that side kind of asking me like, yo, do you think you'd ever come over to the side? Like, let's I mean I mean something. You got a. About right, because I feel like I can't relate to whether it's played on my talk to an agent or other teams, and you kind of see the inner workings of how negotiations happen, how how different deals come together, and you feel like you've experienced so many that it becomes part of your methodology and you feel like you can you can conduct those same types of transactions for sure and have the same types of mentalities and build your foreign office around you to kind of fill the gaps that you might not have.


So, I mean, I guess never say never again. I feel like I'm at a point now where there's a lot I still got to prove and I still got to confess to my old self to feel like I can leave you kind of what I'm doing on the media side to do something like that. But I mean, you know, it's always in the back of your mind for sure.


Is that the barrier for you, like you want to feel like get to the mountaintop here before you even can consider that type of stuff?


Yeah. I mean, but I feel like it's the same same thing. I'm sure Kevin's got the same mindset. I'm sure. Ediacara, you got the same mindset too. I think it's about kind of mastering and developing what you're doing right now when you feel like you're at a point where you've kind of exhausted or maximize your potential, then maybe your mind can start going into like I what am I going to do next? That's what I've never really gotten into five year goals that we've gotten in the five go.


Like when people ask you, what's your five year goal of you? Has that been an easy question for you?


It hasn't been an easy question, but it's almost like I want to set some shit up right now. The king, you know, last for the next seven to eight years, you know, I'm not necessarily always thinking about the future, but it's like, you know, here there are my humans in. It's not totally on my mind either. So, you know, it's like you say, this is one of those things in the back of the line.


But you know what your daily focus is, you know, so there is a it's a good position to be in, though, because, you know, being you twenty six. I remember when I was twenty six and I've accomplished so, so much in the league already. I'm like them have a master what I am as a player. Have you ever felt that you mastered what you're doing right now. No.




And I still, I think that that's, I think that's the beauty of it is like if you feel like you have a master, like I still feel like you have a video was I haven't done as much as I can do or should be doing when I say I'm not necessarily mean that you're at your peak, but the position you are in right now, like what you do at this moment right now, like you are the guy and you've done it time and time again for years.


So you don't feel like, you know, this is one thing that I might have already accomplished and work through and know how in a mass at this point in my career, do you think it's like I was next? Was that next phase? Right. You know, right at that is that's what I think about.


But honestly, the more the most I think about that is, is what's next in what I'm doing right now. Right.


So what I'm doing right now is like, you know, a lot of articles, a lot of videos, a lot of the social media stuff. But there's there's going to be something that's beyond even this, even from media perspective. And it's going to be you know, you're seeing everything is going more digital now, right. Like even even Adam Silver has even said it. You know, a lot of the stuff's going away from, you know, cable TV.


So it's like, how can how can you master that digital social, you know, take advantage, social media, digital sense. And so what I'm thinking now is like, what is that next step? What is that? Who's going to be that next rights player or who's going to be who's going to take that next step or or who's going to find that next kind of lane or what's the right way to phrase it? Like there's going to be something totally different, like three or four years than what the normal media consumption is right now.


So part of my mind is even trying to figure out that, to be honest.


I mean, maybe this is my opinion, but I like I feel like we hit the peak as far as like consumption and like content and distribution. Laughter Like we already at that peak the like what? I mean, how can we get better than this as far as how we take things in?


It seems like people are honing in on different ways to reach the audience. Like specifically that's that's kind of my lay of the land.


So instead of just these big movies that everybody cares about, there might be three new movies coming out this week, one for soms, one for you, one for me. And we all have different fields of interest.


So it's like we can't get ten million people to come to this movie. But if we get one hundred thousand people and they're super dedicated, then boom, we're good to go. I feel like because there's so much content, we're constantly we just had a little part of this conversation. We're constantly having conversations like, what are we going to watch? What should we listen to? What's out there, what's new, what's old?


I think it's just figuring out how to get people directly rather than getting groups of people.


So to me, that's what it is. And, you know, we're almost too crowded now.


So more audience development going. Yeah, I feel like that's our clubhouse is heading to. Right. I can get one hundred people in here and it's way more popular than cab. If you tweet to what is it, ten million people like you can barely hold a conversation.


But if you're talking to one hundred and clubhouse and then a select like ten get, that's OK. That's a whole different type of conversation.


So I think it's just more specifying audiences and like you said, audience development to me.


I don't know what the heck is that for? That is a platform, but I feel like audiences are getting smaller and it's like, cool, we're just adjusting smaller audiences.


There's also a whole generation of audience that I don't even think has been tapped into, to be honest with you, because they're in all their lanes, they're doing different things. They're they're focused on gaming or it's on it's on streaming video games. And so but that younger audience might also be obsessed with with that smaller this border, that sport. And there's just a whole lane and a whole generation and they call it GenZE that hasn't, I don't think, fully been tapped into yet.


So, you know, part of my thinking now is it's like, how can you continue to tap into that from my perspective with what I do? But going back to, like, your original question, you know, I've never been fully satisfied with what I'm doing. So I can never until I feel satisfied. I can't. I can't. I can't. But I got a message. I'm one of the next.


I wanted to ask that you guys are so successful when you're in your respective fields. Do you ever struggle with being content and.


If so, like, how do you fight that off, like or is this just constant hunger, too? Like, what do I do next? What can I do better, that type of stuff?


Because for me, it's like people who people would talk to me about what I do in my career. To me, it pales to what you guys do.


But I always feel the same way, like I've done nothing. Like I've got so much more that I could do. Like if you could see the shit that I want to do, you would.


You would you would. You know why I feel this way? Like I've done nothing. So is that kind of where you guys it's to or how do you guys have you've won championships, you've won every award you can win.


How do you sit there the day after the finals and just like not be can say it and go out? I did it all.


I mean, it's such a I mean, that's a that's a great question, especially when you're dealing with somebody like that. Accomplished a lot so early. I was the same way with you. You know, early in your 20s, you've seen pretty much everything that this profession has to offer. Been a lot of different rooms, accomplished a lot. And after I won a championship, the second championship, I had that question like that, and what it was, was really NEC's like, what?


What else do I do? And I just like, we'll just do it again. I enjoy getting up that next day and telling my days around the game. You know, I'm saying that's simply what has been for me since then. It's just like I like getting up and doing this and so I don't feel like doing it anymore. That's probably when I'll be done. So it went from just like a. You know, I want to achieve so much in this profession to just become immersed in this already I'm breathing is already this is my DNA.


I'm just going to be committed to this forever. And that's what's keeping me up, you know.


What about you? Sounds like you just like having said you've you've achieved so much, accomplished so much at such an early age.


You know, you should have seen his face when I told him a while ago that the songs was like twenty five in a how did you get there and go.


Nah, like I got all this other stuff to do. Or how do you not sit there and you know, you've broken all the news you can break and it's like right now like how to how do you look forward to that.


It's a little different than than what Kevin's profession is like. You can easily he can win a championship when positivity is the best and he's at the really the pinnacle. And I can see why he can become honestly complacent. Right. But he hasn't. I can see how he could be, though, because that's that's that's literally the top for me is a little different because it really doesn't matter how many stories you break or what what how much. I mean, articles you write, how many videos you do.


I think if you're in it, if you're in this side of it, I think it's got to be I mean, just like for the for the playing side or really any side front office. But in this profession, like, if you don't love what you're doing, if you don't really have a passion for what you're doing, I mean, you're not going to last long in it. This is the bottom line. And so I learned that early, like when I was driving to like Milwaukee or or in the hour and a half to Milwaukee or three and a half hours to in the freshman year of college, you have a final the next day.


That's when that's when I knew like I was really in it. And once you figure that out and once you know, you're you're you're dedicated to it. And it's not about because I think there was a point where people thought for me, oh, he's just trying to be a fan. Or I mean, the Bulls didn't even credential me till I was twenty one going on twenty two. And so by that point, I've been covering games since I was eighteen.


So, you know, because you're a high school kid or you're about to be a college kid and they're like, is he in it for the right reasons, what is the mentality? So I think for me it was always trying to prove myself. And even when when I feel like I get to a milestone or if I get to a certain point, there's just you know, you just set more goals for yourself. It's kind of like being on the other side, being an athlete.


But that's that to me is like, you know, Kevin and I've kind of had long conversations about this, like it's kind of like a fear of being contained. Like, I don't want to I don't want to sit there, look around me like I, I did it because, you know, that that's just too final for me is too finite.


So that's why, you know, people will get upset.


And I do think there is something to you do got to kind of smell your roses sometimes and appreciate them and you find ways to do that.


Right. But people kind of get upset with me. I'm like, man, I've done nothing. You know, I got all kind of shit that I want to do. So I know. I know. You know, you guys are so complex.


I know that has to come up for you guys.


And so it's it's fascinating to learn what what is like the next expansion for you. I know you want to do more video hits. I know you want to be on screen more. Is that like is it. I know I know you you're you're you're a grinder.


You're about to work. So it's not about this kind of desire to be seen.


Like, do you just feel that's the next stage for you and what you do?


Yeah, I think it's about just creating stuff that people people like to consume. Right. And I think a lot of it has become more visual based as well. But I think just doing unique stuff and just coming up with with unique angles and trying to, at the end of the day, share stories about these guys. Right. Like they're they're they're unique. And sometimes their stories, their actual stories just aren't really told in a lot of time.


So for me, I think is just finding out what you know, I think what what you know, what these guys are really about and kind of shedding light on that.


Do you feel that your business has changed over the years? Because in my opinion, this is like it's an arms race to like breaking news more so, like you said, telling those stories. So do you feel like more and more guys are trying to jump in the lane with your. I mean, there's there's definitely a lot more shit being thrown out there, that's for sure. So if you were talking about that, there's no doubt. I mean, but that's just, you know, you just got to weed through what's even for me.


Now, when I read stuff, I'm constantly consuming information, too, and seeing what's being put out there, what's accurate, what's not accurate, what's some of the stuff that I know? There's a lot of stuff that I even know that I don't put out necessarily at any given moment. So I think is just weeding through the really the B.S. and just figuring out what's and what's not. But so I think to answer your question, I think there's definitely a lot of a lot of people trying to jump in that lane.


But for me, it's like a balance. I try to balance myself by writing stories about about the players, doing videos about guys. And it's about for me, it's finding that balance. I don't ever want to be that guy is just he's only breaking news on guys or trades or signings or this or that. I always try to do as much balance I can have to what I do as possible.


Is it is it frustrating that the breaking news type stuff overshadows that other work and that work is harder in a different way?


You know, a two thousand, three thousand word profile is much easier than you know.


And I don't want to, like, downplay your work, but then breaking a news story.


Right. So does it frustrate you that that's kind of how people are consuming things? At one point?


I think it did. Like I think even even like I think me mean, you had a conversation. It was just about basketball. I don't know if you remember it was in Milwaukee once in 18. But most the conversation was just about basketball that we didn't really talk about much, much of what whatever else is going on. It was mostly about basketball. And and I think I think I think a good amount of people picked it up. But it's definitely not it didn't it didn't garner the type of attention where if I was grilling him on, you know, what whatever else was happening off the court.


Right. So I think there's always a time and place for all that. I think there's always a time and place for the reporting on what's going on. And sometimes, you know, there's just a job that that I think the media side has to do. There's always a job of a job to do at all times.


But, you know, in the midst of me creeping and all my treatment, I'm always going to I'm always going to try to protect guys, too, and kind of help guys out in different ways. And I think I think these guys these guys are basketball players. Right. And what's going on on the court and what's going on behind the scenes? I think the behind the scenes stuff is is cool and it's all right. And so kind of shedding light on both of those things I think is is important.


One last time you whooped, last time I shot with my brother was two weeks ago. Last time I played five on five oh, probably March. I played I was playing to want to pretty heavy like May, June and May and June really. I suffered a great three ankle sprain. I'm breaking that on this podcast.


This is the give and this is the give me.


I told my best friends, I'm like, oh, don't say nothing to anyone. One of my boys tweeted out my no, no, no, don't tweet it out on anyone.


Three equals four for six to eight. But that great three was no joke. I've reported on grade threes before I sprained my ankle before I report on grade three. It's not that big of a deal. And even even even I read on it on my man said sprain happened to me. It was, it was one of the worst pains. And I was going to go to the bubble. My bubble got my bubble trip, got delayed like a month and a half, but I made it out there.


But man, I had to go to therapy. It was it was all bad, but.


Oh, you had to really go. Are you still able to enjoy the league as a fan? Are you still, you know, is immersed in it as you are?


Kevin and I like we would just talk about this two days ago, maybe out my time at ESPN, damn near ruined the league because it became a job.


It's like I'm literally clocking in. It's like got to pay attention to these games, got to get this constant, you know, and it's worked literally work out there.


While is it is it like that for you. Used to but enjoy the sport.


I think I went through a period like two and a half years ago where it started to feel like work like two and a half, three years ago. I feel like it's started to feel like work and kind of felt weird, like I would go to games. I just the vibe would just feel weird because your mind and your your I was off place, I think, with the game itself. But then, you know, I think I think you've got to stick with it.


If you stick with it, you'll be fine. So like now I watch and sometimes I go to like combine days when we'd be allowed to go to the draft combine and just remember a couple couple of days in Chicago in twenty nine. I just sat there and just watched and so, like, I think for me there was a point where it felt more like work than in, you know, the love, which is why we all get in to get into this right.


Is because we love the game. And so but now I'm at a point where I just I'm definitely a fan first. I enjoyed thoroughly watching all these games. You know, obviously there's a distraction with the phone at different points.


But overall, I love like I love the game. I love watching the game for sure, Kev.


Are you able to enjoy it like these guys are your competition. But I know you're a huge NBA fan, and the way you and I watched it last year was a lot different, obviously.


But, you know, I tease you because you can smell the whole league name is like you're locked in.


Are you able to enjoy it now, like, as you're back playing and, you know, competing? Yeah, for sure.


It's always fun watching basketball, no matter what level was on. You know, I like watching people shoot the basketball and play. I mean, I just like everything about the game. So especially the highest level, I still enjoy it. And but I cut the TV down more than I used to when I was in games, you know, because I rather listen to music than here, you know, the everything else around the game. I'd rather just focus on watching it.


So that's changed. You know, the chatter around basketball now, it's just got so loud that at first I used to enjoy that part. I hear stories on players here in breaking news, but it's like there's just a lot right now. So, you know, but I mean, I guess that makes me enjoy just to actual play even more to.


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And from a company with a great mission. Proud to have you guys with this. I know sometimes you can't talk crazy about the media, like I'll probably be able to, but I just hate the way the way the league is so narrative driven right now. And it's so kind of like it's hyperbole.


Everything is just exaggerated.


And it's you rarely see people talking about basketball anymore. Except I know for you, especially your last three, four or five years, you've been the most talked about team and you were one of the most talked about players.


It's just frustrating to watch anyway, because I like basketball. I like watching guys make shots. I like watching us had to play defense. I like watching guys had to compete.


And every time I turn on something we're talking about or even in the game, like you said, the commentary of the average game is just like drama, drama, drama, drama.


And being with you has been even more enlightening. As much time as we spend, it goes, must we talk like it's actually not this dramatic the day to day.


So it's it's just become a frustrating watch in essence, for me as a as a fan sommes, is that kind of the feel you have to or where you at with it as a fan?


Man, to be honest, I tune a lot of a lot of the media, like I just focus on my own stuff. Right. So as long as I focus on my own stuff, like I think I'm able to to get in a good place in terms of how I feel about the other content. Now, obviously, I feel like I see everything, especially different news, things that are being posted out there. But I you know, I stay in a pretty fat based environment as myself just based on what I do.


Like, I don't ever get out of my space. So, you know, yeah, you definitely see when people talk shit on players, like it's like a common thing now. But I've never I've never understood the purpose of that, because at the end of the day, like, these are the guys that are actually out there on the court. Right. They're all they're all trying to do the right thing. And like there would be, I think when you talk about hyperboles.


Right. And you talk about this team didn't want it as much as that team or this player that players like know. We've all played basketball. We just sometimes the other team is just better, sometimes shot down. Sometimes you're just not defending at a high level. Sometimes this team might have just made this adjustment or, you know, made this defensive change or or started guarding you differently. There's so many other elements of the game that they get missed that people I think it's easy to draw hyperboles on on the game.


And so that's what I try to stay in more of a fact based, you know, region. Well, myself and I think one example like, you know, like like the Mavericks. Right. Like like an example. Like they they started playing, pausing. It's more like the four or five last year, like just to stretch the paint was not to shoot any any mid range shots. No post up. This is last year. They instituted that and get a text and call me.


They said, oh shit, I have to cut it short not to be the greatest ever. We got to cut it short. Bickersons got a break going on.


I would like to say, can you text? But no. So the Mavericks started playing for zinnias on the perimeter and I think everyone was like, yo, what's going on with this game while he's struggling with his energy off? What's going on? And I mean, it's it takes two text messages, three text messages, really find out what they're doing. They literally changed their offense and how they're playing and and spreading the floor. Clearly, they're playing more with more pace and and and they wanted to integrate more shooting and put basically shooters all around Luke.


And they wanted to get away from the mid range shots and the post ups, that ball that might bog down their offense. And again, that's more power to them. That's how they want to play the game. And so but and then I wrote about it, but no one had had talked about it. They were just talk about how it might have been struggling, you know, then you'd watch TV. People would be like, yo, man is going to scan.


The paint is seven foot two. What's wrong with him? Like, he's playing soft, but it's like. No, like this is what this is their offense. This is how they feel like they have a level of success. You they were the I think the number one or number two offense in the league last year. So I think it was because of that. But I think people got to also I think somebody's got to ask the right questions to them.


Yeah, I have a friend like he's he's very dramatic about, you know, when we watch the games and stuff.


In some ways I had to remind him, like the other guys are good to like sometimes the other guys like they're fucking nice too. So they're going to make shots. It's not like they don't want to they don't want to play. They don't want to win. I remember I read a story about Chandler Parsons years ago and, you know, he's dealing with a ton of knee injuries and all that.


And the guy was saying, like, it's not like he doesn't want to play, like he'd love to be healthy and be out here playing. You know, he's a competitor. He made it this far. And people just kind of people would just accept, like the most dramatic retelling of your story when sometimes it's really that simple, like those other guys. Well, too, they beat us. I think Dame said something like that about you, about your warriors, you know, they're good that they were good, like whatever you want, we say.


And sometimes it's that simple.


People don't like that sort of simple explanation. I also think Draymond said this a few weeks ago. And I know, Kevin, you agree with this. A lot of people just don't know what they're watching.


You know, they watched the ball go in and then they don't kind of understand too much more than that.


Do you feel like that's part of what a lot of this chatter is, Kev? Like what Draymond said.


I just feel like it's a lot of layers to the game and it's easy to be drawn in by the. Dunk's and three point shot in the advertising of the game and the. Breaking news contracts and all that stuff is easy for casual food, just like a normal regular fan who doesn't watch the game and get roped in now is like different layers actually playing the game, you know, different ebbs and flows of the game of basketball that people got to start watching once they see these games.


Like you said, knowing and pausing is just playing at the three point line instead of posting up and shooting ranges, this half for a naked eye just to see that someone I just thought was so, you know, it's like, you know, a lot of people got to get deeper into the game and start understanding the history, understanding where the game has come from. And I think, you know, then you start rounding out your knowledge and running until you know, your view of the game, you know.


So I think I think, you know, just just just checking in a little deeper than what it is right now.


And I think, you know, it's it's taboo these days to say you don't know something. And I think that will go a long way in some of these combos.


I watched that happen with you guys, actually, like political things happen around the world and they ask you and you're an ass, off you go.


Yeah, I'd actually like to read a little bit more and know before I tell you.


Then it's like, oh, he's taking a cop out. It's like, nah, like that's probably the best answer he could give is like, I don't know this. Let me not say something stupid and ask me tomorrow.


And people treat me like, you know, you're that you're the asshole you fucked up. So I think there is there's some some of that today.


All right. We talked enough, but basketball is fine. Work is great for both you guys.


I know that sounds. What do you listen to me? What do I feel like? This is the best way to get to know somebody. What do you listen to? Tell me, please. You're listening to Drake. This is a Drake podcast in a lot of places.


Oh, great. It's always Drake now.


I mean, Drake. I'm definitely a big Drake. I'm looking for my iTunes right now. Let's see. Apple Music. I'm I'm a I'm a big Drake guy. I mean, Justin Timberlake of ABAB with J.T., I'm a Justin Timberlake fan for sure. I mean, Mique got a little baby in here. I mean, pop smoke. I still listen to the album on about two guys.


Yeah. What else is there? I mean, honestly, most of my friends, Chris Brown is definitely a young thug.


I see we have some of our best. That's all we need to know. Everybody, come on this path. We just got to know. Raymond is by the music selection. Got some Lil Wayne on you. OK, what about yo?


You guys messing with?


I mean, this pile in the saying that's in the same wheelhouse. All the same. I mean, like we said, this is a Drake Parker is really we disguised as accessories. But once we get past what you do, we just talk about Drake the rest of the time shops.


Can you find out when that album is coming out with can we put you on that case like. No, I've actually I've actually lived in download to try to figure out sometimes be sick.


What do you what is this like?


Because because I'm I'm a fan, you know, like sometimes I'm a fan of like, I'm sure. Kev, same thing with you. Like, it's crazy. Like I've I've met I've met people in other types of other lanes in other in other fields and and they're fan of basketball. Right. So so by virtue they might be a fan of me or my work and on my mouth I'm I'm a fan. You I think you're the shit. So I definitely have a lot of those moments for sure.


But yeah, I mean, I always try to keep up with what Drake's doing because I'm a fan. I want to know how I want to know what's next. So I'm going to be on the I'll text you the text. You what? I'm going.


Yeah. Let me know when you find out man. If if you break that and you've reached that different higher plane of which you're doing like this is next level with this.


And I didn't think there was another level for you, so I'll wait for it. But you know what? You know what I mean.


This last week to that Jim Jones album, I know you're diplomats fan just singing. I just seen on Instagram. I mean, I knew, but I just got reminded on Instagram you've got a diplomat's tattoo.


Yeah. And so I notice put that album in Harry Frost. It's just something about like.


Gymea Just beyond these songs talking. But he's so smooth with it and you believe him so much. It's like it is this is my seat right here.


Like this is a scene I like when doosra albums during the season two because it's like line right. With, you know, whooping and, you know, just the newness of the album, you know, it just feels different. And it brings me back to a point. So, Jim, dropping this joy right now, I listen to it two years from now. I was going to bring me back to where I was, you know, throughout this this road trip that this.


So these dudes, you know, how old is Jim Jones? Almost four in his 40s. He's got to be in his 40s, still driving music. But that speaks to like the industry and how long, you know, you can stay in enjoy and just like sustain who you are for 10 or 20 years. You can be you know, we can still put our music in your 40s.


And Jim has consistently been Jim, like we have. You know, he hasn't had to switch it up. He's he's been able to be him in a matter. And Henry Ford is killing it raw.


Like every time I hear him, it's so smooth, which is so much today, sort of instrumentals like you almost can't you almost can't make a bad song with Jimmy.


Jimmy definitely went crazy. Didn't want to give Jimmy his props here.


So, I mean, I try to tie all this stuff back to what we're doing out here, you know? Right. Right. Of course. Because, I mean, we all in the entertainment business, I feel like, you know, for the NBA music business, you know, film business is like all art is at the end of the day, no matter if you're covering the game or playing the game. So, you know, for to look at, like, Harry Frare, for example, like he I looked him up the other day.


He, like 38 years old, you know, then is just like, yo, these dudes been around for so long and I still feel like they're in their promise bar for somebody like me who, you know, been around for ten years. And just like you look back and like them, I feel old shit like that, you know, like I still got some time to go.


These people still they still got a lot of energy out here, so it's cool to see what they do. Imma you let us see.


I want to ask about your and the dynamic you guys have had throughout your careers and just kind of the insider dynamic. Are you met with kind of good rapport throughout the league? Are you treated like the boogey man? Like how does that go for you?


I mean, I think with most guys I have a pretty good relationship. Like, I'm I'm a pretty open person. I'm a pretty open book. I mean, I don't have the ability I have much hate for anyone, really. So I'm pretty cool with everyone. I or at least I try to be. I think that's the best way I can describe it.


Yeah. I mean, that's a good and easy to have. I've been around media circles and you kind of you know, you you have some guys who are vindictive who are kind of like chasing the tabloidy stuff. And I can see where if you're a player like you, I don't get out of here like Kev.


Do you have, you know, not nobody by name, but like other reporters who kind of have that energy media, who had the energy with you, you kind of want to steer away because you've had your own moments.


You've had your viral moments like, yo, come on, bro, you've had a couple here and there.


I get it, though. It's got to be frustrating on a day to day. Yeah.


It's just this is usually moments for I mean, I know I don't care to hold a grudge with anybody, but if there's something in the moment that I see, I try to, you know, have good communication, you know, with whoever it is, you know, shows, you know, he knows I talk to everybody, you know, especially when, you know, guys, you got to be right. Just come into the locker room where we want to sit down and talk to me about the game.


I'm down for it. But if I disagree with you saying, I'll let you know, too.


I know you're one of those guys. You you've you've offered to, you know, go out with guys, let's go have lunch or whatever, you know, see guys outside of that environment.


We met that way. And a lot of ways, you know, you you open up talking to a lot of people.


Is that typical for what you get sounds from from players, especially players of his level? Like, is that how it usually is? Kevin is an open book like Kevin. You know, Kevin has gone viral many times.


I'm just and people like giving them his opinion and having regular conversations. I love that type of shit. I love you. I think it's great.


I think it makes him way more endearing, way more relatable. It it it makes it easier to be a face a regular guy. You know, I appreciate that.


And a lot of ways. Is that normal, what you get when you're, you know, kind of dealing with this?


I think I think it might be abnormal to other people. Right. Like the back and forth. I think that part of it might be uncommon, like the the you know, if you're saying something or you're writing something or doing this and there's some pushback or some corrections, some not actually met this. I mean, I appreciate that like I did today. I'm just trying to get whatever I'm doing and an accurate, concise way. And I think today it's about, you know, it's about the relationship.


I've always looked at it as a long term thing. It's never been about one story, one thing. So, I mean, it's very uncommon. I mean, the times. Ever interviewed Kev, it's always been pretty open, pretty pretty pretty respectful, really. And so you can really ask him by anything. For me, I know what the what sort of boundaries are right with certain things, especially given guys certain temperament at the moment. But it took me time.


Like I interviewed D Wade was my first interview, August 20, 12. I interviewed him and I remember I walked up to him at at a buck's game. He just and this is like one of my first five games I've ever covered, like in person. And I just went up to him after he had showered. He just sitting there and he was cool about it. We talked and he gave me his time. And I remember the PR guy came over to try to brush me off the way, probably saw the the the deer in the headlights look on my face.


So you probably said that's probably why you get all the PR guy you can leave finished it. But then, you know, the more I've done this on my game, I was so naive in that moment. Like, I just walked up to him like it was nothing. And in some ways it might have helped, some ways it might have hurt. But I think respecting God's boundaries, I think always goes a long way, hopefully.


Well, is is that one of the things that you kind of noticed guys at work and I know we talked about Logan before, our guy, Logan Mordaunt, and you notice he's gone way, way, way back when he's in Zanin with the Kings around there. Really? You see that from where you're sitting when you're dealing with Ortiz?


Yeah. I mean, you know, it's pretty easy to spot. You know, there's a lot of older. Reporters that walk into the locker room and when you see a younger face, you know, especially the younger the younger guys in the locker room, we gravitate towards the people that may relate to us a little bit more. You also see a Logan or Shuls or, you know, anybody that kind of look like us is easy to talk to.


And I think that's been always been. One of the things I look for, but also seeing, you know, wanting to see these guys, you know, pull a weight around in the locker room because I know how it goes. You know, I said, guys, I like I want to see you be the first guy to ask a question in the scrum. You know, that means a lot. That may mean a lot to them.


You know, this is like a it's like a competitive business. And sometimes when I see guys that are young and they haven't been in there before, I want to see them do well. You know, I know as little as a little competition that goes on in there. So it's cool to see because it's always off of the game. They all want to push the message of the game. And, you know, it's good to be a part of that in some way.


I think what you mention is big to you know, not everybody looks like us in these settings, the three of us. You know, there's not a lot of guys who look like the three of us.


And it makes it a little harder to get in the room sometimes. But when you're in the room, it does definitely help. It does definitely help to have conversation. We could you know, you and I met talking about hope within a couple of days. It's like, oh, shit. You like, oh, shit. Let's talk, you know. You know, we're talking about that. We're talk movies we're doing. And it becomes a whole different thing.


And so I've seen that.


I mean, when I was writing music, it's it's weird you emailing people, begging to talk to them and they don't know who the hell you are. I don't know what you look like. They know nothing about you. You finally see him at the show and it's like, OK, you know, like this you don't seem so bad and you talk some more. And next thing you know, you're talking to these guys on a regular basis.


Yeah, it is. It's it's a very interesting dynamic. And it's something that I noticed very early on and, you know, was able to take advantage of and a lot of ways.


But again, it it does it is a little harder to get in those rooms. But when you get there, you know, you're able to hand yourself a little better.


So it's dope knowing that we all recognize that because you never know.


And, you know, if you're not as naive anymore, you sometimes you can walk into these settings like, oh, shit, like, how is this going to go? But, you know, no one that you appreciate is definitely big. I think it helps some young reporters, you know, think about getting into it.


In sports, if you think joy only happens after you win. Think again, look at the world's most successful athletes. They don't spend all their days just grinding away because they know that happiness is the key to winning, enjoys the whole game, not just the game. That's right.


They take time to enjoy themselves. Like having a Michelob Ultra with friends is good to have some balance.


We have tons of examples of athletes taking time just to enjoy themselves. I always like how someone like Victor Oladipo could just go making Orombi album or something. Michael Jordan always got on the golf course, played cards, whatever.


I need to have fun because I know that happiness is the key to winning and that's the joy to the whole game, not just the game. How do you take some time away from the game and enjoy yourself?


I like playing video games, listening to music, making podcasts, having to make a lot of friends. So grab a mic. Also today, 95 calories, two point six grams of carbs is only worth it if you enjoy it.


If you know anything about fortnight, you'll know that every season there are some insanely cool story and map changes.


Over the past few seasons, we've seen everything from the island flooding to the legendary black hole. And this season, the zero point has been contained. But reality collapsed in the process, restoring a natural balance to the island, craft weapons, hunt wildlife for food and do everything it takes to survive. Picking up the battle pass lets you run wild with the likes of Lara Croft and Teen Titans. Raven jump in the fortnight now to experience it all or go to find that Gigas Season six.


Go to F in season six to see it all. She says the rules change when you walk in the moonlight. Is it a different vibe as opposed to early on in your career?


Yeah, I think it early on I was doing the headlights, bro. I mean, I remember my first some lady twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen going against around that same time mule deer in the headlights. I mean that's the best way to describe it. And so now I think I'm a lot more confident, a lot more comfortable. I know a lot, lot of the other guys. And, you know, there's always a couple of guys, hopefully on every team that I can kind of gravitate toward, if anything.


But it's is I think it's more of a confidence thing at this point where you feel like you know what you're doing, whereas before you had no fucking clue at all.


There's got to be a certain type of respect when SAHMs walks in the room is like more people know.


You know. I know you feel that. That's what I meant, you big dog.


Like I told Kevin this before, like when you walk into the open run, like it got to say is the energy of the gym.


I feel like it's got to be the same way for you. Sounds like I will say this.


I reached out to you to interview you for something, and I expect it not necessarily like you to be an asshole, but I definitely expected a different type of energy.


And you were super down to earth and cool. So I'm like, oh yeah, I like my rock with do. And so maybe that's what it is.


And maybe I don't maybe I don't feel it.


I don't I'm just doing stuff with the whole. I know you know what you got. I know you, I know you feel others feel about you like I know you know that your presence does to a room to other people, especially in this building. I just want to know if you felt that change over the last few years, you know, and you could tell the energy change, you know, especially amongst your peers.


I mean, there's definitely a shift. I think more so for me, how I feel about it. It's not even about other people's feelings. Wow. I feel I feel I definitely feel more confident in what I'm doing. I don't even I mean, the rest is just whatever, to be honest. I mean, that's just my that's is my view of maybe I'm not looking at it about maybe I got to open my eyes.


Humble, humble, being humble king. I get it. All right. I get it. I all right. Don't be like that.


You know, I get I get exactly what you me you focus on yourself, but I know you're focused on yourself and that's well, maybe that's a bad thing.


Maybe I do. I take the blinders off though. No, that's a great thing. But I mean, you still have the blinders on, but you still can you still know. Yeah. We just want to hear you talk, you shit, man.


That's really what I want to hear. But I feel I feel you go and I like to have ready to talk shit talking real quick just because this is a thing that happened.


How do you feel about this Cam Newton story, Kev?


You've ran camps, you've competed with guys younger, your high school kids.


Anybody ever talk like within the game? Are they trash talking, Katie, at these camps? There's no way. Right? Come on.


If I if I start talking. Yeah, they will. I mean, at the end of the day, we all hope, you know, so no matter the age, no matter what you've accomplished, if you want that career and you get to talking, you know, no matter what you did before, which do nothing about right now. So I just didn't see the whole I couldn't see the whole sequence in order for me to really comment on what should have happened, you know, because if I'm talking shit from the sideline where the youngster playing, it's been going on all day long.


Yeah, I got a chance to talk my shit to Cam Newton in front of my peers and to set the tone. Oh, yeah. Because he's a big dog. He's so far to that against Cam. There was my peers. Don't think so. It's like the different perspectives man. But all in all you should realize that, like that's just the nature of the game. Like they is a lot of communication out there on the football field.


You never know what you will hear football.


And as he's different toolbelt like, that's like that's a whole different type of. I remember my barber back in say he pointed out to me one day was like, you can tell when a kid walks in here, if he plays football or if he plays basketball and I start noticing it in football, kids all over the walls, you know, it's basketball. Kids come see it down a small they like they got the whole energy. So it's a different vibe.


I know you're the humble king right here.


You talk about your job and are you are you a shit talker on the court? Like I feel like you might be.


I feel like he is, too. I used to be. I see a big shit talker. But but but it backfired on me most of the time. So I stopped. So but I used to talk shit all the time. I think I was the shit. He was my whole mentality, my whole mentality change like early in high school, late middle school.


Like I used to be cocky as hell. Like if you ask people that knew me back then, people that probably are going to be listening to this. I mean, they probably thought I was the asshole or I was I was I was a mean guy. But I think once I started to find out who I really am, like at the core and stop trying to be someone I'm not, that's. When my life started to probably turn. But now I stop, I stop all kinds of shit, man.


What's your call when you let the jumper go? You like your cast guy. You're like, what? What is your prize?


Money is money. There we go. That's money. I know. Feeling like letting it go, saying it or saying the games. I ain't feeling like that. And then watching it go in. That's that's the shit right there.


You really don't talk to you.


He swears talk shit. Yo I. What's on these games bro. They catch you. They catch you yapping a little bit. Don't you're not breaking down the scheme in the mid game like.


Well no I'm more so like a I might hit you with a one liner that is like my team. I'm not talking to the other team unless they say something to me. I feels like everybody in here is one of those guys that waits until it's just talking starts and then you add on like everybody. I don't start the game off by talking shit. You hear this guy, man?


We've seen this guy standing over an opponent. I've seen him in the locker. I've seen him in a lot. You've got to have a favorite, though. You've got to have a favorite moment like like real competitive back and forth, just like talking shit with somebody just talking.


It's like like I know Tony Allen used to do. He had to use to drive you crazy. You got to tell him something.


Finally, he was just so locked in when you say a word to each other and those be the best battles. But all the talk shit like it'll be like like I always played in Sacramento one time I forget who's talking shit to me. I want to say it was just a team. I just heard too much from that team. And like I had a I saw top of somebody and I was just like dribbling up top for like two seconds. And I'm just pointing out what I forget.


It was well, maybe I just don't want to say oh like that. I'm looking over.


I want to say it was Derek Williams or maybe it was Jason. It was it was somebody who just who was just talking. And I was like, yo, bring your ass up here. I come to play. I was like, no, you can't switch on me right now. He was like, nah, we're doing that. I was like, nah, come up here, switch arrests. And then I went, I scored on two and one.


And then Russell's like, OK, I mean, you really just start to play and force them to change their defense. So I'm like, yeah, OK, that's fine. My friend is reacting because somebody actually Russ actually paying attention. You know, he told me about it, but I was I mean, it's a lot of shit that go when I park on the team.


We used to just unnecessarily just get it to people because all top Hajjis podcast, it's like, oh, my Yooper.


We started today on this on a Wednesday Farncombe with the energy of a power couple.


If it's it is illegal, they caught you guys. It seemed like you just he got lazy day stories is just getting into it with guys, just getting into it by now. We've got to do we know we've got to have his back. So, yeah.


I mean, I asked Parker about the Xbox, though, a while back. He was like, hey, you want to give me the whole year for my dog? They said, you in a locker room brawl. What do you wish? He didn't want to get in first.


Oh, remember, none of that. I heard that, too.


That's one of the ones that got to be kept under wraps. I guess he taking that one with him. So Pakman, Parkwood, Parkwood trash talk to you all day on game like I guess they had some competitors on those teams to locate those arcades effect.


That was a CG effect. AKG rubbed off on him when he was in Boston, pretty much taught him everything he know. They had a veteran team. We got a veteran team. They know all that they know on the slick talking. They they talk. They said that was going on, like on that team. They had PJ Brown and so can change.


They had some OG that play in the nineties, you know, say, yeah, they had some dogs, they had young, they had young Tony Allen, like they had some dogs and it had some dogs.


So, you know, they was they said the coach had to league for a while, CGG, which is all the dues that CGY had underneath him. He was passing along and Tonioli Rondeau over there, over there. So he was just it was affecting the whole leverage shit. They tell stories about that corner, what their base was like. You basically couldn't set up down there. They'd be on the court and all kind of shit like that's you cut a corner off off the court when you played in Boston.


So I can see that man.


Well, look, we'll let you get off with the you don't trash talk. I swear. I see you every game, Charpentier.


But that's not. I say that's OK. That's cool, man.


All right. Before we go, Kev, you've been going viral. You've dusted off the Twitter account a couple times.


I've been watching these movie trailers, watching them and watching them honestly seems to be your your your home of trailers media. What's Mortal Kombat?


Yeah, mortal combat. So you got Sub-Zero you got Sub-Zero on this. You was crazy in that trailer.


Yeah. He look ridiculous.


I can't wait for that. I can't wait for that to jump. It's we talked about these tools like we used our other movies. Come straight to streaming service now. OK, with I don't even care about the movie theater anymore, when they talk, you're like a pause or wine guy, you're like a snack like Zach the Irag. Like we we we watched the movie one day. And like you, you were still texting about it like four hours later.


I'm like, OK, like, what do you do about the movie's over the spoiler. You play its words. So you're one of those zombies.


Are you excited for Mortal Kombat? This guy, he goes viral every time he talks about one of these actually movies.


You one of these guys I mean, I'm looking for any any whatever suggestions I got. I'll take everything. So I'm definitely going to watch whatever, like all movie he tweets about and watching.


So we got a chance to. I'm on it. The clip. Yeah, man, I'm I'ma HBO Max guy.


I've been trying to stuff on it to watch. Everything's is coming out on there. Yeah. I got it all out there now. Godzilla.


I'm ready for that. You went viral for that one. So people are going crazy on me about that because I won because I called King Kong a monkey.


They didn't like that. He's a good man.


He's a good and I say, yo, like Godzilla, he's like a nuclear weapon. Like this is not a fight in there. Like, well, King Kong is smart and, you know, they're screaming at me, cussing at me all day for that.


So thanks for that. Thanks for retweeting me. Get me an edge.


But yeah, fellas. Well, look, great talking to you guys. Soms, please leave us alone.


We want no problems with, you know, ears everywhere, like you're.


My God, man, I appreciate you doing this. Must love always. Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you do for the game. And seriously, a Lodestone, bro. Thanks for coming on. Appreciate it.


Appreciate you as always. Stay safe. I'm watching everything y'all are doing to keep it going. Keep driving, keep grinding, keep getting better. I really appreciate you. Thank you. Today's show is brought to you by U.S. Bank, whose goal is getting you to your goals, U.S. bank will get together.