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Thursday Night Football with Jon Giles. Johnny Giles is a national treasure when he speaks.


I mean, I'm like, yes, yes, yes, when he's on the show. I was in the car the other day and I sprinted into the house and turned on the radio. I love listening to him. I love Johnny Giles.


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Right. We were sticking with football. Stephen Doyle, how are you getting on? I'm good, thanks. I'm very motivated. After listening to Kelly Harrington, you should read inspiration. You know, we talk about I think we sometimes get caught up in the elitism of sports, sometimes only when you're a brilliant sports person like that, giving so much back to our community.


I think it's a really inspirational it's been a long one special on the show today. And I was talking there about taking out some of the old people who live in the area for boxing exercises. You're going to see tonight on the ABC, the top US documentary at pharmacology and exactly the same thing. It's called Chair Exercises, because they thought the word yoga would be too intimidating. My prediction after the documentary tonight is it's really good, this beautifully shot Rosewater, because obviously a story film maker and has done an excellent job.


But my prediction is that by eleven o'clock tonight, my academic colleagues yoga pants is going to have its own Twitter account, or potentially at times, certainly it's going to feature articles. They are absolutely spectacular. If you tune in for no other reason than to see MDMA the other night, you've got to watch.


I haven't seen these yet. I'm doing this. Why are yoga pants so they look like baggy. Are we talking to M.C. Hammer here? You can't touch this, you know.


You know, when Homer gets out that he has to wear the dress the moment he imagine they were turned into like the same size they were turned into like a narrow at the bottom and narrow at the waist.


But in between flapping in the very same color as I was, I'm like, oh, thank God I don't need them yet anyway, shall we say, away from yoga pants.


Michael behaving like Heidi smooth.


Oh, how much how much how much forgiveness do you have for a twenty year old who tweets disgrace at team announcements?


Yeah, I have a loss because he comes across as a a bubbly character, possibly emotional. I don't know the guy inside out, but from what I've seen, he just he seems like a really cool guy, like the kind of guy that might wear his heart on his sleeve. And I think he might well, I'm sure he already regrets. As we know, he deleted the original tweet and put out another one with a couple of laughing emojis, probably hoping to think that, you know, we're probably hoping people will think he's just having a laugh over a couple of theories on this.


I heard Nathan speaking to Joe last night. He's uncomfortable and a bit of a family. And I think he made the point say to me or really valid. I also think that Jim Crawford are under 21 manager has three months left to qualify for an under 21 tournament for the first time ever. And if Stephen Kenny was to swoop in and take all his best players, it doesn't give much hope to qualify for that tournament. Top of the table.


We still have to go away to Italy, who were our top, his opponents. And so far, the group we've got to nail down draw against them here and building a really good draw and we should, in fact, win that game. But I think having a player like Michael Obafemi, a Premier League striker who has scored goals in the Premier League in under twenty team, you know, whether we ever had that, that's an incredible addition to that squad.


He will also have his teammate will smellable and possibly in that spot as well. He hasn't played for the under twenty one gentlemen. I imagine Jim Crawford would pick him for these last three games and anything as well go up. But then there's a couple of other things we know. We had a serious hamstring injury last year that kept him for a lot of time. And I think that he needed a full pre-season with his club to get him prepared and get him ready for what he's going to handle this season, because this could be a real you know, he has played well, of course, last season score goals, the Premier League, but this could be his proper breakthrough season in the top flight.


The other thing as well, Michael, I still think he has a bit to learn about the role of a striker. And Stephen Kenny spoke about this yesterday. He wasn't there. He didn't have the attributes maybe just yet to play that role as the lead striker that may be able to meet Meta has already. And the thing about Michael that I wasn't a couple of games. I remember the Arsenal game specifically that they got. They they they won that game against both.


The migrant from your state, alongside Danny Ings, when I found it was a lot of times where Obafemi was getting into the space in the box that dummying should have been occupying. And things got a little bit frustrated during the game with some you know, he's getting a little bit ratty with a lot of energy during that match. And I just think because he's such a young striker, he still has a little bit to learn about the role, about where to be, what position to be in when the ball is coming into the box and that kind of thing.


So I think he still has a bit to learn. I think Kenny is aware of this. So I think when you factor in all those kind of reasons, I think you can see why Kenny would leave me out of the squad for this match or for these two matches.


That's an interesting observation, because obviously he'll be going from a front to at Southampton, really to a front three with Ireland, which Stephen Kenny has made no bones about from what you've seen of Stephen Kenny teams. How does the No.9 operate for Stephen Kenny's team? Because yesterday he made the point that's called McGoldrick out the park perhaps have greater importance because it is quite similar to Michael Jackson that he can play with his back to the opposition goal in a fairly effective manner.


But that is how Dave McGoldrick played for Ireland under Mick McCarthy. And that is more what Mick McCarthy expected of his nine like. Is that what Stephen Kenny is also going to expect of his number nine?


Yeah, I think McGoldrick definitely is the type you see, it depends on because he can play. He's used the four two three one formation with twenty runs with Mulumba in Coventry as his two base midfielders and having the likes of Conly Paris and. And who's going to play. I'm trying to think of no but sorry Automator then as the lead striker so he can play then he can play the four three three. But as you say there, both Dave McGoldrick is I suppose that strike where he can hold the ball, he can play with his back to go.


He's a good distributor. You can also drop into midfield as well, which which Stephen Kenny spoke about yesterday. So I think McGoldrick is definitely the perfect and number nine for his team. But I think I give him a real chance of starting that game against Bulgaria. I think Shalaan will also be under consideration because he had such a good finish to a season with Senator Thompson. So I think it could be OK between those two for that number nine.


Well, McGoldrick is out. Yeah. And I thought was interesting as what he said about Troy Parit. You know, he did say about Troy PA that he wasn't in the squad initially. So that's just a little kind of maybe a motivation for the lad who's on loan at Millwall just to say, look, you know, just because you're in the squad now, does Media Matters, you still have to prove yourself here.


So it seems that Troy Parrish is at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to his forwards and backwards. How do the rest of them order, in your view? Yeah, it's just kind of look at you.


The squad is there again this morning, Shalaan, I think shaolong and anatomy. It will be the two main choices, but it depends. Is he going to play from three or would you play in the talking trio behind the striker so he could have had a metre long up front with, say, the likes of James McClean, Aron Conley. He might even play Harry Archer in the hole because, you know, you've been lauding plays on how you are different agency on how are you after for the last couple of months.


And again yesterday, he spoke about how he could play with two feet. He said it was actually hard to see what footy played, but because his left foot was so strong as well. So he could play how you in that whole maybe played by the likes of James McLean or Aaron Conley on one side, and maybe you could even have Jeff Hendrick on that right hand side? Troy, part of it can play along the tree as well. He's played and on the left or behind the main striker as well for Stephen Kenny.


So he has a series of options like aready is incredible. Alan Brown is another player who could play out on why did the striker Robbie Brady. Of course, let's not forget about Robbie, such an experienced player. So I think with the midfielders in the forwards he's picked, he's got an array of options. It's it's I'm really excited about this squad.


I have to say, I definitely agree with you. The way he's talking about Harry is starting to suggest to me that's patriotism and a really, really good chance of actually starting one of these games as well. And I guess the same has to be said about him, the way he's been talking up, the two of them in particular. So how do you see that midfield conservation going then? Because I think somebody we all want to see. Yes, minutes for Ireland at the moment as Jason Mulumba.


And he's possibly the most excited we've been about an Irish midfielder in a few years at this point. Yeah.


So, yeah, it depends, I think, on whether well, look, if he if he starts someone like Armida, if he if he starts our economy, is he going to throw in another young, less experienced player like like Jason? Maybe there's a possibility that he could play like it does seem set that he's going to play James McCarthy as his central holding midfielder. He said that's the best role for him. So, look, he could play maybe if he doesn't play hard yards in the hole behind the striker, he could have haataja on the left side besides James McCarthy and possibly, you know, Jeff Hendrick or Mulumba on the right hand side.


So I don't think I'm really excited about Mulumba as well. I think he's and let's not get carried away and say he's got to be like a Roy Keane style player for us over the next few years. But he's definitely, definitely got those attributes. And I called. One of the interesting things he said about Mulumba yesterday was that, you know, one of his weaknesses maybe was the fact that he got booked so much, but he said he didn't want to change that part of his game.


He likes that destructive part, that destructive nature that he has in this game. And that's the kind of dominating midfield that we need, a midfielder with a bit of character, the kind of character maybe Jenny McCarthy and how are you? Don't that's not to you know, that's not to take anything away from those two players because they've got different qualities. But maybe that's the kind of ingredient that M.O.B. has to his game that will get him a star in this opening match against Bulgaria.


Jeff Hendrick question comes with the caveat that he is going to be a Newcastle player like that. He is a Newcastle player. I'd say it's done and it's a done deal. This is a move that is probably more encouraging than could have been the case, which I think there was a possibility out there that perhaps he could have dropped out of division. Of course, there were big eyes coming from abroad as well. We weren't sure how legitimate those links were.


But Newcastle is a good move, Steve, especially if he manages to break his way into that starting team regularly.


Yeah, definitely. The only thing about Newcastle is we don't know what manager's going to be there next season. We don't want the clubs going to be sold. That all seems to be still up in the air. But let's look at it from the point of view where Steve Bruce is still there and things haven't really changed. I think he's got some good players in there, especially the likes of John Joe show that I think is one of the best English midfielders we've seen over the last 10 years.


He's just maybe had issues with discipline and, you know, maybe his work. Right. That kind of thing. But Jonjo Shelvey has technically is one of the best midfielders that has been produced England over the last decade. He's a brilliant passer, the ball. He's such a good reader of the game. And I think having some playing alongside somebody like Jonjo Shelvey will help bring Jeff Hendrick along. The one thing I'd like to see with Jeff Hendrick, and it's something I think has been a weakness in his game over the last couple of years.


I'm surprised, especially playing under a manager like Shaun Dice. Maybe Steve Bruce will be able to encourage it with him. But I think his work great in tracking back and helping out with the fence is maybe one of the weaknesses to his game. And I think if he could improve that, I think he will become a better all around midfield because we know Jackanory can be good going forward. You could pass the ball. And again, you just need to start getting a bit more confident with his shots out of the box like we've seen.


He can score goals, he can score really good goals, but he just needs to take a lot more chances. And the other good thing about Newcastle is that they were so aggressive last season and I commentated a few games actually to the opening day last season. I did Newcastle against RSL and they got beaten and they were absolutely terrible. It was a wet, cold day in August on Tyneside. And you're worried for Newcastle, but they just came on leaps and bounds under Sepo, surprisingly to everybody.


And they weren't just a defensive side. He switched around the formation to bring in some tax money to the team, a lot more so he could play in his wing position and the second half of the season, and especially after the lockdown. And they show that he can be a really good attacking force. And they're not just a team, but just bury in and try to win points off of the other teams around them. So I think it's it's a good and exciting move for Jeff Hendrick.


Yeah, it certainly is. Just letting you know that TBM is live in association with good morning. Start with Gillette giving you the confidence to tackle the day ahead. We're going to be getting to Damian Quinn in just a moment. We will start off with some of our transfer news and know how much media gets in full after Deniliquin. Both Stephen will start off here with that. Manchester United's reportedly willing to pay one hundred and fifty three million pounds for Barcelona.


Starless Aansoo Fati. According to talkSPORT. This was like a really exciting player that we thought could perhaps be part of a new generation of Barcelona until we realised that Barcelona were still the same old generation. And we're all getting really old and we're all on the way to a humbling defeat in the Champions League. So there could be a situation here where he tries to manoeuvre away out of the club.


And this is absolute nonsense. This is really one hundred and fifty three million pounds for a guy who's was a contract next year, just like not even Manchester United. Could be that daft. Like this one is. The golden child for Barcelona is going to be stepping into the shoes of Lionel Messi when he eventually shuffles off, whether it be, you know, the next couple of seasons just plays is that way to win his way down to retirement accounts.


He was off before and before that happens. And this guy, like he's the youngest player that's played for all of the Champions League. There was Barcelona player to score the Champions League. You got seven goals. Twenty four appearances last season. He's a wonderful player. And I think one of Kuman would be absolutely daft to Cubans already decided to cancel Luis Suarez, his contract. So he's out the door. So there's the space there for for Fati, I think, like Manchester United struggle to buy players that the other club wants to sell.


So I can't see how they're going to buy a player that Klauber actually determined to keep. Yeah, it's good points, right? We've got an exclusive last week on those sports from Neil Lennon saying that sounds like I've made inquiries about Shane Duffy. We are hearing, though, that this deal could be dead. So, Stephen, with an Irish hat on, do you want Duffy dominating in Scotland or eyeing a Premier League move to remain in the best league in the world?


And, of course, there is a salary cap that probably resides somewhere close beside the Irish out as well as Stephen. How like, how could a player turn down offenses from the. Well, you if I would say don't feel to be saying, look, what if Rod Stewart comes down to me and serenades me with do you think I'm sexy? Well, I'm straight a package deal doing. I'm on the way. But no, seriously, I think it would be a brilliant move for S.O.P.


I think it would be a brilliant move for Santic. Why not try and engineer a loan deal from Brighton where they could look after some of the wages? Because that seems to be the big sticking point for Santic, we know are notoriously strict with their wage bill. And I don't think they're going to disrupt that. To bring in a player like Shane Duffy is not really he's not a big star name, but I think he's a player that can improve.


Sounds like they'd be like they played a bit on that set off the weekend. They are on the bench alongside Christine Julian. Julian is their mates and he's a brilliant player, but they are short in that department. And I think S.O.P, a man from Derry to go to Celtic and help them win the ten in a row this season to get his first proper medal in the bag. I think that will be a fantastic move for him and also would be in game time for him.


It would mean that it will be good for Ireland because he's playing regularly, because as we saw last season, he was on the bench for a lot of the time, kicking the sails. And that's not good for a send off. You need to be playing regular games, especially as a centre back. You need that time. And especially with somebody like S.O.P, he's such a big unit. You know, he needs regular games. And I think if there's some way Santa can come to an agreement with Blake to take him on loan and, you know, split the wages or something like that, I think he should be up there straightaway.


And yeah, as I said, you know, when Rod Stewart comes calling and you can't turn it down, no opportunity us right back to Baron could be on the way to Paris and German arms and sport in France. He's been offered to the Champions League runners up, as Arsalan said, to free up funds. Will this be a short sighted move by Arsenal?


He's a funny player, actor better because I think since he came back from that serious injury, he's never really shown the kind of form that he had before, had really had a marked down as as a star for the future. And the other interesting thing is, I suppose in that area, the pitch for us is that they've to make the miles. It has been talk of a possible transfer to Wolverhampton Wanderers. So if they were to lose to right side, I don't think they're going to let go to players that could play that kind of right back right midfield role if they can get forty fifty million quid for Hector better.


And I think they should. It's not partisan demands off. I think it will be a great day for us in the sense that they'll be getting a lot of money from that they could spend elsewhere in the team to bring in maybe a place where they're better. And Pakistan, Yemen, I don't know if they're getting a player. That's yeah, it's I just have my doubts are better in regards to the kind of levels that you can kind of get up to now, because he certainly hasn't shown us since his return to the Arsenal team.


Finally, then, former Inter Milan owner Massimo Moratti believes his former club are trying to buy Barcelona's Lionel Messi. That is from us.


It would seem a very Inter Milan thing to do at the moment. But does this make any sense in your view?


It depends on the lesson. If it Barcelona can get 200, 300 million euro for a messy and if if Cuban can go behind the scenes and maybe make the engineered the move in the way that it looks like Messi is the one that leverages himself out of the camp. No, I think he should try and do it. I know, like, he's he's the star of the club. But I think it's got to a point now where they're still trying to build a team around a thirty three year old player who is definitely on the wane, you know, and I I've got to get probably get powder's for this, but I just think if they can get him out of there and get a muscle because we know Barcelona, you know, they've got huge debts, they need to get money, Cyclopes somehow, I think to to try and rebuild.


And if they can get him out of there and trying to build a team around, some of the new younger stars are coming around like the likes of Fati and take out the likes of Suarez and and Messi. I think that might help the likes of Antoine Griezmann as well, who could maybe then start to flourish when you take a big character like many other teams. So like if it's a big, big deal, if they can get a couple of hundred million, three hundred million euro for Lionel Messi.


And if Koopman can maybe take the heat off himself by making it look as if Max, he's the player that engineered the move, maybe it's time for him to get out of there.


Stephen Doyle, great stuff, as always. Thanks for taking the call this morning. Thanks.


So, OTB and this is OTB Sports Radio. That was an OTB podcast network presentation. Right. You top it off and up to bat.


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