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The football show off the ball with Paddy Power as obnoxiously passionate about soccer as Frank Lampard after the final whistle, gamble responsibly. CWI done that. I prefer to do it. Then what about your start to the game? I was watching. Was it an honest answer? Be a mistake. How can a modern day manager not have a mobile phone? Why should. Very simple to see if she would have turned against life sitting in the studio and we're just going to you the fact because there's been a lot going on, podcast listeners.


If you're just tuning in, Damian had summed up the first half there pretty good. You're impressed with them. Neymar find himself in pockets of space. His assist, which we're going to call deliberate for the second goal was a thing of beauty and Leipzig are doing here. We think this is game over. That's about the short version. I think so, too. I mean, you had that good break over over the covid and the game last week almost looked like they were getting their eye in Atlanta and only crept over the line.


But my God, they look at full tilt tonight and they're playing some fantastic stuff. But like, I've been horrific. They've just come up against a superior team with that little bit of quality. And you look at the strength and depth that are on the bench, you know that the players that they can bring on to to kind of keep up this pressure or keep up the momentum. So I don't envisage them letting up anytime soon. Like, you just made a couple of changes there at halftime, which I suppose was inevitable being too long.


And and you want to be in complete control, but in almost complete control. So do you want to try and do something today? It could be difficult because you're going to if you could take the game to them and leave a lot of space to get in, they could run up a good score here. And BAPA is willing them to push up the field and take the game to pasture. He'll hang on the shoulder and cause all sorts of damage is on him.


And I know that the last week has had a lot of the people were thinking he might not have been fair to what he's just protecting. And he changed the game when he came on and given name of both Ben Electric. And I suppose that's what they've got. A hundred million quid get you.


I don't watch much league on week to week. I have to be honest. And obviously lockdown has meant that it was one of the first to close and did not reopen. So I haven't seen a whole lot of Neymar, but he's pitched up here in Lisbon and looked really sharp, like as good as he's looked at any stage in New Jersey. Yeah, I think so. And listen, he he left Barcelona because he wanted to be the main man.


He wanted to have a team built around him and he wanted to be a messy type. And in the last two games, Atlanta tonight, he's certainly not everything is revolving around him in Buppies is is being in buppie and he's not what he's been in Neymar shadow. But Neymar is at the fulcrum of everything that's going on right now. He's dropping deep to get it, the kind of the other side of the Leipzig midfield. And he's been passing he's traveling with the ball is when an awful lot of threes because he plays getting very upset with them and they are just starting to lump him a little bit.


And then he pops up in pockets or he pops up running behind. So he's kind of doing everything at the minute and he looks pretty good with Felipe Calderon last night. And he was saying the word from prison is that Neymar has settled down a bit off the pitch. You know, these six day long birthdays where he misses games and shows up when he wants to and does his own thing are, if not quite in the past, certainly a little more under control.


And he's enjoying being a leader. Twenty eight now. It's probably time for him if he's going to do it.


Yeah, but I suppose it has to take them this long because he left Barcelona to do this thing. I mean, he could have stayed at bus and lived that life in Mexico to carry the can for another couple of years. And he could have chipped in and and or dipped in and out when he was when he felt like it. But when when was needed, you know, he wanted this major this main role. He wanted to be the main man.


And there was a reason he left maybe was the money. The reason why he left wouldn't hurt enough. Do not like. But, you know, he's certainly fulfilling his promise to lead. And the last game against Atlanta again. So Bayern Munich most likely, we think in the final based on all their forms. So this PSG study in Spain, you're making a really good point there just before the news we might pick up on, which is that Byron was squeezed right off on PSG.


And so these pockets that Neymar is getting in this evening. Yeah, basically won't be there after there. We're talking of Knoedelseder. There's a lot of there's a lot of talk about the buy and hold line. And it is ridiculously high. I mean, not ridiculous. It's it's brilliant. But everyone's going to say no, they're going to get behind. It's a ploy. They work on this and they've decided because the thing. But when you're playing and you said, OK, tactically, you've got to accept the team, you're not going to stop everything.


Yes. Right. So you're going to say we can do everything. So we going to pick what we give opposition. And when they take what we give them, we're going to be ready for it. We're going to put a plan in place. And usually it'll come down to numbers, percentages, what's the least likely to catch us, or at least lately, for us to concede goals? And they've decided, amazingly, the ball in behind is what you can have.


So they don't want people getting into the pockets of the midfield. Players drop deep and then to the basket drawn out and you get a little bit ragged, you know what I mean? There is six, seven yards. I mean, I thought ten was a lot, but at times they are you know, you see the other night in the game, the opposition to the ball in their own half on the center circle and bones back four were on the opposite side.


Just had to circle. That means just. Twenty two players in about twenty four yards, you know, and everyone saying, oh, the ball and it's not as easy. What you see, because the reason why they're giving up that is because. No, first of all, was Manuel Neuer is forty six yards outside his DKK, which means the spacing played into now is drastically reduced. OK, it's only about twenty five yards the green, the risk that Alaba Afonso Davis maybe aborting Kimmich are all quick enough that if a ball does get played in behind there quick enough to get back.


So even if the opposition player gets on the ball the right to Noyer, they're not going to go through one on one. Right. So they're going to get back around and then they'll accept that. And they say, listen, once it happens cinemagoers and deals with everyone's back in and we'll get reset, they're going to accept at times they've got to go out of the squad. People are going to get in pretty numbers thing. It's a it's a it's kind of percentages.


And they've decided that we're much better off with nobody finding pockets of space. So we're going to squeeze right up the pitch and that'll give our players the best opportunity to go on the whole press and be effective because there's nothing worse as a team. If you're six players, go on on a full press, they're effective and they force your opposition to go along and your center backs or in their own half. So that one ball are we see time and time again with Lukaku in the Winter Games where the ball gets fired out and Lukaku takes on his chest.


Six players are going to work and no counterattacked. So if you're back for us right in, you know, best case scenario, it's going to be a jump ball for a header. Pretty much.


You know, the man said again, the first go where, Garcia, if you didn't quite start, step up when the ball's over the top. He is flat footed now. So. Well, you've got to start with the ball was in a no pressure, the ball tight over the top. So that's an aspect, too. I suspect Bayern are pulling that it's a fullback or whoever is trying to keep on over. He's he's under pressure. So that's an aspect of it to the ball might be as good, but so what do the Biron back for do?


When I say it's some stages in the game which is inevitable, two, three, four times, there's not as much pressure on the ball as they might like. Do they turn for home?


No, no. They still hold the line. But if you watch your body position. They're just on an angle where they're ready to go that way. They know they're going to get run that way. They don't go right. They don't go first. So they're not square on when there's good pressure on the ball and they know that they can't be turned because the press is effective. So the guy is under so much pressure that they know we can't get to the help and kick the ball.


So they know nine times out of 10 that ball is going to be almost common in waist high or head height, and it's going to come in on half a line. So they're on the front foot like this. Yeah. If there's no pressure on the ball, it's amazing to see. And I know you've been there. It's terrifying. It would be for me. I mean, the fact is, I know you're in combat.


I know you bring it all back with me. Yeah. That's what I carry. I know. You know. Yeah, but they they hold it. But if you watch your body shake, they'll just turn a little bit. So they're ready. And you can only do that when you have Alfonso Davis, Espace, Alaba Pace and I think Borton gets away with it to an extent because you know, he reads it pretty well, but the other three were so quick and now they come up against somebody with the pace of numberplate can't be too often pieces and everyone saying that he who's to get him.


It's not the ball has to be brilliant. The timing, the runners were brilliant. And more often than not, when you're squeezed and condensed right up the pitch, it's difficult because you're going to be standing up, is going to be a standing position. He's going to play it with the defenders only right there. So it's not going to be kind of a Baffour. He's going that way. It's almost from a standing. And if you look at the area, that noise patrolling, anything that goes over the two center, Bucksnort is going to get Sironi ball.


You really get down the sides and they trust the pace of the other players to get back.


Yeah, I take your point. I mean, I think there's an avenue that if I was in the dressing room, I'd be seen here with Damian had said and yeah, I do Baccus to work, you know, five yards of space for one of our many players to clip a good ball over the top. And in your experience, enough now don't be on the shoulder. Start five yards deep, anticipate and take your chance like that is still a distinct possibility.


But they've made they've made the assertion that we live with that. Yeah. And that might actually happen. But it only happened once in the game if he read. Yeah, sure. Whereas if we have a back four dropped off a little bit, wound up in all these pockets and Neymar is going to do what he's doing tonight, show up in them and making awesome Paradies and Angola are under herera.


Have the quality to face those balls through Layne's down there because the midfield three think they're in good spot, but the pace of the ball and the Christmas is what the person with is is getting it in there.


So if that has happened to us repeatedly, we will get beat. So they're choosing what to give you. It's not by accident, by design, and they're saying you have that, but we back ourselves. That's the least kind of work stoppage.


Yeah. Yeah. Now it's going to be an interesting dynamic. And Germany goes off the back. It's on Virgin Media, TV and broadband. Customers can enjoy the festival of football with every game. Live in Virgin Media, Television, Virgin Media, Sport, you can check out Virgin Media, Durry for broadband and entertainment bundles. And now Quinn seniors we're talking about Bayern Munich was asked to by now very much the favorites to win the competition outright. Huge favorites.


It's a machine that destruction of Barcelona just speaks for itself. It answers all questions about favouritism, about who should win, who are the best team in all departments. They are exceptional and it's very rarely you see a football game where every player could get nine, nine and a half out of ten. There wasn't a mistake made nearly. I know the two goals scored against them, but it was just relentless. And it's, you know, that German efficiency in spades.


It was just an incredible performance. I keep looking back on how did it happen? You know, and obviously we've seen the fallout from it. The manager is gone. Talk about Barcelona rebuilding now, the whole the whole sort of club in disarray. And I think the commentary that we heard, you know, Bayern Munich killed Barcelona. I think that was the last thing we heard before we came on air. Crewmen apparently on his way. And there could be interesting.


He has DNA at the club and he's been successful as a player, had his time as manager, of course, got things really right with the Dutch national team with Holland. And I think he's in stock and good in good fettle at the moment to take on something like that. But the big question is gaping there. Is it with or without Messi?


So huge favourites. Bayern Munich says, and I think that's everybody's feeling at the moment.


Yeah, but I wouldn't put it beyond PSG to look around to meet in front of the stage in the Atlanta game. They seem to be getting up to speed and they have the type of players in the change room that will be kind of cold by Bayern. We're ignoring Leon Thriftily, another chance beyond the fact that everyone has a chance in a two horse race. But I mean, I am nobody even remotely suggest they can be born. I would think so.


No, I mean, I don't want to go through. No. Three nil, PSG, will that be given? Well, I think Neymar got the last two, which are the role of the referee. I think there must be a Fanaroff side. Yeah, I think it was a foul on the ukulele that wasn't given, but I think they're going to look at us. He definitely was pulled back. Can we talk about Nagamine suit as well?


Tonight, we have to, I think is the highlight of. Onside first pass, is there a foul in the goalkeeper? Don't think so. Is there a first look? That's a slick that's a you know, that's a slick. It was like trying to clear they left, but it's an upside cross, is it? No, no. The guy was Folan sitting in the corner. Angel guys, let us play and look at Neymar trying to stay inside the ball over the gold bonus that's been given, hasn't it has been given?


I don't think that is difficult, to be honest. It looks like it was slip. Sorry.


Listen, everybody not making much sense there. So, I mean, Leipzig got away with an initial header which was saved. And then as the Leipzig player was trying to clear it, he slipped and then the ball was flown back in.


And it was and then the funny thing, as he slipped, you know, kind of on the end, everyone on side, he's on the end line in the boy and the ball could have be half clear. This has been played back in the two lads done on their own in the middle of the pitch and he's played on. So it's not a good ukulele. The rulebook now, three PSG.


Fifty seven minutes the clock. This game has been dead for some time and that goal will stand on Nagamine suit. He's going for an old gray no black hole. And I could see you and not look. I mean, back when you were in restaurants. When I was in with it. No, no, no, no, no. It looks like he's managing like a Turkish restaurant or something. You know, he's just to see you in the sea.


And I could see you rocking open that not some diner up. And we mentioned early on there. So we're not giving them much of a chance. That brings us down to Man City. Yes, as bad as everybody is saying on Pep's part, yes, I think so, and I think the. The key mistake, a huge mistake that he made was to start the season when company left. That he went into a season with Laport, Otamendi and Stones as his three center backs, no whether he could we try to or couldn't get a center back in the building?


I don't know. Maybe they were under pressure to financial fair play thing. Maybe they thought they could get through the season. But then the Poquoson injured. I can't believe Johnstown's is that bad. No, he's not easy. But the problem is he probably said Laport, my guy. Right. He's my 50, 50, 60 game season guy, which is very presumptuous because you got to prepare for all eventualities. Sure. Right. And he said he's McGee and overflowing with stones.


Not many alongside him get me through. And worst case scenario, I'll drop Fernandinho on for a couple of games if need to be the Fernandinho one drop and incentivized to force me. No one is not Nuttal center back. He's not a particularly good center back. He's good when they play the likes of what for the palace because they have 70 80 percent of the ball. But the big games or games that they come under pressure. Yeah, he's got a national center back.


The second is he's missing from the midfield and he's the only, I believe, the only dog in that squad that can go into the field and really roll up his sleeves and do the dirty work. When tackles break up, come to attacks, take the back four and just been all a nuisance, really. So that's a two fold kind of negative against Man City Lapore going to injured. You can say that he can't legislate for every character. And to a point, it is really unlucky.


If Liverpool loss Van Dyke for a season, it would impact them. There is never going to be a team in the world that is not going to be hit by losing a key player for a season. That is a bit on the right. But on the flip side, Otamendi is on the slide. No, and he has been for a couple of years. I would put it to you.


The most damning thing is that they bought Johnstone's and it's turned out that he's not even good enough to get in the team without Laport. And what Fernandinho back, how has Johnstown's gone from, you know, World Cup for England doing OK, it seemed in that World Cup to I can't even have you in the midst of this crisis. I will look for an engineer back. I will take Eric I and throw him in to a back line he's never played in before.


In terms of a game, whatever happens, Johnstone's unplaced. How is that? I think he's mentally shot. I think Gladiola probably gave him a tough time and when he was making a few mistakes and Johnstone's has just capitulated mentally and then all the injuries have happened and probably thinking I need to get him back. No, if I had known that what was happening was going to happen, I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't crush him right now.


But I think you we be look, I've had enough, you know, because you I had company in La Porte and Otamendi was really good at the time. So, you know, you're not from a kid. And he's probably gone after him in a big way. And Johnstone's melted a little bit. I know, of course, all the injuries that have hit and Johnstone's probably can't recover mentally from it. But from the outside looks it's a reasonable player.


It looks kind of what's happened because there's no way you could, you know, go down. You've gone when you have someone like Johnstone's in the building, unless Johnstone's Zaret don't lose. But I know he would because he's not that kind of guy, do you know? Yeah, a little bit from when he was a Barnsley on loan and things are playing against him. And and I used to speak to sometimes when I met him. And things are not the down tools type.


No, definitely don't use type but definitely a warrior. Like all the things things a little bit from a couple of conversations within one time after a game is how things go. So you get on with a man, think we just got the job right? And he said, oh, he's tough. Like, you know what I mean? I, I don't think he's young. Like I was thinking, kid, I said I said to my girls, my, you're 50 million player, you know, you need to start having a bit.


And he was like, oh, you've been demands and training. And it was it was a little bit like talking to you a little bit more about you than those. But he's a lovely kid.


Like, he's genuinely, really, really not going to anywhere or reflects well on someone that, you know, they don't have a huge ego and they want to do well. And they understand, which is where we differ from, from what I just said there happened. OK, I'd say Pat came down on like a ton of bricks and he probably can't recover a little bit like, you know, anyway, that's his first that was his first mistake.


And that showed up in the Premier League season. The cracks were there all year. Fernandinho playing nearly every game is a center back, you know, I mean, he's just not offended by it. So I thought I read the list of teams that turned them over like Origin. And what for? I mean, the list is insane. Yeah. And for people.


Rose did Arsenal did. Liverpool did. Fair enough. Spurs did. And for people to kind of separate that and go, oh, that's fine. They're focusing on the Champions League. You can't paper over those cracks. You know, they're they're they're there. And if anything, those cracks will be widened or shown more the further up the ladder you went.


And if a team like Leon, no disrespect early on, they were very good, solid with their seventh in league and they're bitten nine times in twenty six games this season in the league. Exactly. And they're not even in Leipzig. They're a pretty good side. You can you can tell that they play to a good level reasonably often.


And I just think that it was flawed. I don't think this is their year. This man is going to win the world, even post lockdown. Their form was very shaky. And people said, well, maybe they're just actually building towards champs. You can't do such.


You can't go. We should have done for the Premier League and we get go going again. Yeah, I mean, if the team was I mean, you think everyone was treating my city like it was the year they won the Premier League. One hundred one points. That was just like an absolute juggernaut. That was just one of the top of everybody. And then this long game. And then it was acting a surprise that happened on the least bit surprised that they turned them over because the cracks had been there all year.


So. And what about the team he picked?


And so, like you really this brilliantly summed up the context of the season. Yeah.


And this is where he needs to be questioned because. Can he is Pep Guardiola, kind of an emotionless tactician who's fantastic at drawing up game plans and and fantastic at getting his players to do certain things, were you think Liverpool losing to Barcelona and Juergen Klopp just gritted teeth capped on an inspirational type stuff? You know, he is that Klopp has that kind of ability to touch players on an emotional level and drag things out of players that aren't there. And if he was faced with losing a and I'm not saying they want to won the league the way they did, but I still would have to do something to seize it.


Right. You know what I mean? To just like us against the world, I'm going to make my players do something because I've got that ability to take a room and just lift it and fire it forward.


There's a telling moment in the Amazon documentary when Papic is at the players and it's his intensity on show. And he says, Guys, you can hate me if you want. I don't care. And that works to a point because he drives the mind and he creates the kind of atmosphere your club would never have to say to his parents, you can hate me if you want to. You know, they're all enraptured with him. It's different methodology because your club has the players emotionally in the palm of his hand and you can toy with them to a certain extent.


You know, you can roll them up and calm them down. It is all over that squad, perhaps quite a cold, kind of calculated tactician, kind of scientist, almost ruthless in his own way, which. Right, exactly. But it's scientific and, you know, things that have to have logic and have to have reason.


And I just felt that like you needed to do what they did in the primary season and to pack that and go, you know what, we're going win the Champions League. You could have done that. He did do that. I mean, where you can just say, get the Premier League, this is us guys. We're going after the Champions League. And everyone's energy is absolutely. And he can drag 10, 15 percent out of his players on any given night.


Yeah. So the team picked it. Yeah. What's your logic? I mean, the theories we discussed it on the show this week at Zencey overthinks the league games and he feels I have to come up with something a bit special for these special nights. The way you're talking as well, you look at the team you picked, there's also the theory that he knows he has not sorted out his defense and that they're vulnerable.


And so which is which also is where the message filters through to the players. You know, if you're picking teams and everyone knows you're only doing this because we can't keep a clean sheet or roll B the back. And that's almost confirming the players worst fears. Right. And I think always I was always from kind of unbelievable, like when I was playing on the pitch and let's say whatever stayed the game was you win internally, you lose. And, you know, I always read an awful lot into substitutions my manager was making because it was almost like a non non worded message of, like, your shot, not sharp or we're going for this.


Right. And it's the same with team selection. You know, sometimes the manager can pick a team. You go on solid this week or we're going to just try and get a draw or whatever it may be. And I just think that's what he did. But in doing so abandons the principles of the last four years when it really counts. Right. But maybe he because he's lacking confidence, is an absence of confidence at the back of his mind.


I think he knew, like an absence of almost courage to say we'll die on our sword. Yeah, he wobbled in and we'll do that copyable. You know, there are weaknesses are going to paint them. And I'm just going to just walk right over the top of it and probably no one's going to see it or during the summer. He'll by Virgil van Dijk and that will sort out the week. Well, that brings us back to the original point.


Johnstone's, by the way, needs to leave Man City. If if what you're saying really adds up, like that's the only actual sensible version of what's happened that I've heard because I didn't know that I had stones, that he might have been that way inclined. And you can see how that personality making mistakes with PEP is not a good mixture. Yeah, that's not going to resolve itself.


I wouldn't think you need to move on. And I think the stuff has been knocked out of him.


No, I just said, was he in that bad place? OK, I know he had mistakes in them and maybe defensively his instincts weren't great. But there was also the makings of a real player that I know are defensively that he did he just have too many foibles? Was his gift, was this curse almost? You know, he was so talented and he looked for solutions all the time. And if you're playing reasonably high risk stuff, you're gonna get caught pretty regularly.


And unfortunately, with Johnstone's being English being sent back, it's a big deal. It's always going to look. Yeah, but was he good when he said he didn't have the ball just to basically defend it? Yeah, he was. He was he was a good defender. But you could tell he lacked that toughness of a defender, of knowing. I remember a few times when we played well for I would watch him and you could see he was so nervous he would back off.


He would you didn't know how to handle him in a way where someone like company would just go whack. Yeah, go. You're going to front all the stand and you're going to go over the other side, you know, where stones don't always very hesitant. And that's a personality thing. I think he needs to probably be unnecessary. I think you're right in saying that continental football and we do more with less and focus on him as well. Like you think back to Everton Membrey, gesture to the crowd to calm down.


When he was doing about six, Kreuz turns in his own box. And it was this big story. You wouldn't get that if he is that personality type. Absolutely no comment. All the teams are geared up that way and that stuff is embraced on the content, whereas I think the English definitely have a mentality of setbacks need to be sent back and they haven't quite a time over to this league. You look at some of the setbacks, almost mostly setbacks playing the continent is they're not very big, strong guys, like they're just technically very, very good.


What level would be pitching us in the Premier League if he was on the market now for a SAG? I said we're cutting their losses at thirty million. I'd say he would fall into the back of that. The Spurs arsenal at the very most against the Spurs will be good landing spots for the funny said, averaging again right where it came from. But then you're kind of thinking, why would they want him? Would he be knocked out a tape player possibly put to sleep that his squad full of arsenal need now is a ball planes and perhaps have some defensive issues with that.


David, level with Spurs. I think if you went on the continent, you could play Champions League level football if you went away to even Germany or Italy or Spain. Yeah, you know, he is a fantastic football player, but needs a manager to nurture him and guide him and and hopefully eradicate eradicate the mistakes that he has.


It sounds like in the right hands, though, he could flourish again. Absolutely not surprised in a seem to do OK. Well, guys is exactly what he needs. Come on, John. Who you sit down over a cup of tea room in the morning, you know, where people say things are going well, someone's getting hurt.


So that's my city. And this is year for PAP and they have to go again next year. I mean, you could see it and blowing his face. Did you see his interview afterwards? His body language said a lot like the same old, same old same old man said he kind of. And the thought of having to start on a whole season again go through all the group stages again just to get back at this and put it right. You could see how that felt like a very long road ahead.


And again, it's interesting that the squad as well, even though they spend all this money, they need to clear off according to do you know, I mean, you can see there's a couple of Deadwood's too strong a word. Right. But there's a little bit there that's holding them back. And they could just do with a fresh injection where they can offload players and saying, you know, under the radar players and grow them into better things, because obviously financially they need to keep their heads down for the next few years.


And nothing wrong financially. They're in the vicinity. Their heads don't. You know, it's going to be something on a technicality if you go by Messi. And so they need a couple of under the radar ones, which they've done with that winger from Valencia for his name. Yeah, yeah. So I mean, he was thirty million, I think, you know, and then he was forty four. Right. I mean they're under the radar.


Once I was married Mahrez was married fifty thousand fifty. They maybe need one of those is the centre back. You know I'm looking at this guy tonight playing for Leipzig Open Carnel. But it would do the job, I think he is, but I wouldn't say Coulibaly could is going to cost hundred million, that's just not probably where they're at right now. You know what? Who's the approaching dead within that team? Otamendi in the Stones.


Engineers. Thirty five. Thirty six. I think the biggest culprit in that Manchester City team. Right. And I can't stand a good one. Really, I'm not sure what he was like, OK? Right, and he's not a bad squad player, but he seems to be playing regularly, is a good player going to be wrong? But like, once he gets over the ground brilliantly either. Exactly. And he's he's one that I would probably say, could we get him out of the top of moving on is great because there's one over the door and there's three straightaway where you would think I mean, Joe Consolo, he's an all or something.


He's your teacher. I presume they can hold on to him if they want to. You're not that convinced. They need to convince with him. And he came back and was they've got to take one more punt on Mendi being the man of Monaco Mendeleev.


He's enjoying life too much. I think they know that they're never going to get him back. He's always going to be injured because he's enjoying himself and he won.


That would probably secretly a strange decision to go from Monaco to Manchester to start enjoying life. I mean, I would stay in Monaco.


Yeah, I enjoyed his life in Monaco too. But he obviously has a different level of income tax. So he's enjoying his life an awful lot more than what he is now there.


Couldn't wait for Gabriele azouz to to to to kick into gear. Is that going to happen again?


You know, I don't all, like, cut your losses with him. He's someone you could recoup some money for quite a few losses. They have to cut them. Exactly. And that's going to cost money to move a lot of that on. Um, so you wouldn't be that optimistic. We're going to see the one hundred and two point Manchester City two years ago. I'm really optimistic about country and I see a lot of similarities with like Fabinho when he first came in that first year you have in this league just finding your feet, learning the league, learning the role required.


I seen glimpses with him. What I think he could be a pretty good player. He hasn't been, but I've seen that he was born OK. He's a big, big six foot four strong guy. Look, overly mobile really can shift, but he's got good, strong presence in the middle of the pack that can control the game with his passing with ten ball physicality in terms of his size. Yeah. And he's a big body to have in there.


So if you're if you're to make the case the other way, O'Gara will still be very good for the year. Certainly Sterling Miss Society. And I think it is because, I mean, approaching the peak of his powers. Adderson, excellent co-worker, fine for another year. Laport unbelievable. And he's back for a full season now. So he'll bring up whoever's alongside him. He's good.


Good, good. Left back a guy. Mendi is going to settle down to settle down.


I'm not going to be easy. He's going to be the level that they expect because he's going to be injured too much. But when he plays, he's going to be great. So maybe two reinforcements thrown in and all the legal action is a send back to this one. How angry and how highly do you rate him alongside? So alongside Laport, that could sort out a lot, I think is a shrewd move as well. Good price. Got it done early.


We could have PSG in here. It's a two on two. Oh, it's a slip. So I can report with Mendi when his face and Walker, that feels a lot better.


I think that that's a reasonably good back for I mean, ultimately all the other problems that we spoke about are kind of a small problem. But every team has problems or issues to trying to sort of put a massive new center back going through the season. And you'd be surprised when they get beat off Norwich and the list of teams that we rattled off there. How much of confidence? Yeah, the players in front of the back four are looking over their shoulder and they know.


Yeah. So I think if we're in if Roderic comes on next year to be the player that we I think you could potentially be when you look at what we've been doing this first year and everyone hated him and wanted him out and wasn't good enough to know being a fantastic player for Liverpool, I think Roddy has the same capability to do that as well.


OK, is it is it Fernando Torres, you were talking about twenty four on twenty million pounds the. Yeah, yeah. So by the way is the first time papillote in a fifth season. A club never never has to and never done five before. He has to for two reasons. One like. It's one thing being successful in moving on, but he's had everything he wanted, everything that every whim he's had catered for months. He can't leave now because technically he had everything he wanted on him.


And on top of that, where do you go? I was just going to say he's done the German thing. It's done the Spanish thing. Where next for Italy, that'll be the Israeli. I guess it's because you've got to do. What do you do here? I'll be back by Christmas. You know, I could go to UVA if he was going to go if he's going to go somewhere else to go to Italy and try and leave with you, that would sort of makes sense.


Probably that would be the only landing spot for him that's not there right now because Pierluisi just got a job. So, I mean, give that away to him.


So one more season at City and then potentially, I think you. Right. Well, who knows? Maybe Barcelona can call him anything. I'll go back. Got to take a short break. I haven't read a bunch of other things to talk to you about. So it's three now. PSG against Leipzig. We're back in one second.


Football off the ball with Paddy Power as obnoxiously passionate about soccer as Frank Lampard after the final whistle. Gamble responsibly, CWI. Now, you're welcome back, Joe Miller here, Damian Delaney, they're 80 minutes in the clock, Leipzig, PSG three. You were keeping an eye on Intr last night. They will play Sylvia in the Europa League final. I didn't catch much of the game. They look like they won comfortably. Listen, if you ever wonder why top managers, top managers, just what they did last night, he is extremely lisse in terms of managers.


He was brilliant, tactically, got a spot on the game, played out exactly how, you know, if you were in their team meeting beforehand, I think he probably foresaw the game and some real kind of Nostradamus level, to be honest. Really. So it gives the gist.


Yeah, well, look, tactically, when you look at it, Shakhtarsk for the biggest threat, the four Brazilians. Yeah, I'm not going to call him Mooradian, Allen, Patrick and Tyson and and the other boy.


So I think Brian Care summed it up to me when I was in All the locals are the defenders and then they've got the Brazilian lads in attack and that's pretty much the right. So what they did was they went they went, you know what? We need to keep the ball away from these Brazilians as much as we possibly can. Again, averages need to talk to a bar. So I don't know the full press. And they went want to press the lesser players, which are the Ukrainian guards, because they're four Ukrainian economy.


We press them. We can limit the supply line getting to Brazilians. Yeah. So the wonderful press and they want to back plenty of them. And they did the pressure, the goalkeeper and the first call came from it. But then I think they would have said, we're not going to stop it all the time. They're going to beat the press because they're good players and they're a good side. And the Brazilians are coming deeper and deeper. At one point, Tyson was coming to get a good player.


Yeah, but he's come to get off the center box straight away. Contis gone. Take in the win column for me because I've got wonderful Brazilians. No 60 out there was more than happy for Tyson. I mean, that was horrible. Envisage that playing. Oh, but when that happened and he beat the press, they didn't keep chasing it. They just retreated. So once they got over, they just left the ball and it went well, Don, that's when the teams Meet the Press and they went back to the box.


Anyone with a flat five and a tight three. And remember, you misspoke before about when we talk about Atletico Madrid, you to to send a box and to send them to prison. They created a box with six threes in the box and three midfield players. You could imagine how little space was there. And it's after sixty minutes to the Brazilians were taken off island. Patrick and Moreish were gone. And Tyson was close to a center box and he was again taken to win column no.


The next kind of progression that is when they went back and got narrow compact, got the six, the block a six in front. Lukaku is in his element then.


And Martin in the element because you had two against three. And Lukaku loves green grass, loves warm spaces and loves one on one. Battles with Big Andrew Ukrainians coming right up his street. Yeah. And once he got the nose in front, they just attacked. And four, apart from the first, the first goal was a turnover and three more to four in total with squadron five seconds of to win the ball back on counterattack. So Contac just absolutely fantastic gameplan.


I'm not saying people don't read be far from is probably a bit underrated then. Like you know what it is. If you ask people to name the managers very much in vogue, it's pap. Maybe it's Nagel's mentally agree because he's he's not aesthetically pleasing. Yes. He doesn't care how we win a game, we win in the games clichs Italian. He is not interested in whether you're happy sitting home watching the game or not.


Winning a trophy in the finals is more hanging out with Simoni and probably underrated as a result. Yeah, but I think he has a toughness to him.


And eyes were often his combative, argumentative type guy and his team with that and look to a million ways to skin a cat. He has his own way of doing it. You know, you think back to the lead with to Chelsea playing three, four, three. They were awesome that year. Absolutely. They were a juggernaut. And he didn't care whether everyone was kind of looking at Chelsea. And how is three, four, three winning the penalty that that system, Daytona eighty.


And there are so many pieces. Three at the back is back count three and one of the teams, curry four, three, not even three for you two is so weird. No one could figure out what was working, you know, but the one one key tactical kind of point from his and groups. So he's not wedded to one particular system. I think he is, but he's flexible within that. OK, right. And will he always have three centre backs?


Always. OK, right. And it might be that's reasonable.


It's five at the back because if it's three, four, three or three, five, two, it instantly becomes for you the back when they lose the ball and it drops off. So he basically says you're not getting in amongst us.


Would that I mean, three. But in his case, when you down five at the back would probably never go out of fashion. It will never be easy to play against, never. But the problem is counterattacking, getting out of it. So when you win the ball back and you fight for the back, what invariably happens is it becomes an onslaught and you can't get what's his answer to that madness? So when they clear the ball, they've got a guy who is in ball retention rate is sky high sticks.


And when they're really in trouble over the top for Romelu, run after that. And he will make it because he had the same agility with Costa. Right.


So when it was it was it was actually five like three five four one. It became that three for three, really, because the Wyplosz dropped back and Cantave was as good as three midfielders. That's probably why they got away with it. But my hazard was as Martinus and Lukaku is as Costa. So I mean, he showed up to Costa again not and go but you know, chasing the Chris back on a windy day. Loves like Macenta backs will just hold the ball up cause mayhem run in the corner with three wins.


And that allows them to get the pitch when they can compete with quality in the fire, in the hazard of mountain as it sticks. And then they get a couple of passes off and then the wing wingbacks because you can't transition too quickly when you win back to too deep because it's 70 hours for him to get them doing the. So when you're transitioning quickly, go to Lukaku when he runs in the corner. But if he can get into Martin and sticks and you get it back to Borella, who's a fantastic footballer, by the way, he can get another pass off.


This allows them to gradually build a new wingbacks. And another thing you know, I read somewhere he never say never, but rarely finishes the game with two wingbacks just out of the game. They're wrecked because they're wrecked and their workload is insane because while he does so, he has I mean, both and got taken off last night. But I think in like 90 percent of the games, he changed wingbacks. So how is Lukaku looking? But it looks fit, looks strong, confident.


But his payment system is to. Yeah. You know, and that's week was desperate because he knows what kind of player he wants. What he was contacted, by the way, didn't stumble into this. He would have entered into port and said this. I want to play. Yes. And I need a counterattack. I need Diego Costa. Give me Lukaku because he's my guy. And they went and got him. So this wouldn't work with anyone else.


If you had a, let's say, let me pick a strike from the Premier League anywhere, this wouldn't work because when the five is transitioning and the ball needs to be cleared, it's coming straight back because of Guerra's not getting hold of it or chasing balls in the corner the same way Lukaku is. So the never gets old. So that's why people always say the three are at the back of the back and went over fashion.


What about United against Serbia. Can I just put it to you. Go on. Sometimes wait for this like I was just gone. It's as simple as they didn't take their chances and they defended badly once or twice. And that doesn't really go too much against Salzgeber, who's a very decent end to the season. I take your point and you're dead, right? They should take no chances. We'll leave it at that, but we'll move on.


We have an advert, but quickly. So it's not it's not quickly. You can you can give it to him. Both barrels. OK, I'm going to give it to you. So you hate him because he replaced your beloved Josie. I understand. I understand.


He. When I look at like, say, in Leipzig tonight or Paris tonight, you see patterns emerge in the game.


I love the cars in Paris. That's very kind of you, Chris. PSG is Paris.


I like that. Yeah, I think they call it the Paris is kind of cool.


You can see patterns right there trying to do it, but not necessarily always come off. Sure. But you can see what they're trying to do. A comedy last night with Paris and any any top team, you see it, you know what their tendencies are, what the manager said. This is your first look. This is your second look. This is your third look. And I never want you to play this ball when you need it. You never really see anything of still it's very of the coffee, like it's very kind of, you know, head on up there and enjoy yourselves.


And some days that's great. And it comes together brilliantly, like the game doesn't really get severe. But they didn't score all the games in Copenhagen, going to get bogged down. They look lethargic.


But I would say I would say they have generally especially post lockdown and increasingly pre lockdown once Fernandez signed. They have generally in pretty much every game I've watched, which is all of them created chances. And that was not the case for go back. How far you want to go? Right back to Moyes van Marino. So I do accept what you're saying. Maybe you're not seeing a definite pattern the way you would other really top teams. However, they have been created chances like they should have Copenhagen.


The chances? Well, they had a chance against VSO. So it is working off. The coffee is working. But when you're off the cuff, some days you create the chances and take on some of these jobs and not take them and put it. Even if a team playing with a pattern doesn't take their chances, they're not going to win the game.


But they do the same thing every week. And if that does not work. But if you create but if you're to use, it's possible. But if you're creating a chance, whether it's off the coffee or pattern of Bitcoin, enough free. Yeah, it's a new game, whether it's off the coffee or whether it's whether it's you say not really stupid or whether it's a pattern.


The net result is a chance has been created. So if the striker misses the chance, it doesn't actually matter. Once the chance is being created, then it doesn't matter. Whether it's missed has nothing to do with how it's been created. That's a separate point. And they're creating chances. OK, in the last game, they did the game before that against the big green chances in every game post like they get this book. But when it's off the cuff, OK, here's all of the coffee off when it's off the cuff.


Right. You tend to concede goals because defending will usually be off the cuff as well. OK, so if you allowed the freedom to go in, attack and enjoy yourself, then you got good attacking players. More often than not at the back it's the same.


It's the same as well where it's just like, you know, why didn't you stop the crossbow? Didn't you do this? And you get mixed up. So they ship a lot of goals as well.


They're not as kind of solid attacking ways or defensively as I would like them to be. Because when you're attacking and you attacking the structure behind that, the restructure to not concede goes far enough. And I don't think you need to have that. They don't look particularly massively organized team to me. I'm not saying they're disorganized here, but they've got very good players on front. And I will concede there are much further along. I thought they would be, but I still don't believe that much need leader anywhere near making up the thirty three points to a shot.


This you know what I tell you, it is great how I see it next year. And I'm a bit more enthusiastic about Syria, actually, based on just the discussion we had in their back for whatever it is. So Liverpool's first city, second probably similar ish distance, Manchester United, a more comfortable third as anyone going into the last day of the season, but they could still be fifteen points behind second and then probably Chelsea fourth. Is that what we're looking at?


I think you're spot on with that. And when was that ever good enough for Manchester United for since about twenty thirteen.


Since about twenty fifteen people. A heads rolled because of what you just said there. But I want I can understand this more.


You have to you have to allow the difference between building from the base Moyes was building from our Vango and the base that.


But you can see the Moyes was handed a team, another one in the league, but it was on its last legs.


Sure, but they won the league. Salzgeber took over a team in a mess. That's the difference.


Three semi-finals knocked out. So once we get past all our tactical José defence begins when we go, when we get past all the tactical stuff we spoke about because that's nice. And whatever comes a point, we just got to go for it. I don't believe you need to have that three semi-final defeat in three seasons, third in the league and everyone saying the torture has done great job. I will never buy into that. Not for Manchester United, never in a million years.


And that is not good enough. I guess I am. And off from management to quit.


I would separate the Manchester United thing and just look at the reality of what we separate it, because you have to look at what he took over the manager. Go ahead. I know. But if Soska took over this current Liverpool team and I was to say, oh, well, he finished third next year, then, yes, that's a sack of an offence. But when he's taken over the Manchester nineteen. They took over 200 million pounds. There was a lot of stuff to get rid of.


I mean, the amount of crap seen as much as I thought it would take them six transfer windows to get the amount of dead wood and team we could get to transfer because there was little. It's not because listen, hang on an island. Demery is flourishing at the minute. Lukaku is flourishing at the minute transfer trying to get rid of Demarai Lukaku.


OK, but he got really Carcano double check.


What I'm just saying that manually transfer probably last two years was pretty much good play. We take him. Oh, he's a good player. Totally not like we said, we can't. But would you admit now Soska is getting a grip on that, as in he's getting rid of the average players. He's making signings like Fernandez, like he's starting to turn it around. You've had one good sign, Fernandez, but you also seen how McGwire and the jury is lost on him.


So even though we've lost the jury, the jury verdict of guilty, the jury have just left the building right. You don't think that's not going to work?


I'm not saying it's going to work, but, like, only hang me, hang them to get a hundred points and hang them to compete at this level against these types of players.


He did get rid of the character, by the way, not he's brought through greenwoods him. They're giving him his chance. I would say he's improved. Marcio Rashford have to improved on improvable.


Well, that is there's no point arguing, which is lazy. Uh, he's short one week and goes missing for two weeks. I think he's improved in that regard massively.


I think he's obviously a lot better than I used to walk. Too often the game is interested. Speaking of walking.


Yeah, about a minute here. Messy, messy. You weren't impressed with. I know. Is attitude, right? Your captain. True Tolum. OK, I'm not questioning his greatness. I'm not saying that he's useless or anything that I'm just saying that he's your captain and you're for too long to buy and chopped. No, if you lose that game for two and you'll get back in the boat afterwards, OK, there's an inquest and OK, we need to rebuild.


But, you know, we're being way superior team. No, there's serious ramifications. Head to roll and board's been sacked and, you know, messy chocolate, basically. So it was the manner in which he did it as opposed to I'm not questioning his greatness. He's not. Well, you can't. Yeah, of course. I just cannot for the life of me understand where heads out that he gave up and that's what he did. And he's the greatest of all time.


And he's your captain. So the rest of them are equally, you know, kind of going to look to him and go with his doing just right. And that's what he didn't like with, you know, regardless of how happy you are, regardless of where your head's at, the number one requirement footballer is to run around. And Troy. No matter what going on in your life, you love good games, a bad game, you give the ball away, you play terrible, you make ten mistakes, run around.


And he didn't run around. Yeah, fair enough. I'm not sure he's running around in a long time, but yeah, it's finished. Three note PSG against Leipzig. So that's a I mean that semi final wins with that is very comfortable. PSG three, Leipzig nil.


That's a full time football off the ball with Paddy Power and more electric team up than Salah and gamble responsibly. We don't know.


OK, well, there was a tweet in saying Delaneys Morfin is really keen. You don't get to respond to that. You don't get to respond to that. And don't for the winner of our competition and our idea of our winner of the island competition is does current Dez enjoy? That would be a very nice weekend in Rhode Island these days. No, I don't think so. Oh, DBM is our daily sports breakfast show. Back to our half past seven, all our social channels, our download the app, OTV Sports is where you'll find us in the App Store Champions League.


I'm sure a reaction as well to the covid measures will be discussed tomorrow on the show. Tomorrow night. We have a really good lineup. Dame Delaney back in studio. Eric Donovan will talk to us after a fight.


And John Cooney, who's having a hell of a time at Oldster as well, football on off the ball with Paddy Power and more electric team up than Salah and Mané gamble responsibly and missing this.


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