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I'm Abby Hornacek. This is Tucker Carlson. And I'm Jessica Tarlov. This is the Fox News rundown. Monday, August 31st, 2020, I'm trying to major events that have nothing to do with covid-19 are affecting humans around the world. We are the Muslim minority and after the million of them that have been put in what but you can say concentration camps and they have been systematically stripped off their identity, their culture, their religion, and are being separated from their families.


This is the Fox News rundown. Global pandemic. More than 25 million people around the world have been infected with covid-19 since the pandemic began, despite a focus on politics and health care, natural and man made disasters are adding another layer of difficulty in ensuring the health of global citizens. Over the next few minutes, you'll get the latest headlines on the global covid-19 outbreak and hear from you, not Freeling, a senior Fox News field producer about important stories over the past few months, weeks and days not related to the virus.


Each Monday, we'll have the news you may have missed amid the coronavirus pandemic starting first with covid-19 updates in India, more than 78000 coronavirus cases were reported yesterday alone. This is a record for India that is struggling greatly with cases across the country. India is the third worst hit country in the world behind the United States and Brazil. Now to Gaza, where a coronavirus outbreak is threatening nearly two million people. Dozens of residents are testing positive now each day with just three hours of electricity a day, extremely limited testing and poor medical infrastructure.


Gaza faces a dire situation right now. Negotiators are working between factions there and the government in Israel to broker a cease fire that would include covid-19 aid. Finally, in Spain, more than 60000 new cases were reported in the past two weeks. Spanish authorities are having difficulty controlling a massive second wave of the virus. Despite the new cases, schools across Spain will reopen in the coming days. These are all extremely important updates, but there are also other major stories developing around the world.


China has been trying to do its utmost to conceal what has been described by international organization as evidence of crimes against humanity, against the workers.


This is you're not feeling a senior Fox News field producer. The winners are the Muslim minority. And we have heard many in the past few years that the subject has been arisen because of social media and very brave NGO workers and volunteers of up to a million of them that have been put in what but you can say concentration camps. The Chinese are calling them vocational education, and they have been systematically stripped of their identity, their culture, their religion, and are being removed from their homelands in the west part of the country into various locations separated from their families.


People from the community have said that during the covid-19 pandemic, it has been even worse. And there are reports of people that have been forced into forced labor camps.


It's incredible to hear about this story because, like you noted, this has been described as a situation where the Chinese government is using modern day concentration camps, but yet they're going to be given this opportunity to host the Olympics and have countries from around the world engage in friendly diplomacy on the international stage while all of this is ongoing.


Yes, and the concentration camps is not an accidental term. And people have been stating that this has been the most systematic attacks against humanity since the Holocaust. And you just need to imagine the vast magnitude of this and how only in the past three years we've been, you know, hearing about it. There have been states that have been voicing their concerns, Australia and even the U.S. in June last year, two months ago, President Trump has signed a bill that states that sanctions would be put against high ranking officials in China and some companies in China that are using the wiggers as forced labor.


Some of them we recognize are Apple, Tommy Hilfiger or Google Muji and others. So I think that we, as people of the West and people who consume their products is a company we need to voice their concerns and do our utmost not to take part in such a horrible, horrible acts of crimes against humanity.


It's certainly an important news story to follow. We'll have to check back in on it and see how those efforts continue to grow. I want to shift now to the biggest story out of the Middle East today. Many people have likely heard of the story, but may not know the details and how significant it is. The first ever direct flight taking place today between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi marking the occasion and the announcement earlier this month by the Trump administration that a peace deal was forged between.


The two countries and now diplomatic ties, as well as tourism opportunities and technological opportunities are going to be available to the Emirates and the Israelis. What do we know about this story?


We're talking about Flight nine seven one. This was damage to the international calling code of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. It left Israel early this morning and landed at 346 local time, which was seven forty six a.m. Eastern Time on board. There were high ranking Israeli and American officials, among them, Mr. Jared Kushner, Avi Leibovich, Robert O'Brien on the Israeli side may have been shot by the head of the National Security Council, along with businessmen and a woman and a lot of a lot of journalists.


If we see what's going on in social media in both countries, it's it's a celebration of optimism and hope. I've never seen such a thing of the Emirati television broadcasting. Israeli television and vice versa. And journalists on both sides are engaging over social media. As you mentioned, this is because of this is the first step in the implementation of the brand reports that they're supposedly going to be signed later this month in the White House. And they're going to discuss issues such as technology cooperation regarding covid-19 cybersecurity, agriculture and many, many other more.


So it's a pretty significant event today here and in the region you've been listening to.


You're not feeling a senior Fox News field producer. We'll be right back.


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I remember last summer interviewing Jared Kushner in Bahrain about the possibility of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord and the idea that Israel would forge a deal with another country in the region wasn't really being discussed. But it does appear like this could be the first step for the Middle East. And you could see countries like Bahrain and Oman follow in the footsteps of the UAE. Finally, I want to shift to our last story, a story that we've been following since the elections earlier this month, and that is Belarus.


There are more images of President Lukashenko carrying around his own weapons. He himself looks like he is prepared on a daily basis to fight off a coup attempt. But the military and police still appear on his side amid ongoing protests in the country. What is the latest out of Belarus?


We have seen the demonstrations growing by numbers yesterday. Tens of thousands, some people claiming even up to a million protesters were taken to the streets of Minsk, the Belarusian capital. Svetlana Konopka, the Belarusian opposition leader, is going to address the U.N. Security Council. She has fled the country a couple of weeks ago, few days after the election, fearing for her life and her children, her life, her husband is currently in jail. And it seems that Alexander Lukashenko, the president, is not backing down.


He has been talks with Putin, President Putin of Russia asking for help. Dozens and dozens of journalists and reporters, either local ones or foreign ones, have been either detained or been stripped out of their detention credentials over the past couple of days. We haven't seen Massie's arrest. Some people who have been missing some bodies have appeared in remote areas in the woods and swamps. And there's what touched me the most was yesterday, the power of the women from all ages.


They have been putting themselves in front of the other protesters as the human shields. Some of them were trying even to kiss the soldiers and the special units that have been stationed there to block them away. All this as we keep mentioning every time there are Internet disruptions, online censorship and arrest of journalists. And many, many brave people are trying to take out the videos and information and stories out by social media or telegram group to word to the international community.


I spoke to one of. Journalize there, he refused. He was very vigilant and very worried to talk to international media, but he said that the only thing that we can do for the people of Belarus is to tell their story because they can't they don't want they don't want to call it a revolution. They want to only to reinstate fair elections so they will decide themselves who they want to be in charge. Lukashenko has been ruling the country since 1994, and he's been nicknamed as the last European dictator and they just want him removed.


This certainly won't be the last that we hear of developments out of Belarus. Before I let you go, our good news story of the week is one that I think is the latest in a series of actions by the British artist Banksy to try and grab international attention to an ongoing issue. There's countless examples of Banksy doing this, whether it's subway graffiti or auctioning off a painting that self-destruct upon the bid being closed at an auction. But this was a bit of a different take.


It was a costly operation and one that did its job to not only bring attention to a massive humanitarian crisis, but also actually save lives. What is the good news story of the week?


It's a good news story and it's a touching one. It's least Michelle Pink, both by Banksy. He is taking along with some other European and other people and volunteers to ship. And they have been doing it in, I guess, in the last couple of months. Very secretly. They've been acquiring the ship. It's under a German flag and they're roaming the seas of Europe and the Mediterranean trying to rescue as many immigrants. They are seeking shelters in Europe as much as they can.


So far, they have saved three hundred and fifty people in five rescue operations since the boat was sent to sea on August 18. However, with the good news, there are claims that a lot of the European countries are trying to ignore their mayday and their distress signal from time to time. In the past year, more than seven hundred seventy six hundred people have been rescued, most of them far from Libya. Five hundred people have died trying to swim across the Mediterranean Sea, hoping for a better future in Europe.


So thank you, Banksy, and thank you for all the other people trying to raise this very important humanitarian crisis.


It shows you how desperate people are to escape political persecution and harsh living conditions. They're willing to risk their lives. But it is good that one artist is using their platform to raise awareness. And I think that really brings out the good in this new story. Senior Fox News field producer, you're not feeling. Thank you again for your time. Thank you again, Trey.


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