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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Welcome. Well, hello, America. From Dallas, this is the Glenn Beck program. We're glad you're here. We want to talk to you about this scandal with the post office. Oh, my gosh. We're never going to have any mail. There's no ballots that are going to be sent. There's no ballots that will even come in.


Donald Trump. That's all you have to say.


Yeah, that's it. That's all. It seems as though that is all you have to say. They're calling Congress back in. They couldn't call Congress back in. It was way too dangerous to call them in to vote on the trillions of dollars of spending. But this time, yeah, they all got to come back because. Well, Donald Trump, we begin there in one minute.


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I think it was one hundred and thirty degrees in Death Valley one.


Yeah. And they said it's not the record but the record probably wasn't right. They probably didn't have the temperature. Right. It's like, well wait a minute. Are you guys telling us all about global warming?


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Dotcom. All right. So you're getting your kids ready for school and you happen to be in Arizona and you're so excited. I mean, you're so sad to see your kids leave the house and go to school. I mean, right. Stoo am I right? Right. Very depressing. Oh my gosh.


Oh, they got to go to school and and they won't be. Here are the house all day.




Then you find out last night that your teachers have phoned in. A sick day. There's a sickout in Arizona, they're all the teachers are like now we we just think that this is too dangerous to bring the kids in and there's some real safety concerns. And so we're not going to bring the. This has nothing to do with the kids. This has really nothing to do with the kids, really doesn't know.


It's like with the voting, they're like, well, we have to have mail in voting so everyone can go. And then they gather together to protest it. Right. And with no social distancing.


None of this means it's all lies. Like this is actually real. The post office stuff, the teacher stuff like I mean, again, you should be scared of a global pandemic, especially if you're older and you're if there's a reason for some of these teachers to be a little concerned and some of those teachers should be able to stay home.


Yeah, absolutely.


I mean, the teachers should be able to say I'm in a high risk, you know, category.


This is ridiculous. This really is a coordinated union.


Nonsense is a union nonsense.


Oh, just hate it.


So they're acutely aware of how polarizing this issue is and how challenging these ongoing developments are for the entire community. But unions are going to work closely to make sure that everything is is good, really.


Oh, man, it just I can't take the politicization of everything, everything. Yeah, it really it's worse than ever.


Right, right at this second, too, isn't it?


Well, no, that was just a second ago. I think it's now it's worse right now because it is it's things that I mean, the post office, I mean, the post office has been when it comes to politics, everyone kind of realizing it doesn't really work all that well.


But, you know, they because they lose lots of money and it's not a great business. But, you know, generally speaking, you put your mail out there, it gets to the place that it's supposed to go. You'd get the occasional libertarian sort of pushback on whether we should fund it at all. And then that's basically been it for how long? One hundred years.


You know, now it's all the sudden so concerning that they have to come back and vote on it in a more urgent sense than multiple trillion dollars. They let out go out the door a couple of months ago. Let me tell you here, let me play for you the audio of Chuck Schumer. Trump is undermining our post office.


He says he wants to slow down the mail to hurt the elections and make people doubt the results of the not what he said. It's not even to worry. He's going to lose. It doesn't matter. Our elections are sacred. And to do this is disgraceful. The postal system is well loved by America. Ninety one percent of America approves of the postal system, which gives me pause.


But it's now being one hundred percent undermined or see in the post political hack a point to stop.


I can't do it. I can't do it. Here is Barack Obama on the post office.


If you think about it, you know, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. Right now, they are. I mean, it's it's the post office that's always having problems to. So we have President Obama saying that, but, you know, he thinks, oh, no, he didn't fix it, no, he didn't fix it.


So Donald Trump brings somebody in to fix the post office, somebody who's well qualified to fix the post office, the the moving of the sorting machines and the shutting down. That happens all the time in the post office. Yeah, and most of it is not going to happen before the election. They're announcing it now and saying we're doing these things, blah, blah, blah, after the election.


And even if it is happening before the election, it's happening in a way where it always goes on. This always goes on.


They say the ballots are something like two percent of the mail in that time period, which I think the mail, the US Postal Service can handle that.


There's all these rumors about, well, they've locked they've locked postal boxes in the mailboxes for for the postal service. It's like, well, that happened because people were stealing mail had happened months ago. You go to the other big complaint they have is this ridiculous thing about the removing mailboxes from around these cities.


It's like, well, when you read what they're doing, they're moving, removing them from where there are multiple next to each other. So like there's five next to each other and they're taking one or two out. So there's only three or four left. I don't think that's going to overturn the election.


I could be wrong. I think they do OK. I think it is. Yeah. Nancy Pelosi would not just I mean, she was so concerned she could not call Congress back into session because of covid. Well, as I understand, covid is worse than it's ever been. No, it's not. But it's worse than it's ever been. It's not. It's no, we're the worst in the world, Stu. No, no, no. There's no one that will even take our passports now and let people in because we are the worst.


Yeah, that's not true. It's the most dangerous.


And that's not true ever. No.


OK, OK, so she knows this and that's why she didn't bring the Postino, the Congress back. But now at this very dangerous time when all of them could die from covid. This is the time they need it back and come on, we just outlined why the Postal Service Postal Service has a 91 percent approval rating because people didn't think of it as political. That's why it had a approval rating of 91 percent. And people just thought of it as like a a thing down the street.


They never thought of it as part of the federal government. So when you test it against other federal government agencies, they think they all suck and they don't think about the postal service that way.


Keep doing this and they will. Yeah, you'll have instead of a ninety one percent approval rating, you'll have a 50 percent approval rating pretty quickly if you keep doing this. But again, if they can get one extra percent, one extra little grab of power, they will destroy anything they have to in their way.


So I don't want to compare the Postal Service to other agencies in the federal government.


Why don't they do a poll on the Postal Service versus UPS, Federal Express, you know, all the other alternatives.


Because I'm doubting that the UPA or USPS comes out number one. Well, plus it's subsidized so heavily. So, yes, you can send packages cheaper at times with the Postal Service. Yeah, you can.


That's because you're already paying for it in other ways. I know it's crazy. Nobody thinks of it that way. No one adds that into their package costs. Right. But when it's losing billions and billions of dollars, it's not just going into thin air. You're paying for it.


So we got that going for us. And on Wednesday, we're going to be doing a special on voter fraud and stealing of the election.


And this this postmaster general garbage, you know, they're threatening him with jail if he doesn't show up to testify.


Can you imagine? I mean, they're. The president calls you and says, Stu, we've got to have you as the executive producer in charge of America, you're going to make sure that everything is just looking good and running right. Is there an amount of money?


Or an amount of national pride that would make you say, I ought to do that sounds like a fun job right now. I mean, you wouldn't take anything, any job. Your your your life is destroyed. And what's crazy is these public servants that are called up, most of them are like 60, 65. They're being called up there at the end of the year. They could be on a golf course. And they're like, you know what?


No, I think the Postal Service, I could actually I could actually do a number on. I could actually help. So they go in for what?


To get destroyed? Oh, for no reason. For no reason.


Again, like buy these career politicians who are almost all of them corrupt.


And, you know, the guy who's ahead of the post office, they're like, oh, he's a political appointee. First of all, that's been common throughout the years. That happens a lot. You are not picking your opponents to go run it. You're picking people who like you, which is typical in the government.


But he said they're going to have no problem with us. Right. You know, he's not saying that they're going to lose exactly what he said.


That's exactly what he would say. There you go. It's exactly what he would say. I mean, and then let me tell you this. You tell me that Donald Trump doesn't want to fix the election. Have you heard now that national elections are being delayed by four weeks because of coronavirus?




I mean, in New Zealand, but that's Donald Trump. He's even trying to fix the elections in New Zealand because they wouldn't have done that. Sure, it's the most dangerous pandemic and we're all going to die.


And our hair is on fire right now. And, oh, my gosh, I should be quarantined for the rest of my life. It's in New Zealand that they're doing this. Can you imagine if Donald Trump and his administration would say CDC has told us that we should delay?


Well, he I mean, he did, of course, suggest this on Twitter and they were very upset about it.


Now they're praising New Zealand because New Zealand is acting as an authoritarian government over its people and saying, yes, we have it started with, I think, four cases, but I think it up to 13 before they actually shut things down. And they're delaying elections because of 13 cases. Now, Donald Trump, they keep acting when he says stuff like that.


They are very upset about it as a as am I. I don't want our elections delayed, but I don't either.


But like, I don't understand how you can praise New Zealand for their sensible, well measured response to this.


It's because you like her because she's doing the things that you want and you don't like Trump. And none of this stuff, like none of this stuff is honest.


That's what the frustrating part about it is. I don't know how this is honest.


What's what what Schumer just said. Donald Trump said he wants to slow it. No, he didn't. You wouldn't pass the spending bill. You wouldn't pass the stimulus in. There was money for the post office. So when you don't you the Democrats don't get together to pass it, you then come out and say he's not spending the money that it needs to be taken for the budget. No, it's your fault. It's your fault. And what did he say?


He said fine, rubbing their nose into it. Fine. Well, I guess if you don't have that money for the post office because you wouldn't vote for it, you wouldn't pass the stimulus. Well, that's good for me.


And you remember, too, and Republicans would have there'd be a big spending bill that would help working families and the Republicans would be like, well, we really don't want to there's a trillion dollars of in abortions and some of them seem to be forced abortions.


We don't abortion party. I don't even know what that is like a celebration. It's all in there. And the Republicans would say, well, we're not going to pass it with that in there.


Like you are holding up, helping working families for your your special interest groups, the right wing religious nonsense. You see this puppy dog, puppy dog will be dead by the end of the week because of you.


Right now, we have a situation where millions of people for no nobody's fault is are coming off of a pandemic related unemployment and are going to lose the the money that was going to them. Thousands and thousands of businesses that are barely holding things together are going to go without this money after the government told them they had to close down this giant spending bill is is everyone's talking about it's going to eventually be a reality. But we're all going to happen after these people go out of business.


I know. And so they're not coming back to help them. They're coming back to help the freaking post office, which will never go out of business until the United States goes out of business. All right. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's rough greens.


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That's a conspiracy theory. That's a conspiracy theory. That they're going to somehow affect the election. We know that they can swing the election by four to six points. Robert, what's his name?




What's his name? Epstein.


He says that they could swing it up to 10 points. Nobody seems to care about that. And why, because they don't care about actual fair elections. They don't care about their party designed to make sure that we don't have them and they will do anything they can. And of course, let's also be clear, whenever they lose, they all say they didn't it wasn't a valid election. Oh, they're going to say that. They're going to say it again.


I mean, they say it every time they lose. Stacey Abrams, obviously, we just saw in Georgia has been running around the country telling everybody that she's basically the governor of Georgia, which she is not.


But I mean, go back, Al Gore. Obviously, we all know that story. Hillary Clinton has been running around the country lately saying how all these things were taken from her and it was all because of Russia and all of these other B.S. reasons, even even John Kerry. People forget about this. But John Kerry said that he lost Ohio because, well, there was people that was very shady activity. People were putting pamphlets all around Ohio saying that Democrats vote on Wednesday, which is obviously wrong to do so.


And we didn't print pamphlets.


No, we didn't. We just had the big waffle head float. Say that, right.


It was a waffle head float that went down the middle of the road with giant speakers saying Democrats vote on Wednesday. Right.


And, you know, look, trust me, the waffle had Democrats vote on Wednesday.


It was it was a it was a waffle. Now, if you're dumb enough to believe the waffle float, well, and it was performative art, but you can't censor artists.


Democrats much know a man, brother, a man. This this whole program is art.


You know what I mean? Yes. It's more than political speech. It's art as the one hundredth most important person in the world of art in the world of art, according to some real legitimate art magazine, actually legitimate.


They did that and thought that they were like mocking me.


We use it for no one even remembers what the magazine is.


Is it for our advantage all the time? One hundred. I am the one hundredth most important person in the world of art.


Just want to let you know, by the way, did you see how Trump's brother's death was handled? This is obscene, just obscene when people die.


John Lewis, we've had massive, massive disagreements with him on politics.


Massive. Did you hear us say anything bad or if he or anything other than that is a great loss? Didn't agree with his politics, but that is a great loss. Everybody, everybody, we would never do that. Look at the news organizations, one of them which I would like to have a monologue on, and I might KCL owned outright by my church and they were mocking it.


It's time for us all to be sold. OK, if you can't stay civil and you are picking sides, then it should be sold. What people did the AP, The Washington Post. Mr. President, I am sorry for the loss of your brother. I know how painful it must be, that program. All right.


Really factor Gary lives in California, which means the biggest thing he might be facing.


I don't know if you heard the good news on Friday, but what was it?


The California may slide into the ocean right at some point. Wasn't that it? Oh, my gosh, that is horrible.


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It's really a factor. Dotcom eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four. Relief factor dotcom. And you go to Bleys, TV.com, Aglen, use the promo code, Glenn, get ten bucks off your subscription and Glenn Beck back in studio this week. Holy cow, do we have a great show for you today?


Everything you need to know about the electrifying convention that's going to be happening on Zoome and who it's going to be?


It's going to be spine chilling, really is. And we're going to we have somebody, Stu, do we have somebody on the on the well, the virtual convention floor.


That's the rumor right now. They're trying to put that together. OK, so we'll we'll try to have that. We'll check in with whoever that might be on on this program in just about thirty five minutes.


Right now, we have Pat Gray, who is the host of Pat Gray Unleased in here in a surgical mask, which my long standing policy to, you know, just keep the virus at bay is a year long, long standing policy, really.


I've been watching you for the last few weeks. And so you've noticed that I've messed up quite a bit. Never. Never. I've seen you in a mask. No. Yeah, it's weird.


It's just that it's weird. It's just weird.


It's just weird because you've been in I haven't noticed necessarily wearing it for the past few months. Would you be coming in here every day today? You are. And I'm. Is it because you have someone who definitely has covered sitting next to you.


OK, that's it. That's OK. That's it. That's the difference. I don't have a covid I don't have because of the certainty of the virus being in the room. That's the difference. That's not what I like. I don't have code that there's a distinction here.


Everybody in his family had covid and he sleeps with one of them that has covid.


And so he has covid, you know, and he looks at he looks the part. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Well, if if inflation of your skin is part of covid, I've got it bad.


I'm really bad. I was thinking about it last night. I haven't slept on a scale but I bet it's the covid forty. Yeah. God I don't want to be near that scale. Yeah it's.


Yeah it's not good. It's not good. Not good. It's not good. I was not for any of us. I was, I was thinking about that last night. I was having some of your wife's cookies. I was thinking wow, I got to stop and but I didn't strangely didn't at all. That's weird. So Pat, what are the things that, that are on your mind today that you seem a little bothered about?


You guys missing the big story.


I mean, you're talking around it, but you won't you won't discuss the real issue about this Postal Service thing.


OK, all right.


Taylor Swift has sounded off in a powerful, powerful way, really, and has called the president a blatant cheat. And he is dismantling the US Postal.


Oh, God, she's smart. She's really she's brilliant. Listen to this. Trump's calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing. Clearly, he's well aware we don't want him as our president. He's chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans lives at risk in order to hold on to power. And he is dismantling the US Postal Service. Well, if by dismantling you mean he has loaned them an additional ten billion dollars, then yes, you're exactly.


That's the way that's the way you take somebody apart, you know what I mean? You get ten billion dollars. That's not a are struggling business. Well, there's going to be more, but just not on that cheque. You know, somebody's struggling business. You're like, help me, help me, help me. And you're like, I am going to put them out of business.


More predatory lending I'm going to give or we're a billion dollars. That's it, right? Yeah. It's not actually a loan, Stu.


It's not a loan. It's just write the check. Yeah.


Here's the money for a very good loan.


And you talked about the fact that they're removing some of the blue mailboxes where you put your mail because that's what they do.


When nobody uses those boxes in those areas, they take them from that area and put them maybe at a shopping center where people are and can put the all put them in a shopping center where poor people won't be and won't be able to mail their ballots. Right. Because what are they going to do? They're going to put them. They're going to put them in a shopping center. There's no one know that is going to use that mailbox. But some people might say you have a mailbox at your house.


Here's what you do. You take your mail, your mail in ballot. You walk it out to your post your your mailbox.


You open the door, put the mail in, close the door, raise the flag.


Some would say, oh, that's an opportunity that. Wow. Or the mail mail a letter carrier. What if you don't have one of those?


You're living you're living like you. You're welcome. You're living in an apartment complex. Right. And you don't have a mail out.


There's a place where there's where everybody has their mailbox. You go down there in that case and open yours and put it in there. And when they see that there's mail in there, they take it out and they deliver it to the post office or.


If if under really radical circumstances, you could drive to the post office yourself and put it right on, assuming you had a car.


Well, yes, you know what I mean. You were taken off to drive Uber.


Now Lyft. Could you put it in one of the other post office boxes that were next to the one that they removed? Yes, you could. OK, yes.


What if you put what about those people who are currently living in a coffin and they don't have all the dead? Yes, they don't.


That's that's the discriminatory way of describing them. I am telling you, they are living in a very small living space right now. Yeah. And there's no post there's no post box there in their little living quarters or not living quarters, but their quarters.




You know, well, there was just a case of that.


What state was it where they removed eight hundred and forty six of those mailed ballots to those people, to the actual dead.


And Donald Trump said, no, they don't get to vote. Why?


Just because they don't breathe anymore. Where there. Just because their hearts not beating. Does the Constitution say you lose your rights when you stop breathing, your heart stops beating? I don't see it. I've read it a million times. I've never seen it in there. In there. It's not in there.


Donald Trump, again, just taking away rights from people one after another, non breathing.


People are dead. Are people too, you know. Yeah, or they are.


They were. Yeah, they were people. Oh, they stop being people. But just because they're dead. Yes. Now they're spirits for a while. And then the spirits can vote, right? I mean, I don't see anything in the Constitution that says they can. There isn't one there isn't anything in there.


What if your dog what if your dog and you don't have a mailbox? It's a really good question. Thank you very much. What if you're a cat and all you have is a litter box is a post office, Donald Trump stopping people from checking the litter boxes? There was a cat post. There was a cat a couple of months ago, I know, who received 12 years after its death.


A while she was important to check for twelve hundred dollars. Wow.


Look, I know he's biased in living people. Maybe if he had that money earlier, would have been able to stay alive, right? Yeah, right. Hire and a visiting vet.


So it came 12 years too late.


So I mean, who, who thinks that this is a good idea to change anything about our about our voting system this time around?


Who who's like, you know, what we should all do and. We should all do what we should do, should get Kreskin and everybody who wants to vote for Trump, you just think about it and Kreskin will write it down.


I mean, why would we change anything? It's bad as it is, but it's still it's still probably the best in the world. Why would we change anything, especially when they're all saying that Trump is trying to throw this election through the mail and and by destroying the post office? All right. Well, it's not a pretty good reason to show up with an I.D. at a voting booth.


Let's do that. Let's show up and let's just vote.


You can understand, obviously, the theory behind it, right? Like to be prepared. If you've got a pandemic going on, maybe you want to have the ability for November.


Right. Right. I mean, first of all, it's going to be later.


But again, it's tough to predict. Obviously, we've seen people make these predictions like crazy.


But the bottom line is we have I voted absentee almost every election. Why are we doing election coverage all day and all night that night? So I can't just go to the polls on Election Day. So almost every single time I voted, I voted absentee. It's super easy. They will take literally any excuse. And that's the only there's only seven states in the union where you even have to come up with an excuse. That's that's that could be different than covid.


If you tell them you have to work that day, what they're going to do is send you the ballot request. It's the most minimal amount of effort. It's easy. And it's been working in this country for a very long time. Why would we need to expand the system and like outwardly mail people ballot applications in advance? If they want them, they can ask for them. And that's worked in this country for a very long time. It's just this is, again, just nonsense.


It's just nonsense to get bases fired up and people are going crazy over it. The left thinks Donald Trump is over throwing the election because of the mail.


No, they don't think that. They don't think. Well, I think I think the regular people, a lot of them do.


Oh, I think that the leadership doesn't at all know. The leadership doesn't in the left doesn't. They know exactly what's going on and they're going to burn the cities down to the ground.


The if Donald Trump wins, they are they're shutting that whole thing up. Oh, yeah. They are absolutely like Taylor Swift. He really believes that's true. Yeah. Oh, my God, she's a moron. But I mean, she actually believes that's true. She's sitting there terrified that the the prayers of the United States is trying to mail her election away.


You know, it's amazing to me is how we were called fear mongers. We still are your fear mongers. If you're a conservative, your fear monger.


We're the most optimistic, happy people out there right now. I mean, you listen to do is fear mongers. All they do is fear a long bid on the election and everybody reading and everybody is on the left is believing it. Yeah. Everybody who votes for a Democrat, they all believe all of that stuff. I mean, it's it's remarkable.


They're incapable of making a rational decision until Donald Trump is not president. When when Donald Trump is no longer president, they may be able to come up with a rational thought. And I mean, in any part of their lives, it's all irrational right now. Let me ask you this. What do you think about everything about this?


Last night as I was reading about New York City and how much trouble New York City is in and we're going to get into this financial year?


Oh, no, no, no. People are just leaving it at the time. Life Building has 5000 employees, and I think currently 800 are going to work there.


Wow. That's going to be a problem, though, now. Oh, it's going to be everybody.


Nobody's coming back. Nobody's coming back. I'm hearing that from everybody. Yeah. So where did they go? Is eight thousand normally and it's five hundred working. Oh wow. So it's worse. Worse than it's worse than just reporters. Wow.


That's that's insane. That's absolutely insane.


So where are they going.


A lot of those New Yorkers are moving to Florida, a swing state. Hmm.


You are impacting the election in in Texas because of all the Californians that are moving here. You're affecting it in Florida because of all the New Yorkers moving there.


And nobody's talking about that.


There is there are states that have always voted one way or it's been close and they are being turned upside down by this massive exodus of the city's. Do we know that they're actually leaving the city or are they just staying home right now and do know a lot of them are leaving the city?


It seems like both. I mean, like they are leaving. They left because of covid. Yeah. Or some of them left because of the violence of the riots when people were breaking into their buildings. It's like there's a video going around on on social right now which shows going down.


I think there's a Fifth Avenue, Glenn, for every single business has its windows boarded.


Play it real quick. We have it. Just display it real quick. If you happen to be watching that show, the look at everything or even the hotel is boarded up. But the thing here, though, to remember this is you don't have to board our windows to stop covid. Have you ever seen the import of windows to stop people from breaking them? Will not report. It's the riots that that is that is getting a lot of people to have to leave the city.


It's just the last straw. Yeah.


And now with all the hassles of living in the city, there's just you've lost all of the positives of being there. None of the places are open. So why the hell would you be there? It's expensive and it's awful. You have to deal with Bill de Blasio. Broadway is supposed to be closed until next spring at the earliest is when they will open next spring. So there's no tourism, there are no stores, nobody's no restaurants, company, no restaurants.


All these companies are like, you know, I don't even know if we need to have our business in New York anymore. New York may never recover.


And I don't know how commercial real estate does. It's already any 30 to 40 percent down. You can get an apartment 30 to 40 percent lower than you ever could. And that's in New York.


I think you're all around the country. Oh, yeah. People have these big offices and they don't need them anymore. Yeah, we don't need them. All right.


Thanks, Pat. Peccary unleased hang out for the for the next hour. We're going to go to the convention floor. All right. For the Democrats coming up in just a second.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program, it is Monday.


Well, we see how unstable things are in the Middle East now that Donald Trump got the UAE to to agree to normalize relations.


We do have Iran issuing a threat on Saturday to launch a missile attack on the UAE because they had made a huge mistake and a betrayal. The great betrayal of the Palestinian people will turn this small, rich country, which is heavily dependent on security into a legitimate and easy target. So we could hit the UAE in eight minutes.


So we got that going for us.


Morocco, yeah.


Morocco says they're probably going to be the next state to normalize ties with Israel. And there are five other Arab countries now, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


No word on Tunisia yet, but Saudi Arabia is the big one, if that happens, all that happens is the whole region. Yeah, I mean I mean, any of them are big and big and a big step.


And it's been twenty five years or twenty six years since anybody had done that. But Donald Trump is just going to cause a giant war in the Middle East. We all know that we're all on the same page. Yeah, well, I mean, look, you have all of them coming to play. The one who's going to destabilize it is not Donald Trump. The one who's going to destabilize it will be the head of the snake. Iran, they're the ones telling everyone there will be a great war if this continues.


Who's the one who is the destabilizing factor, the one Obama was giving money to for the one Trump said, now we're going to cut that off.


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It's Milpark Copeck. I said that Milpark America right there.


Yeah. What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. In between programs, hello, America, and welcome to Monday, it's the Glenn Beck program and my oh my oh my. What a beautiful program we've got for you today. We're going right on to the convention floor for the Democrats and the Democratic convention. Everybody is so excited about this. People are talking about it from from sea to shining sea and the Purple Mountain mountains. They have majestically bowed down because this week, who knows who Joe Biden is going to pick as the the vice.


He's already everybody. He's already he's already paid well. But he could still I mean, we're still we're still afloat. We have some exciting things, some things like we don't know if he's going to be the candidate. He's the candidate. He's the nominee. Yeah, well, it's going to be exciting. And we have all the coverage beginning in 60 seconds.


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Ten seconds and we're right into it. We go now to the convention floor to to our our analyst, Stu Burguiere.


Yes, hi. Hi, Stu. How are you? Glenn, how are you? Very good. Very good. You are just here in the studio. I didn't know if it was going to be you go on the convention floor.


Ironic that you were out of studio for all this time. And now back and here I am right at the convention. At the convention. So I couldn't resist. Yeah, I could not miss this. OK, you sound very excited by the energy here is just incredible. Glad.


OK, where where is this convention.


It's in in the United States of America has narrowed it down. They could have had it overseas, but they just weren't. All right, OK. So it's actually in cyberspace, which I understand well is sure there are some people who are attending via zoo.


However, I want you to just take in the energy of the on site comfort that I'm enjoying right now. Just just listen to this passion for Joe BITD. It's it's electric. It is, yeah, it's it's really amazing. We can all get together and reminisce about times in our lives where we've seen the most exciting things we've ever seen before. And I think I mean of the Super Bowl. Right. Super Bowl. The Olympic Games. Right.


Right. The the Lilith Fair. The Fire Festival. Right. In Southeastern Actuarial Convention for this event and that area really the with the actuaries and the actuarial conversation and the Super Bowl and the air and the fire festival. And the fire. Wow. Right in there. Right next. Right in. Yeah. And I think that's important. You never know what's going to happen here. Right. All sorts of crazy stuff happens. Right. Right.


The vice presidential nominee, we expect to know officially what's already been announced. Right. And that's going to be exciting. That's going to be very exciting right now to see her with Joe Biden, which we've already seen last week. But we're going to see it again. Yeah.


And we're going to see him on super again. Right. Which everyone in America loves to. You know, it's not an annoying way to live your life. Right. Talking to everybody through screening the glitches, the disconnects, and they're on mute and they're talking for five minutes and they don't know they're on mute and.


Well, but this is not from what I understand, this is not a live, live event.


I mean, there will be a few things that are live, but it's it's mainly all pre produced in an exciting way, though, you know, Independence Day, the movie about the aliens preparedness, that wasn't life. No, no. You can go that exciting?


No, we we we know that was a movie. It's going to be so fun.


I think the most excited person here on the convention floor. And again, I want you to listen to this crowd. Hello? Are you there? You guys got that? Yeah, no, we know, we hear it. We've got it.


Hello. It's pretty amazing. I can get picking it up. All right. But I think probably the most excited person I talked to is Bob. Bob now, Bob and is the I.T. guy. He's he's the guy that's setting up the calls and he's the guy I talk to you about the Wi-Fi password. Wow. Oddly enough, the passwords trump 20 20. What's wrong with. Right.




So there's a new Pew poll out that shows that prior to Joe Biden selecting Kamala Harris, he had fifty six percent of the voters who backed the vice president over Trump.


But now that he has decided that he's going to, you know, have her as the running mate, they don't have any numbers.


But what they do have is that 19 percent of those fifty six percent say they're only supporting Biden because he's not he's not he's not Trump.


Well, I think that's the cause of all this excitement that we're feeling here, the energy is palpable.


Yeah, nine percent say that they're voting for him because of his positions and his policies. Ninety nine percent. That's incredible, but much more it's much more than zero, more than zero, right, right. That's a lot. It's a lot more than seven and eight to right below nine. It's going to be incredible.


And that's the kind of stuff that you're going to be covering tonight.


Yes, I'm very excited. Yeah. All right, Bob, we're going to be hanging out. He's the only other person here right now. But he's wonderful. Right? And he's trying to get me to vote for Donald Trump. Right. Which seems to be a campaign operative. Would not be surprised if the Zoome call crashes the rock. That would not be a surprise.


All right. Well, how is it do you have any word on on the health and well-being of Joe Biden as he is held up and raring to go and really excited about this night?


I'm sure from what I understand, they do have a backup generator in case the electricity goes out, because, as you know, he's powered by electricity at this point. So if case the power goes down, they could just plug him right in. Right on, like the Matrix.


OK, great. Thank you very much, Stuart. It's good to good to have you on location today at the at the convention. Pat joins us today.


You know, the the the one thing that speaks volumes is the fact that most of the people voting for Joe Biden are not voting for him. Yeah, it's not enough to vote against nine percent are excited about his policies.


Not good. Did you also see the CNN poll? Have you guys talked about the CNN poll?


You know, they took it last in early June and he was 14 by 14 points over up on Trump. They took it again this last week. It's down to four, which is within the margin of error, plus or minus four percent. So he's in a virtual tie right now. Well, with Joe Biden, yeah. But according to CNN, Google and Facebook haven't really helped out all that much yet.


No, I mean, they can do they can swing that vote, you know, by just by just simply reminding people who they know are Democrat to vote on Election Day and not remind anybody who is a Republican.


So we got we we have that oh, Stewie's back, that was a quick flight. Yeah, travel was really impressive these days. Yeah, but what an event. What what what what sounded electric.


If anyone seriously, is anyone that, you know, going to watch this. No one I know, I mean, I'm certainly not for work purposes, I'll probably have to watch her work if you're going to watch them on, watch the highlights.


Yeah, for work, I will probably type in zoom and convention. Whether I click on the hyperlink to actually open it up, I don't know. But that's kind of the exciting part of this whole thing, you know.


Will anyone watch it or not? Really. I can't imagine anyone watching it. Seriously, it's just dead.


It's I mean, it was a dumb event.


Anyway, the conventions have never been anything I've been excited about. No, the only reason why most Americans watch it was because you were trapped. It was the only thing on all of the networks.


Are they still putting it on the networks tonight? I don't think so, really.


I thought they still were there because that's how I was going to watch it.


If it's not on there, then I'm definitely not what I listen to because I'm going to look that up. I looked I was listening to NPR today and they said that, you know, it's on Zoome well, but that's how they're communicating, right?


Like, you don't have to go to zoom to watch it, do you? But can't possibly be how this is happening.


I assume it's going to be on CNN and Fox and they're going to be airing the speeches, right?


It's got to be it's got to be got to be if it's only on Zoome. Think about this though, Glenn.


Think about we've been doing the show together since the 2000 election. You've been doing with Pat going back even further than that. We've been through a lot of elections. Never have I seen less passion for a candidate than Joe Biden. Right. I mean, there's no doubt there's passion there. Yes. But like no one cares for Biden at all. Just a placeholder. He is just a placeholder.


There's no no interest in what he's doing. Fifty percent of the people who say they're going to vote for Joe Biden expect him to be dead by the end of four years. OK, wait, what 50 percent of people who say they're voting for Joe Biden don't expect him to make it the full term. So he's not even a placeholder and they're probably right.


If he were to be elected, I don't expect him to make it through his first term.


Yeah, well, he's not that bad, but look competent.


He does not seem competent to be able to do the job. We were talking about that clip the other day from the Palin debate where he looked again and sees Joe Biden. He's never been great, but he looked competent. He looked like he was on top of what he was saying.


You look at him today and it's it's I mean, it's sad.


He is, by the way, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox will carry the convention from 10 to 11. Eastern C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC and PBS will carry both ours.


And it's not even it's only two hours to only carry one right to ours is going to be. Yeah, it's going to feel like a century, though. What does it mean? Think about a five minute Zoome meeting that you have during a work week. How agonizing that is. Put that in for two hours. That's going to be. It's going to feel like a century.


You know, I do think that the Republicans have a real advantage out of pure luck here to see how bad this goes and what doesn't work because no one has any idea what's going to work here.


They should be watching this very closely and see what is a disaster. And think about maybe if it's really bad, maybe it's not two hours and maybe it's fifteen minutes a night. It is. Turn that thing down. You have Trump speaking at Penn speak, you know, maybe one or two other key people.


And just the problem, Trump is good at these kinds of things. He is a good producer. He knows how to produce exciting television.


Of course, he'll watch this and go, well, that was an abomination. And he'll come up with something that's crazy. You know, in a good way, he would wish this is his strength, right? Yeah, unfortunately, he's his strength is also with crowds and not having a crowd to react to. It's going to suck for him.


I think he loves it. I don't know why he wouldn't do a crowd, why he wouldn't do the last night of the convention. If they do it all virtual the last night of the convention, you telling me you can't find a place, you know, where where people will show up to support him. They would show up and think he got burned a little bit by Tulsa. Yeah, a lot of people got it after that. And so he doesn't want to go through that again.


How many people did we know in Tulsa? We know for sure from the media that Herman Cain died directly because of also directly. Directly because because he had also been at about 100 other cities. But Tulsa. Tulsa. Yeah, we know that. We know it. Yes. We know what killed him. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


So I'm sorry. George Stephanopoulos, thanks for dropping by. Back in just a minute. All right, our sponsor this this half hour is relief factor, Deborah lives in Massachusetts. Why? I don't know.


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All right, Stu and Pat joins us for this hour as we talk about the convention. I do want to point this out before we go back into political talk.


The city of Philadelphia's art commission, of course, it was the art commission has announced that it is going to remove the 144 year old statue of Christopher Columbus that stands at Marcone Plaza.


Now. I got to be honest with you, Philadelphia. Why do you have a mob? I don't mean like the mob. Why is the mob, if the mob isn't patriotic and I don't mean the mob on the streets, I mean, you know, you love your neighbor.


If they're not protecting Christopher Columbus, what good are they to your city? Seriously? And the good old days, the mob would have never let that happen. You ain't taking down no Christopher Columbus statue in Coney Plaza. Understand what I'm saying? You and your little artsy fartsy people can get the hell out of our neighborhood. That's what would have happened. What happened to our mob?


I was just watching that Netflix documentary, Fair City. I had Giuliani on to talk about it on Studios' America last week. And that mob, my mob, would not put up with Keating and Christopher Columbus statue down. It was a gift. It was a gift from the Italian government to the city of Philadelphia in 1876.


Our our centennial 1876, a gift from the from the people of Italy. And the mob is going to let the look, let's be honest. The mob runs Philadelphia. It runs through it. Oh, that's OK. Yeah, it runs Philadelphia.


I mean, if the mob existed, the mob doesn't exist.


Oh, no. Yeah, it's a that's a myth. It's a myth. Where do they run the city? Are they running the city? They run the city. It's a myth. Course it's a myth.


Who's what are you going to go on air and say the mob exists and runs Philadelphia. You can't say that and say that. That's crazy talk. It's a myth. There's the mob there. They don't even exist.


You benefited for cement overshoes over there, but they they they run the city and and everybody in Philadelphia knows it and and how they are letting the American people down. I mean, seriously, if you can't trust the mob, who can you trust?


If you can't if the mob is no longer American, you know, they were the they were like, you bring those Nazis over to me, I'll break the legs. No Nazi is going to be hanging out in my neighborhood. You know what I'm saying? That's the way the mob used to be, red, white and blue. And the red flag was flowing freely when somebody was trying to mess with them.


And Christopher Columbus, I don't know what's happening. I don't know what's happened. I don't understand our world anymore. Perhaps the myth isn't capable of of defending this statue. I would not say that.


You would not.


But it's a myth. No, I would not say that. Yes, they are a myth, but I would not say that the myth is not capable of doing it a myth. Be capable of doing anything you find out very quickly.


No, a pretty darn.


OK, OK, so we have that going on today.


We also have we got to get back to our of our coverage of, you know, the election.


May I just say as we're going to we're going to switch kind of and go a different direction here in a few minutes. New York Democrats listen this. New York Democrats are angered at the NYPD union because they have endorsed Trump. Now, it's not like like what have you done for me lately? It's not like you've forgotten me, you know what I mean? Hey, you Democrats, you're you're trying to help everybody else and you've forgotten who really butters your bread.


No, no. They're against the New York police. Yeah. How are they? Surprised and disappointed and angered. They're all on the streets saying they should be defunded.


They're taking millions and millions of dollars away from their budgets. They're saying whenever they do anything to defend their own lives that they're criminals. I would not want to go anywhere near a Democrat right now if I was a police officer. How do any of them could possibly even be voting for a Democrat, let alone support of the police officers? Union president said, I've got thirty six years on this job. Twenty one is the president. I can't remember when we've ever endorsed for office of the president of the United States until now.


That's how important this is.


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Shave secret dotcom. A show you might like is Pat Gray Unleash, it's available on Billie's gonna use the promo code and save yourself ten bucks for your legs.


This is the Glenn Beck program.


My producers would like me to make this into a bigger deal and I just feel awkward doing it. But we have an announcement to make. I have been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Wow.


And congratulations. Really exciting. Very financially and and. And thank you.


If you voted. Thank you so much. I suspect mail in voter fraud.


Well, Donald Trump and Russia, he fixed it and they were. Yeah, they were instrumental. They were.


Yeah. That it was it's you know, I, I, I didn't even think about it and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, you know, and ask you for your vote.


I was very uncomfortable the whole time because it doesn't make a difference in the listeners life.


Professional wouldn't have been that uncomfortable with someone who were going into the radio hall of Fame would just be able to do his job.


But yeah, but, you know, you were very uncomfortable. It was it was noticeable. Yeah.


And I don't because it doesn't it doesn't affect you in your life, but it is an honor. And I, I, I've been thinking about it. I just found out about it and I was thinking about it over the weekend that, you know, that's Jack Benny and Bob Hope and Larry and Lou, Jack and Charlie Tuna and Rush Limbaugh and Rush Limbaugh.


I mean, it's it is just just in Mark Levin. Yeah. Yeah.


So it's quite a it's quite a field to be in with and it's a real honor.


And my I thank you a great deal for just listening to us and I honestly don't know how I got into the Radio Hall of Fame as I am.


I stand by the worst broadcaster in America, but that's just how low America's standards are right now. We should probably say the onset of how much we had to do with it. Yeah, you know, I mean, it really is a it's really an honor for us, Glenn. And so we thank the Radio Hall of Fame. Right. That honor.


So I will tell you that I have to select somebody to induct me. And so I I don't know which one to ask here, because you both are so great. But, Pat, do you know of somebody I should ask that would be really good to see.


And still you because I'm going to ask you to him. But if you have something to ask me to do this. No, I'm just going to ask you if you know somebody that would be, you know, important that, you know, would be. I don't know of anybody that really.


Yeah. You know, I'm singing with you a long time. Yeah.


I was thinking, Ben Shapiro, maybe, you know. Yeah, yeah. I was thinking maybe Ben would be good. I might be a good idea. All right.


OK, I want to we're going back to the convention and it's going to be an exciting convention tonight and nobody's going to watch it. But in case you happen to be in, I don't know, critical care unit and you have no access to the remote control. And it's on CNN. This is who you will see tonight.


James Clyburn of South Carolina, riveting, the highest ranking black member of Congress at a hugely influential figure. Wow.


So you have you have Clyburn kicking it off and arguably saving Joe Biden's campaign.


That is, he gets the day one. Yeah. I mean, I guess it's the opener. So that's kind of a big deal. But day one.


Yeah, and nobody's carrying that first hour then you. So it's only the people watching on Zoome.


They will say they respect minorities. Those those Democrats. They do. They love what they do.


How about Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada. Pretty excited about her, really psyched about that lecture. And then you're coming to Andrew Cuomo.


Oh, my gosh, don't touch her. He's really they're really giving they're really giving him a platform to.


Now, this this really bothers you for some reason.


I Andrew Cuomo is awful, Duncombe. Remember that? Of course he is the worst. He's the worst the worst response.


No, but the coronavirus in the world that includes people handling pangolins in what is the worst.


Not worse than Donald Trump, though. Much worse than Donald Trump.


Really. Yeah. Yeah. It's interesting.


You notice that like Donald Trump, you could say he has over his oversight over the entire nation, not Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo infected the entire nation because people who did such a bad job and he was encouraging people to go out and live their life as normal.


And, you know, fear is much worse than the virus. It kept saying that I read every interview over and over again.


Fear is much worse than this virus. Fear as much all the way up to like late March, like he's still there for you is much worse that this virus. So what's happened? Is he one of getting tens of thousands of people in his state killed more than any other state, by far the second highest per capita in the nation behind only New Jersey, which. Were all people from New York, from Connecticut? I think it was fourth, so all those people also from New York going into Connecticut and infecting them, they've done an analysis of of the genetic breakdown all across the country, including California, California, Idaho, Wyoming, 80 percent.


The New York strain. Yeah, yeah. Thanks a lot, Andrew. You did a great job.


Wait, wait, wait. That is only because Donald Trump did not say that it was coming from Europe.


Oh, really? That's because that's so what we're going to do is we're going to blame wherever it came from most recently. That's what it was. That's how this works. I want to make sure I understand it, because if that's true, then everyone in America should blame Andrew Cuomo, because that's where it all came from, was New York.


Yeah, but what about his genius idea, sending sick people to nursing homes? Well, yeah, that was that was a great good idea. Now, sure, first of all, he did that, OK.


Now he did that along with four other governors. Also did that. He was the only one in America, however, that prevented nursing homes when they were bringing in new patients, prevented them from testing on the basis of the he did not want to to discriminate against their covid status.


So if you were Kovik positive or negative, it's like you know, it's like being it's like being black or being gay or whatever. You can't discriminate against infectious disease sensitive tests.


This used to happen. This has happened a lot in the old leper caves and the leper colonies. Yeah. When one leper was transferred to another colony, there were several colonies.


They were democratic colonies that said you can't test him for leprosy, you can't do it.


You killed your face was falling off. You might have been a clue. I mean, it's just possible.


And we should point out here that Cuomo also wants all of this happened and tens of thousands of his own citizens died in what seems to be a plot from an evil madman to kill as many old people as possible once that went down. He then in the middle of all of this going on, changed the way they record deaths of people in nursing homes so that people who were in nursing homes got sick and nursing homes were close to death in nursing homes at the last minute, were taken via ambulance to a hospital.


He doesn't count them as nursing home deaths. So he's the the only state in the union that does that. Then even though he knows he does that, he goes out and brags about how low his death total is from nursing homes. It's unbelievable.


It's he is the biggest liar in America. But he and his aides did such a terrible job. The fact that anyone gives them any credit for this is mind boggling. And he belongs perfectly on stage at that stupid convention tonight.


That's really I mean, that's evil. What he did was evil. Yeah, just evil.


And the covering of the tracks. I mean, look, we all make mistakes. And if you would have, you know, made the mistake. But this was so apparent and so clear. I mean, the nursing homes were coming to him. They told him over and over again, you're killing our patients, you're killing. No way to deal with this.


Right. They're not set up to deal with a pandemic. That's not what nursing homes are.


That's not the way they said. We don't even have private rooms for these people. They're multiple people in the same room. You put a covid positive person in there. What is going to happen to the most vulnerable population? They're getting covid.


Of course they're going to go for it. OK, so go go through the rest of the list here of who else is there, Senator Doug Jones of Alabama, who's just about to lose his seat. So that's great to get some final little Hail Mary there.


John Kasich, Republican John Kasich. Really?


Well, he is a Republican. Yeah, give him that. He really is a Republican.


He's the guy who is probably the most responsible for Donald Trump. Winning Donald Trump should love John Kasich because John Kasich not getting out. At least this is a theory.


And I don't know if it I don't know if it would have been true because Trump was a juggernaut.


You know, he would have won anyway. But if he. Yeah, but if the only chance of him not winning, what would be if he would have dropped out of Kasich would have dropped out because he just held a lot of people that were not Trump people and it could have gone to somebody else. So he did trump a favor.


And he's probably the most clearly responsible guy for the Trump presidency.


And so I welcome him over there.


I welcome him again. Amy Klobuchar, she surged to a third place finish in the New Hampshire primary, then dropped out and endorsed Mr Biden. And so he's awarding her because she was early on the bandwagon. Then you got Representative Gwen Moore of Wisconsin. Love her. Michelle Obama, former first lady, can't wait to hear that.


Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Mo. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the Bennie Thompson, the Bennie Thompson. I know a lot of people have been clamoring. When is Bennie Thompson going to speak? Right.


And then other people are like, oh, I'm sorry, who is so. This is what this is what they're doing tonight. Now, let me ask you and Gretchen Whitmer, who is don't forget don't forget her. So you have you have these people speaking. And many of them I mean, Cuomo is responsible for what is happening in New York. New York is dead, as we will show you in the next hour. It is absolutely dead, may not come back.


I mean, it's phenomenal what's going on in New York.


And media is not covering it. You have these people that have also not condemned any of the violence on the streets. Listen to this.


This is from Seattle's BLM as they are marching in neighborhoods.


Now, listen to this. Or a little quiet, so it's a silent prayer. It is a silent protest.


Do you have a powerful God to show you, you know, that you are living up to? You know what? This was all black people historically Native American, and they really did. Yeah, well, you know, people like you came in here and basically a black person was were kicked them out. So you can live here. Do you know that? What are you doing? They're telling them, get out of your house. Give us your house.


White people need to give up their house. And this is this is. Yeah, this is something that has been going on now for a while in other cities. Let me play one more. This is from Minnesota.


Listen to the mad man at a Black Lives Matter rally here can see right here. We are told this is in a white neighborhood. Oh, the Klan existed. You go to Minnesota and it's right here. It would like this. White people here. Oh, yeah. They put.


Joe Madison, the black people were the police. This is not cool. It's not OK. Can you imagine how you feel if you're a white person? Oh, yes.


And and he asked the crowd, see if we give a F about burning this town down. I mean, if you are a white person, you have to be terrified right now. And I just don't believe that there is an overwhelming number of Democrats who are cool with the Democratic Party playing footsie with these people, saying that we should get rid of the police. It's why guns have never been higher than they are right now.


Gun sales are through the roof right now. Never, ever been been higher than they are in the last month, up one hundred and fifty two percent.


Yeah, it's crazy. And why is that happening? Because of the Democrats.


You're damn right. Because of the Democrats. Remember, they they're the ones that you wouldn't even have a gun or an opportunity to buy a gun while this was going on in your neighborhoods, in your cities, they would have you disarmed and cut the police and endorse these people in your neighborhoods. I'm sorry. I just don't think there's one hundred and fifty five percent increase in gun sales, these kinds of people in the streets who are yelling those kinds of things to white people and you're going to vote for the party that dismisses it.


No, I just don't buy.


They tell you about LifeLock, troubling news in the cyber world yet again, over 900 enterprise VPN servers were recently hacked and the ransomware gangs responsible have shared usernames and passwords. Harbord harvested there in a private forum, Enterprise VPN, largely used by companies who have employees working at home. So practically everybody basically wants the cybercrime criminals hack into the VPN server. They have access to the entire internal network of the company. If you work for one of those companies, they have access to your information and it's important to understand how this and identity theft will work.


We put our information at risk every time we're on the Internet, but now with all of us, with Zoome, I mean, they could get tens of peoples of their information, tens of people, just by going on to zoom tonight and hacking into the people watching the conference for the DNC.


I mean, maybe eight people could be. And no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But LifeLock can see the threats that you might miss on your own. Join now and save up to twenty five percent of your first year by using promo code back. Its one 800 LifeLock, one 800 LifeLock or LifeLock dotcom. Use the promo code back, save twenty five percent. LifeLock Dotcom.


This is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We are glad you're here. Coming up next hour, we have some some very, very important information as far as it goes to the economy and and what is coming.


Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway has just invested 700 million dollars in gold safe for me.


Just do the same thing last week, right? Exactly. 700 million, too.


And Wall Street is like why you make so much money on Wall Street. Yeah, I know you can. And pigs get slaughtered.


There is there are things that are coming your way that you need to be aware of. And we'll tell you about those coming up next hour.


Also, what's happening in New York City has really been put into focus by James Altura.


He is he's a pretty amazing guy.


Been on this program before. I really like him. But he is a New York City city native. He is a guy who's just a plain talker and, you know, talks to everybody and just shoot straight. What he had to say about what's coming next for you and for New York will give you an idea of what's coming for the rest of the country coming up.


Hello, America, and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. There is a lot to discuss this hour. I'm going to tell you how New York City is dead and is not coming back. It's a really strong and sad, sad case. Also how the dollar is doing and what's not coming back. All that begins in 60 seconds. Information you must have to navigate the waters that are coming your way. We begin in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program.


So how's your financial health doing right now? It is a critical thing to pay attention to, especially with the future being so uncertain. It's why you need to be asking yourself, what are some of the things that I could do to save money right now? How can I cut some of my monthly cost that's already draining my bank account? If you're a homeowner, one of the best things you can do is to explore a refinancing of your mortgage.


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So it's really rare that I will read a full article on the air, but I I want to read this from James Altura.


He he wrote on his LinkedIn account, I love New York City. When I first moved to New York City was a dream come true. Every corner was like a theater production happening right in front of me. So much personality, so many stories. Every subculture I loved was in New York City. I could play chess all day and all night. You know, it's one of the things about New York City is I've done that.


I've gone out in the middle of the night or whatever and just walked around. And you will come across these places, these chess rooms where these Russians are playing chess. And you could just sit down and play anybody. And it's it's phenomenal.


And it's like that with everything in New York said I could go to comedy clubs, I could start any type of business, I could meet people. I had family, friends, opportunities, no matter what happened to me, New York was a net I could fall back on and bounce back up. But now it's completely dead. But New York City always bounces back. They say, no, not this time, but New York City is the center of the financial universe.


Opportunities will flourish here again. No, not this time. NYC is experienced worse. No, it hasn't. A Facebook group formed a few weeks ago that was for people who were planning a move and wanted others to talk to and advise, give them advice. Within two or three days, it had 10000 members. Every day I see more and more posts. I've been in New York City forever, but I guess this time I have to say goodbye.


Every single day I see those posts. I've been screened shotting them for my scrapbook. The three most important reasons to move to New York City business opportunities, culture and food and of course, friends.


But if everything I say is even one tenth of what I think, there won't be as many opportunities to make friends. And that equals business. Midtown Manhattan, the center of business in New York City, is empty, even though people can go back to work. Famous office buildings like the time life skyscraper is 90 percent empty. Businesses realize they don't need to get their employees at the office. In fact, they realize they're even more productive without everyone back in the office.


The time life building can handle 8000 workers. Now it maybe has five hundred workers back in the building. What do you mean?


A friend of mine said when I told a midtown should be called Ghost Town. I'm in my office right now. Really?


What are you doing there? I asked, packing up. Then he laughed. Oh, yeah, I'm shutting it down.


He works in the entertainment business. Another friend of mine works at a major investment bank, is a managing director. Before the pandemic, he was at the office every day, sometimes working six a.m. to 10 p.m. He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. As of June, he told me, I have never been to Phoenix. And then he moved there and he does all of his meetings on Zoome. I was talking to a book editor. He's been out of the city since early March.


We've all been working fine. I'm not sure why we would ever need to go back to the office again. One friend of mine, Derek Halpern, was convinced he'd stay. He put up a Facebook post the other day saying he might be changing his mind. Derek wrote, In the last week, I've watched a homeless person lose his mind and start attacking random pedestrians, including spitting on, throwing stuff at and swatting. I've seen several single parents with a child child asking for money for food.


And then when somebody gave them food, they tossed the food right back at them. I watched a man yell racist slurs, every single race of people while charging, then stopping before going too far, far and worse. I've been living in New York City for ten years. It has definitely gotten worse and there is no end in sight. My favorite park is Madison Square Park. About a month ago, nineteen year old girl was shot and killed across the street.


I don't think I have an answer, but what I do think is clear. It's time to move out of New York City. And I'm not the only one who feels this way either. In my building alone, the rent has plummeted by 30 percent. More people are moving away than ever.


So it's not goodbye yet. But a long life.


New Yorker is thinking about it and quote, I pick his post out, but I could have picked dozens of others.


People say New York City has been through a lot worse than it always comes back. No and no. First, when has New York City been through worse? Even in the 1970s and through the 80s when New York City was going bankrupt, even when it was the crime capital of the U.S. or close to it, it was still the capital of business world, meaning it was the primary place young people would go to build wealth and find opportunity. It was culturally on top of its game, home to artists theater media had.


To publish publishing, it was probably the food capital of the U.S., New York City has never been locked down for five months, not in in any pandemic, any war financial crises, never in the midst of the polio epidemic, when little kids, including my mother, were going paralyzed or dying, New York City didn't go through this.


This is not to say what should or should not have been done. That part is over. But now we have to deal with what is in early March. Many people, not me, left New York when they felt it would provide safety from the virus and they no longer needed to go to work. And all the restaurants were closed and people figured, I'll go out for a month or two and come back, but they're still gone.


Then in June, during rioting and looting, a second wave of New Yorkers, this time me left.


I have kids.


Nothing wrong with protests. But I was nervous when I saw videos of rioters after curfew trying to break into my building. Many people left temporarily, but there were people living permanently. Friends of mine moved to Nashville, Miami, Austin, Denver, Salt Lake, Austin, Dallas. Now, a third wave of people are leaving, but they might be too late. Prices are down 30 to 50 percent on both rentals and sales, no matter what real estate agents tell you.


And rentals are soaring in the second and third tier cities. I can tell you this from firsthand experience.


If you are moving to someplace like Idaho or Wyoming, I have family in both.


And they are saying that right now, the real estate, you put your house up, it will sell sight unseen here in Dallas.


Somebody, some real estate agent I talked to said they closed their second zoom or Skype home, that people are moving so fast that people are just saying just just show it to me. Just just walk through it with me on your phone.


The real estate agent does. They're like, good, I'll take it. That's crazy. That is crazy. I'm temporarily, although maybe permanently in south Florida now. I also got my play sight unseen. Robin was looking at listings around Miami and then she saw an area we had never been to before.


We found three houses we liked. She called the first real estate agent place no one just rented that morning, 50 percent higher than the asking price place. Number two also rented to New Yorkers. Place number three available.


We'll take it. We said the first time we physically saw it was when we flew down and moved in.


This is temporary, right? I confirmed with Robin, but I don't know. I'm starting to like the sun a little bit. I mean, when it's behind the shades and I'm in air conditioning. But let's move on for a second. Business businesses are remote and they aren't returning to the office, and it's a death spiral. The longer offices remain empty, the longer they'll remain empty. In 2005, a hedge fund manager was visiting my office and said in Manhattan, you're practically trip over opportunities in the street.


But now the streets are empty. I own a comedy club, stand up, New York's 17th and Broadway. I'm very proud of the club, grateful for my fellow owners and my manager. It's a great club. We've been around since eighty six before then. It was a theater. One time Henry Winkler stopped by to come on my podcast and he was the one who told me it had been a theater. He said, I grew up two doors down from here, used to perform there as a kid.


Then I went out to L.A. to be the Fonz. And now I'm back here full circle to be on your podcast. This place has history. Things like that happen in New York.


We had a show in May, it was an outdoor show, everybody social distanced, but we were shut down by the police. I guess we were super spreading humor during a very serious time. The club is doing something fun. We're doing shows outside in the park. It's a great idea. And time like this, businesses need to give to the community and not complain. Broadway is closed until at least spring. Lincoln Center is closed. All the museums are closed.


Forget about the tens of thousands of jobs lost in those cultural centers. Forget even about the millions of dollars of tourist and tourist generated revenues lost by the closing of those centers. There are thousands of performers, producers, artists, the entire ecosystem of art theater, production, curation that surrounds just those cultural centers, people who have worked all their lives for the right to perform even once on Broadway, whose lives and careers are now on hold. I get it.


There was a pandemic. But the question is what happens now? What happens next? And given the uncertainty, since there is no known answer and given the fact that people, cities, economies loathe uncertainty, we don't know the answer. And that's a bad thing for New York City right now. Broadway is closed until at least early 2021.


But is that true? We don't know. And what does it mean? Will we only have twenty five percent capacities? Broadway shows can't survive on that. Hot dog stands outside of Lincoln Center and outside on the streets. Finished my favorite restaurant closed for good. Commercial real estate, if building owners and landlords lose their prime tenants storefronts, the bottom floor of the offices, the will to do office, top floors they go to and they'll go out of business.


And what happens when they go out of business? Actually, nothing. And that's the bad news. People who would have rented, bought and say, wow, everybody is saying New York City is heading back to the 1970s and the prices might be 50 percent lower than they were a year ago.


But better safe than sorry. I think I'll wait then. Everyone waiting prices go down so people see prices go down and say, good thing I waited. But what happens if I wait even more? This is called a deflationary spiral. People wait, prices go down. Nobody wins because the landlords or owners go broke and less money gets spent in the city. Nobody moves in, no motion in the market and people already owning in the area can afford to hang on, have to wait longer to return to their restaurants, their services that they were used to.


Will prices go down enough that everyone buys? Maybe, maybe not. There are also 600000 college students spread out through New York City from Columbia to Fordham to St. John's. Will they require remote learning? Will kids even be on the campus? Yeah, but New York City always comes back.


I live three blocks from Ground Zero on 9/11. Downtown where I lived was destroyed, but it came roaring back within two years. And in 2008, nine much suffering during the Great Recession, much again hardship. But things came roaring back. But this time it is different. You're never supposed to say this, but this time it's true. If you believe this time is no different than New York City is resilient, I hope you're right. I don't benefit at all for saying this.


I love New York. I was born there. I live there forever. I still live there. I love everything about New York City. I won twenty nineteen back, but this time it is different. The difference is bandwidth. We now have meetings on Zoome twenty megabytes per second. That's more than enough for high quality video. Before we couldn't remotely work. Now we can. We are officially a B after bandwidth and for the entire history of New York City.


Until now we were before bandwidth.


It goes on, and I highly recommend that you listen to it or you watch it or read it. It's from James Altura and he is a great, great podcast for this particular piece was written for LinkedIn.


And it is New York City is Dead Forever. And here's why.


It is a very sad thing. New York is the problem with New York is it is a love hate relationship with everyone who lives there.


You absolutely hate it because it's the worst of the worst and it's the most expensive and everything else. But you love it because there is truly no other city on Earth like it.


There was a video posted. Can we play this video? There was a video posted just the other day about New York City.


And it shows the empty streets of New York City and it is Fifth Avenue, every block after block after block, everything is boarded, closed not because of covid, but because of riots and looting. It's now a very dangerous city and nothing is going on. There are no shops to go into, no museums, no shows. You're just trapped in New York City.


This is what it is. Not a good situation.


And unfortunately. Unfortunately, that's going to happen to a lot of our cities, more in just a second. First, we want to thank our sponsor, our sponsor is Goldline, the Federal Reserve has absolutely nothing but our best interest in mind. I mean, I completely trust them, don't you?


Yeah, I don't know if you've heard about this or not, but the Federal Reserve is currently working with MIT to hypothetically develop a digital currency for them to play around with.


I mean, for them to manage the economy with.


I'm I'm I'm I'm really not sure exactly when this is going to happen, but it is going to happen and it will make things digital.


Currency will make them able to do things like direct money transfer. How great is that?


The Fed will just be able to wire money directly and instantly to Americans without any kind of middleman.


This is coming and I'm going to show you in a few minutes why this is so dangerous and what it actually means. On an unrelated note, by which I mean a very related note, gold continues to rise in value. About to tell you here that Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett's firm, just spent 700 million dollars buying gold.


Why? When the stock market's doing so well, because they know they better hedge their bet because gold is the last place that everybody goes when everything goes to hell and it's on its way to hell.


Gang projections over three thousand dollars an ounce for gold. You need to look to investing a portion of your portfolio into precious metals, gold or silver. And everybody in this audience can afford at least a couple of ounces of silver called Gold Line. Tell them you want to find out right now about their five dollar gold liberty coins, which I have already invested in here recently in the last couple of months. Tell them I sent you a call gold line now at 866 Gold Line.


That's 866 Gold Line or Gold Line. Dotcom 10 second station at eight.


You know, it's that kind of broadcasting that I think is so exciting and so riveting and so well done. That's why I have been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame this year. Never formally requested a recount on that, but so far, no, no, no results.


Well, the Russians were involved. They had to decide. The Russians were involved. So I want to thank you if you voted for me.


And I want to thank you to all of the people. The you know, the listeners counted for one twenty third of the vote and then there were 22 other people on the board that, you know, are in our industry that had to vote. And it was an honor just to be nominated.


It really was. And it would suck to lose, especially to NPR.


But I'm really grateful and I can't wait until the ceremony and in November. All right.


I have to tell you about what's happening with the Fed and what's happening with our with our money, you know, let me let me start here.


The the Fed has. Is printing money like it's going out of style now? And they're taking the Federal Reserve is printing the money to buy U.S. Treasuries and the Fed only keeps Treasury yields sufficient to offset inflation, the rest is retained by the the Treasury.


The Fed doesn't profit off of the U.S. Treasury purchases, but the idea is that the money pumped in to the U.S. government by the Fed won't cause inflation. That's what they think.


That is ridiculous. It's ridiculous.


But they say it's not because it doesn't enter the real or general economy when the government spends it or gives it away is welfare or reparations.


But again, what is it that that or is that money going? Where's that money going?


Give it away as welfare to we would assume a person and person would theoretically spend it on something, correct?


I think that's how that works. Or if they're going to do a stimulus package and they're going to hire a bunch of people to do road construction. Where does that money go? Where does that money just fully embrace modern monetary theory here? Exactly. Not a conversation. Exactly right. And I'm going to explain that. And our federal debt at twenty seven trillion dollars. Twenty seven trillion dollars by the end of twenty twenty.


This is the Glenn Beck program. Gosh, all right, let me tell you about our sponsor and we want to thank all of our sponsors for being so loyal to us and being here, real estate agents, I trust it's kind of like thanking myself because this is my business.


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What I recommend is the free service to you real estate agents. I trust the name says it all. These are the people that we have done our homework on six ways to Sunday to make sure that they're the best, in our opinion, in your area. Go there now and work with the best of the best real estate agents. I trust Dotcom. Go to place TV.com Aglen. The promo code is Glen to watch the show of radio, Hall of Famer.


Whatever. Glenn Beck. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. I want to talk to you about what our Fed and our Treasury are doing, and it is really, really much worse than you think. And I think you're starting to get a handle on that. We're not coming back. I'm sorry.


And I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news here, but I somebody has to tell you the truth.


Normal is never coming back, it's never coming back, and or at least it's not for many, many, many years.


And I think James Alzira was gave a great description of what's happening in New York, just not coming back because everything has changed.


Part of this is what I talked about, that great tech disruption that was coming. I told you it would be coming in the next five years and it just came through the coronavirus where people were going to realize, wait a minute, we don't need all these jobs or we don't need to work in these cities. And it would be a giant disruption to the system.


And people we would have remember, I said 30 to 50 percent unemployment was coming in the next five years while we're at 11 percent.


But they were predicting thirty five percent. So the disruption is happening now. But what's about to come is much worse than what we've already seen because the medicine is far worse than the disease. The CBO has now estimated that in 2018, the interest costs on our debt would consume all projected discretionary spending in dollars in a projected budget by twenty twenty six. So this is what the CBO said in twenty eighteen, that by twenty twenty six we would have no money in our budget except for the interest on the debt.


As of now, that number now is twenty, twenty four. But that number could come down if inflation heats up and interest rates spike up.


So as long as interest rates stay the way they are and inflation stays the way it is, we have until twenty, twenty four.


Interest cost on the debt, even at hyper low interest rates that we're seeing right now, is just shy of 600 billion dollars and that was in 2019 when the debt was twenty two trillion. By the end of this year, the federal debt will be around 27 trillion and current projections on interest cost will be 720 billion. So almost a trillion dollars just in interest, even including the Fed discount on interest costs. That's what you're looking at. The total federal tax revenue is two trillion dollars.


So the cost to service just the debt will consume 40 percent of income tax dollars collected.


Next year. In 1971, that cost to service the debt was two percent. It's now going to be 40 next year. That's assuming everything goes well, interest costs then we're five percent today. The government gets to borrow from the ZET, the Fed at one point five percent cost. But the cost to service is still consuming ever more of our federal budget.


We are now doing modern monetary theory, with the exception that the Fed is a private company. They are not issuing sovereign currency.


It's the Fed. So the losses at the Fed could actually put the Fed out of business. The underlying shareholders, these five big banks, remember the ones we've been bailing out? That's the Fed.


And so we've been bailing them out and they claim they're bailing us out, if we issued a sovereign currency from the government, they could effectively print any amount of money they wished forever, with the resulting hyperinflation having the same effect as bankruptcy because the purchasing power of the bills they'd be printing would end up having no real value to them, and they'd just be turned back into, you know, starting fires or toilet paper or making bluejeans.


There's an article out now in Forbes that you should read, and it is correct, if it is truly all of it correct, the federal debt will reach seventy eight billion dollars. Seventy eight billion dollars by twenty twenty eight. Sorry, 78 trillion. That's great news 70, really, really sorry. Seventy eight trillion, the cost to service that amount of debt will be close to the entire federal budget, about two point eight trillion dollars. Just to pay the interest you want to talk about being a slave, you get nothing from the federal government.


There is no opportunity to to fix anything in our country. And we all work as hard as we are now just to service the debt. And Wall Street wonders. Why Warren Buffett just invested 700 million dollars in gold. It's pretty clear when will this may be made clear so the average person can actually prepare.


On Wednesday, we have a special coming up, but before we go there, I want to go to Jason Botterill. Jason is our chief researcher. Is he on the line?


Is he ready to go? And Jason is here, he's going to give us an update on what happened with the federal government and the investigation into the Russia scandal.


We were expecting big news and it was kind of lackluster, unless you really kind of understand that it looks like he may be working with the government to give bigger names.


Jason, welcome to the program. What happened Friday? Thanks, Glenn.


Yeah, it's it does seem kind of lackluster. We'll get to that in a second. But what's crazy lackluster was you really have to take this story back eight months ago when the DOJ inspector general first brought out these significant inaccuracies and omissions, which when you read them, they sounded a lot worse than just inaccuracies and omissions.


Correct. One of them was the case of FBI lawyer number two, which we now know is Kevin Kleinsmith. He's the one that is pleading guilty to what the second lackluster, lackluster thing is providing a false statement.


Now, when you go through the case, it's a heck of a lot more than just providing a false statement. What he did was you got an Emmy as a CIA so that you know anything about Carter Page. What's up with this guy? And the CIA said, yeah, he's good, good dude. We use him for he's an asset of ours. He gives us information on Russians, all this stuff. So you got to imagine the conversation in the background like, wait a minute.


And now we're making the case that he's an agent of Russia, not one of your agents. So what Kevin Kleinsmith did was he altered the email that said he's an asset of the CIA. Do he's not an ass at one of our assets. He changed it. He doctored evidence is what he did. He didn't provide a false statement. He doctored evidence so that they could spy on the Trump campaign. That's what happened. Are you seeing this in the media?


I hardly see this at all. Those showing the lackluster, you know, headlines, that's all they're showing.


This was a big deal eight months ago. It's a huge deal now. So you got to wonder, why didn't they just indict him eight months ago? Right. Didn't they?


And why why is this being played down and why is it just why is it being made? You know that Barr knows this is a very big deal.


So why are they dismissing this and he's pleading guilty? Do you think that it was a plea and a plea bargain? Absolutely think it was a plea bargain.


There's evidence there's more evidence within the entire indictment that says that Kleinsmith provided the real email to multiple people in the FBI.


So when you think about that, when you're looking so right now, they haven't dinged him on conspiracy. Now, that's big. When you get conspiracy, this is going to blow up. And I think Durham already has it. I really do, because once he delivered that information to everybody else, then you have multiple people. That's where the conspiracy charge will come in.


So there's multiple other people that were involved.


They knew the true information that Carter Page was not an agent of Russia. He was one of our agents. They knew this. Now, how many people will get tangled up in this web? That's why I believe you're getting this lackluster charge right now. They could have dinged him for a lot of tampering evidence. That's what this was not providing a false statement. So what they're doing now or what they have been doing, in my opinion, as they have been talking to him, who else is involved?


Who did you get this information for? Where did it go from there? Take us down this road. I think all of that is will be part of the Durham report.


And I think this is just the first casualty in a very, very big.


Did you did you walk away thinking because you and I have been afraid that only the little guys are going to get nailed? Did you walk away from the charges on Friday thinking there's a chance this is going to really get some some really it'll get interesting here?


Some really big names might go.


I got to be honest with you, Glenn. No, I do not. I think that, again, it's the third tier people that you talked about in the show not too long ago. It's the people that you never heard of. You know, it's the it's the people like an attorney.


Kevin Kleinsmith, we heard of this guy. He'll get dinged. You'll get people like Peter struck, you'll get people like that that will start to go down that that crazy Russian guy that that the Steele dossier was using that was actually living here.


You're not going to see a Susan Rice. You're not going to see us. Well, I'm I don't.


So I thought that she was actually going to be named VP to help insulate her. And me, too. I still think that you won't, but I still think she'll be insulated. I actually they got to get her in the cabinet. If it's if it's if Biden and Kamala win, then they instantly bring her in, probably secretary of state, that if they if they win, this is all over the way with it.


This is done. Yeah.


Thank you very much, Jason. I appreciate it. So the media for now, for years has been that Trump worked with the Russians to cheat in the 2016 election. He tried to work with Ukraine later to dig up dirt on Biden so he could cheat in this year's election. That's what that impeachment was all about. And we know all of we know the truth on that. And if you don't go back and watch our specials on the election, the over.


Whelming evidence points to exactly the opposite, that the Democrats were working with Russia and Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election and then some and they first did it by promoting the disinformation in the Steele dossier, which don't forget was opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Then there was the DNC contractor Chalupa, soliciting the Aranea of the Ukrainian embassy for dirt on Donald Trump and Paul Manafort. But now they've got a different tact. They are still saying that they are that Donald Trump is working with Russia and Russia is the real threat, not China.


China is fine there. But they're not only doing that, they have a new game that they're playing.


First, they're pushing mail in ballots as the only way to vote this November, the only way you can vote is through these mail in ballots.


Second, there now pushing a narrative that Donald Trump is trying to kill off the U.S. Postal Service so he can sabotage America's mail in votes and steal the election.


The Democrats and the media insist there are zero problems with voting by mail. That is completely false and all of us know it. But on Wednesday night, I'm going to show you the problems and the fraud that comes with universal mail in voting and why Democrats are pushing this so hard. It's a preview of the November nightmare that all of this could lead to. And I just want to give you a taste of the supposedly nonexistent fraud that Democrats in the media don't want you to know about.


When the House Democrats passed their Heroes Act in May, it included a provision that would allow what's called ballot harvesting.


And yes, it's as bad as it sounds where essentially paid activists can canvass neighborhoods to collect people's mail in ballots. It already happened in Florida in twenty sixteen in Palm Beach, two Democrats running for office went door to door themselves, helping people fill out their ballots and then collect them. Be sure there's no fraud at all with voting by mail. That's Wednesday, special only on the Glenn Beck television program on Bleys TV.com.


Right now, you are doing everything you can to keep your head above water, you're doing everything you can to, you know, keep your job going straight, keep your finances, keep your house, keep your family with the kids at home in school. I mean, I don't know how you do it.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck.


This is the Glenn Beck program. We're glad you're here. Executive producer Steve ReGear is also with us. Yeah, really concerned. And we've been talking a lot about it today about voter fraud and the possibilities of mass voter fraud. We've seen it happen with the Radio Hall of Fame, both that just one town where obviously Glenn Beck couldn't have possibly won, but he was announced as the winner. It seems impossible to me. You know, I've been looking into it.


I've been using Donald Trump as a scapegoat this whole time. Nobody sees I'm good friends with the postmaster general. Nobody saw this one coming. Now blaming it and say, oh, it's the elections in November. No, the real elections for November Radio Hall of Fame. And I am pleased to announce that I was nominated and I will be inducted this November is the Glenn Beck program.