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Today on the podcast, we talked to Ambassador David Friedman about the developments in Japan, Israel and the Middle East with the new big deal, a peace arrangement that's going on there. We talked to Pat Gray, who comes in and we do a segment of just shocking news. News you just will not believe. At least it's stunning to the media. I'm not sure if it will be surprising to you. Robert George joins us about how academics are being attacked for any conservative views.


And we talk about a little bit about Herschel Walker, who former, of course, NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner who wound up a really interesting conversation with Glenn on the podcast that comes out this weekend. If you subscribe to this podcast. You'll get it in your feed. Luckily, Glenn doesn't spend too much time on sports because that would just be, you know, obviously terrible because he wouldn't know what to ask. But Herschel Walker story is fascinating and they go through that.


You can get access to that on this podcast feed this weekend. Or if you have Blayse TV, you can get it there right now. Bleys, TV.com, Aglen. The promo code is Glenn for 10 bucks off. You can subscribe there. Also, check out Stu. Does America tonight talk about a really big accomplishment of the Trump administration on tonight's program? I can watch that on YouTube to search for my name, and I'll be the first one there.


Here's the podcast.


You're listening to the best of the music program.


Right now, we have Pat Gray, who is the host of Pat Gray Unleased and here in a surgical mask, which my long standing policy to, you know, just keep the virus at bay is your long standing, long standing policy really?


I've been watching you for the last few weeks. And so you've noticed that I've messed up quite a bit. Never, never seen you in a mask. Yeah, it's weird.


It's just that it's weird. It's just weird. It's just weird because you've been in I haven't noticed necessarily wearing it for the past few months when you were coming in here every day.


But today you are. And icon. Is it because you have someone who definitely has covered sitting next to you?


OK, that's it. That's OK. That's it. That's the difference. I don't have covid I don't have because of the certainty of the virus being in the room. That's the difference. That's not what I like. I don't have code that there's a distinction here.


Everybody in his family had covid and he sleeps with one of them that has covid.


And so he has covid, you know, and he looks and he looks the part. Thank you. Thank you. Well, if if inflation of your skin is part of covid, I've got it bad.


I'm really bad. I was thinking about it last night. I haven't slept on a scale, but I bet it's the covid 40. Yeah. God, I don't want to be near that scale. Yeah it's.


Yeah it's not good. It's not good. Not good. It's not good. I was sick. Not for any of us. I was, I was thinking about that last night. I was having some of your wife's cookies and I was thinking, wow, I got to stop and but I didn't strangely didn't at all. That's weird. So Pat, what are the things that that are on your mind today that you little bothered about?


You guys missing the big story?


I mean, you're talking around it, but you won't you won't discuss the real issue about this Postal Service thing. OK, all right.


Taylor Swift has sounded off in a powerful, powerful way, really, and has called the president a blatant cheat. And he is dismantling the US Postal.


Oh, my God, she's smart. She's really she's brilliant. Listen to this. Trump's calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing. Clearly, he's well aware we don't want him as our president. He's chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans lives at risk in order to hold on to power. And he is dismantling the US Postal Service. Well, if by dismantling you mean he has loaned them an additional ten billion dollars, then yes, you're exactly.


That's the way that's the way you take somebody apart, you know what I mean? You get ten billion dollars. That's not there are struggling business. Well, there's going to be more, but just not on that cheque. You know, somebody's struggling business. You're like, help me, help me, help me. And you're like, I am going to put them out of business.


More predatory lending. I'm going to give that. We're seeking a billion dollars. That's it, right? Yeah. It's not actually a loan, Stu.


It's not a loan. It's just write the check. Yeah.


Here's the money for a very good loan.


And you talked about the fact that they're removing some of the blue mailboxes where you put your mail because that's what they do.


When nobody uses those boxes in those areas, they take them from that area and put them maybe at a shopping center where people are and can put the all put them in a shopping center where poor people won't be and won't be able to mail their ballots. Right. Because what are they going to do? They're going to put them in a shopping center. There's no one know that is going to use that mailbox. But some people might say you have a mailbox at your house.


Here's what you do. You take your mail, your mail in ballot.


You walk it out to your post your your mailbox, you open the door, put the mail in, close the door, raise the flag.


Some would say, oh, that's an opportunity that. Wow. Or the mail mail a letter carrier. What if you don't have one of those?


You're living you're living like you. You're welcome. You're living in an apartment complex. Right. And you don't have a mail out.


There's a place there's where everybody has their mailbox. You go down there in that case and open yours and put it in there.


And when they see that there's mail in there, they take it out and they deliver it to the post office.


Or if if under really radical circumstances, you could drive to the post office yourself and put it right on this, assuming you had a car well wrote.


Yes, you know what I mean? You were taken off to drive Uber.


Now Lyft. Could you put it in one of the other post office boxes that were next to the one that they removed? Yes, you could. OK, yes.


What if you put what about those people who are currently living in a coffin and they don't have. Oh, the dead.


Yes, they don't. That's that's the discriminatory way of.


Right. Describing them, I am telling you, they are living in a very small living space right now. Yeah, and there's no post there's no post box there in their little living quarters or not living quarters, but their quarters.




Know well, there was just a case of that.


What state was it where they removed eight hundred and forty six of those mailed ballots to those people to the actual dead.


And Donald Trump said no, they don't get to vote. Why? Just because they don't breathe anymore.


Where there just because their hearts are not beating. Does the Constitution say you lose your rights when you stop breathing, your heart stops beating? I don't see it. I've read it a million times. I've never seen it in there. In there. It's not in there.


Donald Trump, again, just taking away rights from people one after another, non breathing. People are dead. Are people too, you know. Yeah, or they are.


They were. Yeah, they were people. Oh, they stopped being people. But just because they're dead. Yes. Now they're spirits for a while. And then the spirits can vote, right? I mean, I don't see anything in the Constitution that says they can there's there isn't one there isn't anything in there.


What if your dog what if your dog and you don't have a mailbox? It's a really good question. Thank you very much, one of your cat and all you have is a litter box is a post office. Donald Trump stopping people from checking the litter boxes. There was a cat post. There was a cat a couple of months ago.


I know who received at 12 years after its death a.


Why does anybody check for twelve hundred dollars? Wow. Look at.


He's biased in living people. Well, maybe if he had that money earlier would have been able to stay alive. Right. Yeah, right. Hire an a visiting vet.


So it came 12 years too late.


So I mean, who, who thinks that this is a good idea to change anything about our about our voting system this time around?


Who who's like, you know, what we should all do and. We should all do what we should do, should get Kreskin and everybody wants to vote for Trump. You just think about it and Kreskin will write it down.


I mean, why would we change anything? It's bad as it is, but it's still it's still probably the best in the world.


Why would we change anything, especially when they're all saying that Trump is trying to throw this election through the mail and and by destroying the post office? All right. Well, it's not a pretty good reason to show up with an I.D. at a voting booth.


Let's do that. Let's show up and let's just vote.


You can understand, obviously, the theory behind it, right? Like to be prepared. If you've got a pandemic going on, maybe you want to have the ability for November.


Right. Right. I mean, first of all, it's going to be later.


But again, it's tough to predict. Obviously, we've seen people make these predictions like crazy.


But the bottom line is we have I voted absentee almost every election. Why are we doing election coverage all day and all night that night? So I can't just go to the polls on Election Day. So almost every single time I voted, I voted absentee. It's super easy. They will take literally any excuse. And that's only there's only seven states in the union where you even have to come up with an excuse. That's that's that could be different than covid.


If you tell them you have to work that day, what they're going to do is send you the ballot request. It's the most minimal amount of effort. It's easy. And it's been working in this country for a very long time. Why would we need to expand the system in, like, outwardly mail people ballot applications in advance? If they want them, they can ask for them. And that's worked in this country for a very long time.


It's just this is, again, just nonsense. It's just nonsense to get bases fired up and people are going crazy over it. The left thinks Donald Trump is over throwing the election because of the mail.


No, they don't think that. They don't think. Well, I think I think the regular people, a lot of them do.


Oh, I think that the leadership doesn't at all know. The leadership doesn't in the left doesn't. They know exactly what's going on and they're going to burn the cities down to the ground.


The if Donald Trump wins, they're going to they are they're shutting that whole thing up. Oh, yeah. They are absolutely. Like Taylor Swift. He really believes that's true. Yeah. Oh, my God, she's a moron. But I mean, she actually believes that's true. She's saying they're terrified that the the prayers of the United States is trying to mail her election away.


You know, it's amazing to me is how we were called fear mongers.


We still are your fear mongers. If you're a conservative, your fear monger.


We're the most optimistic, happy people out there right now. I mean, you listen to do is fear mongers. All they do is fear bid on the election and everybody reading and everybody is on the left is believing it. Yeah. Everybody who votes for a Democrat, they all believe all of that stuff. I mean, it's it's remarkable.


They're incapable of making a rational decision until Donald Trump is not president. When when Donald Trump is no longer president, they may be able to come up with a rational thought. And I mean, in any part of their lives, it's all irrational right now. Let me ask you this. What do you think about everything about this? Last night as I was reading about New York City and how much trouble New York City is in and we're going to get into this financial year?


Oh, no, no, no. People are just leaving it at the time. Life Building has 5000 employees, and I think currently 800 are going to work there.


Wow. That's going to be a problem, though, now. Oh, it's going to be everybody.


Nobody's coming back. Nobody's coming back. I'm hearing that from everybody. Yeah. So where did they go? Is eight thousand normally and it's five hundred working. Oh wow. So it's worse. Worse than it's worse than just reported. Wow.


That's, that's insane. That's absolutely insane.


So where are they going.


A lot of those New Yorkers are moving to Florida, a swing state. Mm.


You are impacting the election in in Texas because of all the Californians that are moving here. You're affecting it in Florida because of all the New Yorkers moving there.


And nobody's talking about that.


There is there are states that have always voted one way or it's been close and they are being turned upside down by this massive exodus of the city's. Do we know that they're actually leaving the city or are they just staying home right now and do know a lot of them are leaving the city?


It seems like both. I mean, like they are leaving. They left because of covid. Yeah. Or some of them left because of the violence of the riots when people were breaking into their buildings. It's like there's a video going around on Social right now which shows going down.


I think it was a Fifth Avenue, Glenn, for every single business has his windows boarded it real quick.


We have it. Just display it real quick. If you happen to be watching that show, the look at everything or even the hotel was boarded up. But the thing here, though, to remember this is you don't have to board your windows to stop covid. Have you ever seen you board of Windows to stop people from breaking them? Will not report. It's the riots that that is that is getting a lot of people to have to leave the city.


It's just the last straw. Yeah.


And now with all the hassles of living in the city, there's just you've lost all of the positives of being there. None of the places are open. So why the hell would you be there? It's expensive and it's awful. You have to deal with Bill de Blasio. Broadway is supposed to be closed until next spring at the earliest is when they will open next spring. So there's no tourism there, no stores, nobody's no restaurants, company, no restaurants.


All these companies are like, you know, I don't even know if we need to have our business in New York anymore. New York may never recover.


And I don't know how commercial real estate does. It's already any 30 to 40 percent down. You can get an apartment 30 to 40 percent lower than you ever could.


And that's in New York, I think all around the country. Oh, yeah. People have these big offices and they don't need them anymore.


Yeah, they don't need. You're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. My producers would like me to make this into a bigger deal, and I just feel awkward doing it, but we have an announcement to make. I have been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Wow.


And congratulations. Really exciting. Very financially and and and thank you if you voted.


Thank you so much. I suspect mail in voter fraud.


Well, Donald Trump and Russia, he fixed it and they were. Yeah, they were instrumental. They were.


Yeah. That it was it's you know, I, I, I didn't even think about it and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, you know, and ask you for your vote.


I was very uncomfortable the whole time because it doesn't make a difference in the listeners life.


Professional wouldn't have been that uncomfortable with someone who were going in the Radio Hall of Fame or just being able to do his job.


But yeah, but, you know, you were very uncomfortable. It was it was noticeable. Yeah.


And I don't because it doesn't it doesn't affect you in your life, but it is an honor. And I, I, I've been thinking about it. I just found out about it and I was thinking about it over the weekend that, you know, that's Jack Benny and Bob Hope and Larry, a little Jack and Charlie Tuna and Rush Limbaugh and Rush Limbaugh.


I mean, it's it is quite just one in Mark Levin. Yeah. Yeah.


So it's quite a it's quite a field to be in with and it's a real honor.


And my I thank you a great deal for just listening to us and I honestly don't know how I got into the Radio Hall of Fame as I am. I stand by the worst broadcaster in America.


But that's just how low America's standards are right now. We should probably say the onset of how much we had to do with it. Yeah, you know, I mean, it really is a it's really an honor for us, Glenn. And so we thank the Radio Hall of Fame. Right. That honor.


So I will tell you that I have to select somebody to induct me.


And so I I don't know which one to ask here, because you both are so great.


But, Pat, do you know of somebody I should ask that would be really good to see. And still, you should because I'm going to ask you to. But if you have something to ask me to do this. No, I'm just going to ask you if you know somebody that would be, you know, important that, you know, would be. I don't know of anybody that really.


Yeah. You know, I'm singing with you a long time. Yeah.


I was thinking, Ben Shapiro, maybe, you know. Yeah, yeah. I was thinking maybe Ben would be good. I might be a good idea. All right.


This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. I can't take the politicization of everything, everything. Yeah, it really it's worse than ever, right, right at this second, too, isn't it? Well, no, that was just a second ago.


I think it's now it's worse right now because it's things that I mean, the post office, I mean, the post office has been when it comes to politics, everyone kind of realizing it doesn't really work all that well.


But, you know, they because they lose lots of money and it's not a great business. But, you know, generally speaking, you put your mail out there, it gets to the place that it's supposed to go. You'd get the occasional libertarian sort of pushback on whether we should fund it at all. And then that's basically been it for how long? One hundred years.


You know, now it's all the sudden so concerning that they have to come back and vote on it in a more urgent sense than multiple trillion dollars. They let out go out the door a couple of months ago. Let me tell you here, let me play for you the audio of Chuck Schumer. Trump is undermining our post office.


He says he wants to slow down the mail to hurt the elections and make people doubt the results of the not what he said. It's not even worry he's going to lose. It doesn't matter. Our elections are sacred. And to do this is disgraceful. The postal system is well loved by America. Ninety one percent of America approves of the postal system, which gives me pause.


But it's now being one hundred percent undermined or see the most political hack a point to stop.


I can't do it. I can't do it. Here is Barack Obama on the post office.


If you think about it, you know, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. Right now, they are I mean, it's it's the post office that's always having problems to. So we have President Obama saying that, but, you know, he fixed oh, no, he didn't fix it. No, he didn't fix it.


So Donald Trump brings somebody in to fix the post office, somebody who's well qualified to fix the post office, the the moving of the sorting machines and the shutting down. That happens all the time in the post office. Yeah, and most of it is not going to happen before the election. They're announcing it now and saying we're doing these things, blah, blah, blah, after the election.


And even if it is happening before the election, it's happening in a way where it always goes on. This always goes on.


They say the ballots are something like two percent of the mail in that time period, which I think the mail, the US Postal Service can handle that.


There's all these rumors about, well, they've locked they've locked postal boxes in the mailboxes for for the postal service. It's like, well, that happened because people were stealing mail had happened months ago. You go to the other big complaint they have is this ridiculous thing about the removing mailboxes from around these cities.


It's like, well, when you read what they're doing, they're moving, removing them from where there are multiple next to each other.


So like there's five next to each other and they're taking one or two out. So there's only three or four left. I don't think that's going to overturn the election.


I could be wrong. I think they do OK. I think it is. Yeah. Nancy Pelosi would not just I mean, she was so concerned she could not call Congress back into session because of covid. Well, as I understand, covid is worse than it's ever been. No, it's not. But it's worse than it's ever been. It's not. It's no, we're the worst in the world, Stu. No, no, no. There's no one that will even take our passports now and let people in because we are the worst.


Yeah, that's not true. It's the most dangerous.


And that's not true ever. No.


OK, OK, so she knows this and that's why she didn't bring the post, you know, the Congress back. But now at this very dangerous time when all of them could die from covid. This is the time they need it back and come on, we just outlined why the Postal Service Postal Service has a 91 percent approval rating because people didn't think of it as political. That's why it had a approval rating of 91 percent. People just thought of it as like a a thing down the street.


They never thought of it as part of the federal government. So when you test it against other federal government agencies, they think they all suck and they don't think about the postal service that way.


Keep doing this and they will. Yeah, you'll have instead of a ninety one percent approval rating, you'll have a 50 percent approval rating pretty quickly if you keep doing this. But again, if they can get one extra percent, one extra little grab of power, they will destroy anything they have to in their way.


So I don't want to compare the Postal Service to other agencies in the federal government.


Why don't they do a poll on the Postal Service versus UPS, Federal Express, you know, all the other alternatives.


Because I'm doubting that the UPA or USPS comes out number one. Well, plus it's subsidized so heavily.


So, yes, you can send packages cheaper at times with the Postal Service. Yeah, you can.


That's because you're already paying for it in other ways. I know it's crazy. Nobody thinks of it that way. No one adds that into their package costs. Right. But when it's losing billions and billions of dollars, it's not just going into thin air. You're paying for it.


So we got that going for us. And on Wednesday, we're going to be doing a special on voter fraud and stealing of the election. And this this postmaster general garbage, you know, they're threatening him with jail if he doesn't show up to testify.


Can you imagine I mean, they're. The president calls you and says, Stu, we've got to have you as the executive producer in charge of America, you're going to make sure that everything is just looking good and running right. Is there an amount of money?


Or an amount of national pride that would make you say, I ought to do that sounds like a fun job right now. I mean, you wouldn't take anything, any job. Your your your life is destroyed. And what's crazy is these public servants that are called up, most of them are like 60, 65. They're being called up there at the end of the year. They could be on a golf course. And they're like, you know what?


No, I think the Postal Service, I could actually I could actually do a number on. I could actually help. So they go in for what?


To get destroyed? Oh, for no reason. For no reason.


Again, like to buy these career politicians who are almost all of them corrupt.


And, you know, the guy who's ahead of the post office, they're like, oh, he's a political appointee. First of all, that's been common throughout the years. That happens a lot. You are not picking your opponents to go run it. You're picking people who like you, which is typical in the government.


But he said they're going to have no problem with us. Right. You know, he's not saying that they're going to lose exactly what he said.


That's exactly what he would say. There you go. It's exactly what he would say. I mean, and then let me tell you this. You tell me that Donald Trump doesn't want to fix the election.


Have you heard now that national elections are being delayed by four weeks because of coronavirus?




I mean, in New Zealand, but that's Donald Trump. He's even trying to fix the elections in New Zealand because they wouldn't have done that. Sure, it's the most dangerous pandemic and we're all going to die.


And our hair is on fire right now. And, oh, my gosh, I should be quarantined for the rest of my life. It's in New Zealand that they're doing this. Can you imagine if Donald Trump and his administration would say CDC has told us that we should delay?


Well, he I mean, he did, of course, suggest this on Twitter and they were very upset about it.


Now they're praising New Zealand because New Zealand is acting as an authoritarian government over its people and saying, yes, we have it started with, I think, four cases, but I think it up to 13 before they actually shut things down. And they're delaying elections because of 13 cases. Now, Donald Trump, they keep acting when he says stuff like that.


They are very upset about it as a as am I. I don't want our elections delayed, but I don't either.


But like, I don't understand how you can praise New Zealand for their sensible, well measured response to this. It's because you like her because she's doing the things that you want and you don't like Trump.


And none of this stuff, like none of this stuff is honest.


That's what the frustrating part about it is. I don't know.


This is honest. What's what's what Schumer just said. Donald Trump said he wants to slow it. No, he didn't. You wouldn't pass the spending bill.


You wouldn't pass the stimulus in. There was money for the post office. So when you don't you the Democrats don't get together to pass it, you then come out and say he's not spending the money that it needs to be taken for the budget. No, it's your fault. It's your fault. And what did he say? He said fine, rubbing their nose into it. Fine. Well, I guess if you don't have that money for the post office because you wouldn't vote for it, you wouldn't pass the stimulus.


Well, that's good for me.


And you remember, too, and Republicans would have there'd be a big spending bill that would help working families and and the Republicans we like well, we really don't want to there's a trillion dollars of in abortions and some of them seem to be forced abortions.


We do abortion party. I don't even know what that is like a celebration. It's all in there. And the Republicans would say, well, we're not going to pass it with that in there.


Like you are holding up, helping working families for your your special interest groups, the right wing religious nonsense. You see this puppy dog, puppy dog will be dead by the end of the week because of you.


Right now, we have a situation where millions of people for no nobody's fault is are coming off of a pandemic related unemployment and are going to lose the the money that was going to them. Thousands and thousands of businesses that are barely holding things together are going to go without this money after the government told them they had to close down this giant spending bill is is everyone's talking about it's going to eventually be a reality, but we're all going to happen after these people go out of business.


I know. And so they're not coming back to help them. They're coming back to help the freaking post office, which will never go out of business until the United States goes out of business.