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Where's the pre party banter? I thought I passed the fucking Becks down, Rory, put away your ballistics nuts. This is what I hate.


I never lose the, like, chapstick that I like. And I always keep this trash.


Like I've had this for two weeks, the longest I'm ever had. What is that long tube?


We'll call it Valon. Yes, I'll get my full plug. Is Vasiliy Lip Balm. Yeah, it's Trashman.


I don't recommend don't use cogens Japanese SPF 15 in it.


Uh, I don't know. I'm more of a Berts guy. Got some ballistics in there. I didn't want to bring it up. I didn't want to bring up the elephant in the room you guys. But lips know that was brought up.


But since Rory's bringing it up with this no frills lip balm that he has, I wouldn't Paksas Bathroom noticed that the good soap is gone.


I mean, it's hard to get a good. So I'm just saying settle down grades that that have been being made since the deal.


Everything we have to take. Plus upstairs, he did have a nice lemon soak for a while and now that's bullshit. Says Hands soap for everyone. Yeah. I'm like, fam, I'm looking for you. I'm looking nah nah. I'm looking for my shit when I'm in there.


I should've been on backorder. The Lemina, yeah, is it the foam dispenser, this is the foam I'm in and it's a.m. watching such an experience. It really does. It's the foam pandemic times, but it's not easy. Foam gets under the fingernails.


Yes. Everything's such a such a great invention, that foam pump. It really is.


And what's up with your man's. I mean, yeah, you what, he's macho man, yeah, like this is a lot, but Macho Man, this is a lot. L.A. Laker down, Lakers socks, Laker sweats, Lakers sweatshirt, Laker hat.


He likes a lot of purple Laker chain LeBron boxer briefs.


What the fuck are you on? A little brother boxers. On to Grace. What you've got our day to day at a hot date on a cold day. Hey, I'm free after the party. What you said, would you be taking a look at this since you think I'm free after the party? But when do you tell, like, how do you do that? You've never said that sentence before. I'm free after the pot. I've never told anyone, you know, before I let you go.


The lies have gone too far. What I don't know, I think is corny like guy. What's my schedule? Because I'm not telling anybody I'm free after the pod. Like, I'm not saying it. What would you say if a girl says I'm recording, I'm I'll be free later on tonight? Hey, I'm after the party. Hey, I'm trying to get together with you on a weekend. Hey, I'm trying to get together with you this Tuesday, maybe at around six o'clock.


What are you doing?


I record on Tuesdays. But not the entire twenty four hours. There could be times that stirred the pot. I don't schedule shit on Tuesdays or Fridays, I record on those days, so I'm free. And somehow you're still late every week. You know, I keep things on edge. Oh, my God. It's enough that we're not in a union. I can't. It's enough. Let's double that razor.


I can't believe you said tell them to out of your availability, because I know you said they're free after the pot.


I've never said that.


That's all I said.


So I'm calling you for saying I got the part on Tuesday. Like, if somebody say, let's let's get together. I don't use the pot in real life.


Oh, is that with your podcast is way too long.


Yeah. Yeah. I just use that which I don't talk about work outside of here. Let's talk about life, OK, you working life, love, happiness, talking about longevity and love. Yeah.


You won't even tell her your schedule. That's how you know longevity. You don't give me a schedule, OK? So when you want to see him, you can just make something up. I got that thing today.


Yeah. The part know the day one of you the day one of your romantic interests comes to join us on this couch so we all can have an honest, transparent talk about what life and longevity, whatever you just said, love would. Wow, you be talking to my lady about life longevity because we care about the people you care for. I have never talk to any of your loves of your life about your life, longevity.


So you won't be talking to me. Well, that's because you won't give them your schedule.


So you are from that school of, hey, all of my closest friends, you guys have to stay away from my romantic interests like me because that's not true.


I'm just saying you won't sit down and have a conversation with them. Not not until like a wedding. So what are we allowed to talk about? But I mean, you could talk about anything, not our relationship to a life not without longevity, not longevity, because you don't know how long she'll be around. We don't want to sit in a room. I go directly against what I'm telling her at home. We might have a short stimulus plan between us.


And then here you come with the longevity.


Yes. And I'd be a little sick of that friend that that is a serial dater. Yeah. I'm not going to get to know this one so well. I'm not doing this this time. I keep getting pieces. Yeah. Like I'm not doing this anymore. No, I'm done with this.


When you hit the five year mark or the 10 year mark, maybe I'll ask her middle name. Exactly.


So that's why I don't bring about it, because it's not you know, I don't want you to just keep meeting people like I did a lot to put on you all at one time.


As I know, you meet a lot of people as it is.


So you're being considerate. Yeah. The most considerate of you guys.


So what do you what do you say when she says, how come I've never met any of your friends? They're busy, they're with the pod. We're free after the hip hop, and right now you can't see them right now that they're plotting and hiding and it's quarantine time.


I use the same excuse, I just like he waits, I start to feel like, you know, what he has done today, I thought, I'm stopping Geomancer. Nothing right now we can say that I record. Do you say and they've heard this my record. Have you ever used that?


Excuse me. Surely no one will come to the Bronx the way I do in Jersey. Yes. How often do you use it and in what way? Not often, because we'll come to the Bronx.


I'm saying they don't record now because everybody, everybody, everybody meets in Manhattan anyway. We want to hang out.


So I haven't been in Manhattan eight months. Yeah. New Yorkers don't really chilling each other. Carib like that. It's true. You kind of just meet. Exactly. To. All right, what you know, he back hit it, Joe. Another. My check, my check, one, two, one, two. Let me get to Bob right now where he said the button on the. Nothing. Excellent. We honor it, we honor its high marks, has been playing his new album since Thursday, we live in see three to.


Now, you know how we've all all this animal animal. Now, we don't know what the fight is right now, but, you know, I hope by feeling good, feeling great out there, every happy, happy, I got a of treatment, my future and the Houston ship, my future. So you already know what type of time I'm on. I know what the cap is and we're used to doing this game on show and see what you do with show to retire more, how you was giving it up.


Hey, I in that. Yeah.


No, I'm claiming to be free now. And his grandma in their dreams again, Jim. I am just 13 screens, we decide one ringtone of the year that was a big stat in 2006, record that ringtone.


Hey, if you needed any more evidence of how stupid and uninformed the actual music industry is, they ran with the ringtone thing. They thought that was the next wave after CD shit at a cool 13 months. Me stuff from the black guy and advocate. Hey, it's some niggas today stealing fucked up ringtone deals. Somebody check on the boys now. And I was like, oh no. I don't know how to it up, Joe Biden and I set out to all unchastened surrounding cities, I mean, Nataraj friends, friends of our friends of the show.


So I had to show that it shows that angel. So this person in my Wilfred. This I don't think anyone else does, surrounding cities and figures these days on Instagram, I'd be taken aback.


No one should listen. No, no, no. I don't think any women would, you know, ban.


That's a wild thing when she lives in New York. Oooh, oooh, no worry in my house.


PA, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa.


Set the microphone check one, two. What is this? The Jabe boy's bike to business in a gun shop. These things mean that we wisoff out here. Episode three eighty four three eighty four three eighty four. Episode three eighty five of the Joe Button podcast. I'm your humble, gracious, grateful and highly Faber host Jay Beezy. It's a new name working on some aliases. Is that working on some new pet names, nickname they're giving you in the hallways of the JBI, an office?


It's a key because, you know, that's not what he calls me. I want to shout out to our YouTube viewership. I want to shout out to our listenership across all DSB. I want to shout out to our first and last time listeners. I want to shout out to the people that want to I want to shout out, actually. That's it, unless you guys have any any friends or family you'd like to send some love out to.


Hey, guys, all of our single parents, because right now is probably rough on them, you know, with the kids home schooling zoomIn. Shout out to the single parents or parents in general, I'm pretty sure it's a rough time right now. Reach out to the parents, all right? I can I can support that. Yeah, well, that's pretty it's pretty tough right now for I'm sure.


How's all all as well. Always good.


Well, shout out to the two parent homes where one of the parents wants to be a single parent.


Oh, you must be really tough. That's the thing to visiting, too.


We don't talk about that enough or even getting his parents shut off the last report. Yeah, it's important. He's a parent. He's a dog parent. That is true. I do have a daughter.


I won't allow you to say that the surrounding cities is toxic. And I didn't say toxic.


I just said I think the sickness I shared the same part of that brain. So I can identify when others can drink the whole check up and moved her to Katy, Texas. Yes. To keep her awake, Katy, Texas, not far away from Houston, like Drake said, he should have put us somewhere with no one.


How about just making your girlfriend? I guess that's that's always works. So you could just make it your girlfriend. Sounds like a really bad idea. I'm just saying, like, you should put it somewhere where no one could find her.


No, because when we make our girl, you'd be like, oh, you keep circulating the same chicks.


I mean, y'all do, though. Yeah. Yeah.


Which is why you would want to be noticed on the women out there somewhere where no one could find them, possibly KTXA the women out in the world of.


That's not in the rotation of celebrities and entertainers, beautiful women. But what's the fun in that? Thank you all. Can't brag about smashing someone else's bag. Thanks, Mr. White. Yeah, just a thought. Just throwing it out there.


No, I want to fuck the same girl, Soulja Boy. I'm also sorry.


Oh, listen, you know, aren't you the Oracle? I'm just a case. Gossip about other women out there. Always pop out with, like, some common sense jewel, of course. So the fuck off. I'm sick of the more and more fans eat up.


Anybody real on that part, the more you know, one day we can have a part about them.


All fans. They're my favorite fans. Oh, God, I love my fans. They're not fans. Date them. They're not listening to your students.


They're fanatics. No, they're they're students. I think you're right. Yeah. They just they just relate to. So they're just sitting there collecting jewels. I said they were late before this pod started.


We were talking about City High, which reminded me that all of the women that mall has ever had a crush on, he's lost traction with. They all got married or pregnant, Klaudia or two or just like I was definitely going on with that.


They went on without you. I'm what you want without me. Yeah.


Cassi never one more wasn't part of the group. That's why I didn't have a shot.


I should have made a group. That's right. That's right. You join City. Yeah.


After the third rehearsal, I was like, I'm blowing this joint. I won't be here tomorrow.


Buddy, you don't feel that way about the alleged Cash-Flow pregnancy. You know, if she is pregnant, congrats. If she's not, congrats. All right, let's just start, man, what you have got, what's hot off the press?


I'm just trying to think of Miles, what his part of City High. What would you do be like what his advice to Shorty would have been like? I should have got that abortion maybe.


What about you? Yeah, depending on how the relationship went. Have you ever had to have that conversation? Abortion. Yeah. Yeah. Had to go, oh, it was pretty cool, but clearly it worked, you don't have kids. Yeah, I mean, that he knows it was it wasn't it wasn't anything crazy because she was we were on the same page because he was like, fuck new life. Right.


Know we want to see Page. She wasn't ready for kid.


I wasn't ready for this fucking when you put it like that, you fucking Republican. He was on the same page. Every word that his fingernails. Relax, Rory, don't. Well, we don't have a job. I read somewhere that it is legal to get an abortion at nine months.


One more before you start telling me that you got to stop going on Trump Facebook pages. No, it's gross. Like real life is going to make abortion legal after two years of the child being alive, etc..


Just tell me in certain states it is it's not a problem. Just totally it was decided.


You can. You can. I'm going to go back to his toxic joke about wanting to get an abortion. But the girl is attached to something like, oh, my God, like they're like her child, but they have a brain already. This is this I do this much better than my topic.


Right? No, take it away. I'm joking of joke comedies now. Oh, all right.


We would you gentlemen like to begin. Why? I only spoke them all in morning. Give us very much.


How was your weekend park's birthday birthday weekend.


Hey, just a little edibles, little drinks the crib with the homies one time.


This is like a fun time, I'm sure. Fun time. Yeah. Yeah, it's happened. And we can't do too much. Can't can't. Got to be home by the house where you invited. Oh no. You guys were all.


Were you invited. No, no I was not, I wasn't invited. I invited all of you. Where in person.


On on. I actually think it's recorded on the blog. Must be that new iCloud invite them when they came up with no to add came. All right. I think it's on SoundCloud actually.


Could you be told that the Genius Bar. But I had pictures in the cloud. Yes, I am going to cloud it. Find my shit.


Yeah. And then they take your phone in the back and you start thinking about what's on there. But bring my shit out here from here. Let's search together on the clock. Let's go.


There's a nasty ass cloud in the back of the Apple store is a national. Oh, yes. There's a nasty, nasty cloud. There's a rainstorm they got I lit when my phone was refurbished. The nasty cloud was on fire when I went in here.


It's come out the bag with a little smarter on their face. So, Mr Button, everything showed up. You're fine.


But listen, I'm also the guy that, you know, when the disposable cameras were in and I used to take the shit to CBS, they would just develop the pictures and take the picture they liked out of it.


Yeah, like when the nudes were were in there and they were just gone. And then you'd have to talk to the CVS's guy, like, yo, my wife was naked. And here I know you're sitting there. You don't have that one. You know her name. She come here a lot. I didn't give you a negatives like you.


I want my name. Don't try to copy, like, photocopy my negatives like me. She's back. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


No, it's you're not developing pictures was a nasty time for sure. Well, anyways, with that said, how is your guys weekend? Would you do to go to D.C.?


I said, Oh, I'm waiting to be invited to a friend's birthday kick back of the house. I invited you in person. In fact, would you do. We are people. We are people. I asked the robot reporters.


I was on the phone and I said it was home. I was home watching you celebrate your birthday without me and watching Mom put money bags under every snow picture.


Just want snow. Grief group getting to be for early snow. Snow gave the street something this weekend. How'd that make you feel justified to wolves? I was confused, honestly, by her by more. I never heard she can do no wrong. Of course, Mom, you're not one of those insecure boyfriends. No. She can get those on no eye all the way up.


I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Yeah, I was just confused by that because I don't do that to all your crushes.


Hmm. Now, this was this is just appreciation, but that's all just for show.


How do you tell the difference between the appreciation and the. I want to beat Moneybag to Joe's point.


I've never seen him put an emoji under a cast-off photo.


Or in India, love, because he knows that was your core or Cassi or Claudet or Ts. No, you just saw Sasha Ford, he just said bad things about India, love on air that I didn't like. I didn't take too kindly to those words. Let's pick it up. No, I like the fortune cookie. Oh, OK.


Hence the money bags under the sofa. Yeah, that was weird. Who's provoking you? Where's Paris, though? Right on the chill, Miyamoto.


Look at his money bag. You say nothing to him? No, in Spanish.


I had to jump in audience pardon my friend, but I haven't fully told my situation. I want you to know that my friends think it's comfortable to do that.


I apologize for his behavior. Tell me about when you apologize for your friend.


No. Let's talk about the comment that you when she said I live at one point when you're when she will come to you like your friends, like in my dorm stays and while shit like and you don't care. And then she starts adding up that she's the slide. Yeah. You got to act like you, kiddo.


He does not know I'm done with this narrative for men act like a care mentality. Come in here mentality care. But a lot of the time there's something I don't know. The girl is mad of the time. I wouldn't say man but.


But when when you're younger and less becoming, you have to have that shit you was raised on. Whereas like if she's not your girl, she's for everybody is fair game when that's not the case. Because inside you like her a lot.


But that was the problem is you don't relate that to your friends, but you can't be in front of the home. It's why I don't give a fuck. And then when you don't want to fuck you so close to it's like family. You just said the homies you don't care about like that.


Like because once you give to I care about like the homies is like I call a back of the mind thing and many conversations it never comes up how that conversation even comes up in front of the homies, which is why I'm circling back to you saying you wouldn't invite a romantic interest to sit next to us on the couch and talk about our relationship. We'll talk about anything. But how do you be around the homies and the color? Yo, so how are you really feeling about her?


What have you tell me is like, yo, I really like her.


Like, I'm feeling like that happens in conversation with the homies. You tell you tell you who you like as much, maybe not as much as you should.


Exactly, but you do have that conversation with your homeboys. Oh I think I love her. I think your friend we went out last night, y'all Filii going like I like I like this girl.


They go, why am I telling any of my men any of that at any time? Why wouldn't you?


Y'all ain't safe spaces for me. That's true. That is definitely true. Your friends are safe spaces. You know, I've only been saying in his pocket for five years, but if you like. So you're not to say there's no end. I just always say I got to tell my friends, all my friends know not to go out or leave money bags under picture. No, that's why I like you.


Just tell your friends so that they know what it is now. Like they understand like OK, like so now might not see certain shit around her because it might fuck up like you might, you might have to go back into what you do later.


No I wouldn't.


I don't do that to chicks. Mom was dating. I'm just saying like you might tell her something and then now I'm around her thinking that you and I ain't even like that. And I'll say something if she be like, oh, but that's not what he told me like. So fuck.


So you were oh you say some shit like yo, I don't know, I only been around you a couple of times but you seem like a good girl just letting you know he he ain't the one.


Yo why are you trying to paint me like I'm asking you. I would never do nothing like that. Thank you. You know, but you know that I don't know you to go see. See. Come on, come on. We're going back to the first place. Do we. But how do I. You don't wanna pay me a stairway in the light of day. You know damn well I would never say no shit like that to a girl you're dating.


But you want to see Harbrow. Hello. This is my this is my retort to that. Yes. I don't think that you would say you don't date men never have a way to confirm what a man would or wouldn't say. I wouldn't be there to know you. Well, the girl reports back what your man is saying. You know, I never tell fucking bitches I wouldn't talk to.


Oh, oh, get. Gomez has a phone. Yeah, we don't have money, so I'm just here to talk shit and antagonize and from our way out of here. Let's go. Listen, I've spent my entire week watching Behnken just blazoned up in the same rooms on clubhouse. So it is so much fun. Last place. No, no, no, not good. No, it's like what you feel like. There's some tension in the room.


It's like a tension in the room for a decade plus now. So it's like a jousters tension on the globe. So where are they like our group chatting each other?


No, they're like and they're we shouldn't be sneaking like this. But fuck it. Let's talk about, you know, like they're fucking out in destroying each other.


Powerful, like one of the young one of the young aspiring actress saying, hey, you guys, can you talk to me about how you got some of your best placements? And it just please come in and say some shit like, yo, you've got to take the 90 percent over 10 percent and what you did and that's how I made 50 million in the bank come in and say, yeah, but let me just add to that. When you take the name, like the tag team, the industry jousting like that, the only I mean, go ahead.


Yeah, I like shit like that. Yeah. Yeah. French is a good way to squash a beef to it is it is to just end up in the same room with somebody and and have in common. It's usually how they how they end.


Yeah. Or get worse. Depends.


He has a good point. I just had a situation early but we won't talk about that.


Now we have to talk about it now we won't, you know, not be a situation where we're tith, where a tiff was until after a situation where a friend of mine tried to get me and another former friend to speak and it went left quickly.


Whose fault? Yours or different? Oh, the other person.


Not my fault. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it.


I'm always wary about being that middleman a lot of the times. Yeah. Like I would love to see two people that I fuck with, fuck with each other again. But I in my 20s but I told, I told my homeboy just like this is going to go about my business. Yeah. I told him I was like, this is going to go back because you have to know that where the other person is, you know, it's a lot of ego, right?


That type of shit. And you know that. So it's like fame. I'm telling you how this is going to go bad. I'm just telling you, because you're trying to, like, make this menz happen and I don't really care to talk to to do it again like I'm cool, you know, saying I didn't do anything. I didn't I disagree with that part.


What the I don't really care to talk to the dude.


I mean, but once, you know, the full story would happen, you would know why I'm I'm at that place now for you. It's irreconcilable at this point. Absolutely. Got it.


And that was after the attempt at the reconciliation.


Yeah. Before that, it was like if he apologizes because he knows he's lying and he made up some shit because of ego or whatever. So it's like, OK, I understand.


I'm willing to have a conversation. But when he came in hot, the way he did, it was like, don't ever have me in a room with this dude again.


And that's why the mediator needs to be a certain type of person. Absolutely.


He needs both sides because it's much different when you're just talking to one side and then just talking to the other side. They both seem calm and rational. No, this should be easier. And then they get the same result. It's like like if he came if he came into conversation, like the men's conversation like that, then he came at you like that on the phone. When you say you I want to get challenged, you understand? Like his energy was like that over the phone.


So you should have known right there.


Like, I'm not, but I don't I'm not the guy that ever tries to mend the friendship. I'm not now I think about it of other people or yours. Of my friends of to not mean. I mean, you never play mediator. So I don't really mediate with friends of mine are beef.


And I only step in when when I feel like. The respect level that each one of them should have for me is now being violated like you all can be with each other and I'm cool with that. Right. But we should have I should have some type of some type of credit with each of you to wear like my 30 whatever birthday party I was with. I won't say who was two to try to get some pop in the back yard of my house.


I'm upstairs trying to put trousers on some shit and I look out the window and is ready to go out of here in my in my yard. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So y'all wait. You both got an invite here, said, oh, this is going to be here on my turn it up with my homeboys thing.


He was like, yo, he's not going to disrespect my house, he's not going to. And I said, OK, I listen because I didn't want it to seem like I wasn't willing to sure. Make amends.


I'm saying so I said, listen, I said what I said, I'm telling you how this is going to go. It's going to go bad because I know him. I know where his ego is. I know where you know me.


So I was like, I but I'm willing I think men need more and not to stay on it. But I do think men need more means less means of reconciliation, less and less ego is is one of those.


Just put your ego to the side for men.


It's like when when the mutual friend tries and fails, like we don't have much else. Yeah. No, yeah. That's why it's like our hands clean. Exactly.


Let me ask you a question. How many people were in the room. That's always a big issue with the ego shit. We were just the three. The two. Yeah. And the mediator. It tends to go a lot better because egos can get put. We were alone. It was it was just we were in a car, in a car.


And you all could squash it in a car. Yeah. God, it's too much ego that is toxic.


It's just too much ego, man. And like I said, I'm I'm not beef with nobody. Like, that's what my energy is, that I don't have issues with nobody. I don't have beef with nobody. Like, if you want to talk crazy, I'm not I don't have to prove I'm tough. I'm because once we go there as grown men, it's bigger consequences and it changes.


I mean, that's my other I'm never going to fight my friend. I'm not doing it. No, no. Even if we're not friends anymore, I'm because especially when I didn't do anything right. You understand? Because now it looks like I'm fighting because I'm trying to defend some bullshit I did. I don't have no animosity towards you, bro. Like I didn't do anything to you. I didn't do anything fucked up. So my energy is not negative.


It's like now when you start talking crazy, I look at you like, OK, I fall in love and I leave.


But not there's no serious level because I was of the belief when I was younger, if we have some type attention and we're really friends, let's go in the back scrap real quick and then we'll be good. Right. But the older I've gotten, I realize it doesn't solve anything. But getting aggression out like, yeah, nothing was really solved.


Not just got each other's aggression out. Yeah. We both fought is cool, is over with, but nothing was ever really solved. He stole that shit festering in the back of your head. What was really bothering you. Yeah. So this fight isn't going to solve it. It's not a good time for the front fight. I've gotten like drunk friend fights a million of them, most of my friends. Well, that's a competition. It is why it is.


You know, we fight. It is just it's just not anymore. That's what I do.


It's just going OK. And one of the all white boys that just. Oh, OK. Enjoy your summer. Bless you for saying.


Well, it's just when there's too much ego, so you've got to just walk away sometimes for sure. You recognize that this person's ego is just always going to be bigger than the room. So you've got to let them have the room. That's just what I learned. Let them have the room leave when somewhere along the lines in life they realized that they were tripping, which already knows what. My energy is not negative towards them because I know you're fighting something internally.


It's not even about me.


You're going to do something in turn, do you think is soft to say to your friend, your male friend, hey, let's go to therapy together?


No, I think that's actually dope. OK, I think we should make that call. OK, I agree, which is why I was willing to have a conversation about the whole thing anyway. But we're going to have to talk about it later.


But a lot of that time with the therapist, I'm not OK with the therapist because he put more money bags than he normally puts like.


Well, it was just a shame to say, Joe, how did the money bags make you feel?


Screaming, screaming, screaming, relax. OK, relax. That's amazing. Screaming Thank you. Saw myself in the reflection of the Wolesi Stomach.


What would you gentlemen like to discuss today? Oh, shit. You know what I learned over the break? Know what? Somebody told me? What? And it made me feel a little better about myself.


But that when you're fat because I'm fat now, I got this kangaroo past.


It just won't listen. Dad, I don't know.


I look like that one I wanted to say, but and I was feeling down one day about, OK, guys, OK, well, you can afford lipo.


No, I'm not going to get it. I would clown you. I mean, if it made you feel better. You know, I think our friends and those from fat tonight in twenty four hours.


I bet you've got a dog. I don't know about that, because if it's a noticeable difference, like you have to shut up, like when Kevin Liles got skinny.


Well, I think that was for health reasons.


OK, like was mad on Big Boy when Vyborg. I think that was for health reasons. Any time somebody gets skinny, you got to say it's for health reasons. And I just think those two case. But you're not that you're not you're not you're not unhealthy fat. You just have a little stomach. That's it.


That's what I'm saying. Well, thanks, guys. Yeah, so if you want to do it for you, I'm not for you or I'm not getting lipo, lipo, just detox for a week, get rid of that immediately.


Some get an iced tea. Well, not, not. And you can still eat, but just detox like flush your system t don't eat. No, like greasy fast food.


Like do shit like healthy for me to sustain life. That's it was never that well just weeks you.


I don't eat anything enjoyable for a week.


A young lady who shall remain anonymous told me that when the guy guys have the little kangaroo pouch, if a chick is writing you a certain way then the pouch can provide sensation to her clitoris. And I had a home advantage pouch. Yeah, well, come on now. Now the pouch state. Yeah, you do a diet claims that you're not providing stimulation. Yeah, I'm trying to add a few more pounds to this thing.


Where, again, where would you gentlemen like to begin with? Do you want to start? Is there any music that has been released? Are there any music questions? Is there any music, anything? Are they killing music right before our very eyes? Yes.


Why do I say that?


Because music and oh, man, should I even say stuff like this like we used to hold that music thinks that music is only in competition with music and or not.


That's what I said. Music. What do you mean. Is only going to go deeper.


Music the pouch.


The way it's got him going. I got that. Oh what am I saying.


I'm just saying that that's a myth. Like, like you only have it's the same theory is fucking how many cars could you drive at once. Just one. Like we only have two set of eyes and a set of ears.


So the longer I'm on is whatever apple morning my phone is, the more time they're fighting for our time. It's more time. I'm not spending listening to music or watching a show or making some shit like music is in competition with everything or anything that's dreamz is in competition with distribution is more so.


Because, I mean, the three major labels, all are in business with movies, visuals, music, they're within everything already.


You should be dead soon. I'm no longer even acknowledging the labels. That's me. Just tell you where I'm at.


I'm saying the sub labels of, for example, like an Interscope or an island or in two thousand, those conglomerates of Universal Warner are not going anywhere.


I don't know that. I don't know that. I'm only speaking for me. Dumb niggas is doing C, but let's do it.


Let's see. Let's see. Let's see. Inside industry is musical chairs for sure, always old, it's always been like that, so who's to say that?


No, it's been for the past 30 years, our lifetime. Oh, that's my life. Enough for me.


Sure. Who's to say that the head person at this label or company won't be bought out or inherited or hired by the bigger company over here? That's not music and swallowed them.


I just don't know that music labels will be prominent at all in 20, 30. I don't I don't believe that. I mean, this might be one of them.


If you look at Universal on the amount that they own and the amount that Sony owns.


Yeah, it's that already unless there was major like legislation or something that reverted masters back to artists or whoever estates labels will exist to some degree.


And when they already have actual stock and percentage into the major distributions, which are DP's now, they're already in business with the next wave.


They're part of it. They have ownership in it.


So that's why I don't think they're going anywhere because they bought into what the next wave is. And I think we'll continue to do so, whatever the next thing is after streaming.


I think more and more new music will go through major label systems, though, for sure.


I mean, I'm arguing the future of music, not anything that stands or or anything as is. Right. This second song. That's what I mean. It's back to more or less.


And I think the future is what past you said, which is why I'm not going to acknowledge the end of what he just said. If if in the future they have found a way to make you whole again with your royalties and your masters or find a cool way to make everything direct, direct to consumer, then the next wave, the next wave of artists. If that continues, yeah, I just don't think I don't see what kind of change that you're going to get yours back thanks to Kanye West, but no, the same way the major labels, they're buying into tech companies, Apple, a tech company.


Spotify is a tech company. The music is just an advertising. That's what's keeping you there. That's what's bringing the users in. But, yeah, they're just buying into tech companies. So distribution is now different, like at one point your local music store or whatever, the bigger ones were just selling CDs and then eventually DVDs. Now it's a much different capacity. Now Spotify is trying to get video and audio to keep you there, which major labels have stuck in.


So it's just a recycled tornado of the same companies. That's why I don't think labels will go anywhere. Yeah, maybe the sub labels will disappear, but the people that own them won't. They own the distribution, too, I disagree. Was not really a disagreement, it is a fact the majors do. No, no, no, no, it's not a fact. Have money into the dispute.


I'm disagreeing because you're still speaking in present tense, and I am not. So what you're saying is a. Yes, what I'm saying is I do not know that those will be the only available distribution sources in the future. Oh, I don't think they will be. But by no means, I mean, come on. It changes all the time they are now. I mean, Ben, KIPP's a big player and I don't believe that there's any major label ownership there.


Sure, sure.


I mean, they're probably looking at the majors are probably looking more into the Spotify is an apples of the world, but there's still a huge market for the bandcamp to SoundCloud and everyone else of that nature you like kind of.


This is what I'm saying, you guys right here. This is fresh off the press. Tick Tock announces partnership with Artist to debut new music ahead of Friday. Releases on Thursday nights are exciting for music fans is when midnight stroke, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But Tick Tock is looking to give fans an opportunity to hear new music ahead of midnight as part of their new watermarked series. The platform is partnering with Artist to debut new music for fans directly with their fans directly within the app.


It was announced today, October 20th, every Thursday at eleven thirty pm and artists will host Watermarked on Tick Tock live to give users an exclusive. First, listen to a new album before it hits streaming services at Monday. I mean at midnight, reports Billboard.


Much like in the vein of the twitching, the the twitch community, being able to accept tips much like in the vein of cash, have shut out the cash during the Vibe's cash app and Spotify partnering to give money away. The next phase in digital tech, Techland and Jo's brain are is all of these different companies that hate each other, figuring out the best way to capitalize on cultural capital. And that's going to involve new distribution streams direct to consumer shit, money giveaways, not just new ways for fans to release and profit off of music.


And if that happens, this entire decade, more than two thousand thirty one looks like what I don't think there's a whole bunch of labels floating around in 2013.


That's why I said prominent. No, I don't think either one or two. Yeah.


I mean, I think yes, the universals in the slowness of the world eventually want to get there to where it is just a very small sign to universal and universal only. You're signed to Sony and Sony only. But it's kind of back to your the ringtone thing. We were talking about the tick tock thing, the way we did with Vine, the way we did with Snapchat. Like these fads come and go. And I don't I'm not saying tick tock is just a fad, but there has been things just like it in the past where labels had profited off Snapchat and they went right to Snapchat for any exclusive.


All right, let's do the Snapchat thing for this release. It is part of the major label rollout as well. And they have conversations with all of these tech companies prior to. That's why I'm only saying I just don't see the major, major ones going away because they're in bed with all of these tech companies, as is.


That's all I'm saying, like, I'm sure that the article you just read is something that Universo and Tic-Tac came up together with. The fact that they're in bed together and we don't have to stay on this for too long, but the fact that they're in bed together and hate each other says where this will land by 2030, they are in bed together.


And I'm sure all of us as men have been in the bed with a chick that we were trying to figure out how to get the fuck out of the bed.


I mean, that was going to be my point. Who's never been to bed with someone they didn't hate? That's been going on in the music industry since before time.


Yeah, but don't dance on both sides. I'm not one.


I'm going to encourage everyone, you included, to not deal with what is and to not deal with what we know presently. Like, I want you to just imagine, just just imagine. And in doing so, some of that shit that just seems really far fetched. I don't think it will be.


And I agree there. I'm going off the history of every single era in music and how it's changed and how majors not I'm not talking about just in Interscope. I know Interscope sounds like a major. I'm like, well, who owns Interscope? Has adapted to the Times and has had the leverage with the music they have. We may think they're a step behind, but they're not.


Well, was not only that, I agree with you.


Not automatically going to think that. All right. Let me just imagine. Never, never land that it doesn't exist. I've watched them adapt every single time.


So I can't I can't sit here and say, well, it's over because Tic-Tac wants to more songs on a Wednesday night. I know that's a bigger theory and an overall thought there that things could change if if these tech companies just go direct to consumer I'm sorry, direct to artist. But I've seen everyone adapt. I've seen Universal make some shady moves with the leverage they have to make sure they stayed in this game. And music is such a minuscule thing to that entire company that they can take risks where they'll lose money to get in with the tech companies because they have enough coming from fucking movies and owning the world.


That's all I agree. I agree with everything you just said, especially about adaptation. Right. And that adaptation is why I believe what I believe. Like you're right, they always adapt. But but how do you view that? What is your perspective on it?


The creator of Vine and I would have to Google it, but he's somewhere else really important right now.


Oh, absolutely. I watch high up, high up in the chain talk and we keep talking cash, have cash, cash, cash at it square Google.


It squares musical chairs in the tech world.


And when we talk about Square, we're talking about Jack. Well, we're talking about Jack. We're talking about Twitter and Vine.


So to me and my family's niggas are geniuses. So I do agree with everything. Rory saying the geniuses are figuring shit out and adapting. I just think the adaptation is going to eliminate some things, not keep them present. The geniuses are figuring out how to get the other fucking cockroaches out of the bed.


Oh, well, you also have to account for the potential curve ball of legislation on these big companies that will probably eventually happen where they will they'll be monopoly antitrust suits against some of these major, major companies that own the entire world data data laws to with everything going on, because so much of what makes those businesses thrive is our data.


So once you handicap that or put a block on it, it does change things a bit from just two years ago, we were talking about the government, the government attempting to tax the Internet. Seems like that was a real conversation that we're having. So none of this shit is is far fetched, no doubt.


It's just when you're at that level, like we always talk about how the majors are always a step behind, they're late to the party. You can be late to the party when you have that much leverage and that much capital you skip.


A million steps once you put your foot down, being late to the party, and that's where the creators are more handicapped to, simply because we don't have that major step that we can take and be late and be like, well, we'll take that now.


We don't the Beatles are back pocket like, yeah, it's a little different. And as much as a lot of these tech companies rely on new music and doing new dances and a new new shit, new shit, new shit, that back catalog means a lot more means a whole lot to simplify this for the listeners.


That the techie people are fighting with the music people and I'm betting on the techie people smart, but I think the music people are betting on them, too. That's that's why they've partnered with them on every single change that has happened in the music industry. He got there going crazy. So we shall see. But listen, I think this time Tuaolo a music, Battlemind and listen, I'm not even having this conversation just in the realm of music, because as a podcast, I have to be concerned with these things as well.


Of course, movie people to the movie people are battling. Netflix is a tech company. Yes, it's all the same.


It's all the same battle. Anything that has to do with visuals, audio, any type of entertainment, anything that keeps you on a device for some amount of time. It's an intellectual property fight.


This is what it is. So that's all it is. Data, information. What do you like? What do they like?


And how can we to them, in some cases, not an IP fight, because there will be some outlets that let you keep your IP. They just want to license it. So then it becomes just a distribution fight with the community through.


So it's just a fight on keeping you on a device as long as fucking possible, and that's a tech. That's a tech thing, so there with the techies over the Beeb's the Bieber fans. I think the tech people will figure out how to keep you there longer than Justin Bieber will.


Well, they want to take the Justin Bieber fans, bring them to their their tech and keep them there with other things. That's why they just grab as many things as they can just to keep the consumer there. Are you love Justin Bieber? I bet you'll love Jesse RAYOS and this other thing. And then this movie is connected to that.


It's just trying to keep people on a device the entire time. That's all the fight really is.


At the end of day, don't you feel like such a piece of shit on Sundays when your phone just pops up with, hey, want to know how much time you've seen it spent on the screen? That's the way I want to see your screen time. Ninety five percent robot nigga, you haven't done anything else all week long, but stare at your phone. How do you feel? Like a loser that swiped this shit away so fast?


I'm not even looking at me lying here all week. I lot of my cell phone, that's who I'm like, all right. So I do the rain noises app when I sleep.


So that must mean they think I'm on the phone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, buddy. All right, come on. Y'all want to get in Luban Tubin or do we go into fifty endorsing whoever we endorsed.


Let's, let's start with Louvain, Souleyman, Louvain Toubon Luban. This was one of my favorite stories this week. This is one of my favorite stories ever. Sorry, catching a Jay in the middle of an. All right, check this out. Let me give the people what we're talking about so that they know we're a real pod. Earlier on Monday, Vice reported that writer and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, just a funny thing, had been suspended by The New Yorker for masturbating on a Zoome call that took place last week between New Yorker staffers and WNYC.


According to Vice, the call was an election simulation featuring many of The New Yorker's biggest stars, including that about at one point, Toobin seemingly joined a secondary call, lowered his camera toward his penis.


And allegedly, and I believe this is the technical term here, Krank did real good, OK?


He was really going in to handle so great that crank is like the code word for spank. He crank that Soulja Boy, he can't be real good. He left the call and then later returned, apparently unaware that colleagues caught the whole thing.


Tubin told Motherboard that he didn't know he was visible on the call while allegedly making mayonnaise.


But that's another corporate term for Germany to manage.


Oh, man, I make mayonnaise every day. Oh, miracle whip.


Whoo! How old were you when you found out the miracle whip was a man?


Now, how old were you when you found out that you who wasn't chocolate milk?


Right. And I knew that. Well, how was it not chocolate. Chocolate drink, chocolate drink.


Yeah. You got to read the fine print, man. Listen, for a long time, the cheese I was buying at the supermarket, it wasn't cheese. American cheese. I'm not sure.


Processed, processed cheese.


I mean, everything everything is lessie, loath as I am to relish someone's someone else's mini scandal. The one is going to take a little this one is particularly tremendous. It has everything. A high profile media person, his penis, a zoom nightmare come to life and an inexplicable election simulation that remains unexplained throughout all of this.


So, so twenty, twenty in a nutshell. This Luban Tubin got on one of the more important calls for the New Yorker and beat his dick.


Yeah. That's what he thinks about the election. He said he said, my bad. They're all just like this. I think Jeffrey Toobin was trying to give us a metaphor for everything that is happening now. They're all jerking us off.


Yeah, I think all of us are less different than we are.


Like, I totally identify I, too, have been on Zoome calls and felt like I could just be beating my dick right now with the man state of the culture episodes while they would talking.


I'm like, you know what would be nice if I could be my dick Samael? Honestly, I could point the camera up to the ceiling and nobody would ever know a thing. Now I get it. I'm weird. Yeah, but maybe Jeffrey because Luvin Tubin got it off. He grabbed the lube, hit his Soulja Boy and cracked it real good.




And then was on a suspended leaf. But then he came back to the laughter like, oh my bet fan. You know, this shit was I want to know, I want to know what the excuse was.


Not before he knew what it was like. Yo, I just came back real quick. I was doing homework with my kids and to say a sandwich washing the dishes.


So they had seen his work wife on the call to see what he said. Come on, man, y'all all have been there before talking to somebody on the phone. She started saying something sexy that was unexpected. You like, Oh, I could beat my shit right now. I could do it for him. I guess I could stop dinner.


We all know is algorithm's. You could had a pop up from Viksund dotcom. It was true. I didn't even think about that.


Right, Luden. Lubing tube and having only fans up is wild when he started. Only fans. I don't know. I'm just assuming where you jerk as well. No. Oh, listen, when you were savage like me, like and Louvain, you will search the entire you'll make a worldwide mess searches searching the web for where the intended jerko of target is located. But then sometimes you run up on the chick that is keeping it too low and you have to hit desperation and put her name in YouTube.


Forget it then. I mean, shrug it off to the U.S..


I mean, listen, I'm not leaving you on the ledge. I just think it's better if we just leave it alone. Well, I'm here to let you all know there are men out there that are beating off, not disagreeing to YouTube.


Oh, there's men that are beating everything. And honestly, if we're being transparent right now, which one is not? And if this is a safe place right now with your Sears catalogue worked on him before, I don't even know what was done it before the original not I didn't do that a lot because secretly we came in the mail. I didn't do a Sears catalog.


I might call it a L.L. Bean mag when I was 13 and it was the summer edition. I don't I wouldn't bet if it was still just fleeces. It was LLB sneakers. It might have been some side boob on the fleece, OK? It was the best shiatsus pocket through the fleece. Yeah. Listen, somebody said you had to make to work when he was a kid. I didn't have the Internet didn't exist. And even Rory. Yes, it's a good point.


Yeah, but no, I couldn't go on the gateway. Ninety eight at the library with a dial up Internet.


Sorry Rory didn't know about Cinemax at night. Yes I did.


Channel seventy two on the black box with red letters. Come on. My Spice Channel that was my program is a program that's etched in his brain. Still remember the passcode.


And it was no Pascal. Oh yeah.


No I the email was the last thing I'll say on my channel is some of the things that some of the stunts they attempt to accomplish on the Spanish news stations that are on YouTube with the fine women. Get you going naked news was on that same channel as the Spice Channel was. Up next, new from old days at everybody. Let me tell you why. That's the Old Spice Channel.


Little Naked News came on after I was I was learning as as a child, you know, how much to expects the next day. And it was more humid.


I was humid.


OK, Rose, I couldn't eat any less because my mom was asleep. So I had to keep the volume going to be all too real close to the TV, too. I think that's what ohis is fucked up because I used to have to beat off like face to face with anything to talk about. We will kill a masturbation topic. Oh, no problem. Masturbation wins. This is the last thing I'll say about masturbation is a deep, deep, dark place when you masturbate, but you don't have a prospect in sight.


So you're like, oh, this is going to be like for you, it's more of a relief than anything.


I'll be worrying about potential.


It's going to clean the palate.


You know, just get back to know your funny shit is the New York Tercera The New Yorker putting out putting out a statement saying, we're investigating this situation, bitch. What is there to investigate this shit nutted wiped it off and try to get back to the call. But yeah, I was hating.


Yeah. And now he's suspended and investigated. Suspend me because I got a dick. No touching your dick.


Where in America are you allowed to be a man anymore?


Now don't assume I'm going to stay home.


I mean, yeah, you're working from home. It's tough as some of your niggas still trying to get the Zoome part off, you lazy sack of shit. But leave slaveowner go to work, bitch. You do a part. But he's zooming about it on Halloween. That's crazy.


That's Savon will go to other people's podcast, not on Zoome, but we'll have to zoom his own as crazy.


Savon is not important enough to talk about an hour or two now. I mean we get that shoot off an hour one early. What do you all think about the idea of Thanksgiving being canceled this year because of beer?


Talk to me. Oh, I understand it. What everything else is going on, right? That's right. And in line with everything else. I don't care for Thanksgiving that much, so.


I just think now we're in the area that we can use covid to our advantage when we want to. It's a buffet of sorts, like, you know, I'm a go I'm a go to the bar, my friends. It's outdoor dining, even though we're on top of each other. But Thanksgiving. Come on, guys. We don't want to do that to our family. So now we just using it as an excuse. Let's all be real with each other.


We're picking the times we want to use covid in the times we don't.


I thought you were going to go there or you didn't go all the way there and you said, let's be real with each other. I thought she was going to give it to him, which he did. I don't want a repeat of last episode. I'm just saying, as people, myself included, I've been cherry picking covid. There's been times where things I didn't want to do, like, come on, guys, it's comedy. We have to be safe.


And then other times I'm like, come on, man, just wear your mask there, take it off and we're in front of each other.


You'll scream and take snow off of the scream bitch. Ever take snow off the screen and more stuff. Oh Mother Jesus throws uptight. Yeah. Like if you to go somewhere else, don't go to Dallas or Elliott Wilson, just give me no rhythm.


I'm throwing out all parties. But the biggest one is like you see it on TV just double time.


All double tax on me here. Give it every day. Oh my oh my move. I'm giving it a whole package. I'm giving it up. He can go from anywhere on the she'll give a fuck tumble out. She's crazy like yo yo yo you was looking yo you almost killed the grand slam. Yeah. I just wanna thank you for the support of the.


I tried to get it to you honey bee. Thanks for the support. I'm sure you're not the measuring stick of what you do to get more hearty support. Support it. Oh no, no, that's what I'm saying. Why? They don't know just how fucked up that is, is what I'm saying. I don't think it's annoying. Y'all ain't going, wow, no way.


You got the bikini from my butt. You are killing. Thanks for the thanks. Listen, I just want to thank you for all the support you've given me. Just copy and paste. You not talk about none of that. She said, I'll keep you posted on the new music. Like I don't care about the new music. Thanks for taking recorder for the sleeper pick.


I know that's not what I'm talking about. I said, all right, I'll check it out. Check back in. Hey, that dream you've been having, man, how's things going? Oh, awesome. Yeah. No, he's great. Things are really Boulding boding well right now.


She's like bowling well. Yeah. So sorry. No, no. That's why I if I want to be mad at more money back but support now I'm not battling mom battling the negatives that's actually doing it like that because I was upstairs.


Matter of fact, I hope that gets to do mad. That is dropping, though, Joe, how does it feel knowing that we're battling to do that? Don't give a fuck. She's downstairs and that's a whole we home lost in any ghost is like eight to five. It down, come down. Come get her. No, I think it's worse when you're actually both beaten, but you got to deal with the problems and you don't.


Oh yeah. That just means you got more money. We ain't got a problem. Does he just get to beat. And I have to sit here and like really work through the issues with your mom. He just on a honeymoon.


Or he puts it down, but he ain't got time. I mean, that's I'm sure that's it. I'm sure other dude does everything better than money. Sports better capture, better cash flow, better game, better kicks. It's fun. Oh, man. That's what sucks about your 20s, man. You're going to bump into the niggas you like and he's away ellerton you. Yeah. Then they have been dealing drugs for 20 years. He got the Q four or five.


Look at me. Some some of us are damn Damián. He killed niggas. Why do you always like going to kill somebody? Some of us rely on just being good listeners. Sometimes I beg, you know, Damien, kill somebody before, right?


Yeah. I love that shit. I love I love to feel protected. They're always twisted somehow. They always fall back. I said he's a killer, stupid bitch. Where did you get protection out of that? All right. Protected from him. Protected from.


Oh, let me shut up. All right. Where were we? We weren't here. But since we're here, let's talk about it.


Screaming Why are you being tied down pictorials in front of me and his his his navel boy. Navales Twenty five tracks. Well, a lot of folk music, loud music makes me a little nervous.


Playing the string game features Kid Cudi Post Malone, Kanye Anderson Pack Thundercat quavered low, dark, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean Roddy, Rich Mustard Jenay Mustard again Kaylani Future Young Thug Gun Music Soulchild Black. I can't see the other name Shishi Schyman. OK guys, but Kanye again, that's going to be nice. F k f gateway. When we are Allex we're going oh we did iglesia.


That's the bonus. As a bonus, when I heard everybody rich on my. It's loud music with. That's what we wanted. We wanted some top down, some music, we got it why they chose the low rez. Can't read a fucking thing on this is Friday, right, Friday. This Friday, I'm look, could be wrong, I want to say it better be good, but even if it's not, what am I going to do?


I'm not going to do anything. It's going to be good. And to continue to support high dollar sign, I'm going to get you to buy his music. I'm going to continue to listen to him like Todd Dawson.


I don't think he's capable of making bad music or bad projects. Like he's an he's just that type of artist where he makes good music.


If I walked in here next week with Hazel Eyes, what would you say? I would actually. What are you going through and how can I be of some help? You wouldn't say, damn it. Look at Mr. Bridges. No, no. I say get your eyes done.


I would say finally, Joe is turning into the bad bitches that he's been dating.


He broke up with them and then became them hazel eyes. You OK? We're guys. He picked up the wrong wrong. That was for allergies. Ah, I got you.


I couldn't get contacts without being judged by my friends, not you. You can get contacts and do without being judged by his friends.


That's what his friends are there for. That's my friends. Therefore there for you.


Breathing a big ass earing. Look, I hope you get it, but we're going to tell you what I'm going to ask you about it. What are you going to do? OK. OK, interesting, because when men do something like that, it's usually like a story behind or. Something else going on. Like, if you just show up with Hazel Eyes, there's a story.


I'm just trying to think of like what men are allowed to do, like when they want to celebrate themselves and nothing green context.


Me did the Botox already. You go to the office from the foyer to the office and I say, we're going down.


Take this to the next level. Right. How long? I'll give it a little nudge to catch another one. I don't really he's got personality, you may not get some time. I'm not checking for him. I don't care what he's doing. I'm not waiting for the next load of Nasdaq's record, like not the agency. No, not at all. Yes, you are. You sit back comfortably big. No, no, no, no.


Big. Not this Crosno. It's not for me. It's not as big as we see. Look, see how fast I try to make it go, Yasmani, let that thing grow legs. And just like, no, it's not taking off big Morlocks. No, no, thank you. No, thank you. All right.


Just asking, what were we talking about? I hope, though, today I was on the record. It's still free is actually featuring T.C. singing over the jail phone again because I was five.


So I'd love to hear him in Jinney. But when I see Mustard's name there, it doesn't cost me a bunch of records together. I know what I'm talking about, a new song on his album, but when I see Munster's name, I just kind of know what what we're doing. Raddy Rich.


I'd love to have about two or more, but Mustard's name there kind of gives me an idea I could be wrong. That's not true.


I would love stories. That's changed. That was that must have been a dope. No, no, no.


I'm saying that idea of what he was going to get with a featuring mustard died two, three years ago. To me, like mustard has changed his sound significantly. He still does his mustard shit, but he's done records that you didn't know was it must be, especially in RB.


I agree with that. I'm saying mustard getting with toddlers on. So together for a decade. Well, we'll see. Listen, I hope to be wrong, but not really what I'm looking for when I see Top Dollar Sign and Nicki Minaj, I know what that is said to sing when I sat down to 11000 on record.


And guess what?


And I was the first person to come in here and say, oh, I'm not saying that these won't be small. No, I'm not saying. I'm just saying as a B side type of dude, it don't seem like he's going for many. Besides, he's looking it looks like he's looking to knock this out. The part a little dork that didn't tell me much. So I don't know everywhere right now. Quave quavered that even that doesn't tell me very much right now.


All I know is I know a serpent would defeat Innaloo, might be the greatest song of twenty twenty without hearing me. It wasn't that. Well, were you track for. Serpent with foot feet, interlude, interlude, that might be one of those, but he cut it short, you put another minute and a half on it, not like the interludes that are like nine minutes.


Cardiac cardiac tells me that there's a new her track dropping tomorrow will today.


And it's one that he let me hear a snippet of a while ago. And it was fire back then. I'm assuming it will be fire today. I don't really understand the Wednesday release, but you do what you want when you pop in Hirschmann padulo Los Angeles.


Mm hmm. You have been trying to figure out not just her, but not just her, not just her. It's been working. But I still am trying to figure out what it's trying to do. This not just her toddler did it, too. Like there's a few people that I feel like have been putting out a lot of Trickster's. Yeah.


To feel fully allowed to sing. And as an artist right now, all I've done is as an artist right now. And again, Chip, Rory Parkes, maybe you can speak to you all initiate. This would have to be one of the tougher times in the history of music to, like, fill out the landscape, like to figure out what the fans are doing to test shitty shit like in a pandemic, who knows who wants what, when and how.


And you have to you have to throw something at the canvas to kind of help you get some type of feel on that for sure. And this would be a tough time.


So I'm not I'm not harping on anybody that I was put now track after track after track. Maybe it's not that I don't know. Yes, I do.


Well, her has done it in a unique way because it's been like random features that you wouldn't expect her to ever be on.


It's been shit out of her realm, which I was trying to figure out.


Maybe that's the strategy that let's take her out of this moody box and put her in some other shit with some features. Either way, I think it's going to work a few records on our own judo, which he has, but unique features. I love you. Her hasn't been typical stuff, but all the music's been really good when on paper you look at it like I don't get it and then you hear it and it sounds great. But now this is a terrifying time to put out music.


I was on one of those dumb calls. I wasn't jerking off.


My dick was in my pants professional, but we were talking about on with a label, putting out music, and they started bringing up all these stimulations with pandemic stuff, with election stuff, with holiday stuff. And no one in DP's is even going to be working then. And I took myself off audio and said, so why are we even talking about this? Let's just wait till next year.


I'm. This makes no sense to me. Next year sounds better. I hear you, but when I'm responsible for the fourth quarter quota, I am not responsible for the fourth quarter point. I'm just telling you why it would sound nuts if you're saying next year makes sense musically, which is why I'm saying no.


No, I'm not saying that the employees or the president or anybody I myself, the artist, I am not responsible for their fourth quarter quota.


I could see them putting pressure on an artist like Todd Allison, an artist like her, where you do have to meet a certain amount for the year of 20, 20. I'm not moving that needle in the fourth quarter in that scope of that company. So I'm just saying, hey, let's let's go January, guys.


Tell me about your feelings or what you do when you go up to the label and say you'll get hot.


Hey, I was wondering if maybe sometime in February my album come out. Yeah, I mean, just go get hot. Yeah. Heated up right quick. We'll see.


Like, what does that do. Anything to laugh in my head. I appreciate a certain fearlessness from artists that just push it out without worrying about all the other shit. Like I'm not changing what I'm doing musically because of the pandemic. I'm going to do what I do. And I to put it a great people are going to buy it or not. So many artists are in deals where they won't get greenlit to put anything out unless like Joe was just saying, unless you walk in there and the president is like, hey, buddy, go get hot out there.


Right. Aren't you guys supposed to help me guy this? No, man, let us know when you're poppin.


Go get hot. Coming from the people that make you hot is insane. How about you? I play my shit and then when it doesn't happen, they go well, I guess he wasn't hot.


But I have a random question for you guys that I just thought of. Can you guys tell me about your worst toilet mess ever?


Oh, the worst one ever that you encounter. It's a slow Wednesday, buddy. It's slow out here listening to much music dropped my pants like a shit. I now, you're too cool to appreciate your pants your whole life while on the toilet. How do you manage?


And you don't want to worry that your entire life. How do you why you do that?


Well, if you had like a rush, a rush job and you know, you didn't get them all the way down on the toilet, I've had some some bad charts in my adult life. Oh, absolutely.


Guys, I'm just talking about going to piss and missing. Not your shirts, not your fucking. Well, the shirt would be the worst mistake.


Yeah, a little dismisses the sex. Funny shit is when you start right before you try to get some ass, you take your drawers and your pants off like you about to do work that you walk by to the bathroom afterward and see the brown and your shit like that.


Well, you don't just turtles in the garbage. You get a say before like a laundry week. I leave it on the floor for a sec. Like fester there for a while now. I was on a while down that week.


They got it all the way. You had the toilet me like yo whatever I ate last week, vicious, vicious, vicious meal with me.


Now I've definitely been drunk and couldn't find the light at Shorty's house and could just see the outline of the toilet and pissed on her toilet seat that had the furry cover.


I've definitely sleepwalked in pissed, inappropriate places. When I was drunk several times I. Yeah, that's happened.


Or drunk now stroll to the bathroom in like four months. Must have been three or four. I am trying to be cool.


Lifted my head back like I thought it was right there. I thought to ask away like I don't know what to yourself, I don't know what I was doing. But then the sound effect alerted me that I was missing. Like it just started sounding hollow. Didn't sound like the rim of the toilet. Oh no.


I looked up at a wall, was fucking mad, aggressive pee on the wall. Yeah, Elderado. But I said, yeah, I'm a this in the morning but then in the morning it dried up high tide.


I it's like magic. So listen, I didn't know you women out there had it so rough, I'll be honest with you. And sometimes. How rough do they have it. Bad really.


They got it. They got it bad. OK, when you're on the phone, is this about missing, hanging up. No.


Part four or five missing with this. There were some reports going around and some slander and going around about niggas that was 30 or over 30 begging women that they just met for money so they can sustain in life.


OK, and as men, when we hear that, it's just funny cause like, nigga, you broke asking for money, but then when you actually read it, so then then these texts were published online.


Published, by the way, I don't think any of these are real when these type of things happened. I think so many people set up these text conversations just to do the viral shit like, oh my God, my friend sent me this email. You and your friends set this up.


A girl tried to set me up with a viral Tic-Tac moment the other day. And look, you know what? Those are all staged.


We're going to tell us more like unboxing a Chanel thing, like, oh, I spent ten thousand dollars on this bag I love. But it's really.


It was for your birthday, though, right? She she bought you the ten thousand dollars. She did she kind of tradition. Now she bought some minuscule little Chanel squared, but it was supposed to get a reaction out of me like you did what. But I was like those are all staged.


Yeah. They're all weird. Yeah. Yeah. But anyway, back to the text.


No, I want to stay and participating in stage video with room. No, I don't watch videos. You all did the popped. We didn't do any of the pop to my knowledge.


I don't know, I don't have to up but what Videojet you with your queen did. She wanted to make the the Chanel unboxing pop and you weren't with it. I wasn't what I was like oh that's cool.


You got to be is looked over forty five times in that one sentence. She was over to give me a evilness.


Don't you love when your girls say something to you that you don't give a fuck about me. I know he did an exact dance. No, I'm mixing records doing mad important. You talk alone.


We should do the couple thing with the puppy. No, no.


We should go do a couple, you know, is at the end of the month. I don't have time.


It's like, oh need you got a bag. It's cool.


Oh my God. They did. They've logged their whole vacation. Yeah. And I'm sure he was miserable the whole time but let's just enjoy it.


Rory was triggered. He was on vacation. You know, he went through that, you know, he went to the same as trying to influence you rent free. I'm so tired of guys, this is all comedy style. It's a caricature of the character. Absolutely. Just something a monologue.


I and that's what you say, but I didn't see one pic of you on the big picture.


I was like, damn it, Sam, out there with, like, sugar daddy being like, why won't you show someone his laptop? And that led me to I don't want that.


You just did when I was gone, you know, that's what Rory was doing or is on the same tropical places.


I got to find the shade and the Wi-Fi fi usually by the shade. True. Exactly. I know it.


Know I listen, that was my first, like, vacation of my life. I didn't understand why people documents so much of their vacation. Right. Yeah. I was enjoying myself so much, not one time that I think I should pull my phone out and tell the rest of the world about.


This is where I left my phone inside. I knew my relationship was over when I took things on the trip and we didn't fuck. Oh, yeah, yeah.


That's a that's a sign of things over. It's not a vacation, we're going to land back at EWR soon, EWR, nigga, use the IT for cause when you is dancing the cheek to tell her she's flying into Newark, this young lady had the plane go direct to EWR. Where's that? Newark. Newark, right across from the word.


Oh, I was trying to be fancy. That was the first and last time she saw the driver like, oh, he picked me up on the or like you go over you go over the rest of the way. Don't you worry about it. Back to the difference. Back to these guys here, the guys. And I'm going to read this even even though it may be fake.


OK. Due to is OK by me, some weed, yo, that's my last favor, I get paid Tuesday night. He left after question.


No, look at him. After this last baby crying, laughing, after that, if you want to, pretty pleased with the cherry on top and whipped cream, I haven't had a job in a long time, but it's getting paid on Tuesday.


A thing that, um, maybe. He's lying, or if he doesn't get paid Tuesday night, it's a weird night to get paid. Boy, you're going to have to be sober tonight.


I think that made him put the W in please and say please, like Lexington for these little we give it back on Tuesday. She said no crying emoji, but she wasn't crying. She was dead ass. I said, I promise. Well, she says, no smoking tonight with no L'il. Well, he said it's just for the party. She said, remember I still just met you nigger. I honestly don't lend out money. He said, OK, ok, fine.


And she said, yeah, you wild. All right, let's stop real quick though.


Had this been reversed and this had been a woman in the gray and a man in the blue, he's a broke boy. He would be a broke ass bum fuck boy. Yeah. But instead, it's like, look at this empowerments, this broadcast boom. Well, no, in either perception, she's got a cheeseburger no matter which way she gets put in this scenario.


She is a queen that knows her worth.


Oh, you hate woman clearly.


I'll give you the next one. All right, green bubbles, automatic, he says, yo, you still coming? She says, yes, I'm getting dressed now bit just checking. Oh, he says, can you order a pizza or something? She says, I'm laughing my ass off. I'm not going. I'm not going. I just spent. Oh, no. She said, can you order pizza or something? He said, Yo, I'm not going to lie.


Just spent my last on food this morning and won't have any money until Monday. But I have a Domino's gift card for one free large pizza with a purchase of a large pizza at a regular price. If you catch at me fourteen dollars, I can give it back to you Monday and you can have the free pizza. Now, I got you on about the order.


Now this sounds like an entrepreneur to me. This man is going places right when she said making some tough and just cheese is fine. Yeah. So that's all I need is don't splurge on a pepperoni.


And he said I'll be fine with the service.


How far are you. I don't want to order the pizza.


If you not come in, I would assume what is there's a new one driving study. And babe, can you please please uber me to work.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, baby, can you please please uber me to work, please? If I'm late, I'm fired like a motherfucker. She says I can't. I'm on my way to school right now. He says, what you mean I just need an Uber? You ain't got to pick me up.


He makes a fair point. Both girls, I just think these dudes got to stop fucking we broke. I just didn't know I didn't know that this was the scene out there for women. I'll be honest with you as a man speaking transparently. Yes, it is. It's not it's not this scene. This is these are isolated events, man. Isolation is happening. These don't happen often.


But dudes do ex girl for money. I know that they do X girls, someone nice effect, but. I don't think this is a. Regular thing with every chick, any time I asked a girl for money, I was about to die in the next hour. You ask for some money. It was like DYAR.


Yeah, yeah. That's what I'm saying. That's I guess that's the only thing that is rubbing me the wrong way here. These niggas want well, he rides.


He's if he's late, according to him, he's fired like a motherfucker.


So that's a good point. That sounds like he's going to need more money if she doesn't get the Hoover because he'll be fired.


And the other guy spent all his money on food two days ago or whatever. And the morning he was supposed to free pizza these chicks just cheese, you know, expensive a bagel is right now. You just don't even feel right up to the roof screaming.


Why are you going backwards? Because the last place we go, do you have some money? Yeah, hold on, let's let's sit there for a second, because this is different than the other ones, he didn't give us a story, right? Wasn't an explanation. He wasn't going to get fired. Do you have some money? Yeah. IG what does that mean. Was Judg.


Oh got to go where. Away from you.


For what. I didn't mean to send that to you. You clean it up. You know I don't try to send every show that I was is bugging. If that's where you go with it then I mean whatever you knew it was over. He your idea, he knew that was time he was taking a look at the WIPA because she's gone. You get out your phone, you'll never see her again.


Don't act like shit. Hit the fan, would you? And the girl he was talking to. And then you let the dust settle in. You know, where where you at. What you're doing is you're not going to ask, you know, ignore everything that just happened, know what you're doing.


You're a stupid man. Joe was like, take us in his next one. All right. He says, Yeah, yo, yo, yo. She says, Hey, hard emojis.


What up? What are you doing then? Muttering You're up on face time with my best friend.


How about you? I know the strategy. Shit cool in it, honey. Emoji trying to do me a favor. Questionmark depends. What is it. Well, you got cash. Yeah. Why of course she does. Can you catch it if you can. And I'll send it back. Where's your cash in Jersey now. Still in New York. What up. What up for two days. What's up? Oh, yes. Is this the same due to Dolly?


Yes, later on, how you been doing what you've been on and do you have three dollars from my cash at my card was from it, and I don't got cash.


Wait, hold on. This goes from May to this is over like a couple of years. Not I'm sorry, this is bag.


He just jumped back in like after a few months and actually two dollars now as anybody ever asked you for, like a minuscule amount of money for like to send them like wire transfer or something like twenty dollars. It's like no, no. Because it's 20 dollars. Yeah. If you ask for one hundred dollars, maybe I would give twenty dollars to twenty three dollars.


Yeah. Come on the Brooky we want you to lend them money and Western Union it and that's just too much out of my way. I'm sorry. Not got to pay the fee. Yeah.


Yeah. I'm not going to question for the twenty. Yeah. You're, you're not a fugitive, you're not on the run. Why are you still at a Western Union.


Right. And I'm never speaking. Nobody needs to borrow three dollars. Fax what.


We're going to do it. I mean if you have cash, I mean look, the fucking dollars get a better roll. But that's what I'm saying. We've got to be tough to have.


It got to be tough to beat this broke like this, bro. Like where you need three dollars from a young lady. Yeah. That's why I don't believe these these old. Yeah. This might be fake. Yeah. Three dollars three.


I think a lot of these they might be fake but I have met playing every time needed.


Three dollars. Three dollars. A person is different than three dollars over cash. That's a bit different. Yeah. Though if you did want to send three dollars I prefer to use cash up over giving it to them in person. Oh sure. Three dollars is different.


If it's your uncle could come on nephew. You ain't never give me hand. I hit a good button. This is a I feel for you ladies. I feel for the dudes fist for three and she goes ten thirty. What's going on. That's true too.


No hold on. Oh men ask we ask for three dollars. She ask can you pay my rent this month broke you. Fuck are you talking about. Right. I feel bad for men. It's all this. You can't give us a three dollars for the for the blunt roll but she's like can you pay my rent this month once you ask a woman for money.


I said, why don't you ask, you know raise your right. That's a she never raise it. No, no that's true. And it's true on the other side, like once you ask me to pay your rent, I'm viewing you and the most cockamamie predicament, like I'm putting you in roach infested shit like I'm a pig.


Because if you ask can you over there going through it, through it or know some of these chicks live above their means and had the sugar daddy paying their twenty eight hundred a month rent and fell out with his old bod Rinkel.


Yes. And then just come to come to us because she's she's twenty eight hundred.


She doesn't need six hundred. And you're a good listener. A great listener. And I will listen enough to tell you you should move out of there some rent controlled.


Maybe you should see if your mom still has your own sizable way to turn that into a gym. Maybe you don't need a cleaners in the in the lobby of your building. Yeah, I really do.


Not really. Dauman pussy. I'm sorry.


There's more text messages, let's get off what I've been saying, that's another reality show, the Joe Barton Network is working on all the things that the doorman sees.


Oh, my gosh.


You know, the door man conversations, sees it all, knows it all. But just be feeling so safe when you've got a doorman. Like, I won't fuck him up, too.


He's not a creep fan. I'm getting to the 13th floor. What do you think he's going to do?


This topic make you love that little doorman.


You can fly with. Sixty eight years old. You can fly with him.


You know, she's upstairs and half the time he's on his big ass Samsung phone watching a Netflix series.


And I would looking to walk right past him or eating Netflix, you better hurry up and put some stuff out. I know that I keep your search on that shit, his ass, Emily and Paris as it is. And so I'm like Avonlea, Paris. I don't know.


I've been looking for it. I've been looking for Madeleine, even though, you know, two weeks ago, you know, I saw you going through little girl Madeleine Emily in Paris. Don't tell me about him or use your platform. It's a girl from Chicago.


She moves to Paris for a job. And, you know, she's finding her way in the social scene on the show.


Thank you for the love. This is a good it's a great show. He went to Paris and went, wow. Yo, Emily, stop giving it up, though.


Once her boyfriend was like, yo, listen, I'm not taking that flight over there. I'm not coming to Paris like it's over.


This is why I don't be starting, because that buys a girlfriend every other week. You watch this show when you're trying to. No, no, no, no. Funny shit. My whole clubhouse on St. Nick, my homeboy told me about this show because we just talking about like London and Paris, like the week before that. And he was like, yo, you got to watch this show like it's dope. But for three days he called me, ask me if I started.


I was like, bro, I have to watch this third day and I like it.


It's it's cheesy, but it's like it's a cool watch. It's cheesy, though, but it's a cool if you watch if you like Devil Wears Prada, it kind of feels like that somebody on Twitter said it's like the white insecure, you know.


So you girls. So you watch. Do you watch. This came from like a talk with you and your man. Yeah, my homeboy. He never killed nothing, right? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm telling you, you know. No, no, he's not. No, he's not that type of. No, you'd be surprised. Not that to be like in some way are seen as true, though it really takes Paris.


I can see Loving Emily takes back its top five all week on Netflix.


Joe sometimes.


And when I tweeted about it, every dude was like, yo, me too. I'm like, so I wasn't going to say nothing. Like it's going to be like a secret.


Yes. Every dude just to do the follow you just okay. Yeah. Every dude well knows how to do that. Involves, you know, they just jumped in on the threat to and they were like yeah, don't jump. It was pretty good. So from what I saw I didn't see it. It's a really good show, really good show.


You guys watch a Lovecraft country as I'm on the third episode, it's it's a no.


You go, yeah, I got those shows that the fan base is turning me off from watching it. Really, because you'll be so annoying about it.


And I don't want to watch you know, you watch episodes. It's just it's hard for it to get pieced together for I finished it and it's still kind of hard to piece together. But the episodes individually are really dope where I am willing to maybe try to piece it together. Yeah.


Is this like this like lost meets black history?


It's like, no, this is Jordan Peele again, right? Yeah, he produced it, but he told me everything and I believe her name is Misha Green.


Is the writer or showrunner or whatever. For who? The Sons of Anarchy and Heroes. And well, I like a lot of these actors.


Oh, it's know it's got to be a guy, isn't it, for sure. Because it's all Jordan people's friends. But what does that have to do with the actual show?


And I hear the show is really good, but it is when I when I put on the first episode, I was lost.


It's like sci fi for, you know, what they were doing and black history kind of all thrown together. What is horror?


What is the last time you were scared at the movies? Like what? When we stop fooling me with these words when I went to the horror.


Well, there's elements of horror, you know, gore and sci fi as horror, less scary kind of sometimes sci fi horror and outer space. I'm sure that's what it is.


When I went to EPIK on 42nd Street and the mice were running around my feet, the whole the whole time infested, don't ever go to the movie theaters are coming back.


They say you can rent a movie theater to yourself for like a hundred dollars less.


Less than that, Joe. And that does not mean they're coming back. That means they're leaving. It means they're on their way out. They just trying to pay a couple bills with forty four hundred dollars. You get the whole Joe to yourself.


I know what that means. I'm down corvus it right on the seat. Well, well, yeah, Emily Parish, I should watch it if you have a good show. Did you see the Lovecraft finale?


Yeah, I did. I did. And again, it doesn't really necessarily I still have a lot of questions. I have a lot of questions, but I feel like that's the case with a lot of science fiction kind of stuff for me at least.


So do you have a lot of questions? And it didn't satisfy you or really?


I was very satisfied, but but I'm still not entirely sure what happened at every state.


Had the kangaroo pouch for you. Well said.


It was something I watched. And that was funny when I watched the trial of the Chicago Seven on Netflix, I was halfway through it. Oh, is it really good for the first half? I thought it was good. I'm going to check it out. I thought it was pretty good. Some of the listeners know I'm an avid 20/20 watcher as well, and I watch the twenty twenty on the murder of Laverne's and White. Right? The right, the grizzly is, I don't know, twenty twenty to twenty twenty just.


Yeah that was just that was all. OK, if you want to search for ABC, which I do, it's on Hulu. That was fucked.


I forgot about it for I don't know what happened. Is family to.


Yeah. One thousand percent. Four years of condolences. This is a family that was a wild wild story while we're at it and rest in peace. Meaning of the word. Absolutely. Why can I say it's man's name. Lorenzen Wright please.


Also really sad story here that I've wanted to highlight because we've been doing this show for a little bit and we have a lot of fans all over the world.


And some of our fans go through things and experience things and they reach out to us and say that we helped them. We help them navigate through some of the stuff and sometimes you can fail in that. And we have a fan of ours.


His Twitter name is Midnite. So twenty three lost his bout with depression and his last tweet was a shout out to us. I remember him. Yeah, I remember that name, shut out more jobs, Parks Music got the job and power for keeping me company while I'm going through this depression. I appreciate it this way. Too heavy on my soul for the I didn't I didn't know this happened. This tweet he tweeted this October 4th. Oh, is that the guy that I told him?


I think I've had him at the exchanges with him because I've had a lot of those with our listeners just don't shoot DMS.


And I hate our expert at that stuff.


Yeah, I hate him, but I try to talk to things I can say name and shout out to his homey epitome on Twitter w e piecewise. He owes me for making me aware of this again. Rest in peace Midnite. So twenty three. This always hurts. This always hurts me.


His friend happen to mention his his full actual name. Has a different name than he just added, he added him, but you're absolutely right, right, Rory. So if you can give me this gentleman's real name at appear, to me that would be nice so we can acknowledge him the proper way. Yeah. On Saturday or next week, whenever you are able to rest in peace to him, shout out to him. That hurts. Listen, I would listen.


I was super fucked up at on tour when they told us that both them Gene was a huge fan of the pod. And like, you know, those stories will always fuck me up.


So shout out to him and shout out to him, rest in peace and peace and gone. But not absolutely sure. Absolutely.


That was all I had on on death. Yeah, so so we can move from there.


I want to talk about what show was I saw that they were advertising the Mike Vick 30 for 30 starts, if you're hearing this now, yesterday, yesterday at nine, which is why I'm really mad that since we've returned, morphologies has decided to come an hour late because I could have been home to see the Mike Vick.


Thirty 30 at the time.


Of course. I mean, let's get to Sleeper's.


I started Fargo, which is a great show for you to watch the previous seasons. But this season, Chris Rock is the lead.


You have heard great things and so far so let's wait two or three episodes in. But yeah. Yeah, real good. Is that a Netflix thing?


It's something. So it's on Hulu. It has a really good show.


Fargo is one of those shows where every season is a different season, basically for different series. So I could start Chris Rock.


And all the seasons are really good, though. But at least the first three. What is Fargo about? So Fargo is a show, a movie.


It was a movie in like the 90's. The Coen brothers did it. Who did Big Lebowski too much classic movie. Absolutely.


I think it won Oscar. Whatever. Philidor It was a crime story basically in Fargo, Minnesota, I want to say.


Or was it Canada? No, it wasn't Canada. It was one of the suburbs or somewhere in the north and cold, cold and in the mountains.


People are telling me to start the boys. I was going to Amazon. That was good. Has anyone seen it? Yes. Thought that was good. I see. I see, like five episodes. I was feeling the boy if it was good. There's good episodes.


It's a it's a twist on like superhero powers and that type of thing.


So it's like the other show on Netflix says it's like basically like. What's the superhero that Will Smith played that was like Hancock because like everybody is like a Hancock and he'll have issues, not hits close was a superhero. He was. We need more Hitchins in the world.


It feels like a little like everybody has a little dose of hancox like problems and issues going on. But they all have like superpowers and shit like willing to cause you disappear at the same time.


Right from them. And it's a really weird comparison. I'm just I just always pay attention to people's ability to pop in the Internet, do it correctly, and then pop out. OK, well, Will Smith and Takashi.


Well, when Will Smith. Yeah, but will they be making concentrated efforts to do the Internet?


They should also never be put in a sentence together when it comes to popping up and doing anything.


And not only that one, Will Smith pops out of the Internet. That usually means he's popping on the set of a big movie. That's so it's a little different. Yeah, take time. I have to be on set for six months.


Academics, that's a contributor to.


Listen, I love you. That was one of the better feelings in life when you got to step out and get a neck.


I actually feel like if I want to get in the back of my neck looking plane in the neck, Paula's not I talked to grin about the back of my neck actually up into because I'm a bullet soon up to the top of my head.


See what you're going to do. You won't cover the whole back of the neck. Rebellious soul put a bar code does not belong to society. If you just look at our culture within society, you cannot purchase me, you know. So not for sale. No, no, no, no, no, no.


I am in the the neck tack business now. I'm here to shop for the neckties.


Chicks just fuck you better when you have an actor. I know you. I don't know. And you. I don't know. So you can't can't question is true though.


I just don't understand the people that get tatted from head to toe so quickly. Like where do you guys have the time. That's my issue, I would be tattooed head to toe if I had the time to literally sit there for 12 hours every other night.


Those are usually drug dealers were there would be drug dealers have a pretty full calendar.


They make their own time. They don't it's actually kind of easy for the drug dealers now, you left foot under the rock right in the parking lot would be on the left, right there. That's another ad by sex workers, drug dealers, as far as, you know, the rock be the boy who Bodil's cash.


Listen and listen, cash. You have got the right dude. I'm in the clubhouse. Just cash yapping away. I send it. I don't hesitate. You're checking in clubhouse. I'm checking everywhere I go. Everywhere I go, buddy. Now what what you got to say.


I got nothing to say. Whatever works for you works for you.


Way to secure a new deal. I got plans of chicken.


I'm going to do you told Shorty. Just just sit there for a month. Sit tight.


Sit tight. Is coming. Daddy's coming. Just relax. That is nasty. I tell him daddy's he's knowledge of myself is Daddy doe.


That's nasty. That's disgusting. I don't think so. Because you two are dangerous now is disgusting.


No, no. I'm a dad but I'm Daddy Tudo. I'm a dad to train leks.


But when his daddy mowed me that's when the neck tattoo shows any hoof. Let's see if I've got this usher Raymond Jam Shahrani.


What is Cognacs. And now some you were saying. Oh, I've always said that Schneller uses black people.


I've always said I just want to get some attention to hold other black people back. My heart goes out to ice cream for her and her family. I know that the twenty seven. Did you play this in your twenty and you're ushe battle further. I'll be a lot more. We jam with some real niggas shit. Right. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Why use your shoulder anymore. Let me see your show Late Show. The Late Show is small.


Go go. It's small. Go ball.


No, no it's not. It's not the modelling. No, no it's not the maldito.


He never participates in the past. It's unfortunate. No. All right. Kanye West versus East ICRA. I think Kanye services.


We got new verses, OK? And I seen Swiss and Timbaland try to sneak out the artwork of Yo versus season two on the way and just say nobody's booked right now. Yeah, I can appreciate it. They went on. It was a nice move since those my guys man.


Season two on the way, man. Who's next? Who's next. Go, go, go.


You saw Trey Songz. Duck, duck the versus smoke. I'm only in competition with myself.


And you know what?


I walk back whatever I said about it. Matt, Trey Songz has a shot in inverses against whoever. Of course, I do want to see Trey Songz versus Toni Braxton. That's the one I want to see.


Weird. I know it's a really odd pairing. Yeah. Braxton. Why?


Because they both are legends in their era, but maybe don't have enough to go against the legends of their era.


Both of them, hmm. Still doesn't make it a good pairing. I get your point, but I be a weird. Musical that would sound together would just be I wouldn't even know where I think Tony is way too many babyface records to be sitting across from Trey Songz.


Trey Songz has 20 that would clear Toni Braxton out.


I've only been saying that for years on this lyric, even before Tony is out of my time. Trey Songz has 20 that were clear. Tony and Babyface out of there.


I don't think so. That's a crisis we sleep on.


We sleep one on his Trey Songz has. No, I've only because I wasn't sleeping. Yeah.


No, Trey. Yes, he has. He has records. He got twenty minutes of hits. Yeah. For sure. But more than say turnover with Toni Braxton, he could end up Toni Braxton. He could end Toni, he could enter. They shouldn't be in a verse together. She showed up opposite of him. He could enter in verse. But who's listens when he joins. Yeah. His fan base knew that her listening might have one of the biggest RB records of all time.


She do not have twenty to go with Trey.


OK, she got a couple like super. So I was like, OK, all right. OK, so what, seven. Seven would you got seven Tony. Three going into the second half. And if it's seven, three going into the second half, guess what's happening in the second half. I did this real quick now if Timlin calls up Tony, Tony says, hey, what's up, Tim? How's your day? Hey, thinking maybe versus.


Oh, that's great. I would love to do versus how about Trey Songz? What is Toni Braxton saying?


Get off my phone. I never want to speak to you or Swiss or Alicia Keys again.


Easy done. Oh, no, Tony's not doing that with Tracy. This is an imaginary land, and on top of that, I even think Trey Songz would have the same conversation, not a disrespect to either of them. I think it's like, what what's why would I go against Toni Braxton?


I told you about my match up. Was it was Brandi, Tony, not Brandi. Monica, Brandi. Tony would be good.


That would have made way more sense than Brandi Monica. But they played into the little boy's mind. That one just made a lot of sense and was a really good one. It made sense all the way up until she came on.


I think Trey and Mario makes you know, that was how they started around is the moniker remix.


It makes more sense than Trey Songz is getting Mario the fuck out of here. Mario is looking to dance with somebody, though. Mario can't dance in the back of the Mariangela Adam Lloyd Trey. And like Ludwig says, I'm Trey Songz is hanging that phone up.


If you bring Mario to his line and Mario is hanging up if you say Lloyd's name. That makes more sense to me. He's hanging on and he's hanging up dead, makes way more sense to me. I'm just saying it shouldn't be 20. I would like to see them do the people that can do 10 songs, but I don't understand big business like they talk. That's not. Patti LaBelle. And that's when you start to undercards. Yeah, well, that's what you get Patti to sit down.


What do you hear, Babyface? Patti LaBelle, like Gladys Knight is going somewhere else.


Season two, I think they should do undercards where it is. Ten records. Or it's seven records for people that have seven or eight records, and that's about it, and again, only in my mind I know this will never happen at halftime.


I want to see a one hit wonder off melike that I want I want I want to see Jay Holiday versus, you know, I'm tomorrow. Not for the rest of the room is laughing at you bro.


But I felt we was going with it. I know not. And Joe I think you have more than one hit record. You know what it is to be a rapper, you got to let me tell you what it is to be a rapper regional to fucking devote your entire life to something for an entire room of people who cannot do it better than you to. Yeah, I figure I agree, though.


Does always have whatever. Yeah. I think it's fucked up for the way Netflix is set up, where someone spends two fucking years putting a whole series together and they watch it in one day and go where the fuck is season to and what the fuck you just compliments. It's like fam, you know how hard it was to do this. You can't look at fans and ever equate it that way. It doesn't work, you'll go fucking crazy. So, yes, you have to sit there and listen to people that could never do what you do.


Critique what you're doing. Like, I like just how life goes, I'd like to see a vaunt get up in that 10 record mix. I would like that. Yeah, like there's some ten record guys out there that I would just like to see that.


So there's a lot. All right. Kanye West, as to who he could be in the five.


No, he didn't have.


If he doesn't if I feel like I want to hear Bobby Valentino in a in a five or 10. Bobby, I give you five, five good ones, you could stretch it to ten, but he has five that bet that it's going to be hard out for him if you don't feature it, Bobby.


That's tough. Who wins me versus meme's you. You. That's an easy battle, I say I don't think so, I think that's one of the tougher one hit wonder of this is this is why I'm hot is nowhere near. Pump it up, pump it up. Still in the time to burn. This is Winmar. Was that record.


This is why I'm hot. Is you struggling to get some moves? Come on. Believe for yourself. You got to believe in your fucking show for the next. I got you watching. That's the one I wonder if you have some dog records there. I don't want it to come across like that.


But Ann. Veronica. Yeah, I didn't have. I've been looking versus what a guy that she was. Yeah.


No, I got you clean a few of my radio promos shows he would pop up and like have her with them though, you know, if I tried to freestyle extra hard to try to freestyle what you got in the metaphore.


Back to Still with Veronica.


Veronica is listening in a shout out to you and call me if you're not in a loving relationship with me. Yes, of course. Of course.


Of course. Well, he was outside when. This is why I'm hot with that. I was outside. I was outside to see what was so good. Right. Trayvon was outside.


No, I just started really coming outside. Outside when I was outside. Like outside is relative by yourself where you were alive. Yeah. Like I said, I was breathing. He's in the backyard. Yeah.


This is why I'm out. I think that's one of the tough one hit wonder of OK, maybe not the toughest. Jacqueline is probably the toughest. He has to though, but his wife, the industry have both.


Yes. It's tough to pack. He has to what is one.


But see I think that's you will pump it up in fire. I'm out of here.


I don't know. I lose. You have to street hopping. Yes. Tipsy. You lose.


I think you underestimate. Pump it up and like what that did for the wine.


And the greatest of the one hit wonders. It's probably Jocke with off. It's going down. Yes. It's tough. Yeah. Yeah. Out of here buddy. Put up on your way. Oh Tom Cruise is losing his fucking mind on Letterman's couch doing that dance. Pump it up in your living room bitch. This night is over. You can back it up. Jack is here now and he's got lift. Oh my God.


Sorry. Meet me in the club going down. That was of a hook. What a hook, though. And the dance. There was no pumping up.


Dance was before the dance time. You should retroactively do it. Pump it up. Dance on tick tock. Tick tock. Kanye West.


You're quiet. It's good when the kids be doing a little dance to the pump it up to pump it up. I'm like why isn't this going viral.


You can call in Def Jam. You guys still have some of this. Do something. Why aren't they turning up to this call? It is. It's all right. Honestly, back catalog mean something. No doubt. I would be like, yo, we two of us make some money off what you call Fleetwood Mac. The back of the charts with this is what I'm saying.


And Joe wins because of the fire. Wouldn't be my second. It would be me. That's it. Yeah, I'm going to say it in front of more, but it would be club it club. Yeah. Fire with more regional I guess clubbing with it. You can't play a club in those over for that. Yeah.


I mean the guy that wrote it isn't on the song. You don't bring that up.


He is on snow banks on the snow telling me my fucking greatest feature is over with. And so it's all about the person that wrote the song. You he's on it. Yeah, but come on man, dammit, you're doing it and doing like doing what you're doing. You're doing it to me.


I picture you doing it to me like oh come on man. Don't you call it. No, no, no. I don't think anything I call that.


Oh oh we next tell Tegan I guess El Wagin I got no such thing so why so doesn't it still doesn't get creative. I was here visiting the future. That's what you saying. I'm thinking about what's now. I'm not thinking about it so I still don't know a convertible wagon like it's not even coming. It's not even almost happening. Elon Musk about to do that small convertible wagon. You're laughing at me. But I did see I did see a concept, maybe not a concept, but a Bentley wagon like those three days ago.


And that shit looked incredible. Top quality that I can see. Bentley wagon.


You ready to jump off the best way to go the rim. You have that? A rib jumper. Oh, how do you like your condo?


You know, that is a well, let me tell you when I'm home going just reciting some of the lines of my career, I'm in here laughing my ass off the dream job. Now you understand why I didn't go as far as you know what? We're far enough as it went. It was further down on this couch. We go, oh, do the math. Like I get it now. Why I wasn't fucking with it. Oh, something somewhere was like.


So why did it happen so Kanye West versus East of.


You know, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Cixi, daddy is talking, you got to kiss, but you got to go to oh you're right, you're looking at puppy like you're looking at Oh I got to hear your voice.


Did you. Right. I'm not going to. In that poll I saw you could offer the reason why.


That's what I was trying to make of thing. I didn't know you tried a lot when the crew was like, yo, that's going to get us the web. Oh, never mind if he was right where we were. Now I see what she was doing here. It work. You got to be careful with niggas suggests.


But I'm a tribe. Oh that is not catching on with higher octave on the you boner.


Right. You look at it poppy like oh OK.


And so on and I actually go to window break both scary if I have to go back killed.


Is it wicked you. I feel like when bitches privately dance for me, that's our my junior high dances into a frenzy, that they will listen like crazy.


That's the record they got the Rhode Island shows on TV. That's a fact. Come on, man. We didn't even know where to place it. We should have called first and last. Just keep just keep running it. You know, our record when it's failing, like the ocean, we just go back to it. Kanye West. We says. Well, you put out something with the baby or you send the baby to be the baby, send it back in record time, you release a snippet, then the baby cares to everybody out for saying he has one flow.


Then can you curse Isa Ray out for doing Saturday Night Live?


Then Conway put out another song with, like a funky sounding beat with some trash words over it. I did hear that. Did you want to read his tweets? You guys are better outloud readers than me. Whereas Tweed's Vokoun, you know this, it's all right to pull it up, pull it up, and then then he went to ESPN, pull it up, it was up there to read it.


And he was doing perfect, by the way. I was going to read it and I was just trying to buy time, he says. I've always said Saturday Night Live uses black people to hold other black people back. My heart goes out to you. Sorry, I'm praying for her and her family. I know that the 20 years of service that I paid in the entertainment field has furthered our ability to be more successful. And then he Googled Izarra, which he's been doing a lot on his Twitter, Google and people.


OK, that's an interesting angle. Well, now we know who it is and it's it comes off in Spanish, even though it says see results in English from everything.


Yeah, I'm really glad that I now know that Konya searches things on Google in Spanish. It just seems like some real shit to do. Yeah.


And this is happening because on the Saturday Night Live skit that they did when Gonyea's name was brought up easily said fuck on Kanye West.


Well, the premise of the sketch was playing off of her when she was on the red carpet and said, I'm rooting for everybody black. And then they did like a fake talk show that was political. And she was saying, I'm voting for everybody black. And then they brought up a bunch of different people where they were trying to get her to say, you wouldn't vote for that black person. And she kept finding excuses. And then they got to Kanye at the end and she said, nah, fuck him.


That was the premise of the sketch just being funny. Yeah, it was. Oh, no, was all in good jokes. Yeah, this is comedy stuff. That was Covestor. He didn't think so.


She should have yelled comedy style after the joke that she would have been stealing our source show. Which you already do when you cast it launch in season one, that wasn't me. You think so? All right, forget it.


I mean, you did work in an electronics store more at The Wiz. Yes, I was there. The original Best Buy. Yeah.


Yes. Well, crazy idea was the first original Best Buy. Crazy Eddie.


Wow. And some funny shit. Come on, you. I want to give you our thoughts on the on the Kanye song. I've kind of started to filter Kanye West news out of my life music, though.


Yeah, not news music, too, yeah, kind of interesting. OK, I love that man, everybody, but I just haven't heard anything that I like. I've wanted to play again, so.


When I see everyone else talking about a great country song, I will go listen, but I didn't hear anybody talking about the song, but if he puts out now, you listen to it. Yeah, of course. Got it. Of course. Just like random singles and shit I'm not listening to.


And it wasn't necessarily really a single whatever like a snippet of some shit. I thought the artwork was cool. I'm not listening in on issue. It took for the baby to turn around a very so quickly to see how fast we can move as a people to you. OK, I'm saying this, this is a guy who has had every artist in the business out to Wyoming in the past 18 months, so an album should be finished to.


Now, you know, Chi Chi Chi is like a that do that movie, and he was trying to play off the life of a British. Oh no. You know, Kanye always has to add he hears more music. Even when the song is done, he's missing something. You have 20 people on his record, so it's not just background, yeah, it's not missing anything. I mean, this record is missing something here. Twenty seven people in this town is on their side.


It's not missing anything.


I promise you.


A solo here, Elton John. That so? You said you don't I don't hear him in there now because you don't hear El Al and hears you. See, so he didn't do this, went over his head, yeah, it's almost February, you know what that means?


We've seen Elton John and Eminem by a piano every Valentine's Day.


The Grammys never before seen performance again. Eminem and Elton John make peace again and again. It's been inspiring since two thousand. Eminem loves the gays, the gays.


They're going to come up with a new trick.


They're going to Megan's work on Elton John. That's just funny, but after they do. So we took a time out to listen to the record, which record well, sort of we listen to 15 seconds of the non on the new record. Yes.


I don't think this is the baby. I will give you all the taste of the baby verse and what he was saying.


I took a tour de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de dividend and dividend. It is hard now.


There's nothing like that flow. It's got that bounce to it, that bounce you want to take. I mean, hockey, ever since Roy said the baby's not a pop star, fans have been sending me every pop feature that the baby has done. And it's a lot of them. I very well said.


He's on his way to becoming one. But when we had that conversation, he was not.


That's why I feel bad for the black kids from impoverished neighborhoods that pop off, because now the label put them on every fucking pop record they can. Mm hmm. That was my Christina Milian feature. They try it. They're going to try it.


But come on, let's go. They were still trying to get her a real pop career. Yeah, I wish I had known that at the time that he wasn't. Well, maybe just cause I loved her. Yeah, I just wish they'd have had me with the artist that was working. She was working sort of at the time of Jersey City, and he gave the pillow to Fab. The remix. Yeah, na na na na na na na na na na na na na na.


Over the Senate, Jose on a manoeuvers beat this hard. I just, I just don't I don't like what they did to the stage. We're not a you're. Next, tell you cannot wait. You were talking to presidential candidate. Don't jump and it cannot get the higher ground. I mean, you turn it off. I'm the biggest fan of fitting in, conjure up. All right. So you beat me right to it. That's one of it.


That's my problem with the album, too. It was an album that any artist in that current time could have made, like Kanye. Sounds like the old guy at the club. You don't need to be on this.


Every single album has been innovative. It's changed that sound like. Yeah, I like that, Kanye. I don't like the Kanye that just pops on the sound of the top.


Please don't let him in the club so you can tell the D.A. to cut the music off all the talk for an hour. That's not the club I want to know. Well, you got to get on it. No future bearlike future just needs to be.


I feel like that's what everybody that's what else I feel like. That's what every label is saying about every song is handed in. All right. Let's get a future on this now.


That right there. We're at it. That's a future record like that.


You like that one for sure, because your hips moving Sinda hips don't stand up. No, they won't. They won't move. Well, they swing. No. OK. Well, is that that is that the current and or you yo feature on this, but the hips?


No, I haven't seen it in our swing his hips in a while, but. Anyways. Say no to that. So no to that man, sorry to that man, to that record. Yeah, yeah.


So for me, for me, I think he tried to get out of the university now and now I'm afraid to get a date for him. You can take this shit down. Epic. It doesn't sound bad, though. That's just how bad the beat is.


Hard but things can sound good but sound bad from certain artists. Correct. If that makes sense. It is like I don't need this from Kanye West nor ever wanted from Kanye West. He's too good to chase. A sound that is going to leave pretty soon anyways, Cotchin. I was a good ad lib on a Segway. All right, so 50s were more, Conyer's were more. So a lot going on. Ice cubes with more Tommy Lawrence with more on what I'm trying to segue into what we're doing here on the road.


I don't know what Rory's leading up to term.


Take it away. All right. 50 Cent came out recently and said, what the fuck? Vote for Trump.


I'm out fucking New York. The Knicks never went anywhere.


I don't care if Trump doesn't like black people. Sixty two percent of you, 62 percent. Are you out of your fucking mind? And he's referring to the alleged Biden tax plan. If he wins, that will tax people. They make over four hundred thousand four hundred thousand dollars by 60 percent if you're in New Jersey. Fifty eight percent if you're in New York, 62 percent of you're in New York City and sixty two point six percent if you're in California.


Now, I've seen you guys kill fifty for this, so I'm shutting up.


Listen, man, you know, this is weird. Yeah.


I mean, listen, man, it is vote, right? I've already voted. OK, there you go.


What I did see some backlash with some alleged facts on this. This whole thing.


I'm not saying these are facts. Give them up, Rory. So you didn't fact check the facts? I don't. Can we really fact check this?


We fact check anything with the screen. You know that's not fair. No, it's not. It's definitely not. But this did come from someone that I think knows more than me. Sam, since, you know, Sam, Sam did not have Sam knew what I paid on taxes. She would leave me. So the Tax Foundation is not a reliable source. And they've been criticized for years by The New York Times for developing faulty models. They measure the statutory tax rate, which sounds a little rapey instead of the effective tax rate.


The statutory indicates liability before credits no one ever pays. That effective tax rate is what the people pay. The Tax Foundation model not only use statutory tax rate model, but they also combine local, state and federal tax. Biden has no jurisdiction over local and state taxes. The Biden tax plan as an effective tax rate of thirty nine point six percent on individuals. I don't think that means businesses who make four hundred a year, which is what was going on during Obama as well.


Tax the wealthy. My business about to pay me 25 grand a year didn't matter to me. That's a tax to say do the loopholes. Yeah, we were in the red this year.


Listen, they saying that don't affect state tax or whatever, blah, blah, blah, blah. State taxes already.


Guys in New Jersey, all of it New Jersey, New York is the fucking worst outside of Cali.


Fam, I had a fit when I learned what I paid in self employment taxes in New Jersey. Are you kidding me? I have to pay for not fucking with you. Oh yeah, of course you do. Yeah.


I'm not buying into play. Come on man.


Come on. Vote. I voted already saying, yeah, you good. I do think your little vote games with your Bronx buddies, right? Have you talked to the young boy? Everybody's yelling vote. So I'm saying vote. I'm tell me what everybody was saying. Vote.


Well, you don't need to say it. As it turns out, it appears twenty eight million people have voted early as opposed to six million people at the same time four years ago. It seems the country and what has happened in the country has urged just willed people to the voting polls. Now, I don't think that that's a guaranteed win for anybody.


I don't ston we've seen. So I don't know if they can hear that. Yes, I kind of wish I was always some action around here. Why not keep going?


No, it saying, oh, yeah, I'm not I'm not saying that that's a guaranteed win for anybody. I want everybody to fall asleep at the wheel. But it just seems I just seems like more people are going out to vote. Right? That's what it seems. I do think this is hilarious that Eric Trump posted a clear photo shop like it's not even a good Photoshop, the Ice Cube and 50 together wearing Trump hats. Two great, courageous Americans.


They know politics is as sick as game.


It really is, while they was killing 50 and understandably so. But I do understand, I did get where he was coming from, about 60 percent of your money stripped away. I was nuts. Anybody would not.


Even if the craziness of a regular working person. Yeah, I know. But the response to that is a fucked up. You're making half of what you're making like that. No, it's not accurate. What is it? That's the other part.


Yeah. Sixty two percent is not accurate of New York City or any of those numbers. That he's going to be taxed, they're not taking 62 percent of his money come March, correct? But to say I feel the whole PP scam, that's what they're doing out there, get you a label, you want to buy your Gucci and what you want me to do, man.


There's nothing to buy. There's no reason to buy anything anyway.


Everything not a car, not clothes, whatever your vice was, your shopping, shopping.


Biswas isn't dead. There's nothing to do. Thanksgiving is canceled. New Year's is canceled. Halloween is canceled. And I feel weird right now. Like it's October. Twenty second or some shit. Yeah. Twenty first, whatever it is. And you have not seen a peep about Halloween. You ain't seen a little stupid store, some little stupid mask. You ain't had all the hoes used to fuck with AIG yet. You hear me. That's my math.


Let me make it mandatory. You haven't had any of those things happen and it does feel weird like if you don't keep up, you might lose track of what day it is, what month it is, just where we at.


Everything felt weird, what's going to happen around Christmas. So I think the same thing's going to be the same feeling.


It's going to be cash. I've been everywhere. You'll send that to your elite house you can go shopping through, right?


Yeah. Like I said, Christmas and Christmas is for the kids.


Anyways, my new year's is January. February is what? Valentine's Day. Oh thank God.


That's cancel now. But trying to figure out a way to finally I that be the one they care about. There's nothing in March.


Right. St Patrick's Day. March Madness, which was already. Well it was already March Madness is canceled.


Oh, April is Easter. That that's canceled. Once you've grown enough to tell your mom and I'm not going to church, do you mind not looking for eggs, Ben? Not going to church. You go. I got my own plans.


Yeah. All right. I should just cancel the first time. I know your plan is going to start when church is you. You going to get to church now? Yeah.


Yeah. Just seems like all the shit is canceled. Nothing's coming back every time it's fucked up out here. Yeah, it is rough.


Chris still won't even bring the Tomahawk steak back, but they got everything else toxic. How are you. A bunch of their premium steaks. They don't, they don't have and I get it.


Yeah I get it. Listen, we never had to lose money having our whole menu here and we can only have thirty three percent of the people. Felicia, I'm not no, no time off for you. It's on.


And I'll stick my steak spot in Jersey City letting people inside. No, I'm not going to snitch.


But I enjoyed my Sunday and the whole restaurants and then people saw that a certain capacity and then a little different.


But I was happy to sit at the table. I just understand how you have to Williams when you walk into your table and you could take it off like, oh, we only get you when you're walking back to my point of view and cherry picking this.


But most of the rules in this country are strictly for liability and perception.


They're telling you to wear the mask, so in case you get sick on your way to the table, you can't hold them liable for getting you sick because they enforce the rules. They don't actually give a fuck that you're not sick.


You won't you don't know where you get you're going to get sick from if you get sick. You don't know where you got it from. It's no way to go. Oh, I got it from the restaurant. That's not true.


I got a nasty bitch. I fuck with it. I know. She gave me something.


Well, that's that was that's a different sickness. And that has happened way before. And that's a joke. I don't have any dasuki just fucking with me. I'm not toxic. I'm looking for real love. A real wife, a real queen to support me to my death.


I get this money with me and you can offer some condoms if they if they choose you rather the jump off or the Excel Magnum. Like I was wearing condoms nigga gave it a condom. Options in the R. Kelly verse. Oh hey Kanye. And it's right. We'll see. Reply. You're not some sick shit man.


And no I don't think he's a very well I replied that was him. Produce classy classic. You say something about condoms huh. That was him.


Producer knew who he was. He was in the store. Robert, look at the covid bubbles. No, I'm a kick that shit right down Broadway in one of those stupid things. I'm a roll your whole dinner down the street.


That's hilarious. That's just some dumb shit to do. I mean, more, you know, are you going to hotbox one of those?


Just get the fuck out of this shit stinking if you wouldn't do the cover bubble. No. No, would you go out to eat at all during that she wasn't trap the country? You would think I would like to do the next person that came in.


That's what I'm saying. It's just I'm a fan, which just discovered it just just just that people should stay home.


I got I got to catch a steak outing in my life. I do. It's coming up. I'm seeing too many of my friends there and they do make a really good wedge salad, so I won't be going for it. But yeah, the way I'm going for a wedge in the Bronx was always a wedge in the Wagle cultural culturally good spot, the wedge in the Bronx. Not a good night. And what did they serve as entities and entities and entities, strip clubs just down and shit his ass and they literally cancelled the year twenty twenty on us.


This was a year of collecting information and cleansing, cleansing and filtering and just getting the world right for the next ten minutes. It is about to be a while, 10 years coming up.


Honestly, I don't have anything else on Kanye West, the covid bubbles of Tony versus Trey, any of the music.


Excuse me. I don't have anything of anything else on any of it. Oh, shit, last week, last week, I couldn't bring it up because Fabio was fighting the case or not fighting case. He was arrested for something that was man nasty. But now that that's cleared now I know now that she came out and cleared that, I can say I can tell you all I heard a snippet. I saw a video of a Fabio Foreign and King Vonne song.


I'm terrified already, but I'm sure it sounds amazing. You're going to die? Yes, I can imagine you. That's what it is like. If you're not going to die, you're going to kill someone. I don't want to do either. This sounds like fucking lunacy, like some out of this world. I'm excited. Killer crazy shit. I love being born. Where can I find this to pull it up.


Figure is out. Is that. Oh, my God. Are the streets safe? Nobody's outside. Like Vaughn was talking on it, she's killing us for less than this, but like walk away. Well, at least we don't have to play because I want to scare our audience. But Camborne, Fábio foreign. I want to hear it on the spot. Oh, my God. If that's what you're looking to do, look at justice right there.


It's not justice. Oh, no. I look like justice, but justice. Oh, my family.


I am what I am just going to get my title from.


Just that title let you know, when I see young niggers with the shirt off in the vid like they do, but they not diesel, they're going to kill you. They're going to drop you dead.


Oh, oh, oh. I have you on it. Heavy on the water. Right. I got what I'm not scared of a beat niggas whipping up until we get some like I put him on TV.


You didn't hear what he said in the second line of the song I think has to be woofing all that until we meet in a third bar wasn't even a word.


It was like a tabun stand right now.


Say your check your post. Check your post. All right. It's on that murder shit.


Up first, come back for you. And I got what? I'm nasty. I never beat niggas whipping up until we meet. Get some like it possible to be in the bus. I'm missing the murder rate. One thing is that every day we screw this up. Please, please turn this off.


Don't play on. Turn it off. I don't want it to be. About the fifth bar, the record before the drums even came in, King wanted said, and if I sit down, which means if I go away, that means the police have stopped him. He said, I'm boosting the murder rate in my neighborhood slide every day.


Yes. Even while I'm in prison, nobody is safe. Oh, could you please do a break down?


I mean, listen and scream. And if I sit down, it's going to get. Just leave me alone. If you catch me, you better off not snitching on me. My nigga is going to kill. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. OK, but a friend of the show man don't never come up here. But you are that nigga man. He is that nigga friend of the show.


But don't you know we could be friends at a distance of a beat up because it's like oh this is our in the bucket I'm missing. The murder rate is one thing. It's not every day. It's something that I can't wait. I can't wait but can't wait to get this nigga we never get. I'm going to let him go. I mean, he gets big enough to come up. I don't know what's coming up, bro. Are they all male?


I need an honest to the king must have a pot. That's what I'll be telling you. This is funny. That's Flavio or whoever it is. Fabio must have a pub. I need to say some about that. Charlamagne. Yeah, yeah. It's the hardest song ever made and thank God that nobody's allowed outside for now that she was OK.


Last thing I need to hear is this in a pub smokes it. Oh my goodness. No, this is a yeah, I'm a real it sounds really good though. I like New York drool a lot. I don't know how to Chicago niggas feel about it, but I like New York. They cool with it. They you know, they don't they don't like it up there, which is what it's about.


Culture is they added they own Brooklyn shit to it. It's not all of this is an extension in a subsidiary of sort of MLP. Yeah. Fiegel All of this is ante up niggas.


I can't wait till we find the block.


He is excited to find your address and kill you. You find your location. Allegedly, allegedly, allegedly.


Allegedly just. Ah, it's nice. But the simplicity is really the art of it. I got it on me. He's getting shot.


This is art. Not as real show. Yeah, I'm cool, man, what project was that? So I know not to go find me a sleeper near there in Chicago. Oh, they shot that in Chicago. Yeah, I could tell it to be fun.


I don't think you'll stumbled upon those projects where I think you say, oh, let me find some safe to play.


I've wandered into a barbecue and eaten all the other week in the Bronx and I was like, I should probably get out of here.


Um, Leon Bridges in Lucky Day, put out a new record. Yeah. We brought up last week. I know. So that's why I'm not playing it. I'm searching frantically for my phone to make sure that if she got it, make sure that if King texted me, I replied in the appropriate fashion, you know, you don't wanna leave that text. You're sitting there.


Let's see. I found this new I found this new something or other that I like.


You know, I like the area R and B, and it's in the song. I would have laid off this project. This is Maria Isabel offer Stuck in the Sky project. The song is called Where Does the Love Go?


Check it out. All the miles between us got me messed up gummy chip in my little. You to call and say you miss me. I just don't know what to do. My last book and you were flying in the wrong direction, are you ready to see me? One way ticket to New York City back and forth. And I'm sure you'll be back in a sec. They say loving is easy, but no one of us is even back on a plane to different go.


A long way to go to get the oil burning inside of the. There's too many takers, but I mean it to us, I just don't like to see. She got me my stuff when I was 15 about. She is a. Two different go to. Way to go, but you got to get the brand new music with resistible featuring Yeke. That's all for her Stuck in the Sky project I'm talking to over. The song is only two minutes and change in every song on the project is two minutes.


Two minutes. And change makes for a real fluid. Listen, check it out if you have not heard it. Maria, about time we said look at you moving the goalposts for the artists you like.


What was the goal of any time any artist did a bunch of records on an album with two minutes? I hate this is bullshit. Now all of a sudden it's fluid.


Not if it's fluid and cohesive, then I don't have a problem with it at all. OK. A project man, a real good project. Check it out. I don't play Something of the Day album that comes out on Friday. This is one of my favorite records they did playing day for the last seven weeks.


Oh, I wouldn't say seven, maybe 10. Good show.


Yeah, there's not a the album that comes out on Friday is the moment. It's 3:00 a.m., so you might as well get in on the conversation, you know, unintentionally, that she's on this morning is all about. And so you get. It might be more fuse for the in. So my name three times and I'll get it back six nights switching positions, you already know my type. We don't like to waste no time. We ain't got to finish.


I give him enough conversation so unintentionally. She loved this morning, is all say. It might be a long fuse for the but. At the moment. Album comes out on Friday, demand it's a. All right, and play a new drive from Chic, lutrova be mode for Sonic's featuring low fat. Level 13 days, we have groups of cracked spots, we want to break three foot schools back up, check out like what the fuck up?


This is the grim shit. And get your stuck up nigga. You can see the way I roll. You know, I'm elliptically go for my. We play and we stayed up all night and went a bit of a way to try to piece it up to some niggas in my crew, the way to see, OK, they got what they need to get back on my chest X-ray machine guns all the way up dacula shit. No niggas some is OK, but I feeling good even when I'm walking out of a second ward instead of Brooklyn like the square more because I don't think I'll pop it off in the middle of what is like motherfucking motherfucker struggling in my face.


Put a match between two fingers smack fire. Who's the most hardbody in a hard body is your body holding up the body as I have a friend, the also project you fucking with a gun lobbyist I'm a bit lost in the game is still your whole recipe. But the source to say, look, we don't tip our hats. You had a couple of songs with. But when it comes to families and cops are raise my point exactly what's up with that law to.


Talk to a bright spot. We will get Lamprecht to break free breaks. Oh, come on. Come on. This new chic Looch Onex featuring little things don't rocket. I didn't realize you put out until someone pointed it out to me. It's the A project. I play some of this blacktop project.


Is the fuel featuring what's the name of the group, Portugal in the last Artful Dodger in the the.


Identified with the dead or the limit? I don't know, maybe my people set up the fall like a domino. America, the beautiful glass, Geronimo, what's the worst they could do to you? What my mama know about my father. You throw the book at us. Even if justice wasn't black, she never looked at us. I've got that clutch of what I could not touch. Was trying to get what I could get before I get locked up.


And when that clock struck, I was depressed enough to go ahead and press my luck to help me get along. I figured I should just run like hell from the delivery. I'm trying to change my skin color like a couple million bucks on my back. Is the life behind a still ahead of me? But what I leave behind was a mistake. The foundation for creation of a better me. That's honestly the true definition of philosophy, and it's fueled by Black Sea future in Portugal.


The man in the last Artful Dodger. Hey, hey, come on, man, come on, let me see this show, Dillane show, Terlato bounce and back and bounce and you don't know who he is supposed to report back now. Lean and lean and know. Fuck you, man. Shit on the Goldfinger, man. Little bad for sure. Oh, good. Goodbye today. Gentlemen, thank you for bringing your thought, sharing them with your platform responsibly.


Shout out to the fans. Thank you for listening. Shout out to everybody who made this possible. So we shout now first to Nigeria and then the U.S. started shooting at protesters. Yes, prayers and love. We go right. There was a sick world we're in. It is the sick world. Now, we have to be compassionate about other countries the same way they were to us during our protest season a few months ago. Yeah, I agree.


Personally, I 100 percent agree with that crazy love in Nigeria. Again, thank you for listening, man. We will be back this weekend. I hope you all have a safe, safe weekend or safe week. Mind you to go back and ask Parks about to a star for the Dolphins, but we can get to it. We'll get to it before they play a game. So it's fine. I need a lot of waiver wire helping my team on a two game losing streak.


Three and three. Oh, talk about this week up to.


So next time we'll get to a man y'all take hold it down. Remember, keep us in your prayers. Lord knows we need to be here until the next time I bid. You would do farewell. Hasta la vista. Adios. So long. Goodbye. Peace, Deuce's. One love and all that good stuff. I remember life is a series of moments and moments pass. OK, so let's make it screamy.


I sit down when I finish because he walking around about.


Remember life is a series of moments and moments past. Oh so let's make this one last as if it's all that we have to. Ladies and gentlemen, we'll talk to you all this weekend. This is Joe Biden from the Joe Biden podcast. We'll speak to you soon. Set out to catch you. Absolutely. Bye. Stay safe out there. And we love your. I asked him what you know about clean birds, because they do know I that in his songs.


I like the old version be fired. Oh, yeah, it's rare, but sometimes yelling, oh, I got a load of. Like I look at you like that. Stock the SS at. You still want to hear somebody say you want to squash? Really valid question and say you want to squash what you're talking shit for. Somebody better get we're going to let you say your displeasure with this deal. This is a valid question. Yeah, I think so, too, man.


Men shout out to the whole Atlanta, shout out to young man. We'll be back on the fucking vibe Saturday.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Joe Biden.