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Hermès, you'll tell me on the telephone. Remember that line you were used to always say to me about Joe, Joe, you not even out?


Neither of us talk. Yes, it is both of you. I was like, yo, Joe. And y'all say it all the time, but I'm putting his own spin on back home.


Yo, Joe, you say what you want to be home in the house, scared to come out. True. This man, Mahoney, got to be outside navigating the streets to really see these niggas. Well, you were quoting me.


I didn't say it now. That was me.


But I always take that as y'all pussy. Wait, what says the guy inside when we're outside? So. But wait, we got to clear it up now, because here we are. And now it's me. On the other side of that, on the other side of that fence, you never know what shoes you'll walk in one day.


You're barefoot. That's true. Parke's, but metaphore speaking.


So now listen, I'm I'm really I really be outside. And y'all you and Rory, there's no heated issues to where I my head. It has to be on a swivel. I should be honest with you. Yeah. Because I'm really outside. Nobody's outside. We're still independent. I'm really outside. The issues are created for you. I mean, you have a porch out usually on the balcony. Hey, nobody ever approached you with some shit like.


Oh, you mean like who?


How do you know what somebody you ain't never told me you would have told me? Why would I tell you? I would just protect you, protect you not to protect me, but I would that that's what you do when you love somebody.


You don't protect me and protect me. OK, I love you. So I would unprotected, you know. No, it's not love, but you don't have to choose who you're talking about. Protect me. No, I don't have issues with nobody like I was unprotected. Protect me. Then you'll be vulnerable. I love you. Then you'll be exposed, especially around other men. I love it. I want that, I welcome that. I welcome it.


I want to be vulnerable around other men that don't like me.


I welcome it. Well, now you know how we feel. You're welcome. Take off your clevers, go into the club, prove you was outside. Know, I went somewhere and they did the little covid testing thingamajig. Oh, they took your temperature, your temperature. So it must mean you're fine.


You know, you don't have it. You don't have cold. Listen, I'm going to say that no, I don't have it. OK, that's good. Don't you guys feel great about that? Absolutely great about that. Do you have a little temperature check thing? It's cool.


I get rapid tests. I like it. Rory, always one throw away privileges.


You got the easy test. Easy, but I literally do a drive through Walgreen's and in York they just you don't know. You swabbed yourself so you could easily lie.


I guess what you put in your nose, if you could just put the shit right here and pass it, they'll give you a test, says you're clean.


This is great. You can go to Aruba. This is so great. Just point this out and give it to them. Yeah.


That little shit that they interrupted interrupted the flight to announce.


Hey, you guys handing out a paper, you'll have to quarantine for 14 days wherever you land, isolated all by yourself, and then you can travel safely.


If I know you didn't catch me, if you can. Yeah, they did that when we landed from L.A., it was like, yeah, you got to fill out this form.


Was nobody at that little yellow desk? Oh, no, he's walk right past that shit. Let me get out of here. Nobody saw you. You wasn't with me. And Crystal went to when they arrested me in the Toronto border. Right. Arrested and I was when I was at you one time when you couldn't get in. No, no, you know, not that time when they actually, like, arrested me, never what kept me there.


Hmm. They did it in Toronto. I've always had a problem, which is people thinking they had authority over me and the custom do was while and then I wound back, I've seen that in action, actually. They've arrested me. And Crystal, you've got to look, you've got low Karen. You have a little Karen and you I've seen it. I don't know what is going on. Hello, Karen.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I've seen you like a police officer or a plain situation where you just were. That's why I was so confused when we were in Houston and I couldn't get in the TSA PreCheck line, even though my ticket said TSA PreCheck. And I'm sitting there all flustered and Irish and Joe and all yelling at me from across the table. I'm like, Joe, you can't laugh because you're me too, in this situation.


Well, that's not true. I can laugh because I'm black. That's just life for me. It's funny for you, but it was it was like the O.J. verdict reversed. Yeah.


You know, that what it was like is reverse racism. He says this is going in. That's all.


All right. Who's ready? But my ticket did say PreCheck. OK, listen, I'm with you. I believe I believe like I didn't want to go in the regular check. I know. I have my laptop was in my bag.


I wanted to stay there. I know. I got. You didn't shoes were tight. Yeah.


You know, once I got my my check one to one to keep letting everybody know out there that the Kings of Issue Rory Mall got put. Twenty, twenty one have decided to bring the game knockout back. You can get knocked the fuck out for anything that you say, moving this, this point moving forward. I just want to make it safe. That's just how we own it. I was going to say no to go. It took a brief hiatus but is back now that he ain't too happy.


I could just see it in his eyes. I don't know how Spotify is. Squash the beef. Spinell So we got to bring back taking people sneakers that match the like. When you wake up, you have to walk home, which is how I felt taking your sneakers. What by that did a few things up that knock you up in Jersey City.


We definitely advanced that all taking your sneakers thing. They started beating people up and stripping them naked. I've been alone in Jersey City lol. That's a little much. Yeah. Concrete during my mom. Right. Bad news travels around the hood quickly. Now it's going to be on Camera World because it always gets to work how to get home. That's what sucks about just like you can't just quietly lose a fight with dignity before you even wake up. It's on the time line.


I just woke up from getting knocked out and I'm watching it happen to me right now. You can't just quietly take a L anymore.


I'm sorry. Are you going to do it just for a little bit? Yeah, I pay close attention when these guys disappear, man. They're getting their life together when they disappear. My mom's waiting for new topics to this ready for this job, I can tell you. All right. All right, guys, before they get you at the picnic, gets off the ground when a picnic. So, yes, sir. You know, the timing is out there because right now, getting the Sunnis to cough enough in the ground, family man, no kids' office.


Now just wrap this up and stop them now, taking on supporting them now down to a basic like meetup in which one to come is coming through the traffic side of your car. Hello, sir. My name in vain. Like I will damage the ball to shoot you fat ass. I can't that this first thing in Evel Knievel jump. Richard, I understand I'm hitting him in the hall in the morning. It's about fame. It's about me being black.


This was all about Brooklyn in Harlem over the entire company had nothing to do with anything other than Brooklyn at all about my game. I let you guys get off my break. The world's most dangerous place. Oh. Oh, my God.


Any of you thought it might be confused about why I'm starting this way? I get real defensive when I hear people say negative things about Memphis Bleek. And that's what I heard a few days ago, man. Think they were some West Coast cat, so I won't hold it against them. But being in Memphis, Bleek is one of the two people I've ever followed in real life, not this Twitter stuff in real life. I take it personal. I do it with the other.


I take Prince and leave and bleep is a prince.


Look at your list. The Prince's prince. And that's you followed. Yeah. And then. Yeah. To some of it, I love you, that mother. My baby momma got out cop that shit. Good. You listen to my baby mommas.


Do you want to do your homework? You know, I heard somebody make a mistake and say that this wasn't a hit. I'm sorry. I don't know where we're coming from to keep up with all, you know, because I can't do it through my money that somebody that just didn't know he didn't know how much money he got. It couldn't have been outside you. My pants to school. You and your friends, you you sound like that, Raquela.




It's not like I'm sure on Draycott. How bleak. Give it up when he said it to the club. Come through a few ways, man. Scoop, you ain't talking about no birthdays and nigga turning thirty in the club as we was doing in the nineties. I just catch a train that was that was. Oh yeah. That's what we're doing. And oh one. Things Chinese, Indian, black girl, let me pour you a glass of Barelvi, tell me about your.


Let me tell you so I love you and your man did what he gave you the way. I can't just still I tell you this now is still a subject which is still just a secret society. Oh, yes. But I don't freeze Ritz's. Not just these bitches. Break up. Happy home Jesses. All right. All right, all right, all right. Once you get up. Hey. Oh, my God. My first time in Miami, this was in its heyday, this song.


I know. And I didn't know what was happening in that club. This was a kid called Roots. I'm not familiar with this. That produces sound like it sounds like you're bragging about breaking up a happy home is a all about your head being on a swivel. I'd like 20 different women. I wanted to know what you're thinking and how do you know what's very funny? Do you know what time my check, you know, know. Let's check out how Memphis gets me.


You want to. I really like about feeling good feeling here. We finally got some music to talk about being set up to the U2 fans, shout out to everybody, listen, they will you like them. Thank you, Eric. He ran of typically. And when he came back of your mind, I'm wondering what happened in like that. Know names like. Microphone check, one, two. What is the. The BP boys bike to business let me in my tracks before I forget.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Come on, man.


Today, some manage to play the Chicago Bulls. The music put their foot down to know what's your name. Oh, well, you know, this is a great young boys this way.


And let them know if there's a problem somewhere.


Please don't make it. Please don't make it. The crowd shut out. Shout out to everybody listening no matter where you might be listening and can't see. That was great. What he said.


He told them the young cowboys, the young and proud. But I can't say it.


You can see white privilege and such a good rhythm going just like they do it on purpose. Just like we would shout out to all y'all, no matter where you might be listening to this. Thank you all for joining us. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you're here with us and we appreciate that. Shout out to all fellow podcasters out there speaking to fellow podcasters more started this in people with a really interesting question about murder nukes podcast.


And weird. When would you say I'm so happy to it?


I thought about it. I just put them right on the spot. Honestly, I didn't know what was it you said? I was sorry, but my nigga, first of all. But I mine too, by the way. I forgot to get out of the mine to show it was the business isn't so easily offended. Was going to not only easily offended. What's up with them and somewhat easily offended the Jews killed about two. Was that the last one.


That was the last year, was it. Probably not.


But in theory, OK, theory, looking back, I think they probably want a do over. You know what they used to get used to behaving temple run when you used to get the extra man Temple Rush to temple. They wouldn't mind an extra man right about now.


Shut up to move, you know, and this is the guy's name.


I forgot his name, but they just tried to get shot to get a shout out to all the podcast out there included. Lord knows it's a million of y'all popping up every day, but we love each and every one of you all and support you all else we had with this. What Else Needs to be said? And Top Power by Kashyap Kashyap. You're reading the vibes. What else needs to be said in the top? What else needs to be said in the top and the top of the top and the top first for Nigeria.


Still always prayers for Nigeria, SARS and SARS and SARS. I bumped into some really disturbing vids over the past few days. I try to filter that type of stuff that I consume online, but when storage, that is a big you can't help but see. And they were really, really and truly disturbing. My heart goes out to everybody over there and everything that might be going through because that she looks nuts. Yeah, it looks crazy. So prayers for Nigeria, of course.


What else needs to be said in the top? What else needs to be said in the top? Hey, everyone, well, Chris, so Precious Boskoff is definitely still still looking for in our prayers, you shout out the face. We love you. Face them. Yeah, I think that's everything that needs to be said in the top part. Me. Where would you gentlemen like to start? Finally, we do have some music discussions that I was waiting for it.


He gave it to us.


Let's let's get right to it right at the time. Right to talk. Let's get right to it. Who's got the hot take right to it.




Joe Biden, let's start with love. Hmm. Did you hear it? Did you take.


I did I listen I listen to it well, like the fact that it's only an hour, five tracks, but it's only an hour. Yeah. I respect the long album. If it's still a short ish album, I'm still a little too old for me probably.


But at least it wasn't an hour and a half like some some of these kids is doing. Yeah. I think overall, I mean, it his tie, his tie, you know, I'm saying and the production was good.


Give us some. It was music. Well, a lot of music. It felt like a toddler mustered the features I had to convey. I don't even know yet, you know, Kyra, coming to join with him in Roddie, which I love, Joe, a big Shantaram, 20 21. Good record, second album. I like it. I like it a lot. Sounds good. Well, give us what you saw was what you liked about it.


Is that everything you anticipated just so you could just tell?


Oh, I don't know what I was anticipating. I just was kind of like, I just want to hear it.


But so you didn't go into this with, like, a clear expectation level? No, no, no, no, no. I just wanted to hear what you had been working on. And it sounds like he was working on because it's a lot of music, a lot of big features. And they sound like this was something that he took his time with. And it's not just doesn't sound like a rushed music.


It's sort of like an expensive album. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Sound like it's like it got that old feeling to it was like it took him a few years to put this together. Sure. It sounds good. I like it. There's a lot of good music on it every week.


I'm always amazed at how how much our music tastes contrasts sometimes.


What you mean like albums that I don't that I might not necessarily be defined as though you like a lot and vice versa. Like I've noticed a pattern of that between us when albums come out because I'm not listening in with the same.


I'm not approaching music anymore with the ears that I grew up with.


Like I'm not trying to hear legendary shit all the time, OK? I mean, like, I can't listen to these new rappers with the same is I listen to Illmatic, so I'm the same way.


But with Tyler I have those ears. Like, you want to hear the same title, it will probably end up being a legend in this genre of music. So yeah, I hope tired of way higher standard than I do a lot of the newer rappers where I'm like, and this isn't for me. So I'm not going to go in listening with these really detailed ears ties with those artists that I do. So I went into this with extremely high expectations and wanting a real tidal project.


Did he disappoint you? A little bit. OK, I think this is a perfect album to throw on. If you invite some strange women over and you don't want a deejay and you just want to let this rock with intentions of maybe having unprotected sex with these women. I think this is great to just throw on in the background and they'll love it. You'll enjoy it. It's a good, like medium album for those type of times.


OK, so you don't like it because you know what's going to change the song? Whose whose fault is that? What is your fault? Oh my God. I'll play my homeboy song. Whose phone is that? And Joe, are you over there?


It's just look, I'm just trying to find some thug finally released this idea.


So then you feel real defeated when they skip all that and get right to yo. Can I plug up. Yes. Yeah. Let me let me sing. No, no. Never do that.


Now, listen, now, I'm not going to let you all do that because there are and let me be honest, I don't want to exaggerate this. There are. Two women, maybe three, that I know that when I give them the OK, they're going to they might put you on to tell you why they invited you.


Can you can trust them. I don't know a bunch of women like that.


I think we were referring to the women that Rory may have been. Oh, no. The strange girls. No, no, no, no, no, no. Well, it depends on how much they hop around because they shop around a lot. They might set the volleyball.


Yeah. If they've been a lot of studio sessions, you know, they like, listen, this is getting crazy over in futures camp. Think when this comes off, future camp turns up. If they've been in a lot of sessions, they're very easily entertained and you're in for a good day. This does it for the future. And Lori. Yeah, God damn it, we're going to turn up here. This shit up. Yeah.


Crank that Soulja Boy would you thought about it? Oh, did you did you like it. Did you. I don't want to step on Rory because he was I love you.


If walking a fine line between capping it like he was his name naming a great night, he was like a strange woman will get naked.


Oh yeah. No, no. This is that classic. Oh whoa, whoa, whoa. No engagement mall. That's not a great night. That's why same night I went to go to this. Yeah. Get me out of here. Go. And that's when you go in the bathroom before you go you go there to turn to me. I can't wait to leave. Yeah. I hate when my friends put me in this situation. This is a horrible night.


A beautiful naked women everywhere. You can be out of here. Oh, there. Laughter Can you come pick me up? If I go in the bathroom, call my girl as you go. I hang up your Callejo. You see, I'm at the zoo. You're full of days. Where were you? I might flip it every day. What are you using? The phone. That's funny. I didn't go home because you didn't answer. Yes.


Or thought she was asleep. I didn't want to wake you. Yeah.


All right.


We're used to it because we'll get off misogynistic rant about nothing because I don't want to go to a filthy party with strange, beautiful, naked women that may want to fornicate or suck dick and keep it a secret and not tell your queen.


Why would somebody want to get into whatever you ever want to leave out? I want an awful situation. Meet some lady that'll keep it low. Yeah, only one that sounds like a headache. Only one transparent women around me. You better go tell her we'll do it together. So the album was good. So the album. So the album was great. And you know, there's some good, good shit on here, but out of the twenty two I would like less party time that I've heard a million times that I know he gives to other people, like it's just a lot of time I've heard already.


So you wanted more.


I wanted aletter, yes. OK, my personal I'm what you might as a title fan in the scheme of what's important.


Yeah. And that's where I'll, I'll put on my Cape Tila's in the world where Drake does too, where you have a bunch of different audiences. You have to hit your fan base like you for certain. She brought all the capes. Not a OK, this is I hate this cape. This is the Cape. I was doing great because Ty is on a million people song, so he does have a well he has a whole bowl of Tea Party shit.


They love the free t shirt which is more Orombi stuff like yeah, he has to hit a bunch of different fan base. Let me count. I just think he, he went for the party fan base too much exclusively. Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's my only real gripe with it as a personal preference. There wasn't much more depth on there for me from one listener. This is one listen only.


So like I could have gotten a little bit more of the turn back, like a couple of those in that world would have been better for me. Um, but there's some shit on here.


Don't let them have it. I hate it, you hate them, I hate you. It's not no, no, let's not get caught up in words as strongly as I did say that. But when you say you hate it, you might think that it's bad music. No, OK, it's not bad music and. I have too much admiration and respect for Todd Dollar Sign as an artist, so I did go into this with expectation.


OK, to Rory's point. He makes every type of song, and I like all of them. Mm hmm. So on his album that I've been waiting for for years and years and years, I was looking for more exploration of those abilities.


Contrary to your point of it, sounds like he took his time. To me, it sounds very rushed. It's the same beat, feel safe more, the same tempo, it's the same bop and Granat, listen, that is a lane that's upset that that's a whole you can do that for no album.


It's probably his most successful lane is the pop partnership. Yeah, but I mean, and that's cool, which is why, listen, I came away with this saying, OK, I can't kill you because you make great music and I've heard you make every song. So this is clearly not an ability. You want to make these songs.


You want to do this. All right. So I'm always nonsupport to act doing exactly what he wants to do on an album. But are there more than four songs, three songs I'm going to revisit from this project?


No. And that ratio was off for him to be, I agree, like one of the kings of this shit.


OK. All right, well, I think that's what makes the show good is that we saw a different point of view. I really do have that Music Soulchild song was so amazing. It really is so amazing that to me you wanted more of that. The person that forget listen to I made the songs you want to make. Anybody who heard that song and heard this album works with him to me would have been like, all right, we need something else like this.




Why would we want to leave this vibe so fast, so much of a RB ballad type of.


Yeah, I think more diversity really sonically is what the critique of the room, even ego, even ego death, which I came around to sound it out of place.


You didn't even get really into your techno world back.


You know, that's my thing with St John. He just does his bag so well that even the song I didn't like like I'm killing ETM Remix now and it's so gorgeous. I didn't run right to it. But then a week later, I played it on the bigs. And guess what?


I see what's going on. I see what's going on. When St. John's album come.


I may not know what to expect on it, but I would hope that he explores all of these, explores the space a little bit. Yeah. So I'm just there's no curveballs. A little too restrictive. This project for me and I've been waiting years. I've been waiting years for it. Yeah.


It's a safe it's a it's a safe home. I don't think it's safe. I don't think it's safe. I think it's I think when you have a bunch of stuff that's kind of formulaic, I think it's pretty safe production wise and musically and lyric content wise.


I think that could be defined, especially with, you know, that this bag works and it appears so. And your fan base will let everyone stop because that happens in his wrong. We say, no, no, listen, listen, that happens in hip hop a lot in my brain. And this year, I want to make a point to start changing what some of this stuff means. Safe implies that when you do this, you'll make it to the base.


Mm hmm. And for me, that's different than staying in your comfortable pocket. OK, so when I say I don't think this is safe, I do not know that he's getting to the desired base with this, his comfortable pocket of that remains to be seen. But does he sound I think there should be a word for this. I just don't think it's safe. No, to ground his single. Remains to be seen, the remains to be seen.


I was happy to get music, though. No, no, no, no, see. But then you know what else? Jaded my experience with this Xavier Omar dropping on the same day.


Problematic. That was a problem. Not really a problem, isn't it? Yeah.


Did you. I didn't. I didn't. Did you give it a breeze, anybody? It was the first one I went to. Oh yeah. I like it a lot.


Me too. And that was a fuckup for me. That was a mistake because. Because right. It was some white boy first when I opened up Apple, somebody like Bon Jovi, somebody whose first name was and don't come on, that's just some New Jersey White House with a white boy would never say no to the boss like that. Just some white boy. I got to that. I apologize. But you know what? I would never disrespect the boss.


Bruce, don't ever show your face on the turnpike. Todd Dollar was right after the boss.


And I said, all right, I'm definitely going to check this. So let me just see what else came out. And the next artist I like right there was Xavier Omar and I just bought it and played it.


Huge mistake. Huge mistake, because for me, they set the bar of the same world. No, they're just the same. I guess it could be. Well, this album is a good time.


I think this is just more your vibe right now. This album just type of music is a real one. Yeah. Did she give up right? Yeah, he does. But going into the fall to play you every young Burty unreleased record that's on my phone that I thought was coming. And this is the second time it happened, by the way. I don't know what's going on out there with Berg and his artist in Atlanta. I don't know if there's a beep.


I don't know what's happening. But that's Trey Songz album. I have some shit in my phone that I don't know what your camp was thinking.


Hmm. You're wrong. You was wrong. Yeah, well, you know what, I know that shit. Oh, please, oh, please, that's usually the problem. Oh, the decision was made. A decision was made and you went in another direction with whoever you were working with for the bulk of your project to happen. And that happens but two times in a row, time, dollar and TracFone. Come on, man, come on.


At some point, the integrity of the music has to come before the business of the music.


Yeah, that's that's wishful thinking.


And I'm not saying that that's applicable to Trey and Tom just broadening the conversation. Right. Because I fuck with both of them. But damn, I was disappointed. Some of the songs that did not make those projects.


Well, that's my that's my take a shout out to Xavier Omar, chicken nuggets, friend of the show and all the titles on the course. Absolutely. We love them. Dan, why one of my Teyana Taylor type vibe, like, are you kidding me? When he gets into that when he gets into Atlanta, Jackson back or just this is a joint that just came out. Two days now, no shots. Listen, two days before I saw him serenading my my ex bay in my head, Brandy, they had a collab that was on a war.


She's already the ex.


Listen to this smear campaign. Came at a bad time. We had rhythm going and then it was on. So we beat her like she might still like me, but I'm not going to find out. I'm not going to go. No, no, no. Better not doing sorry, but I was rooting for you and almost doesn't count. So there we go.


Well, anyway, that Aviemore album is really good, though. You have to check that out. Really, really good. I'm not hip. It's great. It's great.


Love the her record that came out to me as far as my favorite one of the singles that she's been sprinkling us with.


I think I'm with you on that. Yeah. Shout out to Aunt Clemans, man. He's been he's everywhere.


Shouts Cardiac who did this as well? Shout out to Penny Hardaway while we at it. No doubt we just don't shout things out. I guess. I mean, now that we're here, a record like so many, no inklings, nothing. Penny might be somewhere and it might have been wearing foam's when they made it.


My take away from this, her record is boy, do I love. Boy, do I love when her gets. We'd like a producer producer and not like a jam session with the band. I love that to me too. But when like she just gets with a nigga that just hears the beat on me for this song, check that out when she gets there.


I like it. This is crazy. Yeah. This is crazy. I'm with parks. I like this better than a lot of it. Sprinkling singles she's been doing and I can't wait for a project from her really excited along in this same type of back. Alex Alex Eiseley put a record out. Jack, did you already know the vibes.


I'm looking forward to see. That's what I'm throwing on in the kick back.


And then that's when the little young thought he's going to say, Yeah, whose phone is that.


Yeah, that's too that's too slow for them. Yes, OK, so what happens? Listen, I don't know what to play at the kick back you play, sweetie, but don't shuffle. Who also dropped a single note? Me. We're going to go when we get there. When we get into my playlist, you would think I'm ibro and heavy rotation and hot. I got some taste, got some taste, some wop, some sweetie. Huh?


Yeah. A sweet. That's where it goes. Back to the streets, sweetie. Tonight she's singing Riedy Injinoo. She's singing.


Others are rushing to sweetie. We were not done with the music, just Russians music. Now they came out last night. We want to do they need a video from that video, Alex Eiseley to switch a valid look at the right name is right there. So she gives that edge. Come on, Jeanette. You see Jenny right there. All right.


So somebody so somebody give the critical breakdown right now. The name of your album is pretty big music. That's all I can find to Timbaland record.


She's singing. Oh, she's not rapping. It sounds pretty good. Animated video with faries for it, but they need a real video commitment, sweetie. Yeah. Got a visual.


Come on, sweetie. And Jenny are discussing sending men back to the streets if they don't do what what they say they're going to do. Correct. And to to which I say you can't send me back to something I already belong to.


And two women that are totally open and in love and never leave in their relationship.


Every time they say every happy birthday to me and every agency song now is just singing.


Sean's grace is making me mad, uncomfortable, listening on your tickets and having you put it in my. And I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa. You all are famous. Whoa, what the hell is going on? Well, record is that David I on this phone. What's the name. I've never seen it's in there somewhere. You got to read between the lines you're saying. And then every time she say it, you come Big Sean magically working out, doing a boing boing.


You know, these these couple marketing campaigns, they're working. Oh, are they? Are they. Now, listen, you got to give Sean some credit. Look at cable video. He did the boying ad lib and it worked.


Who else can get that adlib off? You got it, nobody, boy. No, that's not true.


The second young thugs that are born, they're going to be like, I really like Sandra Bullock.


I think Sean was really who got the best boying thug is right on the time you introduce this boring shit, don't you owe me now.


Do you think that was me? Sorry, fellas. I'm sorry. Well, who else but the old days. Hlophe days.


Y'all are running Dromana. We're still on. Slow down. All you want to break down the pod misfits. Break. Break it down. Break it down. Now it's Joe. Break it down. We get to the lyrics. I'm on it now. I don't want to get into the lyrics. I want to. I want to get into how y'all feel because you all love sweetie.


I'll say she's our top three greatest of all time. I want to know how you all feel now that she said, yo, if you night if you don't got money for the Burkean, I'ma save up. Saving up for the Birken is hilarious.


You will be there, will be patient with me. You will be there while saving up for the birket. That's funny. I mean that's kind of what the energy is already yo pass is.


Yo will give you a surprising like that's. Yes. That's surprising. That's they're a wealthy couple. What do you. Yeah. But this has been going on like if you don't have money to live for certain women to afford a certain lifestyle. That's what we've been telling you for. Yeah. But I'm just saying I mean and you kept saying fuck out of here. I'm, I still say fuck, I got a great record and you can't get sweet love.


She she's give us some money available. Yeah.


I'm talking not a woman in the likeness of that. Oh OK. I'm cool with it. This other women. There's other options, like a coach. There's a different option, yeah, no, we could we could we might be able to do a Chanel or something. Michael course. Did you see how it is Cyborg? Did you see Homegirls Ali impersonation?


No. Who don't work?


No, it's not for my whole I didn't like the way we sped over to her. To her record was too hard to get back to it. Go back to it. Yeah. Yeah.


I just want to just briefly first love appreciation and carti shalva cardiac slow down stages of. This is the one that I have that cardiac me with the sample that they didn't clear, I didn't hear the one they put out. So this is so now you're going to play this. This why you got. When all a. So now you're going to snitch on the sample to show you all my imperfections. Taking full delivery does that I hate to snitch here, like you have a go to the supermarket with your girl and we've shared a moment like this before, so you've done it.


I don't know why you do this. You go supermarket with the girl, you get to the register, you want to fucking steal some shirts.


I went that told the whole story of having a Christmas tree at Target under the fucking cart. And check out about to my car.


Hey, you forgot to skin the tree was eighty dollars. But you do that. You do that to me when so you just got to play. And that just happened to everybody in Scrabble. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Did you shut the fuck up for a second in my work. I'm trying to stop them from getting in trouble. The opposite of a snitch. No, Roy, never stop the trouble.


You could rage album would have never came out under your guidance. Hey, how are all these artists, X, Y, Z and the publishing company Zwi X? You know, Universal owns the necessary fans at them. The fuck out of your Roary Serbian who said. Yell and shout out to all the creatives out there, man, I know you are tired of me saying that, but in this pandemic, in this pandemic that we in, I'm shouting now all of y'all who are now having to find creative ways to, like, get back in the swing of things.


I've said a few times or I forgot who said a few times with somebody said it's funny that the pandemic now has made the entire country get into artist mode in terms of not knowing where your next check is coming, not knowing what work is looking like.


I mean, it's our country now knows what it is to be a black man, no black family. Well, I guess that's applicable to babies. Welcome to our world every day for the whole country. Shake Shack got like 30 million just for making some burgers.


I think that's what they gave them back. They turned it down. No, they did, because they turned down the deal. Everybody did the good. Everybody did.


And you dudes in Atlanta, do y'all swear? You swear the feds ain't at the rogues party. And I don't know why. Why you don't tell rug's they need to chill out in Atlanta, chill out doing it. And, you know, it's funny, I don't have my post on nothing that's happening in Atlanta, but I follow rug's.


Yeah. So now you have you you go everything you need. You all keep playing.


Keep it up out there.


I don't know if that twenty one savage party was in Atlanta, but Atlanta that was just covered with wigs that looked insane. Well mean. You know, it was on top of each other. You man Trump. What do you mean. We got to put dividers not put in dividers anywhere. Now don't try to take you now here you go. I'm told. Hey we're done with the song from yo back to back to back. This one on Barry.


It's like a signal. You know, I think he got away with this one not going back this week, not just don't call mom, don't go home, that's all. We're talking we're talking about her. We're talking about the market with no clue about her. Promise that you will leave for. Oh, don't quote the only way to let him breathe, let it breathe. We heard the buzz. Let it breathe, though. Don't do that.


The pavement divider bug is bad for you. It's all plastic. Oh, this is taking the whole Johnson on me more is.


Listen to me. Don't talk. OK, you might damage. You are my friend. So I'd be wanting to play with you. OK. Pause. OK, right. And I do think that some of this bullshit is entertaining, but it's dangerous to play with you about it because it's working on you because you weren't listening. I'm just happy. I'm just laughing at the shit that's going on. That's all I'm doing, bro. I'm just having a good time laughing at the fucker.


But you still be sounding like that. I'm just laughing. People are to invest in it. That's why I left this. They don't have they don't even want us to vote. They hate black people. That's just the reality. None of this shit is for us. None of it. That's not true.


Come all Tupac to the greatest rapper alive. Yeah. Yeah I know. Yeah I know. I know what I'm good. Yeah, she got it. We have the lie. She got it. He's a Cuba. We all put up forty albums after you die. Right. You didn't hear. She shot me in the intro. All right. You you play the record backwards. Come on man. It's all right there. Shout out to her beautiful record.


Oh, yeah, but I'm about to get mad because all the winter get booed up songs is about to come about and I'll be chillin. Maybe you'll find your mother. I'm going to sleep with clubhouse on on the table like the movie her movie was. I like that movie.


I killed that movie when it came out. And now I just spent the whole day talking to my phone. Oh, I love you. I wonder what be beaten into clubhouses and same being series in the same film. We're not going to get into beating it. I mean, he did in the movie are. Great, great record. Anyways, you know, point people get to do whatever they want, they have room budgets for that. That had to get ran up the chain track, that had to get approved it.


So many different levels and they got it. There you go. Privilege a white people with all this deep shit going on, y'all know, low. Y'all don't want nothing to do with a new Star Trek. They re making everything but that bullshit that they tried to drill in our heads in the 80s. I was never a Star Trek Star Wars.


And that's why people don't fall for white people.


Trex White people don't fall for white patric's. Yeah, we identify them pretty quickly. They know that trick of Disney plus copying everything in the land.


But Star Trek, it might not be able to do anything. Yeah. So what else? My own little thing, the Star Wars nigga came out and was like now was bugging.


I never do that to get well. He told me I'm on a wild card damage. All right. We go to a new PR. They put out an album today, shout out to a man to tape.


Oh, does that album that you've been drilling in the audience for the past month? Yes. This is out now. Yes. The whole thing is out now.


Murray will use this platform more as a show.


I mean, I think they make great music, no pun intended. So I played it. I liked him. He had the Amanda tapes. Really, really dope. Ten records available on ODP.


Yeah, yeah. That's cool. But what's their contract look like? I mean, how are the splits eating. Is everything good.


They actually got out of a bad contract at Warner and was able to put this out with that one. So that's why it took so long. This music's been done thanks to maybe a certain friend in the room. No, no.


I mean, I'm not I young Fleck's. It wasn't me, though, wasn't me. Young master flex over there to Flex Kappa Don Cap. What do I think? I'm talking about a new game show right now, but we like. Right. All right. Come on. Get exactly like Joe Biden bucket. Please do much suck my dick. Oh we start out with the stupid shit. Is it just me or shut up. You fuck out of here.


All right. We're where we her is great.


There's nobody to cuddle with or play it play by yourself with caution. And they came out the album they're always been telling you all about.


Yes. And I just and I like them. I like these Hlophe. I thought she was talented and she days Hlophe and a boogie don't get the credit they deserve they berthelot it is the sound this out now that's popular.


Oh this is our twenty eighteen. Take that you bring it up. No it is though like they like they really don't get mentioned enough I think days. Specifically days. Yeah. But even a book you know like a lot of these artists that are out now in this whole sound and this new wave if you want to call it, he's got a lot of hits. Yeah, but that's what I'm saying. He doesn't get credit just for that sound making that sound popular.


I would, you know, Loaf, I didn't I didn't hear it yet, but I'm definitely I mean, it wasn't twice what's the name, boogie woogie. Because I spoke with him Hobert. I fucking I fuck with them more. Yeah. It wasn't cool. Who else is Neco. Donkey, donkey. Donkey. You got it. I've just seen them. Give them security guards a tough night so you respect it. Yeah I guess. Exactly.


The crew got a better respect that I'm here alone. Fuck it. You're talking about I salute every one of your security guards up and down in a single. They got like I don't rap so why should you do this? So I can just tell. I think you should know. I got that look about you. You got that. All right. Tell me. Tell me as you got that already. You got that. Yeah. So you never thought about a part on it like you are.


Stara, don't ever say start up again. That's hilarious, man.


Telling this shit about the cool you know, should. But why is this, why is this so funny.


Because it is a true thing that happens in this last one. Because you go right to the do this like, oh, you got to you know, just so I guess this is why I just killed two people last week. Last night. That's what that is a game for adrenaline. This is him. This is him. Decompressive. Yeah. I just needed a win down homie. Fought back like trying to have a wind down after killing two people.


It's like it's just going to have a beer. It's been a stressful few weeks. I just really want to relax. This is my bottle of wine.


This is why I'm laughing at this, because we're in New York. I have a good idea of all the different. People that you should just know about you, but when you out of town moving around, I would be none the wiser when that person is standing behind you like it's just important to know the cold of the town. And we spoke about the tappin with the right people. Yeah. Yeah, with the right people. Know who you can kind of sometimes you can get our you can feel you can feel a lot of people.


But that's always the thing. Like if you from. My thing, if you're from a hood anywhere in the country or in the world, you know, you're around, know certain types of people, you feel that energy because you just, you know how to move in those situations that may be blind to give you seven different times where I almost died.


That happens while disrespectful in a different I don't know how when I drop the couple, I'll be like, oh, Joe, only Joe. I can give you seven stories that'll cost your life of the dude emptiness that you should have known about. And you knock the drink over.


What was the name of that club? The one that we used to talk about the Atlanta Hawks do went there and should take over. There are four teams.


He was OK. No, it was a spot over there on that brick road, not by low discount on the heads of 60, you know, the spot on and I don't remember the name of it, but it was a cool little spot.


But in 04, I went there and fucking it was Cloo and Skane and a whole bunch of Brooklyn dudes that I was just meeting for the first time.


Yeah, I guess I'm one of them the wrong way, but I'm just trying to get to the scene. Sure. And he grabbed my shoulder and he said, yeah, I'll turn this whole motherfucker up right now. Some shit like that happen again. You something to one of the. I don't remember what he said.


I was so thrown off. And I was like, yo, who the fuck is you? And before I could say to fuck, schang grabbed me and said, Just let me talk to you. Let me just to one second. We just.


That's such and such. Yeah. I just got home. Yes. Probably nine guns on him just like that a lot. Just let it slide. I'm like, yo yo did yo that was crazy.


I didn't even see hail my shoulder does that shit one time I'm at Foxes Jersey City and this is not a trip down memory lane, but it is kind of fox is Jersey City big performance. I'm in my home would about the tears shit down on the stage. The curtain is closed. I got nine hundred million people with me, people that I felt safe with. Yeah. And I did that little dip off thing. I do the smoke alone like it was like a back door behind the stage, like a little closet.


And I dipped, slid in there to smoke on the dolo and a very watched Jersey City. No niggas slid right in here by me and he said, you know, I could do it to you right now.


Oh, I think it's you know, I could do it to you right now. Right now. But I'm not gonna let you live tonight. And he did. I'll be back in five minutes away. Who the fuck is this going to fucking go with? I'm not telling no more stories, but just know our guys. Seven of those where I was as good as told never to be heard from again.


Oh, that's so funny. And he was the brother of the niggas that was trippin niggas naked. I tell you, this nigga take me out of my gym Hamilton right now and I got to for him. But that's naked. This is going to be really bad. This is going to be bad. Oh well, you bet that would have been you pump it up here, you niggas tripping. You you still got a you seen it on P-value.


I'm under contract. I have to perform. Oh my God.


It was at least a ten year phase in hood. We couldn't whisper to fields. It was on. It was nine know. All right. Come before they hear what else we got, what else we got, what else we got. George Lucas shout out to Jersey City and all Jersey City killers, all of our sponsors and I listening to the segment where where we where where we can use Carson word.


Joyner Lucas put some speaking of lyrical killers, is he back from Asia much, so much. Speaking to lyrical killers transition, I was a good shot. Someone who kills to make a joiner and crook drop projects together. No separate projects. On the same day, I skimmed through both of them.


One time they both sounded like some lyrical miracle killer to join joint project. OK, check it out.


I don't like the way music comes out now. Like search thoroughly. I didn't even know he put Ilma. Yeah, that bothered me. Everyone check it out. I just see Scream Mansel tweets and catch up with what came out.


That is where you get your information from.


I mean sometimes that's why you got hard to give us information. I thought you meant like an actual personal Twitter in the morning screaming gives you an update of who put me that. Oh my God.


That was a funny little segment. I don't care what you want to talk about now. When are you all pick this up? I went on a rant. Take me somewhere. Well, George Lucas gives you the perception of what it's like to be a snitch.


We does. I can't wait for the video. A video is going to be nuts. But shout out to, from what I heard, sounded pretty good. I'm almost to this week, I don't even know we put out a check it out as well. He said, quote, I did.


I think it's like a I don't know if the EPA it's not songs. He's got an Eminem production on there. So that's big for him as an indie. You know, it's not a good sound. Good man. I love it. Shout out, of course, to listen to this. We set out to Gorillaz Black and Elton John put out a record. I didn't hear that one. I saw I get a chance to listen. Ariana Grande, they put out a single I watched the video for that.


It was a it was like a video. That was how was a ponytail? Who could tell you how tight?


Tight. Tight. Doesn't really have any other any other. Look, she was the president in her video.


OK, the. Casey Kasem, that's no good. Don't you ever disrespect Casey Kasem. Well, I think that was that was music for the most part. Sorry if we missed I didn't know if there was some more white acts. You were interested? Well, there was the boss to buy and get her out of that one. Yeah, I got to check on my dad on that. He's me. A feeling that it will be my deciding factor.


I was some music. I got to listen to the music. We can imagine how Rory's album would sound. Bruce Springsteen was there. It was out there. It was a lot of guitar. He's got a good track record.


BORSTAR quick verses talk versus talk versus talk.


Season to season two is upon us. Season two, the holiday season because that one little Christmas special. Yeah. And I caught a lot of smoke this week about my Toni Braxton Trey Songz tape where they say got Holyfield is like, fuck out of here. Yeah, they know who Tony or what I said Terry would win. Tony, definitely. If she heard that fucked out of Hajo, I would never say that to Tony's face. If you don't listen to this podcast, she doesn't know.


But my point well, I know that Toni Braxton has the much more impactful music, but it was a two album run and and the Lucie's, which is on Waiting to Exhale.


And, you know, it's the new season. Yeah. No, no. All her big joints are massive, which is why I said she would have a commanding lead after the first 10 and it might be issue to be playing them at the end. I mean, but she never well whenever she played them. Yeah. But raised it in his bag. So after the career spans he has more to pull from in a 20 to 20 match. Like I went back when we was talking about three songs versus Chris Brown and Usher and I was a little disrespectful to Trey Songz catalogue.


I was super against Toni Braxton. Well, now I have a better idea of probably where his catalog belongs. And I know nobody wants to say it because it's Trey Songz. Great record, but his catalog is there now. He is a really good because catalog is in that book. He's got he's got classic albums. He's got singles, he's got features. He's got he's got choice, but his name doesn't have the cachet the Toni Braxton has. And probably his best can't match up with classic albums, trios, classic albums.


I don't know about that. Albums.


Yeah. Ready. Yeah. Would be ready is one and the other one that every one is the single, the one with invented sex. Was that pleasure and pain, pain, pain, pleasure and pain, pleasure? You know, I don't think that's the point. No, it didn't already have invented sex. And all the neighbors know my name and he has to. And I'm not counting the anticipation, but part one, trading with fire. You me know, he don't know.


And if you all read the track list of the two albums Rory and I are naming, your job will agree. But you can't read those track lists and say, no, no. You just said classic albums too is what I was kind of I think to OK, what is this pain, passion, pain and pleasure. Let me see. Let me read this off tank must have an love faces massage alone. Bottoms up paint can't be friends.


Please return my calls. Made it to be together. Pleasure red lipstick unusual doorbell passion. Unfortunate but maybe not but I think I think it's high up there.


This is already a screamer. That's the one redis the passion, pain and Pleasure was a good album. Really good. Oh yeah. Maybe not a classic. I take it back. It's not confessions but it's how it's up there. This is ready. Here we go.


It's the one I'm told my neighbors know my name. I invented sex. I need to grow one love. Does he do it. Say hello. Well I'm ready to me. I hate Jupiter. Love be with you are successful. Never get out of love loss. You know this was an album in either one of these are all classic but they're close now.


You got the argument ready.


But I won't because Confessions is a classic, emotional is a classic. But I'll take it back to like classic albums. I take it back. I take it back. We can't name too many RB. I take a classic. I take it back. Listen, Joe admits when he's wrong.


He's the only one in this podcast who does know. That's how come you've been making it up. You know, you just a few weeks ago I asked Joe to tell me, tell me some of the worst tapes that you've given on his part. And the three of you also have to think. I'd have to think I would to think. But I think the fuck you can hold your whole brain is right.


Takai, I think I come in here and admit I was wrong every episode that's neither here nor here nor the forces versus. All right.


So Busta Rhymes came out and said, yo, t, I want to smoke, stop running. I'm here when to get in the ring. And I like I liked I did enjoy seeing Buster speak that aggressively to another artist. This is speaking aggressive person to take down in the verses. He's been speaking aggressively since he was a ice cubes roommate in Highland, but has a lot of hit records. He's tough to go against in the verses for sure.


Not too many people going against Boston coming out unscathed. So now what did you think about what did you think about that matchup when Buster presented him first hit? I liked it. Yeah, at first I did like it. I liked it. I don't care for that matchup. Once I started thinking about it, it's I thought it was pretty good matchup. I only liked it because he has been calling out. You know, big wigs, big wigs in New York.


Yeah, so it's like and I don't think that I should get the biggest of wigs in New York. Right. But you can understand how he may feel that way, which is fine. You an artist, you want to start with the best cool. But I also really would have been a good matchup. I also respect the fact that Boston was like, obviously that's not happening, but I want that. I'll take that right. And when any time is like that, it's like there you go.


You got to put respect on buses and we don't put enough respect on buses now. I agree. He's got a lot of hit records, a lot of super successful albums. You know, people used to argue he doesn't have a classic.


I would argue that when disaster strikes might be a classic, it's no Trey Songz ready, but it's up there. But in a as far as singles, especially with features, yeah. You can have a tough time with Busta Rhymes. Anybody is going to have a tough time with Busta Rhymes and you're not going to outperform him. So no doubt, is this going to be like a performance versus. But if that's the case, I don't think t I want to go t I came out and said, boss, I'm going to have to turn that down.


I think the generation gap is too wide between us. Hmm. And I didn't receive that one.


Well, I'll be honest for somebody that's been on Instagram for a month looking for smoke and saying you're all running from me. And then someone says, hey, I'm right here, like a different, different age gap.


I didn't I don't want to get to age. I could definitely see an argument for audience gap maybe being that's his trap s and Buster's New York club. But so was 50. Like, it's the same thing. Listen, Atlanta has been kicking ass and his versus. Absolutely. So when we bring up one of the New York juggernauts, I don't want to hear that the generation gap is too wide.


I'm watching. Sure. Especially when their generation they're only they're not that far. Six years maybe apart from solo albums, maybe a little more. They were both putting out big records at the same time, correct? It might have been towards the end, but then Jeezy jumpiness.


I think I sort of jumped in and responded, well, he didn't respond because he didn't say a name. But t I thought that he may have been talking to him and said if he says he says if Jesus says my name then I'm with it, but they're friends. So it was a real friendly thing, all of this and that probably would make more sense.


That match up makes a lot more sense on paper to me. Hmmm, audience, I have to find that one, I have to add a lot of the matchups that I put him in just because I'm a real big fan of his catalog. So his super big records Tiggs would be great. Yeah, he might think I might have to win in that too, but Jeezy would be right there. Well I think I thought of two people that that might be more, more appropriate to match up for Buss and clearly I'm not match up guy in this Tony Treh so don't pay me no mind.


But Park said him earlier. Ice Cube named Ice Cube and Buster. I would love to see, but that's my second pick, my number one pick. And we might not ever see this Fejo. Kutta. Cutman must I mean, saying click, yeah, good, yeah, I can't think of too many people that Buster wouldn't beat when I think of trying to think of 20 from him. If you can play all the stuff he produced too good, you might have to tell me you'll do that against the busta features.




I like that one. No, I just want to see Cutup and I want to see Bossard at some point in versus. Hello. Actually makes sense for except for the fact that there is a generational gap. There was talk that Joe on his podcast and I to find out how he turned it down. Well, we didn't get a formal invite, but he was just like, nah, would Fejo ambassador would be nice to actually. Yeah, that would make sense.


That'd be great. Yeah. That be really good. I think about it. Hooyah got Netto that chose another one that is tough inverses, I think busser would win that one. Buster would win probably that laying some haymakers down here. Oh, that's a good match show. That will be one of the more like them. They got records. Yeah. Yeah. I tell you, if they start doing the ten round joint, I like Nory a lot, too.


I don't think I did a no said the other day and I might be able to get to 20. I just do it. Yeah he could, he could definitely let Monica get to 20 then. Nor he's getting to 20. Yeah. Yeah. And that's no she took to go Monica by the way.


I know it is just it just I'm glad you said that because they just completely. Yeah I know, I know. It's no she's trying to you know, she's not trying to go to Gornick. Yeah. Well, I mean, she had to go with the who shot your remix to get there, so. It is interesting, I never thought about it, nor universes, nor is guess joy to go off. Absolutely. Once he's got hits in two languages.


Word. Yeah, that's what I'm going to give the point to the other person.


No, second, that daddy Yankee comes on, some of them some of them are great on joints were hard. True, let me not say that, because little John played a bunch of shit, they've got my hips shaking. He was screaming, shots, shots, shots.


Yes, yes, I was man of steel. Yeah, that's it. That's all I got for these verses. Man Congratulations to Timberland. And I was looking forward to season two whenever you guys began. And I mean, pick somebody and get to it. Yeah, I don't want to keep hearing talking. I don't close that generation. Go take that bus to fight. Uh, do I like too easy though. Yeah.


Ross, I don't want to see them being friends to change. They're going to be up there being friends. That's how that works out sometimes. Yeah. But I like to see a little bit of little space. That's what I liked about the Ross and to change one like to change strategy in his entire life. And Ross just took his shirt off just once. I like a massage. Ross got a massage to universities to just play to record Ross pop the devil in a blue dress.


That was great. You have to do a change. Try to bring out some strippers on Ross. I did. That was great.


It was a great battle. Yeah, that was a great that was a great. That's all we're saying. They've done well. They really had some incredible matchups. Yeah. Shout out to them. Shout out to Rick Ross, who is a picture going around and he bought eighty seven acres of land for a million dollars.


Well as far as a shout out to him, but what a deal to give to land a smart card nigga. Yeah.


Torie's and they're going to double back on the troll like yo yo remember that car outside you seen you said she was giving me a car and I want it, so. Yeah, it's wild for Joe. Your little acres. Yeah. Shout out to the boss, the second boss, Russell and Bruce person, Bruce and Rick.


Hey, let's see that versus there's going to be like Bob Cousy trying to Gaga born in the USA is going to bring order.


That's one dancer in the dark is going to bring off. I'll ask my dad. Yeah, I'm going magnificent on that one.


Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Ben, this is Neil. Hey, I'm going to be hustlin over that shit. Oh, all right.


Come on. What else? Unfortunately, we have to get to this as soon as we left the other night, went on as soon as we left because we were sitting here pod. And when it came through that Tory Lane said tonight, 8:00 p.m., I'm going live, but enough is enough. I'm going to address the hoopla. But did he address that? I watch you got you got you got to keep trying to get to addressing it now you're addressing it.


Yeah. He trying to get to addressing it. Right. That's actually how he sounded. He tried to address it, but I mean as much as you could because he didn't address the one thing that you can't address because it's now you're going to court. Yeah, he tried to dance around it. I don't you want me to speak on this, I'm staying. No, I'm not. I'm talking to Rory immediately after I introduce the topic is our names rhyme.


You got to hold it down for two or three boys and go for the Auris. I mean, he's in a position where he is about to go to court. So there's only so much you can say. I don't know why you would do this with court coming like you could have addressed this prior and just say everything you said. Well, I'm saying just say it. If you can't say I didn't do it, was that was is that well and you're not going say my bodyguard did it just blaber.


Right. You know, it wasn't me, it wasn't her, it wasn't my security guard, there's only one person left there that I forgot my deductive reasoning skills, like, why is this running on for months? And I don't mean to laugh because none of it is funny. But I mean, come on, man, I'm not giving this more of my energy. I'm letting in Miami. I mean, the L.A. couldn't figure it out. I just a horrible incident happened in Demnig.


It caused you there. OK, so let's take let's remove it's an unfortunate situation, one thousand percent and, you know, prayers to make and prayers to everybody involved because this is a serious situation. But now we're moving on today. Just looking at the video, do you believe I'm listening?


No, I just want a one word he has to say. But it doesn't matter is what I'm saying. Like I've been done with this from before. I get it. I'm I'm I'm not listening to them. Yeah, I'm not. If that's what you ask this to me, this didn't help him at all. But what I'm saying is if he was going to speak his piece, I would have like for it to be before the album. Yeah, I would have liked it for it to be like just a little sooner.


I mean, I guess what he was what everyone was saying, hey, lawyers told me to shut the fuck up.


I'll be back here like you did kill my name and kill my name. I got to say something negative and say something. You pay the lawyer. The lawyer got to work around anything you got to do. When it was on my ass and I was on Twitter back and forth to my brother and someone did come get me, they got you well.


And it put my lawyer in a bit of a jam. My lawyer had to figure that out. My client, his clients acted stupid. So I don't really have much to say about this, but I'm very anxious to see what the court finds out. Yeah. That trial is going to be interesting, to say the least. Yeah, I don't I just again and subpoenas on deck for everybody, everybody, all this hip hop shit, hip hop, smoke and mirrors, secrets in your campaign.


And all of that shit is funny, though, buddy.


We get in to it and they call Kylie to the stand. Maybe. Maybe I would imagine. Yeah. More you got to be there. Hold it down. I won't get a comforter via DMS at least. No. Did you go to clubs? Birthday party? They kicked them all out.


Their cruft, like last Pippen, me, mommy, Jordan, Woods, that nigga right after claque once told me that one would normally try to throw you out, wouldn't hear when you was cheese and then toast. It was a birthday party. I wasn't there. OK, and I've been a burden because I didn't cheat and see. Yeah, I was just invited to a party that's two people. They're fucking dead. Israeli swag. Oh. The Kardashians, and it did nothing and Duke, come on, you want a story?


Stop it. Stop it. Cut it out. Oh, well, I saw you got supreme toothpaste the other day. I was a fan of regular toothpaste, just a box of toothpaste. How much did it cost? Nothing. Three on it, you moron. Don't be a fucking loser. I mean, where did you get Ciprian toothpaste from, Superbrain?


He didn't kill a Walgreens Supreme Court. Or do you just it's just a piece of leaving, you know, on the bathroom. You don't use it. I mean, he could do a crust, you know? You know, but it is to be used if you want to if you want to open it and use his regular toothpaste, if you want to open it, to use it, but you want to open the box and see if it says it on the tube.


I don't use that brand of toothpaste supreme. Yeah, it is so easy to get into the culture. It's like, oh, come in, come in and sell fucking toothpaste, not even to pick some stupid cheeses. There you go. I never seen somebody try to get a stand off in their bathroom.


Like that's what I thought about when I try to try to get some stuff inside you.


But you should check yourself. You should check yourself. Like when I was thinking about the lid that the LED lights set up in a room, I had an extra light and I was like, oh, well, the bathroom.


And five minutes later I come on, Joe, what do you do? It was kind of flat is a little flat.


It is flat. I want to sit in.


It is fly but it's so fly that when a chick goes in there and you're like to pop one, she like, I'm not giving up pussy.


Now you've got all that extra before she starts to feel like she's kaylani she starts to shake a tail feather. That's the lady lights. This is the strip club. Red lights. That's what women eat in the bathroom. I try and take a do some ambiance. It calms you, relax you.


I'm trying I'm a little nervous because I still have to tell you what's going on, because I. I put the light behind my mirror and now my drape covers the little crack there. So you don't see nothing light. So now I have extra light again. I'm going to try to do duck nondescript cornball shit and put this light in my bathroom for when she's taking a shit or shall I shall see.


Everything just changed so much. Oh yes. You see.


Oh you think women should take a shit and shower. You know that they are very tense. They do. They only fanpage.


To provide the light and cheat for good lighting helps every sérgio when they hit the bathroom. And do they only fan because I sit there and rub one out? Yeah. I'm getting it off supposedly for free. If you don't listen, Hambros fuck the game of only fans was free this week.


Boy I couldn't drive so fast. Oh Mr.. Oh my wife. I was acting up in the truck. I hope I don't miss the deal is for a week but I hope I don't miss it tonight. My Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what were you going to do about Summer being single man. So I had to flex the supreme toothpaste. She'll be back.


So she knew. Most is in the bathroom. See what it does. I noticed the timing on the Supreme too fast. I've got to got to had a nice light in the house, in the bathroom, the. How long before someone goes back to London today? Saturday, 10 minutes right now. Wednesday, shipwright Mad London did the cherry on a grand soaps putzel to take care of home first.


Right some the heat coming.


Look I'm sure he said look we showed he said in the Commons girl being a toxic relationship and sounds like the rest of us are serious.


But yeah, I agree. Like it just just front. You keep announcing like why you keep announcing why he didn't announce the breakup. I hate announcements. Don't announce or delete the picture. Why do you do any of it is not for you girls. Chill out. It's time they think it's going to make us feel away. Yeah, and I don't. No, no, no, don't do that. I mean, does it do something for them excluding us?


I don't want to add to it. I think I think they like the influx of messages. Oh, sorry to hear that. Yeah. Like, that's a real thing. That's like a drug. Like just getting that attention. And I think it's the same part of the brain that does the I'm unbothered but I'm really bothered thing. Yeah.


I think that the world is burning around you. You try to act like it's not in here.


Same same part of the brain. Yeah. But I just just like I should, I still can't find it, go back to Beach House. It's a great plot. It's got to be he's not blowing search and I g a l a c but you're probably going the top instead of like accounts.


No, I went to out and be able to find it and I went, I follow it, I did this for I'm already there, I'm already home. Not my favorite. I did it from the I did it from the fence to to go find it from the fence. I did, I couldn't find it on the first Galaxie right there.


I'm definitely bored. She blocked the fence to to anybody. Now, I don't think well, you can't find again. I really can't see, OK, if I don't, you should block me and you know what I'll do. Here's what I'll do. I must send it to you in a car and a send a picture to you from the page and see if it means thinking ahead. Yeah, because I might have a chance right now. I wouldn't think so.


No, no. Someone would just get me in trouble. That's all she would do. She said to more tragic. I like that shit, and when that happens, her boyfriend read the first negative attack. Of course, she was saying, are you dating this nigga? Like one of those? One of those.


I understand if you open a post. Let's see if I can open it, one of you guys talk. Don't watch me. Here's the final number. So I have to go on a walk. I ain't even got a text with me. You know, I'm blocked by more.


It's why you didn't see the subprime toothpaste. Yeah, yeah. I'm going for having some praying to God. I'm missing of click on it. Yes. You're not black, are you? Right there on now hit that f there you go. Level moneybag. Why are you there. That was Kate Izabel Daisy.


Oh yeah. Man shouted Go back to a great place.


Five days follow on I guess. Amazing continent. Amazing content. Yeah. Because you get, you get some new followers and then a conspiracy theory. Yeah. Get a little bit amazing. This is like perfect balance, like walking into Wal-Mart to launch a helicopter, know whatever you need. Is there a sense more on the Instagram world now and if you guys saw Berniece resurfaced. Looks amazing. Oh, we didn't see what's in your marriage. I don't even know.


How are you seen?


I'm just happy to see you. He's a supporter that's being protected, that's all. She's back service where you went. I should go actually disappear for a little while.


She's in Atlanta to L.A. with poor mind Lexcen. No one else is out there. All the girls moved to Atlanta and Houston. Astro, well, she tagged L.A. So maybe you're wrong on that, Joe. Maurella, maybe she will do the same thing. Yeah, they're similar. They're all in L.A., Atlanta and Houston. Yeah. Yeah. Todai cracked that case.


All rivalry. Did you have a deep dive? So just have a critical take to introduce the audience to about Burnie's.


She looks great, she looks healthy, she looks happy.


Oh, it's not it's not going to cut it if you want to do this. This is not the riveting content. It's going to get us there. FOX Oh, fuck. What else is going on?


I'm sure there's more important things to talk about than a return of Berniece in the universe. We were done with Tourie, right? Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Not really much.


I'm much more interested. Last week we didn't get into L.A. Reid selling his catalog. Yeah, I saw this, but a lot of them to Calvin Harris just sold his for ninety million or something crazy to a different company. I was just saying this all the same company the dream sold to most of them are, but not Calvin Harris. Is that who did nobody sell his to. Yeah, hypnosis. There's a G in there somewhere. OK, hypochondriasis I like was on you.


The G is probably silent like was on and gs zarganar.


Tell me about the one thing you went to a restaurant and pronounced wrong when you ordered up the first time.


Most things at most restaurants at the Fish Bulette. I just kind of point to the thing on the menu. I think it was a couscous.


I said cause cause you want me to do he was trying to impress me. Let me get this cool. So I asked, I said, what is the cause? Cause he was like, excuse me. All right, listen, I say myself the embarrassment now I still point at things in the menu. Yeah. No, I pointed and ask him to take this thing, OK, but if I saw it coming so they had to do was ahead of the.


So to worry about it.


They're not bilingual. Listen, let me tell I don't know much about any of this shit because only it's like versus the only people that are even in this conversation are like icons. Right. I don't know shit about shit how I broke it down to him. I think he was saying it's easier for when people want to use your music for like they go to one place instead of having to deal with so many different people over that what you're doing. But in that what you're doing, probably only I thought that was a pub do and it's maybe simpler than that.


And with this, though, when you're selling it, you no longer have it doesn't even matter or that place. And they can do what they want to get some of these. I think in some of these cases, they're only selling a percentage of their percentage.


I could be wrong, but I want to. We sold off a one hundred one hundred percent of one hundred percent of it. Yes.


And right now we are getting that two hundred percent confusing publishing by well, we don't know his contracts, but I'm just saying I really might be 50 percent.


TLC's pub is just still on tour, just going from person to person. Yet I say only in my brain.


I'm not bringing this up for Roy to argue with me, for anybody to challenge it or record it. I'm just offering from my brain and we can move on for me. Roy, this does go back to our conversation last week about the next ten years of music.


Absolutely does, because this company is shelling out probably maybe billions of dollars at this point. Yeah, sure, they see something, but it's two people that see something. And I don't doubt the genius of L.A. Reid and music. So that's the company.


And so that's the or no ordinary quarter. You know, something like the people that's doing it. They know our people. That's dumb, dude. So that's two people. The company sees it. So they're overpaying and stop what happens, but why does that was why why do cool? But for the people running numbers due to little secret, no fax machine that they keep in the closet, they have ways of coming up with this amazing dream. Took it.


So listen to him. And he always does that.


You're talking about the ten years. Oh, that. The next ten years. So listen. The companies are overpaying. Why do to cut? Why do companies overpay? They feel like they're going to get it back and much more. Right. And these creative geniuses, that's the part I want to focus on and why they're selling. What is it that they see that's happening in music to where they feel their catalog might not return? What's being offered?


That's a good question. That's a very good question. That's where I'm at with this question. That's that's my only question with this, because I don't know enough about the transaction of it. I think that probably what but this they something these people are too brilliant to to say this, but they probably this is they're overpaying.


They're offering you 80, 90 million people that don't want money. You haven't probably been collecting that kind of income off of because these are records from 20, 30 years ago that maybe aren't the biggest records in the world anymore. So I'm curious to I'm very curious, but there are people with the ability to repurpose anything in their catalog. Facts like L.A. Reid don't need anybody to repurpose something. That's true. No idea either. These aren't people that lost their connections and now they're selling out when when it's high or broke by any means.




Fans, listen, if you want to do assume whatever about dreams, financial situation, cool. You would have been wrong, but assuming. No, I'd rather assume it you would be wrong. But assuming L.A. Reid changes this for me. Yeah. Yeah. Now it's going up then to assume. Yeah, yeah.


He has always seen something ahead of when it was supposed to happen. There's a few people in music like that. I'm not going to keep talking about this because it comes with implications. But I want to know more. I would like to. I would like to. You should probably reach out to some of these people and have a conversation, because I would like to know you in L.A. Squasher. I can certainly see why you would take ninety million dollars up front.


A little change regardless of the situation. Yeah, I can't blame someone for being like, you know what? Ninety million. I don't have ninety million. That's what I'm saying. Like fucking no matter what you like, a program about like a hundred million dollars just don't matter. Right. You can say what you want about me. Yes. I don't care. So this is interesting. Shout out to L.A. Reid and everybody else that that came up on this type of payday.




She's the guy I don't even know what you do with this type of fund was the fund was founded by music industry veteran merch name. I can't pronounce who before becoming an investor manage artists including Beyonce, Elton John, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses.


This guy's been around for a while. Yeah, it has a couple of Dallas climatically. Clearly he does. Yeah.


That's all I got with that on to more shit that I just think is extremely interesting. And you should too. Quimby, we have seen the end. Well it's a fast, fast run, grand opening, grand closing. Then they raised what, one point six, one point seven billion dollars. Crazy in a very short amount of time. And now it's over, they sold it or shut it down. It's over and sell shit, it's over.


So they just made one point two million or we will fuck it will be no more rounds of investing in this. There's no more funding. We've seen enough. Right. Grand opening. Grand closing. And I still have this on my phone.


I never use Kobe. I used it, went on to L.A. The L.A. Clippers documentary was out. I wanted to see it, OK. I saw it as soon as I downloaded the app immediately. They said, yo, if you don't forget to take us off in 30 days, we're going to keep charging you. And I didn't care. Oh, it was a pay paywall. So I don't know that for sure. And I think that was kind of their problem from the gate.




Hey, man, can you find something helpful about this? We only brought it up twenty minutes ago. They were to pay Wolly. I feel like even like they couldn't even give you a little bit of content to get you interested in the app like they were. Straight paywall, huh? That's where I think it failed a bit. There was no way you could have some type of free content to look at it, warm up to the idea that this would become part of your daily routine.


Right. Yeah, I never saw a single QB because of that reason paywall for him, and I don't think they should've went after a younger demo, leave it there to wed. Equipe confirmed that it is shutting down. The service itself will go dark on or around December one, he said Thursday on its customer support page. Qube would be a risky bet, even in normal times. But Quitte, which launched April 6th, rolled out on a mobile only concept just a couple of weeks after the pandemic locked down large swaths of North America, trapping people in their homes.


People can watch Quarmby at home on their phones, of course, but Quimby's bet on an exclusive mobile, short form video was premised on people gobble gobbling up these quick bite episodes while out and about. And listen, that was that was my first time watching. Like I watched that whole Clipper's season. It was 10 episodes, seven minute episodes. Boy, did I run through that. I thought it was an interesting idea that they were betting on similar to Facebook, where a lot of the content is short, short form.


Yeah. When it was first launched, I thought that was a good idea. Like, I was like, all right. And Moubarak, each episode, like I understood the idea, I just maybe the execution was sort of pandemic definitely affected this after it launched without any support to watch Quimby's programming on televisions, the company scrambled as users complained about not being able to watch his shows on the biggest on the biggest screen in the house. Now, that was a problem.


Well, even though they did not try to put it on the TV and I couldn't write, it was something going on. It was something I had to do to put the shit on the TV projector from your phone. I don't know where to focus on. Similarly, excuse me does mean we also ramped up in the middle of a wave of new streaming services as tech and media giants all rushed to shape the future of video. That means Quimby was competing for your subscription dollars against heavy upstarts like Disney plus Apple TV, Apple TV plus Peacocke and HBO Macs, as well as established established players like Netflix.


This intensifying competition coincided with record unemployment, forcing families everywhere to reevaluate how many services they pay for and which ones to leave out. You kind of get the gist.


It is most and those the monthly write on it. Do you remember? I don't says five thought about a month. That's kind of a lot compared to now people paying to fine Disney's seven or eight or whatever, and you get all the Disney could Facebook live and YouTube the pioneer.


But when the way you're putting the content out is for people on the go, like they said, show me how many not paying them, how many subscribers they had, please. It probably says it's somewhere here. Find out how many subscribers they had.


This is important information, right? Head control, because they raised one point seven billion dollars on phones only. Yeah.


I want to know how many subscribers did. That's important. And we'll get back to this.


Five point six million is pretty small subscribers around. Oh, whoa, whoa, that's a very low point seventy two thousand of which stuck around once the free trial ended. Yes. Not getting it done. No. Even if all of a million did stay, wasn't getting it done. Yeah. And I suppose I still think it was a it may have had a good idea intention, but the execution doesn't sound like what this this was a laugh when I did this cost a lot.


Yes. This was a very expensive mistake. Like and I could be wrong here. But from what I saw, for example, with the Clippers, you wanted to watch. If they're only seven minutes, give me the first two episodes free on your Twitter. Right. Let me watch it. Yeah, I could go to this app.


I could be wrong, but I thought I heard a bunch of idiots out there saying, hey, Joe shouldn't ask for two hundred and fifty million is what I thought I heard.


So. Meanwhile, there's throwing away billions on a no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, because that implies that, hey, we should get money for free.


Hey, if you're throwing money away over there, why don't you throw some money away over here? That's what that implies. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But you raise one point six billion dollars and couldn't attract a hundred thousand people to stay somewhere. I'm not going to undervalue make a great point what it takes to get a community of people to stay somewhere and how companies monetize that. Yeah. That was my correlation there, so my mind was blown reading some of these numbers and what was raised and what was offered and what was and listen, I'm saying this, at least 80 percent of my shit niggas is looking on the phone.


Well, maybe not 80, but a lot of people are looking on the phone right now.


So I understand the thinking here. But to see this monumental collapse this way for something that for months all I ever heard was, oh, they got it.


They got it. They got it. They raised the money. They got it. They got it. Scooter Braun's good. Abracadabra. I hate you niggas that that. Talk to me and tell me what Scooter Braun is doing. Honestly, it needs to be said we must sign. No way I could keep it real here. Cash, you have got my back. I don't have a problem with Scooter Braun, but it's too many of his industry flunky niggas that's running around singing the graces of Scooter Braun.


I don't want to hear from your and in the Drake verse and while on a scooter. Look, come on, give me. Quimby has recruited a who's who of stars to work with on his programming, including Chrissy Teigen, LeBron James, Dwayne Johnson, Reese Witherspoon, Chance Chance, the rapper, Kevin Hart, Jennifer Lopez, Idris Elba, Zac from Tina Fey, Liam Hemsworth. Man Come on, man. And they reached out to me. Come on.


With your fucking privilege. You got you got the arms and the tools and the strength to go get anybody in the universe. And y'all can't keep one hundred thousand people to stay on the phone with all that beautiful technology bullshit.


No, ever interrupt me when I'm asking for two hundred fifty million dollars, honestly, and isn't that a Joe Tangie? I'm not making this about it, isn't it? No, no. It's the way that black people it's the only way that black people can start putting true value to some of these numbers to see what's going on out there. Listen, I'm talking to people. I know what they think bringing a million people somewhere is worth. And let me tell you, they're wrong.


They're wrong. Now, there's going to be some people that's going to take that. Hey, I'll take a cent I'll take one cent on the dollar for a million people. Excuse me. With news like this, how how could you say I'm you trying to use this as a teachable moment to be able to read the tea leaves when somebody comes out off of Quimby on a Shonda Rhimes Shonda Rhimes scream and pull it up. You slow today. You slow today.


Now. Yeah, I'm on my shit. I'm here, nigga. What's up? Shonda Rhimes ditched ABC over a Disney Land pass. I'm going to tell a story, but I'm more in scroll, scroll, scroll. I'm more interested to see how much money she made ABC. Shonda Rhimes, if you're familiar with there aren't a lot of resumes that are matching her, right. Like anything you would need to accomplish on small screen. What does she do?


Like Grey's Anatomy? What does she do? Let me pull up what she did. She did everything that's, like, amazing, actually, before we get in there. Let me go back to the TV conversation really briefly, because something to highlight there is how they probably overpaid for a lot of the content that was on the app. And I'm not sure, but I'm kind of sure that that probably had a lot to do with grand opening. Grand closing.


Sure. Right. I would imagine if. Which was kinda I tried to say this without saying this and during some of my Spotify rants, but now that we have a moment to actually say it now we can say it like that was the point of. Damn ADHD. Like, I think when I think when I was talking about our situation, a lot of people took that as me singing our great our praises as just the best in the business.


And we should be paid because we're the best in the business.


I was speaking more so toward that's true small, but a large part of why it's because of the contract that we had. You just not going to find that type of production. For that money, it was like Jordan in the early years or some shit.


So when I saw people comparing some of these other really high priced gigs that Spotify was bringing in and comparing them to ours, like that comparison is off already, number one. And number two, all of that's cool. But if we live in in the future, the question we should be asking is, well, what's going to happen when they stop doing that? Because nobody can afford to continue to do that. Sooner or later, the stuff that you pay premium for has to produce.


And if it does not, then you get Quimby. Yeah. Then you get quite a few other companies that I won't name. I've kicked it with some of y'all. Y'all know the Vibs, but you don't get a return on your investment. And that's really, really, really important. I just want to highlight that here with Kobe. Do you guys remember when the whole music industry got rich off it for like six months, a do gig?


It was a company that was making somewhat of like a Sims game for Facebook, where you could dress the artist, plan their tours, build their house. It was like a Sims artist thing. Hmm. They overpaid every last person in the music industry. They got every single artist overpaid the shit out of them, just threw all this fucking money. I think the guy that started it had something to do with starting iTunes like they was from that world.


Yeah, but they thought, all right, let's grab every artist we can. They didn't think about the actual game and execution of the game. The shit looked like Sims in a world where Call of Duty looked like he was actually in World War fucking two like it. It just wasn't executed properly where it mattered. The actual content was not good. They just overpaid a bunch of fucking names. And all these executives, everyone got rich music industry.


The shit was over in a week. That shit dropped and it was done by the companies, corporations and people tasked with bringing content to your service, your server. You should be aware of all of this stuff, you should you should be aware and you should better. You better hope that the shit that you pay top dollar for Ghana's results. That's all I'll say. They are moving right along the Shonda Rhimes, which is moving right along, but not really, because for me, this is in the same ballpark.


It is Shonda Rhimes, Rhimes who, like I said, created Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Yeah. And how to get away with murder? Yeah, but see, that's just the thing after we say Grey's Anatomy that we shouldn't have to say anything else but Scandal, too, and we shouldn't have to say anything else. But then we said how to get away with murder, which ran for six seasons as well. We shouldn't have to say anything else.


And in twenty eighteen, Shonda Rhimes had a family member that was going to Disneyland. She called some bigwig over at ABC, asked for an extra ticket to Disneyland, had a hard time, a hard time giving it to her. They finally gave it to her. She passed it off. And when that person got to the park, the ticket didn't work. The ticket didn't work. The person is now at Disneyland with mad kids, a nanny and assistant.


It's looking nuts. You know how that is. Shonda Rhimes makes a phone call, says, hey, that ticket is not not working. I need one. And they gave her some smoke. It gave her smoke like another one. Didn't you get enough tickets? Rym says she was told more than once that they never do this as far as giving Disneyland to Disneyland created Grey's Anatomy. And you are arguing with me about one hundred and sixty dollars Disneyland ticket or.


Yeah. The exact reportedly replied, Don't you have enough? It was then that rymes who reportedly who's already in talks with Netflix about a possible deal deal, called her lawyer and told him, figure out a way to get me over to Netflix or I'll find new representatives. I like that. Well, Shonda Rhimes had enough. Yes, that was No. One of Kaleen tell it to buy two tickets. Yeah.


She had enough was it reported with a Netflix bag look like it, they don't need to be because I already know what that Netflix besty look like for Shonda Rhimes, it was a Birken.


A couple of them, a couple of couples have them, congratulations to Shonda Rhimes, I guess. I guess my my disbelief in this is that, I mean, granted, this is what happens at every level and we know this, but the more accomplished black person they do it with, I'm always astonished. Mm hmm. Like when they didn't give Kevin Kevin Hart the Oscar gig, I felt what they were saying, but I was like, damn, I did it to Kevin.


When Nick lost his gig, like and I know about how successful Nick is, I was like, and he did it to Nick.


Shonda Rhimes is like, come on, man. Like, this is just amazing to me. Netflix got a hell of a hell of a deal. And still with somebody like Shonda Rhimes being available. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not only available but wanting to go there. Hey, send me to Netflix. Get me the fuck out of here. If I can't get a single Disneyland ticket, I'm not I'm not going to continue business here. That's like when they canceled our Spotify memberships.


That was hilarious.


Like you want to ask you because it's seven dollars a month. But come on, it's just certain shit that says much more than what the money is. Yeah, it's not about the money. They run a tight ship over there, fellows. All right, you can't we're going to get us fossils. You can't do shit like that to just rub a creative the wrong way because I keep saying it. It's not about the money. Would it create it?


Right. It's about do I feel good enough to be able to create here? I feel it in a way that I normally do. Yeah.


If I can't get a Disneyland ticket, it says much more than one hundred sixty dollars you won't get another Grey's Anatomy out of me or.


Sorry, buddy. Congratulations to Sean, man. Absolutely.


What else is there that we have to get to on this beautiful Saturday?


Rori daughter Solange album was coming for some reason I did, but apparently that was a Twitter hoax. You got you got fooled by the fake do. I fell for it. So sorry, three e's at the end of it or something.


Underscore somewhere. Yeah, they tricked me next. But it was like one of those Cappotelli instead of.


Oh yeah, yeah. They call me man. Whose account did you read it from Texas being.


That's a sick ass account, right. That's your name. No, that's not my name. I'm going to. Oh that's money.


No, it's no more taxing them. It's being taxed. Endemics being is the funniest ever. But I wish they watch the audience. They're funny that way they go funny. How did you have to fight them as true? Kanye West Side run Def Jam. Absolutely, definitely. I mean, they high who did it last time, Dick writers who they had a last minute run successfully running. Yes, I got this writing today or I think they got the slightest clue what it takes to run and make makes good.


W.D. They don't got the slightest clue what it takes to run to the scene. Oh, yeah. Yes, I do. I think you can run a successful label in New York. I've watched West Side has done for I think so too, by the way. I don't think the job of convincing me no saying like, but you would have to convince them is what I'm saying. Kalid wanted this gig. They said, no, this isn't this that same realm to me.


I don't know. Sound nuts to me. That and how it is never really the same realm because Khalida at the time had enough success for somebody to be like, OK, he was suffering from. And actually I could see them trying to use that against West Side gun. But do I think he could do it? Yes, do I? But they would probably start him off if they were open to it. Would it be if he had a different position or something?


Yeah. Let him learn the ropes from somebody and then he should have a position up there. I've only been saying for ever more creative director, you might not want one, probably 15 that hey, Def Jam, you all should bring some of the cool kids in there, change the feeling, change the culture a little bit. West Side Gun would really help with that. But what do I know? And I'm done giving out free game because all the labels listen to me fuck you all but shout out to my people working with.


So I'm such a I'm a complex man, you know, I'm a complex man. I'm a complex man.


Like classic. No, I'm a complex man. It wasn't complex. I don't fancy dancing.


Can't don't fuck out of you in his defense. Those shoes are not taking them and don't whatever. You're right. See, that's what Biden did to your man last night and engage and show he said, Biden, would you like to respond?


No, I he called him fellow. All people are great men. You watch it about the marquee man. There was a lot of malarkey.


A lot of malarkey. All right. What did our what are what are our takeaways from from the debate that happened just a few nights ago?


I'm going to toss it to our political analyst mall senior me, senior political senior political analyst.


And I hung my hat up because the people tried to kill me.


They got up, hung. They went mad for no reason. No reason. I'm just laughing at two old white men just throwing shade at each other in front of the world like I was mad. You put the Rockefeller label on the side of your head, man. This is just entertainment and it's just like watching a bad movie.


But, well, the Joe Button podcasts I've read it said that you sent Donald Trump a paper plane that did you know, did did you man make you a maggot upside down like the letters?


I was trying he was trying to get that done, but it was like backed up over at the factory so we couldn't get that in time. It was it was in demand. Yeah, it was. Oh, man. Fly off the shelf. Yeah. Fly off the shelves. But this was this was this was a straight comedy show last night though I didn't take a fight, it was better than the last one. It was more organized. They were yelling over the moderator did she did a great job.


She was she was really good. Yeah. She was good. This was this was just I laughed all night at this shit.


Trump say the least racist person in the room when there's a black woman moderating is insane. No, my favorite part was like, well, I can't see the crowd but said I can't see it but I don't care. All black. But I you heard. Listen to your man. When he speaks, he get his shit off me.


It's it is funny man.


I'm sorry I'm not racist at all, but those fucking Mexican coyotes are smuggling babies into illegal baby. There you have a baby that's illegal. Yeah. I mean, you know, this was a mess, but I loved it. I love I love it. And I'm really mad that this was the last one I loved every year. Yes or no? I would have liked to see another debate. I'm mad. The last one they need to do they need to do a podcast together, like have their own podcast.


Oh, mom, Michelle Obama has a pocket. No, no. Let's talk about Joe Biden and Donald Trump because this shit was comedy. I'm sorry. When he started talking like Joe Biden, you know, Trump's going to start a podcast once he gets out. He can't wait. Can't you button me here was on a Meudon. He let a little mute button.


We couldn't move you couldn't it shut off.


Trump said you called me a racist. Trump we've all called your racist for four whole.


What what part did every day? Oh, listen, both these things are liars.


Let me let me tell you what I say. When people kill me.


Right. They're both lying. Oh, yeah. But pick the one on the list. Well, he's like, you love it. I just love it. And it's a one to. For real, this it is funny, mobilizers, and they both robbed Russia, they both got money, you're a Trump, they said. Trump said your house is Trump. You just thought you had a where'd you get the money from? Joe got a lot of houses, you know, like, yo, this is what's your thought on covid, you know?


Do you see what Biden did? You know your son was on Coke, sir. We're talking about covid-19.


Yo, man, this is you. When you when he started talking about how he prepared all his taxes.


I pay taxes when you already got the bag, that's what you do. So I'm saying I don't even know how much money. But I know you mean put that to the tax every time you think it can't get crazier, because that is why I watch. I'm like I said, I've seen it. All right. Exactly. Then sure. He said, Donald, what say you to the American people that are worried about their bank account in China?


He said, listen, I had a bank account. I tried to do some business deals and they didn't happen, so I closed it.


Oh, that's simple. No, no, he closed the account that was in. And then where does it go? So you don't know what to do, not have big hits. Everybody has one today. Like, I know what everyone everyone attempted to do business in China. I don't like being fair. You are disillusioned here. Yeah. Listen, it was a lot of folks it up there last night and I encourage everybody to vote. And that's that.


Yeah. Go vote. Yeah. Oh, we did it this.


We did a political conversation getting ugly. Listen, we are not a political podcast. I'm just laughing at the candidates. I don't it's not that serious to me. People like I'm not magga anything. It's OK. It's just jokes. That's all I am doing the absentee ballot, man. We do that. New York. I was watching the news. They already talk about wait times over fucking for hours. Fuck that I Bengalla come to.


And that's true from the comfort. Early voting in New York starts today. Important, I say that it starts to day. Hey, townhall conversation earlier and we know the government doesn't update. They just very slow to update anything with some of these old ideologies that exist in old institutions. But when they go on, just let us vote from the phone. That's what I've been saying for several days. Dangerous.


No, we do all of our do everything most of what we do our taxes from our phone to our guys. OK, like they told me when I left that both candidates picked the least. OK, well, phones.


No, this was deliberate on why? Because it's way too easy to trip phones. And have they been tripping the elections. Yeah, exactly. But it's way too easy to trip.


I don't know how to way too I mean, people in person, it's like only if you got people calling your phone, but then they would have to physically get rid of those ballots, like dump those with these. They could say that you text something from this phone that you never even text like simple way easier than taking a bunch of ballots out of a fucking vote and polling dumping them shit in lake somewhere. But that's electronic, too. Yeah, but what I'm saying is phones are way too easy to hack.


So what can we do? Our taxes from our phone. We can only hack to taxes. Do don't worry about it. You get to mail. Twenty years from now you owe three million. I pretty much I wouldn't do it.


I wouldn't, I would never say vote from the phone that. No, I think that's worse than voting for the phone on American Idol. How much would it be to buy America X, Donny.


No, no, no, seriously, we're not that right now. It's like we if we say we say we say all time America's business. Right? Absolutely. And businesses can be sold. Right. Is that why they did your smear campaign?


Because you were trying to buy my. Please stop joking with me right now.


Well, right. Donald Trump was trying to tell you that Joe Biden kind of sold some things to Ukraine last night. You asked him what was that deal about? Was that three point five million about? You think politicians don't do that all the time? Of course they do. No, I'm just trying to figure out if Apple or Amazon can buy America one day. Apple? Yeah, I think so. One day, maybe not right now, will you?


Absolutely. I don't think you can do that. I don't think they would sell America. No, I don't think it's on the market. Well, who would be selling it? But that's not true. That's actually not true, because you're right, it's not in the market. But if you're NRA or if you're somebody to have some economical power up there, well, if you want to get into everybody has a price like that, its residents are for sale.


We're all for sale. And so you can buy America with property in the streets.


And like, I know China or Japan or someone owns like the parking meters in Chicago, like there's parts of America that are for sale infrastructure. If you were able to vote on the phone, it would be for sale. If you said that every X amount of percent of. If you said this percentage of votes is worth this amount to whoever is supposed to be compensated in this, I don't know because I'm not political, but yeah, I could see somebody being invested.


That's what moved moved the country money, right? Mm hmm. So you would have to be able to get in good. Somebody if you just have trillions of dollars to spend with the government. That's what happens every day. It happens on a on a lower on a smaller scale. I call these politicians, take money from major corporations and then do what they want them to do. Awesome. I'm just saying, one day, maybe when all of us are dead, I could see one of these Internet tech companies making a government play.


Oh, yeah. This is definitely something the United States of Apple. Yeah, I can see that Apple has some Apple cars to some degree. It happens now with elections. They put Mark Zuckerberg on trial for. It seems like that's why they're doing it in a different way. Yeah, they're definitely influencing the outcome of America. They don't need they don't need to buy it, right. They have it. Yeah. But go vote, go vote, what was Mitch McConnell's hand bruised up like?


Yeah, he's a lizard people, and we just deal with that. All right.


Listen, man, it's her record that came out is crazy. Y'all tearing up the real code. It's tearing up the charts, blazin, hip hop and RB. Remember that they still say that. Probably blazing hip hop on the radio. It's been a while and we should we should kill Blaze blazing and smash single before it's even been out. It's how they use the label. When I was at Def Jam boxing up Shiatsus in the radio's everything, said the new smash singles like no one's heard it.


Was this a smash? Still the hands were tossing vinyl arauz head yo, put this in the box. Yeah, the box is up there. Used to it though. Beta tapes. I'll take this to beat in a hundred degrees. Walk walk over there, walk back from fifty fifty. They are used to twenty blocks.


Are you going to, are you singing the intro on your album to get off some of your gripes about how they treated you as an intern some of your earlier days in the industry. Like everyone else, it's going to open.


I even think about that approach. There you go. Innaloo sound like a salute to me, the boy come on singing They told me I'd never make it for a pocket watch. You got to show your teachers.


I mean I mean, I when you do a partnership with the label, you interned for shit on your teachers real shit. I mean, that's just some flash. They kicked you out of school shit on them. What? No, Universal didn't kick me out. I got worried right now. I mean, when you really dig into it universal somewhere in that place, that it was someone who owned America at that time. See, this is me.


Get my shit. Oh, yeah. This is. This is definitely the worry. Be getting you off on prototypes.


Let me tell you a story that around this, it was the young boy.


What they told me I would never make it. Now this sounds kind of taken out. You know, where it goes. Stack is well. I'm thinking your boy do it because it's not ready yet.


It's the rough classic. Do get cut it off now. Sorry. Sorry. YouTube. Oh, no, no.


I think I'm in. Oh, man, I would say that's one of the greatest. I still have not caught Andre three thousand right now roaming around New York playing the flute. I'm waiting to see it. Man, you only two people on every day haven't seen.


And that is a beautiful music. It is classical, it is that's a classic album, without question. Take that tree.


What else is going on?


Come on, Mary, pull out all you had to love Lobar, I think. At one point, I definitely have an ill love boulevard, but I just can't think, let me put it in a speaker box. It was something like that. Love in the love below, something like that.


Do you don't fuck up any more? I don't want to speak about that some years ago. I can't believe I know something like that. Some love below a. Well, no. Totally safe. Come on. They still mixtape just somewhere here. Yo, yo, yo, yo. Not today on this show. Magin Fleck's doing this on Fejo. Oh yeah. A few people I wanted to hear from in all this Trillanes bullshit and I just came here for.


What is Mely doing now. It's a good question. I want, I want to hear from you signed over there. So she put out a song last week.


I love madly, I'm just saying, whatever Terri's situation is, I'd like to know how it affects Mellie with the label she had. I don't know if she's over there still. I don't know. I could call her right now, but I wouldn't call her. And I think actually she is. I think the single.


Yeah, it was still on his label. Yeah. Marley, Me and Mall are still going to fight for your love. What's wrong with you? I'm calling going to fight this fight. Yes, we are. How would you fight for our love? I would put my dukes up with more Richard Dukes up. This is something I hear you all talk.


If you ask this girl about sorry, lanes on the phone, she's going to hang up on him. You think I'm wasting fucking time with Tory Lane? No, I don't. But this video already looks amazing. Yeah, she was. She was on her. Mission Impossible shooting the video must also Melley way too soft. I like it, yeah, like really on all DSD facts. I didn't say you would fly, but you have dialed is not in service.


So it's just. What's wrong with that.


Hit you with the OMalley new math block me and new math. She definitely didn't hit him with the said that part.


You know it really gets me peeved alshehri you dyment you're getting some rhythm going right. Say, I'll send a mobile to people and then you just keep on with the conversation and then I know she sends the mobile yardman energy going, now you copy the mobile, you go in and the phone, you fax it and you say, whatever your line is, Joe is Joe or the eyes or to take a line from your hand. All right.


You locked away. Now, I still have some things to say. Wait till the end of the conversation. We're done talking. Yeah. Yeah, that makes me sad.


I mean, I be thinking that we're going to take that dim energy to the techs now because they don't be with it much. Maybe like I got you. I heard you later. Yeah. You locked in, like, wait, I'm active. I love you already. You're talking about going to my address. You only want to hear. I've been giving it up in the dorms. So I'm not only one to come here. I have an idea about you because I know you want a purple devil face emoji emojis.


I'm sure.


You know, Joe, I overheard what was going on here. I'm not really an emoji guy. Yeah, you're Misuzu emojis. No. Yeah. Jojo is definitely a low to death guy who was looking good last night. Hello. Well, it's not Lomov jokes and not laughing. Yeah, you're not laughing. Your hands are greasy right now. You're being nasty. I want to fuck. Yeah. Yeah. There's nothing illegal about that.


Right. Cleaver's looking right. Well, not laughing Noela. Well, my condolences on your grandmother passing. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, he's one of those guys. Mm hm. Oh well well yeah.


Oh no, no, no.


More like when's your next trip. Let's take one. No, no, no, no, no, no.


Dead ass. I'll available dates like next week. Joe, we've never met you down now, but that's when is real. Let's meet in Saloom, send available dates and I'll set it up.




That's crazy. But that's real stuff. That's real. That's how a lot of niggas is mean. Girls straight on a vacation. That's the new way more. But it's just. So what if you see this girl? She first of all, she looks nothing like a pinches her breath stinks or vice versa, that the girl meets the guy and she's like just a dirty, stinky dude.


Are we. Twenty two year old. No, we're grown. Which is why you shirty eight thirty nine forty like it. We feel like we should be able to profile the right person to fly somewhere. We think we've been wrong about that before. You know that family not saying this to the bitches that face tune in the pick and out of doorways unplanted.


Do you? I'm just saying shows the slanted door way to go to loam. Yeah. What's up, miss? You got the funhouse mirror behind her?


Yeah, I'm just talking more so like because if you if you can't like how much nigga know you don't know who you are, if you don't know who you were breaking.


Now I'm just saying you never met the guy who you met that you would take some weirdo, maybe a few and, you know, a while ago, but nothing recent. But I'm just hilarious. No, I've never met her. I don't I don't know, probably a sweet girl, but I never met her. But, yeah, you can't you can't risk it is too risky to meet some little mama. She seems like a cool. She looks like she'd be a fun date.


Sure, young American. Young American has a hope for sure. No, I'm trying to get you to name names now.


Like I thought you was just giving me trying to see why I wouldn't let me get some information on all in this together. I'm looking for you to carry me for you to carry to be young. You may get a little whatever we. That's a fact. We've had we had in life. I would go on a trip with Young. Yeah. Sure. She would have a group. Oh my God. Yeah. The flight leaves. Yeah.


You can't, you can't risk the way you would try to put young men in the squad on one domestic. You would try to write the play, some of who you will read the PJ for nobody. I'm not there yet. Kelly Roland. She's married and I think she'll challenge she's married with children. No, they divorced. Did it. I don't know. Maryland. I put Salangi, Mariah Carey.


She put me on a piece for Marilyn. Which one. Right. Mariah Carey put me on the political side too. We don't know that we're not really Mariah. Besides, it's a long chill out a bit.


All right. I'm all for nothing. Mariah told us nothing.


Marilyn, I have a copy of the PJ. So Mariah. Oh, yeah, I forgot it. Rory's a huge Marilyn. Very nice ice. I love him, you and you know, I love her. Oh, that's a hot name in the same house, right? Lynn, don't you ever bring that up again. That's a trigger. That's what Renfree was about. We're in space right over here. So sicarios stock because variola go fuck us up.


Yeah. She replies to everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm setting up a fan of your music. What else we got? Speaking of what we're speaking about, where I live now, I thought of you force the little skinny six. Six from the nine. What's the name. Skinny from the six. Something like whatever his name is, unenforceable saying. And that man won't get Wi-Fi. Now, I hate when you force people off the Internet that provide entertainment.


What they did it to skinny from the set.


They shot at him and now they're he's going to say, that's probably smart and this is my get low, low and I'm low. I'm not dealing with this culture anymore. Take a couple of days.


Yeah, whatever. What else is going on?


Anything really important? We have two hours. We had two hours. Really important. I love New York is back. Hey. A trailblazer, Michelle Irrealis news Bernie's return to resurfaced in New York, I'm sorry to personally, that's where I'm going or that's funny.


I saw Rudy Giuliani's team already giving statements where he was he was caught being a nasty man in the hotel on camera. He was. Oh, he was Luban Tubin. Oh, yes. It appears that he was being Hanzi. No, they were they tricked them. Yeah, of course. That's the whole thing is. But he fell for it and Borat is on Amazon, the sequel to Borat is on Amazon, along with coming to America to him.


Oh really? Yeah, he was asking Amazon. They paid for it. Buck twenty five. Mm hmm. I have to cop for those to look at. Rudy really thought it was going down. You see, look, they brought Borat back, but not Star Trek Borat way. But I want to be clear. I'm definitely watching Borat before I watch. You're going to get in trouble with the Treki.


You know what? Rudy Giuliani's team blamed him being nasty in the hotel. He's talking to ensure we said that. And then he said this is just a Biden smear campaign. Biden was nowhere near this hotel room.


Now, Biden knows Borat. That's his man. We know that they're just doing this is from the Biden camp there. You saw a cute interview person that you thought it was going down with. You pulled your dick out and you got caught. Yeah. Sometimes the truth is just like easy beer. It's right there. Yeah. Got got to be careful where you put your dick about it, but I think Rudy would know that by now. Um, following up, Fargo's great.


Yeah. The new season. That's just turn up. You got to check, but I want to check out Fargo, I still got to check out Lovecraft County. I started that again in Fargo, Minnesota. Yeah, yeah, Minnesota. I want to see a tejal. Talked about what did you talk about? Parks, oases and what was good.


Second season got weird, but one of the seconds to come up like a year ago, I was going to say it's been a while that's telling me to watch Mr. Sketcher and Mr. Fetcher, Mr. Something the time line was telling me to check out Grand Army on Netflix, either Grand Army Grant, Army Grant or Grand Grand Grand Grand Army got something raunchy. It no, it's a good very good thing. What ratchet. It's like a horror, right?


Yeah. It's it's hard to give the premise without giving away literally the entire show, but it's about a nurse in a psych ward.


Oh no, no, no. I'm just I'm due to watch that pretty good. I was really good. It's American Horror Story. I love you. It's the chick from her, Sarah Paulson, and I think the writers or something because it looks like.




American Horror Story, the doctor body that I need to see him in more shit was this all all the actors are amazing in it. Yes. Aruca show it is. Do you know why Americans love horror stories? Because we live in one. America is a horror story. I was deep, do you do you have your sleeper ready? Yes, right. No, no, no, no, no. You up little bit. Be all right.


Rory, can we play sleepers or do you have some Alexa Sky News that we have to get to? I was talking to Alexa Sky. She looks great. How many RV parks and here is going to cup caputi, my friends? Oh, I thought she was about to do you singing Cisco lyrics. How many hits does it take to get to the center of a. We never found out.


That was kind of like that song a lot. That was a. I like that song came by. Yes. Sorry.


That's the sleeper. Yeah. I got to do it now because that was my shift.


I know what to name Ron. Do push a cue. Nice rock song if you have that accidents. Yes. Well how many licks I 100 percent have. How many. This was my speed. Go to holla.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That intro to yo yo. Would they get you the early version of it?


That's my bet. Good. But samples. Oh, yeah. Oh, Ferg, since you got early, I got bourgie cardiac you out on the early. I know, but our audience will be pleased to know that there is no beef with me and Earl from next week.


We talked about it earlier. That's why. That's why I brought it up. When you mentioned. Do y'all remember it all right? Yeah. He has a kid named Oreo. Does he? Red hair, too. I think that's the same Oreo weirdo type of weird shit is real.


You know, celebrities, kids names. There's no redheads around. We all just stay in touch that we're about to be. There's a lot of Rory. So, you know, we're about to be extinct. We are sort of shadow leading scientists, more telling us this leading ginger science. Yes, pretty soon there would be no rats. We keep fucking up with different hair. We'll be extinct soon. I'm serious. No more race. Appreciate me while I'm here.


You're the last of the Reds. Yeah, that's crazy. Where did we find this one? Where did we get the snake, honestly?


Oh, that's hilarious. Praying for the redheads.


Yeah, I no, I just think it's weird that I find this funny. I prefer to read it. Oh my God.


It saved such. A lot of places seen a lot of face, lost all her livestock with different races, a weight to his name was John. He had a queen bee tattoo on his arm, asked me about where you can focus on his big portion of the money from down south east. I'd like you to spank me comments. Now, he wasn't that a fuck? That's what I like about my pussy from Dr. Moore said Nicky introduced nasty raps and clapping.


Now you, Megan, you were taking it too far. You keep coming back at. With us, you get to the center of what is it how many licks does it take to get to the center about to kill you? If you wanted to know, tell me to. School's out to my in.


They did a double, which was the severe.


Oh, yeah. To open the second verse like that, she is a visionary, you know, niggas in jail was like, oh my God, she's talking to us.


This is a magazine like, how can I get your best in the tissue enclosure between my breasts? She giving me is a 50 set up. The drone is on the night sky. I forgot. I forgot this. She came with the tutorial. Open up the cell. Oh oh oh oh. That's to stop. Looking back to your position, Kim got to start fights fighting y'all. How did it go over Kim who's not in jail and who was that nigga.


Is that big of a Bloods Crips. All the thugs in the home they all want to go. Oh, tell me tell me, how did you know a song is great?


I like this. I thought that one I like. I thought that was an experience where you got some smooth RB to follow it up.


No, I had to be a little Appreciation Day or Sasko.


This thing, my. More news out of Baghdad right now. Tell me how you made your way to the dance floor. This joint came, you know, trying to find a gold coin in your drink down like, wait a minute.


I can't miss this one. I want to tell him to bring back him to you. Shaking the ring back. Twenty eight street clubs are so devilish.


You like hard work is shit off, man. And we'll get you too excited with this thong song shit. Good. That's my other trigger gets me going and thug so I don't deliver. I'll be in a thong. You might do whatever you got to do to keep redhead's alive.


Oh sure.


You guys didn't have the same energy for the elephants that were going extinct but definitely died. My hair blonde threw it 15. Yeah. They hit him with a silver. They might have just turned out silver. It was a rough time, rough time, rough time. It was only like a day or two. I got that shit right out of there. Well. Shout out to Cisco did on the tracks. That's Cat. Just give me all of your girls and I'm single and you hand that's cast.


He just posted a blue cap. I mean, you know, that's what I wanted to say when Sin first announced that she.


But then when all the pictures of the grandmother, you know, look stupid, you look dumb. Yeah, that's we together. Did she just go and do some sort of Bluck?


I think I said that is crap. I follow Galactus, so I'm fine. Rory, you're sleeper's supposed to come after mine. This is your time to show that was really a sleeper.


Oh yeah. I know what you thought. He was just doing a little comsec. That was the queen bee. I didn't pick my sleeper. Where are you going? Well, speaking of work, you can ask redhead's over there. I'll stay in that vein and its members of Appreciation Day. So what? Yeah, same era, this bleak infatuation, infatuated with some someone I love all this.


All things. You, all of you. By the way, what you got your PIN number, so you may come lay on the ground? No mashonee the. I just party party bullshit my attitude. They say I'm rich, get the job, because he didn't want middle finger to cut. They say when you meet the Wonderlic, don't stop. I meant to show the other morning on my way in she was bad. I call. I'm a day in.


Yeah, but that's the rules we'll make and we'll break them out, sweat them off, forget them and find a way to shake them up with a holler to spit Liberata from the birds up from the chicks trust. How matter she in the box drew the books with the things I do. But that's between me and and now really I get a lot. I'm in the wagon a lot with different times on the passenger side. I'm like, yeah, that thing you do.


And I get my mind off you. I'm exaggerating. They call UNHCR to late every day. I'm going to put my my bill all the time. All the time. And I smoke like a soldier while I'm in the world's top down, like I'm gonna go. They say opposites attract. Industry is the girl from the gutter where the bundles the and Joe from school and it's quiet and it ain't no young. It's supplying that white rice Memphis bleak, infatuated with reform.


Definitely put that on a mixed CD for and for a young harlot at one point. My life. Good record.


Oh. Play joined from oh, this is a key, Molly Keamy Cassanova, that will play a short clip. I want you to finish it right. You can never lose. Obviously I don't. No, never. Oh, I can tell you now to put it to me six months ago, Mack Daddy, let me get started. Tuck my shit better. That nigga on a fraternity. I'm a big step. I'm playing J. Rock is the son of how did you stop.


This is happening. All Iraqis vagina's. I just be laid back like that is required in Jordan Davis. Shit like that is gonna you jive turkeys this summer like disaffiliate slipped a disc. I'm a Christian. It ain't Filani, I'm a pimp. And the nice sky in alley in your kitchen making precipitant the king, your wife Camy Casanovva noting that comedy Nova Scotia I'm making. I'm a pimp type figure with a mouthpiece. Just tell me I'm a maniac like a house QC, remove my clothes and on the floor last month, my baby is going to a fucking death without making an exquisite don't believe in smacking.


My bet is that just cut them up and put the rats back in position. I'm a mathematician subtracting my digits. I mean accuracy. So not to be distracted by Big Macs with the accolades to prove it. I tell all my pitches on the Saturday to move and not have seen them out on the South Carolina, like Mississippi, Arkansas and back to Tallahassee. I'm it in most places, the slow stroke of the throat sleep probably somewhere up and down player.


And I keep a switchblade for niggas to get serious because if I break a nail or your way, some of these various niggas slacking on, they makin an impact and what they like. And then his head will be contacting me for cash to relax, seducing the hell with something that I'm usually. But I'm going to code orange juice in my throat. Just drop off, baby. If you on, you can keep strong in an effort to pimp long a new record and a nigga like me can take it from so far where the whole EP came out.


Lead me Casanovva. Check them out. I've given out game. That's free game for you. I like it. Play some classic unreleased notes on the real. Yeah.


Up in this nigga on the wheel well, you niggas going to jail on the field for you when they go on the field for you to have niggas go to jail on the for you have. It's put the crown, which has going to jail for years, never go back to my seat, may I lead you into no greater evil? And the categories of stories I've read must be, you know, the money. Bluebloods broken. Twenty two. Monkey see.


Monkey do saw and Sunny do now with PSAP in The Phantom Man Smokey the trees and get your stash so we won't pull up in the top class. The sweet TOTY don't make no noise because we don't tell the whole story again. We got the moon lit up with perfume in that four minute video tape in bloom. Innocence on this woman. Let's roll that. No one getting on the script make this your more fun than Mike Colombian's with bad cop that shit niggas tilt the Dutch twisted up the movie.


If you skilled enough then will we trust the movies that the nominally Buckwild the first episode nine and a half years old. You. People coming at you to see the big biggest to the hood made a speeding state, if we pop them from the smattered Trabis, what appears not to model, you know, the murder rate jumps for you heard him say he say she say about Chad, he don't deserve that. Makes a big clear. Liquidnet gets that truck sideways.


Listen closely to every word in case they finally up in the project departments, five feet fucking ListBox and recounting everything, the Black Sea without the need to take the corners from the Palestinian officer, Jacomo Milk Powder brought to our home in case we got a ridiculous loaded it down of flip niggers from ninth grade to lightweight to Guam to my man, Wisconsin Maple from these fans, they missed the summers again to feel for you.


Niggas know the numbers on the real I'm not sure the real version of that ever came out, and I wish it would. So YouTube, YouTube, rip got all of the YouTube risks I just saw Joe Rogan you tomorrow at noon. Well, today at New interesting strobing. Interesting you tune in. Yeah. Yeah, well. Curious, curious to hear what he has to say. I liked him on the Cannon's podcast like two, three weeks ago.


Yeah. So say something interesting, interested to see which country we get as my shit. I miss hearing this type of stuff out. Yeah, well, I see. Is it over? Well, yeah, because there's no one to play to. No clubs in the street, so. Yeah. And yeah. But like, that's fucked up. This stuff don't come on in to kick back. Sorry. The rockets that hit the marketplace. Oh I got a whole house set for kickbacks.


Really. Send it to me. I got to like a folder of them. Yeah. I think that's important.


Have you got. And heaven will be there together. Let us ravagers. I've always been like a fire, Sragow, ask your mother about us, man, when it's all with you. I got this one when they got loose. Now, this this is the first year I couldn't go to the House Music Fest in Jersey City that they put on every summer. So you put me on. I didn't know about that. Oh, you over here.


It's true. I will go to South Park. Amazing. I won't be alone. Hey, hey, wait a minute.


All right. This was awesome, man. I want to thank everybody for listening. And thank you for checking us out. We'll be back same time, same place here in another time. That that'll be on a Wednesday. Keep us in your prayers. Lord knows we need to be there until the next time I bid. You would do farewell. Adios. Hasta la vista. Rebadow. Deuce's. One hundred. Told you later all that good stuff.


Remember, life is a series of moments and moments past. So let's make this one last as if it's all that we have stayed covid free out there. Don't forget to go out there and vote. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble. Lean back, lean back, lean back. No, this guy will not fucking participate in Sarah. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Japan.