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Oh, I look at us. Well, look it up on this week as the JBC and here the fucking excitement and mauls voice.


I'm excited. I'm excited to see my guys. You know, everybody look healthy. Everybody already feeling good. You know, I'm saying. Yeah, you over there, are you over there in a red burrow? You in Staten Island?


Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. Made the borough red craziness, man.


I'm going to try to couch the couch for you to get the votes back. Yeah, the couch that I'm still in mailboxes.


It's on as long as all the mail I was out I was out late at night by myself. Inverne you seem to be going back to your old Bronx niggas is nuts.


Now Vern is crazy. That's my nigga though. All right. Let's see here. Let's see here. Let's see here. We're doing it for the. Mike, check, Mike, check, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two. Mike, check one, two, one, two. I'm doing it for New Jersey right now, even notice the West Coast record stuff because we legalize weed. We have such a forward thinking state over here.


You know what? Guess we just doing what we both do. Yeah. I mean, back up in this motherfucker. Look at me. Sounding good. Feeling good. I've got some snow top to bottom on nick a pony. Shit deep concern that shit. Good to see you, gentlemen. Yeah. I guess I just I should start with an apology for exposing you guys and putting us in this horrible zom predicament. Yeah, man, it's all good though.


Is what it is. We are we are doing better. Sooner or later at Strange. But, you know, why don't you step up in this motherfucker just to get my hair done talking with my dick and take this off on this. Just out of put it down, put between traps and go and kick crack bitches. Come back, get back. That's the part you blow up and you'll be bleeping stress. So that's how you know more this morning, it touches on one.


That's crazy. Not as simple as touching when you sit on the. Ashtray. Just let me put it in this, you know, I understand. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no job.


No worry.


It's part of the microphone. Check one to what is this? You know, Tobias covid free and all that good shape. Welcome to episode. What is this. What is this. What is this. Three eighty, eighty, eighty eight of the job. Your humble, gracious, grateful, highly favored and Kobe free host Joe Button here also with a few of my nearest and dearest brother mall is here smoking. It is worries here. Skin looking immaculate.


Listen, I've been exfoliating for weeks for you guys. Always parks somewhere. How you doing brother?


Barks Phil shows you show the pork shoulder we got here we go to the girls Eriksen, which is looking very clean. Did did you I mean did you get a cleaning crew in the studio. We did. We did all the safety precautions. Safety first.


Eric Avon is here. Alex, the greatest here. How did how did you say I got to make this zone bigger? Maybe hit gallery. You know, top, right? We could have done this in. We were only on Zoome for two hours before this. Oh, come on. Because Parks made it so simple last time.


He said just minimize GarageBand and. But that didn't happen anyway. Fine. I don't have to look at you guys. Has anybody doing what's going on. I do want to start with apologizing because I exposed you guys.


I came into work. I came into work with covid, you did? Yeah, you did. You put us all at risk. Yeah, all of us. Yeah. I mean, listen, you thought you had a cold. We should have been more vigilant about stereos at home, but we weren't. I take a little bit of responsibility for that.


Yeah, because I and I always just think people that smoke Newport's always have a cold or some type of a sniffle. So I just assumed you was just joking.


Did a whole pack before the pot.




Anyway, who smokes? Newport's always got a cold to me. That's completely valid, by the way. I never have a cold. Well, they told us that because it was covid, I'm not even sick very often, even when I thought that was a cold, that was my first time this year, actually feeling sick. Oh, and the Erdo bomb blast in my house. But those symptoms came and I quickly realized what that was like. My nose was not drowsy, but it was stuffed like I kept blowing nothing.


He was fucking jelly roll. That was that was kind of nuts. Then I ate a sandwich, like for seven days, like one sandwich and a total of seven days. That was weird. Yeah. Because you don't take Adderall anymore. Yeah.


I normally eat a little more than that then. I was really sleepy a lot, did a lot of sleeping. I don't sleep that much sleepy Joe. Yeah but I'm cool now. That's good. Good. It's good.


I did appreciate the listeners calling you Dovid. I did get a good laugh out of that one. I like Joey Roan's too. I like Joey Roan's too and I like the JDBC.


We're currently the JBC.


I do think there is a little inside job going on at any time I get hot anytime I'm on a streak, you guys put me in the bubble, you put me in Zoome But you know, when my streak every single time it past two years, any time I'm really catching some heat, like I could renegotiate a contract somewhere else. I know my value as a free agent. You guys put me in a fucking bubble. I see the fix is in from the higher ups at the JBC.


I know what it is, but I'm trying to you out here. Yes. With the covered you don't have covered. I know what this was your face on me on the bench.


A few of them niggas on Twitter said I faked covid so we can get a vacation right after we just had.


We just have. Yeah. No, no. I know the listener said that I invited reason onto the podcast knowing that you had covid to give him covid to then pass it off to Charlamagne in the morning.


Oh. So he was like a sister on the call. You lead the league in assists. I mean, royalism. He was complicit. It's an undervalued asset to give and go.


I'm glad all of you guys are OK and we're OK. That's number one.


Number two, I don't remember what number two is. Yeah, I'm still not waiting. Don't for this girlfriend because you encourage people to vote.


Yeah man. Why are you doing that bullshit. Well, I thought she dumped him because he was a pro. No. Yeah, that's what I thought.


No, no, no, no, no. You got it wrong. He dumped her. He flip, he flipped it.


He know I left her Snapchat. She told all the business and yeah, that's what happened. She encouraged people to vote and he said, I won yourself back up.


I mean, honestly, I don't want my girl. I don't want my girl encouraging anyone to do anything.


So I feel like, why are you why are you even speaking to them? To have them go out and do an act?


No. All right, fine. Let's talk about Massachusetts. I was hoping someone would come with me. We'll go back to Boston, OK, everyone go in person. But, you know, parks extra faithful can't do wrong by romance, isn't going to say anything with you more than fine girlfriend to relate. It's only us.


It's fine, man. It's cool. We'll go back. I hope everyone did their part on Tuesday and went out and voted. It's really important, especially now, even if you don't agree with both candidates, it's something that every American needs to do.


How you did, is that better?


How are you guys dealing with the election anxiety?


Do you or do you even have any ammo? I don't know, I don't have any election. We kind of knew you would.


Well, yeah, I mean, we're not I mean, you know how I feel about all of this shit to me is, you know, I think they kind of let the public feel like we have a say in this, but I really don't feel like.


Does he always lead these topics? No, I'm just just mean because this shit is over like this. This is we're watching it. This it's all over. The country went out and voted. But we know we know what was going on.


This was something that the government felt like they they they had to do something to get things back to where they feel like it's political and it's not real politicians. And they don't feel like Trump as a politician, which he's not.


So, I mean, Biden should win. If we're being honest, he should win. It's just fun to watch the crazy shit happen with the government and all of this presidential shit and both candidates. And, you know, going back and forth to me to shit is just entertainment people. You know, they want to take it like very seriously. I don't I don't look at it this way because I feel like all of this shit is really not going to do anything to help me and my people is really not nice.


I think we have to help ourselves. Ninety one percent of black women voted for Biden. Eighty percent of black men voted for Biden.


I heard a lot of talk about how how would Trump appeal to more voters.


But all of those all of those little hicky hick towns, am I allowed to say hicky hick town? Yeah.


Yeah, sure. Yeah, I got Parkson. I will allow all those little tiny hicky towns like that Niggerhead.


The super whites show up in droves.


That's always well I mean Trump. Trump has always had the super whites. No, but even that's not like he's he's beating his number that he tallied in twenty sixteen. That list is much higher voter turnout in general. So if there's one thing Trump is going to bring out, he's going to bring out the poor whites and the poor whites showed up and they'll continue to show up for him.


And if he doesn't win, I think he's just going to start a TV network or a podcast. And we're going to see this motherfucker every morning.


He's not going away. He's not going nowhere. No, not. And I think he wants to lose.


He'll be right on Fox News. I don't think he wants to lose this time.


Only his ego wants to win. I don't think his personal psyche I think he wants to go back to fucking escort's in private.


And who said he stopped fucking escort? It's a little different. I think you would disagree.


He has said he raised two hundred and seventy million dollars in debt, his personal debt.


So I don't think you know how many more escorts you can fuck when you're not the press. I don't know, because I don't know anything about fucking escorts and I don't know the going rate.


You don't know what the numbers is that. Where's the Dow back? We're going to talk we're going to talk about where the global rate for vaginas sits today.


Oh, yeah. Not very high because we because because men for a lot of years have overpaid.


The market was like, we're starting to come to our city. The market was like it was out of control. Adrien Brody the other day, 25, I get you whoever I like.


It's a buyer's market. All right, back. It is a buyer's market, but it definitely is a buyer's market. Back to the election. Listen, they say that Biden has thirty one path to 270. They say that Trump has 19. They say the votes are missing in crucial places. This ain't a whole lot of shit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm I'm with them all. It does appear that Biden is in good shape, but America might America at the last second.


So my angst is pretty high watching be a lot of lawsuits and shit. Oh, yes. This is a court battle. Yeah, we just this is just the beginning of this, honestly, I think is going to be a lot to come in the next few months.


And regardless who who wins, you know, it's whatever people will vote for, who they may want. But I think it's important for our people in our community. I do like the fact that more of us are paying attention to politics. I do like the fact that more of us are getting out of voting.


But I think that we have to do more of the change in ourselves and in our communities. I think we have to start there like I do, like the fact that we're paying attention and, you know, we're focusing more. We're having conversations, arguments, debates back and forth on social media. It's good when people are talking and reacting to something. I do like that. But I think that we have to do more of, you know, taking care of our communities and supporting our communities, just spending money in our communities and, you know, just doing the right things in our areas where we can see change immediately.


And I think if we do that, things will start to hopefully fall, you know, in a better direction for us in this country overall. But we have a lot of work to do in our communities. I will say that. I like it more. Yeah, that's just observing, I like voting, yeah, even like, you know, the Megamall. I like all of that only because it's just people engaging is this. People talking is people expressing themselves.


I have no problem with that.


People expressing hate for you, even if it's even if it's hey, you know, I mean, even just like I said, I'm not a Trump supporter. I don't I sat back and laughed at all of this because to me, all of this is just entertainment in front of the world. Like, this is just people who are laughing. People are like, this can't be real. Like we feel like we in a simulation like this is just entertainment for me.


But I do think for us to see more effective, immediate change, we have to start in our communities and support our communities and support businesses and support each others that each other that has businesses. We need to spend money with each other. We need to put each other in position to make money. We need to connect more. We need to things like that I think will help, you know, try to move things in a better direction. We can't just vote for a president because we think he's the better guy and that's it.


And we go back to just regular programming next month. I don't think that's how this works. Agree? Yeah, yeah, well, Sidmouth, yeah, that's not what I was expecting today, yeah, me either. I mean, this is all this was this was all entertainment for me. This is so way to the convention with Little Pimp. No, I did not head to the convention a little. No, I didn't. He's one of the biggest stars there.


He is in the world.


In the world is one of the biggest stars in the world. But and that's another thing I don't I don't know when.


And, Joe, you can speak to this, you know, hip hop. We've always, you know, used our culture to say things regarding government and, you know, things like that, but I don't know when rappers started, like, really endorsing presidents, like, when did that become like. The thing like I don't think we should I don't I don't think where we should jump into that. I mean, it's good for us to have those talks amongst each other.


But I don't think as rappers and people from our culture, I don't think it's a good idea to jump behind these presidential candidate candidates publicly, like we've said last few years.


But my response to that would be, I don't know when it started, but as of late, I would say it's the other way around. The these political candidates are reaching out to the rappers and the influencers and the tastemakers just just to get voted in.


Yeah. Like there's no effective change in our community. And that's what I'm saying. That's the problem.


No, Trump is not calling little pump after this week. You.


No, this is what I'm saying. So but my thing is. So we have to. That's why I said what I said. We have to we have to change ourselves and our communities ourselves. We can't think that we're going to vote for somebody and they're going to make it happen. No, we have to directly start moving different, start treating each other different, start, you know, make you stand outside, throwing shit, garbage, trash, little things like that.


Just keep the community clean. Keep it safe. Respect each other like things like that brings change the domino effect. But we can't think that we're going to vote for some guy that's from wherever he's from. That is not from our culture, but he only wants to talk to our culture every three and a half years when I vote.


I'm shocked that this race is this tight, to be honest with you. I am. And and it is a tie y y.


Yeah, because for four years and I think I've said this before, it is possible for four years. Trump has spoken to. We've seen trauma. We've seen fraud from him, we've seen corruption from him, he got impeached, we've seen hate from him, we've seen like like what are people looking for when they vote?


Like we've he checks all the boxes of shit that we probably shouldn't subscribe to.


Yeah, but you have to realize what Trump did in what politics does now. People become part of a team like they're rooting for the team, like I'm a Patriots fan. When they got caught stealing signs and shit, I said, I don't care. We won the Super Bowl. Fuck you. I don't care. It's the same reason that we see all these fights at the polls, like Giants fans and Eagles fans don't know each other personally, but they'll fight in the parking lot because they're for the team.


We're all for the team.


And what we're wearing. No, no, not so well, so well with his group that they don't care what happens.


They're here for the team. I want to root the team on. And when the team wins, I feel like I win, even though I'm in the stands paying for a ticket and not getting paid and overpaying for overpaying for beer, overpaying for parking. Every time I walk in, I get taxed and the team is making the money. Not me, but I'm part of the team. I feel like when they win, I win. That's what he did.


That's the bad part of we're as a country politically is that people just root for team blindly.


Yeah, a Democrats do it to to an extent as well. Politically, absolutely. Yeah.


This is a two party system has literally become like the Yankees and Red Sox of just going at each other. It doesn't matter. Yeah. Like whatever happens with my team, I'm trying to win.


I'm glad New York always hold it down with a with an astounding NA all very quickly. We decided this ages ago. That makes me proud to be from New York. I'm happy that New York, New Jersey legalized weed. Hey. But more importantly, that was the biggest news of the night. Yeah, yeah, I won't be in Jersey a lot more often. Yeah.


I mean, more importantly for criminal shit. Yeah. Instead of people get stuck and locked up for a couple of grams and stay in there until they get bail.


Well, I hope it comes with some exonerations and shit for those that are currently serving sentences for petty shit. And I'm not sure if it is or not. I don't know what's behind the law, but hopefully that will be a part of it. Mhm. Yeah. I mean if, if Biden does get elected I do hope. Him and his vice president kind of undo their wrongdoings of the past and know that they were incorrect and fix what they did.


And I will feel great about that part. But all right.


But let's keep it light, man, because I don't I don't want to election people to death. The country should be preoccupied with what's going on. Your TV should be on CNN, MSNBC, wherever you get your preferred news from. In the meantime, what do they need us for? What do we have to discuss what's important?


I think we just have to let's just let's just because like you said, Joe, it's a real voters anxiety right now around the country.


And, you know, a lot of our listeners are into into all of this type of stuff.


So I think we have to understand that, like, they boarded it, they boarded everything up. They made this should look like the last day of America. And I get that because they should be civil unrest no matter who wins.


And Antifa is coming. I don't know if you saw that. Oh, my God. Here we go.


Yeah, but yeah, I think I think what we have to do is bring a little comedy style to our listeners and just give them something.


No, I will say I did have I did have voters anxiety. You just have.


Well that too. Yeah, well I read Charlemagne's book, so I'm OK with the fact that we still have to deal with Paksas parking lot noise.


This is crazy. That's part of it. That's part of what I was. So I was drowning on my couch and and Rosie and white wine parks and I were talking about during this election why we only drink the most feminin drinks ever. Beer.


The whole pandemic has been red wine and white claws and rosé we've been asked, which I replied with, that I like a classy drink when I'm getting fucked in the ass.


Bro, you got to stay away from those Netflix specials. You got to come back. You just thought, wow. Yeah, but when these last few Rhorer just keep chewing gum all the time, I'm getting a hot streak.


I'm getting my value up. I'm trying to become a free agent, get the fuck away from you all. Go to a different team. And every time I do it, you'll put me on the bench. You have it in us. Heap's you already tell us is crazy. Tell us what you thought Rogan looked like he was having so much fun last night.


Rogard Who did you say?


Rogen Yes. He did a lot better live on YouTube. I know six six hundred thousand people to me that spell trouble that then looked really really odd for you to have.


And again, how did we get here?


Fuck it. Why not Spotify? No more. They've done enough damage to themselves, but it's odd that he has a video deal with Spotify and that they wouldn't be pissed that he did a YouTube live smack during Election Day.


I wish I did love that. Listen, we all know it was awesome, but they've got to be pissed over there.


Yeah, no, I love that he did a YouTube lot. I love that I went on YouTube.


Rogen Drogon is dragging his notes. He knows he's the big honcho over there. He knows it's.


What are they going to do, Joe? They know he just wanted to be acknowledged that I was right yet again a few months ago when I told Niggaz it was going to happen when broken get man right like y'all y'all just announced he ain't even getting to his.


I'm mad for real big yet, but a little lightweight YouTube live on Election Day to fuck off the people that are paying me. I love it.


I love such shouts.


The rolling for that movie, you know, that's how much are you little fucking liberal employees to shut up.


How much do you think John King did to stand there at the big ass iPad all night and read? Oh, wait.


Before we move over to John King, another thing about Rogen, because I'm positive he didn't like when he put that podcast out, in fact, checked everything that didn't seem like Rogen speed.


Hmm. No, not at all.


Like and that's succumbing to the pressure of all of fuckheads and Spotify. They were saying, we want to fact check and censor this guy.


So he did it himself way up. And I'm positive he was mad about it. I'm going to continue to monitor this situation because what else do I have to do in the house? We call it, right. Monness. True.


Come on, Rory, tell us tell us what you thought about Barb Nozick. How did he look to you?


Barb, who's Baumol now is who you text me about him last week.


Matthew Oh. Oh, don't say that to me. I said, is this the real remind me again, because I. This the guy or is this a real this is a real girl show speaking wasn't looking right? No, no, I'm not defending the fantasy with it.


Fancy was whatever whatever foundation he used, he looked to look like a girl with the big nose and the bad body we all beat before, before.


And she could fight to go to and you know how to fight, you know, the bitch guy with the big nose in the stairs.


And she always had a fat ass, too, you know, she the sushi and she always had a Honda. Yeah. I don't know what it was. The girls always had the willies. Oh, man. Always had a Honda. Oh, my God.


No, I was I was having a very unbecoming debate with somebody over the weekend since we're on the gays. Well, I'm not on gays. I did say we did. Did Sam Smith, is he like the biggest let down in gay history?


That's why we got back the studio. I'm not allowed to say see, I'm not allowed to say stuff like that. But when I hear, yo, by the way, just get out of worries, I let them down. I'm no go. All right. Sam Smith, when the defender Sam Smith can really sing, he really made a really good first album.


He had the straights and the gays behind him in an erroneous series will probably get caught up in street to street.


No, you're fluid. You're not straight. I have to say, I think he fell off. I don't care what he's hearing, take Rory any more. You sure? Are you sure you want to go? Because we're going to cut most of this. No, it's not that cutting any of it.


What was the last Sam Smith song you listen to? I downloaded Downby listen to you as what was the last see that album cover you'll be playing in the grass.


I'm love it in the grass, you know, laying in the grass of fire.


He looks no, our face now looks good on that album cover.


And then out of here, it's kind of I didn't hear it either, but I didn't hear I wasn't going to hear with that album cover.


It wasn't a void because Tulis asked me to cheer Rootie Tootie up with me.


But that's hilarious because I listen to Sam Smith and stay with me. No worries. On the road. Now get into that. Ariana Grande did take you shit on that.


Oh, no, that album was trash. And I like I like her as an artist. I was excited. I went to play that shit is horrible RB music. Just make good pop music.


Everything's not games. I mean. It just wasn't good and she can sing for real and decided, hey, I'm not going to sing on this album and not understand anything, and then let me just find cyclosarin to get the only song that anyone who like my and Victoria Monet wrote a lot of it. And I wish she would have sang it because she would have sang it better and they would have been good.


Songs are coming back to say it's over for Niggaz. I go, I go. Oh, you wait.


Victoria over for Ariana Grande, especially because of us.


Victoria Monet sings better than Ariana Grande do. Those are the songs that she wrote for her. Yes, maybe in that style, Ariana Grande can sing for real. She can sing once on a fucking I. No, no, I was just I don't understand what you're saying. I got what you're saying.


OK, OK. I consider it already the cap for the whites.


No, no, no, no. I was about to say that's a bold take.


Like saying that, you know, that was my issue with the album. Somebody that could really sing decided, hey, I won't got you. That's all I'm saying. And I'm like. And in an R&D type, I like how you sing more unpopular than you do in your army. Well, good point. I got you. I was lost. But what the fuck what what else came out that you guys enjoyed? I know the bus.


The ship was. And I want to apologize to more directly, I miss you cannot read better than Buster, I apologize for saying this. I don't know what you are trying to go with it. I don't know where I was that either. That was just I was we were in the moment. I understand. I didn't say, oh, no, no, no, no.


We I felt myself in parts. I said I think you said, well, I didn't say one word during that comment.


You can hang with him, that's all. And I was talking about more about songs and pure play songs for sure.


But no, don't want to. I still think that Busta might have a hard time with Missy on song, too. No, I agree with that. I don't know.


We talk about rap. I'm sure we were just talking about rapping, that's all. And that was happening.


That was a stupid thing for me because you also see Swardson pushing random Jodeci pictures.


Yeah, I have seen it. What is there that could possibly do that besides new additions or buoys to post them in your estimate would have to be and the to and and Shawn laughed at us when we brought that up.


He kind of like he gave that sarcastic like. You know, yeah, but every battle that I thought would never happen, they found a way to secure it. Yeah. I would say we've got about four ways to do. I never thought that I would see between Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight, Babyface and Huta Babyface go against. That was amazing. Whatever you were. Oh, my God. They've got four that I never thought I'd see.


So it's a big, big shit.


But you say I think there's a bigger place it is versus shit like are we checking the numbers that these artists are streaming after these over most is going first of all, going him.


Significant difference. OK. OK. And I'm one of them.


Imagine what every time I watch imagine with some love lost dreams would do this every time I break a book. You know, just because look where you throw it in like we talking with Teddy Riley baby face and some love lost by breakaway. Oh oh man said it was a good six year anniversary to some love lost. It was a great epidemic. It was, it was a great year. Not Joe Rotar.


We joke a lot man. But one thing I do love man is that a lot of them joints, when I hear songs, it really brings back that time be like them days. It's true.


It's like a lot of shit. We was doing a lot of memories. But yeah, that's the source I need from you publicly. Mentality's no no. For real. Not real talk like I'll hear something. Just not what I idea. That was 2011 like. Oh this, this, this like is it's funny Joe.


I just want to note that wasn't really a compliment. What Moore was saying was to enjoy that album. You had to be Joe's best friend in 2011.


No, no, no, no, no. I'm just even listening to you, Rory. Know, it really it really like even the shit that Joe was rapping about. So shit that he's saying. It's like, damn niggas don't even talk like that. More niggas don't even do that anymore. Niggas on that spot don't even exist no more like it's just so much shit around that time that you just start thinking about like you ever think about yourself in 2011 and be shocked at how you got some of the pussy you got back then.


Absolutely. I keep looking at that picture. I mean, you know, love and hip hop confessional with the red t shirt under the vest.


And I'm like, yo, this nigga looks nuts, but I was fucking back then somehow.


And and then you start judging the women he was with, like, I can't do it. I was dope was fucking me like that.


Like, I understand the chicks that was was ignoring me. I get it right. Yeah. Yeah.


He wasn't your best year yet. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Different times.


Oh come on get somebody give me a Busta Rhymes album. Break down. I haven't heard of yet.


Really. Oh yeah. Oh I was busy dying so. Oh I guess I wasn't. I'm dying Sam.


This is a good soundtrack for the whole album is about the end of the world.


So I mean yeah but I fit right in there. Must have been trying to rap about the end of the world. Must has been rapping about the end of the world for like twenty years for sure.


Just, just alone on the intro he starts counting down the years, months, days, hours and then we're dead and brings getting up.


Yeah, yeah.


That's where I came back to bring brings in rock and then brings in Pete Rock afterwards and then ends it with Chris Rock. I should go listen to that intro. No, the intro is insane. Oh. But the fact that he put together that for the internet just told me that a Kendrick verse was fire.


Oh you went crazy in there. Yeah. That song is really the second half of the album to me was a little bit better in the first half.


The second half of the album is like, I love bus. But you know what it is for me? I can't. I don't really part of the left. No, no, no, I don't really I can't really listen to rap like on a consistent basis from artists if I feel like I can't rap like that. You understand? Your bar is up this year? No, not like this. I'm not like you. Not like me here.


No, not like me saying I want to wrap it like I want to be a rapper.


Like, if I can't enjoy the music and rap along to it in order to rap alone to bust the shit, you got to really be like in shape.


Yeah. Like you've got to race, like real animated Minnesota's easy. Every time you get to see what you can see is exactly fucking that. She just takes a lot of energy in form of a hug. He's got his. But and as you know, his hugs are part of it because I know what the skill level that that takes.


I have to love that.


But it's just that I can't consistently listen to it because it's like I can't do that and be chilling like and spitting those balls. But all that that that personality and that character, I can't do that.


Everybody said it was a six picture, a ball with the lights on, smoking a joint. Yeah. Like going into triple time. Like I just care but it's some choice. Oh hito. That is inevitable. Like the jungle will slow slow. But that's what I'm saying. So that that part of it is the shit that I love. You don't call them slow bus again.


Slow bus. I was hoping it just went past because when I said it I was like, well you know what I will say I've been getting so I will say slow a slow bus. The slow bus is better music, like when you can really enjoy the bus.


So you are a kinky boy when you get really positioning and get your shit on the slow bus is a little, but this is like a triple entendre, even though however he's doing it right now, probably. Yeah.


I don't know how it is that is buzzing over there too. But the bus is at the end of your Busta Rhymes. Critical break down.


Uh, shout out to, uh, to Rap City for rapping for us on the album Showstopper. She, uh, she she she broke down all the women that that keep their child away from their father because they're bitter and angry and broke. Yeah.


Oh, man. I got to hear this. This is my back that I got to check this out.


You really like them, John? You know, Rapsody got her bag on that. I didn't see women talking about that on the table.


Say, listen, I'm going to listen to it tonight.


Not nuts. Did like five on their high tax, on their premiums, on their I guess I worked on the true and with cream like eight years ago.


I haven't stopped. You could tell a lot of this is isn't. Oh, not in a way that it sounds dated. But you can tell it was years ago that he's been working on this for a long time.


I haven't stopped listening to Xavier Omar album, by the way. Not far. He bugged out.


I also someone sent me what they claim is that other top dollar sign album and.


I listen, I'm coming back to tell the truth about you. That's that's all. No, that's what we're here for, Wilberg say you were Bergsten's because you know that's not it. Of course, no, actually, no, it wasn't her car. You know that one cardiac unit somewhere else. But Def Jam. Def Jam, there is one record on there that's kind of crazy, but I'm sure the sampling is clear.


So you just said loading these secrets out. That's a classic. You just said there's one song on there.


Then I mean, I can redo the lines. Yeah. For me anyway. Sorry, we don't know. That's album.


No, listen, man, listen, I said what I had to say about it and I've seen enough to conclude I do.


All the Drake gets better. I hope that he gets well, he's laid up how he's how he got laid up. Oh. What did you say Savon. You gave him covid to know he doesn't have Kowit. He's laid up a little longer than this.


I was my assumption it. Oh, like an actual injury. He had basketball in the low. All right, well, prayers to a speedy recovery. This is second time because I think I think I think he had a torn Achilles before, if I'm not mistaken. You know, to keep you keep getting nothing in your purse, in your personal gymnasium is crazy. No, no, no. He built that facility and has been going crazy. No, I think I think.


Tanya Acker, in your career. No, I think that he's hurt. We're not laughing. No, no, no. Not at all.


We wish him a speedy, speedy recovery. Absolutely.


Especially with that album around the corner. Yeah. What if Drake just Stadio got covid said to you, don't give them. I know you can't do that, but more so that's going to be you. True for real?


Never, never heard John Lennon getting coffee. I've been on this memorial, an album that snuck out.


It wasn't bad. Half of it is hard. Yeah, it wasn't bad. I was I was I was happy about that. I'm not going to lie because I didn't.


First of all, I didn't know what he was putting a project on. Marion Never release is a project full of dullards.


He never gave me any bad I shit ain't bad at all. We skipped around all like the feature songs and didn't go back to it. And maybe we need to go back and listen to the nun feature songs. On what un-American shit, like all the joints of features were like. Oh, you know what features was on there he got while a valet went crazy to paint Ghostface do it again.


Oh, that Ghostface record is crazy.


If I didn't love that record, I liked it a lot. I liked it a lot. But I like Memorial Museum. I'm a huge fan. So me too.


And I don't think I don't think there's a Ghostface record that I don't like.


Honestly, I'm just being I'm shocked that parts didn't like the ghost memorial that was right up his alley to me.


I got to try it again, I guess. What did any other music come out?


I mean, finally, I've been waiting for years that Stankonia Outkast Delux came out. I'm sorry. You are correct to put out a deluxe stankonia 20 years later. Mm hmm. What's on it like live versions of some shit? I don't know. I just saw that it looks kind of shut up or there's some. I'm not. I'm really not. That's a horrible joke. If that was a joke. Seriously, that's on new albums. The Deluxe came out.


I did see that it came out, but I ignored it. I thought it was just like a remaster or some shit. Yes, that's all I got for music, not a fan of the show, King Vaughn joining us out. I did download and listen to it. Oh, that was my favorite song.


You know, he got some you got some shit on the instant classic, but you don't know the music is good.


That's why I'm going to good pop up here. And they're not a music is good. He definitely got some shit on here.


Like, I'm I'm like I'm I'm really liking this project. Like, I like it. I'm not going to.


He goes, and this ain't really I don't really. Oh you so common common comment. I think it out.


I didn't get a chance to listen but I did see that it was out now. Yeah. Yeah. You get mad chances to listen.


No I was, I was dealing with covid whiz kid. I was dope whiz kid albums dope too. He dropped them. Yeah. Yeah. Whiskeytown was dope. Oh, shit. When is Saint John supposed to drop more than November 20th is coming? Yeah, that's going to be crazy and I'm waiting on that album. See, I missed that. I missed, like, when you waiting for an album, like, that's what Drake album gives me right now, St.


John. But like, I don't know when anybody is releasing music anymore. So the wait is gone. It's like a surprise every Friday to see who who dropped.


Yeah. Yes. I don't really want you.


You got what you wanted a baby. Little baby Kaylani. This is this this project that I think is going to be the one that's going to go and put him in a lot of conversations if he's not already there. We want to send well wishes to the baby now and more brought him up. Absolutely. Absolutely. His brother, his brother transitioned.


And I'm certain that he's not doing well about it. Yeah, yeah, so prayers, prayers to the baby and his entire family, that's got to be really difficult to deal with, especially at a time like this. Those lyrics from from his song popped into my head immediately when when I heard that news, just when he was kicking it about his brother. So shout out to him. Yeah.


And in the intro to his album before this, when he's talking about his pop's dying and you want to transition. If he was that was that was what popped up my to so, so precious to him prior to his family. Definitely. And I hope he doesn't hope he doesn't. Live with any resentment, because, I mean, when you think about the lyrics from that song and then for that to happen. Mm hmm. Imprisoned in prison? Yeah, definitely.


Oh, what else? What else? What else? What else. What else. What else. I should send condolences to Moschino and Freeway. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh my prayers.


Those kind of prayers. The feel of Philadelphia Freeway. Yeah. Yeah. Oh man. Is that that off the table that just hurt like just the timing of that and being so close like and everything that's going on between, you know, different members of that whole time and that whole area from state property, it actually just it just makes you understand what life is really about, man.


Like we hold so many like.


Stupid ass grudges towards each other and over, you know, whatever, just dumb shit, man, and just like that shit don't matter. At the end of the day, it's about family man and for them and for Moschino freeway to have to be going through something like that in the span of a week.


Yeah, that shit is that. She just it just puts things in perspective. Yeah. It just puts things in perspective.


Like, we got to stop beefing with each other about dumb shit because it ain't like what is it really about? You know, I'm saying like what does this shit really about? So that was just that was just terrible news. And that really that really hurt me. But prayers to both for the families and. Yeah, and it's just prayers because that's that's tough. That's tough. Yeah, it is. Yeah, I totally agree. I want to let a second pass before I make this next joke.


I'm certainly not joking about that very serious situation.


Well, we got to know there's a transition there. Delonte West seems to be doing well, some kayaking and. Yeah. In Buffalo in. Huh. Delonte West.


I know, but you saw him in Buffalo kayaking where he was.


I didn't I don't know. Mark Cuban posted a picture of him. I don't know if it's like a rehab center like that.


But he shouts to Mark Cuban man, because he really he really, you know.


Showed his character, he showed his character man, like by by him really going out there and snatching Delonte up and making sure he gets help like he Mark Cuban show, while a lot of people have nothing but love and admiration for him, because that was like a really honorable thing for him to do.


Not not many owners are doing that for former players and a lot of former players and those same type of situations.


And for Mark Cuban to do that, he just really showed why people really love and affection for him. If there's a player that played on your team that's in your state, fucked up, I really would hope that the NBA owner would do something you would hope.


Would hope. You would hope not expecting. Right.


I'm sure there's thousands of cases where that didn't happen. Absolutely.


And I appreciate the update from Mark Cuban.


Like, let us say, letting you know, like I'm I'm still here. I'm checking in on him. I'm making sure he you know, I mean, like, I'm seeing this thing through. And that's what I'm that just shows the type of character that Mark Cuban has. Like, he's just he's just a solid dude. And every time you see him, you could just tell that he's real passionate and he's just a just honorable guy.


And I like I like shit like this. And it's important that we highlight shit like this.


Yeah. Why do you think more why do you think niggas like you always want to stop beef and over silly shit when niggas is looking for yo. For us, look, you know, you want to stop even after that leap has got to. You I'm never letting them down. I know you used never me. I'm here for the rest of the year. You are so stupid. You are so fucking stupid. Oh, yeah.


My dumb is I'm happy at the little things. I'm so happy to be hungry right now. You see what I'm saying? Like waiting to go over, eat a little sandwich. Exactly. That's how it goes when you start appreciating a little shit. I can get out of. Send me that jersey Mike's little Salomi home that I'm ready to be growing up. He was in Atlanta for rug's birthday weekend.


Nah, man, I didn't go, but they looked like they had a great fucking time. But I wasn't there.


I didn't make it out. I think it's going to get indicted up there in Atlanta. Yeah, it just looked like a different place in twenty twenty. Yeah. Yeah.


Oh, look like they had a great time. She looked like it looked like the place to be. Happy birthday, Rose, my friend of the show you one hundred percent happy birthday, Rose. What else is going on? Oh, I have it here, Ruri. I have it here. And then. Then then then then. Then an independent then. And here we have breaking breaking Election Day news from Alexis Sky. And Alexis says. Today feels like the whole country is waiting for an STD test result.


Finally, someone puts my feelings into words. Thank you, Alexis guy. That's a writer. That is it, right? Yeah.


Yeah, that's great. I'm going to create that type of thing. You can't teach.


I just got the intention. Finally, somebody figured out what was in my head.


You can't teach that. Oh, sure. Oh, let's see here. What else is super important or not really so much important.


That was the caption, you know. That was it. That's it. No, there's no more.


Oh, great. I mean, listen, she boycotted gas, so she's been on this political how much? She's not new to this. She's not new to this fight.


Political giant. Let's see. Let's see. Let's see.


What else do we need to get to? Oh, battle rap. I didn't watch. I like to watch it, OK. And I didn't watch it. OK. I mean, when is it when are they putting it on YouTube?


I don't know if they're ever putting it on YouTube. Yeah, I'm sure. I'm sure it's way to YouTube somehow. Right.


But I think you might on the app you can watch it like now. Yeah.


You can get the app and go in and you can just watch all the battles and that's probably what I'll do later on the day our movie showed up. Oh man. I showed up. That's all I got right this second he showed up. He did what he was supposed to do. You saw it. Yeah. So yeah. Oh yeah. I did watch that. He did watch on the caffeine.


Yeah. Oh I'm going to check it out. Welcome back. Everybody participated. Yeah, yeah, I like what the caffeine app is doing, a shout out to them it you could tell they figuring it out. They figuring it out. Yeah, I just wish maybe I got to, like, follow them on Instagram or something, I wish I would know a little bit more ahead of time, I guess. I don't know. I never seem to remember when the battle's happening, when it's happening.


And you can't watch it. You can watch it live and then you can't watch it again, right? I know you can. Yeah, no, I want to know that I didn't even know that it has the advantage of of having the app is that you can watch live what you got.


OK. So we'll see. I'll check it out. I'm going to watch it today and check it out.


Do this thing. Shout out to terror rock to man. But, you know, it's just it's just it's just a different show.


You know how it is when it comes to give terror credit for for battling daylight.


And then Tehran still has a battle a year for me. We're having daylight. And again, like Rory just said, that daylight move back to back got to be tough, that got to be tough for anybody. Yeah. But I'm with you, yeah, it's just a different message. That's all I'm I to say. But it's just a different I don't really care about anything else.


Yeah, I mean, we'll be back next week. You guys want to go to Oregon and do some legal drugs. They're all legal there. All of them. All of them. All of them. Every drug is legal in Oregon. That's who said that Oregon that last night to Oregon, they voted on it.


So everything including cocaine, heroin, marijuana for personal use.


And now they wanted personal use.


Park's only person, the only person never business as as opposed to business use of meth. Don't business use meth? Oh, no. This heroin for my. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.


That was really worried. I'm glad to see your hot streak still alive. Keep it till next week.


That's cool man. You already cut a bunch of my torigoe the fixes but go put that show. No, no, no, no. I put that show on ice man was killing shit.


I was killing shit. Then I just had to read the whole episode wrestling the Rori jokes and proud boys inside.


It's an inside job. I know the inside job. It is from the from the higher ups at the JDBC is coming down and trickle down.




Keep Keeves Bornholt and I still haven't seen love. I know a little body and shit like that's, that's bothering me that I've been in the house this long and still haven't seen that show.


Lovecraft county or country.


Oh you watch it. I'm just saying I've had nothing but try not to watch. I need to go take care of that. I will. I had to go back and watch the first couple of episodes again, but I enjoyed Chappelle's shows on Netflix, that's important. Oh, it is so Hulu or. You were saying hello to. Yeah, but, you know, Netflix is you know, that's a big deal and Amazon, but I think I am I am curious for the this comedy camp thing Chappelle has been doing through covid because, you know, their film.


And every time I go, I'm looking forward to whenever that is even talked about being released because I know that shooting everything. Yeah. What is it that's looking really good. Chappelle has been in Ohio, like doing this outdoor show where. Well, yeah, that's I'm sure there's mushrooms and. Well, but similar to what he did with the George Floyd thing where people were social distancing and small crowds. But he's inviting Chris Rock Bellbird. Donna Rawlings, like all these other different comedians out to do comedy in Ohio outside where he got invited beer.


The I don't know why we have been invited, but because if you listen to David Chappelle, the fuck. Yeah, no, I mean, certainly invite us if you're high on the list. Would you know he is, but that's the only time where that's the only time where I give a quick to give a little give a little hate out there, like when I see, like, a nigger in a picture with a nigger that I like a lot, like I see a picture.


Lou Duvall and Dave Chappelle. Come on, man.


I should be my arm. I seem to.


And Dave, I'm like a really. What you doing?


A Fox member within the studio that time or you was working. So you probably don't remember. But I was on the computer mad as hell it Jadakiss and to change it to the record, I went crazy. I went crazy. I remember that day. You know what was wrong with me?


I remember that you were you just channeling it in a different energy. You're still the same person. I am not the same person. That was. No, no, no, no. You are. You are. You just have you hate a little different now.


Yeah. You I was. Which is all you just all I was ever trying to say I was angry at but hey different. This just did a track with chains. They dropped it, excited about it and here comes bringing it on the track with this. Like I said Dad. I know he did. I remember that. Oh I remember the shocks. I only got smacked once I this smack cow should be much higher.


Oh my God. No niggas only really punched me in my face one time. That's crazy. I should have been start my whole career.


Oh you really want to change. I'm only human. Yeah. You know he wanted to know that's when I wanted to kids versus what he was mad at. Kiss. Kiss his magic kiss. I wanted to kiss so I thought because it was just ignore me because I was trash.


Yeah. And I accepted that he'd want a verse from the hottest rapper. Accepted that until I saw that feature. And I said, wait a second, I'm not going to lose my agent or to change. I'm just saying if I was trash. Right, that's I was an idiot.


Let me apologize to fucking chain. Thing is what an idiot. That's hilarious, though.


I've been here a long time in my life. I have. I got this. It happens. It's called me for great music. Do it and find just funny shit in general.


Look at a genuine joke. Nigga kept us entertained.


Oh man. All right. What else we got. I'm, I'm finished. I hate Zoome. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Close it man. But I think it was important. Let you all know that we are all right. All right. Because it's been a little. Well I'm glad everybody everybody is in good spirits. Everybody's mental health is high. My health is great again. Symptoms are gone.


Hopefully I can get a negative test on Monday and we will be back to business in studio live in studio action next week. Next week. We should have a much better idea on who the president is.


Yeah, hopefully. Hopefully maybe. Yeah, maybe we'll see from Saturday Night Live shows that I won. Yeah. Yeah. Oh stop. Stop counting everyone go to bed. Watch. Stop Sturckow here. But keep, keep your nose. Yeah.


Know Vecchia on that far. Keep counting where I'm. Stop counting where I'm losing. Oh yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah.


No it's really what he said though. Like damn near for babies. I do appreciate the troll that he is. And that's it. You know, this is America. Hold it down. Be safe, be well, fuck shit up only if you have to out there. I'm staying right home when they get to. Now, ain't none happening where we are, not where we live. New York City, Tri-State area. No, please, Edgewater is beautiful.


Yeah, nothing's happening, but everything will be okay. We will not tear up one experience behind.


No, no, no, no. Not happening. Leave that to me. Yeah. I'm so glad. I'm so glad he stopped making it hot over there.


That's what you say now is that despite that fifty five that 50 50, I he was trying to restore the feeling of the tunnel to someone New York, like he was trying to get it poppin bare. Want a chair, want experience is hilarious. No, I've seen a couple of 50 in that Bob is funny because when he's out by himself, like he is super like he's super friendly, it'd be white people coming up to him and shit like that.


Yeah, that's what he said. He talked about demeanor. Bigon, he said when you got get enough of that.


Yeah. He had enough of that. He'll turn that on real quick when needed.


I was still there that he was on a date when it happened.


This is man shit like you saying let your fam get away from me who are normally warm.


When I'm on a date, I might take the like. Come on, baby, let's get out of here. He said, oh, yeah, he said he said, oh, Lord, then we take it. But then she then she had our group chat when you in the car and call you pussy.


Yeah. Got it, though. Can't win for losing especially a first date. Yeah, you're going to welfare state, you're going to be got to let it go, you got to set the tone. The first date I might run on that bitch as your beef. I don't know who that you Jérome. You should handle that. I didn't know you had someone the way I'm at here, ma'am. No, we're doing nothing. We leave and I'll tell you I'll tell you some shit I'm sleeping on next week, my fellow.


Stay safe, though.


Seriously, hold down. No going out. No, none of that shit, man. You've been out. I've been out. I know. And love a curb. Some natural.


No, not at all. Oh man. I can't take on my sandwich to the it is about it is you to treat yourself. Yeah man I deserve this shit. Splurge man. Splurge.


Hold it down out. There we go. And we will talk to you all next week. Man let me get these drops. They cursed us out for getting us. No, no, no, Joe Biden.