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Or doing like I told my dad. That's all I'm saying. I don't feel the safest right now. Well, I was brought up.


Do I feel uncomfortable busting my balls, attacking you? I feel a little intimidated. I don't I can't trust what Moore's next action will be in this space.


No, hit me. MHR Wabbits a little. Let's talk about weapons.


So what happens when Azar's while they talk with H.R.H. are as true? Who's half HRR? Yeah, my son. Fair skinned. All officially, is that an official title that he is now the author of my song, Love a hip hop reunion shit last night using his bag.


He was on my cell while he wasn't on his show.


No, they had to. It was a segment where civil rights, Tamika Mallory. But, yeah, Tamika Mallory know you tuned in.


I just happened to be turning the channel and I see Mike's coming out the mike. He was so I was like right there. I was like, OK, guys, get your shit off. I was interested to know I like what they did with that, bringing everybody from the different cars together that was cool and said it was cool. You think maybe you'll do want to love hip hop? Yeah. No, you did it already. You're all ready to do it.


I wish I was on there, but I didn't do it a few times. You did. I didn't. I didn't do a few episodes. And you do a few of them now. I seen you. Yeah. About two to three minute clips.


You are a reoccurring guest. Twice more, maybe, maybe more would be a pretty good HRR. I thought you're going to say be great.


So what's your problem? Well, he was already great on love and hip hop. Yeah. So maybe, maybe he'd be maybe he'd be a great guy. Yeah, I would. I think I would. I think that I think it might be a law against I don't think my friend can be HRR or.


That's because that system. Are we just going to jump in and say that all would be a great HRR person? Yeah, I don't know what to say.


I don't know if someone came with a problem. I can see you stop bitching up. Come on. That's crazy. Go back to work.


I mean, if it calls for that more supersensitive, that's why he does all this cool shit. So no one knows I'm supersensitive. You feel things. I'm human because I feel things. So what you mean. But you said I'm super sensitive. Yeah, I'm not super sensitive. Supersensitive. No. Do I feel the things I mean, supersensitive to just like two different sides? These were the tricky word there. Well, you said Supersensitive, it's a qualifier.


How can you tell if someone is supersensitive versus just. I don't know. You told me you could argue that they're not sensitive.


I mean, I don't think the is supersensitive.


I don't know. I'm not super superstitious. That's why you can't be the age. Although I feel things. I'm human. I have feelings.


I empathize. We don't know each other at all. You know, point of reference. You're not a character reference for all.


Well, I was on love about once and for maybe a character reference for you.


He spent two days out of the week for the last five and a half years with me. He should know some things he should know, be able to tell my character a little bit, OK? I like where we're stumbling. Do you think we've gotten crazy in the forty four?


Yeah, we've been absolutely batshit crazy a few nights out.


So you think the more you know about someone is based on the time spent helps.


Well it actually helps you. It helps you get a feel of the type of person somebody is. How well do you think you know Rory?


Oh, I know I don't know him extremely well, but I know well, you know, like, if somebody was to tell me certain things like, yo, you may Rojas's, I will not do that of a certain crazy shit. Leroy didn't do that. I could see where we were before I did that shit or it was OK. Where was he at club drinking. I sat down with my whiskey was a man by day. He might have did it.


He might have did.


I don't drink because you and I and listen, I'm trying to stay melody up so let's stay mellow. But you shall to come. I'll let you in. But you and I heard some wild stories about Roy and was like, yeah.


That sound like, oh, he's a man, he's a frat, he's a college guy. He's of course he's going to have wild moments. Everybody has some wild moments.


But I'm just going out for somebody to be like, yo yo, man. Roary, you know, I'm saying he smacked his chick last night. I'll be like while we were there. I'm just sayin, you know, if you see you hear certain things about people like, no, he did.


He didn't do that. I have never hit a woman. But that's what I'm saying.


If somebody was to call my phone and say, you hit man where we slap some girl in the club last night, there's degrees of crazy.


Yeah, I believe that there's no way he did that.


Well, I would question who your man is. Yo, I heard your man Roy slapped somebody in a club, saw what happens.


You know, somebody call somebody, call somebody like it has momentum. Call all the dudes that ever called you about me. Who are these dudes like? Do I know I was with you?


I'm next to Joe now. He was going to kill yo yo, Joe. We're here going crazy. And you would believe some of those. Absolutely.


Loess at a strip club. Yeah. What do you have to say in pineapple juice. Yeah, he was. Well, yeah. No, no, Joe. Get the whole the whole jug of pineapple. Is he going to go crazy. But even if you do know someone, people do shit in their private time that their friends will never know about. Oh no, no, no. One thing I never do is when I know, like you dated somebody.


And if the woman told me something about you, like intimate look kind of weird, like I don't have a vote because I don't know what men do in their bed. Oh, sure. My clothes, those I'm never like, no, I wouldn't do.


No, no, no, no, no. I'm talking about public settings, partyin, hanging out with different people. They would be like, yo yo man. Rori was a little aggressive with this girl last night.


I was over there. No, I'm just saying because that's what happens. Oh, no, he's actually sticking up for you, you know, like not really that type of guy in a new example. Yeah. Oh, Rory dated a white girl, but no, he didn't.


But I have dated a white woman before. I don't believe it. I don't I don't believe for a minute. I don't believe it. Receipt's what's her name. Hey, Carol, listen, when history is running around saying that Rory might have had a secret family in Idaho, I couldn't confirm or deny on the streets saying, I don't know.


You know, you gotta tell them tell know about a secret family streets with was the streets were telling the secret family that knows me, knows I frequent Idaho very often or they know you wouldn't frequent your second secret family.


You envisage a secret family can lead them right there to find family, secretly abandon a group of people that's not really family.


Yeah, and they're not OK. How are you thinking of parks?


I know parks pretty pretty well. No, Parks would. 10, ten, 11 years keep going right at the time. That's interesting. That's interesting to know, Ben in on tour to have a good feel for what you changed. Yeah, I have I have a pretty good gauge of the type of.


How well do you gentlemen think you know more pretty well.


Well, on the same level, he's saying to the example of not surface stuff, but if someone were to tell me something in a public setting or how he moves around with groups of people, I would know what would be true.


Like if somebody told Roy I was at the show last night in a concert going crazy where like, I've been at a Drake show and he was not going crazy.


Yeah, we weren't. We were next to Serena Williams and KDDI and modern even blink.


Well, that's the head trauma from when I fumbled the ball with Serena that time. And she was with. Yeah. I didn't want to recognize. I put my hassel because I don't want this woman even recognize me right now. Are you the birthday boy? Birthday boy. We're laughing, Mehar, birthday boy. But even look at that.


Look at that. Like I'm here to do a lot of learning and some therapy for you today. Let's do it.


Look at all of the tapes that Rory, myself and more want to never see the light of day. Interesting, right?


Mom doesn't want the tape to come out of him. Fan growing over Serena.


I put it up. It is out. He really wasn't like a very I mean, I put the story go. No, no, no, no, no, no. There's no visual of it. This was this was an all star weekend twenty. One. So, you know, this is before camera phones. So you looked out? Yeah, I did. This is before a tape of me getting punched in my face.


Never hit. The light of day does exist. I didn't think it would. Who knows? Who knows.


But this is the thing with that, of course, is the Internet. And we laugh, but people get punched in the face. Man is a regular thing. Not only that, Joe made it worse than what it probably was like. I want to see the tape. I love that. But wait, what did he just say? People get punched in the face and it looks like they love that. That's why that happens. Yeah, but no, I want to see.


Well, like the Internet, I feel like you made that worse than what it was like, you know, blow TV with a big ass sock. What? I seen it on your on. Yeah. There's nothing wrong with you. I like you. I think you make it look like niggas pop, don't you. Crazy the way you were sitting here like this. I was like, yo, what they did to me, this is I mean, if I was to see the tape, I'd be like, I wasn't even that.


But this is crazy. Yeah. Like Incat you flush. But this is where they did. But this is where I knew, like, my brain was a little off. And I'll just tell you what my thinking was at that time.


The you told us the story for good. Oh, I thought you wanted it to be kind of like Alaba or something went crazy and happened.


You would see me sitting there in the moment. I had the understanding that things had the potential to get crazy, you know, let me go to my hotel and be a victim. Did not get it. Understand? I'm looking at this camera. I get it. I understand it. Here in the States, they'll show you like a punk. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm right here with you, punk. With you. All right.


Don't say that because you all time is it. He was also on that camera like, yo, we should square up like let's go in the bathroom, lock the door.


Whoever come out come out. No, I was consistent in that though. I said that on that camera. I said that in my hotel room when I was alone on YouTube and I shouldn't have said it when voice and group came up to me with Pablo or whoever that was at the time, I don't remember saying, hey, how do you want to solve it? That was my answer. Then I want to fight. Yeah, I want him and I to walk around a corner and fight.


That's how we solve it. That's always Jose answer. I did that strategy. I didn't know the kids were going to grab guns and just start killing everybody. So that's not good. That's what I'm saying. And that's not the strategy. Now, Dad, I'm not trying to highlight this thinking that. No, no, no, no, no. But it is to you know, that's this is love. That's yes.


Young Nagase was young. But what I'm saying is that just shows the difference in a time now. Yeah. Life was something like that to happen. Never went past that. Now it's like that type of shit happens, but it's all because now somebody wants to record it. It's all about embarrassing each other now. Yeah, record it. You put it out, let the world see it. And now somebody like, oh, I got embarrassed in front of world.


People got to see me give it up in front of the world right now. I got to go to the extreme guns. Got to be pulled out. Somebody's got to get cut.


He's different years. And that's what I'm saying just days back then. So I'm going to have a little fisticuffs conversation. Squash is over. But now with everything being recorded and making his way around the world in ten seconds, people feel embarrassed. So now they got to get their their ego is bruised, as I know.


I've got to get my get back a lot of really easily bruised egos and hip hop it feels like today. Yeah.


And it feels like I feel for whatever it's worth, it's a little sensitive area right now.


We're in a very sensitive, very horrible, offended, easily offended, easily offended Mukono.


I don't know what happened with that, but shout out to them. Well, my God, let's go shout the biscuit.


What were you saying right before that? I was about to say something. Oh, it's just something we're in a sensitive time. I think that that's even an understatement what you're saying, because we've been in a sensitive time for a few years now. But does it feel like it's getting worse and more since? Absolutely.


Well, the thing, too, about the audio makes it our era as the older era is people didn't want to do certain shit on cameras. People didn't want cameras around, kind of in general. Now it's like everywhere people want to put some illegal shit they're doing on camera to use it. Yeah, which is stupid.


It's all about the audience and proving to absolute strangers that actually don't give a fuck about you, that you're not whatever happened in the embarrassment that me saying people get punched in the face all the time.


When I was growing up, that happened like it wasn't a thing like, oh my God, he got punched in the face, like people got punched in the face. But it wasn't like some dead embarrassment that they got fucking ran out the hood. Just now. There's an audience and it's films like you could just on your block, get punched in. Everyone know, but not a word. No, because cool.


There are just a few small changes that I would make. That would just bring back monumental size differences if I'm in a gang, right? Knowing this whole recall thing, I just probably wouldn't tell you guys. Mm hmm. Yeah. And I cannot understand why that goes on like that here.


So it's time for us to have a real deep conversation about gang culture and the record, or what about it?


I mean, I got family, close friends that are gang active, affiliated with gangs in malls contract that he can't start the bond because he does this to get real serious.


No, no, no, no. I'm just saying, like, I like this, but should I should I start the show to start the show? Yeah, let's do it. I want to I want to be get hifi. Start the show. I see you going to San Francisco one time. You mean the city today. We don't call it San Fran. That's going to be. If we keep it up, then maybe you might make.


Don't tell me new seventh grader featuring Chris Bell is going in some ways doing I love some. She's fine. She's the one. She's of my boys. Oh, yeah. Supertitles. We know that she's beautiful. Absolutely. Yes. Bring her in. We'll talk to you soon. The motherly love when people I love get one. Honestly, I love when people that at one time it might have looked like it was rocky, they started getting it together.


And you start tracking you over the head with my face down there, you know, and she's a regular person that L.A. Bhupathi at the late night time, Michael Yo, remember, yo, yo, yo, yo, not. So good morning, Daddy. All signs of. D.A.. I'm way too young for this. She's attractive. I didn't want to say anything about a song about like women that can suddenly be sexy. No, this is all respect, please.


Yes. Well, she's a funny show. Yeah. Love Seven knows that we love her, but seven, we will not record this podcast watching you do the Salma Hayek Dusk Till Dawn stomach seven to do whatever she wants.


Is that in my sexual. I don't know. So I'm always amazed that the women that we've never heard a single thing about, like a significant other or partner, I know that's not what's important. Let's keep that shut off the Internet. Smart people could do that. I feel all stars fly to me. Yeah. They need to be more people to just fly for. All right.


We back seven oh, guys having a long night until I get some hot sauce. I love what you're doing. That's where we go to love what you're doing. Hello, little Serena moment, if I might have hopped right in a dorm when this came out. So this is my jam. I just. Damn Kevin Samuels, that old. I love what you're doing out here. You're going crazy. He's way Ferg went off to all of them, came to you alone to see your mom.


He began as though he may not be at home. Right. I'll get you to give you a bucket. You at least in that. You, which your man, the Rodeo Drive, that's the main stick about how was the nose down? You know who's got to pay me to play all this today? And I.


I mean, shouts deferred and QMr today. Absolutely.


Said it hadn't had just touched down. Oh, next month I had just touched down, said had just touched down. You had more come on more you got to throw back. You got to hang on. Why are we Scully's today? Get out of the. I don't have a hat. I can't feel like I told you. I shall never say that's the sassy bitch.


I love you just going to throw my shit in. Going to ground. But you got it. No, you have to catch it. You know, it went up and it never was caught me. Don't worry. He has to catch it, man.


Yeah, that is my BlackBerry. Got him my take. Keep it on him. He didn't drop and he was like, oh no, I'm going to get dizzy with the fact that a clean version of the that we got checks TellApart say, yes, I should be getting married. I swear to God, all I do is cash out. And if you want to get out of my trap. Something like that, saying that the ship man French is my God, but that was the funniest thing ever when he snuck his verse out of this and it worked.


It did. They played that shit everywhere. Every time you throw the verse of something works, they played that for a shout out to his radio show. He led away that I sound like doctor like finally to. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Screaming You're telling me that in this video prior to this, he knew the amigos.


No, no, no, no, no. Don't just bust out the work we're going to ask.


No, no information. Don't ask it. We're going to discuss that. I'm just asking for permission to discuss that.


Oh, I'm not riled up. I'm not aggressive. I am a little scared. You would be what's your lawyer's name again, Brandy, you and Brandy would conjure up something that's far, far fetched.


I think about it as far as some evidence, I I've never come on to Roy sexually, Brandy.


I don't care. I don't care what he tells you on your little conference call. That was a work text when I told him to come by, meet me at the bar, Brandy, Brandy on Zun. Like, just tell me where he touched your microphone. Check one, two. What is this? The JB boys, back to business. Welcome to Episode four. Eighteen for eighteen of the Joe Button podcast. I'm your humble, gracious, grateful and highly favorite host Joe Button here with a few of my nearest and dearest.


Of course, brother Rory is here. Paksas here. Iribe is here. Brother Morley's here, Savon and Don is here, and Alex de Great is here. How is how is everyone doing? How is everyone feeling? Good. Before we get to how you all are doing, shout out to the app that sponsors us, enables us, empowers us, tolerates us. Greatest App in the world. Cash app.


Shout out to you guys now with that said. Try not to be so loud on this, Mike, listening back and really like just loud, only to be loud, mellow vibes, HRT and no one everyone is safe to say space.




It's not that I scare them all a lot at a time. Like when I get aggressive, like Jamal gets worried so I don't lose with his hands. You try to, like, punch, you shut the fuck up.


This was one of those aggressive Labrada. I really like to look at cows. Cows. I've got a broken jaw.


Am I losing my own thing? I'm losing my arms like that. But I'm hanzi your hands, are you? This is at times it's proof. It's proof in the pudding. Not if that was funny. Whatever happened right here with this guy. No laughing with Julius Randle. Yeah.


That was followed at that point. I mean that's well that's become paisleys a little hammack. She loves it and loves it. Yeah, she loves it.


Why do you think you get to tell to Bleckmann what's funny to them.


I'll send Rory and bring bringing race up all month. Yes.


I mean OK, but hey, Bobbi's murder came on black history. Well, we hear something else happened dofor Black History Month.


JCA had had to deal. Hovan just got to unite. Hey now before we start the timeout timeout because we do have some things that we need to get to. We got some Hovind just yet. There are some things we need to discuss.


Go follow Bobby Summative. I want to say that he should, he should have one hundred million followers on every social platform. What he did was super honorable and you are always on a bullshit on the Internet. You're never on a real shit.


I'm mad that he only has a million followers and a lot of these other clown as lunatics running around have all these followers who got oh, I don't get well, he needs to have two hundred million followers by the end of the week.


You just read your contract. I'm just putting that out there. I like that. But I want to follow dump's you follow. I also bondable young niggas follow some honorable young men.


That's what you do that I got to thinking and Rory made mention before this started that we may have missed our six year anniversary, which we're men, so none of us know, but it maybe was February 18th or the twenty third sometime in February 2013.


It happened in February. Did we. Right on time we heard. And so our six year anniversary.


Dan, why was I bringing it up? Oh, and and so I want to start I want to start this a little differently for various reasons. One, our anniversary, too, just because I've been thinking over the weekend that six years a million people were having many people listen, people have come and gone. Some people some people that listen may not be as familiar with us as we believe them to be. Right. That's fair. That would be natural and fair.


And Pinelands. Right.


And I was listening back to the last podcast and they listen to me and Rory bicker back and forth. And it was interesting to me, according to the Wiki page, February 18th was the 18th.


We have a Wikipedia page, apparently, and I know that we did partial runs.


It don't like it was there. So we're not too late.


No, I just I just remember it was after Valentine's Day, an all star weekend. OK, right on time. Yeah, definitely. Snow is right after that, so because there are some new listeners who may not be all the way familiar with each of us, I thought we start with something different aside from how you guys are doing, OK?


I thought it would be cool if we all started with our introduction to hip hop. Our entry to hip hop. And who did we need to be accepted by? To enter who we need to be accepted by to enter. Hip hop, yeah, the entry point, because you all don't speak from the observer, observant standpoint, each of you are inside of it.


So your introduction to hip hop would be different from your entry point to hip hop, and I'm assuming that you couldn't enter without being accepted by some group, that has to be a fact, OK, for everyone, right?


Yeah, that's a little great. Being accepted by a group is a little great for me, but OK. OK, so I'll use me for an example.


Well, most group is going to be way cooler than my Hovind. Well, we don't know. That's cool. Like I'm saying, he has a cooler group. No, I just don't know. But I don't know. Hip hop is such a free. Culture like, I don't know if you somebody has to let you in or it's like I think feel like you're genuine and you love the art, you love the culture, they accept you.


I think that he almost means and he doesn't specifically mean the business, but kind of the business. More of the art. Yeah, your business. That's why I said that. That's a great statement. Yeah.


Well, when we talk about an entry point, I use that specifically for us because we're in it. And like with any entry point, somebody had to let you in.


I can't speak for your story, maybe that's my introduction to hip hop is real simple. It was video music box and I remember the moment like I used to always watch it when my babysitter and my babysitter's house.


But the self-destruction video for me was a I think that was a moment for me where I was like this just seemed like some super cool shit that they're doing. OK, like that was, as far as I can remember, that's as far back as my brain, but I remember video music, box watching video music box every day already.


His story is interesting to me because I would have just assumed that an older brother played some hip hop for more and that would have been his introduction to hip hop. Hey, what's that? What is that?


I mean, his brother is hip hop, you know, but that's as far as I can remember. As young. Yeah, it was. It was it was it was television as my babysitter's house and within a music box, which says to me that his entry point may not be what I assume it to be either. So what do you believe that to be my entry point to hip hop. Yes, just being old enough to start going outside with my friends by myself, hanging out and then, like, everybody just, you know, somebody has to tape somebody had something to listen to and people rapping and saying it was like people doing tagging up on the walls.


Graffiti is like the older dudes. It was like you started to cry. Like they gave me a tag name sort of tag on my baseball hat. And I was a little kid like to me that was my original.


So my Fitty Museum of Entry Point and acceptance point, which I did assume is the same for me, which is the streets. Oh, absolutely. When you entered via streets and that was only allowable because they accepted your entry, you're on the block, you know.


No, absolutely. I don't know if my dad said I was never a street guy, but you guys go. My introduction was probably Snoop and Dre 91 ish kind of hip hop stuff.


Fatboys I remember early on to harkening back to what we said, Takanabe, but I probably become like an avid, avid consumer to like 95 96 will. Tangara Liquid swords was early in my mind, 36 chambers. NAS It was in those 96 and then my entry was just the people in Ohlmeyer that were rapping.


Did you go from Elmira to Priem? I went to Chicago first.


I worked at a studio in Chicago called Hinche. We did Lupe Fiasco's first two albums, Kanye West, but most of it was gospel and jazz. And then I was in Europe like an apprentice engineering intern and then an assistant. My internship ended and I stayed there and didn't really make any money, but I was no longer an intern at least was coming up and I was still interested in moving around. So I got I talked to Larry Gold, who owns a studio in Philadelphia at The Roots recording, and he's a legendary string arranger, of course.


And he's he we kind of we're talking about me moving there to to work for him. But in the meantime, my brother lived in New York, so I came to New York and fell in love with that in the Philly thing, kind of fell apart. And so I stayed in Philly.


Things fall apart if I didn't think I'd be hip hop on a understand.


And then I worked at a music store and I met Charles Charles Roanne, who introduced me to Charles.


That's, of course, when you knew Charles, and that's how I met you. Mm hmm. Yeah, that's when we met. Yeah.


Parks working at what formerly was daddy and daddy recipe's.


Charles. Charles. Charles. Charles Schulz. Known as the. Indeed, I'm not I don't do that. I won't say formally wed, dear, but you had to be there. Yeah. We pretty much knew it was technically headquarters, but it was done. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's true. Recipe's headquarters. Headquarters. Yeah. Recipe's headquarters. Rest in peace studios. Yeah. For real for Rory. The thing which was different to my mushing this out, no, I just think it's important, like everybody don't know us and we get on here twice a week and we kick it as if everybody has been there and they have it like we've grown, we've expanded.


It's good for people to know where we're certain she just comes from, I think. Right?


Yeah, it's a little different with me, with our age gap, because hip hop was kind of everywhere by the time I would have found it more or less. So if I don't have, like, a specific I wish I did some specific moment where I remember watching some video and was like, what is this thing like?


Hip hop existed. Earliest memory it existed. Yeah.


Like I remember more money, more problems on the radio. Like going to school was like that being a big moment because my house was mostly my dad is into like blues, jazz, 80s rock, 70s rock. My mom is in a Motown shit like it wasn't played in my crib. I guess the radio would be it. I think it was probably the radio going to school and I was the youngest kid on my block.


So the older kids were I remember Mobb Deep shit was like a big thing when I was just learning what hip hop was. So yeah, I was just the youngest get on my block and it wasn't in my household.


So to go outside to hear it, they knew hip hop on the radio. No, that wasn't even a thing we didn't have. Feedback's like we had beat Rap City. Yeah. So that was for the clarity.


None of our dads were around on our introduction to hip hop.


No, although I will say that my dad had like a huge vinyl collection. And when I learned that that's how they were making hip hop, they kind of it was it was cool. You know, I already loved loved records and going through all my dad shit so that when I learned that that's how they were doing it, I was like, oh shit, I have all these records.


Yeah, I can do that to God. And so that makes it all right. I thought that was pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah.


As, as for me was my introduction to hip hop. I had an older brother, he listen to hip hop and that's when I that's when I have somewhere around all my radio somewhere around here.


Mama said, knock you out. It's definitely early. That's my summer introduction.


Music My my God brother. He had a big ass public enemy poster in his room and we can never go in his room. And the one that cracked it. Dawn, I just started speaking in a scene, all these dope ads, posters.


But I remember that Public Enemy poster and then everybody knows that's one of the ones that he had. And I remember that self the self destruction video. I'm like, oh, that's the poster. That's the guy's like.


And I'm saying like, I remember seeing all that I like.


Tiny, come on, let's go deep. Nice talk to him. It's him. Yeah. Yeah, it's it's him. I think about that. Yeah. D nice produce self-destruction.


It's absolutely crazy and I think he might have four bars or someone here he might want to sit on it producing self destruction. And I'm really so sorry. Yes. It's crazy. Yeah. What a great story. Hey man, there's so many great stories man. As far as my entry, my entry was the streets but because it had to go through mix tapes and thugs and gangsters, so. Yeah. And my wife and I had to be accepted through the streets.


It's almost two different entries, entries into creating hip hop and then entry into the business industry of hip hop.


Yeah, I guess. I mean the business. Yeah, I guess I'm in the business, but I mean, so much of the business, especially from the mixtape era, was from the streets. You really wanted to be active in the business.


And I'm not talking about like working as an assistant at a label. You had to you had to be with those guys.


Yeah. Streets is nuance because by no means was Joe a street guy or was I pretending to be a street guy I didn't have. That wasn't my image at all. But you still had to go through.


Yeah, I certainly I certainly wasn't either. Yeah. Yeah, I wasn't. I wasn't. I'm far from a street guy.


Like, I went to private school most of my life and then I went to a performing arts high school like I wasn't a street I like I, I got in trouble for being in the streets like my mom wasn't. She played at your house is going to be in the house. Don't close the door and do your homework passing your classes. You can hang outside with your friends, but after a certain time get your ass and house right.


It was just, I mean, that type of thing. But as you get older, you're a lot more freedom and you know, you start getting a little mischievous shit. Sure. You know, just finding out who you are is part of growing up. But I definitely am. By no means was a street kid like my mom's being played.


I should. All right, you guys, we are taking it back to the money in his pockets later days to drop some real talk on them, so we take it more word. Is that what we did, what we did on this podcast later? That's what we did. We were was the real talk. The Wikipedias, you see, you do that. You do your joking thing. But we were much realer then.


It's OK. Oh, no, we're definitely sellouts now. But but we don't need to tell anyone.


They say donated enough. They say we've got a job, but we still reliving the rest. So that's what I think. Like, yeah, we not as real as we were.


I get it true that that busted you got us, but still really the most. Hmm. Anyway, come on. Right. Let's take it back to the real talk era. We're going to give you some real quick ones. Part two. Come on, let's get back to our old intro home one minute. And that's how we used to start.


But a new report by man called Peter Hold up, man, hold ups and shout out to Peter Madsen. Thank you. Acknowledge that you didn't know what he was doing back in the day to all the killers and the hundreds of billions of dollars that we used to send. We got wasn't here now, Garcelle. It got softer when you got down the west. I mean, Savon, Alex, this how we used to stop. I mean, one arm shit you think got us and we beat for making us the official Queensbridge murderers.


Joe, we're not the mob come equipped. I mean, no, we are.


Oh, listen, I asked you your entry point.


I could tell you mine. It was gangsters. I can tell you mine is gang.


It was gangsters. I mean, I can't even say too much on here before black. You don't get to wear black and start taping it. Yeah, I do that. What? We're taping it. There's four fucking cameras in front of us who are Vlad and Erixon young man trying to jam us up. All right. Y'all know what time it is? Black History Month, Bobby. QMr, today Shimada is home. I'm hitting a round of applause because, boy, am I excited.


I love it. I'm excited. Funk, hip hop and fuck rap. I'm just finally. I'm happy to see. It's just good to see you. Finally, finally, finally.


Finally. There's been a long, long six foot six and a half years. Yeah, long time he went and set up twenty fourteen. He took his teaching, came, came home. Really happy for him. I'm so happy for his family. Yes, his friends, the people that have wanted to touch him, speak to him, like have him tangible to them. Came home, got somebody making 50 pounds of oxtail and, you know, the five, that's the king.


How else you want to come on, you know, somebody say, oh, would you want me to pick anything or pick anything?


And you know what a black king said in February? Oxtail. No, look, smart. A kid on APJ chicks on board, just in case you've got to get crazy.


I did six years. First thing I'm doing is Busson, not on the PJ Harvey. OK, who's there?


How you feeling right now, Bobby? Do you want to get crazy right now?


Because you can look at Joe's comment, though. More threes than stepping in a shooting contest. So I don't know, so you got a little bit in this little comments like that just make you laugh.


If we got a name, not going to let you do it, yeah, that's why you got to love the Internet. That's why you got to love real life, too. I want you all to keep the same energy. We're going to discuss three soon. Hmm. I agree.


I want you to keep the same exact energy when I bring up a three topic later on. Three threes is none. OK, yeah. Three to nine.


And you're going to laugh doing it. You got to say I got a vendetta because you do. If you look against three, don't even know what I'm talking about. You in fact have been. Absolutely. I don't. You haven't. That is love in your character. Like you could play yourself. You embodied it like you're finishing his finished move.


Asked a cigarette on a nigga fatality. People call him, finish him. Ten minutes comes out of the background when you get all those points up the dunk coffee up here. Oh, I like that. They have my nigga Joe doing a Def Jam vendetta. Sorry, audience. I won't step on him anymore. I'm sorry. I will not.


Their jokes will continue until they feel that they've ended. Don't forget that. Don't forget that conversation or whatever you touch. One, two, three. Easy. I don't, I can't forget. OK, and now because you know your memory, you be like, what was that? I never remembered. OK, I remember how you feel about dudes fucking threes though.


Rappers delight happens. I know more often to more often than people think. We'll talk later. All right.


Back rappers take me to trash baktash murder chmela got oxtail fifty pounds. Shraddha has Louis Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton luggage that says QMr ticket is like exiting care package. Yeah I got APJ right there with Quamby is young Clavius neckless swayable. Such a cool guy man. So Karen I'm so glad I hugged him and gave him a warm embrace and did it any, any tension between us honestly.


Oh yeah. See the Djiboutian was there. Yeah. I'm a little, little little concerned.


Why can't they hit us like they want to get the interview. Kind of hot moment happen in hip hop without the J being right there. I mean, I don't know. That's Karen said, well that's not a parent SNIVELS Jabeen.


Yeah. But she's parents and she could be in and she takes pride in it unlike some. I have to look at my contract. Anything to do with that? Well, I didn't say you were some.


I didn't say, you know, you were a couple of words when I think that you some what I think that you saw, you know, some. What a way to come on.


I'm just really happy. I'm just really happy for him. I don't even have too much to say. I actually have a lot to say. But it's like all in relation to like like I watch the taxi dock over the weekend. And we're all in it seven times. Yeah, I see I was wrong when he told me that he watched the Hulu one. Yeah. Which is still pretty decent, but it was showtime.


Showtime as a three part to you, Doc. Right. And we'll get to that later, but when when when I watch to come home. To all of this love, all of this relevance, all of this all of these amazing things that he came home to, right what it says to me and what I would hope it says to the other young people out there is that. Hey, you could do it the other way and get all of that.


You can stand tall. And come home in six years, even when you face an 80 and 90. If you have a good understanding of the legal system and how things work and trumped up charges and plea deals and codes, even if you just know a little bit about some of that, you're armed, a little better to play the game. And you may be better informed to make a decision like QMr to me, which was an honorable one, one full of integrity and one that will it's sad that the young people don't know that there are benefits to be reaped with integrity.


I know. That's my point. Obviously they do. That's my point. I'm not sure they know.


Again, one one was authentic and one wasn't. And that's kind of my problem with just everything having to be listen, we don't have we don't even got to put we don't have to, so we don't have to put them in the same breath.


Welcome home. The marketing plan. One one was I'm going to say exactly what I said when Rudy came home. Get straight to the studio, live in here, stay in there, isolate yourself, keep your circle small. I'm saying have fun, but definitely stay away from the bullshit because they wait for you to slip up. They wait and catch you doing some dumb shit. Don't let it happen to talented and people need you and your family need you.


Like to stay focused.


Stay stay in the music, stay in the music and don't feel like you have to make up for the last six years. No. Be on the stomp. No.


Yeah. Or. You've got to rush nothing. Stay away from the boat, acclimated. Kick it with the family, but welcome home, enjoy, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends.


And, you know, stay away, stay away from the folks who I think the young people needed this, I hate to sound like Uncle Joe right now, but I really do think that we needed and we needed the people that were born in 2000 and 97, like the 21, 24 year old, the people that have just just haven't seen too many of these kind of stories in hip hop. Like, I'm different. Like I was I was there for 50 Cent story.


Hmm. I was there for like I just named some stories I was there for, if you know Keith Murray story for real, it's like, oh, shit. He made it like, you know what I mean. If you know DMX story for real whole like it's just I was there for some Stoke Ghetto boys, like it's just too many stories to keep up with. And I don't feel like today the young kids have enough of those to see.


Like, I think about that with my son. Like who is that outside of maybe anything TDE related. Who is that? What's that hip hop story that he'll have that he can tell that you witnessed go from start to finish climax. You don't have BMF. I have BMF. What do you have? I don't know, so I'm glad that they have this somebody that they might have been there for, who made a decision, stood tall, took on more time for his man to come home.


His man comes home early and they come home and his gang the end.


Wow. Yeah, wow, it's great, it's beautiful to see. Definitely wait for the music, though, of course. That's my next question you guys have. How do you think what what happens with the music? You've got to have one. Oh, we got two, three, four and five.


I'm sure it's going to be everybody that goes to jail or rehab. As a rapper writes raps, that's how we got six foot seven from Wayne. It's a bunch of jail raps put together and y'all ate it up and it was No. One in the charts.


Did they have recording studios in prison yet? They must agree there's we've got stuff comes out of prison. I feel like they should I don't even know.


You don't need I don't if I'm a rapper and I know that I'm pop and when I come home, I know it's my job to have something to talk when I'm on when that phone is BTX, I'm listening to be. No, no, no.


I'm saying even even if you're not a rapper, I think that recording studios and prisons, you know, people learn how to engineer. You learn how to record. Even if you're not an artist, you might try it, try recording music. You know, it's just another outlet for people to create. Yeah. Why not music in a world that should exist long after I'm gone? I would love to see a bunch of money dumped into the prison systems so they can modernize it more for actual rehabilitation.


Absolutely. And skills. Again, I won't be here for that, but it's a world I would like to see exist one day. So you think the music would be. I think he'll be right back. Well, I think he I think he's had a lot of time to write perfect his craft. You know, so I think the music he'll pick up where we left off for sure, something about and pause if we're going to be immature, some about these kids smarmy.


It's like Magic Johnson ish for me, I was always super just likable person, even if you don't know him. Just his aura.


Look at that. Come on man. That feels good for me.


But a lot of these young guys have that personality. They just in situations that forced them to have to wear different faces. But a lot of these a lot of these young guys, they're they're lovable. They're, you know, their families. You hear family talk about them. You know, they their personalities are big. You could tell that they were raised by good people.


They come from good homes. Sometimes you just get caught up in bullshit, you know? I mean. But you can tell he comes from a good foundation. You can tell. Yeah, well, I look forward to the music, but in the meantime. Kick it with a family or but which is why, though, and I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, and I know we don't even like to discuss Takashi, really, but in watching the doc and you, I haven't seen it right now.


So the robot saw the first episode.


I mean, I enjoyed it because I got to hear from some of the some of the quote unquote gang members that were home and involved. Right. So their perspective. And it was really, really telling. Also, here's the early part of his ascension I wasn't there for. But watching it. None, and I'm not saying that any of it is justified because he made decisions and I feel that he manipulated a lot and he kind of got away with it.


And all of the black people went to jail and the only nonblack didn't go to jail. That is disturbing for me. But boy, do I understand it, looking at the story. Like this kid. Really didn't know shit about shit like nothing. Like, he just wasn't bright. And he was poor and two dads left. One dad left with a heroin habit. The mom didn't know what to do with a kid that didn't know shit poor as could be, and then the other male influence in my life went to the store and got murdered at the store.


And he was born in 96 or something like that, so he was born into a world where the Internet existed like Rory and I were discussing earlier, I don't say that to make him exempt anything. I say it to say, this kid's entire life has been based around getting attention like that's all he knew from age. Four or five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and in this Internet era, if you just you could understand it is all I'm saying, like, wow, a few decisions.


You could see how it happens, like the clothes with the wild shit on it. Now I'm dying my hair and I'm tattooing 69 on me 69 times. Now I'm like that attention shit.


I don't agree with none of this. But as far as hip hop, if we're going to be hip hop, then we responsible for this, like we manifested we manifested this. This is a product of whatever it is that we put out, even though he didn't even know shit about hip hop, not a one fucking thing.


But again, there's no entry, no entry here. There's no there's no SAT test that you got to take before before you allowed it.


And any guy with some street niggas who saw an opportunity to take care of people and their family and get money.


Like, I'm so grateful, Mom, because watching this, not that I identify with six, nine, because I would never make some of those decisions, of course, but I could see how four and five, six and seven different decisions from me or my family or four or five different pivots in life could get somebody in the position where some of this shit might be acceptable to them like that.


It's a risk that they might take, like if I never had nothing or nobody and never felt love or shit like and again, I'm shut up because this is too long.


I'm just telling you how I felt watching it. I was like, damn, thank God the street niggas that signed me was like, I'm not going to say real, real or niggas because but thank God that they just moved differently. They weren't as greedy. They didn't they just knew they kept me away from they just protected, they just moved, thank God if they did not. I would have never been bold enough to fucking try to call the police on the street niggers that I was.


I don't care if they kidnapped me or what, like, I just wouldn't have done it.


And I think I ain't of like that. Like, it's just a wild story. Again, I have to be happy that my son and kids his age have the story of Bobby's murder, because stories like this are the stories that have been the prominent ones. That's all I'm saying. I spent too much time on this and showtime. Y'all got to cut a fucking check.


I would have never approved y'all having me on the air talking about old. You hear this new kid? He's turning it up. Turn it off. It's really like I'm out there. You know, it's so bad when it got to episode three and they chose us to surmise everything.


And boy, did we do a phenomenal job, OK? We did a really good way. They have my face in it.


Yes, yeah. Yeah, I agree. And I text Ian so fucking fast. Need to check.


I said if you don't set a fucking time you in there like yo, I don't know if you heard the news six nine but I'm in there like, yo, this kid is the new flavor I think. I think more called him is LaBrot episode to episode two more so. Yeah. So bad. In Episode three, when we cleaned it up, I was happy that people stole from us to clean it up.


Hey, you know how I felt about him before you loved all that shit.


I thought that, you know, he had created. He was bright. Yeah. So I thought differently. Yeah. Yeah I thought that he was that.


But you know, listen man, from where I'm from, after you make certain moves and make certain actions, I just can't I can't even speak on it. And that's just now all of that is null and void as far as I'm concerned.


But this is a lesson to be learned in this, though I understand what you're saying is, I guess there's a lesson to be learned. I agree with you. Absolutely. There's a lesson to be learned in this. But welcome home, Bobby.


Yeah. Yeah, back to that, I'll say. Yeah. Welcome home, Bobby. But let that be the answer to like, you just don't have to do it this way, right? No, no, I agree. I agree with you, sir. I agree with what? You do not have to do it that way. And welcome home, Bobby. Congratulations, man.


Enjoy your oxtail. Have another good meal. Enjoy this hop and give us hope. Will enjoy some pussy. Fucking come. All of. What else you need? You just go to. Make damn a few chips that you don't even care about, just get it off. Sixteen. I don't know. I tried me and I didn't know that. I mean. Actually, like told I see when I shop that you see the donors, they give the baddies to dance and man the band, he used to get crazy to keep it on track.


And it still works great with the fact that go try to put down a good shot. Never wanted to go make this record again. Bobby, cute names out. Don't tell us about what happened. No, we're very well, very well versed in how many. They failed to show me how to get that money back and spend it on the same. They're just that fast.


Back to perspective, I can't tell you what Joe Biden would look like if I had to sell crack in the fifth grade. Mhm. Yeah. If I had to if the bills didn't get paid in my house and less fifth grade Joe at ten went to sell crack. Joe might look bad at some point soon. Yeah, we're not seeing it off or definitely the toughest of circumstances, circumstances have to come from. Yeah, word again. Congratulations, Bobby Schmader.


We super happy for you over here, man. Come on, sir. Come sit with us after the way. I know. So I know it's a wave is going to be maybe a year and a half, but at some point at some point, you also come over here and we got to discuss this right. Rowdy, too. I would love to sit in. Yeah, that's what I meant when I said y'all. Yeah. Riding the green and on the show some.


We have to discuss this, right? Absolutely. Well, you discuss it, I said it's you, I said it off, and that's what Brian was going to say something. Yeah, I mean, I think we kind of alluded to that and figured she would. And from what we can say, he apologized and spoke to her in private. You know, and and to me, that's that's how you handle it, handle that in private, if the widow felt some type of way.


She reached out. Let me read let me read her reply first.


It says, Dear at Meek Mill. I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful, period. I'm not familiar with any of your music, but I believe you can do better than this if you are a fan. Fine. There's a better way to show your admiration for my husband. This lacks respect and tact. Mm hmm. End quote. And then there was a flurry of Mique response, well, I won't say responses, but tweets that people took as a response to people being stimming, not people being stupid, people being stupid.


That's what it is. If you thought that if you thought that those tweets was directed to anything that Vanessa Bryant said, you are stupid.


I agree. But it's back to timing the same way this bar, it was bad timing when she then responds to the bar and you start tweeting and you have to know that people are going to take that as a response, no matter how stupid it is.


It's just bad timing, just bad timing, too.


But it's also stupid people. I agree. If you think that Meek is that type of person that would say those things, all those people in response to Vanessa. Right. Those people. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. But they don't know whether Meek is that type of person or not more than just listen, listen, listen.


It's just call me because the feeling right now is cool as true to call him stupid and say he doesn't know how to move. He doesn't know what the saddest mouth. I understand how this Internet shit works right now. He's the guy that's the one to pick on. I get it. Have your phone with him. But what I'm saying is just use your brain to at the end of the day, do you think that Meek would actually tweet those things to Vanessa Bryant?


You know, like, come on like this, you've got to stop at some point. This shit has to stop. Just stop. Mike would not tweet those things to Vanessa, right? You would not. Yeah, he has enough people around him, enough people in his ear. He's affiliated with enough of the right people to where he wouldn't. He knows better than to do something like that. It would not happen. I just stopped.


But then why wouldn't those same things apply to any tweet tweeted in close proximity to when Vanessa Bryant. Yeah, but maybe he probably didn't even see that.


Maybe like this. Add that in. Like people just got to stop. Like I said, I get it. He's the guy right now is easy to pick on him.


He's the target and he understands that you want people to allow grace, not allow grace, just the benefit of the doubt. Just use your own brain. Stop just falling into what the Internet is. The current trend on on on the Internet is use your home brain has. Mique, do you really think Meek would tweet those type of things to Vanessa Bryant? He would not. They don't know that he would not do that. They still would not do that.


Meek is not he's not he's not meek, OK? Meek never struck me as an asshole, Dick, a guy that would tweet that to a grieving widow and one of his favorite athlete. You met me. Sorry, it wouldn't happen. But even if. Even if I did. But you did. Even if I did not, it would come off family. Stop. I get it though. I get it right now. He's the guy to go after I get my take on.


This is unfortunately this is part of accountability. If you apologized in private, then some of this stuff we're talking about publicly comes along with assuming responsibility for the role you played in the damage that you caused.


So which is what he did, apologize in private, one on one. That's how you handle it, because you have to get away from this at some point, you can't keep doing things over the Internet, especially an apology, because even that gets lost in people tweets and this and that. On the phone or face time, however, he spoke to Vanessa Bryant so she can see you here out of your mouth. Tell her about, you know, how the bar even came about, which you really met with the bar, and then you find a way it got spun the wrong way.


Oh, no, you don't call Vanessa Bryant.


Tell her what you really meant with the bar. I'm pretty sure.


I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure he tried to clear that up. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he tried to clear that up. You sorry. And go not even in it, but I'm pretty sure he tried to clear up like I meant no disrespect with that bar at all. Like, I'm pretty sure he cleared that up on the phone with her. I'm almost I'm almost 100 percent sure he did, because it would make sense to clear that because that's what this whole thing is about.


It's about what he said on a record intention doesn't really mean much to me in this.


What do you mean? A grieving widow felt disrespected and. Right.


But then you tell her tell the person in private that that was in no means intended to be disrespectful.


That's what I mean about the. I'm not saying he got the intention. Does not matter once someone in this position that is grieving her daughter and her husband feels disrespected and his story. Right.


But what I'm saying is what I'm saying is when you speak to somebody, you can explain where that came from. Explain what you meant. Like, I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. I'm not saying you have to spit the bar to her and try to. No, I'm just saying, like you, I did not write that from a point where I was trying to disrespect or make light of anything tragic that happened. OK, that's all I'm saying.


Like, you just got to explain this.


And what I'm saying is. It's not an apology if you're explaining your stance. No, that's not true. That's not true. What I was not you've apologized and explained just stands plenty of times. Yes. A human thing after the apology. That's what I just said. It's not part of my apology. I didn't say part of his apology. I don't know what type of conversation he had.


She says she doesn't know him. So now you're having a conversation about something that I said in the Solomons. I would think that it would just be a common conversation to explain that that was in no means intended to be disrespectful.


I did not write that from a disrespectful standpoint. I totally understand. That's all. I totally get it.


I'm just saying that it doesn't matter. The intention does not matter to you, but that's fine, I suspect, or conversation over or children. Vanessa Bryant, listen to all of the families that was affected by this. I understand if any of them felt some type of way about it, I think we covered it already. What I'm saying now is Mique apologized privately, which is what he is. That's how he's supposed to handle a group. Don't apologize to the end because, you know, that's an Internet function and it apologized to the family.


Leave it there. I'm with you on that. Do you think we've heard the end of this? Yeah, I think I don't think that ball will come out. I don't think that will be on the record. But again, man, you know, and again, all respect to the families, that's grieving the situation. But, you know, in our culture, in hip hop, it's a it's a history of artists using lines and things like that that may be taken a certain way.


And now I understand the world we're in now is super. Everyone feels like it because you can follow somebody on social media. You feel like you know somebody because you follow them. So you feel like you can directly speak to this person or express your grievances with this person. Like, I didn't like that. And then now it becomes a thing. But in our culture, we it's it's history that we use lines attached to tragic events. Yes.


All the time.


But I don't I don't like the line.


I don't agree with the love and not like the line, but it is not out of pocket for hip hop in hip hop lyrics to say some offensive shit and not not this is not a goodbar cool like it could have been a great boss. Some people still want to like. What I'm saying is in our culture, it's a history of rappers. You can go back to before you want to go, you take a tragic event, you make a metaphor around it, make it your own, make it connect to whatever it is you've got going on and you understand.


So that's why when I heard the bar as much as I love, I cried for weeks manat, you know me. But I didn't never think that Meek was trying to make light of or be insensitive toward the tragedy. I never felt like that. But I understand the time in now. I understand how things are social media.


I totally understand and especially once the why is it that it is we go and what's the wife says she felt then? Absolutely. Talk to her and apologize like and even to the rest of the families that were involved, you know, that had people in this tragedy reach out to them as well. You understand them saying like, that's that's just how I think it should have been handled. Once you see that people felt the way, especially the ones that are directly affected by this, I would love to reach out to them and express my apologies.


Like, you know, I mean, I understand it. But I'm just saying, as far as the music coming from our culture of hip hop, this line is like this. This is not something new. And that's my final.


And that's where my final thought on this land. Was the line insensitive? Yes. Is hip hop insensitive?


Yes, it's always been. However, I guess because Kobe was kind of synonymous with hip hop, he's well, he's one of ours.


We would assume that from our culture would handle him a bit more delicately and his name and likeness than I've handled Cory Lidle and anybody else the past. When I was rapping, I have five hundred lines worse than it is this. Don't even scratch the surface of plenty of rappers, though.


Plenty of rappers. DASK But again, I grew up on that. So I understand when I heard this bar, when everybody freaked out, I was looking around like, what if only because I've been conditioned, I've heard bars like this. Yeah, but, you know, forever. But as a rapper and we all we have we all have to learn this is nobody's fault but ours when our bar transcends our audience. Like I said, some shit on a mixtape before that I thought was hard that I'm sure my audience is listening to it.


If you know me, it's not real is hard.


Once Bill O'Reilly plays it, it's not so hard. It sounds horrible.


How could somebody even think to hit record on it? Literally just reading your lyrics out loud. Oh my God. Reading it. And just like just like this with times changing with social media.


I'm sure Vanessa read this, didn't hear it. Just read the lyrics. She goes, you don't even know who Mick is. Well, it's also the kind of I did was I enjoyed that spice. Yeah.


I don't know your music fan. No, it could be really good, but that's bad. You understand. You understand.


But, you know, again, first Kobe Bryant woke up in that house blast to meet me one day. I'm sure. I'm sure. Yeah. I'm in college. Mostly dream the night that's played at the house, often hip hop. But she also may not know that that was me.


Oh, boy. This line came out. It's still weird to me, though, huh? Like the song didn't come out. Only that line came out well. Right?


Well, because that line we like all the superstars do. That's how the Joe Biden got leaked.


Oh, nobody can say that. Oh, I was only when I heard the clip. I got it. I got it. Yeah, I got it. No, but, you know, again, I hear the clip. I get it.


I understand, you know, the we we we spoke about this and insensitive. Sure. To Tucson. Sure.


If I had a dead relative, you'd be mad at me. You wouldn't let me do that. Listen, like I said after they left, you wouldn't let me do that.


I don't. Regardless of when they let you snuff me, like I've I've like I said, I grew up my friends on my block. His dad died in a happy land fire in the Bronx in the 80s. And when when you had that ball of the fire spit burned down Happyland. He didn't take any offense to that bar 20 years later, regardless of how how later it is, you understand, I'm saying because people are different and you're saying he could have said no, I'm not saying might not.


It wouldn't be all right. You don't you wouldn't. I'm just saying to some people it wouldn't be to some people wouldn't be. All right. That's all I'm saying. Like, so you just have to understand that in hip hop. Yes, it's insensitive art. You make you say things about tragic events. You make a metaphor around it. And so I understand I don't want it to make it seem like we're making excuses for me because that's not what this is.


Do you all know that Queen Latifah is the equalizer now that I'm aware of? OK, yeah.


I just think if you're going to talk about a tragedy or someone that past, just make sure the bars are.


But even if the bar is hard, Roary, people will still be offended by this, not about the bar being hard. And people are going to be offended.


I like that. Like that is the new sign to keep it moving. Yeah. You know, I've always been the worst whisler, you know, what my childhood was like?


Like not being able to whistle as a kid. Think about it. They believed you. Yes. I'm sorry to hear that. The. You showed those bullies with success. OK, I'm not with a joke when you get to shoot over. No, that's fine, that's fine. It was it wasn't a joke. I was encouraging you to many times. I bill you all out from having an ending to your joke. I wanted to become one of to.


I want to be quiet. We should all go home.


I mean, on the whole, Moho will break down the deal for small Jazy sales, half of Ace of Spades ownership to LVMH.


Couldn't have done that without your tutelage. Couldn't have done that without Rory in Appaloosas.


I mean, I want to be the one to say no. I'm must say for you it's OK. Don't worry about it.


You know me. I mean, I think I think I certainly gave Jose the leverage. Yeah.


He dropped your name heavy into me. Yeah. Know you know my man's right. Yeah. Can I say it. Say it. And got out of that Rory stock in the nick of time.


Got away from that debacle. Hey he said whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Put everything back in the warehouse.


Who put me in the champagne are going elsewhere. You're a visionary. Yeah. Got it right. When he was piping hot. Got right out of it. Yeah. Yeah. So you do it. That's how you do it man. I don't have piping is the right word. Oh man.


Did your digital forecaster. Yeah. Come on, break it down for us. It's down to bricks. You found them then you called up LVMH. Yeah. That's how it went. And I'll be all right. Yeah. It'll be up to you to hold to come over there with black and summer and champagne and champagne. That sounds like a great, great night.


But yeah, this is another another notch on on Jay's belt. So I can't you know what?


I got to see what a whole party is like. Rich.


I don't I hope. No, I don't. You know, we don't know that.


All you see is Roc Nation brunch. You don't know what a whole party is like.


Oh, like a regular Saturday. Yeah. And for him to be at that level like it's only him and puff up there, we know what a puff party is like. He's too cool what this whole party looking partying look like. Tell us more.


Same thing with that. He wanted to kick kickbacks. Probably would look like honestly walk you walking around is something comfortable. Some basketball shorts, t shirt, lots of influencers. Well, no, not that. But, you know, friends, close friends, family, you know, mean never. Hey, they always paint me. Mutt is my son.


But you paint that I like to paint me as one of the greatest ever, as you say, one of those type of vibes, like even one of those, you know, like one of the one of the greatest ever type of vibes, not those type of like any time y'all chime in, y'all can't speak on the job, but not why I had your name written down.


But no, I met him. I sent him over there to get a little perspective from y'all.


And I'm actually this is he's from Brooklyn, but he's not here, not too far from that. He knows how to party and let loose and hope can't have parties like that is because that's also Beyonce's house.


Beyonce. You can only have a few friends there who wears the pants.


Beyonce. Beyonce. Oh, I think hopefully Beyonce. I mean, it's true. Yeah, that should be like that. Yeah. Yeah, it is just fine. Yeah. My bad.


Well you know hellbenders what you guys expect. This is the greatest deal I've ever seen in my entire life. So that's a tough time out. Time out. Time out. Time. That's a tough pill to swallow.


Look as a man is it. No, that's a regular thing to be fired.


It's one of the greatest entertainment players of all time. I got to get with that. Some of y'all got to get with that, too. Y'all could put it like it's only me, but some of y'all got to go with that. You could be the man in the world and in your relationship, but you can't be the man in your relationship. No, no, no, no. You can be the man in your relationship. But she's the boss home is the queen runs the castle.


Well, when the queen is beyond say, yeah, well, the queen is your queen.


Your relationships. Yeah. Yeah. Where were you? Where were you? I mean, choose your queen wisely, though.


Niggas don't you know, that part is true. But when you when you when you marry a woman gets tricky right there. Yeah. I mean, we know what we should do and we know who we should get with. Yeah. We know the qualities that we have but come on. Yeah but you have to choose, you choose your wife wisely. Come on. No we don't, we don't do shit. No, no you're right. You should.


Yeah you're right.


And when you do a lot of things, when you do it's easier to relinquish the house like let her run it because you know, she knows what she's doing when you have that right woman in your corner. But now if you are here just running around with the hottest chick in a week, you can't give her the keys to the bus. You shouldn't be the queen. You can't have the keys to the car and think you're going to get there safely.


I mean, how how does she I don't care how she is. She going to be ice cold next week, Billie, that you can't give her the keys? No, but you know what woman is is equipped to run the household. Beyonce would have woke up and saw what he was doing on her microphone with have four four four. Jack, you recorded it on my mic, you think she didn't hit it? Did I say you touch my stuff?


I didn't see it. You see it actively being caught doing the four four four in the bedazzled wireless perspective. I definitely to do it takes the allure away from it. Now, you're going to do that with nuts. That's hilarious. That it's crazy. But congratulate. Congrats. You're going to turn me down a bit. John is telling you I left the side door open and turned me down. Turn me all the way down. Shawn Jay-Z.


Carter is pleased to announce a partnership with Moet Hennessy as they acquire a 50 percent stake in Arminda Brignac.


I think that's how you say it. That's exactly Gojo. The partnership reflects a shared vision between Moet Hennessy and Shawn Jay-Z Carter for the future of this iconic Mason. And that's the end of the press release. He is not a Mason. Congratulations to both. Parties Mohan NASA announces a partnership with Shawn, Jay-Z, Carter via the acquisition of 50 percent of champagne Almond Brignac. On Brainiac. Yeah, beautiful, a.k.a. Ace of Spades. Is just, you know, Christology, I fucked up on that one, huh?


So how are you doing? I haven't seen a bottle in years of Krystyna, like, not out. Why does it exist anymore? Yes, I'll see it still exists, but they don't sell it around my way.


I mean, I ain't seen it. I heard nobody ask for the order. Too much. Too much dip on your chip to humble yourself, feeling yourself. It was little black nigga hip hop at the door. Why would you want to have something to do with them? Well, you know, here's why.


Again, congratulations to hold over a deal. I can't spend too much more time on it because you all to kill me for being a whole venger.


I do enjoy the speed.


The growth rate is this than yard heat. Up I go. Come on, man. Fotos. Everyone's going to get crazy.


No, it's not. I think they might, though. I think it is. Yeah.


I think that we've I think that we took 20, 20 to kind of figure out how to navigate the country right this second. And I think the summer of twenty, twenty one, you're going to see practices being put into effect. Like all the New York strippers, they got their underground strip clubs routine Monday through Friday.


Now weekends now when Ellen. Oh, yeah, yeah. We're we can we're we can do. I'm just saying that now they have the regimen back for them. New York City going from twenty five percent to thirty three percent.


Wow. Oh. Thirty three percent occupancy. Wow.


That's I got a call last night.


Somebody said, hey, you want to head to head over to a pergola. I said, I'm in bed. No, no, no.


Even if I wasn't there, I don't know. Yeah, I don't want to do that.


But but that's the vibes now. So by the summertime. Listen, Corey, Corey, every day. Hey, come on, let's go work out. And I'm like somebody for what? I'm not really traveling. But then I was like what my body needed. Miami Turks.


I'm going take my shirt off with an article in the Atlantic, I think it was that was saying that the world it might be good bye, summer. And then by fall, you know, people are going to be cautious and go back inside maybe and then maybe real life by 2020. It's going wild when the sun come up. But they said the summer might be.


Well, both my parents are vaccinated. Oh, yeah, they're done. My mom got the first shot. She's going to second one this week. They both was fucked up for at least a day with side effects. Sure. But then they were fine. What else? The new African strain of covid. The first sign popped up where you guessed it, Long Island. Look at show. Don't bring that shit over here.


To get our new African strain, we've got to get the South African covid strain. Not feeling it. Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit, that's just a joke. Quite frankly, yes. And you're doing it.


I was just asking if he was feeling it or not. Listen, I'm happy that your chef has finally found something green.


Maybe you will get something on it. I gave some iceberg lettuce. Finally, Joe posted something that was green other than gravy and lobster. You know, that's what I was coming in here to ask you all about gravy. We put gravy on our lobster. No.


What do healthy people do when they want to get for. Why does he feel more go another smoothy know the CIA thinks, oh, are we hear smoothies? Are you crazy as hell? A great man and heavy steak you eat Nesrine healthy. It's pretty good, though. It was good. I said, what do you what do you eat to get full? That's my question. You can eat anything. You can eat. You can eat steak and be more more.


You just eat too much steak. Correct. You can eat steak and be healthy. Too much wrapped in bacon.


What they should be doing a little protein burger, some fucking some of them should steenbergen protein burger. What is it. What is it. No too. This isn't meat. This is no what they call tofu. Tofu. I don't eat tofu.


I don't eat that. Oh you know. Do you subscribe to the beyond me. Did you Mark. I have that sometimes.


You I heard feel bad for you.


Yeah. It's just more processed food. That's what a lot of that fake meat shit. It's just super processed food is up.


Good for you. Yeah. I don't eat it like a lot like fake hot dogs. It's just hot dogs and all the different garbage. It actually I don't eat but I eat a lot of you know, I'm on my vegan shit man. A lot of oyster mushrooms, quinoa. She liked that I did not know that oysters could grow mushrooms, and I didn't know that your cum could taste like fucking Newport. Did someone let you know? Yes.


How else would I know this? See how you all just looked? Now we know he gave me the benefit of the doubt for an hour and a half. But, Joe, best we know, you already told us. You later did. You told us you tasted your own. Oh, here you go. Repeat it because you wash your own face before you told us that on this platform. I think he said splashed. Yeah. He was like, oh, it was salty.


He gave us all all of those verbs. And now to go back to me, though, is that not what he told us? It is. So why are you standing up? But why are you still have you told us that I in my bed with you? That's what you told us. So only what's wrong with this? Well, no, I'm saying I'm saying the clip went out and the caption was podcasts takes major facial trying to tell you I'm just looking up.


My amateur podcasters face barely legal amateur podcasts to me. Oh, no, no. I see busty podcast. It takes major facial. Yeah, that was Joe. All right. But you know, drink more water if you were my hands.


Agree, try ask me about it and street.


Just drink more water in the same place in order to pineapple I think is the key.


The fruit fresh fruit helps with water. Yeah. So Lisa. You've got to care about your partner enough to not give her Newport spooled semen and give us some good fruit semen. Thank you. Yeah, now I got nothing today.


I'm sorry nobody screamed at it here. Flag nothing naïf like right away, you guys. It's oh, you ain't right. That's all Joe did. It's crazy that day. That's all, Joe. It is crazy that day. I think it's good that you experiment with yourself.


Get to know yourself a little more different. Labruzzo also look in the mirror like you and I get crazy today. No, I'm totally with this. Does anyone have anything embarrassing about themselves that they've ever shared in this pod that I never I never want to do said anything and beaten up?


I never came to worry about that sentence is correct. You go. Everything I do is call. So you I said, Joe, slowly, you may only you come on your face, OK, why are you so weird?


Wait, where are we? That's, you know, a little weird. That's true. That's true. It's a movie. There is about March 5th at twenty five percent capacity.


Is that a good thing? We're starting to see hopefully. OK, and why they picked that pick something cooler open. Look what the garden.


The ground is on concerts, the books like Open. So I think to two thousand people. Capacity to garden now. Oh that's great. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. And Rory and Parks and Mall and everyone else that has this platform of a million people listening. They said we'd be lying about that. What you got hooted at them. Based on what I don't know, they just say the side and the networks just put it out to the discussion about it and station and then say facts afterwards.


But why would that stop at a million if I'm alive? Yeah, we would do a better life.


I would do two, three, four or five million a week. Yeah, sorry. Not a million.


Adding the impressions while we're at it, they put the list out of the top 50 podcasts in the country or the world or whatever that is on it. And we were ranked thirty one round of applause for us.


I mean, we're number one in your hearts, no Jarrod's No. One in their hearts, I don't know something about their hearts on the list and in their hearts.


No, I took pride in this list because who lives in top 32?


Not 30 to me. Not if you think about it, though.


Yeah, we're not there. Do I take pride in his list? Because so many to podcast before us are like the news show people.


A lot of them were actually like the crime fiction people. A lot of these are actual like TV shows like new book.


Freakonomics is right there. It's come on Dateline, NBC, come on the TED talks. I'm here. Bill Simmons in his house.


So that's why he didn't really read the top ten. Joe Rogan, The Daily Crime Junkie, This American Life, my favorite murder stuff. You should know, office ladies, pots, pots, save America, Planet Money and wait, wait. Don't tell me I really like that name for a part. Wait, wait.


Don't tell me that. It's like I have no idea what it's about, but it's a good title.


Yeah. I just want to hear next ten would be Radiolab, the Ben Shapiro Show Cereal, Fresh Air Call or Daddy of First The Dave Ramsey Show. Armchair expert with DAX Shepard. Conan O'Brien needs a friend and WTF with Marc Maron podcast all the time.


And like when podcast comics had twenty. Well, if I'm going to be reading Dateline to talk to Bill Simmons Hidden Brain, the mad Rush Limbaugh views with Dave Brock and Jason Nash criminal and then us.


That's hard, that's hard. Yeah, and top 30 on the thirty one, well, only me, but. You're not 31 yet. I'm 30. You are a loser. He's a loser because you started going rogue. Why not grow up? Let me try for many years. He will not turn thirty one.


You're not going to remember that when I'm are your warriors 30 shot up takes 365 days a fucking year, which means I know who markets the colleges.


I'm joking. Let's move on. No, let's not move on. Let's stay there.


Let's not. Let's stay here. But let's do it calmly. I agree with Parks. Had I known of Rory and I, we're going to have that argument, we would have had it in a much cooler way and we'd have expanded it because it was hard to get it. I didn't even know that people would be interested in that conversation like that.


I will say, as annoying as I thought we were, it's what everyone talks about from that episode now. So maybe we should be more annoying sometimes. No, let's talk about so some people I can see where the confusion come from. I saw some people telling me that I marketed to college.


I was serious when I thought they pump it up. Did it was targeted to college sports events?


No, no, no.


It was targeted to sportsman's, not college sports events.


I think the confusion and argument we're having is that is where something lands and that you can market to multiple demographics like you can market to the street and the college kids at the same time. It's OK, you would want to actually screw with it.


But a lot of times when, how and what something is made for differs from what, how and when something is marketed for. I think my point with coal is, of course, there's nothing wrong with coal marketing because there's nothing wrong with it. I think my opinion to arguing for that coal is one of the best emcees to ever touch a mic. And he didn't have to take that. Yes, you would have eventually landed there anyway because they would have related to you.


And when you say marketed towards, you mean in the lyrical content as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Business was like Roy said a the Drake video was in high school. Yes, it was. I still didn't feel like that was marketed toward college. I mean, home grown organic, the lyrics. Well then somebody told me that so far going was marketed to college because of the spoken word shit that was in there. And I laughed at that college.


No, you can't claim spoken word. I'm sorry.


No, I think so far gone was directly marketed to colleges because the first so far gone tour was a college tour. And he went to college campuses to rap those songs. See, that's that's that's that's marketing to college kids. Joe, that's not even an argument. And not only that college. I disagree with that. So when you go directly to where those people are and that's your only focus on that tour, how is it not more.


But see, the thing I let I have that because I was just so locked in with it.


But to me, the college is basically the same to me as the strip club as far as breaking a record, a record getting high traction. Yeah, it's like if kids on college campuses are being incarcerated in a dorm rooms and at the campus parties and, you know, you got to hit and then they speak to the you know, the whatever whoever the people are that put together shows and cambio. Can you can you get this artist to come out?


What you're saying is why I have a beef with Rory's point, because the music business is reactive. So when I make a record and put it out. It don't matter what it's about, if it's going crazy at the colleges, I'm going to end up at the colleges for sure. But that's not what I made this for. That's not what I'm talking about. That's not right. It's not the contest, not college.


And if I could be from the street and I'd be targeting the street and in college, I loved it. So they take it. And since you were confused about why I have an issue with that, that's why Joe specifically has an issue with mass marketing, because whatever something was intended to be, marketing can turn it into something entirely different. Yeah, and my entry to hip hop is always going to make Joe have an issue with that, as simple as would Jesus walks.


I don't think Kanye marketed that to gospel. Gospel, no, but gospel. And it played in the strip clubs. Yeah. You understand. I'm saying like so it's like you can make something in and have an idea where you wanted to go and live and grow, but ultimately the people determine where they're going to take.


I think Jesus once was kind of made with the intention for it to appeal to Christian listeners to some degree. I'm not mad at.


It probably was, but I definitely was in a strip club throwing singles when Jesus walks.


Oh, sure, sure, sure. And you're a sinner.


But we all know if artists make the type of music that like a drink makes, even with so far gone, literally only have one audience in mind when they're creating the record.


So to say, yes, so far gone went crazy with colleges and went crazy shit went crazy club shit.


I think that's kind of the genius of Drake when he makes a record that can appeal to so many people.


But that's what marketing is like. These are skeeball sneakers. I'm never going to sit on a skateboard with you.


But there was. But there was like but there was no marketing when he locked himself in the Toronto studio with whoever in the countdown was on to Doughboy's and was on his own blog. We didn't know how any of it was going to sound. And we just saw pictures of him in a hotel with a tank top. We didn't know him. There was no hype. There was no nothing. We didn't know who it should be marketed toward, who was going to grasp it.


We didn't know a thing. And music was made and came out and we all loved it.


Yeah, I think to say what's real without you know, when I went over, it came out. We all loved it. What the fuck is this? We was jamming. That's all I give who it hits when it comes out like it.


Like it's not ours anymore when it comes. It's not. That's why I said to people not of course, people will determine where I was. I was speaking about when it belongs to you still know what? Like when the music belongs to Cole.


Still, I can hear how he does things to hear that that audience got you. That's all. I don't hear it so much from Drake now.


Quite don't understand that whole point that you make with that. He is only an example. He went he went to rapping about his life.


I know. Like he doesn't mean it has to appeal to Joe or myself personally. Yeah. I've never personally. What is a college? He kind of raps and it's not against quite honestly, I'm not big into the college raps either.


OK, yeah, but college was a big part of your experience. Sure. And now I went to college.


That's why when listening back to our argument for me, I could hear how you kind of sounded like you were triggered at just that mere mention of a college opinion. Like won't hold up now.


Why do you say that you said I sounded stupid, which to me said, OK, Rory's probably bothered by something. I'm saying, no, it wasn't bother.


Look, I just thought it was odd that somebody that went to college, made their career in college, met their whole team in college.


What he's going to rap about it and it's going to end.


It's going to appeal to the people that had a similar experience, the same way, no doubt, in other types of content, whether it be structured or not, with other artists.


See what you can't say that for me. For me as a 40 year old, they can speak for themselves, for me as a 40 year old. You can't say that because that perspective didn't even exist until college dropout would call you. Well, there was none whatever he just said, there wasn't even an allowable thought until Kanye College drop out and then we had so many more stories come from that with the MC Millard's and the niggas that went to college.


That's when that came in. Yeah, but before that is there at all.


We all hated your. And not only do we all thought y'all were weirdos and didn't, but I can't even name a lot of rappers that went to college. Yeah, so I mean, but also you do that generation.


That's also a social thing, too, because like I've had this when we talked about college on this podcast around when I went to college in 08, it was more of a college boom at that point, like people before me didn't it didn't matter race, whatever, didn't go to college like that.


It wasn't a priority the way it is now and so readily available for people to go. Like once I started going to college, it was a regular thing for people.


It was a priority for rich white people, which goes into the conversation about college students having a high disposable income because they do because they don't have bills and they come from rich parents, they have money to spend on beer and concerts in t shirt.


And I'm talking about the Tom Bodett and some to say they have a high income and they have a high disposable.


And for those reasons, some of us in hip hop, pre college dropout view those people as from like a privileged position, that's for sure.


Village type of thing for sure. That still exists.


So when I listen back to our argument, I could just understand how it happened with you being from one side of the fence and being from another side of the fence. But I don't knock nobody's experience in hip hop.


And listen, I can only speak for my self. At St. Peter's College in 2008 to 2010, ninety nine point nine percent of that campus was either from Newark or Brooklyn, like everyone there was from the college experience.


But it was it wasn't me. That's a no, no, no, no. Let me let me finish.


I'm saying it wasn't this disposable income, white privilege Connecticut kid that was in college at that time look like average people were starting to go to college when I started to go to college.


Sure. But the numbers exist as a small percentage. Those colleges are not that's not the case in a majority of colleges in the United States of America. Agree. The higher education has to speak. In my experience when I was in college, everybody is sure.


But the college system in the United States is strongly skewed towards people of economic privilege. Speaking also about New York City in northern New Jersey, only speaking for money.


But yeah, I think people the college should change the way from when y'all grew up. It was kind of regular to go to college in my era, for the most part. It wasn't a crazy thing. Majority of people went to college, I looked up a lot of stats on it and people from low income families and ninety six, I think 12 percent went to college and in 2016, it was more like 20.


So, yes, it did. It did. I'm not speaking of any facts that I understood my experience. I just remember being very low number compared to to wealthy families. Oh yeah, absolutely.


But music is definitely I don't care. Marketed to college and the streets.


And it doesn't count Rory's experience because Rory's school was as a block from a hood block.


It's in the same Peters's on Montgomery Walk here about two blocks up and bustling right one day. But so it's like Rose from Jersey City. You're not from out. I mean, you're from there and you went to the school and yeah, you seem to make it so you piscine me. I was hoping in the me and all the drug dealing was open and whatever it sounded like. Honey, I'll go here. We had St. Peter's I.D. I used to sneak into the garage, but you go through the back gate, you know the vibe.


It was mad killers in there. Yeah. I don't count nothing he's saying. No, no, no. I don't mean like like my son is from New Jersey, but he's living at the school.


He's away to school. He never seen these niggas. That's from all these drugs.


It's a different vibe. It's like it's a college by myself. I'm alone. I'm on my own to learn the world.


Was that your experience there? Yes.


And because of Kappa, I was able to travel up and down the East Coast to different colleges. So I I'm not only speaking from my commuter school in the hood, like I can go down a Rucker's ruckus change drastically in twenty eight when I was there.


And I'm saying I never went to college, but I got it. But Montclair State did go to college.


I never was admitted to a college, but I was into Moncler classes. We yeah we did the Willie P, Willie P we here now for the day all my friends I got to kick us out of here. All my friends that didn't go to school was on my campus all the time. I went to I went to Virginia State for like a month or whatever. So I don't know what it is with Jersey City kids and Willie P, my little son Willie was a guy Trey can't give you of.


He's got to just drive the wheelie bin. Yeah, that's what the girls is.


That's what the girls that, you know, you know, which college campus got the cute girls like. That's the first thing. When I was in school, Montclair State had them to.


You knew what I bought. Yeah. You know, high school too. I used to creep my ass up to Maris.


I used to cut that last period head up to Mary's for the let's see what they was doing. Yeah. They was coming out with their little uniforms. I was dressed or I thought I was I thought I was swaggy at the time. That's funny.


Anyway, moving on and to wrap it up, do you think the blog era. Combined with the college, because I do agree with you, before I was the college that wasn't part of hip hop, he was looked at with shame and tried to make Asher Roth cool and he made an error. It's a brother. It's funny that you bring that up. I actually know Ashley is a really good guy. I'm sure he's talked about how mad he was.


And I think this was Interscope that did that. He was like, dude, I was a hippie jazz fan. They cut my hair and made me this frat guy that I'm not I've never been this person.


But they wanted to market me as this. I love college. Everything I do after this has to be something to do with school is like fame. I smoke weed and my hair is long and I don't wear shoes with nuts.


Yeah, like, what a way. To simplify my point, I'm glad you said that. It's not that I have a problem with college marketing work.


I have a problem with that type of marketing. I can't argue that to Joe is like, well I have a problem. Speak to that with. Because you don't need to defend the truth, you don't need to you don't need the talent, don't need to be don't don't need to be extra is talent like it speaks for itself. I'm going to always fall on that side of the fence. Once you get into marketing, that introduces the business to it.


And it has more so to do with everything outside of town.


Yeah, but if it depending on the market there is, there is ethical marketing, I think that probably exists.


And I'm very, very aware of those scarce, you know, I think we did in this debate. We confuse marketing and promotion. They do go hand in hand and they are together.


So I love, for example, like Mique when he first came out, I remember hitting all the homecomings, all fucking Greek weekends he perform, which I knew the label was putting him there to reach the other audience. So I guess I'm not saying Mick was specifically marketed to college kids, but he was going to be promoted because he had party records.


And that's a demographic you need. Yeah.


How sorry. College campus year.


I'm going to make sure my artist is at homecoming weekend and is performing. I went to fucking Delfs homecoming with Recrossed and Warka and Mieke all perform all that you would say aren't marketed to college kids but.


That's what they were targeting. I remember once on my home where they let you stay on the dole, stay home. They thought I went there.


I've been through it all day on college, college counselors. We have in the bag some deaf students.


But college classes are also tricky, though, because I remember I when my home boy had a show upstate near college campuses and thought that, oh, no, we thought that all the like the college because his homeboy went to the school. So we thought that, you know, a few people from from the school are going to come to. So we get there like, yo, it's a concert out here tonight. So it might be a little thing at the club, like people might not be there.


So I'm like, oh, I'm like, who's performing?


I'm thinking he's like Dead Prez. I said, wait. College kids are going to a Dead Prez concert. Yeah, it didn't it didn't make sense to me at the time. Now, looking back, I understand it. Yeah, I get it now. But in that time I'm like Dead Prez. It just it didn't make sense.


I get it because I didn't even know about depression, honestly.


But there yeah. They were speaking at a high level shit. It makes sense.


Now I understand it. Back then I didn't. I'm waiting to hear DMX, you know, saying something like one of those guys, Dead Prez, I was I saw dead.


But that's in Syracuse, Syracuse, a million years ago, that whole kind of era. That's why I was excited to sell you something. I mean, just show another college football technique was a big bogged down for years.


I seemed to sounds like it went to like a basement, everything. Or did you not go? No, I didn't.


I didn't go. I didn't go because we went to the venue, my home, which was before it got you. And she was the seven people in the it ran you off her records. Were you going to take the drive and take a drive to Rucho? Stay over there. Mm. It's a ruckus. And take the drive.


South Jersey Boys, South Jersey, South Jersey. I said to South Jersey Boys, go to Rutgers, go to Rutgers. Damn it.


All right. What else is happening? I was a nice little college, so they're much more level headed than the last one.


Yeah, we was just, you know, I was making a point and you stepped on my point with some college, so I forgot what your point was to me, too. I got along. Didn't matter. It started started fucking with me.


It started with I hate artists that market to college. And I said, why? But I was going somewhere and then it just went off the rails from there. So come on here. I want to do Tiger Woods gets in a real bad car accident.


Clippers up in an L.A. Tiger Woods undergo surgery after rollover vehicle accident sounds. But legendary golfer Tiger Woods underwent surgery after he was injured during a traffic accident Tuesday morning in Los Angeles. Woods suffered multiple leg injuries, his agent says said in a statement to NPR. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Woods, 45, was driving the only vehicle involved in the collision and the vehicle rolled over. Mr. Woods was, I can't see extracted. Thank you. Thank you.


Scream anymore. That's not extracted. It not extricated.


Oh, extricated from the wreck with the jaws of life by Los Angeles County firefighters and paramedics then transported to a local hospital by ambulance for his injuries. The department said in a statement, Why do you think this happens to Tiger, the only vehicle involved in the accident?


And it flipped over like that, fell asleep. That yeah, that sounds like somebody that fell asleep and fell asleep behind the wheel.


I'm not going to say that he was drinking and driving. Don't take any of those COSAC, please. I'm speculating. I'm guessing on some of the variables that could exist for this type of accident to occur.


You could have done to hit a deer or something. Yeah. Any in this context.


And I'm just happy that he is OK because do we know that he's OK? Well, he's just had multiple leg injuries, so prayers for a speedy recovery.


That car look fucked up. Yeah, that looks like it could have been.


I don't ever want to see the jaws of life. Yeah. The jaws of life. I hope to never need that.


I've been in a couple of accidents. Car accident. Oh yeah. Bunch actually. Really. That's got to provide some type of PTSD. Yeah, sure. He have been in a car accident. Definitely PTSD, even seeing a car accident, like I've never really been in a bad car accident, been in a few, you know, fender benders. But I remember seeing a car accident up ahead of me, like call it like it exploded and just data was coming to the crib one night and we saw a car accident on.


On the highway and in the dude was dead in the call me a job market that I was one night. Seems like his leg was so we were when we were doing the Christmas album, Gift got a Uber home one night and was in a terrible car accident and stole a car. We got to the scene because he called us and there was a car flipped over upside down fire coming out of it all night. I was like, Yeah, this is terrifying.


Luckily, he was in the car and he was safe and everybody was OK.


But thank God it is scary shit. Yes, scary. You know, I've slammed into a telephone pole at 70 miles an hour. I slip into a tree at probably 50.


I was driving while I was in the passenger seat where you white boys go driving recklessly, ran central black ice and slammed into the shit and airbags we name and ask each other.


We was OK. Just started throwing all the things out in the car we shouldn't have had. And then ambulances and police came.


You want to bring it in for warm embrace with me? No, no, no. Airbags fucking hurt, but making sure you want to bring it in. He didn't want to seem like a huggable moment. He's good. He seems like a real. Oh, this is awesome. I was 16 and he seemed like he's still 16. I've gotten over it. You're 16. Three weeks ago or one day I'll be thirty one, I hope. Still a fucking child.


And you manage child making fun of ages, man. Funny making fun of babies. I mean, I do it too.


It's like that person can't control that. Yeah. They can't help it. I'm sorry. My parents say someone sorry. My parents had sex in eighty six when when we do. How should I go about using me to fix this.


OK, we're going, we're going to get back to smarter are telling me he really knows the Eagles.


They have, they have, they have history. They've taught all the screaming and told me they've been running together since 06. They all from the same block oh six oh about 06.


Doesn't know about the old scream and tried to tell me that before the record that I'm not allowed to say came out.


He was already run in with Kosovo there on twenty thirteen.


I figure I forgot what the name was. Twenty thirteen I had figure.


I figure I forgot the way boys got to see that they got to say, figure, yeah, don't see, I figure Gloria.


They won't even say I no you got to stay away from it now.


But they've known each other since twenty, twelve, thirteen.


But it was six in twenty twelve.


I came into the bar mall and Rory was the fall guy and he and Alex, this green man were like, whoa, you guys, they know each other. It was putting out the Schumi Girls project and you have to give a fuck man cause I have that corny is corny nonsense.


I'm going on there to that. You guys say what I say. Smiggle say money never stops and never again parks money never stops.


Now, let me remind you, Mom, that Rory is the same guy that came in here when pop after pop Smoketown drop when he died from King Kong, would have never recorded this record with him if he were alive.


I didn't say that way. And I apologized after because I did not realize that they were actually very close at the time. He didn't know I went to college.


I am not going to come back. Computer Kappa since it was my pops, I'm not going to come back. So yeah. Know you can disagree with that. I'm going to college and fuck that. No I was going a million. I'll make it work. I was not suggesting that Bobby Chmela and Amigos could not know each other. I was going off timing that. You guys were telling me that before anyone even knew who Bobby Shimada was. And that record never existed when him and his friends were just in Brooklyn killing that he already knew all the girls.


Yeah, I don't know the extent of the Tapert, but I know they toured together. This is after. Yeah, I don't understand why I don't understand about this, say the conversation, but tokawa able to say, yo, you don't know, you don't know. But that's not what I'm saying. You don't really. You never really was his friend. I know. Friendship of two people. I don't know.


I can tell you why you brought the jet there to pick them up.


You still pocketwatch it but you I mean everyone pocketwatch is by its nature is explain everyone has some sense of how much money another person's making.


Not true. Yes, it is. I'm not sure this, but I guarantee you.


Why do you think that your Pocket Watch Rogan's podcast all the time. Out of taxpayer money, I'm going to do that. That was your old land, that one was layered. Everyone, Demnig is harmonizer. I don't know. Why do you say that?


I don't feel like I ever watched Joe Rogan. You pay attention to how much money he was making. I pocketwatch. I read, if that's what you're saying. I read.


She don't like watching when it comes out and these headlines come out to fatten the stock, the shareholders pockets.


So I have to know that I don't I don't pocketwatch if I read something said Joe Rogan made a hundred million next year and I know someone turn this off.


I can't I can't see this at all. I can't know. I can't know everyone. I won't know hockey. But yes, everyone in business is some sort of pocketwatch to some degree.


And that was that was a very poor example. No, it wasn't. That's not pocketwatch. That's not possible. I think it's something I understand boxes and all. But I understand Pakistan.


It's so Pakistan basically saying, like, you pay attention to what someone else is doing in business, how much they're making, especially if they're in the same work field as you, because it makes sense to do that. Everybody does not do that. There's athletes definitely negotiate their contract based on talking.


Watch somebody tell me how much money you have.


I didn't want to look. You told me.


No, but it's not that it becomes a pocket watch and wait, you you say it like, oh yeah. I just gave him two hundred million. Like for what. Like OK, so what are you going give us. Like what are you gonna give me. Watch. Yeah. Pocket watch is when you go out of your way to speak on or know somebody else's business.


But it's not I don't look at it as much as boxing. If it's somebody in your same work field, I'm saying that's a pocket watch secondary. I read what somebody made a field. Now that's the field. Some other podcasts you just watch to keep joking. I don't think he was seriously saying that it was some serious stuff, but I think that he firmly believes his point.


So I was looking for an example as to why he firmly believes his point, not the if you read them in your pocket, watch him. That's my blanket definition of pocket watch.


And when you go out of your way to better if it doesn't concern you, but like if it's in the same field, other podcasters, other it's just being so much part of the field, there's no one the market, no one to the workspace. Well, how much money do all you gentlemen have in your bank accounts right now?


Finally, I got about twenty which make up. Mm. I like that energy. Oh come on.


It's, it's him. It's him.


Well I was sentenced him on Pocketwatch KWEM on how he will be smarter. Thank you. You're welcome. Watching. How would you give it up. Like if Savon came home. Like would you pull the toilet to work buddy.


I like how you went. Well I need beer. How do you welcome home the gun.


You don't pull the Prius up to the island.


What do you what do you got. What do you go for. He goes in in a Prius. You already know, go pick up Savon, bring them back here so he can fucking get my fucking cigs.


What's Samone going to jail for. That's the lesson I gave to six three demands. I say to my man, stop getting captured. Catch your balls, stop getting captured. Sniggered was wrong to lose focus he doing but don't get captured. Don't let them catch you niggas calling you from the forest. Where's the good. You know the things I did to be creative with the lines. Imagine me. Don't get captured, don't get captured or whatever. But anyway what was the question.


I wanted to ship him.


Does that answer that and what do you think I would be doing for you? Would him on the PJ? You wouldn't scream for him until it was the other way around. What was that shit that was put on?


Oh, you're forcing him into it. It's reverse him. Free him. Yeah, there it is.


I was out of it. Or listen, that's because future fucked it up when he first said it.


It free him until it's spelled backwards. Like, that's not that that's you know, forget it. Forget the future.


I just Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, MIFUMI. Hey, that kind of work. Murphree He did freeze to me.


If I get captured. Don't say that you usually get captured. There's also a net over this kid could get this kid off the streets afraid to garçon had a street named after him.


Rest in peace for a long live. Always rest in peace, Fred. And this poll says the Bronx is where hip hop comes from, holed up, looking shop for big pop and having.


The Bronx is where hip hop comes from, Sedgwick, hey, the culture where some of the most legendary people are born, Fred had some big shoes to fill and he didn't disappoint. Join us as we cement in history your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.


Monday, February 22nd at the corner of is that Ligget Ligate Street and Kelly Avenue in the South Bronx. Social distancing. You OK? Yeah.


Did you vaccinate? Well, I'm not vaccinated.


You vaccinated. Social distancing will be strictly enforced.


Masks are mandatory. Reserve your free tickets link and buy bio. Really happy for Fred. Rest in peace. And this is something that. Something I think about often, like as if you transition as a rapper, as one of the things you want is for your street or your block, the fucking kind of be renamed in your honor. So this is awesome.


Congratulations to Fred, his entire family, his fans, his new album, Out to Love, that is essentially done great.


And, you know, I'm real glad it Fat Joe and Jim Moyse show up. Yeah, like where did the Fred God son shit? But that was great. Fred always showed up. I know he was old and Jim told the story. He told a story about how he was kind of not feeling really into the hip hop share for two years straight in the studio. Fred would just be there, like just inspiring him and helping him get that confident confidence and that source back to get where he needed to be.


So, again, rest in peace, Fred said out Fat Joe gym, the Holby X. Yes, sir. And his entire family show more than emoji that you put their.


Is that something to do with the Illuminati circle that you deal with because only people from that Illuminati circle? Text me this emoji. Oh, no, that's just pretend this is that what that is? Yeah, OK. I thought it was some secret society. She just got the new emoji back. Not as desperate every time it sent to me. I don't understand. It was a black hand primer. Throws it Illuminati. Is that Illumina which is praying Feb.


three. We just pray. It's just prayers. That's all it is. It's just praying like this. That's what I got.


OK, it was just asking. Got to keep your hands like this to receive the blessings and the communion for Father O'Neill. I knew. I knew, I knew it was going to. I knew. I know. I got the body of Christ in Christ. I got it. I got it. I got it. I'm taking my body. Listen, man, we want to do parts of this therapy, so how are you feeling today? You guys need to go to confession saying, no, no, we're having a little dargah word.


You should you should walk back in and say you shouldn't have did that. Hey, that was so sad for you to confess, buddy. That was wrong. Just to go. Come here. My son is going to be late again. God works on me every time I keep coming back. Oh, my God. Always red wine there. But what do you want from me?


Your classic. It's red wine and candles like and crackers may be set in the mood to get you to relax.


What does it. Red wine and crackers. Mm hmm. These are these are cheap date, cheap date as it's all about the connection and crackers.


It was a fact. Definitely red wine and crackers. I seen this fucking old Texas just never got over it.


Someone brought that over to the House party. That's that's the Carla. Rosie. Yes. Blackout juice, y'all. That little joke we were just doing that made me think of when I when I stepped up. When you got molested to.


Silence so the audience could really think about and digest what he just said. And that's my new shit. Your silence is letting let have no worry now when I was molested, too, and I've never been molested. Well, and prayers to anybody that has absolutely no right step when I step to stack bundles and said, hey, man, I got this name for a group for me and you. Hustle and Flow. I was really hyped when I thought about the movie, it just came out, I thought it was a cool name for two.


One would be hustle, one would be Flow. And it was a really dope idea until he said, you guessed it. Well, who am I?


That's a great question. Who was he?


If you know anything about it, I thought he should be hostile and he thought he should be followed.


That's why yesterday I got stumped that yes, I was outside a club arguing about who was Hustler. I was Flo.


He said, you can't flow. Yeah. And then then I can't I can't hustle, buddy. So I got to be. What is that? And then the progressive lady stole your name. Yeah. Yes. And made a killing with it. I'd love to hear from rappers about when they got off their original rap name or. That's a funny name you came up with. I think it'd be Disulfiram kind of makes me sad, though.


A U.N. stack album together would have been amazing.


Hustle and Flow. Come on, man. Maybe with a different name. I don't I hate the name, especially with the movie coming.


You hate it in twenty twenty one in 2004. I don't know that you hate it. I think it will be right with you twenty four.


But yeah I would like it without the movie was the first time I did what. No words without even thinking about this back then.


Brehme doesn't rap see. Proves my point and and then I see children. I see you, I see you held on awful and you and you know it was like but you keiki that much. You threw a rap.


I'm going to be rage and you're going to be seen. Oh look there's a couple of times you got, you got your dream. Oh my God. You can't get it. God bless and get it done with stagey. You go back to a rap. I got it. Yeah. Rage in the Machine. You got it. You got your shit off. I was rage. Yeah, of course. You rage. You talkable. You have you hurt yourself.


Yo buddy, you know what's wrong with Kurri Kurri Kurri. I never want him here. I never. You know what's funny to me. Hey, hey, hey. Let me tell you I like crazy because it was funny.


We put out the all of last album, right. And you heard album.


I was fucking ridiculous. A couple of times I was ready to die. I really got really good thanks.


I didn't say the second part about what college them. But you want to the market. You wouldn't let me brought the disk to St. Peter's. Yeah, I went check this out. I could afford to. Yeah. Yeah. But when I was, when I was just finished that really depressing suicide was album. Right. I advertise some of y'all don't know me, but I quit. It was over. I can't believe you're telling us this. I was retired after that album, right?


One day. Because, you know, I got these tour dates going to you when you get a minute, do you fuck your retirement? Wait, wait a minute. I said put every time. Yeah. No, you did not go. So you didn't come to France. We got a hotel room. Here's the Hilton. We got talk. You can retire after the tour, but we'll get these ten days. And that's how, you know, it was money.


That was a tour date. Yeah. That was when you guys get out and do a tour and we got to define tour by shows.


Eight to ten. Akron, Cleveland, Cincinnati. There's a tour. Columbus, Ohio, on the tour. While there are some people. Oh, you kill here because it's like on the way to Ohio.


I mean, yeah, I had to get away from court, but that fucking stupid hollow battle help them. When I learned it was a book, I say, you know, I don't want to do this.


I never said that I wanted this was a go now. But he said, no, no, no, I know.


But the rent is actually the rent for the next four months. Yeah, yeah. You know, it just maybe it's for, you know, it just went on the last five months. So mean. Right. You got to do it in your one. Oh yes. I said yo. Yeah. So so you also a low drop and. Yeah. So you also at the end of the day you also see look you know you look I've seen enough you hustle.


Yeah. That was a hard but that was all I bought. I actually like that. It was just the way you read. Hey I am, I am on the stage. Make it another big that was. Oh he said I thought that was a great book that was on. Think it was just wrong. That was all. Yeah. That was a good line. It was good.


Listen part of that being on my bucket list was not to do it in front of fucking bombast. Paul Rosenberg. Oh, did that mess up our new slaughterhouse agreement?


We signed the agreement. I think it's done now. It's a lot of out to get away from shady, but but I can't say anything bad about him. Oh, I just I mean, I'm saying something. I don't know if it's going to last, but they're going to do that, wasn't it? No one concerned contract for really long hours. But I forgot I was on my part of this. Being on my bucket list was not just a battle.


One of the guys who I think is one of the greatest battles hollow.


But it was really the you are our audience. That's why you want to do this. So they could heckle you. They could say what's hard. They could say back to your entry level. So you are able to me, says the street, this was something else.


This felt like something else. Well, that's why I love this was I love Hollow's the first verse. They didn't even talk about you in the first verse. He said exactly what you're saying. I look cool, broke too. But look, no.


Thanks. This was at that exact moment he had some money, they were walking all around me, I sort of hit him at least twice. The way you can see if this was you are allowed to hit him, why? No, you can't do that. Battles over. And by the way, flair, dramatic flair. No, no, no, no, no.


And I love Hollow's as much as I'm bringing up his first his first verse when he walked around you in circles and then said, I'm wrapping circles around him. I did want to shut my laptop.


I didn't like that. I thought that was one of the worst ever when he threw the bag down there and said, I'm getting my bag, but I love Hollow.


And I do think how close one of the greatest bachelors ever and I bought everything that he's doing right now. And they could go in if they said, if you guys don't stop booing, your battle is over. And the worst part of Joe, give me my ball back like, no, no, no. I'm looking at this from you are I just remember how, you know, I just remember how it ended. And I'm like, how did this I don't remember this night, but now remember.


Well, you shouldn't be shocked. It ended like that. If I just told you that I stepped to court and said, I'm you. I didn't know that. I didn't know that it's my first time knowing that you felt like that. No, you are doing it. Yeah. I didn't know you felt like that.


So they was giving me a hard time. The third I was like, wait, huh. Yeah, I didn't even finish this nigga. Yo yo keyboarder. Yo. Well can can you give me a boo. All right.


Can you give us give us your third round right here. Give us anything right here.


OK, I'm just third round so I don't want that I'm sure.


I wish I had a greater quality job, but OK, but. Well, I mean, you performed on the record, I said, yo, oh, yeah, man, she recorded that he won't remaster and put out. I said, you know what name you got man? Joe Barton vocals. He waiting for me to try to holler, said I got this one 12. I want Joe to see.


That was the icing on hard. Right. I just say I just said what you said was just how can I quit smoking with friends like yo, tell me about everything holidayed.


I just said you. I just said you had a boss. I need your boy.


Fuck, I got this one twelve and when Joe does he was to that was fucking hard. Yeah.


Oh you got that. Oh boy. From Sugar Doug enough. And we're back to anybody, anybody here that may be confused. Joe had it looked like they were from Sugar Jay Sugar to any of the audience members, Sugar Jay came out, came in and dropped off about seven at those, Joe was like, I'm go for the next five years out this motherfucker. Now you shit like that is. Yeah, yeah. But anybody that come on, you know now go back.


Go over over with. Boy you're being honest. Every man out is like so why do you keep trying to say I'm gay. No, no that's not what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to say that this is this is gay. This is also my source. It's giving gay. No, I'm saying this source right here is definitely shit that you a weirdo you with it.


I think that's a good fit. What I'm honest about. Don't have a fanny pack more issue. No, I don't. You did have a fanny pack.


I never had one of those. I've never had one of you all just lying to your audience. No, you had you had a Satullo.


That's not a fanny pack. It's the same cousin. They're called bags. No, it's cousins. You keep the clown there. You've had a satullo.


Right or wrong? I'm just asking if you had a satchel. Yes or no? All right, cool. Moving on. I never had a statue. I'm gay because that statue I didn't say. I just said you dress like that. So that said, I didn't say you were gay. And if you were, they'd be totally fine. Yeah, I never said you said you wish you like that boy wouldn't be so bad.


He would say, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. We can't do that here. Well, yeah, dude, I can't talk to each other like that over. You can't have Mary Jo. Well, two things. Do things do things. I don't date coworkers. No one. You know, they even say I don't date coworkers because, you know, I want to see where. And number two, you're not really my type.


You'd die for it. Now you do a lot of shit. When you date, you would die for it. You would die for it. That is another man. He would die, which I would you would die for the opportunity. I like my men more polished. Sorry. His nails are polished.


Would you would say to me, listen, would you do your best, what you would say to give me the bag, the way I see the way I see you spending all your significant other time? It was good, bro. Hey, if you're free on a Saturday night, maybe we could run up to Jones Beach, have some, like a little track and have some bacon lobster tracking for track and field. Rory will be track and field big picture, but it may you save me on the phone as a college dropout bay.


I did drop out of college working and all the street. Yo yo. And I'm not coming to the hood with Rory on my arm. Yeah, then I'd be a little suburban, jump the shit out of me. That's just suburban niggas. First live on a block with a suburban suburban. You use the car. Hey, where'd you meet him? Woodbury. Oh, I went to Woodbridge. Hope one day, you know, when you meet him up forever.


Twenty one, y'all. So, you know, when you meet that area, you mean your significant other online, but you had to make up a story because you couldn't tell me where your middle name was, where to do that. Yeah, I definitely have a mutual friend. I was always that like now we know the same people, you know. Now you got the same followers. Yeah. Yeah. I'm glad that that's like, OK, now we're in a world now.


Damn them. That's the way the world. But no, there was a time where you was just like, no, I like I ran into her once.


I know her homegirl. So yo, you ever had a girl lives off on a tangent. We don't have to stay here because this is just a freestyle. But y'all ever had a girl that every time she gets like the bad or tried to say some of the bad shit you was doing, like she was right. Like every time she heard something, it was accurate and it could be I you with them and such and such. Gabey had no choice but to meet up Friday like.


No. How do you know how to do it. Yeah. And the same I got in this game. Yeah. Yeah it's her. No it's her live like it's not this women intuition shit is such bullshit like. Wow. Nice. Real nice. Absolutely right.


Tell them I can't tell them that we have to constantly deny it. Come on. We can't tell that intuition is real. Yeah. They know we can't let them know that they're right. Right as hell. Yeah they know that shit is damn. I did like that.


I don't even know her. You know how every time they hear in something they hear.


Right. Yo I'm hearing that you got plans to go out with this girl Ashley girl next weekend. I to be having detailed. They know where you're going. I heard you're going to go the race cars but because did this said yeah. Come on man, you crazy. Come on.


I was going to show you I mean, shit like that for me. You text and say, oh, we can't go because that's when I'm stupid. But come on me. Yeah, that's when I know you like when I just repeat what you said. You think I would do that. Whatever I like to say and you know me. You know me better than that. You know me better than that. Come on. Five years. Yeah well five years that's.


Come on. You never even seen me bump a car in five years.


Oh yeah. That's true too. She's got to start saying shit. And the girl that you're cheating with, that you didn't tell that you had a whole relationship, she always wanted to go with her, that she never wanted you. I know this little spot in the park, it's low.


It's not a little spot. Everybody's view of my life. Yeah.


Everybody going in is packed. Hello. Is this shit about it? We just got here. But do you think this is fun? Yeah, it is it man. Why don't you are fucking with me out here. Why did you tell me to meet me at my girl's job.


Did you know the funny shit is when you're out and you try that you in the side, you try not to be seen anybody by see Joe, what's up? Your first car, your first album saved my life. Picture, picture, picture your picture. Joe, I'm going to say no to lose this. Wow, wow. I got say no salute. Wow. You killing it still right. Write your goddamn PSINet picture right to your girl.


It's nasty. I'll hit my. It's nasty, but I don't care. Have fun, live life looked like him. Get the pink powers, did you got the nod and copy a power horse, what you see what did do to a neighbor? Which would you think friendly neighbors when you think somebody's going to say when mom pulls out the pink power horse copter something, she'd better put a helmet on.


It's about to get crazy. Ever more sex before sex. You're you're in for a ride. You you're saying that joke? I was saying, look, it's like, oh, you've got to be serious. And when you're here for the time, you're like, honey, I don't think she's ready. Prepare for a ride. Arabe over quick. You'll be snoring. You've heard of Rockefeller, but I'm not a rocket dame and Dame was in rocket, never mind it.


So calm. So it was more.


Oh, dear God, I'm with Mom. Pink powerhouse on Capitol camera. Come on, you all tell the truth when your platform for me and the neighbor this is this is this is so dull. This ain't even on to say about we all would do this.


This is Rory. Would you say he's marketing to college, not some college. He's marketing to that box. OK.


Yeah. Well, don't just go see the story for me and the neighbor I missed one, two and three word lucky you lucky.


And I miss pink power. One point. Oh, it's 2.0. So can you all give me you guys his opinion on this? Oh, this is to me, it looks like this is stuff.


It's this part of his pink power horse branding, which is pink power horse is a I guess you want to say it. It kind of enhances the sexual stimulant. Yeah. It kind of enhances the sexual experience. So that's the neighbor.


You think he needed that for a man? I don't think asking can you know, I hope that's not to say that. I don't know. I don't know what this little Chris, appreciate it.


He'll have to fire emoji. I don't know what pink power horse does, but to fuck that girl, I would need an enhancement to keep my dick hard. So, yeah, it's a great opportunity to see her personality. Yeah, you can't see her her energy.


I shouldn't have seen this. I don't. I only judge women based on their looks about that part. I'm so glad you talked that word, you know, but this is this isn't now this is he's not really fucking he's not really having sex.


This is this is all part of the strollin. This is yeah.


This is the new market is a real this is the new marketing take. Take the pink power horse and then you'll be knocking your neighbor's head through a wall.


That's all this is. I get it. I understand you've never wanted to fuck a neighbor. It's bad business, yeah, no, I would net bad, please, if you're listening. Don't do it. Don't do it. Do not fucking neighbor. Don't do it as much as you want to or. She's a neighbor, but if you're going to get that pink power horse to point out I'm a find me a sleeper somewhere in the computer. You guys were just they were so much a man.


No joke.


Kevin Samuels, what he did, who's Kevin Samuels? Students do the same man.


You know, Kevin, I don't.


Do you do you Google do your homework, OK? Kevin Samuels is a black man, relationship expert, relationship advice guru.


Well, you say. He's an image consultant, he's also just like. Hmm, oh, these guys, Kevin Smith, Kevin Zippel, he's he's a lifestyle coach.


He's a lifestyle lifestyle coach. Influencer. Kevin Simple. So it seems like I was just about to say you literally just out of State of the Union address with the entire network about things you were going to forget.


But I have a job now more didn't say a word when you just said that. I was reading I was reading this.


I was I was reading capsular. I was reading the caption, I'm oh, brother.


Kevin Samuels, who am I? Followed and dimed over the weekend to say, I really enjoy what you're doing out there. Listening, Lincolnville, when you get some time. I didn't put the in below par, but I thought we would appreciate it.


Yeah. Kevin Cytokinetics. I've been just watching a bunch of Kevin Samuels clips. Right. And over the weekend, I was watching one that kind of caught my attention a little bit, he was he was asking he was asking a woman if. If she thought that women could survive without men. That was the question. And of course, the woman said, I know, but I know that you guys to survive that when they're like they always do.


He shut that shit up quickly. He said, OK, let's go through it. And I was glued once you say, all right, let's go through it. You got me ready to go through it. Yeah, let's let's go through it. So he said, how much of the government do you think is ran by women?


And then she said, Sam. And he said, OK, let me rephrase it for you. How much of the government's infrastructure do you think is ran by women? What I mean by that is the power plants, the grids, the sewer system, the all of that stuff and life opportunities, things, every man, woman.


And she said Brandolini night. And he said, you're right, none of you.


So why do you think that you guys could survive without us when men are the people running all the shit that you actually need to stay alive so all the men disappear? You guys would have probably about three weeks to learn this stuff or you die, did I? And she was stopped. But somewhere in that conversation when she said, well, you guys need us to reproduce and he said, I'm talking about survival, ma'am. Yes, we need you to reproduce, but I'm talking about survival, but when she brought that reproduction stuff up, he went on his rant.


And I paused it I looked up, of course I can do that, but they can't do that and we just left it alone. But he was tearing her up about what the women are going to do when they keep asking for equality, equality, equality. And he got me in the gut and the government.


Yeah, exactly. You can't do that. And he says, what are you going to do when the government finally grants financial equality to men? Meaning what do you do when you get pregnant and you want to have a baby? Because that decision is solely yours right now. But the man says, you know what, I don't want to and I want anything to do with that. And the government says that man is financially free from having to support that child and take care of that.


I paused a bit, cut it off. Look, the chorus said he definitely can't do that.


That's never going to happen in my lifetime.


Chappelle made that joke in his last special If if you're allowed to, it's your choice. But if you're allowed to kill the kid, I'm at least allowed to abandon him.


I know he made the joke and I thought it was hilarious.


Kevin Samuels proposed this seriously, and I still thought it was funny. I thought Chappelle was there. And I don't think anything like this would ever exist in my lifetime.


Now, maybe a world when I'm long and gone. But I just thought it was an interesting proposition, and, boy, would it change so much, the government would never approve this. I don't think I should approve that.


Men could have a decision that men could be financially free from taking care of a child. I don't think it's as far fetched as far as you think you might be.


I'm saying is far fetched because of how I believe the government to move, right, like like like my my first my first Trey's mom came up and no matter how she was doing, she was getting support from the government and that was awesome.


But I had to pay the government back. They wasn't getting the child support because they wanted me to take care of my kids so much.


They were getting child support because they were providing for my my family rights.


And that's just my understanding of how the government works.


I would never assume them to eliminate financial responsibility from the father and inherited. That's just not how America taught me America, America's right. So that's why I'm saying it's far fetched.


But to your point, just ideally. I could see it, I could see a proposal being made. I could see the idea being thrown around.


But in terms of approving that, I mean, I think if there was a cluster of the rockets elected, I think it could get done. So I'm seeing a lot more reports about the rock running for president. I told him that you were out of your mind when you first said it, but I'm seeing it now. And the more I see it, the more I think he could win. He and then I'm really going to be conflicted because the rock is my man crush.


And when he gets in organs and maggot it, I'll turn in them all.


And then what's this going to do when both black guys are Maggette out?


I don't know, you tell me why you think it's going to be Republican who dropped them. OK. I don't know, I don't know, standing. Listen, if the star of The Apprentice can win, I think the rock can win. I think the rocker went all the way to do way more dips.


The only way to rock doesn't win is if Trump is on the twenty four ballot, which he may be.


Yeah, and I still think the rock with and that would be a wild America. The Rothrock versus Donald Trump. Twenty twenty four. But I would move. Why are you two to gonna like Stevie Wonder.


OK, I think that's the eventual long term play anyway. So we'll get a head start and I'll bring these white boys with me, have some slaves.


Go fetch my water. Wait, you're going to take me against my will? Absolutely. You know, like it. Do you want to get on this boat?


Oh, yeah. That's all that'll be interesting to watch if that's if that's actually happening.


Yeah. I think Biden's only giving you four years, so you'll think he's going eight. No, I think no matter what, Biden's just doing four years and then he's going to step down and Comilla would probably be the person that would run in four years. Got it.


Against against maybe Trump or Mall or whoever. Thurrock Trump, Trump and Dwayne Johnson for sure.


Oh, it's a sitcom. I saw this. I saw this as we were recording Bryson Tiller dropping anniversary delux album this Friday, five new tracks. And I'm going to buy you know, the anniversary album is really good. I know it was we kind of keep it that first talk about it. I know I came in here of ripping like. Yeah, I don't think any of us killed that the tracklist.


I think we kind of feel like it was on the tracklist killing spree at that time. Maybe. OK, well maybe.


Well yeah, that sounds really good. If Sorrow's was the only thing on that album might have been happy.


I'm that that's how great that song is. I'm, I'm, I'm perfectly fine with that.


I don't know who else is dropping this Friday. I don't know what other music drops, but I'll be looking forward to that. And I'm still waiting on all the big twelve to drop pass. Yeah. Who's who's big bro. Who's the big go. All the big deal. I'm waiting on season. That's coming. Snow's got something coming. I'm going to assume I'm waiting on Drake. I'm waiting on re waiting. Call Kendrick. Whoever the big dogs are, that that's who I'm waiting for, Travis Scott, when I hear from him again, I absolutely want to hear from him again, whoever whoever does three fifty and up.


I want to hear from you all because you all change things to all y'all dictate like the course of things. So whatever y'all created during this pandemic, you all of a wave. So I'm waiting for it.


And with that said, I don't have anything else that I need to get to. Yeah. Meanwhile, we're talking about tearing up Miami together.


Oh, I wanted to I want to go on a trip. I was talking about that before you got here more. But I do want to go somewhere in part where we're not on Spotify. We have we have some freedom to do what we want. So I would like to. But I've only been yelinek since we.


I know, but we couldn't do that before. But now that we have the opportunity. Yeah, I'd like to pick us all up and fly somewhere for maybe a few days the pod and alleviate some stress and just get our heads right. And just different change of scenery. Oh, with it I just have to get Paisley's paperwork. Baesler is not coming. Yes.


Baize these paperwork with the whites be worried about how to get baozi shots. Paperworks, make sure she has Snax is what you get. Gets cranky when she doesn't have sex. That'd be dope though. There we go. I think so. Oh, yeah. Where would you if if in fact this happened, where would you want it to happen? I threw around. Just depends on the trip. We could go to Miami and do it, you know, do it alone.


We could do Turks, that type of vibe. Turks do Jamaica, Bahrain or they close. Jamaica is not close to Jamaica close.


I think really we could look it up and check.


Last time I checked, they were I don't think Jamaica is close to Mexico, but they're not close.


And then you got to take like five covid test quarantine for almost everywhere in Mexico.


If you go outside the Turks and I'm Mexico, I went to Mexico. I think you are going in. I think door's open, too. I went to the office. So that's what you do after you do have to show a negative test to come back? Well, I'm negative. I got the test, but that's the vibes. I mean, we pick a spot, go for a few days, get some patriotic content, get some positives out there, come back on our family.


I like it. I think it's a great idea. I think I think it's long overdue for each of us.


I'm do you have five ready?


This is going to roll on doesn't I'm never going to see it today.


If any of you want to upgrade from the room that is booked, you have to. Pay for it, you have to pay if you want to bring anyone to keep you company that doesn't participate in this part, I hate to break it to you.


You've got to pay for it if you want to upgrade your room. You know, if I got a trash from this shit is over, there's just.


No, let's just understand what's happening. You like that, right?


Yeah. You fucking fucking like that. You got that right. He like that. He fooled me. He didn't like that. He is not to be dope, though I think that's the energy needed if Ian is in the thirty four, be with me.


I'm fine trying to think what would be a cool, cool spot to go to. Well, think about it and we should put that into effect, because I do believe it to be important. Now, with that said, unless you all have something, let's try to find the sleeper's, right? Chiaki talking some island stuff.


Let's go to fucking London, and now that I think is happening, relax when I say we got to touch London on a makeover killed off our London shows or our.


We'll be back. Yeah. Ninety five that one travel time, and I'm back on my really shit right now versus the way I have been assassinated. That would not stop. I just caught the last five a.m. with my folks. I'm close. I'm on my mind. But then I feel like she's hot enough to Testarossa. This is not Toyoda's zero six right now. Sister Steph Grace Ryan never charged my phone line. And if you want that bullshit, please do it on your own time.


I try to be so respectful. I try to be so kind. But for these guys hating people, I gotta know something. Yeah. Yeah. What's this where I've been coming so long to me. When you have you got problems though I one you finish what you're looking for, it's most likely right in front of you. Whatever razor I'm a crap.


And when is Bledsoe with the back of his hand. I guilty of it, Jaquiss. I don't believe we can make it work, but she's talking shit and making me. I'm making me one social so fresh. My dream. Oh, so fetchingly. When you realize you can be everything and be what your eyes to see what. This week may give rise. This wasn't a return of the gene. Messages like Oh, so shake. Whenever you are, let BJ's crew.


That was Aubrey featuring Jeezy and B.J., the Chicago. That one is called Eternal Sunshine, one of my favorite albums to drop last year, really? Really. Another Raverty diversely. Underrated movie, too. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Is our love that's underrated. I feel like it never gets talked about, even with Jim Carrey's like whole. Catalog, if you like, you call movies Sad Girls Post, I'm a sad girl, I love that movie.


So is Jim Carrey so overrated?


Yeah, you're right. You're right about that. I was just trying to get them riled up. It didn't work. I played these guys on the pot and I couldn't pronounce the name the first time and emotional or most featuring Vade and Kyle Deong. Yeah, yeah, we know these guys were always of interest. Oh, these guys are Beitbridge. I do know we got the squad squad out of there.


Um, McNatt Mike and I played them before. I couldn't pronounce it then. Can't pronounce it now.


This is heartbreak making all our. I was awarded the Nobel. Therefore, if we had had a minute and we never. People, you know, if I should take your medicine show now. It's not like we could switch in your way and say, you know, why don't you do it at. This day, it's going to get a 60 day. It seems like some girl is, in fact. With a fresh face growing up, I would say all day, no rush if life suits up in the heat, let it be up to gleam in the church.


Any time you see me, you will see me with a very sweet man caught up in the real happy. I'm doing just fine if you ask me, you know, make your own moves. Please don't think I'm supposed to do J.C. time to get over. You know, show was moving through a round of draft sound down on my knees, let it breathe and feel the new wave from something like this go right till dawn to the day that.


That record is on again. I follow you guys with DM's, should I ask you how to pronounce your name Pocketwatch and follow watching Mike and a breakaway MacKenna MacInnes.


I said, I just want to write something that sounds Irish.


You know this that is true and racist that using anything with a mic is an Irish thing I can say in America. Thanks Parke's. So you paid the big bucks. Uh, I was joined from Moneybag Yeo's My Shirai at this time today. I just looked at my wrist, I got tired of fucking I'm crossing the line to the hate me so real to be fake, be bumper that goes and bumper my type. Don't go against me for my help.


Go get out your feelings and get it yourself. My God, the son should be chewing on this shit that you get put out. You could have killed. She got a nigga. He got a shirt. Why you can't compete when you can't confirm he or she ate the dick to my underwear, got up and got herself out of there. I see. They put me on names and things. Don't speak on my life without knowing the real figures a year.


What it cost me to leave. I don't hold it. Just say what you feel. But watch your mouth for flat. You've been to a place that you didn't know. Is Mediterraneo one of my keeping on peace? I'm talking my shit for show man. I'm celebrating in my Bangladeshi niggas with me. We were real born. We didn't know who did get hit by the heat. Bitch like niggas don't like bitches don't like nobody, nobody, nobody.


We can get guys that we can keep because you're how you want to go back. You want to backtrack man. Fuck that Ole Miss. Nobody left on scene. I write back. Don't trust nobody. I just looked at my wrist. I got tired of fucking them crossing the line on the beaches of crime be and you look good and just got to know how to play the one in which case you won't be here today. And in my show.


Know what to say. You ain't me. So it's hard to relate but how much cash I fuck up every day. Big band. Don't play with me baby. Go play with your pussy. You see them in person. He need to be shook hundred. You were quite vocal on Warford. The proof in the pudding surrounded by pitchfork. I'm looking like William dying my girlfriend's throat. Almost been on your block back to back when they finished. You like to work and next fall they did it to me.


What niggas exposing their hands for free. Get out in the middle of this bull as you got here. But we were talking and he up my shit with a capital pick up. This r t retiree might be ugly, but my bitch is still out on like knickers on like bitches don't like nobody. Nobody, nobody we can get guys to. We can keep because you're high. You want to go back. I want to back track my fuck.


Ole is nobody left on scene. I am right back. I don't trust nobody. I just looked at my wrist. I got tired today fucking I'm crossing the line the day. I just looked at my wrist, I got tired of this time today by Moneybag, Yo, I have to work as hard.


Yeah, sure, Dash it is really good. We'll play some of this, Fred. And this is one of these days for the gospel recipes for.


I like to like. Many are like the last minute, but it'll all be over. So. A lot of trouble, well, we living in a Trump era E double O. So far we still praying hands shop for forgive first class. Let me Kosoff know my uncle close up shop. Remember all these letters that he wrote from jail is what he wrote. I hope you good and learn into my car. Serration. I'm in the middle of the hood on the car race and that tributes to moderation's the promise the parents for like my mom's away.


So she got the big trip to Florida pop living it up still. I can get it for my Fleck's first. I should have spent it for to let them know I love a fellow. If you steal garlic, a loaf of bread, my turn to Free Willy and so be well off me.


Long and now, yo, Fred, everybody saying, I got all this talent, they say, and why in the hell am I still trapped and why my firemen, I feel trapped and it's like they all depending on me to make sure I just got my brother out on bail. I might not have a blow because my soul not for sale. Oh, well, I always had a full walk to sell, but I know how to go. We see the death or jail.


They was wasn't when he go hand in hand on the block. But no, I'm up. They want to put their hand in the pot a long way from the bottom, but we still have to talk. Shit I guess is better than three hots and a if you will. Then I know you've got to feel me to feel and I always keep it seeing today a lot of dead and I still ain't filthy. It ain't over yet.


But I know one day it will be long gone. Are we going to do is one of these days.


But for the godson of his new album Ascencion go out and cop that by that man's family. Rest in peace, absolution or living legend.


Yes sir. Got got got to a quick no for you Joe. Got to gotta let on they count me in remix.


Can you give me give you a little taste. Israel knows that no one is sure it will be up against another. Love, can a lady friend of the show friend the pool party, let's go. Don't mess around. Shut up with phone. I heard you on the street. I don't like that. Choose to love you to. Oh, put your heart in my head. Oh, I'll take you out of my head. Oh, the sea.


And I mean, if you show me you don't kill me, it remains committed to sleeping on the sea, baby. Just count me in. To sleep before you go home and do some shopping when you need it, it's not go to work. Wait a second. Well, you can just say yes. You know what? I slept through the night. Call me. You can come over to me or you can do what you want, but you know what?


The thing that occurs to me is that enough so you can let me down. Would you give us a hand? I want to go. Coming out today and now they call me and day makes me kind of let in so I can buy this book. Yes, you can. All right, you can. I just didn't want to stop her saying she wanted to get the fuck standing up just when the time for me to cut the record of H.R..


Are you horny at the workplace? You need to get out, buddy. Go home for a few days. Take all my total off. Go home for a few days. It's tough when you're at work and scream man is playing videos of seven dancing. Yeah, bring that back because I need to see what she was. Now we can play that scream, scream and bring that back.


I need to see if she was wearing like the right jeans. Yeah. And she got the right jeans. Make sure she got some, had the right jeans on and she was doing that move. Worked at seven. We love you man. Call up. I like the jeans that Nike baggy around their waist, you know, surprising her waist is smaller than the jean waistline and you don't have a belt on. How does it work? Oh, my God.


Oh, let's turn this up. What we look at, like you don't have your money at the workplace. Get out, everybody. Not because to want to get the demons out of you, go home. Seven. We're not hopefully we're not disrespecting you to say that you're attractive. Is it a sign of just how nice it is in. Money to find the right person, person else, the most fun loving.


I want to hear them again, they wyborcza. I want to hear this. Seven is fun loving, great person. You missed you missed the joke. I was saying that she's also really funny and I started a lot of personality. I don't know her and I've never met her.


You never know. So. Again, I told you I told her, Vadum, that I thought the record was really good. That's his thing, right? It's a lot of those things you love what you're doing. Yes, yes. Cried And I see the vision. Yeah, I tell you, I let it grow. To keep grounded is crazy. Keep running, you know, keep it living. Well, how come I can't be flown?


She could be also I this say she could you might be on to something. I give you a lot.


Let me give you a little source. Let me give you a little taste of some sauce and I'll show you a little story. Yes. And share.


Great. I've come on. No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't want to see your insta life. I have to cut this notification. That drives me crazy. I'm just trying to get somewhere else.


That's at the top of my screen. Right. Right.


So more. Yes. More, yes. Well, did you believe it? Oh, hey, oh, they deleted something, it's gone whole lot more. Don't get scared now. I'm not.


He looks he looks terrified. Yeah, a little chilling. All right. Maybe I can see the chair shaking. I will give us your rendition. Here we go. I got a dilemma I got at the end of the day from someone who shall remain anonymous. OK, but I've been waiting 20 years for that DNA.


But it came and it wasn't about anything that I was. It was about music. OK, young lady had some music, asked me for my cultural critique, sent over about 12 slaps.


And I sat and listened to it. And then I sent back my critiques and and my favorite slaps out of the bunch as it. Clubhouse notification moved out of the way. Tell me if I'm calling. I don't see what you're saying. Oh, this way. I want an argument that's going to be the artwork, give me your phone. Can we close? Because you see suicidal. I just want to go home. We're going to get some gas.


I just want to go home by myself. Just go home. I want to go home. What is this basement I'm in right now? So there's too much already. It wasn't so hard to see why he followed it up with kidding because she didn't reply. You got to say, hey, I was just joking, by the way, last night. He was dying a second ago. And his arm say, I'm calling for their homes here, not.


I don't like not going on.


He's a millionaire. Credit on that. Just kidding. But I wouldn't do that to man with the word, you know, love your new record business. Let me see you. Give me your word right now. We are so corny records double exclamation to thank you.


And I'm aware that might work. I'm aware of Chris Brown is good. I'm in the same. IBM convincing you say you love what you're doing in life, thanks anyway, and that's it because you talk about things. Thank you. You want to see your mom, meet me in your home. I'll get you to get you a bucket, you at least in that crawl to go crazy, just as I've seen you with your man. Thank you for listening.


Life is moments of the past by me. Thank you all for listening. Life is a series of moments and moments past. And let's make sure this one last. We just as if it's all we have until next time I bid you. What do I think I'm. Farewell. Adios. Hasta la vista. Rehabber dirty. So long. Goodbye. All of that. Good stuff man. It's something else I say on Altero. Life is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.


The girls, blah, blah, blah. Stagnant tribalism and this stagnate travel smart. Yeah. Whatever kookier. I try to remember what.


But still, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Japan.