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That's what it feel like, hey, you guys. Yeah. God damn it, we're used to follow. I think I still do. Oh my God, I have an unfollowed I followed someone a really long time. Why just not? I'm not into Twitter like that anymore. I really don't mean that in a bad way, just. You know, what's your social media choice or are you just in general falling back from social media? Uh, probably.


OK, visual person, no more titties over there. I noticed.


I noticed you deleted all of his posts. Clean house. Is that how he got someone in our mode to see scary hours?


Well, we don't talk to me like that. Told me my should not grow my hair out. Yeah. Probably here, as we know, is serious. I mean, that Joan Collins, I thought about doing it.


Look at what kind of party we have today.


Sometimes you can do whatever you feel. Imagist doesn't mean. Yeah, you could Duilio and listen to Melgarejo today.


I'm not saying I'm not in arguing. I'm exhausted tonight. You know, you can't go. I know what Joe just I'll get to up here right away. Technically not trying to sweat up the fresh. I already know you going to keep it real calm, cool and mellow today. You know said good sweat a good man. Great performance on the golf Pantusso.


You just a mellow vibe on a Friday, that's all. It's Easter. But now when Nobakht now Lent lent this here lent those are lent pants. Yeah there's no lint on them but it was too expensive for Lent Quiroz when you're transitioning into like a pretty pretty affordable pants and go get them. Did you go in there. It's right there on sale. Yeah I'm chilling today but now the picture deletion of Instagram can be attributed to one or one of two things.


No, many things. Not just two things. Them, anything. Absolutely. I thought it was only two which to it's just an outmoded breakup to the ring out in my mind. What else? Well, you know, I think there's more reasons, though. You could be you just didn't like your old picks, you know. God knows a lot of you posting a lot of bullshit like that and really mean no more. I don't really I'm not into those things and I'm not my past.


Yeah, shit like that where these are the three picks left on this page. Oh, no, he's our new one. He is dying inside.


These are not fair.


When you take the hey by the pool table pic is smiling.


I was a genuine smile, not a pool stick in his hand. You made a good shot.


I just don't understand why this podcast has been about me.


It's the Rory Button podcast. Rory Harvey, Rory Harvey.


The more I don't want to talk about myself, the more people want to talk. Yes, well, that's how it goes. All right, fine. I'll play a little tune. Surely a metaphor for life because it's a racetrack.


For those not stop deflecting, did you buy Fight Club by flight club or do you have just like all the Jordans?


Not all. Do you the whole separate room for all your clothing, anyone? No sneakers.


It seems. Oh, I'm starting to think I'm not doing this. That's not what we're doing. We're not coming to you. I need a separate room for the ladies now in the closet. Too small to sneak out. We can't even walk in. King in New York, Christopher Walken in New York, they let Morleigh. Hundreds of flights so far. So please leave me alone. My house is not a home. It's going on. Where did we go from?


Where do we belong?


Caught up in what you think is the way to go to this when we go nine oh nine February 09 and do this for this time of year old only me, huh? You don't you this you know, I think you don't know. His tone, isn't it, his tone changed tone polices back. No, I say when you go back and listen to artists like the the like first work of first like records, you can hear even if Ross.


Oh, yeah, you, too. OK. Eight minutes one, I kept a small unit, rains up to one this. Starting with me, Paul Suarez, that I sprayed with my and tell me, don't forget them and I promise that I won't feel so distant from everyone I know to make everybody happy. I think I would need a well, places we get from parties that we broke. We said, this boy is good. It's been three years.


Look, I have come to see myself.


Still never got to the bottom of Drake and Rory's beef. You created it. You should let us know. No, I had a beef and handled mine. You're still exists. No, Joe magnified that. You put all of them to the beat. I'm worried right out of verse when Drake will send them shots. Rory, we don't know the studio you're putting pen to partially ran and hid and never got seen at another pool party again.


I saw Drake in Detroit and worked great. Did you notice that Rory started right after the break. I see people in person to squash you do it on the Internet. True. True that we should both be true to yourself. I agree.


Whatever you say. I like to think I'm like Mellow Joe. I just complimented him. He said, you got people like this.


So would say, no, use him, please, because you had beef, not just seen him in Detroit.


And everything was awesome because every picture taken this fan you can gain. He love it when you smile. When it is the strain is a curse you got to live with when you wanted to say women need it. Women will complain. Develop hatred for many people dancing to. Mike, check one, two, one, two, Mike, check one, two, one, two, high vibrations, high frequencies, only a real mellow vibe today. Hope by feeling good.


Feeling great. Like it. I like it. We're here to do one thing and one thing only. Miss what we do best. Some of you already know six years. Man, why do I feel so alone? Like everybody in the studio does in if Yaghdan not a movie row because they were in character, Drake was, they knew he would be a star and they weren't being themselves. So stick around kicking out feedback and I entertain it as if I need that.


I had a talk with my uncle and he agreed that my privacy, a back home thing I need. That's when everybody started talking today. Drake started what's the later on the day before that line. And you still make it even when they see those eyes hurt in front of a camera phone like shows like with cell phone, that it should just be like putting it on like a graceless showing you the basics. I can't live or hold the camera.


Someone's got to take this and make it sound like a business man. I miss twenty four hours. Great, miss. Don't ever forget the moment you began to doubt transitioning from a man to standing down. Los Angeles, Kobana, L.A. s when you stood up there, Paul Campos, when you stood up right now to a young lad, when you had that realization that you didn't have it until now, you stood out when you was choosing to defend the Cardassian tost picture that was floating around the Internet.


You were the first person that I noticed I would have stood for hours at a time. Yeah, I would have thought that I would have stood out if I was stone faced. I mean, I'm just stood out. It was it was a birthday. So trying to get me out to a club and say I have fun, but I can't imagine how, because I just see my ex girl standing with my next girlfriend and with the girl that I'm working right now.


And she could.


I'm just not the social type, and campus life is crazy. Oh, no, no, no, I'm just joking.


No job, no job, no worry in the park, this park at the Drake, marketed to college Cole marketed to colleges like Indrek, marketed to college like I this is a college people for me.


Yeah. Like, you know, we pump it up. Marketed the car. That was a college gym. I only made that for colleges.


Griping about college was just a natural continuation after his high school fame.


Degrassi Right. Very true. Jadalla may be used for college. Tribe was more college than that.


But while we're on the subject, I do want to ask you guys, do you think it's easier to get on our show for sure. Microphone check one, two. What is this? We've been gone for seven years and don't know what a stream is where we come on here and talk. All this shit is good enough by the people.


We're getting close. I think we're getting we're getting close. We can grow. They came over to post a little bit. It's a lot of little tricks and loops it all figured out.


I don't know what episode is.


You be fucking sure for 19 percent. Are you sure he's ever been wrong? So we're welcome to. Well, who checks when he's wrong?


The people every time we know the public, you're wrong. You'll save on gas bill for sure. Check this out.


Spelling is hard, just like spelling. Really?


Who knew that snub and needed to be articulated for what he called a snug. The snug. No, snug. No, no, no. He needed the jacket. No matter what it said, save on what is wrong with you. Joe was pissed at seven forty five in the morning. I'm glad you get a kick out every time I'm pissed. Is this for the times, Joe? We met at seven thirty on a motorcycle if if a to snub is OK.


But he didn't have enough clothes that you know, you had a jacket on. He took my most violent bar and made it. Made it hugi. I'm that's the most violent bar we all can. You Limor. We're OK with Supreme's.


Gonna be a real rapper in life overall which you know is wrong. I want to say I like it though. I know what it's like. Mellow Joe. I like Bill that I introduced it for nineteen man. We, we hear it's us. It's us. It's us. Welcome to the Joe Biden podcast. I'm your humble, gracious, grateful, highly favored, mellow, chilled out, relaxed and reserved host Joe Button here with a few of my nearest and dearest, the always fresh to Def Molly Mall.


You look good today.


Me has never found a colour he can't associational. No, no. I can't take two compliments at once. You take compliments. Well, my anxiety, my anxiety. I don't know how to respond to compliments. Don't mind was a shot dog. Oh I was belting it out.


Oh and it gives you the compliment.


So let's just say is a pull association usfs polow assassin. I mean that's polla. Don't do that. OK, that's not Polow association you know. Come here with a polo association shirt.


No I know that's Ralph. Yeah that's Ralph. That's better be Ralph. Let me see that better be because you see it there better be a horse. Mulwaree Macy's. Nordstrom's. Adamu, let me see you as always. Israel is a fish. Yeah.


Oh room burst into laughter fucking Alex. Tapping Corey They never touched each other. They never even met. But now you snuggling up snug those maybe you're so welcome to episode. Mowgli's here. Rory's here. Paksas here. Jules is here. Cori's here. Alex the greatest here. And Savon is here as anybody doing. Man Good man, good moll as it did Eriksen get his PTSD approved. How does that go? Yeah. Yeah, that's a good question.


We settled that. We handled that. You know, he had prior engagements that we spoke about. Everything's good. You got you. Yeah. I'm just so not used to the freedom that we have.


Well, that's the beauty of it, though, no. And before I get into that shout out to the app that tolerates us, empowers us. Yes. Boxercise folks with us have these thoughts with us. A good ship based upon a world cash at, you know, the shout out to them. I like them.


Oh, yeah. I'm not used to this freedom. Right.


I think a little couple of days ago I was talking to you all about just want to travel, I want to travel, do a part somewhere.


And the more I try to wrap my head around it, like it's nicer. I'm not used to nice things, but, you know, it's crazy. I feel like we don't, like, use that enough. We literally can do whatever we want and I feel like we don't do whatever we want. Well, a little more goes into it, but I think now it's a low cost life shit people. I know it's a bunch it's a lot of hands on deck here.


So everybody got to kind of be on the same page.


But we really could just not drop a pot and go to Greece. No, absolutely. Well, Greece is close, but I know what you're saying we can do somewhere. Yeah, that's a beautiful Long Island.


Yeah, well, we're never going to just go to Long Island, but I get what he's saying. Never thought maybe the Hamptons. He's going to say this to him. Hamptons, there might be a good idea that might be a good idea for those area.


So we could drop a pot on Wednesday and maybe Thursday morning. People would feel, you know what? Oh, yeah. Yeah, this will get you through the week.


But I'm so conditioned. I mean, I'm conditioned to like routine testing. See, like, if if you're not doing it two thousand possible on a day, like, what happens then? I just I never want to risk shit like that. But I mean consistency. Talking about though that's why. Right. You talking about that type of freedom. Now imagine.


The people that like own like Fortune 500 companies, right, can literally they have the jet waiting for them every day, they can literally get up and just go anywhere in the world.


To me, that's like that type of lifestyle is scary. But that's what I can wake up. I can fly to Jamaica and get beef patties and come back if I want to today. That is people that live like that. Yeah, but that's kind of the catch 22 of the people they can afford to do that.


It's because they work so much and they're so consumed with work and work as their life. And they love that shit. Right. Not just like they love that shit and have to constantly. I do love work. I will say that I really do love work. And it wasn't until maybe a few years ago that that I even became whole with the thought of vacation and what vacation means and what it's meant to do. Like when you work hard and you bust your ass and America's stressing you out, you might need to go sit down for a week and regroup and reenergize.


And that was that was just a few years ago that I got got a concept September, September of last year when I went to Aruba was the first vacation I'd ever been on. I'm in my 30 years of living. I can't remember the last vacation where I didn't still take my laptop and get some shit done was yeah.


I mean, we treated some elucidates as vacations, but I didn't consider those vacation because men don't even really know how to just vacation totally without women.


Now, I was about to say I still have never been on a vacation like a real big vacation. I'm going to nice places, but it wasn't like I'm go for a week and just lay on the beach and drink pina coladas to leave the phone at home. Yeah, I've never done it. Never.


And you've got to be careful with. If you if you are inviting women on your vacation or just other people on your vacation period, like I'm going on trips where it really was because I wanted rest and I wanted to get back.


Right. You don't have a day full of activities planned for me.


Why do the women want to do? I'm not doing never understand. You go to the point alone. I don't need to go downtown.


You wake up early on vacation and the queen is insane. Yeah, waking up early on vacation is just wake up at nighttime. I would never, ever want to set an alarm on vacation and bugging out on vacation.


I'm saying, hey, you want to go to this downtown and bring gifts back for everyone.


And I know we do that talking about anybody on my vacation. You don't want to bring back a seashell for your mom show?


No surimi like shells. Yeah, we did all that. We went to the little downtown, bought the seashell purses, all this type of shit that she's still sitting in the dresser in my house. Yes. My mom didn't care nothing about a seashell.


Just stop at the duty free at the airport, right. Yeah. My mom trip me one time when we went to Hawaii, but it was a wedding and I had to do the entire wedding itinerary with a bunch of people I didn't know. And I was like, this is not a vacation. You know, it's just a lot of palm trees around here. It's just nice weather, that's all. We could have done this in New York if I don't know, nobody at your wedding.


I'm not going fax. I don't know. I better know some of the friends. Yeah. Do we talk about that? Was that on your honor here on page one we talked about should you and now you realize, does it gets people mad? They want to hear about your.


I was saying I didn't want us to repeat ourselves, but no, we were talking about if if you have a destination wedding, should you pay or should somebody else pay? Got a little bit different from if I don't know anybody in your ceremony, I'm staying home. Yeah.


Yeah. And you end up at the strangers table.


I mean, I kind of know someone here. How could you go to a wedding and not know somebody?


No, no, no. Somebody. Well, it does happen. But I mean, somebody in the audience, you could go to a wedding.


I mean, is it as a date for a significant other friend or whatever and nobody gets a single person?


I'm saying if, you know, somebody is getting married and you go and of course, you know, one of the people getting married and maybe all the people, you know, from that relationship happen to be in the wedding. So now you're in the audience along with everybody else, and you don't know none of them. I'm not going. Oh, yeah, I'm not going any of those weird small talk.


Give everybody the bride. Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.


I'm fine with that. All right, gentlemen, what do you want to start music. Let's do it. Politics. Sports. You pick your politics for the do it all went to do it all. Well, it's covered real drug use. I don't get it. You're right up close. Look, we met over those days a little over the past couple days over stoke the fires, you know. All right. So New York writing new music.


Bryson Tiller anniversary deluxe album dropped for brand new songs. Five brand new songs. My Bad, including Still Yours, featuring Big Sean is timeless interview interviewed, timeless interlude, part two. And this is where Joe starts listening. Losing focus. Amazing. Seven o'clock. Amazing like clockwork. You I like still yours too though. Yeah I like to do but I don't want to interrupt. I'll take it. Of course not. Not the big show on, our big show on, and I'm going to wear as much more.


Oh yes. Let me be a Duggie. But you're at seven o'clock joint. Awesome. I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm happy.


Any time Bryson puts out music that are.


Yeah, he seems like he's he's active again. He seems like he's he's, he's getting he's gearing up to.


I'm not going to say that really does active. What, what does that mean.


This is his day. Just should be an active. He just put this all he put this out and this is him. That's why I'm saying the first version came on October.


So it may not be something like that. I think September, October. And I mean, it's February delux. So I mean, he is more active than he's been. Yeah. Is so that's a good sign to me.


He's more active than it was October and hopefully, hopefully he continues to be active. We would love to hear more music. So awesome. What did you guys think? I loved?


I loved it. And I think you needed some time just because he went and did that that thing that artists always make this mistake. They go and get happy and they make a mistake.


By the way, when he got happy and was like, you know what, I think my mental health is more important than music that I hated at one point.


But I think he's figuring out how to do both. I think to. I just blame a lot just because we can and it makes sense. Last year was was was was different for everybody and who knows, you know, Bryson may have had a bunch of plans for last year, as I'm sure everybody did at one point. And, you know, the world changed. But I'm just happy that he seems like he's he's just being more into his his craft and into the art again, because he is talented.


And we talk about a lot. We just feel like he doesn't he doesn't put enough of his shit out.


This is one of the few examples with a deluxe album room, actually kind of excited to go back and listen to the album, because I feel like I kind of it wasn't for me at that time, so I want to revisit it. And this gives me a reason to.


It was though, it was a real good album, like I like when I'm not mad at the Deluxe, if it's like maybe people didn't really hear this album like they should have. Here's some more to stoke some interest.


Did you listen to all 83 records of the gives and Madlib Deluxe? No way gives him. Which will have the first one. I don't know if I remember that one, can you pull up the actual title screen that's drawing a blank? There you go. Here. Yeah, they put out 83 records of it deluxe, some Lucie's and their instrumentals remixes, but yes, eighty three point eighty three songs. Now, when did they do that?


Today. Oh, really? Oh, shit. That's too much shit.


That's it's a lot of instrumentals. It's a lot of remixes of the other shit. I get it man. Extremadura Medleys put Mad Records here and this used to be one hundred songs like he was as a mad Lib Dem.


I understand it but has the. Has the. Has that worked for many artists? I get it with an instrumental album or something like this were mostly one minute instrumentals or something like that, I mean, I'm not I'm not I'm not sure that I'll go through everything a million times or anything like that.


But I get it because people do like especially like low fi beats is like a big genre on the background.


And you were saying, does this work for artists as in putting a bunch of records to kind of.


Yeah, to some degree. I mean, the more time a user is on an album, it ups the algorithms, it gets to shit front facing, if you will. It does. The more the more time you spend on something, the more an app will make your shit priority.


The only person I think I've noticed that that may have worked for was Chris Brown. It definitely worked for Chris Brown. I don't know if it worked for anybody else, not the degree it did for Chris just because Chris is a fucking superstar.


But you know that it's a way to get around that algorithm. Shit.


OK, got it. I'm not listening. It is eighty three tracks, of course.


You know, I don't think you didn't listen to all of the dream when he put out the sex tapes. Three shit. Oh yeah. That was just a whole bunch. Maybe it was some Jois on it. I don't get it twisted, but it's like to when you just looking at all of that, the track, listening to the music that she just gives me anxiety. Oh, I'm not going to make it.


But that's what bothers me, that that artists are looking at that model where a bunch of records will help them in streaming and it goes against the music like now you're just going to put out some shit you probably wouldn't put out. Let me add this to the album, even though I would have just kept it in the top.


Right. Like with this, I get it because I literally put out used to put up like three or four Israel tapes, like every couple of months there would be a million beats on them. I'm saying for the for the dream project.


Oh, I felt like more there was some joints on there and if you cut it even fuck half. Right. Third, we back on a dream classic conversation. Right. Right. Yeah.


Here's a stupid question for you guys. We're very generic question. What did you guys favorite song right now. Favorite song right now. It's a good question.


Yes. A great I don't feel like I've been listening to a lot of music in the last month. Favorite song right now. OK, there hasn't been much. All right, well, that was the last song loop on that one Marks. So that's interesting to me that that that that question, that such a simple generic question, I thought it might be pretty difficult. That's a difficult question.


I came on here a few weeks ago and talked about my favorite song of the moment, which is that Tempest's record that I played here and went crazy over.


And boy, am I glad that music, for me at least, is starting to cut through currency album drop, you know, currency. I'm dropping, sir.


He works hard. Then he puts out a lot of collection agency. Sounds good, man. I like it. I think it actually sounds real good. Yeah, that'll be that'll be on my list this weekend.


Listen to me. Yeah, I saw Jermaine Dupri put out a tweet. Sam, what then he was really excited, was he talking about currency or another or he was really excited that an artist that he admires named a song after him, because most most times that happens after an artist dies. So he was he was really happy about that. He said he's geeking out. I thought that was dope because I do think people, as we said, get get their flowers, whether that's a.


That's a real flattering thing for artist to do, Hallyu, you know, especially when, like I said, the artist is still alive and they get hear at.


So, you know. I didn't see this tweet from Jermaine Dupri, but. That's dope that he was you know, he like he liked the fact that currency did business love, you know, like any other music come out.


I'll be honest, I was exhausted this morning and I look for yours as an artist that I didn't even know drop.


It wasn't a lot. I think all the things like cut was currency.


I bought currency, I bought Bryson, I brought the new tank record, I'm sick of the Maxwell song Detainments and Rome Streets, but I'll play it for the old hands.


Here we go. Te. The folk pick this snare to stay here, they had to put something over that what the actual song Allouche.


It works better don't be drops, you know. Yes, I was, but I want to be dropped, but could have just left the actual this woman's work and then just yeah. That snare with no drums on the. Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm trying to get my sexy five hundred eighty seven with no win, 20 to one, he wanted to to 80 snares tricky 80 snares tricky. A last podcast where he came in.


He played a song for me in Parks. He said he was iffy about these drums.


I love the drums. I loved him.


But it was that that electric singer could get weird if it's done wrong. That shouldn't have been right there in that record.


But so that record came out and that's all the music that I know about came out. Lucy's a pretty Lucy jadi, Lucy pop smoke, Lucy Joyce writes and gives put out something.


Oh yeah it was, it was a gibs Friday OK.


It gives gave us one hundred twenty five songs this Friday and it gives me hope over that Grammy nominee or whatever that Grammy know what happened to Grammy when we push them and we'll get back to the latest Grammys this year.


They come and watch this happen, if Ambroise gives them, I'm pissed. Now keep that shit. She in a few months. Yeah, what that shit that I'm saying, keep it where it was at. Oh, stop pushing this shit. I saw this announcement. Bruno Mars and Anderson PAC even announced. Oh, yeah. And Bootsy Collins announced new album. They say Banneker's Bootsy Collins is the guest about Bruno Mars and Anderson Park. Announce a group and a project.


Do we know when this project is coming March 5th? Yeah. Oh, right around the corner. I don't know.


I think the first single was March 5th with the rest of the record arriving on an as yet unannounced date. This might be the greatest album of the year. I'm not going to suggest that this was great news to see pop up.


Honestly, I would have never expected something that makes so much sense right there from the music business.


Right. They said they were touring together, which I don't remember, but, you know, oh, that's gonna be the greatest or ever touring together.


Oh, toys. Something I'm sure Pop was open enough. So that's how I get started talking about. Yeah. Up-Tempo shit that the two of these guys together are going to do. This is this is a little different there during the Super Bowl, which I do every year. Compare past Super Bowl performances. I thought about Bruno Mars when the weekend was performing.


Totally watch. Just halftime shows.


Had to watch that Brady on and I thought I was like also Bruno Mars. Like I was like, haven't heard from them.


So when I saw this, I was like, OK, there it is, there it is right there.


Like Lilo do some incredible shit that might change the whole sound of music for the next to this. Kind of feels like it might be the Gnarls Barkley thing.


I could see some ash or something that I've just learned not to ever ask in the music business. But here I go, set myself up again with all my money, you know.


Do you go back? No.


This can't be wack, right? No. Impossible, right.


It was too much is too much musical geniuses, musical minds. I know better than this crap. I'm OK. Better than this. I know what you're saying. Don't don't don't you want it to sound a way in your head that you just don't do that to care about music?


But because I'm going expecting to see where we are. I know that's like the leather cover. It's already there like I here. But don't because I you know, I'm saying let's not try to gauge what we think.


It will sound like this all just like your sound of hawkish I feel like package and is in part. I would though if they really did Hail Mary. I'm listening.


It does some up-tempo drums on Hail Mary Brunos last year was 24 karat.


Yes. Yeah. Which is twenty four. Classic magic whatever care magic or whatever whatever is called classic. Classic. And that was like super eighties dope. I can't see him going that route again. So I would see him picking up the what was the bid for nationals. For Nationals and Anderson. And kind of go in that line. Yeah, as industry plants, as this would appear to be, just because there are two very big stars.


Well, Bruno being a superstar still, if this feels music ish to me, it was industry plant is about to start.


Putting two stars together is kind of interesting, you know, I think these two really fuck each. I no, no, I'm saying I think in this degree this feels like a music decision, not a fame decision. All right. Let's align our fan bases together and what we call Atlantic Records as Instagram.


I thought you run it. I don't use that sparkly emoji is definitely jaw dropping, something that was never used. I've never used it. OK, so Sonic is a great name for a band. Yeah. So Semiotic and Vidic and a stripper now coming to the stage. Yes, exactly. The crowd holding his pineapple juice. Excuse me.


Excuse me, but are you saying a stripper name?


No, I'm saying when you hear Sonic on the stage. No, you're not. You're very so excited for the first time to see me.


And you told me you was it starlet's. I don't think it was to join in Queens. It was startling. Was it had to be stars. Yeah, well, maybe not the first time I've seen it. What do you guys think, Greenhill? Great personality.


Work of art. Her personality is amazing. Her personality shines on that stage, glowing on that stage. Oh, God, she's a star. She had the intangibles.


You can't you can't write it down, baby.


I gotta get you home with me tonight through to this is what I was brought up through to put it up there like that was going to be so good. No, you don't have to understand. You could never say no to stuff. I was a good night to always. You told us about how you can make that work and do that to you to talk about you now.


But it was all right to wait. Are you going to be right there? You can be an hour. Oh, I'll come right around. It's right that I'll do a movie. Know I left two hundred said there's more where this came from. The one hundred in reserve, another fifty.


If you want to come back, why don't you stick around afterward and I'll leave you.


All right. I will wait three hours. Yeah well we'll wait till seven a.m. out here. We'll take a nap in the car. I have to go now to be a man. I've been trying to find her on Instagram Masire. Listeners are hear like they will find everybody maybe trying out what's going on, why is this up here? We never talked about this.


I like that, that King James is trying to steal my soul. Come on, let me show you. How do you think Rory's going to feel like like after his album drops to show? That brings a question really like Sosnick. I feel relieved. Yeah. How close do you just call it trash, but I'll still be relieved, of course, the debris percentage wise, if you had to 95, OK. Yeah, 97, Sosina. Is there you just waiting for some gloss?


Yeah, not worried at all about how the album delivery process can fuck with your psyche and your mental, not worried at all about how maybe your mental could be affected after the album drops by less either criticism or fan reaction, label pressure. You're just not worried about anything, just not only focused on the creative stuff. No, I kept that in mind when you were being discouraged for the next one.


I've been discouraged for the past year, but I hate why? Because I hate everything. And then I live with something I love and I hate it. That's why I like just I was talking to Latrice the other day, our mutual friend, the shelter trees. Right. You just you just got to take the album. Just take it away from me. The first, the first. Just take just take it from me the first time I work on this for another three years.


The first album is very tricky like that. Yeah.


And things that are amazing have been sitting in my SoundCloud for four months. I'm over them but I shouldn't think that way.


They start trying to retool some shit that was already good.


Yeah but but to your point, that's why I try. My strategy was let me finish the entire project, let me shoot because I'm shooting a little podcast series around it as well. Let me shoot everything. Let me finish everything before the first single even goes out just so I could just hit Pressplay. Because if I start focusing on what people say, I may want to start changing things like fuck that, fuck this, I just let me turn everything in and then all we hit is upload a first single, second single.


Let's put out the podcast. Let's do I can't change nothing.


Yeah. I don't know how intentional it is on your part. I just I but I don't know.


I feel like it would be nice for people to hear more from you on your experience putting out your debut. I mean you only get one. Yeah. No, it's like I'm watching you.


You're flying all around back and forth, the studio sessions, this artist and artists, you reaching out to people like you're doing a lot.


It's been exhausting. I'm kind of over it. Enjoy it. Yeah, I wish I can better I can better answer these questions once things start coming out.


We'll revisit this. You'll be rebellious by then. In what capacity? You won't be happy about anything in life by then. And you won't want to answer because.


Well, that's why you'll be thrilled if if everyone. Hold on. Wait. That's what I meant.


Now, it's only go down from here right before he's got the music on. Is it. You know, he. Yes, yeah, we did.


We shot some content, you know, he played the project. He got some some tonight. Mm hmm. Yeah. I had this idea of which is coming soon, regardless whether I like it or not. I had this idea of doing like a podcast series around each record. And instead of doing the typical dog shit, we're in the studio creating it. I was like a way to ease fans in that. No, we've podcast. The music is let's take bars and certain writing topics from each song and make that the podcast topic.


So we not even really talking about the music. We're just talking about the subject matter of that song. And we had some funny conversations, some deep conversations, some crazy conversation to talk to a bunch of great people sat with more parks and deser, which was a lot of fun. It was cool.


I'm excited, just equally as excited to put the visual portion of the other podcast shoot out, shout out to Deserto.


Yeah, this is great for the LeBron and or your project because if not, then probably don't worry and Anad executive producer produced.


Yeah. Oh my my my love for music is more insane than LeBron. I don't care if he puts it in capital letters and I can tell you really depressed during this process.


I can tell you love is there. You got a really big team and you need some really big rings.


Maybe he could do the. So that's his bag. You I never even a deluxe wow call thought about that.


I mean slaps you think you got on him. I don't think there's a skip. Don't answer the question. Skipping the slap is two different, you know, well, let's move on. I played your little slap the other day.


It's what I've heard a few slaps, I mean, I don't know which one you told me. Yeah, well, anyways, coming soon, I'm that guy looking forward to it, bitch. All right, so LeBron LeBron is announcing something, right, or he's not going to let my love for music is thinking out loud.


Look at Ivonne Tero begging to do what's wrong. My God, he's dope. My love for music is insane. I think I'm going to do an album. Oh, no, I won't. Oh no. I won't be around. I like him to know I like him too. Oh, he performed on a live podcast right here.


That's my man. But that's begging.


Issuing the shot which is best. You can't shoot your song with the Kim Kardashian me divorce fam.


Oh I see that. I was stuck on the ask. First of all, what's wrong. You got a sixteen is. Come on, come on in. Fucking saying. I mean is that it.


Yeah. It was nasty when he did it. I know we love to Jase. I love him too. We do. But that was nasty. It was nasty. Nastier when the two teams had LeBron in a sixteen. That's not true. I'm joking. No, it's just he asked them to was nasty, went to change, took off to his change at Staples in a game to LeBron.


That was disgusting. Oh yeah. Well, we saw that he was trying to market the basketball fans. So you have a party to talk about the thirty first baseball cards in the world. Yes. I'm asking you to exchange a game to LeBron.


Like right after the game I was chanting there.


No, it wasn't, Jane. It was a regular day. There's a game.


I don't know. But you're not allowed to be mad at this. Why? Your squad invented chasing people, but you're not changing them.


Yeah, we have. It wasn't like we are or it wasn't it wasn't an emblem or a logo. It was just too much.


I'm in chains and you've never change us. Yeah, well, something that I've never changed. You know, you never came on his spot and chain, the three of us here.


Right. Then I'ma change that. But but why are you why do you think you did that to Brawne?


He didn't do it. He did it to LeBron. A big reason why you think he did it.


That's that's why it's nasty. He was. And just don't do that. Yeah. Let me try it.


That's nasty. Let me try to remember what happened. Let me try to half the game was. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. LeBron had just achieved a milestone. I don't think it was even a mouse. It was a milestone.


The latest one. That's OK. It's won the game. James was happy. They won. He was happy they won swap chains.


Yeah, but you don't do that. Why? He still so like first LeBron, can you put it on? He had to hold it in his hand.


It's just like. That's nasty. Does he pass it off like that was a dope expedition, like why don't speed out the seat? It's better.


That was nice. Do you feel she remains? Yeah. I love your team. I guarantee you to change. Looks back at that.


I was like, yeah, well, he had enough change on to give them get blamed team's names to change. You can get somebody with think LeBron with that chain anywhere.


No. You think he just got it, like in his house, chillin, like in the frame? I guess he probably got that in on. Rappers do be nasty biathletes, but that's OK.


Right? But that's wrong. Like represent athletes do it to each other. It's nasty equally.


But it's LeBron. This is the biggest athlete the world.


Relax, rest, rest in peace. Kobe I remember about a two year stretch when he was trying to get verses from Niggas Know versus I'm not so morat jury.


I remember he was giving LeBron jury is crazy. This is LeBron.


I can't speak on it. I don't wear jewelry. I don't know the sentiment there. I have to have changed.


No, I'm just saying this is LeBron. He can LeBron probably has that same exact know. Joe, come on, man. I gotcha. Oh, man. Look at that. I take this.


I'll tell you your heart beats. I would never tell you that shame is not going to tell to change LeBron special. Your man on the Michael Cause is a special. You got the Michael sportcoat. You live. You live Hitsville. Those Velcro isn't cheap. Yeah. If I knew Roy Waters watch this belongs to knocked him out.


Yeah. You not going to go. But what's going on with me then. We'll take a second then. Tell me what. So everyone wants to know his steps. Doesn't I like him. Usher tells me when to stand. I'm telling you.


Wait does it not work. It only works on wrist and maybe just died. I don't know. That's the most useless thing I've ever had on my wrist. And I used to wear rubber bands along with the blue and lime green colorway.


Well, you can't see that. That's that's on the inside. Only that only the inner risk is that. Yeah, you got to look from a certain point of view to see that.


That's right. I can't even go see why he has no home training on receiving bad gifts. You're supposed to just pretend like you like it and then throw it away later. It is sexy. It was a gift. No, I'm saying I gifted this to you. Oh, no, this was a gift.


This was a gift. Please. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please, please just for you that. Oh Joe. So I knew Joe would never know. All right.


Well, I don't have anything to say about LeBron anymore, and I'm happy for him. Kudo's, you know, he could probably put together with his brother.


He is going to help them out. That's just like Rory's. That's why I say you're stealing my soul. Got about. So we got on that topic. Yeah. What I actually produced on the. She already told Saudi producer Shaiman, and I think mine's going to be better just if you call a bunch of famous people, it doesn't. He's to be good. That's true.


It helps to helps set you off in the right direction for sure. I can afford all the people that are really good. Listen, I'm not mad.


What were you talking to LeBron? I hope him and Khaldiya came up with it, but they got another one. Hey, no way to keep talking to the king. You never did this thing. You hope you win the couple. I hope. I hope you can out. Chris Brown. Chris Brown. Yeah, that's a fact. Because when Chris get to sing it for LeBron. My my. Hello. Different. Yeah, yeah.


A little different on that metro boomin people.


Then on the rori drones you got no metro booing. It's, you know, metro thud. I was talking like this is like I like I was talking to just yesterday. And I never bring up my friends when I'm talking to people, but I don't know why in this moment, I felt like it was appropriate. You know, Justice Roy Moore, I'm like, I'm mad at you because I'm because you got to get some on there. I appreciate that.


The just like Justin. But me. Like me. No, I said no.


I meant like somebody from your label, like one of your acts is a Yamamori reached down to me.


But I tell them, like my artists don't move for nothing but the money. And I'm like, I get that. I guess I know what I sense to that justice shot on my podcast when we went out to L.A. But now I've had Justice Moore for like stuff and other stuff. I didn't have anything. I want to wait on those type of things. I'm not running to my friends like, yo, get somewhere on this just to get somewhere on this.


Nothing felt right yet for it. But, you know, justice game justice, listen to the whole album on camera. Tell me what was trash. Told me what was good. It was a great conversation we had.


You probably find something feels right for someone who I understand when I say I didn't come up with nothing yet for Mike. Jack, no. Because it's Michael Jackson. It just let him go. Yeah. Just go in and do what you want to do. I know. I get I get the joke. He's saying no, but with a lot of artists when when they're that far in the world, you only get one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you want.


But once they hear your name and they don't like the first one, they they're probably not going to listen the second time.


So if I don't even like it, I'm not going to send something to an artist because I know them to imagine they were wrong, to censor everything to one track. See, you started putting them. But that's where the truth of the matter, the real crux of the beat with more. Oh. Singing Oh man. Go.


Oh you if you just do your little girl thing and this follow krumping on this bike, no e-mail guy got sent back to me, said, see, you delivered a lot of deliveries. Did you catch up with. I live with this. Yeah.


It didn't, I didn't you didn't do anything to me in the first place but I'll go to second place, I'll, I'll go back to the manager. Just takes a really long time. Oh my God. That was it takes a really long time to write me. She put out five projects she's written but I got another one coming. I'm kidding. Of course what you doing just is called the trash.


Oh. You call whole thing trash at all. It was one song that I liked a lot.


He's like, no, this shouldn't be on here at all, which I appreciate because I really appreciate justice here.


Of course. Yeah. It was the same day. That was the exact day that a gentleman approached me about mowing his his podcasting with certain women same night. Hmm. Oh, so I don't know if I ever heard that song, Love, I love when I get to lay in bed and I need to do it, too. That's all I see right now. I no, we have. I told that story, I, I went from one studio to another and some don't tell you, man.


Stop talking about my girl.


Oh that is so low. Have some.


You know, it's all of our Twitter announces paid super followers to let you charge for tweets on Twitter announced a pair of big upcoming speeches today.


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Whatever the payment feature called super follows will allow Twitter users to charge followers and give them access to extra content.


That could be bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter or a badge indicating your support.


It's Twitter Trehan in a mock. In a mock up screenshot, Twitter showed an example where user charges for ninety nine per month to receive a series of perks. Twitter sees it as a Twitter, sees it as a way to let creators and publishers get paid directly by their fans. I do want to read a little bit of the next paragraph, go back, direct payment tools have become increasingly important for creating business. All right.


Patreon has been hugely successful in other platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and even GitHub.


Familiar without you.


I mean, we have all launched direct over features, probably a billion dollar company. We just don't even know. Gentlemen, this is a very interesting thing that's happening. It is maybe a lot to unpack here. How do you guys feel about this? You're absolutely right.


More and more people are starting to get with this type of a subscription program so people can be able to charge the fans. I don't need to repeat it again. But we've seen articles I think I read one from Spotify that said something was coming, might have been some rumblings of some other people coming to market with the same type of idea.


Everything everybody is it isn't clubhouse putting like a tip directive. So I hear things.


So actually, I'm not married because, I mean, it's essentially the same thing that kind of we're doing like, hey, you can look at this stuff for free if you want or if you want to throw down, we'll give you some more shit I'm not mad at. It's not forcing people to pay for tweets, but if you want to pay for tweets, you can come up with it. It's just an option.


Yeah, I find it interesting with what we know about advertisers and how they benefit off social media of just literally selling our data to advertising companies. Everyone is going subscription based, which takes away the advertising well, so I am. This is the conversation that I've alluded to. Is it because sometimes in the last month is the Apple versus Facebook fight, it's fucking huge because it's data versus subscription ownership. Apple is trying to make it so apps like Facebook and probably Spotify and all these companies that allow you to work for free or use for free can't do it anymore.


And do you think there's anything to do with them putting Zuckerberg on the stand?


Maritime's putting Jack, they're trying to change, has everything to do with the fact that these companies are doing shit with our data without our permission and profiting immensely off it and then buying everybody else out and allowing zero competition.


Yeah, I'm just curious if this is the way everything is going to start going and then what happens to advertising? It's a good question, it's a good question, and it's a it's the question of are you OK with people taking your data and selling it and profiting off it, or would you rather just pay people?


What was this? Because this is probably advertising. Where does the advertising exist in Twitter now as it relates to the users?


It's there, but and they can answer tweets sometimes. You know, Jack denied it and I wouldn't I use a third party app, so I used to L.A. But what we've known is that these social media apps and companies sell our data and that's how they profit off of it.


I think this may be more of a experiment to see how easy they could just go to subscription base for Twitter, period, maybe because I think they're running into that where they're going to start putting laws and really delegating how these companies are taking our data and what they're doing with it. It's become a major thing. So I think this is easing into everything we do is going to be subscription based, may happen and not anytime soon, but I think eventually we may get there.


I think that the answer, again, is always my thing lies somewhere in the middle. There probably should be some data collection, free, teary stuff that happens in the world and there should probably be some subscription stuff that happens in the world.


And it's OK for both to exist the same way in politics where, you know, there should be the left and there should be the right, should be opposing viewpoints coming together and coming up with something that works for everybody. But how do you feel this will affect the landscape and I'm asking you all because. We're involved now, the boats would actually, if you all are saying we did any NBA coverage, right. But if you've been just seeing some of the feedback, even since we started our our patriot, it's like you start a paywall and immediately there's war.


Yeah, well, people are so conditioned to everything being free.


Yeah, well, people are going to have to condition themselves in other ways now. And I understand that being problematic for some. But so in a hypothetical world, we have Twitter with a Twitter subscription based patrie on. Spotify, let's say there's a world where Apple is doing this, Apple Music is you pay 10 bucks a month.


Hmm. And Apple TV and Apple Fitness and Apple News. Thank you. And let's pretend there's a world where Apple is doing this, this not oh, you're saying the availability to have free and also subscription.


Yeah, who knows?


I mean, if we're seeing all of these companies do that, I have to assume that that's the new wave. Yeah, I'm not sure. I don't know if I've seen anything like that from Amazon, but I wouldn't be surprised if that follows there.


But how does that look? How does that look?


Especially from a consumer experience, I'm asking?


Well, I think they just leverage all their good content by teasing it to the freesheet and just try to make people buy it. Of course, I don't think they focus on it and make that the free experience a good one.


And I do think this is all a huge long term plan by media companies and everyone, essentially, when when Napster came through and crushed the buildings and everything for free. Now we've got a condition, people gradually back into paying for it. Same thing with cable news and stuff like that. People do watch TV or subscribe to TV at the same rate. So they did a whole bunch online. And that's all based on ads and data. Mm hmm.


And now they're going to condition you back into paying for the fucking CNN and conditioning people to not look at commercials, someone that keeps talking about you to premium all the time. I'm condition that way. Now you watch the ads. You do. So I would hate to not do that. Yeah, well, yeah. YouTube has the free and correct.


It's all about because like said, we hold up real quick work, but I'm not talking about free and subscription for platform. I'm talking about free or not free but free and subscription for creator on.


OK, ok, that's what's going on. Gotcha, gotcha. Gotcha. And I was saying, like, you know, back to what they were talking about doing, like now with homes and. In your home, you might only see certain commercials. Mm hmm. Because now they have data from your wife, things you download and things you're looking at. So they only going to market certain commercials to you. Sure. And different homes so that we won't all see the same commercials anymore.


We don't even want our phones right now. Algorithms how them the same ads don't pop up pop up on you say yes.


They say a center right now. And I remember at first when we started first hearing about these things, we was like, what are they trying to do? And that was a normal thing. Like we know what's happened. Like you just said, say something. And you know, it's going to pop when you phone two or three years ago. That scared us. The thought of that. Like what? Definitely listening now. It's nothing like we laugh when we see in L.A. Look, these were here, but what is it?


Do we understand what the platforms are or gearing up for? We think. But what does it do for the actual content creators to.


They're strategizing, right? Like, I would imagine like for me as a rapper, I hated to even promote albums I hated to do. I hated to promote anything.


But why art backpacks at all? Art thing art you should look at if you want it, you get it all integrity. Then I'm not forcing anybody to, you know, I just never felt comfortable doing that. So here we are in this subscription plan, right? Am I am I as a content creator, am I putting my shit everywhere that this service is available and ultimately asking every one of my fans everywhere to pay for anything I do? I could see content creators having a problem with that.


No, I mean, it could get sticky, which is why I think the middle ground is the best, because right now it's it's a great time for creators because you can put stuff out and get a fan base and get a following and build it essentially for free. I mean, maybe not to the creator. You've got to pay for your time, whatever it may be. But if everything's behind the paywall, it's it's difficult to get traction again.


Now, you're back to the old way.


The music business used to work kind of well, this kind of goes back to that conversation you and I were having where I was saying with certain artists that are coming up, yeah, the only option for you to promote your music is for it to be free because you're trying to get new subscribers, new listeners and someone that doesn't know. No, I'm not paying ten dollars for an album that I don't know is what do you charge for a podcast or.


An episode or a month, an episode, everything kind has been monthly basis. I know that would break down into episodes, but it'll break down anyway. Yeah, um, all right.


So do a month. Abuk I think. A dollar. A buck. I think 10 bucks a month would maybe make sense if you're doing about a dollar, a dollar twenty five somewhere around Brownnosing Audio. Right. Sure. Oh, yes, audio. Absolutely. I mean, the visual of little more we have maybe I don't know, you know. Audio, yes, that would make it tough for lesser known podcasts. Exactly. But it's the same with musicians or anyone creating anything.


Yeah. To get your shit out there.


You can eventually do it when you have that core fan base or a huge fan base, that's like. All right. Well, I'll just go.


We are going this goes back to do that is to phrase is your now versus end conversation.


Because as someone who was selling music out of the trunk of my car, for lack of a better term prior to the Internet being a major thing, I would sell way less shit and get way less coverage and way less press buy made way more money. Mm hmm. So. But even like the people like my one used to walk in Times Square, they know you like hip hop, like hip hop, you buy my CD. Yeah, well, that was still that was still happening when Kendrick was putting out free music.


And I was like, these guys, they're going to die. And I don't mean physically, but their music is going to die because. People are still trying to sell music right now, and I can get one of the greatest new rappers for free ever. Maybe they caught 20 licks that day and had a decent little day and maybe it did. But did it get for the larger picture? Did it get to more people? Well, it was just free if I just passed out my CD, just pass you I like hip hop, I'll take you, I will listen to it.


And you just keep passing that out, passing it out, passing that out.


You'll probably end up getting more listeners than charging someone ten bucks of good faith.


Very maybe yes. Maybe no. I would also argue in this probably some statistics to prove this, that when you get people to actually purchase your product, whether it's a whatever album, ticket sale or whatever, I feel like those fans tend to be a little bit more invested. Sure, sure. You may have a better chance to get real fans.


And I think you do that by giving out for free and then targeting the fans that, you know, are going to come back because they're buying this fight.


This conversation they're having right now is where is where the content creators are going to be split because in Paksas scenario, yeah, yeah.


A a lot less audience, but I'm paid a lot more. So I don't care about y'all. I care about the people that are supporting him.


There are a hundred people paying a premium and that's where I'm making my living work. I care about those hundred people. Roary I think is still on brand building and ironic I have to give this out for free. And that's the bowl. Probably a lot of podcasters find themselves.


And ironically, Parkson and I are talking about Parks and I are trying to get to the same consumer where it's all about the strategy. We're looking for the same consumer. I want the consumer that's going to come back and purchase things and move with me. I think to find more of those people, you have to start in a free world. But that's what's interesting with Shoot is doing. When I was told about it, like he's selling his album from his own, you know, like he DM him, Kashyap him forty dollars.


Oh. But what he's doing now is like people are actually paying more than what he's asking. It's the same people who cash out to eighty. Some people cashed out in 100 cents on the global community and give shit right. People were dropping fifty for the album. That was ten dollars right up and thirty people were dropping fifteen. Twelve, you know what I mean. Like which is great. And songsmith. Thank you guys. Whoever purchased and supported.


And again I think that the answer is somewhere in between. I bought it. Thanks man. No problem.


I think the answer is somewhere between. You kind of got to do both. Yeah. You got to have some shit out. There were a casual onlooker, mate, just click it and listen.


And they paid their ten ninety nine, so you're going to get your point or 006.


And so, so when so when subscription land happens everywhere, which we're assuming you'll be the case I think is going to take some time. But I mean we do two podcasts a week. Your strategy is what let's flush this out in real time, you give one out for free every week and you charge a dollar for the other one and hopes to gain maybe seven percent of your actual audience and get them to pay. Are you saying I was just a new man?


I like I like the way we do. I like the way we do it. As far as, like, dropping a minute to minute clips online about certain topics. True. And then, like, you know, that's it. So, yeah, that's we thought about that and maybe the clips. I'm asking you what you do with the two pound a week.


No, I mean, well, they talk about us or hypothetical of us in a hypothetical, but I don't think we can. I don't think we can. Not charging and give out a full podcast for free. See, I think this is the these are the decisions that content creators are going to have to sit and live with for a little bit.


I think free has to exist no matter how big you are even or you can use us as an example or low pay like DSP.


You know, you can do something right, even if it's a dollar.


What I would like I was going to talk about on the idea of it like, yeah, it's all right to piss people off just right there.


No matter what. We still need to focus on our larger fan base that is going to continue to come back every week for free.


We need to focus on them.


That actually needs to be the focus regardless just so we can try to start to win the casual consumer over to then go pay for the Patriot stuff. I'm talking from us, just our actual pockets.


Yeah, we knew that we'd have that small part of our fan base that would go right to Patrón and pay that five, ten, twenty five dollars.


If we just cut that off, we're only going to focus on them. We can start to win people over with our free episodes. But you know what? They've been kind of rockin this month. I think I think I think I'm going to pay that ten.


But I think that's what advertising is, is you put a lot of effort in the customer more well when your product is good for the customer. But I think I think it's advertising. I think that your brand wants to be a part of that. You want to put your logo on our show. You want to put some product on the table, on the walls that are OK. This is what it'll cost you. So now the our fans still essentially get the show for free, but we're still making money elsewhere because what that exists, we not so much, but that's what I'm saying.


I think that's why it's hard for people to kind of get away from doing business with advertising, because a lot of people are still giving a product essentially for free.


The fans may not be paying, but companies are paying for the final product.


See more to listen. Man, it's a lot to unpack here. We don't have to do this here. This is a whole different door, which is advertising. Most podcasters are not even privy to that stuff. But here we are. But yes, but at one point we weren't privy to that. That's true. One thousand. So you got to keep and you got to keep showing up when you're consistent. Yeah, but I know they can always find you and always find a good product.


Eventually people will want to pay for.


But I want to draw a hard line between advertising and subscriptions. They're not the same.


Oh no. Nobody else will tell you that. Absolutely. No, they're not the same at all. If you're fortunate enough to get some ad money and follow that, the way that awesome Yurok you write you well on your way, right? This subscription money is just new space for all of us because it's not something they allowed us. Oh, it's not tech. They allowed us to get it until now. But that's that crossroad, that fork in the road that I keep talking about where companies will have to make a decision and being able to let creators participate in ways that they haven't before.


This is a step toward toward that.


What I would like to see from at least on the music side, say, say where we spend ten dollars a month at Apple Music or Spotify or Tidal, whoever the fuck. Hmm. But he only listens to emotional oranges and they. Your streams, you might listen to each album from each of them one time a month or one time of day, rather, you're probably earning them.


A dollar, yeah. Where the fuck is the other eight dollars?


I bought this at this point up and in Twitter kill me when I said Drak is probably the reason so many people subscribe to Apple Music or to a Spotify.


He shouldn't have the same split as the unknown artist. It killed me for asking if anybody and some only fans, they was like, all right, Joe, shut up, enough now.


And I'm like, see, that's the problem.


Yeah, some people are not ready to even have those type of conversations. So you can't even be mad at that. Like, you just can't understand people not even thinking about that.


The reason why I love Apple Music or any of these DP's really is because I can literally pull up any song I want and show me ten ninety nine, whatever it is a month, it's worth it. Yeah. Like I can pull up songs from the 80s and 70s and 90s, like remember I don't have to run around with a big CD book and play the music. It's like I can, you can plug it in like so it's all about the convenience.


Absolutely. It's all about, you know, being able to. Like, Shazam, we talk about it, you don't know a song, press a button, go right to it, give me the name of the song, add to my library.


It's all about the convenience and just being able to just have everything right here.


I would just like to see those gaps. Like the world is frowning upon socialism, yet artists have to live by socialism through the DSP South. We all have to split up that the money, the ten ninety nine for everybody. Right. As opposed to if I only listen to thirty eight Spanish he should be getting my 999 minus whatever.


Yeah I see what you're saying. But the thing with that and we joked again at the beginning of the part of a stream is worth. Why they don't do that is because once they start putting it down that way, we'll start to realize what everything is worth. So they have to keep it at point zero zero zero zero one per stream just so no one can really find out exactly what they're worth to the app and what their fan base is bringing.


I give you ten, ninety nine so I could go listen to thirty eight. Right. I don't listen to nobody else. His shit is not worth zero point zero zero zero zero one to you when I play. That's all right. That's why we won't really answer that question because they'd have to reveal what it is when they split it that way.


Hmm, yeah, they don't want to ever confirm that. And just quickly, because we've been on this for a little while, it's good up. I do want to know what this does not to cut you off. It's kind of like a cover or, you know, not not just I just thought of something like, you do it every episode. It's kind of like when you walk into Target.


I love that store. Like, I might be going in there just for body wash, like bottled water.


A Buji, by the way, before he goes with body wash target.


Some place to go. Yeah, it's better. But I'm just telling you, a sea town doesn't give you a body. I don't if you've been in the sea twice now, they got everybody body debris. Did they look like the Mac, Mac, Mac all along?


I'm still going to target when you go to target for body wash and shit like that, like you see about DP's. Right.


I might be going here for whatever artist I love, but then I'll bump into which we had this conversation before. Like if a major artist drops on a day, you're putting your project, would you be upset? And I'm like, I don't know if as an artist I would be upset because everyone is run into this app because this major artist dropped. Sure. And that means now people are here, somebody might stumble upon my shoe by accident, like I go to Target.


Like I said, body wash. I'm just walking. I might see some other shit like, oh, I don't I didn't know I needed that until I saw it.


Can I jump in on that point? Because every time we bring it up in this part, like, it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. Yes. I agree that if a bigger artist drops, it may help a lesser known artist in sales, but that lesser known artist is going to have a rough rest of the week.


I don't care how your sales went, you could have beat every projection. But when you get on one of your socials and say whatever you think the best song is, yo yo heard, take a flight right now. No, we are all be on stage.


It's because word of mouth. Why don't you feel like talking about take a flight right now. Right now. Like it's just it could do some for an artist. Morale is just not bad. You got to hope your project got longevity help. I hope we can talk about it next week.


Well, let's also talk about the fact that the lesser known artists end up on that. It's it's not a guarantee that you end up on the big page. You could be the artist with the following. But if you're not paying the label or someone to get your shit on that fucking front page, well, that's not what we're trying to find. Fucking new music on Fridays. I can't find it. I just talked to certain artists, show me everything.


They show me shit I could buy for sixty nine St James from the 60s. They show me everything except for new artists.


New music was out like unless they are supported by a major label or which just came out. And I still I still believe in word of mouth via social media like that.


Still makes artists I guess you from Alex even the biggest, even the the and that doesn't really happen when a Beyonce drops.


There'll be no word of mouth, a word of mouth. Word of mouth is a real thing and it's a real form of promotion. Unfortunately, in this microwave, ever word of mouth doesn't last as long as it used to.


No, of course not. But word of word of mouth mixed with label oil marketing, all that other shit. Word of mouth is still a very important part of that, you just need all the other elements before you just keep your mouth. You need a dance, you need a meme, you need a challenge. You need a label backing you ever backing off? What is it? Was my radio on the radio trying to come back? You need radio.


What's my challenge? Playlist is the new radio. You need a playlist. Are you going to ask, well, why doesn't Apple Music give us. The new music that drops on on Fridays now, why don't they give us based on what we listen to? You would think, why don't why don't you do that?


Because they're getting a check from the labels is the answer. The play playlist listing for majority sake is all label. Hey, that has to change. Yeah, that is no pay. 90 percent of the audience.


Look at my look at my library. You got it.


Yeah. You can see what. I don't know. Give me that shit.


All that she does on new music and I'm like I don't know who that I'm not listening to that say can you hear the vagina growing up?


It's definitely happening with the band. And before we get off this while it's dry, it's OK. Well, we got to talk to the nerds. Some dude was another thing. Ladies, while it's driving to make a quick point before we try to get you know, it's dry already.


We're not getting we would say social media apps are usually driven and keep going because of the younger audience. If everything becomes subscription based, that's going to be difficult for the young audience, because if I'm a parent, you're only going to get two subscriptions that I'm paying for.


Buddy, I'm sorry. It's not true.


Know there's a different exchange.


I said all college kids are rich. All kids are rich to my bed. No, no, no, no, not at all. They said that they've changed the conditioning with the kid like.


Like back here we go again. I'm scarred for life, but I'm a PlayStation. Yeah. They buy them in the game. They have other forms of engagement where they don't have to bother their parents for the credit card. I left it for the media critic. I want to buy a game. How many years ago? No, that's never going to happen. Now they have this other this other shit out there is what I'm saying.


I think I need some of my Apple account when I was not doing well financially and she went crazy.


It's a mistake. It's a mistake. All right. I guess I'm just saying, if I if I Twitter. I was eighteen when Twitter came out. I was broke. I don't know if I could have afforded a five dollar monthly shit for Twitter and then also for Instagram and then also for Netflix and then also for every last thing on my computer. If we all go subscription based, I can see that being difficult, even if they try to do a little video game shoot with other ways to pay in this and that, everybody is going to be difficult to keep something going.


It is. Everybody's not going to get everything now is free for everything. Tick-Tock is free, but it's because of young people. This is a luxury business now. Absolutely. This is a premium business.


Think it's always been that way somewhere to some degree. I mean, so if the users are not iPads are not cheap, the users make those apps, though. Instagram, we make the content, Twitter we make the content. Tick tock. These kids make the content and get enough.


So if you cut all the people that are creating the content that make the app move, is it going to work? Hmm. Does tick exist if the kids can't do it? No, no, no, not at all. So I did the subscription shit. I'm trying to figure out how is going to work for kids.


That's why I think there's a there's a middle ground. Because if I'm a parent. No, I'm not.


You're not subscribing to every last social media pick to you. Like, here's ten bucks. Sure. And that's great for the two that they they pick the creators on that side of the ten bucks subscription is only going to work for 10 to 15 percent of people. Yeah, it's not meant to work for everybody. It doesn't need to. Yeah.


Doesn't need if I have a million followers and only six percent of the people come in and give me ten bucks a month, I'm doing pretty fucking well, doing great. I'm losing I lose ten thousand followers on Twitter every day. I don't care. The Instagram followers don't budge. They doing whatever they want to. Consumer facing shit. Well that's true.


But that's that's how these companies became. I know, billions and billions and billions ten times over companies.


And congratulations to them, you know, and congratulations to each and every one of them. Sure. I get it. Well, Joe, you were recently quoted in People magazine saying that you created creating wealth.


Yes. I don't remember telling that to me. It's true. I laugh at the fans I recognize screaming. I was joking. This didn't exist. Joe did not say I created feelings. Not real. But you actually this is your chance to say it and saying that to People magazine salaries, areas that people know who created.


Come on, man, we got big and equity. It's me and equity. You know, I really ask their questions. They yell and they make an equity and only fair. They said, oh, if I hear another peep about equity, I'm like, oh, that word just came out right. We just started, you know, we got to put it away already. It was so important. We still saying cat fight. Y'all got it, man.


I won't say no. No, you got to come up with a cool word. I'm the problem. I'm going to hope that Cardi B is equity and only fans or the white girl, Bella Hawthorne, like. No card is correct, caught on a card. Got it. So I don't think so, and that's an issue for me. I'm shutting up because people talk to me anyway, say mom gave us the Miami Pink today. Hey, what are you trying to relive?


A little maybe a little memory. South Beach, south South Beach, South Beach, south South Beach.


What's up? Savon, if we go record a podcast in Atlanta, you're not coming. I'm telling you that now because you get real excited on some of those excursions.


Atlanta's nice cities have a phone in face to the computers.


They get the time stamps or face time, man. Oh, you know, we kind of touch the city. If we see Savon in the background of a rug's picture, we all got to run over there. Yeah, let's go out. We've got to help.


We got to watch it. And, you know, and depending depending depending on traffic, it might be too late. That's true. Traffic is going to get out of.


Which is funny, I've seen a few of the younger teenyboppers, I won't say any names, but niggaz, they can't fight a scene because they can't fight having a blast with, like some young girls that didn't know they couldn't fight at all.


Rog's restaurant was like I of Rose knows this there.


I mean, this guy shouldn't be allowed in here. We should pray that no violence happens at rug's restaurant. No, no, no, no, no. I'm not we're fighting not praying for violence.


But I mean, normally when I see niggaz in the restaurant, they all make this pretty official now to use their hands, except for this one night.


Just one night, I was like, yo, and that's fucked up when like and that's why I'm not going Atlanta like you out out having a blast with some lady. It's open carry state. You ain't got your gun on you now.


You just got to look stupid in front in front of some girls. Yeah.


It's got to take I just imagine that was the night this young man was about to have. I pictured him trying to leave with these chicks and just having a difficult time. It happened. I have so much fun in my imagination. So anyway, say you you're not going you didn't know how to act in Denver. I'm not really trusting it in Atlanta during All-Star weekend. It's for your own protection. I spoke to your mom. Yeah, well, I spoke to her myself again.


He said, you know, she said to me, you know, I think I'm a boy. Exactly. So how much, you know, your son was a fucking idiot? We were at the hotel, he snuck out your stupid ass fucking kid left, which apparently stabbed his ass up in the alley. He got a good day. You tell your mom they got him good. You might not recognize the boy and they got him good. Oh, my God.


All right.


What else is going on in the world of hip hop that is super important and needs to be unpacked for the people say mom would have lost his mind and compound.


Oh, we don't talk about that.


We had to sit down and have a talk with him, live my fucking mind, and almost died in my place.


Live Nation CEO says US music festivals could reopen by mid summer. Live Nation has taken a timeline provided by the British government as an all clear for the summer festival season, selling some one hundred and seventy thousand tickets this week to three major UK summer festivals that were put on sale this week. And according to comments made around the company's grim 20 20 earnings report on Thursday, it is optimistic that North America can be on a similar pace. Gentlemen, react.


Let's go first. Yeah, fuck you. I'm scared of this house. Just shot the Democratic Party. I don't know. I don't know if I believe the festivals will be back by summer. I had dinner with our our William Morris agent of this podcast, and he was like, man, I'll see this shit coming back.


20 twenty maybe. Wow. So, yeah, this seems this seems a little ambitious. And like I said, it would be illegal, but we're in a whole new world. I think this will be a way to entice people to get the vaccine for you to either travel or go to concerts, do anything at all. You have to show some certificate that said you got both shots.


I think it's all going to be important. But why? Why why do you think this is maybe optimistic outside of work? Just it, uh, just schools about just the the amount of. Yeah.


And the amount of precautions that doing and what precautions they're just doing on simple things like indoor dining. I can't see this fast tracking to the summertime where we're now going to be at concerts together, but the vaccine is being distributed.


Both my parents took it.


It does seem to be I forget which one goes to Pfizer, one they said reduces transmission. Based off the statistics they've had and they do I think U.K. release because they're vaccinating at a much faster rate than us and they have very promising results.


And that's all I'm saying about the vaccine is being distributed. People are taking it. Schools are being reopened. They're increasing the percentage of the occupancy in restaurants.


And we're and we're in February, let's say, March now and also even the older people in at risk, people with diseases are having some trouble getting the vaccine.


So once once I never everybody gets government to care about old people. Well well, they they've said it out loud that they know that they did. Exactly. Exactly. Koczela never cancelled. Right? They did. You know, but when national audience was on the bill. When did they cancel? They didn't cancel for this year. No, I'm saying that last year, last year. But that but that's when they tried to go. It's over.


But they're talking about when I thought that was this summer. They said a year ago and they didn't cancel. Oh, no.


This says now off the table. Oh, OK.


But they also, Joe, they also just kept pushing Coachella. At one point they confirmed it for being October of 20. Like they're just going they're playing by here.


And I get that it was this year by year. Yeah. All right.


April twenty twenty one is off the table. Give me more. Give me more. Give me more. Sorry.


Look at that loser. Look at how that comes right back on the big screen. And we're not even subscribed to this newsletter thing. I'm subscribing to fucking newsletters. They got me. Yeah, I read just that right there. And I'm done. Yeah. Sorry. OK, so faded, so they tried it in October, twenty twenty one, Coachella is definitely a possibility, but it's still not a sure thing. The decision depends on how the coronavirus pandemic progresses through the rest of the year and whether or not golden voice, along with local and federal officials, feels that feels that the event can be safely staged in April.


I don't know you. I think by April, I mean, we starting to see people that back in the sporting sporting events.


April might be optimistic, but I'm planning for August, and I'm fairly optimistic that we'll be able to actually have it.


Yeah, I don't know if August is off. That's obvious to me is how many people we think a few hundred ish. So it's obviously still a lot of people. A lot of people say there's a lot of people who coach. God damn it, Matt. Think he was about to say that you have my money on a plane is you. Yeah. And you all agreed on two hundred ish. How much a place she is, huh? Upstate.


Much cheaper. Yeah, to do that, yeah, I was just going to say, you can have a wedding, like if you go to Atlanta, you can have a well, you go to Miami, you can have a wedding like you can have a wedding right now. We'll get married. Sure.


But I'm not placing my family. That's why this whole shit to me is just inhuman. It was having a pool party last year.


Well, they locked everybody inside with no houses, but nobody got there wasn't no vaccine yet. I don't like to go inside the house, so stop the spread. They didn't do it here. We don't need to get.


Would you let me call Jo and I record the podcast during your wedding? Absolutely. I would encourage you in the in the front row. I would encourage and like the background would be I would encourage commentated like a game. Yeah. I like this guy. He's really going inside. His life is over. Don't do it. Reconsider some later six years.


The one time he wants to bring up a pot ideas on his wedding day.


Yeah. Yeah. That he was waiting.


I wouldn't do that to parks me. If you ever went to a wedding and cried, I cried.


I don't even know the couple I love. It's so beautiful. Yeah. You cried at the one on November. You got married. Did you. Did you not talk about love. You know that this is going to make it even better. Yeah. Oh come on.


A safari in Bellingham can barely know Africa safari you criterion safaris wouldn't know you too much. You know it was it Erica Safari and get married on a love they didn't know.




Wait Erica Safari didn't get married about.


I don't know, maybe it was a special but not all eleven hip hop because I saw them get married. I'm like Will's what I, I wonder how about that. I know he wasn't that dumb. OK, I wasn't.


But you were crying at a welcome Bella and Josie's wedding and you cry.


I was one of those. Tears in your eyes. I actually didn't quite hear you did. They showed it to her. Yes, fuck.


I wouldn't know you cried if you're doing that, in case you all are tuning in Monday at eight p.m., that shows. Where did you navigate this to of. I did. He cried. I let a little I thought, I can't blitz the camera. But they can see you, Joe. Joe thought he was hiding from the camera in the front row.




Joe, you had to wrap on Beamer, Benz and Bentley, but not by choice.


Like it was a remake. What you remember risky. I think I remember that. Jersey, Philly, Detroit, whatever the fuck. That sounds like a box. That's funny, but, you know, it was the most like a beautiful ceremony, so I understand that you would cry at Love Parks. Why didn't you cry de la soul split?


I might have asked you that. I love you, buddy. What if you thought that was cool, what Tommy Boy did? I didn't. Oh, it's still fucked. Exactly. Oh, cried Tommy boy, I don't cry. He's he's cried on like four to four shows.


More broadly, definitely more than that, actually. I love hip hop as one of the prime times, I love hip hop consequence. Punch me in the face or not. You didn't cross it, you know, and I loved it. I know.


It's like right up, you know, they did that. But the funny part about that, I said, Yo. You're not going to leave this building without somebody talking and he said it, what you will walk should they should listen love and his love in front of love. And we hope he's doing well. How's he doing? I'm not sure. Yeah, we haven't seen any pictures when they were home and why we need to update on his health, please.


We need a consequence. Health update. I hope he's.


Well, they haven't given one cause we love you. We need you here. I hope you're doing well and love hip hop.


We cried on me, not we. I cried on couples therapy.


I cried on. I cried on the therapist. We do.


Yeah, yeah. I cried on some more shit.


I cried on everyday struggle when they lost. So, yeah, you're right. Yeah. When they lost, so say the culture splits was wrong. Oh stay the course or not crying every day struggle too.


Did you? Yes. About what, Erica? About you. So that's five shows that I've cried.


Happy birthday. I was about to say. Oh yeah, 50 50. I was crying when she was brilliant in that episode.


But but I'm not. I've never denied being a crier. No, there's nothing wrong with it.


I cried watching the movie Armageddon. I love crying. I cried watching the movie A Time to Kill. I cried watching the first season that this is us. You definitely cried on the first season of a million little things. You cry watching my girl.


She's like, Hey, where's his glasses?


I don't know. And he just, you know, my girl is Macaulay Culkin. He died in the Bisto. You cried during that? I probably I probably got choked up and she wears his glasses.


Hey, how about enough of all the things Joe cried watching now when they talk about you. When I cry when they jumped Rafaelle and Ninja Turtles, I cried about you like that shit, man. I wasn't. I wasn't so nice. My girl made me watch, so I got to live somewhere I wasn't feeling. I am like, that is right. Like this. I'm a girl like that cuz I like that girl. Made me watch some real sad movie on Valentine's Day.


I'm a crier. I like crying, I like to cry. Really. It's not like I'm not a crazy cry cry to the bottom of the bottle you want.


Nah nah nah. I'm not one of those. I'm, I'm a quiet crier like it's more of an intro.


You cry like Cuba Gooding in Boyz n the Hood. You go in a room starts swing if I want to cry. I cried when Lex Lex was born. Yeah, we were all crying, OK? And that makes. That's that's totally we understand it. You know, crying at Joel's wedding when he never gave you a verse is insane. Slow out just a little while. Joe loves love, man. Let him live.


You know, you love, love, love, love, love, loves jewels and Campello. And I think one of the sisters, we love her, too. I mean, if I remember right, one of the saw you and I love that's why I got yellow. Oh, shit. I think I was in so far when you were the best man. I know. The fuck you. I'm not looking out there. I don't remember, but I'm not bugging.


I mean, I saw that and he saw that. And I think he was crying it too, that I got a check for wake up. Go back screaming.


Yeah, right. No, no, no, no, no, no. It's the second. Go back to the other one. Go back to that second. Right.


Did ya ya ya havingness. Joe and Jonathan was crying.


Look at me look stupid. I always look stupid strap's. You look at reality TV situations, you know, this is Joe Biden from the Joe Biden podcast. May I please speak to get the hell out?


Don't worry. I'm not calling to see why you and Eric are being spicy on the Internet. That's not what I'm calling about.


But the mall is telling me that I was crying at your you guys his wedding and I didn't even remember attending your wedding. Your wedding was televised. You're a guy, what the hell is wrong with you on the front row? That's the only way I see. I wasn't there. It was 10 of us. Get the hell out. You was crying.


You shed a few tears. Was I was more my tears for you or Erica. Which one was I supporting? Both of you. You you kind of started crying in the beginning. Soon as we all sat down.


Soon as you say nobody came out yet. Hey, look at this flower arrangement. Oh, yeah. All right. All right. Doing so. All right. So I've cried it everybody's way, right? This and every show.


Yep, look at tomorrow's great safari way, not the double wipe, you look out at the crime safari holding it down, he looks like, yeah, let me hit him.


So I tried to make it cool.


Now you want me to upload the simple crime. Thank thank you. Thank you.


Thank you. But that was a no. You did have a real beautiful wedding, no matter what's going on today.


What the hell are you talking about? Know what I'm talking about? We'll talk about that. He's a cute safari man. Listen, one day I'm a getlin and we're going to hang out because we live in. Yeah.


Yeah, Pernot. I'm afraid because it's open carry out there, do you have guns or I have more guns than I do sneakers in a USA?


Yeah. All right, that's it. That's all I needed to hear.


I don't I don't I don't promote them. No, they're all concealed license.


No, of course. Everyone not a legit way to the streets. Find out that Joe Biden's depending on SSAFA to keep him safe in Atlanta.


Forget it. Wow.


All right. So far. But you're doing well in front of the show. We love you. We care about you right over there.


I'm great, man. I appreciate you. Good looking. How's that beautiful baby? She's right here.


Say hi. Say something. So, you know, that's the game, that's how you don't care about what we'd be saying. All right, cool, man. We'll come check you sooner or later, man.


Stay up.


Are you saying that all year keep lying to the pandemic? Travel has been crazy. You should be crazy when it's 70. Flew right over Atlanta. No, I'm coming that way, man. For sure.


What's up with you, man? I hear you sneaking around airports. What's going on with you? You know, fucking bitch is getting money. It's all Jodo shown by any network.


Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. That's it.


Whenever you allowed to do some of them, things hit my jack shit when you allowed to play play, huh?


Yeah. I can't play when I'm friends with your wife. I'm not playing with you so far. Thank you for calling. We love you. We'll talk to you. So you called me.


Let's get that clear on to clear that up. This is great. But I know you call me.


Look, you call me. Here you go. Thanks for calling. Oh.


Oh. Never picture him wanting to be in the relationship like I never see him. All right. Now, you know, Erica might be cheeky, too. Yeah. So far he's more his personality, Molly.


But like, well, what what does he have to run the day in and day out while he went in that one in the crib and every time he knew it, you just tweet Scorpio's stings like some.


She just tweet something crazy like that's like Isobar. You lost that scorpion. About to go crazy out here. Erica, we love you, by the way. All right.


Everyone involved here gets a lot of prayers off. You got to pray for people only out loud, not only only out loud on air and on my IV and sort of a prayer.


Every time I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is pray. Before you go the night before bed now, more of a morning prayer guy, I get scared to live life and when he wake up, when you wake up, you don't want to wake up.


Oh, God, I'm gonna need your help today. And while another mistake about this, they want to go, you know, you don't think that guy power for waking up is different how you do it? That's the first thing you do. You know, I give it a little time to make sure it's still working.


Yes, sure. Sure. It's a different kind of prayer. Yeah. Give it a little tug.


Oh, God. I didn't even know I was getting another day. But please keep me safe. Oh, you're like, thank you. I knew it before or after he lit up the morning farts.


Well, those are probably my sleep already. You don't fart during prayer. I've thought of that before. What are you thankful for in the morning? Waking up. Yes, doctor, that's a start. All right.


Next, as I watched your dad's comments, like the list was the list of I, I, I'd be giving it to God before bed like the list is who you know. Thank you for to the health of my family, friends and lamingtons friends and to you.


You've got to be serving them all my kids, my give me the guidance direction.


And I did serve my butt in the morning but had no more God. Good looking. Yo you wee wee wee awake. I don't, I don't look ready. I don't like Joe's Miss America pageant prayers.


I being thankful for my health and my family's health because I know directly from my friends and their friends and their family. Thank you for that.


I don't know what's going on with their my friends of friends families health.


No, but you just want me to say have good health. You're right. Good health. No, we were saying the thankfulness I'm offering.


I don't know that. Let's pray they stay that way, if otherwise. But no, I'm not going to say I just. Please, world peace.


God, I'll see you on. I'm next.


They never do. The whites have never prayed for us. We made Jesus way. What you want from me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he's not. I didn't even make them right now them like. No, they made him like some type of you had them on you and you wear him. This is a monster himself. If you're asking. I know there's a Jesus somewhere. OK, there they tried to melany the white Jesus to like make them like him.


Quite nice name. I fucking hate the Miami. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. You know, the way to be created is based on the word they saw the create no show.


Oh they stole it. Yeah. They stole that from one of my one of my not so did this least hopefully won't have to go through that. Right.


It had to be one of my ancestors somewhere that came up screwed. Yeah. All right. Well what else is there. But nothing is important today.


I laughed at the fact that they film Coming to America to Eric Rose's house.


That was really funny shit. Oh, shit. Fine integration. Is it supposed to be Jamaica Estates? No, because there's no house in Jamaica. So I postponed it. Maybe some okra. I don't know. The premise wouldn't serve.


They were still smoldering. Yeah, I told you all this while I was filming or maybe after the Ross pull up that movies were filming. They are coming to America being one of them. I do want to watch and see what they made that look like. That's where they made his house look like three hundred acres or how much land he has. I need. It was awesome. I need a Ross intro today to give me this Zamunda house for me that needs to it would be funny if they would be funny to have roles in the movie is like one of the janitors about like that's hard mopping up some shit.


I know it's my House speaker. Actually we were. Watching and talking about the hip hop under cover sheet and watch the jump. Joe, did you get a chance? I know we talked yesterday, ran off Mike about it, ran home, watched all three episodes.


There's only three, right? Four for now. I watched all four episodes wait for now. We met before is up there now.


However, many were available last night is available. I watched them all. Mm hmm. And it was cool.


It was cool. I really enjoyed it, man. I really enjoyed it until I figured out that these docs are just podcast. And that's why I said I. This does something to some of the podcasts and YouTube channels that I watch with people interview these these type of people from our culture. I feel like it kind of cuts their legs out from under them a little bit now.


But I've seen them I've seen all the main focal points of this of the show now doing podcasts to promote Chandab doing parts.


That was real good to hear. Hear some of her story. Yes, real good. It was good to hear from everybody. Let me let me start there. Yeah. Everybody involved who was shot. Great. I love when there's a doc and they make people sit in the big warehouse that's empty with some depth. Yeah. In a show like. Well yeah yeah yeah. I like I want to hook. I'm listening. Yeah. I'm listening to what I.


Things sound better in warehouses. I don't know.


Haitian Jack was really entertaining. Yeah I like that. I like that Buli story that he told me that was awesome. But that was the only story where I felt like dude was really giving it up. Other than that, I knew big. You wouldn't want to sit on a kick up for real. Same with chick. Chick, chick. Chick was up there telling them the most innocent of stories.


But as he gets into the suicide, yeah, I thought that was something I'm really going to jail for.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


I would, I wouldn't expect any of these gentlemen to take it on here and tell themselves in some real shit. Yeah. Yeah.


But no, I thought that was a really interesting part to hear from church on that type of shit, not only to talk about suicide, then explain depression and everyone else try to question him on it. And it's like that's not how she'd work.


Chick chick is hell on earth. Yeah, he is. Queenscliff is entertaining. I was happy to see racing here in. It was just good to hear that side of, you know, because we've talked about how the streets control the music business quite a bit on this podcast. So it's it's good.


It's getting a proper documentary style from the people who actually are from that cloth. And they, you know, if you watch the credits, are all executive producers on it, which is great because that sounds to me like they're making some money off it. Yeah. Yes.


Just I never knew why Bammy got fired from Def Jam, so that was good to know too.


I forgot that Mr. Dempsey, he was working with Dub Psy and something happening in Kiev called and was like work from home now. Pretty well the way he got, he got fired from Def Jam.


He was, he was an R over there. That's back to that everwhere.


Def Jam just housed all these amazing, amazing people. Right.


And he got fired from Def Jam but then started working with El Al. That's how the fuck I ended up on that focused remix fucking with Jimmy Feminity.


But anyway, you got a famous remix, L.L. Cool J. Focus remix. I didn't know that, by the way. I don't know that. So that's this really. I don't ever remember that YouTube. Oh, shit. I never heard that. Yeah, it was a good. Judging by your tone. I mean, the. All right, let me let me provide contact with the president heading down on Def Jam, Def Jam, the record focus, they missed it completely.


And when they when they were trying to get the steam back on it, when the public was over it, then they tried to throw a Hail Mary.


The Hail Mary was out. But I could only get out if I also used his new artists, which was a young lady. So the Focus remix is Joe Button, L.L. Cool J and a young lady who was his act at the time and Def Jam Service did. But the fans was like, what is this like this? We have this record. We did this record. You missed it. It was Queen Duchesse. Yes, yes, yes.


We have to you know, I know that it's Queen Duchies.


I never heard the scream, but that is how that the Focus remix came about, it was those queens being me.


Come on, Joe. This is the famous farm. The farmers are famous. Yeah.


Basically learn something about you just that's school and well, I won't sell any actual store, but I think a lot of the murder ink and just ties with everyone combined when that happened. We're praying and everybody like they just didn't want nobody in that building universal. When that case happened, yeah, so that that's part of it, you know, they might have fired him for that.


Oh, OK. What's all these gentlemen that does some legendary shit?


Yeah, really. I really, really enjoy this stock. And Janet Pemi, Deb is really good.


I like. What do you think about and then we can get off this, but back to that bully story that Haitian Jack told just about when the bully, when he shot the bullying in the bully was like you. Well, aren't you on your way now? And he didn't say, I didn't understand what it meant. But when you shoot somebody in the power behind it, it's the first one. Now, you are on that side. You are on their side.


Now you know what it is and you win the game. Well, you think about that.


It's crazy. This I don't want brutal honesty. I did. Oh, yeah. That's how it happens. Like, once, you know, you can do it.


A horrible cycle of survival. Yeah. Is what I think it is. Yeah.


To put it. Yeah. This is a horrible cycle of survival. I like the story we told when they stole those pop's car. Yeah, don't worry about that guy in the morning.


I'm sure every car thief in the car was there at the start, you know. Yeah, well, you know, I loved his father's reaction.


I think Jack is the leader of the thieves, so it's a great story. Yeah. No, it was great when he thought, Abuelito, listen, we good, but I bought this.


Yeah. Just in case they all got your name on it, buddy. As wild story everywhere. And where was Jack?


Jack was a deal then that wasn't he was saying it was indeed. He started in hay and he was deported for six months. Then he went to D-R. Beautiful NDR. I think I've heard that Jack was there at some point, but don't go if you haven't seen it.


This is on Hulu or anything affects is on Hulu. I love that.


Yeah, I love that. It's a man. I probably use Hulu more than anything else at this point in my viewing. Well, that HBO show Guys Bill is killing for me.


But the fact that you can get Hulu and Disney Plus and whatever that is, you can see it for like three ninety nine.


That's where I get my showtime through. And it's kind of nice this all in one place. Awesome. Awesome shit. You guys have a chance to watch the Patrice O'Neal on Comedy Central. OK, that's why I'm in charge. It's really, really good man.


Just because outside of Patrice being a legend, he came from a legendary era, I feel like, of the Comedy Cellar, like like his graduating class.


Absolutely. So all of them are together to tell that story like that just makes the dock that much better. I can't watch a Comedy Central. Comedy Central. Yeah. Arizona is one of the funniest human beings I received. He's one of my favorite, favorite comics ever. That's super easy. Like some big super small available catalog, really.


But but they get into what? You know, I think most people that were fans him even knew when he was alive. Patrice never want to play the game and he would tell you that straight up. And they get into that whole thing of how Patrice could have been, you know, on a cabinet level to some degree. But any time that he would get a shot and he got a thousand of them, he would say, no, I'm not doing this shit, fuck.


Y'all don't tell me how to do my fucking comedy. You're hiring me because you think I'm funny. Stop trying to tell me how to be funny. Stop it. So he he shot himself in the foot constantly and admittedly and said, I'm not going to do this shit.


Like, I can't respect to continue to be this way. You did his way. Yeah.


And he lived it on his terms.


So when they announced that someone put a tweet, a YouTube clip underneath the tweet of him breaking down how much white people love Radiohead creep like a radio show, that's it was fucking hilarious. That was a topic going around.


Twitter over the weekend or last weekend, and they were asking, which deceased celebrities do you think would be causing the most ruckus on Twitter if they were alive today? And I think that birthed the Richard Pryor hashtag that came about. Everybody was like Richard Pryor would go crazy. But while everybody was saying that, I was like, why is nobody saying Patrice O'Neal, what was his account with Beatrice O'Neal?


Wouldn't be allowed on no Twitter account?


No, no, no. Let's not say that, because the way I think Kevin Samuels now is gaining a lot of traction on social media. Patrice was doing that shit on Opie and Anthony. Ten years before Kevin Samuels, the same shit. Yeah, nothing is new under the sun. Yeah. So I think now, Patrice, in the era where he had to rely on networks when he was alive and how we don't have to rely on networks now, I really think Patrice and most comedians make it like in their 40s and 50s.


Comedy is like a it takes a while for most not, you know, the superstars.


But I think Patrice would have finally got his real just do and was able to do what he wanted to do when you can when you could partner with someone like Netflix who was like, you know, just do whatever the fuck you want us. To be very clear, this would not be the perfect area for Patrice O'Neal.


No, no, no, no. I think it's I think it's it's quite specifically financial people for everything. Exactly. But you can't cancel someone that does not care. They will. Srifa countdown. OK, so will not be on social media. I couldn't see him even sitting there tweeting. I think he would create the same way you can't cancel. Dave Chappelle is the same way. I think you can't cancel Patrice. His fan base does not care.


He does not care. He will leave right away. If he doesn't like the situation, he'll leave the money on the table. He don't give a fuck. You can't cancel that type of person. And we and we would have needed that type of shit in the sense that I've asked for the most part, most comedians that have gotten canceled it most have been unsuccessful.


Most of the time they're doing some real fucking nasty shit. Oh, yeah, it's really nice. If you're just funny in, say, inappropriate shit, that's still a go for the most part.


For the most part. But Patrice O'Neal's content was hilarious. Absolutely. But he definitely would be what people like me like. Oh, he says some outlandish shit. And you know, he's insensitive towards this type of people.


It is. They were saying it about him back then.


So like now the room is fucking legendary. It's one of my favorite standup special guests right now, this podcast.


Speaking of Twitter, someone tweeted this today and Patrice O'Neal, quote, My girl has over 7000 tweets, thank God for Twitter, because that's over seven thousand things she would have had to say to me and shout out, shout out to all Patrice's fiance, Yvonne.


I did all the static show with Vonne and Whispy. I had no idea that that was Patrice's fiancee the entire time. Super funny girl, super cool girl, which stayed in touch via Instagram. I'm watching the doc and she comes up and it says, Comedian.


I'm thinking just a comedian because there was a bunch of comedians.


Fiancee, you stayed in touch with a lot of people through Instagram. That's a social media. Yes. By touch, I mean, like, you know, every now and again, I had no idea that was so weird to talk about it.


I've never sent on a talk about you my entire life, Widjojo. A little talk about it. Hey, let me know when your show is about seven. I've never seen seven to talk about.


You know, just ask and think about it. You're trying to be next to said I'm not drunk.


I'm just I'm a while. You're trying to be. Go ahead. I'll give it to you. Just like he had a ball for you. So say I'll bring it back later. We're going to be next to talk over my suit. You got a punch line coming. But anyway, usually you could do something with the eight to match you to do it.


If this manifests, I'm coming back to the game. I kind of come back to the game with my SoundCloud freestyle.


Nothing is manifesting well. OK, just checking. Yeah.


Before we get to snowfall. Right. It's late Sunday night at 9:00 pm or 10:00 p.m. on HBO. Yeah. All y'all got to cut a check, man. Enough. Let's talking about your next Allen vs. Pharrell.


Yeah, Woody Allen with the Woody Allen the Woody Allen doc on HBO Sunday nights. I want to say it's a four part series, all not available, only one available right now. This was great. I'm a binge watch. I watch this and this was great. I immediately step right back to my moms call moms out.


Yo, man, why was everybody creepy back then? Like, what was your generation doing? And again, I knew Woody Allen was creepy because I'm familiar with the case. But just how creepy. No, I didn't know you just told me Karl Malone was creepy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks. Probably coming soon. Nasty, nasty guy. Hey, if the Joe Paterno statue had to come down, you can't even get a statue.


All right.


But this duck would be married. This woman who had mad kids. Spent the entire relationship letting her know I wanted shit to do with these kids, then somehow conned his way into picking the kids to adopt the woman he married was famous also.


Yes. Yes, she was. She was an actress, my mom's favorite actress. She was a lot of movies, I believe.


Don't mind me Parke's. I'm just we're doing worse. Take over more and more with the sports. The Oscars are expected to pursue demander roles, and mold was upset about it because Moore hates anything the Lakers do to improve. That's not that's not. What are they giving up?


I don't know. See, that's that's the part of it. You give up Kuzma and then Kuzma.


Absolutely. If that's all. But it's going to be out that's all. Oh yes it's going to cause damage. Throw him in there for sure. Morris boy you throw him in there too for sure.


Oh man. Can you call your all star buddy to draft picks. See, first and second round, particularly, first protected their low their low picks, yeah, you all want to shoot low picks first, protect the second round, pick ninety two second round picks.


For the Rosann sorry, I can see it. I can see them doing it as if you all have to, Rosann, on a team that exists right now to orbit the orbit of Brooklyn. No, Corey laughed at me before the NBA season started when I said, what are you going to do when Harden ends up on the net? He laughed. He laughed at me. But I don't pay Corey any money ever since he was trying to fuck our neighbor across the street.


He said he wasn't.


Oh, well, we write it. You remember that he was there, right? We recorded Live Together for Jeff. Try to act like he was going to get, you know, what he was doing as a third just this week. Why was the neighbor at our house at 7:00 a.m.? Because you're doing get a grip, get some free Occupy feeds over there looking to more juice. What? He was juice. How does she look? Beautiful.


Beautiful, beautiful blue.


What's the problem? We're not mad. Just got to make jokes. No, I was mad at one point. He was mad. He was hating. He was mad. Well, OK.


Hey, I respect it. Now always want to fucking prosper.


But what you know, sometimes you think you get energy and you realize that she's just nice. Yeah. Friendly neighbors are going through the neighborhood. Yeah. Loves the neighborhood. I thought I was getting energy is when I put two and two together and I was like, oh wait a minute. Oh yeah. Yeah. This is nice. Nice to me. So still finding out the nick. All right.


What are we doing. What are we doing. What are we doing. What are we doing. Still fall. Oh, I thought Modano call Julius Randle. So let's get this. No, let's get the snowfall first. Spoiler alert. We're telling we're snitching now so if you haven't seen it but ask for it through this part. But one thing for sure, two things for certain. When that dude Scully gets a hold of Franklin, he told what was going happen.


Yeah. He said if you trying to fuck me. I'm not saying every nigga got it. I gave them the big guns to or gave him the big, big boys. I'm still in homeboy fucked up shit up is going to be a great season.


Looks like I'm happy for Skully Diondre Balls. I'm happy for him. He. He did some jail time and he was away for a few years and seems like he's, you know, back full active swing and he's doing a great job, I think he's going to be the breakout star this season.


That's I hate to be the to catch. That's my man right there. The cop. Oh, yeah. He's a good actor. That's why the cop that got the white guy. Yeah, he's a good actor. You see what he did when he got to say it?


I don't want to spoil it this season. This season. Right here. Yo, stop talking. Please get your man. Yeah. Yeah. That'll quiet things down. Yeah, I learned that.


Not with that southcentral. Did that happen. That was Southcentral thing. Yeah. Anyway, brace yourself Angel. Of course I just checking it.


And this season of snowfall looks like it's going to be. Is this off to one of those type of storms like this. Might they set in a ball. This might be as good as power, but stop it.


Don't, don't, don't. This is a lot better than po. Just this little trolly trying to get it.


No, I don't know if you're trolling came right to you. I think power is better than the wire, the control power.


I mean, when we first started watching power, the first two seasons, first three seasons, I go low. Yeah. I was, I wasn't mad at the seasons and you have love the first two and you have to let it go that I was hype them first season. No, I was hype too.


I was hype but I didn't like just but my shit better than my statement was just continues.


At this rate I could see a world where.


Yeah, but it didn't know nowhere near. No where it was bad. Fast down bad.


Everyone forgive the wire for season two and just take it.


And the more time it passes I have a greater appreciation for CSJ. I don't know why people ever really knocked season two like that. I can tell you why in retrospect this season, I just I understand why it had to happen. It was to David Simon esq like you should have stuck with what was working.


But now you see how is the setup for it. I know, but yeah, that's all I'm saying. It can't. It came together though. Yes. It was the whole reason after season one though. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.


Definitely get it. They're going to kill for England.


Well no they're not the real story loosely based. He's alive. Yeah he's alive. But yeah. Daniela's mother in the war. I'm excited that we have something to. Oh maybe she'll be there as friends at the Apollo.


No, no. I see what you know. D'Angelo D'Angelo in the wild. How do we know D'Angelo from the wire. That Daniel Virginia. That's an amazing artist. Know.


You are going to be there for him. No, we were not. You guys are going to be watching and screaming, why is my Instagram? I know niggas that was invited.


That's not going. But I know friends like yo come before that. Really fun. No, no, I'm busy all midnight in no watch.


I'm going to watch to see if these guys can make ba ba ba ba ba ba is misleading messaging.


Yeah. Yeah. You're going to watch Amawi as to how long. How long. I'll probably I'm not going to say it. Let's say here.


I know you're not going to say that you want to. Do you want to see what the friends you're not watching the whole thing. How do you know that. What if it's fire. Of course. But right this second, you're not going into this saying I'm watching the whole thing. No, you're not. Yes, I don't believe that.


D'Angelo with friends. I'm watching it. Yeah, well, who has friends? He don't have to find out. You don't know.


You wouldn't go to a pool party if I blow, you know, just some friends, a pool party, somebody who's not with their friends and friends.


Yeah, but you would need some names now. It's a little different. Why? I'm going to compliment my guy today.


OK, fine. Joe is the D'Angelo pool party. If Joe says come to the pool party, I'm going to the pool party. I don't need much information. I know his resume when it comes to pool parties, OK? And friends, if someone that I don't know said come to the pool party, I want to ask, well, who's going? D'Angelo has friends that I think I want to see, absolutely. I wonder if we watch.


I'm not going to say the masses are glued for the entire three hours or whatever might do some of that shit while I'm watching it start paying back background music, you know?


Yeah, but I'm tuned in. I wouldn't know. I want to check it out just because we haven't seen D'Angelo in in five years. Yeah, that alone is enough. Altitude. No, that's not enough for me to see D'Angelo before I know that I haven't seen him in a long time. That part is not enough for me. Go home and check them out, because it's been a while since I checked them out. No, like D'Angelo is still D'Angelo to me.


So if I'm checking it out, that's why I'm checking it out, because D'Angelo is D'Angelo, and that's what I expect to see as like when there weren't very many D'Angelo sightings. And then we got word in New York City that he was performing in like Baltimore. Nobody knew, like on the low type shit was like, wow, now we had a double Maudet to watch that. We want to see that today, though, friend.


He's got some pretty cool friends, he's got some crazy with the captions, by the way, he's got a lot of friends, just the so Aquarians would get me there to watch. Yeah, but that's not a verse or some peace deal. So can somebody explain to me what Joe is like? What is it is. Well, I don't know if it's what we'll see.


Is he going to have a jam session? If that's going to be no, yeah, I get it, but it's like we don't in what versus is in what we've come to know it as it's kind of like. What who's like what is this is going to be is evolving before our very eyes, and if I'm a friend, I got to know what song I'm verses versus sing against.


Yeah. You know what, no surprises. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll be curious if. If I'm cute, if I need to know what I'm going against with nothing even matters, like let me know my versus not walking into a left hook, somebody's going to tell me what's going on here.


Well, I just want this one. I just want one answer.


Your call has your call has been forwarded, buddy. Don't you want to go forward.


My shit. Yo, Larry Jackson, this is Joe Biden calling live from the Joe Biden podcast. How are you doing? Wow.


Am I on air? Like, how does this work? Is is it.


You're on air. Don't say anything incriminating. I'm talking about D'Angelo versus can I curse or, you know, encourage you to please, please be a friend of the show, please.


So I can I can I can say fuck and motherfucking, you know.


Whoa, whoa, Larry. No, none of the audience knows that you curse.


We don't know anybody from Apple curses. Larry, listen to me real quick, because we're doing a piece and we're talking about Deanship versus Angelo versus featuring friends and live life and life live from the historic Apollo Theater or.


Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry.


Beautiful. What is like what is this is coming out tomorrow, by the way.


So. Yeah, this will be this is coming out. Oh, it's coming out tomorrow afternoon, D'Angelo.


Wow. OK, what is this as in terms of versus what. What part. What part.


What part of you look and how is he going versus his friends. How is this A versus Larry. I mean, you know, the guy is. You know, he's he's a he's a unicorn, I got to say, but by the way, the fact that how about this as well on this for a second, the fact that and I have so much love from the fact that I got the Angela to come out of wherever he was at 4:00, this is even.


You know, he could he could do it by himself, you know, I'm saying he's such a a unicorn and such a snow leopard is such a legend, you know that. You know, he's not he's not he's not a normal kind of cat.


You know, I see what's going on. We gave you a spontaneous call that you weren't prepared for.


And now you just know that I just don't want to ruin the surprise. But who's going to be there? I don't want to I don't want to ruin the surprise. Well, can you just tell us the phone?


Who's going to be there? We don't care about versing anyone. I just want to know how it's going to work.


Like, should I call Mario or somebody to stand in line? Does somebody music? So. What do you want me to do? This friend is really making me cut on my Apple TV at whatever time you say give the people something, Larry.


Oh, wow. And it's it we're going to we're going to play with the format and it's going to be something that you wouldn't even expect in terms of how he would be going up against somebody. I'll tell you that. All right. I'll tell you that.


And I think I think I think I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Is this just they just going to do a bunch of duets and that's going to be the versus, hey, I do the song with you, so we're going to sing together and we're versus sing on the same song that we're Larry's my guy clearly is being evasive on some facts.


I'm assuming it's for a reason. I'm assuming he's media trained. So I'm going to leave this alone. I'm going to take the vibe. I'm going to take the hit. Don't press him, Rory. No, I'm asking, did did Maxwell want to smoke or not?


Why can I come back on Joe Biden's podcast or. A different kind of interview. You should come to the very first time you guys call me, speak about something with this kind of pressure.


Now, Larry, you can come on this podcast any time you should, any time you like. One I'm done for. And you think this we will we will tune in to see him versus himself. Now he will. He won't be. He won't be versus himself, I can tell you that.


So there's going to be a mystery person there that you guys couldn't say for some reason. Yeah, most definitely.


It's going to be it's going to be interesting kind of play on the format. That's all I could say. But it would be. Well, what the watch for sure, without question would be.


We're going to call you the very next part to talk about why it you know what? And I would be happy to take that call and explain myself.


So awesome.


We love D'Angelo, so we're looking forward to it. We love D'Angelo. We love you. Good luck with the event tomorrow. We'll be tuned in, Larry.


Appreciate it, brother. Love you too, man. My man. In a minute. All right.


I wish I couldn't hung up no faster to get out of here. You saw the name of the unicorn snow leopards. He's like, oh, he's you know, he's the guy. He's there. He's a T-Rex. I got to tell you, he's got to tell you, he's such a uniform and talented brother. We know that. Like, he's like he's kind of like a Harry Potter type. The fact that we even got him is like the battle itself.


I do. I do believe him in that sense. Yeah. No getting D'Angelo. I said we have a really difficult Fabulosos shout out to Larry.


I like Larry lot. Of course. Of course not.


Often you hear guys established and accomplished this, Larry stuttering on a podcast.


So that was good. I'm a watch it. You know, he's promising me an opponent. So I did. I did. I read everything wrong.


No, he's promising me an opponent. So I'll watch because I don't really talk about D'Angelo.


Can I can I can I be truthful how I interpreted that and I'll do my before shoot Larry. Love you. And I interpreted that as Larry going. We don't even know the fuck D'Angelo about to do.


That would be of it. I don't have a fucking clue. Well, you don't know he got D'Angelo.


It's going to be great. We're going to produce it. Well, whatever D'Angelo wants to do in that fucking stage is what he's going to do with some cameras. So we'll do what we're good at.


Yeah. If D'Angelo wants to do it, he will. Still, from that call of the secret world of music, we're I'll you shit till we show up on stage, you'll see what it is. He better find somebody to battle, I know that baby. Hey, you better call up Angie Stone. You bet. You better go. Somebody's got them.


You said it's going to be interesting. Don't be. And you might be losing. You better Horace Brown. You better find an opponent, nigger. You better not get up there. And these are my friends. Have a chance. I will break that Apple TV in front of face time.


Me, Larry Engin D'Angela just really introducing his real friends because it was my man growing up.


This is. Is it a lot back. I know he is. Is he. On the way over into that, not really this danger. Does he have friends? A lot of them, who? What's going to happen, by the way, he has a lot of friends, is Laurie Harvey going rogue?


Obviously, any bad bitches going, I wish I was invited by no bad bitches going in like me. I'm cool with it. Don't do that. I always do that on Ts. It's twenty twenty one now. They still don't to it. Sure. Yeah. I'm talking to you by the way. I know for Rick Rubin course they're giving out.


I don't want to see movie tonight buddy. Chris Rock and come out. Dave Chappelle. Eric Clapton. Not be kind of over there, but I'm not watching Eric Clapton coming out. Not a not a Black History Month. No, I'm I'm cool on that.


All right. So we'll be checking this out versus. Yeah. Now back to snow for Skully is going kill this nigga.


Skully sat on that living room couch, took that bullet out his arm.


Got everybody gathered and armed appropriately, told me to go find Franklin, man. Yeah, and that's it.


And then it went off and I was like, oh, fuck. Now I got to stay awake to Wednesday again.


Stay awake till I was I was outside because it didn't hit Hulu till three a.m. past my bedtime. I watched it live on television, which I don't do anymore. And I stayed up to watch it.


I did that with Your Honor. I was that loser.


It didn't hit the Hulu series till three a.m., so I was up till 5:00, terrified of anyone that can take a bullet out of themselves. Just a little whiskey. What was that the truth that did that? I was terrified. I scared him before he did. Absolutely. But that did look a little I wasn't a little tiny bullet.


You said you don't film fives when you when you casually take a bullet out of you. Trade true. FedEx arm basic trade. Right. Joe said that I think your arms are great, are bad.


When he was taking that bullet out, you let it up.


But they were. Yeah, we love try and actually shout out Traceroute all that he's been doing in Houston and in Texas with all that electricity. Now he's been doing some great things. Yeah, he's great. Yeah. He gave them or any hip hop form of appreciation. You guys, you know, shout out love you big guy, because a unicorn doing this, you know, the snow leopard, he's a unicorn. Snow leopard started Navid off that.


I started naming that a charity. He visited Virginia and Turkey. He should get a Moonman. We just wanted to know who this was about it. Snow leopard.


Seriously, jokes aside, the truth did do a bunch of shit in Texas with all the power going out, people not having food, like he jokes aside, try the truth every time there's something going wrong in Texas and make sure to be the one to fix it before the government does the job project with my son to that, I don't know.


I don't know. Pull it up. Pull it up. Huh? Donegan's wasn't getting the activist mixtape Tray The Truth, his great album details how many more compliments can you give? Do you think you dig and dig it up? They did. They did do any dress. He dresses great, right? They did. Yeah, he knows it. Yeah, he dresses great. He smells wonderful. Songfest. They try to shoot my son. I got to win.


Yeah. See I knew that.


Look at me. No one hip hop. So in the loop, the loop, your snow leopard. All right, well, we got Franklin Gundi. We offer that. We've reviewed every other show that we watch. And I have anything else to superimportant.


I don't know. Leave me to sit here and pretend. Let me just make sure hip hop one covered Kobe as the logo I thought was an interesting, interesting conversation. How I feel about about give it to us.


Please do it. I didn't like the design that same that they came up with, but I think Kobe should be sure.


Same. Same the Atlanta the WNBA Atlanta team is no longer owned by that former racist senator.


That's good. Yes. That's a great get all the teams ownerships in life in general, please, Kelly Loffler is no longer a WNBA team owner. The woman, WNBA is announced Friday that it and the NBA board of governors have unanimously approved the sale of the Atlanta dream. To Larry Godus, diner chairman of real estate, chairman of real estate firm Northland, is also a former player that's on that group, as well as other team. Investors include former dream star Renee Montgomery and Northland president and CEO Susan Abair.


Shout out to Renea, friend of the show. Congratulations. Congratulations to them, Renee. And went to Disney World.


She just before. Maybe not really one of them, just me, before I started to pull up my plate. Yeah, now they want it out.


Whoever it was said they're like my five wouldn't pull up and wash them.


No, you wouldn't work with me. No. Cory, would you roll with me?


No. Those are real athletes from more. So why we can't call dudes that we know that are real athletes and go play the girl. Oh, like NBA players. No, that ain't no why men like us. They pass me worry we're getting.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We're getting no, no, no, no. That's not what he does.


He cuts a lot more as well as face. That's a lot of my they cut a lot. And the way he cuts along with other boys is a very intelligent player.


He said he said, yeah, that's true enough.


I'm not hungover. I'm that annoying defender. Yes. Like family. We're just we're we're chillin. We're playing basketball. I, like, leave me alone for a second year.


Also, while we're on TV, one division was a big to do. I don't watch that shit. So I have no feedback for you.


So I do want to watch the. I'm not into it, I'm in the vision, I don't know what's going on with Wanda and what they're doing, but I do like vision and I haven't gotten around to it, so I have no feedback for you. Shout out to everybody who is enjoying it, though. And that's it for me.


I'm cool. I'm at which we can play in some fun. Julius May. I'm real happy about the Knicks.


It finally has hit me that the Knicks are not tanking, not the plane plane near the plane. I think they're going to make the playoffs. I think so too. Looks that way. I'm late on that. I'm late on that. But I'm really happy for them. I am. And I think that's the right way to do it, if you're good enough to actually make the playoffs, you should make the playoffs.


Yeah, and you do. Does that mean that'll show players that maybe we should go to the team? Well, yeah. Yeah, you're right. It doesn't always have to be drafted. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's all right. There's some hope over there. Right out. The Nats playbook. This is show that you got some talent show that you can win some games and hopefully you can attract some free agents, you know, which we've been unable to do.


So we're really happy for them.


Yeah, I think they're going to finish top five minutes. I think I said that you did. And I disagreed with. That I am, and I drove pick up was it flew under the people didn't really talk about it, but that was that was major. I just don't think the Knicks had any idea that they would be this good.


Yeah. Yeah, like who knew too quickly would turn out like that, who knew that Julius was about to come in and have the best years of his career? Yes, you knew that because you were holding hands with him through the wall and hands. You were the only person to do that. But wow. Well, it really came together till it all turned out. The coaching staff turned out really happy for them, man. Really, really, really, really happy for him.


And it's good to just have the Knicks back in that conversation play off to the Knicks and listen.


Now they're going to let us get to 50. We might win. I totally if they're gonna let us get a fifth seed, we might can win a round.


If the Pacers finish sixth in the Knicks and the Pacers match up first round, I can see the next one. Yeah.


Come on, give me Bernard Sabonis. Come on through. Shout out to shout out to Sabonis. He just got he just replaced Kevin Durant an All-Star Game. Kevin's not playing. Oh give him congratulations. I just want want him.


He deserves to just have it be fun. Outside of Jeremy Lin and Latrell Sprewell to the Knicks fan. Like just give me some fun.


I'm not saying we have to go to the finals and just just give me that. You never experienced the Knicks. Say what with me in the Dolphins? I feel I've never, never, never struggled against mediocrity. I mean, if I have really experienced it. Oh, man. It a great series, man. The Knicks in the 90s. Listen, I was lost.


I kind of remember it, you know. You know, when you watch basketball.


Yeah, I wasn't I remember sitting watching TV like I watched the Bulls Blazers final and the Blue Bulls Lakers, the first two Mike Chips. I watched them.


I know what's going on. Yeah, right. Yeah.


My whole living room was going to my uncle's family. Man is going crazy. I didn't really know what was happening. Same thing with Mike Tyson versus Buster Douglas. Yeah, I knew what was happening. I know right now the magnitude of what was going on.


I met Patrick Ewing when he was playing for the magic. I put it that way. Oh, my God, don't say that again. But he never played for the match in my life.


My dad was living in Miami. I went to my high game when Eddie Jones and Alonzo Mourning were on the squad and they were playing the magic. And we stayed after, you know, when he was allowed to do that, like just stay after. And I met Patrick Ewing. That was kind of cool. It's cool.


He just had a magic jersey on the Knicks jersey. You were just too young to remember. It just said magic on it.


And he was living in Orlando. Yeah, well, the Knicks practice out there. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Thank you for the Yankees doing for ladies. Come on, man. Yeah. The Yankee Clipper Hotel. Everybody from New York moves to Florida.


And also, of course, I'm going to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow.


People who thought I'm moving to L.A., moving L.A., moving to L.A. I'm like from Miami, Florida and Houston. This has to make sense financially.




Like, if I'm going to still spend money to move same taxes or worse.


Same cost of living or worse? Sorry, buddy, I'm not rolling. I'm not wrong. I told you plenty of times, if we want to move this box to Texas, I'm down. Or Florida. Or anywhere but New York. I don't have anything else, I'm cool. There's nothing else to report on. Let me just make sure you got to about sleeping on and love support. I do want to know where Day's Loaf is, but that's a story for another time.


Did she or was it. She was on somebody's record recently.


I think she did an album like last year know. And we talked about it and it was good. So I think she's probably create music now. But more recently, she was on somebody's album.


She was on it. Yeah. Oh, that's right. Yeah. And that was the. Oh, great.


You know, she just, um, since it's like the end of the game, you guys want to do a watch swap instead of a jersey swap.


Never that with you. OK, you go right now.


But that's tradition after that tradition, it's traditional that I play this aleesha billion record.


I thought if I did let me play my life. And I mean, you play it again, though, and played guitar and justice. Hey, what about this? I'm not playing this, I'm just let it rock until I find a record to play double dog slippers, throw stuff at this and now I'm less upset.


I thought about playing to say one quick thing, to say that he played some 17 songs in a row. I think iTunes music plays a role, you know, like, am I going to make a playlist? And I am I am I going make it to a lucky lady? No, I'm listening to the masses. You got a ticket. It goes bad luck. Yeah. Thank you. Does it make sense that you have to give them a song by my five year old big up, boring, boring, boring, boring turkey.


So it smells great, is great. And I think I need it, but I'm good.


That's all right. I'm back to Temper's man. We have.


You niggas got no scout, if you like, call me. Found example to we found you got a lot to say about me, but you always feel about me, but you want tell me. And as I said before, it was never let it out. I got know. You want me? She's on a rooftop. You wanted to feel the same, but, you know, the. You want to take a step back? Oh, wow, wow, I got that back.


Oh, wow. More and more since you put that in songs by way of saying that, you know. Now you want to take a step back? Oh, wow, I got you back. Oh, you don't you don't know. You got away feel about me, but she's. It's about. You're going to move town. I want to feel this brand of music that was my girl 10 percent and one is called not to say we got music coming.


So from our support, that woman is woman. Up next month. Right. Is a. My issue at NPR is while they give us a tiny desk where we just sing the hits we have or this is or sometimes a tiny, tiny just skin, look at that thing.


It's someone out there with good editing skills like Ericsson. If he was here, I think all the times we were singing and rapping and make our tiny desk, and that's wonderful.


It's like a wet dream for Rory to get up there with, like a whole band behind him and he just gets to give them a shit. Now, you don't.


Yeah. Yeah. Subadult. Did anybody see Kirk Franklin? She had. No, I didn't. I don't watch it. Let's see the Internet talking about it. People, they liked it.


You know, far I did have an idea to pitch for festivals. Anthony does shit for my album. That doesn't really have to do with me, but. I think I have a good idea, you probably are going to be invited to the school, but you won't be and won't be festival performances while I look, I just did made in America before college football, I mean.


Yeah. Well, then covid two years ago, there was no festival.


That's when you got to hold on to your greatness from years ago.


Go ahead and play covid festival. So do you think. I don't know. The invite is still there. I don't know if they would like to know whatever it is. I'm just come on back.


It's all right. We're all still in business. Despite your funny joke last the last episode of I say some good. It was really good. I left. I did. It was good of Jay getting the fuck away. That's great. That was not the truth.


But anyways, uh, I play a little game freestyle throwback shout out to Pareene. This one seems to want to see the system really. I just want to give you an. My baby can stay in the first week out. So I didn't want to break tail of the cake and get a perspective. All I need is seeing the Rockefeller necklace, the check up on it. I'm a slim thug. Cincinnati, Philly, with the red and black at the three hundred balls to mix tapes and a DVD did it for the party, did it for New York, did it for Shotaro.


When we have proper made these niggas lie down, I'm going to wait for well call it a California vacation. I'm going to the Bentley with a smile. God bless the chat with a credible, stale nigga sickening westdale. We can't get to West now. I'll put my best damn nigga single shit. Shut the fuck up, nigga. You ain't going to kill shit. Rappers don't steal weapons, guns, cool weapons and not be real rich. Real bloods real cleophas for black snake.


Push back with faster than our brackets will push it in my face in automatic pré such a pussy is my job. Your bitch is a sexual harassment lawyer when the kids coming for you. My gym like Zamboni Channa De La Hoya on the Kennedy boy again. I'm making all the noise. Got the whole world clapping just like the noisy boys since the juvenile I had to pull my style from case later. T.J. Cluetrain Blam Fan magazine covers them. Look at me now.


You need a hot sixteen. I need a hundred thousand Japanese rap. Maybe it's just between a big mouth. Got the half and eighty one in the south. Ten million in the bank, seven kids in my house, some great school, my 30th birthday on my neck. I'm sure when Tom and I speak better lives, better lives every time because he told me so much. I feel like I'm Kevin Federline fucking I'm rich. The media get off on my death wish my next shall we go sell my Britney out becomes retinoic like Bobby do with me.


No more job and no more people 15min just tuning in. Welcome to the 360. Welcome to the 360. Welcome to the 360 Racetrack Restaurant in Compton. Taking out the garbage, Crips and Bloods shoot it out like Pearl Harbor. That was ninety five point two was in his prime. You bought him the injection and I bought my for one eighty nine. I got my first mix tape. My brother bought it for me. They used to call in the big since, but now we can brothers negotiate shit and you living in my shadow like Marcus and now hope the budget no weapons talk shit.


Stay on my family's business so you get a call it quits. I say nigga that got off the bricks just signed the Dr. Choi because his boss on the road, because the scores are sick. He was so poor that had to pull this shit up to slow down baby. Got to get the shit firm like Foxy Knoxy fucking baby. So I left for an AC. That's what I keep forgetting them. Listen to my jayce from the page. Give me your phone.


Yeah, I'll take that dress up for the Grammys, but I still try to make me go home. You don't play that. Stand way back. Get your ass Clay sabotages to pay back. Say that I wanted her to change what he's what. You may yet click with making up trip sets. Nigga got ran out of New York blood sick and shot rang out of Compton. Balmaceda for Watts. Can't even walk to his crotch. So lame.


Talking to James Franco was a shot and they didn't know where I am today. He came in the platinum chain. The fact remains the Kings don't rep for fans. Rap for fun game glass is going in the game. Got to wrap it down. So that best done. My game will pass this once great game continues to wrap for another two minutes flawlessly.


Yeah, I was noticed as he was, he was doing a lot of bars but this game, 360 degrees, that was right after the game left unit and was in a different type of shape. That game game coming out of June.


It was a different type of you. I think it gave us some turkeys that you to you think his arms look, listen. I mean, he was in shape and played from an album that shows him the heat.


I love it. The Jordan space, the space between project. This is not ashamed.


Well, what to do is tell the people I tell you not to let people sit around. Three years ago I said two weeks ago, yo, yo, fair way. I'll think about it like you should have dressed. You claim that Baghdad is outmatched joints, but it was a disappointment. I'm sorry, go on. What? Oh, I don't know, I I wanted to see his work, it's nice to have you with me. Are you against me?


Because when I see you, you move too quickly. Since coming a weekend, you leave and then we don't even speak on the weekend. Next week is baby. Forgive me. This time is different, believe me. Different day, but the same old story.


I'm not ashamed of the way you would handle yourself to me. Prove that to me cause I'm not the type to give it up for no reason for me. To me you want to be. But you always got to leave a nice. You know what you wanted to share? Depending on the day your feelings change. You love me. You say you love me, but then you resent me. I'm ashamed of the way that you treat me screaming for you to lazy.


No number about to delete it the same as you go back to a with drunk to be speaking.


I'm not playing this game again because I'm not the.


To give it up, give it up on yourself, Tony. Tell me honestly, if you show yourself to me, but you're not an. And I said you wanted your role in. Depending on how big. He sees a strange alliance, I must say, I am driving me insane.


Playing this game. I know that you have. You of your. Man on big. Jay. Play with me and act like, you know, the junior WTOP, is it left to the right? You got it. You got to be. Innocent civilians always change. That's Majid. You're not ashamed of the space between Project I. Let it play some D'Angelo and all of his friends. It's one of my friends. I don't think I've ever heard the flu shot and shots are sincere.


You know why they need DMX buttons and belly on slide slide why was still. What killed this man just in a massive bomb, the man behind you and the great athlete? Spare me the ball play. Good to have all the votes are still sitting next to the same screen. That was sponsored by some St. Johns on the Web and to watch some standing, the main greens to the stage goes like this is less journalistic greed and jealousy. And there's no way to get credit for just this has be this is all about apocalypse and everybody about.


Oh, oh oh oh. By the way, we do with that also. Dangerous, expensive. But watch your back so I can see the slide is doubles pie by a couple good gentlemen, a couple of good friends, Daniel and D.J..


What was that, a record on the eight mile soundtrack when 50 was first popping, Sir D'Angelo got but asked for his album.


So he did. It worked. All 50 was fucking hilarious. New video story is the same.


It's the same guy that verse us, Obie Trice and 50. I forgot the name of that song.


That record was fucking great. And just everybody on this shit. But he still doesn't. Yes, that's right. So he said, I used to listen to Lauryn Hill and set my feet, then the bitch put out a CD. Didn't have no beats.


Listen to this. Expressing his grievances.


Lil Kim was asked, though she's not fucking with her nose at all in that verse could he came in on because he's still on his bull shit at the bridge?


No, let me find this. I got it.


Oh, he tries to love me. Do we talk about that? I love this crazy. They have the money. If it ain't about the flow, it's about stones and change. If I was you. I love me too. I like them both. 9/11, same colors, cranberry sauce and going. I don't want to shit. Let me find out. You fuck a man with Bow-Wow based niggas eating popcorn. Right wine and eating. Now your mom in the present hollin rate.


I'm convinced man. Something really wrong with these shows. I told you Kim was hard to see stuff I to know this is where it's at my feet then the bitch without it creating and being on the edge, low key, determined not to fail, that nigga went. But as for his record to say my back shot to help Sandy hit them high notes and big beento Jollibee. When he was outside smoking, but it's all about who've already settled down, know that when they brought up the Devil's Pot single after work, it just reminded me of 050 when he used to make amazing jokes that he said Daniel went.


But as for his for his record to sell, it's. So it definitely did.


So D'Angelo might have been a cloud chaser maybe and is fifty one of his friends. 50 versity D'Angelo. You guys can see it right? No. And if I do see it, I'm turning it off. You don't think twenty one questions against Untitled will be good. I do think that that would be an interesting twist to the verses to like start matching different genres.


Fuck everything up, rap verse, RB, what you like better.


Hi, Larry, Don. Who do you think would be a good podcast versus who could see us? Wouldn't put us in a war the No but 31st best podcast. We got to take down NPR, they might get us. Yeah, leave them alone.


We're just going to go see the whole area. We're getting out of here real good pie. Thank you for joining us out there. Shout out to the first and last time listeners. I do remember life is a series of moments and moments past. Let's make this one. Let's get back to seven as if it's all we have from atomically Holomisa hypotheses to find out why he's driving these makkawi lyrically. Moving on, how do I initiate again life a series of moments of let's make this one last as if it's all we have until the next time we bid you a do.


Farewell. Adios. Arrivederci. Adios Gillispie. So long. Goodbye. All of that good stuff. Shackling them with drastic raps and that's it man. I forgot my intro but I'm going out here to rest in peace. Rest in peace. Old big ass place to rest in peace everybody. Happy happy birthday. Yes sir. I'm sure you've got some of that pussy perfume she sells in the market, so she got to come back with that sewed up.


You need to restock, need to restock it down, man. You all enjoy your weekend. Be safe out there. Stay away from trouble, violence, all of that horrible, horrible stuff. And we'll be back. Stay away from the kolby. Be safe, Mascotte, you know, to buy a six pack. We got it. Yeah. Watch your hand. Shower, shower, shower. Saturday and Sunday. Both days today and tomorrow and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, on Monday.


I like the lamp in the fall below. That's the worst day to live that I like the lamp folk layovers. Yes, it's nasty. It's disgusting. We are out of here man. Y'all hold it down. Wont tell you where it's coming from. Guns are never wrong. Tearing up your battlezone. The slums I Twista the higher ground. No, sorry captain. Don't do that.


I'm saying sorry because I have to cut it off.


OK, it's a fucking seven minutes long which is a single. And if you're asking me, the two hutting members that I bump into as I roam the streets as cab down and you go, OK. Those are the two I'm not saying anything about.


And both are great rappers. Can't made us say a whole phone number that nobody cared about in 95. But no, I don't remember that number. I used to know that you give me a minute. That's a shame. You're not a back back at it.


Yeah, we had him hold it down. JP, JP, we're losing GBP unrevised. We gon. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Japan.